Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, November 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated November 30, 1860 Page 3
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IS THE WORLD UNGRATEFUL J THE FRIENDS OF LAMAKTINE THINK IT IS. We are utterly disgusted with the sell-lau dation which same of our second class great men are in the hiait of practtcingr : and we mean to expose it, even though the task is a distasteful one. The vice is peculiarly, though not exclusively, French ; and is found amons: the second class of great men, but never among the first who are the real benefactors of the world. Thotnas Holloway, one of the latter, whose name is idolized in ail parts of the world, and to whom it is not too much to say that millions cf all creeds and complexions are indebted for the preservation of their lives, —Thomas Hollo way, we say, is never heard appealing either to the gratitude or generosity of those who have derived the greatest of all earthly blessings from his skill; he contents himself with the assurance that his work has been done, and that the price has been paid. We have been led these reflections by an appeal which is now put forward on behalf of a second class French poet. Monsieur Al phonse Lunartine, it seems, though munificent ly paid lor the productions of his pen, neglec ted to lay up any sufficient store for the sup port of hts declining days ; and now his voice u raised against "the ingratitude of the human race." The argument which he produces to strengthen his claim, is one which should la ther make him blush for ft is extravagance : he says that millions of his productions have been sold, and that therefore the world is in his debt 1 But why ? Was he not paid the price he as ked for every copy ? Or does he think that it sounds like commou prose honesty to ask to be paid twice over. He will answer, doubtless, that his poems gave a pleasure the value of which their price could not approximate. Let us admil this rule, and apply it to another case to test its merits. Health we all know, is the chief of earthly blessings; and a 4 hoon which must be purchased, let the cost be what it may ; a blessing, to be blessed with which the sinking monarch would resign his kingdom. Suppose then, that Hol loway, instead of fixing such a price on his remedies as would afford him (when myriads wrre his customers) a fair and h morable profit, had apportioned the price of his pills and oint ment to the exigencies of each case and the a bility of the sufferer to pay for hi? physical sal vation .' Why, in such a case, the great phy sician \vou Id long ago have owned ail Europe in fee simple, and three-fourths of the remain der of the world—for the royalties and nobili ties of Europe were among Iris earliest patients, but are still too proud to acknowledge that they owe their lives to the same simple but all suffi cing remedies which Siave been brought, by Holloway' philanthrophy, within reach of the meanest of their serfs.—"Les BelWs Lfllres." ROHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S . ROHRER'S ROHRER'S PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. ROHREirS PRACTICAL CAL 'CULATOR— A Book o! Plain Rules and Calculations for Business Operation, ftv Martin M. fiobrrr, itose'teal Surveyor and Conveyancer. New Edi tion, Published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia- ; This work contains 204 paces, end upwards of SOO Rules and Examples, entirely and thoroughly: practical, such as arise every day in the common pursuits of Business. 1; has already passed through a number of Editiors in rapid succession, and is pronounced by all classes of busines- men to be! the handiest book cf reierence, pertaining to calcu lations, that has ever been published. Every example in the book is worked out in full i •nd stated in a plain manner, so that when a par allel case arises, those referring to the work will find no difficulty in readily solving it ; in a word, the general arrangement of the Calculator is eo simple, that ar.y or.e who knows bow to add, suh stract, multiply, or divide, can easily solve any or. dir.ary example that arises in business, or arrive at the result of any estimate required. The chief aim of the author l as been to eschew theory and philosophy ici figures, aiming only at facts and simplicity, believing that business men care little about spending time in discussing the philosophy of rules or the science of figure-, deem ing it sufficient for their purpose to be able at a moment, by reference, to arrive at the true result The calculator differs in this respect from all A rithmetics of the day, and kindred works—it is a key to practical business ca illations —it is, in the bands of the business mar. what the key to rnatb err.rtical works is in the hands of the teacher in the school-room —it facilitates time and insures co r reelnrss. THE WORK TREATS OF THE Measurement ci Land, of Lumber, cf Brick and Brick work, of Stone and Stone Work, of Grain and Grain Bins, of Coal and Coal Bins, of Wood, of Solids, of Liquids, of Circular, of Square, or Irregu lar Vessels, ot Cisterns and Vats, of Roofing, of