Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, December 7, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated December 7, 1860 Page 3
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(GRANVILLE STOKES' GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND NO ABATEMENT. NO. 607 CHESTNCT STREET. GRANVJLLE STOKES would return thanks to < B c- public for their appreciation of bis efforts to p %ase, nd their liberal patronage. In order to keep up this kindly feeling, he has yielded to the solicitations ot many of his friends acd inaugurated a new system ot Gifts with each Garment soid. To his choice selection of fine Fab r!"i, and made-up Clothing, be invites the scrutiny of the public, as well as to his new mode of doing business. Each article is warranted to be, in Fab ric. Style and Make, equal to any gotten up in the CiVv, end one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked on the Ticket. Each article sold, or measured for. is accompa nied by a Gift, varying in value from Si to §IUO. B.—None but the mast skillful Pe.-igners, Cutters and Workmen employed ; and satisfaction ,n Kit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guaranteed at GRANVILLE STOKES' ONE pri;e gift clothing emporium, NO. 607 CHESTNL'T STREET. Nov. 18/00.-6 ms. £jTRAY SHEEP.— >5 Came to the premi ifjofthe subscriber res/ding in Cumberland Val ley tp.. some U'flae in September last, six heed of sheep, two of them rams, one of them having a torn broken off; two of them .-tving ear marks, and • two being without mai£. The owner ■will please come forward, prove property, pay char and them avsaV, or they will be disposed 0 / iccording to law. pec. 7th, '6O. SAMUEL M. BOOR. fjpEACHER'S INSTITUTE. jj The Bedford County T-acher's Institute, will hold its annual session in Bedford, to commence, Wednesday, )ec. 26tb, at cne o'clock. P. M.. and to continue three days. All live teachers will try, and all others should try to be present during the ents'ie session. The hospita ble citizens of Bedford will entertair so far a* pos sible, ail Teachers who may attend during the In- Teach.-rs coming ' during the forenoon of the firs* fav will call on me at ShucJ-*s Store, where a committee wiil be i* waiting to conduct them to the no-pitable families by whom they will be en tertained. Directors wi ! p'ease urge their Teachers to at vead the institute. GEO. SIGAFOOS, Dee 7, 1860. Conntf SuptrxntenJtnl. fNAUTIGN M,- I hereby caution ail persons sgamet taking a note, giv-n tiy me to a by the name oi Fox, for lift v twodoJlar?, dated Nov. lOth, iB6O. Th* note was given on certain conditions, which as yet have not been complied with. I have bet-n deceived, not having re ceived value, and am determined not to pay sa'd notn unless compelled bv law. A. ZEM BOWER. C. Valley, Dec. 7, '6O. ATM IN NOTICE. t*- Letter* o! administration upon the estate of Nazaanzan AVer? late of the Borough of Bloody Run, dee'd., having been granted to the subserib er, all persons indebted are requested to make immediate payment, ard those having claims, will present them properly authenticated for settlement. EDWARD KERR. Dec. 7, 1860. Adm'r. VI)M IN I S TH ATO H'S~ NOTICK Letters of Administration upon the F.s tare of Peter Hyner, late ol Napier township, dee'd., h .ving been granted f the subscriber, all persons ! indebted,-ere requested to make immediate pay- i meet,.and those having claims will present them for settlement. HENRY TAYI.OH, i Oct. 56, 1850. Administrator, i VdNHNIS i llAToTus "no tice. Letters of Adminrstrarion upon tha Fa ta ta of Henry ickea, late of Union tp.. dee'd., hav ing been granted to the subscribers, all persons in- I debted are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims wiil present them duly eaTbentlc-ated for settlement HENRY ICKF.S, JOEEPH ICKF?. T)ct. 26, 1860. Administrate!*. ' I HF. ASSESSORS T Ot the several townships and boroughs o Ihe county of Bedford, will meet at the Commis sioners' office, onjWednesday the 21.t day of Novem ber, A. B-, iB6O, to receive theu Duplicates, in rVruetioss, Sic. By order of the Commissioners. H. NICODJMUS, Nov. 9, 1860. Clerk. E" NECUTOR'S "NOfrGEr Letters testamentary npor. the last will, hre., of Jacob Teeter, ia'e of South Woodberry tp., lee'd-, having been granted * the subscriber residing in said township, notice is therefore given to ai! prrsons indebted, to muJ-e immediate payment, arid those having claims will present them properly autben'icatrd for set tlement. ALEXANDER HOLSINOER, Nov. 83d.' Executor, j pOR SALE OR TRTDET"" * 26 Tons ot Piaster. 3 New Two horse wagons. 1 New set ot Double Harness. The highest market price paid for wheat, rre rern,oats, and buckwheat. Poo: House Mill, ( Bedford. Nov. 15. f JOHN NELSON. EXCUSE— | "*■ Tor reason■ satirficto- ' t" to myseif, I respectfully request #1! parsons hav- j accounts on my Books of 6 months standing to j cali and setMe the same either by cash or note I Persons having no money can have no excuse for i neglecting ta give tbeir notes. And all neglecting I *<# make settlement— will have their accounts' left ; t'he Squire's. Nov. o'6o. WM. HARTLEY. Tun if UK'S NOTICE. Tke undersigned appointed Auditor to | diftribute the funds in the bands of Sheriff" Fluke, arising from th* sa'e of /be personal property, and | also of ihe real ejiare of IVsi. M. Earnest, gives : nonce that he will atteod to the duties of said ap- j poirtment, at bis ctQee In Bedford Borough, on Sat-; urdey. the 10th day of Nov., 1860. O. H GAITHER, Or*. 