Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 9, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 9, 1836 Page 3
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u makuiku. In Wlllislon onilic 25ih In-l. by l!m Rev. Mr. Iltirlbul, .Mr. Geo. W. llinvvnrll, In Miss Almlrn B.D.iuglilcror Snii h Ilcnluni Ki. nil of Willis-Ion. 1)1121). In tins town on llio 7ili hul. Warren L. Howard oged 16 year. In Colchester on llio Gilt inst. riill.nider Par mil Ice nged 19. September 1836. Fall Goods at the Variety-shop. WE arc getting in nur Kail Good, nil things necessary tn keep our assort incut in good urdcr j Watches, Clock, perfumery, Tea-pots, Military Goods, Cns. tors, Jewelry, Stnclr, Colin rx, h.icn nuil patin Iiosums, Lamp wick?, Toys, and an endless variety of Fanry article'. All pir sons nro Invited to cnll and look at them at the Variety Shop. I'ArillOIN iSi IntNMAtl). 9th Sept, 1836. To our Agriculturalists success To nur Literary Institutions the high standing they mcril--Ti our Mnniilncturers tri nmphancy in competition-- and to com morcp. Free Trade and Sailor's Rights. THE (I" Ahead Principle is so predion i'nant in utir laud at the present day, that i ha Cut leaves him behind', who slops for trifles, or descends to particulars. We of the Green Mountain Slnlo having euclt conspicuous bumpi ufenterprizo marked nn our head Ian .s, need only know the Text, the rest is understood. It is now this HOWARD, of the Cheap Cash Store, has hren to the city of New York, the grand emporium of our c untry, and receiv rd his full supply of necessary mid desirable goods, which were produced by n combina tion of nil t ho natural intellectual mechan ical and operative rxcrllons ul our nbovi' named mm lit. To conclude, the goods were bought t-t -el1, and '-vill be sold cheap litr cash, no nr-'nko. New Goods Sept. 8. COMPOUND Chlorine T h Wash. I hf discovery oft hi' chloride of Soda & its uses bv Lnbnrrnquo of Pari--, was an ad dition to I he resource of med'cine nl'ihe u' innsi iinior'nnc as a ncnnnlri ig agent. To counteract nl once l.ho pi ini'ipte of decay, which commencing imperceptibly, slowly gathers s'rcng'h. and finally destroys, is the inmortnnt service winch can be derived from the use of chloride of soda, when ad minislrred w iti skill and care ; the diseas es of the teeth being, in the great majority nf cases, the result of negb'Pi. nod n grnd f in 1 ncniironlii! inn of ihu principle above lillndrd to, i' liecimo obvious, from the pailic-i o.vpor'.ment, 1 1rit the chloride wn the prnpor remedy, nnd pi-ol'ornhle to pow tiers, deuirilic"-, &c. of whu'evor kind ni pietens'on. ISy n plu-niie-il npn'v-H it will ho (' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 that the groaur pari ol'll - chlo ruin compounds uo rjc i-ivi,Iy in 0-0. d i not contain a p'ltiii'h' of 'he chloride ol soda, nn the agi'iicy of vvh-eli I heir efficacy nin-t r-rres-ariy depend The arlieh; here advert li'il l" cooli I'Mit ly oU'red to the ex mninntion nf the publ c. as p-.--n-tiig in no eminent degree. I ho virluo of neiii rnlizmg nil that is nli'-n-ive in I he month nnd breath, removing soreness ami i:"ngitifi of the gums, destroying I ho lainlol' tobacco, or any other effluvia from whai vi:r cause. In short, this preparation will lis found to jiit-lify tho various commend iiory notices and rccnmmrndaliuns il has received, where cvjr il has been introduced. Just received nnd for sale at lhe Variety Shop. PANG BORN & UR.NSMAID. Septem. II. 1030 Jjcniainin F. Bailey's Kstate. state of rniuiOuvr.) Dhlrhl of C!iilli.nilen. ?. The lion the Probate Court for tho Dis trict of Chiltendfn, To nil persons con cerned in the E-laio of I'eiijuniu l' llailoy Into f Ijiirlmgion in said District deceased. 