Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 9, 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 9, 1836 Page 2
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FRIDAY MORNING, OECCM ICR 9. The electors for Ibis Slate met at Mont, policrnn Tuesday, and cast llicir votes for Wm. Henry llarris-on ami Frnncis Grou per, ns President and Vice President. Col. Crawford was appointed to bear this gratifying intelligence to Washington. ("Veumost i exalted, mountain high, nhotc nil tier linier guiles. 'I litie, ill lens!, die ntmiplicio is cle.ii' nmltpuie. It is roficfliiiig, niiml the p' wiiMe which fiirioitnils i, in fee one State pipffited in till ilia teidntc unit feitillliv with which il c.itne out of llie Hetotulioit. Albany Journal. Wc cite the above merely to give our renders a specimen of I lie thousand cheers with which Vermont is hailed from one end of the Union to the other. Hardly a mail arrives but bring? some similar com pliment to the unbending firmness and in tegrity oflhn Mniinlnin State. Louisiana ha gone against Van Buren, by a majority of 02 voles. The Argus, however thinks that Van Burcn will receive the Electoral vole, in consequence of the neglect of one of the returning officers. Verily, 'the devil takes catu for his own.' EPThe Hun. 1), W. Leigh, Senator in Congress, from Virginia, has signified his intention to resign his scat at the next meeting of the General Assembly of that Slate. Ho will probably not lake his seat at the present' session. The Hon. Wim.ic P. Mangum, U. S. Senator from North Carolina has resigned his seat for the residue of his term which expires on the 4lti of March next, and also declines being a candidate fur re-election. Ai.ab.uia. --John M'Kinloy, V. I!., has been elected U. S. Senator from Alabama, to suppiy the place of Gabriel Moore, W. whoso term of expire on the 3d uf March Hon. Henry Clay. .The Ale.vandiia Gazette says '-Mr Clay is strongly urged by his frii nds in Kentucky to consent to servo again in the Senate if elected for the next six years. Wo know his great desire to retire from public life, but hope his friends will prevail upon him to retain his place in the councils of the nation." In noticing the above report, the Balti more Patriot of Monday evening savs: "The Globe of this morning is in an ngony lit the prospect of Mr. Clay's contenting to a re-election to the Senate for another term, agreeably to the wishes not only of his own State, but of the whole country. After the call that has been made upon Mr. C. so universally we hope he will sur render his desire for retirement as hereto fore expressed by him." "Captain Ktiia.n Hitchcock, of ' the United Slates Army, and aid to Gen. ' Gaines in his Florida and Sabine cam- paigns, has been appointed Goernor of ' Liberia. Hu is a very efficient officer and an estimable man." We find the above in the New York papers. It is true, we believe, that Cap lain Hitchcock has been offered, by a unanimous vote of the Dnard of Managers, the office of Governor of Liberia, but it is not known wether ho accepts the appoint mcnt. Wo cordially unite in the favoroble opinion expressed of his qualifications. which, indeed, we deem superior to Iho ol any oilier citizen within our knowlcdrro for the office in question, and therefore, as friends of the Society, we sincerely hope lie will accept the trust which has been tendered to him. Xal. . tJTir.r. i.y the Fog,-The New York Evening Post gave notice, about ten dnvs ngo, that it shuuld nn doubt bo able to pro claim tlio next day llie election of Mr Van Burcn, by the People. More than a week has elapsed and the Post has not yet made ils announcement. This slate of things must be somewhat annoying to the heir np parent, who has not been accustomed, in limes past, to such extraordinary tardiness iu llie transportation of good news'. From the evidence before us at Ibis present wri ting, wo are indued to think that the chan ces of success in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas, arc a lillle in our favor. Lou isiana would seem to bo about settled. Mr Van Buren's hopes must, therefore, rest upon llliuuis and Missouri, both of which Slates he mutt carry to elect him, if lie has"lon those abovo named. The col umns of iho Globe look rather gloomy about these days. Another mail, however, may give them a different aspect, Wc ehall wait very calmly and see. Dost All. LATCST FROM FLORIDA. Cmu.F.sT'iN Nov. 28, The brig Gen, sumpter. Captain Ben. kett, and fchr. Laura, Captain Spenceii, arrived at tins port last evening, in short passages from Jacksonville. The gratifying intelligence lias been re ceived by Incso arrivals nt the defeat of the Seminole Indian, in two engagements between the TVniis.