Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 25, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 25, 1836 Page 3
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Important Appointment. On Tuesday week the Senate of tlio United Slates ap proved oftho following appointments, viz. Roger 11. Tnrcy, to bo Chief Justice nf the U. States, liy 29 votes; Phillip P. Barbour to bo an Associate Justice oftlio Supremo Court, by 30 votes; and Amos Kendall, to bo Post Matter General, by 25 votes. Subsequently, the nominations of Mr. Stevenson to England, and J. II. Eaton to Spain, have nl? o been confirmed. At the hazard nf being considered imper tinent, wo must again remind Iho Sentinel that Mr. Van Ness lias not yet returned, aud that the pcoplo who voted for him eomo eighteen montli9 since nro growing roativc under the dogged silenco maintained on this subject. We are frequently catechised on the subject ; but all wo can say is that, ac cording to the Sentinel, ho was half way across the Atlantic in July, 1031 eomo months afterwards "in New York" and wo believe, on one occasion got up as n-" "Whitehall"! He has not. however, to our knowledge, been visible to tho naked eve in these parts. In December following finding that all its statements in relation to I this subject had been falsified, tho Sentinel again grow prophetic, and put forth the following oracular pledge. "Wo heretofore said that Mr.Vnn Ness would lie back KMfomlilv to ruler upon llie duties nf the eflicu fIioiiIJ he lie circled. Tima will show uc were not mistaken. Itul what namo shall wc giro 10 llic conHuct nf tho Frco PreBS which ndtocatal lhodoctrinolhatMr. Van Ness would not rclurn to enter upon 'lie duties of the office if elected l'lio pcoplo will presently decide, which oftho two presses has practised the fraud upon ihein. Wo iiato no apprehensions for tlio result." This however unfortunately turns out like the other statements. Mr Van Ness was not hero on the 4th March, 1 033 ho was not hero in December, to hovo taken his prat in Congress had he been elected he is not hero now; and no mortal pre tends to Fay that he ever will be. Who then is guilty of imp i'-iiioii : let the people answer. We will abide ilusir decision. A largo quantity of naval stores arc to bo fold at auction al the Isle ou.v Noix on tho tenth o( May next. Among them are 25 nnchors of different sizes, blocks, cordage, sails, cable, forges, tool, oak timber, &c. &c. A beautiful little vessel called the IcicloTeuder.or 25 tons burthen, completely found, is also to bo sold. Tai.i.vO.m:. ThcMiddlobory FrooPrcss has a-ccrlttined tho important fuel that there is "an old and resectable Antimason in Windham County who repudiates the inminnimii nf Ilnrrii-nn nnd cnes fur Van lluri'n." It miifl be quite cheering to Mr nnrlwr that even one btich man can bo found in Winilham County. AT A Duct. Btirtlott of Lincoln, Me recently brought n mil against Win. Forbes rrln.i,liTonslv nccusins: his wifo of "ndtil- terv and lewdness of various sggravated l.m,l." Fnrbes rested his drfenco on the truth oftho allegation.and introduced testi mnnir tn establish it. The jury, howevor, returned a verdict of 175 fur tho plaintiff; by whicli wo biipposu they meant to say that Mrs. 1!. was a Utile guilty, but that the defendant had no business to tell of it In our estimation, a woman, who has any M.ornrinr tn lose, must puffer mora from such an investigation and puch a verdict, than all the scandal the wings of tho wind can convey. PioSror.v. An agricultural friend has communicated to tho Bungor Farmer the following interesting and somewhat impor tant facte. "In December ono of his hogs disappeared from the yard, and was not cen nor could any intelligence be gained ro peeling him for thfco weeks! at which time ho was discovered making his way from a snow drift, reduced to almost a Ekcl cton. On examining the spot, a pail from which he had usually fed waj