Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 3, 1855 Page 3
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The Bedford Gazette. " J) ;|; .U>l-LL R.vir.uOAD Acciof.nt.—Two Per s killed and Twelve or Fourteen Injured. accident occurred on the Portage Rail a fcu- miles west of llollidaysbyrg, on Monday evening week, ol such fearful extent (o startle our whole community ami sadden Ml our people. The circumstances, as nearly have been able to gather them, appear ]be that in the morning a number of young . i; ; h—male and female —went up to the moun ' i'i'to gather blackberries, and were return ,.r in the evening on the locomotive and tell er Aliout the time of their returning a very I, VV rain occured, a land slide took place on i . track, which was not observed in time to '/, r the train, and the locomotive and tender rethrown of! the track and down an em m'lkment of some 30 or 40 feet, more or less !.' rli< hi:ig and mangling some 15 or 16' of those loard, killing one on the instant and mor tally injr'°g another.— Hoi. Register. The Kmiit ron Once.—The New York coi respondent of the Congregationalist -l)r. H- w 'ho is pastor ol'an Orthodox church, 1,-isbeen I t some time annoyed by the forward?- - a lay brother to "speak" whenever an ;|nnity was offered, to the frequ-nt exclu- C H:f those whose remarks had a gieater teii h,, cv to edification. This had been carried so fir that the pastor, whenever he stated that ~a n ninortunitv would now be afforded for any p, to offer an exboitation," had always a J-crd dread of the loquacious member. On .me special occasion the latter prefaced a prosy, incoherent harrAngue, with an account of a . IP vioiis controveisy he had been carrying on •ii!h the great adversary. "Mv friends, said |ir, the devil and I have been lighting for more liiati twenty minutes : he told me not to speak !,-si-lit, hut I determined I would: he said one- of the rest could speak better than T, but odl! 1 felt that T could not keep silent : he even w!;0 ered that I --p*<k* too often, and that no? j ; „!v wanted to hea •me : but 1 was not to be put down that way, and now that 1 have gained ih,• victory, I must tell you all that is in my heart.' Then followed the tedious harangue afir-said. As they were coming out of the v-ssion room, the good pastor inclined his head mi ihat his mouth approached the ear of the iribtiint member, .and whispered: 'Brother,/ think ike Deri/ tens rigid !' " 1! I!L1C SALE OF HEAL ESTATE. -iibscrilier, ex-i-icor of the Will of Jacob W.ikxg, deceased, will sell, at public sale, on the premise*, on Friday 'he 31.-t day of August iust. the ufli&'iitir valuable Real f. state, lo wit: Hi:,- Tract of Patented l and, situate in South Wnoiiherry Township, Bedford County, containing iiaiics a Aft allowance, marly all cleared and under !'i re, and an adjoining tract of 3louuta:n Land, con tacting 6 5 acres and allowance, about It acres of wii rli arc cleared — tie* ballance go<Ml timher land. — The Improvements on the Tract first mentioned aie Lrg--, 'vcll-fiui-IMHI Flame llou-e, two -stones high, with a hack building for dining loom, kitchen, Lc.; another frame building, the lower part used for a erring ho ise and wash house, the upper part for r. Cabinet maker shop ; an excellent Bank Barn, re renlly luiilt, with a wagon - lied attached, and a -no' house am! other out buildings. The buildings, jenn .-. ike., are in good repair. There is also a'aige orchard of choice fruit trees on the premises, and a gn-at variety of plum, cherry, pear and other trees in • yard an ! around the buildings, ami as the proper ty is near the mountain on the east side, there isgen naih an abundance of fruit every year and of the t-ist siua 1 ity— tins, together with the handsome -it siatuiii, good -pring water, and ottier advantages, irate -tin- property a veiv desirable one, worthy~"of •f itler.tion ol any person wishing to purchase ■ Dm!. - - - I "As the subscriber is also authorized to sell at private sale, anv person de-iwnis of purchasing m : a! way, will pba-e call oil htm at any time pievi *-u" io the day of sale. .■>. — One third in band firs! of April next, when po>-esMori v\i!t te given — balance in three e,;ua| arnual payments, without interest, secured :i: the u-uul manner. JOS. B. NOBLE. Executor. Awgu-t J, 1555. NOTICE : Adam Kershner vs. i In the Court of Com- Kesiah Kershner. nion Pleas in and fur the To K"siah Kershner } County of Bedford, Srp t.'