Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 24, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 24, 1855 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD GAZETTE- IlcriS'os-d, Aug. £ I, 1833. G. W. Bowman, Editor and Proprietor- Ocittoevcuic Canbilkitc lev Canal Commis sioner, HON. ARNOLD PLUMER, OF VENANGO COI.'XTY. DEMOCRATIC . COI STY Democracy of BEDFORD County will hold a (lii'mul Jin** lloclin;!' in tfie Coiirt-Honse in the Borough oi Bedford on MONDAY EVENING of the appioaching County Court for the purpose of nominating a i icket to be supported at the next election, and to adopt such measures as may be deemed necessary to secure its triumphant success at Polls. As there will be no amalgamation in the formation ol this 1 icket no bowing of the knee to any principle not recognized in the creed of JEFFERSON, JACKSON, POLE and I'IEKCE, it is earnestly hoped that every man who still adheres to these glorious old land-marks will be present to give force and countenance to the pro ceedings. All who stand opposed To Know Nolhing i-m—who repudiate the abominable acts ol the late Legislature—and who desire, honestly, the triumph of DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES—are cordially in vited to attend. A number of able speakers will be present to address the meeting. U A It St S E 51: At Towanda. Pa. on the "ith .line, by Rev. 11. h. Douglas, WM. H. MU.IJCR, ESI : ., Attorney at Law, to Miss EU.ES, daughter ol C. I— Waul, Esq. (T7* We were not apprized of this "union ' until we met the parties at tae Bedford Springs a tew days since, which will account lor its late appearance in our paper. We knew Miss Vtaid when a girl, and, as interesting as she then was, she seemed still more so when decorated as a r.ition. Among the many e legant and accomplished Ladies at the Springs, Mrs. Miller evidently ranked No. 1. A finished educa tion, united with a mind of the highest order. Will ever render her an ornament to society. We most truly congratulate our young friend, Gen. .MILI.I I:, upon a union so felicitous —and Mrs. M. upon having centred her affections upon one so worthy to receive rtiern. May health and prosperity attend them thro life. d?*We had the pleasure of meeting Maj. GEORGV RATMO.III, (editor ol the Ilolliday-burg Whig,) lust week. He was spending a few days at the Bedford Springs with his family. The Major is a very cour teous and amiable gentleman in his personal rela tions —and, although an uncompromising Whig, he boldly and manfully repudiates the abominable Know- Nothing Organization, in which he is endorsed by the ablest Whigs of Blair county. C7"lloii. Gkoikie P. S Aiu-.I Uliti, of Washington city, one of the Judges of the Court ol ( laims, i at present sojourning at the Bedford Spiing-, accompa nied by his wife and little daughter. had the pleasure of taking by the hand, a few days since, our old and valued friend James Uii.- t.esimk, K-q., who, for many years, has been engag ed in building Kail ltoads in Virginia, lie formerly resided in Freeport, Armstrong county, Pa.—and is a gentleman in every sense of the word. THE LATE ELECTIONS. C7"*The result of the August Elections, sum up a glorious victory for the Democratic Party, as was to have been expected, notwithstanding the crowing of rhe reckless Know-Nothing Organs, and the false returns >ent out by the Telegraph Lines, which seetn to have been converted into mere machines to ad vance the interests of the enemies of Democracy. By the late rnait* we learn that the Democratic ■andidate for Governor in ALABAMA (Winston) is elected by eleven thousand majority—and the Demo crats have carried six out of the seven Congressmen. The Legislature is also Democratic and will elect a Democratic IT. S. Senator. The Democrats have carried the Governor in I LN NESSEE by a majority of two thousand, and an e qual number of Congressmen. In NORTH CAROLINA the Democratic majority, on the popular vote, is nearly ten thou and—and we carry six out of the eight Congressmen. Pease, the Democratic candidate for Governor in Texas, is re-elected by an increased majority. The Democratic majority in t irgiui.i is upwards of ten thousand. A few days ago an election took place at St. Louis for Circuit Attorney and Assessor, which resulted in an anti-know-nothing majority of 1,-118. At the previous election there was a large k. n. majority in that city. The know-nothings have carried but a single State. Kentucky gives them a majority ol 4'fOO and not l-),- ttOO, as represented by the Telegraph. I his rotate They carried by the power of a bloody .nob, and not by the untrammelled voice of Freemen. The bal lot-box, the great palladium ol nnr liberties, was placed under full control of the mob 1! Srn-h .s the progiess of Know-Nothingism, now that people begin to understand its tml principles.