26h. TF'O- Auditor. |f" BANCROFT ie.CO~ i '* * IMPORTERS St WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ! FRENCH, GERMAN" AND ENGLISH FANCY GOODS, .Vb. 330 Market Street, Philadelphia. May 18.'W.-1 y r . \ORTHERN LIGHT !!! ~~ THE CHEAPEST !'! And best light in use, can be had by boyiog Cos! Off, perfectly pure, inodioas and free front smoke while burning, at $ TOO per gallon, at H. C. REAMTR'S Nov. I ft, JBfto. Drug Store. f lALL AND SEE ! A LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL V.'. Assortment ol Coal flit Lamps, of the latest stylws, just received,end tor sale cheep, at H. C. REAMER'S Hot. lfl, 18*0. Drug Store. UNITED STATES HOTELS S. E.Cor. 11 tk * MarketSSt.,t t., PHILADELPHIA W.KANAGA, ) - M. McVEY, No¥rxti. Feb. 3, i*et) I ROHRER'S KOHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. PRACTICAL CALCULA FOR. PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. PRACTICAL C.A LCULATOR. PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. ffOHKKR'S PUACTICAL CAL j -"•CULATOR— | A Book ot Plain Rules and Calculations for Business Operajion, By Martin M. Rohrer, Practical Surveyor and Conveyancer. New Edi tion, Published by*J. B. I.ippincott & Co., Philadelphia- This work contains 204 pages, and upwards of 500 Rules and Examples, eutirely and thoroughly practical, such as arise everv day in the common pursuits of Business. It has already passed through ! a number of Editions in rapid succession, and is i pronounced by all classes ol business men to be I the handiest book of retererice, pertaining to calcu ilatioris. th * has ever been published. Every example in the book i wo.ked out in full and stated in a plain manner, so that when a par j nJlel case arises, those referring to the work will j find no difficulty in readily solving it •, in a word, ] the general arrangement of the Calculator is so ; simple, ary one who knows how to add, sub tract, multiply, or divide, ran easily solve any or. dinary example that arises in business, or arrive at the result of any estimate required. The chief aim of the author bas been to esrhew theory and philosophy in figures, aiming only at facts and simplicity, believing tbat business men care little about spending tune in discussing the philosophy of rules or the science of figures, deem in® it sufficient for their purpose to be able at a moment, by reference, to aiiive at the true lesult j The calculator differs in this respect from all A- I rithmetics of the day, and kindred works—it is a I key to practical business calculations—it is, in the hards of the business man, what the key to math emrtical works is in the hat.ds of !he teacher in the school-room—it facilitates time and insures eo r rectnes-. THE WORK I'RF.ATS OF THE Measurement ot Land, of I.umber, of Brick and Brick work, of Stone and Stone VVoik, oi Grain and Gran Uins, of (.'oai and Coal Bins, oi Wood, of Solids, of Liquids, of Circular, of Square, or Irregu har Vessel*, ot Cisterns and Vat-, of Roofing, of j I'iaeterers'. Painteis', Glaziers', Pavers', Plumb, rs,' ! Paper Hat ger*'. and Upholsters', Work. It treats ! ol Currency vnd of Foreign and Domestic Exchange, j of the Decimal System, of Reduction and its exfen | ded application to Business, of Simple and compound i Interest, ami rb-ir entire application to Business j transactions, with the laws and usages governing , and regulating the >anie. together with numeiou? ■ Commercial F.-rm-—of Legal Tender, of Partial I Payments on Notes, of Banking and Bank Discount j of Equation of Payments and Partnership Accounts ; oi As.-, sment of Taxes, of Weights and Measures, j of Square and Cubic Measure, of the Square tßoot j and its application to Business, of Surfaces, of Ex j cavation, and of many other important practical I matters not within the scope of an adveitisement ! to men'ion. CiyMailed rpovt paid) to any part of the United | S'ates upon receipt of the money. Price of a sin [ gie Copy, in Cloth, 60 Cents, or two Copies for st. CO. Bound in Fucket-book form, Morocco, $1.06 I per copy. ADDRESS I M M. ROHRER. liox 1911 Philadelphia P. 0., Pa. Nov. SO, 11-50.-6m<. |TNK)N HOTEL,— BEDFORD, PA. THE subscriber respectfully announces to ibe public, that he bas leased the above named Hotl, in ihe oldand weii Jrnowri Globe building, formerly owned and ocrupsed by Mr. John Young, and re cently in the occupancy of Jonathan Morton, dee'd., where he will be hippy to see his friends, and the traveling pub tc generally. Persons attending Court are repectfully invited to give him a call.