Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 19, 1836, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 19, 1836 Page 1
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N O T T II i: C I, I) I! V O V V .V. S A It ', 11 HT T IF K V I, !' A II 12 OF I! 0,1111. B3Y HI!. B. STATTf. VOH. UX No. 599. Uriii!nnst -n Fib. '-. Tlic Senate to-day again "l Mf Denton's resolution tu appropriate thu sur plus revenue for purposes, of national de fence. Mr Buchanan concluded his pro tected remarks in favor of this resolution. He made one admis.-ion which may he con sidered of importance, lie said. that then; was every prospect that through the ac cepted meditation of the liritish govern ment, our difficulties with France would be amicably adjusted. IIo still urged the pro pticly of adopting measures of defence, and nf repairing and extending the fortification of the country. Mr Crittenden of Kentucky obtained the floor next to Mr Finchanan, and spoke for nearly two hours without notes to a crow iled and delighted audience. As this was the debut oi Mr Crittenden in thy Senate, much curiosity was ma.nfestrd to willies how he would acquit, himself, am! whether lie would come up to the high estimation which Mr Clay I as nii.veraiMy o.vr -"'-d oMus abilities. A gencul bu. oi appro bation was heard throng'.) the hall when Mr Crittenden aiior Ins speech tool; his scat. As n speaker he unites the grace vivacity of Pres'on with much of the energy and .nlutitu iif Webster. His manner is rather courteous and tincere than vehement and ctnrtllmr. His nrrMiinents were enlivened with ninnv thshes of genuine wit, which encaged I bo attention and secured the good will of his audience. He touched lightly upon the s'ibj Ti of the I. )-s of the l urlifi ration 15, I. and mnarked. that the failun dl,ni n, ensure did not appear in be nitri- lini n I!p imI la ' to I he Senate tit to the Hon but to III" "conscientious rcrunles" with u-hifli r,r'.i ii niTrons were attacked very iminrnllu t the witching hour of night when that In'l was lo-t. He did not wish to imioh'e in any fnrth'T conjectures ns to the "ways nnd means"' by which the mr.ns urn uns (Mealed. With regard to our nri.itinna uiih re-neel to France, Mr Crit- nnili.n mid that Coun'rv owed us money whipli for an iiisullicient reaon hr refu-ed to nav. On winch nation did the dishonor reel' flertninlv not cm ours. Apply in nir'ivuintils. and it would be the iini'n. 'I'Ik- W. iiti" would full upon tho creil ilor. who for ii.-utiietent reasons lekiscd to i,mv Ins inst dents. As soon as Mr Ciitlrtidun had conrluiled nn ndinuriiiiii ot was moved and carried IIo has, by hi" exhibition of eloquence am talents in hi' -peedi to (lav. plnceu iiimse ., n nli-iiition with the very hr.-t men m the Sena' e. His style of t (leaking is nun innln- ni.niilnr mid aL'ieeable. In person Air i-niuiiilro i ot ordinary stature imiiI size. Hi" eve consilium tin' only remark l'..n nr.. in In lac. aim Ihev give an inteil.'C'oal east to los whole countenance TI r i -i --non is si'iirr-htng bill bencvo lent, nn. I tie y are overhung by thick eye ), lYmii under w Hell th' ir llu-hrs are mm t..ri .) Willi rNtranriiii a r y fleet. M Cril'eiuleu is a coiimuiii and decided op ...,n,,t nl i li nrcsi'iii administration, it will be n welcome accession; which, if i the cou'sc ofi-veM ll shall be ridnceil to milium . will l e cue ol the most foriniilab' ,,,,,1 fiieieiii miiinrities, that ever strnv in-ainsl the assumptions of imdelegaied iiowcr. In the Hou.-c. tho first hour was recti ined in the premutation of petitions from different S'ates At one o cmci; hi potsn ,iipp wiili a reienl rrsiilnlinu ol the Hon dm .tpiipral a."ropriatlon bills were call' un. "A resolution was introduced direciin the CoininUU'i' of Way and Mean to coo nine sv-trio member A diECUS.-ion t iii-ueil in winch some person nlitv wasuuxid up wit Ii much siopio o The weather hero hi' the hut four davs . so. "hud hut an easv !ep morn to lake. , interposition ought be known has been intensely cold, nud we have had that was to join the enemy." He would very tolerable sh'"tghing. L-ist evening a i have to Mr W., he said, thotask of defen- re,it ball was had at the new theatre. 