Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 12, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 12, 1836 Page 3
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Monslrout Failure It is with feelings of Ilia deepest regret t tint we have this day to announce to the public obrnad, in occur ilanco with n nntico which will lie founil in our advertishg coliimng, thj failure anil bankruptcy nf Mr. Benjamin Ralliburn, of this city. Prom the prominent situation which this individual has for many years occupied in this community, the tremendous afflicting and oppnllinrr denotement ol his operation?, taken in conjunction with oil the attendant circiimstnncosjias ration upon US with no ordinary degree of surprise. With lih immediate situation lew ol our citizens had any Intimate knowledge ; but the facility of his arrangement and the magnitude of his operations, have long been subjects of wonder nnrl inquiry, nnd we might add, a measure of distrust until nt length lie hns been obliged to nssitrn hi cfitfctB, and yield to others the settlement r ..Hnf . ..I.!l. !. I or a vasi csiaic, which, it appears lie was altogether unable, as well ne unworthy to manage. We have it from good authority,! mat mo omouni ol ins estate n large pro liabty about two millions with an indeht cdncss nearly to the fame amount: but from the short time that has transpired sinci ins assignment, we nave not neon aula learn correctly the ntmuntof oilhcroftl items. We are however happy to k. nnd can assure the public williout nnj ofmislcadjng them that the actual li t!ei ofour citizens, on Mr. Itnthbun's count, aro much less than lias been anti patcd by the holders of his paper, nnd thai no permanently disastrous consequences will result to our city and its prosperity, from this untoward event. It is, however, with feelings of deep in 3ignation. as well ob pain and regret, that we have also to slate xUalnrgeriis to the nmount of upwards of n million of dollars, appear to have been uttered by this infatu ated man, and from tho proceeds of whicl lie has thus far 'jeen enabled to keep along hii extensive operations. The whole ex. tent of hi forgeries we have not yet beoi able to learn. They may bo even large than the sum wis have named, and scattci cd all over the country. Tho cnormou nnd ruinous shaves to which ho has submit ted in polling (his paper, and the quanta of it in market, with the names ofour mot noted, substantial, and cautious biisince men upon it, nnd of the nmount. of wbio our citizens have only lately been apprise arc not amnnn- the lual surprising tua! ters connected with this extraordinary affair. Mr. Rnthbun, and his brother, Lyman Rathbun who is supposed to be deeply connected with him in this depravity are jiow in closo confinement for further exam iuatinn; and we shall in duo time bo enn "bled to lay before the public all the partic ulars connected with this deplorable event. Buffalo Journal. TlIEWAY IT WA3 DONE. TIlC NcW York Journal of Commerce explains the man ner in which Mr. Rathbun, was cnnbled to forgo the names of his wealthy friends ns endorsers to his paper, without detection. The Journal says: "Mr. Rathbun, wc understand, repre sented tho whole amount of his debts nt a million and n half of dollars, and on more than a million of his paper he acknowledged 1 lint he had forged the names of his rich neighbors. On a particular occasion ho procured L. F. Allen and eleven others to endoree three of his notes for 5000 dollars each. Tho transaction was generally known in Buffalo. These notes with the endorsement thereon, he multiplied at his pleasure, and the forgeries passed unsus pected, ns whenever a forged note was mentioned, it was taken for the well known and genuine notes. This forged paper wns Bold in Wall ktrcct, in Canada, nnd wherever a market could bo found for it. Speculation inDetiioit. A man who hos a lease for an apnle stand al the com er of n street, and whose whole stock in trade is not worth fifteen dollars, being required to remove, asks $3000 (or his lease! An Appeal lo the licncvolcnl on behalf of the Destitute in Canaan. A LomniiilHo