Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 15, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 15, 1836 Page 3
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MARKIED. On the 22J nil. at Norlli Rend, Ohio, by the IUf. J.T. Hrunko William 11. H. rtLon, Esq. formerly of Richmund, Va. to Miss ArntA T. younjcst daughter of Oen. Win. II. Harrison. DIED. In this Village, on Wednesday morning Inst.Mrs. JAWS L. C. Hont, wife of Mr. William L. Strong mf reliant of the firm of V. F. & W. L. Stroni, nnd daughter of Luilicr B. Hunt, Esq. of Si. Albans, ng-id 20eurs, In Mih-ni.iiii i ho 14t1i nit. Oidkok Hoxsik, Esq. aged 77. But few enjoyed such uninterrupted dealih ni did the deceased, until llio day of hi denth. On the morning of tint djy he complained of n ilight Indisposition, but nut in uny degree to alarm either himjelfor family. At noon lint indis position, though not having apparently increased, prevented hit going usual to the dinner-table. Immediately afier dinner Ilia daughter-in-law hav ing prepared some food for him which wna thought he could eat, found him, on entering the room, n eorpsel It was evident he died without snuggle, as he laid in the same position us when she left hhn a few moment! before having one hand in his bo 10m apparently asleep. Mr II. was among the first Killers of Milton when the solitude of the then ... I I I..H liu ilia liritol wilderness was rnieijr hhemuijicu -v of the beast of ihe forest, or the war-whoop or the native Indian. His possessions were little but the figorof youlli and n fixed purpose to withstand the hardships always allending ihe setllemenl of a new countiy and he succeeded, by his industry nnd prudent management, in acquiring a handsome properly. It is not proper here lo speak of his domestic, locial and public worth but judging from what ii abundantly evident, he has carried lo hit grave the love of Ins aged companions, the re spect of the middle aged, und the gratitude of the young. With the exception of one year for forty years, Mr H. has held ihe offices of Jusiice of ihe Peace and of Town Cleik : and with singular fidelity he has maintained I lie law of ihe land us his rule of conduct, firmly believing lhat that law was only to he tuneiceeded hv that of his God. In closing this brief sketch, it is not saying too much that if Law was held us sacred by our present rulers as it was by Gideon IIoxsie, we should tee a far dif ferent stale of lliings, and we should not be called to tremble for our Constitution and Laws. Communicated. New York City papers and those of Rhode Isl and, will please notice the above. In Jerico, on the 29ih uti. Dea. Willinm Rood, oied 64. nfier a distressing illness of about tin ee weeks, which he bore with christian patience and submission to the Divine mil. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT. The University Inslilute of Vermont, will hold lis annual relehrnlion, at Ihe While Church, on WEDNESDAY August 31, at half past TWO o'clock, l. M. An Oration may be expected fiom lue lit. Kev. 13 ii nop HopKins. By order of ihe Society. II. B. Janes, Secietary. July 13lh, 1836. The Phi Sigma A'u Society of ihe University of Vermont, will hold its annual celebration on the third day of August next, at FOUR o'clock, P. M in the While Church. An Oration is then expected from O. f. Henry oiuristol Lollege, fenn. I in mediately nfier lliu exercises a meeting will be lit Id to elect an Urntor lor Hie ensuing jear. By order of the Society. J. W. Hickok, Secretary A CARD. The faculty of ihe University would be happy to show ihe Library and Philosophical Apparatus of tne University, to such ol the, ciuien nl Burlington nd the vicinity nnd llicir families, us wo'ild lie pleated lo tee lliem, on SATURDAY