Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, 23 Şubat 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated 23 Şubat 1855 Page 3
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JOHN TAYLOR, ESI). Treasurer ef Bedford County V account with said County from Jan. 1, '54 to January 1, 1855. TREASURER RB. •f > cash received from Collectors as follows : T.rnb Werking, S. Wood. iS.)i $241 6 < Urn O'Neal, .Monroe, do 191 00 l-reii'k Berkheimer, St. Clair, do 312 00 n vid'Cs-pher, do 109 00 j • oid Ford, Broadtop, do 90 00 , Varies StnckeV, Bedford, do SSO 00 e! a -'uel Deihl, Coleraiti, do 103 1+ j 8. Shuck, Bedford B. do 268 Of) i Urob Devore, Harrison, do 100 00 t D Hill, Juniata, do 36 00 p'lvid Esheitnan, E. Prov. do 100 00 x .jomoii Williams, W. Prov. do 372 00 Jacob Corle, 1 mon, do 110 00 I •V, liams, Southampton, do 1-5 00 j William Hull, Napier, do 296 50 i \jcodemus, id. Woodb'y do 17:, 00 r, n)t . s Fink, Hopewell, do 50 00 L >wiev7 Londonderry, do ISO 09 bia. Snowtien, Cum. \ a!. do 52 00 y r ~< Wisegnrver, Bedford, '53 3S ]OO Pa*'id Evans, Londonderry, do 13 )17 J.aac Kurfman, Broadtop, do 40 67 ! Nathan Wright, St, Clair, do 469 58J : S. JOtch,■>'. W. Prov. do 51 00 ■\hra. Snovvden, Com \ a!. do 20;, 2.) biias Gump, Col,>rain, do 125 00 i' Kifer, M. Woodb'y. do 208 40 t <er,h Barkman, Monroe, do 216 s<) Vjiilrew Horn, Napier, do 214 00 J . , r .y Fraiig, Harrison, do 135 50 i )IV irking, S. Woodb'y. do 12!) 17 p.,- Dick'n,Southampton, do 120 12£ SairiUel Dn'ubs, 1 nion, do 193 .5 J. Henry Wilt, E. Prov. do 102 66 J,uties Clark, Liheif v, do 66 01 Jhn Alstadt, St. Clair, '52 3.5 18 • JC i' Furry, S. W'oodb'ry. do 109 33 J.ihn Ash, Southampton, do 17 121 ("nristian Cam, Union, do 22 974 j John Cook, Londonderry, do 60 00 j Charles Hovman, do 'sl 37 75 ; lUnj. H. Walker, St. Clair, do 25 92 , Freii'ck. Smith, Londonderry, *SO 49 00 \ Sii a Brum! augh, Judgment, 25 00 | Win. McAltee, do 50 00 !; J.,hn An.o>, do 20 00 | .•antes Campbell, do SO 00 (Jeorj;e Rhodes, do 26 00 ; Henrv Flack, do N*s 00 | Jtthn Arnold, (Ex-Treasurer,) 82 111 Taxes on unseated Lands Countv, 3i9 12 Road,' 49 .99 School, 4/ 41 * Credit an rmlitia fines, for station t rv, books, tJcc. 5 00 C teck to Commissioners and Clerk far Militia services, erroneously titan a and credited on County funds— we credit oft account for militia tines, SO 00 j $7597 504| CONTRA. CP.. Bvamount paid on checks drawn hv Commis-ianers, $5341 58 4 " Amount paid Jurors, 1455 87-i j " " Constables attending Court, " 75 624 j " Amount paid Gideon Trout, re ward lor arrest of horse-thief, 20 00 j " Aniount paid for premiums on Fox and other Scalps, 353 75 j " Treasurers salary, 185 00 j " Balance due County, 165 67 j $7597 504 i STATEMENT OF CHECKS. Assessors, 401 50 Viewers of Roads, and T*p. lines, 273 90 j Wood, 1 33 50 Interest on Imrmwed money, 393 00 8. Davis, water-works, 250 00 Auditors arid Clerk, 85 00 Fr. Jordan, Corn. Att'y. 47 50 John Doran, Map, 10 00 Geo. VV. Bowman, printing, 192 25 D. Over, do 241 75 J ihn Mower, Att'v to Cnrnm'r. 59 00 A. S. Russell, Clerk, do 304 Of) Wm. W'eitz, Commissioner, 130 00 John Conrad, do 126 00 : r-J'k. Turner, do 126 50 David C. Long, do 900 j Elections, 505 93 i C instable#, 228 05 Inquests, 64 87 John A Hip, costs and fees, 174 39 1). V. ishabaugh, do ]37 85 j Same, ami. paid lor Dockets, 31 87 4 h. P"iinel!, repairs at Court House, 225 U0 Mi Mullen and Rabe'angb, 145 00 •V m. Griffith, laving out Sate Reamer St Sc tt, stationery, j.aints, See. 103 50 A. B. Cramer, carpeting, 81 73 Dr. S. S. Statler, post-mortem examination of body of J no. Corle, 20 00 Law. Taliaferro, money refunded, TOO 00 Levi Agnew, cutting wood, &e. 61 00 •R McMuilen, salarv as Court crier, 48 00 j 1./'ki ii Honck, reward for taking Horse-thief, 28 94 Miscellaneous checks, 466 55 Sum total, $5341 584 | Statement of .Monies due. to Bedford County, January 1.57, 1855. FROM COLLECTORS. J. Working, S. Woodb'y. '54 $352 574 J. Nicodemus, M. do do 724 77 , Jacob Corle, Cnion, do 