Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, April 6, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated April 6, 1855 Page 4
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CIRCULAR. The undersigned present their moat sincere thanks to their numerous patrons for their very liberal pat ronage since opening the NEW STORE on the 11th of April, 1851, which has succeeded lar beyond their most sanguine expectations, and has m-pired them ■ with renewed efforts to replenish their spring supply ■with such styles for the coming season, as cannot fail to please the most fastidious. And, as our motto, QUICK SALES anp SMALL PROFITS, has been fully car ried out, and will continue the ruling feature, you may rest assured of purchasing your goods at the CHEAP SIDE at the very lowest possible prices. Respectfully. HUPP & OSTF.R. I June ic, 1.851. j DOCTOR YOURSELF! j The Pocket Esculupius; or I'M iSa every one his own Physician. a ,9 The 50th Edition, with one MS lm hundred engravings, showing a& !j3f Diseases and Malformations of /a! I he human system in every form and shape. 'l"o which is added a Treatise oil the Diseases ol Females, being of the highest importance to married people, or those contempla ting mariiage. By \YM. YOUNG, M. D. Let no father be ashamed to present a copy of the AESCULAPIUS to his child; it may save him from an early grave. Let no young man or woman enter into the secret obligations of married lile without reading the POCKET fECLLAPIUS. Let no one suffering from a hacknied Cough, Putn in the Side, restless nights, nervous feelings, and the whole of Dyspeptic sensations, end given up by their physi- j rianj be another moment without consulting the AESCULAPIUS. Have the married, or tho-e about to be married any impediment, read this truly useful book, as it has been the means of saving thousand-: of unfortunate creatures from the very jaws ot deal a. K7~Any per-on sending TWKNTI-FIN E GT* N 1 S j enclosed in a letter, will receive one copy of this I woik by mail, or live copies will be sent lor One Dollar. • Address, (post paid.) Dr. V. M. 5 Ot XG, So. 152 Spruce St., Philadelphia. May 06, 1851.—1y. Move*. On hand and just receiving a lot of new pa terns of Cooking Stoves, i-r wood and coal, at KLY MIRKS. In addition to his former stock, the subscri ber has received a splendid assortment of Brass, Hell Mettle, Iron and English Kettles, which will please all in want of the article, —also a variety of other articles useful for house keep ers. He has also on hand a lot of pump chains and fixtures, all of which will be sold low lor c ash, or on a short credit. GEORGE BLYMIRE. May If), 1854. "Fellow C'fttixeus!" *3 Do vou want to leave your measure for a FASHIONABLE SUIT OF GLOTHES, •warranted to give satisfaction in STYLE, QUALI TY, FIT and MAM: ! Do you want to see a large and splendid Stock of Cloths, Cassimeros. Testings, and other seasonable goods ibr .1 lEN'S If. IRE! Do you want to see a fine assortment of COATS, PANTS and VESTS, gotten up in a style not in terior to the best ordered work ? Do you want Tinder Garments of the " right stripe or FUR NISHING ARTICLES that "c<m7 be beafffi or IMWM CLOTISBXU for your Sons ? In short, ifyou warrt all or any of these things so essential to the adornment and comfort ol the "outer man," call on STEPHEN'S, Merchant Tailor, McK aig's Row, Baltimore Street (next door to Campbell's Drug Store,} Cumberland, Md. \f~r~ If you want an OUTFIT of CHEAP READY-MADE CLOTHING, 1 would advise you to call at the RAILROAD CLOTHING STORE, near the Depot. May 19, 1854—1 y. VALIABIE PROPIRWFOR SILL i 1 he subscriber will sell, at private vale. his valua- j ble Property, situate in Union Township, Bedford j f'ounty, Pa., on which he at present reside-, contain- : ing 50 acres ot patented land, 50 of which are cleared ; mill under post and rail fence, the balance well tirn- i hered with good saw timber. This property is on the waters of Bobbs'Creek,-1 miles north of Atlol jihus Ake's Mill, on the public road leading fioin Bedford to Johnstown or Jefferson, within 12 miles of Jefferson, and 16 miles of Hotlidaysburg. The im provements are a Stone Grist Mill, with two run of Stones, one pair first rate French Burrs, with good j merchant and country Bolt-, and a complete Smut i .Machine. I'he Machinery is all good and -nbstan- j rial, and is partly new. The water power is siifii-j ••lent during the entire year, and the custom is good ' and plenty of it. There is ai-o a new Saw Mill ori i the premises, which will cut from 15l)Tto 