Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 28, 1860 Page 3
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I voTICK OF INQUISITION.— I * WHEREAS, Dr. William W. K-ed, Ute 01 Woo<ibprry Township, Bedford county, dec M I oflb ileaerib-stf real estate, to I °' 'our certain parcels or tract* of land, one vv " being the Mansion tract containing one htin :'"T sixteen acres, more or less, adjoining land- Keplogle, Benjamin Voters, Peter Rock I * '"v'raham Kversole, also one tract o( Mountain II l "' i containing two hundred acres and allowance. I , a ad of David Snowberger, David ilfilter I M • ' rs. also one other tract of Mountain land B " ! aboOVJorty five acres, adjoining lands ot fl , iV'erkmSMthristian Kocbcdorfer and others, n interest OT one third part of one other tract i containing fifty acres, adjoining lands of r '|.Tiin Yoters, and Frederick Stoler. ; leaving a widow, since, deceased, and threp *o wit, Aaron iieed, Wi.liain Reed and Na ,'f! P. Reed, to whom, after the death of the widow, he devised all his teal estate to be e- I ,';,Viv divider! among rhem. ' , e is, therefore, hereby" given that in pur>ii '.if a writ.of partition or valuation to me direc ' Mill proceed to hold an Inquisition or vahia cti sod premises on Friday the 2d, day of No- L, r psoO, when and where aliparties interested .jc attend if they see proper. 'rtfj Office, Bedford, t WM>s FLUKE, Sh'lf. M kept. 2Mb lbbO. S Kl FHA roirs NOTICE B ,V LETTERS of administration, on the estate tpeter haishaw, late of Middle Woodbury town ' ndeceased, having been granted to the subscri * residing in said township, all persons indebted . -.nil estate are, therefore, notolieil, to make piy . ni'fltdiately, and those having claims against estate, will present the same, well auttieHti ■ , 4 for settlement. ■ vp; . .s;b, -'6 O. ISAAC K. LATSHAW. B flllPHANs' COURT SALE. vJ By virtue ol an order I cf ,fj e Orphans' C'otirt o| Bedford county, ■ , !r undersigned wtf! sell at public sale, oa the premises, on I hursdav, the l'.)l!i c ;y || October, ins!., a !V3c.i ot i3rul coiitainiug; 80 ■ acrf ,g more or less, a nut 20 acif* under cnlliva ■ ibn, and some 30 acres more suitable lit r. -tt-.i --■ ..vv, havine inerentl ' reC'etl a two S'liiy In;- ■ • r . : , water at the dour, adjoining lands ol L:i: ; R : ers. Stephen Wonders,.'math"n L r.e..,d --p,r ami others, situate in Xapter T .hip, fi-Jtord County, being late tne res;: u>• < • George Davis u'.cen-eii. The sale wt;l h - at TO o'clock A. M. v. hen terms <.-! de iviii be made known. Persons d: siring to !'r cbas*, will find this aw V uvsiraMe pmpertv ■s ul are invited t 1 •.•tienri. GEORGE N. KLLH. Adm'r ol (■ <• X. Div;.-, dee d. . Sep. 21, ISb' k . 'i'OTICF.— Letters testamentary on tie ltd will and testament of Henry VV t-nvvrlirttj, ' t'.e of West Providence tat* nship, det'd., Bavin* been granted to the sut-criii-i. rcyjiling' in tiwnshij), notice is therefore i*e;, to all per sons indebted to saiJ estate, tr make imtmmiale eavmen'. and those having ci tints will pr tserU them duiv authenticated for settlement. MARY WEAVERLI.XG, Sept. CI, IS6O. y ExeCU'.IlX. A D W/ Vl> TRATOR'S NO TICE, Letters of administration hpoft the Estate of Wurman Johnson, Uie of Southampton, dee'd, having be-n g r tnir-il to the undersigned, all persons knowing themselves indebted to said estate, are hereby Ooiifi-d to i' ike immediate payment and those having t ims are requested to present them properly ' enlicated for settlement. JOHN MORA, q ep. 21, ISml. Administrator. riUIN NO l ltf.. The Siockh riders of ihe "Hfird Mineral Springs Company. iV here •/ . iifi'ili-d that the annual election ol President i'i l Directors ol said Coinpanv, will he In ! ! : the Bedtord Springs, on Ihurs.ay, Die h day of October, inst., l>etween the hour-- f one and three o'clock P. M. ol said day. JOHN P. REED. SeD. 21, 1-860. Secretaiv. ' |}K(fCEA,MATIO\ OF liE\E t'ltl elt'Clou.**H hcrean, in itiitl by nn Act of Deneral A-sembly of the i.'ommon- • ■■ *lth of Pernsylvanix, entuieil "An Act to reg- ! i ate Ihe General Elections within this Common- ] wealth," it is enjoined upon tee to give public no- i ce ol said ejections, aiul to enumerate in said no* i tire what others are to he el cted, I, WM. S. • FLUKE, Aherilf'ol the Count y of Beniord, do her 5y tn.ise known and give this public notice to the : lectors of the County of Bedford, that a General K'-rfton will he held in raid County, on the Tues- ' ''•■ V after the brt Monday, being the h 6th day ol '•'ovember, IStjb, at the t several election districts, • ta : i' e rlectois ol the Borough of Bedford and towu- 1 ■f.;> oi 1 edtoid, to meet t the Coutt Rlouse in -aic.' Beroiigh. Ihe electors of Broad Top township i meet at ' 2° School House in the town of Hopewell. the electors of Colerain township to rr.e -t at the j toase oi.Joshua Filler, in Rainsburg, in said town- j I'r.e electors of Cumberland alley township to tceet at thr new School House erecred on the IK.'H! ••ur:eJby John Whip's heirs in said township. the lectors of Harri-on township to meet at '"•'TOlhouse number t, near the dwelling house of iGtiry Keyser in said township. 