Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 30, 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 30, 1836 Page 2
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m & & 51 & ? XT ill da v MoiiMiVo, si:iM'niiir.i; co. P.-30?Xi3',3 Tn.'.T. rort riu.sitiKNT Will, E2. HAKISON. Ton vicf. rui:si!)KXT fkancis oAX(ii:n. Ti lt r.i.r.cTiirw. o, in,-, I J a in-', f no err or, .Ji ,ir. lSAMU.;i( SWIFT. Hist. No. I, DAVID CRAWFORD, , zi mri iiowi:. n, TITUS HUTCHINSON, -1, W.U A. GRISWOLD, 5, HOWARD LAM IS. Tun il m or Novt:.uiir.n is tin- day when the Electors of President rue to be chosen. Lit every Freeman b-'nr this in mini. The friend ol tlic Constitution nnd the stijiremicy of the Liws have achieved in Verm ml n gturioiis triumph against the iii35l depressing despondency, the ma -1 nn- propilimn ci'cumstanco. nnd the untiring e(Tnr!s of tlic oHice-linldors. Lot in follow up ihe victory, like men contending fur every thing dear to us as citizens, and vnl. nablo to pistcrily. L"t every friend of Harrison and Grander bo at his post, nnd know thai our opponent will innlio a dos perate effort, nirr upon our Mipitic- ness from the consideration that our strength is irresistible. In thn rccetil elec tion, thousands of votes were withheld from litis very siipincnoss. The Van Bu rcn men navcrstay al homo. The lire and Einokc of political conflict are os congenial 'o their natures, os nctual fire and tuinkc nrc lo tli' salamander Il is not so with calm and s'cady freemen who have no thing lo do with pol.lics--noihing lo hope for but lo do their duty lo their country. Such arc Ion apt lo wiibbo'd their aid, from disgust al the manner in which elections ore conducted from forgctfulnoss from the love of home--nr from an overweening desire to altcnd to their private itfi'jirs. )5ut how long can a free govcrumen' be maintained, if industrious, disinterested, rnd palnolic freemen will not lake the! limo and trouble nrcoisnry to vote? Just as long as (be merchant can prosper who will not attend lo bis s'ore during Iho day, nnd leaves it unlock- d at inght--and no longer. We are unworthy of our privi .,. ii.;. ;., :ii i .... ., f, , h "i h'si; iiii'iu unless tbry aro vigorously asserted and box. Let (.very , , ... manofus ultendlhe jiolls. and Vermont can show, on the tl'h of November, u-u 1 , ... ( thousand iiinjority. - " II ever there wa n l, Inr encourage- 1 mcnt, it iJ now. P' nii.-ylia:ita, Ohio, In diana. Delaware, Marj I, mil, North Caro lina, Louisiana, and Alubama have declar ed against Vuu ISuren & his minions of cr.r rnption. Vcimont has iiuhlv followed them. Harrison niitl Granger aro swer p- 1 ing llie wc-l like n moiiiiuin torrent and the Itichtnond I5nquiier afier poiring lis , fardcuipt the l,e,.,l of Hie pit r ini , , s'n!-maii li?ro II uri-on lo iks pale U'ltilii t! fnjlnr i in t'oiii ,.. n... , , ... tins lone any longer "ll.i,iis,n is an in,, i ponenl not to be dcsois.d " L,'t the free- , men enmo to Ihe polls only conio lo the i polls-cud Ihe rotlen r:orriiplion which per- ! .ti. ... w , vatles cverv branch of t ln nnveriiinrMtt . will be expelletl and the country saved. Tin: run l lli.r.c riov. Tho ro i r.enl triumph ill tills Buiic, Ins eleelnfi' d everything. I'rai.Min C.iintv, wo bear ' " . ' mid believe will a wane from her slumbers, There is a largo timi irily there of genuine ' ,,.rv, t : .... i.... ., " . .i' 3 ui , ,i, uuii'iii-ni , utii, u Hirjti i ;.l an J dishoarlemd bv lucil divi-ions, and ' .. . , the piluij( leading tinlivid nls, Ihey were unnblo to rally at Iho hie lection. They I ... J I ?.. nw.i.v iii ISoveiiiber, ami give to ll.irrioo an. Granger a deci.ivu maj irilv. ! ..." J - Oil. IriClids III Milton might to llivako , from their Eiipincnc". Tint Urg- luivu ' 1 . ... I can give 300 majority. Wo beg our friends, there, to keep tbolith of N umber in llieir , ' , . , . memory and do ibeir doty. 1 - ! Massachusetts has an I'l-clorul ticket 1 that will go for Iho man who cm sivu the " , , country, tier choice u W nliiler, but her vntc will bu for Harrison an.) Granger it the indications from every part ofthe conn try demand il. This was si understood, declared mid resolved al her h'o C inven tion at Worcester. The whole opposition strength is uniting, if not muted, on Ilarri koii. It i r lie r is not satisfied with being "row rd op Silt River" by the people. Ho i luboring ns hard ns ever, wo S"e, lo earn the contempt of