2000 feet •if Lumber a day inch measure, which is ready sap: : at the Mill. One of the Dwelling House- is a three story frame, suitable for a public House or Store I House, and is well finished. There are three other ; dwellings, two frame avid otie log house, also a fiame j stable and Wagon Shed, and other necessary build- j in ir ; . Also, will be sold, another Tract of Land contain ing 50U acres, about 75 acres of which are cleared, ! of which 10 are good meadow with facilities for triak- j ing 20 or 50 more. The balance well timbered and j well watered by the Bobbs' Creek running through i it. There is on the premises an excellent site | culated for either Grist Mill or Saw Mill, with head j and fall of 22 feet. There is a variety of choice fruit j trees on the farm. The buildings are one good Log , House and Stable and other outbuildings. Also, will ; be sold, 640 acres of good timber land, convenient to j the Saw Mill, on which are the very best of saw j logs. The above land is all patented, and a cl-ur j and indisputable title will be made to the purchaser ' or purchasers. Those wishing to purchase good pro- J perty, will learn the conditions, (which will be mod- i erate,) by calling with the subscriber, residing on ; the first named property. CASELTOX AKE. j July 21, 1854. Notice to FARMERS. A prime lot of little CLOVER-SEED war-! ranted clean of Ripple, lor sale by Samuel 1 Barnhartat the Tavern of Valentine Stecknian j in Bedford. Feb. 16, 1855. ! John A. Biodgref, ATTORNEY AT LAW, WILL attend punctually to all business en- j trusted to his care. OGT* Office nearly opposite J the office of the Bedford Gazette. March 3, 1554. PIGS. A J undersigned having obtain ed from the East a firx* selection of choice breeds of Hogs, including Chestpr countv Suf folk, Grade and Berkshire Pigs, direct from im ported stock, can now furnish any of these va rieties to those desirous of improving their stock. A fine lot of Chester county Pigs, from the ce lebrated stock of Benjamin Hickman, Chester county, now for sale. Terms moderate. YVM. HARTLEY, Mount Dallas Farm. Jan. 12, 1855—6 m. .} •3 Great Purifier of the BiccT uXOT A PARTICLE OF MERCURY IX IT. j Let the. Afflicted Rend and Ponder! An Infallible Remedy iorSciolula, King's Evil, j Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, j Pimples or Postu leg on the Face, Blotches, j Boils, Ague and Fever, Chronic Sore Eyes, j Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlarge ment and Pain of the Bones and Joints, Stub- I horn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, j Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases arising* from an Injudicious Use of Mercury, Jmpru- j rience in Life, or Impurity of the Blood. AN This great alterative medicine and Pu- j rifier of the Blood is now used by thousands of] grateful patients from all parts of the United States, who testify daily to the remarkable j cures performed by the greatest ol all medicines, "CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE." Neu ralgia, Rheumatism, Scrofula. Eruptions on the j Skin, Liver Disease, Fevers. I leers, Old So;-es, Afiectionsoftlie Kidneys, Diseases ol the'l hroat, ; . Female Complaints, Pains and Aching of the: Bones and Joints,-are speedily put to flight by j using this great and inestimable remedy. For all Diseases of the Blood, nothing has yet. ] been found to compare with if. It cleanses the system of all impurities, acts gently and effi- j ciently on the Liver and Kidneys, strengthens , the Digestion, gives tone to the Stomach, makes j the skin clear and healthy, and restores the j Constitution, enfeebled bv disease or broken i '. ' j down by the excesses of youth, to its pristine , vigor and strength. For the Ladies, it is incomparably better than j all the cosmetics ever used. A lew closes of j CARTER'S SPAN ISM MIXTURE will remove all j saliowness of complexion, bring the roses mant- ! ling to the cheek, give elasticity to the step, j and improve the genera! health in a remarka ble degree, beyond all the medicines ever heard j of. The large number of certificates which we have received from persons from all parts of the United Slates, is the bes! evidence that there is no Humbug about it. The press, hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and public men, well known to the community, ail add their testimo ny to the wonderful effects of this GREAT i BLOOD PURIFIER. Call on the A' EXT and get a Circular and, Almanac, and read the wonderful cures this truly greatest of all medicines has performed. None