1 tie electors of Juniata township to meet at Key- ] •rr's School House in . aid township. i se electors of Hopewell township to meet at the i Ac 00l House near the house of John Dasher tu said j ' "*r.:-hip. i he electors of Londonderry township To meet at I tb hsiiMnow ocrnp;..,! by W m , ri. Hill, as a shop, | ui Bridgeport, in said towrishtp. ■he electors or the township ot Liberty to meet 1 "I me Srb.'ot Lou-e m btoneistown in said town- ' snip. k I be factors ot donro? township to meet at the ' i-e ,;itely occupied by Janus C„rneli in Clear-: v ioe, in said township. - '• eiectois of Schellsbnrg boiouah to meet at I &ncii bchooi House in said borough. I - -* e ' Cf '°" Napir township to me®t a' the Y *" c "Ool House in the borough of Schelis ■' S-. T • electors of East Providence township to meet 'A , a( ' u 'e lately occupied by John Nycum jr., in ( 1 tu i.stnp. 3 tt 'y" f '', c! .? r ' 01 Snake Spriog township to meet et ■'■o. ill.,use near the Methodist cuuich oil the cl Joho G. Hartley. j. ! f n'orso! \\ est Providence townshipto ine -t ),£ ® School House at Bloody Run m taid town • ••e eleetort ol St. Clair township to meet at the 1 c ar the dwelling home of Gideon Tront in A,: ■"•■ '•>bip. , r - ' ''''"or* of Union township to meet at the I ; *>l hou-e near Mo wry s Mill, in -aid township. ] „ / p .fetors ol South Wood berry tow nub p to , * l !tw house.of-Samuel Oiter near Noble's tr lli ' tewnsnq,. • " "leetorg of Southampton township to meet at 1 • - oi War. A'tani' in -aid township. . *'elors of the towi-bip o>' V: M!e U ""'"I at tft e house of Hern y Ffui> tn the vi!. i!,, ;at which time, ai d the pjarev lot tbe ®iecto f s wi'l eiefct by - S,!Sen fcr the State oi Penr. l " e vote °f sai'l State, for Preruier.t Ta 6 resic ' ent of the United States. ndVoV!, i 0? t0 be opv |lerf between the hours of 7 tin rii ln " ,e forenoon, by public proclaim- . Uftv 11, ° RD 1 o'riocf: iri the evening the po;!s shall be closed. Police i Hereby That every person excepting Justices of the peace, who shall hold any office or appointment o! piolit or trust Under th" United St iles, p: ol this State, or any city or corjnrrated district, whether a commis sioned officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, a gent who is or shall be employed under the legisla ture, executive or Judiciary department ot this is .ate or ol any city, or ot any incorporated district, and also, that every member ot < ongress and ol the State Legislature, and of the select or common council ol any city, or Commissioners of any mcorpoiated dis- | trict, is by ln.w incapable <>l holding or exeicising ; at the time, the office or appointment of Judge, in- j spector or clei:. ot any election of this Common- | wealth, and t .it no inspector, judge or other officer :of such election shall be eligible to be then voted • ' lor * I And the said act ot as-err.bly entitled "an act re i latin; to elections of tine Common wealth," passed July dd, IMb, further provides as follows, to j wit : I hat the inspectors and judges shall meet at the ! | respective places appointed lor holding the election : in the district at which they respectively belong, be- : lore 8 o oclock in the morning of tire 2d Tuesday of j (. ctouer, and each sain in-pector shall appou.L one clerk, >vno shall he a qualifiei voter of such dis- j ' trict. , "til case ttie person who shall have received the 1 second highest number of votes lor inspector, snali • ) not attend on the day ot any election, then the p"r --j Son who shall have received the second highest I number of votes lor Judge at the next preceding c- ! lection, shall act act as inspector in his place. Anil in case the peivui who has received the highest number ot vote .- lor inspector shall not attend, the ; person elected judge siiul! appoint an inspector in I his place, and in Case the peison elected judge shad i not attend, then it.- inspector who received the highest number ofvotes shall appoint a jinice in Irs j piece ; and it any vacancy shall continue in the boa;d for the space of one hour alter the time fixed | by law tor the opening of the election the qualified | voteis lor the Tovwislnp, ward or district toe which ' such officers shall have been elected, piesent at the I election, shall eleci one ol tiieir irtinrbi. •* to I, , such : a vacancv. It shell be the dutv oi t fro several JISSP" >r- re spectively to attend at the place of Ituidtwg every ; general, special, pr to.v-H.-it:;> election during he whole time -urn eiectu n is kept open, lor the pu.'- I pose of giving inloruialioa to the inspectors, ,m<: judge, when failed ol), in relation to the light o> a;:V person ns.-es.-ed :p. them to vote at e! *c ■ tio.i, and on -n h otii r n .tiers in >u to rtssessinan; of voter.-. a the said lusp. •< 'ora or r ol Ibem s.'iuii trom to. time requir . "No person shaii ir- permitted to v ent any e -Icctpju us atore-aid, than a \vi. ' .i-i en ::n i the of twenty tone or mere, who -ii.i!l have u -tdeil u, this stale at leu-t cine vem, and 111 :e ep.-i.m d trict wi.eie b- oii rs to vo:c> t. p day.-, una; . ut. : v prccec !) sue.s - tectum, am! wtth-u two y.-ir- pail i a Mute or county tax which sb i . hsvs h- - us-e,- sed at i-- st. ton davs tic,'ore t,e -Vvti.