Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 21, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 21, 1836 Page 3
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United States Pensioners. Bank op Buni-iNo-ron, ) Ocl. 11, 11)30. f THE following circular having been re ceived by mc, from tlio Treasury Do portmcnt, it will be necessary tlint n strict conformity with tho rules should bo ob served by nil classes of pensioners, who may apply either by attorney or in person. E. T. ENGLESBY. President and Pension Agent. CIRCULAR. TntAsunv Depaiitment, :nt, ) lice, 30, Second Comptroller's Office beplember 29, 1D3G The agent for paying pensions at Burling ton, Vermont, Sin In order to guard more effectually against a repetition of frauds, as heretofore practiced by the production of forged pa pers, tho first three following additional rules will bo observed by tho accounting officers of tho Treasury. 1. In every case where ihe pensioner employs an attorney to receive his pension, the execution of the power must be in tho presence of at least one witness other than the magistrate before whom it is acknow ledged. No payment to an atlnrney will be allowed unless supported by a voucher 'i litis executed. 2. In all cases where the signature of 'the pensioner or his attorney is required, "Euch pensioner ur attorney will write his 'name at length, if capable of so doing ; 'otherwise his signature may be by mark or or cross, in which case tho execution must be in the presence of at l n-t one compe tent witness, other than the justice or no tary who acts officially in the case. 3. No payments will in future be made to any pensioner, cither in person or by at torney, who has not applied for his pension for more than one year, without the pro duction of evidence of his identity, as pro scribed in Ihu instructions from this office of June 10, 1833, chapter I, section 2, nnd form Bj nor until sncli evidence has been transmitted to the Commissioner of pen Mons and a special din cMon authorizing the payment has been given. 4. In cas's where a cetificate his been issued by the commissioner of pensions to the widow or children of an officer or sol dicr under tho act of June 7, 1!)32, or tin dcr the act of May 15, 1828, no prool of the relationship ol l he applicant to the do coated officer or soldier is to be required by the pen-ion agent, that proof having been necessarily filed in the office of the commissioner of pensions prior to the issu ing of such certificate. Respectfully, sir, your oh't servant, ALBION K. PARRIS. Comptroller. TO LET. A Convenient tenement for n Small familv, third building west ot the white Church, enquire of JOHN STETSON. Burlington, Oct. 21, I83G. if. Newton's Panacea. rnllE celebrated Newton's Panacea, or putifier of the blood, an invaluable remedy, by J. Si. J. 11. I'ECK Sf CO. Oct. 13. 111IYSICAL THEORY OF ANOTHER 8 LI KB by tho author of ' Fanaticism,' natural 'History of Enthusiasm, 'Spiritual Despotism, for sale by V HARRINGTON'. Aug. 2G. Dissolution. nUE copartnership heretofore existing under the fiim of J. & II. Clark, was this dav dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due said firm mu-i be immediate ly settled. JOSEIMJ CLARK. HIRAM CLARK. Milion. Oct. 12. 1H3G. India Rubber Aprons. The subscribers have received a large supply ol' l ho above articles from the Lynn Inula Rubber (Jo. and can now euply their Customers with any quantity. Lemuel Cuuris & Co. October 14. 133G. To Rent, A Dwelling Ilou.-c suitable for a small f um iSUJBv ilv situated near the square. Enquire of LATH HOP & POTWlN. Burlington, Oct. 14. 