Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 18, 1836, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 18, 1836 Page 1
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NOT THE Or.Oliy OF C A. S A U ', It II T T II H W R I. F A UK O V K O M R. BY II. li. STACY. FRIDAY, N OVK M 95 13 It 18, 1836. VOBi. X No. 491. 'I X i' Mil J y TOO SOON. Too r onn ! too soon ! hnw nfi word Cornell n'er my rpli il like n pppll ; Awnkeniii every mournful clionl Th ;i I in i lie linm.iti hearl m.iv dwell t Ofjiopes llinl perish in their noon Of jouih dec.ijcd loo foon, too s.oti ! Too non, too mon it is a pound To iliin tlio light with miny n tear, As bitterly wp ginc nrotniil, Ami find Imw few no line lire licrej No frown upon the quint nonn, Whose parting light r.iiinca till too men ! futn:rt(lnrtoo toon if e'er were thine The jojn, iIip umi's, iIip linppa of love ; If thou lul knell In-fore the idirhiC Of lipiitttyfin some ptiuliithl qrive; Whose lips" otiu? rnfeji In p. h lie! uf June, 'I liou'et wept tho?e words too toon, too soon! Too snon.H stamped 01 every leaf. In rh ii-ipipi's of iliin dppav ; Ton foon I. wtit in tpars of trlcf On nil thin? f.nlin.' fit .nv.iv ! Oh ! i. iIipip nnn t'olHt1! boon, Our lieail lome inn too sunn, loo toon t Vrom the N. V. Adierli'er. I.A.KU OIIAMPI.AIV AM) ITS SIIOilKS. Among tin' fine hrondclnt lis prrsonled fur compel Hon i!l the recent lair nf the American In-tttu'c. we noted sundry rul'n from the Winiinski manufactory, in the tmvii tif Burlington. Vt. Winon-ki l" the Indian mini" iifnn impetuous stream, (call il hv tin- French. Oimmii river.) which. , jf'cr tt till ititT through the gorges of Hi" ir-cn M niitniiK. flows into I hi' embrace f LiUeChmnplaln. uearlho liratHiful town 'i , . I 'P.... ii .in l"n it ii. v nl iii nr 'iiii'i'ii -ti. i wliicli'tlic lirnaileloili-i dial wo arc Fpenli fun nl. were proiinceil, Iihj recently Iiimmi rri'Clri! nt ill" Winonslii fills, alinnl l'n miles ini of r!iirliii"liii): nml tin; fact of i.'rin" t hi fir-l spi cniien f ViTinmit nnn nfac'nrr in ill" Nrw V.irli ninrlii't. Iin frrflienetl in nnr recoiled inn a very pli'a rnt vi-it ir. lirw ri'ni'Mi i" S. J" int" r. On nnr way Norlli wi- nrriveil nl White i'ar!(tief?. nnil a iltivinnf rninlonn. Bn titcly iinacqnniiilcil with the place ami il-phy-icnl censraphy, i'? nppearanrc wti f.ny lliinp lint favnralili: on the folliu-. mil' ni'irnin?. Tlio rnnn'ry was roii:'h and wild in every ilirrclioti. On om: Fidu nl tlio liotpl n lofty prepipicn linn? booiline over ii?, titnl on llie oilier a sleep hill, tlio' " )cn nbrnpl, urn equally n iiMiind In the pl!pecl. Tlio villa?" itself seemed In hove been thrown hv foiii" convnl-inn into e. d-eary tnonnlain na---, of the nnut forbid ilitij dercr'plion. Added to all which lh" tun rose nn i lint in irnin? in t Ins W'wt. nnd the alli inpi In cmvinco ih tnni illle blue end of Like Ohainnl in 't t tl "HI tn us, was nnt nl the. toinlli. V-' iinfnvnrnblo ns were all llte-n appear rncci!. Iliri town looked like n tinnrt bii I -fs ulneens it nniPt nrcpssrl!ly bo from j'i position, elnndiiig n JCIinmplain canal wit' "clicsm tiVawri which s position, landin? at the jnnctinti of tlio it li ihe lake, nnd in n nil Xnrfhern travel ler not Inkinn the route of Ltlse (joore. rtitlft pai"-, nnd itt which ti'ey miisl slop i'lirltinntely Ihem are Km oood holeh there, nf opposite polii ics. we believe, bill ioft Ictpl lii imc nnd Ihe same m'ln I hii circumetancuriiMite'' perfect harmony hi! tweeii th'e parties. The spot is soinewhal celebrated in the chronicles of the old vnrs being one of the chief pnsVs through 3st;idU)ieJlcc hoitile Freneh and 1 mi ian madc their bloody incursion in'o I he coin nies. The town was then called Kkenes boromrh. Its Indian name was Knh-cha- ,uah.nnhia dipfuh-place, nt tlm fulli down which the Wood Urcck rushes into , ijiu head of the lake. Srnbarkinrr on board of Captain Sherman 8 par.irron of ttcntnboats, we cnmmcnccu tin: voyage of the lake which bears the name fif its illustrotu disenvcrer, the founder of uebec, nnd of the French power it) 