-eo volunteers and Florida militia, under Iho command of Governor Cam., ami a portion of there savages. The regulars and friendly In dians in the service of the United Slates had previously separated from the force under tho command of Governor Call, and had proceeded up on ono sido of the' u',,.1.1 i ......... ,i ,i. u;i, ..,,,,., I ,V y MllUUlillUIIll,, UMVtUU I IIU 11 U HUM a . .1 lll), while tho volunteers, tindor Governor Cam,, look the other tide of the stream and, encountering about one-half of Iho whole force of the Indians, n battle Imme diately ensued. After about one hour's conflict, thi! savages retreated, with a loss of about twenty killed and wounded, the latter of which they carricdofT. The fol lowing day our forces took up the pursuit, and came up with tho enemy, when n sue ond conflict touk place, with equally disas trous results to tho Indians. They again retreated, but llicir loss could not be ascer tained, owing to the darkness of the night. Our loss in iho two engagements was five killed and ten wounded. A negro was taken prisoner, who slated that tho Indians were divided into two parties, ono of which was anxious for ponce, but wore kept in check by the war party; both parties are short of ammuni tion, rind are expected slmrlly to surrender, unless they procure a fresh supply. High encomiums are given to the gallantry of General AiiMS-rnnxo, of tho Tennessee volunteers, as well as tn Colonel Heed, of the Florida volunteers. Tho other divis ion of our forces had not been heard from at the last accounts. LATKST FROM TEXAS. By the arrival of Iho schr. Pennsylvania In.-t evoninr: from Velncn,wo liavu olilnin ed files of I he Texas Telegraph as later as the 12lh inst.. containing the inaugural nd dresses of President Houston nod Vice 1'rcsidenl La.m.ui; llie first of which we puhli-h in another column. but we ore com polled to doler Iho latter until to morrow, for want of room. A discussion upon the liberation of Gen. Santa Ana had taken placo in Congress, but it iva-i resolved, by a large majority, In retain him as a prisoner for some lime to conw. Mr. Elli, chairman oftho Committee on Foreign Relation-, had made a lengthy re port upon the condition and prospects of IVxas. accompanied liv rc-n!iilioiis,oinpow oriug the President to appoint CotnniHsion. ers to treat with Iho Government "f the United Stales for tho admission of Texas into the Uniun. N. O. paper. Kr.w Unr.uANs, Nov- 1G. Bv iho schr. Flash we are informed that by iho order of the Texan Government. Santa Ana's irons have been taken ofl. and lie permitted to take exercise in the open nir. always under a strong gttartl Tho Texan armed schooner Thomas Toby arrived yesterday in th" river fur provi-ions. having been blown oil Ihfc 1 exas coast by a northerly wind. During her lain crni-o she captured t ,vo Mexican vessel--, theschr. Mentor anil brig Mexieann, whirh were sent a prizes to Velnsco. dipt. Hoyt re m.iined in Texas, probably for prize moncv. Cointnndiirn Hawkins was nnchored off Malanordj. Tho Brutus and Indepcn- denci! wero daily expected at Velascn. 1 he cari'o oftho Mexicana consisted ol specie and merchandise. We have had for the last fortnight quite a foretaste of winter, in the shape of cold wc.uhcr, but unaccompanied by that other indispensable requisite lor a comfort able winter snow. The main roads, how ever, are worn smooth, and tho wheeling is very good. Some of the weather-wise predict an open winter. accident. As tho southern stage was passing through Shelburn, on Sunday mor nmg last, the driver was accidentally thrown from his scat, anil iho horses taking fright ran about two miles, when they cleared themselves from the stage, leaving the passngors within unhurt. Ono gentle man a Mr. Miller, from Montreal, we be- lievc in atlcmling lo clear himself from the carriage when under full speed, was thrown upon his head, and severely injured. We are