Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 9, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 9, 1836 Page 3
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may dispose nf pergonal estate as lie might I nave unuc ucnirn inn pn-sing ul tins net. Approved. Nnv. I, !I3G. Just received at the Shoo Store in Cluircli ft. 50 pair mens Indin Rubber over sJioe, 50d(i, Ladies fur lined wnlor proof boots and shoes and a good assort mcnt of gciitlrinciis boots shoes and pump; Ladies, Misics and clnldrcns shoes. Ladies Moccasin Sic. on lio tit) ; Unci; boots for men and boy.', nnd all articles not on band, made on thort notice. D. i. RUSSELL, Nov. 20, lnnc. p,w DR. o. IB. SAXTOJV. suiigeox DEjYTIXT, ITS at home, .mil will all imiiI at hi nfficf B. West Hilu Conrt-Ilnnse Square, in nil seasonable hours, from this, lion! I'nrlli, as well '"on or riZmi1 Ihe Glh December,,' as thereafter ; until further nolice. where lie i pri'p.ireil tu manufacture nml insert nrtifienil .Mineral or Pnrttluin Ticlh I rum a single looili to whole, hut I s, correspon ding in rolor and form to the natural leelh. with skill anil it t; in i n w Ii i ;i nut surpassed by any I)onli-t hi the United Slates, and to perlorin nil other oponrions in the line nf Surgeon Dentistry, and will he happy to ait upon and give pmfes-innal advice In any ladies and gentlemen who may be pleased In Invor him with their patronage. Dr. S. h i pcnni-Hun In refer In a niimln'r of ca-es where ho In-lately iiwrril ..ey cm I entire sells of thc.-i! ban'Mul ami do fable teeth which will show for 1 hem-elves. ETDr. S. also manufacture" and has for Fain at Ins ofliee, 'I'eeth, Tuolli-pa jle, Washes. Lotions, &c Burlington. December 2. 1 030. SEW (ROODS. fXWIN'O to ihe tncreau of business the iy mh-i'.i liters have been iinliii eil lo brio'' on a veri hirep and splendid tiifli, of K:i-I-ionubla 'KILL .'LVD ll'LVirjl GOODS coiisMiii'' nflSro.idulolhs of nil colors nod shades pl.iid anil plain Cifimers and tniells V Hiii;-I'lhit Cloths l'elerslMoi. 1', 10 .til. 4 Itii'O Illaiikcls "iccn and while llnr.-i! Ulankets Carpotin. Lairp Mais, etc. eir. AVOISSTF.l) STliFFS. 1 hibct (.loth-, (lennan, I'rinth, r.nclish plain and li'd Merinos, Circanians. l!oinba zelts, eiint'hair and common Camlets, Mack, hr.nvn ami olive r rcorh llonih.iiinr.s ; brown Inilppcinl.iiils. a ne. w arlnlo.' black, red nnd while Merino rih.iivls : Thibet Shawls nnd llundkeichiel's ; meitnn am! worsted IIoec. silk fjotins P.lac!; and blue ihi Sivis", pro! do Nap. pros tie I'.linin, poult tie Soi, Liitiini', Ital ian, nnd sinrliaw Silks, lilaek aliu Lcvantin", bl.iLk anil jjrey ulli eamlels, Pon;ees. every Yariuly of l.l.iet; and colored silk and Tabby Velvets l.nlii'' and 1,'enlli'inco't. eravats, silk Gloves and M'.-e, black Clially fur Drehhi"., blnck while and colon il fhally Sh uvls and I atidkerchiefs, spotted Lace, blaek laee Veils, Miek, while nod 'rien blond Veils, blond Ldir'mi's and I'oo!io. nKo n jrreal variety of liored, plnul nod pl iiu Satliu, lustrini; and eaozo itili'ioos. eie. CltOCMIll'. AMI (if.ASS. Ao cxIeiMvu atorttniMil ul' Clmui (.'rmkery and Grii It'oif I t;in r otu cle. dicv (;itoci:itii:s. li'iaf. limp anil lirown iit irs. Mol.i-.e. Iiojii rial. Old and Yhiio lli'sou, llsous!iii. Jilaek and liohe.i Teas ; box and Ki i' rao-ins ; barieU, half and quarter barrels Maekerel j Cndfiii; jrionnd Pepper and Spice. flniL'er. Nutmeps, cloves, caia : plu nnd papr Tubacro, etc. cte. lovely -v Jtnnnrr Very Cheap at Howanls Cheap Cash Store. CiAIll'ISTlNGS,- An invoice of coin J mini and very mpenor Carpeliiijjs, with the Goods jiifl received on coo-in nii'iit froui the Manufrioiori r, and fur sale at Ihe ooiiinii.--loii price bv tln yard. Car pel or Dale, which mnki -' t iie article cheap er than it could otherwin! bo sold. Alio, Paper Ilaou gs, n tho same way. Farwcll-i make, Gaitor HOOTS aiid .SIIOKS. with an a.