-ir. But a i-Utzeu oi iGe L luted vil o previous;: - been a <pulis;e-T vot- r ■>, t: is . : •!(> un.i lern vv. i *he etrdir ri'iiriied, and who - ill have r.--i-|vd in the tne d;-trtct ari: pas-'taxes, a fore I •!. shall be entitle,! to vota after re.;. ; ... th . M. ' • 1 ] six mo :n, ; ]'/"•- • i'o : tne v. ..te tri? c;ii?.etis ct i|c' Uu.'e.i .slates, b.-tv. ,-ei t. • - ... ' . nty-oue w.-l t.v .. -two y. . r-, v... • r- I ' ..• he i-irf tsi : liistit' .'I dj - ufoi ail sill be etljitle Itg .-ol , .. . agi, t „. y ~o : |, l' *'-- .* p'*: $n Shi. Inc permitted, to * tj . s,. ; is rot cunt; ;n I!.* :i-t of taxiiel'- i.-."-. In i-i.ed by thy Couiini.-siO-i: *. s, if 7 i... . ;'T'. a t-y ; o pav;r#t, within two yeai- oi St;.r- or Co : tux assessiri aureiv To the Ci-m --sti'uttorv, and GI VE satista *' .■ v evi-,. I*l-M on ■■ ruth c.r affirmation o! another that he e.i- pa- 1 such , a tie:, n . ia la .'-ie 1 ; n mr a ri -■ .■ n • s C-O Tl>to':e pe '. fle'l.t tiiri mf. or s rot .. : ci • a right tr> \ <'e by b' .ng ail . eclor he' n 'tie of : y-m e and twenty-two < ,-ur- di • . po— oi| CSth or Kitj-.!atioi , that 1 l.a i.i ' ! S'at.e at iejtl iii.c ) -di .... apt-: at en. ai.d tti sroh proof of resilience m th' di-trut u is re<jiiire(J®v this art, ami that he.coe- vnnly :it>- lievm. (ft, a ihe agcouut given him that he is o, the j age aforesaid, and give such Othereviitelice a- is re ■ qii'red by act, wheieupou th • name e! the per . son so admitted to vote shail be inserted in the al phabetical lit by 'he inspector, and a no'- IT. c :>• op posite thereto by writing the wo d "tax," tl he shall be admitted : 0 vote by reason of having paid tax, or the word "age'-' it he shall he admit!—i t > vote by ; reason of age, and in either case the re son of such 1,1 V' fa *mei I tl,. uailud oi. f In rUe •: —.l, -, .Ifell j make a iixe note in tne I;-'.- of voters kept by | them. j "ln at! ruses where tJienM'." ol the per-on cl irrt j ing to vote is MOT found ot. the 'i t jo utshed by tie 'commissioners, and assessors, 'f :.% rigl.r To vote whetner lound tiiereon or not is obiected to tiy any qu difieii citizen, iiehjil be th" dntv of th" in-pec- , tors to ex mine such persons ot e tl ' to his qii i'- ific itioris, and ,f he claims to h vc n-idni wirr.iti I the Stole lor one year or mere, h. so ' -di lit be sut ! licietit proof thereo '. bit he sha tn ke proof by .♦ least one contpeteiif Wltl:e.-, -n sflil I'M a qil 'li j fied elector thit be has resided within the uistr-ct fi.'T more than ten tl y< immedi -Te y preceding - id j election. and shall also himsell swear tli it ti - bona- fide resilience, in pursuance oi his lawful calling, is ' | within the district, arid that he did not remove in ; the district tor the puipnse of voting therein. "Every person quilifi"d as a oresnd, and who i shall make due proof if Inquired, ol his residence • and piymcnt of taxes, a aloresaul, sba h be admitted j to vote HI the township, ward or district in which i he shall teside. ; ; i j "If any peistui shall prevent orattempt to prevent iny officer of an election under this act, irotn hold- i . ii.g such election, or use or threaten any violence to i any such officer, and shall interrupt or linpropeily | interfere with birn in the execution of his duty, I ' shal i block or attempt to block up the window or av- ; ! enne to any window wheie the mine may be hoideu or shad riotous,y disturb the peace of such election, i z>r sh dl use or practice any intimidation, threats, | ftrceor violence, with the design to influence mtdu ! iy or overawe any elector, or prevent him from vo- ; i tint', or to restrain the freedom of choice, such p:*:- -an a>n convirtion siir.l be firipd in any sum rot ex ceeding five hundred oodais and be imprisoned lor | my tih'e nof -ess than nor more than twelve months j and it si, all be .shown in t!.i Court when the trial of ! such offence .shall bp hid, that the person so otfen- j J ding was .not it resi,.ent oi the city, v: td, district, or township' where .aid ollence was committed, ami 00l entitled t" vote therein, then, on conviction, be shall be sentenced to piy a fine of not !•*- than one i hundred nor tnn e th in one thousand dollars, and be I impri.-or.ed not le<* than six months n,r mote than . j two years. | t ",lf any person or persons shi-l nil;,: any bet or j 1 wager iipoa the ret ult of any election within the , ' Commonwealth, or : hall odor to make any such bet j ' or waget a.ther by verbal proclamation thereof, or 1 1 by : ;y writtew oi pn;ed rid vert i-emewt, chaiieg i * or invite i;ty ; r-oc or persons to such b"t or . w::ger. "[**" coovictioii Jhereol.he or fhey shall tor- t feit arid pay thiee times tt. 