'HERE.SS the Admiui-irntor of said deceased proposes to render nn ni: count of his administration, nnd present li s iiccnunl agniiiet snidestnlo for i .N.imiinl ion and allowance at a session of the Court ol Prohaie, to be hidden nt Willey'tt Inn, in Williston on the first Monday of October next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear before said Court nt the time and plocc nforps.nd, and shew cans", ifnny yon linve, why the accoent aforcsuid should not be allowed. Given under my hnii'l nt Williston this 27lh day of Augnt, A. I). IrtJC. G. II., lighter. THE SI LIC GROWER'S GUIDE With various engravings. AT SSJ PEn, ANNUM, IN AUV.t.NCF., N Wednesday. Aogu-t a. 11130, ihe J first number of the SILK GROW ER'S GUIDE will bo published by llio subscriber, anil uniuniiw v...... Wednesday thereafter, each ,. umber con iniinT if! Inrrre super royal octavo page .i....i,t -..inintw. pxnrer-lv ndnitled for binding, and Ihe whole subject fully lllus ...,i"i. nin.mori.ite engravings. Every possible source of information will be used to make this a Unndnrd publication for American cultivators ol Silk. 1 Im od tor is extensively fiimilinr with tho subject -.. norinonlexncrienco in its tinst impor. tant brnnebps. anil cnnim prPl!,ro'1 lo '"V nish his readers with information so lunch j..iro,t on ibis interesting subject, lie will also bo assisted by valuable pens in -n m.,1 its vicinitv. where the rtlul- berry tree and Silk Worm have for tniuy years receiveu ti"o . V ,, ,. m 3 mi. ...iiio,iinn of tho Mulberry T ... -ii ..nrieiins ibo rearing; of Silk .ir...nro.l,ietion of Cocoon reeling " . r.i. rinsr and dying easy introduction of Ihe S.Ik busincss-Hs in. memo value lo every farmer- it. pr"l.s Us peculiar applicability to our chmalc. and ihe habits or our larmers. nu.nerou othe considerations, will bo fully and honestly elucidated in Urn publication. Philaderphia, as a focus, possesses remark, able facilities for .ho acquisition and . somina.ion of this important k o c dg . TboReet Hoot augar cui'inu, u.... ,u al ubjocis in general will bo assiduously lucnded.o. To make the ... jec pecu liarly intelligible, engravers will be freely employed to illintrnt,o I lie work, and no) expense, spared In place il In tho first rank ni me iiifui complete public itinn on Stilt husbandry in America. It will be printed on fine paper, with good tyne, nnd packed up to dufv Injury in the mall. Six copies will ha sc'til fur $10 lliirtccn for 420. Address the editor, post paid, F. W. LEOPOLD. 43 Clicsnul street, Philad. New Arrangement. riMIE subscribers hnving entered into -H- coparl.ictship m the mnntifncluro of kneel Iron, Cupper nnd Tin Ware, the bu sines will hereafter bo continued under the firm of STARR 6i BOSSWSCK at tho old stand of .1. .1. Starr, in Church street, opposite the Jail, where all kinds of Job work will be done on short notice and in tho best manner. They have now on hand a large and general assortment of plain and Japaned which they will dispose of at wholesale or retail, ns low as can be purchased in this section of the country. They have also on hand nnd will shor ly receive Improved Rotary and other Cooliing nnd Box of various sizes and most approved pattern. Stove Furniture nod Pipe of all descrip linns all of which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. All orders iu their lino will bo promptly attended In J. .1. STARR. II II. BOSTWICK. Burlington, Sept. I, 1 030. JVew JFirm. rjplIE nniJeri-igncd hnvo commenced the mercantile business in the store for merlv occupied hv Jokn .. 1'ohcin, lalp h. W. Ingcnotl &. Co. whore, in addil ion lo their present stock, which is a respect able one they are receiving and will re ccivo in the course nf eight or ten days,ad dili.ins of every variety of English, French nnd Anicricin Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, China, Glass & Crockery Ware, Looking Glasses, &c. wh'ch will nnko H one of the mo-t cvlcn sivp n-"nrlmenis now olliired in Ibis place. .Tu-t teee'ived and are now oneninir some nl'the lending articles, viz: -1 nnd 5-1 brown blipolingt, .i Shirliugs. 