-torlineut ol India llubber do. Buffalo Itobcs, Fur Cap? Capes and Pelerines. lie lias also for sale a new and splendid assortment of rich lijjured and plain, black nnd colored nl.;s lor dres-e.-. Satin Heaver, by the yard, for Bonnel Capo and Muff. One case np'orttil Laco and Muslin Col lars, Capes, eiU and Aprons A rich assoitment of military Goods. A full as sortmcnt of eveiy ilescriptiou of articles lor dresses and Clonks; An enlarged a-snrt iiient of Ilroad Cluthj, Ciissnners, Saili nettsiSic. . A beautiful assortment of Rich 7Vi.s China and Crmkery wares, wild Lnok,n' Cilnrt. ivc. ivc. a tun siucu etipcrti r Family liiuu.r.iur.. As usual. Uiiinuion, iimiii, nml foiiio beautiful splendid nnd Hrilb.ini, nil for sale at the Quick and Llieao l..a-li Sinre of S. EA11L IIOlCHiD. December KI3G TT US'P reci lied nnd for sale bv t tin tub Cjr pcribers n lew fir-l (pinlitv Itnffilo Hobos, Oiler and Seal Skin Cap--. Asiri can Lamb, Seal Skin and Nutcr Furs fur Coal collars. LOVELY S ABBOTT. December 2. LOVELY & ABBOTT Aro now opening a few Cases of New York, Silk and Fur Halv Good and cheap Ladies and Mi.-s-s Satlitt Ilea, vcr MnnnuiH, Six lioxes ul Feathers, Silver and other Flowers. Dec. 2. Muscatel Grapes. A few br.skcts by lath nop fc POT WW. 1. 10 pieces new and elegant pat- temB or Figured Plain and Sallln Suiped BbalJvs. just rerrived by ' LATUROP S; POTWIK Box Raisins. 55 Boxes Fresh Mulaga and bunco Raising For inln by LATH ROP Si POTOm POSITIVELY FOR SIX DAYS ONLY. Natural Wigs. tttoiti.v imi'oiitam' tmcnvitnv. p BNTLKMBN having partially or hJT entirely lost their hair may have a reproduction in a few minutes hv nnplvmg to I he subscribers, nearly opposite the Fric I rrfi V lire, College it.. who liave lust urn veil from New York with a splendid n- i r t -in.Mii of Geti'loincu'.-. NATURAL WIGS, SCALPS, TOUPEES, &c. Gcnilcmoii tint advanced in win, who may Irom sickness, or otherwise have lost liieir hair will find this a good opiioiliiniiy of getting leinnirarv covering. Ii being n well known fact, that Ircnnciit shaving ol tiie heail produces a stronger growth of hair. Also a very fashionable selection of liiilips I arisinu hverlasting Curls, Frizolls, Hands, Pulls, & KING LILTS. Ladies having any oflhij above nrliclrs by l hem. them re-curled, will find this n favorable iipiiorlinniv. Ladies' hav. nig had I Ik-it hair taken oh', may have i'. exchanged. Burlington. Dec. 0, 1030. NO'llCB is hen by gueii in the slock holders of the Fanners and Mechanic- Bank, thai a inciting will be hidden mi i ho si i ml Thur-day of .I.innary 11137, at their Uiiiikins il"U-"e nl '- o ehi'ek P. .M. lo make choice of seven Dirictorsof Find flank for the ciuu my year, by oiderol the Hoard. JOHN PECK, PreSl. Ijiirlin'Mon. Dec. 5, 11138. PROBATE COURTS. O'I'ICI'j is hereby given that Ihe Pro bile Courts within and tor I lie Di.s- 1 1 icl of C Iiii t euileii, will, until fiiriher Ho ur.: is .'iveti, be hohbjn on the second Wcdne-riay ol every inoiiih at Win. Wes loii'.s ofilee (in the (joint I1oum )iii iiiirlnio ioii. nod on l lit! third Monday of every month at John A. Willey's linii I m Wiliis urn, at ten o'cloel: in Ihe loreiioou; com. uieiiiiii al liiirlnmion, on the tccoiid Wi'doe-da , ot Di'i'tinber. in-.!. ''he Piob ate ollice will be kept at taid Wcstnus nlliee. in said llorhiilou. (JUAllLllS ItUSSLLL, Judjc. Wm. Wll'io. Ilrziitcr. December I. Ili30. Jnl'orniation Wanted. MAIlY WA'I'lMtS, a firaoeer in a stranoe land, is anxious to olitain mfuruia iuiii ot her hn-baiul. William Waters, who came into Hie Sialic Irom Quebec, pis weeks since. Any informal mil concern ino bun will bo luaukiully received, and rmarded leapt. Hie (ulne-s of a n'. 