genuine unless signed BENNETT tic j BEERS. Proprietors, No. 3 Pearl Street, Rich mond, Va.: to whom all orders tor supplies and agencies must lie addressed. Sold by Dr. )'. C. RCAMKR, Bedford; .!. M. BARVDOLLAR, Bloody Run ; A. B. BINN, Schellsburg, and by Dealeis in Medicines ev erywhere. Oct. 20, 1854. ly. OVER COMFLAJLVT, Srsy*;cs*sa, Jatmtlke, Chronic or Nervous Debility, Disease of the Kidneys, and all Diseases arising from o Disordered Liver or Stomach. Such as Constipation, inward Piles. Fullness of Blood j to the Head. Acidify of Ihp Stomach, Nausea, Heart burn, Disgust lor Food, Fullness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering at j the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Htir- j tied and Difficult Breathing. Fluttering at the Heart, i Choking or Suffocating Sensations wheu in a King posture. Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before the ' sight. Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, I Pain in the Side, Back, Limbs, Kc., Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and Great Depression of Spirits, ("A X HI: EFFECT [TALLY CUBED BY DH. HOOF.LAND'S CELEBRATED GEE MAX BITTERS, Pre pit rrtl h y DR. C. M. JACKSON, Ao. 120 Arch Strrrt, Philadelphia. Their power over the above diseases is not ex celled, if equalled, by any other preparation in the United States, as the cures attest, in many ! cases alter skilful physicians had failed. These Bitters are worthy llie attention of in valids. Possessing great virtues in the rectifi- . cation of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising the most seaiciting powers in weak ness and affections ol the digestive organs, they , are, withal, safe, certain and pleasant. READ AND BE CONVINCED. J. D. SPUING, Laceyville, Pa., April 6, 1854, says; "I can get you some good certificates for your German Bitters in this vicinity if yon wish them. A lady purchasing some of it this week, says that it is by far the best medicine she ever knew, having done her and her daugh much good, &c." S. B. LAWSON, Benfard's Store, Somerset Co., i Pa., August 15, 1853, savs; "I am much at tached to your German Bitters, having used two ! bottles of it, which 1 procured from S. Kurtz,] your agent at Somerset, and found great relief] from in disease of the Liver. 1 find it has great effect upon my lungs, strengthening and invig orating them, which, as I am a public speaker, is a great help to me." DR. GILES, Newton Hamilton, Pa., May, : lßoJ,said: I have used myself half a dozen bottles of your German Bitters for Liver corn-| plaint and diseases of a nervous character, re-j suiting from the abuse of mercury. I was poi- j soned and afflicted with spasms Irom the use of this latter article. The German Bitters is tlm : first article from which I obtained any relief, i I have also given the article to many dvspep- i tics, with the most salutary result. I think as many more bottles will cure me." J. C. YOUNG, Esq., of Dauphin, Pa., writes May 5, 1851 : "I was afflicted with General Debility, Intestinal weakness and Costiveness, \ for which I used many different remedies with- j out relief. lat last used your Hoofland's Ger- ] man Bitters. I took a few bottles according to j directions, and was completely cured. I have not been so healthy tor ten years as I have been j since I took your Bitters, which is about one ; year ago.'' The Bitters are ENTIRELY VEGETABLE, a!- ] ways strengthening the system and never pros trating it. Sold by dealers ir. medicine and storekeepers everywhere. And by Dr. F. C. Reampr, Bedford, Pa. Oct. 20. 185|._ly. 1 1 Truth is Mighty! Important nevs for the Invalids of Albany! nuEßflAßcai; HYDRC-ELECTRIC VOLTAIC CHAINS, A JVetc, Novel, and strictly Scientific .Mode of applying Electro-Magnet ism Jor the. Instant Relief and Permanent Cure of all NERVOUS DISEASES, Is for the first time introduced to the people of Al bany and vicinity. We know that there is too much ! good sense among the inhabitants of this place to de sire a long, unmeaning, extravagant advertisement; hence vve shall simply give you a history of the : Chains, and the success they have had in curing with i in the last year. \'OCS JHXJCASIiei. l'ulvermacher's Electric Chains were first used In I France, three years since, where the success that j attended their use, soon attracted the attention of the I'uisT jiKDK'.a men in Paris, who too* pains to give ! them a still further trial, and recommended their j adoption in the different Medical Colleges ot that 1 Kingdom. Within the last two years they