.e defendant above j temhet Term, 185:>, No. named. j 92 Sue Libel for Divorce. BY A ifrtire of an Order of the said Court I Iwieby nolifv vou that you are requested to ap ]-ar I) Lie tile same, on MONDAY, the third day of September, A. D. 1855, at Bedford, lo >' swer iii (he-complaint of Plaint ill prek ned in this suit. HUGH MOCRE, High Sher iff of Bed] onl Courdl). August 3, 1855. JJSO Acres ok' VALUABLE LANO FOR SALE. By V r'ue of an order of The Orphan*' Court ofSom- ! met county, tn ii* directed, there will he exposed to :i;e hy pMie outcry, on the premises, late the pro- j F'fty ofllugh Sproal, of Allegheny township, dee'd., Ca Tuesday the 2h-t Eay of August the following described Real Estate, to wit : i raft X-o. ]—*i-u;:te in Allegheny township, in! ••■•i com. ty, containing 500 acres and allowance; i ••I'liat .ill acres dear. The improvements are a one : aalf story DWELLING lift USE, STABLE and j ont-buiMina*. There i- al.-oa thriving young \ ■mi of apples and peache on the premise*—ad g lands of John C'orley, William Barrick, Widow , -r arid borile-tead of decedent. 2— containing 2iHI acres, more or less, situate j toe tovvn-fiip aforesaid, lying on the south-east! Je ol The Bedford and Somerset Turnpike lloail;! •t '0 acres cleared ; Dwelling House and Stable ! ■oi; erected — adjoining lands of John Coiley, j " "■ Adam* and others. '—containing girt) acres, more or less, adjoin- . - Ao - John Kaig, William Latterly, Jesse Yalen- ! an ' n' hers ; 6o acres clear. 52 acre* of which 'i eoot! meadow : Dwelling House; together with * ' """hard of fruit trees on tfie premise*. Tracts | • - ami he m one bcaiv, and will lie olk-red to ; 1 - purchasers, either tiie whole or in parcels as '•"scribed. A i laree tracts are well watered, under good fence, ' " land oi good quality. Aiiv person wishing to rilher o| the ahdVe racls will lie shown the same ■ iailing at the late residence of the decedent, in . - v township. I'os-ession given on the Ist "vtober next. Terms made known on day of MARY .SPROAT, GEO. W. BEN FORD, Adm'rs. of llngh Sproat, dee'd. . Af- V (> — There will be ottered for sale at the same j and place ti ie homestead of decedent, containing - air s, more or !e-s ; about 180 acres clear. The i ij > ov e inent- are a large two story Frame Dwelling , '-c, l ank Barn, large Stable and other buildings, j n pr j.-rty has every convenience, and is one of! desirable properties (or a TAVERN STAND j ■•ecu Somerset and Bedford. The whole 3,10 | 'ih' in one body, on troth sides of the Bedford -"inertet turnpike. On the above place there j °wry of $770 70, the interest whereof is anno- • v.. ' j 1 P'j* "I to Catharine Statler. widow of John '" r > dec d.; and after her death the priociral to r h t ol the decedent. ,' r n< made known on ctav of sale. -ly "j;, isj.-,. Notice! In tiie Geurt of Common Please tn am! (or the County of Bedford. • :Ipjdicdiun of the Bedford Cemdlery .Qssocii iton fur a Charter uf InctTrjtorufioa. ALL jmrsons mtere.sled are hereby notified tliat the Ibiiowtnvr named corporators- viz : Alexander King, F. Benedict, D. VYashai<augh, S. L. 4tussell, Robert Fyan, Jno. R. Jordan, J: to. P. Reed, (Geo. W. Bowman, E. L. Ari dersoo, H. Heckerman, S. H. Tate, D. Over, VV. 11. Watson, Win. J\L Hall, F. C. Reamer, Jno. Mower, Win. Kiser, O. E. Shannon, Ceo. Blytnire, S. Shuck S. Brown. VV. Lyon, G. 11. Spang, Jno. H. Ifush, C. N. Hickok and VVm. J . Dauglierty have applied to the Court afore said for corporate powefts : and that said Court have directed that noticf of their application be published, and having* perused tiie proposed charter (in writing) have directed the same to be filed in the office of the rruthonotary of said county. VJ THE COURT. Attest :—D. Proth'v. July 13, 1855. Jr FARM rj\ SALE! : The tuidersign'iiXvi!! exjmse to sale, on the J premise?