's nml a innlher' raiiuide. Slin may bo fooml in tin: house of Nicholas. Ktllens in nr I Im hike. r DENTIST. BOC'P P.IIOCKWAY, ot Troy, im . x . will b- in H11rl1n2l011.ini or about the G1I1 of Dec.'oibi r. and will plop a blmri tune at Howard' lintel, where ho may be eou-olii d prol'.ii.aallv. lie will be pre" pared 10 in,ert Ins .-operior mineral I eelli idiiihiu point nl durabihly ami beauty, 'nod, coiilt-p- dly ourivaleii; and will also ill", eiuaily arrivl'ilio iroress of decay 111 leeiii, hv II I 11 wiln ""HI. Civ. N..v tti'fi Philo Doolitlle. Offers fur sale .r,00 liu.-liels Lisbon Sail, 7j .Sacks Liverpool "round do. 1(10 li.nrels Wc-ltuo fiiui do. 100 " frcpJi graiuid Nova Sentia plaster 100 ' " ' Western d", 2.j P.oxes fifsli Alnlagi II nisius. together with a general iissorlmlnl of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery etc etc winch will bo sold al llin very lowcl prices fur cash. Neveuilier2l. 1II3G. Lemuel Curtis & C o A KB now n cell log I heir Fall and Win l ler purchase ol Goods, whirh Willi their former pluck, couipri.-es by far the largept and um-i desirable a-i-orlinenl Ihey have ever had the pleasure of nUtiiing to the public ; conipriring liroad Clolh-; blue, black, violet mixed drab, brown, ami every f.irliinnable and de siriible shado, Double and 'ingln mill'd Cassimcrcs. plaid. -Iriped ami buck skins. .Mohair. I'lhit nnd Lum skin river real elulh-. 5 ea-es French, Grrinan and Kn-gh-li Merinos, Alnpines, Ilesliie r.heek lig'd Merinoi's. 2 eases Kugll-h Clnu'Z an. I Ruby prims, Gilo, dome-t c plale nml furniture do. Four hundred ps, colored Cambric-, frem 0 1-2 lo 12 I 2 elf. 2 bales .1 nnd G ! heklngs, Cobnei.lPonli de Sole. Gro do Napier and Cro de III Silk.-; Sopor linlian (im de Swi-s and Matleon Silks Ten picci'r super (ig'd Sallus. Diinask Thibet, raw lib. Chally nnd Thibet wool bilk's. -1, G. II, and 12 -tihs while scarlet and lilack me riiiophawltf. Forty doz o from 4 in 10 4 Prussian nml woipteil do, Itlnnkt Is ol cv.iry description. Mackinaw, rose nnd commun ilu, 4 to G 4 l'lanin I-; white and eolnr'd I!usia sheetings, towelling, diapers, dnniafk tnblo i-ovors, 4 to 12 -It lis. fie. liorlin-ilou N"V. Co. II13G. Groceries. F. &. W. L. STRONG have re ceived their Fall slock ol grneerii'p T- which is heavy and complete, and having been purchased al reduced rales, will be sold al lower puces than have been offered rceeiolv in this market. Nov' 24. FRUIT. 100 boxes bunch Raisins, 5 do. Lemons, by sA'ob. 24. T F Si W L STROXn 10 Cases Ginger Preserved, this dav received nml lor snle by LATIIROP S POTWIN. Nnv. 25. 125 piecies Figured Merinos for tale, cheap by LATIIROP S,- POTWM. Nov. 25. Burden's patent Horse Shoe s A Consignment of Ihimrllclo just re- oeiveil. iV are particularly recoiinurn iii'u mi lor iniuiie. & . PECK St Co. Agenh Domestic Goods. rpiIH Mih-mliprs mi- nnw ipr---iiin;; ilipir f.ill ; ! Ii.i.u ..f I) p.iip. (in,,,!, nii.l uill uftiiil Weill nlmlp. ,P , ., 0 ,ie JC8l ,crnl3 ,,, uliuti mil hi. ,im 6 10,00 'l,',,Cul11'" Vnin ftom No. 5 to 12. 10 ll.llrs CullOII 11,1119 400 tin Coiiiin fC.uMinj It) Dales lmienrr fciiii-opoc Cotlnns I ' iiiiblciilicd Cullcn I- l,uii.els, loiv by die Ptrre, 50 w. 4.4 hlcnelioil Cottons, 40 " 3 4 " i Lemuel Cun-ris U Co. Nov. 25. 1S3G. The subscribers arc again re- reivio" a Inre;,. ndilitmn to their Muck o! Crockery and (lias-. Ware. Cut plain screw lop and press Lamps, Asiinl Gl.ibe nnd Hull " " Cut and plain Champaign, Whip, L?mnn nde and Jelly (Jlns. Dining .,;is coinplele, from 1 10 to COO p. Sop. White, Gold Uaniland l'rinteil China 'Pea Setts, and almost every nrlicle in the line, which will be eobJ as usual, on the best term J LEMUEL CURTIS S; Co. Ilurlinrrioii Nov. i!5, 11130. OIL. Fail and Winter r -$ w l sthojYG. :jooo eals. Spirm Oil, liy Nov 24. Teas, Rice, &c. 75 chests Hyson, Young Hy son, hyson skin. Touchiing, Souchong, nod bnhi-a Tea. Ten Tierce- rice. 30 bags eoll'co. 20 l.cgs ami boxes plug nnd cavondn-b tobacco. Ten boxes pipes. 