lias been formed in Montreal, consisting of five ministers of the Gospel, and six lav- men, to take the nccosenrv steps for pro viding a place of instruction nnd wnn-hip for Seamen and Emigrants, called the Union Building of Canada. Thai Committee has published the out line of the plan, and chosen Mr Jamus CounT, for their Treasurer., into whose hands upwards of eight hundred dollars have been paid, towards said building, am nt tho same meeting, the Rev. T. Osgood wos chosen Secretary, nnd is requested in travel to make nn appeal to the benevolent in the United btates, on ucliall ol this ob ject. Likewise the -Canada Sunday School Union have requested Mr. Osgood to solicit aid in books nnd money, for their Institu tion, be may bo seen by the following ex tract: The Canada Sunday School Union do hereby recommend Rev. T. O'Goon, to the confidenceand benevolence of the Churches in the United Slates, in any efforts ho may make there to advance the cause of ban bath Schools in this province. By order of the Executive Committee, James CounT, Treasurer. D. Clarv, Secretary. Montreal, July 28, 1030. The Rev. Mr. Kellng of Jorico. tho Rev Mr. Hurlbert of Williston, the Rev. Mr, Converse of Burlington and Mr. E. Mills, of the Post-Office in Burlington, have kind y consented to receive donations for !he abovo named object. Thanks returned to Mrs. Catiin from Now York and other kind friends who have contributed in Burlington to aid this object. Thai others may do likewiscis the prayer of the public s humble servant. T. OSGOOD Burlington, August 3, 1B3G. IUARKIEI). In this lown on llie let inal. by llie Uev. Mr, I.lnle. mr. Roberl K. Marks lo Miss Margaret lluili 11) llie same nn Thursday evening llie 6ih init. V. Ilnrk nf I'Lillthureli. to Miss Eliza belli II. Hennan. Ily llie same on Wcdneiclay evening llie 0ib inst. Nr Albert Cooly 13 Miss M ria Ann Vnn Hirklm. In Darre, on the 25ib ult. by J. Ripley etq. Mr Joaiab H. Rood of Lnpier, Mich, to iiiea Susan M. raddock, daughter of Dr. It. Paddock. DIED. In Mnnlpclicr on the 3d inst.afier n long ille, Timothy .Merrill, ciq. Secrcinry ofState, nged oo. Concert of Vocal Music (SEATS FREE TO ALL.) IN compliance with the expressed wishes of many persons, the Choir, who per funned the Mimic on Commencement Day. will given PUBLIC CONCERT THIS EVENING (Friday) nt 7 o'clock, in the White Church. The most admired pieces of the recent occision will be repented nnd other eotect piecoi performed. A Tew pieces will he performed exclusively by the Juvenile Class, lately under Mr Pmuty's instruction. A shnrtaddross may be ex peeled on the subject. Instead of tickets tifadiiii-sion, a cidl cc lion will bu taken, ami the Concert will be open and free to all who may he pleased to attend. Augujt 12. niiii.nuin an an old eel-skin, you mere outside of a manl' and ha accompanied the umrrlj ...ill. n l.rt.f.. -I . I. .1 f .1 words with a hearty slap on tho shoulder. ucorgo f ortescuo was leaning carelessly over t he side of tho yacht, laughing the loudest of any, at the conversation which had been carried on. The sudden manual salutation of his brother in law threw him off his balance, and in a moment he was overboard. They heard the heavy splash of his fall, before they could bo said to have seen him fall. Tho yacht was proceeding swiftly along bat it was instantly stopped. Tho utmost consternation now prevailed. It wis nearly dark, but Fortcscue was known to be an excellent swimmer, and, Startling as the accident wa9, they felt cer tajlie he would regain the vessel. They caBld not 6ee him. They listened. They beird the sound of his hands and feet. They hailed him. An answer was return edirout in a fhint gurgling voice, nnd the exclamation 'Oh God!' struck upon their er. In an instant, two or three, who no were expert swimmers, plunged into the Threr, and swam towards the spot whence tho exclamation had proceeded. One of them was within an arm's length of Fortes cue he saw him ho wns struggling and buffeting tho water; before ho could be reached he wont down, and his distracted friend beheld the eddying circles of the jivo just over tho spot whore