Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 18, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 18, 1836 Page 3
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Westfof d High School. frlAiiK winter term ofinslruclion In this school 4JL will commrnco on llio first Monday of December next, Tuition per quarter, Greek and Latin languages $3,50, other liberal studies, $300. Hoard and washing may be 'had In respectable families for from $1 25 to 1 75 per week. Tills School, occupying n convenient and pleasantly located Ilrick Building in Wcstford village, was commenced in September last, Under llio direction of tho utidersignod trus. tecs, and Mr Y. W. Minman, as tutor, wlioso services they fully approve and confidently 'recommends; and hope, by laudablo excitions to merit and receive a conlinuanro of public V&vor and patronage. By order of Trustees, Rev. S, Rev. 1. Huntley, Dea. J. Hodart. M. C. Earl, T. Hatnes, Sec. Wcslford, November 10, 1835. "Winooski Patent Block Mills, AND WOOLEN WORKS. fcHE public, in the vicinity of Burlington, aro respectfully informed, that llio pro- grcss of these works renders somo regulation needful, as to tho admission of visitors, with 'a view, both to thoir personal comfort, and tho facilities of the workmon. It has there fore, been arranged, that for tho future, resi 'dents of tho neighborhood will bo admitted "to sco tho works in operation, on Wednesdays 'and Thursdays, from nine to twolvo, and from ono to four o'clock ; and that strangers passing through, may bo admitted any day """urai'Mr. Tickets of admission, for both theso classes of visitors, aro to bo obtained at tho offico of tho Winooski Mills, previous to -going in. October 21 183C. NEW goods. 24 doz. bottles iidclliblo Ink, to mark with or without a preparation, G doz Wards 1 lair Oil, 6 " Hears Oil, 2 " Balm of Columbia; 3 sizes. 2 " Milk of Roses; for removing cor 1uplions in tho skin. 1 ' Cold Cream, 10 " Cologne; all qualities and prices. I " Honey Water, 12 " Gucrlom an excellent Perfume, at $1 per bottle, 2 " Lavender, diffcrrnt qualities, 1 " Persian sweet lings, for scenting Drawers Sic, a preventative against Moths, Almokt all kinds of Hair Oili; Peifuinery, Soaps and Brushes, constantly for salu at tho Variety onop, Pancborn & Brinsuaid. Burlington, Nov. 18. 1I!3G. R. FITZGERALD TS now opening his winter Hock ofgoods, M. out lieing loo hoarse to "sing a long song' he simply says to all those who wish to pur chaso JKWEI.IIY, Hiibniil heinjr Jiwtd, WATCHED, uhirli nerd irutching, CLOCKS, of one ulio lit utua in timt, FANCY GOODS, of a r.nicifii'l Ir.ider. HARD WAKE, on fav lenn. Looking Glasses of one who feais tome ibrm Musical Ii-stiiumknts, of one uliu it uficu out ol foiif. Willow ISaskits, of one who UuUt in llie shades of adversity. Dry Goods, of one ulio doe. n dry Ini'ine-s,' Shavinq Apparatus, uuumt tenia rtavetf. Combs, ivuliout liatinj I lie comlicd oter ihfii rt. rocKKTUooKS ofone who has till le use furilirm Kiflks &i Knvt lino Guss.of .i tuatp shooter CAN r.s, of rme lm dors nol mio Coin, rinrsllK.S & DusTEIts, one lio in eer rr.iity In 'In inli l lie dust' inlo his nmi change box, And Many oilier unifies of n in.ui i.f few uniil. BTJu-i call hi llio Green Stole, east side of Vhurcn street. Burlington. A on. 17. IB3G NEW GOODS. LOVELY 4- ABBOTT AGAIN present to llio public a new assort ment of winter Goods, just received and opening consisting of English and American Prints, latest klylo; liioad Cloths, Pilot Cloths. Cassjmerf, .Saltinclls. etc.; 2000 Yds. Patent Bl'k. and White Wadding; 25 doz. Corn Brooms; 20 doz red Worsted Caps and Ticks: Horso Blankets, Battings, Cotton Yarn, bro n and bleached Cotton .Sheeting Shirlin". 