have ! been introduced in Germany, Au-tria, Prussia, He 1 - | gium and England, where they soon became the most J popular article for the INSTANT RRLIKF AMI FEKMA NKNT ( I KE of that class of diseases called Nervous. | One year since they were introduced into the ! United Stales, and can now lie lound in all the prin | cipal cities iri the Union. It is necessary to speak Kit length of their great success and unparalleled sale,j they have been introduced. It i* sufficiertd* | to state that they are highly recommended by ; lessor Mott, Van Buren, Po-t and Carnochow, of New j Yotk, and also in daily use in every 110-pital in that j city. Si,COO dollars will be given toany person who wiil produce so many well iiuthenticated certificates ! of cure, from intelligent pat ients and scientific phy ! sicians, of the following diseases, as may be found in I a pamphlet of 3d pages, to he had (gratis) of the on i lv agents in Albany, DEXTK.K & NI.LLAGJ-.R. Painful and Swelled Joints Palpitation ot the Heart I Rheumatism Neuralgia of the Face i Pains in the Back Nervous Headache j Deafness. Blindness Dyspepsia, Indigestion, j Pains ot the Liver General Debility ! Nervous Cough Female Diseases Tooth Ache Prolapsus Uteri. It is not strange that the application of Electro | Magnetism will instantly relieve pain, wherever lo- I cated, more quickly than opium or any ot its com j pounds—for it is based upon the true theory of the | origin ol pain—u lack of the nervous fluid, which the Chains supply, by being applied over the parts af i fected—alter first being moistened with common vin j egar, which is the only preparation necessary, i The common sense of the people all over the cntin j try is awakening, and they have concluded that they ! will no longer make drug shops,of their stomachs, or | be guilty of swallowing the miserable, disgusting j nostrums that are thru-t before the public. RUE CM A TISM, that common disease of this I climate, can be almost INSTANTLY relieved of its pain I —arid a permanent cure produced by simply applying j a chain of IS link- for a few days, a few heurs each ! da y. PROLAPSUS UTERI. More than one hundred case* of this disease have j been cured within the last year, that had baffled ev ! cry other mode of treatment, by wearing a -*:f) link ' chain for a few weeks, by attaching one end upon f I tiie spine and the other on the abdomen. After a : simple applies: ion the worst symtoui* disappear, and j the patient soon gains flesh and strength, I do not | know ot one single instance that ha* not been great ' ]v benefitted, if not permanently cured. ONE Wotiti or CAPTION TO THE LAOlFS. —Ladies ' who are KM IF.NTE, are reque-ted to wear them only ] for a few moments at each application, for by long and frequent use MISOARRIAI.K IS often produced. JOSEPH STF.INERT, General Agent. Ptrottthrccy, jS' tr J or/:. Agent: —Dr. F. C. RE.V.MKK, Bedford, Pa. J i June 1), 1851— ly. jielawel HOCKE. j THE subscriber having removed to the Men i gle HOUSE, in the Boron gh of Red ford, m ; cently in the occupancy of Air. Isaac Mengle, ; respectfully announces to his old friends, and : the public generally, that he is fully prepared ; to accommodate all who honor him with a call, 1 and hopes to merit and receive a liberal share iof custom. He will make it his study to rentier comfortable all who stop with hitn—and he in vites Travellers, Movers, Drovers, and persons | attending Court to give him a trial. Hit; stabling is of the best quality, and com petent to accommodate a large number of horses, j and it will always be attended by an obliging : and attentive hostler. Boarders will be taken hv the day, week, month, or veai, on reasonable terms. Determined to spare neither pains nor ex pense to make his bouse what it should be, he confidently relies upon the public for a gener ous support. JAMES S. BECKIVLTD. March 3!, IS 54. ,\cw fl&Tiij;" & jSSooik More. WE wish it distinctly understood by this communi ty and country, that we pay particular attention to ; the selection of our Drugs ami Medicines, purchasing ' none but the rrry hr*t and purest articles. We have for sale cheap all the approved popular patent medi cines, Ayr's Cherry Perioral, day lie v Mr d trine <. Pam Killer, and all the Sarsapariilus. Also I.ubin's F.xtraets for the Handkerchief, fancy soaps, cologne*, pomma.ies, ox marrow, <Nc. We nl*o keep constant ly on hand a general assortment of tS 'ehool <V Mi ere l /anrou* Hnoix, Blank Books, (tap and Post Paper, ike., i J.C., ,Xc. In fact, if you want anything in the