Plasterers', Painters', Gl-ziers', Pavers', Flumlxrs,' Paper Hangers', and Upholsters', Work. It treats of Currency t.nd cf Foreign and Domestic Exchange . of the Decimal System, of Reduction and its exten ded application to Business, of Simple and compound Interest, and their 'entire application to Business transactions, with the laws and usages governing and regulating the same, together with numerous Commercial Forms—of Leaal Tender, of Partial Payments on Notes, of Banking and Bank Discount of Equation or Payments and Partnership Accounts of Assessment oi Taxes, of Weights and Measures, of Square and Cubic Measure, ol' the Square Hoot and its application to Business, of Surfaces, of Ex cavation, and of many other important practical matters not within the scope of an advertisement to mention. (post paid) to any part of the United States upon receipt of the money • Price of a sin gle Copy, in Clota, CO Cents, or two Copies for ?1. 00. hound in Pocket-book form, Morocco, $1.06 par copy. ADDRESS : M. M. ROHRER. Box 1911 Philadelphia P. 0., Pa. Jsov. 30, ISCO.-Cms.j 17 M PLOYME N T. The undersigned are de sirous of securing the services of a few \oung Men to engage in a Travelling Agency, upon s salary of FORTY DOLLARS PER MONTH, and all expenses paid. This is an opportunity sel dom offered, and those who merit the approbation of the Subscribers," by strict attention to business, can rely upon constant employment tor a term oi vears. For further particulars* address CONANT 4- DRAKE, 31 Main St., Atkinson Depot, X. H. Nov. 23d.3m B'"TRAY8 '"TRAY HEIFER. Came trespassing on the prem ise* of the subscriber residing in Ft. Clair fp., a. boot the fiist ol September last, a red and white spotted "muley" hesffer, supposed to be 3 years old, with a notch, s'.it and bole cut in the right ear. The owner is requested to prove property and take her away or she will be disposed ot according t "KOV.M * JOHN H. BOWSER. MS 5 FOR SIOCRIBERS! > THE METHODIST, 1 THE NEW RELIGIOUS WEEKLY, WAS ~ COMMENCED JN JCLY LAST, AND IS Q PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY OF EACH WEEK, £ AT NO. 7, BEEKMAN ST., N. Y. ? EDITED BY THE REV. GEORGE R. > CROOKS, D. D.. Assisted by the Rev. J NO. McCLINTOCK.D. D., At present residing in Paris, s COERESFOS- K Diso EDITOR; and by numerous contributors *- weli known as writers for the people. Giving F3 due prominence to all matters of interest per- £3 taining to the Chnrch whose name it bear*, and sustaining its institutions against d:sor- pt ganizers within its bosom and assaiients Iroin without, it yet, in a spirit of brtherhood, con- t/. veys to its eaders full*details of passing e vents in ail the sister churches , and in 'he world at large, maint uning at the same time'.a it high literary tone, and t dignified abstinence -J from all unnecessiry controversy. IT IS PRINTED IN IMPERIAL QUARTO > FORM. ON THE BEST PAPER. AND IN V THE BEST TYPOGRAPHICAL I STYLE, And ss'embellished Irom time to ime by Ft JJcvfiaits ct (Eminent fllen, IN THE MINISTRY AND LAITY, ~ And is thus constituted, editorially and me chanically, C A RELIGIOUS-FAMILY NEWSPAPER - OF THE FIRST CLASS. x TERMS. $2 00 PEE YEAR. g . ,r r - Subsciil-ers paying tor the rear to commence pr lst_January next, will receive the Paper ZZ Grrtuitous'y up to that date. PREMILMS FOR SUESCRIBEHS. Although '-The Methodist" has met with a!- f. most unprecedented success, yet, in order to ~ place it within the reach ot every Methodist At Family, we have been induced to otter a List id of Premiums to any who wish to procure sub- scribers. These Premiums are oSered -everal ly for two subscribers,and up to hify*ub=cri- ; ers and embrace Cg I Car ha rt, Needham, & Co.'s Melodeons. id ; Wheeler Ar Wtlsoa Sewing Machines, Wilcox fcr Gihbs' Sewing Machines, L: French's Conical Washing Machines, X- A number of desirable books, such as Harper's Illuminated Bible, X Washington living's Works. Agricultural Books, Steven's Hist, or Methodism, Bang's Hist of the M. E. Church, 2 And numetous other Books of Permanent Zl 1 cterest and value, together with a Great Variety of Books suita ble to the 1 Sabbath School Library, _ Affording to any who wish to present their c Pastor with a perpetually useful household convenience, or who wish to procure one lor their own comfort, or who wish to furnish one es a means of livelihood to some friend, or to 12: any bunday School Pupil or Teacher who de- "" sires to enrich the S. S. Library, a ready T. means of doing so by the expenditure only, C of a " LITTLE EXERTION, AND THF. OCCU PATIO.V OF A LITTLE SPARE TIME. H Numbers will be sent Free, on " application, to any address, with full particti N ■ars of Prmiutns. Address L. BANGS, Publisher. OFFICE, 7 BEEKMAN ST.. NEW YORK Oct. 25, 1360.