Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, October 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated October 5, 1855 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD GAZETTE, j Bedford, Oct •>, 1 55.1. G. W. Bowman, Editor and Proprietor- Democratic Cantiiiuitc for Canal Commis sioner, HON. ARNOLD PLTJMER, OF VENANCO COUNTY. Democratic County Ticket. ASSEMB LY : MA J. JOSEPH BHRNHARD, GEORGE X. SMITH, ESQ. TREASURER. ISAAC MENGEL, ESQ. COMMISSIONER THOMAS VV. MORTON, ESQ. DIRECTOR : HENRY NVF.RTZ, ESQ. AUDITOR: j. EDWARD PEARSON, ESQ. | CORONOR: \ HENRY TAYLOR, ESQ. are happy to slate that the Editor is still improving, and is now on a fair way to recover. A WORD TO VOTERS! \U7 = " Freemen of Bedford County, the election is close at hand. On Tuesday next you will be called upon to deposit your votes for the candidates that have been placed in nomination. A more important election has not been held for manv years. If you love the Constitution for which your forefathers have bled and died— if vou cherish and wish to perpetuate the glori ous privileges of our institutions —under which some of you have lived so long, and that so hap pily—it is high time that you should arouse and assist in striking do\vn this vile monster of know nothingism. That the Democratic Party is able, if united, todo this, we want no better evidence than the fact that their regularly nominated candidate for Canal Commissioner has been made to withdraw and acquiesce in the nomi nation of another man who comes before the people as the candidate of all the factions in the Stale. They know too well that their Order is too weak to attempt to run a candidate of their own—they know that hundreds have left them, and many more are leaving every day—but, in order to defeat the Democratic candidate foi Ca nal Commissioner, and for this sole purpose a lone, the}' are wjlting to abandon their nominee and go \yith abolitionists. We hope the FREE MEN of Bedford County will shew, on Tues day next, by giving a united support to the Democratic Ticket, that there is something more than a mere preference for candidates to be gained by this contest; lhat there is a principle involved which is dear to every lover of the CONSTITUTION and of civil and religious liberty. We cannot believe that the people will again place in power, men who have not the interest of their constituents at heart, but are sworn to act in accordance to the dictates of a secret oath-bound Order. We think the people of this Commonwealth were sickened to the very heart by the acts ol the Kno;v Noth ing Legislature last winter ; and if they will but remember the manner in which the* s<jmn dered the money ol the tax-payer, the law they passed in direct opposition to the expressed will of the majority, voting themselves five hundred dollars for the session, endeavoring to remove the Capitol to Philadelphia, and thereby incur; a heavv expanse tor the tax-payer to pay, and many other laws which the people repudiate j as unjust and tyrannical, they will see that this , is the time to crush these fanatical spuit.-, , teach them that the people rule. FREEMEN, 1 aiAise, and let the result ot luesday next, pro claim to the world that you still love the Con stitution and the Union. Arnold S'lumtr. ILfThis gentleman—the Democratic nomi nee for Canal Commissioner —is one ot the purest and best men in the Commonwealth, and will be elected by an overwhelming majority. The respectable papers of every party in the State speak of him in terms of praise—ail, even his bitterest political enemies, admit that he stands before the people with a character, both moral and political, unstained by a single blem ish. Such a man the people will always dt~ light to honor. OLIGARCHY. Pittsburg Union, speaking of the withdrawal of the Know-Nothing, Whig, and Abolition candidates, for Canal Commissioner, and acquiescing in the nomination of Nichol son, says: — •'But dangerous as must appear every innova tion which threatens the destruction ot the re publican sentiment —humiliating as is the con templation of laige masses of the American peo ple acquiescing calmly in the usurpation of authority, it cannot be denied, that there lias latelv appeared in one ot the political parties ol the day, a tendency to acknowledge and submit to the domination and dictation ol the lew, and to drown the voices ot the mass with the ty- lard's of necessity. But a few days ago the name ot 1 eler .Mar- j tin apeared at the head of the Know-Nothing tacket as the candidate tor Canal Commissioner. 