Drug, Medicine, Book, Soap or Brush line, call at the New- Drug and Book Store and you shut! he accommodated. B. F. HARRY. j Jan. 13, 1854. LUMBER ! LUMBER!! Tin* subscriber has on hand a large assortment j of LUMBER of the best quality, among which is 100,000 Shingles, of different kinds ; 75,000 j feet of superior Boards, and a splendid lot of 1 Locust Posts. Builders, and others in want of j Lumber, wiil find it to their advantage to ex j amine his large assortment. F. D. BEEGLE. j Jan. 14, 1853. GUN SMITHING " DANIEL B. BORDER respectfully informs the citizens of Bedford and vicinity that 1"* tins | removed his shop 1o the house if) the cast end iof Bedford, one door west of the residence of I Major VVashabaogh, where he is prepared to | manufacture Double and Single barrel Rifles and Double and Single barrel Shot Guns of the ! best quality. repairing of guns, locks, &c., done j with neatness and despatch. May 26, 1854. Life Isisurnme. ; Key SI on e .Mutual Life Insurance. Company oj i llurrisburg, Pa., has a Guarantee Capital of $75,000. Piesident, Hon. LCTIIKK REILEY, M. D. Pam i pblets, Circulars and all neces*ary information can be | obtained by calling at the office of the subscriber, j authorized agent for Bedford County. C. N. HICKOK, Asrent. RAMEEL D. SCOTT, M. b. Medical Examiner. October 10, 1851. GLOBE HOTEL, West Pitt Street, Bedford, Pennsylvania. \ VALENTINE STECKMAN, Proprietor. April 7, 1854.—1y.* TIN & COPPER WARE. THE subscriber is prepared to furnish, whole sale atui retail, Tin and Copper Ware in great varietv, on the most reasonable terms. I " GEO. BLYMIRE. Drugs and Books# ' £ m * *'• fiEAMEK sm jSpzl Having purchased the DrugvJLiJWJz and Book Store of Dr. S. D. Scott, will ■constantly keep on hand at his establishment j in Julianna Street, a complete assortment of ; Drugs, Medicines, Dye Stuffs, Paints, Oils, Window Glass, Varnishes, Brushes ol all kinds, ! Patent Medicines, Lamps, Perfumery, Fancy Soaps, &.c. Ac. together with an extensive col lection of School and Miscellaneous Books, Blank Books, Common and Fancy Stationery, &c. which he offers at greatly reduced price* for cash. Bedford, Feb. 17, 1854. Bir TELEGRAPH. Latest Intelligence from Cuba. A Revolution Ant Wholesale 6? Retail Tobacco, Snvjf and Ci gar STORE. THE undersigned would respectfully announce to the public that they have constantly on hand a large and extensive assortment of choice Ci gars, viz : Regalias, La' N'ormas, Principees, f Casadoris, HavanasjCeroots, Plantation and Jen ny Binds—together u"it h hulf-Spahish and Coin -1 mon of a superier quality. Also, a variety of chewing Tobaccos and Snuffs, all of which will be disposed of upon the most reasonable terms. J. S. & G. W. GROUSE. N. B. All orders promptly attended to. April 15, 1853. 1 . I & HSoot'Sieftti? WHOLESALE GROCERS I And Commission MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IN Pvotnicc ant) pttsbuvg fHamtfactnrcs, | Ao. 27, Wood St. I*il£slsarg. Mav 16, 1851. ' HARDWARE STORE. The subscriber, thankful for past favors, , would respectfully beg leave to announce to the 1 I public in general that he has just received from | the Eastern Cities, in addition to his former slock, a large and well selected assortment of Hardware, embracing every article usually loom! in Stores' of this description. His stock of Nails, Steel, Shovels, Edge Tools, building j Hardware, Cutlery, Saws, Chains, Locks, Hin- I ges, Screws, Planes. Stair Rods, Col fee Mill.*, Augurs, &.C., Ac., is very large and ol the best quality, and will he sold at a small ; profit. He also keeps a general assortment ot Groceries, Spices, Ac., &c., to which he invites the attention of the people. He has removed his Store to the Room occupied as the Post Ol- . fice. Call, examine, and judge for yourselves. ANDRIS SAUPP. i June 10, 1853. WM. P. SCHELL, ATTORNEY AT LAW, attend faithfully to all legal business j j y y entrusted to his care in the Counties of] : Bedford and Fulton. Bedford, Nov. 1, 1847. C. IV. HICKOK, Dentist. CVFFICE on Pitt-street, nearly opposite the' y Bedford Hotel, Bedford, Pa. Teeth plug ged, Regulated, Ac. and artificial teeth inserted j from one to an entire set. Charges moderate,! and all operations warranted. 'Terms.