4 and G.4 bod Tickings, Cambrics, Blue, Green and White Cotton Flannels etc. etc. etc. Thev deem it unnecessary to say to tho public that their prices arn low for cash. Burlinglon. Nov. 17, 1836. NOTICE nntlE tuidirt.iffiied aro now receiving A their winter supply of goods consis ting of a large assortment of Dry Goods, Wet and Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass, and Hardware, Sucar. Molasses. Spirits, &c. by the Hhd. and most kinds of Dry Goods by llie origin al Dackase or parcel, to suit purchasers, -Vie larce portion of our slock was hough! at the orcsanl very low prices, which will enablo us to sell as cheap as the cheapest We do not deem it necessary to enumerate articles, but con assure the public that our stock is well selected embracing nearly every article called for in this Bcction and will be sold, for cash or approved credit, at i, , f .r..t r . 1 r-... 8 Small auvancc. urutuiui iur jm&i mvuio. Y5!- we respectfully invito the public to exam me our giock auu cuiiiparu pntm. n-nO. I . ,1.. HiitAl . "Tnnd Pearl st. House, al the lower end of ' 119 P...I .Irnftl S. WALKER & Co WANTED. 20 Good Men to cut Cold Wood nnd find kTcams to draw it. Apply al (his Office. JYov. 17ft, 1 030. Rasoberrv, Lemon Sc Sarsa- parila Syrups, for sale bv LATHROP if POTWIjY. JVoe. 18, 1830. SALT. 7000 bushels Solar Salt 000 do Steam do 4000 do Turks Ieland do 700 Barrels Fino do 300 do Coarsa do 100 Sacks Dairp do by j.&j. h. peck & Co- MOHAIR CAPS. 14 Mohair Caps of asssorted colors, for salo at tho Variety Shop. Panqborn & BlUNSMAID. Nov. IB. Chlorine Tooth Wash. 2 doz. bottles of this most ex cellent articlo for tho Tcolli, just rccoived at tho Variety Shop. PAKGBXRJY BRWSMAID. Nov. IB. INDIA For salo at RUBBERS, the Ladies Shoe Storo. together with an cxtcnslvo assortment of SHOES for tho season, just received by J). A. BRAMAJY. Burlington Nov. 1C, 1036. For Sale, TUB llmiso nntl thrce.fnurths of nn aero of Land, formerly owned anil occupied by Zachcus Peaslec. Esq., situated in the village uf Burlington ; the house and out buildings in good repair with a sjood well of water, garden, iinil valuable fruit trees on the premises. Fur terms, apply to 1IAV1U RUSSELL, ISsq. Burlington, Nov. 10, IB3G. PICK, up your old Cnsl Iron and bring it in (o me and I will pay you the Cash for it. A penny caved is worth two pence clear, says Duct. Franklin. WJ1. ULAKE. Ruilington: Nov. C, 1030. STEW GOODS. SYDNEY BARLOW lias received m Fall and Winter supply of Goods, and respectfully invites tho public to call and see them. Pcarl-st., Burlington, Nov. 11, I83G. Silver Alarm and Gold Lapine watches ol an excellent quality, Just received at tho Variety Shop. PANGBORN Si BRINSM AID. Nuv. 10. Saddlery &. Carriage Trim- mings. JUST received and now being opened at tho Hardware Store; tho most full nnd complete assortment of Saddlery, and Car riage Irimmings over offered to the trade in this place, comprising full assortments of Brass, Plated, Japancd and tinned, Saddlery; Cotton and Woistcd Webb, wide and narrow Straining and Itciu do, carriage laces; Steps, cxles, and plated dash linns plated and brass plalfd Carriage, Gig and Sulkey Lamps i$-c. all of which will be sold at reduced piiccs for cash or short credit, by ROBERT MOODY. Spanish Otter Caps, Capes &c fl Cases superior Spanish and American " Olter Cups. 3 do Seal and r.onin. Hair Seal do, Russia Squirrel, Jencltc, Lyni" and S-'alile Capes nnd Muffs. Gent, and Ladies tup. Fur lined Gloves Sic. Sic. by LATHROP i POTWIN. Nov. 1 1, 183G. lev walcnanu kjiock repair ing Shop. m. t a T (jTfAIIE subscriber, informs liis olil Customers and the Public, thai he has resumed llio Watch and clock business, 2 door north of Mitchells Tailors Shop, opposite R.Moodyi Hardware Store, East side Church St. whero lie is ready to put