-st. A RARE CHANCE. The subscriber haviojr lately removed to Washington Co„M<i., is for this reason compelled to offer for s le his property sit uate in tee town of U'oodberry, in .Morrison's Cove, Bedford County, Pa. Th p property consis ting of a NF. wjlJVTff BRICK HOUSE, an adjoining small Log -- "**-House and o;her con venient out buildings, a Well with never-failing water,cistern and good garden- and is located on Mdn Street. The Brick House is occupied at the present, by Mi. George IT. Barndollar as a Store House, is the best business stand ir. the town, con tains a latge Store and Ware Room, besides eight other rooms, kitchen, cellar Ac. Any person desirous , of going into business, will find it to his advantage to take this chance. Should not a purchaser be found till the 15th day of December next, the prop erty will be rented. Information relating to the condition s of sale or rent, will be given by addres- I -,;wg A. L. Beckhor ffer, Esq., VVoodberry, Bedford County,3j Pa., who is my authorized agent, or by ad dressing the sub.-enber, H. M. JACOBS, Hagerstown, Washington co., Md. Nov. 23, 1860.-3ts. ORPHANS' COURT SALE. B The subscriber will sHI at public sale by virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedioid county, ot: Thuisd y the 20th day of December, IS6O, on the premises, a I it of one acre of ground, the late resideupe ot Henry Bender, deceased, having thereon erected a good Log Frame House, Stable, ana Cooper Shop; a well ot excellent water at the door, situated in South Wood berry ftp-, Bedford co., adjoining land of Dr. Birch and Daniel Lmgenfelter ; this is a very desirable property, sit uated in a pleas'nt neighborhood, convenient to churches and schools. At the fame time will be sold the peisor-I property, including a lot of coop er tools, and stock, Housebol- r lurniture, Ac. Sale to begin at 13 o'clock, -A. M., when terms of sale will be made known. ADAM HADERMAN, Nov. 23d. Executor. I PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE. I be subscriber; will offer at piioiic outcry, on Friday, the lfth ; day of December, next, on the promise* formerly j owned by Peter Rock, dee'd., in South Woortberry,; Bedford, a tract of land containing 40 acres I and 146 perches, lying on the road leading from | Bedford to Hollidaysburg, and adjoining i wds of , Jacob Rice, Benjamin Voter, and others, with ! about 15 or 20 acres cleared and under fence, and t khe remainder well timbered principally with young ! chestnut, a house and stable thereon erected , and a i never failing spring with excellant water near the I house. Terms made known" on day of Sale. DAVID BRUMBAUGH, j Nov. 23, 1860.* ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, j Letters of Administration having ben 1 granted to the subscriber, residing in West Prcvi- j dence township, apou the estate of Joseph Sbafer, late of East Providence township, dr-e'd., all per-1 sons indebted to said estate are therefore notified to make immediate payment, and those having : claims will present them duly authenticated for { settlement. ABRAHAM SHAFER, Oct. 26, 1860. Administrator, j 4 DMINI sTRATOR'S NOTICE j •*- Letters of Administration, npon the Eg-1 tate of Ann Boor, late of Cumberland Valley town ship, dee'd., havi-g been granted to the subscriber, all persons indebted are requested to make imme diate payment, aod those having claims will pre sent them for settlement. MARTIN BOOR, Nov. 2, 1860. Administrator. SS (hTkkwar D. "-r " w The above reward will be paid to any pr7ii finding a small HAtR raotta aptD ANCHOR, tipped with gold by return ing tbe same to Nov. 16, 1860. H. C. REAMER. FOR PUEirYI¥G THE 3LOOD. And for the speedy cure of the rntiobied variotiea rf Oisease: Scrofula and Scrofulon* A fleet ions .sucli as Tumors, Ulcers, Sores, Kruptious, Plruplca, Pustules, Blotchrs, iluils, Blaius, and all Skin Diseases. OASUKE, Ind., 6th June, ISO 9. J. C Arm A Co. Qenta: 1 Gel it my duty or se. kcovrlediru shav year bu doiio for me. UsviDg inherited a Scrafuleoa infection, I have u£fred from it in various ways for years, ronietiiues it burst out ill t'tcers on r..v Laads and arms; sumeLnias it turned inward and diatresf.,-d rtie at tba jiv umch. Two years ago it broke out oa my head and covered my scalp and ears with cue son*, which rs painful sad kr.:hao:;:t> beyonl d icription. 1 tried tca .y medfeinn arid sevtrai pbyslciaag, but without aueh relief fnaa any tiling, in fact, tiie disorder grew worse. At length I was rejoiced to rra-1 ia tba Gcepil Messenger that jonhad prt; ir d an alterative (Saraajeriile), for 1 knew fnan your reputa tion that any thing you mnda mast be p. oil. 1 sect to Cim iiicaii and <pt it, and u. lit nil it cured mo. It ok iL as yea ad-.i.-e. in email doses it a teaspoenful or ,- a cj ulh, and mod almost three 1011 ls. Bew ai d beallby skin soon began to form under the scab, wfci- b after a while F;!i off. My skin is BOW clear, end 1 know by my feelings that the ice.use lam gone from icj- system, iou can well believe that I feel a hat I am saving when I tell you, that 1 hold yon to be one of fiie apostles ot tin age, and remain ever gratefully. Yours. ALt'llLD E. TALLEY. St. Anthony'* Plrc. floae or "Erysipelas, Tetter unci halt lltteuiu, Sraltl Heed, Ringworm, Sore h.yts. Dropsy. Dr. Tlr.bert M. Preble writes from Fali-m, X. Y.. 19th Sir., lwi, thai ho has cured at; inveo-i ere rase of Dropsy, wtijch thrc- iti nr ! to t.