'I 00 kegs ginger, salcralus pepper, spice, nutmegs. (.,iVUI, cassia buds, TF&W L SI'RONG. Nov. '.M. lroninon;erv. POTASH Kr-nle--, ALII,, ploughs, mill ciauks. anvils, vices, rpades, shovel-, carl nnd waggon Iron nnd steel of nil kmils. ii:nl. ci,.,.l .,,,,1 casl iron sleigh shoes, hollow ware, stoves. bra-s kettles &c. by N"v' g3' 'P F & V L STR.ONG. Iron ami Steel y X TONS n-ported llngli-h waggon and ' ' carl lire; Swedes nml Rn-sm, old sable iron.-n-l, (ierman, Spring, American Lngli.-h bli.-lernl sieel. sleigh and culler shots, hoop iron, baud do, round &. square do. all sizep; hrazieip rod-, horse nail rods. &c. mi us lavurnhle leims ns lo be found in the slate. T F & W L STRONG. Nv. 24. " Wanted. 4 FIRST rate Sikiikotvpc Fou.MiEn XjL one who is ncquntnlod Willi I In: Uu.-l ness will find ci-u.-liiut ernploi ineu', and meel with good encoiirngeiui.'i I by apply ing poon in Vkiimi.n 1,i.r. lo. liiirliugtnn. N..V.21. I!I33 sioves. PAUKLR'S pal'l phrophesy cook'g4sizcs Stanleys rotary lup do D do I rn i i o v oil Oven rotary do 2 do (,'onants (baik kischfit) do 2 do Oral Ovuii Kiovu I lioiler do 2 do AJti0 Canada and American plain Jinx Sioves, of various sizes- This is llm 1110-1 eopieto nesnrtuicnl of Stoves lo tie fouiiil in the Country Purchasers may find iho pntterus they want, and on most favorable lerms. 7'. K U If L. STRONG. liurliiiPtnn, Nov. I.'i l'!3G. Timothy iSeed. 30 hushels for sale by IllCKOKSi. CATLIA". Abu. 3. 1(13G. Manilla Matts. Q-t doz. Manilla Mat Is ol nil jus received by Lemuel Cunris Si, Cu. October 14. IVewton's Panacea. tMH-j eeb briiled N'-wton's Panacea, or -I poiifler of 1 he blood, nil invaluable by J. i. J. II PF.CK CO. On'' 13 , October 7th, 1836. IT P.MULL ( URTIS k CO. aro now i H J ceiviii-' and opeuiuglheir Fall slock of (io. ids compiising iillogelber llei richest as sorlmc'il ihey havo ever oflercd lo the public, among u li lull nro llieh fi.Mired Salinrand (iro do Naps-, plain I'oult do Soiu's and Italians, lilaek silk C.-imb-lets, LiislringH nod Sioohows; 5 to 12 4th red mid black Mi-nun ShawU; Woolen nml Wursieil, Highland, Valencia noil Pro-siiio In. Valentia. 4 and G-4 'lotiliinell blond nml Ihiile Laees. Thread and bobhiuel lldg ng-, Figured Frenih Merino--. 1 call ti 4 Loglish do, 2i! piece.-l-rencii men nos. every color; Roslin cheeks, a new nr lieli--, 4 caris Meiliio Circassians, from I" In 21 els. Superior Fngli,-b nno I-reuch Prints ; 10 cn.-cs Americaii Prints, by tin I lece, low. A lienvv slock of lomprising nil the fa.hioiuible shades, at . very price and quality. Pilot and Mob nr CI. ulis, I.ion Skins; l'i tersiiains. piaiu, iibbed and lioekskin Cassjineres; Goals lair anil Minimum do. Caiublcls ; red. while, nnd yellow Fla ds. 1 bale 4 4 G-4 do. 150 pieces cold Cambrics. I case dn fringed; Bvcry pi vie blenched Cottons. Irom 10 lo 30 ct.i 25 pair Rose Illaiikcls ; Mackinaw mid Whiinev do ; 10 bales 4 4 brown Cotton from 0 1-2 lo 12 1-2 cents. tl bales fine Ingram ) cAjtpRTlNGsS. i.v 3 n v Venetian do. ( llrockin-j and Hour Raizes ; all of which will be sold "as u?iial"ou Iho Lest leant. Hardware. and Mollowwaro, rirlin snSscnher has Jusl leceivcd from X New York and is now opening a large a ml j.ciitral n'sorlinciil of llnrii'vuro null iiuiiowwnro wnieu no will uispo-o oi on mini eralo terms for eah or short credit, al the Hardware Sluroon the corner uf Church st. and tho square ROBERT MOODY, Rurlington, Nov, 7, 1 030. English Watches of different Pattern, Doublo Cao and Double Hotloni, J"sl received, also Silver Lovers, and 1 Pines, at the Variety Shop. PANG HORN & imiNSMAID. November tt, 11130. Brushes and I3ellovs. 