11cannot denied that he was the regular nociime, of the Order in the State. Suddenly ,t is taken down, and the name o! .Mr. Nichol son appears in its place. How was the change effected 1 Simply by the wholesale usurpation j of authority by an Executive Committee—by a regular bargain and sale-by a piece ol trickery and management among the leaders and s[>oi!s men, with which the masses had nothing to do. Will they submit to it ' Of course they will. The majority does not control the Know-Noth ing order. It is in the hands ot the wire-pul lers —and the members are but the puppits. .To talk about the majority ruling, in an oath bound league, controlled and managed by the corrupt and broken down politicians ol ail the parties that have ever existed, is ridiculous. It in vain that here and there an independent voice attempts to assert its abhorrence at such bare-faced usurpation. The 2rand cnup tP elnf has been made. The order is in the hands of its own committee, and the oligarchy of Know- Nothing win is finally established. lUP'DEMOCRATS it is very essential to the success of our party this fall, that every voter is at the polls on the election. Let no Democrat remain at home—let no excuse be sufficient to keep him away. Every man should cast his vote on next Tuesday. The time is at hand Democrats must strike, and save the Con stitunon apd the Country. O\E 4'EEK LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMERS AMERICA AM) WASHINGTON. MOST IMPORTANT FROM THE CRIMEA ! SEBASTOPOL IN RUINS, A A 2J> 1; VAC I ATE. TERRIFIC SLAUGHTER OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH. Over 20,000 ot the Allies, and i 0,000 llussiasis Slain! ,\EW YORK, Sept. 27. The America brings European dates to the 15th inst. Her news from the Crimea is most important, announcing in full the fall of Sebasto pol, so long and so anxiously expected, on the i bth, after a bombardment ot three days and six ; repulses, one being a severe repulse of the ! French with terrific slaughter at the Redan Fort before the Malakotf tower, in which the I English and French troops lost about gO,OOU men, and the Russians more than half that num ber. The enemy evacuated the town alter blowing up the defences, sinking ali their ships and firing the city, leaving but a mass of smoul dering ruins. The total loss in this terrific af fair is" more than 30,000. Five French gener als, including General Bosquet, are among the ! killed. A large allied force is marching along the coast to intercept the inland retreat ot tiie Rus- sians. The Allies have captured an immense amount of the materials of war. It is reported that the Allies have demanded the unconditional surrender ot all the Russian troops, stores and defences in the Crimea, inclu ding the town of Odessa. . An attempt lias been made to assassinate Na poleon. PLAN OF THE ATTACK.—The place was at tacked in lour different diiections. i lie Brit ish attempted to storm Redan, the French to , attack Malakoff. The French extreme right J made a division on Little Redan, while the Eng lish, French and Sardinians made a united at tack on the central battery, l'he attacks were ; all made simultaneously with great spirit and energy, but the most eminently successful one was made bv Generals Bosquet and i\lac-.Ma hon, on Malakoff. Both the Redan and central batteries were at one time m the hands ot j the Allies, but it was found impossible to hold them under the accurate and murderous tire ot j the Russians. OPERATIONS IN THE SEA OF AZOFF.— A dis patch from the Sea of Azoff slates thai the : Allies are doing immense damage to th£ Rus sian vessels and merchandise along the coast. I The fisheries are almost entirely destroyed, and i the damage is estimated at several millions ol < francs. Two British steamers were about ascending the Gulf of Oukliook to destroy the government collected on the coast. FRANCE.—Bellmore, the would-be assassin, is undoubtedly a maniac, and will not be tried. 1 He will be sent to the Lunatic Hospital. The Emperor was to leave Paris on Tuesday,! the Sth, lor the camp at St. Outer, to review j the troops destined tor the Crimea. DENMARK.—It is reported that Austria has i j offered mediation to Denmark in the ditiicul ! ties with the United States concerning the ; ; Sound dues. RUSSIA.—A dispatch from St. Petersburg says the Czar intends going to Warsaw on the 13th with Count Nesse 1 rode, who will, it is supposed, there arrange for an interview with the King A Prussia. LATEST BV TELEGRAPH.—London, Saturday September lb.