-rrainate fsta'.ly, by the persevering use of our SnrsapariiU. eicl si- > a d;"r. R ons attack of MuUgnmt Erysipelas by large doses of tbo same; say tie cures the conunau Eruption by it con luutly. Brocchcrele, Ooitre or Bvyelled Xeck. Zt balon Sloari cf Pr;>- T.-xas. wrilc-s :•' Three ties of ynnr Sarsiii arilla cured no- from a GcFrr a hid c-ous r.Wfclling e;i the Deck, which 1 had sake ltd from over two years."' Deueorrlirv a or YVHltcv, Ovarian Tumor, bttrine I'lt-rration, Fosialt Disease-, Pr. J E P. Charming, of New Yi sk City, v-rites ; ■■ t mn,t Ae-rfrlljr coin !y with ths rcqnesf of }ur agi t in sayingt bare fraud yonr Sgrsapar.lla a ncut cxcellerat alterative in tbo numerous com, I lints fcr win h wo emp'.uv surii a mui.iiv, bat mpe-iially in T-.n'- Ihseas'* of the Ncrofi-.bas diafhe-is. I hsTe enrei " ..IT inreter s< ;ofl. i: rrl.tra by it. at. 1- me where the , - plaint was causeil by nicer iticn of th n'er- The ulerr atinn itself was >,r. cared. Kothing within my kuowi edg-> cqu vis it f-r tlieso fenule derarigf-m-. nts." Edward S. Marr- w, of Newbury, Aha, writ s. '■ A dan gerons i ■ tumor on one of the females in my family, which had d. Ned ali the remedies we could cuif ". r. has at length I ■-n completely cured by your Extract of Sar atiritla. Our physician tb<ragbt* nothing 1 t extirpa tion could afford relief, but he advised the trial of your Sars.ip .rilla as the last resort before cutting, and it prnv-d eff-rtna!. Arier taking yur gcmc-Jy right wee a nc symptom of the disease remains."' Syphilis and Mercurial Disease. X'rtr OniTAvn. 25th August, 1-53. DB. J. C. ATSP. s Sir, I cheerfully cernply with tlie re- Qui st of y. ir agt at. and rennrt to y as uce cf the efiecU 1 here r- tilted with your SArsapariltv. 1 iiavo cured wi;h jt, in my pr.i --i - most cf the re-', plair is f. ; which it is recemmendsd. and liuvu f. ~hd elf .-ts truly wonderful in the cure f 1". er- 'oe f Vcr curi...' P.sease. •meof my patient* bad Syphilitic ulcere in his throat, which were consuming Ids j ,!ar and the top of his mouth. Your Sarssparilla, steadily taken, cunlhim in h-.e weeks. Another was it, j by, I n taiy symptoms In bis nose, and the üb'ruti.rn bsi eaten away j , usidtrafrle part of it, so tliftt 1 believe tiw disorder would .• - u reach Ins braio and '..i1l him. But it yielded to my administration of y.ur Barsif arilla-. tfrc ulrers healed, and he is well again." not of course without S-'HI'. dfafigUlflim to his fsce. A Woman who bai been treat .1 for the same dieortlo-r by meroury was -udtr.-.r from this jctson in her bones. They had'be-ooie -•> o s;tr> -to the w. athei that'(n a damp day she suifi rrd ex cruciating pain in her joints and bom's. She. too. was carod entirely by your Mraaparilla in a few wieka. I ki,< w from iis fortuila, wiii.b your agent gave r.i-, that tbis Preparation frr m vcur laboratory iuu-t U- a great i. meiiy. i.s- jueaily. ti.-.-- truly renin: Ul:- r oils with it have not surprised mc. Fraternally yours, G. V. LARIMER, M. D lUienmatUm, Gout, I.lvcr Complaint* ITOEVOTJIJICE, Preston Co., Tm. ftli Jul;.. 1:. ; . Tht. J. C. Arra: tir, I have been afrli * ,1 wuh a pain fhl chronic jhWjtSa f.r a lone tirr. . whi hbt n . Iks skill of physicisus. and sto k t me in spun of all The rem -iies 1 could i'md, until 1 tried Sanoparilia. <m* b >ttle curt, 1 me iu two w. kt, and restored my general health so much that I am fr.r better thiu be; re I w -j attacked. 1 think it a wonderful no J. FLEAM. Jnl-'s Y. Getchcll, of St. Lciris. vr'.v: "T ' l--en afib ted for years with an affection r.f f> 1.n.-r. which d. sti-01 e l n:y health. 1 tried •. wry tiling, and every thing tailed to refr-ve me; and I have been abe k,n-<k—• in f-r s-rue years from no other -ease than der ■ veer -f the Liu-r. My beloved yswt.-e, the llcv. Mr. Es; y, adviMM me t try yonrSarvipariiia,because he saidfcekr-w >., AC.; any thing you was w.wth try lug. By ike luees- IngofGod it hasenred me. and b-s s purjpud n-. i as to make a new nan of me. I f -el your ; again. Tt* bisi that can be said of you it not half gol enoagii." gfhirrun.rancer Tnmori, Eri'ni-ceiricvyt, Vlceratloa, Carica oiiti of Claw Hears. A gr, - - variety of (-.-.■? have 1 on reported to ns w * era mi r-ftb f rtr.i bible , mrl.-irib- i r-. ■ re-ofred f x. the u-- . f tliis remedy, but •ur -pare I,- ■ ri; ea", .; them. Some of ibem may be found in rvir Art TK.,a .-i . ag.r.r 1 miarJ areblaaapd t> f .r-.!-k grcri- to e'! v h tni! f. r th-Ma. Dyspepsia. Hear: Dtsr.aae, Fit*. r.nllc;>- > , Melanthoiy, Ktnre i -.!s Mary rtaa: r.abiv • rs • f 'V-v *• -tl. h.-r >-.• made !y t' ■e. . ; tiv -.v.wtr r f tbissr; >. I; . labs the viral fan-1; n- rto v • - - tt. too. overcome*d -gd • wt>>. •• ~!•! r .... .. ; . ... , ra-1 . Ba-fr a seascdy ; aghe n r * ■ el] j the ni je* of the psopl", and - arc a-oiiu ,t tics will a • : r them all that a;edi. ua can ;• AyePs Cherry Pectoral; TOT: THE 11,1 ID ('. • ..? Coughs, C;oir<-, Irflafnza, jiofinftteu. €rsn^ ? Brsneliith I 1 cfpln t i toui.ipt c.;i, a nit*, for thr l:rlieT cf (OH umpt'*. <• Pttllsrnis In <M.ivanc-d Stages of (Ua Disrj. TTJ* i" n TT ' 1. < ■ tUiivc-' ?;• T ; tj :r,TT**n r m r r lr • ,z Lit.. 1 ■.. i ;ca rr.. . -,i is a. knt re t" publish the. ■ fit vine t. iu ti- stv.