Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 30, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 30, 1836 Page 3
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.Miiy be used in Jf'inc or Water, rflUBSK cpllebralpd bitlprs are compos JL cd purely ol" vegetables of Ihe most innocent yl specific virtues. They nre recommended pnrliculnrly Tor restoring weak constitutions, cleansing llio stomach and increasing the appetite nlsnn proven 1 n 1 1 v o ngatnst the cholera morbus, fever, nnd ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning. wphIuipss in tint brrnst, piin in t lie sinmncb nnil nllior symptom ol flilnlcnci! nml indigestion. Ono box will linclnrc one gallon. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. This choice nml snfo ointment i sniil to be superior to any now in usc, for that dis agreeable nml loathsome diseased he ITCH This ointment is mi certnin in its npciatmn that no person troubled with the above disorder ought not to be wilhoot it. It i n remedy lor rnlniipniis eruptions, scorbut ic affections ol the head, or any other breaking out which nrisps from sharp I111 tnours in the blood. Price 25 cents n box. Russell's Vegetable Hillious Oil FAMILY PHYSIC. FOR general caspscs of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of" the stomach and bow els, loss of oppetiie. Icu'id breath, e.nflivo res'. Piles, rind all diseases nrising from biliary derangement", also for correcting the stale ol the blond, and cleansing I In system ofifonl and viscid humors. These pills are a mild cathartic, producing ncirlicr poms nor griping, and are therefore n val rahle and h'ghly approved tn"cictnc, nml nro pronoiircpil n such bv th" mnt (lis tingui.-hrd 1 liyi ria ns. Each box con taining 3!5 Pi'N. Price 27 l-Scrn'sn box. Russell' s Cellcbr cited Salt Rheum Ointment. THIS n utiquettionnbly the host nod rnfest mnedy ever yet ollered to the pub. lie for thai obstinate disorder SALT KIIEU.M. Where o' her means have fail ed, it has Ftirceeili d. and the (,ici that it Its been rxteii-ively n-eil by eminent 1'rnciitioncrs speaks ci Ionics io its praise llisrqnnlly 1 llii'itciinis 111 al disea-es of the skin, ling worms, mid iho most invele. rate Itch, &.c. Sic. Numerous eertifieaies might be obi n tiled but llio prnpiutor rhooses that a fair trial should be the only evidence ofils superior efficacy. Price 50 cents a box. A fresh supply is just r"roived and for sale by J & J. II Peck & C.i.,Dr Moody Irilhr'np & Pol win Burlington-. S. II. ISnriio t'hnrlottc M Iln'l llincsburgh Onion it Strong, O. & W. L. Parker 1 1 mil mgl on & Whole Vergenties Skill ft Lonsey 'hrckebury green .lamin Hamilton, P. 1 lelcher jerico 1). II. Wilson. S. II.. 1 lelcher Essex I). & W. Carpenter Water bury and with I he Drugists generally t liriiiighool the Uililcd Slates, and nl v IioIp hv Win. C Sitoip-00 & Co. lin-ton 'bmik like aniTTi.vie.s. i:i.i,m;ious JL AM) POLITICAL OPINIONS of John Millon, u-illi an nppi-iidix, cnnt.tiiiiiii.' animad versions upon Dr. Johnson's Lifu ol' Millon ; by Jo-eph Jvimcy author of llio ' History ol the English II J jitialf,' Ac &c. ; fir sale bv V. HARRINGTON. NOTICE. STRAYED from the sub-enber a light red COW middling size with lliepnds I lie horns sawed off Whoever will give information where she may bo found shall be handsomely rewarded. JONATHAN HART, liorlinglon Sept. 22. " WEST'S I'ATHVT Ctn7()RI.M': COSMETIC and PILLS, TO it Ringworms, S tit r liciim. Scald . head, anil all Cutaneous Eruptions. This article is not thrown into market hko most patent medicines, backed by some half dozen ficinioiis cert ificn 1 ; hot 11 comes respectably nml hone-lly recommen ded, and is, we verily holievv, all that il claims to be: and as such, it is offered to the public, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Sept. If!30 Agtnttfor Ihe Patentee Statu op ( Chittenden ss. ( The, Hon. the Probate