he had tun It. Hi; dived after him, and touched the bottom but the tide must have drifted the body onwards, for it could not be found ! They proceeded to one of the nearest s'.a tions where drags were kept, and, having 10 procured i no necessary apparatus, thev re w.iciicaH 's x'uietit vun'miu. nU Oil for Painting. A perfect substitute for Linseed Oil for all kinds of Painting, is offered lo the public by tho subscribers with the fullest assurance of ils utility. It is now about eight years sinco was urouglil lo its present stalo ol pence- lion, and during that has been extensively scd A: tested in every way xwhich Linseed Oil used Tor panitinir. Tor inside and outside house painting, on brick and on wood, and for coaches, signs, boats Sic. As for spread ing and drying for inside work it is not sur passed, and for body, and durability in situa tions exposed lo the sun and weather, il is warranted far suporior lo tho best Linseed Oil and being light colored renders it prefer. able for while and all othcrdclicalo colors. Ono of tho first painting establishments in Ibis city ofniore than twenty yoars standing say in llicir cortilicato " Having used Med. calf's Patent Paint Oil do certify that more surface and belter painting can bo dono per gallon, than when mixed with pure Linseed Oil. This oil forms a combining substance. when mixed with puro Leads that does not decompose nnd rub ofTby exposure lo tho sun, and by experience oftwo years, we aro war. ranted in saying that painting done with this oil, will stand tho weather much longer, and remain unimpaired, when painting done in tho usual way will not, and for oil cloths, we think il surpasses every thing tlint wo over used. John I. t assetl lias purchased the right to niako and vend Iho "Patent Compound Oil" in tho following Slates, viz : Pennsylvania, New Ynik, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connec ticut, New Jersey, South Curolina, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, and cautions all persons, against any infringement, as every offence will bo met with rigorous prosecution. Tho pi ice of tho "l'alcnt Oil" will bo ono quarter lcs than Linseed Oil. It is warranted and sold wholesale and retail by KASSK'I' l', SKLUliN & Uo. Dealers in Paints, Oils, Varnish, &c. 201 River street Troy N. Y. August 5, 18J0. Harvard University. rTlIIE Medical Lectures in Hnrvnrd U. A niversity will begin nt the Mnssachu setts Medical College in Mason si. Boston, tho firt Wednesday in November next, at 1.1 before 9, A M. and will continue three month''. For ono month after the end of ho course, lectures will he delivered in the College, and the Dissecting Room will be open tosncli students as may remain, with out additional tec. ouch students may also uttcml the I'racttcc ot llie iUassacIni setts General Hospital. Anatomy nnd Operations in Suigery, - . Dr. Wan en. Hiemistry, ... ur. Webber. Mnlerin "Meilicn, Dr. Digelow. Miiliviferv unit .Medical Juris prudence, .... Dr. Channing. l-ii nci pies ol aurgcry unit Clin ical Surgery, ... Dr. Hayward. 1 iicoiynml l racliceol riiiric, Ur. Waie. inimical Lectures will be delivered ns usual on tho cases in tin) Massachusetts General Hospital, JVfifr DISSECTING ROOM. A now Dissecting Room is now buildinff. and will bo finished before- the Lectures begin. Il will occupy nil the vncant land east of tho Medical College. Every care is taking lo make tins important part of the medical school as perfect as possible, so that it may furnish lo tho student ample inciutics ior prosecuting ins Anatomica studios. I ho legal enactments of tho 6tntc, so liberally and so wisely framed will be faithfully and thoroughly applied to tne accomplishment ot their important ob jeets. WALTER CHANNING, Dean. Boston, July, 11530. NOTICE. A CAMP meeting will bo held in Chazy cuiniiiuiiciiig nugusi sain. Also ono at Port Kent one mile from iho landing C- . , -. 