167 S3 M i'iiaiu Hams, Southampton, do 8S 79 Solomon Williams. W. Prov. do 125 39 David Eshelman, E. Prov. do 115 11 William Hull, Napier, do 258 13 j John Lowrey. Londonderry, do 43 12 John llill, Juniata, do 225 20 Jacob Devore, Harrison, do 55 IS ! James Fink, Hopewell, do 750 65 j Abra. Snowden, Cum. Val. do 246 72 J Emanuel Deihl, Colerain, do 242 93 David Ford, Broadtop, do 16 12 ' ' harles Stuckey, Bedford T. do 156 38 Samuel S. Shuck, Bedford B. do 204 69 j David Cypher, Liberty, do 70 71 I 1 red. Berheimer, St. Clair, do 225 75 Win. O'Neal, Monroe, do 112 21 Jesse Dicken, Southampton, '53 156 244 Henry Wilt, E. Prov. do 26 -43 Joseph Barkman, Monroe, do 10 10 David Evans, Londonderry, do 631 George Fraiig, Harrison, " do 19 4 John King, Hopewell, do 197 19 Eiias Gump, Colerain, do 112 79 Moses WiM garvcr, Bedford T. do 200 75 Hxgb Moore, Bedford B. do 279 69 I SamuelS. Stuckev, Napier do 75 12 ! John Ash, Southampton, '52 88 624 ! John Cook, Londonderry. do 54 25 : Thomas Young, Hopew-M, do 100 00 I ; Samuel Cam, Bedford j>. do 162 91 Menj. H. Walker, St. Clair, 'sl 75 29 Solomon Reimund, Bedfiird B. do 2S 05 Solomon Filler, do 'SO 28S 28 ! John Morgert, Judgment about, 300 00 I Fredk. Stiliier, do 500 00 | Samuel Clark, do 150 00 j i William McAttee do 150 00 ! j Henry Flunk, do. 3 )0 00 j A. J. Snivelv, Note 200 00 j | Storiersfown Bridge, Bond about 200 00 $7250 15)| NOTE:—On some of the foregoing, interest! is due : and, from some, commissions and exon- : j eratious are to be deducted. : Statement of .Monies owed l*y Bedford County, • January Ist, 1855. To John Sill. S2OOO 00 " William Hartley, HID 26 " Abrm. Kerris' Exors. nOO 00 ; " Mrs. A. Fisher, 500 00 " Wm. M. Hail's ailm'r. 4:>o 00 . " James Rea, 600 00 $5160 26 | NOTE:—Some interest is due on each of the a bove. The undersigned, auditors of Bedford County, j do report— That they met at the Commissioner's Office, in Bedford borough, on the fu st Monday of Jan uary inst., ami did audit, adjust, and .-'tile, the account of John Taylor, Treasmvr of said t: un tv for tiie year 1851, as contained in the fore going statement. Also, that they examined tli" tori going accounts of monies due to, and on n ing by, said county, arid the same are correct. Witness our hands this 3d of January A. D. 1855. JOHN 11. BARTON, JOHN ALDSTADT, DANIEL BARLEY, Attest: Auditors. ' Wm. M. Hall, Clerk. Report of the County .In Btors to the .hid if or . Ceneral. JOHN TAYLOR. Treasurer ol Bedford co. in account with the Commonwealth. Treasurer Dr. Tax on Real and persona! Estate. To ag. amount of same outstanding at last settlement, 4216 03 Ag. amount assessed fir '54, 6636 25 j ; A flit, received on unseated lands for '54 and previous years, 260 02 ' i sllll2 30 Contra. Cr. | Bv amount paid State Treasurer, pro : ut receipts, dated Feb. 23, May 22, July 24, Sep. 15, Dec. 4, Dec. 14, 4717 G3 Amount uncollected for '54 and pre vious years, 5172 34 Exeneralions allowed for '54 and previous years, 13.) 28 ! Commissions allowed collectors for '54 and previous years on $6636 25 a 5 per cent. 331 81 $10357 06 | : Bv Treasurer's corn, on $5 472 87 I — a 1 percent urn, 54 72 j j Bai. due common wealth, 700 :>2 i sllll2 30 | Tavern Licenses. Dr. i To amount of for '54, 450 00 ' Contra. Cr. ! Bv amount paid State Treasurer, pro ut receipts dated May 22 and Sep. 15, " 384 00 j Com. on neft amount received, $4lO a 5 per cent, 22 00 j j Exonerations, 10 00 Bal. due commonwealth, 34 00 I j 450 00 Retailers' Licenses. Dr. To amount of for '53, 769 63 Contra. (Jr. Bv amount paid State T- a surer pro j nt ret. ipts dat' d May 22, Sept. 15, | Julv 24, Dec. 14, 538 35 Amount paid Printers, .).*> 50 j Commissions on $759 13 being nett amount received* 37 95 j I Exonerations, 10 50 j Balance due commonwealth, 127 33 769 63 j Hawkers and Pedlars Dr. To amount of for's4, 16 00 Baiunce due Treasurer, 80 16 SO Contra Cr. ! Bv amount pair! State Treasurer, pro lit receipt dated May 22, 16 00 Conimissions a 5 percent, on sl6 80 i 6 80 Eating Houses Dr. i To amount of for s s4y 35 87 Contift Cr. Bv commissions on $3.) 