Conn lor 110 Dip triel of Chittenden To all persons con corned in the est aloof Nathan Allen, late of Wllll-ton, in mid district, drcenseil. WHEREAS, the Administrator tie Imni nnn of said deceased propose to render nn account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for oxamin ntioii and nllowiiiicc at n session of the Court of Probate to be hidden at J. A. Wil Ipy's Inn in Williston, on the flth day ot October next. Therefore you arc hereby notified In ap pear before said court at the time find place nfnrcsaid, and show cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be nllovvcd. ' Given under my hand nt Williston, this 10th day of September, A. D. 1113G. (;. H. MANSER, Reg. Wool & Butter. mllB Subscribers will pay Cash for X Good Clean Fleece Wool, delivered .1 llmir 3lnrn io Church Street. Thcv will olso pay Cash for Good Hotter nt one shilling pr. pounu. LnvEi.r & AnnoTT n,iri:nrlan Sent. 15(l IR30. 0 Sentember 1836. T7nl1 Gnnils at tho Varictv-shon. .. -- . WE are getting in our Fall liood, all things necessary to keep our ossorl mcnt in good crdcr ; Watches, Clocks, perfumery. Tea-pots, Military Goods, Cas tors, Jewelry, Stocks, Collars, Incn nnd entin Bosom's. Lamp wicks. Toyn. nnd nn endless variety of Fancy articles. All per sons am invited to call and look nt them at tho Variety Shop. Pmnnonv &L IltllNSMAII) 500 Spanish Leeches of a late 3Pr,a,,0n,l,yjJ. H. PECK CO Ash Timber. ANTED for the uo oflho Winootki Puteiit ninek Mills, noil In lm ilnliv ereil at that establishment in llw eiiurso of tho enduing winter, the billowing descrip lions of While Ash Plank, sawed to the given dimensions, sqnaru edged, sound and free from knots, shakes or heart wood. Nn of feci, Widih, l.cuM (Jrrntrjt b'l.uil in ililoknrra lliiikncfs ine.isme. inclicj. Io uoik. iccciinl. 20 000 7 1 4 18 25.000 n 19 U SO 000 9 li li 10,000 10 11 15 15,000 II 1 3 10 000 12 I J 2 10.000 13 2 Ql 0,000 14 2.J 2J 4,000 14 29 ?g A I.S O, Wanted, one Ihnumnd WHITE J1SH LOGS the standard log to be 22 inches diameter and fourteen feet long, sound and free from knots or shakes to bo delivered ot the Mill during the ensuing winter, i nt the wharl at Hurliiigton 111 llio month ol M.iy. 1R37. GUY CATLIN. ihirtinglan, VI. 0(i Sept. 1U30 9lh Sept. 1836. To our Agriculturalists success. To our I.'tera'y Institutions t lie high standing they meril--To our Manulactiirers Iri iimpliancy in competition nnil to com mere". Free Trade and Sailor's Rights. THE Go Ahead Principle i so prednm iiianl in our land at I he present day, that Ihe Car leaves him behind, who stops for tnfl s, or descends to particulars. We of the Green Mountain Stale having such conspicuous bumps of enierpnze marked on our head lam.?, need only know the Text, the rest is understood Il is now this HOWARD, of the Cheap Cash Store, hav been Io 1 lie city of New York, Ihe grand emporium of our country, and rcceiv 'd his full supply of necessary and desirable gnorl. which were prut, need by a combina tion of all the natural intellectual mechan ical and operative exertions ol our above named motto. To conclude. Ihe goods were bought to sell, and will be sold cheap for cash, no mistnke. New Goods Sept. 8. COMPOUND Chlorine Tooili Wnr-li, the discovery of I he chloride of Soda &. lis oso In Lab irrnnue of Paris, was an nd- dilion to the resource ol medicine ofllie nl most importance as n ncuttalizing agent. To counteract at once I he principle ol' decay. which commencing imperceptibly, slowly gathers stri'pg'li. and finally de.