nil liono-t men ofall par lies. He nllnincd Iho nbject, perfectly, fix months; ago. (Jen. Harrison is travelling through Ral timorc, Washington & Richmond &-c. is rc. ceived every wbern with cnilitisiasm. The ttirrcnt is rolling on, and Van Iiiircnitin n ill iJiinppear beforn it. Political Signs. JIure Desertions Tlio editor of llie Clearfi Id Democrat, published in I'eiinfylv.inia, lias ubandomd the cause of Van ISuren and Johnson, nnd espoused the cau-o of the people, in sup pulling llnrruon ond Granger. Wo Itave endeavored to think well of our noiiMibir Stone is n man who crcs tlid with the spirit of perversity. Vim ISu- rcnisui anil J.icouimsm. um nu is uh ir reclaimb'o Jacobin. 1 1 is remarks about (he mean and mircrab'o attempt to deter rnr.r.Mr.N from Rninf to the polls, show thai tlio poison ol Isaac llillistti is in his very bones. Will uur readers holtcvo that' Iho infa mous al'nck on Gen. Harrison, 'nailed to the count oi' by tbc fo'lowing letter, lias been published in the G'obe, Argus, Son- lincl, and almost every Van ISuren paper in l tic country. "General IHrri-nn is 'an enemy not to be despised,'-' says the Richmond Hnquir cr. So wc should think from tho recent attempt undo to falsify history and depre ciate the worth of a gallant soldier and nccotn plishod civilian. The Albiny Argus has adopted the last effort of this character, and asserts that Gen. Harrison voted to sell white men into slavery for debt. It he did so, he had for his companions in that vote Mr 15 a i.n win, ihi present V,in Ilnron candidate for Governor in Ohio, nnd Mr .Mounts, the Von ISuren Senator from that Slate. The fjct. however, is that the law for which those gent lemon voied. had refer ence to criminals, those fined under tin; n iminal code u( the Stale. The vote, upon iho provision of the criminal bill above objected to, was called in question as early as December 1021, by n writer in Iho Hamilton (Butler county iiicllt"oticer. O'lio, who attempted to mis represent it. 1 Ins cillcd out nn cxp'ana- tion from Gen. Harrison, which appeared n paper of D iccinbor 31, Il is subjoined, so that every reader nny bo in formed of Gen. Harrison's views on the subject, o.vprofocd when ho was neither a candidate for, nor in any public office. " To the V.dilor of tlic Advertiser : j ''Sin : lo onr p tpnr nf iho 1 jili irnlant, I nb ' Fonp.l n in ii iuIlmii .iii.ii'.!; up in Helen oilier i ti.nmliei 4 ,.1' itin I He Sen ilc iin I nivspH. fir n sun. ' iimil fo'c alien m ilie l.m cs'i ni, I'n-ilw , el ., I nv 'to sell ilculorv in cet lain rain. I ( sin li In i Ik1 , n n findiM'l, I uckimulc I 'n wc slnnilil II J I (HI rv nr-ri v tiir i -in u 1 1' hiiiui mi: i uti il 11 i li'--nm(il nn h, I mi l llie ri'rr.ilmi nl'ricrv liiiii(t III. Ill III H ril'l, SIH lilt VI IIIUl IH lit (.1 nut Ullltl ) , , I , i i nppoiid to llie principle of justice and l,umuni.u llave pronuniced rxcep'lomble, nnd I;, tun unti'd lie .i p.ili il.lo iiiil.iiiitu nl'ihe Oiii-ii. bring forward miny Mirprising feats Inlh l in i ii ii til' ill,., finite, utiuli en ii lejM.uor is smiiiii ! " ,. , i.imi.miii ; and. f.ine .ed by n II , ,,f Itepie. urt" nmtieinp'cd in this country. I., ir H'l'i'iii"' d 1- "I', il uuiilil iiiiIumio a i r... i.. i ii r.M , : n ... : l,.U,'in iih iin; mkh ul.ittniii; aniirip.iiiuiK. Jlut he fact h. that no mch proportion wn rcer ' made in tin Legislature, or ccen thought of The ail m uliich ili uniir nllndes, h.o no mure 10 ''""'v"''1'1'"" "f'dutiis.' ili.m ii Ii , ll ili-enveiy unite limidi'li'. Ii w.Hiin nn fin il,u puiiiMnneiii i.l'.ifi'eiiiiV iiS..i,i.i ihe rji.ite ; .1,1,1! 1h.1l i.fil uliiili Ins hi ileepty wounded llie reelings (,f Nnur '(,iie.sim'nlcni, u.i p.i.Mil by il. Sen itiii p midt'i llie impic.ssion 1I1.1I il uns die iiin.t 1. ..I.I 1111. 1 li.i.nnin 1.1,1 I., fif ile.ilimr ..ill, ,1 fl'...,,l. I riHr',i liser.,ses1t-.1sin,,.d! li mlup-, jied l,y iliu 1 1, him- !' llepieneui.uiics ns a p.m ,,f, 1 ," t, ",,!', , t.llllll I . , Ill, II f. ltd I Hl-ll I I......!... t : 1 ...i ' ,l,p nei ,'dwtlv nf tins is ptin, ed be I In, 1'ntlnti in 11 Hill , ,1 i .1 , iiii.iii.i i.i- 1 .iiiii-iii.iiii-iii ; 1 f.,, t!. r,ii" p ii, ii becnm" iinn.i 1 c 1 1 I It. I I he If l' Filf ill hernliiin-. ninio nnd inn,,! Iniiilen'nnie 1,1 eriv sess,,,,, . .1 1 of i xpenthotre nl,Ue'll,e icreipu f ihe vtuU- ' li.lnneni. In ibc riininteiiei'.ni in nf i!,e fi-r-.