Clocks and Watches in as good order as formerly and on as good terms s Ins fteiglibors. lie will also keep Tor sale nn ommission, ono and eight day Brass and Wooden Clocks, as low ns can be had in town and warranted. Call and see. A. BRINS.MAID. Burlinglon, Nov. U.183G. FIGURED SILKS. BLUE BLACK, Black. Lawn, Pink. Lilac, Pearl Brown and Purple colrd. Gro Do Nap aud Satin Silks ofSuperior qualities, by Nov. 11,183G. rpi HE subscriber has this day recieved JL and is now opening his fall stock of medicines, paints, aud dye woods, which wero stdccicd with great core, and will be sold on as good Icrim as any in the market. ROBERT MOODY. November 7, 1836. I'ASTRICH FEATHERS, PLUMES, v-r an. i i iN i hUWEitssc. a great van cly of llio abovo articles for salo by LATiinor Si Potwin. Nov. 11. English Watches of different Pattern. Doublo Case and Double Bottom just received, also Silver Lovers, and Le Pines, at llio Variety Shop. PANG HORN Si BRINSMAID November fl, 1U3G. Brushes and Bellows. WTHIS day received from tho monufacturer i& a lull and complete assortment of Cloth, Hair. Hal. Tnilnra ("Inlli Il.iro Si.. cl. , . -r.w.,.,aa,w, MIU.V MIIUV Floor, Fancy and plain counter Brushes, and 1-ancy and l'lain JJcllnws; for salo low by KUUtll 1 IMUOUY, Nov, 7, 1836. Satin Beaver Bonnets. TUST Received, a few Dozen Satin Beaver CJr Bonnols of various Colours, comprising urociau, r itncu, uonago, ana oincr patterns L,.'1THHUP li POTIVm. Nov. 11. MOHAIR A- PILOT CLOTHS, a few piccics various colours for salo by llio ps. or pattern by Latiirof Si Potwin. Nov. II. B LANKETS, Heavy Roso & Point Blan kets. cold, llorto do for salo low by LATimor Si Potwin. Nov. 11. i ROCER1ES, a choico selection of JC Family Groceries purchased particularly lor retail trade, by I.atiirop & I'otwin Nov. 11. Japanese Lotion, TO pi remove freckles, pimples, and all eruptions of the skin, and fur the cure of chapped hands, (sees, &c. tor salo the Variety Snop. Oct. 28. Ptucnonn & Brimmaio Quick and Cheap. at HOWARDS again, AN En tiro New Stock of Winter Goods is now being received ol his Cheap for Cash Store, which have been purchased with such particular care nnd attention as to quality and prices as was deemed justly due to his numerous Cash ond ready pay Customers. lie has very much increased his usual supply so as to enable buyers to obtain almost any quantity wanted, and by many judicious arrangements enteTcd into with American manufacturing establish ments, sumo articles come to hand lower than by passing through market. A great many goods wero laid in thrnugh the Auc tion Houses in New York at tho late ro duced price and now as to tho 'disposal of such an enlarged stock comprising every orticle ever expected to be found in n real Fashionabto Silk, Fancy and Staple Dry Good, Family Grocery, Crockery, Look". iug Glass, Carpet &,c. Store. Ho has to ny that in Consequence of tho increase of business he is willing to sell at a percent age less than heretofore, and ns the motto is 'Cheap for Cash' they will bo sold very low for money- S. E. HOWARD. Burlinglon, Nov. 3, 183G. Over-Coat Cloths. LEMUEL CURTIS & Co. havo just re. ccived in addition to their former stock, an invoico ofheavy over coat cloths, compri sing Heavy Pilot and Mohair Cloth, Peters.'! hams and Lion skins Heavy Drab, Green, and brown Cloths, also Broad Cloths and Cassi meres, of every color and price. Oct. 28. I83G. Lamp-wicks, Classes, &, Can dlesticks. onn DOZ. Lamp Wicks, for Brass & " pewter store lamps ; for astral and rending lamps ; Glasses tor the brasi store lamps nnd the chimney; glasses fur astral lamps; t inted nnu bras candlesticks, snul fors and trays at llio Variety Shop. Oct. 26. Pangdorn Si -Biunpmaid. Home-made Cloths. THE subscribers have now on hand, 500 yds. heavy sheen's crav cloth. 