Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 20, 1836, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 20, 1836 Page 4
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Btauliul Cnmpirisnn, The groat tivei uf the Wist, I lie Fnllicr of Walere, nail was called by the aborigine?, may bo used as tin apt personification of tlte power, t he progress of change, and eventual destiny of the American pcoplo. Rising in the fur wilderness, and tailing its firit impulse from n few trickling rills, it gallim in strength as it proceeds on its way, until, in its course of2,000 miles, it receives the contributions of those immense streams that spread out like the arms of a giant and embrace a whole continent, grasping and binding together its remote corners, nnd conveying their tribute great body, winch thus oecomcB rfriTenhPiini nnil lnviporaicu uv me oiu ui lis natural members, iv mi us puwui um accumulated, iho Mississippi moves on in lling nnjesiy of itsgrandcur.swcep- o. Btrainh'.cnin'r ond deepen- ! !.... L-.l (111 nnnll. nniif IVgwml 01 uecp anu rapiu imiuu (int(MMw, it mingles its turbid floods with the clear blue sea, and diffusoa itself, as it were, in the immensity of creation. It is even thus with the American nation. Tho remote and interminable wilds of the earth witnessed its birlh, amidst forests boasting the growth of centuries, where, giant like, and unconquerable, combining its own elements, and wisely directing its own energies, it moves on surely and stead ily to tho accomplishment of a glorious and unequalled destiny Miriam Coffin. A vounc ladv dressed in male apparel lately started on foot from Vermont in or der to sec her uncle in Pittsburg, Pa., for the purpose of asking his assistance far her father, who had beo.i formerly in affluent circumstances, but who having met with misfortune, was at the time lying in Vermont jail for another person's debt. (laving ar rived at Newcastle, Pa., she was informed that her uncle was as poor as her father and could render her no assistance. Disap pointed and discouraged, she turned her steps homeward, aud her purso becoming exhausted, a brute nfa landlord on the road seized Dart of her clothinc in payment for a night's lodging. She altorwards stopped at a public houso in Meadvillc, and her sex becoming known, she was kindly furnished with nroncr clothinc: and tho means of prose cuting her journey home. Such an example of filial (flection in a young and delicate to male, used to all the refinements of society, cannot be too much admired. Her disguWe was nssumcd for the purpose ot securing her personal safely during her journey a journey of something like COO miles, under laken solely with tho hope of liberating a fatUir from prison.- N. Y. Cour. Festival ut Hamburgh At Hamburgh tliero is an onnual festival, in which troops of chrildrcn parade the streets, carrying preen rarlands. ornamented with cherries, to commemorate a rcmorkablo event which occurred in 1432. When the Hussites menaced the citv with immediate destruc tion, one of the citizens proposed that all the clirildren, from seven to fourteen years rifnrre. should be clad in inourninc, ond pent as supplicants to thecnciny. Procopius Nosus, the Hussite Chief, was to touched with this socctacle lhat ho received the vounrr sunnlicsnts, rccolcd them willichcr rics and other fruit, and promised to spore the city. The clirildren returned crowned with le'avcs. holding chcrrlrF, and crying Victory. Bagpipes. At the battle of Quebec, in 1760. while the British troops wore re treating in great disorder, the general com- JJiaillL'U IIJ U 11UHI III! lUilGI O IbllllCIH of the bad behavior of his corps. 'Sir,' said he. with somo wrath, 'you diJ very wrong in forbidding the pipers to play this morning; nothing encourages me Highlan ders so much in the day of action. Nay even now Ihcy would bo of U6e.' 