— A Paris correspondent says it is reported that 2b,000 troops embarked at Balaklava lor North of Sebastopol, and also that the Russian: are in lull retreat towards Pere kop. The Paris papers are discussing the quest ion whether Sevastopol is tenable by the Allies while the Russians are masters of the forts dn the .North sde, fronting tile sea. A dispatch from the Danube, dated the 14th, says the bJotkade. ships are expected to be or dered home immediately. It is rumord in the clubs to-dav, that the Allies have foind I*2oo guns in Sebastopol, and also, that the Russians were falling back cm Backsha SeraS ;but French rumors say that the Russians still cvtainiy hold the north side ol Sebastopol, and vj|l to the last extremity. It is also rumored in ?aris that the Allied admirals have decided that t is not expedient to enter the harbor ol Sebastopl, until Fort Constantine is silenced. It is proable that the Allies will at tack Fort Constantie from Fort Alexander and Artillery Bay. Later—Arrival ohhc Steamer U'ashing -011. NEW YORK, Sept. 2.— The steamship Wash ington, (rom Suuthainton, arrived at three o'- clock this altetnoon, tinging dates to the 12th mst. Iroin London ancf.iverjiooi. She brings 300 passengers. , Gen. Simpsoi, in adi a tch dated Sebaslopdfc Sept. 9th. says—Sebastijol is in the hands <*r the Allies. Tie enemy evacuated the sousf side, after exploding the, magazines, settirig tire to the towi, and burj n g a H the ships of war except thive strainers The bridge com municating wilh the orth ide was destroyed., A dispatch to the f minister of war, says: Karaheiuia and a (l th side of Sebas topol no longer exist, lie enemy perceiving, our solid occupation, evdiateA the place alter blowing up nearly all The chid lionots ol the day are du*i Generals Bosquet ; and Machmaker. A dispatch from Varna.ys : —Malakofl and Redan, batteries ol Careenj Bay, w rr carried by storm. On seeing the *ench eagles float ing on Malakof, General v Salles made two attacks upon the central b.y) fI , but failed. Prince Gortachakoff tel4iphs on the 9th that Sebastopol, alter sustailr a niost irtfetoal fire, and repulsing six succe| e as>aults, louftfl we could nut drive the errJrom Malakolfa of which they had Q ur biavej troops resisted to the last extremity. The ene my found nothing in the southern part of the town but blood-stained ruins. When the intelligence of the fall of Sebasto pol reached London and the provincial cities, demonstrations of jov were manifested at all the theatres and places of amusement. When the facts were officially announced at each place, hands struck up the national anthems of Eng land and France. The news of the evacuation of Petropaulowski by the Russians, reached London on the 11th. FRANCE. —The life of the Emperor of the French was attempted on the night of the 1 Oth, when some person tired two pistols at a carriage in which it was supposed the Emperor was.— The assassin was arrested. His name is Belle man, and he isevidenly a maniac. Tor the Gazette. A W ORD TO FREEMEN. In the approaching contest which is to come off on 1 the 9th inst., only let our Patriot forces he marshal ' led in solid colums and we shall perform a solemn . i duty to our Fathers, ami to ourselves—let the memo \ ry of the departed heroes, and sages of the Revolu : tion, stimulate us to assist in staying the rohing tide that would sweep away the Constitutional ob ligations so olten and so successfully defended by Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, Webster. Cass, and other noble spirits. .And you "Old line Whigs who con- i stitute the guard about the tomb of Clay—who love ] j to dwell with delight upon bis heroics devotion and I : almost super human efforts in the cause of the rights ' of man, and the honor of his beloved country, stirnu- I late you to the same patriotic devo'ion—now in the j ' winter of discontent made hideous by the bow lings ' of fanatics in all quarters of the tin ion—come up to: ! the work like men—unite your efforts with the ever 1 true Constitutional party,and once more, my friends, j 1 our beloved m-titutions will be preserved, and by the , Divine permission, handed down to the end of posteri- I j ty. So thai from generation to generation our de-"* cendant- may sit under their own vine arid tig tree, and worship God according to the dictates o! con, ' ] science with none lo make them afraid. Oh ! my deluded brethren you who have left the 1 1 line of safe precedents—and in tin evil moment of mi-conception fallen into an evil and destructive or ; ganization. Come out from its baneful influence as j j speedily as possible, and take your stand once again ' i on the side of your beloved country, and do or die in j the cause of liberty and Union. In 1812-11 ambitions and designing mer. asked j what is the Constitution worth, of what value is the i j Union / in that day courage and patriotism triumph- I ; eil and the country was saved, and this was the j answer the people gave to the Harford Convention, j Ihe country was then saved irorn impending ruin— j and we are now called on once again to stand to our ! colors and nail our (lag to the* mast-bead of "old Con- I stitutioii" and whip tbe enemy—as did that gallant old Sal! in the "Iron Sides" in the war of 1812—let our people only be made acquainted with the extent ot their danger, and arts, and combinations of their j | adversaries, and the result will be no longer doubt- I ful. i'he Democratic party will discomfit their oppo- i j nents hy a defeat so thorough and complete, that it 1 ! will be her-after regarded as a more firm re-adaption : I of the Constitution by the people and will bind lis j more strongly than ever in fraternal bonds in all the ■ ; States of tbe Union. TALIAFERRO. advertisement of A. B. Cramer &. Co., is crowded out this week.