found, much rubbed and worn. Tho hog had crowded his head into it, and being unable to cxtri eato himself, had wandered oil with it on his head, in which situation ho had remain nl ilnrinc tho wholu time." From these facts the editor comes to tho conclusion that "hogs will not thrive well with bonnets on hut will live a creat while in a dreadful fix." n hnrrihla utn! to cnlran a female, imnanetinn phowuiL' tho most, diabolical wickedness, has recently been developed a unnnir nrnlmn ladv residins in or near iinrnri.'Vi. was bosct bv Ccn. C (formerly a candidate for Congress) with tho most insulting proposals. Thcsu she indignantly rrjectcd, and camo to reside withiin mint ill Boston. Gen C n went m Ni...Vnrl(. A vomit? man named Mc Clintock, with whom tho young lady had been acquainted in Vermont, called on her in fttnn. nnd invited iior to ride with htm in Worcester on tho railroad; to which alio consented. On their arrival thcro, ho in fnrmnil Imr that ho must oo to Hartford but she strenuously resisted going for eomo time ,vhrn iiml'mrr him determined, und fearing to rclurn to tho city alone, and bo inr without monev. sho consented to nc company him. On arriving at Hartford, ho informed her that ho should take tho stogo tho next morninc for Boston : but ho du coived her, and took heron board the New Haven btage. Thcro he imposed on her nguin by pretending to lako the Providence, when in fact ho took the New York boat. On arriving at Nuw York sho was hastily placed in u carriugc, when, to her anion- isliment anil horror, pIiu loiind herself in company with (Jon. C liinan ! " Now I've got you," paid tho monster. She was whirled away to n homo of questionable fn mo, nnd every effort mmlo by C n to tempt her into the path of dishonor nnd ru in; hut sho resisted all his effort", and do clareil she would part with her virttio only With hor life. C f i n finding he had gone too far for his own safety, placed her again under the charge. oI'McClintor.k, who start ed with her for ISopton. After leaving New Haven some suspicion' wcro -tartcd, and poveral gentlemen pursued and overlook them at Hartford. On making known their errand, she joyfully threw herself on their protection, nnd has boon returned to hor friends. Her inhuman kidnapper was suf fered to escape, nnd, as well its his tliaboh cal employer, still goes unwhipt of justice. Upon the above tho editor of the Spring geld Republican remarks. "We find this article without credit, and k'nw not in what naper it first appeared, but learn that it is incorrect so far ns it re lates to the circumstances of detection. Soon nftcr tho parties loft Treat's Hotel in Hartford, on (heir way to Now was discovered that the young lady had made known her situation to some one in tho hnuso ; that she had no change of dress. &c. Mr started immediately in pursuit and went to New York, hut missed them. On his return he found McCltntoek and the young lady nt his house, having been detailed there by his kind family. IIUIU llllVVlllJIWUft ,VU3 II ilUIJ IU pity LIIU UA penso of tho pursuit, anil of conveying her homo to Vermont ; and Mr Treat parsed through this town n tew daya nftcr with the young lady m charge. Champlain Canal. Tho fact (not. gener ally known) that this canal isunablo to sus tain itself from its own resources, has with, in a few days been communicated officially to tho Now York Legislature by tho Canal Commissioners. Thcro has been but ono year since its construction, in whicli it pro duced any surplus, and that was tho small ptim of gO,7IO,03 in tho year 1031. Tho following is n tabular view of the facts. Years Tolls IS!!! 40,211 -10 1S25 7.1,013 20 1S20 81.538 S3 1S27 63,31102 1S2S 107,737 03 1829 87,171 03 1530 S'J 033 78 1831 102,89fi 23 1532 110.191 95 1533 132,539 02 1531 115,21189 1835 11G.13I 10 I)iburscmcnts 6191,073 OG 110,077 II 2 13,520 33 1 1 1,593 17 172,918 78 137,332 00 11S.217G3 97.1S9 10 141.7C0-10 177,9fil00 194,372 