— Every one of these States, except Texas, was form erly Whig, but thev have nobly repudiated the base bargain by which they were attempted to he sold to the dark-lantern clubs, and declared in lavor of De mocracy. We ask those Demociats in Bedford County who thoughtlessly joineil the know-nothing- to ponder over these facts—and then ask themselves, as men of honor, what they have gained by attaching them selves to a party whose entire net* are repugnant lo the principles ami spirit of a Freeman. To all such we would say, if yon can satisfy your own minds _ that you were tjght in swearing away the "freedom of thought and opinion," then you ought to adhere to the organization—but "if, on the other hand, you are convinced yon were deceived by the false professions held out, then at once return to your old and cherish ed party, where you will he cordially received—ami, • like your brethren in other States and#other counties v in this State, do it openly, fearle-Jy, boldly, manful ly, and you will receive the praise and admiration of all honorable men. " * E?*Wc have recently conversed with some of the (heretofore) strongest Whigs in Bedford county, who proclaim their intention to support the Democratic Ticketatthe next election. We believe there are Whigs in every township in thaCouuty who will do likewise, all of whom supported the Know Nothing Ticket last fall, because the .nominations were first made by the JFV/ijg The midnight order will select their candidates in the secret lodge rooms, and then try to ratify thein by an open meeting, in order to rhrat anti-Know-Nothing Whigs into the support of the Ticket. If they succeed in this, they wiH have to exhibit a little more cunning than they have heretofore displayed. Animal Fair. d?"l'he annual Fair far Bedford County will com mence on Wednesday the 17th ciVy of October next, and continue for three days. For Premiums to be awarded, and other particulars, see bills now circu lating. We have reason to hope that this fair will exceed any yet betd in this-place. Let all >h> some thing. ! BCA*fhe following translation points to certain : facts which cannot fail to prove acceptable to the iu | telligent reader; especially at this particular period. 1 If certain clrhrclies were now engaged in an honest j effort to free souls from the bondage of SIN, instead i of counselling Negroes to run away from their mas- . I ters, it would be much better for all interests: j .Slavery iu the Early Church. i [Translated from Chattel's Influence ol Charity in j | the first Christian Ages, written in French.] "So many authors have treated of the Influence ol . Christianity upon the amelioration ol slavery, and many have done it in a maimer so learned and pro found, that it would be superfluous now to enter in- j to any long details upon this subject. We shall con- I fine-ourselves ton brief allusion to. the principles ot j the Church in relation to it. "The doctrines of the Church, says M. W allon, (in j his History ol Slavery. French,) mu-->t lead to the ab olition of slavery. But the Apostle# did not require ■ it, and the fathers of the church i-vcn after the per secution, (before the lime ol Cofistantine) did no! | find themselves in the best condition to accomplish ; it: ror alter, as well lielore, Ihe public establishment ol" the faith", the old society, even under Christian , Princes, continued hound, by all its habits, to the in j stitution of slavery. Something was needed, beside ; j legislation, to change this state ol things. Ibe j ehaaige required was a revolution; and, that it might be permanent, it was not so much the slave thai was to be taken from bis master, as it was the nia-.- ter who was to be detached Irorn slavery by the sen ! timent of rhe dignity of man. But the procees was slow; and besides, there was one which wa- still j more grave and pressing, which was the fleeing oi -out- from the yoke of sin. The Church also abstained from exciting slaves to . i seek their emancipation, lest their efforts in favor of j temjioral liberty should divert their attention from j spiritual liberty, which is oi higher value. Why, j said St. Chryso-forn, did the Apostles allow slavery j To continue/ That you might appreciate the value of liberty of the soul; for, ju-t as a miracle was i needed to pre-erve the bodies oi the three children in the furnace, so there is less grandeur in suppress i ing slavery than in showing liberty even in one s own bo-orn. "Masters might, therefore, retain their slaves I without ceasing to be Christian- 1 . The Church, at the council ol'Gangrn, formally condemned the tethians of Cnppedocia, who refused the title of Christian to every possessor of slaves, and the Cir • eumcelliones of Africa, who urged the slaves to le- ' volt." MR. FKIMEU'S AKEFFAME. The Hon. Arnold Plumer has addressed tlie fol lowing letter to the Democratic Srate Central Com mittee, accepting the nomination for Canal Commis sioner. The letter is characteristically Irank and manly : Sut:—Having received the nomination for the; office of Canal Commissioner, from the Democratic State Convention, assembled at Harrisbnrg on the Ith insr., and said Con .