—Mr. CRAMER has been Fast and purchased a Largo and Supe- ; j rior Stock ot Goods* and invites all who wish to j boy cheap to give him a call, at his store in the I Exchange Building. Read on our first page to-day, the remarks of Hon. A. H. STEPHENS, who is known as one of j the most able Whigs in Georgia. We have no j doubt that there are in Bedford County, many ; Whigs, who rnterlain the same sentiments, and \viff, on Tuesday next, show bv voting the De mocratic ticket, that they have not yet consent ed to be governed by a mid-night oath . " , bound association : ftuv. Dr.. • -0/7tW*r. -or. VutX.VTttrY OX til'!?. ! Tr.-T-ni Know Nothings, (says the Jfissisain jiian,) arid particularly those professing reli gion, ponder the following extracts from the Gospel oi Jesus : and we especially invite the | attention of Methodists to Rev. Dr. Clarke's comments thereon. Torn to (he first Epistle of James, 3th chapter, and 12th verse and read • : i; H U { above all things, my brethren, swear not, J : neither by heaven, neither by the earth, nei ther by any other oath, lest ye fall into con demnation." So likewise in Matthew, sth chapter, and 34-th verse : "But I say unto , you, swear not at all , neither by heaven, for it I is God's throne, nor by the earth, for it is His j footstool, nor by Jerusalem, far it is the city | of the great King.'" Rev. Dr. Clarke, in his commentary on these passages, says : "He that uses any oath, j except that which lie is solemnly called 'by the 1 magistrate to make, so fur from being a Chris tian, does not deserve the reputation of decency j or common sense." i 15 A SI U E Ei I?: j Cn the 25th day of September, in Cutnber ! Valley Township, hy A. Blair, Esq., Mr. , H)|. WOLF, of Frederick County, Aid. to Miss SARAH E. GREEN, of Allegany County, Md. DIED, At the residence of her Mother, on Saturday morn ! ins the 25th ult. of Pulmonary consumption, VICTO | uu, daughter of the late William and Mrs. Mary late, If it is a grateful task to he permitted to pen the last tribute to the memory of an heir of Grace at any ! time, how much more so is it to place on record the j names of those, who though children in years, under ! j the genial,'cherishing beams of the Sun of Right-I eousness, aer early ripened for Heaven. Oh! how good ! and how kind is the blessed God of our Salvation, in giving to his children here, not only his sure promt j ses to uphold them under the burden and heat of the conflict into which they have entered—the conflict "With sin— -1 emptatinn without and corruption within," j but aho lest their faltering taith should fail thern, amid the storms and strifes incident to our state of i probation, giving them, as their tVfevv prisoners of hope, one by one are passing, upheld St>y the everlast | ing arms, over the Jordan ol death, and casting their anchor,' sure and stiong, upon the other share, such glimpses of the bright, eternal glories within the | veil, as revives their drooping feats, and gives them ' courage and strength to wield the whole armor of '"'d, and fight anew the good tight of faith, until that j tpe, when the Master shall say "it is enough come ' j higher," Such was the privilege of those who j I witnessed the death scene of the subject of this me- ; | moir : Those who watched in her dying chamber. j "Were privileged beyond tbe common walks of life j titiite on the verge offleaveji." Her end was such as might have been expected i front her pure, con-istent life, but as the limits jot an obituary notice would tail us to describe. She : early gave her heart to God, and he early tried her ; faith in the turnace of affliction ; hut it only proved j ber foundation to be pure gold, arid the fires oply re fined it. Her experience was mq& precious during her protracted sufferings, and a tit-be end, her doubts all removed, her fears all fled. He Ivbo had given her living grace, made good his her dy ing grace and crowned that grace vvijtv j), lr . ing her dying hours there was no d&ubiing " that the "Angel of the Covenant" was with her. The pre cious Redeemer whs theie saying, "fear not 1 am with thee." and when with the last dying effort she prayed, "Jesus take me home," he answered the pe- j : tition, and the sentence of prayer begun on earth*] ended in a song ot triumphant praise in Heaven -Jtf. She