Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 27, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 27, 1836 Page 3
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NEW GOODS. DOOLITTLE is now receiving his p. Snritiff supply or GOODS, com nrifiinrr a rrcneral nnd well selected assort ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery SfC, which will bo sold at the lowest price May 10, 1030. f-K9 Wines, Teas, Sugars, &c. jp DOOLITTLE oilers for sale Old Madeira, Sicily do. Muscat', f WINES iuusans, Port and Champaigno Hyson, I Young Hyson, 4 Hyson Skin, TEAS. Pouchong and Souchong j Molasses, Lump and St. Corin Sugar : Lemons, Orange?, Raisins, Figa, Bar Soap Toliacco, Senurs, &e. May 10, 1835. PLASTER. 1 flf BARRELS, just receUed nnd for salo 1UU I,, 1 DOOLITTLE. Bliiy 19, 1S3G. C BALES SHEETINGS, 3 do Cotton Batts, 2 do Wickiii'r, 2 do Yarn. "Just recolved and for tale by V. DOOLITTLE. May 19, 1830. Lamp Oil. n I1IIDS. just rcceivod and for salo hy T. DOOLITTLE, May 19.183G. New and Cheap Goods, At Wholesale and Retail. CJIDNEY BARLOW, at the sign of the New Store, Pearl st. ha ,iusi receiv ed a very heavy stock of DltY GOODS GROCERIES. CROCKERY Sf HARD WARE, which will be sold unusually low to raise cash, lo pay his assessments, to the Colchester manufacturing company. Burlington, May 27, t830. New Fashions and New GOODS. X&S. MXTCHSLL, DRAPER AjYD TAILOR, HAS just returned from New York with a splendid assortment of thu inert Fashionable Goods worn i among which ure invisible Green, Dahlia, Violet, Mill berry, black, bluc.brown, olive Broadcloth Also a variety of Cassimeres and Summer uoous; sucha3 imitation nbd lassitncre- Hamilton's Stripes, linou and cotton Dril lings, Ruueii Cassimeres, buffalo Cloth, &u Silk and Marseilles Vcslmas, new style Stocks, Collars, Bosoms, Suspenders, and a choice assortment ol ready made Oloth lnS- Uratiflcd for past favors- he sollcites continuance ol patronage, reminding the public of the principle upon which ho doini? business, viz s that no gentleman asked lo take any garment unless suited whether it bo his own cloth or not. 0"Ciilting done as usual, Burlington, Mai2, 1830. Cw More Nezv Goods. f1 11 E subscribers havo received, during JL the list week, 10 Packages Alio Goods, consisting in part of the following articles : SILKS Rich plaid and fig'd, of every ehade and quulity ; satin fig'd, extra qual ity ; sup. 3 4, 7-8 and 4 4 black Italian ; blk. and blue black I'olt dc Hoi -, bonnet eilks and Ribbons of every variety. MUSLIMS SUMMER STUFFS 1 case beautiful patterns printed Juconetts: worsted Challys : 3 cases French and Bug Calicoes; 1 do superb fctyle plaid Ginghams; worked Muslin, Capes and Collars, new patterns; hein stitcn'd linen camb'c Hdkfs. eilk Hosiery and Gloves, extra quality: goat El; in do.; lashtonablu Parasols, cvc. iVc. 1 case sup'finc Irish Linens and linen Sheetings ; heavy 0 8 cotton do. superior quality and taurtc ; 10 biles sup. brown Sheetings and Shirtings ; 7 8, 4 4, & 0 4 Tickings: wick Yarn, &c. &c. LATIIROP Sf POTWIN. May 27, 1030. Dry Groceries. THE subscribers havo on hand a great varioty of superior Family Groceries, such as Teas, Sogars, Spices of all kinds ; Nuts, Fruits, kc. ic. which will bo sold on tho most reasonable terms. LATIIROP H TOTWIN. May 27,1830. BONNETS. 'UST received 1 caso Eng. Straw; CF 12 braids do,; Loghorn braid Tuscan Lace and common Toscan do, by LATIIROP &. POTWIX. May 27. WANTED IMMEDIATELY by the subscriber, 8 or 10, Journeymen Masons, at Stone and Brick laying, to whom Cash and a fair price will be paid. v SAMUEL REED. Burlington, May 20, 103G. ASTItAY. ,rf-AME into the enclosuro of tho sub V ecribor, at Colchester Point a few a sorrel maro COLT, three years old, with a largo switch tail, and the mnno inctiniocr to the left side. The owner is requested lo call for her immediately. q GEO. N. SPEARS. Burlington, May 24. 