1 .1 r " oepieinuer am. miuuiur lour nines Irom the center ol 1-airfield commencing Sept 12th. Each ot the abovo meetings will commence on Monday and Close on Fri day or Iho Fame week. J. C. OAKLY, Presiding Elder. sle Alfred Day's Estnto. To the II m. the Prolate Court fur the Dht. of Chittenden, comet the tubtcribr administrator of the Ettate of Alfred Day late of Burlington in taiil District defeat ed, and represents that the personal estate of the said deceased will not be suflicitnl to pty the debit thereof and hereby makes application to said Court, fur li cence to sill real estate fir that purpnte, Ifm. I!. MVNSON. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Am Probate Dhtrht of Chittenden, st. s Court hnl den nt WilliMon. in said District, on the l--t Monday of August A. D. lO.'IO. It is ordered that nn nccnunt bo tnken of the debts and also, tho proceeds of the personal estate of said deceased, nnd that t lie heirs ., ml all persons concerned in said estate ano notified in nppenr before said Court on c first Monday of September next nt tcP ley's Inn in Williston, aforesaid, to , "? bond for the payment of debts, and hedi,. cans0 why license as aforesaid shall a Bar bo granted, and that such nntico he phrc,n j,y publishing the above application 7u"ec weeks successively, os soon ns may lor in the Free Pros a newspnpnr printed cSt Burlington, in snid District. Given under my hand, the day and year ln rst above written, ea. G. B. MANSER, Register. vadec hand ELOPEMENT. lros8y-jIEREA5 Adeline, my wife, has loft lnf 'V my bed and board, without any just occ'ovncation, this is therefore to forbid nil co,,reoni hnrboring or trusting her on my 100 count ns I will pay no debts of her con tacting after this date. " LEWIS ROCK. Burlington. August U. 103G. STRAYED. FROM the subscriber about the 20th inst. a dark brown, line back cow, holes through the tips of her horn", in vorv fino order fHntl very forward with calf. Whoever will goeturn her or givo information whero she aSiiav be found, shall be liberally rewarded, c! ' W. L. STRONG. g' Burlington. July 28. 1030- f V n .n,l ol.n.l eitlr n n A nnltnnj .Inn cl I A Lacings; Silk and Cotton Boot La. cings, rnieiu ami common Elastics, none nd Ivory LyletR or coret rings, narrow Whalcbnnes, Bras Wooden Steel nnd Whalebone Busks or corset Boards, India rubber Suspenders, Vest Springs &c. at the Variety Simp I'ANGnnn.N oi UniNSMAin. August ll. NOTICE. persons having demands ncninst A LL Jr. the subscriber will please present them for payment by the 15th August. All those indebted will of course take the hint. HARVEY DURKEE. Burlington, JulyM, I03G. Elcxiv Vegetal Balsamiqiie. N. IT. DOWN'S VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR, Yot Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Catarrh, Croup. Asthma, Whooping Cough, and all oilier diseases of iho head, ohosl and lungs. Pam,ihlcls containing a history ol the med. icinc a sketch ol tho riiscasos lor.wuicn it is recommended certificates from unques tionable sources ample directions, and much other important information accompanying each bottle may bo bad ofany of thn Agen cies, gratis. J. CURTIS, Druggist, St." Al bans, Vt. wholcsalo Agent and joint proprie tor. Tho following are especially appointed retail Agents. Burlinslon Lalhrop & Potwin, Janes, Smith & Co. IlinesburghA. S. Si. D. G. Wcllor. Milton Wellington, Whitney ii Co., Clark, Boardman & Co. Charlotte Samuel II. Barnes, and most other respcctablo Druggists, ic. in the cnun- "y- . . ... .. ILT J his may cerlily that my wile, ftlary Green, had been deaf in ono car 27 years, oc. casioncd by the mensles, for which sho in early lite used nianv remedies in vain. liut being of a com umntivo habit, was induced to take a bottle ol 'llev K.Il.lJowns Vogctablulialsnniic Elixir,' nnd lo her astonishment, beforo usin one bottle, her hearing was restored entirely expressing hcrscirUiankful thai she is able lo converse freely with her family and friends. And although much wasted Willi a t-cvcic cough, she has, by taking three bottles, been so tar restored as to be uuio tonucno lo nei uo mestic duties. JOB GREEN. Si. Albans, July 12. 