'otica. It woi for many inilen boiiio .at of a puzzle how wo were to push our av thrnniili the narrow defiles of the LiiuiUint-. which were piled up in every & "P. ... I nnil I.IOIK - jn-r at our nporonch in every cirec lion. Hut Captain Sherman carried us safely through, although we were nl limes shooting along so near the base of the vmniitnin9 dial fraL'iueiits from their rncKv c'rrsts might have tinublt'd upon ihe deck On llict Vcrmnul Fide, especially, at snut" 'pnints.the rocks ro-e up In n great height, l.L-n ihemnson work of ciants. i iieiiioiiL'iu ii,rrnfl til 113 Mint nerliap liUiau Allen BCC Vd hi men piled up this mighty butlre-. v,v ' protect the New Hamp.hire Grants from New York, and Governor Tryon. Now nd then Iticro wcro openings nmong the montitniiis nn the New York Fide, with I mendows of lull and coarse prairie grass. Over one of these wo observed a nnble sing, with wide spreading nntlere,bntinding with his native pride and grace, free nnd tinpursticd. Nothing can bo more wild and piclurcsrue, than the mountain pceno ry of this seeiion of Lake Ciiamplain more interesting even than Lake George anil nothing can bo more beautiful than the lake as il begins nnd continues to ex pand, from Ticondoroga to Crown Point at both of which place the ruins of ancient fortifications yet proclaim the importance in which those posts were held by the I lieu contending powers of Britain nnd Gntil. We reached Burlington also in Hie nighlj but the morning dawn opened n far differ . out view frnm that which we lird first gazed upon, tlio day before. We had heard much of the beauty of Burlington, but the half had not been told. The town stands upon n sloping hill of near n mile, desccniline; to the oili'i! of I lie lake. II is the shire town of OlnticntJeu county named nfier the first Governor who wielded the destinies of the people after the dome" ttc war of the Grnnls lind resulted in then independence. The town occupies n broad s irface, ami is well built. Il h is mil much of a lin.-incss aspeel; hut I lie hnti-es inert of which nre spacious and many very clleganl villn, with nmple grounds abound ing wit 11 shrubbery, nffird unerring indi cation" that the owners nre "well to do to the world." Among the public building- arc three or four haiulMime churches ! court hnii-o, jail, &e. &.C. The silunlion ol Governor Van Nes is very delightful iis'nre many others,! lie proprietors ofwliieli we do not recollect. Smith of the town. frouling Ihe lake, though at some di-lnnce from it, n the residence of Hi-hop Hopkins- of t lie Episcopal chinch. He line c-lnlr li-hed, under his own supem-onii, nil oca domical school, of high order, and was making largo additions for the accommoda tion of the ill-it notion. ill" crowning glory of Burlington ip the University, lis buildings nre ample and mti-liiiiiial. uertipyiiig a c miniiidiug poniiinn, overlimkmg ilu!tnwii, Ihe benn- Hliil lake, and having a fnllTiew of ill"' stupendous range of the Green Mountains on the lii-l.nnd the iron-bound rii'iuiitniiH, yet more lofty, of Essex coutily, (N. Y.) in the West. Much in our regret, president Wheeler, the able and nrcoinplif h"d head of Ihe in alitijlinii, wa-" absent. Wo were politely -liown through the college buildings, Imw professor Mar.-h and hisc "agues, and il was a vi-it of high gratification. This iiistllulion was incorporated in 1791 The principal edifice is of brick, one hun dred nnd sixty fuel lung, and four Flories high. I's elevation is three hundred feel above the snrlnco of the hike, utul it is Mirmnndcd by bi.-niil lliil ground-', and n Ihrifiy neighborhood Tnu library uo so large ns some, but it is of much greater value I linn many far more "Mensive. Great pain has been laken in selecting the book-! most nf which are English editions. Among Ihe curious works, we saw for the first time, the pa'lern-ivork of Audubon's Ornithology a splendid work upon Auicr. ,1:1111 o'iiii holoj.'y. publi.