-ention having pu-ved the following resolution : llr.iolvtd, That the candidates for nomination for Canal Commi-siotier be severally pledged that they are not at the pie-ent time, members oi, or in any way connected with, any secret political association: that they wii! not become connected with such a<- ! sociation, tl nominated, at any time prior to the elec- j tioo, nor, in office ; and that the nominee of the con vention shall give to the Mate Central Committee a , pledge, which they shall prescribe, in relation to the subject of Know-Nothingism, and that if he decline to lake such pledge, the State Central Committee is authorized to make a nomination in his stead, i It affords me pleasure hereby to pledge myself to : ' the State Central Committee, that I arn not at the present time, nor have I been at any time, connected with any secret political organization or association nor will I become connected wffh any such organi- , ' ration at any time prior to the election, nur if elect • ed, during my continuance in office. , This pledge is given in the language V the reso- j : lotion ol the Sta'e Convention, and in the form pre scribed by the State Central Committee; bur 1 de- j j sire further to -tate to that Committee,and through j i 'hem to the voters of the Commonwealth, that 1 re ject in The nio-t unqualified terms the doctrines of j tlie Know-Nothing party, so far as they have not j been taken from, and do not conform to, the avowed ■ | principles ot the Democratic party,they being other- 1 wise anti-Republican and anti-Aniericari. As a citi- j j zen ol the United States, as a Pennsylvanian, pro j fessing to be governed by the Constitution of my j country, and liberal Christian principles, I could not j j subscribe and solemnly take the oath required of rne j upon assuming the office ol Canal Commissioner, "to | -iqqiort the Constitution of Pennsylvania and the [ Constitution of the United States,"' if 1 had taken an ] oath or other obligation binding myself to reject life*T claims of any American citizen for office,oil account J of his religious heliel or the place of his birth, such tests being expressly forbidden by both of tho-e sa cred instruments. From the principles involved ir: the approaching election, I deem it the most important which the De- j I mocracy have been railed upon to participate in for many yeais. To be the chosen standard bearer of i the party in such a contest, is a high honor, for which | I shall ever he grateful. Truly yours, j ARNOLD PLUMER. | To Jas. F. Johnston, Ch'n State Central Committee. OCT™ The Cbambersburg W'nio, in the following article, shows up Know Nothingism in its true co- i lors. After this exposure, the people cannot fail to j see that this dark-lantern Order was established for ! the express purpose ot galvanizing the old broken i ' down office-seekers of tlie country, and nothing else: ; From tlie Cbambersburg Repository and Whig. KXOH'-NOTHIXG TICKET. 1 The Know-Nothing Executive Committee adjourn- i ! eii at a late hour last evening, after a tedious session, j \ The following ticket was officially determined upon jto be supported by that party at tlie next election: j Assembly.— F. S.Stumbaugb, flames Lowe. Treasurer.—Upton Washabaugh. Commissioner.—J. Allison Eyster. Auditor.—Abrabam Burkbohler Director of the Poor.—Hezekiuh Easton. This is a sort of a Kangaroo ticket—its main j strength being in its hind leg-. If it had been haded \ i by such a man as Ilezekiah Easton instead ot a bro f ken-winded Democratic office-hunter, it would have I inspired a reasonable degree of re-pect and com- ! manded a respectable support; but using such a name j as a mere flyer to such a political kite as that put • up by F. S. Stumbangh is taking good wares to a shockingly bad markpt. As we predicted, the bo- . ; rough of Cbambersburg has carried off everything j worth having, and the (attest slices have been given j to inveterate old Democratic nags, who ran on Deui- j ; cratic tickets until the party refused to break down j ! with them any longer—both the candidate for Trea- , ■ surer and the Democratic halfof the Assembly ticket having been turned out of the Democratic Conveutioi, no later than last fall. The balance of the ticket h I all located in Peters township, tlie rest, in the estima tion of the Know-Nothing party, not worth even the i I honor of a representation on the ticket, though there w ere candidates for nomination froE nearly if not ' i every township i:i the county. Good for Chsttabersburg and particular ly good for the ca-t off"lumber of the Democracy.— I But then there is to be an election there's the r-th If ever the Know-Nothings had a chance of carrying i this county with a secret, intolerant policy, they have tooled it away by making the party the mere creature ot a few designing men, chalked out 1 offices for themselves six months agojTnd strong as ; ; may be its flying appendages, when its head and j I shoulders are lost it wont matter many i ■ limbs may be remaining. We would advise the Peters ' ; gentlemen to decline and give the | whole ticket, as they were all once* -Whigs and I should be somewhat particular about their company. ! It would be bad enough under any circumstances to I be beaten, but to be turned pefl mell overboard with i others whose disgrace has given power and fatality j to the stroke, is an entertainment we should not rel ish. No human agency—no oaths nor decrees, can elect F. S. Stumbaugh to tlip Legislature, and tbo-e who adhere to him and sanction bis vain pretensions, cannot well escape the rebuke bis petty shifting* and low intrigues must secure from the people of the old "Green Spot." Those who are wise will STAM> FROM I VJKK. flfc* "Why in such a hurry V' said a man to j his acquaintance. "Sir,. I have bought a new bonnet for my wife and fear the fish ion ma v change be tare [ gef homf ."" SUPREME (II! RT IN BEDFORD. Opiuiosts 1* I lie Supreme Court OF PE-\'~YS