87 a 5 per ct. 1 7!) Balance due Commonwealth, 34 OS 35 87 i Militia Fines Dr. i To aggregate amount of same out- I standing for's3 and previous years, 2419 49J j jTo aggregate amount-assessed for's-1, 1233 ;>0 3652 99 4 j Contra Cr. ; 1 Bv amount paid State Treasurer, pro jut receipt dated July 24, 222 38 Amount uncollected 10r'54 and pre- I viotis years, 2378 984 ■ Five per cent commissions allowed collectors for '54 and previous yis. I on $676, 33 80 Amount paid county Commissioners and clerk, 80 00 Amount paid for stationery, books, &c. used by commissioners, 5 00 Exonerations allowed collectors for '54 and previous years, 598 00 j j Amount paid Lemuel Evans Treasu rer of Broadtop Rifle Rangers, per oider of Capt. Wm. Horton, 150 00 Assessors returning 276 m< n to com- ! missionersal cent each, 2 76 1 Assessors returning 2237 men to Bri gade Inspector a 2 cents each, 44 74 j Amount paid G. W. Bowman, printing, 6 00 j Treasurers commissions on $642 21, 642 j Bill of Lemuel Evans, Brigade In ! spector, 25 33 . Balance due Commonwealth, 99 58 3652 994 1 | 1855. Statement of Receipts and Expenditures of the Military Fund of Bedford county, showing the a mount received from each collector j separately, and the amount paid each person, in aceordaoce with the act of Assembly of 30th April, 1853: ! Received from Isaac Kurfman, Broad | Top,'s3, i 5 70 : Henry Hull, Bethel, 'SO, 51 66 ! A rtemas Bennett, Southampton,'sl, 40 33 Charles Hoy man, Londonderry, do 38 48 i John Alstadt, St. Clair, '52, 28 65 Jacob 8. Ritehey, W. I'rov. 'f;3, 42 00 Chi istian Garn, Union, '52, 6 00 Jacob WerLinger, S. Wood. '53, 14 50 : Andrew Horn, Napier,'s3, 72 20 ' Jarnes Clark, Liber; v, " 22 80 Christiau Garn, Union. '52, 10 -50 Jacob Kifer, Wood. '53, 70 78 : John Cook, Londonderry, "52, 15 00 ; Samuel Duht.s, Union, '53, 49 40 David E-.ans, Londonderry, '53, 33 25 Henry Wilt, E. Prov. '• 31 00 i J"S>ph Barkman, M nrne, " 28 00 ! Writ. Hull, Napier, *5 4, 50 00 • Jacob \V etkinger, S. Wood, "53, 33 4S Nathan H. Wright, " 47 98 612 21 j Paid out as follows: Slate Treasurer, 222 3-8 | . Countv Commissioners and clerk, 80 00 ' Stationery, for Commissioners, 5 00 j Lemuel Evans, Treasuier <>t Broad j Top Rifle Rangers, per order of i Capt. William Horton, amount due ; fiu '5 I, '2, a '4, 150 00 j Lemuel Evans, Brigade Inspector, his i hi I i as frllows; Inspecting Broad Top Rifle Rangers '53 and '4. 20 00 Printinjj and Postage, 5 33 25 33 Assessors for 270 ineti to Commission ers a 1 cent each, 2 76 Assessors Ur 2237 men to Brigade Inspector a 2 cents each, 44 74 Geo. W. Bowman to adv. Statement of Miiitarv Fund for last year, 6 00 Treasurer's com. on $612 21 a one j per c<-frh 6 42 ' Balance due Commonwealth, 99 58 642 21 We, the auditors of Bedford count v, in the State ofpen.usvlvania, do certify, That, in pur suance ol the Acts of Assembly in such rase \ made and provided, we met at the Commission ers office in the Borough ot Bedford, on Mon : dav the Ist day of-Januarv inst., and did audit and adjust the several accounts between John Taylor, Treasurer of said county, and the Com monwealth of Pennsylvania asset foitli in the I foregoing statements. Witness our hands tins 3d day of January, i A. 1). 1855. JOHN H. BARTON, JOHN ALSTADT. DANIEL BARLEY, Auditors. ; Attest: WM. M. HALL, Clerk, i Feb. 9. STAT ERIE PIT jOF TUB AFFAIRS OF TUB BEDFORD AND STOVSTOWN* 1\ R. COMPANY. I Balaiu-e in the Treasury dii ! of January, lft'il, $123) -It! j Received Co-t> on suit, Jus. j S. Morrison vs. Corupany, 2t G'i i Errors in lornier j Amount of Tolls received Ironi Jd of Jan. 'Ol to 2d Jan. 'OO, 2977 0.7 i, St 177 0.54 FXPBN9BS DURING TIIE SAME TIME. . „ , I Paid for repair.-on tne load, Ju 2 *• Two lots o! ground for Toll- Hone-, Totl-hou-e and Stuhle anil Other incident?!, 710 7-1 j " '1 rea surer and Managers' | services, -179 70 j " For Gate keepers' salary. 