-hcd 111 England a century ago. Audubon's plan of illul ra tion is exactly the same. The philosnphi. cal apparatus is very ample nnd ,peifecl mostly new, from Europe. From Ihe cu pnla of ihe coll"ge,ono of the most glorious landscapes is presented, upon which the eye of man ever rested. It is reported pf a Vermont chile), when saying his catechism in a Sunday i-chool, that on being asked "Into what ffaelkc fall brought mankind?" Ihe urchin simpered out " fnr-wiunt!" But after gazing with delight upon the fruitful fields below, the Fpreuding wood lands around the bright waters of the lake the lovely islands floating upon its bosom, and the glorious chains of mountains in Ihe distance! we determined to believe the story no longer. We have now arrived nt our starting point the Winnnski. There are several large manufactories at these lolls, about two miles from ihe town, embracing clolh", kerseymeres, an oxioiimvi) block-manufactory, ami various de-ciiplions of mills, 111 eluding an nil mill. This properly, we believe, chli-fjy belongs lo the catatu of the late Lvnde Gatlin, of Ibis city, nnd his Brother, in Burlington. There nre iro over, works of greater magnitude in pro. gri's.', under the direction of u company of enterprising citizens of Burliiiglonj and ihe lime is near at hand when thu Winoos ki works may rival thuso uf several of out larger manufacturing lowns. Tlio Minn 1 ton is excellent the water.power abun. danl and the spirit of l be pcoplo what it should be. Wo left Burlington with regret on tlio following day crossing the lake to Port Kent in n elcani ferry boat, and coasting along thence to Pittsburgh regretting that we had not time In vi-it Keescville. and I lie romantic falls of tlio An Sable, which are reported lo be well worlh ntlen tion of thoio in quest of the picturesque. A most forbidding county that of Es.3x to lonk upon. Cut it 19, or will be- one of Ihe richest in the state. Its mnun tains arc piled upon each other, and the whole region is filled with iron ore of Ihe richest qualities. Passing the pleasant rural scat in which our late excellent and eminent fellow cill zen, Judge Plait, spent Ihe lallcr years of his life, wo entered Cumberland Bay crossing the cene of M'Doiinugh'a splen did victory over the British flotilla, mid nrrived al Pittsburgh "at high twelve."- This is the shire tnwn of t lie county ofClmlon. It i built upon both sides ol Snrannc, which hern falls into I.nke Cham- plain. The situntioii is exceedingly plen nut, and Ihe river nffords nbundinee nf water power for mills and manufactories Considerable bu-iues" is trniiFucli d here mid llierrnrea number of genteel residen ces. Plntlfrburgli wns twice captured bv the British iloruijt the Im-l war, nnd wr saw Ihe bullel marks in sonicoflhe houses It was in plain view of the town ihnt M'D'itioiigh ob'nini'tl In viclorv therein' compelling Sit George Provost lo ml real anilwinning a tivtj. gen'l commission fur Gcntrnl JM'Cumb! It was here l hat onen 1 he members of the Albany regency, Mr, Comptroller Flagg. is said lo have shed his young blood in the hot haste nf rolreal nnd one of hi" friends iusiftrd I lint the spol 111 Sirnnac where Ihe hero wns wounilei' had been ciinw.iiied ever einco. Bill 1 has 111 verlhele-s been tcnihcil out. Fanny Wright says scenu; is helieving and ns we did not sec we don'l liclicve much about it No mailer, however, the i-prccanl will be kepi in office forever fur all that. Wo rode over th" ball!" field saw th house where Sir George I'rovo-t t-iood on ihe look out. nnn! he saw the cross of Si George strike to ihn si a rs nnd .tripes, when h" fc nno"ieil njvn.y UiC lniuiiTliui.'lCJJ-ti Euohiiid Where he died ol chagrin, I lint the laurels won al Martinique ami Giittda loupe, should have hided nt Sickeli's liar hor, and withered nwny at Pliill.-bti'gh. But, judging from Ins in the cnpi ml at Quebec, he could never have been a great man. All Ihe military works nt Pittsburgh arc in ruins. We visited the grave. yard iBJ r,,jr(,, nll fll nt! ,)n church yard in Gray's Elegy We tinted I he iniioiimentnl plones of several di,titiLMii.