-lroys, i t lie ininortanl service which can be derived fioni llio ii i! of chloride of sndn, when ad-mini-lpred with skill and rare; the diseas es of I he teeili being, in the great iniij irilv ol cases, mo result ol neglect, anil a grail on! accumulation of tho principle abovo iilliulpil lo, it became obvious, lim Ihe earlie-t experiment, lint the chloride was Ihe proper remedy, nud preferable lo pow ders, deoirilic's, iXtc. of whatever kind or pretension. J!y a analy-i Il will he found that the greater part ol'tho chlo rino compounds so extensively in u-e, do not contain a piriiclo of Ihe rhloriih; of soda, on the agenry of which their efficacy must necessarily depend. Tho article here ailvcrlised is confidently offered to the ex amination of ihe publ c, as possessing in an eminent degree. Ihe virtue of neutralizing all thai is nllens'ivc in the mouth ami breath, removing soreness and sp inguipss of thp gums, lerl roving the. taint ol tobacco, or any other (flluvui from whatever ranso. In short, tin-preparation will bo lound lo justify ihe various conunendatorv notices and recommi iiilatious it has received, where cvir H lias been introduced. Jut received and for sale at tbi Variety Shop. PANG HORN &. lllliNSMAID. Sfptem. !!, 1 it JC Gilt and Mahogany Frame Looking (il.isses, from 25 cts. to fourteen dollar.-, fur sile hv LOVELY & AI3P.OTT. September 10. 1 1130. llail-Road Notice. NOTICE is hereby given tint a peti tion will be preferred lo the LegUla tore oflln: Slate of Vermont at their next s'-ssion for Ihe grant ofn Rail Road from ISennuiglnn. lliroiiili tint enmities of IK-n mngtnn, Rutland, Addison, Chittenden and Franklin, to Canada line, in the direction ofMontreal. Si-kpiikn IIinsdii.i.. Svi.VKsTEn Samuel Ca.nfiei.d, C. W. C iNAT. John A. CntvAvr, Sami.t.i. Sivirr, William Si.aiie. Sepl. 7, 1330. New Goods Sept. 16 WTEGETAHLE ROUGE, "on exquisite T nrncie lor enriching tho glow ot l lie check: this beam 1 In 1 cosmetic preparation lias at ail limes louiiu a place at the fash ionable toilet. It is an innocent, yet pow erful auxiliary where circumstances have rendered assistance expedient, it is Ire; from any noxious ingredient and entirely innocent: calculated lo create new beauties. where beauties were before ; to nih! fresh ncss to the cheek which care or illness may have rendered languid; and in place oftlu: Lily to plant the Rose;" just received at the variety btiop. I'ANnnnnN & RntMSMAin. Fall Goods. THE subscribers nio now opening an extensive assortment of Goods adapt od to the full trade which will be sold cheap fur Cash. Wo havo now a full assortment nfsupcr fino Broad Cloths of every shade and qual ity. Ricli nnd heavy, plain & Plaid Cns'mr's. A few ps. new stylo Durham Ciis'nir's. .10 ps, G--I French & English .Mcrinus. 1 Case Elegant Flg'd Marions, Hatting, Wadding, Cambric Linings Sic. LATIlriOP & PoTWtN. Sfpt. Clh 1030. September 23, 1836. K ps. siipr. Goals Hair and Crape JB-F Cainb'ils. 10 do sup. Italian Gro do Swiss nod Chnlly Silks. G Doz pairs Ladies sup. Goal skin and Kid Gloves. Ido Ladies D wn Tippets, n new article for evening Dress. G do Roys Cloth Caps. 20 ps. Rich Chiniz Prints, dirk colors. Heavy lluck skin Gloves and Mittens. Lace Ilnlloiis. French marking Cotton, Fancy Dress Handkfi &c. &c. just received and for sale by LATIIROP &. POTWIN. September 2J. LOVELY &, ABBOTT. HAVING returned from New. York with their fall stock of goods, have now the pleasure of offering for sale one of l ho finest assortments of Uroad Clot lis, Cns. snnorrs. and Satiiielts, Thibet cloths, French and English Marines, of every va riety and color, Mohair silks, of fine assort, menis, Mn-lins ond Oambricks, French worked Collars, Marino Thibet wool, Silk chnlly Crape ond other varieties of Shawls nud Ildkl's., Blenched and Unbleached Collons, Tickings, Table and other Linens n variclv, French English and American Prints. Cutton Yarn, Wadding nml Rat ting, Carpeting, and, in fine, we think n good an assortment of fancy and staple dry Goods, and on ns good terms ns ever offered in Hiirlinglnn, Cut nnd plain Glass, China nnd other Crockery ware among which are Elegant Dining and Tea setts, nnd almost evcy article of colour and kind in Alarket, Teas of all kinds. Loaf and Urnwn Sugars, Cofioc, Chockolato, Sugar house and other Molasses, Rox ami quarter box Raisins, Mackerel in half nnd quarter bbls.No. 1 and 2 White and colored Sperm Candles, Scotch and Macknboy Snuff. Indigo, smoking and chewing Tobacco, liar Siap, Spices of all Kinds. &c. &c. Burlington, Stjpt. 