the 16ih ion. between the hours of 10 und 12 o'clock, A.M. Juneiz, 183b. JUVENlXECONCERT. Mr PnoUTT will give a Juvenile Concert at ihe While Church, on WEDNESDAY EVENING the 20iti inst. at half past 7 '.'clock. The perform, ance of Select pieces of Music will be exclutively by I he children, who have been, fur a tliorl lime, under Mr l" instruction. Gentlemen nnd Ladies of the lown are invited to attend. Sean fiee to all. A collection will he.tuken at the close to pro mote ihe cultivation of Juvenile Music. July 14. LOST. A SHOVEL, marked H. 13. S. on the handle. Inquire at this Office. The owner of a stray PUPPY can hear of onn by inquiring at this Office. July 14. 1836. Veil Lost. .f-fcN SATURDAY EVENING the 2d inst between thu Whito Church Vestry Boom and the head of Goff-tlreet, a green blond VEIL. The finder shall rcoeivo the thanks of its owner by leaving the same at this Office. July 14. It. Fitzgerald IS nnw opening (in udmlion to his present extensive assortment of Jewelry, ice.') a general assortment of Dry Goods 4 Groceries, consisting' of almost every article usually found in a Dry Good Store, which he will sell at a small advance for Cash. To save a 'long newspaper talk' he simply invites all lo call on him, when, he trusts, he will be able, with their assistance, to enumerate among his goods, such articles as they aro desirous of purchas ing. Green Store, East side, Wain right's Buildings. Burlington, July 13, 1836. Clooks & Time Pieces. We have Clocks for &6.&0, 7, 8, 10 and 412 each ; some made of brass and some of wood; some of (hem strike the hour, some alarm, and some do both. They are good Clocks for lit- tie money. Brass and 'wooden Clocks cleaned and repaired at the Variety Shop. Pangborn & Brinsmaid. July 12. Watches I Gold and silver patent Levers, in single and double cases ; thick or thin Lepina Watches in silver cases ; fino Lepino Watches in gold cases and jeweled, several oeautiuii patterns ; goiu vraiuucn, from 30 to $35; English and French Watches; brass cased Watches; somo fine jewelled " Horizontal" escapement Watches, warranted to go as well as any levers, from 25 to $30. Watches repaired at the Variety Shop. PANonon.s Sc Bhi.nsmaid, July 12- WANTED IMMEDIATELY by tlio subscriber, 0 or 10. Journeymen Masons, at Stono and Urick laying, lo whom Cosh anil a fair price will bo paid. SAMUEL REED. Burlington, July 12, 1836. The Sick Man's Friend. Morison's Pills, Or the real genuine HygoianUnivcrsal Me dicine of the British College of Health, in packages of I, 2, or 3 dollars, can be ob tained in this town, only of the regularly appointed Agent. As you Value " health, which i life," see that you get the genuine Pills; they are signed S. Gage at present, (but will soon bo signed H. Fitch) State Agent, and A. Brinsmoid, sub agent for Burlington, Vt. all others arc base coun terfeits. For tho convenience of the pub lic, they will be, with tho Powders ond a tiygcian Hook, kept at tlio variety bhop. A. liilllNSMAlU. Agent for Burlington, Vt. July, 6, IC3G. 1836. Summer Arrangement. On Mondsv. tho 4lh of July, tho Franlin and Winooski will leave Whitehall and St. Johns, at TEN o'clock, A. M.; and will continue to leavo at that hour until Monday tho 5th day of September, when they will a (rain leavo the abovo mentioned places at ONE o'clock, P.M. the romaindcr of llio season. FRANKXiIN, Capt. RICHARD W. SHERMAN, Will leave Whitehall every and Si. Johns every ruesaay, Thursday Sf Saturday. Monday, Wednesday ff Friday, WINOOSKI, Capl. DAN LYON, Will leave Whitehall every Monday, Wednesday cj Friday. and St. Johns every luesday, Thursday Se Saturday. Going North Arrive at Essox at about 4 o'clock, I', oi. j uurlinglon at o ; i'ort Kent at 7J ; rialtsburgh, at 9. Going South