*, yn KTjjSjPAA , lite 17th day of August proximo, all lWt desirable FARM the late resi drnce of George Abodetsky, deceas- d : situate j in Juniata Township, Bedford County, near ' the villages of Bliena A ista and Schellsbu;g, • convenient tn public roads, churches and schools i adjoining lauds of Conrad Gttyer, and others; I containing s(i acres, more or less, about 4G acres , cleared and under cultivation, a large poitior; j beautiful meadow land with a log house ami 'log barn thereon, also a small apple orchard. j TERMS: One third of the purchase money j to be paid in cash at tin l confirmation of the sale, when the deed will he delivered possession re served until Ist day of Apt il, l85(i. One third , to remain in (lie property lor the use of the widow during her life time, the interest thereof to lie paid her annually, and at her death the principal to tin* heirs—the remaining one third ; to be paid in two equal annual payments from the confirmation of the sale, without interest tiie payment of the whole to be secured hy judg ment bonds or bonds and mortgage, to be a lien upon said premises. Due. attendance will be given by the tinder s' ig it ed. Any persons desiring to purchase, can have full particulars by calling upon JNO. I'- REED, Esq. Bedford. LEONARD BITTYER, Guar Jinn 'f the minor children of George Model ah if, deceased. July 13, 1855. Notice ! Tin* unilersigße,! having been appointed Seq'.iectra- ! tor of the l'attonsvill**niiil Woodbury Turnpike Road Company, hereby node s a|| persons indebted to raid Company to make payment to him. without delay; j he al-o requests the creditor* of said company to pre- • sent their respective accounts or demands as soon as coiivenit lit. Those person* who have pos-es-ion of any property or effect* belonging to tiie Company, aie desired to deliver the same to him immediate ly* JOSEPH B. NOBLE, South VVoodbeny Town-hip. : July 13, IS-w. tt. SAVE MONEY.—To make room lor fall stock from this date we will sell every descrip- . toin of Summer Goods at very reduced prices.— ('all and save money ! A. B. Graitier N Go. FOR S A I.E.—A handsome, well mado Bug gy, with falling top, will be* sdd very low lor Cash ot approved paper. A. B. Cramer & Co. FLY NETTS.—I-'lv Notts for horses—sin gle or in pairs—tor sale by A. B. Cramer ix. Co. Tk \ rcshJEaciLi nv FOR S.I/./:. The suh-scriljer has on hand, and for sale, a first iate Threshing Machine (three horse pow er) which he will dispose ol on reasonable terms. It is entiiely new. JACOB REED. Bedford, July 27, 185.>. AT PRIVATE SALE, That valuable and highly impioved property ) at the corner of Maine and Richard streets in tin* Borough ol Bedford. To ihe gentleman ol fortune, desirous of a summer retreat from the j heat and dust r,I the city, and within a mile and | : a quailer of the eel* 'orated Mineral Springs, in tile most healthy seel ion of middle Pennsylva j nia, can now have, I".>r a libetal sum, a mral spot unsurpassed for convenience and comfort, i j Call and **'*■. "!r For further information, in j quire at this office. July 2/, 1 NOTICE. A Dividend of one per cent, has been de- ; clan d on lite Capitol Stock ofllie Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Road Go. Payable on • the Ist of August next at the office ol E. L. An i derson, Es<{. at IL-dlord. G. K. MESSERSMITH,'r. July 20, 1855. iN'OTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Mary ; Samrnel, late of St. Clair township, Betllord ! countv, deceased, are requested to make iirime diate jiavment : and those having claims against said estate will present them properly authen ticated for settlement. SAMUEL CARN, Adrn'r. Julv CO, 1855/"' ITotioe to Collectors. COLLECTORS ol Taxes in possession of the Duplicates ol Ihe Poor and House of Employ ment are notified that, unless they make iniroe- i ! finite pavtrient, suits will be instituted against j them without respect to persons. This notice is in earnest, and all who neglect it, will subject : themselves to COSTS. Bv order of the Direc tors. JOHN H. RUSH, t May IS, 1855. Treasurer. Notice! Those who borrowed grain and Hour of me, ' are notified lluit I shall want it by the first day ' ;of August next, and sooner, it convenient. It I can be left at the mill of David Patterson, Esq. A. WEISCL. June 1, 1555. - i Whiles REAL ESTATE BROKER, ! Office J\o. 25, dlrctde, West Jlvtnuc , J'IIIL JIDELPHLI. Timber and Coal Lands, Farms and City pro perty, bought, sold and exchanged. .Money jirocurc'l on Bond arid Mortgage, Pkksonai. i ! fttorr.RTv and Merchandise. Apply to or ! I address as above. Mav IS, 1855. 