-hoil men. Among them, under a gloomy pine,was one dark free.nnne tablet, fri m which we cop ied ihe following in-cripiinn: Sarrcil 111 ill" ninilinrv of '! KOIIO E DoWMK, H-rp il p"l eiii.iiii in llie Kn1.1l Itiiii-h uh 1 i:Imi i'.ii-l fell on li'iml II. It l S. 1I10 t'lin fi lure, hll" li'-ilhn lie- p.-el-i ini-lei' hiti eoiiiut nh In lie iitliick of tlio Ane'i tltlilli, nl .inrliur ill CtimLpi I el'l It'll , off t'l.llt.-lillijll, on lilt! 11. Il of .Sepli inl er, 1SI4." "To in.ok the iip n mIipip dip ipiii ilns of a gn. nflii'pr nnd inreie h iend ueie li inni.thly in. luiiP't, tin" Mioue li 1 4 liien eiprieil hv lii .ifffoiion. site Hi-ifr in-l.iw, .M A it V Duiime." "How sleep ill" luave who pink lo rest." nielhoiieht. While copying lljeso few lines. liirming nt once an iino.-ieninitons uiemeiilo of n bravo man's death, nnd a leilnnoninl of n sister's love, we could mil but hope that ihe spirilsof tin: victor & the vunquii-lioil have long pince mot in a bright er sphere, where the dreadful trade of wor and blond is unknown. In the course nfthe nfternoon, wo cnlled upon nn old friend who wns among ihe brave-t of the bravo in the army j but who has since settled at Plallshurgh in Ihe practice of the law. If lliere was n battle fought during l!ml wnr. William F, Halle was sure lo he 111 it. And In; was also sure lo bo hhot down. lie wns successively wounded in the buttles of Chippewa, Bridge, water, nnd Ihe sortie of Fort Erie, where ho was shot through tho body but recov ered. Foquelle's hotel at Pittsburgh, is one of Ihe very b"t, in all respects that we ever saw added lo which, he has a mngnificent flower garden, that would make ihe Queen ofMay and Grnnt Thorn, burn dance with ectney to look upon ! Tho sun-set at Pill-burgh was one of the 1110.-1 glorious wn hud ever beheld For half an liimr before the Fleed of An d lolnd got nut ol"tight,'he i-ky gl .wed w.ih a bright orange hue, of surpa-i-ing bi uotv 'J hi" npnearnnce eiinltnued until -oioe leo or fifteen minutes after the orb hud ili-np. in'a'id, when sudd. oily ill" wei-lcm i-kv lieenmi! riidliint wnli Hie richerl ntnelil ilvpf--brighter nnd 111. ire beniiiiful llian ve can de-enbe. Tiiom- hoe.-, having grmliial ly uieheil away, leaving nothing but Hie deep nznre. Hie Aurora begun to pireaui up in the Notih, and by nine o'clock Hie appearance ef I ho whole iioriliern liemis pliere was uiurn glorious than can bo nun gined. At limes Hie light would blaze up 111 coiinlli-ps columns, or pill'irs nf lighl, but soinelime" gently penciled w'Uh vermeil or vtolel hues. Al other timer- Hie. pillan Would disappear nnd Hiti whole northern heavens would be 11 idling with wavy lights follow tug each other in twinkling succcs- sti n. in myriads of flai-hos every instant. The rcene would Ilien change to the rays nnr. shonlmg columns streaming high up toe nrcli. Then again would lollow the bright flashes by millions though unac companied by sparkling corruscations. We wore wniling lor the boat Iroin W lulol'nll. our favarilo the Franklin, and had thus an ample oportunily of watching these celes tial plirniimenn, llirottgh all their chnnres ot resplenilrnt glory, r mm eleven mini nne.tlie fiashint's coniinucd wil.'i tindimin ili"d iffiilgcnce. They thrn di-nppeared gradually behind a dark curtain bi retching acm-ithe tiorlhcrn horizon, and presenting annili'r appearance which was equally ex trno'ilinary The curtain, or cloud, was as Wick as n nail : but the stars gliltered throtijih it with diamond brilliancy, while 1 lir--; orr edge of the curtain, glowed wit ti the lir iilnpss of hnruished silver. Talk 113-Oiif-,' to V8 oflho northern lights in this quarter ! Thus wn left the heavenly illumination and ri'lircd to nnr berths, not leaving Ibem until the old French town of St. John" was nniuiuticed. On coining iipnn deck, the whole npecl ol the scene had changed. Th" country presi'iiled the mrfnee of n deml level. M-nreely above that of Ihe hike Not n iniiuiiinin or'n hill to be seen. The houses looked unlike any thing in the U Slnles. The pen-aiiiry'of Si. Jhon. looked for nil the world like tiie Swiss rus'ics in Hie old Flemish pirlures; nod then. O! how lh"j inlked ! ! However, we di-eos. "eil a clem nod nniplo b'enkfa-l nt Mrp. W'nlson'" jiiintiiil into n mil rend rn'. nnd were nl L:iprari. on the bink" of tin ninje-lie iinlponring of the great hike', w uh M011I real and its I'm tools gliltermg 111 the Fiin. iu full view, in uboui n couple l twinklings ! Of 1 Im visit In t lint place the uor'd ha hearil nbniil enough. Ol Quebec we may sp'-nk hereafter if wo can find lime to brush up our recollection, fo' nil mir iiotep ate written only in the 1 ablets of the mem ory. Important to FArtMun. Judge Strung. 