'Let ihem blow like the devil, then,' replied the general, 'if it will bring back tno men.' The nincrs were then ordered to play .favorite martial oir; ond the Highlanders 1ho moment they heard the music, returned ond formed Willi alacrity in the van. Music A French officer, during his confinement in the Hostile, used to amuse liimiclfwith playing on the lute. He had long thus diverted his melancholy; when playing one day. ho observed, to his great astonishment, o number ol mice issuing from thsir liolce, and oven spiders creeping forth. Ho repeated Iho experiment with the samo effect several limes; and even found some entertainment in observing the attentive audience which he could assemble whenever he pleased. Wo have no reason io euppofc this officer an Orpheus, yet it is certain that his luto captivated nnnna which might be supposed insensible to "the concord ol swell sounds," Stolidity. Thcro arc many excellent men who are wise in certain respects, but in others are simple as children. Al n late Commencement, the poet while addressing he audience, put Ins hand nun it is pocket end took nut his handkerchief to wipe his face. As he brought it round before linn. he perceived il to bo a large flag silk, and niiielly dropping it, took a white linen ono Irom tho other pocket. The Clergyman who sat next him, 6toopcd down, and pick ing no the floi'. verv kindly laid it nn the debk in view of iho audience good naturcd oul ! A. K. Galaxy. Fat Beet. During the last week there were two as fine beeves taken to Iho New York market from this county as were rver butchered. One was a five year old steer, fatted by Judge Seet, of this vil Jagc, weighing I COO pounds in ii is quarters; nnd I lie other a heifer, fulled by Mr. Isaac Jl. Clapp of La Grange, which weighed 1900 lb, alivn. I in price paiu iur cocu was jj-250. They made a haudomo dir. play in New York, on Thursday last. I'nugltktepsic Eagle. Timet: 0'nEA'i I'livtici a.ns Dcsninulin celebrated French Physicion, when nn Ins !cntli bed, having called around him the most distinguished physicians of Paris. 'Gentlemen," says he, "I leovc behind me three great physicians," on their ufBine him to mention them, expecting probably to hear their own names, ho briefly added ' Water, Exercise, and Diet." Only TiUNK.--An English paper gives an account of a tea parly of 60 wumen, mother of 069 children! iwelvo of theso dames olone having givon birth to 202 of tho number ! ! one of thcrn wns the moth erol'3l children I CunE ron Disi'Epsia Put three tea spoonfuls of common table salt, and one of supcr-enrbonate of soda, in a pint of mod erately warm water, and drink it tho first thing in the morning; cat no breakfast, aud take nothing until dinner timo ; you continue this ono week and you arc well. John Randolph'! Will. Tho Virginia Court of Appeals, in the case relative to John Randolph's Will, by a decision in .vhich all the members of court concur, has revcra cd the judgment of the General Court, which established the will of Jan. 1 1032. The Court of Appeals havo decided that at tho timo of tho making of this will Mr. Randolph was of unsound mind, and that therefore tho paper purporting to bo his last will and testament is void. They have Given no opinion on any other point. Tho Richmond Courier says The will of 1021 is beforo the General Court, for probate, and it is presumed a contest will be made on that also. It will be remembered that this will provides for the emancipation of all the slaves belong ing to Air. Randolph's eelate. It is pro. bablo the caso will be token up at the en suing lerm'in July. . A Coquette is a rose, from which every lover plucks a leaf; the thorns are left for her lulure Husband. The spirit of truth dwelled) in meekness. The sling of a reproach is the truth of it. Usa your friends so that you would not fear to have them your enemies. The Variety Shop AT B UL ING TON, VT. WE have gold and silver Watches, Jewelry, Chains, cheap and costly Clocks, Plated and Brittania Ware Castors, Musical Instrumcntsand Instruction Books, Perfumory, Hair Oils, l'owacrs, Soaps, Brushes, Cutlery, Candlesticks, Snuffers, Troys, Lamp Wicks, Stocks, Bosoms, Uackgamraon Hoard, Visiting and Printing Cards, (a very eood assortment of all sizes and colors) card Cases. Canes, Umbrellas, Elastics, Busks, silk boot Lacings, overshoe Buckles, Razors, Ink, Quills, Pencils, India Rubber, Letter Stamps, Curls, fine Pic tures, Toys. Drowiner Boards and Paner. sand Boxes, ink Stands, Confectionary, and the greatest variety that can be found in such a Shop. We clean and repair all kinds of Watch es and Clocks, and make all kinds of Silver Spoons and sugar Tongs ; Nursing Tubes, coffin Plates, Hooks and Rings, Trunk Plates, &c. &c. at tho Variety Shop. 1'A.NononN si liniNsMAin. Jlarci30. 