'J ruDou/it they bet or of- ' 1 fcrcd to he*. rti! the ."udgex of the respect ive districts afore- j said, are reqiiwed to meet at R. dfnrd, on srid.v. | next fo ! owing the ho ding cl sa'jd election. Tir-n j ; ii-J ti eteto perfoim those 'lituga lequired ot them • liy law. ij 0 > "rnnpctr my h-rH'J, at mn of;i-u* ) 'Bedford. fit' r* 1 / ri.T %' of A >'?l> <t. in tUP of (J v * r IjOft y on i , ftg'rtiinndred ami tx!y. nnu th* ftt\h of the Jr.dri. >(;l< nrr //, - ' Stater* J YVAJ. S. I.RV. ;■* Sheriff', J 1 At, ISfO. 1 j : i NOTICE : i k®-* vVfieri-t).! it-H el"? |es>a |t ontarr on lh E-tate of Nathan If uitftir fid, 1 ite "I" Bt. Ci tir Township, Reill irti coii/<ty, ! t llecid., !ive been g'atiteii to liie siibs litis i ' I,- ' j . h ' ice i > Ibt-retf-e hen ibf 'ftv !'rt t'l ol : ])e|'so|!s j ird'ol'H (o • aid ecjale tumake pavrrient im-"i' ( nerfiafe]v,' snffdhrMe havto - claims' will mnke . lift''" tr th • Jame u ith"it flelav to AMY DERiiTNi E^' v . |l rc-'i itisj it St. C • ir'Tp. ■ . ' fxd MOW EH; Ly'or. <, Any 24, *90. rMdin ihfteffford. • ... a:_ ;. _ J.... ... : . - ...o \ lAt C ARO.Vi, tHE fVftH, CRACK KR<, CUV.-- ! '• tiilj/ed Fruit and Gicn ' and;"- !m -,j|e ! v . A. L. DEPIBADGtt.* PHIL A. ADVERTISEMENTS. 4 OREAT IMPROVEMENT JN PIANOS. * .iiq.i.". j ; GEORtiE VOGT takes the opportunity of infoitn ing his Iriends and the public generally, that he j has removed bis I'iano Wareroonis from No, 028 Arch Street, to No .116 Ar-h S'reet, where he will keep constantly on hand a latge assortment of his lately patented PIANOS, which have fieen pronoun ced bj* the beat judges as fai superior to all other j Pianos in the sweetness and purity of their tone and construction, heretofore manufactured in the i UiutedStates and England. May ii>,'6o.-G mo. { A 1 RANV/LLE STOKES' * * 0i FT CLOTH f \ (>' EMPf IR! IJ.M, tJ\K PRICE A NIX NO ABATEMENT. NO. 007 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILI.E STORES would return thank* to the public fox their appreciation ul' ni* efloils to : please, and their liberal patronage, In order to kepp up this kindly feeling, he ha* • yieldei! to the solicitations ot many ol hi- friend* and inaugurated a new system, oi Gilts with each Garment sold. To his choice selection of fine Fab rics, and made-up Clothing, he iuv.les the scrutinv j"I the public, a.- well as tohis new made of doing I busin-s*. Earn article i* warranted to be, in Fab ric, Style and ,M;ike. equal to"any gotten up in the Ui'y. sod one price, (low er than the lowe-r,) iricrt.ed ; on the Picket, Unrh ar'ic-e sold, or measured far. is * Prom pa pie.! bv aGj t, vary ir gin value timr $1 to SI 00. ■ j N. None hu' ti.e il IJesig-iers, ; and Workmen employed: end atistaei;on ri I'it. Fashion. I abric. Price and G ,gu ,i .ititeed at CF.A XVfLLE 'ORES' ONE PRI r. CLOTHING K' IPORIUM, NO. C.07 CHEbI'NU 1 ci lE.EI. May ic 'is •—G u ; f t P. PER RY. ! **■ • W. I .LIT.V'G'i : ...• rev AM> BAIT. T., : .::L liE.LPUIA, >T•■:. •; Ti. ' ur<-r AC "OL'NT BOOKS o. lb" best quai :!y. - ink-T-- ar.d .Merchants caii iiave ttieir Books ' ■ iut"d an I bound in any * yt*. i ~'*lVe T: aw •: , :by t■ Ti.i In-titufe. / < P. PEP.MY, S , . I",•. 1 1" , run' I; e I'hi'- : -very in if - BOOK j or EI A'l'i >' RY lit -, a' low price . Hav- ; g ' •I I lllflf -i. :• ; .T)'l!,:c I T, fe" s 't • ' 'O 1 npf/ gt o'- v-iv tow• cb'd , i v- rof". Ordc:- ly mat? 1 !' y atteu •>, • OLLECT TO .' i .! HI i; ,\i. '.DM, •■( ! . inks'' and Mr.gnz in*:. : " e theio to PERR Y'S i;;> c ti:- iter.- . Fourth and Race, where von cue bnte ' .cm bound od anikbandfomely t a hv.v . May I v ,tn*. •; :' FRANK JACKSON, . ..' • I'll IN \ i' " i'ATI- ' KR, ::>p CHE'<r.\ I T STREET. PiIiI.ADEL! HiA. N'av iß,'im._i if, TRADE Nonrr.. { i BI N .X. RAICJCEL sN CO., 137 . Yorth liiurd Sfrr*f, j IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF > f'AN 'V DRY GOOjpS, j Invite 'he attenpon of Purchasers to their extep-ive ; S H": of fancy Drv Goo *, Si!.,*, Enibrvudlktcs. Ciolhe, Ctt-sunrtt , J-e. "INCHESTER *N CO. GENTLEMEN'S FJ KMSHI -,G STOKE. AM" a PA TENT SHOULDER - , A! SHIRT MAN- U FACTORY. . Vo. TOG C/fESIWfT S/rr--/, • ; Above Seventh, opposite the VYnshingtot: House, I IIP S ;rt- nod Drawers mad" from m"asnr*rritnt a' a *ew days notice HI. m all cues tVarranted to i lit. Formula for measurement liunitr,l on np plicatio-i bv mail. LIBERAL INDUCEMEN TS ' I'D WHOLESALE BIfYF.Us. Hay IS, Ui'i.-I y. MARTIIA T. MARTIN, R. H. HA WRICK, I. A. L. MCXKRF.L, 1 GBO. H. I'KCDLH, S. R. MARTIN. If 1 A * KEll, *, WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAM KICK N CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS. .Vo. 33, .Yorth Fourth St., Ffiii'n. ; May 15.'60.-t yr. | A BANCROFT CO.. - • IMPORTERS N WIIOI.ESALK DEALERS IN FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH FANCY GOODS, .No. 330 .M'irkrf NL 'c/, PhllnJtlphlo. May IS.'btt.-l yi. ||IU)AD roi* KAIL KOAD J ArrangemenTs have been efleeted between the PENNSYLVANIA R. R. CD. and HUNTINGDON N BROAD TOP R. R. CO.. by which Freights are transported at the following low rule- ; From Hopewell to Philadelphia, Fiour, ici ; cents pr bir re!. (Jtain, .'tl cents per lilt) Itis. Merchandize VV'c-t'VM'd, From Philadelphia to Hop°'.veli, per 101 lbs, Ist Class, 75 cent*. 2d class, 1B ct<. ;;d'i.i-s cei t:. Ith dis-. T5 c .its. hall and Piaster, • 3() cei.ts. Fri'igh's Westwardare received at the Pennsyl vania Ruiroml Station. I'l th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, and forwntiled daily. Freights East vard aie received at tl. 1 HopeweJt station of L nadlop R. R., and tor'-varde/i d i!j. S. B. KINGSTON, i:u Ft eight agent. Pen'na. R. il. Co., I'liiUa. 