happy to learn, however, that ho is now in a fair way of recovery, Mr. Chandler B.ill, of Hosick, N. Y. has a heifer of Iho Dmliam breed, only 20 months old, which weighs 10S1 lbs and this without any extra feeding. Is it not a lillle singular in a state like Ibis peculiarly a grazing Slate so little attention is paid lo tho subject of improving our breed of cattle? Can any one explain it? Il strikes us thatl some of iho indepen. lent Farmers ol Chittenden county could hardly do themselves or tho public a better service than by directing their altlention lu this object. Tho subject is certainly worth considering. Haiid Times in Scotland. Tho Ed- cnburgh correspondent of tho New York Mercantile Advertiser gives tho following prospect oftho poor iu Scotland: "This season has been mote unprnpilinus than any in iho memory of man. Wo have had no solar heat, of course our crops are very detective. and it has milled daily almost for Ihreo months pasl, anil a great deal of our hay crop bus been lost; such part ofl he grain as has been carried in, is iu very bad order, but there is still a great deal lo reap, and in the high district of country, it is yet quite green, and as wo have had all ready Irosls during the nights, that will not come in maturity, ami be lil only for fodder to cattle. Our putatoe crop too has failed; provision ol course will ho scarce nnd dear next winter and spring, ami of bad quality, engendering cholera, ami diseases, uud dis content umoiig tho poor, who from their scanty earnings will hardly be ableo pro cure ncco'faiy loud, Factoiiv Blmint Ou Iho 19th inst. I lie Fucloiy. Wood shed, and Dry house of iho Ludlow Manufacturing Co. wero destroyed by fire, together with a large amount of machinery and stock. Loss es timated at about 17000 insured by Vt. Mutual S10V14D. There wero about 20 stock hofders, and thu largest amount ol flock owned by any individual is jJliOO. Tho Co. will probaly rebuild on an enlar ged nml improved "dan immediately, as they haven good and safe water privilege. The lire undoubtedly caught accidentally, as it was first discovered about a window over thu lamp shelf, in Iho third story at 15 iniiiulcs before 3 o'clock in thu morn ing. It spread wilh such rapidity, that in a "short lime thu whole Factory wa& in flames. By the spirited nnd well directed" exertions of the Ludlow Engine Co. with tho timely aid of I he Prnctnrsvillu Engine Co. Iho large brick dwelling house belong ing to A. Spear of N. Y. which stood within about lu feet of the factory was a ved damages about 300.--Ft Courier. GncATimiinEnv -Tho Balllinoro Chronicle-flatus that a most daring robbery wa committed near Gelty.-burg, Md., on Wednesday night, A Mr. Brown, who was travelling in iho Gootl Intent Lino.nud had churgo ol 15,000 froma bank in Pills burgh, to ono in Philadelphia, was robbed of tho wlndo amount. The officers are in pursuit of tiio robber, who It wai supposed, is known, and will bo taken Dost. Times. VERMONT REGISTER. Walton's Vermont Register for 1C37. will bo published in a few days, containing, in addition lo tho almanac, copious notices ol the several slates ol llie Union, embrac ing prominent points in llicir history, size, boundary, productions &c, for which the publishers arc indebted lo John Hayiunrd, Esq., of Boston, nuthnr of a very valuable statistical register of ; lie United States; also containing the principal officers of the U. S. government. town officers, physi cians, clergyman, post masters, justices of tho peace, population, grand list,& postage of each town in tho stale Judges of the terms of the U. S. circuit and district, and Vermont supreme nnd county courts sta tistical matter, &c. &c. It is proper to stale, ll at the justices ofl ho peaco and nth or legislative appointments are not publish cd, except in the register, the Ivgishturc having, by a now arrangement, omitted these appointments in their printed journal. ''Other things than llie affairs of llie na lion, will be carried on at Washington thi: winter. New parties will bo organized the Jackson parly will be dissolved and scattered the nucleus that held it togeth er, will be going to the hermitage ; a frag ment of it, the effico retained, will reach to Martin Van Buren; the remaining fractions will seek other alliances, and rally around other standard?. Van