000 .50 ;•' State tax in State Treasury for stock ot the Company, 17 GO j Bulaece in Treasuiv Jd January, 1 -.5.5, iriciinlirig tint iirrenf aint counterteit uioucy uu hand, 1 t7-5 OG SI 177 00J No Dividend made. PETER SCI 1 ELL, Trcas'r. BFoti&e! The Stockholders ei the Bedford and Stoystown Tin np ke Road Compaey are ht'/ehy notified that tlie annual Election, to elect n imageis for the Company, will lie held at the hou-e ot Mr. James Fiasher. in Scliell-lmrg. on the first Motnlav ot March next, br ing the oth day, between the hour- ol out* anil tour ! o'clock, P. M. ' PETER SCHELL, Sec'y. Feb. 9, 1805. Peibfiitt ofe* mi miPEBSBSIL ESTATE. The undersigtJfd will exp ise to public sale on Thutsday, the Ist day of March r.ext, on tlie premises, the very de-i table FARM on which Christian Stnuffer resides, situate in Napier Township, within one half mile of the turnpike, adj-'itiing lands of A. J. Snively, Esq. and Geo. ! S:ncU v, containing 238 acres more or less, about i i2O acres cleared and under fence—land pa tented. This pro.peity is remarkably well tim ; be red, and weil supplied v ifit water,and every jw ay adapted to agricultural purposes. In or-I ! der to suit purchasers, tlie property will he di | vided and sold in parts or all as may be most desirable. Terms accommodating and ; will be made known on day of sale. Also, will be sold, a variety of Farming im plements, including Broad Wheeled Wagon, Wagorihed, Woodladders, Ploughs and Har ! rows, Horse Gears, Saddles and halters—s Horses, one cow and calf, 11 hogs,' 3 barrels of ground plaster, a large lot of rye anil other straw, I 62 acres ol Rye in the ground, and fifteen acres of Wheat. A reasonable credit and due atten dance will be given by DAVID PATTERSON, JOHN P. REED, JOHN MOWER, .designees. Feb. 9, 1555. "BOOTS AND SHOES. Mens, Boys, and Childrens, Boots and Shoes— Womensand Misses morocco, Seal and Calfskin Bootees and walking Shoes—received and for I sale by A. B. CRAMER Si. Co. MUSIC. A large assortment of MUSIC for the Piano, Guitar, Violin, &c., always on hand. Orders promptly attended to. SHRYOCK, REED & Co. Chambersburg, Pa. Nov. 17, 1854.—3 m. Notice! Notice is hereby given that Letters of admin istration have been granted to the undersigned on the Estate of Nicholas Boor, late of Comber land Valley township, deceased, that all per- j sons indebted to said Estate are requested to • ; make immediate payment, and those having claims thereon will present them duly authenti cated lor settlement. WILLIAM H. BCCR, Jan. 5, 1855.* J1 dmin.istrut< v. •3EDFORO ACADEMY. Kir" A CARD.—Notice is hereby given that the School Partner-hip heretofore existing between Rev. John I.yon and W. W. Campbf.i.i. is this day dis -olverf by mutual consent. The Institution will I hereafter he conducted lijr Mr. Campbell as sole J Principal. Persons having claims are requested to j present them, and those indebted to make payment to Mr. Campbell. JOHN LYON. , W. W. CAMPBELL. CT/~While returning bis grateful acknowledgments : | to4be community, which has so generously bestow- ' ed on him, through successive years, its confidence : and support, the under-igned feet-, that he cannot j | make a better return, lhao by leaving in hi- place a : Teacher so faithful, competent and well approved us j his present successor. JOHN LYON. Feb". 0, IS fir,. Cassinetts cheaper than ever—Kentucky Jeans—Flannels, Linseys— Cloths and every description of Winter Goods, we offer at prices that cannot fail to please. A. 1L CRAMER &. Co. Oct. 27, 185+. CROCKS. Apple Buffer arid Milch Crocks can be had : at my Pottn v in Schellsburg, hy any quantity, fiir Cash. In all cases of sale, a reasonable per ! centage will be allowed to storekeepers, hut no carriage will he allowed !>v me. PETER SCH ELL. ! Sept. 1, 1854. iJclittquffil (oiU'tiors of !S.>3 are hereby notified that, hy otder of the Com missioners, all Duplicates lor that year must he settled up on or before the Ist dav of March next. For all taxes unpaid at that time • sedi tions will be issued without respect to persons. : JNC. MOWER, Jittomcy for Commissioners. I ! Jan. 19, 1555. REMOVAL.