Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 22, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 22, 1836 Page 3
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anon, rise up In litis country, and shod n lustre over Ihn republic. Such givinge out of mechanical Ingenuity and tnlent, ener gy oftempcrament nnd zealous confidence of purpose were the dawning of mind which announced the glorious destinies of a Watt, on Arkwrlclit, and a Fulton ; wc rnsy therefore anticipate, that the name of Uocliran will one uay uuuuiuu I'ljiimiy u is- tinguished for hi discoveries ond improve mcntB in the useful arte. Bust. Alias. The Case of Robinson Editorial Propri Time was, that, "when the brain" were out. the man would die" and time lm been, that, when nn indicted criminal was tried nnd acquitted, he was permitted to sink into I lie great mass uunoiiceu, ai least, by the public press. Inthecas9 of Robinson, this ordinary morse is departed from, and fur what end Km. we fear, with anv view to benefit tho nnhlic. and reclaim the alleged offender. hut rather to minister to that depraved ap petite, which is so truly described as the dependence of the vile penny press but to Which, some 01 tllCSC wuu vxpn-BS grt:ni horror of the unquestionably demoralizing tendency of that press, seem cmuiouUo ap The whole excitement, artificially stimu lated and artificially kept up, about Robin son, has been of great injury to public mor als. From the spreading before decent rpaders, the nauseous particulars of the tri al, to copying now, real or forged letters, alleged to have been written by him to a fellow criminnl. and full of the grossest de pravity anil licentiousness, the object seems to hi t'o try how much the vicious taste of tins community will henr, and to go as far, n who goes farthest, in pandering for it. Of what possible good, in any way, can it be productive, that the letters we relcr to. and t comment nn them, should now be publish-d? And n'nognod, but certain evil, be the result nf blazoning the hardi. hood n crime, unlit its ihtm. orator come' In be looked upon nnd imitated almn-t n hero, how shall those editors ."nnd exen.-rd. who, professing to hold in respect the cause tif cood morals and decency, are vet lore most in publishing the revolting stuff of which wei-peakf N. Ir. American. Sudden nnd melandioly death. --Twit days since we recorded the marriage of Rev. jAnru GnF.oo, Professor of Sacred Rheinrick in Woi-tern Reserve College, to n lady nf New Hampshire. Niece of the Hon. Daniel Webster ; and now wo are called upon In note hi? death. It is s great loss to his friends, to Ihe institution with which he wa connected, and to the Chris tian ministry, in which he gave great prom i'c ot nseiuincss. Cincinnati June 30 New DF.rostTF. Bank. It is stated tiie 1 imcs that the Phcnix Bank is added In the number nf deposite banks; nnd th new uanK oj the male of jwivi York, tncor poraleil last session Willi n capital of ftco millions, is also, we understand, as soon as it is organized, to have its proportion. jv. r. American. Newt at Washington. V e understand that there ie to be a marriage in high lif rnacted ere lung. The parties are Mr Van Burnt and a certain verv tlistinruish lilernry Indy, who visitPd Washington dur ing the winter, and entirely won Ihe Vice over. It is also understood that General Jackson has taken a great interest in hi affair, and it certainly will succeed. N the Presidential chair to become hereditary in one family. Closing or the Land Office On account of the increased business nf these offices and the immense sums placed in the hands of tho receivers, the Government has very wisely determined to require addition al security. Hitherto tho receivers have been required to give bonds to the