Buren will be busy cs n little elfin struggling to make himself comfortable in his seat this first term, and loscsurc an election for a second lerm." Power op Tr.nnon. Among tho pas Ecngn's lost in thu wreck of tho Bristol, was Mr. Christopher S , lato of Put rrton, and more recently of Brooklyn. Mr. S. was known to us. Ho left this country for Ireland his native laud, about four months since, on business, ami was returning lo his lamily in Brooklyn. A few days before llie wreck, Mr. S. had sent a letter lo his wife by a vessel which they spoke. Thi letter she had received thu'dny before the wreck. It appears that Mr. S. had a young companion on board the ship, who iu the moment of greatest peril, was below. Ho exerted himself greatly lo save litis young mm. and suc ceeded. He remained Inm-elf on the wreck until his friend had gone on shore safe. Ho was among tho last taken off and, lamentable to stale, when ho was taken into the boat his mind was gone! He was an idiot and died icry shortly after ho was brought on shore. His friend whom hu had saved, brought (ho intelh gence lu his family con-i-ting of a wife nod Ihreo young children; but Iho nfllie live scene which followed we will not nt tempt to describe. Unhappily, the fjinily is in narrow circumsluu''cs, noil require-a-Mslanne. Any donations lefi nt this of fice for (ho special purpose will bo faithful ly applied. JV. Y. Com. Adv. llAnTrmiD, Nov. 2G. IIvnnoi'iioniA. A case of this most aw I ii I of all human diseases happened in Ibis city and terminated in tho death of tho individual ou Thursday evening last. The subject was n culored nvin ol temper ate habits, nut! in the vigor of life, living in the faintly of Mr. Ketnpton. Tho dog, froqi the bile of which the disease arose, also belonged lo Mr. Kcoipioti. and be came rttbiil. as wo learn, ubmit five or six weeks ago, and was confined uy means of j a rope, which ho gnawed oft, and made his escape, hut again relumed of his own ac cord. The colored man attempted again lo confiiio him ; ami, in doing so, received a bito in thumb. Tin wound healed iu a few days, nnd thu man thought hulc more of it until about two d.iys before his death, when it was discovered by one of (he fami ly that George, (the name ,,f the subject.) could not, or ditl not, drink his lea nt nighl. This alarmed ihu family, anil s-teps were then taken lo ascertain !C f his case, when it was found that ho could not possibly swallow any liquid, nnd that thu mere sight of it. or even iho pouring h liom onu vessel into number, llirew him into spasms. These spa-nia. which aflect. ed tho whole reginn ol ihe client, but were most painful and severu about Ihe pit of lliu 6 '"ch, were luiind the next morning to give him great oguny, coining on every few minutes spnntani'oiislv, and being ex cited nt any nminenu by .jfTerin" him drink. They increased dinner ilu jny p, ,10 most frighlful degree, nnd finally jcnninotcil m death aboul 10 o'clnck, Tlitirsdny evening During iho last day, however, ho succeed ed, by treat ellorl. in swallowing a cup of wnrtu water, which was immediately ijec led ; anil this, so fr as vo i!nrn, was iho only fluid taken Irom iho accession of tho disease. It is duo to Mr. Kempton to ttate, that on his part was nothing expense or care, which could affiird Ihe least hopo "f alleviating the suffering oftho miserable man, Cuurnnt. Tia change in the Hid of the .nicer Jlnusiippi. Thu total number nf tlicura lions or eut-ofl' which hav? boon Hindu in Iho direction nflhu berpenliiti! course of Iho lower Mississippi by tho shilling of I'fc alluvial bed, nt various" times since 1GP9. are computed nt not less than I!0 miles. Thu channel is estimated, in thu Grand Gull' Advertiser, to havu been legularly changing fur ages nt thu talc of two miles per year. It has probably thus traversed Iho whole alluvial surface of the State.