-' The undersigned respect- j i fully inform their friends arid customers that j tliev have removed their Store to Exchange I Building, where it will affnid us pleasure to of- j ffr Goods of every description, at the lowest ! prices, to ail who may favor us with a call. A. B. CRAMER & CO. HALF PRICE! —Remnants of De Laim s, ! and other Goods on hand, which we are selling j at about half their value. A. B. CRAMER a CO. Jan. 26. Exchange Building. E7"TO PERSONS OUT OF AGENTS WANTED In every section of the United States. THE MOST ELEGANT AFD USEFUL VOLUME I OF THE YEAH. Scars' Great Wcrk en Russia. JUST publi-hed. an Illustrated Description of thp RUSSIAN" EMPIRE. Being a Physical' and Politi- ] ral History ol its Government and Pinvinre*, Prodnc- j tions. Resources, Imperial Government. Commerce, Liteiutnre. Educational Mean-, Religion, People, < Maimers. Customs. Antiquities, etc., etr.. from liie latest and mo-t aiitberitic 'Otirce*. Embellished with about 200 Engravings, and Maps ol European and A- j s.atic Russia. The whole complete in one large oc tavo volume o? about 7(10 page., anil elegantly aud sub-tantially bound. Retail price SO. This work has been several years in preparation, ; ami will, it is believed, meet in the fullest accepts- j tion of the word, the want so universally feit for re|i- : able information on the history and internal resoin- ; res of a country oernpving so large a portion of Ihe Eastern Hemisphere, and holding so formidable a po sition at the present time to the re-t of Europe and Asia; but of which far les- is known than of any oth- j er European nation. it OTALo. a deoplv interesting vnjnrpe, "THE RE MARKABLE ADVENTURES OF CELEBRATED PERSONS," embracing the Romantic Incident- and Adventure- hi the lives of Sovereign-, Statesmen, Generals, Princes, Warriors, Travellcis, Ailvenfur- H-. Voyagers, td'. eminent in the lli.-tory of Europe and America, including Sketches ol over filfy ce|c loateil heroic characters. Beautifully illustrated with numerous engravings. One vol. 100 pages, roy al cloth, gdt. Price St 25. The subscriber publishes a number of mo-t valua ble Pictorial Rooks, verv popular, and of such a mor al anil religion- influence that w hi!" good men may -af eI y engage in their circulation, they will confer a i put,fir benefit, and receive a fair ronijirumitiau for j their labor. CT-To men of enterprise and tact, this business . offer* an opportunity for profitable employment sel dom to he met with. tr~/** Persons wishing to engage in their sale will I receive promptly hv mail a circular containing lull 1 particulars, with ••Directions to persons dl-posed to ; act a- Agents."' together with terms on which they will-be furnished, by addressing the subscriber, post paid. ROBERT M. SEARS. Publisher, Feb. 9. ISI William street, New York. ! ISEFIL EMPLOYMENT. 5510 TO sls A WEEK CLEARED—A CHANCE j TO MAKE MONEY—BOOK AGENTS WANTED, | To -ell a new Book entitled "One Thousand Things ' Worth Knowing." To men of enterprize and tact i tin- business affords an opportunity seldom to be met with. For particular- addre--, post paid. M. A. RICK K CO. Elizabeth Town, Lancaster county, Pa. i Feb. 0, 1555. .5OB:E i, ib W tat SO, ATTORNEY AT L\W And Real Estate Broker, Bedford, Pa. Will attend to all business entrusted to his i i care. He will give especial attention to Sol- j dit-rs' Pensions, Claims, and Bounty Land. He has two or three Farms anil 4,000 acres j , of unimproved land for sale. He has been appointed agent to prosecute ! the Robert Morris claims, to lands, in Bedford, ! Blair, Cumberland, Huntingdon, Adams, Perry, Juniata, Franklin,and Fulton counties. Persons holding the Robert Morris lands by j purchase, improvement, or warrant, may com- I plete their titles by calling soon. Suits will be instituted against "all trespassers not regarding | this notice. " (Lr'Ctlice on Julianna street. Jan. 26, 1855. _ , ----- -- - - - - - - j A two-Horse Wagon, and