5ryRiIIIS day received fioin tho 1 v-L a full and complete nortm inonufiictiirer eomn clo norimeni 01 1 nun. Hair, Hit. Tailors Cloth. Morse. Stove, Shoe. Floor, P.iney and plain counter Dm'-hes, and Fancy and Plain JJellows; for sale low by IIOHEHT JIUOUY. Nov, 7, 1C3G. Spanish Otter Caps, Capes &,c. fZ leases superior fapanish anil American Otter Caps, 3 do Seal and e.onin. Hair Seal do, Itussia Squirrel, Jencttc, Lynx and Sable Capes nnd iMufl's. Gent, and" Ladies Mip. Pur lined Gloves &c. &c, by LAI llnUl i: rUTWKX. Nov. 1 t, 1030. Winotiski Patent Block Mills, AM) WOOI.KX WORKS. IfilIHE public, in tho vicinity oT liuilinglon, "J. are respectfully inforincd, that the pro. gross nrihcMi wntks renders unno rejalatlon niedful, ns to tho adinis.inn of visitnis, with a ioiv. both to thai; personal enmfcrl. nnd ilie f.ieihlies of Ihe workmen. Il has there fore, been arranged, that for thu future, resi deuls ul the neiL'hboihnod will bn ndinilled to see f tic works in operation, on Wednesdays j ami Thursdays, finm nine to twelve, and from ono lo Toiir o'clock ; nml that strangers passing ihiiiugli, inn) liu niliniltcd nuy day and hour. Tickets of admission, for both these classes of vii-ilors, are to bo obtained nl the office of tho WinoosUi Mills, previous lo going in. October 21 133C. jYEW goods. a1 dm. boltlrs ndelliblo Ink, to marl; with or without a preparation, C doz Wauls Hair Oil, C " Uear.s Oil, 2 " lialm of Columbia; 2 size3, 2 " .Milk of U-jses; for removing cor- tuptioos in the srjn, I " Cold Cream, , 10 " Cologne; ell qualities and prices. I I looey Water, 12 " Giierlain an excellent Pcrfuino, al P1 I'" bol!le' 2 " 'nvcl L'..;: endcr. dilTerrnl qualities, eisian sweel liags, lor scenting preventative against Mollis, Almosl all kinds of II ur Oil-; Perfumery, Soaps ami Iirushcs, constnnlly for salu at the Variety ihop, P.lNRBinN & BlllNSMAID. Uuilinglon, Nov. 18. III3G. JR. FITZGERALD . IS now opening bis winlcr stock ofgoods, but being tun htittihe to "sing a long song" ho simply says lo allUioso who wish lo pur-clia-o JLWCl.tiV, wiiliniii lieing Jfwttl, IVA'I'CIIKS, uliirli iir-nl watching. CI.Ht.KS. of imp ului is u.t in nif, l-'ANCY CJOOD-J, r.i l.i,r,;ir.,'l n-..ikr, UAlll) U'AKn.nn tfoi itfVois, Look I a f, t A-s i.s ofmu'-11 Im fe ns loiisf llioni aiU9ic.ii,, of one wlm 11 ufien mo of tune. Willow I!akkts, of one who ha,ks in die aiiip. of aihcrhity, Diiv (toons, ol'ijiic uli.i dap. 11 dry lm!iips. . . .. . u ,.1.., 1 us. 10 tun ot" 1 II" fUUVtH, ,, i ...:....i, .T...I .... '1 1 ilii-ir en-., ! I'ockki Itdous of one w bo h.i liillcnp fnrilipin I tiiri.i s & l-'ow (lu.Ns.oras'ion shooter Can s.s, of hup ulm lines nm Cain, HuesilKS & Dusri us omi ului i. cur ip.ulv lo Mjnirli ilie tlu,t ono toil nun change box, And Man V nilii'i' .uiieles uf n in in i.ffcw inmls. iTTJii-i i ill m the Green Stoie. casl aide of Church Street. liurlu.gtun. Aov. 17, l(!3G Japanese Lotion, "PO remove freckles, pimples, nnd all eruptions of liu; -kin. and for the euro of chapped bands, faces, &c. fur sale at 1110 arieiy Snon. Oct. 2G. P. i .no no n.v & BrtiMSMAin. BLANKETS. Heavy Rose ii Point Ulan, kets, cold. Horse do foi sale low hy L.Tiinor Si Pitwin. Xev. II. (T W.OCKItin.S, a choice sclcelinn of, xl family Groceries purchased particularly fur retail trade, hy LiTlinur 4: Potwik. Nov. II. NOTICE rEpHK undersigned are unw receiving -IL their winter supply of ,'uods cutiiis ting of n large assortment uf Dry Goods, Wet and Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass, and Hardware, Sugar, Molasses, Spirits, &c. bv tho Ilhd. and most kinds of Dry Goods hy the origin al package or parcel, lo sun purchasers. Thu large port Inn of our flock wns bough! ni Hid presaut very Inw prices, which will enable ns to sel1 us cheap as I hu cheapest. We do mil deem It neces-ary lo enumerate 'irlirles, but can assure Ihe puhlie that nur flock u web selected "inbracing nearly every arlicle called for in this sec'loii anil will he sold, fr cns, (lr nppriivril credit, al a small advance. Grateful foe past favors, we respectfully mvilo Ihe public In c.vaui me our stuck and climpare prices. Dj'Slcru opposite i,u Vernuini Hotel and Pearl st. House, nl ,10 owcr clld o Peail street. S. WALKKR Si Co. WANTjED. 