1830 CARPETINGS. , Ttnles comnrisintr Incrain. Fine 111 Wl Venetian Carpeting; also 4 and 5.4 Canton floor Matting ; Brussels Rugs, Malts &c, by Lemuel Cuiitis & Co. May 27, 1030. Sold Out. rill IIP, subscriber having sold to Doctor M. Ilobcrt Moody Ida llardwaro nnd Drug establishment, lakes great plenMirn in expres sing to his Mends and culoincrM his grnliludo lor tho patrouago no 11.11 rcccivuu ui imn ifullv solicits lliu conlinu anco of their supporl, to his successor, who,he doubts not, will conduct tho establishment to llmir rmlirn Kntlsfunlioll. IIu would al.0 say that ho will bo ready to altond to tliu settlement of tho Hooks anil Demands oi mu nrm u Wood Ic Abbott, and also his own books, thro Iho whole or next week ; alter that lime said demands will bo found at the Office or Henry l.nnvnnwortli. K60. where, IT nltondod lo linmcdiatciy, they may bo sottlod wilhoul cost. 1. 11. uuu. Ilurlinglon,Ma!'20l 1836. . 5w Notice. nnilH subscriber, having purchased llio JL entire slock ol llardwaro and toaiidtory of Mr. Thomas H. Wood formerly Wood & Abbolll solicits tho paltonago of Iho former customers of the establishment, and Iho public generally, and trusts, that by strict Btlenlion and modoralo prices, ho will bo ablo toper' notualc tho good standing llio concern nas horelnforo sustained. Hois going to llio South immediately and hopes to rclurn in a row dava with a lull assortment, and to supply thn public at whulcsalo snd retail with every arliclo in the above department. Burlington, May, 1830. 3w House for Sale. BEIN'G about lo loavo Burling. ton, tho subscriber offers for salo his DWELLING HOUSE, silua. ted on Church street a fow doors south or tho square, Tho promises consist ora dwelling house, wood house, a small gar den, an excellent and never railing woll or water : all in tho most perfect stalo ot repair, and Tor location not exceeded Tor convenience and beauty, by any phco of modcrato valuo in the Village. Immediate possession given and lerms inado easy. Also, pow No. 15 in tho white Church. Also, a good llorso. T. II. WOOD, Burlington, May 20, 183G. NOTICE. HE subscriber having purchasod tho Slock of Druss, Medicines, Paints and Dye Stuffs of Mr. Thomas H. Wood (formerly Wood and Abbott begs lo inform his friends and wo puuiie generally, inai no expecis in u few days a large addition ol tho abovo articles to tho quantity now on hand. His intimato acquaintance as a Physician in this depart ment, together Willi moneraio prices, no irusi will bavo somo weight in inducing pur chasers to givo him a sharo of custom. Phy sicians proscriptions anu lamny ineuiouius, with tho nreatcsl caro and noatucss put up under his personal inspection, UUtirJll f Burlinaton, May. 1C30j MOODY. 3w Military Goods. WE aro now purchasing an assortment of Military Guods, which will bo opened here in a few days. Plated, gilt and leather scabbard Swords, new patterns; also, iron scabbard Swords; white, red, black and red top Plumes; Feathers, cap Plates and Trimmings ; Tassels, Stars, Sockets, Belts and belt Plates ; eilk and wnrslcd Sashes ; flat and beU Buttons ; Epauletls, and other articles in lliU line ; at the Varielv Store of PA -VG II ORX Sf BRIXSMA ID. May 20 UJ3G. TfcERHAPS snmo persons aro intending X to purchase some fine gold or silver Levers. Lopenes, or Horizontal Watches; if so, we shall be able, in a few days, to show them the best assortment of Watches, ever opened