Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 5, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 5, 1836 Page 3
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PROM TRXAS. Later information, ami that, loo, of some interest lias rcncliod u through iho New Orleans papcrsof t lie 13th nnd IP li instant. The Texan Government was making activo exertions to moat tlio threatening Mexicans, General Santa Aim had tint been shot or hung, but Gen. Almonlo had been pliot at by n chilvalrnus gentleman who sought comfort in t Iim way for t It o loss of a relative slnin in battle. Theshoi win intended, it is said, for Santa Ana. Public feeling was so furious, against him ns to require the utmost vigile'nce niilhe part of his guards, to preserve him frjm assassinn tinn' ., ii i The crops are said tn pr-unise well, and it is thought thai I lie Texan pe iplo will not suffer from want of vivurs. They arc generally attending to their agricultural pursuits. The Mexican forces arc said to hive con centrated on the Nueces river, about 7,000 Btrong: a large reinforcement was expect ed from Vera Cruz. The Texan army is estimated at about 3,000 men, but was daily increasing bv tlie arrival of volunteers from the United Slates. It is rumored that in casj of attack by the Mexican, the Tcxans will put all their prisoners to death. Thoadvancu of l ho Mexicans was delay cd by want of provision, their transports having been Inkcn by Iho Texan cruisers. Santa Ana is said m Invc written to General Jackson, nsking him to become guarantee for any trealy lie may enter into with the Toxans; nyiroio? to which piece nf information wo copy thn following from tlie Globe of yesterday, whereby il appears that Santa Ana has very little favor or nfssitancc to expect from his brother President. SANTA ANA. Tito Georgetown Metropolitan takes a warm intercut in the fate of Snnta Ana. and by way ol giving Ms cnl ononis in regard tn him some importance undertakes to utter tlicm for the President of the United State-. "It is understood,' il bays, 'that the President of the United Stales has rxpre scd the greatest solicitude fir the fate of the illustrious prisoner, whom the fortune of war has thrown into tlie bauds of the Tcxans." Santa Ana's advocate directly inverts the opinions of Iho President, unreservedly ex pressed by him to nil who have conversed with him nnd repeatedly staled iimnr pres ence. So far Irom ever expressing "lite greatest soUriluilc for Ike fate (if lite illustri ous prisoner," the President ha ngnui nnd again declared that he deserved the most ignominious death; and that the only jus lllication for the Irani' y shown him, was In be found in the condition of Texas which might make it proper to suhj'Ct the de mands of justice to the policy of getting rid of the armies of Mexico through the influence nf their chicr. Gen. llotistnn had not arrived at Volas- co when the Shenandoah, the vessel bring, ing this intelligence, tailed for New Or leans. A few days previous to the depar. lure of the Shcnandoali, nn individual by the name of Harts, died nt Columbia. The general presumption was that his real name was Barstow.thc cashier of the A tin ny jjbiik wno auscontleil some tune since, in consequence of the depredation which ho commuted while cashier of thai institu lion. lie had in his possession til 5.000. Dr. Archer is confidently spoked of as t no next frequent ot Jexas, to succeed Burnet, who it is said was becomiog daily more unpopular. Suhidc. Mr. John L. Clark, Lottery and Exchange Broker of this city, commit ted suicide nn Tuesday. The circumstan ces are briefly these: between four and 13 vo o'clock in the afternoon, in a high state of excitement, he borrowed a pen-knife of nn acquaintance, who, suspecting from hi conduct that he might injure himself, sue cceded in taking it out ot Ins hands. Mr. Clark being thwarted in hi? purpose, imme. dialely repaired to Mr. Town'.