01 111,800 92 Deficits SII.SGI 21 30,163 IS 123.99 53 01,257 45 03,191 70 50,1 fil 03 29,193 SO 31,3f,3 31 25,404 93 79,1fi0 15 2g,729 82 $ 1 ,1 13,079 0-1 $ 1 ,7 1 9,35 1 57 $577,035 01 1331, Surplus, Gjioor Deficits, Add cost of canal, $571,274 93 931.133 09 Debt at thocloso oflS35, $1,552,40302 Pnr.Htnr.NTiAr. Ei.kutdn. It is well known by all our readers, that wo have, Iroin tlio commencement ol the excitement of this question, been decidedly in favor of .Mr Weiistor. no nan our itrtl cnoice above nil other men in our country, and wo lament exceedingly tho events which have tranpircd to compel us, as it wcro, to abandon him. Gen. Harrison seems to bo tho choico of the people of Vermont ; and tho popular movements, in various other parts oftho country seem to point to him ns the popular candidate of the Whigs. This being tho case, nnd having no prefer ence after Webster before hiiu. we havo to-day inserted the ticket nominated by our Stale Convention. We now, there fore, recommend to tho suffrage of our fellow citizens William Henry Harrison for nur next President ; ond believing as wc do that the rescue depends entirely upoli the pronpt and united action oftho people, wc hope they will come out to tho help of this candidate in opposition to the nominco of the Baltimore Convention, with cordiality nnd determination. Let nil personal feel ings that might operate in any way nEainst the success of Gen. Harrison bo generously thrown aside, and then il we do not sue cced according to our wish, wo shall havo left the satisfaction of having made an lion est 'rial. Catllcton Statesman. WAsiitNOToN, March 15. Nothing daunted by the strong vote in the Senate yesterday, Mr., of Ohio moved to-day tho consideration in the Son ate, of tho bill relative to the distribution ol tho Revenues arising trom the sale oftho Public Lands. In sustaining his motion Mr. Kwing animadverted upon the hingular otit-b .ikc indulged in yesterday by the Missouri man, Itcnton, In which, losin, sinht entirely oftho Public L"iid Question the orator had gone out ol his way to icu lies, and to nbuso and vilhl'y tho Directors oftho United Slates Bank, men infinitely purer standing and bettor lives und reputn lion than the dcclaimer Thomas II. Benton the hero of Chapel Hill. Mr. Buchanan madu an ineffectual mo' tion to go into executive business iinmediA' tcly, whicli was lost, and finally the Public liand Bill was brought nniler consideration by a voto of 23 to 2 1. A very eloso vole certainly, but much more cheering than the vote of 27 agaiusl, to nineteen in favor as taken yesterday, Mr. Kwing then rose and addressed the Senate presented a clear and unadorned logical argument in lavor nl tlio bill repor ted bv his committee. Ho demonstrated hv an arithmetical calculation that the Na tional Surplus at the close oftho next year would bo FIFTY MILLION OF DOL LA IIS. That tho fact will bo so very in telligont mind which has been directed to tho details of tho subject, must in my hum ble judgment necessarily admit. Heforo ho had concluded hia argument, Mr. Kwing rrnvn W1V to OlOtion tO CO IlltO Executive business. Adam Huntsman. This cccontrio sue ccssor of Davy Crockett, has recently come nm for Judsro White, and has written homo to his constituents to go a head. Wo rcgretto learn thedealh of the bonior editurol the N- iiuzone, Joint ian Eiq. in the 07th year of his ago. DisTtir.ssiKO Siiipwiikci:- The brig Ariel, having n crew of 11 hands, with 5 whito passengers, nnd 7 blacks in tho steer age, from Now Orleans to Norfolk, wns capsized on tho 2 Ith of January, by n heavy ncn. All but C woro washed overboard or wont down with the brig shortly oftor. These 0 got into tho boat, with but ono oar. The saniu evening a sea upset tho boat, and the six, throe on n sido.had to hangjon to tho keel! llefore morning three of the six could hold on no longer, and sunk. Af ter daylight, tho remaining three managed tn got tho