— He pledg®* himself that he will do all in his pow er to r-nder his guests comfortable. His Tabic will be supplied with .he choicest del icacies the rnarLet will afford. The Bed Rooms will contain clean and comfort i ble bedding. The Bar will be supplied with choice lipoor. The S'shie will be attended by a caretul and At tentive hostter. Boarders tacn by the day, werJ- month and v-ar. JOSEPH A LSI P. Cedfoid. Nov. 30, 1860. SOMETHING NEW & iISKFTL CAN ALWAYS BE SEEN AT P ' 55 A RTIiE Y ' S . Hmley has just received the finest assortment of Meat cutters ; r.d Stu.'fen ever brought to the coun ty. He his i new article of cutter that excels al otnerr, che p and durable, also Butcher Knives by the hundred, Meat Saws, 4"C., POR! LAND KEROSENE OIL AND LAMPS Brilliant, cheap and beautiful. Said to burn 2 hours for one cent, no smoke, no smell, no explo sion, go to Hartley's and purchase before the pret tiest ore tiold, and pu,chase a nice cheap light for the iong winter nights.—H irtiey alo has SPALDING'S LIQUID GLUE, which should be in every house; it mends most ev erything. HARDWARE by the ton, Oil and Paints, of nearly every kind, Iron, Nails and Glass, Farm Implements and Machinery. Satisfaction given to all reasonablo persons. Cash buyers wanted and lavored. Those who pay promptly and known to be relia b'e. may be credited 6 months. Nov. 3, 1860, AUDITOR'S NOTICE.— The undersigned appoin ted by the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, to examine and ett'e the exceptions filed to the con firmation of the account of Mahlon Smith, adminis trator of the Estate of Jame Smith. Iste of St. Clair Township, deceased, will attend to the duties of tne appointment, at his office in Bedford Borough, on Monday the 17th day of December instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M-, when and Wbers a!! peisons inter ested can attend. JNO. P. REED, Nor. 30, '6O. Auditor. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE. —ASD PATENT SHOULDER SEAM SHIRT MAN UFACTORY. JVo. 706 CHESTNUT Street, Above Seventh,opposite the Washington House, Fine Shirts and Drawers made from measurement a* a few days notice and in all cases Warranted to fit. Formula for m*aurement furnished on ap plication bv mail. LIBERAL INDUCEMENTS TO WHOLE SALE BUYERS. May 18/60.-1 yr. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letters of Administration, cum tes tamento annexe, on The estate of John Clark, late ol Schellsbuvg Borough, dee'd., having been granted to the subscriber, living in said Borough, all persons knowing themselves indebted to said estate will make payment immediately, and thoee having claims against the tame will present them properly authenticated for settlement. WMv A. B. CLARK, CVt. ?, 19CC, Adm'r BG&PREMIUMN G COR Nl'B€RIBEI(.! J THE METI(TD IST, G THE NEW RELIGIOUS WEEKLY, WAS [T COMMENCED IN JULY LAST, AND IS 2 PUBLISHED ON g SATURDAY OF EAOH WEEK, G AT NO. 7, BEEKMAN ST., N. Y. 5 EDITED BY THE REV. GEORGE R. > CROOKS, D. D., Assisted by the H Rev. J NO. .M cC LINT OCK, D. D., At present residing in Paris, as CORRESPOH- pj DING EDITOR ; and by numerous contributors j-. well known as writers for the people. Giving jq due prominence to alt matters df interest per- r* taming to the Church whose name it bears, and sustaining its institutions against disor- ~ ganizers within its bosom and assailants from X without, it yet, in a spirit of brtherbood, con veys to its eaders full details of passing e vents in all the sister churches , and in the *r world at Urge, maintaining at the same lime'* 2 high literary tone, and * dignified abstinence from all unnecessary controversy. IT IS PRINTED IN IMPERIAL Q.ITARTO > FORM.ON THE BEST PAPER. AND IN f THE BEST TYPOGRAPHICAL STYLE, SO And is embellished from time to "im bv M JJcvfiatta of Eminent film, 5 IN THE MINISTRY AND LAITY, ~ And is thus constituted, editorially and me- chaiacally, X A RELIGIOUS FAMILY NEWSPAPER * OF THE FIRST CLASS. & TEEMS, $2 00 PER YEAR. =g Subscriber* paying tor the Year to commence Ist January next, will receive the Paper Gtrtuiious'y up to that date. j® PRE MIL MS FOR SUB SCRIBERS. Although '-The Methodist" has met with ai- Y most unprecedented success, yet, in order to ~ piace it withiu the reach ot every Metis idiat 2 Family, we have been induced to offer a List >; of Premiums to any who wish to procure sub- pj scribeis. These Premiums are ofteied several- id ly fot two subscribers,and up to fifty subscri- *> ers and embrace Caihart, Need ham, ft Co.'s Melodeons. & Wheeler .V Wilson Sewing Machines, W iici.x ft Giob' Sewing Machines, P3 French's Conical Washing Machines, A number of desirable books, such a. Harper's Illuminated Bible, Washington living's lAoiks, Agricultural Books, J._ St even's llist. of Methodism, —a Bang's Hist of the M. E. Church, And nurtteious other Books of Permanent Interest and value, together with a £ Great Variety of Books soita- ' 2 ble to the Sabbath School Library, {■ Affording to any who wish to pres-mi the/r Pastor with a perpetually useful household convenience, or who wish to procure on* tor their own comlort. or who wish to fiitiii'h one as a means of livelihood to some friend, oi Co X any bunday School Pupil or Teac er who de- A sires to enrich the S. S. Library, a ready er; means of doing so bv the expenditure, O of a " " LITTLE EXERTION, AND THE OCCU PATION OF ALi I'TLE SPARE TIME. H JT7~.Specimen Numbers will be sent Free, on •* applican, to any address, with full particu 2 !ai of miums. Address L BANGS, Publisher. OFFICE, 7 BEEKMAN ST.. NEW YORK Oct. 25, 1866.