1U35. CARPETING. a( Bales sup. Ingrain and Common Car AVJ pets. 3 doFigd. Floor Clolhs, India Matting, Hearth Rugs die. for sale by Latiiuoi' Si Potwin. October 14. tfnvff attorn. mllR subscribers acquaint their friends nod the nublic that they have entered into copartnership, and have opened a shop nenr i tin corner of Church and King streets. where thev wil! dress and dye all kinds of Furs, at reasonable prices. 1 licy aisojn tend lo keep for sale most kinds of DRES SED and DYED FURS, and will buy all kinds of raw furs. Persons wishing to have furs dressed or dyed are invticd to call and examine sDccimens of our work at the fac torv. which it is confidently believed will prove satisfactory. BIERDEMANN Si VOLK. Durlington, Oct. 12, IG3G. wMPROVED STEAM DREDGE. J. The tubscriber offers to build on the most reasonable terms, at I. & J Towns nml'a furnace. Albany, his newly invented Steam Dredge. Having built a number of Machines for Lyons Si Jlowaru, lor uie U. States, Hudson river improvement, and rnnnda. and also one for the U. States at Chicago, end one for a Troy company flattere himself Ihat his Dredge is superior to any now in use. Persons wishing to build or contract for Steam Dredges of any size or form, either in nnrt nr ilin wholn iron and wood work complete, will do well to call on the sub. ihpr hnforfi thov contract. All persons are cautioned not to infringe on the richta of tho subscriber, cither by using or vending llio same under the pen ally of the law. ,n, 3tv. MELLEN BARTTEL. Lathrop 8i Potwin AVUNU been engaged the last two months in selecting their FALL GOODS, have now the pleasure ofofluring to the public une of tho heaviest nml lmst selected assortments of Rich, Fashionable, and 1'nncy Dry Goods ever oficrcd in this market. Tho following are a few of the leading articles, viz. 27 pieces blue, black, brown, invisible green, adeliado and drako neck BROAD CLOTHS. 27 pieces heavy striped, plaid, and ribb'd Buck Skin and Common CASSIMERES. Plaid and plain SATIN ETTS. Drab, blue and invisible green PILOT CLOTH, lor over coats. Silk, velvet, toilinet and Valentia Vest inns. French. German, Jacquards, Eng. and common MEnioNs and Cihcassians. German, Goals Hair, Crape aud com mon Cambiets. Bombazines and bomba zottcs. Green, crimson, and scarlet Mo reens. Merino and worsted Hosiery. Blk white and scarlet Merino Shawls. Em broidered Thibet and Merino Handkrchfs. Colored worsted and silk blend Edgings. Ladies' fut lined Gloves, superior goats; skin do. SILKS. ' 07 pieces comprising every shade and quality of plain and figured Gro do Naps, (Jro i)c Swiss, and Poult doSoi. Superior black Italian Gro de Swiss and Poult tie Sot. Heavy black silk Cambiets, grey do. Pongees, sowing, twist, chnlly, and plain silk Handkerchiefs aud Scarfs ; muslin and lace capes and collars; down scarfs; thread and bobinclte lace edgings and Insortings; quilling and netl Laces; long kid and open silk gloves, &c. &c. 10 bales Lawrence mill Sheetings. Tick ing, wadding, ball.", cotton yarn, white and brown Canton Flannels; while, green and yellow English Flannels; rose and point Blankets, &c. DRY GROCERIES of every descrip. lion. CROCKERY, GLASS, & CHI NA WARE, Sic. Sic. Burliogton, Oct. 14, 1R3G. CONTENTS Ol- NO. XCI1I OF THE NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW. Art. 1. Livingston's System of Penal Law. A System of Penal Law for the State of Lou. isiana, consisting of a Code of Crimes and Punishments, a Code of Procedure, a Code of Evidence, a Code of Reform and Prison Disci phue, and a hook of Definitions; prepared under the Autlior'ty ot a Law ot the said State lly Edicurd Livingston. Art. II. Romaic Popular Poetry. 1. Das Griechische Volk in Sfientlichcr.kircli liclicr mid privatrechtlichcr Beziehung, vor und nncli dem r rciheitskamplo bis zum dl July, 1S31. Von u. L. Maurer. 2. History of Modern Greece. By James Emerson. 