200 yds. black and brown cloth, which will bo sold low by the picco or yard. L. CURTIS & Co. Ocl.28. rrv Tuns Pig Iron, JKJ 220 Tons Nnvascolin Plaster, 15 Bales Buffalo Robes, 2j ' Chew Hops. 100 BrU. Linseed Oil, 20 Casks While Lend. 20 Brls. Nn 2 Mnckcrell. fur salo by Oct. 2fllt 1036. New Fashions. JVlLaJ M. FRASF.R would inform the adics of Burlington and its vicinitv that sho has just returned from New York and has brought with her the newest fashions for Ladies Police , Dresses, Cloaks, Hats and Caps. She has also Silin, Beaver, Leghorn, I u.can, blraw and Silk Hats ; an elegant assortment ol llibuands. t catners and How crs. e''"4-""'"!!-cf :.'!. for !'.;!, Tetters linn Dresses. Bobbinct, Tliulo, Star & blond Laces, Quillings, Thread and blond Edgings, Veils, Collars, Ulovcs, sewing fsilK, thread, itc. All wlncli slio will sell nn as reasonablo terms as can bo found in this vicinity. Dress cs Pcliccs aud Cloaks niado in the nowest sylu nnd best manner. Shop opposite Durjtces Hotel Church street Builington, Oct. 23, 183G. fUST received, the Penny Magazine for U 1837, '33. '34 nnd '35, bound in full cloth or half calf, price J2 per volume. Uci. I v eunon riAmu.NOToN. T CUR 1 lfc Si CO. are now opening JLi. l he r I al I purchases of Crock and Glass Ware, consisting of all the desi blc articles in their line. Among lliein may bo found. l.lobo. Halt anu Astral LiAAlt'S Cut, press'd Si plain Stand do Champaign, ") S'nnd GLASSES Lemonade J Dining Sells, from 116 to 210 pieces Plain, While and Enamcl'd Ware While, gilt edged and bronzed China Tea Setts. China Fruit Dishes Cut. ground, and Flint Tumblers, Sic All of which will be told on the best terms Or.. P4. 1836 Ladies' Satin Beaver Bonnets, a Cases of satin beavers, comprising all " me lasinonnbie nnu desirable colors, drnb, brown, green nnd nlnck, by UCI. 21. 1.. CURTIS Si CO. Cod Fish. 1 tr. Quintals Cod Fish, just landed, by 1 JU J. Si 3. II. PECK Si CO. Oct. 13. MARY BROWNING J Tlf ARY BROW vs XTJL N1NG, of JOS. DROWNING ) Burlington, having presented her petition to me, made returnable to the supremo Court of the State of Vermont at their term next to be lioldon at Burlington, within nod for tho County of Chittenden, on tho first Tuesday in January, 1037, selling forth in substance that slio was lawfully married to Josrpli Browning, then of Burling lon on tho 2d day of January, 1826, at Hun tington in tamo County, by Benjamin Derby, a Justice of llio Pcaco for. said county, thai sho lived with llio said Joseph from that lime lo llio Gth day of August, 1B33, when llio Faid Joseph wilfully descried her, and ihat ho has not sinco rendered her any support or assis tanceand praying that tho bonds of matri mony inay be dissolved, and such parts of llio said Joseph's Estate bo assigned her as lo tho said Court may appear reasonable. It having been mado to appear lo me that tho said Joseph Browning resides without this stalo, and cannot bo served with tho pioccss of this court in thn usual form, it Is there fore ordered that notico bo given of tho pen. dency of said petition by publishing tho sub stanco af tho samo together with this order, two weeks successively in tho Burlinglon Frco Press, printed at said Burlington, the lasl of which publications shall bo six weeks bo. foro tho Bcssion of said Supteino Court. Dated at Middlebury, this 8th day of No vember, A. D. 1036. SAM'L S. PHELPS, Judge Sup. Ct. HB TOKEN nnd ATLANTIC SOU VENIR for 1037, with 12 cngrav ings, ht sale by 21. V. HARRINGTON. Martin Van Buren. LARGE portraits for framingl of Mar tin Van Buren, Vice President of the United States, and Miniatures of Martin Van Buren, painted on ivory nnd set in gold, received nnd for sale at the Variety Shop. PArtGBORN & Br.tNSMAlD. Oct. 20. OT&HE AMERICAN ALMANAC and Re Uk rosiTORY of Useful Knowleoqe, for UJ4, lor salo by UClOUCr ill- V. HARnlNQTON. New Goods Oct. 19, 1836. WE received to day, gold, openworked. clinscd and nlain Guard Tfnva rrnlil Bar pins : Sncclncle nln silk and satin Stocks Linen bosoin9 and collars; satin bo9onis! 10 bundled hest Italian violin strings ; Flageolets: clarified rosin; Instruction books for busies, ser pents, Trombones and flutes ; books on hand for other instruments; Cologne water, milk of Rosea ; tooth powder; G dozen bot. ilea indelible ink to mark without a pre parntion ; 3 dozen do. to mark with a pre paration; either of them are good nnd will not wash out. For 6ale at tho Variety Shop. Pangrorn & Brinsmaid. THE METROPOLITAN MAGAZINE. Edited by Captain Marryatt, Author of "Peter Simple," &e. no. lxiv. August, 1C3G. CONTENTS. On tho justico and expo, diency of establishing an International Copy right Law, Summcr.Night Thoughts, Snarloyyow , or tho Dog Fiend, llio South Breeze, Stray Leaves from tho Diary of a Courtier, Rich Relations, Mr. Midshipman Lasy, O DnnncllM farewell to Erin. A talc of tho Irish Rebellion, Mount Skiddaw, Ardent Troughton, tho Wrecked Merchant Fame, The Lion of Ramsgato and his Tiger, Lcs Hirondcllcs, Our Actors, To La Belle Kate, the Life. Opinions, and Pensile Advcn lures of John Ketch; August. VERNON HARIU.NGTON.genr. Collcgo street, Oct. 21, 1C3G. For Sale Quantity nf WAL NUTS from LOhiu, by the bushel or barrel. En quire of V HARRINGTON. College street, Burlington Get. 21, i Marryatt's Works. THE work is published in scmi-inonthly numbers, each number complete in itself, and containing the whole of one of his works, cqnnl to (tco duodecimo volumes. The whole series comprise ciclil numbers. nnd will form two royal octavo volumes of about twelve hundred pages, for 3.50. L.isl oj worKt compri tea in this edition. I. Peter Simple, or the Adventures of a Midshipman. 2. Jacob Faithful. 3. Tho Piraic; Tho Threo Cutters. &c. 4. Frank Mildmay, or the Naval Officer. 5. The King's Own. 6 Newton Faster, or tho Merchant Ser vice. 7. Pacha of many Talcs. 8. Japhct in search of a Father. For sale by Oct. 21. V. Harrington. United States Pensioners. Bank or Bcrlington, ) Oct. 14. 11136. THE following circular having been re ceived by me, from the Treasury Do. pertinent, it will be necessary Ihat a strict conformity with tho rules should be ob served by all classes of pensioners, who may apply cither by attorney or in person. ti. i . iNUL,ri,siii:, President and Pension Agent. CIRCULAR. Treasurv Department, :st, ) 'lice, 36. ) Second Comptroller s Offi September 29, 1836 The agent for paying pensions at Burling ion, Vermont, Sir In order to guard more effectually against a repetition of frauds, as heretofore practiced by the production of forged pa pers, the first three following additional rules will be observed by tho accounting officers of tho Treasury. 1. In every case where iho pensioner employs an attorney to receive his pension, the execution of thn power mu6t be in ihe presence of al least one witness other than the magistrate before whom it is acknow ledged. No payment to an attorney will be allowed unless supported by a voucher bus. executed. 2. In all cases where the signature of the pensioner or his attorney is required, such pensioner or attorney will wrilo his name at length, if capable of so doing :-- ctriso Ins signature may bo by mark or or'cross, in which case the execution inusl be in tho piesence of at least one compe tent witness, other than the justice or no. tary who acts officially in tho case. 3. No payments will in future be made lo any pensioner, either in person or by at torney, who has not applied for his pension for more than one year, without the pro duction of evidence of his identity, as pre scribed in the instructions from this office or Juno 10, 1833, chapter 1, section 2, nnd form B ; nor until such evidence has been transmitted to the Commissioner of pen sions and a special direction authorizing the payment has been given. 