Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 16, 1855 Page 3
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v , r r —The tollawinr notice of Pr. Keyset's „ • ; >T ' l s V run, U from the Evening Chronicle, pub- r r tl to Pittsburg, Pa. If you have a cough, go to Ropu&lWrt-sundbuya bottle. From the Evening Chronicle. L-tvsi irs PECTOBAT., a friend observes, is the next to health itself. We may here observe, as we Zuon no, that this friend was out on elec ieht and anxious to hear the news liom Maine. I Ion" on the corners. The news came but not '"".The had absorbed sufficient damp to give him the "t tli "* Another friend invited him to take a glass ot tlrhalc u hich was p*t up in very black bottles, it friend's thirst wa- huge, and was only quenched ,sr a number of empty bottles stood belore him; a i i ~, the head was the conseqhetice, which conse- W as cured in six hours by using Keyser's jVetoral Syrup. Thete are few things which afford us greater plea than sitting down to write a notice of the cele r'ted iloofland German Eitters, because we are lul- | , " f or.scious we are conferring a public benefit, and \ jeait lelis us that by our many have been reel to take these bitters, and been rescued from ■ v'ti bv dyspepsia, liver complaint, Ike. tor the cure C which it is certain. It is prepared ami sold only ? • Vlr C M Jack-oil, at the German medicine Stole, \o iiOAtch street,,nent. j FT- NEURALGIA. —This fitrnjidnble disease, 1 which seems to baffle the skill of I'by sic,an-. yields j ik, inagic to Garter's Spanish Mixture. Mr. Boy- ! V, formerly of the Aator Tloiise, New York, and late proprietor of the J.gchange Hotel, Richmond, is one ol the hundreds WJM have been cured of saVere >uralg-a hy Garter's Spani-h Mixture. (-e Ins cure he has recommended it toothers wl.o were -altering With m arly ev.-rf form of dis oase with the most wonderful success. He says it is the mo t extraordinary m-diciiie {ie has ever seen „,ed, and the be-t blood purifier known. See adver ...ein-i.t in another wWKimil. The World's Great Exhibition Prize Medal Awarded to C. ME) ER, lor his Two I'ianoes, London, October In, 'sl. j C. MEYER, Re.pectfully informs his friends and the public ge- ! lierallv that he lias constantly on hand Pian.ies eipaai to ttioe far which fie received the prize Medal, in J.oiuloii, in 18151. All mder- promptly attended to, ami great care taken in selecting and packing the same. He has received during the last Jo years more Me dals from Franklin Institute than any other maker; also tiist premium at Boston, and premium at New- York anil Baltimore. Waremoni No. ."'2 South FOURTH street, below Chestnut streel. Philadelphia. March !>. IS.">s—Sal- I ( lilt). An impression having -tarter! that I inter d to leave Bedford oil the Ist of April next, 1 would -late that ,iich is not the case. 1 still continue in the practice of Dentistry at my old -tund, nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, where I intend remaining, and all who require no' professional set vices tnsiy rely upon hav ing their operations attended to With promptitioir au<! carr. " Justice to myself requires me to -tate thai my ad vertised terms (IN\ AIUAIUA f AfTl) will fie strict ly adhered to. That there may he no mistake and l a offence given hereutter, I will mention that no op erations will he resigned to the hands of Patients un til [wid for. This will be enforced without "respect to persons." It need i.tft, however, interfere in the case oi those who rsiay require operations h i the re lief of p.uris, as sych operations, in the rase of these nimble to pay, will, (as heretofore) tie performed gratis. C. N. mCKI;K. Uedfoiii, Mar.qh.b, lSj.f. B'i'ESILSC; SALE! The Trustees 'of the ill •thudi'st Kpwtrtcpnl Church of Napier township, will sell at public sale, on the promise?, all that, their late Church building, situate in (lie Borough of Schellsburg, fronting -9 feet on Wine Street and '2B feet on Mil! street, the same being a two stov log builfl rough-cast, and in good condition—can lie used-either lor public or private use. Title good and will be ma 'e under decree ot the Or phan's Court of Bedford County. Sale will he held on Saturday the 91st day of M uch, inst. Kr"TEKftfs • —Cash. GEO. W". HORN, HENRY CIJLP, Et ul Trustees, Sic. Feb. 9, 1855.