amount nf fifty thousand dollars only, for the faith ful performance of their duties ; an nddi tinnal 1 50,000 is now required. From inability to comply with this latter requi silion oflhe government or from6ome oth er cause unknown to u, the Land Offices in this region are inaccessible, as far as the transaction nf business is concerned, How long this state of tilings is to continue, we cannot say. Jacksonville III ) Paltiot. Indiana Loan. We sen it stated in n Philadelphia paper, that the Fund Com missioners of Indiana have contracted fur a loan nf 500,000 dollars, in pursuance of authorities granted, and in aid oflhe cause nflnternal Improvements in that rapidly growing Slate. Tho Inan was taken by Messrs. J. I. Cuhcn, Jr. & Brnthets. of Baltimore, who are said to have received the 5 per cent, bonds nf Indiana, payable in 25 years, al par. Baltimore Patriot. A Fact. A rattle snake wns killed in Holhston, last week, which measured 0 feet in length, and had 15 rattles, being of course 18 years old. Its digestive organs must have been remarkably strong, or it certainly would have had tho dwpipsy, for on bning opened, his stomach was found to contain ono full grown rabbit and two squirrels, all whole. Union Trav. The President orthe United Slates left this city on Monday upon a visit to his res. idence in Tennessee. He is not expected to return we believe, before October.--.Mi. tionnl Int. Mr. Madison's Will. Ex President Madison has benueathea. bv hi Insl will. 4000 to the American Colonization Soci ety f $1500 in Ihn Virginia University $7 50U in oilier legacies nnd Iho remain der ut ns large esia'e to Mr. Madison. Wax Work The admirers of that no bleat of domestic animals, Ihe Horse, will do well to call at Thomas' and see a full blooded Coll of the Norman dray breed He is fire years old the present month, and weighs 1750 lbs; and, uniting as he does. the most perfect symmetry with nlmott the gigantic proportions of the elephant, he is certainly an object ol admiration, we un demand that he cost 1000 in Lincolnshire Enirland.lliat he is now on his way to New York, where ho is to bo exhibited. Ho .:ii ..main here till next week. In Ihe "III i w mean time let every farmer who happen to be in town mako it in his way to go nnd cc him, for ho is a Caravan of himself. UNIVERSITY' OP VERMONT. The University Inslilulc of the tlnivendtv nf Vormnnl, will hold it minimi celebration nt the While Church, on WEDNESDAY Amt a.l at hull past TWO o'nlnrk, l M. An Oration may he expected fiom tho lit. Kev. Bishop Hopkins. lly order of Hie society. H. B. Janus, Secretary. July 13ih, 1836. The Phi Sisma jVu SocUtu nf iIir llniversiiv of Vermont, will hold its annual celebration on llio third cl.ty of August next.nt I'OUIl o'clock, I'. AI. in the While Church. An Onition is then expected fiom llm Hev. Prof. C. P. Henry or Bristol Col. lege, I'cnn. Immediately nfier the exercises n meeting will he held to elect nn Orntor for the en suing anniversary. l)y order nf ihe Society. J. V. IIickok, Secretary. OCJ- The next annual celebration ofllie "Society fir Religious Inquiry," will he held in llm While Church, on WEDNESDAY ihe Sih of August, nt 7 o'clock, I', M, An Address maybe rxiectcd from Rev. Asa D. Smiih. A. IM.of New Yoik City. O. Ci, WHEELER, llec. Sec. N. B. All who feel interested in the object of uie .-society are reSiecuuiiy mviteu to ntienil. To Printers. T1 HE subscriber wishing to cneacro in another branch of business, offers Ii'ib Printing Establishment, together with the building ho now occupies, tor sale. Term one hnlf cash in hand, tho balance in one, mo and three years. To any one desirous of establishing himself in business, the present t nn opportunity such as rarely occurs. Further particulars will be given on application. II. H. STACY, Burlington. July 21. 