YLV.LYI.d, ' j Hal'/ at Bedford, at an adjourned Session of said Court, Jtugust 13, 1855. Opinions by Lewis, C. J. Stephen T. Beale 1 vs. ' PHILADELPHIA Co. | Commonwealth of Pa. The sentence i Q reversed, atnl set aside, and the j record is remitted to the Court below to proceed and ; sentence the prisoner according to law -Black, J. dissenting. Application for a Special ( Session at Erie, Penna. On consideration ot the condition of the business of the Court, it is deemed inexpedient to grant the j prayer ol the petition lor a Special Session ol the Supreme Court at Erie during tiie present year. The application is therefore refused. Commonwealth vs. 1 Philadelphia County. Commercial Bank, i The motion to quash the Writ of Quo Warranto i is oven tiled. Daniel vs. I Dauphin County. Daniel's Administrators. \ Judgment Affirmed Porter vs ( Dauphin County. Coleman et a! \ Judgment reversed. Patton vs ( Dauphin County. Susquehanna R. B. \ Writ of Certiorari Qua-lied. Major vs. I Berk- County. ".Miller. \ Judgment affirmed. Lonck's Appeal—Decree affirmed. .Macßenson's Exor. vs. I Lancaster ( otinfy. Mac Benson's Executors. j Decree affirmed. Ellmaker vs. I Lancaster County. Kennedys \ Judgmeiit Affirmed. Chaffees and Stout vs. f Lancaster t ounty. Risk et al j* Judgment affirmed. Moyer's Admrs' vs. f Lebanon County. Fisher et ox t Judgment reversed. Jieuget's Appeal—York—Decree affirmed. Potter vs. f Mifflin County. Steret j Judgment affirmed. Rhine vs. Juniafta County. Robinson ) Judgment Reversed. Opinions by Lowrie, J. StoiiT vs. ( Berks County. fvindtz. j' Judgment affirmed. Pottiger vs. ( Beiks County, llecksher \ Judgment affirmed. ' Gun-on's appeal—Berks Co.—Decree affirmed at Appellants Costs. Coleman J Lancaster County. vs. V Decree affirmed at Ap- Clark pellants costs. Ankrim's Adm'r I Lancaster County. vs. ' Decree reversed and bill dis- | Todd et tix. \ missed without costs. Docket al 1 Dauphin County. vs. ' Judgment affirmed—Wood- Lniniun. ward and Black .I s dissenting. French vs. { Dauphin County. Bridlernan \ Judgment affirmed. Laird vs. f Schuylkill County. Iliester. y Judgment affirmed. MatvNeil vs. f Blair County. Patterson \ Judgment affirmed. Opinions by Woodward, J. Caldwell J Westmoreland County. vs. '.Judgment reversed and Judgment i Fulton. \ entered for defendant for co-ts. Burkholder vs. ( Cumberland County. M'Murray. ) Per Cumin—Judg't affirmed. Zitxer vs. f Cumberland County. Merkel. \ Judgment reversed, i Lecky r>, | Cumberland County, illo-ser. y Judgment reversed. Defibangh i Blair County. - Reed. N Judgment aflirmed. Stewart's K.xo's. Blair County, Mailman's Admr's. \ Judgment affirmed. Swoope's appeal—Blair County—Decree affirmed.: Bechefs appeal—Yurk County—Decree affirmed. ! Ilock's Administrator 1 Franklin County, vs. Jjhirtz and Mete;.lf. \ Decree affirmed. Smith's appeal—Delaware County—Decree rever sed, K-c. f'oinmomwealth Ex relatione J hp ct Sur petition Passmore Williamson vs. Chas. ■ Hortz keeper of Moyatnensing y for Habeas Corpus. I Prison. Meredith, Gilpin and Hopper for petitioner, move the Court to award a Writ of Habeas Corpus agrcea- j bly to the prayer of said Petitioner (Passmore H il liamson.) Argued by Oilpin and Meredith. Held under advisement by the Court. OPINIONS BY BLACK, <L Br.-il's Appeal Berks County—Decree Reversed. Spaugler's Appeal—York County—Decree atiirfu- I i ed. Adams Administrator J York County, vs. [- Commonwealth. y Judgt. affirmed. McGregor's Estate—Cumberland County—Decree affirmed. 1 Pentose and Watts i Cumberland County, vs. ' • Devor. \ Judgment Reversed. Hemphill i Philadelphia County. v< * t" I McCluners. y Judgment Affirmed. | Hershey's Road—Lancaster County—Order of the Court of Quarter Sessions reversed. Ramsey i Fulton Copnty. ■ vs \- f Pytn's Exor. y Judgment affirmed. 1 Hambright's appeal—Franklin County.—Decree i atlirmed. OPINIONS BY KNOX. J. Kerts J Carbon County, vs. [. . Cinder y Judgment affirmed. Sbelly's Estate—Franklin Cminty.—Decree re . versed and distribution ordered, See. Patterson 1 Juniatta County. VS. V Patterson. y Ordered, Kc. Hiester adm'r of Elder j Daupfifn County, vs. > Jpincan et al Judgment Reversed, j Maguires Appeal—Huntingdon County—decree affirmed at cost oi appellant, j Eiwin's Appeal—York County—decree affirmed.! Campbell i Adams County, vs. J. Reed's Exors. y Judgment affirmed. Odd-Eeliows' llaii Associa- i Lancaster County, lion ol Columbia vs. J. Jacob 11. Masser, y .1 udginent affirmed, i Stoutfer j Lancaster County, vs. [. Rankin et al y Decree Affirmed. Ili dlbrf! County Case*. S. S. Stiic key Plaintiff in vs. John Keetfe's j Executors.—Hall and Cessna for Pit!', in Error—King and Jordan tor Defts. in Error. This case was re i argued by tbe Attorneys. B. VV. Gurretson Plaintiffin Error vb. Jacob Barn dollar— Hall for Ptff. in K^dt—Cessna for Deft j Argued. Peter Arnold Plaintiifin Krrar vs. John Cessna.— ' Russell, King, and Jordan for PUT. in Error—Hall i and Cessna tor Deft. Argued. Alexander Compher and Francis .Jordan Plaintiff's in Error v s . Mary C. Compher. King and Jordan tor Plils. in Error—Cessna for Deft. Submitted to the Court on printed arguments. Mary Ann Amich K Samuel Amirh et al PlfTs in Erior vs. Jacob Oyler and M. Keighard.