1036. HISTORY OF THE REPUBLIC OP A. MERIG'A.dcsicrned for schools or nrlvnto libraries, by Emma Willard. Principal of the Troy Femalo Seminary. For sale by SMITH & HAllRINGTON. FOR SALE. ON reasonable terms, a house and lot a few rods north of the Academy. Enquire at this office ! 111 or of Uocl. Wm. Atxcater. Burlington March 17, 1030. Linseed Oil for Sale. npHE subscribers havo on hand Linseed JL Oil ol the best quality and will be al all limes happy to supply Customers cither al their store on the west side of the Court house squire or at the Oil mill at the Falls. UlCKOK Si Burlington, March 10, 1036. NURSERY. WILLIAM KEN RICK OF NEWTON, NEn BOSTON, HAS a capital soloction of purest kinds of Fruit ond Ornamonlal TREK S, Shrubs, Roses, Poeonlee, Double Dahlias, &c. of most splendid kinds. Morus Mullicaulis, or true CHINESE MULBERRIES, Iho food for silk worms, by wholesale and retail. Orders addrcssod by mail, post paid, will bo executed promptly. Trees packed in faithful order, for distant places, by land sea Colalogucs gratis. U5M. THHF. CHRISTIAN LYRE, a collection of Hyms and tunes adapted lor social wor ship, prayer meetings, olc. with supplement, lor sale by SMI I'll & IIAKIUNU'I UN. March 3. IITDELLIBLE IITX, T.OR marking clothes: without a pre X? paranon; it has been used by persons in this town for abeul three years and does not wash out. i'crkin s lndclhblo Ink lo be, used with a preparation, ond il is war ranted not to wash out, Williston's Indel ible Ink warranted to stand toapand water. Perkins' Counting Houso red and Black Ink; the best in use, Indian Ink, el the vari cly Shop Paingborn & Brinsmaid. GRASS SEED. A BOUT CO Bushel's Herds Grass Seed nl'n cuncrinr nnnlilvanil llin rrowthnf 1035, just received and for sale at HOWARDS. TO RENT. TlHE STORE ond DWELLING next door cast of Smith & Harrington's Book Store, on College-street. II. LEAVENWORTH. March 15, 1036. Herds Grass Seed. nnillS day received and fur sale a quan lily of Herds Grass Soid by l-OI.I.ETT (5i JinADI.UVS, Burlington March 14, 1037. GARDEN SIStCDS, Af BOXES FRESH HARDEN SEEDS, or 1" iho l.iei ears grouili. J.&J. II. PECK, CO. ManliSI, 1638. HOTXOE. iscriber havincr clo fTlHE subscriber having closed business JL in this nlacc. and beine about to leavo town, rcspccllully requests an persons in debted to him, to inako payment previous to the 10th of May next. He would also take this occasion to ten der his thanks to those who have patroniz ed him since ho has been in business here. T. COIN IN Li 11. Burlington, April 19, 1030. To Let on reasonablo Terms. RlHE whole of the largo Commodious s store situated on tho North Bide of the Court houso square in Burlington next door West of John Pecks store. The irst story ond ccller below, is convenient for two stores or it may be used as one large storu for extensive business. There are three larao Chambers, well suited for Offices, or mechanics' shops. It will bo leased in whole or in parts, if application is made Soon. For terms apply to Win, A. Gris wold, Agent. lor J1RUU. DUllftttH. Burlington April G, 1036. IRISH MOSS. WHICH contains moro Vegetable Jlu cilage than any other known sub stance. It is the best article used in case of Colds, Coughs, Asthmas, Sic. and is o good and economical article tor making all kinds of Jellies, Ula Mongo, Sscllor sate by the pockogc, 25 cts. each ot the Variety Shop by Panodohn & Brinsmaid. Burlington, April 7, 1935. FOR SALE. THE House and lot, on Pearl street, known ns tho Slorrs ploco. For terms, apply to G. MOORE. March 23, 1036. FOR SALE. THE subscriber offers for sale on reasonable terms his house and lot on the west eido of Col lege Green The prem ises consist of li acre, of lands on which there is a good orchard a sinallbut convenient house, out buildings, &c ror lurlhcr particulars and terms, apply to Samuel Reed. Z. THOMPSON. Burlington March 24, 1036. Also, for salo, as above, PEW No. 14 in Si. Paul's Church. PORTFOLIOS, with and without Locks and Keys, at tho Voricty Shop, Panqdorn Si Brinsmaid. April 19. CLOVER SKED, by J. H. April 33. 