in this market, at satisfactory prices. Also Jewelry; piaieu anu urittanie Goods: L'old Utiuim tor gentlemen nnu ia dies: Kcvs. Music Boxes, and all kinds of Fancy Goods; elegant Work boxes and Dressing Oases, Ironi 3 to JU ; diamond Pins and Rini's. A beautiful assortment of fine Stocks, Collars and Bosoms ; fash ionable Curls ; Ringlets and ladies' Iln ir Caps, new style. Those with many other Goods me already mi l lie way neru irom New York, and will bo soon fur sale al tho Variety Shop. I'ANCUOllN 0i 1HUP.SMU1I. Ma 20, 1830. Clocks. EIGHT DAY and 30 hour wooden sinking Clocks ; also 30 hour alarm Clocks ; alsoverv small three and four inch striking and alarm do. which will bo opene'J and for ealc at the Va riety Shop in about 10 days. PAnnoitN Sf BnMSMtin. May 20. 183G. May 20, 1836. T EMUEL CURTIS & CO. have re- JLi ceived, in addition to their last weeks arrival, a choico selection of Broadcloths, of every color, quality oud prico, from 173 to C'J 00,; ribb i lluckskius; Uassiniercs , fill andjwix'd Lasting; Crape do,; Beavcrteens ; Sheetings; Umbrellas, Parasols; Bomba- zincs, hum fiOu. tft 3: Glass Clolh : linen, cambric and pongee lldkls,; black, Italian and English Check; Cravats; green elastic and common Braces; 0 to 1 1-4 bro. linen Table Cloths ; do. bleach'd do ; worsted Damask cul'd do : 100 pks. common Tins ; German do; Hooks and Eyes ; cheap vest ond coat buttons ; corset Rings ; Tapes; cotton Threads; cheap Dress Hdkfs : Os. saburgs, Ducks, Russia Sheetings, &c. Walk In. C. LOOM IS, has this day received Mi. at his Leather, Morecco if Finding Store, a largo assortment of Solo Leather, from 1G lo 22c. a pound ; Moroccos of all kiiius, anu rinuings ot every description. Also, Boats and Shoes, &n.; all of which will be sold (as usual) as low for cash as can bo purchased in this State. 3w Burlington, Pearhsl, May 20, 1836. New Milch Cow. THE subscriber wishes to purchase a good New Milch Cow. RouuitT Moody. Burlington, May 20, 1830. Confectionary. STEWARTS celebrated Confectionary for salo by LATI1ROP &. POTWIN. May 27. Twist Combs C5 1 HILL, Horn or Silver, nt the Vnriel Shun I'ANfimillN BllfSsMAIIl T1 IK GEOGRAPHY OF THE HEA VENS, and Ot.As Hook ok Astiion- omv, nccolnpaniod hy a Celestial Atlas, By Elijah II. Ilurrilt, A. M. Third edition, with on Introduction by Tlnmai Dick, LL. I)., nothor of the Christian Philoso pher, &c. From the llev.T. II. Cam.aumet, late Principal of the Asylum for llic Deaf and Dumb, Harlwrd Limn. The simple object of the work is, to form a Class Bool: which shall bu to the starry heavens what Geography is lo the earth. The Atlas, which conlains six maps, is so arranged as to furnish a very valuable substitute for a Celestial Globe, and in sumo respects to bj superior to it. It is much cheaper. It gives a faithful portrait ure of the heavens for every day in the voar. and does not require lo bo rectified for that purpose like a Globe. Nearly all Iho problems that are peculiar to tho Globe, and a great number beside, can be solved by it. It can bo put into the hands of each member of a class at the same time, hut a Globe cannot bo. There arc other advan tages also which aro enumerated in the preface of the work. For sale by SMITH & HARRINGTON. May F7. . T ICHAltDSON'S DICTIONARY. J.L This Day published, part 2, price 50 cents, of a new Dictidntrv ot tho L.N g Listt Language ; by Charles Richardson. This work will form two quarlo volumes, each page containing three closely print ed columns, and tiic whole will be cum plcted in 30 parts. "We arc inclined to consider the En dish language as having attained that ful ness ol maturity wbich leaves no wish lor increase, but