—3:. FT 30 KK'.VAKHK. Was stolen from the stable of the subscriber in Cumberland Valley Township on the night ofthe Bth inst. a dark bay Horse with two white feet, small star in the forehead, (rather Jong;,) one eve resembling a glass-eye, having more white than the other: bv close examination a little white will he found on the under lip; his feet are large: he is a regular trotter. He is lul. 16 bauds high, five years old this' spring, and carries up well when rod \ The a bone reward will be paid lor the horse and thief, or thirty dollars for the liorse alone. Address the subscriber at Bedfiwd, Pa. • NICHOLAS BOOR. Feb. 23, 1855. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE KKAIi ESTATE. By virtue of an Order of the Orphans' Court ot Bedford County, the undersigned will expose to sMe, on the premises, on SJTURDJdY, the. 2 llh day of March next, the following described property situate in East Pmvidance Township, and lying immediately north of the Turnpike at the foot of Ravs Hill, adjoining lands of William Grove, David Ri ckey, Adam Hinish, Jacob Ricbev and others, containing four hundred and fifty-one acres; ha ving thereon erected a Two Storv Log House, Double Log Barn, Wagon Shed, and other out buildings. Also, on the premises, is an excellent Or chard of choice Ftuit. This property will be sold together or in two parts to suit purchasers. Terms easv, and made known on day of sale. WESLEY FISHER, Adm'r of the estate of Philip Fisher, deceased. Feb. 23, 1855. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamen tary have been granted to the undersigned, Ex ecutors of the Last Will and Testament of Henry Koons, late of Bedford Township, deceased, that all persons having claims on said Estate are re quested to present them for settlement, and those indebted thereto are hereby required to make immediate payment. HENRY KOONS, DAVID KOONS, PETER" W IN'EG ARN ER, Executors of Henry Koons, deceased. March 2, 1355. Receipts and Expenditures of ike Poor and House of Employment of Bedford County for the year ending January 1, 1855. DR. Cash from V. Steckman, s2l 94 H. Monro, Collector ol B. 8., 100 00 Moses W isegarver, 11. T., 200 39 Isaac kurlman, Broadtop, 27 11 A bra. Snowden, C. V. 107 67 Eiias Gump, Coierain, 100 19 Jesse Dicken, Southampton, 50 00 Jos. Barkrnan, Monroe, 7:> 00 Henry Wilt,E. Prov. 40 90 j J. S- Ritchey, W. Prov. 39 88 David Evans, Londonderry, 39 92 Nathan Wright, St. Clair, 160 00 J. Working, S. Woodb'v. 17 29 Jacob KilVr, M. Woodi/v. 191 48 Sam!. Dubbs, Union, 1 Or) 23 Andrew Horn, Napier, 2n7 31 Geo. Frelegh, Harrison, 1 1 00 CO LECTORS FOR 185 k David Ford, Broadtop, 40 90 | Win. limes, Southampton, 70 00 Jacob Werkinger, dee'd. S. Wood'by. 86 25 ; J. Brumbaugh, do 158 0) | Emanuel J. Diehl, Coierain, 58 56 J. i. Heirick, by £. Ah nizer, 50 (JO Wm. O'Neal, Monroe, 50 00 CharlesStuckey, B. i'., 210 JO j David Esbelman, E- Prov. 60 00 | Jacob Corle, Union, 80 00 | William Hull, Napier, 142 0 ) J. S. Hetrick, hy E. MentZ'T, 37 09 Wm. Gepbart, (late Steward,) 6 25 David Cypher, Liberty, 36 09 j S. Williams, W. Providence, 106 4 ) | James Kink, Hopewell, t)2 00 John IjoW'iy, Lnndoftdpiyy, n0 00 Sumuel Shuck, Ih'dtord Dor. 160 01 H. Nicndeious, Esq. ol H. Burji bolder, Judgment, 9 31 Daniel i'rosel, monies ol li. Trosei, 3 Oi) | S. lmb'r, monies of F. Ling, 18 47 Amount due Treasurer, over paid, 19 11 $3149 57 : CONTRA. CR. J. EYI . ] 11 V 1, 1854. A ir.t. due Treas'r at last settlement, sll 79 Paid Dr. S. D. Scott, medical at tendance on out door paujrers, '53 97 40 IVnr. i.lillburth, making Collins, 51 225 Vi Lvons, bill <it luiiiber, b>4 13 33 Mrs. Smith, supporting pauper, 5 00 James M- Gibson, liia hali year salary, 45 00 S. Devore, bringing pauper to P. H. 6 17 J. Snvder. supporting pauper, 17 45 j A. Saupp. bill of hardware, 8 79 Kellv tx. Dngdale bill <Tgoods 'sl 14 63 Mrs. Smith, supporting pauper, '54 •) 00 j JMer Naygb', bjll of beet, 5 31- Dr. Reamer, 2 quarter's salary, 2.) 00 S. H. Tate, lumber fur mill, 'nl 26 12i , J. M. Gibson, bill of bacon, Kc. '53 108 19 f L. Jolinson, supporting paujier, '54 925 i G. Meuklev, bringing pauper to P. H. 3 9~i J. W. Lingenfelter, 2quarter's salary for 1854, 81 2.) do* do for 1853, 8! 