1 ding hituolt; hut ho could tioi ncip sin mg, I'he pit was boarded over nnd appropriate th it all that could he inlorrcd, or ought to lecorntions wore bun.' overhead. All the I have been inferred from It. wn, that Mr fashion and beauty ofiho place, with two I W. preferred the preservation ot the con or lliren marked exceptions, were present. slitutiou, to that of the capital. 1 Ins was I he ball passed oil to tho general s.itisfac the head and mint ol ins onenuing, no linn ol n . nil t in t inntri. was had e heated, more: nnd W lore. 10 rnnilircil, was II1C and the dancers wore obliged to redouble their exertions iu order to keep from freezing. There is little gnsipol interest ofloat in the political world, Stevenson has been nominated to the nusion lo hnglund, and Hatnn to that lo Spam. I he probability is that both nominations will be con firmed, ah hough not speedily ncteil upon. If the niliniiiistralioii obtain a majority in the Senate, which is yet, an improbable contingency, of course then; will bo sub R'Tvienev enough in confirm Tanev am! C ii d s 1 1 . It wuuld be of no use lor the Senate to reject lliese nominations now, as lliey would lie inslantly renewed upon the arrival of the new Van liurcn Senators. IIIU Vylilllllllt' v - f-idcr the propriety ol adopting so for remi ni'iig the mileage i.flhe The Pres- louks like weakness; thu best parts only iilntil rpnw.s Ii.s recouimendation that 1 1 1 r I i : r. . . .. ... i. Dn.w.l,ilu in liia I , " ; , . ..,,,1 i, r.....r. ..i ....1 .1... , lUJov " oiun iu nu iniu- - a""u"l"r""" "' "'o-'. M,Jl , ,u errors, and active to li s own pre udicc. Irontier generally siiouiu uu pul in a conui man who believing ns Mr Webster undonbt odly believed, that such an amendment was a violation of, and a surrender of the con stitution, that would not surrender the rather than it? Where was the -where the coward that would come ! clamalion. The abu-es in Ihe present i-v lein nl'piiieulntliiL' Hie mileage ol inemu are very g" at. Eight dollar tor every twenty inilef in Unveiling from I heir res-l-t'ences to the seat of government is tho emu which membeis are now allowed. The consequence is that tome members from distant States are in l he habit of taking circuitous roius, by river or canals, ur of making Lomlrwtivh journeys, nnd charging for a thousand miles of travel, when by regular mail route lliey might have shrt rued their journey by hmidrpda of miles. Instances were mentioned lo day, wherein members tturling from the tamo place bhuwn on arriving at Washington a dillVr ..npp of two hundred dollars in Iheir char ges fur mileage. The system is obviouslp which calls for reform; A check (should bo put upon such opportunities uf abuse. Washington. Feb. 3 The proceedings of Congress to day were r,t lintn interest. Ill the Senate Mr Man-nun, ofN. Carolina, made on eloquent and able speech iu oppoMlmr to lieiuon's resolution for the disposal of the surplus revenue, in ii)i u '""n, was had upon a quetiuu ol relerence. A bill from th Seiviif nbrulgiug or regulating the tenure of certinn officers under govern ment came befure the House, and it was moved to rcler it to the committee on the Judiciary, where it might be conveniently Btiflcd without any questions being asked. Another motion to refer it to a select com mittee occasioned considerable debate, in nfra Itell. Sulliorlalid. Thomas. .i nt.,'1,.,, n,L- nnrt. Mr l'llllllps ol UIIU l llllli' i , Massachusetts made u spirited extcmpora neons speech in favor of the reference to a select committee. The day's sesnuii was occupied with this discussion. All fears of war with Franco appear to be dispelled by the acceptance ol the proffer of mediation from England. It is Bupprising to witness the revulsion of feel ing upon this subject. A week unco, and tho war-whoop was sounding loudly throughout tho administration wig warm. "Nov are our browB twined with victorious wreaths," Gentlemen who prated vehe mently of national honor and "all thai tori of ih'mg," have become wonderfully pacific and gentle. They neither talk so big nor look eo bellicose as has been their custom "Grim-visiigcd was has smoothed his wrin- Ktcu ttont." Washington Feb 1. Mr Calhoun presented