4 nnd G-4 bed Pickings. Bailing, Wadding, Wicking col- Ion am. Indigo, bine Prints, dark do. B.rJs Eye and Table Diaper, mixed Salli- ells, grey Ulotli--, I'aper Hanging--, i:c. kc. i lie public nro rcsppcilully invited to call. Ci-h, or (i.iods nl the lowe-l cish prices, paid for good table Butter. NOBLE LOVELY, JOHN ABBOTT. Burlington. S -pt. 1 . 111313. Fire ! Fire ! ! mllE members or tho Vermont Mutual Firo 3; Insuraii'.-e Coinpanv are hereby notified tint the pillowing ascsuicnts have been inailo by the Directors, on nil notes in foreo, oil ll:o billowing days, lo wil : Dec. 7, 1,135. 1-1 or i ili do do do do do do do do do do do per cent, do do do Jan. Feb. .March May Juno 20, 0, 10, 0, 10, 15. do 10.30, do do do do W2 1-1 3-t 1-2 1-4 1 2 do ilo do do do do do do do do .Making 3 per cent assessment for the year ; aid per rentage to be cast on the original a in uiui I of llio premium nolo, willimil refer- ncc to any endorsement, and to be uaid to the treasurer al bis office in Moulpnlinr, on or bol'oro Iho lOlh d.iy of October I1I3G. An opportunity will be presented to forward hi. sesMiienls by the member r.llho LegMalum, and tho-o who neglect to forward their assess, incuts then, arc referred lo thu ! see. nf Iho act attached lo each policy for tho con.,cq'icn- ccs. liv order ol tho liireelor.i. CALVIN JAY KEITH, Treasurer. Mnntpehcr. Aug. 20, III3C. 117 I'ho printers ol each weekly newspaper in this Statu aio requested lo publish Iho a. Ijovo milieu lltreo weeks sucues.-ively, and for ward their bills by iho members of llio Lcgis latum for pawnent. SALT. 1500 Bushels Steam Salt, iust landed bv J. & J. II. PECK fc Co. Aug. rill" DAY HKCKIVKIl AMI full bALR AT THK Ladies' Shoe Store, 60 pairs Womon's Leather Pegged Welts. 50 do do Kid Walking 6lips. 100 tlo Supcriur do Slipt, city madu. do Children's moiocco brogans. do Women's stuul morocco walking do do Leather pegged brogans, do do Seal, sewed. do super. Kid Paris slips, do Spring do blips. do French morocco do Jo do"''" CaII"iBg!WVTiia'- do do Moiocco slips. do Children's morocco boots, do Wui.'s Seal pegged brogans. do Spring prunella slips. do Win.'s leather sewed walking. tlo Mihses morocco pegged slips. lo Wiii.'h culf stiriug walking, 50 20 20 10 25 15 20 ?2 20 50 15 30 211 18 12 1" ,i.. I. Allied and .Misses calT fclip, oxlra quality, liuil'uigton U, A. Ullrt.MA.n. i:i30 Aug. 18, Elegant antl new I'alterns ,ol- I'.i.nil.ois. Sashes. Hells, and most kinds orof Military Goods, Plumes, Sockets fee. nnd all new articles, or this summer purchase j July 27. rnnn life AN-n TIMES. RELIGIOUS AX'll POLITICAL Ol'INlONo ol John Milton, with, nn appeiulix.cornaiuio!; mil ium Dnruinnc linotl Ilr. Johnson's Life of Millon by Joseph Ivimey nulhor of Iho History ol the i:..-.!-'.'! NOTICE. mtlF. subscriber made now nr JL rnngeincnis in bnsiiies, it becomes ilnt the old cnr.ccrn should be Keiib.d int. Ho thorofuro renuests nil llio indebted to him to call and selilo withoui delay. J. i rtlt.t Hept. I, 1830. Dornstus Ilollon's Estate. STATE OP VERM ON 1", ) Dhtrhl tj L'liiltentlrn, .u. The Ilonornble the Probate Court within nnd for Ihe District nforesnid, lo nil per pons concerned iu lliocslnloof Dornstus IIollou, lata ol liiirlingion in mhI ills Iricl. ilecensed. Gmiirrri. 1IEREAS, the Adminis! rntor of said deceased proposes to render nil nc count ol his ndmini-trnlion. nnd present Iih account against said pslnio for twnmiuntinn and allowance at a session of Ihu Court ol Probate, to be hidden nt Willey's lun in Williston, on the first Monday of. October next. Therefore, yon nro hereby notified lo nppear before said court at" Iho linn: and place aforesaid, nnd shew cause, ifany you have, why the account aforesaid should not be nllcwed. Given under my hand at Williston, this 271 h dav of Augu'-t. A. I). 