Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 23, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 23, 1836 Page 3
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members of such asociatinu nuy agree upon, and itinll have perpetual siicces-inn, anil they and llii'ir Kiicc'-vors may hold such real and personal properly, rights nud interest--, as ihcy may hrcaliiT acquire by purchase, gift nr nlln-rwise. mid niav alien, sell nnd transfer the. same iiPCnriliiig In law, n they nmy deem propr;r Pj: llio ben efil nfsnul as. octillion. Stc. 2. That nil nnciatinn, formed under tin net , shall forever hereafter bo capable in law to mio nnd tit sued, implead and be impleaded. anwer and defend in all courts nflow and equity, nnd shall enjoy all pilVltcg"."" incident tn corporal inm of similar clunacter, may appoint all such officers as they may deem pmpur,--nisy rsgulale. tl'cir election and designate their duties and authority, mny iwikclhciruwn by-la tvs ami regulation, and oil or I lie rami! at llin will nnd pleasure nf n nininrlly. Provided, The by laws nnd regu'atinus of ('aid cnrpuralimis t 1 1 ;i 1 1 nut bu repugnant to Hie c"in-tituiion mill laws nl Hits flute Sec 3. Thai I bo form of llio original agreement, fur constituting such assucta lions bnll be a follows : The undersigned, inhabitant nf enuniy nf State nl Vermont, dn hereby voluntarily a-iiciato for the purpose of according In t f to fuel sec tion of an act plinth d "bii act incorpura tinjr lilrrary anil scientific a-sin latinos," passed November sixteenth. Anno Domini 'one fhnusand light hundred ami Unity. sit. hi 'witness wherpul wc have hereunto severally set our iiandr-. Dated al tlii day of in l In) year nf nur Lord Which said agreement, ntier being duly fjrcculed, shall be rcurdod in the clcik' office in f lie enmity where such association maj be furnicd, and milieu thereof duly published in some newspaper in this stole, 'to bo designated by siul clerk. Sec. 4, That all associations so fornird as aforesaid, shall not bn empowered by the provision? nf l li i act to hold real estate, by gift, purchase ur otherwise, exceeding in value and amount the sum often thou sand dollars). Six. 5. That all asnc!atiun formed under this act, shall be under the control of anv fiHiiri! l''Li!.aturo leuislni urc, who shall I w v i I'n II in win in nlier, amend, ot rfpoal this net. Approved. Noiember 'iG. lf!3G. An art relating In ini'ci;i. of ineinlici s uf t lie Gen A mljl v , yjT is hereby einicli il. That the mem v4s bers of this mid every future L"oisla 'ure ph ill b ", nud I in v nre hereby niiihor zed nod eiuitled In ri eeie ten cents lor rverv mile's Ir.ivel, in tiin; In and return inf Irein I he li;eiinlui.. ul'im. hiale. is Ki". 2. l .'.nl 1 1 e fint piililled "an ncl duicun llio iiii.i- nf a'Ce'tiitnui? the milenoe nf the member nl the General As-enililv," passed Noveinher ixllt, mu ihnosaiiil I'ti'lii homlri'd nod thirty lour be. and the smite is, hereby repealed. I'rotidtd : Tint tins' net shall lake efTi'iS frum the pasi-ne thereof. Approved November IG. 1 830. ANNUALS for 11137 rie'd bv V B R N ON HARKING T O N. Tho Maoinilni. Friend. hip's OlTerin Th.j Fairy Book, Tho Pearl. Thu Gift, Tho Token, Kclipinus Souvenir, Tho Violet &c. Sic, Dec. 5?. Ht:iG Loudon, Town Meeting. A MEETING will be held al the town room in Burlitilen on Saturday 3tl Hist, al 10 o'clock P. M. for the purpose f appointing three Tro-uo- to receive and miiunrro the portion nf public money winch mav be depusited in the town of Itiirliug'.nn nreeably to an act paed November 17, iiiveiiiurr i f, i m. u. 1U3G. S AMU i:l Niciioi.s, Wm. A (iHlsWol, II Lownv. Borliiiffton. D-c. 50. Ift.Ifi, COMMON lirilaina'I'. iiP Os Inr7.iels. til cts. cl 00 ;Jl 60 g2 00 each ul (he Varieiy Shop Dec! '27, PANnnnnN Si Bkin-msii). 100 Barrels Superfine Flour I"ur salf by II. IIYDB & CU. Dec 93. A AlKMUill i.' tiik LIFE OF DAN A I El JL WEUSTER. hv Samuel L. Knnpii. Fiir sale bv V. IIaiiui.'vgton. Tt-r. 'r, lf!3fl ASTORIA, or nmciloiui uf an enter prize bi yniid tin! reeky itmuiilains, tiv WbbIiiiii;Ioii Irving, III I wo vols. For sale by V II AimiNC-ros, INOTIL'E. THE Lessees and debtors oflho town of Burlmotuii will take notice that their rent oed mleresl. fallj due out lie first day el' January u xt- Punctual pay went is expected withnut further nonce. NATHAN li. IIAHWRM,, Tnwn Tretuurtr. Bit'liofinn Dec 20'h, lll.lft Cold Weather Articles, Al the Che'ip Ccnk Stnre BUFFALO ROBES. Fur Cans and Capes, MillciH, gloves. Moccasins. Over shoes, Sal in II. aver, for Bonnets. hawU. Sic. S00O lb'. Cuttiin hall inc. Also a new stuck of carpeling am) wiollen yarn. Broad Chillis, Cnssnneres ami Sat llnctts. all fur sale very cheap