0 ?"",'n.Mr" '" Cl" ;",tl Wood nnd "v-' lllld 1 ellllla I., .1.. find Ibis Otlicn - "law ii, ippiy ai sVuv, I7f7i, I03G. Ilaspberry, Lemon & Sarsa- panla Syrups, for snle by x- in f?V'llR0li ronriK. JNut). ID. HI3G. SALT. 7000 bushels Sular Salt tllOO do A'loani Jo 40U0 do TuiU Iiland ilo 700 Hands Kino ,j0 300 do Cuarso d0 100 SacltBlJairp ,0 ,v J. & i. II. VF.CK k Co- Elexir Vegetal Balsa mique. N. II. DOWN'S FECETAELE E.1LS.1.AUC ELIXIR For Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Catarrh Croup. Asthma, Whooping Couj;h. and al other diseases of tho bead, chest and lungs. Paiiijiblets containing a history of tho mod. ieinc a sketch of the diseases for which il is recommended certificates from unques tionable sources ample directions, and much other important information accompanying cacli bollle may be had hT any ol tho Agen cies, gratis. J.'CUIITLS, Druggist, Si. Al bans, Vl. wholcsalo Agent anil joint proprie tor. The following aro especially appointed retail Agents, Jliirliiiglon Latbrop & Potwin, Janes, Smith & Co. and II. Moodv. Uintiburxh A. S. &. I). G. Wtllcr. .Villon Wellington, Whitney & Co., Clark, Boarduian & Co. Charlotte Samuel IL llarncs. nnd ino9t other retpcclablo DruggUts, ic. in tho coun try . Si. Albans, July 12, 133C. If EYE WATER. Dr. Adams' Celebrnted Eye Water. Watrantcd an odeclual euro for sore, weak, and inflamed eyes, rntci: S2.5 cents rsa vial. riTlIIIS celebrated ariielo was invented by iL 0110 of the movt distinguihed physicians of tho ae, and during an extrusive practice of JO years, ho invaiiably resulted to it in all eases of soro, weak and inflamed eyes, that eamo under his nolire, anil so great n celeb rity did In) aequiro iheieby , thai tlioj esmoto him from all parts, mid in no instance was il ever known to fail in producing tho desired ell'ecl. A short liino only has elapsed since the article was first iitrodiiecd to public no. lice, and during 1 In I period, upwards of Til K UK TIimiSA.Ml IIOITMCS have hecu disposed of, and the demand for il is rapidly increasing. So sore ami speedy is the 1 ileel produced py this article, that one siuglu vial has completely cured an inflamed eye, though various remedies had for a long timo previous been resorted to, bill ill vain. Ample, directions nccoinpan the article, ay well as letters of recommendation fiom the most rcspeclablo physicians in the country With a view lo insure its u-efulncss in a more extensive way, tho proprietor has appointed Ihe following persons wholesale Agents fur the sale of il, where Iho public may rest assur ed of procuiing thegeiiuino artie'c. JOSEPH FISH I It. proprietor. Till Si Iiutlmiwood, JOHN n. R0VAN1,249. Market k. E A. !J0SKI.'S,37G Market streets, I'll hdclphia. nr,. W. L. ALTLL, Lancaster. J. & J. II. PLCK CO., liutluigtnn, Vl. As will of all druggists and storekeepers throughout iho State. Orders thankfully received and punctually attended to I'm eye water or drugs, Philadelphia., lone 2!l. I!t3fl II. NEW GOODS. LO VELY $ ABBOTT AGAIN present In the public a now assort. Hunt of winter Goods, jusl received and opening consisting of I'lighli and American Prints, latest style; Ilioad Cloths, Pilot Cloths. Cassjuieis' A'lllinells-.etc.; 2000 Yds. 1'nlcnl Ill'k. mid While Wadding; 2j doj. Corn Urinous; 20 doz red WnrMcd Caps and Hull-; Iluu Hlaukels. Matting?, Cotton Yarn, broii 11 and bleached Collun Sheeting . - , , 1 c , . 