boat righted, and got into it, though full of water, and every sea braking over thorn. No vessel in sight all day. About daylight the next morning, one, o boy became delirious, jumped into the sea, anil was drowned, Throe or four vessels wore seen this day, but at too groat n dis tance, at length, one passed very near, and discovered the boat, by n handkerchief rais. cd on a board. They were takon on board ond have safely arrived at Now Orleans. An Or.n Staoeii. Wo spoke of a Plymouth driver tho oth er day. who is a veteran on his rout. We understand that Mr Wyman.of Mcdford, wlio drives a stago of his own twice a day between that, nnd the city, has been on his track now 31 years on the 17th of Februa ry. During thot time he has ncvor lost one day, or even one trip, by illness. Ho has lost no baggage injured no passenger never once upset, in tho worst of roads, at tho worst of seaons. He must havo trav elled at least 200.000 miles on his stngo-hox. His tolls, ovor tho Warren, and tho turn pike, including extras nnd interest, have amounted in this time to tho round Mim of ten lliousantljive hundred andltoenly-odil dol lars! Pretty well for ono ptagoman. Atlas. Household service of the Dos. I say, stronger,' said acottago urchiu too Yankee cdlar "don t you whistle toot ere dog away." "vvny tic nint no uso no now, no s ugly," "0 but ho saves heaps of work." How?" "Why he always licks tho plates and !ihc9 so cloan, that they never want washing, and mammy says, she would'nt part with him no how, for our new dog nint got used to mustard yet." Ball, lie- former. I) I K 1), In this town on Saturday last, Carlos Bax ter, son of Jacob Owen, Esq. aged 18 months. In this villago,on Sabbath last, Mrs Aiiioaii. Bucr.r., relict oftho lalo Dca.Ozt.ts Buell, in tho GOlh year of her ago. Hor last illness was shoit, and her death sudden. Although in fcoblo health, she was enabled to attend church, morning and afternoon, on tho pre. vious Sabbath. She retained tho uso of her faculties till nearly hor last. Her incck and patient endurance, her cheerfulness and composure, and her unfatloring trust in CttitisTas tho author of hor salvation, showod in a most Inppy manner, the strength, purity and power of her religious principles. n Caslinc, Me. Mrs. Mary Crawford, at the advanced ago of 100 years 5 months, relict of Dr. Win. Crawford, who was suri'cou and chaplain in tho nrtny of Gen. Wolfe. and was attached tojliis staff al Iho tino of his death nl liucucc. It is somewhat remarkable that while we notico in a lato London paper the death of a si3tcr of Motor Andre, nged 31 , there sub sequently occtircd in Uxbridgo Mass., (Feb. 141 the death of S.lnAH, relict ol Benedict Arnold, nged 33. BURCIIARD'S SERMONS. C1 GOODRICH will publish on . Monday next, "Sermons, Addresses und Exhortations, by Rev. Jedediah Bur chard ; with an Appendix, containing some account of Protracted Meetings held under his direction, in Burlington, Williston, and Hinesburgh, Vt. Dec. 1335, nnd January, IU3G. By C. G. Eastman." Burlington, March, 25. NOTICE. nriHB undersigned having purchased of -- l'. HALL Ins entire ttocls ol Good will continue nnd enlarge the 2Ul (&O0VHS JjUSlilCSfi., atthcbtand formerly occupied by Hall & atcarna, recently 1'. Hall, whero ho will havo constantly n full variety of seasonable (jtiods; nnd rcspcctlnlly solicits the pat ronagc of all former friends nnd patrons. Just received, an extensive nnd well se lected assortment of LOOKING GLASS ES, which nro offered at reduced prices. JOHN ABBOTT. Church street. Mirch 23. NOTICE. THE subscriber having disposed of hia entire stock of Goods nnd wishing to close his business, requests allthoso having unsettled accounts with the lato firm of nan anil btoarns or l Hall, to come and Bottle and make immediate pnvinent with out further notice. PETER HALL. Church Street ) March 23. f SALE. THE subscriber offers for sale en reasonable terms his house and lot nn the west sidonf'Col lego Green. Tlieprcm iscs consist of li acre, of lands on which there is a good orchard a ptnallbu'. convenient hoiiec, out buildings, &c l or further particulars und terms, upply to SsAMUr.L Ukeu. Z. THOMPSON. Burliogtorj March 21, 183G. Also, for salo, aa above, PEW No. 14 St. Paul's Church. in FOR SALE. rDlI IE House and lot, ou Pearl elroot JL known aa the Storrs placo. Fo; terms, apply to G. MOORE. March 23, 103(5: Herds Crass Seed. THlIIS day received and fur nalu a quan JL lily of Hards Grass Heed by Foi.I.KTT & llllADI.UVS. Burlington March 14. 