1830. "GEO. II. A1ANSER, IlcgUlcr. Aug. 20. POSTHUMOUS RECORDS ofa London Clergyman ; by the Rev, llobart Caun. tor, H. D. ; for sale bv 'V.nAltltliVGTON. A tier. i?G. FANATICISM by tho author or - ral 'History of Enthusiasm,' Va natu- or sala by. V. HARRINGTON. An;. CO, CJ PIRITUAL DESPOTISM by tho nu itieisin.' natural 'History of J thor of'l'anatieisiit.' natural Enthusiasm,' for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 20. 1 PHYSICAL THEORY OP ANOTHER LIKE by llio author of ' Fanaticism,' natural 'History of Enthusiasm,' 'Spiritual Despotism,' for salo by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 20. QJIIELL COMBS HORN TWIST K3 COMI5S. A new nssorluieiit of Xlir.ll ule Uomb-J, and now stylo Horn Twist ! Combs. Al.-o Quill Hack Shell Combs : just received nl llio Variety Shop, by rANOIIoriN iSL iilll.NSMAtn. August 2-1, 11130. Iron. GO tons English and Dutch ig Iron, receiving bv J. & J. II, PECK sV Co. Aug. 25. WANTED. A FEW thousand feel of 3 I -1 PLANK, not less than 12 inches wide, and ns much wider as convenient. The timber may be either oak. nli, beach, birch, inn. pie, bi---wnod. or yellow pine, hoi mint be nearly or qii'uo clenr of knot--. The hii'h I market price will be paid iu cash, on delivery, nt the IJurhngion Mills. RUFUS CLARK IJiirlington. flili mo 22d, I33G. rUST received &. fur sale by ROllERT ' MOODY 2 Roxps French O'ives 1 tlo Anchovies I do Capers 1 Ctso p-i'scrvcd Ginger 2 Muxes Prunes 1 .1 ir Tamarind I Cac best alad Oil 1 I'ox protorviMl Citron Au-'utt 25, l!!3C. New Establishment. rjnllE snb-criber respect fully informs the public ami his mends generally. Hint ic hns taken the stnro rereuilv occonied by Mr John Ahbolt two doors south of Ins Id shop, anil has liisl received from New ork a well selected assortment of -adies' Boots & Shoes, Misses', and Childrens'. &c. atl kinds and descriptions. He has also. on hand nnd is now manufacturing from the ipst materials Gcnllemcus' linn I!oott, Shoes nnd Pomps; thick Roots. Shoes nud llrognns. In shorl every nrticle in his line mane on short notiio, and ns chean n-- enn nlforded for ensh or short npproved ere- i III, nnd nil rips mended gratis. I D. S. RUSSELL. N. H. Wanted immediately two or three I rsl rale Journeymen lioot Makers to w luuii the highest wages will be paid, and constant employment. 1). S. R. nurlinzlnn. Aug. 17, lfl3G. iMedcalf's Patent Compound UM lor raintmg. A perfect substitute for Linseed Oil for nil kinds of Painling. is offered lo Iho public by Ihe subscribers wiih thu fiillnst assurance of its ulililv. It is now about eight vears since il was brought in its present slato of pcrlec lion, nnd during that has been extensively in-cil ,t tested in every way which Linseed Oil used lor painting, lor inside and outsiiln lor coaches, signs, uoais ,vc, as lor spirall It.l 1 ing ami drying lor inside worlt it is not sur pained, and for body, and durability in sltua Uons exposed lo Urn sin and weather, il U, ..... .mifwt fit k.titnrinr tri Inn linsL I.iiisoPil warranted fiir suporior to llio best Linseed Oil and being light colored renders it proicr. able for while and all oilier doheato colors. Ono oflho first painting establishments in Ibis city ofmnro than twenty years blandingj say iu llieir cerliliealo " Having used Med. calf's Patent Paint Oil do ccrlily that moro siiifacoand heller paniling can bo dono jinr gallon, man wncii iiiixl-u who pinu i.niseuu Oil. This oil forms n cumli g sub-ianco when luixcu wnii puru i.uuui mm unci on. . . -., i i . .i.. .i . , ,1, eomnoso and rub offby exposure to the sun, " i l . nPlwnvnnrs. wo a.o .var. 4 .' J .. , -., .i , ranted in saying mat panning uonc witu tins. oil. will stand Iho weather much longer, and rei.ainunimpai.ed.whenpainliugdoueintho usual wav w Ih.ot.and for oil cloths, wo think it surpassVs every thing that wo overused." 