Arrive at Pittsburgh at a bout 3, P. M.; Port Kent, at 5; Burlington, at 0; U. Burlington, July, 1 836. William Wellt Sc Co. 1 Chittenden Co. Court, Snfford Stevens. ) March Term, 1836 At the Aurriil term of Chiltenden coun ty Court, A. D. 1835, William Wells o Burlington, and William W. Wells of Wa- terbury, late partners in trade under the nrm o; William Wells & (Jo. commenced their action on note against Safford Stevens ot Uurlinglon, demanding in damages two hundred dollars, which taiu action having Decn entered on tne ducket ot said Unurt the Plaintiffs appeared bv Hcnrv Leaven Wiirth, Esq. iheir attorney, and no forma notice having been made to the said Stevens, on motion ol the Plaintiff the said cause was by order of Court continued to the March Term of said Cuurl. A. D. 1836, when the plaintiffs appeared as aforesaid, and it having been shown to said Court, that the said Slovens was without this State, raid caiie wns further continued to the Court In bu liulrlen at Burlington nn I nl Tuesday save one of August, A. D. 1836 and further nrdt'rvd that the sub tlnnct: of the plamtifiY declaration be pub lished three weeks successively in Ihe Free Press, printed at Burlington, the lai-t of which shall be tlilrly days uolorn the ses sion of said Court, which chnll ho deemed sutncicni nonce. rue fun hieven6 is therefore hereby notiri .1 to appear and do fend said suit il he sco fir. Given unilor mv h r I ai Burlington, this 28th day or June 'A D. 1836. NATHAN 15. HASWELL, Clerk. Lyman Cole, HAVE received their Summer Goods, comprising a very extensive assort ment ofcallicnes, a great variety of figure style and fabric from 12 to 62 cts per yard; cambrics, plain, check and plaid; mull and swiss muslins ; cross bar'd plaid and birds, eye do. ginghams, checks, plaids &c, hos iery, embroidered opon work, and plain silk cotton do. Gloves, silk, kid, linen and Bcr tin ; Suspenders, India rubber, web and knit ; a general assortment of Silks, inclu. ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black, gro de Swiss, gro de Rhine and other silks; rich fig'd blue black do. belt ribbons to match; rich col'd gro de Naples, plain, fig'd and plaid: mix'd silk Camblets and Pongee; blue black and printed Slmllys very rich ; black green and brown French Bombazine; Taffeta garniture, and cap ribbuns; linen sheeting 4 4 to 10.4 wide; Irish linen; brown and black linen; table spreads, blchd and brown; birds eyo napkins, linen damask; Russia Diaper and crash; Hamilton stripe, mixture and rouen Cassimerc; bed tick, double and single width ; cotton drilling, brown and bleach'd ; cotton sheeting and shirting do. carpeting, floor cloths and flan nels; knitting cotton and thread. Gentlemen will find a great variety of Hummer uioths, including black, brown, and several shades of green Brochella, Princetta, Emminette, London summer cloths, Sec. white and brown linen drilling. Broadcloths, black, blue, green and fancy colors; checkd, plaid and fancy striped do. Heavy black and blue black silk velvet for vesting; whito Mersails, fancy do. fig'd silk and other vesting. Pedlars will find a large assortment of low prie'd callicus; spool, skein and pound thread. One entire case of coat, vest and pantaloon buttons. Hooks and eyes, sus pendcrs &c. Burlington, May 26. . STOP THE BOY. RUNAWAY from tho subscriber on the night of llio 10th Inst a boy by tho namo of LEVI YATAW, about 14 years ofage.dark hair, dark eyes, rather undorsiio, dark com ploxion(vory straight and healthy; woro away a black hat, brown coat, took with him two vesta and throo pair of pantaloons, and throe cotton shirts. All persons aro forbid hirninir. larborinc or trustinc said bov on mv irrmmi as I will pay no debts of his contracting after this dato. Whoever will tako up said boy and return him to tho subscriber tlmll hvn able charges pa.ld.and 25 cents reward. , NATHANIEL, GAGE. Shclburn, July 11, 1836. Flour in Half Barrels. 