-ion of is"n ,i,i ii. n.';, ,n.i,,..i ,,, ,,e.t' i) non I 'I 'Ilia in fuv in r it , nil, i, eil , In, iiiiiln-ili tin tiller. ' p.i.Bil inn t,l .-nine ,e,n,m I.eMl iiitt o , p'ifiiiiin in Minn. ,,ii,i,,. i.ein nn .iHite : nn, i ue,u ,ee,,iin led n liein bkeb n, pimltuv ihu : ''! " ,'" I n.irmenl . ntiil M'cnmlly, les. entity i he; iiiiinliei nf i emnieis ltn 1,e,e K'nieneed rr fl prrtiiU, mil 1 V1',""1' u '' ! , r,i. i ,, ; ,i ,i.i-,., ,,. h... ,,,,, i..t'c it ,..i. ....... ...i.;.,,.,,, i ,,. .iiiii,li,nem iii il,n IVmieiiii.n v, it .it ,.f o , ! width u.K die I'liriiit'i' minimum mim il,i. r"! ' "" ' i m" i" ! ' e 10 dele IB III, 11 fh'iiiM be the plui-lt tient nf ibu.o ntimeiini, l.iieenies betnw ilmnim nf 50. I'.y "'j1 ' l.'"l'- lymlM. ",ni-h- ineni l,y Intra labor in llie c.nniiv jiils; mil tu mbers u w. ilnnilit be.-i m iniktrMiein umk mi iliu '!-",!',.'"'. '" " in-nffeiM inn tililerlitiiw , ft in .iii.I num ..i... . .j ..I I . ' .'' '.' 1 uy me iinitsi, in , ept it c ns llie nnlv it tier. "'V,iu)' "''" k"""". 'I"'"' le'x.uii.ns lOln-'lts Hete enei.illy peipell.ueil bv llie inme. wmilile.s u,j.,l,.,,l.s in sneieu-, ii ,UH ml le,l "'"'V''"? '""l'l ' yywfiaet and costs, wldeli iln.ljs p.,,1 nl llie feiuenee mi. I piiiii.liinfnt, tli h tbeir frnite rbnnl.l tin ut,i ,n .,, ,iy pn fm" ",,J "'i . is llie i' wliieli w is p is etl, ns I tn liete, by n ini.iniiiinns t f lite lit -,1,11,1 suit k.-n mu in 1,IL',S''i in "pimdunn ,,'ili 12 l. been ,ie,,i,ml. A I, ule (milter iiunlilu 111 ixiniinin ' it,,, j niin.ils w,,l. b iw b.,n t,,- e,,tiivp,,ii !ei,i "','! ')'" ns',iii-,e 1 ,,i,sii",trD r- wh.ppi,,,, win, I, was .,t nnly l,y .1 nnle iniu in die ,-jeii no, ;,. , dm ll.m.c by ., em ill nnjuiiy, .iiier bciiijj onre p ij.etl. I ibink. Mr. I'.limr. I b ue siitl rnnnjli in ,1m,. I Mi l"f" li;v ;vn,.M n..t h,, npptied i iinr.iilini.ilii'tleliinii id 01 c.,is, but to nimous ' offender; uIki , t,n ihe loopeny ul iheir .. .... .. i. . ii., I'll., ..I, ,in-, i.i,,i inn iiji, in Dm j Si. Hu .is well .1 llto pi it.eiple nf existing ete Hlt-it'Cl III i 1 1 t III I 1 .1 1 y f(. (in nil.. iiiiki ronft'rs j 1 1 .11 1 no leiy in-line, i pcciiilimii of bei ipsidis fiuin tlii me., .me, .u n unnld apply to eon I iiei win but l,l. lined ihe :,jb .il inalu, iiy. lint I . b.lil H,ippned llltl il W' nr ;i r,,tlll liln ivem I rnnvicMeil nl'.o, nffencp, mul ,r,n. lining in u jiil f,r i (..ii.... . i , ... . , .. inn .,iiieni n in" line mm nxii, impn-eil, mi;lil Willi ii .ij be ir.,i,l't!,ie, in ihe i eidilenci! ,,rMtiii(! lit o, mis pi ii .He f.nnilv wlm.u piceepl nnd e in, pin a, ,,,l,l lend ibenl link In iho p ul, f M.c liiu.ln. I wnnl I in llie r.indnr ,,f jnnr rnr. lospnn lent in .iy wlieiber ifilieio weie mi injni.l. ti it routined under I tin fiiriiiii.ii.necs I b ie meti. liuni',1 I ,r wlinsn fun be win inieu'sird. bo nnuld nnl gl nlly sec him u.imfeiii',1 fuim tlic lildiy inrlu. HP uf.i j lit, mi l llienlill more lihhy lull. iliii.ini.,, 10 ibo t-niiifini.iblc in.niiiinii nl'some 'u inntis ciliiieti, wtm.e. mliiiuiiil iriiM wnntil I'bet k Ills licit,,, s pi open ilies, nntl wIiiisr midmi'iiy itier bim wmiltl be no iikiipiIiiu ii exi'ifi.nil liter limn.. .nnl., nf np;i, r,i. lict'i in Mir rinniiiv, mul lli'isn bnnnil tenant whit li .on loleiiiifd in nnr, m well m in ewiy ((iber Slum in tlio I "a it I'linM Atii'ociTi.vo I II K A IIO.MIN Alll.K I'ltl.NCIPMS A T r II I II U r I II TO MK nV VI, UK COIUIKlruMIKNT, I TilINK Tll.l r IMPIIISOMt KNT loll 11 K II r, U Ml K II A s V riiicUMsrNcis, nor that iviikiik rii.iuo IS AII.KOMI, IS AT IV A II U I Til Hie UK 91 riii.NCii-i.i.s ok nun coxsriruriox, ahi our.iir to UK Anni.isiiKli. J .nn Sir, lorn- liniiilile M'M.inl, wit. ii. iiAimiso.v, Nuilh lictid. 221 Dec. 1321. Iii Ibis manly, humane, atul well wriucn letter of Gen. Huns-m, w c rccogniso llo Statesman and Philanthropist, a man as infinitely superior in intellect and hummi- ly. to tlic little Mj,;ieian, ai il Is possible to be. To nur.i: on noiN is tin nnlto of the pirtiz ins or Van ISuren. Wo ask our good cilizms to read t tic following arliclo from t ho Albiuy Evening Journal : Van ISunf.NtfM Iv Maryland. An archv reign-" in Maryland ! 'I'lic Van ISu ren parly li.ivo arrested llio wheels ol Gov ernment. I hose who coiitu nol rule have determined to ruin Iho State. The Van Huron Iileclors have refused to discharge their duties bocaiio they wore left in a mi nority! This is Nullification in Us worst lorm. Tho avowed and only obiect of Van Bu - milium, as was proclaimed in the Senate of the Union, i the "Snoir nf Office." This the People ol Maryland saw lit to deny ihein, and therefore llieir Senatorial lllect- ors refuse to qualify. 