1H36 LOOK TO IT. riiuhi suDscritiers mini and will have JL their accounts settled wtihoni deluv I hose who call soon will sav eot. D. V. INGERSOLL & Co Burlington, July 21, JBJG Bublinqto.v. July 20, 1036. Ladies' Shoe Store just opened next door cast of the Hook Stoic It is tho intention of the subscriber to confine his assortment mostly In ijadies , misses and chlldien s allocs. Till arrangement (recently made Willi an oxten sive house in New York) are such as will ounble him to sell at prices which he confi dcnlly believes will bo satislactory to all who may be disposed to extend to him their pat ronage. U. A. BRA MAN. Cotton Goods. 4 r BALES Lawrence, Chicnpee. Cabot Lyj and Red River Cottons t 4 bales hea vv stout Sheetings 900 lbs. Cotton Yarn, 5 to 10 by Lemuel July 22. 183G. Curtis & Co. Mannilla Matts. A Doz. Mannilla Matts, nf every size and color by Lemuel Curtis & Co. July 22, 183G. Dust, Flics and Music. ON Monday Iho 18th insl, we received an additional assortment of thai most de lightful toned instrument, the Accordcon.of ! rench manufacture, which are far the best in use. Also, some dust Brushes, and feather Dlmtnre. nd vorj fino Plumo Poatlioif, c,r slant additions making to the assortment at Ihe Variety Shop. PANGBORN& BRINSMAID. July 20. Carpet ings. 7 BALES Ingram Carpet ings jul re ceived nnd which, with our former slock, makes altogether the best assortment ever oflered in this market. Also, Vene tian and Stair Carpetings, by Lemuel Curtis Sr Co. July 22, 1036. Lemuel Curtis &, Co. are now receiving a largo slock of French wnrked Capes and Collars, from to 2 to 10 each ; rich cmhroidered Scarfs ; 3 lo I! 4 super silk muslin and sewing silk Hdks; gauze and satin and lustring Ribbons; 6 lo 12-4 merino and Thibet Shawls j linen Sheet ing", birds eye Diapers, Sir. &c. Burlington, July 22. 11136. Cash Wanted. The subscribers offer their stock of goods at ruch prices as rannot fail tosuit all who call, as they are nbuut clos ing their biHiness. D. V. INGERSOLL & CO. July 22. Notice. THIS may certify that I have given lo my son RonnnT Lord, his limn du ring the remainder of his minority. I shall iherefuro lay no claim nn his confine. nor hold myself responsible for his doings alter this dale. WILLIAM LORD. Mansfield. Sept. 7, 11105. Commissioners Notice. WE the sulicribors,having been appointed by tho Honorable the Probato Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examino and adjust iho claims and demands of all persons, against tho estato of JAMES SU1TON, late of St. Goorge in said District, deceafed, represented insolvent , and also all clnioiB and demands exhibited in oO'sot thereto ; and ix months from Iho day of llio ddlo lhereof,bein!T allowed by said Couil for thai purposo, wo do therefore hereby give notice that wo will alienu to the buincs of our appointment, at the dwelling of llm widow of said deceived in St. Gcoreo in said District, on tho second Mon days of September and December next, at 10 o'clock, A.M.. on each nf said days. Dated thi- 20th day ol June, A, I). 1U3G. JOHN VAN SICKL1N,Jk. 1 LEVI COMSTOCK, Com'rs ISAAC HIGHEE, S Drugs & Medicines. T' HB subscriber has just received from New York and is now openinc an extensive assortment of Drugs and Medi cines, which ho offers cheap for cash or short credo, Tho slock comprises many of tho new French medicines and an asMiri menl of tho most approved genuine patent medicines. Physicians and families may rely nn his unwearried exertions to give satisfaction in (his department. ROBKRT MOODY. Burlington, June 25, 1830, corner of Church street and iho square. Veil Lost. N SATURDAY EVENING llio 2d insl. between Iho Whllo Chutcli Vestry Room and the head of Goff-strcot, a green blond VEIL. Tho finder shall receive tho thanks of its owner by leaving llio samo at tliis Uliico. July 14. 