1 S. S, I f.UCK ; Freight Agen 4 , H. h K. T. li. R.. Hopevve|j : ation. - lliudleshuijj Coal, Fine an 1 Lump, aiw ys Cm hand j and for s.ile. 8. S. FLECK. ! S'pt. 7, : yiMMiUTIRVEIMiIIAT.; & ILNEHAI, OitOHK, No. :c. ileadquar'trs. Ist Brigade, f l'Tii Division, P. C. \ . Ti.e f'Vfrnl Companies, S'afT Officers ami a : l member' "! the Is; Brigade, Tilth Division of Penn sylvania Vo.nntee -s. are hereby ordered to utje el an I nr. ir paiunt, known us "Camp T aylor. ' to im held m bi jforrj, coHinicnreing on Monday, th" l.Vil ol Octi.-h.-r, lAG; , anil to cpntlu six da) Co i paiue . w i rtiemsfivcs tvtfh f'amn Kettles, e- theic are none to b" hf.d f rom ihe > rate. >re-i meat - can h-: j,u;ei!ft-"d on gr u ; i. J A roidii. .ni ->t;i l ii, extendi- '' • all t. h n i: |t>- ; Taring .Miiiiajy to patticipau* vyi;h. ti\; a *<>?■,' --r' j xvidriAt'i?' xfi ' grei ;' von. Amp!' pTtqia a*c ' inalrifftt "fr+'tlt* comfort of alt tbo-e who may be present By order of . 1 t •>. !, Lemuel i VANS, 1 Brigadier Genera!. 1-t Pr:g:de, ljjth I);y. p. U. V. ' • Alexander Compher, Arr.p. Fvan-vtße, Sep'. 7, 1860. • . PHILA. ADVERTISEMENTS. : *-4 A T'* ; V I IK. G O I L I), • ,\o. o.j'J (. he&tnvt St., or. of Sfr-nth, PWMDELPHU. PIANOS AND MKLODKONS. HAVJCS, fWCOX & CO'*., HAI.l.t r. lIAVIS & <O ; S., Vl.,'s 4' CUAEk's, AM< A. 11. 1.A1.1-: Hi en's. 5 Wir 5 I S W * v ') i f s | * J}r- ■ UJ ? ! 'MASON HAMLIN'S, AN J) PRiNI P. &CO'S. MELODKONS 6c HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodeons to Rent, Second-ham, Pianos. , May lS.'fib.-t yr. rwiHE WORLD'S GREAT HXHTBJTIOX * PRIfIE ME DA L. awarded mC. METER for his two PIANOS, London. October 15, !s.i|. Jl ■■ :; * fi;M 'V . \ \ 1 ■ Ifc— ---*' Vfjt" C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends ami i the public generally, that he has constantly on band I PIAJiO-. equal to those ; ir which he received the ' Prize Medal in London, in IS'!. A!! orders p "nftly attended to, -bind great care j tnken in the selection and packing the same. H- has r. ceiv 1, during the last fifteen years, j mote J/eCiis than any oMt. iji'-.ker, from the Frank- ; I lin Institute— a -•>, First Premiums n Boston, New I[ York and Bs'lirnnte. ens, V;. 7" ■> AiK.'H S'iset, 1 e low Eighth, . Smith side, I'HiLAi>l .f.l'i 11A Mav i Isb . lyr. . W r. M U B Fc. • •• r T.— ■ T.I .1. Mtrd'i's.) WHOLE? ALL DEALER IV ; f()JA CCO. F.N Un'AND 11 ;A RS, iAo S A '.,Hh Fifth St., fiber ■ Ah.t/.A, PkiVa. Aiso. AG tit; fact in i and Intpo.-ti • of :j FOKU V AND DOME- IK: 1 HOARS. | May IS, yr. v.ii.i.n!i I: •.: ,j.i;ri-s >i. Vijr. . r, RAJi: IX ..'-.i1., I • s AWJI-i, f v ..m si. ILL : t\. iir >i:y r. at x-u.x. I i gj? A lot ho, CO., t-A'l , UAiOi'U'l. ANU <■ , ; IMFDB fiIRS AND '. F A.F-AL! DMA IV ; !> R V G O O i.t >, | 2,20 V 22 I A "or/.4 i'hir : I'h.ri: RflCty 1 rC- si j /'LDPLVisi.'/. { i " r ■)■ IS," it:. O. • • , ISAAC \rf.LS!!, li. .1. • etimu rt.r, ua ret, waivix, tomu!..- j\. lAMKS, KID A L\ ; ' \TKE & CO., iM pom bits AM> i :;r.;.n r - "F I ii V G O 0 i> < , v 241 NORTH Till Ri' STRCKT. \ --OVL RAC;:, PHILADELPHIA. i Mr; ts.'-th.-l >••. HGSTETTEF^S * ; f rf*s*-x w i WkßiKtZt'' vi ■ IT is .. Tut ('.!?:• at FOK-C '> !. ovtry menr , bcr •*" tin* littiirm 1- m.'.v i- •. : >" to ui- ■■ ■ or I' • of t'.e h- d F lions; he:. I vitit s..<■ ■••• ilof ay . .in :; ■ t! exercise of ) ■ i c<>.ire n ?•■ *. they jtn.y i. • nMe •> to rcirnliite tii fy.-iua io r , : r.omau.Jit I. ■ ill li. lu or., •to a-' mij.lV'i ,;.ie lies i; eft </'irct. tnm coiiri tt l ,: • -no L cet",t:n'y j t.: ... . :;il TV ,il p dii 0 J. id 1... BUUC <• tkeig.- C.i ilia !... -xst i 27: 1 of Vdlll HtTCtlgtlt .Hid J life. For this ]—.;•• -Dr. Ilostcter has in > trreittci'i! to tl is < entry n y-eparattoß bearing hi- in in whi h i to i .•- v.' tnedi i:ie. but otic i hat Ims been tried for y :••. giving sati ■■Cac ti tfli to '• v'iio Jiv.- !'■' ' r. The Bitters operate power, viy o; ;t ! v • : tcmae!i. boards, aid liver, restoring ibetu to li hvaltirv and vigorous action, una tints, by the ■ iniple }iro -1 costs of strengthening jfthtrire, en-bio the sys tem to triuiujih ov r it's!": -*e.' For tit- cut eof Fy —' i.t. In l'y' ■ ion, Nr-u- 1 ! sen, Flntalciicy. L .• of p ftfte df atiyßHiotrS : , Complaints, arising front r. morbid itiaction of the Stomach or !i w-N, j rodc.oiug Cramps, j Dysentery, Colic,' Cholera N'orhu.-, ,\e., these Bitters have no equal. DinrrbM. dysentery or lb ~. °o jrenemllycon- t tractoil bv new s tilers, end r:.nsed principally by the change of water tul diet, will be speedily regulated by a biief i..->c of this picparution. Dyspepsia, n dis. :.-e t l.ieh is probably rnoro prevalent, in all its various forms, than any other, ami the cause of which may always lie attribute I to derangements of the digestive organs, can he cure.: without fail by using 111 'STUTTER'S PTOV. ACH lUTTFRS. as per directions on the bottle. For this disease every physician will recommend Hitters of sonic kiioi: then why not use an article known to be infill- j liblc? All nations have their Litters, as u pre ventive of disease and streiqrtlicncr of flic sys- | teni in general; and u .atig theia all there, is not to he f<> md :: more healthy people than the Germans, from whom this preparation emu- 4 Rated, b;.