one Top Buggy, j new, and work warranted, lor sale cheap on a liberal credit, or for Country Produce. A. B. CRAMER 5- CO. ; New Firm! New Store!! and New Goods!!! The subscribers, having just received and o pened at the old stand of J. 11. SCHELL, a rww and splendid assortment of Goods, respect fully invite the patronage of the public. Their stock consists of SrtS>!e Fancy C*oci*, of the finest and newest styles; also, a large as sortment of FAMILY GROCERIES, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Gils, Dye Stuffs, ! Hardware, Nails, Glassware, Queensware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Umbrellas, and, in 'act, ev ery article that is kept in a well regulated country store, all of which have been carefully selected, and will be sold on the most favorable terms lor CJJSII or PRODUCE. MARIA SCHELL, JACOB S. SCH ELL. Srhellsburg, Pa., \ Nov. JO, 1854. j 4 MAS' FILL hOOUS! The undersigned, thankful to their numerous patrons lor their kind and very liberal pairon | age, respectfully informs tliem that they have ■ just received from the eastern cities, a handsome i assortment of new stvle Fall Goods, suitable ! lor the present and coming season, comprising ! French and English Broadcloths, Cassimeres, i Tweeds, Sattinetts, Kentucky Jeans, Flannels, j Satin aud Worsted Nestings, Cravats and hdkff'-., j knit Merino Shirts and Drawers, Cashmeres, j Maosseline De Rege, Mousse line D. laines, Co ' burg and Thibet Cloths, Alpacas, Silk Poplins, j Black Gros De Rhine, and Fancy Silks, Prints from a tip up, Muslins bleached and unbleached from a tip up, all widths, Thibet and Bay State Shawls, Ginghams, Checks, Linseys, Tickings, j Drillings, Cambrics, Nankeens, Crash, Diapers, ! Damask Table Cloths and Covers, White Goods, I Embroiders, Sleeves, Collars, Dress Trimmings, ' Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery. Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Queensu are, Hardware, and Brooms, Groceries, N. 0. Sugars, White Clarified, Pul | verized, and Crushed do., Golden Syrup, N. 0. Molasses, good Rio Coffee 12f, Piiine do 15 cents, Spices, Teas, Chocolate, Extract of Cof ' fee, Tobacco, l iax Seed, Sperm anil Whale Oils, Drugs, Patent Medicine, Cattle Powders, together with 1001 other articles adapted to the u ants of the people, allot which they will sell at the very low* si possible prices lor cash and : approved produce, or upon short credit to good and punctual customers. And, as our motto, short profits, manv sales, and quick returns, has • been fully carried out, ami will continue the I ruling feature, we feel assured we can make it !to the advantage ol all in search of cheap bar gains to g!ve us a call belore purchasing. All kinds of Produce taken for Goods. RU IT &, OSIER. • Bedford, Sept. 22, 1554. Eecte Kai^ht, (.S arfrxxor hi Hartley A- Knight,) i BEDHJ.XG A .XI) CAE VET WAREHOUSE, ,V'o. 14S South Second Street, ; F/rJ door* above Sueur* Street, PUIEADEEPIIIA, I ' Where he keeps constantly on hand a lull a-sortment l of every ai tide in iiis line of business. FEATH f.RS, FEATHER-BEDS. Patent Spring Mattre-ses, Curled Hair, Moss. Corn Husk and Straw Mattresses. Velvet Tapestry, Tupestrv, Rrns-ej-. Tbree-Ply, Ingram, : Venetian. List, Rag anil Hemp Carpeting?, Oil Cloths, 1 Canton Mattings. Cocoa and Spanish Mattings, Floor ami Stair Druggets, Hearth Rugs. Door Mat-. Table i and PianojTqvers, to which he invites the attrition j of purchasers. Oct. 13, 1851.—1y. I\ t €WS for the People! NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORNER, NO. I. Fi'llow-Citizens : Weinke this opportunity j of returning vou our most sincere thanks lor the j liberal patronage you have so kindly bestowed .on us. We would also inform you that we I have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a large and well selected assortment of Goods, such as Cloths, Cassuneres, and Satinets : Peter j Shams, f>r over coats, Jeans, Ladies' title dress goods, such as Siiks, Alpacas, Coburg Cloths, | Bombazines, Men noes, and a large assortment of Pay State Shawls, II siery, for Ladies, Com forts, Crapes, Collars, i\.c., ixo.