only nnxiety for preservation. As helps to this, wc have the various ac ceptations, in which overy word has been used by approved writers, collected by air. Richardson, in a Dictionary, such as, per. haps, no other languages could ever beast and wo have a now guide for the theory and use of languages, exemplifying (Uorno Tookc's) principles by apply his mg n,CI1) i0 our 0WII longuc." view. Notice The publisher has, with the hope of bringing this valuaule Diction ary within the rcacn ot all ciasses, rcduC' cd the price from sixty-threo to fifty cents each part. The toio(e toiit be completed """ Fifteen Dor.r.Ans. A largo circula tion, at tins low price, win be required to meet the actual cost of the materials, which the patronage extended to the first part leaves ample reason lo expect will be at- laincd. Two thirds of the work being now in stereotype, two parts will be published each month, subscribers names received by Smith & Hariiington. Burlington, May 10. A YKrrJiH ol universal History in xXperspective, accompanied by an Atlas exhibiting chronology in a picture ot na tions and progressive Geography in a serios ol maps, designed tor schools and acade mics. By Emma Willard, Principal of the Troy Female Seminary, tor salo by &MITII Ci. IlAIiniNGTON, May 17. New Ooods. rBMikj subscribers are now receiving a JL general n-sortmcnt of Spring and tiummcr uuuui, among which will be lound tt good assortment 'of Silks, suitable for the season :-- Plaid Silks and Impressed Plaids, a new article for dresses ;. Ladies Tuscan, Straw, and Grass Hats; Gentle men's Silk nnd Fur do,; a largo assortment of Prints, Sic. In short, they think their assortment will meet the wants of their customers generally. The above goods will be sold lor cash or on short credit, as low as can be purchased in Vermont. PRIDE S,- HA W LEY WilVslm, May 11, 1830. St. Johns Hotel & STAGE HOUSE, Continued bv Mrs. WATSON. No ex ertion spared tu merit o continuanco of public patronage. Baggage carryod to ami from tho steam boats. St. Johns, IslMay, 1830. Take Particular Notice. rfHE subscriber has loft all his notes and JL accounts with J. N. Pomeroy, L?q for immediate collection. Those who make immediate payment will save cost. All nersons indebted, arc cautioned against making payment to any other person than Mr. Pomeroy, a I'"' nwonly """"JO'I agent. IRIS I RAM OUiNiNkll. Burlington, May 0, 1830. KERN & EVANS a HAVE just received from Now York, their spring supply of goods, com prising n choice selection of , CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, I'ESTI.XGS, TRM- MINGS, Sfc, which with their former stock, makes their assortment the beet they havo ever ofTernd. And notwilhstand ing tho present unparalleled high prices ol goods in market, our arrangements are such that we shall still bo enabled to furnish our customers with vcrv sunerior articles al customers with very superior articles al a small advance from former prices for prompt pay Wo will toko tho present occasion also, to correct an erroneous impression, that wc sell only to thoso who employ us lo maito their garments. This is entirely a mistake. Much as it might gratify us to do our friends justice in lUtiftt, as well as the labric, we shall nevertheless bo cnually happy to furnish the materials fur those wno may nnd it more convenient lo employ other mechanics. liurlinglon, May 12, 1830. t China,Glass fc Earthcrn Warcl i FULL and complete assortment in all 1 &. its varieties, by I.AT11ROP Sf POTWIN. Mny 27, 18JG. Mrs. M. Frascr "VkrOUI.D inform llio Ladies of Hiirlinton and in vioinllv. slin 1 1 .13 iust returned fiom New Yoik nml liiouglil with licr llio l.ucst