1836. Summer Arrangement. On Mondiy, tho 4lh of July, ih0 Franlin and VVinnoki will loavo Whitehall and St. Johns, at TEN o'clock, A. M.; and will continue to leavo at that hour until Monday tho 5lh day of September, when they will ngain loavo the abovo mentioned place nt ONE o'clock, P.M. the remainder ol llio season. FRANKLIN, RICHARD W. SHERMAN, Capt Will leave Whitehall ciery 'n ' nnd Si. Johns every Monday, IFcdncfilay S? Friday. Thursday Sf Saturday. WLNOOSKf, Cant. DAJV LYON and St. Johns cverv Will leave Wlihchall every Monday, ffedncsday Sf Friday. Tuesday. Thursday Sf Saturday. Going North Arrive at Essex at about 41 o'clock, P. M. ; Burlington at 6 ; Port Kent, al 7 J ; Plullsburgh, al 0. Going South Atrive at Pittsburgh at a bout 3J. P.M.; Port Kent, at 5; Burlington, nt C; Essex, at 11. Burlington, July, 1 836. Lyman 8c Cole, HAVE received their Summer Goods, compri;-ing n very extensive assort ment ofcallicoes, a great variety of figure stylo and fabric from 12 to 62 cts per yard: cambrics, plain, check and plaid: mull and swisa mu-lins j crn-s bar d plaid and birds eye do. gingham-', checks, plaids &c. ho iery, embroidered open work, and plain silk cotlon do. liloves, silk, kid, linen and Bor tin: Suspenders. India rubber, web and kni' ; a general assortment of Silks, inclti. ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black. gro de Swiss, grn de Rhine nnd other silks; rich fig'd blue black do. belt ribbons to match; rich col'd rrro do Naples, plain, fia'd and plaid: mix'd silk Camhlets and Ponrjec; bluo block and printed Shallvs verv ricii black green and brown French Bombazine1 Taffeta garni'ure. nnd cap ribbons: linen sheeting 4 4 to 10 4 wide; Irish linen; brown and black linen; table spreads, blchd and brown; birds eye napkins, linen damask; Russia Uiaper and crash; Hamilton stripe. mixture and rnuen Cassimere ; bed tick. double and single width ; cotton drilling brown and bleach'd ; cotton sheelinrr nnd shirliog do. carpeting, floor clothsand flan ncls; knitting cotton nnd thread. Gentlemen will find n great variety of bummer Cloths, including ulack, brown, and several shades of green Brochella, Princeiia, Eniminelte. London summer cloth, S(c. white and brown linen drilling. Broadcloths, black, blue, green and fancy colors; checkd, plaid and fancy striped un, Heavy black and blue black silk velvet for vesting; white MersaiK fancy do. fig'd silk and other vesting. Pedlars will find a larno assortment n low prie'd callicos; spool, skein and pound thread. Une entire case of coat, vest and pantaloon buttons. Hooks and eyes, sus penders &c. Tiurlington. May 26. The Cheapest Cash Store, JhAIU.i nppnOie H. E. Howards, and one i' donrniirlh nr Lemuel Curtis & Co. JOHH ABBOTT. or I lie l.ile firms i.r Abbott, Wood ij- Company and Wood & Ahhoil, n now icceiiin fiom IVeiv Joikan cxicu-no nsioiiment of GOODS soluble for the season, hich lie nffeis at a small ndvanre fiom the cost ; among wliirli are superior mar-K, nine, uniei and intmlile liieen ISriMdrloths n.ib M, fllip d and plain ('nsniinerc?, silk Veltel UMi-K sunn, 1(1011012 and Alersails Vesting, ery superior ; a choice seleciimi of uorsied Linen anil Cnllon Gonils, for gem lemons' ami Imjs' summer uear, Irish nuil l.iiun, linen Di.iprr; l.ible Linen, Alers.iiU loilet spreads; cmli linen ami rollnn s.itin Je.ins; j.iconclt Cumin ir, roicled Skirl; furnilnie Dimity and fringe fijj'il nnd pldin seaif ; Mull, fine iil.iid and pl.iln J irnneii anil liuuk Muhu, fine linen llilkf. and Cambrics Hre iih IMuslina, d.nk anil light, plaid, light fancy Eiench, Eng. nii.l American 1'iini ; dark and light furniliire 1'iiins, Fiench and American; pl.t