-ed upon •< i utific oxprriments wiiich have tendwl to nro\e tho valt'o of this grcut preparation in the sonic of litcd science. Fi.viiE A.VD Aer lS trying AND p-rovok intr disease, wiiich iixes i:s r< lenik.-s grasp on tiic body of jm-11, reducing liiia to a mere si..'.- j do.v in a siiort. time, and rendering Itin. ]ihy sically and mentally useless, tan In driven 1 front the body by the use of HOisTI.T" CPF.S li.LVOWNED lUTTLii.S. Further, noneoi'tho above-staled diaeases can be contracted, even in exposed situations, if the Bitter,, are used as per dir.•( 'ions. And as liicy neither create nausea nor offend tin? palate, and render 1: - j necessary any change of diet, or interruption ; of ot inar; pur ui.s, b . | roiaot<? sound sleep and lieiii'.hy. digestion, *ll ■ • eomplaii.t i.s rc -I.wived as sj'O 'uily -is is const tent v. iili the pro dit .inn op a thorough and permanent m re. Far I .-sou.! in A i"> ... who cro j suffering front an. eafccbietl < astitiitiou awl ) i 1... .h. ~ tile F.eti i s lire iavaliia. is as a j r torati'. •of "-ireiivilt and vigor, ;.ad n.-nl , only i<e tried to be ajip. •: etui •<. And to •Kither whii ? nttrsing tites e Ditu rs ur-> jrul:.- pcnsable, especially •.•In 10 the mouier's it wr i in..ear. is to the dn.iar ■6f t.'io 1 I'.did, . ' iK.queijtiy her strm.gFi nu.-t ynld, ' tail I.' , it is v here a good tir,:e. ti'.eli its ! Hostettc:-'; much Bitters, is needed to impart i 1 •up vi .1 i- in ,ho systcsi. '.'.dies should by r'i means try fhis remedy 1 1 :.? <u( iof <fel iiitjiad, b "re ■> liting. -hmt'.ti a> . titeir ] iyociatt. via. h. is • -Jiai-ir with the vi l - .10 f ! i|C-. ii." 1,.wi1l recommt'iid tligir u.=e in all 1 -scs of Vvealtnsss. CAUriQN.—Wecaie ion t'.ic pubiic against u-ing jtny of the many haitutiotßi or counk'ri'ciu. but ask Pr Uosrrhrsß's Crt.r.nnATnn Ffoit ten Un-res, rai l ' • iH l each b. 'lc Fas th> wor'is " l)r. J. 'jcit'ii stomach rsltt.. " M v. .1 < n the side I ol" the linti'i . mil statu; •! c:t li.-j liielall'u.,cu; ' coa'crLig tie cork, and observe that our BUl., graph 'tigrutum it cn tif laW. | "re;mred and ;oMbyHOSTETTBE& SMITH, Pittuburgli, He,, nod sold by nil idru&piv.h grocara, and dealers sreaeraßy throuKholit tha United StClta.. - . Canada, South .Amerat*,unci 'V|urna.p , y . Fpr Sale bj IJ. C .R.a, and other druggists Ihrougliout t'R county. • r, ( 'V N ' 1 " Ju!}L'o,V.O. A. L. DLFIBaC'GH'. ' PHIL A. ADVERTISEMENTS. t 1.. I.IMIIIK. . *. t ; 4 „., I ll'A I'GJiKd A \I) JKVVKLR V. . JJ'DVIS LADGML S.\l < O. .\n. ha CHE<f( TSTk/:/:r mm:.!. , ' - (nrsr noon Ano K KK.II :,I ■'rutin.! Would mosf respect fully ask the attention . i j Zeus nd Stranners to Ineir Large. Cheap, ami well ; selected Stock o' GOLD A.ND SILVER WATCHES, { JF.WELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE, COXSIS'IXU IN P I Iff OF : Gold Hunting Lever Watches, full jeweied, J < 18 carat case. $)!, co j Gold Lev. r Watches, open face, lull jewei'd ; !8 carat case, -jq pq I Gobi Lepine Watches, open face, full |aiv ellec. Is carat case, ■}■> 00 i Silver Lever Watches, Hunting case, full jewelled, is 00 Siivj Lever watches, ope ii lace, full jewel esj, n 00, Silver T.epine Watches, Hiinting case, 5 j on Silver Lepine U'atcbe>, open lace, 0 00 Gold (. i.ird Chains. pi 00 1 Gold \'csf and FobChaitr-. jo yq : <>o|d Hen Holder with I'ea and Pencil. ! 00 : Gold f'enc i!s, I . r ,i) j Gold Pens with Silver Holders, i On i Table Spool s, |>f- r set, | Stiver Tea Spoons . r, no I Gold Tniaihles. .'{ (>u i With a larae assortment ofbiive.g Table 3': ! i'ea 1 j forks; Dessert. Mustard mil Salt Sjkjohs : Pie, i take, and R-e Cream knive- ; Sugar Spoons : Pre- J setve Spools ; Pickle Knives and Forks, etc. constantly on hand, a magnificent a<- : , -oitrrier.t ot leW'drjr,consisting in part of B i"-eieT3, jhi east pus. 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'!i ' ori'-'-s Oiutt fie acorrtj inisd with th" Cash. N ! -o.'i- s.'iii the fi l.* "v fceived. Call | j or address L!:-" LA DOMES M CO., ! " " -if-- -DuT Street, Phi P a!' • i j OOiJX'J G L AS.t E>. ii g.RAVJX . . j I \ "TURK ERA MEL GIL PAINTINGS, i J 1 tttos! extensive and eiega .. -o.iirf. tat ttic very i.nvest rates.—Glasses it sto.e 01 every ee-j script to ■ Afakoc-.'.ny tramed (It.: ses, tor countrv s-l i'ril ' :u iio:t!.!i' i.-.i •;:, V-'it aires.. Gilt ff/w ' lings, etc. mates tor furnishing ' 'da ses to fit| even spare, bv n . tl on appLca'ion. i t g'avings for G:eciaii and Antique Paitii ig— ('aiiilogii*:- grato. J \ G S. E\RLE & SON, .81 ii ('..•• -taut St., I'.iiEa.' AI. y I S.'iiO.- 1 vr. TPO SCHOOL i/iiic.CTOUS tjf TEACHER**.—The examination ol Tea chers a'ni the tenowinßitl c -rtitita:.---, will take id tce In the several < ■ ,.■ 1 .;j;- 3s foil, •■'.>, to ! *i: : In Ct.'tnberland V alley, at ii ij V school ; ! oose. on Seqlen: >e> 22 •; in Han i-on, at Coir.p's i s. *•*!>'., ii u* J *• ;!ih i ? ) L-.trtdoivtlvn-v, ;if Rrdfjepnrt, on the '2stli ; 111 Juniata, at Btiena : Vist 1 on the iiith : in Stheiisbbrg on the 27t1: in St. Gi.iirat Eight S-jon: •, on lh 2b: h ; in Union, at Muvrv's mi; * on the 23th : in Hope well, at Dashers or? 'tie 1-t (Jet in Bioa t Top. a: Hol."ykvl! on (In* ! . m I.t* r'v, at Stoners town or. the 32 ; in Mi i.'