25 ; S. Whetstone, half-year salary, '54 10 00 E. Mentz-r, bill of jstrk, 8 46 do balKyear salary, &.C., D> 00 I)r Eeamers's bill ol dungs, 42 93 Kelly fx. Ditgrlale, Idll of goods. 32 30 M. B(K>r bringing pauper u> P. 11. 3 0-J J. Orisman, coffin for pauper, 2 00 j J. Murray,bringing pauper to P. 11. 68/ F. Oak*, do do 59. > Adam Shafer, Long straw, 3 o<> H. Harshbarger's lull ofbacmi, 16 All John Miller, bill offboemakiug, 'o t 13 ol Henry Shafen, hill of bacon. 6 i> 1 Brown K Uohmtn, biil of goo.-L, 89 19 j Jos. Killer, work done at Mill, 'sl 50 00 N. Boor, apple butter, ;>4 7 OS !*S. J. Castner, issuing orders, t> 00 I). Tro.stle, apple-butter and bacon, 9 53 i T. Irrder, attendftnee at Conrt, 95 do bill f>l corn, 8 40 J. M. Gibsoif, half-year salary, '53 45 00 J. Gates, bringing paupers hi P. 11. 3 97 Solomon Killer, bill of nails and Lumber I T null, 51 46 66 J. H. Filler, IviH tor printing, '54 25 00 i i Jonathan Carml. supporting pauper, 23 50 i E. Mentzer bill of pork, 15 27 Adam Oroyte, supporting pauper 5 (fit H. J. Henderson, repairing oven, 2 00 M. MTlwnin, bringing pauper to P. 11.10 17 John A. Blodget, service? | in the Miitenberger case, 10 HQ i • Mrs. Lingeiifelter's services as matron in IS.)!, 12 00 i Wm. Stahl, making coffin for pauper, 200 Jacob S. Ritchey, bill of pork, 11 70 Henry Flnck, bringing pauper to P. 11. H "/ ■> A. Saupp, bill of hardware, 10 21 David Over, hill of print ing, 25 09 j j Samuel Whetstone, disliiuutin; Dunlicates, 5 00 I John 'Corley do 5 00 I IE. Meritzer, do •> 00 j W. W. Laney, coal use of mill, 10 00 ' Peter Radebangh, hiil of g'X-.ds, "53 87 j John J. & Chas. Cessna, bitil , of smithing, >4 68 j G. W, Smith, bringing pauper to P. 11. IDO ! i Henry Fluck, d > d 3 13 121 . Josinh Ken,linger. do do :) 37 i 1 (}. XV. Smith, bill of flour battels, 5 33 ' Adam Sn vder,.cider, apples and apple butter, 16 00 William Geplunt, (lat- steward,) his 2 quarter's salary Jor ol 81 25 I G. D. Shuck 8. Go's, bill of wagon 'urk stc. for use of mill, '54 57 .)•!• j Win. Learv, supporting pauper, 23 43 ] S. Shuck, his hill of store and 'lanyard, ri '*' S. Whetstone, half-year salary, 10 00 F. Mentzer, do 10 00 ( J. M. Gibson, bill of goods, 90 10 do clerking for Auditors, 5 00 | Fr. Gordon, hill of beef, 8 31 i ! J. G. Clark, bill of Veal, 4 59 Wm. Bs. J. C. Keyset, hill of hatting, 5 83 Kelly Dngdale, bill of goods, 51 89 J. A Istadt, for auditing account, '53 4 :)<> J. M. Gibson, half-year salary, do 4:> 00 John Sill, articles f>r outdoor pauper, 15 25 Abram- Ritchey, hit Lot apple butter, 19 00 Nicholas Boor, bill of beef and pork, 41 624 ; Wm. Learv, supporting pauper, '54 10 00 L. Jiinason, bill of Beef, 16 25 N. Lyon, bill of goods, lumber, Scr. 26 76 IL. Johnson, supporting pauper, '53 10 00 N. Lvons bill of goods, 31 44 j Solomon Filler, bill of goods, '54 18 33 J. W. Tomlinson, bill of beef, '53 20 34 iS. Filler, supporting pauper, 'SO 150 iJ. W. Blvmire, hill of tinware '52 15 OS ISaml. Philips, bill of beef, do 11 20 Geo. Widle for weaving blanket ing and Lmsey, 9 10 j J. VV. Tumi,iinsrm, bill of beef, '54 17 97 j S. Whet stole , '-ill of Long straw, 7 20 Geo. WitHe, bill of weaving, 'SO 850 i Ilenr v Beegie, hill of pork, '54- 9 25 Kred'k. Mench, bill of Beef. 'sl 928 Do do '52 S 25 1)> do '53 8 50 Do do pork do 2 70 ! Do do 1 load of pine, 1 50 A. R. Crane, bill of Beet, '53 16 17 ! T. Murray & Bro's. bill of lumber, '54- 6 00 ! John Miller, bill for shoemaking, do 15 23 | Cornelius Wh-tstone, bill of Pork, do 13 70 j Adanr Barn hart, bill of* Beef, do 12 624 ' S. 11. Tate, services as attorney, '53 16 91 Robert Kyan, billof goods do 31 79- ] Mis. Clarr, supporting pauper do 200 William Chenoweth for sinut machine, 30 17 John Curley, one year's salary, 54 20 00 Ja me? M. Gibson, distributing Duplicates, do 500 Jacob Brumbaugh, bringing • pauper to poor house, 2 00 Samuel Dubbs, collector of ] Uiiion 1853, his exoneia tjoris and Conuni>sioiis # 13 5Ci i David Evans, collector of Londonderry 1 553, his e.x oneiations and j A bra in Snowdon, collector of Cumherhuid \ "alley 1853, his exonerat ions and com missions, 16 66 1 Jacob Kif- j r, collector ?•!. \r iodl>,v. 18:53, his es.