50 just received and for sale by 11ICKOK it OATLIN. June 33. Dr. B. J. Heineberg RESPECTFULLY informs the inhab ilanta of Burlington and Vicinity that ha has opened an Apothecary Shop in Church-street, two doors south of tho Bank of Burlincton, where, under tho care of a regular and experienced German A pothecary (whom Dr. H. has lately engag ed) Doctors' prescriptions will be attended toot all hours; and where simple and compound medicines may be had in all pna. sible varieties. In addition to this. Dr. II. has also on hand a choice selection of per fumeries, which he will sell at reasonable prices. uurlinglon, July 6, 1836. Wanted 2000 pairs Wool Socks, want ed, lor which a lair price in Hoods will be poid by D. W. INGERSOLL & CO. Juno 183G. Crockery & Glass Ware juemuei uurtis uo. are now receiving their supply of Crockery and Glass Ware, Comprising Dining Setts, containing from 150 to 250 pieces. - ALSO. Cut, Pressed and plain Glass Ware it! all its variety, where purchasers win mm complete assortments and at rea sonable prices. Burlington, June 23, 1836. Birch & Maple Lumber. A QUANTITY of Birch and soft Maple vfca 4 inch Scantling wanted now, and will contract for 4000 feet to be delivered by the 20th September, a part cash paid; 3 by 3 1-2 stuff always wanted in exchange for work. Also wanted, a boy 17 years old as an apprentice to the cabinet making bu siness ; a good boy will find a good chance if applied for soon. No other wanted. Furniture Ware Rooms near the Court House. ABBOTT & PANGBORN. Burlington, June 28, 1 836. Drugs & Medicines. THE subscriber has just received from New York and is now opening an extensive assortment ol Drugs and Juedi ernes, winch he oners cheap lor cash or short credit. The stock comprises many ol the new t rench medicines and on assort meni of the most approved genuine patent medicines. Physicians and families may rely on his unwearried exertions to give satislaction in this department. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington, June 25, 1836, corner of Church street and the square. Waddington Superfine Flour. Pef' 66 Barrels Freeh Fine. 46 do. do. Fino Middlings. Just received and for eale by JASON C. PEIRCE. SI. Johns. May 9. 1836 The Cheapest Cash Store, TTKAnLY nipn.iie S. E. Ilownrds, and one J. uuor nurui in Lemuel unrils & t;j. ABBOTT. of ihe l.ii e fiims of Abboli, Wood & Company nnd Wood & Abholl, is now receiving from New Voik nn exlpmive u,orlineni of GOODS sniliible for ihe season, winch he offers lit u email nitranre Iroin I lie cost ; among which are tnpemir uliirk, nine, Mulct nml invisible Ureen Uroailolollis rihb'iLstrin'd nndulxin Cussimeres. silk Velvet bl.ick mil in, Quilling nnd MerruiU Veslings, very tupeiior ; a choice selection of worsted Linen nnd Cotton Goods, fur gem leniens' nnd bojs' tuininer wear, Irish Linen nnd Lawn, linen Diaper; table Linen, Rlersails toilet snrends; crush linen nnd coiion satin Jeans; jaroneil Cambrics, coided bkirljj furniture Dimiiy and fringe figM und plain scarfs; .Mull, fine plaid and plain Jaconeil und ISouk Mu.Iiii, hue linen llilkht. and Cambrics Fie'itli Muslins, and light, plaid, light fancy I tench, Eng. anJ American I'rints ; dark und light furniture Piiuis, Frenrli nnd Ameiican; plaid and stripe uingunin; uieacu-u unci Mown meeting and sinning ; rnngees, line i-iencn and bng. liomba lines; siik velvet : utacK nnil while silk Hosiery and Gloves, fine cotton, worried, merino anil linen gents', ladies' und chilJrens' Hosier and Gloves; also a large :usorlmenl of gem's and ladies' horse and goal skin