11 .r.' .... i .i... .!..i.. Jullll iN. I assetl lias purenaseu no- nym i-i n. nml vend IhooPalrnl Uomnoui d Uil" i il, n.llmr hn Slates, viz: I'eunsvlviiiia, Ne fvo 1 Massachusetl's. Vermont, Coiinec - icuL New Jersey, South Carolina, Ohio, M iga- . Illinois Vnd Indiana, and cautbins all pcisons, ngiinsl any inlrmgcmoiii, as every ofi'enco will bo mel villi rigorous prosecution. 'I'ho mice or the "Pulrnl Oil" will bo ono quarter less than Linseed QJI. Il is wairauled and sold wholcsalo and retail by Dealers in Paints. Oils, Vnrnbh,&c. 201 River .UcctTroy N. Y. Augusts, 1830. PASSE I I , ai;uut,i jc Woori-Clioppcrs Wanted. rjpilE subscribers wish to employ twenty -H- or thirty men In chop Cord Wood. JANES, SMITH & CO. Aug If!, 11130. rinilK NATURAL HISTORY OK JIN. JL TIIUSIASM-Kourlh Edition j Tor salo by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 20. Bttrlincton Female Seminary. Pall nnd Winter Term coiuiueu A. ces Keplembcr Mih. Pupils should pulcr nl iho nouiniencenieiit or tho term. Mr. I). A. I'liAii.tN will hnvo Iho chnrgo of iho hoarding eMiiblishniciil, which llio friends ol the School believe will be con dueled lo the enliro sntUfaolinn nf pnlrnns. Applications to bu made lo the Principal, MAnv C. Giu:r.v. EXPENSES. English tuition, board, lights, fuel anu washing per rpiartor g30 00 3 00 3 00 5 00 12 00 1 00 Prpnch, do do Latin, do Drawing, do Instrumental Music Vocal Music TIIUMXKS. Hon. Alvan Poi p, Mr J. S. I'otwin, Pror. G.W. Rcnedicl, Mr Harry lirnilley, N. II. Ilnsw. II, Esq, Mr Ilenrv Mnyo, Geo. P. iNlar.tb, Eq. Mr S. E. Howard, do do do do nupnnF.iscns. lacully of College Hon. II. Allen. E. T. Englesby. W. A. (i.Bwohl. Ilov.G (i.Iogcrsoll Rev J K. Converse C. Adams, E-q. J.N. Pomoroy,Efq lr K. tiicUol;. W. Lyman, E-q. II. &. L.C.Loomi;. J. II llollenbeek. N. 15. Music Inuglil by Prof. Moll, Miss II. Ilofford nssi-tnut j Mr. E R. Prouiv teacher of Vocal Music Charges made lo'r term of entrance, except iu cases of siek '"'" Augiwi I I. 11130. B. J. Heinebepff Tn ESPEC'PFULLY informs ihe inhnb Jll- Mauls of IJurlingloti nnd Vicinity Ihnl ho has opened nn Apothecary Shop in Church-street, two doors south of the Hank of liurlinglnn, where, under iho enre ofa regular nnd experienced German A polhecnry (whom Dr. II. has Inlely engag ed) Doctors' prescriptions will be nllouded lo nt nil hours ; nnd where simple mid compound medicines may bo had in nil pos sible varieties. In addition to ibis, Dr. II has nlfit on hand n choice selection of per fumeries, which he will sell at reasonable prices. Ihirinz,m. July 0. IH30. 500 Spanish Leeches of a late importation, bv ' J. J. II.PECK&CO. J MI? 0 11 TAiT T I f10 per.-ons siifl'ering I'roni R II E U M I -B. A TIC COMPLAINTS. 7'.j the j r.iHt ,r nf Ihe Enquirer Sir, On the prin . f'plii inculcated bv the great nnd good Dr. I' rnuklin, to difhiso ns widely ns possible every means within our power lo mitigate orsiil'ien Ihu afiliclions uf Miirerinp human ity, 1 feel il incumbent on mo lo make known through the m-idinm of your ii-clul paper, I tint on reading therein an adver tisement of Dr. Jebb's Liniment,' for the cure of RHEUMATISM, I win forcibly impressed Willi n belief Ibnt it was cnlculn" ltd to remove the severe Rheumatic ufi'ec lion to which I had been for seven or cighl years subjected, some times almost depriv ing me ol the u.-e of my limbs. accor dingly procured n botile. nud before I had used the whole of i', found veiy sensible relief. This increased my confidence in it. nud led me lo obtain nuother bottle, the use of w Inch has completely removed the swellings and pains of my limbs, together wph the cramp, and re.