—King and Jordan for Pitts. in Error—Cessna for Deft. Submit ted to the Court. Jerman Jacob, Plaintifl in Error vs. William Fi gard. King, Jordan and Russell for plff. ia error Hall and Cessna for defendant. Submitted. 1 Henry W. Smith Plan;! iff in Error vs. Josiah Smith and Thomas U. Cessna -K tug, Jordan and llall Pills, in Error— Edie and Shannon lor Delts. l'lain titl in Error Non Pressed. S. M. Barclay and John Reisling Plaintiff- in Er ■ ror vs. The Commonwealth. Holm, and Russell lor ! pllf-. in Error—King, Jordan and Cessna for delta. \ Submitted. Croyle's Estate; Irnler's Appeal. M&fcrer and llall I for Jo-eph Iniier and wife Appellants. King and Jor i dan for Jacob C'royle—Cessna for Abraham and Tlios. j Croyle. Submitted. i (Xp-The Judges were all well pleased with Bed- I ford and the accommodations afforded them, ar.d xrill, iin all probability, hold another session here next l summer. Chief Justice Lewis was accompanied by j .Mrs. Lewis and their two daughter—and Justices , WoonwAßir and Lowcii: were each accompanied by j a daughter. The Ladies were delighted with the place. NOTHINGS are first rate nt making! big calculations. By this process they held in their i hands Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Ca i rolina, all of wnich States have gone against then, by ! overwhelming majorities. The following paragraph i on this point is from the Chambersburg Whig of last ' week: As a matter of record, and for futur" reference, particularly about elect ion time next fall, we give the following official statistics of tbe K. N. Council of this place from the little organ that has been a partner and apologist in all its disgraceful actions. No. ofmembers in April la>!, COO " •• withdrawals, 11 " ♦ expulsions. _ 3 11 ti>ta! now, 557 Cutout and paste in vonr hats until the second i Tuesday ol October next, and then compaie p.irtic i ularly with the vote in this place lor one F. S. Sri v ; uai on for Assembly. The Council will have to get i out a new arithmetic we fear about that time to rc ; concile matters, f.r we are quite sure that none n| . I lire old rules will answer. It's not hard to magnify : j figures in a newspaper whose bread and butter de pends upon it, but the ballot-boxes have an awkward j old fashioned way of reducing magnified political pro|>ortious. Remember the ! — Ch imh, , .hi, IClui'. Hon. Lewis C. T.evin made a speech recently in Philadelphia before a Know-Nothing meeting, in which tie denounced the Know-nothings ot Illinois ; for planting themselves on tbe Declaiatiou of fnde- ; ' peiulence. He thinks the Declaration of Indepen i deuce was a very good thing in its <lay—.i very , j respectable bill of lights for the logy times of 177 C, j lint he considers it entirely inapplicable to this pro- j gres.-ive age. \ irgiina must look to tin* fame ofJi:r --i-'EUsox ' — Ch iinl/eenlfiin' Jl r ht™. T.WKILNi LKLNSLS. Cr7"Ender the Jmr Cav of the la-t Know-Nothing Legislature, ail Licenses will be taken liorn Tavern Keeper> after the tirst day of October next, and th-ir ; bars closed. The Democrals of Schuylkill, at their late county i convention, passed the following among other ex-1 celieut resolutions: Resolved , That Gov. Pollock's Know \ dh ing ;, Jitg Law" instead ol improving; the morals ol the cotnmtinit y, w-i!l have the contrary r'fjecl, that its parentage is in kind with the tanaticism now raging; in the most of the Northern Slates, ! particularly in Maine and Massachusetts, where j negro stealing, nullification, violation ol the , Constitution, and the murdering by Neal Dow ' (the author ol the Maine prohibit ay law) of an ; innocent man are by the Know Nothings and Abolitionists justified. Resolved. That the administration of Gov. and the acts of the Know Nothing ; Legislature have disgraced the State in more ways than one, particularly by increasing tax | at ion and granting corporate privileges without 1 limit. Resolved, That our Senator and member of! ; fhe Assembly be instructed to use a!! honorable : means to ellect the repeal of the Jug-Law. | Newspaper Change. —Capt. J.\,:on Zir<;- i.ttit has disposed of the Hafrisburg "Democratic Cnion" to Asdrew Hopki.n-, Esq., of the "Pa triot," bv whom both pajiers will be blended in I one, and published under the title of the t nion : and Put riot. This is an excellent arrangement, j an.! will doubtless have a tendency to promote ; harmony and good feeling in the Democratic i party, not only in Dauphin county bat through- ! out the State, We wish Mr. Hopkins abun dant success in the undertaking, and, far the retiring editor, Capt. Ziegler. we invoke long life and prosperity. - (Stiff Justice Lewis' Becent Opinion. \Ve copy the following from the Washington Union of a late date : We have once more to congratulate the coun- \ trv upon the manliness and independence ol Urn 1 ' State of Pennsylvania. Chief Justice Lewis, of j Supreme Court of that State, upon a pHition fir j ! a writ of habeas corpus on the relation of Pass- i more Williamson, has refused to issue the writ, ! having decided, as every principle of light re i quired him to decide, that Williamson, having j been committed by a competent Court for con- j tempt in making a false return under oath be fore that Court, could not be discharged by any j other Court, ar.d n.u-t remain in prison to pay ! ; the penalty of his wilful perjury. We rejoice to see that