3. Cours dc Literature Grccquc Modcrnc, donno ii Geneve, par Jacovaky R'no Ncroulos. Art. III. American Architecture. The American Builder's General Price Book and Estimator; deduced from extensive Expe rience in tho Art of Building. By James Callicr, Art. IV. Willis's Writings. 1. Melanic and Other Poems. By N. P Wil. lis. Edited By Barry Cornwall. 2. Pcncilings by tho Way. By A'. P. Willis, Esn. 3. Inklings of Adventure. By the Author of " Pcncilings by tho Way." Art: V. Northeastern lioundarv Message from the President of tho United States, transmitting, in Compliance with n lie solutionof the Senate, sundy Documents relating to the Northeastern Boundory of the United States. Art. VI. lro)i Haunter's England in 1835. England in 1635; being a Series of Letters written to rriends in Germany, during a Iiesi dencc in London, and Excurtions into the Pro vinces ; by Frederic Von Haunter. Art. VII. Life and Works of Dr. Richard Iicntley. 1. The Life of Richard Bentlcy, D; D., Mas. ter of Trinity College and Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge ; with an Account of his Writings, and Anecdotes of many distinguished Characters during the peri od in which he flourished. By James Henry Monk, D. 1). 2. Littcrarischo Analecten, herausgegeben von Fried. August. Wolf. (The Article Rich ard Uentley, in the First number of Wolfs "Lit erary Aualccta.",) Art. VIII. Principle of Emulation. 1. On Emulation, lly tho Rev. J. Emerson. 2. Dr. Dwight on Emulation. 3. Emulation in Colleges. By Warren Bur- ton. i. Professor Robinson's Account of the Ger. man Universities. Aut. IX. Lives of Pinkncy, Ellery, if- Mather. Tho Library of American Biography, con- ducted by Jared Sparks. Vol. VI. Art. X. Critical notices. 1. Swcctscr on Consumption. 2. Calvert on German Literature. 3. Pierce's Treatises on Trigonometry. A. Hale's Traits of American Life. 5. Smith's Three Eras in Woman's Life. G. Greene's History of Italy. 7. Bliss's History of Rchoboth. 8. Reports of Seaman's Aid Societies. 9. Sales's Edition of Don Quixote. 10. Popkin's Lectures. 11. Upham's Discourse 12. Adams's Baccalaureate Address. 13. Hazliu's Literary Remains. 11. llorely's Discourse. 15. Ups and Downs. Editor's Note. Quarterly List of Neio Publications. VERNON HARRINGTON, Agent. Oct. Uth, College Street. LYMAN & COL.E HAVE ree'd a few bales of very supe rior BUFFALO ROBES, Rose Blankcls, Dufiilc and 5 Point Blankets, Horse Blankets f Real French Kid Slips Heavy kid do Morocco do Thick Solo do Gaiter Boots Boliver do Walking Shoes, Sic. A few baskets best Champ'n WINE Gold Sherry, Sicily, Lisbon, Port and Malaga. 14lh Oct. New Goods. A N extensive assortmcntof Fall Sl Win. XX ter Goods, of oil tho usual varieties kept io the country just Rec'd & for sole by r. l ht,. Sept. 15. jL, CURTIS Si CO. are now opening' their fall purchases of Crockery and Glass Ware, consisting of all the dost hie articles in their lino. Among them may bo found. Ulobc, Hall and Astral LAMPS Cut, press'd & plain Stand do Champaign, Jcllynnd GLASSES Lemonade J Dining Sell6, from I IG to 210 pieces Plain, White and Enamcl'd Ware Whito, gilt edged and bronzed China Tea Setts. China Fruit Dishes Cut, ground, and Flint Tumblers, &c All of which will bo sold on the best terms. Oct. 14, 1330 Dry Groceries. OLD Hyson. " Imperial in qt. canisters. Gun Powder. i- TEAS. Souchong and Blnck, j Hyson skin, and Young Hyson J CofToe. pepper, spice, ginger, saleratus. Lump, loaf and brown Sugars. Lamp Oil, Molasses, &c. A good assortment of Ihe above articles will bo kept on hand at tho lowest prices. Oct. 14. Lemuel Curvris Si Co. October 7th, 1836. T EMUEL CURTIS & CO. are now re. JLJ coiving and opening their Fall stock of uoous comprisinir alloirotlior Ih-j richest as. sortincnl thoy have ever oflcred lo tho public, among which aro Rich figured Satins and Gro do Naps, plain Poult do Solo's and Italians, Black silk Cainb lets, Lustrings and Sinchows; 5 to 12. -It- red and black Merino Shawls; Woolen anh Worsted, Highland, Valencia and Prussiad do. Valcnlia, 4 and 6-4 bnbbinctt blonn nnd thiile Laces. Thread and bobbined Edging", Figured French Merinos. 