-lored them lo their wonted vigor. I am re-pectfoily yours, (ii.o. Tailor, jr. llcmpslcd, L. I. Nurch 2 I. Persons sullering from the above com Painis. and in despair of n pure from the fiilluri! of Iho various remedies I hey have u-ed, are invited lo inakp trial of this long celebrated medicine, which has in years past cured nud relieved, n it is now doing, thnu-nnils who hnd despaired of relief. Nothing but n fair trial can givv an-idea of its unrivalled excellence. It is nl-o one ol Ihe best replications known for i-till'ni'-s ol I he joints, numbness, sprains nud chilblni us Price 50 cents-. For sale by J. &, J. II. PECK & CO. For tho cure or C'oldi, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, tpilling Jllood and Consumptions. "J I CELAXD MOSS CIO.VS plentifully iu Iho B. Island of Iceland, from whoneo il lakes qualilies have been long known, and high appreciated- This plant coniains a Icarg "r , .... nigiiiy ;arger P-P- a,MTSreomlnuaUon ... ... proportion of J'tgetablc Mucilage than any I wit it is a bitter principle which acts most beneficially m giving strength in cases ol greal weakness and debility oflho lungs. Thu knowledge of many ol'oiir most valuablo mcd. icint a, for llio euro uf di-enscs, have been ob tained 1'ioin observing their riled on biule animals;-so in tho ease of this must, invaluable Moss. Its virlucs wero hrl discovered ny n-..i, .... , l. ,.,;, -,nd . l"v'r " . " " "..V ,,", nlil w.ul .rout ' ''.-' wl.oso utllK becomes so uigiiiy iiiiooe.. with ilu llnUnmif, virtues. I its Ilalsnmiu virlucs, Ihnl it n used will: the - - greatest confidencs ins ,i 'ho .,, habitants ofa II euro ol nl diseases ol I rcatest confidence ns a sovereign remedy tiy Ibo.-o enunlries lor the tho breast and lungs. In Trance, mis compnuno n s o,-oeeo nndextciis vev used: and oils talularyellects ... , i , i . -" .,. " ,',. f ,, ",.,, . , ru.u,..j - , - hinalt mnubci r1"" J ""'"s ,,,u 1 of 'it'll ruses oreonsuinplion in that country compare vy.lh Creat lir. an and Iho Un let Slates. 'I his Syrup coiita.ns a I .ho me. ic na d lieinal viitucs ortho -Moss in the rnoit concentrated form, and is prepared from the orignal receipt from Paris, only by. E. llUTvJHINGS.'rCO. lUMmore And none is gciiuiiio unless it has their fac similo upon each bill of direction also upon Iho cnvclopo, ETand Foaled will, their seal. J. & J. H. PECK i- Co., wholesale agcnls. DISSOLUTION . The partnership formci ly ex- isiiug ueiwpon the nili-cribers uinler the firm ofSniilh nud Ilarringlnn.w n dissolvei on the 23d nr June 11)30. Vernon Ilnr ringinn ii nulhorizcd toseltio Ihu busines: orthe firm, EDWARD SMITH. V E R NON 1 1 A R R I N GTON. To Printers. rMiui'i subscriber wishing lo engage in JL mini her bmnch of business, ofi'ers his Printing Establishment, together wilh Ihe building he now occupies, fur sale. Term--, one half cash in hand, tin; balance in one, l -vo and three yenrs. To any one desirous of establishing himself iu business, the present is nn opportunity such ns rnroly occurs. Further particulars will bo giveii on application. II. n. STACY. Rurlinglnn, July 21, 103G Ladies' Shoo Store. THE subscriber has just opened, next door east nfguiith & Harrington's Hook Store !u College street, a Shoo Sloro, princi pally composed ol Ladies'. Misses' and Chil dren's .Shoes or all kinds and sizes. Ih'snr. inngrmrnta (recently made with an exlcn. sivo hniiso ill New York) nro such ns will enable liim to sell at prires which he couli denlly bi heves will be satisfactory to all who may bo disposed to extend to him (heir pat ronase. D. A. DRAMAN. Duumxgto.v, July 20, 11130. rjnilOMAS'S OMNIISUS will com--i- mence running to l In; Falls Ibis dav. three trips per day. Aug. 10, 1030. Commissioners iVoticc. bf-cn nnnoinipil bv VIZ J o,e stilisc-i iliri? , lnviii T llif IIiiiioI'.iIiIr llie l'lnli.itn Conn fm- llm Disllicl orCllilll'iiilen, riililitiis.i,Miers lo lee.-Ue. il inn lailjnsi ihe fl.iiim ami ileiii.inih of all peiMius, ng.iiii-i die rst.iieof JIAril) ATII OOD, lalenf Cli.nliilic in s.i nl I)i-ii in. derrnsril. irnir. rei li-il iii'iiUrnt, :uii iiUii nil cl.iinw and ileni.on. rsliiliiied in o(T-ei ibrieio ; mid six iiioinlis 1'ioni die d.iy nl'ilied.iic lii'tenf, lirinj nllmu-il by raid Cum I fcir iiiiine, we do llii-ii I'uir lirirln" gitn nnili e, lb. I! 1 will ain-ii.l lollie lai.