Gloves, Ladies' und Misses India Rubber Aprons of superior size and quality ; silk and French Gingham, gem's fine palm, lined nnd bound summer lints; ladies down nnd inanillj grass sleeves ; Umbrellas, Parasols; gimp thread and blond Edgings; Lace; Quilli .g nnd Inserting: wluti nnd fig'd Congee: Bandannas und fancy silk lldkfs fancy, plaid und Italian silk Cravalt: sew ins silk chally, Tibet and merino shawls ; a rich assortment ol sewing, plaid und laucy silk lldkfs ; also a va neiy of I-rench woiked tare and muslin Collars irrfn. hl.irlt nil ivlilin l.l.n.l n-m.n V..lm ail-m n - ' " nwuu g.U.b ,UI U . 1 1. , blk. Gro de swiss. Italian und Florentine ; col'd riorence; uiacis, oiue, green, purple, nlaid urn clarei Uro de Naples ; black, blue black, lead maroon and i?reen Poul rln fig'd white, pink and watered satin : green. India, blk Floreniine nnd surge; black, blue, pink, green ond hiiiib crapes, veivei, uauze, ng'd Uro de ZVap ; plaid, col'd nnd blk TatTl.: Ribbons, fancy, nluid wntered and satin bell Ribbons, ladies travelling m"i iiicrui j vugs nnu tatcncis, Tuscan imilu lion, cap and collage crown, lace and French Tus can. Aiso a variety of M isses Donneis. GnOOEflCS-Sugnrs, Molosses, Teas of all Kinus, nrst quality Uoltee, Chocolate, salralas, Gmger, Cinnamon, spices, col'd speim Candles, lamp Oil. &c. &e. The subscriber, grateful lo his friends and the puuuc lor uieir patronage hnherln, would now so licit the continuance of ii, promising his best exer lions to give enure satisfaction. Burlington, May 27, 1836. Confectionary. OTEWARTS celebrated Confectionary tor eaie oy LATHROP ti POT1FIN. Msv 27. Soda, Seidlitz, and Lemonade! Powdors, prepared and sold by ut Heine-j bor-, at his apothecary shop, Church st. July 0, 1030 To the Farmers. WE have this summer, opened tho best assortment of Block Tin and Britlan ia Ware wo have ever offered in the Varie ty Shop, much belter than wo hnd during the winter nnd spring. Wo have Tea Pots, of good quality and finish, and lower prices than ever before ; also plain and figured, very heavy and of finu quality. We have several different kinds of Tumblers, ond Cups with handles; Pitchers of different sizes ; 3 sizes of Sy ranges ; SpoonB, extra fine teo ond cofTeo Pots, lather Boxes, to bacco Boxes, soup Ladles, castor Stands, all made of Brittania. Wo invito farmers and all others wishing such articles, to ex, amine them at the Variety Shop. Pangboiin & Brinsmaid. July 6. Wool. 1T1HE subscriber will pay half cash for A Sheared Lambs Wool. Customers are requested to forward their wool without delay. WM. I. SEYMOUR. Burlington. Julu 1. 1836. 3w Utility. nHHE public are hereby informed that the subscriber has invented certain new and useful machinery for manufactur ing etarcli from potatoes, snd has applied for a patent to secure his right to the same; and that he is making said machinery at his shop in Jerico, in the state of Vermont. The object of said mtchinery is more effec- tuo v to separate tne small stones nnu gravel from the potatoes in tho process of i '. J l,Ui. n.A.n.n nf i..initini. In wasiiing auu iii iHupiuuco.w, M.wM.g, w reduce the potatoes to a more perfect pulp, by which a larger quantity of starch will be obtained than by the usualtncthod. Starch manufacturers are tnvileu in can ana see. SYLVANUS RICHAKDSUN. Jerico, June 30, 1836. Horses Strayed. STRAYED from tho subscriber about four weeks since, and when last heard from were in Fairlax or thereabnuls, a span of Marcs one of them is an American and of a black color; the other French and of a brown color, with a ivhilo right hind foot, and a white stripe in the face. The mane on both falls on Ihe left side ; no shoes on cither except one shoe on the left hind foot of the American marc. Whoever will take up the above mares or give information where they may be found, shall receive a reasonable compensation. LtttYVIS AUAIU. Burlington Falls, June 29, 1836. 