ill nnd snipe Gingham; bleach'd and liioun slircling and sliming : rongee, linn hiench and hn;. Ilonm zines; silk YVUel : black und while nlk Hi,iery and Gluve, fine collon, worried, inciinoanil linen eenis", l.iiliea' anil children' Hosier nnd Glne ulna l.iige assortment of gent's and l.ulie' hmee nnd goat fkin Gloieg, 1..idie' and Missea India Rubber Apron of superior ize and quality ; ilk und French Gingham, gem's fine palm, lined and bound umnicr I litis; l.ulie down und m.inill.i gtusg sleeea ; Umbrellas, I'arasols; Riuip lhie.ul and hlnnil Edging, l.ace; Qtnlli .g and Inserting: niiile and fig'd I'niigee: U.indannas and fancy silk Hilkf fanry. nlaid and llaliau silk Cravat: seivim' silk rhaliy, Tibet and merino rbawl ; a rich assorimcni ... ..I..:. I I e ,111 01 sewing, iiirtiu til,,, 1.111,-y enu iiiikm ; nisll H vn riely of Krrnrli nniked tare green, black and while blmid gauze Vales; Silks lilk. Gro de awls. Italian and I-loieniine ; col'd I'lnrenre: I1I.11 k, blue, gieen, purple, plaid and claret U10 de laile i lil.irk, blue III. 11k, lead cinnamon, maioun and gieeu I out de soie fi'd white, pink and watered s.ilin : green. India, blk I- Inreniiiie and surge: black, blue, pink, green und wiitio i.rape; veitet, u.iuze, ng'ii (,in tie .van plaid, col'd and lilk I afTt.: IIiIiIkiii, fancy, plaid waieteu ana saint uett liinonns, latliea tratclliu' liaskeli, inertni liag nnd satchel, Tuscan iiniia Hon. cap and cottage rtown. 'no- and French Tus can. Also a tailelv oraltasp llnnnni. GROCERIES Sugar, ,Moloe. Teas ofall Kinu, nri r)iMiuy iouee, tiiocolale, salralns, Ginger, Cinnamon, spices, col'd speim CandlcB lamp Oil. &c. &e. I he sub-rribcr, grateful In In friend and the pniilie lor llieu patronage hitherto, wnulil now to licit the roiiiimianre of it, promising his best exer lion lo gne enure alifacimii. Burlington, May 27, 1836. Confectionary. OTEWARTS celebrated Confectionary t-r lur bhio oy LATIIROP & POT1HN. Miv 7, Watches Is00 sPans Leeches of alale Gold and silver patent t Lever?, in emglo and double cases i t hick or thin Lepino Watches in silver cases ; fine Lepino Welches in gold caes and jeweled, several beautiful pattern ! gold Watches, from 30 to $35; English and French Watches! brass caned Watches j some fine jewelled " Horizontal" escapement Watches, warranted to go as well as any levers, from 25 In $30. Watches repaired at the Variety Shop 1 ANtinonN . uniNsr.iAiD. July 12. It. Fitzgerald IS now opening (in addition lo his present extensive assorlinont of Jewolry, &c. a general assortment of Dry Goods 5 Groceries, consisting- of almost every articlo usually found in a Dry Good Sloro, which ho will sell at a small advnnco for Cash. 'To savo a 'long newspaper talk' ho simply invites n lo call on him. when, ho trusts, ho will bo able, with their assistance, looittncrae among his goods, such articles as they aro desirous ofpurchas ing. Green Store, East side Church -St., Wain right's Buildings. Burlington, July 13, 11130. tiw STOP THE BOY. RUNAWAY from the subscriber on tho nichl nf tho 10th inst a boy by the name I LEVI YATAW, about 14 years oface.dark hair, dark eyes, rather under size, dark com plexion, very slraiglitand healthy; woroaway a black hat, brown coat, took with him two vests ond Ihreo pair of pantaloons, and Ihrco cotton shiits. All persons aro forbid hircinir, harboring or (rusting said boy nn my account as I will pay no debls of his contracting after mis date. Whoever will lake up said boy and return him to llio subscriber shall have reason able charges paid, and 25 cents roward. NATHANIEL GAGE. Shelburn. July 11. 