Chief Justice Lew is has the courage ! to give official expression to bis legal convic tions. If yielding to the clamor of abolition j maniacs, he, disregarding the law, had under taken to release Williamson, the Marshal of the ! United States would of course have refused oh i ilience to the order. In that case, the Chief l Justice, having entered upon the career of error, ! would have been constrained to persevere in it, j and to order the commitment ot the marshal bv a Slate sheriff, 'file re upon the marshal would I himself have applied for a writ o { habeas corpus to the United States Court ; and if the sheriff { refused to obey this writ and release the mar j shal, then the sheriff would he committed by I the United States Judge ; and so on, ad in fini \ turn, until the sheriff and all his deputies, and j the marshal and all hi.s deputies, were held in { confinement one by the other, and all law and all justice utterly prostrated in Pennsylvania, in order to enable Passmore Williamson to com mit robbery and perjury with impunity. For tunately for the State of Pennsylvania and tor the United States, Chief Justice Lewis had too much respect for the rules of law to commit this outrage upon the courts either of the State or the United States. Once more, then the Slate of Pennsylvania stands forth as the great bulwark of the Constitution and of the Union. Effects oe tiie Yellow Fever. —Account! from Portsmouth, V a., give a melancholy pic ture of the condition of that city. About 8000 persons have fled from it. The whole .surroun ding country is overrun with the fugitives, who fill barns, kitchens, churches, school-houses, and dwellings. The town looks quite deserted, entire streets having only one or two families remaining, districts depopulated, hotels and stores closed, business suspended, anil society dispersed. Roma ufe of lieai Life. The Buffalo (Vmitnercial ofSalordav contains a iii-taileii account of the exploit ol Mrs. IWk j ir, who resides on the Canada shore of Lake ! Erie, in saving the lives of eight seamen who were wrecked near her residence : i On the morniogot the 20th November. IHiH, : the schooner Conductor left the port of Am- I herstburgh, bound for Toronto with a cargo of ten thousand bushels of corn. The wind blew I fresh from the southwest all day, a heavy sea running meantime. About five o'clock P. M., the wind increased to a perfect hurricane, and i all the canvass was reefed snug down. Toward midnight a severe storm arose. The top-ail sheets were carried away, the boat was washed I from the davits, the decks swept clean ol every ' thing, and the vesssi would n .t obey tier lieltn, i and seemed tu settle into the trough of the sea. About 4- o'clock in the morning of the 21st, the crew of the schooner made, what they sup posed to be Long Point light, but it was really the light at Long Point Cut. The thickly drif ting snow instantly obscured this light, ami in about half an hour afterward the vessel struck bottom. Although the vessel was not more than two hundred yards from the shore, it was im ' possible to form an accurate opinion as to the | locality, because of the thickly drifting snow. The sea made a clear breach over the vessel, and forced the crew into the rigging, where • they remained from five o'clock in the morning ■ I until two in the afternoon. Ice was fast ma- : king all the !im>*. The crew then descried a i woman and two little boys approaching along ■ the beach. The woman and children built a fire on the ! shore, and made sigr-s to the sailors to swim a shore. The sea was so gr< at that thev were aft aid to venture, until the captain, thinking | the risk of drowning better than almost certain I death by cold and exposure, struck out from the wreck, and by extraordinary efforts nearly reach ed the shore ; but his strength failed, and being caught bv the underb w, he would have beer. ) carri'-d out, had not the woman come to his assistance. She seeing his critical situation, i came to him as speedily as the deep water would J permit, and having walked in up tu her neck, ■ fortunately reached him, he being utterly ex hausted. The woman sop-ported the nia i ami drew him ashore, furring been herself several i times beaten down bv the force of the waves. With the assistance of the boys she drew him to the lire ami resuscitated him. The mate of the schooner next struck out. but in like manner failed to reach the shore, ami sank. The captain, supposing himself to be i sufficientfv restored, went to the assistance of i tin- mate, hut again himself gave w ay, and the woman again went into the angry waters, out to the utmo-t depth at which she could stand, and brought the two men ashore. The mate seemed to be lif-less, but was at length restored. In addition to these efforts, five several tines did the woman go out to the receding surge, and at each time bring an exhausted, drowning seaman ashore, until seven persons, the master, mate, and five of the crew were saved. It was evening now; arid one man who could not swim still clung to the rigging. During the whole night the woman paced back and forth along the shore, renewing the tire, encouraging the res cued men, giving them food and warm tea, and administering to their comfort. Prom time to time she would pause, and wishfully regarding the strand n