-, of Louisiana and Mississippi, part iculary tho delta uf tho former which is so low. The tendency has been towards the Hut, p'o hablyfmoi tho diurnal million ofthe sun. By a diiect ronto from Rod River, leaving NewOrlenns 100 miles to cat, tho Missis, sippi might reach tho Gulf I.OOiicator than it docs). Tho Grand Gull Advertiser from which tho above facts are tiikeo adds; 1V cutting nbottt ten miles, nt an ex pense not exceeding g0 000 the river be t ween iNew Urlcatis tintl the iiiouili ot the Arkansas, which is 1G0 miles nbovc, may bo shortened more th in 100 nines. A lino of 350 miles, drawn duo north from Now Orleans, will pass within six milts of Jackson in this stale, 'nod Mem phis in Tennessee, from tho Inttcr town p is 730 mites-, by wn'.er, lo Ne.v Orleans. Many of the Bends alluded lu nro some doz-'ii or 20 niilos around, and only a utile or two, end some limes only a low rod acrnss. Grant! Gulf Bend, in which our town ie situated, is 0 miles around and 2 acro-s ; which gives Iho advantage of being aware oftho approach of steamboats an hour bo fore their arrival here. Palmyra Bend ends above the ono just named, is 17 miles round, and only a mile across, through which a sluice pn'ses in high water. It is but 15 miles front Grnnd Golf lo Warrenlon by a road passable leu months in the year; yet il is -10 miles by the course uf I ho river. Vicksbnrg Bend, commencing 4 miles above and inilinr f! below, is 12 miles round, and full 300 rods across winch was pa-sed over by n ferry boat in ll!2!t. Warkiiol's I! -nil is l 1 -mles. anil 50 rods across. S(. Lnrfs Hep. WINTER EVENINGS. Winter is a glorious thing, cold ns il may be, cheerless ns it inuyseetn lo be. and wo too frequently really make It. If New Euglanders have thu character of indus trious, active, energetic, intellectual people no other means iu this world so much as the cjld days and long evening ol Winter have made them so. They have been industrious from nuceitv they have decided and rend and rt 11. cled ftoiit necessltj; they have become a singular people, respected every where lor Ihelr energy ant! Ihu intelligence from necessity. In Ihu warm luxurious sooth, they would have been just such n neople as iho South ernors are in Italy they would have been as cITominatn ns any Italian in Africa ns indolent ns any negro in A-ia they never would httvo built factories, though lltey had lite beet water power iu Iho world in fav.1, any whom but iu New England ihey would have been any thing but Iho same hard, wide-awake, bold, too tho mirk sorl of men nutl women that they arc. If, then. New England character is anv thing, New England winters nro e-verv thing lo that character. L"l!ho wnuur ho unproved then. Rend, rend, read, newspapers, noons, every Hung; improve the time in aluily ant! reflen inn which not bo given lo business; store vmir minds, consult tho history ofotlier re'puhlies, see when and how they fell of 'other people, sen what their springs of prosperity, vlnt the rocks on which they split; improve Jour hearts- anil your understanding, and thank your Creator that ho has so ordered il, in Ins providence, that you can become tho best v t lie happiest, the greatest peo dn the enrthj I he Dr.rrNK Ann's Wrr.r,. I Common inebriety, to the commonwealth ol Cluts fentlont, beginning lo be unpaired iu health md intellect, tlo l Ins d.ny make, pnhli-h anil declare, this to bo my' last Will nutl ll'eslaineot ill manner and form followni" : First I give, mill bequeath, that pari nf iny lutelleU, which is llie po.ver ot .-ell .riti.nriin.iit 1 .1 ,, v ,,t r :i I n.,it li n hit -l .., Coiling powers, lo Folle and Madness, mil the rest nt mv Itilt'lleclital liiciillics in Intoxication, My lime, I invci lolliegreij;. h-hop--, My Industry to Indolence ; Mv usriuuies.-. 10 uu ii :mii-3iic, atiu u rer-i to Society ; Anil my Health to Di-cn-c-- And I also give ooo h ilfol my properly to ino licmuers oi niueur spirits, anil the other half to Ihu lonso end nf Neglected Affairs. To my children, anil Ihosi' nfllie rsing generation to whom I own, I iive my Example. To my beloved Wife "nnd companion lor hie, I give shame, dt-grnee. il!-ap;ioiiitiiient, mirrow d a hroki n Ileuil ; And hist of all, I rj t Vij my Soul In Goil who gavo n ; Anil tn nppn-iiion lo the advice of friends, anil lor w.iut nf res. okition, I do this day cause nnd suffer the seal uf Ehriety to ho nllixed to this mv last Wili anil Testament. I NEURI IVI'Y. Nov. 21. 