.e Woodberry, at VVo'/rtie iry on tin- -J 1. ;n Sontli Woodbcrrv at i i Enterpri-b on (tie nth ; in Snake Spring at H.irt • !-v*> on the 61 ti .in Bedford towns!up, at Ijed fori ru the lOl'h in W.cj Providence at j nlondv Kim on tie- lil l . in East Providence tat Householder"* on the 12th ;in Monroe, at j ; Clearviii'- on the IRth ; m Southampton at Chanevsville on the loth . it? ('oleram at Riins !)ut„'oii the Kith ; auj in Red lord borough on the 22th. The above examinations will commence at nine o'clock, A. M. J'eaciieis and Directors should be punctual at the hour appointed, as we u istt to see all the Directors on the dav of examination, in their tespecfive town-hij - : we therefore earnestly retjnest them all lobe present. All County Certificates, issued since lite hist r-gn'ar township examinations, are hereby ren | tiered null. Teachets are requested to hri?t2 I their ceitilicates with them, a- the former Su perintendent has failed to furnish us with the • ; Duplicates of the same. 9 GEO. SIGATOOS, Sept. 10, IS Si.). Co. Superintendent. iorBI.IC SAi.F. 01; OKOHGK B K AY'S RF.AL F.STATE, IN HnPF.WELL TP. By viittte r>! an older of the () phan' Gourt of I ; P'Hilioril County, the uudeisigned will offer at pt?b- | lie sale, on the premises. 011 THURSDAY, 15th ol ! . NOVEMBER, r.cxt the fol owing <!e cribed real e- ; . tate, viz : TUB MANSION TRACT of ai : de- ( ; cc. -eii, containing itj'Ji acres, about DV)acres clear- i !ni and under fence, and in a high state of cn'tiva. j t on. Ttie improve.tienTs are ' ! ONF.NF V LOG I U AMI". KOUSK.': gi,. •2- BANK PAHX, and th-> nece saryLf-NiJ -1 , out budtling . Thts farm is one o" I ;':.e b, st in Unpen -1! Townsh'p, being good !imestbii' land and having three good spring- •ml orcb .id t I thereon. (lea : he; Tract co; taining ll'i Acres, Ifig per. i>! 1 I I acre i cieaied and under feucu. loe im prover ut- are two l og Bnu-e.,, live t-t end ' out bin V 1:1 g. I'heie is a good th prem ' 1 ise-, and :.lso an orchard Then-cm, This is g .oi ' i, and in a goo: st it oi cuitivatiott, 1 These land- re all in a good, section. 01" country,! 1 within a shot iiistaiico of thi Rat and at itic j door o! a readv nwrki t alt the time*. TLRMS—One third to cemain : property during lifetime of widow, ?h<. uitor-'s? thereon piyable to . lie: annuaily—one third in tun I ai couti>''oiatum ei • saie, an I The t>.dance 111 two ecu I annual payment- i without intera-t. | 1 JAMES J". KAY. I Sept. I!, I*6o. TiUStee. : pURI.IO S AI.K <>i r KB AI. b> i T'\Tll, lu pur-uanae of an order o. th'* () . j pa ins'Cout? of iietilord there wnl be ev- < to Public Sale on th • premises, on Saturday. I 'he fitb day of Ociober next—the i'oliowingUeal i.s- 1 tate, to w 1 • One lot pf ground situate 111 the town of Uttena Vista, Bedford co., with a two story (,anje :>nn-e. ' plastered, and stal'je thereon—adjoining property i , John G q ver and Charles lliiiega; , late tha |>rof>, - j < ty of NirtioUs Ivegg. Esq., dee'd. 1 TLRMS ; VjCj" lioljara m baud on coiifiriratioii ol j > Sale, and the remainder the y.-t oi Ap. ii itex;. ajiei • * Jonlirmatioii. i p \y,M. GKL'.-SPiL. j Sept. 7, 1 H'lf. Attm'r. of S. dee'd. M \RK THESE FACTS ! THE TESTIMONY OF THE WHOLE WORLD BSiSssßi&jf iHol'owtsv's Ointment. ?c<- — Pad Ijut*, li'i ! JSreiists. Sores find Fleers. Ail description 6f 'ores f remediable bv* th. pru|i"i .no mhgent u— of ihti inestimable prepara Moii. I .-rr.pi to cwie bad feg p by plastering tile edge- 'illhf urnim,' together jsa folly; for should th &Ulll •'- a bog. •• diseased rni.'. tiou remain* underneath ?o brca .:r wifti teufoi'rf fury in a fen da)'-. 1 lie only rat.oi.jl ami succe-Miif irea'trnet t, •!i indicate! :v nature, is L reduce fhe inflauima tion in ami about i , wound, and to soothe the neighboring JWIN by rubbing in pU-nif oT the (lint men, a> sail is ;urc\: <:,?< tnpril. Dijilhnui, lUrtrntt-i Sore Pit, out f and, Scnrht arid oibvr FCriers. Any of t?i" above diseases jjinay be cnret bv well rubbing the Omtmen- three times a day into lb. Chest, thro,it and neck of the patient ;• it will sodii penetrate, and give immediate relief. *Medicine ta ■ten by the mouth rfin'st: op-rat" upon the wf,oi .system ere its influence can be felt in any joca; parr whereas the Ointment will do its work at one-,-. Whoever tries th" nag cunt in the above rmmnerjtf* : Ihe diseases named, or ay similar disorders after ; ting 'he chest .in i throat, will find them--Ives re 1 " | lievec! as by a charm. Piles, Fistulas, Strictures. ) i? a! nve class of complaints writ b" removed ! by i .I'ly fomenting "be parts with warm \v.i,er, ■ind then Wostetfectiialiy rubbing in the Ointment! Person- suffering frond tie direful complaints •--(* m i: or -:,t in arresting their ptogress, ft hrifd (~■ ii f -rs'nod r is not sulfiei.nt mere. >' sine;:r th- Ointment on th" affected part-, bur t must he well rubbed in tor some considerable time two or three tunes a day, that if may j, ken into tbe system, whence i,t will remove any h * • . s ie o. voin. ' : -clu.i - ifiougn p.- . p." *To -oe rye. j -re aga.n bread and water I'.'- I ices, after the rubbing in oj " : Ointment, will do -real service. 