1 catt C 4 English do. 28 pieces French Meri iios, every color: Roslin checks, a new ar tide ; 4 cases Merino Circassians, from 17 to 21 els. . Superior English and French Prints; 10 cases American Prints, by the piece, tow. a Heavy slock ot comprising all the fashionable shades, at rvery price and quality. Pilot and Mohair Cloths, Lion Skins; Petershams, plain, ribbed nnd Buckskin Cassimeres ; Goats hair and imitation do. Cambiets ; red, white, and yellow Flannels. 1 bale 4 A fi-4 do. ISO pieces cold Cambrics, I case do fringed; Every 6tyle bleached Cottons, from 10 lo 30 cts-; 25 pair Rose Blankets ; Mackinaw and Whitney do ; 10 bales 4 4 brown Cotton from 0 1-2 to 12 1-2 cents. 8 bales fine Ingrain c . ppTI.Tfi, Sc 3 ply Venetian do. OAI11 h 1 liNOb Brocking and floor Baizes ; all of which will be sold "as usual" on the best terms. CASH FOR BUTTER. HE highest market price paid for Good Table Butler by LATI1ROP St POTIVIX. Od. nth 1 830. New Goods, October 183G. NEW Myle Gold ScaN and Keys, both combined in one ; Gold swivlo keys lo wear on guard chains, in great variety; Elegant Gold Bosom Pin?; Fino Silver Dial Lapincs, four hole Jewelled, beautiful Movements. Gold do. A new assortment Ladies Plaques, an article which is fast taking the place of WaUt Buckles; a fine lot gilt Buckles. An elegant assortment ol Silver Pencils; from 50 els. to the heavy old fashioned Pencils at 2, 2 50, 3, and 3 50 each. Silver Couita, Compass Seals and Keys Silver Chums, and many other articles. Wo are gulling in nil ar ticles, netcetsary lo keep up I tic Variety, at the Variety Shop. Panguoun Si BniNSMAin. NOTICE. PROM the I2lh day of June last, inclu ding eighteen tnunths of minority, I have given and do hereby pubhckly give, lo my son Samuel Forest Scabury his time, to transact business for himself, and shall not demand from him or any other person during his life or capability lo net for himself, any wages, nor pay any debts of his contracting alter tins date. ELISHA SEABURY. Jericho, October 1st, 1830. SATIN BEAVERS TUST received on Consignment a case 3 of Ladies and Misses Satin Beaver Bonnets, being tho most splendid and beau tiful article uf'tlic Bonnet kind ever offered for lall and winter use. ALSO a full assortment of Goods of every description which will be sold cheap lor Cash at lite Cheap Lash iiinre by S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington Ocl. 7, 183C. CHEAP FIRE WOOD. rilHE undersigned offer for sale Fire JL Wood of superior quality, in small or large quantities, to bo delivered cither on their farm (3 miles north of Burling ton) or on the premises of ihe purchasers. The road leading through the farm to the wood land being now in excellent slate, affords to persons desiring lo buy their wood on the land every facility of getting it out to the main road. B. J. IlEINBEnC. T. F. Molt. Burlington, Oct. C, 1830. This dny rec'd price 50 cts. neatly bound in cloth, the Painter's Gild er's and VarnUhcr'a Manual, containing rules and regulations in every thing rela ting to the art of Painting, Gilding and Varnishing; numerous useful and valuable Receipts; 1 eels for delecting adulterations in oils, colors, &c. and a statement of the diseases and accidents to which Painters. Gilders and varnisliers are peculiarly liable, with the simplest and best method of pre vention and remedy. Oc-1' V. IlAnniNCTON. Wanted, 500 Yd6, s,lcePJ G"y cioth 5oo lbs. woolen Knitting Yarn, and 1000 pirs women ssocks in exchange for goods Sept. 29. Lvman & Cole. (IMPROVED