1 1 r. , oliirting, 4 and G.4 bed l ickings. Cambrics, j Jiluo, Green and While Collon Flannels etc, olc-clL'- ! They deem il unnecessary to say to the public ihal their prices am low fot cash. Iiuilingion,.ov. I", U3G. MARY RROWN1NG vs TlT AUY IiROW 1YJL NI.NG, of JOS. RP.OWNING ) liuilington, having presented her petition to me, mado returnable to the supremo Court of tho State of Vermont al their term next to be holden al llurlingtun, within and lor tho County of Chittenden, on tho first Tuesday in January, 1037, selling forth in substanco that file was lawfully married to Joseph Ilrowning, then of Hurling ton on ihe 2d day of January, 1R2G, at Hun linglon in 1.1111c County, by Ilcnjainin Derby, a Justieo of the I'eaeo for, said county, that she lived with thu said Joseph from thai lime to thu Glh day oi Auuii-t, llilJJ, when the said Jusiph wilfully- de-ertcd her, and that lie has not since rendered her any support or assis lame and praying thai Iho bonds of malri I -.. I.,. ,t....,t, . .,,.1, ..,.!..,.( Illlil.jr lllilji ill.- w-i".j.,s.., uilu nitl.ll jn.ltc v. lliu saiu Joseph s I. stain uo assigned tier as lo Iho said Court may . appear rcasouabl Il having been made to nppenr tojue Ihal the sanl Joseph Ilrowning resulos without tin stale, and cannot bo served with Iho pincers of this court in the (nrm, ills there fore ordered that notice bo given of the pen dency of saiil petition hy publishing tho nib stanco af Iho sanio together with 'his nrdei two weeks successively in Iho llurliiigtoo I'reo I'ie-s, printed at said Ilurhnglon, the lasl ol which pul.hcalious shall bo tax wcct;s liu furo the session of said Supiemo Court. Dated al Middli bury, this Uth day of No vember, A. I). lttfG. SAM'L S. 1'lir.LPS. Jnd:;c Sup. Cl. To Rent, A Dwelling Iliui-e snitabb) lor a small lain it v situated near the square, Lnquirenf LATIIROP & POTWIN. IJiirhngton, Oct. 14. I!I35. FIGURED SILKS. 7TI.UL I1LACK. lilaek. Lawn. Pink. Lilac, BJ) Pearl liruwn and Puriilo colrd. Gro De Nan and Satin Silks nf Superior qualiuc,by 1 I.ATItlrni' jr I'n'I'WIN. Nov. 11, IMG. rm II B subscriber bus this day recieved JL and is now opening his tall stork ol medicine, nam's, and nve woods, which were selected with great enre, and will be sold un as "uud terms ns- nnv in tin' mnrket ROUBR'P MOODY. Nnvcnibor 7, 1030. RTIIICH I'RA'I'IILRS, rLU.MKS i'ATIN I'LOWRItS tic. n "real van' civ of thu abovo articles for salo hy ' LATiinor- Si Potwin. Nov. 1 1 . Satin Heaver I3onncls; JUST Received, a few Dwo Satin Rravcr Uounuls of various Colours, eomprislog (Jrccian. Kitnch.Cotin!.'ii.andulhcr paili-ms Grecian., in jjrai0, & poTWl.W Nov. 11. ' oTlAIR i- PILOT CLOTHS, a fo piccics various colouis for salo hv tnc ps. or pattern bv I.ATiiRor (i Po rwin. Nov. II. ,Miy he used in Wine or Water. firVUDSFcellebrateil bitters nro compos JL cd purely of vegetables of tin- most innocent yet pprctfirs virtue?. Tin y on recommended particularly for restoring; weak ciiiiMittitintis, cleansing thu ttnmacll and increasing the. appetite also a prveii. t nt ivc; against the cholera motbns, fever, and ague, removing; nausea, vomitingt heart burning, weakness in tho hriasi pmi in the Flninach and other symptoms of fiitulenco and indigestion. Ono bus will tincture ono gallon. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. I his choice, nml sale ointment is said to be superior In any now in lite, for that dis agreeable and loathsome iliiease.lhe ITCH Phis ointment is so certain in Us npcruimu that no person troubled with the above; disorder onglit not to be wilbunt it. It is a remedy fur cutaneous eruptions, scorbut ic nllections nl the hem!, or any oilier breaking out winch arises from sharp liu. mourn in the blood. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Vcsctable Billious OR FAMILY PHYSIC. FOR general use.ui casercs of Jaundice, mm hid of the stomach and bow. els, loss ofappctlti'. IcoMil breath, r.oitivc ness. Piles, and all diseases arising fronl biliary dernngenients. ulso fur correct in; ihe slate ol thu blood, and cleansing thu V'leni ol'ifmil nnd vi.