111 11 recent rn-e 111 tin common plens, lei-decided Hint im on" lias 0 right. when iiiiiKnig a division fence, to run half 1 he same mil be lit of 1 lie neighboring ow. hit: hoi thai il uiosl be wknllii on the land of him whn makes il. The ense which cal ed forth Ibis ilect-ioo. wn- nil nc' nfl rei-pn-s for Hilling n illicit to nn'iiihuv land, lor Ihe purpnsi. nf 11 fence. Il appear d Hint Ibis cn-e, cut 11 ditch muni live feel wide on each siilu ot Ihe hue which run.-t Huleil the boundary lion between bun nnd Hie plHinitff: nod II10 Jo. I'll' III Ills pli.irirp. i.ilnreitil 1 11 1 1 1 1 Ao'j!Kv; -IfiV 11 y li' fu'i i st.nnie wo- Hie unking nl a leue" 00 III" Ml ol III" ml joining nwii'-r justified; hut that 'hose colt i-irneied hnlfoii one pule mid hull' 011 Hie other nin-t be so causirii"leil by mulwtl mncnl, otherwise legal measures could In-111-liliiled for d image. Sic. Tho owners of real eMale should recollect this deci-ton as ca-es 111 which il would bo applicable are to I iinfrequeni in our courts ol jus lice. S'llem f.itntlmurk. V11 UAni.r. iiKCKii-r. Mr. A. Brnnsnn, ofMi.idville (I'll ) -avs, I'roni fifteen years experience, he lin'U that Indian 111e.1l ponl lice, covered over with young hy"on lea. "ofteti"il with hot water, nnil I. ml over hums or frozen fl"-h, ns hot ns can be borne, will relievo the patti 111 five uiinui"S. If hlt-ier" have not arisen b"l'ore, liiey will mil after iHl" pot on; nnd Hint otie poultice is I'cncrallv siiiricienl lo rffect n ciru. "h flic cngwfril ? ' is a (ii"slion tint 11 11 freiin-iii Iv uiooied loiielinig iniereluig yooiig ladies. It'- a pity i-oini! generally received sign, bearing upon the (iimi-lion. be ndopied by the sex. Il would saii-fy 11 very natural curio-itv nnd tnighi not b" to Hie dwiilvinlag" of Ihe lathes. In a dissenting Chapel in England, a fur eii:ier noticed Hie lailie-' bows on their bonueis oddly arranged, snnie on the left and others on Ihe right side, while others were directly in I'roni. li wns loiind 011 enquiry, that married ladies had the bow on Hi" 'tglil st.le, voting maidens on tin1 left nnd lliosn 'engaged ' worn ihem on the front nVlMir unnnel.1 ! A inanile-talioti ol this kindrwoutd save much needless soli cilude and anxious inquiry nmong llioso gentleman who are candidates lor Main tunny J - Bears abundant within thirty or forty miles of Norlli.imtoii. Tho northern pari of. Buikshiru county can turnout ns fine hear meat as tho mol fastidious laslo need desire. It's a gieat mistake lo suppose this meat is nfll'tibivn. It is Uuly rich, nay, delicious. It is bctle: than llin choicest fresh pork. Why should it not bu .' I'igs cat all soils of garbage and wallow in the iniro. Hears are provorb. ially clean Thoy livn upon chnsnuts and acorns and fruils of all kinds, And now and then, by way nf delicacy, lake down a I11111I1, and if ho is not htiiidy and they waul somo animnl food, Ihey peizo upon a nico gill, or Imiin.ite upon iho freshness ofu liaiiriMimo hoy. Hut it's tnre, very M-ldnin Ihey lenvn vrl'iluhlo for Unit. Wo hnvu eaten beir-ineal llul would in iko an Alderman's iminlli water. I encer, sweet unil iIpIicioiis, it is only luiaginnlino III it can make, it oilier. wimi Ihiin palatable. Witness an iii-l.incu. '..11... 1......1 :.. v.,.,1. a.i . unco al ti n 1 inu einii in i.iiiin ii . l.L .eooes.ed a mei-o of "fre-l, , wV.liil ',. noili-eiiivo her. but h .a I..'