1037. FOR Winooski Patent Block Man ufacturing Company. rflHB Directors of this Company res JL pcctfully inform thfir friends and tho Maratimo public of the United States gen erally, that limy havo purchased tho whole of the establishment formerly known as tho Livingston Patent Block Machinery, with nil tlio extension of the patent righlR recently granted by Congress to Thomas Blanchard, Eq. the original inventor and patentee, together with all the lato im. provemcnts mado nnd patented by him. They have manufactured nnd now offer for sale a large stock of machine made, solid, common and hushed Ship's Tackle niockt. from 5 to 9 inches, and machine mado Plank Blocks, from 7 to 1G inchca, and other nrticlos on reasonable tcrni9. They further inform tho public that they have made arrangements for removing their machinery from Now York to tho site of a new mill with nn CO horse power water wheel built c::prcsly to receive it, at Burlington, Vt. in tho heart of a coun try abounding with tho finest nnd best of timber for their nurnosc whence they in tend sending lo the Nuw York market a large, constant, and regular supply of theso and other articles in tho Block making lino. They further add that it is their intention to increase the machinery so as to meet tho present and future demands of tho blockmaking trade nnd maralime public throughout tho United States. 1 Ins Company has lately been incorpo rated by tho State of Vermont with a larrro capital expressly for this purpose. A largo discount will bo allowed to the trade, and a. liberal discount to ship chand leics and others. iUOrdcrs addressed to William Serrcll, superintendant at the company's office and Btore, No. G4 South street. N. York, will moot duo attention. Burlington. 21st March, 1G3G. DISSOLUTION. THE firm of Wood & AnnoTT was by mutual consent disolvcd on the 22d inst. Hie books and demands of the con cern, will Remain in the hands of T. II. Wood, at the old stand of tho Hardware Store, whero settlement and payment, without reserve will bo required previous to tho 15th day of April next Particular contracts excepted. THUS. 11. WOOD JOHN, ABBOTT Burlington, March 24, 133G. Tho HARD-WARE business, nt the old stand of Wood and Abbott, will bo continued by the subscriber who takes this opportcnity to express his grattitude, to the friends and customers oftho lato firm, during the six yenrs he has conducted tho business. Ho Solicits their further Pat ronage; and will make it hia endoavor by- close personal application and an enlarge ment ot the business, which ho has in contemplation on the opening of navigation to make the establishment meet the wants and wishes of the public. T. H. WOOD. Burlington March 24, 1G3G. DISSOLUTION. rjlIIE firm of AnnoTT, Woon & Co. JL w by mutual consent disolv-d on the 22d inst. Demands due us arc in tho bauds of John Abbott, and settlement of a'l (special contracts excepted.) is request ed without delay. All Furniture debts agoin.-t us will be presented immediately. JUIilN AiiliUTT T. II. WOOD D. K. PANGBORN March 24. 