-incs, i," cuii- .ipp,i in -iiiriil,nl ihe dHi'lliiij uf die i liov of lie- s.iiil ile. ce.ised in Cli.n tulle in s iiil Di-iiu i on i tin (list I'ii d.ns ol "Not ember fc J.inii.oy iipM, al 10 uVloik, A. M., no e.uli nf.s.iii d.its. Dated, il.iv nUiilv A. t). 1S30. PITT I'.' III'U r.lT, , Coinmis. cinoiici: .siir.itM ., jfinm-is. Harvard University. TIJIIIE Medical LeCines iu Ilarvaid U. -S- niver.-iiy will begin nt the M;i-sachu sells Medical College in Mason st. lio-ton, the first Wednesday in .November next, nl l.t brforeO, A M.'nud will conlinue lliree nniilhs. For otic month nfier Ihe end of 'he course, b Cures will he delivered in I lit College, and the Dissecting Room will be open to such students ns may remain, with out nddilional lee. Such students may also attend the 1'raclico of Ihe Mussachu setts General Hospital. Anatomy and Operations in Siiisdy, - . - Dr. Warirn. C'lii-inisiiy, ... 1),-. Wibiier, Mali-i i.i '.Mnlic.i, Dr. liijjelow. Al idvvili-ry and Jiu is pimleiire, .... Dr. Cli.inniiig. Pi inriples orSingeiy and Clin sjioj;eiy, - . . Dr. II.iju.iril. 'I'lieoi v and Pratiii-e of Pin sic. Dr. W.oe. Clinical Lectures will be delivered ns usual on ihu cases in tho Massacliuseils General Hospital. -vfirr mssECTLva noo.v. A new Dissecting Room i-now builibng. and will he finished beloru Ihe Lectures begin. It will oeciipy nil Iho vacant land ea-i of the Medieal College, Every ran- i Inking to uinku this iuiporlanl'part of the medical school as perfect ns possib'e, so l lint it may fiirni-h lo iho student ample facilities, for prosecnling his Anatomical -Indies. 'Phi; legal punctiiipuls of tin slate, so liberally and so wi-ely "framed, will bo faithfully and thoroughly applied in the accomplishment of their important oh jecls, WALTER CIIANNING, Detn. Huston, July, lfl3C. Lemuel Curl is & Co. arc now receiving a Inrge stock ol French worked Cnpcs nnd Collars, from in 2 toJslO enrh ; rich embroidered Scarfs; I! m li -1 super silk muslin and sewing -ilk lldks; gauze and satin and lii-triug Ribbons; 0 to r.'-l merino and Thibet Shawls ; linen Sheet ings, birds eye Diapers, &p Sic, Hurlinglon, July 22. 11)30. Canada Money Bought hy J. II. PECK, and CO. June 24. v niiiTjcasii lOr lfeec'o wool in clean inerchnulab'e order, delivered nl their store iu liurlinglnn. July I. Butler's EUervescent IMagno- or li.dlges sinn Aperient lor uyspepsia linn, nnd highly valued ns it mild nud cool- inn- purgative, lor sate ny nonmiT MOODY- Juno 20, 1330. Paints Dvc Studs, Linseed nnd Pure, slimmer nnd winter strained Sperm Oil, uist received nnd iur nin low hv Jl. MOODY. 1II3G. liurlinglon, 2."ith June nnllE sub-criliers will nt nil limes pny Jl. Cn-b for Wml delivered l then Store oil Ihe Old Wbnrf I V 1. 1. E TV fc li HA D L U YS. liurlinglon, June 15, 1030. WOOL. c ASH will at all limes be paid for wool delivered nt their Moro lienil 01 1 can slrepl nod nt their btorc South Hero H. HYDE & Co llurliligton. June IS, 1030. Dissolution. finUE cnpnrlnprship herelofiirp r-xilln JL between the subscribers, is ditsolved Irom this ditto, J. S POTWIN. 1). V. INGERSOLL. Aug. IC, 1030. UnicrrsihJ of Pennsylvania: M E 1)1 C A L D E PA HTM EN'P. THE next course of Leclurcs will com mence nn Puesdny. November llio first, nnd bo continued under the following .vrnngctiicnls : I'rnrllra nf Mcdicino Clirini.liy .Snij-siy An. llnliiy lnsirliiies nf Medicine Jlnlei 1 1 ,M cdic.i -Midwifeiy Niiili.niiel Riiheit Hroe, itr, tVilli-im Cilismi, do Win. U. Mm iter, do S.iiniir-I ,l.i( l,f,n, do Jeoie II. Wood do II113I1 1,. iloihn do Lectures on Clinical Medicine nnd Rnr gery nru delivered nt Ihe Peiin-vlvaiiin llospilal nnd nt the Pliiladclnhiu ifosiiiinl (lilnckley) I he vviiolo n mount orfecs isthenmo