- barber i-hop, in Union Building, when liuduig Mr. Town nbscnt and the key in the door, ho entered. took a razor, nnd cut his llirnat from ear to ear. lie survived hut a few moments. Mr. Town was. ncrns the street, and seeing Fomo one enter his shop, a lie supposed to be shaved, he followed, but the fatal deed was perpetrated. Mr. Clark has left a wife, two children, and iiio.-i exemplary connexions to lament his death. J'rov. Jour. The two individuals who went over Ni agara Falls in a small boat some days since, excited more sympathy than the case really called for : as there was very little personal ngony in Iho catastrophe. The suffcrci in this affair were merely a couple of Muffed effigies of humanity mere men of straw who bad been manufactured by certain wujjn, iur c iniio ninny sentinienlnlity on tlio part of the boholders. These, curtain variets wno couiu iiiiu ii in tticir heart? to provide eiicIi a display nf fictitious digress, ought by all means to bo well spooned un der the Falls or clswhcre, for their pains Jr. 1 . (Jour. V Jnq. UTICA AM) SclIfNBCTADV R.AII. RllAIJ On Monday last a party of thu Directors made an experimental trip to Utica, which Bumasscd their most sanguine, expectations The Locomotive used on the occasion, No 1, was maufacturcd at Philadelphia by Mr Baldwin. Two Cars were attached to containing the passengers, and at about, ten minutes after six o'clock, A. M. the train mil niT from Schenectady. H arrived at Iltien without any accident, at half past 10 A. M. ! The time of running however was nnlv throe hours and n half, and the dii-tancn niHitv miles. After remaining at Utica two hnnra. the nnrlv sat out on their return nnd reached Schcnectndy ten minutes after five o'clock, P. M. Wo believe the road ,;it .o uerv soon oncned to the travelling public, previous to which, however, a grand take nlacc in honoi of Us celebration, is to take place in I completion. A direct attack Iioh been made upon the softer sex by the editor of the Richmond snenkintr of the innova he, nrpsent dov. says the ladies Imvn even n doDtcd dra m ctla rhi n backs t limit ltnri il tifni ileanisinrr their natural proportions, with a view to some magical influence on tho hearts nf tlio rougher sex (indeed, can il be so?) nnd no ouo is now nalibfied with any tiling that bygone times have produced. A CARD. Tlio members of iho rjradiialiiig rlasj present their ennipliincnls In the l.hlics nnd gentlemen ulin lonk ! i.i t In rlii;!njuii Cninminccmcnl day, ivilli llieir in -1 Iic.iiiv thanks fur Ilia honor they ilnl llieuuche. nnil tho Angusl -1. vooAii music. 1 ho knowledge nnd nliilitv nf performing nocii I mii'le H n ctcsil nbto nccutnplislnncnt, n mean of hipplncss nnd nf sclfiniprnicincnl. 'I lie jonng men of llnrllnginn, fiom nil Societies, u ho nrc disnntcd in imitnitn it r.tinrntiln onnni tit iiity fir cnlliiating nn ncipiaiiitnnce willi Sacred ii line-, lire iniucjlnl lo meet at ino violin iiunsu next rncsd.iv evenin? nl linlf 7 o'clock, In confer together upon tlie subject and form I lit) plan of n ncneml cl.its. Aug t CON HURT. In compliance with tlio cxpicsel ublies nf m.i- ny peisiin', llie Oilnin, ulm pet formed llin inmic on Commencement Day, uill gi n Public Con. cat on I'ltlDA V ciening of next week, at 7 o' clock, in tlm While Church. Tlio mojt iidmlrcd piece oflho icccnt occasion will bo repented nnd oilier select piece!", will lie pei fumed A short iul dicss m.iy be expected nn llic subject nf vocal mil pie Tickets uf ndniission uill lie fiirnithcd nt n Fin. ill expense and (lie avuil npplied for rucourng ing the dillivntion of nni'ic in our village nnd town. Aug 4 Portrait Painting. 