-UK-1 etc. .I..MA f.y C.., i . - : •>•; rid tm'v i. 1 rc: : ; * ■ E- * . -y , *; h- •• -• t'.r. nu' • t t:. • .IV .;:.' i <■ . Erw are tha e dueaoitin,, - erea fitsfhre,ami r- ri-.-r Wh„ Ivve r ; Kwspeswmal rrperiencof it*e6refr-* .n-e living trepby ia tt mi let of its vict f over the subller.a 1 -f.;: n ,-u, -U- . , : (Jm - Asai! 1.-' 41 - A>, r r- IV jjVf V* - M ;■ri; T*l won to tr i r rup ;; v : ■ .. . PreparcJ 8y Br. 3. C. AY EE ca CO., 1.-yell, Ks B. F. Parry, Bedford ; Barndollar be Son, Rloodv Run ; •*. ii. Amtck, St. Cinirsvitle • J, Brononr&B, Woc'r-erry ; Geo. Gaidili, We- 1 End ;J. E. Co!-, in, Schellsburg ; an 1 by de.iiers generally. Oct. 12, 1660. ¥JN 'TED STATES MAIL LINE BETWEEN CHAMBERSBI RG ft LA i KOBE, via BEDFORD A new ami splendid lineof Concord built Coacher, leaves Chambf rsburg daily (Sunday excepted) at 7 A. M., and arrives , at Ve'v^ u Bed lord daily, (Sundays excepted) at 7A. M. j'or I.atrobe, matins cicse cofinection with Mail train for Pittsburg and the Y.'esf. Returning, leaves La trobe daily (Sundays excepted) on the arrival of the train from Pittsburg, at 9 30, A. 51., and arrives in Bedford same evening. Passengers wishing logo East, take the coach r -xt morning at 7 A. M.. arid arrive at Chatcbcrsburg same evening at 7 P. 51. RATES OF FARE From Bedford to Cham bersburg, §3 .50. From Bedford to Latrobe, $3 50. From Bedford to Pitt.burg, §1.25. The stock on this road cannot be surpassed by any in the State, and the drivers are careful, sober and accommodating. This is the cheapest, mo.t expeditiou- and pleasant roure passengers can lake going Ea=t or West. For further information apply to James Reamer, Chambersbu.g, Jehu Hafer LieJ ' lord, Chas. Vv. i ;,her. Latrobe. A. J. KEESIDE, Contractor. N. B. Passengers for Somerset and Johnstown, connect at Stoystown with J. A. Gairnan's Line of Mail Coaches, aiso, at Jenner X Roads with E. Kier man's mail lire. Sept. 7, 1600. "VT" OTIC E— -LA IS hereby GIVVN to the Mil itary Board of Auditors of the Fi;st Brigade, lGth j_ v '•' on > P- M , that they are required to meet at ihe public house of Col John Hafer, in the Borough of Bedford, on Tuesday the Bth of January, 186!, {or the purpose oi adjusting the Military accounts of I said Brigade, and also the collectors for 1860, of the (•liferent Boroughs and iownships ot .Miid Brigade, to meet said board at the same time and place? for the purpose of having exonerations and abatements made and allowed. LEMUEL EVANS, Nov. 23d. Bug. Gen. Ist 8., 16th D., P. M. \ BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT Oi Kerosene Lamps and shades, just received at Oct. 2, IB6o*, HARRY'S. AN APERIENT AND STOMACHIC PREFARA tisn of IRON purified of Oxygen arid Carboo, by ceabusticu in Fiydrogen. Sanctioned by the highest medical authorities, both iu Europe and the United States, and prescubed in their practice. The experience of thousands daily proves that no preparation of Iron can be compared with it. Impu rities of the blood, depression of vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate its ne cessity in almost every conceivable case, innox ious in all maladies ir; which it has been tried, it has proved absolutely curative in each of the following complaints, viz : t fl Debility, Aervoux Ajftctiotis, Emanation, 71 yr pepsin, Constipation, Diarrha i, Dysentery, Incipient Cu-isumptton, ticrutu!au ; Tuberculosis, Salt Ilhenm. Misvi, oximation, White*. Chlorosis, Liver Cmplaint, Chrome Headaches, Rh<amatism, Intermittent Fever, Pimples on the Face, 4-e. In. cases of General Dvlihty, whether the result of acute disease or of the continued diminution of | nervous and muscular energy from chronic com ! plaints, one trial of this restorative has proved suc -1 ces.'lu! to an extent which no d srription nor writ ten atte'tation would render credible. Invalids so long bed-ri'iden as to Lave become lorgotlen in Iheir own neignboihoods, have suddenly re-nppeared in the busy world as if just returned from protrac- travel in a distant land. Some very, sig *l instances of this kind are attested of lemale sufferers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and that stoAipiicaMOi; ot nervous and dyepeptic -tversioii to atr and exercise for which the physician has no name. in -Vcrtfons Afections of all kinds, and for reason famitiar to medical men, the operation oi this prepa ration of lion must neces.-anly be salutary, for. Un iike the old oxides, it is vigorously toi.ic, withou* being exciting and over-beating t and gently regut larly erieni, even in the most obs'ir.ate cases of costsver.ess, without ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable sensation. It is tais latter property, among others, which icaiie , it so remantably effectual and permanent a j remedy for Pih upon which it also appears to ex iert a distinct and specific action, by dispersing the local tendency which forms them. 1" Dysp<p a, innumerable as .ire its causes, a , single box of these Chalybeate I'iils has oiten sulii ! ced for the most habitual cases. In unchecked Diarrhaa, even when advanced to j Dystenterv, confirmed, emaciating and apparently I | malignant, the etiects haie been equal! decisive and astonishing. in the local pains, lo=s of flesh and strength, de- ' bilitafing cough,and remittent hectic, which gene rally indicate Incipient Con sumption, this remedy has aliayeJ the a'arm oi friends and physicians, in several very gratifying and interesting instances. In Srmj Tuberculosis, this medicated iron has had fur more the good effect of the most cau tiously balanced preparations of iodine, without any of their well-known liabilities. 