a voluminous re port from Ihe Select Committee, appoint, ed to consider that part of the President's message in relation to the prevention of the circulation of ncendiaiv pamphlet sin re lation to slavery, by mail. &c. The report iu substance, slates thai the Committee, alter cnncuring with the President in his sentiments of regret at the efforts which have been mad-' by the laualies. in dissem inating their poisonous tracts, have come to the conclusion, that Centres cannot adopt ihe im a-ures recommended by him. I hev lake a comparative view ot the pnw ers resumed in the Alien and Sedition laws of 1 799 considering them to be identical Iv Ihe same and to be an interference with the rights of the several Stales' The Pre ident s rrcomtncndatmn in substance was to prevent the circulation in the southern Siates, through mails, nl incendiary publi rations intended lo instignto the slave to insurrection," The committee are ofopm inn that if they admit Ihe right lo prevent il would admit the nghi lo circulate and hence lollows ihe nihiu. inn of the right of Coii'r'cs lo abolish slavery, or interfere in Ihe internal condition of t lie slaves, a mat ter which cxclu-ivcly belongs to the States them-olves. Alter an nrj-utnentativc train of reasoning,! hey recommended to Congress in-tead of Ihe measure recommended by the President, a lull prohibiting Deputy Post masters knniungly lo receive and pul into mail any pamphlet newspaper, handbill or other paper, printed or written, or pictorial representation touching t he suliiect ol slave ry, nddressci! lo any person or po-t office, where bv the Lvs i,t the Slate, e. lie ir circulation is prnlnbiicu. Tho Sec. 2, au thorizes the Postmaster Ceneral ti disiui- all persons oilendiiig in ihe premises and to be lined at di-cretmn ot Ihe court on conviction. Sec. 3. repeals net of Con jrrcss, protecting-agents of the Post O fiic Department in ca-es ol being ronvic'ei under this act. So?. ! and 5. provided thai the Postmaster General shall furnish lo Hi Deputies the Stale laws, for their govern ment, and shall instruct them, .yc., am make it unnerative on them lo hirnMi an account uf nil pamphlets, &c. deposited, so that ihev may be withdrawn by the depi s itors. or burnt, or otherwise destroyed. The bill was read, and ordered toascenni readniL'. On motion of Mr. 'aiiL'um, 5000 extra copies of Iho report and bill were or dered lo be printed. After which, Mr Davis said, ho de-ired In stale lhat he did not uss.-eut to all the view-in Ihe repo'l hut he did no! consider I he matter of siilli cieul importance to tender it necessary lor him to give his views mi it. i hero appear od to have been a difference of opinion on ihe par! o. ihe Committee, a majority ot wh.iin, however, had agreed lo various ir&riions of the report, and to the hill. Air .Maii'Mim made some Uriel reman; on Mr llenlon's resolution, nnd was fol lowed bv Mr Clayton, of Delaware. II differed from many ol Ins friends, advoca tin" the necessity of nulling the country in a slate of defence, with or without reference to th ) iilTair with I'rance. He considered ihe latter in a critical condition, beca ise Franco persisted in demanding Mich an i apology or such an explanation as was in limateil, they all knew the President nev er would assent to it; nnd although ho himself was not, now, nor would be, n par tisan of his, he was bound in his conscience lo say ho i vcr would consent that he should apologize or explain to any foreign power for any thing contained in his mcs sage lo Congress. The Constitution made it obligatory to t,cnd communications ol ihem, and 'although there were topics iu lho mes-acr'! which ho eeuld not approve. yet il was his right nevertheless to speak irnnkly, and be he friend or foe, he would ever s.laud by him in mainiaiuaiice ot that right against nny Ijreign power the princi pie, that they had a right to call for exam mations, was to surrender the independence of the govorment. Just ns well, he urged, might the French government claim the right to demand an explanation ef his or nnv other Senator's sentiments m Congress, as of tho President's. Even if tho result of tho mediation, which they hear of. was i t.,11 ilm Prpsn