11 RI'jHD would respectfully inform the ladies and gentlemen of Hurling ton and its vicinity, that ho has token a room in II. Thomas' Hotel, whore ho re spectfully solicits the patronage of tlioo desirous of availing themselves uf his scrvi ccs. N. 11. N charge will tic made where hi? patrons are not perfectly satisfied with the likeness and painting. Aug. d, 1830. NOTICE. nn II B Selectmen of the Town nf Uur JL. ton, will meet nt the Town Room of said town, on 10th August, instant, at one o'clock, P. M. for the purpose of hearing appeals from any persons who feel them selves aggrieved by the assessment of the Listers of said Burlington. Samukt. Nichols, ) c . , Wm. A. GniMvm.n, Sclcil 1 1 km an Lownv. ) mcn Burlington, Auguifi, 11130. Philo Perkins' Estate. STATE OF FERMOXT, District of Chittenden, si. At n Probate Court holden nt Williston, within and fin; the Disliict aforesnid, on the first day of August A. I). I33G, an In-trtiment purporting lo bo the last Will and Te-tamcnt of Philo Perkins, late of Slielburn in saiil District, deceas ed, was presented to the Court hero for Probate, by Philo Perkins junior, and Simeon V. Paine, the Executors therein named Therefore it i ordered by said Court, that public notice bo given to nil persons interested therein, to appear before said Court at n scsinn thereof, to be holden at Willey's Inn in Williston nn tlie 1st Mon day of September, A. D. lt!3G, and contest the probate of tSid Will ; nnd il is further ordered that this order be published three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed at llurlingtnn, in this Slate, tlio last of which shall be previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Ofiice, thi-firt day of August, A. D. ifi3G. GEO 15. MANSER, Register. Eliphalet Miner's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, J District rj Chittenden, ss. Tlio Honorable tin Probate Court within nnd for the District aforesnid, to nil per sons concerned in the estate of Eltphalct Miner, latent Williston in said district, deceased. 'Sift'IIEREAS Harry Miller, guardian lo VY Mary Miner nnd Ellas R. Miner, minor dun- of said Eliphalet Miner, has represented lo this court, that Iih said wards are possced of certain lands in Willir-ton nforeaid, and that it would con luce for the interests of said wards lo make ale nf the same, nnd has made application liceno tn sell : Thereforu yon are hereby notified that said pplication will be considered nl n sesiun of Probate Court lo ba holden nl Willey's Inn, in Williston, on the first elnnday ol September next, at winch lime nnd place you can appenr and object if you see cause. :nd said applicant is ordered lo puuli.-h the ubicct matter of his said application in the Free Pro?s, a newspaper printed at llur lingtnn, two weeks successively ustioon ns may be. Done in Prnbalo Ollice nt Williston this 1st day nf August, A. D. KI3G. A'.test GEO. II. MANSER, fcgV. A true copy of record, Attest GEO. II. MANSER. Uez'r. Elcxir Vegetal Jlnlsnmiquc. N. II. DOWN'S VEGETAnr.E V.Ar.SAMlC EfJXIR, For Coutrhs, Colds, Consumption, Catarrh, vroup, Astntna, Whooping Cough, and nil other diseases of tho head, ebost and luri"s. i am,)lilels continuing n history oftho mod. icino a sketch of Iho di-oasos for which it is recommended certificates from minima. Unliable, sources amplo directions, and much oiner important inlormation accompany ing each bottle may bo had orany of iho Agen cies, gratis. J. CURTIS, Druggist, Si. Al- uans, VI. wholesale Agent and joint pronriu. mm. rn. ..:.. i.i,.. ' ' . . ui ii'uiuituiui'ji uiu iBft;uiuiijr uppointOU retail Agents. Iittrlington l.alhrop & Potwin, Janes. smiiii & uo. UintsburzhA. S. &. D. G. Wcllor. Milton Wellington, Whitnoy & Co,, Clark, lioardman u (,o. Charlotte bamucl II. Barnes, and inoul other rcspcctablo Druggiuls, &ci in the cnuu try. UJ"Tbis may certify Ibnl my wife, Mary Green, had been deaf in ono ear 27 years, oo. cas-ionert by tho measles, for which sho in early lifo used many remedies in vain. But being of a coiuumpliva habit, was induced to take a bottle of'Ilov N.II.Downs'VcgclabloBalsamlc Elixir,' and to her astonishment, boforo using one bottle, hor hearing was rcutorod entirely cxprossing licrsoiribaiikfiil that she is abloto convorso frcoly with her family and friends. And although much wasted with n tevoio cough, she has, by taking three bottles, been so Iur restored as to bo able to attend to hci do moslic duties. JOB GREEN. St. Albans, July 12,1330. tf Store for Sale or To Let. THE store now occupied by John Ab bolt for sale or In let. For further particulars inquire of L CURTIS &. CO. Church-st. Aug. 4. NOT C E. A l.f, norsons havinn- demand nirains-l the