3m. 1 VALUABLE .Hilt Properly lor Sale! The :;ul>KCt ivvr, about to remove to California, offers at *Privote sal*', his valuable Mill Proper ty, situate a'loot 3 miles East of Bedford, on the Junialta River, in Colerain township, at the loner end of Friend's Cove. The *vlill is lour stories high, frame, with three run of stones, two pair of which are Purrs, hav ing all the machinery necessary to manufacture merchant and country work in the best manner. It has one of the best water powers in the Uni ted States, which may be know n from the (act that during the last dry season it had abundance ol water, when nearly every other mill in the neighborhood was stopped. There ate between 10 and 11 acres of land adjoining, six acres under post fierce, about 4 of which is meadow, on which is-erected a good two story log house, weather-boarded and plas tered, good water at the door, with all neces sary out buildings—alsoa fine orchard of choice li ui!, peaches and apples. Being determined to sell purchasers \\ ill do | well to examine this property soon. j tTERMS will be marie to suit the pur chaser. bv giving approved Bonds. IIIRAM F. ROHM. June 1, 1855. HEM BOLIUS GENUINE PIIEPARATIONS. ilelmbdiil's Jlighly ('(intentrated (lonijjcuni) ikuti (Srtract ci lUiclnt, lor Diseases of ihe Bltnfder and Kidneys, S ecret Diseases, Strictures, Weaknesses, and all diseases of the Sexual Organs, whether in Afde. or Female, from whatever cause they may have originated and lio matter of how long standing. It you have contracted the terrible disease which, when once scaled in the system.'wd! snreiy go down Irniri one geneiation to another, iiiiderir,ining the constitution and sapping the very vital ffttids of life, do not tiust yourself in the hands of Quacks, who start up every day in a city like this, and till the paper- with glaring falsehoods too well calculated to deceive the young and tho-e not acquainted with their tricks. Vou cannot he too careftii in the se lection of a remedy in th<*.-e ca**-*. THE FLUID EXTRACT IHT'HU tuts been pro nounced by eminent Physician* TJtIS QIiMXT/iAT UDMJiDV E I'D i: JC.YOU'X. it is a medicine peif-clly plea-arit in its tu-te and very innocent in its action, and yet .-o thorough that it annihilates every particle ol the rank and poisonous virus of this dread ful disease ; and, unlike other remedies, it does not dry up the disease in the blood. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY, brought on by self-abuse, a mnt terrible disease, which has brought thousands of the human face to untimely graves, thus bla*ting Ihe brilliant hopes of parents, am! blighting in the hud the glorious ambition of many a noble youth, can he cured by this infallible remedy. And as a medicine which must benefit everybody, (rant the simply delicate to the confined and despair ing invalid, tm equal is-fo be lound, acting both us u ■cure and preventative. IIF.LMUOLD'S HIGHLY CONCENTRATED eo.uroi.'Nii fix id extract s.umvaiui.u, For purifying the Blood, removing all diseases aris ing from excess of Mercury , exposure and impru dence 111 lite, chronic constitutional disease, aiisiug from an impure state of the Blood, and the only re liable and elfertnal known remedy for the cure of Scrofula, Sal; Rheum, Sea hi llead. Ulcerations of tiie Throat and Legs, I'jiiis and SweHimgs of the Bones. Tetter, I'uriples on the Face, and all Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. This article is now prescribed by someof the most di-tiugiii-hed Physicians in the country, and has pro ved more efficient in practice than any preparation of Sarsapenlla yet offered to the public. Several ca- '- of secondary Syphilis, Mercurial and Scrof-i'otis diseases have entirely recovered in the incurable ward* of our Public Institutions which had tor many years re-i-ted every mode of treatment ihat could he devi-ed. These cases liiriush striking examples of the salutary effect- of this medicine in arresting Some of the mo-t inveterate diseases, after th" glands were destroyed and the bone- already affected. NOTlCE.—Letters from responsible Physicians and Prole.-or* •! several Medical Colleges, and certi ficates of cures from patients will he lound accom panying both Pieparation.-. Price Fluid Extract of Buchtt, SI per bottle. " " S.irsaparilU' " or 0 bottles for So, equal in strength to one gallon Syrup of Sarsapanila. Preparetl and Sold by H. T. ITF.t.MBOLD. CJirraixt 21)3, C/)'••'.) *t 7-7 erf, tit-nr the (eirttnl Iloffsr, I'mr.AEUWHIA. L7" f be had of Dr. F. C. Reamer, Bedford, Pa. July 20, 185.L —iy. NOTICE! ALL persons kw\vic; themselves tn bi' in ilebtetl to the subscriber, either bv note or book account, will phase make payment. My Bills are iti the hands of Henry Nicotlemus, Esq., where those iudcut.'il will please call, and thus save costs. A. VYEISEL. June 1. 1855. DRESS GC(/I)S.