nq heretofore paid, notwithstanding the uug ineniation in the number of ProfL'ssorsbin-i and improvement in the conr-e of iii'trtiu-' 11011. W. E. HORNER. M. I). Dean of Medicnl Fncully. Philadelphia. Jolw '-'0i h. UI3S. Leeches this day received mil for sale al n simll advance, n quantity ifSpntii-h Leeches, Iresb from Gibrnltcr. ... fine health and vigor, bv 110DU11T MOODY. June 20, 1330. For Sale. A HOUSE nnd ono nere of land, with n wood shed, ham, a good orchard nnd well of water, situated on Mnin-slrccl. within quarter of a mile of the Lake. P nsses .011 given Ihe 'Jlst nl'ncM April. Term-t very reasonable and made known nl G.' Mar-h's Ollice. A. JflNF.IMf. Rnrliiigtnn, Aug. 0, 1030. tvv A TREATISE ON CONSUMPTION. i.A. r iiihrnciiig uu inqoirv intu Iho inllu- I'liee exerted Upon it hy j inrnies, voynoes, nud ehnnge nf clnnale with dirccltoiisr"for .ho coi.snniiilive visiini'T Ihe sooi.'i nf I'n- rope, nnd remarks upon i's climate, adapiptl for general readers; bv William Sweelser. M- D. late Prof, ol Theorv and Prncl icn nl Phy-ic in Ihe Umversilv of Vt. Fellow nf 'he American Acadeiny ol" Arts nnd Scien ces, nnd oflho Mastacimsctta Medical So cuii v. For sale by 1. V lUnnrvriTov. LONG and shoit, silk nnd cntnuis stay Lacings; Silk and Co'lou Root La'- cings-, Pn'piil and common Klasiirs. I!,.m, 1111I Ivorv Filets nr ror-el rin". toirrniv Whalebones. lirnss Wooden Sieel nnd Whalebone I!u-I;i or corsel lionrds. India rubber Suspenders, Vest Snrlior.s S:c. av 'ho Variety Snon P-v.-vononN & Cni.NSjrAiD. August 1. Bl.OKE INTO 1 he ptip'osuru of the subscriber nbon. the I2lh inst. i)IlL. Sorrel II orsn and one bay llorsc.the former having ihreo "line leet, out 11 apparonily ationt live voarit old. I he owner is rrnnesled in iinno rnjir-rt v, pnv rhargos and lake them nwnvv EZIiON SANI'ORD. Williston, July 27, 1030. Soda, Seidlilz, and Lemonade- Powders, prepared and sold by Dr lli-ine- berg, ni his npol heenry shop, Church M. inly :;, i;;ju. 50 hnrrcls Mess Pork For sale by For.r.rn Juno 01 111.10. D HAD LEYS. O01 Ironmongery. 'VI.S! Viees ,t..,.. 11, ....!., I...I iCl , - : , ...CI .l.-ll , ll-HIIS, Illll- low Ware, waggon cart and carriage lioxes, pet a.-h nud caldron Keitles. mill, bark Mills, iron Wire. Stoves. mill Saws, cros- cut do. Shovels, Spades. Hoes. Scythes. Iron, Nails, Steel &e. fee. just received hv T. F. W. L. STEOXC:. Joi.p 10 11130. at Tin: :lasp-factoky stork.- JANES. SMITH & CO. have just re ceived from New York n large slock of goods, eotnprisiiig n genernl ns.-urt nipnl of DIlYOnOOS, riliOCEJtlES, CltOCh E li Y. HA II D WA 11 E. l'EO FISIO.YS, vSt which 1 lu-y nfier nl a small advance ''iircisli nr country produce. Farmers who wish to I'xrhnnge their produce fur goods, will do well to give us n call. Cash paid lor liiiHer, Cheese and E"5. WM- A. liURNET'P, Agent? ,T " utility. THE public nro hereby informed that 1 ha subscriber tins invented rert.un new nnd useful machinery for mantifnrtiir ing starch from pnin'ops, nnd has applied lor 11 patent lo secure his right to the same; and thai he is making said maehinpry nl hissliopin .inrtco, 111 iho statu ol Ncrmont. Phe object of said imchinery is more effec tually to separate the small stones nud gravel from Ihe poiatocs in Ihe processor washing nnd 111 Ihe process of grinding. In reduce the potatoes lo n more perfect pulp, bv which il larger toautly of starch will bo obtained than bv ihe uiiniinethnd, S.arrli manufacturers nro invited lo cnll and see. SVLVANUS RICHARDSON. Jeriro, June 30, 1030. Cotton arn, Hatting & Wadding- 500 lbs. Co'.lon Yarn, No. 5 to 10. 500 do do Rili ng 50 d .z. Collon Wnddmg. He Lkmuki. CimTHit U. Iliirlingto...' Sept. 2. I0's fc Circassians . antl "-'f.1''. ... i rt...,s.ians. dif. till, a " , . ..!...,. Merinos and fee3and(co,or,,i,; received oy is it Co. - Sept. 1030.

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