1036 PECK Si CO. DOCT. WH1CHER, FORMERLY from Dover, N. H. takes this opportunity lo inform his friends and Iho public that he has opened a Botanic Infir mary at tho Green Mountain House, in Pearl street, Ruilinglon, Vermont, where ho has filled up rooms fur Iho accommodation of the sick and infirm, and will piaclico in strict conformity to tho system of Doct. Samuel Thomson of Boston, who hasiiuw becomo so celebrated, not only in the United Stales, but in Europe. "The Thomsonian System" has not only received tho entiro approbation of all who have tried its merits, but it has also re. ceived tho unqualified approbation of many of Hie regular rracuiioners. uoci.w. would beg leavo lo say to strangers, in regard lo his qualifications, that he has spent three years diligently studying the principles of his pro fession, with Doct. Thomson and other dis tinguished practitioners thai ho has visited all the Infirmaries in New England, and can con fidently offer himsvll lo Iho public as well qualified lo administer to tho diseases of tho sick, so far as preparatory studies and the best advantages for information, will enable him lo do. Mrs. Whicher having been al great pains to acquire information in Botanic practice, and havinir had two years experienco in tho pro. fession with her husband, will take charge of mo temaie acparimeni oi uie inlirmary. Docl. W. in addition, would beg leavo to report a number of cures performed under his own hand. First, the cure of William Walk er of Franklin, N. II , who was entirely cured of the Rheumatism and Strangcry in their worst stages, in tho courso of twelve days, after baflling the skill of all the learned doc tors in the country. Second, tho caso of Robert Salby, cured of a uaa cyo, in live a ays, aucr Having been de prived of his night for a very considerable timo. Third, tho cure of Fidelia Elkins of North. field, N.II. deprived of her roason seven vcars. was restored lo il again after a treatment of eighteen days, and lo pcrlect bodily health. Fourth, tho euro or Adeline Ham, bad eyes lor six years, cxcocaingiy sore entirely cured in five days. Fifth, tlio cure of Martha Scrulin, swelled neck, supposed to be Kings-Evil cured in five days. Sixth, tho euro of Mr Maro. This was a caso of Asthma.which had continued one year and was cured in four days. Seventh, tho euro of Sibil Walton, was a caso of Dyspepsia, Rheumatism and Croup cured in eight days. Eight, tho cuio of Elmedia Quimby,curcd of Consumption, after having beon givon over by all Iho doctors in the placo. Curo of Jacob Sawyor of Dover, N.H. cured of Dropsy and Fever-Sores, sevonteon years standing, in four weeks. Tho case of Amelia Whichor. after lurnniv yeais sickness of Dropsy, Dyspepsia and Pa ralctic shock, and of tailing opium six years was cuicd in twenty days. I MrW. has had two hundred naticnts nnH has given belwocn four and five hundred courses for complaints of all descripliorij.wilh entire succoss. Mr. W. is satisfied lhat his modo oflrealnicnt has all Iho beneficial effects of a visit lo the springs while it saves iho patient in many cases, an enormous oxponse. Mr V. wculd inform his friends lhat ho has on hand a complclo assortment of Botanic Medicines, from tho hand of Doct, Samuel Thomson. That ho has also family rights and Doct Robinson's Bitters for sale. Mr W. acts as acrent for Doct. Samuel Thomson oflSoslon, not Bonjamin Thompson of Concord, N. II. nor Jesso Thompson of Mount Vernon !;liarlcs-slioct, Boslon. N I!. Patients should slwavshivo a chanrre of linen when they put themselves under his caro. April I I, 1030. NOTICE. rjlHE undersigned having purchased of JL P. HALL his entire stock of Goods, wjll continue and eulargo the at tho stand formerly occupied by Hall &. Stearns, recently P. Hall, whero he will have constantly a full variety of seasonable Goods ; nnd respectfully solicits Iho pat ronage of all former friends and natrons. Juit received, an extensive ami well se lected assortment of LOOKING GLASS ES, which aru offered at reduced prices. JOHN ABBOTT. Church street, March 23. sSflMD) boxos cian'p,Bi". tSJl Poru, and Jerico Window Glass, 100 do Rcdford, Saranac, and Crown