'J his is the only sing treatment 1 * * n.iles 5 , ases ol cancer ill li.e —loin ic-h, or vhe p e tln-ie may be a general bearing do- is. ! ></{.< , ( fions of 1 'unth :—Sores and Fleers. a? als")sv-> •-'. c.f;. wri rt orrnir, - - t>e 'ad., illy cured if the Ointment be used freelv • ami the i .lis lie taken night tud morning as tecom mer.*!■- pi • r-d n t-i"i(. When Treated* in any other way They ordy dr* up in p'ace to i'teak out in noth-r : whereas tbi- O nfnwut wrli remove the , nour t rnm fh si em, ■: '-eve rfe patient :< vig. rous a:..! r.eoltt y bring. If will r* > quire time with the u-' rl .* Pius to ensure a las lu.g cure. 1> , Swciiins, F'trniy\i< audShJ I A; .. th- above complaint, diß.tr widely iiv t he:r origin a nature, vet fhey ail require loraf 'r u tile: ;. Manv of the worst cases, „• <nch ds --■ "itses, w ill yi* iin cou;j>dratr'i y short space Y> *' 'irrii'. when this fl-.-'t otanl s driigertth- rubt-.ed intn t parts a -etc i. even e.'-r every other m-airs • • a-e i,i •1. in j!! serious mat: !:"s the TYfs sbnuM -'■ •• iccnrdii gto th" printed direcfu'iS aecrrm / ■'.'if oinl.7ie.nis ".id Pills t'lould be used id following casts : " 1 i • egs, i-'lstolas, Bid Bree. Is, ' tejid. Burns. ' (ilaminlar Swelling^, i.inior.s. Lumbago. Bit-s oi .Moscri-toes and i Uhenma',-m, Sand-Fls, Scalds. i Coco-bay, Sore Xinnies, Chiego-ioot, b'ire-throi r s, . . Chilblains. SK in I'.seascr, 135 ■ ■ ('happed Hands, Scurvy, (.er„- ct"'' r y S.r, Uoa.Se - I Cancer-, Tumor-, Contracted and Stiff Ulcers, Joints, Wounds, Elephantiasis, Yaws. . (AJ TiflY ! X one genuine un!e;=r the woids ■•HOLLOWAV, NKW YOII.K a\u I-OM-OX," are ilisceraiiii- a a Wut-r-mari- in cverv leafot the book of directions each put or box ; the same may be plainly seen by hul ling the leaf to thy light- A handsome reward will be given to any one ren-' deiwig such information as may lead to the detec tion of any party or parties counterfeiting the med icines or vending the same, knowing them to be spurious. ',* So! I at the Manufactory of Professor Hor.uj- VVAYjSO Maiden Lane, New Yoik, and by all respec table Druggist* and Dealers in Medicine, through out the civil zed world, in boxes at 25 cents. G'.'"ct and $1 each. fkF"There is considerable saving by tasing the larger sizes. N. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each box. Ncv. 'S, I So!). fTMTEI) STATKS M AIL LINE. * BU'l'W F.F.N C 9 AMBF.RSBUIKi Sc LATROGE, via BEDFORD. A new and splendid line of Concord b"i!t Coaches, leaves Cnarnbersburg daily (Sunday excepted) at ; A. M., and arrives .. B-dford at 7 P. M. —-rij-.-s-V -a,ne day. Bedlonl daiiy, (Sundays excepted) at 7 A. .VI. ior I.atrobc. making close connection with Mail train fot Pittsburg and tbe West. Returning, leave- La trobe daily (Sundays excepted) on the arrival of tbe train from I'lttsbuig, at 9 30, A. M., and arrives in Bedford same evening. Passengers wishing logo Ea-t, take t • coach next morning at 7 A.)[., ..::l arrive at Chambersburg same evening at 7 P. M. RATES Or FARE : —Erorr Bedford to Cham b"rsbuig, Si Ero n Bedford to Latrobe, s'l 56. E.oin Bedford to Pittsburg. $1,0.3. Tbe stock on this road cannot be surpassed by any in the State, and the d ivert are careful, sober and accommodating. This is the cheapest, mcjst expeditious and pleasant route passengers can fake, going Eat or West. For further information applv to James Reamer, Charnbersburg, John Bed ford, Chas. \Y. Fi-her. f.attohe. A..!. REESfDF, Corfrsctor. N. B, Pnsseiigrrs for Somerset and Johnstown, connect at Stoystown with J. A. Carman's Line of Mail Coaches, al-o, at Jemier X Roads with E. Kiet nian's mail line. J 0 * ' ' • 71:1 t WBUC SALK <'F \A UAHLE REAL ESTATE. —By Yirlue of an o'rdbr of tile Orphans' Court 01 B-.liord County, lb uudeisrg(iei a : i;i-tra?or o: the ii-tate of Peter BuruduiUt, late of'.Vest Providence township, dec'l., will sell on P'tunlay. the > : yof Octub-r, next... on the prem l-e, 'he tVi.w.T'g t!i eribed Re I Estate, *0 Wit : One i ie.-r 1 I 111 it, -'iinaie on tfie'South slfc of it . J.t 1 ..ta riv rin -a l l (owasti'ip, luv t ii-in- 31? ■<ives • I a) u v„.... 1 mug Davijf Sji irk, Jacob i'lin-'olii " I. T-. i. '.But Itff RCreVr'-ired null in :-i I—nee, .111 a.srvsHl state of cultivation , 10 ucrev. tt.err of go-.J meadow and a quantity more can be rnaiie. The improvement- consist 111 pait 01 nT wo Story Double Li g D \ img ileuv , 'Jim, Wilgon Shell, Snrirg-limis" a: ' • Mieri!i: f 'l'here ic trmvinr - appt"n'en 1r orAp-rvrt-rmrr~"on rtre pr ''nise-': al-o a -u-aV e .p l bi*n . pc:tv 1- rji-itiiv .1 ii-*r..bie oq- MTouot • of d- . .airy, being >nt on- mile from t.'i* men - p'ateti Rail f! > d, aui a -Ueam passing jit, aJorumg goo; v>\ iirv-t mtU pufjose*. Af-SO—One u■ *1 1 .ct ,utn,iig (lie ah wr, con 'ainiug 2-acr-s. ■ 1 .io.v..n-e, we;t timn-ied held v vv-rian .' - .no'; <rt '1 Eli v - s-'Oti-tint it,-nd aft r confirmation . ! i>6.h*. to v- • 0 tbe in-; •. A cut, .> i,vheti ?i I eeil will he Ilia ! -1,1 pos-e.-ton given. The re ji.aMitiec in rw i eqnatTTiibair p vm-nts, 'here fief, -ecured )iy indgrtJcnt bond* pr bonds aid mo gage. * J, . J, .M. I'.AUN DOLLAR. Sep'- 3d, iSjit. Admißi-trvdor.

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