-3t. A RARE CHANCE. The subscriber having falety removed to VV.-ishington Co,, Stct., t for iMc reason compe led to offer for *le his property sit uate in the town of Woodberry, in Morrison's Cove, Bedlord County, Pa./Sn-iA The property consis ting of a N E wfsjs® BRICK HOUSE, an adjoining small Log* House and other con venient out buildings, a Well with never-Oiling water,cistern and good garden and is located on M in Street. The Brick House is occupied at the yesent, by Mi. George 11. Barndollar as a Store House, is the best busine.-s stand in the town, con tains a large Store and Ware Room, besi tes eight other looms, kitchen, cellar fee. Any person desirous ot gotng into busincg, w ill find it to his advantage to take this chance. Should not a puichaser be found ti'l the I.lth day of December next, the prop, erty will be rented. Information relating to the Conditions of sale o; rent, will be given by addres sing A. L. Berkhoeffei, Esq., Woodberry, Bedford County, Pa., w ho is my authorized agent, or by ad dressing the rub-ciiber, H. M. JACOBS. Hagerstowii, Washington co., Md. Nov. 2.3, l60.-3ts. S HRPHANS' COURT SALE. V_/ The suoscriber will sell at public sale by virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Be (I foid county, on Thui sd.ty the 20th day of December, 1860, on the premises, a 1 )t of one acre of ground, the iate residence of Henry Bender, deceased, having thereon erected a good Log Frame Home, Slable, anu Cooper Shop; a well ot excellent water at the door, situated in South Woodberry tp-, Bedford co., adjoining land of Dr. Birch and Daniel Lingeiifelte.- ; this is a very desirable pioperly, sit naled in a pleasant neighborhood, convenient Co churches and. schools. At the same time will be sold the personal propeity, including a lot of coop er tools, and stock, Househol.. furniture, Ac. Sale to begin at 10 o'clock, A. M., when terms of sale will be made known. ADAM HADERMAN, Nov. 23d. Executor. W3UBLIC SALE OF RF.AL ESTATE. -®- I he subscriber will ofler at pnolic outcry, on Friday, the 14th day of December, next, on the premises formerly owned by Peter Rock, dee'd., in South Woodberry, Bedford county, a tract of land containing4o acres snd 146 perches, lying on the road leading from Bedford to Holliriaysburg, and adjoining lands of .Jacob Rice, Benjamin Yoter, and others, with about 13 or 20 acres cleared and under fence, and the letnainder well timbered principally with young chestnut, a house and stable thereon erected, ami a never filling spring with excellent water near the bouse. Terms made known on day of S-<!e. DAVID BRUMBAUGH. Nov. 23, 1860.* EM P L O Y M E N T.— The undersigned are de sirous of securing the services of u few Young Men to engage in a Travelling Agency, upon a salary of FORTY DOLLARS PER MONTH, and all expenses paid. This is an opportunity sel dom offered, and those who merit the approbation of the Subscribers, by strict attention t J business, can rely upon constant employment tor a term of years. For further particulars address CONANT 4* DRAKE, 31 Alain St., Atkinson Depot, N. H. Nov. 23d.Sm STRAY HEIFER. Came trespassins on the prem ises of the subscriber residing in ft. Clair tp-, a. bout the first ot September last, a red and white spotted "muley" heiffer, supposed to be 3 years old, with a notch, slit and hole cut in the right ear. The owner is requested to prove property and take her away or she will be ditpoted of according to law. Nov. 23 •* JOHN H. BOWSER. RUNEITFROM 13* TO 28 CENTS A POUND fo' so Iby ju!yo,'<so A. L. DEFIBAUGH (7T Axr tp d > a &&FOATI^ TI C | jJ, 4 complaining! l j fM *r* ii comlortabltj ? TIIHN *** | s r turns are often the prelujF]^* !\V Ojy i ififrn illnwfc Hom lit , < j i creeping upou yet * , * by A j \ /<t . timeiy UM; tif the right ra-m --f. . c f- j edv. Take Aycr g Pilir, uud I ifs., t;i ch'.iustt jut tn; ui.jrlw-d ku fc. flgg mora—purify the bloody Atiil n,ov " un°^- strurted in health apain. K stimulate the fuoctioue W'/I&V of the body into vigorous ar tivirv, purify the ayAtem frwm the ointi uetioDt which make disertao. A cold AottlM •otAewhera in the body, and ol>- atructe its natural functions. These, if uot relieved, react upon th-mselves and the surrounding organs, pro fliit'ing gei"*.ral nggravittitm. slifforing, and dlseaao. While in this condition, opprtneed by tht: derangemnntM, take AverV Hills, and se> how directly they restore the natural action of the ay.Uvm. and with it the buoyant feeiiug of health again. What is true and BO apparent Ju this tririal and comruou complaint, is also true in many of the deep-Abated and dangerous dUtempera. The