was gone: and while the mourner lingered at her j' I couch, glory, bright, inedible glory burst upon her ■ ! vision, 1 j "The sunshine of Heaven beamed bright on tier wa-' king And the song fhjftt she heard, was the Seraphim's | song" <• | Oh! "let me die the death of the righteous and let IIIV LA-t end be like his." 11. On the morning of the 29th nit,, Mr. Philip Rltch py, son of Abraham llitrhey, of Snake Spring Valley, died suddenly. The deceased wa-> a man who de servedly enjoyed the highest esreem of the entire Community in which lie lived. The day before his death he appeared to enjoy perfect health, and during the whole day and evening, he exhibited an unusu ally fine How of spirits and had purposed ri-ing early in the morning to pursue the labours of the day to advantage; but how strange are the ways of piovi dence; he arose very early and dres-ed himself.but thinking it to early, he stepped towards his bed to lie down a little while aghm when he suddenly fell to the floor and before a light could be procured he had passed from time to eternity! He was in the 3Sth of his age. "He ye also ready for ye know not when the Son of Man cometh." LIST OF LF.TTF.KS Remaining in the "Post Of fice at Bedford Pa., Sept. 20th, 1855. Pei-ons cal ling lor letters in this list, will please say they are advertised. , W| Ashmead Saml A, Anderson kins J L, Barley Daniel, Bally Robert, Boor Klrma, or Ann, Bowers Henry, Bowman Francis Gen. Bid* ille Morgaret Mrs, Biair William, Bugley William, Brown J D, Bow-en David or Adams A. Cox Jane Miss, Compiler Alexander, Carter Rirriard,Collins J, Dishon William, Davis Allen 2, Dunheim Kmannej Dunlap Andrew, Davis Thomas R Dennis Geo It Dr. Fisher William, Furguson Su-an Miss, Flickering Joseph, Ford William, Griffith Jesse, ,Grimes VV IL Grath Prolf. Gwynn Walter F.sq, Gillespie James, : Grumman Charles. Hanev Elizabeth Mi-s, Ilardmg i Isaac 2, Heltzel Charles, Iluzzard Christiana, Hark leroad Bengainin F. Jones Thomas' M, Jarvin R, Kirby Henry, Klinelirig Mr, Kent Euginia Miss.— ' Lands Israel, Loft is James, Lee Jacob, Lo-ick Mr. ; >lelone Margaret Miss, Meloy Catharine Mi-s, Mr- Klriey Samuel. Miller David T, Mathens VV 13, Mil ler Caroline. Mortimore Harriet, Maxwell Robert, Moorehead G VV, Marin' Silas. Nixon William G. j Otto Josiah, Potts Jo-epb H, Piatt Porter, Packer 1 Joseph, Peel Aaron Price John, Pierce Catliu, Reig , hart Andrew, Park & Robinson, Ripley Jacob, Rieg hart Abraham, Rickel Daniel, Richards John, Smith Fjfderick L, Sheckel^ Sheinan VV'AS, Smousti Abner, i Sill Ann M, Skiles Lvtle. Stifflfr Wiiliam, Sea ton , Amber-on, Seaton A B, Snell William, Smith G C, j Smith J Marsh, Smith Ann Miss Ann Mis-, Stone j Daniel, Taylor Abram M 2, Tamlio-ou John, Thorn jas Mary .Mi--. Tharp Theodore, Thomas J W •'}, Thayer X 2, *!jjrout Edward. Wall' Catharine M, Walter Jacob. 2, M'tlliam-on Ezra, Worton John"2\ U'ertz Evens, Wbetsone Levi, Wi.-e --garver Adelia Miss. FRANCIS I). SAUPP, Acting P. M. Oct. 5, 15.33*. Attention Riflemen-! ! Yon are hereby notified to appear on parade. Jin w inter uniform, with plume on Thursday i the 18th inst., at the usual hour. By order of the OhqjV. WM. REEFE, 0. s. Oct. 5, 1855. COLONADE STORE. l&t't'tl WOULD RESPECTFULLY inform the citizens ot Bedlord and vicinity, that he ha-just.op-ned In new and splendid stock of goods, in tho&xive!} known COLONADE STORE, in Bedford Bomngb. He m j vites all to call and examine bis fresh and cjr&ap stock of goods, consisting of every variety—and particu larly of FALL 8c WINTER GOODS, SILK GOODS, CLOTHS, and CASIMERS, HATS, ! arid CAPS. A large assortment of Boots and Shoes, Hardware and Qtieensware—Umbrellas and Fancv notions. Ladies Dress Goods,-and a large assortment j of WINTER SHAWLS The Ladies are partfciilsrby invited to examine his stock of Dry Gooil ShoeHptyc. Groceries and a",I other articles usually kept in a first class Dry Good, Store. Tbe sirbscriber has purchasedMs goods with great Va're, and witl dipo<e of them at the lowest rash prices. Having determined to do a ca-h and produce hui>ness, he will be able to sell at the shortest pro tits. He asks his friends and the public to give him a call when bis goods will be shown with pleasure, sale or no sale. EC?" You may look for Bargains at REED'S Colonade Store. Oct. 5, 1853. PIBLIC m OF Vahialilc Ileal Kxtatc! By virtue of art Order ol the Orphan's cotirl of Bedford County, the undersigned, Adminis trator, of tthe estate of Mary Sainmel, late of St. Clait township, Bedford County, deceased, will sell at public vendue or outcry, on the premises, on SATURDAY, the 3d day of Nov. .next, the following Real Estate, to wit : One tract of land containing 11G acre? more or less, about 70 acres are cleared and under fence, about 15 acres of which is first rate