4. In cases where a cetificate Ins been issued by the commissioner of pensions in the widow or children of an officer nr sol 'dicr under the act of June 7. 1832, or un der the net nf May 15, 1828, no proof of the relationship ol the applicant to the de ceased officer or soldier is to be required by ihe pension agent, that proof having been necessarily filed in the office of the commissioner of pensions prior to the issu ing of soch certificate. Respectfully, sir, your ob't servant, ALBION K; PARRIS, Comptroller. To Rent, A Dwolling House suitable for a small fain ily situated near the square. Enquire of LATHROP Si POTWIN. Burlington, Oct. 14. 1835. October 7th, 1836. T EMUEL CURTIS Si CO. aro now re. JLi cciving and opening their Fall stock of Uoods comprising altogether tho richest as sorlmcnt (hoy havo ever offered to llio public, among which aro Rich figured Satin: and Gro do Naps, plain Poult do Solo's and Italians, Black silk Carnb. lets, Lustrings and Sinchews; 5 to 12.4tli red and black Merino Shawls; Woolen and Worsted, Ilighlnnd, Valencia nnd Prussian do. Valenlia, 4 and G-4 hnbbinctt blond nnd tliulc Laces. Thread nnd bobbinct Edgings, Figured French Merinos. 1 call 0 4 English do. 28 pieces French Mcri no3, every color: Roslin checks, a new nr tide ; 4 cases Merino Circassians, from 17 to 21 cts. Superior English and French Prints ; 10 cases American Prints, by the piece, low. A heavy slock of comprising all tho fashionable slmdcs, ot every price and quality. Pilot and Molinir Cloths, Lion Skins ; Petershams, plain, ribbed and Buckskin Cassimercs; Goals hair and imitation do. Camblcts ; fed, white, and yellow Flannels. 1 balo 4 4 (M do. 150 pieces cold Cambrics, 1 case do fringed; Every 6tylo blenched Cottons, from 10 to 30 ct; 25 pair Rose Blankets ; Mackinaw and Whitney do ; 10 bales 4 4 brown Cotton from 9 12 to 12 1-2 cents. 8 bales fino Ingrain) r a n rPTirra 3 ply Venetian do. CARPETINGS. Ilrocking nnd floor Baizes ; all of which will be sold "as usunl"nii the best terms. SATIN BE AVERS- XUST received on Consignment a case if of Ladies and Misses Safin Denver Bonnets, being the most splendid and beau liful article of Hie Bonnet kind ever offered for fall and winter use. ALSO a full assortment of Goods of every description which will be sold chonp for Cash al the Cheap Cash Store by S. EARL HOWARD. Burlinglon Oil. 7. IR3G. Neiv Goods. T HE subscribers have just received from New York an extensive anrt- ment of FALL nnd WINTER GOODS, comprising all tho usual varieties kept in a country store, which wo will sell as cheap ns the ehrnprst. WELLINGTON, WHITNEY Si CO. Millou Falls, Oct. 18, I1I3G. N. B. Alio 500 bushels coarse and fine salt. T.M PROVED STEAM DREDGE. M. The mb-criber offirs to build on the most reasonable terms, al I. & J Towns end's furnace, Albany, his newly invented Sicnm Dredge. Having built a number of Machines for Lyons &. Howard, for the U. Slates, Ilnil.-oii river improvement, and Canada, and also one for the U. States at Chicago, nnd one for n Troy company, Hatters himself (hat his Dredge is superior to ony now in use. Persons wishing to build or contract for Stcnin Dredges of any size or form, either in part or the wholo iron and wood work complete, will do well to call on the sub scriber before they contract. All persons arc cautioned nntto infringe on the riahts of llio subscriber, cither by using or vcniiii'g me. same, utiuur int- tcu ally uf the law. 3w. MELLEN BARTTEL. Black Otter and Fur CAPS. A Good assortment, of every stylo qual ity and price, for salo bv WM. I. SEYMOUR. ETCaps mado to order. Burlington, October 21. 