Glass. Dec. . '35. J. Si J. II. PECK Si CO. T HE SPRINGFIELD FIRE IN SURANCE COMPANY, insure on the most favorable terms, Dwelling Houses Stores, and other buildings, Furniture, & Merchandize of every description, against loss or damage by fire. Application for insurance will receive immediate attention. WYLLYS LYMAN, JYew Firm. THE subscribers having formed a co partnership in business in the name and stile ot IATHROF & POTWIM, and having purchased the entire stock of goods ofH. W. Potwin & Co., will con tinue tho mercantile business at tho old stand recently occupied by them in all its various branches. Having made arrangements to receive supplies of goods at all times of the season carol inly selcclcctcd by one ot the linn, they intend thai their store shall at all limes be stocked with the choices! selec tions of rich, fashionable, (incy and staple Dm Uoous the market attords. They have a full and complete assortment of family Groceries, such as Imperial, Old and Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, Pouchong, Souchong and Bohea Teas; loaf, lump and brown Kugers; Topper, Spice, dinger Cloves, Mace, iXulmegs, Salroralus, Cur rents, Prunes, Citrons, Box and Keg Rai sins, &c. They have also in connection one of the first Drugg & Medical establishments in this part of tho country, lo which depart ment tho most particular attention will at all times be given. Phisicians may at all times be supplied with any article in the above line on the most reasonable terms. Gideon Latiiroi, H. W. Potwin. Burlington, Jan. 15, 1036. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. For Sale. IN Williston, Vermont, One Acre and half of Land, with a large brick Store, D A-clling-house. Taylor-shop, Store house and large convenient Out buildings, being die premises now occupied by Fuller & Morton in the villnge of Williston, and one of the best stands for business in this pari of (he state. Also nbniil thirty ncros of JSXUELliKNT IUUWINC. LAND, fronting the turnpike, and near the Acadc. my. Ar-so Ono hundred acres of land called the AUGUR FARM seventy acres of which i3 under improvement, ond in good state of cultivation, with a Sugar Orchard of 250 trees, and an Orchard of excellent Fruit. Also, Forty Acres with a good orchard of about 75 apple trees on it, occupied for pasture. Also One acre with a Small HOUSE upon the some. 16 Acres of land in Bolton, about one half of which is under improvement. Apply to A. J. FULLER, Williston. or H. LEAVENWORTH, Williston, May 1035. fBurlington. IMPORTANT TIlO persons suffering from R II EUM JL ATIC COMPLAINTS. To the Editor of the Enquirer 'Sir, On the prin ciple inculcated by tho great and good Dr. Franklin, lo diffuse as widely as possible every means within our power lo mitigate orEofien tho afflictions of suffering human ity, I feel it incumbent on me to make known through the medium of your useful paper, that on reading therein on adver tisement of Dr. Jebb's Liniment, fur the cure of RHEUMATISM. I was forcibly impressed with a belief that it was calcula ted to remove tho severu Rheumatic afleC' lion lo which I had been for seven or eight years subjected, some times almost depriv ing me of the use of my limbs. I accor dingly procured a bottle, and before I had used the whole of it, found very sensible relief. This increased my confidence in it. and led mo to obtain another bottle, the use of which has completely removed the swellings and pains ol my limbs, together with the cramp, and restored Ihcm to their wonted vigor. 1 am respectfully yours, Geo. Taylor, jr. Hempslcd, L. I. March 24. Persons suffering from the above com Points, and in despair of n curo from tho failure of the various remedies lliev have used, arc invited to tnako trial of this long celebrated medicine, which has in years past cured and relieved, as it is nnw doing, thousands who had despaired of relief- Nothing but a fairtrial can give an idea of Us unrivalled excellence it is also one of the best applications known fur stiffness of ine joints, numbness, sprains and clulblai ns Price 50 cents. For salo by J. & J. H. PECK & CO. GROUND PLASTER. d Tons, which will be sold ns low packed in Sound Barrels, as con be purchased of our neighbors in bulk no chargo