ent he should inalie tin. apology, who supposed he would nuke it r,,r them, or any power on carih? He contended that thu three million amend ment was unconstitutional, nnd ho asked Mr liuchannn, whether ho would consider an amendment grnnting ten times that, in tcrm, viz- "for the civil, military and naval service" constitutional.' Mr Iiiiclianan, however, blinked ibis question, not deem ing it necesarv to go beyond the present case. Mr Clayton went on to remark on tho hue and cry raised against Mr Web ster, for having said, because he believed llmt the amendment was unconstitutional. Hint ho could not vote for it if tho enemy wore battering tho capitul, nnd upon the btatcment of Mr Adams, thai he who tcid ioved in political life, if such a reflection that the senate had shown a disposition to - .' . . . i I l . I ...... I. Mm,. I.nn.l nl I l,n ttf ll.n f.tlT. was made by one who, in trio nour in gruai- "" " '" iimuh i need, wns siinnorted and slrer.L'lllcneil canon uiu lusuiiuim-u nny imniiuun ui bv the Senator from Masachuselts, he cuing a conirover.-y in inrowmg out tno meant to sav. that such a denunciation did charges which he did and hoped tint his Jt tus linns Pi oin llio .Silk CnlliirUt. HARD TIMES. errors, and active to his own prejudice. Some farmers are so habituated to fault lion of defence. finding that lot seasons be eve; bo lavora- In llio Senate to-day, the discussion r.An, t-n ilm mnsi nrnfound nhilosophcr i,i Prnnq over so abundant, and prices of upon Denton's, resolution appropriating the . nn . ............j hy the Innnis- nrnitllcc ever so high, they v, ill still com- urplus revenue lo the delencc of I lip com. t! . lsf s c ' linrr. . . , , ,.,. Tlicv alj0 a6Si2n trv, was resumed. Mr Clayton I mis hod muil us lu 11,3 uu'";l " ""i"1- p' I""1""" " ' , . y' . . . .. J. . ... . l ...-..-., t-no" n nil his remains, closing uieni with a high and replied, pointing lo a ttraw on uiu nuui tnom ns reasons ior - piinoi uj. moriicd compliment to Mr Webster" with ,j3 dun"con, that from the structure of that movin" west whore man is doomod to "cat whoso views upon the subject of the three ... ". . wm,,,, ..nfnr pormintv urpnll hv ,ha 6WC!,t 0f ,",3 face." They - J . million appropriation, he expressed his en tire concurrence and who, he said, more than any other man. had maintained and ! protected the purity of the constitution. Judge White spoUc about an hour upon the subject btforn the Senate, and in the course of his ie uat'cs ably vindicated his conduct in rclr".,i i.. he fortification bill. Mr Grundy next obtained the floor, and made a hr,e' sfseccli, winch nppcared to the existence of an intelligent Creator. If vou havo a trood law cause, refer it, if a bad one, try it. Never keep a carriage, or a country seat until you are independent, and can leave vour wife and children so. ipttol Unitor- fotth and say. under any circumstances, ho was willing lo surrender the great char ter of'their liberties? They had in history examples to warn them. I here was a Clytus who advised the Athenians so who nK unit I lie nresprvntinn of their Cnnitol, mi ih.. psnense of their liberties. He met please Van Iluren very much, but thu wit ,is reivnri . nni whs s oiled to ileal I OV nil oi wiiton Huo iiui u i miuni. iu uiu rest curaircd people; and such should over be of his hearers. After a brief rejoinder the Into of those, who deemed the preserva from Mr. Way. on All. iicnton arose, threw . I I l.t . I I I I . lion of a parce of stones and mortar more uaci. me oonar .., ins uoai, auu wtiu ins . ...rbevs nnd fricasseed chickens aro ,' ,!, ,i,e,r liberties. If such a accustomed protnoosity of manner, entered magnificent succession awaken the purest roast turkc ami trtcassccu cnichLus sentiment should come from one, wh'ri lowed upon a speech. He expressed himself sentiments of piety in the human heart. skipping about and begging to be eaten to the Senator from Massachusetts, and ins grauncu wmi uiu oscussum which nau la- friends. lho eminent station which ho tn- Hen place upon ins resolution was glad WINTER Tho cheerless season of lho Winter is as full of instruction to the religious and tliinkinrr man as the other seasons. All in say, laud which in "old times" could bo bought for "forty shillings" an acre, is now selling at fifty and sixty dollars that corn which used to be sold for "halt a crown, ond oats at "a pistaroen" a bushel, are now soiling, the former at a dollar and the lat ter at sixty two and a half cents, and that every thing else is proportionably high that, in sJiort, the times aro so hard they must go to Illinois or Michigan, where -land can bo bought "for a song." and whoru . .. . .... ... t :i - ..l.. '" . 