1 i.e attention of females cannot be too confident ly invited to this :medy and restorative, :n the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. In Rheumatism, both chronic and inflammatory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well reported, both as alleviating pa.n and reducing the swellings and stiflriess of the joints and muscles. In Intermittent Fevers it mu't necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative,[and its pro gress in the new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history oi medicine, which exert' such prompt hap py and fully restorative etiects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid a.-qm-:',ou of strength, with an unusual dispo-iFon lor active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in n°at flat metal boxes containing 50 pills price fib cents per box ; for sale by druggists ur.d dealers. Win be Sent free to any address, en re ceipt of the price. All jetteis, orders, etc., should be addressed to R. B Locke & Co,, Genera! Atrcnts, 20 CEDAR STREET, N Y. July 20th, "60. gJSTOF LETTERS^" REMAINING IN THE POST OF- Jice at Bedford Pa.. November 15th, 1860. Albright Geo Kirk M Anderson John, Jr Ladel Jao Bitter Jacob Lergnecker J Byrne E Lemon William Berkstresser DS Lychenbern Solomou Butivrwortb H S Lewds&Co Bellenys J D Leopald Lewis 2 Rtadley E B AlcGiaskey K Burke A Mears Leah J Bierly Sarah Mi.-s Mellon Geo j Blake Nancy W :Mullen Geo Bowser A McDaniel Jas C'laycoinbJ iiVlarti-J Confer B A May lair Natheniti Ciam j no Neyiev Jos Carre! Davil Nill Si Kennedy Cypher Maggie J Owens \YH 2 Crawford Fiank J ! Oswa!d Pan ie Diitrick Christian Overhail D Demmon Harmon O'Neal J Darrail Lucas Borden Jno D Dann Joseph f'almer G G Dr Daniel Caroline Mrs Pate Joseph D-trick William Pi ck David Evans A W Renlogle u L Eckcrel Thomas Kiciiev Ge^ Etslriken Jos Rinard Mary A Elder Geo Reefon Jtio i Evans A W Reed J W Fleming G W H IjhSe A- Furry Leonard R-ed Samuel Filler W Rawlins J H Figate \\ T Richard Carolina Farhner Jacob Ruche Margaret .Fuller Elisha Strock J jFiuke Jno Slrouse Henry L | Fink Henry A B jGrubb Henry Steurnan Daniel IGillespie A' Smith Nathan jGans Sol ISperry Jno itlonder M Snively A J Harvey &. Manspraton Stoner David Hopkins J H Stoler Jacob IHardman Juo Strouse Elizabeth Hoke Henry Sparks Jno jilaney Elizabeth Sharosack Samuel j Horn Daniel jSnowbarger Daniel jlless R'-Lecca 'Snyder Daniel j Johnston Elizabeth iSlirk Jacob | Xnonff Sarah Baylor \V S 2 ! Keg A J M T ana!l James ' k ister J A H Wheat & Grover Kirkpatrick James—2 vVertz Henry : loons M C Wasones H S Leister Shnrnan ; Wheeler William I I"rr Carrie Miss Yoar Sal ! JOH N A. MO WRY, r. t. I V DAIIMSTUATOR S NOTICE. i~\_ Letters of JAdminis ; tution ur-bn the Est .te of Elias llite, Lite of Cum : bs r tand Vulley tp., dee'd., having been grantet. | rte undeisigned, s]l persons indebted to said i Estate, ere requested to make immedtate pay ment, and those having claims will present them | duly authenticated for settlement. HENRY HITE, ( . , , THOMAS FISHER f ; i Nov. 23d.' PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. ¥ K. G 0 ! LD, • Ao. 63*2 Chestnut St., cor. of 52 t "nth, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS ANDMELODEONS. RAVEN, BACON & co's., BALLET,HAVIS & CO's., t'SN's $- CLAEK's, AND A. U. GAU. & CO'S. 2 ■■ iwjßy ** ''■' " ' j . MASON & HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE & CO'S. MELODEONS ic HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Meiodeons to Rent. Second-hand Pianos. May IS,'CO.-1 yr. | P. S 6 B IR, ** * -SrCCESSOB TO J. SORVER.) —WHOLESALE DEALER I\_ TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGAR'S, -Vb 8 Aorik Fifth St., above Market, PhiVrt. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS May IS, 1560.-1 yr [ WILLIAM I: AI (I I'LL, JAMES M. WHITBY, sjsirEi. xooue, EDV. AKH A ADAMS, ; William RLILLS? aim, IIFNET r. ATKISos . fgAIGUEL, MOORE & CO., LATE, RAIGLEL AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DRY G GODS, A os. 220 &. 222 A'orth Third St., above Race, West side, PHILADELPHIA. May 15,'00.-1 yr. HP HE WORLD'S G R EAT ~ EXHI BIT ION * PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER lor his two PIANOS, Lor.don, October 1.5, ISO'. v \ -F. V . X:lrj\ v : ; ■ rrt c. MEYER respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, thai be has constantly on hand PIANO -, equal to those lor which he received the Prize Medal in London, in 1851. Ail orders promptly attended to, rand great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last filteen vears, more Medals than any other.rnaker, from the Frank lin Institute—also, First Premiums in Boston, New- York and Baltimore. Wareroomc. No. 772 ARCH S'reet, below Eighth South side, PHILADELPHIA ° May, IS, ISCd.