—CASH. ' I Bedford, May 3, ISSO. COACH AND WAGON FACTORY. The undersigned having entered into part nership in the above business, would announce j I to the citizens of Bed lord County that they are j now prepared, at their Shop at the East End ot j this Borough, to furnish C-. tint AGES and BUG- : cuts, of every style and price : also, COACHES, j j WAGONS, and PLOUGHS. BLACKSMITH work of j ev-erv description executed to order, on the shortest notice, at their shop adjoining the - Coach Factory. Determined to keep none but the best of workmen in their 'employ, and to sell as cheap !as any other establishment in the Stat*-, they j i hope to receive liberal encouragement. XT' Country Produce of all kinds taken in' exchange for work and the highest prices al lowed. We respectfully invite the public to i give us a call. WM. WETS EL, ! JOHN FOSTER. Bedford, Feb. 3, 1554. A CARD. HAVINO disposed nf my Stock of Drills, Medicines. J Books, tfce., to Dr. FT: ANCIS RE.V.MKK, I fake tins opportunity of recommend.n*: linn to my friends and : former patrons as a Physician of much experience j arid skill, in whom they can place entire confidence. S. D. SCOTT. Feh.- 21, 1851. DIG %VJL Mt'CU'H Having permanently located in Pattnnsville, j Bedford County, respectfully tenders his servi ces to the public in the line of his profession. Pattonsvilie, March 3, ISs3—ly. STOVE BLACKING. ALL persons in want of Stove Blacking will i find an article called the \ ictoria, superior to , anything of the kind now in use. GEO. BLYMIRE. w . 85. CLARKE, WITH Utinn, Baifuicl Sd <fo., IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS Or Brilisli, French ami American D It Y GOODS, AT. 91 North Third Strm, PHILADELPHIA, j j THE undersigned would respectfully call the j attention of his old friends in the counties of ! Bedford, Fulton, Somerset, Blair, and Cambria, ! ; to the above CARD, with the hope that, when j they visit the city to purchase Goons, they will | not fail to call at "No. 91 North Third Street," j I where, he feels satisfied, they will find as choice j a selection of Goods (on as reasonable terms) as are to be found in any other house in Philadel phia. " W. B. CLARKE. March 24, 1854.—1y. ?. A. HEALEY Si BRO., Wliolesa U* AND DEALERS IN PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, VARNISHES, DYE- Stull's, Spices, Patent Medicines, &c„ €itinbc v I ati ti, fll b . [£7* Order.l from Physician* and Merchants filled j frith, pare and unadulterated articles, at &>ilft mare • price** June 9, 1854 Iy. Bedford Hotel. The subscriber respectfully begs leave to an nounce to his old friends and the public gener ally, that he hits leased the Bedford Hotel, at present in the occupancy of Co!. Adani Barn hart. and will take possession on the Ist day of April next. It is.not his design to make many professions as to what lie will do, but he pledges his word 'hat his most energetic efforts will lie employed to render comfortable all who give him a call. The House will be handsomely fitted up, and none but careful and attentive servants will be engaged. Persons visiting the Bedford Springs, as Well as those attending Court, and the travelling community geneial- Iv, are respectfully invited to give him a call 1 and judge for themselves. taken by the week, month, or vear, on favorable terms. fLp-Atuple and comfortable stabling is at tached to this Hotel, which will always he at tended by a careful hostler. Also, a .-.ate and ; convenient carriage house. JOHN HA FEB. p March 16, 18 f> 5. WASHINGTON HOTEL, The subsetiber, thankful for the patronage heretofore conferred upon him it) the line of ins business, both in the counties of Bedford and Somerset, respectfully begs leave to announce to his uld friends and the travelling public ge- j nerally that he has taken a lease of the Wash- j ington Hotel in the Borough of Bedford, for ma- i ny years in the occupnncy of Maj. Samuel Da vis. This Hotel is admirably arranged—is si-j mate in the centre of the town—and the chain- j hers are large and well ventilated. It is the j intention of the undersigned to furnish the ' house in a handsome manner, and to have it at- > tended by faithful and accommodating servants, j He will spare no pains t" make his table invil- j ing, by supplying d tit all times with the very . best the market will afford. \ isiters to our celebrated Springs will find j this Hotel a delightful Summer residence— j whilst the citizens of the county visiting Bed ford, as well as Travellers and movers, who may favor him with a call, will always receive ; j the most prompt and careful attention. The best of Stabling is attached to this Hotel, so that those who travel m carriages or on horse \ hack, can be accommodated in the best style. , Having devoted a great many years to this j business, and being determined to make every : effort in his power to keep a first-rate Hotel, lie hopes to merit and receive a liberal support. : 1? Boarders will he taken by the week, month, or year, on favorable terms. DOMINIC COOK. Bedford, March 23, 1555. 