1G, IP.3G. New Arrangement. rjllIE subscribers, having entered into JL cnpirtiiptship in llio manufacture of Sheet Iron Cupper and Tin Wurs, the bu siness will hereafter bo continued tinder the firm of STARR 64 at the old stand ol' J. J. Starr, in Church street, opposite the Jail, where all kinds of Job work will bo ilono nn short notice and in the best manner. They have now on hand a large andgenural assortment oTpliin and JapaiiPil which they will dispose of nt wholesale or retail, as low as can bo purchased in this seclion oflho country. They have also on hand and ivill Mmr ly receive Improved Rotary and other Cookiinr and I! x STOVES, of various sizes and most approved patterns. Slovo Furniture nnd Pipe of all descrip lions all of which will be sold nn the nrist reus oisblu lerms. All orders in their line will bo promptly attended lo J. J. STARR. II II. HOSTWICK. Burl niton, Sept. I, lf!3G. Benjamin F. Bailey's Estate. Stat: of rn'njiiojvr, Ditlritl of Chillenden. si. The Hon the Proline Court for the D.s Irict of Chittenden, To all persons con rerned in the E-taic of Benjunio F, Bailey late of Burlington in said Di-trict th'peioed. II EREAS. the Administrator of raid deceased proposes to render an ac count of hi administration, nnd present hi. apcount against said estate for examination and allowance at n session of the Court ol Probate, to bo hidden nl Willoy's. Inn, in Wil'iston on the first Monday of October next Therefore, Y.iu nro herebv notified lo appear before said Court at the liino and place aforesaid, and shewcau?'. if any yon have, why the accoent aforcsuid should not lie allowed. Given under my hand nt Williston this 27ih day of August, A. D. II13G. U. IJ. M ANSLR. Register. JVcw Firm. rj"MlE nui.'er-igned have commenced the mercantile hu-iness in llio store fur meilv occupied bv John S. Pnlwin. late r, vir .. a .... '. n . iHgcrsou 0 Co. where, in addition to their pre-i'in slock, which is a respect able one Itiov nro inrioviilir nml ,uill rn ceivo in thn course of eight or ten unions ol every variety o Engii, French and American Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, China, Glass &, Crockery Ware, Looking Glasses, &c. which will make it one of thu most cxtun sive a-sorlmunis now offiired in this place. Just received nnd nrc now opening some oflhe leading articles, viz . .1 and 5--1 brown Sheetings, 3-t Shirtings, .1 and 0-4 bed Tickings, Batting, Wadding, Wicking.col ton Yam. Indigo, blue Prints, dark do, Birds Eye nnd Table Diaper, mixed Satti nells, grey Cloths, Paper Hanging-, &c &c. The public are respectfully "invited to call. Ca-b, or Goods at the lowest cash prices, paid for good table Butler. NOBLE LOVELY, JOHN ABBOTT. Burlington, Sept. 1 , IIJ3G. WANTED. A FEW thousand feet of3 I 4 PLANK, not less than 12 inches wide, nnd as much wider as convenient. Tho limber may bo either oak. nsh, beach, birch, ma. pie, bass-wood, or yellow pino, but mint be nearly or quitu clear of knots. Thu hurh est market price will be paid in cabh, "un delivery, at tho Burlinclon Mills. , RUFUS CLARK Burlington, Glh mo 22d, 1030. Lyi man & Cole, Will pay cash for fleeco Wool in clean merchantable order, delivered at 'heir sloro in Burlington. July 1. New Goods. AN rxlenflvc assortment of Fall & Win. Icr Gonds, of all the ii'inil varieties kepi in the country just Rec'd St lor nlo P. D00LITTL11. Sept. 15 Town Meeting. WILL bo held nl thn Town Room in Jlurlingtnn on Tucstlnv tho 27lh insl. nl 2 o'clock P. M, a general attondonci is requested. Samuel Nichols, ) Seleelmt.n nf II Lownv, tiurlingltm'. Rurtingloii, Sept. ISfVt I83G. New Establishment. rrnllE