11) JO Franklin Journal. A Lndy Clothed in American Silk. At ihu Agricultural Evibitioti of Merimacl, county, Mass., Mrs Kimball, of Unpkiti. ton, New Ilnnp-lnre. was present robed in itch and durnblo sillss nfli r own man ufacture. Shu rtit-ed the silkworms, reel ed, iwtsled, dyed, and wove ll.e silk, nml for anghl that is known lo thu contrary, made tl:u garments willi her own hands. "Am. the talent." A poelnster iu the Times nines his whistle iu praise of his "darling Van Bttreir" Ho sought over all the dictionary for a word lu thyme with die name, bin none was lo ho found l licit", so ho set out on his travels through the geography, and at length arrived at Lake Huron, and there he found u rhvine : I'lie pleeilnn is mei ; nin d m lin V.tu lluiea "U l'iei lent of ihw ieil Uniun I "Li t our .nrl. nn. in. hi ie irh In l.:ikn lliunn, "And oiemlieliii ihu 'li" ctun coniinuliuii. JV. r. Dem. I)ami:i, Lamiiuiit iif.viveh. Tho Inst rfdl man was iitowti in New Hampshire aiming Ihu granite rocks, and haviifj ar rived ul fullness of weight and years, hu is now brought to town uud will bo exhibited for a few days at Concert Hall. He is only 5 feet and a half high, and yet weighs 7001 poiintK Ho is In good lioailll, is tiuci" -cut nnd nlTabte, nnd was accounted i , ,.,,.,.,tii,i ni T.iiwnll. w horn ho wn hist seen. Ho is borne about iu a carriage coii-trucicil expressly for his accommoda tion; nnd in Ins journeyilig.s ninth will be compelled to proceed in l his, ns no oar en trance or steamboat bur l h are siiflicienlly capacious fur his lingo dimensions. DoU. Trnrdlcr. Old Age. A man from Columbus, Ohio, nged one hundred and sixteen years, pi-sed through lbs city n few days since, on nt- wnv to Ma-saelinsels, where he was going to llmg himself, like many oilier thought less youths, into ihn hempv bands oT unit riinnity. His betrothed I' CO We should have thought it would have been a hard matter to catch two such old birds with chcfT. Sihcnciladil Ii'jlcitor Waste or nrtr.An i urr? The N.Yotk Star stales thai 100 000 bu-hel" of ryeand eorn are inotithlj di-tllleil inlo Whiskey in that city ! What a petversion oftho honn. lies of Providence lha very 'slnfT of life' convened into poison I Dreadful rjfecls if terrifying Children. A itthi child between 0 & 7. at Ihn Female Seminary near Hackney, was confined in dark cellar, where, iu spile of her screams she was left lu rutn.i'.n till mnrtiiiiir, when she was found in a slate of complete idioley. unguiii popir. i.i-kgant 1 1 intit. vni I.riTArtl. I hern t eoiniillnng singularly beautiful and afi'i-cting in ino I . . I liming epitaph, win h an old new paper repre-ent-im liunvlnled limn nnn (in ljuelic proli.ililv (in tin: parish church ol (ileo orelty. in Ai'i l-htru : "l.t. :-hu lies hero in thu ilut. mill her memory fill- mo with grief; silent is Hie Innguu ol .Melody, and Iho hitiul ol 'Elegance is now at lest. No nioio shall tho poor givo his blessing, nor shall Iho naked be warmed hUIi tho fluecu of thy flock; llie tear sh.ilt ihnu not wipe away from tho eye of the wretched. Where now.O feeb'e. is lliy wanted Inlp? JYo mote my f.iir shall wc tnci I l lieu in llie social hall: no mum shall wesilat thy ho-pil.ibln bniud. (Innu fnr ever is tho sound nl'iuirlh! the kind, llie eaniliclhe. niucli is no more. U'ho e-iiu express our grief ' r iuw, yc icars ot woe! ' I.Mi'or.TANT Anvicn. In llics? dt-ast-rou- iiiiies nf prcimre in the money market t H gra'tlving In meet wil li such cogent advice as Is contained in tho following ar tide : now lo meet it rrcudor II you sec vnnr creiiiior at a distance, wall; boldly up to hint, and as j mi go by, hopo Ins rhetima tistn is belter, if he is about lo stop you seem lo slop linn, and, before he can re mind yon that you laithlnlly promised In pay him three weeks ago, hint to him that he bus neg'i cletl lu your account notl lliat von mini have u lw Iho twenty- lilth nf next mouth. Ti II bun lo call for the amount on that day. You need not be at home, for he won't come. BOSTON immci: emu i:.vr. most to, new. bid. 2 2: 4 CO Hen-, while. jitsh 1 7.c -2 2,'i ! cur, mess, new, 1,1,1 1J5HU0O no. I. do 12.10 12 00 primo do t! it 'J 00 I'uitkh inspected No. 1 lb. Ctii'.caK now milk lb. i 12 Fcatiicrs northern geesi lb. southern do. lb. 54 GO FtAX American lb. Flavskimi lb. !2 1j Klouu Gene-ec cn-li bid 10 7.V11 li illiiiiore, Howard.