ROTARY STOVE. Til E Subscriber would just say to the public, that he linu received a large quantity of the Improved Rotary Stove, of different sizes and will keep them constant ly on hand at his Store, Nortli side of Court House Square. Also, Parlor, Box and oilier cook Stoves, of different Patterns. Also, second hand Stoves to sell or Rent, cheap also Pipe, stove trimmings, &c. I would hero remark that in consequence of tho rapid sales that attended the Improv cd Rnlnry Stove tho last season, it was im possible to manufacture them so as to sup ply over one half of tho calls; but the pub lie may be under no apprehension on that point this season, ns I have over four limes the amount now manufactured, that I had last season at this time, so that people from a distance may come without fear of disap pointment. I here omit a long list of Re commendations, behoving that the Improv ed Rotary Stove has been sufficiently test ed, to recommend itself in this vicinity. The improvements that wo have made upon the Slovc for the last season arc val uable; we now make the fire Plate nearly three times tho weight of those last year and turn the friction Rollers on which the cap rests, and various other improvements not necessary to mention. Tlie Stoves are Cast, at tho foundry of John D. Ward, and from the best Scotch and Monkton Pig, and ore not surpassed, if equalled, for smoothness and beauty of fin' isli. in this section of the country. N. B. I have recently seen a few stoves in this vicinity called Improved Rotary Stoves, Ihat have no friction rollers under the cap, but turn upon a pivot in the same manner that I first fixed mine; but after using mine in that shape one year, I found that it did not answer my cxpcc'alion. I discovered that heating the stove caused it lo turn very hard, especially when the stove was loaded when there was a kettle or boiler of water upon the top it was al most impossible to turn it without spilling the water. 1 did not at first understand the reason, as it would turn easy when cold, but finally ascertained that by heat ing the stuve it softened tho iron, and as the boiler would rest upon one side, it caused so much friction that it was impos siblo to use them with safely or conven ience, and in order to gel rid of this fnc linn I have placed under the outer edge of Ihe cap friction rollers, and have them turned so as lo be perfectly true and smooth. The few stoves above refercd to are not made at Ward's Foundry, neither are they made from pig or rcmeltcd iron, but from the raw ore, and tho plates con sequcntly ore more porous and stoggy ; and the back fire plate is not more than half the thickness of mine. Any person can very easily mil my stove, or those made at Ward's, by the friction rollers, as we make no others. BLAKE. Burlington, Orl. I 1030 Fall Goods. THE subscribers ate now opening an extensive assortment of Goods adapt ed to the fall trade which will be sold cheap for Cash. We have now a full assortment ofsupor fine Broad Cloths of every shade and qual ity. Rich and heavy, plain Si Plaid Cas'mr's. A lew ps. new style thulium rjns inr s. 4U ps. b-4 v rencu 6: l-jiiglish Merinos. 1 Case Elegant Fig'd Morning. Batting, Wadding, Cambric Linings Sic. L.vrnnoi' & Potwin. Sept. IGi't 1830. LOVELY & ABBOTT. HAVING returned from New, York with their fall slock of goods, have now the pleasure of offering for tale one of the finest assortments of Broad Cloths, Cas- simcrcs, nnd Satinetts, Thibet cloths, French and English Marinos, ol every va riely and color, Mohair silks, of fine assort, menls. Muslins and Cambricks, French worked Collars, Marino Thibet wool, Silk chally Crape and other varieties of bhawls and Hdkfs., Bleached and Unbleached Cottons, Tickings, Table and other Linens a variety, French English