183G. CABINET and CHAIR JUAKLYG ill be continued at the old stand, ubnrp the public may be assured of always find tug a large ussorimeni oi tne dosi worn on hand, to be sold on the most liberal terms. JOHN ABBOTT D. K. PANGBORN Burlington March 01, 1330. DISOL.UTIOJV. HE Copartncship heretofore existing tinner mc 1 1 nil ot jjoomis, Smith and Uo is ibis day dissolved by mutual agreement. U. C. I.OO.MIS K. SMITH B. .SIIATTUCIC R. LI LI, IF. C. CLARKE The business will hereafter bo continued under tho firm of JANES, SMITH .t Co. and all business of the lato (inn settled by them . uurimgion tuarcii u, leiJu- XNDELLIBLE IHX FOR marking clothes: without a pre paration; it has been used by persons in this town for abeut three years and does not wash out. Pcrkin'ts Indclhble Ink to be, used with a preparation, and it is war ranted not to wash out, Williston's Indel iblo Ink warranted tn stand soap and water. Perkins' Counting House red and Black Ink; the best in use, Indian Ink, at the vari ety Shop PANfiltOKN & BuiNiMAIII. FOR SALE. ON reasonable term, a house and lot a few rods north of the Jlcaacmy. Junquirc at this olice ior of Joe. Win. Atteatcr. Burlington March 17, 1)130. TO RENT. rpHE STORE and DWELLING next JL door cast of Smith & Harrington's Book Store, on College-street. II. LEAVENWORTH. March 15, 1G3G. STATE OF VERMONT, Guam) Isi.f. District, ss. Al a Probate Caurl holdcn al the Probate Office in Nurth Hero in said district on the 10th day of February, A. D. 1330. Present tho Hon. Jool Allon, Judge. It is ordered by said Court that notico be given to all concorncd, that tho Probato Office for said district will bo kept in future at the dwelling houso of Augustus Knight in Nurth Hero in said district, and that the Court will hold their stated sessions at (lie dwelling house of Jed. J'. Ladd. in North Hero on the third Monday in every month hereafter, from 0 o'clock in the forenoon to 4 o'clock in tho afternoon. By order of Court, AUGUSTUS KNIGHT, Iieg Ml : : raj GrUASS SEED. ABOUT GO Bushel's Herds Grast Seed of n superior quulitvund the growth of 1035 just received andfnr sale nt HOWARDS. Commissioners Notice. WE the subscribers being nppointcd by the honorable tho probato court for tho District of Grand Isle, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust all demands of all persona against the estate of IRISH S. BERRY, lato of Albiirgh in said district deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, and six months from thnfouth day of March inst. being allowed by said court forthat purpose, wo dothoroforegivo notice that wc will attend lo the business of said appointment, at the dwelling hnuso of the widow Anno Berry, in Alburgh on tho first Saturday of Juno next, and last Saturday of August, from nino o'clock forenoon, to six P. M. on caoh of said days. WILLIAM SOWLESJ Commis WILLIAM BROWN, J doners. Alburgh, March 9. 1G3G. LYMAN COLE HAVE received 100 prs. India Rubber OVER-SHOES, from the largest to the smallest sizes a very desirable ar. tide at this season of the year. ALSO A few bushels offirst quality of HERD'S GRASS SEED. Feb. 20. IG3G. Umbrellas, Canes and Riding Whips. BLACK, Blue, Green, and other coWorcd, Silk and Cotton Umbrellas; Black walk ing Canes, Sword Canos; Ivory and golden headed Canes, small walking slicks; Hiding Whips. &c. at tho Variety Shop. PANanoitN (i Brinsmaid. G OLD RINGS, wide and narrow, made in good stylo, at tho Variety Shop. l'ANononN w. UniNsMAin. TO TANNERS. WANTED by tho subscriber, by the first of April next, ono or two good Journeymen Tanners, who will find em ployment for the Season, by applying to E. C. Loomis. Burlington, Pearl St. ) March 11, IG3G. ( Take particular Notice. THE Subscriber being under the nccos. ity of Collecting all his dues this Spring, would respectfully say to all those indebted to him that their notes nnd ac. counts must bo settled and paid by the first day of April next. J. MITCHELL. Burlington, March 10 1330, NOTICE. THE subscriber takes this method to inform those indebted to him that their notes and accounts now dud. must bo paid by tho first day of April next, or they will bo left for collection. N. B. Those who havo contracted to pay in wood or gram must bo punctual, or money will be