--,, do 10 jO 10 7.", II iltiinnre, wharf 1 1 ;) 10'Jj Alexandria do Ul 2' It) .10 Grain, e.r ortlt. jcllnw 'uisb 1 lu 1 li southern do. tin I 03 1 ; wlnlu do 1 fm 1 ()j nyp, northern, do 1 1 -;o b irley do oats, north, (prime) do GC GJ Honey gai -ij .',() ifops, first quality Hi. 1? Id Lard, Itostmi first sort lb. 16 17 southern, first sorl lb. 1,1 10 f.lMU, be-t soil cask 111 120 I'oi'.k.jms-. in-pV.'i bbl, :3 W .'9 .10 clear from other stale- do 23 00 .'GOO bone, middlings, scatce do Seeds, herds grass uisb 3 01 3 12 led top do 7.- 1 00 hemp do 2 7." 3 01) led clover, northern lit, I: Id Pllic CncniiNs (American) iii-h 3 0; .ISO Tallow tried lb. It) Wool, sa'v fiece lb 7t 7 Aio.full hlnnd. wnshV lb G( 70 do. :;--l'ln do. lb Gt G", (in. 1-2 do. lb fid fill du, 1 1 and common lb .Jj 53 S. ( pulled supctfiui lb fi( G1 Zji ) 1st lambs b 5.1 GO 5 ) 2d do II, 4.i 4!t vif-lid io lb. 30 3.3 IV KW Your: SI aiikkt, Derpiiiher !!. (Son h nf tin nMiiinei'i' iphi'ii-) Wlies ;ne S7.0IU 7 25 I'Iii'ih i ii I'm' tie-in ill,! I.), (.'.ill', i- I, i,iii llie li:i.t ili'iiijli pi ices nie lillnirf. I lie silc.iif Cnlluii f- I tic west, ai Hi'.l'U in nr'. I tern ijliini at -510, !r itinmint e'vi-rfifiii (le,n-i n,,,i nml Uiihiuuiiil city nt 11. live rtciiir 57,50. Vi n ils ie ni- nt (nil in ice, I! r li u i ii n In loO rttiid, li-ii te 10'J cts. Noiilimi Cum 100 nlOU cts. H.ilps of K.KIcin Hum m 10 il I els. ,n slni U nf !ti,l.nttii. While ?)!? OS li ne (illcn In ll illi cis, tin. I nil hjin's oc (lectin, in;; limiMi ?..Sj ii-ins. I'UHKinx iniAlv. Wn litile nf llie )iiici;ii "i-.iin i I'm mis in iimUi'i. Tin. sates dm in ' the ui-i-kli.iH! h en iui-iiij iIiki- ilnin. in. I dure htm. lull innlieN iiIiiiiii on,. iii, uhiili i, in mine. I lie pitciH hue been .i,. Iiilir, ill,, inc. luim ri k ii.: iS.yOf) I n-lii-l i,f lnin Dniiiic s2,l2t; 7.500 iHlim l!ni i il.i 2 OHJ: 2 00U ml (ieiiiini s2.ri.3.U0O llii'inen iln. h-2.. Olii ; niulS.OOO du. ul i,u hum Tii .if, al tol,. Hi Monty I In- in iikct this iisfk h h rtmitn icd hi i 1 1' 1 1 si. ne nl'iiun. men, Tin! di-ciNi-inii in i lin mill. lu: niinls Ins niuilm cl ,i o, e.i I h,-n..iii,i:i. 'I'lii, c. f,ci li is lo-i'ii ri-il iin liiuks uliii b b.iie lieielii. fne lieen i ll iixc'l iifgiiMi l.iii il!i-Min,li,nr l.rcn inuit- lilH'i.,1, null lime dirciiumi'd In then- i in- lunieii'. A iihiii iii.-ii li.tiiij, ilieie been uui? ic lief. D.uni'stie cxi h ni",-s ti.i,,. fill'-ii Punk lit ti kcil (i .nut 7 pi'i cent, iiiki i.,Ke ;) & 4, In Unll Si. iu.iiii is .limn l.ini, tun llie liul-lfn, h.ii hiuu luiii .icciisiiiuii d In "hi 3 nml 4 tier ifiil. they mo ii-hu-i.uu lu cmne d.nxii. timid iiiiU'i, luiHi'ici, bun Ik en t.iU n ficcl) ni 2 per icnl. n iniinili, hii It is heller ill. in ii-ii.d. Acknowledgement. NOTICIi is hereby "ivrii that iho nib serihur has fniind iho money he mis ed a short I lino mice, nnd accused Mr Calton of taking from htm nn the 2d ul' December 11136. HENRY DU1IDER. Witness--John Colemam. Willmun's Clarionctt Instruct- nr: System dook tor inu viunn, uuungcu ,y Bullatt ; Alexander's Flute Iti-lruclor, reccnlor for Ihu bugle these instruction bnoks are the largo nutl best kindalso for ale. admired airs arranged us cotillions lor the flu lo nml violin, and cnmmnli in si rue' ion books lor most all instruments ; Hand oroans, Music boxes, Mu-ieal inslru inenls. Violin hows, strings nnd bridges , Clarified Rosin, B.isj viol strums, &c. &c. received and I" . r sale nt Iho Variety Shop, by I ANGD011N Ol lilllN-.MAtl). L'ho llamblor in Moxico, 183G, By Charles Joseph Lit robe, author ot The Rambler in Ainencn." "I ho A'ncn- tuck," &c, just published anil lor snlu by VKIlMON llAnlllNGTJN. College. si. Dec. 2, ID3G. A DVKNTURES oi- Ronr.iticit Ran- nations by Cruik-hank. ju-l published and for'-aiolty" Vernon IlAiuti.NCTov. Dec. 2. II13G. Looking Glasses Portrait & Picture frames &c. rtnllpj iib-crilier has now ready for sale .iL (anil will bo coitsleuily manninc'tinti") a splendid ns-orttnent of LOOKISfG GLASSES, from 23 cts. lo 31.'!, made bv the best of City woikoien, and will be sold tit Nrw York prices, lit wholesale nr retail. I'nrirail nnd pieiuro Irnmcs, nnd nil gold wotk in the hue. dono on short, notice and in the best inaiui'T. at his Factory, over tho Hardware and Diiil' Store. no nr. jioody. Burlington. Dee. 7. I03G. An Art, ill nd liiiini lii mi net entitled "mi art to piiriit fnii-ilil. citity .out detainer," pasted IVIi. 27ih 197. jpT " hmtbij innclcd cj-c. That the enttrl for the trial of any cninpla,iil of tumble entry ur detainer, pursuant In Iho prnvtsinus ul the act to which this is in addition, shall hereafter be composed of one j .tslice of iho jury nf six freeholders, lo be einpanuelled lit ihcjHfnui manner ns juries are by law i rnpantielleil to attend justicu courts; and every process therein im illumed inn v b'1 iltrec'ud to, and served by. the slienlV. hi- deputy, or any con-table of suit! county, proper to servo lite stiine. any thing in the ael aforesaid to the con Unry mil withstanding. Pi 0'ldal. 