10:36. Clocks & Time Pieces. We have Clocks for JG,50, 7, 0, 10 and il2 each ; some made of brass and some of wood; some of them Ftriko the hour, some alarm, nnd some do both. They arc good Clocks fur lit tle money. Brass and ivnoden Clocks cleaned and repaired at llio Variety Shop. i ANGBOnN &. lSr.lNSJIAID July 12. Dr. B. J. Heineberg T ESPECTFULI.Y informs the inhab XV Hants of Burlington and Vicinity that he has opened an Apothecary Shop Church-street, two doors south of the Bank of Burlington, where, under tho care of a regular and experienced German A- polhccary (whom Dr. 11. has lately ennac ed) Doctors' prescriptions will bo attended to nt all .hours ; anil where simple and compound medicines may be had in all pns sioie varieties. In addition lolhis. Dr. 11 has also on hand a choice selection of per iuiiiuri.r, wuii;ii im win bun m rensonaoi prices. uurlinglov, July 6. 1030. Wool. 'PHK subscriber will pay half cash for A Sheared Lambs 11'aol. CtMomcrs arc requested to forward their wool without delay. VM. I SEYMOUR Burlington. July 7, 1036 3w Utility. nnHE public are hereby informed that tho subscriber has invented certain new nnd useful machinery for inannfacliir ing starch from potatoes, nnd has applied lor n patent to secure his right lo the same and that he is making said machinery at his shnpin Jerico. inthe state nf Vermont 'Pile object of said machinery is more effoc tuallv to separate I tic small Hones nnd gravel from the poiatoes in the process of washing and in the process of grinding, to reduce tho pnlntocs lo a more perlect pulp by which n larger quantity nf starch will be obtained than by I he usual met hod. Si arch manufacturers are invited lo call and see SYLVANUS RICHARDSON. Jerico, June 30, 1030. Fancy Goods. 1 lie subsenbers arc receiving coiiiinually from New York, the mo-t desir able patterns ofevery article in the Fancy Dry Goods line, which makes their stock at all times one of the beat to bo found. We are now opening one case consisting of Silk. Hewing Silk, Uhnlly nnd lilond Gauz' Hankerchiofs nnd Scarfs, Gloves Hosiery, rich embroidered bells, silk and chally Aprons &c. LATtincr & Potwi.n July 1. KBMOVAL. CUf.INIS'i returns his thanks for the . liberal patronage ho has received for i no last u years, and would inform (ho pub nc mat ne tins removed ncrns tho street opposite u. Monro's store. Pearl st. where lie iiileiitts carrying nn Ins business J AILORIA G, and CYoMci Cleaning; and hnving added verry much to his assorted stock, will sell cheap or exchange any kind New nnd second hand clothes for sale Pwo Sober men wanted. Thnie who- notes and accounts are due win uuiig.j uy paying immediately. Burlington, June 10, 1030. Bonnets. 4 cases.comprisinp; Sviss,Lace, Grecian, Tuscan nnd Palmetto Bonm'ls, by Lr.MUEr. Cuiitib & Co. Juno 0J. Dairy Salt 20 sacks Liverpool dairy Salt, Inrsalc by IIickok ,t JiillU 23. importation, uy J. J. II. PECK & CO. July C. Canada Money Bought hy J. & J. 11. I'ECK, and CO. Juno 24. Wanted. mHE subscribers will pay the highest JL market price in Goods for 10 Tons good Butler, delivered nt their store. 1J. W. INUKKSULiL, & C(J. July 1R30. Lyman & Cole, Will pay cash for fleece Wool in clean merchantable urder, delivered their store in Burlington. July I al Leeches this day rcceivet and for salo at a small advance, a quantity ofSoanish beeches, fresh trout Uibralter in fine health and vigor, bv ROBERT MOODY. Juno 20, 1830. Rakes, Pitchforks, Scythes Snathes, cradle Scythes, and Orcen's cele brated crnin cradles, for sale at tho Hard ware store corner ot ciiurcn street ana tne quare. ROBERT MOODY. June 20, mau. Butler's ElTervescent Magne sian Aperient lor Dyspepsia or Imliges Hon, bpiI highly valued n9 a mild and cool ing purgative, fur salf by Juno 20, 183G. The Genuine Swaims Pana cea; also Rowande,and Green's celebrated. Tonic Mixture for Fever nnd Ague, this day received, and for sale at tho Drug Store corner of church st. and Ihe square. ROBERT MOODY. June 23, 1036. Paints & Dye Stuffs, Linseed and Pure, summer and winter strained Sperm Oil, just received and for sale low by u. muuux. Burlington, 25th June, 1U3B. HE subscribers will at all times pay- Cash for Wool delivered at their Store on Iho Old Wharf. FOLLETTk. BRADLEYS. Burlington, June 15, 1836. WOOL. CASH will al all limes be paid for wool delivered at I heir store head of Pearl street and at their store South Hero II . HYDE & Co. Burlington. June 15. IR36. 