and American Prints, Cotton Yarn, Wadding and Bat ling, Carpctings, and, in fine, we think as good an assortment of fancy and Maple dry Uoods, and on as good terms as ever offered in Burlington, Cut and plain Ulass, ulima and other Urockury ware among which are Elegant Dining and Tea setts, and almost every article of colour and kind in Market, Teas of all kinds. Loaf and Brown Sugars, Coffee, Chockolate, Sugar house and other Molasses, Box and quarter box Raisins, Mackerel in half and quarter bbls,No. 1 and 2 White and colored Sperm Candles, Scotch and Mackabny Snuff, Indigo, smoking and chewing Tobacco, Bar to. lap, bpices ol all Kinds, &ic. Sic. Burlington. Sept. IG, I83G. LOST ON Saturday Die J7th lust, between J Howard's hotel Burlington, and Mil ton line, on tho cast road, a largo white MERINO SHAWL, wrapped in awhile linen pocket handkerchief, marked Julia Asiilev, No. 4. The finder shall be lib crally rewarded by reluming the shawl and handkerchief ot this office. Scpl. 22. University of Pennsylvania. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. THE next course of Lectures will com. menco on Tuesday, November the first, and be continued under tho following arrangements .- Practice of Medicine Nathaniel Chapman, M, I) Chemistry Robert Hare, do Surgery William Gilison. do Anatomy Win. E. Homer, do liulciuiej of Medicine Samuel Jurkson, do Muleri.t Mcdica George II. Wood do Midwifery Hush L. Hodje do Lectures on Clinical Medicine and Sur gery aro delivered at llio Pennsylvania Hospital and at the Philadelphia Hospital (Blockley.) The wholo amount of fees is the some as heretofore paid, notwithstanding the aug mentation in tho number of Professorships and improvement in tho course of instruc tion. W. E. HORNER, M. D. Dean of Medical Faculty. Philadelphia, July 20th, 1830. Lyman & Cole HAVE received an pxtrnpivnnsorlinout of FALL und WINTER GOODS, comprising Blue, Black, Blue black, Olive, claret, brown, invisible green, drake neck, polish and other shades of green BnoAb Cloths. Black, blue, fancy strip'd, check'd, plaid, royal rib'd, victorine and buck skin Cassi. meiies. Plain, check'd, and striped Satinetts, Heavy mill'd Cloth, Pilot Cloth, Peters, ham and Mohan Coating. The above cm braces a very extensive assort meni of this description of goods, and aro worthy ihu attention of gentlemen. A rich variety of Vkstinqs, including Heavy black, and blue black, Silk Velvet vesting. Figured and striped do. Plain, plaid, and striped Silk do. Dark Velvet Valentia, Toilinet nnd Caip'nnnfe do. WOOllSVED STUFFS. French, German and English Merinos. A few pieces dark figured Merinos. Gro do Nap and Crape do. Merino Circassians and Bomhazcttc. Moreen and Damask German Goals Hair Cambiets. English and imitation do. Brnclicllas and Princct la. German Rug Worsted. White, scar let, nnd mixed knitting worsted. Clouded woolen yam, silk flop &c. . Black, blue black, brown, green nnd drab Bombazine, Merino Trimmings Blond and Uobinctle Edgings, Inserting Lace, &c. Merino Shawls and Handkerchiefs, Gloves and Hosiery. A splendid assortment of Black, and blue black, Gro de Swiss and Gro do Rhine, figur d nnd plain do. Col nrcd and nlaid Gro de Nnples. Sewing Silk and Twisl. Silk Cambiets and Pen gees. Printed and plain Shallys. A great variety of French and English having been bought by the cabo, will be sold very cheap. A variety of iFUUfi SU'ttCKfl, Rich fancy down Scarfs, Fur Tippets fancy Collars, Ladies fancy Silk Cravats. Tamboard and French worked Capes and (Jollars, blially IJdlus. nnd Shawls, sew ing silk do Figured Silk. Crape, Gauze, and other Fancy Handkerchiefs. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton Sheeting, Shirting, blench'd do. Canton Flannels, Drilling, Tick, Wadding, Uatts, Wickingand Uoiton Yarn. Sept. 2D. ! REMOVAL. l-TTAVING dissolved my connexion 4-JB.JL in business Willi 31r. Abbott, aud.j: removed to the west side of tho Squarc,: would tender my sincere thanks to myj friends and the public for Ihe palroungej; $of the past year, and respectfully soli. Jcit its continuance, and the good nfljecs 5;of all who wisli mo well. I am now .making, and design to keep on hand, u? ;good assortment of SCahinot Furniture & Chairsf 3'adapted to tho market. Si shall endeavor tlo make tho new establishment worthy of public confidence and support. We.-i siuo Court Hutiso Square. D. K. PANGBORN. Burlington, Oil. 3, 103G. NOTICE. STRAYED from the subscriber a light red COW middling hzo with the ends of the horns sawed off, Whoever will give information whore she may be found shall be handsomely rewarded. JONATHAN HART. Burlington Sept. 22. NOTICE. "lAME into the enclosure of the subscri her on or about the 13th inst., a pale red 2 vcars old S PEAR, small horhs about middling size. Tho owner is requested to prove properly pay charges and lake him away. MASON MEAD. Essex Sept. 20 I fJGO. September 1836. Fall Goods at the Variety-shop. WE are gelling in our Fall Uoodj, all things necessary to keep our assort ment in good order ; Watches, Clocks, perfumery. Tea-pots, Military Good, Cas tors, Jewelry, Stocks, Collars, lili'il and satin Bosoms, Lamp wicks, Toys, and an endless variety of Fancy articles. All per sons arc invited to call and loo!; at them at the Variety Shop. Paisoiioiin Si Riiinm.mi. New Goods, Needles. Saddlers', Mlllener.-', Harness, Darning, Knitting, Glovers. Becdings, Assorted & cuiiinion rowing Needles; of Hemming Si Suns' Manufacture, just rec'd at the Varie ty Shop. PAtSGUDRN it BlllNSMAII). TO FAUMEiiS. butteu, g n a y cloth, and i'la.n.nel. Lemuel Curtis & Co. WILL pay the highest price for the best of Butler. Also, wanted 500 yards Grey Cloth & 500 yds. Flannel ull Wool. 1 licy arc now receiving tlieir New Good.s suitable for tho present and approaching season being the most complete assortment they have ever had llio pleasure of offering, & at Prices and quality which connot but please. Burlington Sept. 30i 1830. WHST'S PATUVr CIILOUINi: COSMETIC and PILLS, F O R Ringworms, Saltrhcum, Scald' head, and all Cutaneous Eruptions, This article is nut thrown into market like most patent medicines, backed by some half dozen lictllious cerlilicatcs ; but it comes respectably nnd honestly recommen ded, nnd is, wo verily believe, nil that it claims to be; and as such, il h offered to the public, by J. & J. H. PECK Si Co. Sept. IC3G Agenttor the Patentee Young Cattle. HEAD of two year old calllo for sale 24 by HlCKOK & CATLIN. Sept. 22. JUST received, the Penny Magazine for 1032, '33, '34 and '35, bound full cloth or half calf, price p per volume Ocl. 7. VenoN HAnHi.NGTojs. Cod Fish. 1 (l,,imnH Cod Fish, iufi landed, by XKJ J. &. J. II, P1SCK &CO. Ocl. 13. Manilla Matts. Ol doz. Manilla Mo'.'s of all sizes, iui 'received by Lemul". Cuivns & Co. wcioocr 14. CANADA STOVES: We now have on hand an as sortment of niitindn Plnln llnv Sl tho following sizes, 21, 21, 20, 30, 31, and jo men. I lie patterns arc good. J . r . Si W. li KriioMi. October 7, 1030. Broke into the enclosure oi'tho etibscriber about ihu first of September n red line backed threo year old steer. Tho owner ia requested to prove properly pay Charges and take him away. C11 ELII1U RUSSELL. Shelbiirn, Sept. 12, lf!30. "MIL' LIFH AND TIMKS. UKUOIOtlH AND POLlTinAl. npmnva ,.r ii. Millon, with an appendix, containing animad versions upon Dr. Johnson's Life ol' Milion ; by Joseph Ivinicy author of llio ' History ol' tho English Baptists,1 Ac fee. ; for salo bv V. HARRINGTON. Ash Timber. ANTED for Ihe oo of Ihe Winoosltl Patent Block Mills, and to be deliv ered at that establishment in tho course of tho ensuing wintur, the following descrip tions of White Ach Plank, sawed to the given dimensions, square edged, sound and free from knots, shakes or heart wood. No of feci, Widih, Least Grealeu hoard in thickness thickness mejsure. inches. to orl. received. 