subscriber respectfully informs the JL public and his friends generally, thai ho lias taken the store recently occupied by Mr John Abbott two doors south of Ins old shop, and has just received from New York a well selected assortment of Ladies' Boots & Shoes, Misses', and Childrens'. fcc. of nil kinds and descriptions. Ho hns nlso, on hand and is now manufacturing from ihe best iiicterinls Gentleinons' thin Boot", Shoes and Pumps; thick Boots, Shoes and l!rogan-. In short every article in Ins line made on short notice, nnd ns chenp as can bo afforded for cash or short npproved cre dit, and all rips mended grati. D. S. RUSSELL. N. B. Wonted immediately two or three first rate Journeymen Boot Maker? to whom tho highest wages will bo paid, and constant employment. D. S. R. Rurlinzton, Aug. 17, I03G. Dorastus Holton's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) Dhlritl ij Chittenden, ss. Tho Honorable ilu; Probate Court within and for the District aforesaid, to all per sons concerned in the c-talc of Doraslus Holton. late of Burlington in said dis trict, dfcpaspd. GnEKTi.o. II EREAS, the Administrator of said deceased nronosps in rnnilpr nt, nr. count ol his administration, and prcseal his account against said estate for examination nnd allowance nt n session of the Court ol Probate, to be bullion at Willey's Inn in Williston, on the first Monday of October next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place nforc-aid, nnd shew cause, if nny you have, why ihe account aforesaid shuuld not bo "Hewed. Given under my hand nt Williston. this 271 Ii day of August, A. D. lf!3G. GEO. B. MANSER, Register. T FANATICISM by Ihe - ral 'History of Cnthu author of natu- llvi.nsm.' Vnr on In by IIAIUII.XGTO.W Aur.Crt. SPIRITUAL DIISI'.OI'Iri.M-by llio nu llmr ol'-F.inalicisin,' natural 'History of Enthusiasm,' for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. SC. 'jj3IIYHICAI. TIIKURY Of ANOTIIUl JL LIFE by tho author of Kannlicism,' naturil 'History of Enthusiasm,' 'Spiritual Despotism for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 2fl. POSTHUMOUS RIXORDS ofa Louden ( lorgy man ; by the Rev, flehart Caun. ter, II. I). ; for bale hv ' V. HARRINGTON. A vs. Cfl. SHELL COMBS & HORN TWIST COMBS. A new assortment of Shell -nio Comlw, nnd now stylo Morn Twist Couill,--. Also O Mill I In,-' I; Shi-ll Combs just received at the Variety Shop, by I'AVRIl'lIlN iV liiu.vsM.un. August 21, I33G. Fire ! Fire ! ! E members oflho Vermont Mutual Fire v, Insurance Company are hereby nolmed that llio Mowing assessments have been niado by Ihu Directors, on all notes in force, on tho following d.iys, lo wit : Dec. do Jar. Feb. March May June I J. 1-1 1-2 1-1 3 I 1-2 of I do do do do do do do do do do per cent, do do 20, do C, 13G, 10, do C, do 10, do If,, do do do do do do do do do 1-4 1-2 do CO do do Makings per cent assessment for tho year ; said per eentago to bo cast on tho original a mount of tho premium noto, without refer ence to any endorsement, and to bo paid lo Ihn treasurer at his olfico in Moiitpolior, on or before the I Ot It day of October II13G. Ao opportunity will be presented to forwaid as. susMiicnts by tho. moinbors of tlio Legislature, and thixo who nejilecl lo forward their nssps-s. incuts then, aro referred lo tho!! sec. oflho net ntlachod looauh policy fur llio consequen ces, Hv order of the Director.). CALVIN JAY KEITH, 7Vfajnrer. Montpoher, Aug. 20, I1I3G. H"J"Tlio printers of each weekly newspapor in this Suto aio requested lo publish Hid a. hove nnlieo three weeks successively, and for ward their hills hv tho members of Ihu Legis laturo for payment. SALT. 1500 Bushels Steam Salt, just landed by J. & J. M. PECK & Co. Aim.' '-') this n.vv ni'.ci;ivt;i ami yon hai.k at tiii: Ladies' Shoe Store, 60 pairs Womon's Leather Peescd Wells. 60 do do Kid Wiilkitiir Slim. 100 do Suporior do Slipi, city mado. 50 do Children's moiouco broans. 