—Such as Lawns, Bareges. Si/k<. Barege Delaines, Chatties, .Mo'isstdim De B' gc, . Musselinr De Laines, together with a great variety ol other DRESS GGODS, just received and lor sale bv RUI'P -N OSTER. FAMILY GROCERIES.—Java and Rio Collce, Graoulateil, crushed, clarified and N. O. Sugars; best golden Syrup and N. 0. Molasses, just received and lor sab* at IUTP OSIER'S. NOTICE TO COLLECTORS. The State Treasurer having made a peremp tory call on the Treasurer of this County, lor ail Stale taxes up to and including those 01'55, Collectors are, therefore, hereby required to collect and pay over, without deluu, the amount of Stale taxes yet due on their respective dupli cates. By order ol the Commissioners. JOHN MOWER, June 1, 1855. Attorney. MACHINE SHOP! Two and Four Horse Thrashing Machines constantly on hand, and made of the very best material. They are greatly improved above any other of the kind to the advantage of the farmer. For sale at tin* MACHINE SHOP of VV ! L L I A M R I T C H E V , it short distance east oj Biice's Hotel, Bed ford, I'en aa. Also, Pierpnint's Patent Strawshaker, which has not been surpassed any where, and are so constructed that they operate smoothly and take hut little power to drive them. Tliey can he attached to any kind ol machine straps or tumbling shaft power. ' T* Farmers wotild do well to call and see for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. Farming utensils of all kinds made to order. All warranted to give satisfaction. ff Repairing done at the shortest notice and most reasonable terms. WILLIAM RITCHEY, Mac/tin ist. July 13, 1855.—3 m. JUST RECEIVED.—A few cases mens' fine Call and Morocco Boots. A. B. Cramer & Co. News for the People! ! .NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORNER. AO. I. /el/oxc-Cifizens :We take this opportunity j of returning you our most sincere thanks tor the j liberal patronage you have so kindly bestowed on us. We would also inform vm that we | have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a targe and well selected assortment of Coods, i such as Cloths, Cassimeres, and Satinets ; Peter ! Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' fine dress goods, such as Silks, Alpacas, Coburg Cloths, Bombazines, Merinoes, and a large assortment of Bay State Shawls, Hosiery, for Lathes, Com frrtls, Crapes, Collars, &c., &c.—.Mens,' YVo mens,' Boys' and Childrens' Shoes and Boots, arid a general assortment ol Groceries. Crush ed and pulverized Sugars, best Bio Coffee, Teas of all kinds, N. O. Molasses, Golden Syrup, Mac kerel, Salt by the sack, Baker's Chocolate, Bfoma Cocoa, and a general assortment ol Goods usually kept in a country Store. J All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for goods at market prices. SANSOM &. GEPHART. Oct. 13, IS of. peeve L (&tircri*or In Hartley if Knight,) MiIWIXG A.XI) CAltl'KT WAIIJHIUUSE, A'o. 14S South, Second Sired, lore aaar* uhot-f (fji.-nrit Strrrl, I'll [LA D K LI'JIiA, W here he keeps constantly en hand a full assortment of every article in his line of business. FEATHEItS, F K ATIIEU- liEDS. Patent Spring M a Ureases, Curled llair, Moss. Corn Ilusk and Straw Mattresses, Velvet Tapestry, Tapestry, Brussels, Three-Ply, lnzrain, Venetian. List, Ita;: and llemp Car pet ing~. Oil Clot lis, Canton Mattings, Cocoa and Spanish Mattings, Floor and Stair I tuiggets, Hearth Rugs, Hoor Mat>, Table and Piano Covers, to which he invites the attention of purchasers. Oct. 13, IS-31.—1y. NEW STORE A tic! Aetr €*oo<l*. CURAT BARGAINS, AM) AO MISTAKE! ELI EISKER Would respectfully avail himself of this rne- Ihod of informing; the citizens of Bedford and vicini'y that he has opened an entirely New Dry Goods, Grocery, and Fancy Store, in the Borough of Bedford, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. Uofiut-, and second door west ci Dr. Harry's Drug ami Book Store, where he has just received from the cities of Acw York ami Philadelphia one of the most : Lgant assortments of Goods e ver brought to Bedford, wliich, having been pur- ; chased lor <av!i, under the most favorable cir cumstances, lie leels warranted in saving tiiat lie can sell them at prices so low as to astonish the purchaser, and all in want of good (roods, at ; the shortest possible profit, are invited to give him a call. His stock embraces every variety of Ladies Eress Goods, such as Silks, Satins, Delaines, Bombazines, Spring Shawls, novelties in Lawns, British ! Prints, Plaid Ginghams, l."mh rsleeves, from l2i cents up, Hosiery in every