subscriber will please present them for payment by Iho loth Augtul. All those indebted will uf cmirsr lake the hint. HARVEY DUR1CEE. Ihtrlinslnn, .July 211. Itl30. KYE WAT EDS. Dr. Adams' Cclvhruled Eye Witter. Warranted nn ofi'eelual euro for sore, weak. anil infl.tmcd eyes, rnici: 1j oi:nts run via r.. rjnillS celebrated arliclo was invented by .li. nno ol tliu uinn uislingUMicn physicians nf the age, and during an cxteniivn practice of 30 years, ho invariably reottod to it in all eai-es of sore, weak nnd inflamed ryes, that eamo under his notice, and sogrral a culeb- rily did hn acqiiiro thorcliy , Unit thej eamo lo liini from all parts, and in no instance was it ever known lo fail in producing the desired eirecl. A short time only ha elapsed sinco tho article was firi-t it.troduccd to public no. lice, anil durins that period, upwards of TIIKEi: THOUSAND HOTTMiS have been disposed of, nnd the doinand for il is rapidly increasing. So suro and speedy is the rfTocl produced Dy this article, that one xlnylo vial has completely cured nn inflamed oyo, though various roincuies had lor a long limo previous Uecii resorted to, out in vain. Amplo directions accompany Iho article, as we'd as letters of recommendation from the most respectable physicians in the country. With a view to insuro ilq usefulness in a more extensive way, thu proprietor has appointed tliu following persons wholesale Agents lor the sale of it, whoro the public may rest nssur ed of procuring the genuine article. JOSEPH 1'ISIIKIl, proprietor, 7lh k. IluUoinvnoil, JOHN R. nOWAM),210, Market & A. HOSKINS, 37G Markol ureets, l'lnhdclphia. DR. W. Ii. ALTER, Lancaster. J. & J. II. PECK fc CO., JJurlinglon, Vt. As will of all druggists and storekeepers throughout the Slate. Orders thankfully received and punctually attended to for cyo-wator or drugs. Philadelphia, Juno 28, 1830. If. Lyman 8c Cole, AVE received their Summer Goods, comprising a very extensive n-sorl- mctit ofcallicoes, a great variety of figure style and fabric from 12 to G2 els per yard; cambrics, plain, check and plaid; mull nnd swis minims ; cro-s bar'd plaid and birds eve do. ginghams, checks, plaids &c. Iios icry, embroidered open work, and plain silk cotton do. Gloves, silk, kid. linen nnd Ber lin ; Suspenders, India rubber, web nnd kni' ; n general assortment of Silks, inclu. ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black, gro do Swiss, gro de Rhine nnd other silks; rich fig'd blue black do. belt ribbons to match; rich col'd gro dc Naples, plaio, fig'd and plaid: mix'd silk Camblets and Pongee; bluo black nnd printed Shallys very rich black grcon and brown French Bombazine! Taflela gartii'urn, nnd cop ribbons-, li.-.on sheeting .14 to 10. ! wide; Irish linen; brown nnd black linen; table spreads, blchd and brown; birds i:ye napkin, linen damask; Russia Diancr nnd crash; Hamilton stripe mixture and rnucn Casimcrc ; bed lick, double nnd sinirlo width ; cotton drilling hrown nnd bleach'd ; cnlton sheoling nnd shirting do. carpeting, floor cloths and flan nels; knitting cotlnn and thread. Gentlemen will find n great variety of Summer Cloths, including black, brown, and several shades of green llrocliclla, Princcttn, Emininello, London summer cloths. Sec. while nnd brown linen drilling. Broadcloths, binck, blue, green nud fancy colors; checkd, plaid anil fancy striped do. Heavy black and blue black silk velvet for vesting; white Morsail, fancy do, fig'd silk and oilier vesting. Pedlars will find a largo assortment of low prie'd rnlliow; spool, skein and pound thread. One entire case of coat, vest and pantaloon button. Hooks, and eyes, sus petiders itc. nurlinzlnn. .Vny 2fi. The Cheapest Cash Store, IV EARLY nimouc S. E. Iluwnrds, undone 1 dnnr north of Lemuel Curtis & Co JOH1T nf llic l.uc firms of Abboti, Wood & Couipiny nud Wood fc Abl'ull, is now icceiiinj finni IVcw Ynik an etcii-in ns'oilnient of (lUOI)M suir.ible for llic reason, wlocli lie offers nt n fin.i iilv.ince finni the cn.-l : ninnns lncli .uc superior bl.n k, blue, violet and iniisibln Ciiccii ISmaili'lnilis; libbM, slrip'd and plain ('.i.