11. K. XVI XIIKIU.ICI!. H. F. Wniidei'lich Sc i*or ! ari)tng Jv Ccmmhcint merchants, J\ort/i Second Street, o/rposlte tjsi> Cumherland Valley Hail Jloait Depot, CHAMEE3S3URG. ITT-They are at all times prepared to carry all kinds of Produce to and Merchandise, from Philadelphia and Baltimore, at ttie shortest notice. ' F They will also purchase Flour, Grain, tec., at mai kef price. CO A 1., LUMBER, SAL'!'. FISH, GyANO, and PLASTER on hand and lor sale low. June ]l), ISM. B>es. A. IS. ,!SAB V\ Rkspfi tfi i.i.y tenders his professional services to ; the eiti/.ens ol Scheli.-burg and vicinity. Office in ; the room formerly occupied bv Hr. Bkamwkll, op posite Mr. Frazcr's Tavern. CS"AII night calls j promptly attended to. April H, ISM. DR. F. I REI.MER P ESPECTFULLY begs leave to tender his '' 5 Proit ssional Services to the Citizens of :' Bedford and vicini v. Office in Julianna Street, at the Drug j' and Book Store. Feb. 17, IS 54. j WATCIIES, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE j AND FANCY GOODS. . 7 Choice .Issortmrnt of Hie Finest Quality, 1 ( For Sale at the Lowest Cash Prices, at WM . B . ELTO.V7/E Jl 1) 'X , \o. South. Stroud Street, let ween Vine and l r - | vion, West Side, PHILADELPHIA. The embraces a Larue and Select St or! J of trine Watches, JrireJry, Silver Ware, Afhata Ware, plated with fine Silver, # n S/toons, /''oris, Ladles, Ife. —Jet (roods, puns nihil Panry Articles of a superior quality, de>ervug the examination of those wfoo de- i j •sire to procure the lest goods at the Imwest Cash Prir,,. ' I Having a ■practical of the business, and i , all available facilities lor Importing and Maiiolactur ing. the subscriber eontiflenlly invites purchasers, I believing that he can supple them on term- a- favor- I able as any other establishment in either ol the At- j lantie (' (Ty ™ All kinds of Diamond and Pearl Jewelry and 1 Silver Ware manufactured to order, within a reason able time. py Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware faithfully repaired. ' WM. B. ELTONHF.AI), . No. ISi Soutli Second Street, a few doors above the Second Sheet Market, We.-t Side. , In 'be South Window of the Store may be seen j i the famous BIRD CLOCK, which commands the ad- j miration of the scientific and curious. i Oct. 13, ISA I.— if. Cessna &'Bhaßinon 9 j'T AYE formed a Partnership in the Practice j jL of the Law. nearly opposite j the Post Office, where one or the other may at I ' all times be found. Bedford, Oct. 26, 1849. j Jiiisnrstnt'e* I '■The Cumberland Valley Mutual Protection ; j Company" oi'Dickinson Township, Cumberland j ] county, Pa. notify the public that they conti- 1 nue to insure real and personal property against I , loss by fire, on the lowest and most equitable j ] (einis consistent with safety, and in conformity | < to their charter and bye-laws. Everv person taking an insurance in thisco. j < becomes a member thereof, and is entitled to i , vote at each annual election for officers. The i | rates of insurance are very moderate—the as-; sessments on thp notes of the members having, ' < since the organization of the Co. averaged only i about one and ati half per centum, per annum, j The amount of each note is ascertained by an | established rate per cent, on two-thirds of the j estimate value of the property insured, and those j rates depend upon the kind of property insured I j and the risk incurred. Members of the Compa- j ' iiy would do well to look at their Policies anil : ; see that they have not expired. Renewals for j another term of five years, will be made for j one-half the original cash premium. Further particulars made known on application to eith- j r er of the subscribers, agents of the company for : Bedford county. ( .IAS. M. RUSSELL, Bedford. A. B. BUNN, Schellshurg. Feb. 23, iSf'f). WnUiuus and Jt'weh'v The subscriber would respectfully arm- * * to his customers and the public generally he has just received from the East, and is' opening at his old stand in the Borough 0 f !