variety, Shoes, j Boots and Slippers, for Ladies and Children— j in tact almost every article adapted to a Ladies' wardrobe, which it would require too much space to enumerate in detail. His stock oi FLATS and BONNETS tor Ladies, Misses,and Children, is large, rich and CHEAP. His Groceries, Teas, Spices, Syrup, fee. &c. are till of the very best quality. !X'/"He will consider it no trouble to shew ; his Goods, and he hopes the LADIES especial ly will cull and examine his assortment wheth- , er thrv purchase or not. Always remember, however, that ELI FIbHER'S is the place for BARGAINS!! ! April <>, 185"). Siitiiicx <*C(h. Mr* S3. POTTS W< >nld respectfully announce to the Ladies of Bedford and vicinity, that she has just opened a large and elegant assortment ot all tlie new styles of Dresses and Mantillas, Super Mack and Fancy Siiks, Ot gaudies and Lawns, Ilerages and Tissues, Persian and Muslin l)e Laines, French Chintzes and (Tmgbans, Plain and emh'd Swiss Muslins, Fringes, Gimps, and Lacesj Buttons, Braids and Cords, A rich assortment of Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, and Chemizetts, Edgings and Inserting*, A full supply of Mourning (Mods, Best Kid Cloves of all colors, together with an extensive and beautiful assort ment of STRAW and SILK BONNETS, tiimM and untrimrned. The special attention of the Ladies is solicit ed to the very large assortment just received, and offered at low prices for cjuality. Bedford, May 11, 1 Son. Osilhissa Would announce to Ins friends and the pub lic that he has purchased the entire Store of the late .fames M. Cibson, and intends to continue business at the old stand. He has on hand an assortment of Drv Goods, Groceries, Teas, Su gars, Jewelry, ike. N;c. together with Confec (ionaries of every description. In a short time he will replenish his stock, so as to make it an inducement to purchasers to giv • him a call.— He has on hand a good supply of FLOOR, and will make every effort to accommodate the peo ple in this line of his business, either wholesale or retail. He will also keep Bacon, Tish, Salt, Molasses, Boots, Shoes, Huts, Brooms, Brushes, Patent medicines, -Drugs Dye-stuffs, and everv article usually kept in a retail store. PAPER HANGING and ITHOLSTER IXG wiit be attended to as usual with prompt ness and despatch— and he would take this oc casion to say that he has now on hand, and will furnish to order, on the most favorable terms, everv description of WALL PAPER and BOR DERING. By unremitting attention to business, and a disposition to please, he hopes to merit and re ceive liberal encouragement. Bedford, April (i, 1855. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION WAREHOUSE Ofiambersburg, Pennsylvania. THE subscribers are prepared at all times to carry Produce of every description and Merchandize to and from Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea sonable terrr.s. The highest price paid at all times lor all kinds of country Produce. CsF"Receiving Depots, Bl 558Y Jv f'O. "(PS Market street, Philadelphia.—JOHN BiUHAN, Baltimore, No. tot II street. C. W. EVSTKB & CO. Feb. it, 1 fim.' Two and Four Horse Thrashing Machines, made of the v?ry best material, and in the best workman-like manner, constantly on bend and for sale at the Machine Shop of PETER E. SHIRES, Bedford, Pa. j His Machines are greatly improved to the ad vantage of the Farmkr. Also horse Rakes for raking hay and gleaning grain fields—Cutting Boxes, Cultivators, Single and Double Shovel Ploughs—all of which will he sold on the most reasonable terms and warranted to give salisfac ( tion. OCF* FARMERS and others will do well to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere Reparing of* all kinds of Machines and Farin ; ing utensils done at the shortest notice ami most reasonable terms. PETER H. SHIRES, •Machinist* j June 29, 1855.—4 m. NOTICE TO BRIDGE BUILDERS. The undersigned, managers of the Chambers | burg and Bedford Turnpike Company will re ; ceive proposals up to the 15th day of August next for taking down or re-building the bridge (a wood arch about f)0 feet in length) over the : Raystown branch of (he Juniata near Bedford. For information apply by letter or personally lo either of Hie undersigned at Bedford. E. L. ANDERSON, SAMUEL DAVIS, June 29. Managers-. NEW GCOBS AT DECIDED BARGAINS: ! ! I Rf 'PP OSTER are now receiving and o peniug their second supply of New Spring and Summer GOODS, which they hive just purchased FOR CASH, in the eastern cities, at a tremendous sacrifice, and which they are now selling at astonishing : Iv low prices for CASH AND APPROVED 1 PRODUCE. They are selling MOUSSELINE DELAINES from (> i cts. up, CALICOES from : 5 cts. up, good RIO COFFEE at 12 i cents, and every thing else as cheap as THE CHEAPEST and CHEAPER as to quality than elsewhere this side of Philadelphia. early call is 1 solicited. Bedford, June 22, 1855. HA CON.