3w Stray Horse. C1AME into the enclosure of the subscri I ber some time tne first week in June, a brown four year old gelding HORSE, with both hind feet white, and a star in the forehead. The owner is requested to P".y charges snd lake him away. 11 by IN It Y HOUUKa. Richmond, June 27, 1836. Bonnets. 1 Case Swiss and common Tuscan. 1 do fine English Straw. 1 do rich ng'd Satin, received this day by LiATiinop & Pot win July 1. Oil-Silk Aprons. A few new patterns ladies' and childrens' Oil-silk Aprons, just received by LiATHROP & fOTWI.N. July 1. July 1, 1836. 1 Case preserved Ginger, 1 do do Citron. 1 do West India Pepper Sauce, by Lathiiop & Potwin. Fancy Goods. The subscribers are receiving continually irom iNew irons, the most dcsir nble patterns of every article in the Fancy Dry Goods line, which makes their slock at all limes one of tho best lo be found. We are now opening one case consisting of Silk. Sewing Silk, Chally and Blond Gauze Hankerchiefs and Scarfs, Gloves, Hosiery, rich embroidered belts, silk and chally Aprons &c. Lathiiop & Potwin. July I. REMOVAL. CBENN-S returns his thanks for the liberal patronage he has received for the last 6 years, anil would inform the pub lie that he has removed across tho street opposite G. Moore s store. Pearl st. where he intends carrying nn his business of TAILORING, and Clothes dealing; and having added verry much to his assorted stock, will sell cheap or exchange any kind orclothing, etc. New and second hand clothes for salo. Two Sober men wantod. Those whose notes and accounts are due will oblige by paying immediately. Burlington, June 16, 1836. Donnets. 4 cases,comprising Swiss,Lace, Grecian, Tuscan and falmeito lionnets, by Lemuel Curtis & (Jo. June 24. Dairy Salt 20 sacks Liverpool dairy Salt, for sale by Hickok Si June 23. Parasols ! 1 Case assorted col'd Parasols. I do. Plaid do do just received by June -1. Lemuel Curtis 1' co. 500 Spanish Leeches of a late Importation, by J. At J. II. PECK & CO. July 6. Canada Money Bought by J. & J. II. PECK, and CO. Juno 24. Wanted. THE subscribors will pay the highest market price in Goods for 10 Tons good Butter, delivered at their store. D. W. INGERSOLL & CO. July 1836. Lyman & Cole, Will pay cash for fleece Wool in clean merchantable order, delivered at their store in Burlington. July 1. Leeches this day received and for salo at a small advance, a quantity of Spanish Leeches, fresh from Gtbralter, in lino health and vigor, by ROBERT MOODY. Juno 28, 1836, Rakes, Pitchforks, Scythes, Snathes, cradle Scythes, and Green's cele brated grain cradles, for Eale at tho Hard ware) store, corner of church street and the square. ROBERT MOODY. June 28, 1836. Butler's Effervescent Magne- sian Aperient for Dyspepsia or Indigcs lion, and highly valued as a mild and cool ing purgative, lor sale by ROBERT MOODY- Juno 28, 1836. The Genuine Swaims Pana cca; also Rowam!e,and Green's celebrated Tonic Mixture for Fever and Ague, this day received, and for sale at the Dru" Store corner of church t. and the square. ROBERT MOODY. June 25, 1836. Taints So Dve Stuffs, Linseed and Pure, summer and winter straine Sperm Oil, just received and for sale low by It. muuui. Burlington, 25th June, 1836. WOOL. rflUfci subscribers will at all limes pay JL Cash for Wool delivered at thei Store on the Old WharT. FOLLETT St BRADLEYS. Burlington, Juno 15, 1836. WOOL. gi ASH will at all times be paid for wool delivered at their store head ol rear street and at their store South Hero H. HYDE & Co. Burlington. June 15, 1836. 