1836. CARPETING. 4 f Bales sup. Ingrain nnd Common Car- AW nets. 3 dnFirtri. Floor nii.tht. Imlin m..:..- Hearth Rugs &c. tor snlc by LATiinoi Si Potwin. October 14. Lathrop &c Potwin HAVING been engaged the last two months in selecting their FALL GOODS, have now the pleasure of offering to the public one of tho heaviest and best selected assnrtments of Rich, Fashionable, and Fancy Dry Goods ever offered in this market. The following aro a few of the leading articles, viz. 27 pieces blue, black, brown, invisible green, adcliade and drake neck BROAD CLOTHS. 27 pieces henvv striped, plaid, nnd rihb'd Buck Skin nnd Common CASSIMERES. Plaid and plain SATINETTS. Drnb. blue nnd invisible green PILOT CLOTH, for over coats. Silk, velvet, toilinet and Valenlia Vest ings. French, German, Jacntiards, Eng. nnd common Merions and Circassians. German, Goals Hair, Crapo aud com mon Cainulets. llotnuazines anu aomun zcltcs. Green, crimson, anil scarlet Mo reens. Merino and worMec Hosiery. Blk white and scarlet Merino Shawls. Em broidered Thibet and Merino Handkrchfs. Colored worsted aud silk blond Edgings. Ladies' fur lined Ulnves, superior gnats; skin do. SILKS. G7 pieces comprising every shade and quality nt plain and ligurcd tiro dc ISaps llro lie Swiss, and Poult du Soi. Superior hlack Italian Gro de Swiss and Poult dc Soi. Heavy black silk Camblcts, grey do Pongees, sewing, twist, clially, nnd plain silk Handkerchiefs nnd Scarfs ; muslin nnd lace capes nnd collar; down scarfs; thread ami bobinctto lace edgings nnd In9erlings quilling and nelt Laces; lung kid and open Hlk gloves, &c. iVc. 10 bales Lawrence mill Sheetings, Tick ing, wadding, balls, col tun yam, white and brown Canton Flannels; while, green and yellow Euslish Flannels; rose and point Blankets, &c. DRY GROCERIES of every descrlp. lion. CROCKERY. GLASS, Si Clll NA WARE, Sic. Sic. Burlington. Oct. 14, 1(136. CAIN ADA STOVES. We now havo on Hand an as sortment nfCanada Plate Box Stoves, of Iho following sizes, 21, 24, 26, 30, 31, and 36 inch. The patterns aro good. T. F. Si W. L. Strono, October 7, 1830, "ft CHEAP FIRE WOOD. THE tmdoreigncd offer for sale Fire Wood ofstinerior nnnhtv. in smntl or large quantities, to bo delivered either on their farm (3 miles north of Burling ton) or on the premises nf the purchasers. Tho road lending through tho farm to tho wood land bcinr? now in excellent slnin. nllords to persons desiring to buy their wood on the land every facility of "getting it oct to the main road. B. J. IlF.'iNnEno. T. F. Molt. Burlington, Oct. C, IC3G. Earthen, Glass & China Ware; J r Packages comprising Liverpool, plain KJ and cilt China waro In rrrcil varieties. Dinning Setts complete, Aslral Lamps, cut Fruit dishes; Champaign, Jelly and Wino Glasses, Tumblers Sic. Ac. LATHROP Si POTWIN. Nov. 11. .Etna Insurance Company. ?jT)HE subscriber continues to insure all kinds of real nnd personal property as agent for said Company, to whom ap plication mny nt on times bo made nt lire Office in Burlington. TI:o cstnblished reputation of this Company for stability, fairness and liberality in their dealings, needs no further commendation. Wm. A. Griswold. Burlington, Aprl G, K13G. Dry Groceries. 1 M lD uysnn, Imperial fin at. canisters 1 Gun Powder, . TEAS. Souchong and Block, j Hyson skin, and Young IlysnnJ Coffee, pepper, spice, ginger, salcralus. Lump, loaf nnd brown Sugars. Lamp Oil, MoIjssch, &c. A good ossortmcnt of the above article will bu kept on hand nt. the lowest prices. Oct. 14. Lemuel Curti Si Co. EYE W ATE JR. Dr. Ailami' CckbraUd Eye Water, Warranted an effectual euro for sore, weak, and infiuncd eyes, finer. 