50 hhds. proof, pure Boston Rum, for salo on consitiotncnt, at Boston prices, by Fom.eti- iSjr Bradi.eys. June 24, llliili. dm SCYTHES &c. jrv iW. Warners warranted Scythes, 30 do Sampson's patent Snathes. 50 boxes Indian pond Stones Juno 10. J. St J. II. PECK St Co. ENTERTAINMENT. I3t HE subscriber respectfully informs his friends nnd the public thai he has taken the iinufce on the corner of Church and College streets, formerly occupied by S' Wainwnght. and will use his best en deavors lo render it acceptable as well to the traveller and man of biiBincs9. as lo those who want board in a central nnd business part of the town. The outbuild inns connected with this establishment are well arranged , and in good repair and the undersigned hopes, by prompt and unre. nutted personal attention, lo secure to it the amount of patronage which its location ought to command, Connected with (his establishment the subscriber will also keep a choice selection of Groceries Tens, Sugars, Spices, Fish, Fruit, Confectionary, -c which will be told al the lowest pries. JEREMIAH POTTER. Burlington, May 27, 1036. IV. H, All persons having un-ellled accounts with the sub-criber, connected vviilt hi former liu lines, are earnestly icquesied lo call nnd adjust ilie same wiilimil delay. Short settlements make long friends, us Poor Richard sajs. J. 1' For Spring and Summer. T I1U subscribers have opened and nro now receiving n verv extensive as sortment of STAPLE AND FANCY for the Spring and summer trade, enmpris. ing black, blue, green, olive, brown, Adeliah, mixed and mulbring Broad cloths ; black, blue, green, drab and mixed enssimeres; Padding, Duck Buckram. Sil iscas; double and HingleFuundatiotis, ican book do.; Bonnet boards, wound wire, ginghams.cahcoes, prints, French muslins, prinlod muMins. Clinlleyetts, cambrics, Ja. chontietts; book, Swiss, and mull Muslin, fig'd, corded and plain muslins; black, bluo. nnd blue bind; cnlorcd India sewings. Am. iln. black nss'd and brown linen thread, Clark, and Tuylor's sup sewing collon, knifing cotlon, white and mix'd, while blk, random mixed, curded, clocked and open work, cotton and silk hosiery, horse skin, kid, silk, cotton and linen gloves. Flag2 and Pongeo silk hdkfs white and plaid cotton and silk cravats. 3 4 5 Sc 6.4 bleach'd cotton, 3 4 5 Si 0.4 brown do. 4 & C.4 ticks; 3 4 0 7 & 8 4 blk, white, and red merino shawls. Leghorn and straw bnunets; French tfc Am. kid and morocco slips mid garter boots ; walking shoes ; English nnd Am- lucrum, carpetings, straw do. Ribbons, Hdkfs, shawls iSic. ec. for sale low, bv D. W. INGERSOL fc CO. Church ft. May 5. i "I t I IB II . I W Birch & Maple Lumhcr. J QUA NTIT Y of Birch and soft Mapbi , 4 inch Scantling wanted now, and will contract for 4000 feel lo be delivered" by iho 20th September, a pari cash paid; J ny u i -a stun always wanted in. exchange for work. Also Vtited, a boy 17 years old as an apprentice to tho cabinet making bu- -nil-en , u (tuo uiy win nun n gonu cunnce if anplicd for soon. No other wanted. rurmturo Ware Rooms near the Court House. ABBOTT & PANGBORN. Iiiirlington, June 2H, IB36. Wanted 2000 pairs Wool Socks, want ed, lor which a fair price in Goods will bo paid by D. W. INGERSOLL & CO. Juno 1B3B. WANTED "IMMEDIATELY by the subscriber. 