fashions fur Lmlics Dii'fuM, Hutu, ami Cans. Sim li.ia tilso for salo il.iin nml Lire Tuscan, anil English nml oilier hir.iw Huts; nil ol llie newest sivlo ; fashion utile (Millions J uitifici.iU mul oilier trimming fur Mills ami dins. Itlack nml uliilo Wli.ilclione : Wire ; llnliliinctl ; 11 to ml nml Ilolitiinell (lucllius nml Eiljjtnga i Figtir'd nnd pl.iln Silk nnd Satin for II.ils: f.inrv nml fcwim Silk. Ilmulkcrcliirft. Shawls, Sc.irls, Zcplijr., Gloves, nnd marly articles not enuincraieu nil ol which cue will ecu on ip;i Fonable Iciiik. Shop on Cliurch-nt. oppoim II Durkcc's hold. Mny 19, 183G. Sheetiii"s, Cotton Yarn, &c. 15 BALKS Cornwall and Lawrence Sheeting?, lor sale cheap by the bale or piece. Also, U bales shirtings do. uOO lbs. Cotton Yarn, from No. 5 to 10. Lrmuci. Cuiitis & Co Burlington, May 20, I83G. Waddington Superfine Flour. Til rtiTfcfffiVff BARRELS Fresh Super iWSig lino. 0G Barrels Fresh Fine. 4G do. do. Fine Middlings. Just received and fur sale by JASUN U. I'ElRUt;. St. Johns, May 0. 1830. LOOK ! NLY 2 1-2 cents per light for window sash where 50 windows aro sold, or 3-4 cents for a less number : warranted to bo equal if not superior to any manufac tured by hand, for sale by llio subscriber, north side tho Court-house Square. WM. BUAKE. Burlington, May 10, 1830. CLiOVJSR SEED. 2 Tierces superior clover teed, just re ceived and for sale by SIDNEY BARLOW. May 11, 1830. i JOURNEYMAN CABINET MA- 1. KER, wanted immediately by ABBOTT PANGBORN. Burlington, May 12, 1U3G. Botanic Infirmary. Burlington, Vt. TfcOCT. BENJAMIN THOMPSON, foun JL der of the Concord Botanic Infirmary, leciing a accp interest in tho causo of suiter ing humanity, and, determined to use his ul most exertions to coinplelo that reform in medical practice, which has already so glori ously commenced, has opened an Infirmary in tho .Mansion House, on Builinslon snuare. Tho unnarallcled success whirli lins nllnul cd his practice in Now Yoik, Boston and Con cord, In which places he has had several thou sand patients under his caro, (more, probably, man any otner practitioner in the civilized world in tho same time) will bo a sufficient guaranty of tho confidenco of tho intelligent citizens of Vermont. Thoso who aro acquaint ed with tho Thompsonian system of practice irom personal Kuowledgo, need no commend ation of its truly wonderful virtues. "To such, (as says tho venerable Dr. Benj. Water huiiso, fur many years professor of Mateiia Medica in tho University of Cambridge) it is tho anchor of hope llio most invaluablo of earthly blessings." But with thoso who havo never had an opportunity ot witnessing its health-preserving and restoring influences, it is the part or common senso and discretion, candidly lo examine its claims, and not as lias loo otlcu been Iho casoj condemn the JJo tame 1'hvsician unseen and unheard. Dott. Thompson, although ho is unwilling lo assume and defend tho maf-praclico which has characterised somo or tho pretended Thompsonian practitioners, seeks not lo hido liunscll from public scrutiny, but solicits Irco and fair discussion, and a fair comparison of tho Botanic with tho mineral practice. J his courso ho has always desired, and has repeat cdly, in his lormcr communications to mo public, challenged tho regular physicians (o a comparison of the merits of their rcspcelivt systems. no who candidly engages in trio investigation ortho system.will find its theory of diMaa simple, yet suppoilcd by sound reasoning lis practice- based upon, and in accordance with that theory, simple yet effect. uat, ami tho success that lias attended it, wonderful hnynnd any Hung which has pre. ceded it in llio histury of medicine. 