- oneratioiis aad commis sions-, 32 22 Isaac Kurfinan, collector of Broadtop 1853, his exon eiations aiul commissions, 5 94 ; Jacob Workiuger, collector. South lYootfnerv 1853. his exonerations and commissions, 17 29 • J. S. Ritchey, collector, Wesl Providence 1H53,' his exonerations and cornirdssions, 19 48 . I Eh,i' Gump, collector of Coierain j for 1853, his exonerations and commissions, 13 77 i Elizabeth Puderbahgh on Judgment, 499 90 i O. E. Shannon, full ul expenses out door pauper '53, 7 :>9 David Gordon bringing pauper to Poor House '53, 1 0/ A. 11. Crane, tor Pork '.>3, / 44 ; Dr. Scott, drugs and salary, 84 44 Samuel Imler, potaTOt -. '54, 5 (>0 Do Do. beet and pork, 7 07 John Lin.-i'p.felter carton check \u. 82, 1854, ' 40 00 John Lingenfelter, check 11S, '53. 10 00 Catharine Smith supporting oot-duor j pauper '54. 090 John 11. Rush, Ins salary tlfl- 'sl, 70 00 Discount on money, 2 50 Interest on checks, '■ "'9 I Auditors for auditing accounts for 54, 15 00 3149 57 li e the undersigned, auditors of Bedford co. | do hereby certify that we have examined the account of John 11. Rush, Treasurer of the Poor and House of Employment the county ot Bedford, and find the same correct. Witness our hands and s a!s this 3J day of January, 1555. John IT. Barton, John A Istadt, Daniel Barley, Auditor** j Attest—James M. Gibson, Clerk. Amount due bv Collectors for IS'.>3. 11. Moore, Bedford Borough, 198 93 I Moses W isegarver, B ,j d. tp. 98 36 4 j Jesse Dicken, 8- -uthaniptou, 22 OS 1 Jos. Barkm'in, Monroe, 30 45 Ifenry Wilt, E. Prov. 13 82 John King, Hopewell, 99 37 i Jaynes Clarke, Liheit v, 9 82 ' Nathan Wright, Bt. (.'lair, 87 99 Andrew Horn, Napier, 90 11 George Harrison, 71 08 Tax due from Collectors for 1854. ! Samuel Shuck, Bedford Borough, 77 ;>! J Charles Stuckey, Bed. tp. 153 94 i David Ford, Broadtop, 12 16 j Emanuel J. Diehl, Coierain, 134 23 A. Snowden, \ alley, 1 ■>() 88 James Fink, Hopewell, 4-9 28 Jacob Devore, Harrison, 78 28 , John L. Hill, Juniata, 131 43 | David Cipher, Libeity, 54 7 ) i John Iyovery, Londonderry, 60 16 1 Wm. O Nea!, Monroe, " 102 42 ! Wm. Hull, Napier, 135 87 David Esheluian, E. Prov. 47 47 | Solomon Williams, west Prov. 47 00 1 Frederick Barkh-imer, St. Clair, 270 02 Jacob Curl, Union, 78 01 i Wm. limes, Southampton, 29 82 Jacob Nicoderuus, middle Wood. 451 99 J. S. Brumbaugh, youth do. 56 70 2761 13 .Be i s* & A€a 44 e y AM) FEMALE SEMINARY. W. V/. CAKPBELL, Principal. This Institution, hitherto under the care of Rev. John Lyon, will henceforth be conducted hy the pre sent Principal. The past history of the Academy will, we trn-t. be u fiilftctcirt guaranty of its Inline efficiency. The branches taught will he the same as : heretofore. To SIASXF.II eu I will be con-id eiej the most important pursuit of the pupils; and while it will be the eonsiaut business ofthe Instruc tor to impair knowledge, it will also be his aim to lead his pupils to make a practical application of their acquisitions. To loud the mind with innumer able formulas, without causing it to uo them, would ; he like placing a bow in o child's hand, \v it bout I teaching him how to bend it. 11l fine, it shall be our object, as it lias ever been, to lead the pupil to TJJI VK. We look forward confidently to the patronage of this community, which has thus far been so gener ously extended, and hy an undiminished assiduity, we hope to merit your support. Terms per quarter, us usual, to wit: CLASSIC?, $6 25 HiuiiKit EXGLI>H, 5 00 MIDDLE " 4 50 ELEMENTARY " 4 00 The Session opened on .Monday, 12th inst. ! Teh. IS, ISoo. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, WOOD STREET, PITTSBURGH, PA., BittSON & SIIIRLS. Sept. 1, 1854. BOOTS AND SHOES. Mens, Boys, and Childrens, Boofsand Shoes — Womeits and Misses morocco, Seal and Calfskin Bootees and walking Shoes—received and for sale by A. B. CRAMER 8. Co. NOTICE. | John \S i-regarver's Executors ti>e of John Cessna, j vs. John Herr et al—Vend. Kxps. No. .11 F-hrus- I ry term, lSoo—lit the Common Pivus of Bedtonf | County. The auditor appointed to distribute the mon ies in the hands of Hugh Moore, Esq., Sheriff, made upon said writ, will attend to the duties of his appointment at his office in the Borough of Bedford, on Monday the 19th day of March at 10 o'clock, A. M. when and where all persons ; interested can attend if they see proper. J NO. P. REED, Auditor. March 2, 1855. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION" WAREHOUSE Chainbeisburg, Fennsjlvania. niE snb-rribcts are prepared at all times to carry ' Produce of every description and Merchandize to and trom Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea- i hOrmbie tern.s. The highest price paid at all times j for all kinds of country Produce. [FT™Receiving ltepots. BI. ; ZBY >< CO. Dtl.l Market i street. Philadelphia JOHN BKdiAN, Baltimore, 1 No. 151 11 3treet. C. W. FASTER & CO. I Feb. 9, IMO— Cm.* NOTICE. Letters of Administration having been grant ed to the undersigned on the estate of Abraham Sharks, late of West Providence Township, Bedford County, all persons indebted to said es tate are requested to make immediate payment —-and those having claims will present them ■ i properly authenticated for settlement. SCL. SPARKS, ; JOHN CESSNA, ! Jan. 5. 1855. Jitiministroiors. NOTICE. All persons indebted to tin* estate of (iEOROJE : MILLS, lute ot Monroe Township, Beiiiord county, deceaseil, are leijuehieil to make immediate payment ! —and those having claims ajraiost said estate will present them properly authenticated for settlement. BI.XJ. MILLS, Administrator. Feb. 2, J855.* HARDWARE STORE. The subscriber having purchased tile entire stock of HARDWARE of the late B. Miller, in the Borough of Bedford, would re sprctfulf v announce to his friends and the pub lic ajruieiallv, that he is now prepared to fur nish almost everv article in his lute of business on favorable terms. His stock being nearly all new, and selected hv one well experienced in the business, he is fu!!v satisfied that purchasers will find it to their udvantage to give him a call. In addition to a general stock of Hard ware, he has on hand, and will constantly keep, GROCERIES of the very lies! quality GLASS of all sizes—also, STONEWARE of a very su perior quality. He lias also on hand all kinds j of Oils, Paints, Drugs, Brooms. &c., iNc., and Cedar Ware in great variety. Having now permanently settled iu business, and being determined to use every proper ex ertion to please, he hopes to merit ami receive a liberal share of public patronage. JOHN ARNOLD. Dec. 22, IS.VE N m FIRM m m coons i The subscribers having purchased the entire • Stock of Goods of Geo. W. Horn, in the town of Schellshurg, beg leave to announce to the public generally, that they have now on hand, and will continue to keep, a large arid well se lected assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCE- RiES, HAR D W ARE, QUEENSVV A RE, Tin ware, Oils, Drugs, Fish, M ilasses, and, in fact, every article usually found in Country Stores, I to which they invite the attention of pnrchas- I ers, satisfied that they can give satisfaction to all who give them a call. The highest price will be paid for Hides, and for ail kinds of Grain. Lumber and Produce, of everv description, will lie taken in exchange lor at th-* highest prices. All kinds of Leather will be kept at the Store for sale. Give us a call. A. J. SMYELY, JAMES BURNS, Jr. | Jan. 5, 1555. Hill: sill. I The subscriber wills,ll, at public sale, at his residence near Bedford, on IIE RSDA\, the i 15(11 day of MARCH next, the following pro perty, viz: Three pair of work and one pair of bay match Horses, one Mare, and three ( ..Its, Cows and Calves, one brood Sow and Pig*', 1 en Shoats, two Broad Tire Wagons. Plows, Harrows, Cul ' tivab rs, Corn Coverer, Horse Gears, a i hrash ing .Machine, hoise-jtower, one spring market Wagon, one Giimi Stone, and one Grain Drill, also one super Wind-Mill, one Creighead Sward Plow, one Avery's do., one sub-soil do. one premium Harrow, two common Harrows, one 11.use Rake, and Grain Cradles and Rakes, ai! improved implements for I arming—also ]{,. PS —togeth"r with a great variety of other -. articles too tedious to enumerate. to commence at ft) o'clock of said ; dav, when due attendance and a reasonable cre -1 dit will be given by CHARLES COLFELT. Fell. 10, 1855. jPoiMic Sale OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. By virtue of an Order of the Orphan's Court of Bedford county, the undersigned will expose ! to public sale, on the premises, on - SATURDAY, the 17th day of MARCH next, . i the following described Tract of 11S acres of 11 land, situate in Liberty Township, adjoining 1 j lands of David Stoler and others. , This land is limestone of a good quality, li<*s one and a half miles from Stnnerstown, and I within about one