meadow; the improvements are a two storv log house, with a good back building, a good Spring house, and never tailing Spring of water close to the dwelling house, a double bog barn : there is also an orchard of choice fruit of every kind on the premises. TERMS:—Cash at confirmation of the sale on the lGth of Nov. next. SAMUEL GAKN, A din i nisi rat or. Oct. 5, 1855. Public- Sale OF Valuable Heal Estate ! By virtue ol an' order of the Orphan's Court of Bedford County, the undersigned, Trustee of Simon Claar, late of Union Township, Bedford County, deceased, will sell at public vendue or outcry, on the premises, on FRIDAY, the 'id day of November next, the following Real Es tate, to wit : ! One tract of land containing 160 acrs, more | or leg, 60 or 70 acr>s are cleared and under fence, ten acres of which are meadow, with a | two story log dwelling house, carpenter shop ; and bank barn tliereon erected—there is also a ; fiist rate apple orchard on the premises: adjoin ; mg lands of Geo. Knisely, Frederick Claar, Dr. j Shoeoberger's heirs. Also a tract or piece of j land containing 7.") acres, more or less, about 5 ' acres cleared; adjoining lands of Dr. R. Shoen herger's heiis, Jacob Heard and others. TERMS: One-lhind in band on thp 19th nf November, lS'.o, at confimation of sale, and the balance in two equal anual payments with out interest—payments to be secured by judy : tnent bonds. SAMUEL CARX, Trustee. Oct. r, i 5.0.0. Notice: The partnership heretofore existing between the under signed, under the name and firm of Rupp & Oster, is this day dissolved, bv mutual consent. G. W. Rupp is authorized to settle ,ie business of the late firm, and to collect all •di'bts due thereto. G. W. RUPP, G. R. OSTER. PUBLIC SHE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE! BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, the subscriber wilt expo to sale, by public vendue or outcry at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedford, on SATURDAY, THE 3d DAY OF NOVEMBER next, the following described Real E-tafe, late the property of Solomon Filler, deceased, viz: A Lot of ground in the Borough of Bedford, being lot No. 13 in the plan of said Borough, situate on Johanna Street, containing GO feet in front on said street and running back 010 feet—having thereon e rected a first rate, commodious Ira me boarding house, frame stable, icf-house, Terr pin alley and other build ing*. This property is har.d-ouiely located on the fetreet leading to the Bedford Springs and is a very desirable one—particularly to a person wishing to keep a private boarding house lor which purpose it has been used for several years. The building is sufficiently large to accommodate lifty or sixty boar ders, and is insured tor lour years from the '23 d day of September instant. Also, A lot of ground in the village of Rainsburg, in Colerain township in said County, marked in the plan of said village No. 21, containing 62J feet in (rent and 165 leet back having thereon erected a sciitill log stable. Also, A tract of land in said Township of Colerain, containing GO acres 3!) perches and allowance, ad joining lands of Abraham Kerns'heirs, George James and others, arid surveyed on Warrant, datei] April 2b. A. 1). 1850, granted to the said Solomon Filler. LL/"" TERMS : Cash at the confirmation of the -ale. S. L. RUSSELL, Exmttor of the la*/ Will , i\v., of Solomon Siller, decr.axed. Sept. 14, 1853. PUBIC SALE! OF REAL ESTATE! By virtue of an . order of the Orphans' Court ! of Bed lord County, trie undersigned, administra tor of the estate of John Blunklev, late of Mon , roe Township, deceased, w ill offer at public j sale, on the premises, on SATURDAY, tlm 27th ol October next, the following d esc tilted Real Estate, to wit : A tract of land containing 389 acres, adjoin ing lands of William O'Neal, William Cornell, widow Evans, Lewis Koons and others, in Mon roe Township. The Improvements are a two-story Log house and Log-Barn, with a huge number of choice frmt-tiees thereon. The land is well watered and well timbered. There are about iOO or 125 acres cleared ami in a good state ol cultiva tion. i!Lr"Terms : —One-third in hand on the 19th November, 1855, at confirmation of sale, and the balance iii two equal anuai payments with out interest. J(;IIN SPARKS, A Jm i n isf rotor. S>pt. 28, 187.7. NOTICE. The undersigned, appointed by the Orphan's Court ol Be.lloid Oimuiy, to examine the ex ceptions filed to the account of Solomon Sparks, one otjlie executors ot the last Will, Ne., of Abraham Sparks, deceased, and to report the facts, will attend to the duties of said appoint ment at the house of John A Gump, in Bloodv- Riin, on Saturday the 13th day of October 1855, at 10 o'clock, A. M. when and where ail per sons interested can attend. J NO. P. REED, Auditor, Sept. 