50 hhds. proof, pure Boston Rum, for sale on consignment, at Boston prices, by Follett Sf Bradlevs. June 24, 1836. 6m SCYTHES &c. er doz Warners warranted Scythes, 30 do Sampson's patent Snathes. 50 boxes Indian pond Stones June 16. J. cy J. II. PECK& Co. ENTERTAINMENT. HE subscriber respectfully inlorms his Iricnds and Hi public that ho has taken the house on the corner of Churc and College streets, formerly occupied by fc- vvainwright, and will uso his best en dcavors to render it acceptable as well to the traveller and man of business, as t those who want board in a central nnd business part of tho town. Tho outbuild, ingsconnected with this eslnblishment are well arranged, and in good repair and tiic undersigned hopes, by prompt and unre mitted perional attention, tu secure to ii the amount of palronage which its location ought to command. Connected with this dslablishment the subscriber will also keep a choice selection of Groceries Teas, Sugars, Spices, Fish, Pruil, Confectionary, ,Src -which will be sold at llio lowest prices. JEREMIAH POTTER. Burlington, May 27, 1836. N. B, All persons bavins un-etilcd accounts with the subscriber, connected with bis former bu siness, ore earnestly lequesicd lo cull nnd adjust (lie same without delay. Short settlements nuku long friends, as Poor Richard sajs. J. 1'. For Spring and Summer. THE subscribers havo opened and are now receiving a verv extensive as sortmcnt of STAPLE AND FANCY for the Spring and summer trade, compris. ing black, blue, green, ohvo, brown, Adeliah, mixed and mulbring Broad cloths ; black, blue, green, drab and mixed cassimeres; Padding, Duck Buckrams. Sil iscas; duubleand singlePuundationsAirier ican book do.; Bonnet boards, wound wire, ginghams.calicocs, prints, Prencli muslins, prinlod muslins, Challeyetts, cambrics. Ja. chonnetls; book, Swiss, and mull Muslin, fig'd, corded and plain muslins; black, blue, and blue black colored India sewings. Am. do. black ass'd and brown linen thrrad, Clark, and Taylor's sup. sewing cotton, knitting cotton.white and mix'd, white blk, random mixed, curded, clocked and open work, cotton and silk hosiery, horse kin. kid, silk, cotton and linen gloves. Flagg and Pongee silk hdkfs ,- whito and plaid cotton and silk cravats. 3 4 5 Sc 6-4 bleach'd cotton. 3 4 5 & 6.4 brown do. 4 & 6.4 ticks; 3 4 6 7 Si 8 4 blk, white, and red merino shawls, Leghorn and straw bonnets; French & Am. kid and morocco slips and garter boots ; walking shoes ; English nnd Am. Ingrmns, carpetings, straw do. Ribbons, Hdkfs, shawls &c. cVc. for sale low, by I). W. INGERSOL CO. Church it. May 5. Wanted 2000 yds. home manufactured wliiie flannels, for which a good price Goods will be paid by III U. W. INGERSOLI.& CO. July 1836. Hardware & Saddlerv. s Sign or the PAD LOCK, corner of Church street and the Square, lata Wood Sf Abbott. The subscriber is now receiving from New York (at Iho old stand of Wood and Abboli) llio 8r. gest and best assort nicnt of tlnnl inn t and Saddlery ever offerod to the public in this place, which he is determined to sell at a smoll advance from cost, for cosh or op. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington June 28, 1836. TAVERN STAND And Village Lots for Sale. THE Tavern Stand on the west sido of tlio river In tho villago of Kccsoville, N. Y lately occupied by Rodman Brown, including near two acics of Und and two good dwolling """"i ucoiuua inu lavcrn uouso and out nouses, i no aoovo property is situated in tho coiner mado by the great stale road run. ningnoilh, and llio Port Kent and Ilia Hop. kintntl lllrnnibn running 1 -!, r.