same purgative effect expels their. Caused by similar ol*struc tiiJis :ujd dsrangoiiißQtsof the natural* function* of the body, they are rapidly, and many of them surely, cured by tbi wme meanti. Nona who koow t4ie Tirtus of tbeso Pills, will neglect to eniplcy tbem v?keu *ufTehng from the (lirordera iltey cure. Stat'-inriits from leading physicians in some of the principal cilia*, and from other well known public per sans. From a Forwcrdivg J& rchant rf S?. Louis, fto. 4, 18o*L DR. Arra: Your Hills ore tbe paragon of all that U great in medicine They have cured my little dnughter of ulcerous iords upon her hand* and fedt that had pFoved lucurabu- for years, lior motiier has been long griev ously afCif?el witii blotche and pimples OLI her skin and in her hair. After our child **** cured, she also tried your Piiia, and they have t ured her ASA MORQEIDGJi. An a Family* Physic* Fmru Dr. E. W. Qxrtwright, AVie 'hloms. Y nr Pills are the prince of purge*. Their exrellent qnaliti*s surpass any cathartic we p*xsees. lliey are niiiil, but very certiuu and effectual in their action en the box/els, which makes them invaluable to us iu tbo daily treatment of disease. Ueadcche,SickHeftdnchf,Fbul Stomach* From. Dr. Edward Boyd, Ballinwrt. DEAF BRO. ATIR: I cannot answer you what complaints I have curei with your Pills better than to say all tJiat \rt tver treat with a purgative mviicijit. 1 plm-e great depeu denee on an effectual cathartic in my daily content with dirc-ase. and believing as 1 do that your afforl us the best we have, I of course value them highly. PmWHJRO, Pa.. May 1, DR. J. C. Am. Sir- I have been repeatedly cured of the worst hradaeue. any can have by a dose or two of vonr Pills. It seems to ariae from a foul stomach, which the} - cleanse at once. Yours with great respect, ED. W. PREBLE, Clerk of Steamer Clarion. Bilious Disorders 7.* tver Complaints* Frem Dr. Theodore Bell, nf *tew York City. Not only are your Pills admirably adapted to their pur pose *.* an aperient, but I find their leMiehcial cffei'ts u->on the Liver very marked indcei. They have in my prtkv tire proved nioro *fTectual for the euro of biUotut am*- ptuiitt:, than any onu remedy 1 can mention. I sincersly rc;;iice tiiat we have at length a purgative which is wor thy thv- twuSdsnce of the profession and the people. Department or ?N£ INTERIOR, ) Yfashingtou, D. C., 7th Feb., IHL3, ) , S:R: I have used your Hills iu my general and hospital practice ever since you made them, and cannot hesitate to say they are the hurt .-athurtic we employ, fheir regtj latii.g action • n the liver quick and decided, conse quently they nre an admirable remedy for d rangeroents of t' organ. Indeed,} hav- wddjin foui.d a case of hriious go obsLiniuc ihai it diA not readily yield Ahem. Fraternally yours, ALO.NZO BALL, M. D . T't ysic. an of the Marins TJarpitaL Dysentery, Dlarriicra, Relax. IVorms. From Dr. J. G. Green, of Chicago. Four Pills have had a long 'rial in my practice, and I bold them in esteem as one of the best aperients I have ever found. Their alterative effect upon tbe liver makes them au excellent remedy, when given in small doses for Www ilytcKiry ami giarrheteu Their SUfftTrCOUtlßf makes them very acceptable aud convenient lur the uv> of womeA and children. Dyspepsia, Imptirity of the Blood. From Dev. J. Y., Pastor of Advent Church, Ftostcru DR. Atlr: I have used your Pills with extraordinary success in my family and among those I am called to vLsit in distress* To regulato the organs of digestion and purify tlic blood, they are tbe vury best I ha-o ever known, and I con confidently recomim iid*th. ui t<> my friends. Yours, J. V. HIM£3. WARSAW. Wyoming Co., N. Y., Oct. 24. 1555. Dear SIR: I urn using your Cathartic Pills in my prac tice, and find them an excel ient purgatNe to ckans J tho 43' stem and purify Une fountains of the. t>'r*xl. ' JUU.N G*. M.KACIIAM, M. I). Constlpntlon, Costivencss, Snppresc.lon, Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia, Drop- BY t Hitfl, etc. Tram Dr. J. P. Vaughn, ihrutrtci, Canada. Too much cannot le said of your Pills for the cure of csti Sliest. If others of our fraternity have Smnd tlvm as ct'firacjous as T, tb i y should join tne in prcrlainv- Ing it for th* benefit of the uiulUtudes who suffer from that complaint, which, although !