•' lord, marly opposite the Bedford Hotel, a selected assortment of Watches arid j'. v >| consisting, in part, of Fine Gold Levers L„ Nl Silver Watches—also a variety of r h Chains. Keys, Gold Penciis, &. iVtis—p;! '''" Ear Rings, Bracelets, Breast Pins, Cuff [S 1 i\c. Alhaita Spoons and Forks, and 8 day 'm 30 hour Clocks. Persons will find it to'iV interest to call arid examine mv stock *p motto is quick sales and small profits. Wat"/ es fx. Ciocks repaired as usual. H. -NICODEMUS Aug. 26, 18A3. HUM MEL'S ESSENCE OF COFFEE. EVERY ONE who has used Hummel'i p sence of Coffee, knows that one package m, ; go as far as 4 pounds of the best Java Cotlfo and coffee made by this Essence will preset,! perfectly the real taste of Java coffee, but wi; have a more delicate and finer flavor, a fin./ color, and will certainly be much wh01e*,,,,/, for every person than pure Java Coffee. OyFor sale at Dr. B. F. HARRY'S n( . w Drug and Book Store. Oct. 7, psf,,'l OLD PEWTER COPPER WANTED. Tm: highest price, in cash or trade, allowed for old Pewter and Copper. CEO. BLYMIRE Sept. 9, 1553. •foEin B*. Reed,- Attorney at Law, Bedford, Pennsylvania, Respectfully tenders his services to the Public ffop Office second door Nort . of the Mengej House. Bedford, Feb. 20, 1872. Ilr. B. F. Harry Respki tenders his professional ser vices to the citizens of Bedford and vicinity. Office and residence on Pitt-Street, in the building formerly occupied by Dr. John liofiu;, June 24, lßf>3. DR. S. A. R. FISH HAVIXO located at Summerhill, in Cambria Coun ty. respectfully tenders his professional services to the public. Dr. Fish i in possession of a certain preventive for F'nx, Scarlet Fever, and Fevers m general, which he will warrant for both adults and children for the space of one summer season. May C, 1853. JOHN R. EL IE, Atlornn at Law, Will hereafter regularly attend the sittings of the courts of this county. During the terms of Court he may he consulted professionally a: the Hotel of Maj. Davis. Bedford, Feb. 17, 1854. ISAAC 111 EES, Attorney at Law, TLlj "ILL hereafter regularly attend the sit- V S tings of the Courts of this county.— During the terms of the Court lie may be con sulted professionally at the Hotel of Maj. Dan. Bedford, March 10, 1854. NOTICE. The Partnership heretofore Thomas and John King, is this dav dissolvedbv mutual consent. All persons having unsrttfo! accounts with 'hem, ate requested to attend to their liquidation without delay. THOMAS KING, June 1, 1854. JOHN KING. Having this day associated Henry S. King,of the City of Pittsburg, with ns in the business of manufacturing Iron, the business will be con ducted under tire name and firm of John Kin-' itc Co. THOMAS KING, June 9, 1854. JOHN KING. STOVBS ! OiY hand, and ibr sale, a superior lot of Cooking, Ten Plate, Parlor, and Church Stoves. GEO. BLYMIRE. VsTSM* ILeas, AT T 011 NE Y A T LA U , Fort Desnmines, lowo, Will give special attention to locating lan-'s investing money paying taxes—making col lect ions, bcc., iNc. Refers to Cm. Bowman and Hon. Job .Mann. Sept. 8, 18~>4. TO THE MILLINERY TRADE. JOHN STONE & SONS, Importers and D*ilei> in FREXCH MILLLYERY GOODS. Yo. 45 South Scrotal Street, PHILADELPHIA- Arc now prepared to offer their customers and the trarle an unusually large and well selected a-sortni'st of 818 BON'S. SATINS, YF.LVF.TS,>. FI.OVVERS, LACFS, and every otlier article aj'jw-r --taining to the Millinery trade. GE?" Our stock being of our own direct importation, offer.s great advantages both in styles and prices. Oct. i::, is.s-I.—iy. FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. The subscriber would announce to hi-' ol> ' friends anil customers, and the public in gener al, that he has permanently located himself in Juliana Street, next door to Dr. Ri:ami-:k's Drag & Book Store, where he is prepared to execute all orders in his line in a superior manner, on reasonable terms. From long experience in the business, he feels confident he can render satis faction to all who honor him with a call. He constantly keep* on hand readv-ma-* clothing, of every description, for Men ami Boys—also, a superior assortment of GLOI H\ CASSIMERES, CASSINETTS, SILK. SA TIN, and other NESTINGS, and Summer Wear, which he will sell as low as they can be boo? - elsewhere, and make them up to the taste ol ID* purchaser. He also keeps a general assortment ofC ravat> Stocks, Collars, Suspenders, He hopes to merit and receive a liberal sfo ; of public patronage. WM. SCHAFFEjjJ June 9, 1854. An Apprentice, to learn the Printing) Will be taken at the office of the Bedford Ga zette on favorable terms. TO m iLDERS. The subscriber is fully prepared to turn * 1 any quantity or quality of Building L , " n "' and Plastering Laths. Orders directed to • Olairsviile, Bedford County, wit! be prom)- > attended to, by giving a reasonable notic' 1 . - F. D. BEEGLL Nov. 21, ISSI.

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