—Mens," Wo men-,' Boys' and Children.*' Shoes and Boots, and a general assortment of Groceries. Crush i eu and pulverized Sugars, best Rio Coffee, Teas of all kinds, N. O. Molasses, Golden Syrup, .Mackerel, Salt i'V the sack, Baker's Chocolate, Broma Cocoa, and a gen< ' assortment ol Goods usually kept in a country Store, j Q.V~* All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for goods at market prices. SANSC.M & GEPHART. Oct. 13, 1854. Et IE A UY-& SWA fi? H Y I The subscribers pspectfully beg have to in ! form the people of Middle Woodherry Town ship, and the country at large, that they are now prepared, at their establishment,one mile south ol Woodherry, Bedford County, to furnish fbur horse Threshing Machines, Pierponts' Patent Shak-r, Cider Mills, Ploughs of every descrip tion, Keagy's Corking Stoves, twodifierent pat ; terns, and two different patterns of Coal Stoves— Plough Castings, Wagon Boxes of all sizes, and jcast Dinner Bells of three different sizes—also, Mill Castings ot every variety. We are also prepared to fit up Machinery in the first and most durable style, and wii! give prompt atten | tion to all orders in this line. The public aie respectfully invited {ogive us a call, as we feel satisfied that both our work and | terms will please ail who do so. J. M. SNOW DEN, WM. B. BLAKE, Proprietors. Oct. 27, 1854. JOB MANN. Q. H. SPANG. LAW PARTNERSHIP. Tiir undersigned have associated themselves in the j Practice of the Law, and will attend promptly to all husiiie*s entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad j joining counties. j E7"Office on Julianna Street, three doors south of "Mengel House," opposite the residence of Maj. Tate. JOB MANN, j June 2, 1851. G. H. bPANG. NOTICE TC COLLECTORS. j Collectors of the Poor Tax are notified to settle ! their Duplicate* for 1553 and IS-51 immediately and ! save costs, as suits will be instituted against all who neglect this notice. Bv order of the Directors: JOILY H. RUSH, Treasurer. Jan. 19, 1855. TGOTII ACHE.—Persons are not general ly aware that Dr. Keyser's Tooth Ache reme dy, prepared by him at 140 Wood Street, Pills j burg. Pa. and for sale at Rupp ik. Osier's in this place will stop immediately an aching tooth. | \\ hoever tries it will be convinced, j Dec. S, 1854. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION WAREHOUSE n;amheisbcr& Pennsylvania. I NK subscribers are prepared at al! times to carry Produce of every description and Merchandize toand from Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea sonable terms. The hishe.t price paid at all times lor all kinds of country Produce. Depots. Bf/ZBY & CO. 365 Market Street, Philadelphia.—JOHN BIGHAN, Baltimore, No. 151 H street. C. W. F.YSTER & CO. Feb. 0, 1855—Grp.* NOTICE. Letters of Administration having been grant ed to the undersigned on the estate of Abraham Sparks, late of West Providence Township, Bedford.County, all persons indebted to said es tate are requested to make immediate payment —end those having claims will present fhern properly authenticated tor settlement. SOL. SPARKS, JOHN CESSNA, Jan. 5. 1855. Jiilmin itlrniorx. .NOTICE. All person* indebted to the estate of GEORGE MILLS, latent Monroe Township, Bedlord county, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment and those having rlaims against said estate w ill present them properly authenticated lor settlement. BENJ. MILLS, Administrator. Feb. 2, 1855.