7 , , ......i ,1,1 1 ..i I ,i ir.. (Tratitude to ilm. w 10 rom lis tlirono on oi nis liiiniiy, u " not stand in point oi iniiini cnmaciur. mn.' i" 11 ' """ n,.- r, -- . , . tinntl, . i. ...... i ; , nl'Cli, then Innnellfll (ltr mill n tirade ncrninst the I In.rl, "rpmemberelh thr, lllinrrs which are BIlV tlllllg HOW. 110 sail, there WBS nOlll i ru t it i v r. t i t tiiun inui im ..... ... - --- -, ... v. ..... . v . . . - - m - - " If. If Hie denunci.Hinn was made V rcncli. and said mat tun Admiral iMacl.-an as saied, he did not behove thai .1 was ow- might go homo Willi his eelot observation cnnoblin" lessons of religion supposed that was no news. We informed ,ng lo any promise of place or emolument and mn lto.vever we ' - im boc ,war0 lhat lll0 Tho living & exhilarating green of Spring We accidcntly.mcl one oi ineso grum. -the genial and joyous warmth of Sum- biers a few .turnings since, no was un mcr-thcgratcrul abundance of Autumn, old acquaintance, a nirmcr. irom u aml oven the inclemency of hoary Winter boring town. After the customaiy saluta- -each su""eslsth"ir appropriate topics of lions and enquiries respecting mo iieaiiu Him ll mere was and he heaven and on earth." Pchaps we ing stirring" except hard times nr honor bv the party ill power: for ho be hevei ihev eou Id not. would not. trust a an "iiiiu wooo tmi n iuii n array unr man whu so acted. All they could selves against a foreign power. He then I,, fer him. would bo lo dub him." "Tn.w said conic severe things of the Due de roil." and by lhat name, through aflcr lite Ilrogbe, and went into a genealogical his he would dnnhtlosi he distinsiiislied. tory ol that nobleman, much to the eiltti This is a feeble and hurried outline ol cation nl Ins bearers. He said that Alon th has have 01 It. I in u ici uio i no ie mis, in n. .uiu cu uuiiij, i j - n wn.l ll.nt ho must M. f 1,,1 ,,r,l r ,.,1 tulmn I bp he mil nflVrei nil" ot I 10 " .irrrpsl mil.' attention to t 10 cartll WC lniiaDIl UUl UIIS ill! " "'" ' nil nii.Mi mju iiu. .uv-w ..i... ......v - - r r- . l.-.l l'he splendid variety of nature is no more times were hard; but on me contrary, imu the "av liverv of earth is hidden from supposed they were unnsaiiyieasy, especial- " J - ! .t; nor sirrht hv a snowv mantle, and even the ly with larmers. lie rcpncu mat wo o.o l,"ht ortlmsun hims'clf is obscured. Driv- "mightily mistaken"-that the times were n ilins frnm Hip Pnninmolatioii of thin-rs so hard that farmers found it very diffieult e most ciiHing rebuke Mr Adams as ye! sicur le Due not only wished to wring an cstorna wo turn to higher and belter ob- to maintain their families and raise money ,s had lo endure More and more he will apology Irom Gen. Jarkson. but he wanted . 0r thought Other seasons draw our enough to pay their taxes and for himself of it. to dic.a.e the terms of it. and in so doing. J'Cls o. tl ought. O er sea o W I mugl se1 U,.V.i,.U,. ... ...w - -. . nities" that could bo offered to a free pco exhibits to our wondering oyes myriads of out" nnd go where land was cheaper anu pie. It was intended not solely ns an in- ,,,, . . m i.-.i. ,i, m;n.l better. suit to Gen. Jackson, but an insult to the I ., . , .. ,.. .I.:.,,. We nvnrpssnd our rerrct at finding him American people, to tins republic, and ne con empiation o, , M e, '' . ', ",'.,! :r 5l" and tended tlirougli uns in an oiner rcpuuncs on me anu even isucii is nuniun iiuiujj s,i.u,. face ol the (lobe. What pililul slang. lations as sinful as they aro presumtuous Alter iJeulon had none iiii mo uuc, ho took- T. i i, ..u,; ,.nenin,n U , ... i t i lu iaii"iiiii:i. imuiiJiiui, vrtwwt..,.i up an antique ooi.iug yoiume irom i l . . . ,,,,,( (,i,n wn were lavinr in our winter sup- u C, o u Hl iiu wuiiiu rrau u unimji i j . c , . instance ot a MinUar a2rcssKn witn timt lanjiitnrro ot mturc, arm ai no season noes put-, auu u.u .un. - r t .1 I. . ' . I . . . . . . " I . . . . 