-cid humors. These pills are a mild cathartic, producing neither rains imr rriping. and are therefore a val uable and highly approved nircicine, and are prnnour.ced as such bv the most dis. lliiguished physician--. Lach hex con taining 3fi Pi'ls. 1'hiv27 I -2 cents a box. Russell's Cellebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. THIS is unquestionably the best anil safest remedy ever yet offered to Ihe pub, lie for that ob-tinnto disorder SALT RIinU.M. Where other means have fail. cd. it lias succeed, il. and the fact that it has been ixten-ively u-ed bv cniincn; Practitioners speaks ci Itimc.s in its praise.. Il ls equally efficacious in all diseases of the skin, ring worms, nnd iheinnrt invete rate Itch. &e.. &c. Numerous certificate might be obtained, but tho nroni ictor choosrs that a fair trial should be the only evidence of its superior efficacy. Price 50 cent-, a box. A fre'li supply is jus; received and for salobv J fit J. IL Pick & Co .Dr Moody Lnhrop & Pol win llurliugton S.'tl. liaruu Chnrlullu M. 1 1 11 ! I Hioesburgh Onion ifc Strong, G. & W, L. P.uker ijiiniingiiin it Wlialo Vergenues Skiff & Lnutf-v hecki'liury green Jainin Hamilton, H I leteher J.-neo-D. II. Wil S. II. I leteher KsSex D. ,c W. Carpenter Water bury and wnh the Drugists generally thruughuiit the United Suites, and ul whole by Wm. C. Stimpson & Co. llostrni For tho euro of Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Caugh, spitling of Wood and Consumptions. Tj Cr.LAND MOSS gro.vs plentifully in Iho JL Island of Iceland, from whence it takis its name, and in all thu high northern lati tudes of Lurope and Asia, where its Medicinal qualities have been long known, and highly appreciated- This plant contains a lenrger proportion of J'ertable .VucVnge than ary other known substance, and in combination with il is a bitter principle which acts most beneficially in givitijf strength r. easosofgreat weakness anil debility oi me lungs. I no knowledge of many of our uiosl valuable mcd. icini-s, for iho curu of diseases, havo been ob tained from observing tbe'r ciiecl on brulo nniinals;-su in the caso of this innsl iiivalualda Moss. Its virtues were first discovered by their effects on tho hardy, Ion" lived and sagacious Rain Deer, derives its pun cipal niirishmcnt from the Iceland Moss, and. whoso null; becomes so inginy imuucu wiin. its Iialsomic virtues, that it is used with tho greatest coi.lidenuc a a sovereign remedy by Iho inhab tanls oTall tho-o countries for Iho euro ol all diseases ofthn breast and lungs. In l-'raucc.lhis coinnound has been known. und extensively used ; and lo its salutary eirccts" as much as lo iho mlubiily of thu climate, is iirobauly owiii-r tho very small nuinuer nt filial rviic.vorcorisumplion in that country, compared with Great lirilan and the United Stales. This Syrup contains all iho nicdieinul viituns of ihe .Moe., in the ran't conccnlralcd form, and is prepared fiom the orignal receipt from Paris, only hy. i., Uli I sJIII.MjO sY iu, naiumtre And iinno is I'diuiuc unless il has their fac' simile upon caih bill ofdirccliou also upon Iho envelupo, Uj.iiiiI seJleil Willi llit-ir seal. J. it J. II. PKCK & Co.' wholcsalo agcnln- LYMAN & COLE MAVB ree'd n few bales of very tupo nur 11UFFALO ROBES, Rose I'lankeis, Dufnle nml 5 Point Ulaukctf', Ilorso R'ankels f Real French Kid Slips Heavy kid dn K Mnrocen du Thick Solo do dailer Uoots Boliver do Walking SIiopb, Sic. A lew baskets best Champ'u WINS Gold Sherry, Sirily, Lisbon, Port and .Malaga. 4!li Oct. CASH FOR UUTTUk. TpiIB highesl market price paid for Good S Table Ruiti-r hy LATIIROP S,- POTWLV. llh 1IJ3G. 'V Oct Wanted, rnp. Yds. Sheep- Gray Child 500 lbs. JJJ wei, Kniiiing Yum, and 1000 puirs Wuolen Socks in exchange tor goodB. Sept. I). Lr.vii, 4s Con.

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