•! *nough iti itvclf, is the progenitor of others that are wor*r. I believe cr tireness to originate in the liter, Tut your Pills affect ;has c. : :xn and euro the disf^so. Prom Mrs. E. Stuart, Physician end Midwife, Boston. I find one or two large ofyouf Pills, ti'-pn at tho projicr time, are excellent promotive* of the natural #cre ticn vheti wholly or partially suppress* h and ulfto very effectual to cleanse the ti(*nach and erpel v* ms. Th*V sre so much the best pbyhic we havj tuut I rccomzusn'l no other to my patieuls. Prom the Dev. Dr. Hawkcs,of the Sf'thndist Epis. Church. PrhAVKi Ilorsr, Savannah.Ta.. Jar. f. 185 th Honored Sik : I should bo ungrateful for th* relief •our fkill has brought mo if I did nut report inv case t y-4i. A cold settled in mv limbs and brought on exoru ciattng neuralgic pains, which ended in chnmw rheuma tism. Notwithstanding I had the twt of physicians, tho dieaw grew worse and worse, until by the a/lvice of your agent in Baltimore. Dr. Mackanxic, I tried your Pill-. '1 heir effects were slow, but sure. By persevering la the una of them, I am now entirely well. FIN ATX CHAJIUFR. Eaton IB -uge, La.. 5 Dec. 1555. Dr.. Arm: I have lieen entirely cured, by your Tills,cf Hficumotic Gout a puiu.ui disease that hud afflicted m iff yaar*. VINCENT SEIDELL ttiT Most of tlio Pills in market contain Mercurr, whit h, altii>ugh a valuable remedy in skiliul hands, is dangerous in a public pill, from the dreadfhl ronse qnenee* that frequently follow its incautious use. Thosa c* *,taln no mercury or mineral substmco whatever. Price, 25 cents per Box, cr 5 Boxes for sl. f a ared by Dr. J. C. AYER &. CO., Lowell, Masi. B. F. Harry, Bedlord ; Barndollar & Son, B toody j Run : G. B. Amirk, St. Clairsville j J. Breneman, 1 Woodbeiry ; Geo. Gaidill, West End j J. E. Coivin, i Schellsburg ; and by dealers generally. . I Oct. 12, IS6U. j UNITED STA TES MAIL LINE BETWEEN CHAMBERSBURG & LATROBE, via BEDFORD. A new and splendid line of Concord bnilt Coaches, leaves Chambersburg daily (Sunday excepted) at _ 7 A. M., and arrives —ysame day. Bedlord daily, (Sundays excepted) at 7 A. M., for Latrobe, makine close connection with Mail train for Pittsburg and the West. Returning, leaves La trobe daily (Sundays excepted) on the arrival of the train from Pittsburg, at 9 30, A. M., and arrives ill Bedford same evening. Passengers wishing to go Ea-t, take the coach next onotnrng at 7 A. M., and arrive at C'hatmbersbtirg same evening at 7 P. M. RATES OF FARF. ;—Erom Bedford to Cham bersburg. $3 50. From Bedford to Latrobe, $3 50. F.n-i Bedford to Pittsburg, X 1 .20. The stock on this road cannot be aurpassed by any in the State, and the drivers are careful, sober and accommodating. This is the cheapest, most expeditious and pieasant route passengers can take, going Ea.t or West. For further information apply to James Reamer, Chambersburg, John Hafer, Bed ford, Chas. W. Fisher, Latrobe. A. J. KEESIDE, Contractor. N. B. Passengers for Somerset and Johnstosvn. connect at Stoystown with J. A. German's Line of Mail Coaches, also, at Jenner X Roads with E. Kier iran'a mail line. Sept. 7, IS6O. \rOTICS— ls hereby given o the Mil itary 6oard of Auditors of the Brigade, 16th Division, P. M-, that tbey are required to meet at the public house of Col. John Hafer, in the Borough of Bedford, on Tuesday the Bth of January, 1861, tor the purpose of adjusting the Military accounts of raid Brigade, and also the collectors lor 1800, of tbe difierent Boroughs and Townships of raid Brigade, to meet said board at the same time and place, for the purpose of having exoneration* and übatemeats made and allowed. LEMDEL EVANS. Nov. 23d. Brig. Gen. Ist 8., 16th D., P. M. A BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OfKerosene Lamps and Shades, just received at Oct. 8, 1880. H ARRY'S, 4 N APERIENT AND STOMACHIC PREPARA- A tion of IRON purified of Oxygen and Carbon, [' combustion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the j.'-eat medical authorities, both in Europe and the States, and prescribed in their practice, experience ot thousands daily proves that no i P R, "P AIA / , NO ('I RON can be compared with it. Ircpu | rities ot i . blood, depression of vita! energy, pale ' a oiherw _ e gj c k]y complexions indicate Us ne cessity in every conceivable case. Innox ious > ri alt ma.,|j e3 j n w hich it has been tried, it ha> proved absolutt v cura ti V e in each of the following complaints, viz : In Debility, Nt. , H3 A ff fetiov ,, Emanation, Dy pep*,a, Const, D y , ruteni , luripi.nt Consumption, Scrofuh, M Tuberculosis, Salt, Mismeustruation, Whit.. Chluros.s, Uvrr Cmplaint, I Chronic Headaches, Intermittent Fever, Pimples on the Face, be. j In cases of General Dvbiltl,. whether The result | of acute disease or ol the coi.; nued diminu ; lon of ; netvous and muscular energy . rom c! , ronlc rom . I plaints, one trial ot this restorat. 9 bag proved suc . ! cessful to an extent which no d Sujp [lon |lor wnt • ten attestation would render credibl. Invalids so iong bed-ridden as to have become j„ their j own neighborhoods, have suddenly re- npeared j n i the busy world as if just returned froi. P ro r rar . j ted travel in a distant land. Some er y Sl( ._ [ nal instance* of this kind are attested of r e n ld | e i sufferers, eniaciated victims of apparent : sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and bat : complication of nervous and dyspeptic aversion air and exercise for which the physician has n j name. . In Nervous Affections of all kinds, and for reason . familiar to meotca! men, the operation of: .