1 1 I.: I. , Anrta inm It i- . . i i n nmn ni n n v.n hN fn ri' in 1.1 i t 1.1.. nni..mi.. in i .n At iu innt 4 nn i iv i t: uuuv iui n Mi-non? on in i n riues ana :. n -j - --- - an-n enuaK t-a loruiuiv unu suitmiv nv r-j .""j- . . . i.nasin Senate adjourned WAsiu.NnTo.v, Tob. 5. Unth Houses of Congress were to-day occupied principally upon private bills; and the discussions were of hut little interest. In the lower House, Mr Reynolds attempt d tn introduce a resolution approving of the President's late message rccommelidin lho prohibition of French products nnd the nlrv ol t rench vessels in our pons, a It require .rders to consider straitened circumstances, him every assistance in our power in cxtrr catin" himself from his difficulties. Wc sin the season of Winter. Kim tells fhni if hn woo d briti'' us in a few cords mInapphffi " Ualt' "fbuC us, in the buried flowers-iu the icy stiffness of two feet wood, wo would give him three through ihe rest of his harangue. It was nl'lhe trees in Ihe snowv coverings of the dollars a cord for it: but he said he had a repetition of his torinl'r rhodoinonladps p, anj beautiful vines of Summer of none to spare, having already cut off so upon the subject of his resolution. Mr u.rill hu ,iln iW.r nf God unr.n all much "to buv necessaries" that he should igh had the lloor when the benalo au , " ., f. w ;01lrlR,, his worl;s' we aro tnus warneu mat ns sown iiii.u w u, u.. . M. ..... I . tn.l n In.,. Innila ll.l, fi,P Now that our atl.nrs with i- ranco arc wave succeeds wave, so generation sue- torn nun wo wumuu u iu. regarded ns in n truin of amicable adjust- ccc,3 to generation, and tint wo must noon Kvlncb we expected to pay eighteen or ment, the slavery ques'ion becomes one of ",, .... ,... ,..,,. The little iwnni v dollars a ton. but he said his grass mure prominence. I he subject came up , ,...u.. i i,;. "'-'. " ' . ..i.. ... ,i, it,,. i ,i, .!,, me Drat ero to-day soon mis uur iiacu 10 nanu nau aioio-i unuuy ki.i u..u for removing tin; seat ot government . p,p;pV. nl So,,ihLnnietl. n.,r! the tendrils of earthly affection cron wasso ll-'ht that he should probably order mat me ". -i - ,, ' , . ' . ... -i o.,.. iv (Jam ina. who I won Known as n man oi ... tnMrn, nt mir i nnarturo nn v lo tie havo tn buv or ns own siock uy me mio. n,,mn iiiinu . , ... .w.w.w.-. ..- , , I is re-olution, Sir nolds failed in Ins attempt lo introduce it He evidently did not have his cue Ironith loaders, wii" 'invo of late ndopled n very ncilictotio towards France, and arc awan of the impolicy of at present agitating tin subject ol our relations with thai country II would bo a worn oi supercroga'ioii; 11 tho mediation of England has now fortu nately adjusted oiirdifficullies. and all ap nrphensions ol war have subsided. A nreiect has l.utiv neen siarieu here the District ol Columbia, in Di-tnct may revert to the ,1,,1,'v, an opponent of the administration, trani!-orrc(j t0 ollr Mlcc0jsors. Dut it teach- III .1 lllliliili l. lit; siisi ii iii,.-ii in.-, it.3,1111- bu- which it was taken, and the ditticiiines oi the slave quesiion be evaded. Mr llonne . ,.npP',, , '.,, ,nnrs nf es a nobler lesson-it tells us that the an in the House jcsioruay oiierou on . nn.p,l liemiK- wivp ,.,.nni,..f,rn ppi.ik for hntlor. Sic. &c. , ,. nniiini im.nt iviliun tit: n-uiiLi t Ltiuiti ii.iiimio ii."".- i tun mi- im .. .. ..- j b ,. ...j -- upon nun in i no i eicgrnpn. i ne rcsoiu- i(s (inin-te loaves in lho breath ol huniincr. smd they were great prices; uui ne was Hon you will find in the Intelligcncpr. and ihe ice-mantled trees soon put forth LU, lat ,lnf0rlunale class of beings, de for etiualiziug Hie pay ol members ni i" ' ' " . .' .' their strongih and beauty, and that wo loo, vi1(,.. i, ramni porridge, always had I 11' . . ft I . ... ...! - n die 01 Alarcil. u uiiuruu nun " uuimi u bushel for corn sixty two cents fur oats Ho follownv' auieiidiueiit moved by Air Anthony instructing the rom iiiiiiei. nf wavs and means In provide a tnnile for r( Gongre.s: naineiy. ha lie co , i m, u .l . wh n o rC!il),,lt0s ,wl ,J!IV,. ,a,vng lefl our chry-H.iized sheil to nioul- licir i1()ll0, MJ0 up" -that he had . . ' , ,.i lem'iif Federal been offered, shall be refered to a select dor iu its native earlh, shall wing our f those things to sell, hut had them . . . . T t I Titwiti. I U 1 1 III 111 1 I U Mil tllirtnuin hi i w iui t in . , .p... .T,..s..i ,i.n .lu in.innor nrc-enbtd. Tho ro-f ilntmn is un . . .,. ,,i imnnrtant one, and, what i more unpnr h isdoubtlul whether il will be taken into . ant. It was adop.ed. Mr Wi-o demanded serious consideration for many years. Iiu. "e e.xe.ise,, ,,,,, , . ,, . ... .1 II ,.,,.11,. ,ne,.iiw. !1 kll nee III 1 1 il IIHIIIMIII nuMl nonius. ... uuu...u. interest and so,.,', excitement, there . hl.lo Massachusetts uieu voted agauist one ... ... .1....1.. nr iwtt 'ii us iiu in,. it-, iu .......v.. rea-nii in iiuuiit. .. i'. . ...i ,i... ,, ,i . The question has nften been a-Heit d ; . - -- .1. . II ...1.. ,. ,.,f,mn n A . ill 1111 i:.-lt;il. 1 IIL- tuniiliil.-iiun.'.. ...... U II lll'j 11UI1SU, Hle " Adam's resolution for the appointment nl a went for it in a body, with one or two ex ceptions. The grand end of human Ill's is to culti vate an intercourse with lhat Doing, to whom wo owe life nnd all the enjoyments which render life delightful, nnd to main- Keleet committee to investigate lho tratisac lions attending lho loss of thu fortification lull at the In-i "session, ll will bo remem bered that Mr liynuni ofN. Carolina had l hp at the time this subject was last discussed. The obvious intention of the . ., ..: . ... ....... i In let llin mnl. tcrrwhereitis? TlioJ "will. lot. if they tain an integrity of conduct towards our can avoid il, even give Mr Adnms an op- follow creatures; that so, by terming piety porlunity of replying lo those, who "Havo nn(j vjrllJ0 mlu ljtjjt) w may uo jt :ncm poured their viais oi wra.., o n,, ...s ,.,.-,11., for the society of tho pious and the The party find they gam nothing by pro r'1- ,ur '"' tuuu' 1 ' v I ' . " ,. . -P.I. . I ' e ,,, ,in , rnnenn mill rPl'eallOll ICaC I t.wiiilr,' tinnll I 111 Si OlCCl Ol LIIU IOSO III I lluulil .uiui. --- that hill. 'The bitter denunciations and us to expect beyond lho grave. Jhirns. . - it. i . i. reckless del.ance o m " " Tllal Iinowcd!;c is advanced by an inter- (leuiaoio iii.-Liti-iii ..I... w. i , ,.r..K nlms ,ifTr r.vans. have not been met on course or sentiments, and exchange ot ou lho other side by a single argument lhat mrvalions, and that the bosom is disbur might either controvert or weaken their ivn , ., Q commll,,Cr,tion of its cares, is ru- loo well known for proof or illustration. In ers a more i in no's i tig idea of his nmazing solitude, perplexity swells into distraction, mediocrity, and Mr Uyniiiii in the sound and grief settles inlo melancholy , oven the and fury of his remarks reminded ns of Mll.factlons anJ pleasures that may by nolhing so much ns oi me neat oi a orum, - in,npp..,iv pnioved i? im,, ilefenpi.,.' rlamor nnd now chance bo found, are imper.ectly tnjnjcu sinkiii" into an nhnost inaudible rumbling. Neither House tils tomorrow. I-dtlle has been brought to pass this week, and if business continues to bo transacted ns it lias ni-en iiina mi, "-- ""-' ... ,", . - - .,..,. before Conrcs8 can adjourn. Hour French not allord nnexccllenl lossou. I'luvci n-j.,.. when they aro enjoyed without participa tion. Dr. Johnson. There is not a tingle dispensation of n Providence which, if properly viewed, win affairs however aro fnvorably adjusted, a vast amount of tune will bo saved, which would otherwise- have been lost in hitler contentions and protracted discussions. Mommy, Feb. iilh. Another message from the President in relation to our French affairs was eoininu uicatcil to both houses of Congress 'oday. Il was quito cnucilatory in its lone, stnting the lact thai nn oih.t ui..