-siineic, silk Velvet ; sntin, tluiliini nnd AU-i.-siils Vestins, eiy supeiior ; u choice selection of wonued Linen und Collnii linml. lor eonlicinens aim oojs' suininer uenr, Irish l.inen mnl Lu n, linen Diaper; table Linen, Alers.iiU toilet spreads ; crash linen ami rnllnn satin Jean?; J.icoueu uniDricj, rniwn Skirls; fuiniuue Uiniilv and frinjo fis'il und plain scurfs ; .Mull, fine plaid nud plain Jacnneii und Book, ,"nc linen IlilkU. unit L,.iinlincs j I'rcaih Muslins, and lislil, plaid, ij;lil fancy. 1'ieiicli, l'.nj. nnd AineiiCHii Piints ; dark und liglu furniioin flints, 1'iencli nud Aineiican; plaid nnd stripe (lingliaui; bleicli'd nnd Ijiohii slirclinr; und shitting : l'on;ecs, fmn 1'iencli nnd V.n. Iluinbi ?.ines; silk Vi-bel : black nnd while silk Iln'iery und (ilovcs, fine cotton, worsted, mciinonnd linen. Reins', ladies nnd i luldiens' llosiei nun wiunr, iiUn.i laigenssnrlnieiH of Rent's and ladies' horsn nud goat skin Gloes, Ladies' nnd Misses India Kublicr Anrons ol superior si.e nun uuauij , nnd I'icncli Gingham, Kent's (ino palm, lined line liound rummer Huts; ladies down ami niannia K'"" sleeve ; Uniliiclla, I'.irnsols; gimp llircad mil blond Hdaings, Lure; fludli ig nnd Inserting: inio und fig'd I'migee: llaiidannas and fancy silk IMkM. raiicy, plaid nud Italian silk Crnv.ur; sewing il' ihally, 'I'ibel ami merino shawls ; rich iismi uncut ofrcning, plaid and fancy silk Ililkfs J also a vn ricty of I'rcnch uoiked laco nnd muslin Collars : green, black nnd whim blond gauze Vules j Silks; lijk. Giodo swiss, Italian und Florentine ; ol'd Florence:, blue, gieen, pmple, plaid and claret Gio do Naples : black, blue blaik, lead, cinnamon, maroon nud green l'oul de solo ; (i 'd, white, pink nnd wnlereii satin : green. India, blk. Floreniino nnd surge: black, blue, pink, green nnd white Cliipcsj VeUel, (!nu7e, lig'd liio de ,.ip , plaid, col'd nnd blk TafTi.: llibbonr, fancy, j laid, wnlereii and satin belt Itibboiis, ladies handling B.iiketr, inerim Hags nnd satchels, I'mcni inila lion, cap and cottage Clown, luce und I-'t cucli Tus can. Also n variety of Misses Unnneis, a noCEltlESHuzars,, Te.u ofnll kinds, first rpialily Coffee, Clincolale, s.ilr.lliii, (linger, Cinuamoii, spices, culM speiui Caiulles, lamp Oil liu fee The subscriber, grateful In his friends nnd the public for tbeii paliounga liiihcitn, wniikl now to licit the continuance of il, promising Ids best edi tions lo give rnlirc sutisfaclinii. I Jlm tinRton,Maj21, IRiJO. Elegant and new Patterns, Swnrils, Epaulelts, Sashes, Holla, and most kinds of of Military Goods, Plumes, Sockets, fee. nnd nil new nrliclcs, of Ibis summer's purchase enliroly. PANGBORN & lUUNSMAID. July 27. Review of JJurchardism. A HE VIEW OF "SERMONS. AD. DRESSES &c. &c. by Rev. Jedeili- ah Burehard " by Rev. Leonard Witliiug. Ion of Newbnrynnrl, with extracts from tlie Christian Examiner, nnil Iho Baptists in America, by the Rev. Drs. Cox and Hoby, for sale" by SMITH & HARRINGTON. July 29. Ladies' Shoe Store. npilE subscriber has just opened, next JL of.S'mllh Ilarrinnloii's Hook Store in College street, a Shoo Sloro, princi pally composed of Ladies'. Misses' and Chil drcn's Shoes of all kind nnd sizes. His nr- angeinonts ("recently nindo with an exton. sive houso in Now York) are such ns will cnalilo him to sell at prices which ho confi- ilcitiy believes will bo satislaclory lo nil who may bo disposed to extend to him their pat ronage. 1). A. BRA MAN. Bormngton, July 20, IH30. BROKE TTNTO tho enclosure of Iho subscriber .D. about the 12th mst. one Sorrel Horse and one bay Horse. the former having three white feet, both apparently about five year? old. The owner I rcniieslnd to prove properly, pay charges and lake them away. E-BON SANFORD. WMUton, July 27, 103G. To Printers. THE subscriber wishing to engage in another branch of busines, oilers his Printing E-tabltshuienl, together with the building he now occupies, for Fale. Term, one half cish in hand, the balance in one, t .vo and three years. To any one desirous of establishing himself in business, t lie