mile of the Broadtop Railroad. Has erected on it a two story log-house and '; kitchen: a good bank barn, blacksmith shop, I spring-house, and other buildings. Also, a fine apple orchard thereon, with a variety ot other 1 finil trees. There is also a never-failing spring jof good water on the premises. Terms, which are easv, will be made known on the day of i sale. DAVID STOLER, Adrn'r of the estate of John Staler, deceased. Feb. 16, 1855. L — r I LEATHER. FRITZ, HENDRY L CO. i No. 29, North THIRD street, Philadelphia. -! Morocco Manufacturers. Couriers and Impor- II ters of FRENCH Calf-Skins, and dealers in Red r | and Oak Sole Leather and Kipp. j March 'J, 1855—1y. New Finn! New Store!! oiid New Goods!!!: The subscribes, having just received pud o-: pened at the old stand of J. H. ST HELL, a new and splendid assortment of Goods, respect fully invite the patronage of the public. Their stock consists of Mapte A: Fancy Goods, of the finest and newest styles : also, a large as sortment of FAMILY GROCERIES, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuff's, Hardware, Nails, Glassware, Queensware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Umbrellas, and, in fact, ev ery article that is kept in a well regulated country store, all of which have been carefully selected, afld will be sold on the most favorable terms for CV7N77 or PRODUCE. MARIA SCHELL, JACOB S. SCHELL. Srludlsburg, Pa., ) Nov. 10, 1854-. \ m FILL liOODS! The undersigned thankful to their numerous patrons for their kind and very liberal patron age, respectfully info tins tfwin that they have just received fropi the eastern cities, a handsome assortment of new style fail Goods, suitable for the present and coming season, comprising French and English Broadcloths, Cassimeres, 1 Tweeds, Sattirietts, Kentucky J>ans, Flannels, Satin and Worsted Vestings,Cravats ant! hdkfls., knit Merino Shirts aiul Drawers, Cashmeres, Mansseline De Rege, Motisseiine Delaines, Co ; burg and Thibet Cloths, Alpacas, Silk Poplins, Black Gros De Rhine, aiWl Fancy Silks, Prints from a tip up, Muslins unbleached from a tip up, all widths, 'lTHVr*<R|d Bay State ShawL. Ginghams, Checks, Linsey*, Tickings. Drillings, Carnbi ic.-, Nankeefis, Crash, Diapers, Dan,ask Table Cloths and Covers, White Goods, Embroider*, Sleeves, Collars, Dress Trimmings, Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Queensware, Hardware, and Brooms, Groceries, N. C. Sugars, White Clarified, Pul verized, and Crushed do., Golden Syrup, N. 0. Molasses, good Rio Coffee 12 J,, Pr ime do lf j cents, Spices, Teas, Chocolate, Extract of Cof fee, Tobacco, Flax Seed, Sperm and Whale Oifs, Drugs, Patent Medicine, Cattle Powders, together with 14)01 other articles adapted to the wants of the people, all of which they wiii sell at the very lowest possible prices for cash and approved produce, or upon short credit to good and punctual customers. And, as our motto, short profits, many sales, and quick returns, lias : been fiillv carrier! out, and will continue the ruling feature, we feel assured we can make it to the advantage of all in search of chpap bar gains to give us a call before purchasing. All kinds of Produce taken for Goods. RUPP OSTER. Bedford, Sept. 22, 1854*. Reeve* Kiftis'ht, (fii/ecrxinr to Hartley t\* liIZPDISG AXp CARPET WAREHOUSE, A'o. 14-8 South Second Street, ' Fire door* above Spruce. Street, 1' 111 L AI)I. EP HIA, Where he k-eps constantly on hand a full assortment 'of every article in his line of business. FF.ATHERS, FF.ATIIFR-IIEDS, raieut Spring Mattresses, Curled ifinr, Moss, Corn Husk ami Straw Mattresses. Velvet Tapestry, Tapestry, Brinseis, Three-Ply. lnsram. Venetian. List. Raz and UenfipCarpetinKSjOil Cloths, ; Canton Mattings. Cocoa and Spanish Mattings* Floor ami Stair Druggets. lleartii I\n<:s, Door Mats, Table and Piano Covers, to which he invites the attention of purchase) s. Oct. ID, ISo I. Iy. ta's for the People! NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORNER, NO. I. Fe! tow-Citizens : We take this opportunity of returning you our most sincere thanks for the liberal patronage you have so kindly bestowed on us. We would also inform you that we have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a large and well selected assortment of Goods, such as Cloths, Cassimeres, and Satinets : Peter Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' fine dress goods, such as* Silks, Alpacas, Coburg Cloths, Bombazines, Merinoes, and a large assortment of Bav State Shawls, Hosiery, lor Ladies, Com forts, (Tapes, Collars, &.C., K.c. —Mens/ Wo mens,' Boys' and Children*' Shu<-s and Boots, and a general assortment of Groceries. Crush ed and pulverized Sugars, best Rio Coffee, Teas of all kinds, N. O. Molassei, Golden Syrup, Mackerel, Salt hv the sack, Baker s Chocolate, Broma Cocoa, and a general assortment ol Goods usually kept in a country Store. ■Jjr" All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for goods at market prices. SANSCM S. GEPHART. Oct. 13, IS")4. KEAtiY'S For A" DRY ! The subscribers respectfully beg leave to in form the people of Middle YVoodberry Town ship, and the country at large, that they are now prepared, at their establishment, one mile south of Woodberry, Bedford County, to furnish four horse Threshing Machines, Pierponts' Talent Shaker, Cider Mills, Ploughs of every descrip tion, Keagy's Cooking Stoves, two different pat terns, and two different patterns of Coal Stoves— Plough Castings, Wagon Boxes ol all sizes, and cast Dinner Bells of three different sizes—also, Mill Castings of every variety. We are also prepared to tit up Machinery in the best and most durable style, and will give prompt atten tion to all orders in this line. The public are respectfully invited togive us a call, as we feel satisfied that botli our work and terms will please all who do so. J. M. SNOW DEN, WM. B. BLAKE, Proprietors. Oct. 27, J 854. JOB MANN. G. H. SPANG. LAW PARTNERSHIP. Tiik undersigned have associated themselves in the Practice of the Law, and will attend promptly to all business entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad joining comities. CC?" Office on .Fulianna Street, three doors south of "Meugel House," opposite tlie residence oi Maj. Tate. JOB MANN. June 2, 18-31. G. H. SPANG. NOTICE TC COLLECTORS. Collectors of the Poor Tax are notified to settle their Duplicates tor 1553 and 1534 immediately and save costs, as suits will be instituted against all who neglect this notice. Bv order ofthp Directors: JOILY ti. RUSH, Treasurer. Jan. 19, lSmr. TOOTH ACHE.—Persons are not general ly aware that Dr. Keyset's Tooth Ache reme dy, prepared by him at 140 Wood Street, Pitts burg, Pa. and for sale at Rttpp &> Oster's in this place will stop immediately an aching tooth. Whoever tries it will be convinced. Dec. S, 1554. THE MARKETS. .March 12.—The market is stesrfy awl firm, with a steady, though limited, demand tor Finur, and we notice sales of 10U bbls. sii per bbl. and 2(JO bbls, extra at Rye Flour is steady at $6. Corn Meal is quiet. Sales of about 400 bbl*. at $1,185 per bbl. There is more inquiry lor Wheat, with sales oh 3,000 bu. at 2,21* lot good red, and $2 1 25a52,2$ for good to prime white. Rye is steady. NOTICE. The undersigned appointed by the Orphan's Court of Bedford county to make distribution of rhe funds in the hands of John H. Rush, upon his final account as administrator of !he estate of Suo-upl M. Taylor, deceased, will attend to the duties of his appoint ment at his oliice in Bedford on Tuesday the 3d day of April next, when and where ail iiiP-rested mny at tend it they see proper. JOHN" A. BLODGET, March 0, 1850. Auditor. DISSOLUTION. THE Partnership heretofore existing helweeri the undersigned, in the mercantile business, w as dissolved on the Ist inst..'by mutual.consent. The business will hereafter be transacted „bv Thos. J. Porter. All perrons interested are no tified to attend to the settlement of their ac counts without delay, as it is necessary to close the books of the Firm, ISAAC 11. THARP, TIIOS. J. PORTER. Palo Alto, Bedford co. March Ibb.V^ A MIRACLE OF SCIENCE! ])r. C. L.;, of Mcchanicsbiirgh, Cumber land Co. I'a. announce* to those afflicted with Tu mors, Wens, Cancers, Polypus, l.apu-. Moles or Marlft, Scrofula or King's Evil; and all disease- Tha l.ave been usually .reared with Can-tic <>r Ivr ife, he can remove them without cutting, burning or pain ; neither Chloroform or Ether is administered to the patient. It is no matter on what pait of the bodv they are he can remove tbetn with perfect safety,' and in a remarkably short time. So Mineral or \ egetable poison, is