20 000 7 11 Ij 25,000 0 ljj 1$ 20,000 0 14 1 10,000 10 U 1 15,000 ii j a 10 000 12 1J 2 10,000 13 2 24 0,000 1-1 2 2J 1,000 14 2 24 A L S O,--Wanted, 011s thousand WHITE ASH LOGS the standard log to be 22 inches diameter and fourteen feet long, sound and free from knots or shakes to bo delivered at the Mill during the ensuing winter, or at tho wharf at Burlington in tho month of May. 1837. GUY CATLIN. Burlington, VI. Dili Sept. 103G. New Goods Sept. 8. COMPOUND Chlorino Toolh Wash. Ihe discovery of the chloride of Soda & ils Uses by Labarraquo of Pari, wa an ad dition to the resourcui of medicine of ihe ut most importance as n neutralizing agent. Td counteract at ouco the principle of decay, which commencing imperceptibly, slowly gather strength, and finally de-troys, is the important service which can be derived from the use of chloride of sodu, when ad ministered with skill and care ; the diseas es of the teeth being, in the great majority of cases, tho result of neglect, and a grad ual accumulation of the principle abovo alluded to, it becamo obvious, from Ihu earlic-t experiment, thai tho chloride was the proper remedy, and preferable lo pow ders, dentrifices, &c. of Avhalever kind or picteiision. By a chemical analysis it will be found thai the greater part of the chlo rine compounds so extensively in use, do not contain a particle of Ihe chloride oT soda, on the agency of which their ellicacy must necessarily depend. The artielu hero advertised is confidently offered to the ex amination of the public, as pos-sessing in tin eminent degree, tho virtue of neutralizing all that is offensive in the mouth and breath, removing soreness and suoiiginess of tho gums, destroying ihe taiul of tobacco, or any other effluvia frotn whatever cause. In short, this preparation will be found to justify the various commendatory notice and recommendations it has received, where, cvir it has been introduced. Just received and for sale at the Variety Shop. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. Septeui. II. lil.30 Gilt and -Mahogany Frame Looking Glasses, from 25 els. to fourteen dollar:', for salu bv LOVELY & ABBOTT. September IG. I33G. New Establishment. Hp HE subscriber respectfully informs llio JL public and his friends generally, that ho has taken the store recently occupied by Mr John Abbott two doom south ol'his oid hhnp. and has just received from New York a well selected assortment of Ladies' Boots & Shoes, Ilisses and Childrens'. &c. of all kinds and descriptions. He has alsoi on hand and is now manufacturing from tho bent materials uentlemcns thin Boot?, Shoes and Pumps; thick Boots, Shoes and Brngans. In short every article in his lino made on short notice, and as cheap nscan ho afforded for cash or short approved cre dit, and all rips mended gratis. D. S. RUSSELL. N. B. Wanted immediately two or three first rale Journeymen Boot Makers to whom the highest wages will be paid, and constant employment. D. S. R. Burlington, Aug. 17,1830. September 2S, 1SS6. "t d ps. supr. Goals Hair and Crapu JLW Cambiets. 10 do sup. Italian Gro do Swiss and Challv Silks. 0 Doz pairs Ladies sup. Goat skin and Rid Gloves. 1 do Ladies Down Tippets, a new article for evening Dress. 0 do Boys Ulolli baps. 20 ps. Rich Cliuilz Prints, dark colors. Heavy Buck 6km Gloves and Mittens, Laco Butlons. French marking Cotton; l-'nnpv nrei;K Hniwlkfi. n A. just received and for snlu by Lww utvut' : POTWIN! September 2J.

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