133G. If Lyman & Cole, TTAVE received their Summer Goods, JLJL compris-ing n very cxlnnsivo nsort mcnt of cailicoes, n great variety of figure style and fabric from 12 tn 02 els per yard; cambrics, plain, chocK- nnd plaid; mull and swisa miMins ; eros bar d plaid and birds eve do. gingham', checks, plaids &c. hns lory, embroidered open work, nnd plain silk cotton do. ulovcs, silk, Kid, linen and Iter liu : Suspenders, India rubber, web and knit ; n general assortment of Silks inchi ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black gro do Swiss, gro de Rhino nnd other silks: rich lig il nl m; black do. belt ribbons to match; rich col'd grn do Naples, plain, fig'd nnd plaid: mix d silk (Jamulcts and rongee: bluo black and printed Shnllys vorv rich blnck green nnd brown French Bombazine Tnffeta gnrniiurc, nnd cap ribbons; linen sheeting -1-1 to 10.4 wide; Irish linen brown mid black linen; table spreads, blchd and brown; birdscvcnapkins linen damask Russia Diaper and crash; Hamilton stripe mixture and rouen Cassimere; bed tick doublo and single width ; cotton drilling brown and bleach'd -, cotton sheeting and shirting do. carpeting, llnor cloths and flan neis; Knitting cotton nnd thread. Gentlemen will find a great variety of summer Uutlis, including black, brown nnd several shades of green Brochelln rrincettn, Lmmincttc, London summer cloths, &c. white nnd brown linen drilling Broadcloths, black, blue, green and fancy colors: checkd. nlaid and tnncv 6lrincd do, Heavy black and blue black silk velvet for vesting; white Mersails, fancy do. fig d silk nnu oincr vesting. Pedlars will find a large assortment of law pric u caiucos; spool, skein nnu pound thread. Ono entire case of coat, vest ond pantaloon buttons. Hooks nnd eyes, sits ponders &c. Elegant and new Patterns, Swords. Epaulette, Sashes, Bells, and mot kinds nfof Military Goods, Plumas, Sockets, Sic. nnd nil new articles, of thii summer's purchase entirely. PANG1IOIIN k BIIINSMAID. July 27. Review of J3urchnrdistn. A. REVIEW OF "SERMONS. AD DRESSES &c. &e. bv Rev. Jededi- nb Durchnrd " by Rev. Leonnrd Wilding, ton of Nnuburynort, with extracts from the Chri-tian Examiner, nnd tho Baptists in America, by tho Rev. Drs. Cox and Iloby, for sale" by SMITH & HARRINGTON. July 29 Ladies' Shoe Store. THE subscriber has just opened, next doorcast of Hinilli i Harrington's Hook Sloro in College street, a Shoo Storo, princi pally composed of Ladies', Misses' and Chil dren's Shoos of all kinds and sizes. His ar rangements (recently mado with an exlcn. sivo houso in Now York) arc such as will cnnblo lit m to sell at prices which ho confi dently believes will bo satisfactory to all who mn Uo disposed lo extend to him their pat ronage. 1). A. BRA MAN. Buhmnoton, July 20, 1030. BROKE INTO tho enclosure of the subscriber nbont tho 12th inst. ono Sorrel Horse nnd one bay Horse. the- former having three white feet, both apparently about five years old. Tho owner 13 requested to prove properly, pay charees nnd Inko them away. j;.liOIN SAIf URD. Willislon, .Tidy 27, 1C3C. To Printers. rilHE subscriber wishing to engage in JL another branch of business, offers his Printing Establishment, togelhcr with the building he now occupies, for sale. Term, one half cash in hand, the balance in one, two and Ihrcu years. To any one desirous ol establishing himself in business, the present i-- an opportunity such as rnroly occurs. Further particulars will bo given on application. II. B. STACY. Burlington, July 21, 11)30. Watches Gold nnd silver patent Levers, in single nnd double cases ; thick or thin Lepiuo Watches in silver cases ; fine Lepino Watches in gold cni and iewclod. several beautilul patterns ; gold Watches, Irom 30 tn 35; English nnd French watches: brass cased wniclics; some fine jewelled "Horizontal" escnpemnnl Watches, warranted to go ns well ns nnv levers, from 25 In 30. Watches rcpuircd at the Variety Shup Pangporn & Brinsm AIM. July 12. R. Fitzgerald S now opening (in addition to his present extensive assortment of Jewelry, Sic.) a general assortment of Dry (joocIs y Groceries, consisting of almost every articlo usually found in a Dry Good Store, which he will sell at a small advanco for Cash, To savo a 'long newspaper talk' ho simply invites all to call on him, when, he trusts, he will bo