., 1 I r' ,,!,! I.i,.li..i nlu...,-' hl.e H...I liel.eMiicinllv iflhev are ei'.i- urn. S iu I I iiil'I 1 1 delirious inn 1 1 . a 111 11:1 ... ' mm! Viiiiini" eiiC'imiu'iis upon il, hroiighl nut hi reiuaiks wn made. "Anil did you ever eat bi'iir-uitiat," wo inquired She Flunler ed, and proln-leil fIio slioulil'iil pin vivo Mich nr. iici, and when wo gradually uiiilecon ed requited all our elf irls lo pruvenl her goi-'g into nypieru sl Kho will live and learn, wn hupn, thai 111 uiy of her sex denui ual.iiunies, nnd soirnw over as mils, urn Ihe uii'iii fruits nf u morlnd fancy, 1 1 1 it oil'-priiig ol a nuserulilii siclilv iupId, (Iio crenlurn of cli.-eaM'd and unoccupied imaginatiuii, .Vcfii ampion C'our, le(UsIjAti;hk of vbumont. i MoNnAV, Nov. 7. Senate Bi7j introduced by Mr lieu ry, incorporating Wells River ninnnlaclnr. ing Co. capital 300.000, referred lo com. on inanulncturcp', the bill from Iho lmtie. Font up for concurrence, repealing part of an act which ntilhorii-es Hie superinieiiuciu iiflheS'nlo Prison lo draw nnually giOO frnm the Slate Thensnry, read twice, niter deba'o bv Messrs S'cclo. Piorpoinl, Palm er. Phelps, Hammond, Briggs, Howe nnd Henry, and interred in com. on linnnce. Engrossed bill pntsed incorporating 1 lie Clarendon manufacturing Cn. incorpora- nnir Iho Barre iiimui'aclurmg Co. Grand List Mr Young called tho bill when Hii" subject, which was further con stdercil, debated, amended. and Mr Pierpoinl moved niiientlnient, taxing wild, or unim proved lands. Thi- motion elicited nn nble unlimited ntu1 protrneied debate, but decid ed in Hie iterative, yens 13. nays 10. IW It.inney moved an nuieudnienl, providing thai liouse.- nml nous" lots uc scl III Hie II nl G per cent, nnd supported Iho motion by remarks. Mr Porter replied 111 nppo-ition In tin' motion. Mr Ivanney rejoined, Me-sr: l!"ll and b ckleti tiol;e 111 opposition M011011 negatived and Hie bill laid upon ihe table. Ilou-n On motion of Mr Vilas, resolved thai no bill b" introduced into Hie llou-e ilii-r M mill 1 y iie.". On million ol M Siwver of II.. 11 joint meeting was ngrei il to lor fiUmg viicjncy iu Ijimoile cuinty court. he II uio concurred in ihe nmendincnl of Hi" Seti'ite lo Hie re-otntnin relative in exiinmit not of -late pri-nn. Hills inlriitluted. Bv Mr Church, repen tog net reliHiV' lo di'i-i met ton of deer, ri ferred lo general eooiini lee; hv Mr Iliad b y, incorporating Sunderland lend mining anil iiiauuliic'iitiug company, lo commute on oiauolacliires. Ilepor!" mnde nnd thus disposed of: Orilerat lo a Ihirtl rending. Hill incur poratnig Wmt-li.-lil mid Motetowti man 11 laetoriog eoinii'iuv. O'immif. Bill in addition to highway nets (n j.'ci. d) annexing parts of sundry ton II" 10 Ivi'bv Mr Dwioeti nsked leave of nbscenca af ter Weilne.-d iv grmiteil. Petition ol John Sanborn nnd others, re ferred to c-ononittee on licensee. Hills p'tts il. Incorporating Tollbridge and William- river inaniitaeiurtng cmnpa me-; B'ack river e.ird coinpiinv. Green M 'Hint :i 111 Iron Co.. M idillebiiry i-aviiig bank; comtieiisiil tog niperiiilend nit of'h late pri-nn: taxing land" in J.iv and Victo ry; 111 mldilnm to act relative lo iu-p etorp i lim nlmrni'T 'lame nl Francis I !-w ri-iiin n!.!i.i,.ti l, net 1.1 .li-trtliioToi of laws reploring Jaliez P. Holoen lo hi legal privileges 111 addition lo prubalu acts. Th" House considered 1 ho engrossed bill lo reclniHer Ihe B nil; o I Si. Alb 111". ill sen " sed by Messrs Good.ile, Smith of St A.. Vila", Hale. Fiilinoi, C K Field. Fuel.. Necdhaoi of B , Biiekm i"ter, Hnswell, Fairb ink". Sn 'ver nod 'I'racy, ar.d it wn pasri'd, 11 yes 103. line- 7j. Skn vri: Hep iris of rummillees th" com on educ il Ion, lo whom was referred the resnlutiuti lo impure into th" exiiedteti cy of nrovidiug for a geological and lupo graph'Ciil survey of 1 he s'ate, made a rep iri upon Hie piihject, which was read to lb" -enate, nptroving the ohj 'Cts of a survey, and reeiiintneudiug Hint Hie Gov. h" mi iliorii-ed to n-ci'rtmn the probable expense, nod report to the mwci s".--iou of Hie legts lalure. Oninuliun of Mr Il.iwe 300 e.opie were ordered lo b" pruned. Air II 1 1 ' y re ported Ihe bil1 lucoriiora1 ing the Braille!) 