21, 1535. Jtfcnvu&'d: Was stolen on the night of the 24-th inst., a dark brown horse, star in the forehead, Hi hands high, with very heavy tail and mane, and little galldetl on the neck. Supposed to be about 1 I years old. The above reward will be given for the horse and thief, or ten dollars for the horse. JOHN HARSHBERGER, near St. ClairsvHie. Sept. 28, 1855. Aotice of IttifciiMfiois. Whereas Jacob Smith late of .Middle Woodbury Township Bedford County deceased died seized ol the following Real E-tateviz: A Tract ot Land known as the Mansion tract Ad joining Land-of Samuel Carper Robert Elder Chris tian Hodman and olheis containing two hundred and tour acres and one hundred and forty-five perches and allowance be the same more or less. Also one other tract ot Land well improved adjoin in;; Lands of Samuel Carper Robert Elder I.and- lute ot Henry I-luck Esq and land of Jacob Hippie con taining 10(1 and 10 perches and allowance be the same more or less. Al-o one other tract of land well improved adjoin in;; lands ot Christian Hoffman Simon Beard John Lonjtanecker and others containing 107 acres and 70 perches and allowance be the same more or le^s. Also one other tract ot Land being unimproved ad joining lands ofChristian Lotfman John Longaneck er and oiliers containing 20 acres and 1-30 perches and allowance more or less. Leaving a widow Elizabeth Smith and issue 13 children to wit Susanna Ebersole widow of Daniel Mary intermarried with Abraham Ebersole Abraham Smith Daniel Smith Catharine intermarried with John Carper Elizabeth intermarried with Jacob Car per (petitioner) Barbara intermarried with William Strinuse Nancy intermarried with Christopher Car per Jacob Smith Hannah Smith Fanny intermarried with David Stonerook Mbrgaret intermarried with Samuel Hare and John Snnlh all residing in the -aid County ot Bedford except John Carper and Catharine his wile who reside in Bureau County Illinois and pe titioner and wife leside in the County of Blair Pa. Notice is therefore hereby given that in pursuance of a writ of petition or valuation to me directed 1 will proceed to hold an frrrpii.-ition or Valuation on the premises on TUESDAY the lGth day of October next, when ami where all interested may attend if they see proper. HUGH .MOORE, Sheriff. Sept. 21, 1555. PU BLIC SALE OF VARIABLE REAL ESTATE! By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court ol Bedford County, the undersigned, administra tor of the estate of Jacob Deihl, late of East Providence 1 ownship, Bedford Countv, decea sed, will expose to public sale, on the premises, on BAI I RDAV,tlie 13th day of October next, the following Real Estate, to wit : One tract of land containing 220 acres 135 perches and allowance, w ith a good story and a hall Irame and log House, large frame Bank Barn, and other out buildings thereon erected also a good apple orchard and other choice fruit thereon—about ninety acres cleared and uuder fence—ten acres of which is meadow , the re mainder well timbered, adjoining lands of John Nvciiin, William Lysinger, Abraham Sparks's heirs and others. TERMS: Cash at confirmation of the sale on the 19th of November next. SAMUEL H. TATE, Ad mi n ist rat or. Sept. 21, 1855. GENERAL ELECTION PROCLIM iTIO\. VVIIEREAS in and by an act of Genen! A semoly ol the Commonwealth of Penmvl. entitled "An Act to regulate the General tions within this Commonwealth " it is C ~ upon me to five public notice of such E'JIT? and to enumerate in said notice what Ce'""' are to he elected, ] HUGH MOORE, SherTr j the County of Bedford, do hereby make l, and give this public notice to the El.-r the County Of Bedford, that a General EUr Will be belli in said County, on the secondT.! '" day of October next, at the several ei rt .'"" Districts, viz: elm,o The Electors of the Borough of Bedford a Township ol Bedford to meet at the (■ ' House in said Borough. Uurt The Electors of Bmadtop Township tome, at the house ot Win. Gritfith m said Towr ship. n ~ The Electors of Colerain Township to meet house ot Ruben Smith in Raiiuburo j n ' U Township. a 1(1 'i'iie Electors of Cumberland Valley Town?' | to meet at the New School Ho.nw erected the land owned by John Whip's heirs i n JJ | 1 ownship. ' The Electors of Harrison Township t 0 m „ et at School House number f>, near the dwellfo, i house of Henry Keyser in said Township, ' I The Electors of J uriiata Township to „,eet at the house now occupied by William K.v Sfr ' ' said Township. " " ' | The Electors of Hopewell Township lo'i M !at the School House near the house 0 f J,,hn I Dasher in said Township, I lie Electors ol Londonderry Tuvvashu-1 * ; meet at the house now occupied by Win. H Hill as a shop, in Bridgport, in said Town'shr," The Electors of the Township of Liberty' i j meet at the School House in