* NOTICE. Christian StoufTer, of Napier Township, hav ing on the 4th day of January inst. executed to the undersigned, an as.signn.ent of all his pro perty, real, petsonal, and mixed, lor the benefit of his creditors, notice is therefore given ft) the creditors to present their claims forthwith lor settlement, and those indebted are hereby re quired to it.ike payment immediately to either of the assignees, or at the oliice of J no. P. Reed, Esq. whet e the books and accounts are placet!. All accounts unpaid after the next court, will be placed in the hands of officers for collection. DAVID PATTERSON, J NO. P. REED, J NO. MOWER, Assignees. Jan. 19, IS")."). HARDWARE STORK. The subscriber having purchased the entire stock of HARDWARE of the late Thomas B. Miller, in the Borough of Bedford, wouid re spectfully announce to his friends and the pub lic genet ally, that he is now prepared to fur nish almost every aitiele in his line of business on favorable terms. His stock being nearly all new, and selected by one well experienced in tlie business, he is fully satisfied that purchasers will find it to their advantage to give him a call. In addition to a genera! stock of Hard ware, he has on hand, and will constantly keep, GROCERIES of the very best quality—GLASS oi all sizes—also, STONEWARE oi a very su perior quality. He has also on hand all kinds of Oils, Paints, Drugs, Brooms. icc., x.c., and Cedar Ware in great variety. Having now permanently settled in business, and being determined to use every proper ex ertion to please, he hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of public patronage. JOHN ARNOLD. Dec. 22, 1854. N EW FIRM AND NEW IMS! The subscribers having purchased the entire Stock of Goods of Geo. \V. Horn, in the town of Schellshurg, beg leave to announce to the public generally, that they have now on hand, and will continue to keep, a large and well se lected assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCE RIES, HARDWARE, QL'EENSWARE, Tin ware, Oils, Drugs, Fish, Molasses, and, in fact, everv article usually lound in Country Stores, to which they in\ ite the attention of purchas ers, satisfied that they can give satisfaction to all who give them a rail. The highest price will be paid for Hides, ami for all kinds of Grain. Lumber and Produce, of everv description, will be taken in exchange lor Goods, at the highest prices. All kinds of Leather w ill be kept at the Store lor sale. Give us a call. A. J. SMYELY, JAMES BFRNS, Jr. Jan. 5, 1555. PjJBLIC SALE. The subscriber w ill sell, at p.ubiic sale, at his residence near Bedford, on THURSDAY, the I:sth day of MARCH next, the following pro perty, viz: Three pair of work and one pair of bay match Horses, one Mare, and three Colts, Cows and Calves, one brood Sow and Pigs, Ten Shoats, two Broad Tire Wagons, Plows, Harrows, Cul tivators, Corn Coverer, Horse Gears, a Thrash ing Machine, hoise-povver, one spring market Wagon,one Grind Stone, and one Grain Drill, also one super Wind-Mill, one Creighead Sward Plow, one Avery's do., one sub-soil do. one premium Harrow, two common Harrows, one Hi>rse Rake, and (Jrain Cradles and Rakes, all improved implements for Farming—also Bees—together with a great variety oi other articles too tedious to enumerate. to continence at 10 o'clock of said dav, w hen due attendance and a reasonable cre dit will be given by CHARLES COLFELT. Feb. It;, IS "jo. PtifeSfc Sale CF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. By virtue of an Order of the Orphan's Court of Bedford county, the undersigned will expose to public sale, on the premises, on SATURDAY, the I7t!i day oi MARCH next, the following described Tract of lIS acres of land, situate in Liberty Township, adjoining lands of David Stoler and others. This land is limestone o| a good quality, lies one and a half miles front Stonerstown, and within about one mile ol the Broadtop Railroad. Has erected on it u two story log-house and kitchen: a good hank barn, blacksmith shop, spring-house,and other buildings. Also, a fine apple orcbai d thereon, with a variety of other liuit trees. There is also a never-failing spring of g'->od water on the premises. Terms, which are easy, w ill be made known on the day of sale. DAVID STCLER, Adtn'r of the estate of John Stoler, deceased. Feb. 16, 1855. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, WOOD STREET, PITTSBURGH, PA., BR\ SON k SHIRLS. Sept. 1, 1854.

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