< prepa ration of lion mu-t neces-arily be salutary, foe, un | like the old oxides, it is vigorously tonic, withou heing exciting and over-heating • and gently regut , larly aperient, even in the most obs'inate cases of j costiveness, without ever being a gastric purgative, i or inflicting a disagreeable sensation* It is this latter property, among others, which make 6 it so remarkably effectual and permanent a remedy lor Piles , upon \Vhich it also appears to ex j f*rt a distinct and specific action, by dispersing the local tendency which forms them. Iu Dyspipsia, innumerable as are its causes, a singie box of these Chalybeate Pills has often suffi : ced for the most habitual eases, j In unchecked Dtarrhcra, even u hen advanced to Dysteotery, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the effects nave been equall decisive and astonishing. In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength, de bilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which setie rally indicate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has allayed the alarm of friends and physicians, in- I several very gratifying and interesting instances., In Scrofulous Tuberculosis, this medicated iron has had lar more the iroo 1 effect of the most cau tiously balanced pieparations of iodine, without any , of their well-known liabilities. The attention of females cannot be too confident ly invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ; ses peculiarly affecting them. fn Rheumatism, both chronic and inflammatory, i in the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been | invariably well reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swellings and stiffness of the joints i and muscles. In Intermittent Fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative,Jand its pro | gress in the new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole bhtory ot medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative effects. Good k|ttTftire, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, I with an unusual disposition lor active add cheerful j exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in near flat metal boxes containing 50 pills price 5u cents per box ; for sale by druggists and j dealers. Will be sent free to any address, oil re j ceipt of the price. All letteis, orders, etc., should be addressed j to K. B LocUc L fo„ Cmrral AgeDts, j . 20 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. Juiy 20tb, '6O. BLAIR C OUNTY ,\ORMAL SCHOOL & SEMINARY, iMARTINSHURG, BLAIR CO., PA E. J. OSBORNE, A. B. i D , J. W. DICKERSON, 1 Pnncl P als - This institution will commence its first session with an able and expeiienced rotps of instructors jon Monday, Nov. 3th, 1860. No expense has been j spared in making it thorough and complete in every department. The school building is constructed and furnished upon the most approved moJetn plans, and is one ol trie best in the Stale. It contains a hall capable of j seating 500 adults, with office, music rooms,J suffi , cient lor a school ol 300 pupils. The school is located in a region of country un excelled for its beauty and healthfulness, and is surrounded by a moral and industrious community. The distance T o Cove Station. Huntingdon and Broad Top R. R. is six miles; to Hollidaysburg ! Station, Pa. R. R. 12 miles, with daily stages from the latter and tri-weekly from the former ; thus rna ; king it easy of access from all parts ol the country. ! The objects of tbe school are : Ist. I'he Professional Training of Teachers, i 2nd. The thorough Education ol young ladies and ! gentlemen in I he English and Ornamental Branches. 3d. The preparation of Students for College. , The teaching Class will meet daily for lectures J j on the*l'heory and Practice ot Teaching, re; it at ion i from a standard work on the subject,' or discussion j ol Methods of Teaching by the cisss. Students who desire to do so may prepare to en ter the higher classes in college. \ Ladies will have a separate boarding house and will be under tbe immediate supervision of an ex perienced Preceptress. instruction given in all the branches taught in : the best Academies ana Seminalies. Whole expense, (exclusive of Ornamental bran ches,) for boarding, tuition, furnished rooms, room j rent, and fuel. SIIB.OO a fyear. For circular, with full particulars, address E. J. OSBORNE, or J. W. DICKF.RSON, Care ot J. C. EVKRHABT, Mart'nsburg, Blair co., Pa. J Oct. 12. 1960* I ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letters of Adminiy- ' tration upon the Estate of Elias Hite, late oi'Cum- j be'land Valley tp., dee'd., having been grantee the undeiligned, all persons indebted to snid | Estate, are requested t„> make immediate pay- , ment, and those having claims will present them duly authenticated for settlement. HENRY HITE. , THOMAS FISHER {*<>'•• Nov. 3Ad.* MARTBA T. MARTIN, C.H.HAMBICX, J.A.L. MOSRXL, ! GEO. B. PKBOLE, . K. MA&TIM. A. RAKER-, ■- * WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK & CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, JVO. 30, N'orlA Fourth St., PhiCa. May 18.'60.-1 yr. ADM IN IST R ATORS NOT ICR L-Miers ol Admini?