1 he Female Uepaitmenl ot mo lnlirmary is constantly under tho supcriiitcndancc or a female, who is competent to perform all the duties assigned lo that department. Teims Thrco dollars per week (or boar and three dollars for each courso of medicine, and if only ono courso proves necessary, ono dollar extra is charged. No accounts will bo opened. Payment must, in all cascr, bo m ado in advance. N. B. A general assortment of gonuino Bolanic Medicine, for sale, together with sov. cral works cm tho Botanic Systom, which havo not befora been offered lo llio public, Tor which Doct. Thompson and his brother in Boston, aro solo agents for llio principal part oi mo Now England States. Further particulars licroaflcr. BENJAMIN THOMPSON, Botanic Physician May, 1810, SPRING GOODS. 18 I h April, 1830. TrTOWAlU) has just returned Irom New JUL York and brought with him vciy many aititlcsol light SPRING GOODS-Such as CALICOES, MUSLINS, CAMBRICS, SILKS, LACES. RIDBONS, SHAWLS, Hdkfs. mnncls, Sf India Rubber Aprons. Willi n irrent variety of Fashionablo and KMsnnntilo articles, which will bo sold at tho accustomed regular advance oriho Quick and cheap low price system. PAPER HANGINGS. A LARGE and splendid assortment jusl reccivd ftom the manufacturer k for salo by S. E. HOWARD, Mayo. Farmers and Mechanics BanU. milE Stockholders arc hereby notified JL that an instalment of Ten Dollars, per 6hare, on the Capital Stock of the Bank is rcnuircd to bo naid nt llio Hanking House in Burlington, on the first day of July next. i liv order ol tho President and Uirec tors. T. HOCKLEY, Cashier. I .-Jn 20, I03G. llju New Goods AT TIIU (iLASS-I'ACTOItY STORK. JAMV.S SMITH & CO. have just re ceived from New York a large slock ol goods, coinpriiiug a general assortment of ujtyuuuns, groceries, crock ERY. HARDWARE. WiOfsinjvs be. which they offur at a small advance lor cash or countrv produce. F nrmnra ivlm wish to exchongo their produce for goods, will do woll to civo us n call. L,ash paid lor liuttrr, Chccfo and Kncs. WM. A. BURNETT, Agent. May 10. Noah Chittenden's Estate. STATE OV VERMONT, ) DlSTBICT Of Chittcnden, ss. S rho Honorablo tho Probate Court for llio District ofChitlenden, To all persons con corned in llio Eslato or AWt Chittenden, laic ol Jcrico, in said District, deceased, GlICBTINO HEREAS, tho Administrator on llio cstalo or said deceased proposes to render an account or his administration, and present his account against said estate lor cx aminalion and allowance at a session or the Court or Probate, lo bo holden at J. A. Willey's Inn in Williston on Iho third Monday or Juno next. Thorerorc. You aro hereby notified lo op pear bcroro said Court at tho limo and placo aforesaid, and show cause, iT any you have, w iv tho account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Williston this IBlh day oliNIay A. D. 1U3U. UEO. U, MAiNSEll, negater, Winooski Patent Block Man ufacturing Company finilE Directors of this Company res JL pcctfully inform their friends and the maratinio public ot the United olalcs gen orally, that they have purchased the whole ot the establishment lormcrly known as the Livingston Patent Block Machinery, with all the extension of the patent rights recently granted by Uongrcss to Thomas iilanchard, U-q. tho original inventor and patentee, together with all I he late mi provemenis made and patented bv him. I hcv have manufactured and now oiler for sale a large stock of machine made. solid, common and bushed Ship's Tackle Blocks, from 5 to 0 inches, and machine made Plank Blocks, from 7 to 1G inches, and other articles on reasonable terms. They further inform the public that they have