present i an opportunity such as rarely occurs. Further particulars will be given on application. II. B. STACY. Burlington, July 21, 1U3G Watches Gold and silver patent Levers, in single and double cases ; thick or thin Lcpinc Watches in silver cacs ; fine Lcpinn Watches in gold casus and jeweled, several beautiful patterns ; gold Watches, from 30 to 35; English and French v amies; urass cased watches; some fine jewelled " Horizontal" escapement Watche, warranted to go ns well as any levers, from 23 lo 30. Watches repaired at the variety fahup. Pamjiioiin & BniNs.iMm. July 12. R. Fitzgerald "5"S now opening (in addition to his present .5. e.xtcnsivo nssortinont ol Jewelry, &c.) a general assortment of Dry Goods t$ Groceries, consisting of almost every arliclo usually found in a Dry Cood bloro, which bo will sell at a small advanco for Cash. To savo a 'long newspaper talk' ho simply invites all lo call on him, when, ho trusts, he will be able, with tlicir assistance, o enumerate amonjr his cood. such articles as they aro desirous of purchas ing. Green Store, East side Church si,, ll'ain right's Iluildings. Burlington, July 13, 1B3C. Gw Clocks & Time Pieces. o nnvo uiiicK lor gG,50, 7, 0, 10 and 12 each ; some made nf brass and some of wood; snmo of them strike tho hour, some alarm, nnd some do both. Tliev nrc ennd Clocks for lit- iimniriminrminnrmnnniiimrr 1 '"iiuv. urass anu -ILTN . 1, . , LUilUlUllUiUllUtli.lilUliUIIIllllil. . ,,,! I. , 1 i',niun vioui ciennco and repaired nt the Variety Shop. I'ANOiinn.v & Bkinsmaii). July 12. Dr. B. J. Iieineberg EbPhU I r U I.I. Y tntorm the inliab Pauls of Burlinglnn nud Vicinity that he has opened nn Apothecary bhop Church-street, two doors south of the Bank of Burlington, where, under thu care of a regular and experienced Gorman A polhccary (whom Dr. II. has lately ongag ed) Doctors' proscriptions will bo attended to nt all hours ; nud where simple nnd compound medicines may bo bad in all po siblc vurietics. In addition to this, Dr. 11 has also on hand n choice selection of per fumeries, which lie will sell at reasonable prices. Itu'i l'm s Inn. Jultj G. 1J13G. Utility. rjM HE public arc hereby informed that tho subscriber lias invented certain new and useful machinery for manufnetur ing starch from potatoes, and has applied lor a paicui lo secure ins right to the same; and that ho is making said machinery nl ins suop in auriL-o, in inu siniu ni Vermont The object of said michinery is inorucflec tnally to separate the small stones nnd "ravel from the potatoes in I he process of washing and in theproccssnf grinding, to reduce tho potatoes lo a more perlect pulp, bv which a larger quantity of March will bo ubtaiticd than by the usuaimcthod. Starch manufacturers arc invited lo call and see SYEVANUS UICIIAIIDSON. Jerico, June. 30. 1H3G. Fancy Goods. The subscribers aro receiving continually from New York, tho most desir able patterns of every arliclo in the Fancy Dry Goods line, which makes their slock ut nil limes ono of the bctt lo bo found. We arc now opening one tnso consist ing of Silk, Sewing Silk, Chally and lllond Gauze Ilankerchicfs and Scarfs, Glove. Hosiery, rich embroidered belts, bilk und chally Aprons &c. liATituci' & Potwin. July I. 4n I Cotton Goods. If) 1,AI'''S Lawrence, Chicopce. Cabol lyj nnd Red River Coltnn ; ! balehe,i vy stout Sheetings 000 Ibj. Cotton Yarn, 5 lo IOby Lr.Mur.t July 22. 1B3G. Ct'HTIS & Co. Commissioners Notice. E Iho suliscribers.having been appointed by thn llnnornblo Iho Pmbnta Court lnr Iho District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, nxamino and adiusl Iho Rlniinp nnd demands of all persons, aeainsl tlio cstato of ,M.Vi:s SUJTOS,", Into of Si. Goorgo in said District, deceased, represented Insolvent, nnd also ali claims and deinnmls exhibited in oll'sel ihcrelo; nud six months from llin dny oflho ilalo lhercof,bcing allowed by said Court fur thai purpose, wo do thcrcforchereby givo notice that wo will attend to tho business nf our appointment, nt lliu dwelling oftho widow of suid deceased in .S't. Goorgn'in said District, on tho second Mon days of September and December next, nt II) o'clock, A.M.. on each of said days. uatoii llnsyjih day nl June, A, I). 