1 ro inmiillaciurttig ('o. wil h auii'oiiii"iit era ping oil Hie peclioiis and sub-Hliuing n new hill; amendment adopted, yea-'J I . nays -l and Hie lull ordeicd to be eugrnsjtd lor a 3d rending. Hills from the Iinue, incorporating Hie Miildlebury savings bank; for receiving deposits of thu earnings of Ihe in u-trion-and frugal, uol for issuing nine- read twice and referred lo com on bank tax ing lauds in Jay, readlwic", mid nller 11 plaleinent of laels Irom .Mr HeckwiHi. ref. lo com. on laud taxei-; in alteration and re vival of no net laving a lax on lands in Gla-leiiburv. rend a thuil lime and p.u.-ed. HoL'sk. liill pittfrf. Incorporating Ar. Itngtnii Uolton nnil Woolen mauuluciuriiig Company, Mills Won'on Franklin County sienmlioal company. Mutual innmifictornig company. Black river marble mid soap i-lntio manufacturing company, Rutland East creek manufacturing company, Norwich nod IIirHiird railroad and forwarding coin pany, Ilartlatul manufacturing company. 1 Lamoille tnaiinracluring company, Warren Farmers maniilncliiriiig company, lor es. lablislnng lino bet ween Worcester and El. more, establishing grammar school al Rich, inond, lor relief of Swaulon, in iiildilion load relative to leather si nltng, annexing Griind lie county lo third and Litnoille In fill h judicial circuit, taxing lands in New. port, extending j ill limits uf Washington Cn. Tho amendment of the Senate In bill relating to divorces, and 10 bill taxing New nr(l were coiiciirred in w, Nov 3 Skn'ATK-- Henorli nf aimmittcri -bv Mr 1 rainier. Palmer, Irom I lie com. on Agriculture, Hm , 1 1 ... , . 11 ' h!11 r' lospeclots-pase, ; bv I M r I eiiney, up le r. lotion ill rehiltou '" '!'" '' 1I1011 nl grn'ii, I lial any Ihw on ! he putd el I" liiexii.'d I Ih'ili'" lir.'Hl'llt "e"- I n 11 . .. I I 1. . II. II I ' pi"" inn intriiitirru 111 .,1 r iiiuiuiooo I incorpnr.ii tog Ihe Oler (Jin k M iniifac- luring Co. Veigenue- llvd'tiuhc C'i. rend a fir.-i ami pccoiiiI 1 tin" anil referred to com. 011 m iuuliiciures ; by Mr Van S rkleu in mlilitlon lo Ihe nfl relating to Fn.'einen'p Hirelings, rend I ivtee and relerred lo Ihe eoimuitleu mi Hie judiciary. Jleports nf rummiltits by Mr llelnrd. Iho lull withii'il iiiiii'iiiliuent, relating lo Ilegipicrs ol Pro!) lie, euipowmg ihem 10 ndiiunister all oaths necessii' v in the settle Intent of cotalc", rend a third time nnd nassed i ny Mr ilnliliiill, th,. lull relating lo judicial di"iricN without nnicndinciiL renil n tlnril lime nml pnssed. balitnet Mr Wiileriaau called nn Ibo bill relating to salaries of Judges nf Su preme lyourt. A ler much ilelute. nml nn nnienilnienl. fixing Ihe mcrens" nf snlirv al il23, making the entire Fa'arv !.300 it... i.ti 1 ... . . .1 pnr uoiiuio, uiu uni passed, yens lli, naj'J 1 -1. H'lOSK Hit's passed. Inenrnnritinrf Flower Brook, North ."ipringfi dd, Mont" peher north branch Wntt'.s River coltnn nml woolen, Clarendon. Birrn, Windsor and Plymouth AsctHnny Iron company, and v elchvtlle Salinelt manufacturing compa ics, unit Franklin cuunty asylum for tho nics ionr. Hills from Ihe Senate Relative lo duller of Surveyor General and county surveyors, was reierreu to coiumiitce nn eilitcatien : iihuting inrni of pupreme conr' m Chitten den county, rciai ing m miles and bills of exchange, referred In Judiciary comrmltcei regulaling elections, lo cninmitica of elec tions. A bill was introduced by Mr Smith of B hi. allowing members ol iho logiida-. turu 10 culls per mile for travel, mid re-p-aluig acl of 1031, referred lo General Committee. 2 o'clock, r m. Senati: Bills inrnrp irn lug Hie Well.i River imiiiifaciuriiig coinpniy. aiui'iidcd nnd otdeieil In be rngrns.oil t'nr a third rending; nig ih" Finnkhn cnun. tv Stenoib iat C on.ianv; inc iMmr.T tug tlio Clareiid 01 1 11-1 11 11 t"-i i-t 11 r 1 1 ir enop.tiv, peve. read a Hunt lone nnd n i-""d. Grand L'nl. The S 'iinle resumed tho con-ideriiti'iii oi'ihe bill, nnd ihe qn"-iion of reroii-flera mo deeid-d 111 the negative, yen- IJ nay- 10 Mr Kin-iiiau -Mid he had Ikciiii" nearly mil nl iiilleuee with tin; bill; he ili-covor-eil a d'-po-niim in Hie s"inte, he llmnght, iidefeni 11 ; nnd. lo le.i the q le-iion. m iv ed Hint lb-, bill be mil' lini'.'lv p .st p ined, Tliemniion was supporled by M rtrs King man 1'ierpoin', C inv-'r-i. nnd I iel n; and onpo-ed by Me.