'I'his is a violation ol the Constitution, and one which destroys Iho action oftlio statu tiovcrninent. For this slate of things appalling as it iq wc wore not unprepared. Wo Inve for years been admonishing the Peoplc.lhit snob was tho tendency, and that such would be tho uliiinalo cud of Van ISurcn imi. All his objects arc in conllict wit!) Iho public welfare. All his tact ics are sub versivu of government. 'I'll; Statu of Ma rvlind is on the verge of a Revolution The Union is in tho utmost dinger of (lis union The Republic cm only be prcserv ed by a mighty effort of Iho People. They must interpose and that speedily Willi a strong arm, or this fair fabric of free gov. ernment will go lo pieces. We are ap proaching a fearful dims. The People must soon doierniino whither they will liorpcluatc tho blcs-ings of Constitutional Liberty, or by iriving up Iho reigns of Gov ernment to Van ISuren, Kendall and Blair, ..Xlliigi.isiuiie .as ugui imu uurus "l-m the Al ar of Freedom. Tin: Lion is cimimi. The far-famed Lion Circus Company of B.iston, with their unrivalled stud of horses, their powerful corps of equestrian?, and their celebrated band of music aro lo arrive in town and givi an exhibition on tho camp ground on the !Slh of October. The.r manner of conducting an exhibition of this sort, we understand, is entirely different from the common circuses lint have visited us, a id altogether of a higher order. Tln-v exclude cverv tllinrr lliat "OJil lartc anil r i r 1 (J tiiir nerformances have met with a reeeiition 1 ' ' "noxpectcdly fayorablo in t!ie IDwns they have through since their deparluro I. ... . . , .. . . . from IS is'on; gin lumen anil I uli-s who ha l been nvorso to llie usual perfo. nioc-if . . . , , , , . tbo ring, have expressed much delight 111 winies-iug the graco nnd a 'ililv of sovcral . . .. . . 1 1 louiillhal gratification will be exiierioncej ''V ourgeiileel community, and lint they vv, a dtiii t lhal improveni out may bj made . , ,. , , , . , , , .iin public exhibition as well as in rail-roads ' and steamboats, in Boston iluriii g 1 The company remained tho lail winter, where " ..v..... .v .....vw, nnniirlunil v was offered to lesl their merits. nnJ aL'T"1 "r c 'ndeuiu as good judges must decide. Tho liublie press llicrrt was oneu' and universal in th -ir favor, and Inve lent uiem their inllii inci -nice lliey conrneneed . . 1 lr tl"''''''VJllL " ' 1 Ruwr.nv 'I'lIKlTlir. ISuu'l'. A little nlirr .r o'clock tins morning, tin; Bowery . I heat ro -as observed m be on lire, which suppo-'eii lo nave caiigni iroin ;ne wai ding of s jme giois which had been fired i Hie perliirmancos ol the previous evening. Il hid gained an iineontrolablo head bel, ire ll was diseovorrd, so lhal in live minutes after Iho a'arin was given, the Il lines bur-M through Iho roof, am) all Imp,; of cxtinguirdiing them was abandoned. The woik of ilectriieiion was sunn aceom plisbml. Portions of tho walls successive ly fell, but without doing milerial. in jury exoepl the portion in front, which fell unexpectedly, and won Jed a number ,,f persons, including one or more nf ihe firu.incn. Ii ii believed that none worn killed. Tho building was among the lar gcu in Iho city. Thn original edifice was erected in 1 11-20, mul burnt on the '.'Dili May, lfUS. The building now destroyed as commenced soon alter, on an enlarged M:ato, and has hi. mil nhoui seven yenr-i. Tho loss of properly is esliuntinl at "7.j, 000. lo 100 000, a cnnsid-rablo part u which falls upon Mr. Il.imbliu. There hint been n small iiiMiranci: on I he buildin", but it expired a short tune since, mid was mil renewed. All Ibo scenery mid ward robe, valued at twenty tlioii'.and dollar were destroyed with Iho binldidg, N ,lh ing in fact wjs saved. Wo proMiir.o the Thealre will bo agiin rebuilt, but probably on a different site --.V. 1', Star. Nr.w, Sept. Cth. Jloh and three Jlen Kilted. Messrs. IMitors For two weeks past our city, has been in n stato of great excitement nrcas-innod by the death of Mr. (Jiquel, by Mr. Unix, both eminent merchants, fi appears that some thrco mouths ago a quarrel between Ihein. ami in tTrdor to avoid the conseqii.'nces, Giquol proceed edto Il.ivmina. Tliinking, I