-w ...MHIg otuoi, auu 1. well watered. Ono of the dwelling houses is now atrcnl for $100 a year, and the Tavern liouto at $300, and llio other dwelling house may bo rented, say, at $G0 or $75. The whola squuro will be sold togelher or in separate parts. Hut conshluting as it docs an entire plat, consisting of toveral contiguous lols, in Iho most growing Village on the west side of Lake Chainplain, in llio vicinity of llio Iron Lumbering, Flouring, and Woolen Manufac. lories of the Ansablc River, purchasers would do best by securing the whole at onco ; as Iho proprietors can dispose of llio whole on terms very advanlaseous to purchasers. And upon receiving $1000 down, can give a credit for the residue, ofono, twu, three and four years, and $1500 can remain upon intcrcl any length of time. Their prico for tln liolc is $5000, and purchasers will find il for Iheir in terest to exainin'o llio proporly and onquiru of tho undersigned at their offico in Keecville. Tlio sale will be made positively before tlio I9lh of July next, at which lim'o the present leaso of tho Tavern Stand cxpiics. Dated June 10th, 1836. TO.MLINSON & SIMMONS, Agents for E. K. & J. S. Bussing of New York City. Juno I5lh. 1836. Ids JYeic Goods, As Cheap as the Cheapest und as good as the best the nimble sixpence 's belter than the slow Shilling. J. W. WEAVER Corner of Maine and Allen streets Winoo-i-ki City, cheap side, has returned from N. York with alinust every article of wet and Dry Goods, Groceries for family use. Al so calicoes, Ginghams, two bales superior Sheetings ; thick Boots and Shoes ; Nuti-; Lemons ; Oranges; congress Water and Provisions. Also a few barrels Pork. Colchester, June 10, 1836. Groceries. as CHESTS hyson, hyson skin, young u hyson, souchong ond pouchnng Tcbc 25 kegs and boxes plug and cavendish To bacco. 10 bbls unci kegs Raisins. 30 boxes bunch and bloom Raisins. 6 hhds Molasie. 10 casks lump and loaf Sugars. 5 hhds brown Sugar. 3 tierces and 5 bbls Iliee. 15 boxes barsoap. 12 boxi'6 Poland Meich 5 boxes lemon Syrup. 15 bags Gnffce, Pimento and Pepper. 6 boxes Mustard. 10 boxes Pipes. 0 kegs pure Ginger. 20 bales Cassia. Nutmegs, Buds, drifil Cur. funis. Herring. Cloves. Saleralis, Cigars, &c. Sic. at wholesale or retail at lowet prices by T. F. &. W. L. STRONG. Juno 15, 1836. 50 barrels Mess Pork Fur fall bv FOLLETT Si BRADLEYS. June 24, 1836. Gin Variety Shop, June 16, 1836. JU.ST received lliis day, 9 dozen WliiienocNl, Curd U,ikcia and eases, work tioxes und bnsk els; willi coloicd prints uml varnish, with full di reclion for Irannferring ; also on hand .1 large hit of pictures fur liMiisfciriii &c. Received, this ijy, a lot of beads; one dozen bo 1 lies AlkiuAin's Drpil olory Tor rrinniing li.iir fiuin llie f, neck or arms, without injury to the .kin ; on hand Japanese Loiion fur removing freckles pimples and all imp. lion nf the tkin ; .V.igic Lantlioin; Edes Persian sweei bag., 11 1 icli perfume put up in s.uin bags, fur scenting ilr.ineiti, ivardrubes &c. 1111J is an rlteciunl preieniiie against mnili; for sale nt il.eVniieiy Shop, by IWNCillORN & RIIIN.S.VAII), Dealers in Perfumery, 4-e. Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vices, cast nun Ploughs, ho I low Ware, waggon cart nnd carriage Boxes, pot ash and caldron Km ties, mill Cranks, balk Mills, iron Wire, Stoves, mill Saws, cross cut do. Shovels, Spades, Hues, Scythes, Iron, Nails, Steel Sic. Sic. just received by T. F. S; W. L. STRONG. June 16. 1836. New Goods AT THE GLASS-FACTORY STOHE. JANES. SMITH &. CO. havo just re ceived from New York a laige slock of sroods. comprising a nennrnl assortment of DRYQOOPS, GROCERIES. CROCK. ERY. HARDWARE, PROVISIONS, eye. which they oiler at a small advanco lor cah or country produce. Farmers who wish lo exchange their produce for goods, will do well lo give us a call. Cash paid tor Holler. C licet c and Epss WM A. BURNETT. .4ni Mm 10.

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