20 do Women's stout morocco walkine 20 do da Leather peyged brogans, 40 do do Soil, sewed. 23 do super. Kid Paris slips, 15 do Spring do slips, 20 do French morocco do 25 do Wm''s stout walking. 12 do do Calf pogfed brogans. 20 do do Moioccu slips, 50 do Children's morocco boots, 15 do Win. Seal ppggcd brogans. 30 do Spring pruurll.i slips, 211 do Wiii.'h leather sewed walking. 18 do .Muses morocco pegged slips, 12 do Wui.'a calf spring walking, 52 do Ladies and .Misses cull' slips, extra quality. D. A. BRAMAN. Iluiliugton, Aug. 18, 133G. Pig Iron. I GO tons English and Dutch Pig Iron, receiving bv J. &. J. II. PECK Co. Aug. 23. Wood-Choppers Wanted. rgiHE Mib-criber.- wish to rmplov twenty JL or thirty tnnn In chop Curd W I, "JANES, SMI'I'IJ & CO. Aug. 10, 1030. rgl.!IE NATURAL HISTORY Of EN JL TIIUSIASM - Fourth Edition ; for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 2G. NOTJCK. fllllB subscriber having made new nr A r iiigeiiipnts in bionics. It lipeninps necessary that the old corcoin should be settled up. I Its therefore requests nil lho.-e indebted to him to call and setile wuhon '"-'Iny. J. J. STARR. Sept. I. I03G. Ladies' Shoe Store. THE subscriber has just opened, next door cast ofSinith & Harrington's Honk Store in College street, a Shoo Sloro, prinei pally composed of Ladies', Mis-ps' and Chil drcn's, Shoes of all kinds and sizus, Hisar langpinentK (recently mado with no cvtcru sive houso in New 'York) nro such ns will enable him to sell at prices which bo confi dently behoves, will be satisfactory to all who may bo disposed to extend In him their pat 'onnzc. I). A. BRAMAN. Buhmnqton, July 20, 11)30. Dr. B. J. Heineberp; RESPECTFULLY informs the mhab Hants of Burlington and V.cinii v thai ho has opened an Apothecary Shop in Church-street, two doors south of the of Burlington, where, under tho care ofn rpptllnr mill iivnn.intiii.l ....... P. .M.i I'.tivvi) ,1 IIIUII , J - pothecary (whom Dr. II. hns lately engng- i ; woi-iors prescriptions will uu nllcndi'd to nt nil botir4 . niwt .lii,rn " , f- I III l r I- compound medicines may be had in nil pos sible varieties. In nihlitioii to this. Dr. II has alo nn hand a clinic selection of ppr I'umcrics, which he will sell at rensunuble prices. Uurlinirton Female Seminary. ftp II E Fall nnd Winter Term ronunen JL ces September Lit h. Pupils should enlcr nl the commencement of the term Mr. D. A. Bn.VMAN will have llio charge of the boarding establishment, which the friends of tho School believe w ill bo con ducted to lb? entire salisfiiPtion of patron. Applications In bo mane lo tho Principal, M.wiv C. GlIEEV. EXPENSES. Engli-h tuilinn, hoard, lights, fuel and washing per quarter 10 00 French, ' do do ' J 00 Latin, do do c 00 Drawing, do do 5 00 Instrumental Music do 10 nn Vocal Music do 1 00 TRL'STHES. HKFEnENCr.S. Hon. Alvno Foiie. - I'.ipiiIi .,rn,.nnn Mr J. S. Pot win. lino. II. Allen. " Pror. G.W. Bcntdict, E T. Encbvbv. Mr Harry Bradley. W. A. G iswold. N. B. Ha-vvi II. E.n. tin,, ti 1-. T . , i 1 Mr Henry Mayo. !PV .1 K O ,7.vprp (Jpo P. Marsh, E-q. G. Adam--, E-q. Mr S. E. Howard, J.N Pmprov,E-q Mr S. Iitck.d;. W. Lv rnnn, E-q II. & L (J. Lonmi',. J. I! Ilollenheek. N. B. Music tnlllrbl hv Pruf Mi.ll Mi. II. llosford assi-lnnt ; Mr. l . I'r.,nit. tpnehpr of Vocal Miihc. Clinrnrs i.iade tor term of entrance, e.veppl in casps of tick ness. Aiign-d I !, KJ3G. UST received &. lor sale by ROBERT MOODY 2 Boxes French Olives I do Anchovies I do Capers 1 Case p-e-crved Ginger . 2 Bo.e. Prunes! I Jir Tamarinds I JJiisu bi'tt alail Oil 1 Box preserved Citron August 25. KI3G. THE SILK GROWER'S GUIDE. Willi various engravings. AT I'KIl AWUM, I.N' ADVANCE, ON Wednesday, Aogu-t 3. Iti3(l, ihe fir-t niiinber'ofilio SILK GROW ER'S GUIDE will be published by llio subscriber, and continued ( very "other vveiinesiiay iiiereautr, each number con taining I G large super royal octavo pages double columns, exproM-'y adapted lor binding, nnil Ihe wholn subjept fnl'y illuu triiiPit by appropriate pngrnvings. Every pos.