suppose, lhal all bad blown over, bo returned to this city nbniit two weeks ago; Mr. Unix, on learning the fact, called on him and dennn ded saMsfactton as a genllcunii, Mr. G a-ked Tor fifteen minutes notice, to winch Mr. It. agreed. Mr. Giquol insload ol ooinnlying with his request, went before tho Recorder, slated iho facts, ami had ISrux bound over to keep tho peace, io turning from thence, (Jiquel accidentally met ISrux in St- I'oter near Royal btreel. when Mimo warm words ensued, ISrux flopped back a few paces drew a pisiol from his pocket and shot Giquol in the heart, who Instantly foil dead. This oc curred on Sunday Iho Ciith of August Unix waa arreted and .lodged in the Calaboose, ho was brought before Judge llermudez, and after thrco davs examination was convicted ; however, the Judge deci dod bail could bo taken, for which bonds to iho amount of fificon thousand dollars worn immediately given and Unix was set at liberty The friends of Giquol greatly enraged at tho itcci'ii'n of the Judge, proceeded to his houso last evening (abotil forty in num bcr) with tho determination lo introduce him lo Judgu Lynch, they en'crcd his house, knocked him down, nnd while in that position one of thorn would have kill'd him had not tho Judge's wife, o very amiable and accomplished lady, flew into the thickest of the affray and wrested a dagger from his hand. The Judge then got up anil defended himself courageously, running his sword twice to I ho hilt I lirough onoof thoni, ihey then retreated, and while running through tho ball the Judge stint two with a inii-ket, they reached the stoop in front ofthe house and fell dead. The Jud.Tii received several wounds, but not dangerous. The nlarm was then given to the iici"libnrbnoil, Iho lien. (I Arms sent tor, and several arrests w.'re mpde. 1 loll the sceiio this morning about four o'clock the crowd was still increain ' and still clainorom ag.tinst llin Judgu. Should there not bo u stop put to it this morning in a city like Ibis the consequences will l dreadful. .Itbtnij Adecrlier. WiiKr.M.vr., Sept. 14. Another Steam boat Disaster occurred on iho 7lb instant about hlieen miles above Liouisvillo, on board the Commerce, by iho explosion of a boiler, by which oiio person was known lo have been killeil, and several blown over board. This boat bad tieen racing with the Paul Jones, and, having lo laud a lady sent her ashore in Ihe yawl, while the boat for fear ol filling behind, proceeded on her journey. Slio had nnl gono much farllur Itrtr.irr. .. n ..lin. Itml , i, I,., Ill1ft,fl , ,,lU n , , hy 1VV ,, y.nvli ,1(.v wr( compelled to ion tin; boat ,i land. While lying there, instead nf letting off steam. Ihey columned to increase it, and, jinl as the boil put out. from shore, one of her boilers burst. In a tnoniniit after Iho ex plosion link place, unity vo.cci worelcard from ibo rivor, crying for help; but, owing to the noniiision in the boat, Iho dirkncs of Ihe night, and the absence of tho yawl no a-sislaiico could bo rendered lo ihe snfTerors. Tlio per-onal injury was confuted lo tlio bands on board mid the deck pas sengers; ibo number of killed an 1 wooulo I was not a-corl.iiiii',1 before oor inform nils, who were passengers, left the b ,al. j Gazelle. I TimiM.iNO I.ncidkvi. We extract the .following incitl'iit from llio 'Lanc'ister (J i .cite.' It transpired at a groil meeting ol i to people of Fairfield county, who were Ini'oraute tn tin; eleellon oi li mi. Ilurisou, Ijib 'rty, and reform. Tncro were nior,' hat a thousand persons present. Mr. II-i 'y anborry addrt'-snl the audience. ' vas ropelling the clnrgo i, f cowardice i " "gain-t Harris in by the Van ISuren p-irl . iv I le, i bo emphatically asked, wlietb or there were not pre-enl those whofoughl wiili the gallant General? This c.ill was responded to by a v Morablt! pil'iot, beinliiig under Iho accuoiolanon of seviry live years. J . old in in I reoib ing uiiner ins ii.ur niiiius oi uouy rn-o ins nuw iloggisb blood became warmed Ins dim med eye-, kindled with indignation and with a voice braced up by I lie law nf truth mid justice, the old man said: Forty-two years ago, 1 served with Harrison under Mad Am bony in fighting and whip, ing the Indians, ami 1 i-aw bin nlwiys where ger wai thicker, nnd where duty called I know him lo bo bravo, and ho who tays otherwise says false. And yet anilhor aged soldier ro.o up to bear tcs'imiuy to the bravery and