—2OOO lbs. prime Shoulders and Hams, warranted corn-fed, (Terms, CASH) just received and lor sale at CHEAP SIDE. FISH.—2d LI Is. fresh Shad, Mackerel and Herring (Terms CASH) just received and for sale by RL-PP & OSTER. GRAIN CRADLES.—A lot ofShase cele brated Greencastle Grain Cradles just received and for sale by RI.'PP 6c OSTER. Bedford, June 22, 1855. NEW CLOTHING STORE. JLsgiiH'l ; Would respectfully announce to his old friends, and the public at large, that he has o pened an entirely new CLOTHING STORE in i the Borough of Bedford, in the room recently in the occupancy of Solomon Filler, where he hasjust received a very superior assortment of ready-made Clothing for Men and Boys, to which he invites attention, satisfied that he can please ail who give him a call, both as to price and quality. He will also keep an assortment of Dry Goods and Groceries. He invites pttr • chasers to examine his stock. Bedford, April (J, 1855. Take AioJice! ALL persons indebted to the subscribers, eith er bv note, book account, or otherwise, are re quested to make early payment. —Indulgence cannot be given beyond the first of September next. All who neglect this notice, will pay costs as a consequence. THOS. H. MURRAY 6c BRO. j Bloodv-Run, June 2!), 1855. CU'TIOX. j All persons are cautioned against trespassing; j upon the Poor House Farm, either by hunting, | fishing, or otherwise, as the law will be rigidly j I enforced against ail who do so. without respect; to persons. And notice is hereby given that no j cows will hereafter he taken to pasture. By , j order of the Directors. WM. F. MGREIIEAD, j June 22. Steward.! ! ! NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of JOHN I.AF- ' FELT V. lute o; Jnniatta Township, bed lord county, j deceased, will nuke immediate payment—and those having claims against said estate will present them ' properly authenticated lor settlement. JOHN LAFFF.RTY, JOSIAH MILLER, .Tune 22, ISA".* Adm'rs. MAKE SETTLEMENT. The subscriber would respectfully announce; dial he desires all persons indebted to him in ( any way whatever, to make settlement on or I before the Ist day of October next. All who j neglect this notice will find their accounts pia- ] J ced in the hands of a Justice for collection, with respect to persons. A. SAUPP. June 22, 1555. j" NEW (iOODS. The undersigned respectfully announces that i they have just opened a large and well assorted supplv of SITU AG AND SIMMER GOODS! In an advertisement we cannot give an idea of how cheap we are selling—nor do we desire to attract customers by publishingpriccs of leud i/ig articles. We embrace this opportunity of thanking all i who have so liberally patronized us during the ! past five years—and, while soliciting their con- '• tinned favors, assure them a call will convince j we are selling good Goods as low—if not lower ■ —than can be purchased elsewhere in Bedford. 1 A. B. CRAMER 6c CO. • Exchange Building, i April 27, 1555. H. NICODEMUS, Saii'cnci" ciub Justice of ti)c peace, BEDFORD, PA. Has removed his oliice to Juliana street, nearly opposite the Drug and Book store of Dr. i . F. C. Reamer, where he will faithfully attend I to all business connected w itii the duties of Jiis j office. He will continue to repair clocks and watch- j j eg, as usual, and respectfully invites those in j I need of his services in this line to give him a; ca'L _ j I April 13, 1 S;)3. ISOO PIECES WALL PAPER, I-ratn 12} cents to $1 25 per piece, just receiv ed nnd for at the variety Store of JAMES K. HALLAM. Bedford, April 27, 1855. MERCERSBURG Stone nnd Eurthmwnre to be had at U AL & J. C. RISER'S, Bedford, Pa. May 4-, 1855,* Notice: All persons indebted to the estate of DOMNK'K (TOOK, late of The Borough of Bedford, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment—and those having claims against said estate will present them properly authenticated for settlement. ANMUS SAC BP, Ermttor, MAR\ COOK, lixertrtrix. July 6, IS-35. NOTICE : All persons indebted tb the estate of ISA AC BINGHAM, late of Co I era in Township, Bed ford County, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment—and those having claims against said estate will present them properlv authenticated for settlement. HENRY P. DIEHL, VVM. ENGLAND, Administrators. June 29, 1855. JOSEEfg W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, REAL ESTATE BROKER, BOUNTY LAND, AND CLAIM AGENT, Has for sale FOFR FARMS and 10,000 acres of unimproved Land. Olf Liberal advances made. Land Warrants bought and sold. ry Off ice in Jtiliannastreet. Bedford, May 11, ISss—6m. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that letters of Admin istration have been granted to the subscriber on the estate of Willliam N. Porter, late of Lon donderry Township, Bedford county, deceased —all persons having claims will present them properly authenticated for settlement, and those indebted will make immediate payment. THOS. J. PORTER, June 29, 1855.* Adm'r. A CARD. MRS. MARY COOK (widow of Dominick Cook) would announce to visitors to the Springs, and the public generally, that, having secured the services of a gentleman eminently qualified to manage her affairs, the Washington Hotel is now ready to afford the best of accommodations. The house has been newly papered, painted and furnished, and she feels satisfied that all who patronize the "Washington" will be pleased.— She hopes to be liberally encouraged-. Bedford, June 29, 1855. Henry IS. Hisis?, {Of the lute Firm of King $* Moorhen J.) <£emmtssien iPerrljaiti, DEALER IN FIG METAL, BLOOMS, Western Produce, &t. &e. &e. No. 76, Water Street, below Market, Pittsburg, Fa. The undersigned will continue the Commis sion Business at the above place; and having provided himself with suitable conveniences for the storage cf Pig Metal, Blooms, Produce, &c. is now prepared to receive consignments. By long experience in the business, and by constant attention, he hopes to merit a generous share ol trade, which he respectfully solicits. HENRY S. KING. April 27, 1555. <JCB MANN. G. H. SPANG. LAW PARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned have associated themselves in the Practice of the Law, and will attend promptly to all business entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad joining counties. CC7"ol!ice on dulianna Street, three doors south of "Mengel House," opposite the residence of Mai. Tate. JOB MANX, June 0, 18-54. G. . SPANG. FOR RENT, And possession given on the Ist of June, a TAN YARD in the Borough of Bedford, with all lire fixtures complete, end a Dwelling adja cent thereto. Apply to either of the under signed. VVm. Hartley, Job Mann, John H. Rush, March 3D, 1555. For the Heirs. 1). K. WCXDERLICiI. Hi F. SiR AD. Wiindei'lich &i \<ad, ■forrcariring $c fTcmniissicn flltrdjants, iN ortk Second Street, op/tasile the C nmherta art Valley Rail Road Repot, CHAMBERSBURG. DJP* They are at all times prepared to carry all kinds of Produce to, and Merchandise, itc., from Philadelphia and Baltimore, at the shortest notice. *,* They will also purchase Flour, Grain, etc., at market price. COAL, IJ'MCKR, SALT, FISH, GUANO, and PLASTKR on hand and for ,-ale low. June 10, 1*33. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, ~~ WOOD STREET, PITTSBURGH, PA., RRYSON & SJIIRIA Sept. 1, 1854. If. iSot'der, CS(K'k & Watch Maker AM) DEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Bedford, and the public in general, that he has opened a Jewelry Store ill the building re cently occupied by H. Aicodemus, Esq. nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he will be pleased to see all in want of articles in his line. He has on hand, and will constautly keep, an elegant assortment of JEWELRY, and will re pair Clocks and Watches in the bert style. He hopes to receive a liberal share of patronage, as he leels satisfied he can render satisfaction to all who entrust him with their work. His terms will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver WATCHES, Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gold and Silver Pens and Pencils, &c. &c. N. B. He still continues the Gwnsmithing business, at bis old stand, in the East end of town, where he has a good and competent work man constantly employed. 1). B. April 127, 1855. STOVE BLACKLNG. ALL persons in want of Stove Blacking will find an article called the Victoria, superior to anything of the kind now in use. GEO. BLYMIRE.

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