25 l'cnts r-ER vial. THIS celebrated .initio was invented by ono ol'tlie most ilu-lingui-hcd physiciaiu oflhe age, and during an cxtcndvo praclica of30 years, ho invariably rcsottcd to it in all eases of sore, weak and inflamed eyes, that came uiiocr ins notice, and so great a cc eh- rilu .ii,i t, ,M ,i !... ,l..?.l him from all parts, and in no instaneo was it over known to fail in producing the desired ellecl. A snort limo only has elapsed sinco llio article was first irtroduccd to public no tico. and during thai period, unvvards of TIIREi: THOUSAND BOTTLES have been disposed of, and tho demand for it is rapidly increasing. So sure and speedy is the effect produced ov this article, that ono single vial lias completely cured nn inflamed eyo, though various remedies had for a long limo previous iicen resorted to, but in vain. Amplo directions accomnan llie article, asv well as letters of recommendation fiom tho most respectable physicians in llio country With a view lo insure its u.-cfulncss in a moro extensive way, llie proprietor has appointed llio following persons wliolesalo Agents for the sale of it, where llio public may rest assur; cd of procuring thoRcnuirio article. JUiskl'lI K1SHI.R. proprietor, jur.n ; .. itOWAND.'orMarlie'i & &-A-'0SKINS) 37C Mar;.et FircotSt Ph hdclphia, DR. W. L. ALT EE, Lancaster. J. Si J. H. PECK Si CO., Burlington, Vt. As will of all drUITclsli and Mnri'krcnnr throughout the Slate. Orders thankfully received and nunctuallr attended to fui cyo watcr or drucs. i iiiiaoeipnia. June VII, IHab. II. New Goods, October 183G. NEW style Gold ScnN and Keys, both combined in one; Gold swivle kevs In wear on guard chains, in preot variety; Elegant Gold Busom Pine: Fine Silver Dial Lspincs, four hole Jewelled, beautiful Movements. Gold do. A new ossortmcnt Ladies Plamics, an article which is fast Inking the place of Waist Buckles; a fine lot gill Buckles. An plegatil assortment ot Silver Pencils; from 50 cts. to Ihe heavy old fnshioned Pencils nl 2. 2 50. 3. nnd jj3 50 each. Silver Combs, Cumpass Seals and Keys; Silver Chains, and many other articles. We pre getting in all ar ticles, ncscccsary to keep up the Taritly, at the Variety Shop. I'AxsnnnN Si BniNSMAin. rJ'HE subscribers acquaint their friends u.iu mi. fjuuuw iiink inujr imvu im it... into copartnerehip. nnd havo opennda shop near the corner of Church and King streets, where ihey will drcos nnd dye nil kinda of Furs, at reasonablo nrices. Thev aNo in tend to keep for sale most kinds of DRES SED and DYED FURS,"and will buy all Kinds ol raw lors. Persons wishing to havo furs dressed or dyed are invited to call and examine specimens of our work at tho fac tory, which i. is confidently believed will prove satisfactory. B1EKDEMANN &. VOLK. Burlinglon, Oct. 12, 183G. Newton's Panacea. 'TMIE celebrated Newton's Panacea, or purifier of the blood, an invaluable remedy, by J. Si. J. II. PECK S,- CO. Oct. 13. Hardware and Hollowwaro. T IHE subscriber has Just iccoivcd from Now York and is now opening a largo and general assortment of Hard varo and lloilowivaro which he will dispn-c of on mod erate terms for ca-h or short credit, at Ilia llardwaro Store on lliocorucr of Church st. and the square. . ROBERT MOODY, Burlinglon, Nov. 7, I03G. New Fall Goods. ELEGANT gill and plated metal scab haul Sabres: olsn leather scabbard Sabres ; crooked nnd straight, fino and common Swords, Holster Pilots ; Spun., Sword chains, Bells, sashes, Lace, Bullous, Plates, and almou all kinds of goods ne cessary in the Military line, this day ree'd and opened. Some of nur new swords art Ihe best we ever had ; all of our military goods are new and in fine order. Paugborn & UniNsMAin, Sept. 5fl. Varitlv Sky.

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