pitrio'ism of ibis veuera led palnm in arms. I too fought under Waynu forty two years ago, fido by side, with the bravo and gallant Harriso i, who iv .is then hnle more than a siripling biv. 1 but a full grown mm in deeds of diriug and of valor. I know him lo be n soldier t nnd the soldier's friend; and li iw well I . may h.ive served my cm Dry on thai oeca lion let lln- 'ell. The venerable old ma i i hero p. Hilled to a c ir left by n wound ro I coivod in l!;al campaign. Tlio effect was electrical a tliou-and Voices re-ponded lo the statement of ihe-o venerate I milliters, and gave a pledge ol thoir confidence in. and attachment lo lb" bravery and pairio'. ism of Gen. Harrison, tfiixlcn Unmet. Am nig the thousand wooden notions mmul'ictiired in Rocbesti r one of (lie nitt singular is'ho newly in vented ha me Inr horses. Tho article is designed lo supersede (ho use of iho com mon Muffed leather collars, and singular os it may seem to tho unreflecting, one of Iho chief rcc imiiioiid ilioiis it pos-e.-ses, is Hie qinliiy.uf fruoing tho horse from the gall ing miseries resu'ii ig frequently from the is ofleathor collars now in plaeticc. It use so turned us to bo well adapted to Ihe form and ionium of the horse it keeps ih neck and shoulders cool and free from sweat! and is an arliclo wall deserving nt lention; nol merely for ingenuity, cheapness ue iHiess ami durability, lint also on account of huniinity, for Us iiilliionei! in freeing a noblu animal from the suffering loo fre quently occasioned by Ihe arliclo now in common use. Let I huso who feel disposed to laugh nl such wooden notions, see and judge for themselves before Ihey exorcise their wit in ridiculm.' tho newly invented liainu or wooden cellar. Mcss-re. Wins; and Norlh (one of whom is the inventor) are now manufacturing tho article in the Globe building opposite the Riilroad OJicc Roch. Dem. IvTr.nKSTlMi Ui-oovunv. Tho Frodo nia Censor, of tho l-lth inst., states that a very rich mine, yielding Alum in tho pro portion of two thirds, nnd Copperas in the proportion ofone-third, has been discovered in the town ofShori, Ian, ('haulaiique conn IV, on Iho farm of Mr. Joseph S. Loomis. From present appearances, it seems lo be very extensive, if not inexhaustible j ami Mr Lnnjiiis is nuking arrangements for bavin ' it worked, .V, Am, llrietthe. John Qulncy Adams hil off iho politics! of Georgo ISrancroft. of Massachusetts, exactly, when he mill, .Mr. liancrt'a ol demncracyjis democracy dressed up white kid gluvos." Detlli Exlrmrdiii-trt. Tho North Cao ohna papers report nn extraordinary death as having occurred in that Slate on the 1 2lli ol Annusl last. Il was lhal Honor able MARTIN VAN RU1U3N, wiui died of tho w'lile swilling. Tho mourners ore said lo be. going about tho streets with long laces and tail countenances- Cheat rntcF. i on Wiikat. The ISalli- more American of Siturd.iy tells ns that white wheat sold in that city the day pre vious lor jJi.-lO ami rod Wheal fur g2,20 n bushel. TilTKRAUV NOT1CRS. We won I, I recommend lo tho ,'illentioit of our readets I liosc Iwo monih'y perio Meats railed 'Snientifio Ti.irts for the diffusion nf Ueftil Kntnvledie," nnd ibo ".Mm at llefnriner, ami Te ichor an I lie Human Cunstiiutioii," published by I.ioiit & Stearns, llo. inn Jlim. I.iti, rnnsisis of u well executed iro.itic upnn a pintle Mihject. 'I'lic luitnbers urn issnp,! on the fit at -if rieiy mn'illi, each Cuiilaiiiin 22 pises. Tcriin SI in nil)iincc. WWI.TON'S DAILY JOUII..VAT.. 1' V. Wttttnii c .Son prop ,'e In publish, tlurin? the ensniti' te.'ion nf lite l.ejiitl.iiiu-c n DAILY I'AIM'.U, c.n'ir.icin; in full llie piorccdings nf butli brniirlies of ibe leisl.iinre J b ilfsbeel, sin ill impp. i in I, four pill's, nr ilmiblo die line of the l.isl p.n's d.iily ; priec St. Tim VV.iicliin-iu aid (i.izeile will lie fiiiu'stieil tlirnub iho sesjinn nl 25 cinls j pee j ear, inciti lin llie ,1 Illy, ii no. t k m i i : it vnci: .m: i: 1 1 , r : . The anmi il iiipeiing nf lb 21 Srliuol District reuipenince Sneieiy, mil be bnlden at the ,-l,nu bouse in s.iitl ilisntci, nn I ueftl ty, die lib nf On. nexl, ul C u'vtnrk, I'. At. Ail ad.lres, is exiee. tel uu the ncc.istnti ft inn President Wheeler, ILymaii & Cole HA VIC received an nxleiisivoas-nriiiinni of PA Mj anil W I NT MR GOODS comprising ISlue, ISiack, Ulue blirk. Olive, claret, brown, invisible green, tlrak- neck, polish and other shades of green ISiioad