-iiu. nun ,,..,.., iiini.nammuuslv tendered by England, thatl at the good fortune of others; lor many are they who wish to bo raised to your situation. Pcrsion Pod. Disei'.UTio.v There arc many more shining qualities iu the mind of man, but their is none more useful than discretion; it is this, indeed, which gives a value to all the rest, which sets them at work in their proper limes and places, and turns them to it had been accepted, and mat a suspension , lhu ajvalliage of the person who is possess of all action upon the rccom.iiendat.ons ini Without it, learning is ped I1C last tpeeiaiii cssago ' - . ., iMlnprtinaIlcc: vitlue iUof was advisable unui uiu reouuui um iiitimj .' i - flight to worlds above. "The mighty res- alj 1() mly fr t. .support ol his femily. iirrcclions of nature havo been these six We enquired about hisfarm, and the as thousand years, annually giving lo men sjeiancc ho had in cultivating it. lie said their eloquent teachings," and the ghirinus 10 jaj c Jmn Jrcil acres nf what was once powers God thus annually exerts aro no! ntolcrnble good land ;" but it was "worn yet marred nor even subject to decay. 01U" anj would nut pay the expense of cul tivation that his house was "a leaky old thing," the roof of which ho had been Irving to cover for eight or ten years; but could not as yet get money enough to buy shinnies that he had three stout bojs at home of twelve, fourteen and sixteen years of age, and that they all had to "work liku dogs" to bring the year about," and alter all "it was a tough match to malic the buck le and strap meet," and some years they did not meet at all, in which case ho was obli ged to "go on lick." lie imputed his diffi culties wholly to the times reprobated extrava"anco in females dress expatiated with considerable warmth on the evils of pride, and wound up his story, by sighing out lhat it was "terrible hard times." Wctold hi in that he had fully satisfied us that it was indeed hard times, so far as limes concerned him that he might go to Illinois, Michigan, or any where else, and rest assured they would follow him, unlets ho "turned over a new leaf," and that he might as soon expect to got rid of "origin al sin" as poverty in the course ho was pursuing. That if hu wanted better limes to 6top grumbling and go home shinglo his house brush up his farm and remem ber in future to always have his dish right side up. IIo has thus taught us that while every natural object seemed dead, the principle of vcctnblo life was still unceasingly oper ating and preparing silently this earthly resurrection and that in his wise govern- there exists no evil. "When gathering clouds around o view, And d.iys are dark nail friends arc few," He tells us in the voice of Nature to look upward for support and consolation that no enemy hath done this, but that if an additional mantle of ice grief is thrown over us, it is only to assist the "principle of life" in so renovating the system as to prepare il for its glorious resurrection. Tho vcar of nature is an emblem nl the year of ihe soul, and while we see the wisdom of tho present evil to the plants and trees of the earth, shall we not also behove in the wisdom of afflictions to the soul? While the natural objects of sense aro annually dying, a man still lives and sees the beginning, life and end of miriads of the inanimate creature of God Let then, tho storms of Winter blow, and the ice mantle still cover tho earth; they are the signs ofthc same Father who beautifies the Spring and the Summer, "and crowns the year with hie goodness." They arc to us as evidences nf that kind hand which makes the "momentous evil productive of final good," and teaches to look througti Nature to its God. The natural winter is but typical of the moral winter, and ainnl tho weaknesses of age assures us that n pring shall visit the grave and every man nrio to be judged decor ding to tho deeds ilotio in the body, wheth er they be good or whether they be evil. Fiurlmzlon (X J.) Cazdlc. A doctor visiting a patient, a lady, re quested lo look at her tongue, Shu open ed her mouth and put tho ond of her tongue out. I he doctor said " put it out n littlo further, madam ; and was under thu necessity of repealing it several times, the lady only putting her tongue a trifling dis tance each time. at length the doctor re marked : put it nut as far as possible, mad am. Lord, doctor, .(says she) you must think thoie isnoendlo u" woman's tongue." ' ii

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