'I'm pruvt-iolisi.f Ibis net -hall nt'ly extend tn per-niw who snail, wi ful y, and with ur without force, hold over anv lands, tenements nr other po-setoi s niter the tlelerirnnal ton ofllio lime fur which the saino wete lea-ed, or demised, by a writ len lense or agreement accepted by tho tenants, or to persons: holding under tho lessee, Approved. November 17. 1I13G. All Act, in lidhlinu In nil II. I culllle.l ".111 nrt siiiil,'llieu'ni in iln- iirls ili-fiiinr llie iumt-ij uf Jikiiccs nfllie Pence ttiilnii lln .Suite. " B'V is hcrtby enailtil Sft; , That whenever M. tiny nclt. hi on bonk account shall bo pending htl'otc any ju-itco if llie peace, nr n hen any account proper In be plead in shall bo plead, iho jitsUcu s'liill have power to inquire by lnl,'rroi.'.ilnrie.-, a- well of the pin nil ill's ni ol'lhc defendant, or del', miauls, relative to llicir respective! licrnonts; nnd also, to cro-s oxaminu thu parlies wnh re-pec to each olhir's nc eiionls, ns he pi, all jmlje prnp, r; nml ,1 ,-llllPr party -hall reln-o in lake sucli n i'h, or In an-wi r directly to such inierri ratli nes, ribnive In the; pirliru.u matter tn which -neb until or anstter i riqnt ed. -I. all be taken auatu.-t Ihe party .-o n fu elllj;. tine. 2. That the foiirtli section if an act to tth'ch ibis is an .idditino belaud the siini. js, 1 1 r , by repealed. Apuprnved, Oct'di-jr 2G. 113G An Art, iL'l.ilin in Jailnu' fccj. ST it hereby cnmttd Stc. , That llie sev . eral keener-ni j us in i:u- tate slull be allowed fir fuel, diet .mil wa-hinj, fur. m-huil fo' statu prisoner.-, ami stale and town paupers, one dollar and fifty cents from Ihe lir.-i day of April to the first day ol December, nnd from iho first day of lie comber to the fi'ra day uf, two doliar per weik. Sec. 2. That when any person shall bu confined in any jail in tin-'state, the keeper of Mich jnl shall mil bo allo.ved lo charge or reecivM from such person wi'iiiulhi-s consent, or in any ease from the overseers of th; pour of the town where said jail is -limited, for board uud fuel lurni-hcd s-tich prisoner, anv jjrealer film thai dollar and fifty cent.s i,.r wed; lr.nn the first dav ol Anril In the first day of December, null from the first day of December In ihu first dav nf April two dollars per week. Sec. 3. That the first section of an act entitled "an ncl iu addition to an act en-labh-hini; permanent Filanea for certain ollicers, and regulating certain fees ami litxr.blu costs," pa-sed October twcnly ihird in iho year one thousand fight hun dred and iweniy nine ; nnd also an act en--tilled ' an act regulatinr' the price of board of" ponmis- confined in j til," pas-ed iNoicm. her the fi.i,. i n, yrar no tin,,,, eight hundred ami thirty four ; also the providing clause of "nn net providing lor Ihe rebel and support of poor persons" In.) may hereafter ho confined in Jul and hav 1112 mi legal settlement in this siale," pas sed iNoveinhcr the Mxfcrnih, n, n,c vcar nn.' thou-and u'jrht hundred and Ihirtv one, be. ami the sume are. hereby rep. nle'd. Prac.ded. 'I'hat tin,- act shall lake etTect from mid alter tho pa-nrjo f nm famc. Approved Nov. 11, 1 030. An Art in i,l,!,;n , ilc, ,,, , c- tid.fis Z.IZ. V ""l"b'S il.esi-.tle,,,, r,MV7.nJ n,t. i,,.,,,e peon,.'. .NUtClllb - U M ! I 1 H That will or X testament which purpnM a iWftMllun "l'7'"" no only he in a,.v nait valid or in any part revoked. uhd exe cu.etl or revnked accnrding ,f, ,10 ion, ol Ihu s-cvenleenlh tection uf Ihn act in which litis is in additinn. Cl Sec. 2. That personal property. nt exceeding the nitiouut of two hundred dul hirs- inay bn beriueatlied by i..,c,,avo will: Provided, said will be presented for prubaie within eix moiillM after the death of Hie testator. Provided, aho, That any soldier, brine in nclual icrvice, or any matincr or tct,

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