-lyr. JOBS O. J AMIS, ISAAC WELSH, H. G. STERLING. W't. C. KENT, G. A. SMITH, TI. D. WELSH, CHARLES MNTSE, SAJITEL WniTE, J. TO3IUSSOS. JAMES, KENT, SANTEE & CO., IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF D R Y GOODS, 239 & 241 NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. I May 15,'60.-1 yr. | QOKING GLASSES, ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, I ne most extensive and elegant assortment at ttie very lowest rates.—Gle-ses in store of every de scriptor). . fahogary framed Gla.-ses, ior country sa *s. Print and Poitrait frames, Window Cornices, J '. ii . :ou.' iigs. etc. Estimates for furnishing j • Masses to fi'i every 'pace, by mail on application. | Eng r avings tor Grecian and Antique Paintings.— ! Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE & SON, , „ 816 Chestnut St., Piiil'a. j May 18/30.—1 yr. 4 GREAT IMPROVEMENT ~ r* _ i \ PI VNOS. ' * 4 ♦ ' ■ * * I.' - - - :'••• "i '^i .• . - . ' ' . '■■ A ( Av- | J " (f/ rf GF.ORGF. VOGT takes the opportunity of infoim- I ing his friends and the public generally, that he has removed his Piano Warerooms from No. 628 ! Arch Street, to No. 516 Ar.-h Street, where he will i keep constantly on hand a large assortment of Shis j :a *1 v patented PIANOS, whicn'have been pronoun- i ced br the best judges as far superior to all other Pianos in the sweetness and purity of their tone ' and construction, hereio'ore manufactured in the; L'nitedStates and England. May IS,*GO.-G mo. €1 RANVfLLE STORES' * GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND i NO ABATEMENT, j NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. GRAN \ ILI.E STOKi.S would return thanks to ! the public for their appreciation of Ins efforts to j please, and their liberal patronage. In order t< keep up this kindly feeling, he has' yielded to the solicitations oi many of his friends I lu.d inaugurated a new system, of Gilts with each Garment sold. To his choice selection of fine Fab rics, and made-up Clothing, he invites the scrutiny j of the public, as well as to his r.ew mode of doing I busin-ss. Each article is warranted to be, in Fab- i tic, Style and Make, equal to any gotten up in the j City, and one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked . on the Ticket Each arMcle sold, or measured for, is aeeompa- ! nied by a Gift, varying in value !romsl to §IOO. i 1 N. B.—None but the most skillful Designers, j Cutters and Workmen employed; and satisfaction ' in Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guaranteed at J GRANVILLE STOKES' ONE PRU'E GIFT CLOTHING EMPORII'M | ' NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. | 1 May 18,"CO.—C tns. JJXECI TOR'S NOTICE. Letters testamentary on the last will j and testament of Christian Biatter.berget, late of; St. Clair tp., der'd., having bee/i granted to the ' ( subscr.ber residing in said tp., rot ice is therefore given to all persons indebted to saij estate to make immediate payment, and those having claims w ill present them forthwith for settlement. JACOB CROYLF., ! Oct. 5, iB6O. Executor. ALL TRADE NOTICE BUNN, RAIGUEL & CO., A'o. 137 A'orth Third Street, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF FANCY DRY GOODS, Inytg the attention of Purchasers to their extensive Stock of fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Embroideries, Cloths, Cassimeres Tc. May 18,'60.- J| FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CHESTAUT :sTHE'-:7\ PHILADELPHIA. May 15,'66.-1 yr. HEALTH ANDITS PLEASURES OR WISH ITS AGONIFS: CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM! tdj? te-Mi m % ~ fV£ &S.V Holloway's Pills. 3g£ Nervcr.i Disorders. _ V- ' *t is more fear ;si than a breaking down of the r rvols system ? To b* excitable or nervous in ?. sinali m-gree is ire: distressing, lor where ce.n'a remedy be found ? ; i.cre is one : dnnkbut little wine, beer, or spirits, or far better none ; take no coffee— weak tea being preferable ; get all toe fresh iJ you raj: take Three or four Pills every night; piei.'v c' soh>U, avoL'j n% the use of slops ; end if these golden rules are followed, you willbe u i py is, n:.rd an I >:rong in body, and forget o any nerves. Mothers and Daughters i ther? is one thing more than another lor which 5-? biiji are so tamotis it ;s their purify in* prop erties, especially their power of cleansing the blood from ai, impurities, and removing dangerous and so ;>ended secretions. Universally adopted as the on,- grand remedy for female complaints, they never fail, never we ® ken the system, at J always bring about What is ccjuired. Sick Headaches and Want of Appe tite, These feelings „hich so sadden us, modtfrequen iy Iron annoyances or trouble, from obstruc ted perspiration, or from eating and drinking wha ;• . anfi ' lor us > thu * disordering the liver and stom ach. J hese organ® must be regelated if yon wish to well. Ine Fills, •' taken according to the printed instructions, will quickly restore a" healthy to both ;vt r and stoinrch, whence follow as a natural consequence, a good appetite and a clear be;; '. In the La,; ar Test Indies scarcely any other medicine isever used for these disorder's. Dsorders cf the Kidneys. In ail diseases affecting these organs, whether they, crete too much or too little water . or whe ther they be afflicted with stone or gravel, or with , ach"; and pair;s settled :a tae loins over the regions I 01 the kidneys, these Pills should be taken accor j ding to the printed directions, and the Ointment i shouid be well rubbed into the small of the back at ! time. 