-r- S.ield 01. Van Sieklon, Yoii'ig. nnd Riuu.'v, nml decided in tho negative yen" !i. nays Q0 Mr Porter nioved In strike nnl the words "praclt-ing niloni"ys, furgeiiu, nml plu-sj. elan", nnd" so a- lo ex.-m it their I'nciillV, and lav Ihe properly; 111 emu oeg'iltveil. " Mr Heli iril in ived tu amend the same section, by om-tng the word-. no: than leu dollars, and" leaving Ihe n""ess uienl not over 100. mid nny -om le-". no curding to direei 1011. nee ird'ng to dt.-cre-t Hill nf li-ler-; negatived. Mr Steele 111 ived in erae JIOD nn.l in. "ert 10!). nmenijed 1I-0, to Mnke out ' iljjfcr1'' "ui'iieig ;n mm,." wljJJ. luev'oceiir In Hi" lull; 111 01, 111 n"g.l ivo'tl. The qii'-plioti b ong unoii ordering tlio hill lo !) rngro-seil, Mr Pierpaiii. deinmiN ed tho yea- and nays, which being token, wore vein 10, ni)"s 11, snihe bill wis or. d -red lo 0" eiigrn ei fir 11 thi'd reading. Housr. Tim Iloiisf resumed tb'-cousid. eralinii of 1 lie Mirplus ri'V"iil" lull. Mr .Vi'i'dhmn nf B. withdrew hi- -ub-'ilule, nnd Mr Sawyer 11' II 111 iv il -, prnvi-ion In III" .irigln il li li reln'tiiog i nver 111 future; legi-l it ore" lo 111:1k" 11 new mijiirl iouiti"iil , oiob'r 11 new c 1- Inken eiiher hv Hie TJ. Siatt'sor hv ilns Sni"": 1 1 1 r t . ) by Mesrs. Siwver, Vil.i" nod C onni. nnd oppnseil by M"--r.-, Goodaie, Needham of 15. and Hoekin istnr when Air Ileuii- iiropos ed no mneii Im. ml lo the .loieinlineui, viz. H111 ihe legi-laiure hivi: .control "after I!! 19" -ejected; and l.'ie amendment of Mr Siwver was also rejected, nyes 00, ivvs in l' Mr Good.ile proposed nn nmniiilment, ro quiring lortlts in In. ill Hie iniinev on good -ecnrily, mid apply the intere.-l 10 pc'iooI-; -upporleil by Me rs G mdalu, Stephens of P Needbam ol B. Ila.-well and Filch, op. 11 ised by Messrs II ile. Hi-tiugs, Tracy, llapgood, 1) uvey of G. Fiirlnnlii Buck mailer mid Buck, and negatived. WuilNK-IMV. Nov. 0, Skna re Petilinns in' rodnced by Mr. Wji-oii, of A-a li H'elaud mid oihers. 011 1 lie subject of iniemperauee, relerred to com. 011 1I11- po'ij el. Hilli intradural by Mr M"rrilt, render, ing pijvate properly of ineui'iers of corpo ration's, liable fir all lii" debts c mlraeteil by the corporal ion, read twieoaijil referrco to a select eoininii' o ot Hire"; Moasr--. Merrill, Wll.ti! nml Kinsman. JLililii The Senate concurred ill Hm res'ihilion from the house fixing onn day for Hie election of Brigadier General in nil vacancy occasioned by thu resignaiun (if Gen. Petrie of the first Brigade 'lilt Divis. 1011 n. Stale Prisoi. .Mr Hammond frnm tlio comintilec on finance, reported ilie bill, re Ining lo Siaie Prisons, wilh n proposed amendment, atithni istng the niperintondent to draw upon Iho Statu treasury to Hie aiiionnt of, for the purposes of the prison. On malum of Mr Steele, Ihe blank was filled wnh gJOOO, when 011 motion of Mr Henry, the lull was laid on the table called up by Mr Steele, commit, lee 10 n member for amendment, amended rend n 3d lime nnd passed. Han i- Mr Procior called up Ihe hill ex. lending Hie charter nfthe binl; of Si. AN bans, nml moved its reciinimilineiil for miu'tiiliiieni; recommitted. Ilousi; The 1 1 ni -. resum e: f.nnidi'ra ii"ii ol ihe piiiplus revedii.!"h'll--Mr Vilas offered 1111 nuieii'lm 111, priivnling th.n n new tipcorli'iitnieiil may If nnd" litter 1010 nccordicg in 11 e. ii-ii-iiikeii In IJ S He -soii.irl"d by Me-sr.. Vln. ,,.. Ci.mnt, mid .Siwyi'r of II om .nl bv Mursrs, Tiarv. Fi c' I Bncliiiiiu'er I rrjuctad, aye. ilj unes ;J Sir Mr Nup'i off-red a prnvi-ion that ihn d-hts ofiee Siale for lb" S'ulo llms.,, nr olher, .lu. II b" fl'pt paid not of to fund, nml iho 10 nmii'ier b" divided accor ding .0 ih" popnl im ,11 uf iiij.i, Mr Neeillilllll if . iiup I the nniend- meiil. Ho was pti'i-fieil wuh Ihe bill ns it was; and ho could see tin necessity for r benefit from thia amendment.

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