made arrangements for removing their machinery from Now York to the site of a new mill with an CO horse power water wheel built expressly to receive it, at IJurlingtori, Vt. in the heart of a couu try abounding with the finest and best of timber for their purpose whence they in tend sending to tho New York market a large, constant, and regular supply of these and other articles in the Block making line. They further add that it is their intention to increase the machinery so as ! to meet the present nnd future demands of the blockmaking trade and maratiine public throughout the United States. t his Uompany has lately been incorpo rated by tho State of Vormont with a large capital expressly lor this purpose A largo discount will be allowed to the trade, and a liberal discount to ship chand- loics and others. iHTOrders addressed to William Scrrcll, supcrintendant at the company's office nnd store, No. 84 South street. N. Yurk, will meet due attention. Burlington. 21st March, 1830. 5200 Bushels Wheat, 300 Bushels Rye, for sale by T. F. &. W. L. STRONG. Mai) 0. rfNE ELEGANT ASTRAL LAMP -J for sale very low by C. WAIN WRIGHT. Burlington, April 1830. For Sprinp: and Summer milK subscribers nave opened and are JL now receiving a very extensive as orlmont or STAPLE AND FANCY for tho Spring and summer trade, compris ing black, blue, green, olive, brown, Adcliah, mixed and mulbring Broad cloths ; black, blue, green, drab and mixed cassimeres; Padding, Duck Buckrams. Sil iscas; double and singleFoundations, Amer ican book do,; Bonnet boards, Wound wire, gingiioms,cnlicoes, prints, French muslins, printed muslins, Challeyotts, cambrics. Ja. chonnetls; book, Swiss, and mull Muslin, fig'd, corded and plain muslins; black, blue, and blue black colored India sewings. Am. do. black ass'd and brown linen thread, Clark, and Taylor's sup. sewing coltnn, knitting cotton, while andmix'd, white blk, random mixed, corded, clocked and open work, cotton and silk hosiery, horso skin, kid. Filk, cotton and linen gloves. Flagg and Pongco silk hdkfs ; white and plaid cotton and silk cravats. 3 4 5 .V 0.4 bleach'd cotton. 3 0.4 brown do. 4 & 0.4 ticks; 3 4 0 7 & 8 4 blk, white, and red merino shawls. Leghorn and straw bonnets; French &. Am. kid and morocco slips and garter boots ; walking shoes ; English and Am. Ingram?, carpetings, straw do. Ribbons, lldkfs, shawls &c. -S-c. for,salo low, bv D. V. INGERSOL &. CO. Church si. Mai 5. JYeiv drrival. VTRiHE Subscriber lias received from the tJk Grand Island a largo Asurtment of Dry Goods, HI UUUI lUB, Crocker y, H a r d w a r o and Stoncwar e, which he is anxious to sell al a small ad yancc from cost 25 Barrels finu Salt, 25 Bushels Herds Grass Seed, 50 Bushels Peas, 20 Biishcls White Beans, 50 Bushels Wheat, 300 lbs Ball Butter, 2000 lbs Smoked Shoulders and COO lbs Smoked Hams. Sih.ney Baiilow. Burlington, April 15, 1030, NOTICE To the inhabitants oj Burlington Viunilyi rpllli nnderpgueil hii rented the stori' formerly occupied by Win. Wells, and the last year hy David Irish, where he is now iccciving from New York n grnernl as(irtmcnt of DRY GOODS, WET and DRY GROCERIES. CROCKERY, GLASS and HARD WARE, which he will sell for cash or moat kinds of country produce as cheap as the cheapest. tio takes this opportunity to thank the puuuc ior ino general support no nas re ceived lor tho short lime ho lias been in business, and ho hopes, by giving good oargatns and payino; strict attention lo business, still In receive the same general support. SOLOMON WALKER. ISurUngton, May 21, 183G. BONNETS. CASES comprising super English Straws, 7 and 1 1 braids iln : V rnluMl and fawiss Lice ; Lnce and common