'lbis treatment will give almost urine, j diate relief when ali other means have failed. For Stomachs Out of Order. i No medicine will so effectually improve the tone '.u the s'omaeh these Pills ; they remove all aci : fay. occa-iond either by intemperance or imptop er diet. 1 hey reach the liver and reduce it to % bea ; uiy action ; they are wonderfully efficacious in cj-- of spasms—in fact they never fail in curing all disorders of the liver arid Stomach. Hollowiy's Pills are the best remedy known in the world for the following diseases . Ague, . inflammation, Asthma i Jaundice, Billions Complaints, I Liver Complaints, Blotches on the Skin j Lumbago, ' Bowel Complaints, | Piles, Colics, ' Rheumatism, j Constipation of the j Retention ollOrine, ' , Bowels, Scrofula or King's | Consumption, Evil, : Debility, Sore Throats, ; Dropsy, Stone and Gravel, ! Dysentery, Secondary Symptoms Erysipelas, 1 .c-Douloureux, Female Irregularities, Tumours, ■ Fevers of all kind#, Ciccrs, Venereal Affections, Gout, Worms.of ail kinds, ! Read-ache, ft caknss from what j indigestion, ever iymse* ~ r ~ € It I—None-geauine unless j the words "Houlov. at, New Yorift and Lovdon," are discernible as a ii atcr-mari- in ever; leafof the ; oook oi directions around each pot or box : the same i may be plainly seen by hoi ling tae leaf to the light. I A handsome reward writ be given to any one ren dering such information as may lead to the detee j 'ion of any party or parties counterfeiting the med icines or vending the same, knowing them to be 1 spurious. ; Vbo.'d 2! ? be Manufactory oi" Professor Hotto • Ai, 1 . Maiden Lane. New fork, an-, hv aii | table Druggists and Dealers in Medicine, through! j out the civil,zed world, in boxes at 20 cents, 62*ct j and §1 each. EFThere is considerable saving by takin<> the j larger sizes. ; N. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in | every disorder are affixed to each box. 1 Nov. IS, 1839. ! DSLAIR C OU.VFY " NORMAL SCHOOL & SEMINARY, MARTI N'SBURG, BLAIR CO., PA E. T. OSBORNE, A. B. / _ . . , J. V,'. DICXEKSON, I Principals. This institution will commence its first session with an able and experienced corps of instructors l on Monday, Nov. sth, IbGO. No expense bas been spared in making it thorough and complete in every department. i'liO school building is constructed and famished upon the ir.ost approved modern plans, and is one of ;r.e best m the State. It contains a hall capable of seating 500 adults, with office, music rooms,' suffi cient tor a school oi 300 pupils. l'heschocl is located in a region of country un excelled lor its beauty and healthftilness, [and is surrounded by a moral and industrious community. The distance to Cove Station. Huntingdon and Broad Top R. R. is six miles; to Hollidaysburg Station, Pa. R. R. 12 miles, with duly stages from the latter and tri-weekly from the former; thus ma king it easy of access fr m all parts oi the country. The objects of the school are : Ist. The Professional Training of Teachers. 2nd. The thorough Education of young hdie? and gentlemen in the Englis:. and Ornamental Branches. 3d.' The preparation of Students for College. The reaching Chss wit! meet daily for lectures on ttie Theory arid Practice oi Teaching, recitation i; ma standard work on the subject, or d scussioo of Methods of Teaching by the ciass. Students who desire to do so may prepare to en ter the higher classes in college. ; Ladies will have a - -parate boarding house and v. ,'i be unci- r the Immediate supervision cf an ex perienced Preceptress. Instruction given in ail the branches taught in the Academies anu Seminaries. Whole expen-e, (exc'usive of Ornaments! bran ches,) for boarding, tuition, furnished rooms, room rent, and iuel, §1 IS.OO a [year. For circular, with full particulars, aildrcss E.J. OSBORNE, or J. ft'. DICKERSON, Care o! J. C. Evekiiaet, Mart'csburg, B'airco., Pa. Oit. 12. 1960- MARTHA T. MASTIiI, C. H. BAMHICS, J. A. L. XcK&SI, t-SO. K. FEDULE, s. K. MARTIN ¥,A A. MAKER, * • with MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK & CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, .Vo. 30, North Fourth St., PhiPa May 19.'60.-1 yr. ~ 4 "DMIN ISTR ATOR S NOTTCET I/'tlers of AHir.ihi?. trition having been grnnteil to the sub^criber 'rv.i dine in St. Clair 'owmhip, on the Estate of Apthi baM Find'ay. late of Napier township, heeii'.., all persons indebted to said Esta!" ic hereby s> m ke ir.!:vediat'. payment, and those having c'aiir the Same, wib proa-at thyjj proper*- ly nutht-nticafedfur aetr'eTncut. 'T "RGV. 37CK.r ".V. v "V. 93d.* A Vr.

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