-iblo source of information will qo ospil to make Ibis a standard publicum n lor American culnvalors of Silk. Tho ed lor is extensively familiar with tho subject from personal experience 111 lis most impor tant branches, and comes prepared lo lur nith Ins readers Willi information so much de-ired on this interesting subject, He will also bo assisted by valuable pons 111 this city and its vicinity, whore the Mul berry tree and Silk Worm have for nniiy years received close intention. The cultivation of thu Mulberry Tree, in nil its varieties tho retiring' of Silk Worms production of Cocoon iccling, iiiuuiilacturing and dying Sdk tho disy iut reduction of the Silk business its 1111 inense value to ovorv farmer It- proliis Its peculiar applicability to ouru'imute. and the habits of our tanners, w 11I1 numerous o her considerations, will bo fully mid linuctly elucidated 111 this publication, Philadelphia, as a focus, pos.-es-es reiuurk able fueililies for tho ncqiii-itloo and (In semination of Ibis impoilniit knowledge. The Beet Root Sugar culture, and agricul tural subjects in general will be idiionsly attended lo. To mako t hi! subject pecu liirly intelligible, engravers will bo freely employed to illiMrato tho wurk. and no expeiisu spared lo place II 111 the first rank of the inn-t coiopleto pubhcutlun on Silk husbandry in America. It will" bo printed on fine piper, with good tyne, nnd parked up to defy Injury in llio mail, r!ix copies will lis sent lor jJIO thirteen for iQO. Address llio editor, post piid. F. W. LEOPOLD. 43 Chonut street, Plulad. University of I'nmstlcnnur. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. rinlIE itpxt coitr-i' i.r Lectures will com. -U. 10. 1 ci. I'nifitnv, u,b..r . 'lisl. nml be continued und-jr ihe l.,:uwii,J 1'raiigi.uieiils i I'i iiellci of Medicine Nuilianirl th 11 m m.M.n &.f?udh, Mite :!:: Lecturrsnn CI -licnl Med.rino and S,)r. gory nro delivered at Ihn Pennsylvania (Br.eUey" " '''"'"''"'P1"0 Thn whole amount of fees Is (he same ai lieretoloro paid, not withstandm" tla -oientaiioii in i,n nombpr of Prol'i-.-sorshipj and iinprorr-inont 111 iho poor.,, of in, true W. E HORNER, M. D . . . . . l)"au "'M'dtcil Faculty. 1 hiladolplun, July 20, h. U13G. Harvard Univei-sily. 'TIME iMediPal Led ores in Harvard U. JJ- mversily will begin at Hie Massachu setts Medical Collegi'iu Mason st. Boston, the first Wednesday ,11 November next, nt I.I befornO. A M.'nud will conlinuo Ihteu ui 'iiihs. For one month after I he end of he coursp, Ircf.ires will be ilcliverrd 111 Ihe Cll"gp, and Ihu Di-srrting Room will be open lo such students ns niay remain, with out ndduinnal lep. Such students may also iiUpiiiI llio Practice of Ihe Massachu setts General Hospital. Analnmy and Ojipraltuns in .Siiirpij, . . . Dr. Wancn. Cliemisiiy. . . . I),-. Vbsierr. Miilcii.t .V,M!!cit, . . I)r. Hijt-low. sliduifcrv nnd Juris prudnicp, .... I),-. Chnmiing. I'linciplcs of Snrgcij and (Jliii led ft'inserj, . . . I),-. IJ.mvanl. Tlicuiv .ntd Traclice of I'hvsip, Dr. Wa'te. Clinical Lectures will bo delivered ns ii'inil 011 1 In; casis in llio Massachusetts General IIo--pitr,l. jT-:ir mssncTLva noo.v. A new I)is-i-ct iiii Ro no is now building, and will bo fini-hed boforu the Lectures begin. i will occupy nil the vacant lind cri-l ol the Mdipal ('olleae. Every t are is tnkmg lo make this important' pari of the medical school ns perl", ct ns pos.