exacted. JOHN K. GRAY. Burlington, March G, 1G3G. Linseed Oil for Sale. THE subscribers havo on hand Linccd Oil of tho best quality and will be at all times happy to supply Customers either at their store on 'ho west side oftho Court house squire or al the Oil mill nt the Falls. HlCKOIC & Catmn. Burlington, March 10, 133G. A RARE CHANCE. FOR sale bv tlio subscriber, a good rose wood IS Keyed ACCORDEON. This Accordeon is perfectly new and ob good a one as can be found in town, and will be sold for IG, Cah in hand. Ap Ply to H. II. STACY. Burlington March 3, lt!30. rwy HE NATURAL HISTORY OF JL LYSECTS second series ; being th74th vol. Harpers' Family Library, for sale by SMITH o HARRLYGTOX. March 3. rpiIE AMERICAN IN ENGLAND, by tho author of "A vcar in Spain"' 2 voN. for sale by SMITH & HARRINGTON. March 3. M AIIMOUD. a novel in 2 vols, for sale by SMITH & HARRINGTON. March 3. rpIIE CHRISTIAN LYRC, a collection of L Hymsand tunes adapted lor social wor ship, prayer meetings, etc. with supplement, forsalo by SMITH & HARRINGTON. March 3. TORAYEItS adapted to various occasions of JL Social worship, for which provision is not mado in tho Hook of Common I'rayer, by Bishop Griswold. For salo by SMITH & HARRINGTON. March 3. HISTORY Or' THE REPUBLIC OF A. MEMCA.designcd for schools or private libraries, hy Emilia Willard. Principal of tho Troy Female Seminary. For salo bv SMITH & HARRINGTON. FARM FOR SALE. The valuable farm owned, and occupied by Nathan Allen Esq deceased, situated in tho imme diato vicinity of Williston Vil lage, is hereby oflered lor sale, on terms advantageous to tlie purchaser. Should the farm remain unsold until tho tenth day of ot April next, it will tlicn be exposed at auction under a liccnso of sale, from the Probato Court, and will bo sold to the highest bider, on the 11 day of the same April, at two o'clock P. M. at E. Chitten- dens hotel in Williston, to complete the settlement oftlio estate, of said deceased. DAVID FRENCH, Administrator do bonis non. Williston Feb. 27. IP30- SAVE YOUR SWING IiE TOW, A quantity wanted immediately, by AnnoTT Wood & Co TO BOOKBINDERS. Journeyman book binder muy hear of n situation and constant employment A by applying at thid oflice, Jan. 2U. V3G. , iVAVAL stores TO BE SOLD BY A UCTIOW. TO BE .SOLD BY PUBLIC AUC TION, "it Hip Dock Yard nt I,h Aur Noix. on TUE SDAY the 10th Mnv next : ANCHORS, Trom 37 cwt. toniiocwi. weight, 25 in number, Iron Ballot 197 tons. Beetles Caulking; nnd Rooming. Hells Watch. Blocks. Single, Double, Treble. Long Taklo, Snatch and Purchase, of various Sizes. Dead Eyes for .Shrouds. Chain Cablo and Chain Cablo Gear. Cordagn Cnblo and Hawser laid 7 l-2. 7, 5 T-2, 5, tJ, 3 I. 'J, 2, 2 1-2, &c. &c. At.SO, THAT FABTBAr.MXf! VKSSEr., TUi; ICICLE TENDER. Burthen 25 Tons, with Sails, H'gging, nnd oilier Stores complete. mm w&m in frames. Rigging and Sails for fl Gun Boats complete. Gun Boots' Mast9, Yards and Oars. Fire Engine and Fire Engine Gear. Forges and Forge Gear. Glass, Stone Ground and Common. Hoops, Hooks, and Bolls. Turning Lathe and Took for do. Lead, and Lead Pipe. Hand Pumps and Hand Pump Gear. Scales, Beams and Weights ; Screws nnd StoVes. A small quantity of Oak Timber, with a gtony num ber of other articles of Naval Stored and Old Stores. MONTREAL. To be sold nt the Naval Depit, Montreal, by Public Auction, on WEDNESDAY, the 3lt( day of May next : ANCHORS of various shts, 12 in num ber. Chain Cables, Iron Chest, Writing Desk, Scales, Beam, Weights ; Canadian Stoves, and other articles of Stores in iRo at the Depot. Sale to commence at Isle Aux Noix, at half past ten o'clock in tho morning, and at Montreal at eleven o'clock in the morning. A deposite of 23 per cent, to bo paid at the time of the purchase, or tho Lot will bo resold and the Stores paid for within 14 days, nr.d removed within ono month after the sales, or the deposite will be forfeited to the Crown. JOHN MARKS, In Charge of