Stouerstown in tt j,i Township. The Electors of Monroe Township to meet at the house of David O'Neal in Cleamlle, in said Township. The Electors of Napier Township and Solh j burg Borough to meet at the house built | Jr a ! School House in tlie Borough of Scliellsbur". The Electors of East Pdovideuce Township | to meet at the bouse of John Niycum Jr. iukeip i er in said Townhsip. The Electors of West Providence Township ' to meet at the new Log School House at Bloody . Run in said Township. The Electors of' St. Clair Township to mp-t at the store near the dwelling house of Gideon j Trout in said Township. The Electors of Union Township to meet at the house of Michael VYyant in said Towti j ship. The Electors of South Woodberrv Township to meet at the house of Joseph Oster, utar ! Noble's mill in said Township. The Electors of Southampton Township to meet at the house ot \\ illiam Adams in -aid i Township. The Electors of the Township of Middle ; Woodberry to meet at the house ol Henry Fluke in the village ol Woodberry : at which lime and i place the quallitied Electors will elect by Lai ! lot , ONE PERSON for Canal Commissioner ol the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: ONE PERSON for Pleasure? of BetHford ; County. TWO PERSONS, in conjunction with Bedford Fulton and Cambria, as Representatives in the Legislature ol the Commonwealth oflVnn sylvamaMt ■ t ONE PERSON for Commissioner of Bedford- County, for the term ot 3 years : ONE PERSON for Director of the Poor. ONE PERSON for Auditor ot Bedford County. I'lie election to be opened between the Itottra ! of 7 and S o'clock in the forenoon, by a public I proclamation, and to keep open until seven o'- ! cluck in the evening when the pulls shall be j Closed. .YOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES. That every person, excepting Justices of the ' Peace, who shall hold any office or appointment | of profit or trust under the United States, or j ol tins Stale, or any city or corporated district, j whether a commissioned officer or otherwise, | a subordinate officer, agent, who is or shall be ; employed under the legislative, executive or Judiciary department of this State, or of any I city, or ot any incorporated district, and T> , that every member of Congress and ol the State Legislature, and of the select or common council of any city or Commissioners of any incorpora ; ted district is bv law incapable of holding or exercising at the time the office or appointment ol judge, inspector or clerk of any election ol this Commonwealth, and that no inspector,judge or other othce of such election shall be eligible to be then voted for. And the said act of assembly, entitled "an act relating to elections of this Commonwealth," passed July 3, 1839, further provides as follows, to wit : "That tlm inspectors and Judges, shall meet ! at the respective places appointed for holding j the election in the district at which they re spectively belong, before eight o'clock in the morning of the 2d Tuesday of October, and each said inspector shall appoint one clerk, who shad be a qualified voter of such district. "In case the person who shall have received the second highest number votes for inspector, shall not attend on the day of any election, then the person who shall have received the second highest number of votes for Judge at the fleXt preceding election, shall act as inspector in his place.; And in case the person who has receiv ed the highest number ol votes for inspector shall not attend, the person elected judge shall appoiit an inspector in his place, and in ca.-e the person elected judge shail not attend then j the inspector- who received the highest number I ot shall appoint a judge, in his [dace : aau it any vacancy shall continue in the hoard for i the space of one hour after the time fixed '■} : law for the opening of the election, the quau i tied Vjpters lor the township, ward or district for which such officers shall have been elected, pi'* sent at the election, shall elect one ol their | number to fill such vacancy. "It shall be the duty ot the several assessors respectively to attend at the place ol holding every general, special,or township election on ring the whole time said election is kept open, tor the purpose of giving information to the tr<- I specters, and judge, when called on, in relate" 1 to the right of any person assessed by them fo vote at such election, and on such other mat! in it-Nation to the assessment of voters, as 1- said inspectors or either of them shall Irons t'" l to time require. "No person shall be permitted to vote, at a,l \ election as aforesaid, than a white freeman ' the age of twenty one or more, who shall U' 1 I resitted iu this State at least one year, am. ia

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