vessel, thus give utterance to her humanit v : 'Oh, if 1 could save that poor man, I should he happv. When morning at last came, on the 22r1. the storm Slaving abated, tin-sea was less violent. The master and crew being now strengthened ami invigorated bv the food and fire, constructed a raft ami reached their com rade, whose resolute spirit. though las', giving wav, w as -till sufficient to enable him to retain hi* position in the rigging. Thus he too was j saved, though badlv frozen. The crew remain- ; I ed at tlie cabin of .Mr. S. Becker nearly a week i : before they were able to depart. On the week following this occurrence, two American vessels were lost on the same point, j whose crews were greatly com flirted bv Mrs. j i Becker, whose husband was Mil! < ngaged in trapping. The crews of these vessels were sheltered in her cabin, and were the recipients j j of her hospitable, and humane attentions and i i care. We, the captain and crew of the schooner j Conductor, whose names are hereunto subscri bed, certify the correctness of the above state ! MEIIT: HE NNY HACKKTT, captain. JOHN JONES, mate. JAMES J. Cor -INS, seaman and cook. JEREMIAH SAWYERS, seaman. JOHN CIUMHACS do. JF.ROMK D. ANDREWS, do. JOHN MCAILKV, do. (IEORUE NICOHEMES, do. I I certify, as owner of the schooner Conduct or, that the above are the names of the captain i i and crew who were on board the schooner at ! the time she was wrecked, as stated in the l ire- ■ going narrative. JOHN MCLEOD. We have simply to state, that on Monday j evening next, Mrs. Becker will beat the Amer- | ican Hotel, at the request of numerous gentle- i men, and that thus a convenient opportunity ! w ill be afforded tor ladies and gentlemen to I meet her. Co Monday we will, in a few words i . give some necessary particulars upon this sub- j I T' CT - Mrs. Becker has received a purse of SG9O, raised by private subscription in Canada; she expressed the desire that the money should he appropriated toward the education of her chil dren—a noble purpose. When Captain I'ax- I ten made the gift, she said "she would thank j ; him if she knew how." She knew how to save j j the lives of six perishing sailors, in six* feet of j ; water. Mrs. Becker is a large, masculine wo- j ' man, about six feet high, weighs 200 pounds, ; | was born in Canada, and is 30 years old. She j | lives on the island of Long Point with her bus- | band, and they gain their subsistence by fishing. ! COMMENCEMENT or TIIB LOUISVILLE RIOT. i —We extract the following from the Loui&ville \ Lourier: i Captain Thomas, a highly respectable and , j intelligent citizen of Madison, desires us to state ■ j that before any difficulty had commenced, he ' j was passing down Market street, and saw ahead | of him three decent, genteel appearing Irish-j men, who turned oil'at Tenth street. Reaching; Main he observed a man rush out and knock j one of the Irishmen down, while the others j were chased across the street into a house, and then tlm firing commenced fiom windows.—• This, Capt. Thomas says, was the commence ment of the whole trouble, growing out of an unprovoked assault upon an Irishman who. was! quietly passing along the street. JOHN P. REED, K- v ._We neglected , ot . . m our last is>n that this genth-man was tendance at our Court. Owing tot!,,. <" ?!" health of Mr. MCFAMIEX, L.'RT the duties of Clerk of Court, and in such a I,''? 1 tier as to give satisfaction to all concern,- -Mr. REED is perhaps one of the most arc! piished and efficient clerks in the State.'— ton Dmacroi, 17 th inaf. Tin: REACTION IN IOWA.— The Know- \, P. ings are suffering as decided reverses j,, West as in the South. At the recently hotly contested election in Keokuk, lowa, fir v .* officers, the Democratic candidates had ties ranging from 34 to 104—or an averji i f>B. in April last the Know-Nothing nam carried the city by 201 majority. Jefi rr i county, which last fail gave jyj. t' us ; )n n • ' ty, lias just elected a lull Democratic lickta 40 majority. In Davenport, at the recent timi, there was a Democratic majority of ], The whole county (Scott) gives an' averj,,! Democratic majority of about lUO. I tt -\.~i last, fusion and Know-Nothing ism had Jfyj f, j it y in the county. DILI!): - In Bedford county, Pa. on the 9th of AUIIR \1 FUED'K H. HYSSOXG, aged 37 year, 3 MONTH', j, I •1 Cays. The caiue of hi* death is SUPPOSED t U ~ BEEN A violent rushing ol blood from the heart T 0 '> B * K '" LIST OF LETTERS ITLIMA[XING in the Post Office, at Bedford, 1' Augu-t IG, LS-03. Persons ca!bug lor letter, this li-t will please -ay they are AIIVKKTISI Abbot William, Allison William, Aaron ilavi-L Allison James, Au-tonK. Barman Clea-or. B. LIW.-K! born John A. Bicklv David, Boue G. W. j;,..,. Bowers Andrew J. BUI ledge Geo. W. M. Burnet Henry, Bair Jotiri, Beard Daniel, Crm I : John, Cummings A. B. Dr. -Crawley JOHN, T'rL. do-k Joseph T. Cling man Samuel Rev. Croyle Ada: Dishong Williatn. Rowling Margret Mi-?,* Edward.' A twos, Fletcher John, Fair Jo-uh S. Freet Valen tine, F.-rning John R. Flentye L. M. J). (Jheen LEI K A. Griffith Jes-E, Uritnes Mary MI-s, Gales EHTA! beth, Grimes Thomas I>, Guynn Walter L. 1. HAM. rr.oml Nathan, Ileaiey Lewis, Hite David, L!R>I!