-ib'e, so ihai it may lunii-li lo ihe sliident ample ficihtips for prosecuting his Anatomical studies. Tho legal enactments of the slate, so liberally and so wisely I'mmcd, will ho faithfully nnd thoroughly applied in the accomplishment of their important ob jects. WALTER CHANNING, Dan. Ilo-ton, July, 1030.. IMPORTANT f BIO persons suffering from It II E U M JL A TIC COMPLAINTS. To th,: Lditur of the Knquirer Sir, On the prin ciple fnciilcuted by llio great and good Dr. Franklin, to difi'o-c ns widely as possible evpry means wiihin our power lo mitigolo orsol'icn the nfiliclions nf suffering human ity, I feel it incumbent on me to make known through tho modioli! of your useful paper, that 011 reMiliu therein nn adver tisement of Dr. Jebb'.- Liniiiicni, for I In euro of RHEUMATISM, I was forcibly iiuprps-rd with n belief I fat il was calcilbi -led lo remove iip severe Rheumatic nfi'ce lion lo which I had been for seven or eight year- Fiibjccti'd. mini; tunes almost ilepnv nig me ol llio Use of my limlw. I accor dingly procured 11 bntili", and before I lit) d used 1 he whole nf ii, found vety sensible relief. This incren-ed my confidence in i', and led 1110 lo obtain mini Iut buttle. ik; use of w Inch has completely removed thu fuellings and pains n" my lunl", togelhur with llio cramp, and re-lurcd ibem In their wonted vigor. I am respectful jours, Geo. T .'. i.oit, jr. Icniptlcd. L I .V-trti 21. Per-mi- sfifi'oring from 'he ib-vc, m Pniiiis, and 111 des;;air id 11 co'e lioin tho failure oflhe various reinediis iIkvIiivo used, nro niviied lo innke trial nf tins long celebrated medicine, which ha-, in years pn.t cured and relieved, n 11 is now doing, tliou-nnds who had despaired nl' relief. Nothing hut a fnrtiiiil can rjiv no idea of Us iinrivallpd excellence. It is nl-n one of ihe best npplicnitons 1,'uown ! r sidToe-.- of ho joints, ri.iubnp . sprains and chilblain Price -it) ecu's. F r sale bv J. & J. II. PECK & CO BR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILI.P, have, from their extraordinary sncce-s III giving in-taut relief, ami in curing colds, coughs, asthmas, difficulty of breathing, win e ziiiiT. llghli'i-s of Ihe chest, pain in the side. spilluL' of blood, chills nud shivcrings that preei de fovers anil lung ponipl.iinls generally ! Iiecoinu ono of llio iioist popular medicides know n, nud are sooghl alter from every part nl' III ' country, 00 ucunuul of the astonishing mieecss. that husuttedded their administration in iho above puiupl.iiuls, frequently curing tho most ohstmale cases, and giving tho most unexpected relief, ufler evciy other remedy had fiiijcd, and persons had given themselves up ju de.-p.ur of n c jro! They luvo been known to euro persjns supposril lo be far gone in consumption, and exhibiting all the uppcar.inee of approaeuiiig dissolution. And such havo been Ihu salutary elll-cls of llieso Pills, oven in Impedes cases, as so fir lo miti. galu tho sulferings of the d.ilieni, as midently to pruning lifo for even days and wciks, and givo lo it .1 posilivu comfort lliey never ex pected lo enjoy. Tho operation oflhe pills is woiideiful in ('using respiration, q'lietinir ihu cough, and proeiinng comfortable. nl. Common tuldj are feiquontly removed 111 a few hours. !D"AltlioiiKh (save a person ol theso pills) inv wilt) has iried various incdi nines of tho first celubiilv for an a-llimatin ditnculty or alfoclion of llio lungs, which at limes was eveeedingiy distressing, confining i.erlo her hous., for ond weeks logiilher. shu finds i0iki' sTicj her the teliff which. ll,lfe' Asthmatic VWo .'-casing her xcspi lion. piiieliog cough, and giving bur cnuifoilablo rust." And tci is the testimony ofluiiidrrds or thousands. The roller which asett people, as well as olliers.cvpenenco from Iho use of Ihosa pills is truly astonishing, and tenders them invaluablu to many, ond uro in fact to souiu an essential coxiliary to Iheir comfort and almost to their existence! A physician informs thu proprietor that a gen. Ilumaa in tint country obsurved lo him, ho had 1 casein lo bnlicv.i llio use of these pills had been Iho moms of siving his llfo. Price wholobox. 30 pills fl ; half do. 12 pill 50 cts.

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