- tMlion hiving been granted lo the sub-criber resi ding in St. Clair town-hip, on !he Estate of An-hi bald Findlay,'ate o! Napier township, dee'd., ni' perrons indebted lo said Estate are hereby notified ' to make immediate payment, and thore fcjvmg : c aims against theisme, will prosent them proper j If authenticated for settlement. GEORGE 3ECK.LEY, Nov. 23d.* Adm'r. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS .I E. GOULD, " * -Vo. 632 Chtifnuf St., cor. oj Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. PI A NOS AN D MELODEONS. • A l-o's., HALLtT,DAVIS A CO't., .SINK'S If CI-aUK'S, AND A. H. CALK & CoV MASON h HAMLIN'S, A>')> PmCKfeTO'S. MELODEONS &. HARMONIUMS, Pianos anc! M elodecms to Rent. Second-banu Pianos. May IS,'CO.-1 yr. ¥ r. H U B E u. ** ■* {t'CCBSSOa TO J. SORVERj —WHOLESALE DEALER IN— TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, J\"o 8 Aorih Fifth St., above r irket, PhiL'a. Also. Manufacturer a.r.d Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May 18, 1660.-1 yr. WILLIAM RAIGIF.L, JAMES M. WHITBY, SAMCEj. MOOBK, EDWARD A ADAMS, WILLIAM G. SKILLMAIt, HENRY P. ATKINSON . TtgAIGURL, MOORE & CO., * LATK. raigiel AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IX DRY GOODS, A'os. 220 &. 22*2 North Third St., above Race, I Vest side, PHILADELPHIA. May 18,'60.-1 yr. FIN HE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION I A PKIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER L - his two PIANOS, London, October 15, 1851. I C. MEIER respectfully ir,forms his friend* and the public generally, that be ha* constantly on hand PIANOS, equal to those tor which he received the ' Prize Medal in London, in 1851. All orders promptly attended to. {end great care i taken iri the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more Afedals than any othtr.maKer. from the Frank i'n Institute—ako, First Premiums in Boston, New . York and Baltimore. W areroom*, No. 772 ARCH S'reet. below Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May 18, 1860.-lvr. ; JOHN fIvJAMES, ISAAC WELSH, H. G. STERLING, I WM. tAIT, G. A. SMITH, H. D. WELSH, ! CHAKLSJSANrtE, SAMUEL WHITE, J. TSMLINSOX. i |FAMES, KENT, SAN"TEE & CO., IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF DRY GOODS, 235 it 211 NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. May 18,'60.-1 yr. ¥ 00KING GLASSES, . ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive and elegant assortment at the very lowest rates.—Glasses in store of every de scription. JVTahogany framed Glasses, tor country i sales. Print and Portrait frames, Window Cornices, Gilt .Mouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing Glasses to Ml every space, by mail on application. r avings for Grecian and Antique Paintings. | Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE St SON, 816 Chestnut St., Phil'a. May 18,'60.-1 yr. 4 great improvement IN PIANOS. GEORGE \ of inform ing his friends and the public generally, that he has removed his Piano Warerooms from No. 828 Arch Street, to No. 516 Arch Street, where he will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of lately patented PIANOS, which'have been pronoun ced by the best judges as far superior to all other Pianos in the sweetness and purity of their tone and construction, hereiolore manufactured in tha United States and England. May 1b,'60.-6 mo. NOTICET Letters testamentary on the last will and testament of Christian Blattenberger, late of St. Clair tp., tlec'd., having been granted to the subscriber residing in said tp., notice is therefore given to all persons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment, and those having claims will present them forthwith fot settlement. JACOB CROYLE, Oct. C, 1860. Executor. | YALL TRADE NOTICtI * BUNN. RAIGUEL &. CO., No. 137 North. Third Street, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS O* FANCY DRT GOODS, Invite the attention of Purchasers to their extensive Stock of Fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Embroidariw, Cloths,Ca-simeres |rc. May iS.'SO.- b: FRANK. JACKSOtf, ' ' PRINTER AND STATfONEft, 439 CHEST A CT STREET, PHI LADELPHLA.c May iS,'B6.-I )r. 4 DMINISTRATOirs NOTICE. Letters of Administration having baeo granted to the subscriber, residing in West Provi dence township, apon the estate of Joteph Sbafer, late of" East Providence township, dee'd., el! per sons indebted to said estate are therefore notified to make immediate pavriient, and thoea bsviog claims will present them duly authenticated fcvi settlatbcct. ABRAHAM SHAFER, Oct. 20. 1900 Adeninistretor 4DM INI >T K A TOR'S NOTICE ' rs4 - Letters of Administration, upon the Es tate of Ann Boor, late of Cumberland Valley town ship, dec'it.. hevir g beh granted to the übsrftbr, all paisons indebted are requested to tnake imme diate payment, aod tloae fcjving claims will pre sent them for settlement. MARTIN BOOR, Nov. 2. 1660. Administrator. $5.00 kkwaßD. The above rewaed I will be paid to any person finding a email HAIR CROSS AND ANCHOR, tipped with gold by retorn- J ing tha same to 1 Nov. 18, iB6O. H C. REAMER.

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