for Casks. Jan, 7. Hickok & THE MONTHLY GENESEE FAR. MER Published on the first of cac month, in Rochester, N. Y. by Luther TocKEn. The publisher of the Genesee Farmer, at the solicitation of many friends of Agricultural improvement in Western New York, has issued the first number (for January, 1036,) of a monthly periodical, under the above title, which, while it will embody much of the practical matter of that well established paper, will be fur nished to subscribers at tho exceeding low price of Fifty Cents A year, It is be lieved that such a work is much wonted lo supply those who ore unablo or unwilling to lake a higher priced Agricultural paper and that its general circulation among our Farmers, cannot fail to promote their pri vote interests as well as the public pros perity. The course and standing of the Genesee Farmer is so extensively knwon, that it is not necessary to sov mora than that the Monthly f ormer and Horticultur ist will be mado up of the most practicable and useful, articles that appear weekly in that work. It will be handsomely printed, 0 pages octavo to each number making an aunual volume, with Title page and index ol 2U0 pages. Tho payment will in all cases bo required in advance. ITScven copies for three Dollars 12 for Five Dollars or a commission of 20 per cent allowed to Agents on all sums amounting to $5,00 or more the money to be sent free of postage. January 6, I03G. DRAYERS adapted to various occasions 6f JL bocial worship, for which provision is . .1-11 I . r - , , uui muio iii mo uook oi common rrayer, oy Bishop Griswotd. For sale by SMITH & HARRINGTON. March 3. TOBACCO Sf SNUFF LORILLARD'S Macoboy and Scotch Snuff, ,do Chewing ond Smoking To bacco at Factory Prices. T. F. Sl W. L. STRONG. LIFE! LIFE! LIFE! dr. jona. moore's 2S83Ctue of Uift. A valuable Medicine, which if rightly applied will bo tho means of saving thousands from an untimely grave. II has beon sold ana used I'or thirty years, with great success, and found very effica cious in iho following diseases, viz, Consump tion, Whooping Coughs, common Coughs, Colds, difficult Breathing, Influenza, Quinsv, Asthma, Phthisic, Spilling of UlooJ, Flatu lency, Indigestion, Looseness of the Bowels, Fils of ovcry kind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dyseutcry, Fainting, Hypochondri. ac Affections, Head-aches, Sickness at Stom ach, Measles, a prcvcnluro of Contagious uiscascs, uoul and lllieumalism, (DThis Esscnco answers a valuable pur pose in almost every caso of debility; and thero are but few, if ur.y diseases, which do nut arise from thai source. It may bo given lo either sex, and al any peiind. if weakness prevail; tho composition boing entirely tie rivod from Iho veuotablo kingdom. " The whooping-cough may bo cured in a week, if taken at tho commencement or the disease. Dose Tor an adult, forty drops, taken clear, re. pcatcd once in two hours, in urgent cases ; a child 8 years old, 20 ; ono year old, 10, given in a labio spoonful of milk. The best mode of giving Iho drops to infants is in a little breast milk. But respect must bo paid lo the age and constitution of the patient, for tome will bear double llin quantity that others will uie ucucr way is 10 uegin Willi sniull doses and increase as the patient may require. The follow inr; aro a few of moro than a thousand RECOMMENDATIONS. "The undersigned, ministers oflhe gospel in the county of Windham, Tcrinont, know ing the efficacy of Dr. Jonathan Mooic's Es sence of Life, having used il ourselves in our families, consider it a valuable composition ; particularly rflicious and useful in removing complaints of tho lungs, and indeed a sale and restorative medicino in iho various diseaf scs named in the Doctor's accompanying label and do mosl cheerfully recommend ils general use, believing il wolljworthy Iho patronago oi uie ptioiie." uci- v, iuvu. Signed by Hosea Bccklcy, Dummerston Sylvester Sage, Westminster ; Jed. L. Stark, Urallleburo' ; Elitha D. Andrews, Pulnoy; Chaudlei Rates, Philclus Clark' '1, Stephen R. Bradley, of Westminster, Vermont, do certify thai I have for some timo been well acquainted Willi the good effects of Dr. Jonathan Moero's Essence of Life, in my own family and others, and