0 or - 10. Journeymen MaGons, at Stone and Brick laying, m whom Cash and n fair price will be paid. SAMUEL REED. Burlington. July 12, 1030. The Sick Man's Friend. Morison's Pills, Or the real genuine IlygelanUnlvcrsal Me dicine of tho British College of Health, in packages of 1, 2, or 3 dollars, can be ob tained in this town, only of the regularly appointed Agent. As you value " health, which is life," see that you get the genuine Pills; they arc signed S Gage at present, (but will soon bo signed II, Fitch) Stale Agent, nnd A. Urinsinnid, tub agent lot Hurlinotun, Vt. all uthcrs are hose coun t or fun i- For iho convenience of the pub lic, they will he, with the Powders and it Hvgcian Bool:, kept at Ihe Variety Shop. A. BRINSMAID. Agent for Burlington, Vt. July. C, 183G. Soda, Seidlitz, and Lemonade Powders, prepared and sold by Dr Heme berg, at his apothecary shop, Church st. July 0, 1030. To the farmers. WE haic this summer, opened the best assortment of Block Tin and Brittan ia Ware we have ever offered in Ihe Varie ty Shop, much better lhan we had during the winter and spring. Wc hate 'Pea Pots, of good quality and finish, and lower prices than ever belore : also plain and ligured, very heavy and of fine quality. We have several different kinds of Tumblers, and Cups with handles ; Pitchers of different sizes : U sizes ni syranocs ; oponns, extra fine tea and coffee Pots, lather Boxes, to- baccn Boxes, soup Ladles, castor Stands, made of Un'tania. We invite larrners and all others wishing stfcli articles, to ex amine ihem at the Variety 3hop. PA.NbBORN & BniNs.MAin. July 6. Wanted 2000 yds. home manufactured white flannels, tor which a good price in Goods will be paid by D. W. INGERSOLL & CO. July 1030. Hardware & Saddlery Sign of the PAD-. LOCK, corner of Church street and Iho Square, la'.e Wood Sf Abbott. The subscriber is nnw receiving frnm New York (at the old stand of Wood and Abbott) llio lar gest and best assort ment of Hardware and Saddlery ever offered to the public in this place, which he is determined lo sell at a small advance from cost, for cash or ap proved credit. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington June 28, 1036. Groceries. 45 CHESTS hyson, hyson skin, young hyson, souchonsr and ponchong Teas, 25 kegs and boxes plug and cavendish To baeco. 10 bbls nnd kegs Raisin. 30 boxes bunch and bloom Radius. 0 hhds Molasses; 10 casks lump and loaf Sugars. 5 hhdi brown Sugar. 3 tierces ond 5 bbls Rice. 15 boxes barsoap. 12 boxes Poland statcli 5 boxes lemon Syrup. 15 bags Coffjc, Pimento and Pepper. 6 boxes Mustard. 10 boxes Pipes. 0 kegs pure Ginger. 20 bales Cassia. Nutmegs, Bitdg, dried Cur rants. Herring, Cloves, Saleratis, Cigars, &c. Sic. st wholesale or retail at loweei prices by T. F. Si W. L. STRONG; June 15, 1036. 50 barrels Mes.s Pork For sale bv FOLLETT U BRADLEYS. Juno 24, 11136. 6ni Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vices, cast won Ploughs, hot low Ware, waggon cart and carriage Boxes, pot ash and caldron Kettles, null Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire, Stoves.mill Saws, cross cut do. Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Seville, lion, Nail-, Steel Sic &c. jul received bv " '. F.ff W. L. STRONG. Julie 10, H!30. New Goods AT TIIU GLASS-rACTOKY STORE.- J ANES. SMITH & CO. have just re ceived from New York a latge slock of good, comprising a general assortment nf DRYGOODS, GROCERIES, CROCK. ERY. HARDWARE, PROI'ISIONS, Sec which they offer at a small advancn for cash or country produce. Farmers who wish to exchanrrn their produce for goods, will do well (o give us a call. Cash paitl for flutter. Cheese and Lgg.- W.M- A. BURNETT, .?. Mav IP.

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