Naval Stores. Kingston Yard, U. C. 2d Feb. 1G3G. tTMay STATE OF VERMONT, ) DismiCTor Chittendks. The Honoratile llie Probate Court willtin and fur the Dietrid of Chittenden To tlio creditors nnd oihcr.s concerned in tlio estate of Dorastus Hot- ton, Lite of Burlington in said District, dere.Hcd. WIIKKBAS, the Administrator of said deceas ed, lias made implication to this Court, ti e-ctend the lime limited lor miikinj; payment ol the debts ofsnid dcrcafed.six months from iliia duic, and Iho lit d.iy of April next, lieing tisslgncd for a hearing in the premises, nt the Offico oftho llegistn of lliis Conn, and it luting been ordered that no tice thereof he giien, liy publishing ihis-dcrrcc ihriv weeks surces'iiely in I fie Free i'ress.n npimp.iprr printed nt Btirliiigion, before the time fixed for hearing. Thciefore, you are hereby notified, to appear be fore snid Coiirl, at the time and place aforesnid, then nnd there lo make objection if nny you hate, tn die .iid time of p.ijment being further extend'Sll us uforeanid. And s.i'u! Administrator further represent, the person. il csi.ite of said dercved will not be sof. firicnt to pay the debts, anil oukc? implication in said Court for license to sell the real estate for lb it purpose. it orucrca tint nn account lie Inktu of llio uVlus nnd also the estate of said deceased, anJ that the heirs of nil persons concerned in cnd E'latc, lie notified lo up pear at the time and place ulbres.iid, to giio bonds for the payment of debts, nnd show cau;u uliy li cense should not be granted. Giten under my hand at Williston, this 16tb d.iy of March, A. I). 183G. UfcU. li. .HANSEN. Rtgisttr. GRAND ISLE COUNTY COURT. Sentembcr Term. lRSS. Ciiacv Hazan ) V"Kf-KAs Chancy vs. w Hazan of North JoSKPir HlITrltlNS. Hern in thn fSinnh. of Grand Isle, at the September term" of this Court A. D. ItiiJl, commenced his ac tion against Joseph Hntchins of North Ila ro in said Grand Lie County, but now of Uie State nf Ohio, in nn nrttnn mi nntn do. ted the 12th day of February 11131, for the sum oi ninety nvn aoiiars payable in the month nf February 1033, with interest for value received, and demanding in damages Iho sum nf two hundred dollars, ns per writ and declaration on file will oppear. At which tune came the Plantiff by his attor ney Frpihripk Hn?pn. nml it nnnnniin i. j - - I J irr said Court that the Defendant was out of tlnsbtale at the lima oftho commencement of this action and had not been notified of the pendency of this suit, and raid canso was by order of court continued tothn next May term of tins court, A. 1). 1835, nt whichlimo an order urn,!,, that oi.i pause bo continued to tho next September term, n. u. itijj, nnu tnat notice ho given of the said suit hy publishing the substance oftho Plaintiff's declaration, ilirx.. successively in tho Burlington Free Press priiueu at uuriingion me last ot which shall bo four weeks before the said September term, 1G35, at whicli timo a further order was made that the said rulo of tbis Court bo enlarged and tho cause continued to the next term of this court, April term, A. D. 11:30. and tho said Hutchins is hereby no tified to appear at tho term aforesaid lo bo holdcn at North Hero within and for tho County of Grand Isle on the fourth Tues day of April, A. D. 1U3G, and defend aid suit if ho sco lit. Given under my hand at Norih Hero, in the County of Grand Isle this 20th ot Feb ruary, A 1) 1830. JOEL ALLEN, Clerk, nursery! WILLIAM KEiRICK OF NEWTON, Slit DOSVOK, plj AS a capital selection of purr-st kind IX of Kraft and Ornamental TWEES, Shrubs, Roses, l'a-onies, Doublo Dnhllas.&o. of most splendid kinds. Mortis Mullicaulfs, m truo CHINESE MULBERRIES, tho food for silk worm", hy wliolesalo and retail. Orders addressed by mail, post paid, will bo executed promptly. Trues packed in faithful order, fnrdinlaut places, by landseu. Cotalofrui'j yratis. tlj.M.

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