able, with their assistance, lo enumerate among his goods, such articles as they arc desirous of purchas ing. Green Store, East side Church si., train. rizht's Buildings. Burlington, July 13, 1C3C. Cw Clocks & Time Pieces. Wo hove Clocks for gG,50, 7, 0, 10 and c!o each ; some made nf brass and sonic of wood; some of them strike Iho hour, sonic alarm, and some do both. They nrc good (Jlocks lor lit lie money. Brns nnd wooden Clocks cleaned and repaired nt the Vnriety Shop, 1 ANnnons w Br.iNSMAin. July 12. Dr. B. J. Heineberg T ESPECTFULLY informs the inlinb- Xj Hants of Burlington and Vicinity that lie lias opened nn Apothecary chop in Church-street, two doors south of the Bank of Burlington, where, under tho care of n regular and experienced German A. pnlhccary (whom Dr. II. has lately cngag ed) Doctors' prescriptions will be attended to nl nil hours; nnd where simple nnd compound medicines may be had in nil piw sible varieties. In addition to this, Dr. II has also on hand n choice select ion of per fumeries, which he will sell nt reasonable prices. Darlington, July G. 103fi. Utility. rri HE public nrc hereby informed that JL tho subscriber has invented certain new and useful machinery for manufactur ing starch from pniatoes. and has applied for n patent to secure Ins right to the same nnd that he is making said machinery at his shop in Jerico, in tho state of Vermont The obiect of said michinerv is morecffdC tuallv to separate tho small stones nnd gravel from the potatoes in tho processor washing nnd in the process ol grinding, to reduce the potatoes to a more perfect pulp, hi? which a larjrer nuantitv of stnrch will be obtained than bv the usual method. Starch manufacturers aro invited to call ond see, SYLVANUS RICUAlUJSUiS. Jerico, June 30, 1030. Fancy Goods. The subscribers arc receiving mntiniinllv from New York. Iho mo.-t desir able nattcms of every articlo in Iho Fancy floods line, which makes their slock at all limes one of tho best to bo found. Wc arc now opening ono case consisting r,f Sill; Sowinf? Silk, Chally and Blond finiize Ilankcrchicfs and Scarfs, Gloves Hosiery, ricli embroidered bells, silk and chally Aprons oic, Latiirop & Potwin. July I. NOTICE. rjnilE Selectmen of tho Town of Bur JL ton, will iiipet nt the Town Room of said town, nil 10th August, inslani, at one o'clock, P. M. fur the purpose of hearing appcnls from any persons who feel them selves aggrieved by the assessment ol the Listers of said Biirhnginn. KAML'Br. NlCHO,.,, 1S , Wm. A. .n.Mvou., IIl-.MAN LoWIlV. ) Burlington, Aiignd?, 1030. Pliiio Perkins' Estutc. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 Dhtrht if Chillcndtn, si. S At a Probate Court holdeti at Williston, within nnd for Iho District aforesaid, on Iho first day of August A. 1). I03G. an Instrument purporting tn ho the Inst Will and Testament of Pliila I'crtiins, Into of Shclburn in said District, decras rd, was presented lo the Court here for Probate, by Philo Perkins junior, and Simeon W. Paine, the Executors therein nnmcd Therefore it is ordered by snid Court, that public notice bo given lo nil person interested therein, tn nppenr before snid Court at n session thereof, to ho holden nl Willcy'.s Inn in Willislon on Iho 1st Mon day nf September. A. I). 1030, ntul contest the probate nf said Will ; nnd il is Inrlher ordered that this order ho published three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed nt Burlington, in this Slate, Iho last nf which shall be previous to the da v assigned, ns nforcsaiu for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register'!" Office, this first day of August, A. I). IS30. GEO B. MANSER, Rcgider. Eliphalet Miner's Estate. STATE OF VERM ON P, ) District ij Chittenden, ss. The Honorable tho Probate Court within nnd for the District aforesaid, to all per sons concerned in the estate of Eliphalet Miner, late ol Williston in said district, deceased. WHEREAS Harry Miller, guardian to Mary Miner nnd Ellas R. Minor, minor duris of said Eliphalet Miner, has represented to this court, that his said wards are possessed of certain lands in Williston aforesaid, nnd