Tus can; Urcciaildo: MlSPS I'ntmnlln An. ! Misses I'ino II braids; Misses Tuscunuud Willow ; by Lemuel Cun-rm &. Co. May 20, 1830. Shoes and Boots. EMUEL CURTIS & CO. have now n good assortment of Ltdies Enaluh and French kid Slips; gaiter Buutsi and walking Shoes; gciilluinens summer Boots; do. half Boots; do. Punnx and wnlkni" Shoes. Mny 20, 1C30. Fashionable Spring Goods. LATIIROP &. POTWIN, arc receiv iiif from New York a few nackairen European and American Dry Goods, suit. able for the Spring trade. They are now opening one caso Bupcrb style French Muslins one do. London Prints a few choice" Patterns if called fur soon. Also, a few Pieces RICH PATTERN SILKS, Fancy Handkfs. &c. &c. April 10, IC30. iEtna Insurance Company; frTUlB subscriber continues to injure all "ei kinds of real and personal properly as agent for said Company, lo whom ap plication may at all times be made at Ins Office in Burlington. Tlo established reputation of this Company for stability, fairness and liberality in their dealings, needs no further commendation. Wm. A. GllISWOLD. Burlington, April G, 1830. Lake Champlain. THESlcam Boats on Lake Champlain wilt run in the following order until further noticci leaving eicli end cf the Lake at ono o'clock) 1'. M. FRANKIilN, Capt. RICHARD W. SHERMAN, Will Whitehall eiery and St. Johns eici J uesday, Thursday Sf Saturday. Monday. Wednesday Sf Friday. WINOOSKI, Capt. DAN LYON. Will c Whitehall etery and Si. John evcij Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Sf Thursday St Friday. Saturday. Tho Franklin is again fitted in perfect order for business and is too well known to require further notice. Tho Phccnix having been withdrawn from the lino, thu proprietors have, during the past winter added thirty two lift in length lo llio Winooski havo also added new and powcirul machinery giving her in creased speed, and havo otherwise .fitted her up to tako her station in tho line, in a style of comfort and neatness which, it is hoped, will satisfy tho publ c. Sho has a dining cabin forty two feel in length, and also ample ac commodations for ladic. Burlington, April 1830. NOTICE. THE subscribers have funned a copart nership in business, under Iho lirm of Lemuel Curtis Sf Co. at llic old stand of Lemuel Curtis. LEMUEL CURTIS. CHARLES L. CURTIS. Burlington, 0th May, 1830. Lemuel Curlis & Co. A RE now opening their Spring and XjL Summer Stock ot Goods, comprising a very large and extensive flock. The following are a fow of the leading onirics : Black Italian, do. Gro Do Suiss, plain, fig'd and plaid Gro De Nap, Silk ; blk mul col'd Camlets; Pongees nnilSyncheiios! French Miishns and Cambric Prints; Eng. and Gorman Gingham?; book, mull, Swiss, cambris and Jaconclt Muslins; Bishop Lawns, long Lawns, Bob't nnd mole Lace-; Erminctts, Princcttus, Bombazine; brown and stripe Drillings; blk. and mix'd Lasi ings ; buck and inattewan VrUus ; inolj Skins and Fustians, Shirtings; do. Slieptinj:-' ; birds eye Diapers ; 3 to 10-4 jewing Silk ; llerineni ami Ipsola Shawl-; 5 to 12-4 Merino Shawls, blk. and red ; 3lo7-4Tlnbetdo.dll.; Gro Do Nap and other Hdkfs; alargo6tock of bonnet, cap and FolFetas Ribbons; foundation Muslins; book do.; common Linniugs ; I case blue, scarlet nnd Green Mooreens ; lido cheap Prints, from 8 lo 12 1-2 cuts; &c Sic, Burlington, May 12, 1830. NEW AMERICAN' GARDN'ER-coii. taining practical directions on tho cul ture of Fruit and Vegetables, including land, ucapos and ornamental Gardening, Grapo Vinos, Silk. Straw bcnirs by Thomas G. Fetsendcn, editor New England Fanner, Tor salo by Sjiitii & IIaiiri.ngton. May 4,1826.

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