(. Jemette M s-. Hauere John, Heckman REBECCA Mi.'s llerhberger Daniel, Jackson John 2, Johnson 0. S. James AMI F.H/.a. Javis Mary J. MI. KeagvLlav KOS-INGT r John. Knee I'eier, Milter A. 11. Mai:-- •! ker Ruth, Morris Mary E. MIS-, Mower James, MR dyne, Cowan & Co., Lacouib Nancy, I,on PETE- Leiitz GEORGE, Little John, NEAR William, Osten 1%. M, Prince Frank, Parker Daniel, Prince JAMES Unbn Frankiin. Reed And: eurF. Reynolds Jojia, J;.,. binson John D. Smith S. 11. Skinner Samoel •>. Smith Thomas 15. Sly John, Slutts Jo-iah, SC!;I; : :: Nathan, Seaton \V. H. Selby Joseph, S p-s \V. R. 2. Schaob John Leonart, Sleek MAR? ret, Seaton A. li, Yanblerlc 11. DI. Walters W. P. 2. VYarrick Jii beth, WRAG William, Wells Eli-hia 11. Wreck I'TI.! Welsh M. F. *2. Wolf Moses, Willard Ellen MI--* We is Jacob F. \\ !.a-to .John. W ill. A US LI. H. Y. ; . LE Jacob. ANDRIS SAL PR, p. M. Aug. 21, IS-JA. SCHOOL .NOTICE. MFSS BELL FORD would APII:.: t.> ZENS of Bedford and vicfniry TJIAN b-r Ss-ho<ii on Monday moiti'llE 3d of V EPR - I.H . hopes to BP liberally patronized, prom -N.g to - a-I utmost exertions to do justice to all p!AC<-i un ic-r LI-.- care. Bedford, Aug. 23, 153-'). PLBTTC SALE OF VALUABLE' REAL ESTATF. The undersigned will EXPOSE fo sale, on the PREIR . SR?. in Woodbcrry ou SA I'T IiDAY, the 13th day of September next, the following Real F.S'ate. to WIT: That well known Tavern Maud on th- Read Fad ing from Bedford to Maitinsburg and Williamstnir;, (Clover Greek Road.) with 19 Town Lots ami 3 acrr of Land, more or less, ALL adjoining. The Improve ments are a Two Story f rame Weather Boanie l , ilou-e and Kitchen attached, a large frame Stable and Thrashinr+'lonfaMjdining-; Stone Smoke HON-E, Dry House, Wash House, and all necessary oiitlmi - ings. There is also an orchard of choice Frn.t lre<-S on the premises, with a great many P'UM tree-. Pear trees, FCC., The said Lots and Land area!! I. - dera good Post and Rail Fence, and in a very I.ign -tate of Cultivation. SAN! property IS in a very public place, and r>NM ; he very suitable either for a Store or Tavern \>- a two -*ory Brick House in the town of Woodberrr, I .*SO bv 10 teet, with a TwroStory Frame House oa THE ; same lot. with a good frame Stable. Wash-Home AMI all other necessary out buildings, being in t!I- n.o-' btisiuess part of the town, which would also BE A very suitable buililing lor a Store and Tavern. N. I). Either of the above properties will be snl-L at private sale by calling on the subscribers In IFJGFUI the property. LL7" TERMS easy, and made known on day OF SA'I SARAH MAGII.L, SILAS MOORE. Aug. 21, 1533. Register's Notice! ALL persons indebted either as heirs crailitors ur otherwise are hereby not.lied tßut the iollowmg 1.-am ed persons have filed their accounts in the R-gi-ier > Office and that they will be presented to the Orpine-* Court of Bedford County on FRIDAY the 1 7tn DAY of September next at the Court HOUSE for coolirma tion at which time and place they may attend IL they think proper. The account of William Smith administrator of : ■ 1 estate of George Smith late of Bedford township <LE ! ceased. ' The account of Abraham Moses and George ' Riddle Executors of the last Will ike of Samuel Mo-: - late of Union township deceased. The account of Nicholas Whitefine administrator of John Christian Biene late of Juniata township de ceased. j The account of John Brown Executor of the LI VE ill ice of David Thompson late of Bediord township : deceased. The account of John Sparks one ol the EXECS .'S I of the last will K*c of Thomas Morris late ol BEST j Providence township deceased. The account of Jeremiah Bennett adminitrat cum le-stameuto annexo of George Iryer late ol Soutb- I ampton township deceased. The account ot James Ce-sna F.sq administrator". | Joseph Cessna late of Cumberland \ alley towns.' !- I deceased- TLU: account of Hon Joseph B Noble one oi ; Executors ol the last Will &C of W illiam Galbran" lateyyf Napier township deceased, The account of William Beegie IS Ensuine: F" - administrators of tlie e-tate of Charles BEEG:E ..ite • ; Colerain township deceased. The account of John Metzger Esq adttiini'fra | of the E-tate of Marcos Sietzgar lute ol - ; Township deceased. , 'l'he account of Wesley Fisher administrator o! t... | estate of Philip Fisher late of East Providence town ship deceased. The account of A tpos Wertz administrator O I estate ol James Boylan late of Bedford County • | ceased. . ... Tne account of Solomon Sparks one ol 2'" trators of the estate of Abraham Sparks LA.EUL Providence township deceased. , The account ol Henry Hull and Y\ illiam TH' minis! rators of the estate ol Isaac Hull lateo! . -V- Township deceased. V . The account ol F.manucl Diehl & John - ) C ' Uxors of the last will ISC of Jonathan Nycuni la Colerain township deceased. ~ The account of George YV Figard ONE 01 " cntors of the last will KC of James L'igard IA-'T I Broadtop township deceased. . .. The account ot WM Adams Executor of , P Will ike ot Jacob Adams late ot Southampton 0 ! ship deceased. . , , T -. The account of Thomas King Guardian ol ' : tate ol Richard E Bonnet! late of Hopewell lou deceased. - .... The account of George If Spang K-q admin tor of the I-ta-te ot Thomas KE-'te DECEASED RL I one of the Executors of JOHN. Keeffe late ' | township de.eased. D. WASIIABAUGH, REIISLRL- I Aug. 30, 1533.

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