can rcconi mend it to bo an extremely safe and useful family Medicine, in colds, coughs, and all dis orders of tho lungs and breast; in tho whoop ing cough and all spasmodic complaints; and mako no doubt thai tho citizens of Amer ica wonld dciivc groat benefit from a more general uso of tho same. Being pejsonally acquainted wilh Dr. Moore, and finding him lo bo a discreet and well informed man, I can not but hopo ho will meet wilh due encour agement. Stephen R. Bradley. T ha subscriber hcrobv certifies lint he lias for moro than three years past frequently. i; cases oi cougns, ousiruulions upon the lunirs. and difficulty of brcathinrr. exnerionrr-H tho happy and salutary effects of tho use of or. Jonathan nioore s tissence ot I. Me, and has witnessed the samo in others, and verily uuiicves ii 10 ue mo mosl salutary and clhca cious medicino. 1'hinfib Wiiitp. "We the undersigned Physicians, who hayo provod tho efficacy of Dr, Jonathan Mooro's Esscnco of Lifo, conceive it our duty lo pat ronize the medicine, and lire of opinion lhat it generally used, it will be ol public utility." Sinned Abel Duncan, Samuel Stearns. Dummerston ; Jonathan Badger, Wm. Town, wesiminsicr ; J. v. Chandler : Abr&m Hoi. land, Walpolo : Nathan Slono, Nowfane ; Charles Blake, Koeno ; Proscoll Hall, dies, toifiold. Tho above medicino is prepar ed by HENRI' SEYMOUR, ofHadlov. Mass. from the original recipe, by the direction of said mooro, and sold by him and tho princi. pal Druggists in tho United Stales. CAUTION This may certify to all whom il may con cern, that I tho subscriber, lesiding in lladley Massachusetts, havo mado an improvement in the medicino inyonted by me, and denom inated Dr. Jonathan Mooro's Essence of Life, and have communicated the recipe to Henry Seymour of said Hadley, and to him only. Tho United Stales is full of tho sophisticated article, and this is lo givo nolico lo tho public, that if they want Iho genuino Essdnco of Lifo, they must apply lo said Seymour or hisogcnls, and bo pailicular lo inquiro for that prepared by Henry Soymour. Sept. 0. 1833. Dr. J. Moonr. JTSold, wholesale and retail, by J. (i J, II. PECK & co. Burlington, wholesale agents I llicslatcol Vermont, PERSONS AFFLICTED WITH Corns! WILL find in tho use of Iho ALBION CORN PLASTER, one of the moat efficacious remedies known for that troublo. some complaint, as hundreds or thousands con, and arc ready to testify, to its having anewcred a better purpose than any thing; they had ever used. Thin application nev er causes the least pain, although il soft ens the Corn ann draws il out by the roolst Il gives immediate case as soon as applied, and is as thorough as it is gcntla in its effects. REMARKABLE CURES! A gentleman near Greenfield writes: "It has cured a Corn, which for vcars had caused me inconceivable pain and trouble, (oftcr trying various other remedies!) and having received such relief myself, I adviso all, however obstinate the complaint, to make trial oflhe Albion Corn Plaster, any I have no doubt they will soon be as readd to express their gratitude as I am." An Agent, In writing for a further supply oflhe Albion Corn Plaster, observes "I have mado sale ol all you sent me, and find the article to be all it professes to be, as those who have user) it find it to prove ilia best article for corns they hate iver mil with. Price 50 cents a box, with directions. THE BRITISH ANTISEPTIC Beutfftfce. Renders (ha teeth beautifully and per manently while, embellishes the enamel, cmoves the footer arising from decayed teeth, usuolly termed offensive breath, pre vents their decoy, and tooth ache, eradi cates the scurvy from the gnms, and im parts a moat desirable sweetness to th breath. ICTAn cxpcrianccd druggist pronounce! this Tooth Powder ono of tho best he hat over met with, cither Foreign or Domestic. Price 50 cents. Dr. Relfe's Pills for Females! For Obstructions. Drhillhl. fT,innrhnr,rtini- Green Sickness. Giihl oflhe Heart, Dad Digestion, Loathing of Food, and Pains oflhe Stomach. The pills purify ond promote a brisk circulation of the blood, when become sluggish and ob structed from the foregoing disorders, re. vivo the regular habits oflhe unhealthy fe male, whose Eickly and pollicd countenance ItnJVrtmnf. ! .. . 