that it would enn ducn for the interests of said wards to make sale of tho same, nnd has made application for license to sell : Therefore you are hereby notified that said application will bo considered nt n session of Probate Court to bo holden nt Willey's Inn, in Williston, on the first Monday of September next, nt which lime nnd place you can appear and object if yon see cause. And said applicant is ordered to publish the subject matter of his snid application in the Free Press, n newspaper printed nt Bur lington, two weeks successively as soon ns may he. Dono in Probate Office nl Williston this 1st day of August, A. D. 1II3G. Attest GEO. B. MANSER, Rcg'r. A true copy of record. Attest GEO. B. MANSER, Reg'r. Store for Sale or To Let. THE store now occupied by John Ah bolt for sale or to let. For further particulars inquire of L. uuiit ia &s uu. uiiurcii-st. Aug. 4. Carpctings. 7 BALES Ingrain Carpctings jul re ceived and which, with our lormcr stock, makes altogether the bent assortment ever offered in this market. Also, Vene tian nnd Stair Carpctings, by Lumuei. Curtis iS- Co. July 22, 1030. Lemuel Curtis &, Co. are now receiving n large slock of French worked Capes and Collars, from to 2 to 10 each ; rich embroidered Scarfs ; 3 to i! 4 super silk muslin and sewing hill; lldks ; gauze nnd satin and lustring Ribbons ; 0 In 12-4 merino and Thibet Shawl ; linen Sheet ing, birds eye Diapers, &c Sic, Burlington, July 22, 1030. Canada Money Bought by J. & J. II. PECK, and CO. Juno 24. Lyman & Cole, Vill pay cash for fleece Wool in clean merchantable order, delivered nl their store in Burlington. July I. Leeches this day received and for snle al a small advance, n quantity nf Spanish Leeches, frct-h from Gibralter, in fine health and vigor, bv ROBERT MOODY. Juno 20, 1830. Butler's Effervescent Magnc- sinn Apnricnl fur Dyspepsia nr Indiges lion, nnd highly valued as n mild nnd coul ing purgative, for sale bv ROBERT MOODY- Juno 20, 1030. Paints & Dye Stuffs, Linseed and Pure, summer nnd winter strained Sperm Oil, just received and fur ale low by R. MOODY. Burlington, 25lh June, 11530. tf'OOL. T" HE subscribers will nt nil lime? pay Cash fur Wool delivered nt their Sture on Iho Old Wharf FOU.ETTSi BRADLEYS. Burlington, June )f, 1 1130. WOOL. CASH will at all times be paid for wool delivered at their store head of Pearl street nnd al their store South Hero II. HYDE i- Co. Burlington. June 15, 1030. 50 hhds. proof, pure Boston Rum, I'orMiluon consignment, nt Button prices, by Foi.ixt r V June 2 1, 1030. fim Cotton Goods. jQ BALES Laurence, Chicopee. Cabol lyj and Red River Cottons ; 4 bnlos hea vy stout Sheetings ; 000 lb. Cotton Vurii, 5 to 10 by Lr.Mur.i, Limitis &. Co. July 22, 1030. jMannilla iMatls. A D iz Mnntillla Mall, nf every size nnd ' color by Lumuei. Curtis & C. July 22, 1(130. LCOK TO IT. rfllll! subscribers mint nnd mill bavii JL their nccnuiits settled without deljyi Thofe who rail soon will save cost. J). W. 1NGERSOLL Co. Burlington, July 21. 1030 WANTED TTMMED1ATELY by Hie subscriber. 0 of -H 10. Journeymen Masons, nt Sinuo and Brick laying, " In whom Cash and a fair price will ho raid. SAMUEL REED. Burlington. July 12, ll!3G. The Sick Alan's Friend. Morison's Pills, Or tho real genuine HygrianUoiversal Me dicine riftho BritHi College of Health, In packages of I, 2, or 3 dollars, can bo ob tained In this town, only ol' the regularly appointed Agent. As you value " health, which h life," see thn' you get the genuine Pills; thny are signed S. Gage nt present, (but will soon hn signed II. Ftlrhj Stale Agent, nnd A. BriiHinaid, sub agent lor Burlington, Vt. nil others are base coun terfeits'. For I he convenience of the pub lic, they will be, with the Powders and n Ilvgcian Book, kept at tin- Variniv Shop. A. BRINSMAID. Agent for Burlington, Vt. July, C, 1030. Hardware 8c Saddlery. Sign of the PAD LOCK, comer of Church 6trcct nnd the Square. Into Wood i Abbott. The subscriber is now receiving from New York (at the old stand of Wood and Abbott) the lar gest and best nssorl ineut of Hardware and Saddlery ever nfferi'd to tho public in this place, which he h determined to sell at a small nilvanco from cost, lor cash or ap proved credit. RUlSLRT MUUin . Burlington Junen, 1II3G. ;"0 barrels Mess Pork For sale bv FOLLETT fc BRADLEYS. June 24, 11130. Cm Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vice--, east iron Ploughs, hol low Wnre. waggon carl nnd rarnagc Boxes, pot n-h nnd caldron Kettles, mill Crank', bark Mills, iron Wire, Stnves.mill Saws, crns cut do. Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Scyihe-. 1 1 on, Nails, Steel &c. &c. just received bv ' T. F.Sf jr. L. STRONG. June 10 1030. Mew CrOOllS at Tim c;lass-i'actoky stork. JANES SMITH & CO. have ju-t re ceived IV. mi N. w York a largo Mock of i'ihmI-', enmnri.iiijr a general nrortnient of DR V GOODS. GROCERIES. CROCK ERY. HABDWARE. PROVISIONS, S;r which they offer nt n small nilvanco t'nr cavh or country produce. Fanners who whIi lo rxelinngo their produce fur goods, will do will In g'Ve us n call. Cash pud lnr liu'ter, Cheese- and Egg3. WM A. BURNETT,' Asenl. Mov 10. The Cheapest Cash Store. I. Alii. I nppn'iie b. I., MunaiiM, ami mm dour iinrih nf Lemuel Cui'li-i Sc Gi. nf llie I.ile fu nn i.f Ahlinti, Wood $ Cuiiipinv, and Wood f; Allium, 'h now leieninj linnl New VntU an clrii-iw; ns'orinient nf GOODS piiil.ilile fur llie fo.wm, ulncli lie offi-ip si t n hii, ill iiih.inre fiom the en-t ; iiinnn wliirli .ire sttpn mr M'trU, hlite, inlet nnd imirili1e (iieen lirn.i'liddilin; i I'.jti'd, i-t ip'd iindpl.iin (i..iim-ip, silK Vi-licl ; lil.udv t-.ilm, Qtiilniij siin Mei-.nU Velin, leiy mppiior ; n flinii-e eleeiiiii nf unixcd I.iim'ii ami I'nlliiii (iiioiU, for gentlemen: mid lmi' Hiiimier mmi, Iinti 1. men .iml l.iiun, linen Di.tppi; i.tlde Linen, .Mris.iiU ludtu spread- J e a-li linen .iii'l riillnn f.iiiii Je.m; jit-oncn ChhIh ir, ruined ?kiili; fiiininite Dun iv mid fiine HM nnd pl.iiii fr.iifj ; 311111, fi'ie pl.iid nnd plain j irnneii nmt Hook Muliii, fine liiif-n IlilUfrf. nnd Catnlii ic ; l-'ieirli .Miiidiiiii, il.iilt ami I13I11, plaid, llil fanrv, rieneli, lau. and Amci lean I't iirs ; da rU nnd I ihi finnillil'' rmitii, t'lcni-li and Aineiiraii; plaid and n ipe (iinyli 1111; IdrarliM mid hum n threlin: and ttliiilin. : Pnnscps, fine l-'mirli 11111I Lii' llumlii'; silk Vi lvi'i -. I1t.11 li innl while nll HoHcry and (1 lutes, fine count, uinMcd, met inn nnd linni "cult.', ladies' .111 1 cliildieni.' Ilniri nnd (iline; al.-il.l I. use h.mii lint lit nf vein's .in , I., Jies" lini si nnd gn:il .Uiu (il.ites, Ladies nut nn?Frs Judi.i KiiIiIipi ApieiH nf snpciii.r mip nml cpi iluy ; nil; ami I 'mull loli.i m, i-ii 1 line palm, liurd mid IkmiiuI siiiiiiiipi' llitiii; ladies dmu nml m inilla "iiis leecii ; Unilai'lla., I'.ii.k.iI.-; uiiii) Unpad mid lilond IMsiiij'. l.ari';(linlli and lii.pnin;: njiuo and fiM I'ih'siph: ll.111d.111n.1-and fancy silk IMkf. finey, plaid and Italian silk Ci.uatuj sPHin; ilk, ill ill), Tibet and iili.iuN ; a mil a.-.-.iilinoiu nf senium, plaid and faniT silk llill.l". ; nNii a 111. rieiy of l nnrh noikid lace nml inii-lin : gieen, lilark ami liiic hluiid s iiip Vale, j Silks; lilk. Uinde li.ilian mid I'tui i-nline j col'il I'loienre: lilai k, liliie, gi pen, pin p!i, pi ijj unit elaiel (iio da Maples ; Mark, lilue, lead, cinnamon, 111.1111011 mid j;iet-n I'uiil iln tote H.-'il, while, pink nml umeied snlin : Riien. India, tilk. rioieiiiiiiii and sinsje;, blue, pink, grpen nml whim Trapes; Veliel, tiauiP, li,"M (Iiode .Vap -, pi lid, eul'd mid lilk TalTi.: Kitibuiu, fancy, plaid, H.iineil nnd f.ilin hell Kihlinus, ladies ir.nellins li.irkelf, ineiini Jl.iys nml fiilrhrU, 1'iifr.ii, imil.i lion, rap and collage cion, !ape mid Kicncli Tus can. Ai.o a aiipiy uf Mi?es noiiiieis, Cl IlOCi:illESH:.,',,, Te.n nfnll kinds, fil.l ipiilily t'nll'pp, Clinenlaic, siliala., (linger. Cinnamon, tpicis, col'd speun Candler, lamp Oil &c iCu The fuh-crilier, Riateful tn his friends nml llie public for llieii paiiouasc liiilieilii, itniild nowsn licit llie roiilinuaiice of h, pinini.iiij! Ills best exei limn In ciic eiiliin ..iiiffaelinn. Jlurlington.fllayZT, 1S3C, CD

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