Cloths. Iilack, b'ue, fancy st rip'd, ch"ck'd, plaid roynl rib'd, vic'orinc and buck skin Cassi. mi'.iiej. I'lain, cbcck'd, nnd striped Silinetts. Heavy mill'd Cloth, Pilot Cloth, I'elors. bam and M ihan Coating. Tim above em braces a very i-xten-ivu assortment of this description of goods, and arc worthy lb' a'tentim of geiilleunm. A rich variety of Vkstinos, i c iidiug Heavy black, and blue black. Kilk Velve't vesting. Figured and striped tin, I'lain, nlatd, and striped Sill; d i. Dirk Velvet Valentin Tuilind nntl Ois.'nnnrn do. iroons-rnn stuffs. French, (Jerm hi , ind ", iglib M riins A f"W iieci's d irk lijuretl .Merinos. Gro do N in and Crape do. Morion Cirrassi in and IS ooibaz Hie. Moreen onrl Dim i-k iJerniin Goals Hiir Carnblots. iO'itrh-h and luula'ion ilo. ISrochollas and I'mic-'t la G rman R ig Worsted. Whiip,car let. nnd mixed kiutting iv rtcd Cmuded ivoolen yarn, Mlk 11 ,p Set, Rlack. b'un black, hroivo, green and drab ll'imbazmo. Mfriuo Trimmings Itliiml and ISobmetle ICIstngs, Insert tog Lice, &c. .Merino ShawN and II iinlkerehiefs. Gloves and 11 isiery A splendid assortment of Black, nntl blue black, Gro d" S.viss nnd Gro de Rhine, fiur',1 and plain do. Col ored mid i, l.ud Gro do Niples. Seivmr Silk and Twist. Silk Camblels and P.m" gees. Prune! and plain S.'nllys. A groat variety nf French ami Hil-rlis!! having been bought by ihe ca-e, will be sou very cneap. a variety ol '.iF''itfl SH'tttlrs, Rich l.iui.y il ivvo Scarfs, Tippets, fancy Co'lars, Ladies fancy Silk Cravats. Tambiard an I French worked Canes ntul Coll'irs, Shallv IMkt's nntl ShnwU. Sew lOL' silk do FiL'iirt'd Silk. Cmn... r, hit . , and oilier Fancy II intlkorcbier. DOMKSTIC GOODS. Colloo Sheelni"'. S llrllll.r. blenel,',! ,1.,. Canton Flann.'ls. Driiltiw. 'Pick. Wad Iin. r. IS.i'1-, Wickmgand Cotton Yarn. S -lit. 20. TO PAllMEilsT nurrert. naivcurn, in i'i,anm:i.. Lemuel Curtis & Co. ILL pay the highest price for Hie lies! of ISo'ter Also, wanted oOO v-ir.'s Grey Cloth & 500 y.N. Fiannel all Wind. Tip')" aro now receiving tlmir New Good:! i-uiiable ft i r Iho present nntl approarhing sea.-on being ihe most complete u-i-,itini,MU they have ever had the plon-tiro nf off -nog , & nt Prices and quality which counot but please. Ilurlinnlon Sept. 30th IC3C. Wanted, 50f) Vils. Sliei-n- Grny Chith 200 Ihs ukjkj W1,,, ICnininr Varn, nnd 1000 purs Wo , loo Socks in c.vehitige I'm ends. Sep'' -9- hnux it C.Ti.i: JVcxv Fall Goods. MSG A NT gilt and plaied motnl enb -A bi'd Sibres: nl-o leather i-cabbard Sabres ; oronked nnd blrntgbt. fint and ciiium hi S.vords, HoUtcr Pi-tols ; Spur, Swortl chains, Kelts, sashes. Lace, IJtitlons, Plates, and almost all kinds of goods no cessary in I lie .Military line, tbis"day ree'd and opened. S line of our now swords nrc Iho best we over had; all of our military goods arc new nnd in lino order. IVoononv HrtiN'MAin, S vit. SO liirieli Shnr. SHEEP LOST. ITHIN two or three Weeks, tho Kllliseriliir las lost Iweh-i. nr lliirlf..... Weathers nntl 1-'. vtan ton Ii I Ink leller P. in Red Paini.n lilllo hack nf thn loll slioiilder. It is supposed thev went with a drove m the N'nnl, , ;'.,r . - X.IJ nil, in, t t ton relative to said sheep will receive ro oiiiiicriiiion, nnu lliantis Irnm thn owner. DANIBIj PF.RRY. Hurlingon Sept. 27 I33G. Now Goods, Needles. Saddlers', Millencr-'. Harness, Darninrr, Knitting, Glovers. ISecdings, A-snrled &, coininon sewing Needles; of Heinmintr & Sons' Manufacture, just ree'd at tho Varie ty Shop. P ionoiiN & ISniNf MAin. i NOTICE. CAMK into Ihccnolostirn of the subscri ber on nr about th.) 18th inst., a pain red 1 years old STIjAR. small horhs obout mitlilliiin- l7.e. Tlie nwunr is renticslcd lo prove property ply charges nntl Inlso him aw.iv. iiiAOUiN iiijiii. Ihtex Sept. SCt 1 030. SORE EYES. trplIOSn atllicted with inflimod or soro Ji eyes should be awaro ol the ureal oxcol lonoo of Dr. ADAM'S KVK WAT R It, in tin trnalmont oflhls Iroublesoino aflliction. Il has been bnforn Iho public but a short time, yol il has already been fairly tested in com. parison Willi an mo common roinomcs, unu with what success may ho infurrod ftom tho cxtcniivo doinind now existing for it.aml fiom the numerous testimonial of its valuo now in iho hands of llie propriulor.ono or two ofivhich it was deemed proper lo subjoin. Sir: It is with pleasure 1 stale to you, that my wife who was iroublttl with soro eyas. wa3 completely curetl by uiing ono bottlo of Dr, Adams, Eyo Water. JOtl.V GARDNER, Gioon st., near Seventh. Norrislown Pa. Mr. Fi'her ; I lake pleasure in hoarhg los. tlmony to tho superior excellence of Dr. Ad mils' Kyc water over all others that I have tried. Having given Dr. Thoiiij)sonon's a fair trial I consider Di. Adams' by far tho best as it UlVeo from that smarting produced by Thompson' 1 know several gentleman in this place who havo tticd both, and tlie.y deci dedly prcfir Dr. Adams'. 