applied; and no money required until a cure is perfected. Prolapsi- Eteri, Female complaints. Chronic Ven ereal and all other diseases treated With positive suc cess. Full particulars can be obtained by addressing in either F.nglish or German post paid. Patients can be accommodated with Board on reasonable terms. Mechauicsburg is one ol the prettiest and healtbly town- in this or any other State. It is S miles from Banishing on the C. V. R. 11. and accessible from all parts of the Cnion. The Dr. will visit cases in any part of the State when desired. Kiwi render if you know of any afflicted fel low-creature, delay not, to tell them of this treatment. Maich 2, 185-s.—Git..* Insurance. "The Cumberland Valley Mutual Protection Company" of Dickinson Township, Cumberland county, Pa. notify the public that they conti nue to insure real and personal property against loss bv fire, on the lowest and most equitable terms consistent with safety, and in conformity to their charter and bye-laws. Everv person taking an insurance in thisco. becomes a member thereof, and is entitled to vote at each annual election for officers. The rates of insurance are very moderate—the as sessments on the notes of the members having, since the organization of the Co. averaged only about one mid an half per centum , per annum. The amount of each note is ascertained by an established rate per cent, on two-thirds of the estimate value of the property insured, and those rates depend upon the kind of property insured and the risk incurred. Members of the Compa i ny would do well to look at their Policies and | see that they have not expired. Renewals for I another term of five years, will be made for one-half the original cash premium. Further \ particulars made known on application to eith | er of the subscribers, agents of the company for ' Bedford county. J. M. RUSSELL, Bedford. A. B. BUNX, Schetfsburg. I Feb. 23, 185"). NOTICE. Those friends who have been kind enough to subscribe towards the purchase ot a Parsonage ! in connection with the Presb} terian Church of Bedford, are respectfully requested to pay the amount of their subscription to the subscriber, at an early date, as the Ist of April is rapidly ? approaching, when the property, \\ hich has | been secured, must be paid for. THOS. K. DAVIS. Bedford, Feb. 23, lShh. CROCKS. Apple Butter and Milch Crocks can be had i at my Pottery in Schellsburg, by any quantity, I for Cash. In all cases of sale, a reasonable per ! rentage will be allowed to storekeepers, but no carriage will be allowed bv me. PETER SCHELL. I Sept. 1, iSfil. Delinquent fc-lleetors of JSS3 are hereby notified that, hy order of the Com missioners, all Duplicates lor that year must be settled up on or before the Ist day of March next. For all taxes unpaid at that time execu tions will be issued without respect to person.-. J NO. MOWER, Jit turn aj for Commissioners. Jan. 19, IS5.">. REM 0V A L.-Th e undersigned respect fully inform their friends anil customers that they have removed their Store to Exchange Building, where it will a/Ford us pleasure to of fer Goods of every description, at the lowest prices, to all who may favor us with a call. A. B. CRAMER & CO. HALF PRICE! —Remnants of De Lames, and other Goods on hand, which we are selling at about half their value. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Jan. *26. Exchange Bui/ding. JOSEPH W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW And Real Estate Broker, Bedford, Pa. Will attend to all business entrusted to his care. He will give especial attention to Sol diers' Pensions, Claims, and Bounty Land. He has two or three Farms anil 4,000 actes of unimproved land for sale. He has been appointed agent to prosecute the Robert Morris claims, to lands, in Bedford, Blair, Cumberland, Huntingdon, Adaiqs, Perry, Juniata, Franklin, and Fulton counties. Persons holding the Robert Morris lands by purchase, improvement, or warrant, may com plete their titles by calling soon. Suits will be instituted against all trespassers not regarding this notice. QTF'Ollice on Juliantia street. Jan. 26, 1855. A two-Horse Wagon, and one Top Buggy, new, and work warranted, for sale cheap on a liberal credit, or for Country Produce. A. B. CRAMER & CO.

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