1G3G. JOHN VAN SICK'LI.V,Ju. ) LEVI CO.MSTOCK, S Com'rs ISAAC IllOBEi:, ) Dust, Flics and Music. ON Monday tho 18th imt, we received an additional assortment of thai most de lightful toned instrument, the Aecordeon, of rench manufacture, which nrc far the best in use. Also, somo Oust JlruMics, and teal her Dusters, and very flno I'lumo Feathers con- slant additions making lo tho assortment at the Variety Shop. l'AMiUOKN& BRLVSMAID. July 20. 00 Spanisli Leeches of a late importation, by J. iV. J. 11. PECK 5i UU. July G. Carpet ings. j BALES Ingrnin Carpetings jusl re ' cclvcd and which, with our former lock, makes altogether the besl nsorttncnt ever offered in this market. A leo, Vene tian and Stair Carpetings, by Eumuei. Curms V Co. Jolv 22, 1030. Lemuel Curtis & Co. are now receiving a largo stock ol French worked Capes and Collars, from to 2 to $10 each ; rich embroidered Scarfs ; 3 to (1 4 super silk muslin and sewing silk Ildks; gauze ami satin nnd lustring Ribbons ; G to 12-1 merino and Thibet Shawl ; linen Sheet ings, birds eye Diapers, &c &c. Burlington, July 22, liiuo. Canada Money Hon ht by J. &. J. II. PECK, and CO. Tunc 21. jLyman & Cole, Will pay cash for fleece Wool in clean merchantable order, delivered at their store in Burlington. Julv I. Leeches this day received and for sale at a small advance, a quantity ofSpanisli Leeches, fresh from . Gibralter, in fine heallli and vigor, bv ROBERT MOODY. June 20, 1G3G. Butler's Effervescent Pilagne- sian Aperient lor Dyspepsia or ltidi"es lion, and highly valued as a mild and cool ing purgative, for sale by June 20, 1G3G. The Genuine Swaiins Pana cea; also Itowands, nnd Green's celebrated. Tonic Mixture for Fever nnd Ague, this day received, and for sale at the Drug Store curncr of church si. nnd iho squ ire. ROHERT MOODY. June 23, 183G. Paints Sc Dye Stuils, Linseed nnd Pure, summer nnd winter strained Sperm Oil, j list received and for sale low by R. MOODY. ' Burlington, 25th June. 1 030. fTnllE Fiib-crilier will nt nil times pay -IL Cash fur M'atl delivered at their Store on tho Old Wharf FO L " E TT k ERA D L E TS. Burlington, June IS, I03G. sfi ASH will at all limes be paid for wool delivered nt their store head of Pearl street and at their store Sou'h Hero II. IIYDH i- Co Burlington. Juno 15, I33G. 0 hltds. proof, pure Boston Rum, for sale on coiis'ie-iimf nl, at Boston prices, by Foi.i.ut r iV Bu.uii.F.i s. June 24, IS3G. Cm EN TE RT A I N ME i T. feTHl'j subscriber resprclfully informs his Iriends nnd the public that he has taken the houso on the rornor of Church and College streets-, formerly occupied by S- Wninwricht, and will use his best en deavors to render it acceptable ns well lo ino traveller and man ol business, as to those who want board in n central and business part nf tho town. The outbuild tugs connected uiuiini.s establishment are well nrtnnged,nnd in good repair nnd the undersigned hopes, by prompt nnd unre. milted personal attentiuu, to secure to u the ntiiouitt of patronage which its location ought tn command. Connected with this establishment the subscriber will nlso keep a choice selection ol lirocerics I ens. Sugars, Spices, Fish Fruit, Confectionary, vVc which will hi hold at tlio lowest pries. Jr.llF.MlAII POTTIMl. Burlington, May 27, 11130. n. II, All pei sum li.iv mi; inerlllfil nrennnts with lhosuh.-ciihcr, conncried uhh hi fnnncr bn eiiiifK. nru e.unesily icipii'.li'il In rail and iidjnsi llie saniu uiilioni delay. Short settlements inaKc lull fiicnils, uj I'ooi Iticliaiil sajj. J, P. m ii fait liiil-L 27th .Tilly, 1836. CYTMP.S 12 dozen Harris', March's) Wails, M.nble'ri nnd L'niL'lass' e-rnss Seylhus, received and fur nalo by (ho Dozcil or tho Hardware Store. Also, n few dozen oftho Scglialicnk grain Cradle, by nollCUT MOODY. Mnnnilla Alatls. A D"z Manuilln Mutts, of every siz'! ami color by I.t:.MUr.t. Cuiitis Si C. July 22, 1 1530. liirch &, Maple Isuinher. QUANTITY nl Birch and soli Mopl.i "feA .1 mrli Scan' ling wntiled now, nnd will colli rnrl for -1000 feel to be delivered by the 20th September, n pari cash paid; 3 by 3 1-2 stull'alwny wanted to exchange for work. Also wanted, a boy 1 7 year old as on apprentice- to Hie cabinet making lit) sines , n sxnint Imy will liml a eond chance if nnplind for soon. No oilier wanted. Furniture Ware Uooius near the Court House. AUI10TT& PANGHOItN. Ihtrlington, JuncS", I!I3G. LOOK TO IT. ripiIH subscribers mutf and will Uava JL their nccounls settled without delays Those wlio call soon will snveeost. D. W. 1NOHIISOLL & Co. Burlington, JiilyJM, 133G WANTED ffiMM HDIATI1LY by the stibs-criber. Oof -Jl 10. Jotirnuymcn Masons, at Stone and Brick laying, to whom Cash and n lair price will be naid. SAMUP.Ii ItEKD. Burlinglnn, July I i, 1!13G. The Sick Man's Friend. Morison's Pills, Orllio real genuine I lygi iinUniversal Me dicitie of Iho British College of Health, in packages of 1 , 2, or 3 dollars, can be ob tained in this town, only of the regularly appointed Agent. As you value " health, which is life," see thn' you get the genuine; Pills; Ihey are signed S fl.ige at present, (but will soon bo sinned II. Filch) State Agent, and A. Bruifinaid, sub agent for Burlington, Vt. all others are base coun terfeits. For tlie convenience of tlie pub lic, they will bo, with the Powders and n Ilvgeian Book, kept at the Variety Shop. A. BRINSM AID. Agent for Burlington, Vt. July, G, 133G. To the Farmers. WD have this summer, opened the best assortment of Block Tin nnd Brittan ia Wnre wo have ever offered in the Varin ly Shop, much better than we bad during the winter nnd spring. Wo have Ten Pots, of good quality nnd finish, and lower prices thnn ever before ; also plain and figured, very heavy and of fine quality. Wu have several different kind of Tumblers, and Cups with handles ; Pitchers nf different izcs : !! sizes ot Svranges ; Spoons, extra fine tea and cofioe 1'o's, lather Boxes, to bacco Boxes, soup Ijidle. castor Stands, all made of Ilri'tairn. Wc invito farmers nnd all others wi-htng such nrliclcs, to ex. amine Ihem at thr Variety Simp. P..r:uuiiN & BlUNf MAID. July G. Hardware & Saddlery. S'gn rX tho PAD LOCK, rornor of Church street ami the Square, late 7W Abboti. The subscriber i now receiving from New York (at tlio old stand nf Wood nnd Abboti) tlio lar gest and best assort ment of Hardwire and Saddlery ever offered lo the public in thi place, which be i determined to sell at a small advanco from cost, for cash ur ap proved credit. ROBERT MOODY. Eurliiigton June 20, lf!3G. Groceries. 45 CIIKSTS liysou, hyson skin, yntmg liVsoo. souchong nnd pencilling Tea. 23 kegs and boxes plug nnd cavendish To haeeo. 10 bblsiind kegs Knisin.. 30 boxe. bunch nnd bloom Rai-in. G lihd Molasses 10 ca-k lump and loaf .Sugars. ,ri lilid. h'ow n Sugar. 3 tierces and 5 bb's Rire Ij In-Xt s bar soap. 12 boxes Poland siarcll o boxe lemon 6'yrup. 15 bags Cnfl'-e, P ineniii nnd Pepner. G boxe- Mn-tnrd. 10 boxiw Pipe'. 0 keg pore Ginger. 20 bales Cnsia. Nu'ini'i;--, Bud, dried Cm rants. Herring, Cloves, .Salenilt. Cigus, iSic. ite. at wholesale or retail nl lowest prices by 7'. & IV. L. STROPS U. June 15, 1 1130. ;")() barrels Mess Pork For sale by FOl.r.ETT fc miADLEYS. June 21, II13G. Cm Ironmongery. NVII.S, Vices, cast iron Plough, hoi .a. low Ware, waggon cart and carriage Boxes, pot n-h and caldron Kettles, null Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire, Stove, null Saws, cros cut d i. Shovels, Spade., Hoc, Scythes, Iron, Noils, Steel Sic. dc. just received by T. F. l IF. E. STROXG. June IG. li;3G. New oods AT Till: (JI.ASP-FACTOKY STORE. JANKS. SMITH st CO, have just re ceived from New York a largo slock of gooiN, nompi img a genernl assortment of DRYGUODS. (1ROCERIES, CHOCK. EJIY. HARDWARE. PROF1SIOXS. Sr which I hoy oiler nl u unnll ndvnncu for cah or country produce. Farmers who wieh lo cxchnngi! their pnuluco for goods, will do well to give u n call, ('ash paid for Butler. Cheeie nnd Kgg, WM- A. BUKNinT, .'lt-cc. Mhv ia. Ho o-

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