1 consider Dr. .-JJ-ams' I'yo Water a very valuable medicine, Yours, ISEN'J.JMIN POWELL. Piepiretl ami sold bv I tin sn'e propiielor, JO SEPH I'l.SHEIt, soiilti licit eoruei- lieietilh nnd llullniiivonil sticels. Also lo be pmi'tued genuine f,om the folloivlug Dni'siils: It Jul .1 in & Co. Third mul Well mid Thin! mul IV.iInu: ;. It. Ituiinnd, 249 .Minkel si; E. A. Iln-kius, 376 llmketst. Juiiii lliinjliursl, Tenth and Clie-ii'il ; Paul O. Oliver. Tenib mid tt.ire; Eibv.ii ,1 1 1 i'ins, 7il, nn.l Csllonliill; Jos. .Meltni"; I-'iiiiii liuil Clit'isii.iu; J. II. Iiroiks. Ite.irb si. npptjsile in. ti kel, Kensing'on. J. c J II. Perk fc Co. P.iull.nton. Boston Lion Circus. P.oinlho IjIoii Ainpb'th 'at re, Boston. Requiring f r il opernt'mxt upwtttli if eight ij men nnd horses. RESPECTFULLY inform the oinziin of Burlington mill vicinity that they intend to perform on the Cauv G-nond on Saturd ty ihe II It d ly of Ojiob it n ;t. for one ,1 ly ,,o'y. Tho iinon.'rs .ii" ill's sp'endid eques trian est ublislim ot, w'neli fjaitie I iinprrce denle.l pop ilnrily m I! ,-ltii, d iring iho winter, Inve b 'en in luo 'tl to comp'y with solicilatioiHol'inll lent, il gem leiinu abroad ii'ho ivi' nred tlio p rf ininucfS. nod will mike a rip d excnroimi I lir,,iigli Iho prin cipal towns in Hits section ol the country and present Ibeir wonderful v.irioly of ftnls many of whiob hav n-'yer belbre been nl templed on Ihissid; nfallanlic. Proud of Hie dtstingoi.liL'd iippriibatuin nod the fit -1 iouiiblo audoics with woich they hnvo b-en lionored, they havo cheerfully incur. retl a large open-o to enhanc. "-till more th" ait ruciiniii of Iho s-n-ti n r travelling 'en-oii. Tn,' public are di.iincily informed that this c.-i.'ihlii-liinent is condne'ed on a nuw and much improved pi in, entirely abov,; the i, Id i-tyl.) ul' Citeu-es, nnd avoitling every thing nlVmsivc to good morals or rcpnUivi: l, the ni ,l r . lined ear. 'Phe Hqui'st riau C irns is the lirgest and uinsl puiverful in America, embracing young m -n ami lads . 'ected from the flower ol'the couniry, wh i by long practice tinder (liS'liiguished misters, aro enabled lo -ti' pass nil their predecessors in feats of hoisemin-hip ami athletic skill. Their noble nud splendid s'n.l of Arabian and Hanoverian horses have been chosen from the best blood at great cost: and will es pecially delight those who would oncourago improvement in tho breed of horses. I!y lung mul .evere training ihoy have bum I ii iili In lo go ihroiiiiu Hie difficult mazes of vaullz and Coin ra Dance; audio perform i bor surpn-ing eserei.-. s winch il would ,-eeni to r, quire I he ho.ii m in ml lo e.xecu'e. The Arena is nrra.iged in a novel and convenient nyle. hiving nu airy Her of boves, neatly carpeted, nuuido llie fifst, ariuiuil tho entire cireeiu'erence. Luliesj and Gentleiiien are invited io examiiit! it previ.ius to Hie exhibn ion, wbilo pulling up. 'Pbe full nud nllec'ive Bind accompany ing tho Arena, will perform miny national and pipulnr nir--. Fur particulars see largo bills nl the principal Hotels. Doors open al I o'clock, p. m, and per. foroinnco nl '2 o'clock. Adiiiis5nm io r. b ,xes 60 cents pil 25 cents, Children under 10 years of ago nrc admitted with llieir parents tn iho boxen at hall price, no half price lo Ihe pit.- iiiriiiiginii, oepi. UU, ;n3G. Young Cattle. 24' "''D f iwo year old cattle for sale, hy ilicKiuc & Sept 22. Paper Hangings. 500 Pi. P.ino. ll.,,n;no : . ... u.i iii;;i,ia l.Uiiprir- "'B " "'". variety oi now nntl beautiful patterns, nw openio" nnd for sale by LATIIROP & POTWIN. llurlinglnii Sepl. 23. 1U3Q. LOST ' ON Saturday Hie 17llitiift. bolsvcen J. .u..wtv. w. iiuii, auu Wll-l MF tlVO sii7v r"al1, a ,,ar" vvh,,c .ilLlll.NO SHAW L, wrapped in a wliiia linen pnckei liijudK-rchief. marked Julia ' ,m iniucr sunn oe lib era ly rewarded by returning the shawl and handkerchief ot this office. Sepl. 22 I

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