1 , p I ... uivuiuia it uniiiiuieu, anu iresncns wnn the natural glow ol restored health. They arc CUUallv Ctnducivn In Iho lirnlll, nfmi,. ried ladies, except in caces of prpgnancy or lyonsumpiion, chen they must not be ta ken. Price il. 50 nor hnv. "None KIDDER, on the wrapper, (sole proprietor and successor lo Dr. Conway.) by whom Ihev are for sale al his counting room. No. 99 Court street. Rnsl nn. nrtfl hv hfn nnor-inl appoint nienl, by J. & J. H.PECK Si Co. Consumption. DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, have, from their extraordinary success in giving instant relief, and in curing colds, coughs, asthmas, difficulty ofbrcalhing.whee. zing, tightness of tho chest, pain in the side, spillidg of blood, chills and shivcrings lhat prcccdo fevers and lung complaints generally ! becomo ono of llie mosl popular medicides known, and aro sought after from every part of the country, on account of tiic astonishing euccess thai hasullcddcd their administration in iho above complaints, frequently curing the most obstinate cases, and giving iho most unexpected relief, after every olhor romcdy had fdicd, and persons had given themselves up in despair of a cure! They havo been known to cure persons supposed lo be far gonoin consumption, and exhibiting all the appearance of approacning dissolution. And such have been Iho salutary effects cf thcto Pills, even in hopeless cases, as so far lo initi. gale tho sufferings of the dalicnt, as evidently to prolong life for even days and weeks, and givo io ii a positive comiori uiey never ex pected to enjoy. The operation oflhe pills is wondciful in osing respiration, quieting the cough, aud procuring comfortable rest. Common telds are ferqucutly removed in a few hours. ID'Although (save a porson speaking of Iheso pills) my wife has tried various medi cines of the first celebrity for an asthmatic difficulty or affection of tho lungs, which at limes was exceedingly distressing, confining ncr lo her houso for days ond weeks ioguther, sho finds nothing gives her the relief tchich Relfe's Aslhmaitc Pills do.' casing her respi lion, puieling lcr cough, and giving her comfortable rest." And teis is the testimony of hundreds or thousands. The relief which aged people, as well as others, experience from Iho use of these pills is truly astonishing, and renders them invaluable to many, aud are in fact to some an essential euxiliary to their comfort and almost to their existence ! A physician informs Iho proprietor lhat a gen. llemaa in Iho country observed to him, he had leason to bclicva tho use oftheso pills had been the moans of saving his lifo. Price whole box, 30 pills $1 ; half do. 12 pills 50 cts. DUMFRIES' EYE WATER, for sore or inflamed oyes. Nothing gives such immndialo nnd rnmfntlnMn rnHnf On recent soro eyes the effect is most salutary. vrncro inccompiaini nas occn oi years stand ing, and in some exceedingly bad cases, the most unexpected and desirable relief has been found in the use of this Eve Wnirr nflor other remedy had failed, Persons who have used il pronounco it without hesitation Mt best preparation for these complaints they have over met wilh. Prico. 25 cents a bottle. Pnr sale by J. c 3. il PECK Si CO. 220 stoves: F. & W. L. STRONG now hare the Q nlpssuro of ofTerinrr In llinsn whn r desirous of finding Iho most comfort and econ- uuijr auainauie in tno uso oi stores, a larger, more complete, and cheaper assortment of this article. Ilia n has ever been ofTcrAfl in llita ... gion of country. We respectfully invito all inoso who wish lo view the degree of perfec tion now attained, as well a3 Iboso who with to purchase, to call and examine these stoves. Tho assortment consists of Parker's 'Palonl Prophesy Cooking, 4 sixes Stanley's Rotary 7bp, do 5 do Parker's Gourd plate ,do do Flat back do Conant's pattern, (or Back Kitchen,) Canada and Scotch plate Box, 5 sizes, Parlour Stoves, a now and splendid article ft size. lOfrcthcr With Box Stoves nf r,im LinM. suitable for churches, stores, offices, shops, school houses, fivo aero lots, Sec, tic. PIPE on hand, and all kinds ofslovc TRIMMINGS mauo to order. Burlinglon, Sept. 8, 103$.

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