by S.' E. HOWARD. P. S. Wanted--A firnt rale English Inpiain Carpet Weaver. pec. 2J. The Fairy Book 1837 Illus- tinted wnii wood cuts by Adams. Fur sale by V. HarrlUL'tnn. THE cullcciinu of tales here submitted In the American public, has been taken, wit (i some slight alterations, from the 'Magnz'n des Fees,' or Fairy Tales of Pcrrault, Fenclon, nnd Mesdaine le Prince de Beaumont, and D'Aulnny, lately publish ed at Paris. In external appearance, llio original has been closely followed, although several new and beaut ilul design by Ciiai man have been introduced. All the cuts are beautifully executed, and nuthing seems wanting which it was thought would ren drr it more worthy of approbation. Knick rbocktr,Jor Dumbtr. the Life and Charae. JL ten nl .lames Madinn. Bv John Q, Adams. Fur sale bv V. IIamu.notun. Dec. 13. HOLMES' POEMS., just published ami for rale by V. Hahiu.ngtii.n, Dec 1:1. IMG. Truman Burritt's Estate. T" the llmi. the Prnbito Cuurl lor the District nl Chittenden, cmues ber llarmou Burnlt. Ailininislraluriiflhi' p-itaiu til' Truman Ilnrntt laic of lluics burgh, in said district, deceased, and rep resents that the personal cslaio of caul ceased will not lie 'i.llieipul to pay lb" debts therHof.iSt hereby makes application to said conit, for license to sell said cslate for that purpose. II hi mux Bur.niTT. Wilhslnn. l)ee. 19. in.lfi. STATU OF VERMONT, DllTlllCTUK ClIITTBMlBN. f". AT a pmbali! court huldcnnt Wllli4ton. in said ili-lrict no the lOih day nf Di? ceinber. A. I). IH3G. it h urriered thai an nccnuiit be Inkpii of the debts, and also the proceeds' of tin1 personal estate of said ipcened. nnd tint the heirs and all permits concerned in sa.d csinte bo nntinrd In op. pi-nr bl'ore eiid emu t mi the second Wednesday of J.innary next at. llio office of the Itenj-tpf nf ibis Court in lliirlinoton aforesaid, tn L'ivc bond for lb" pavmeni of debt, and show cause why the lieeneo n" aforesaid should not bo trranted, and thai such nnlieu be given inlililnui; llio above application inge'licr with this order three weeks successively as snini ns may he in the Frpc I'ress, a newspaper printed at Unil'ingi"!!. in fatd district. Given under my hand, the dav atitl year first above written. WM. WF.STOV. rtwr-Ve--. Alfred Day's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. The Dunnr Dl-T. F ClllTTKNDKN. SS. nllll! llli' pro bate Oeurt within nud for tho District of Chiltcnd'ii, In the creditor and others concerned in ilia eslnie nf ALFRED DAY, Into uf Burlington in said district, dccomeil. WHEREAS Win. B. Munnn. admin, isttninr uf said deceased, lii'll made applicniion to this court, to extend the lime limited for making payment of the debts ofsaol deceased, twelve months frnrn this date, and llin eleventh day of January next belli;; assigned for a hearing in the pretni-es. al the Office of the Register in tins limn in sum ijii 1 iiiii. I nil. UIIU o l-.avinj; been ordered nn.tee Ihereofbe I this court in said lluritnr'iun. and H "itrit, by publi-htii2 Ibis decree three weeks snecns'ively in thu Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burliugtun, before the lime fixed for hearing. Tiikhkfhiik, ynu ore hereby nntificd to appear before said conn, at the lime ami place aforesaid, then nnd litem in mak-' hji'Cliou, if any ynu have, in the said nine nf payment belli" further extended a aforesaid. Given under my hand nt Burlinrtnn, this JOth day of December. A. D IH3G. WM. WF.STOM Re-'r. I'o the lion, tin: Probate Coin for toe Cnonlynf Chittenden, cmnes Henry P, Hick"k nf Burlington, in said District, and shows to said court tlinl he i legal guardian uf .Mortimer Bnell. n male infant under the nge nf Iweuty nne years, and uf Maria A Buell, a female intnut under tho nge of eighteen years, bulb of ihe town nf Burlington aforesaid i Tint the sn id Mortimer and Maria A. am seized as tenants in enmtunn in their own right in fee of a certain parcel of land in said Burlingtnn cuiiiani'iig about sixty acres, lying upon the hike shore, at o place culled lie Red Ruck', and knnwnai lite Wooil Lot of Ozns Bnell, lale of said Biirlmgtnn. deceased; also, nfn cerium other parcel nf laud in said Biirlmglnn, Ulioo Ihe Interval, so called, containing ahnnl thirty ncres, and bounded bv binds nf John Potneroy. lands nfjiihn N, Pnm. erny. nnd the mail leadino across the In. e i val :alsu, nf n certain other parcel of land in said I'liriinglon. containing nbotii two nnd a half acre- nf laud boon led norlb and east liy lands nf Mines C.illtn. we.-t by lb" road lending frum the Squain In 'lie Falls, snulli bv tlo mad leading from said Inst input i'UiPil rnad bv Moses Culm's In Hie Wioonski Turniiike;--Aud ihnl nsaleufsaid llnee parcels of land is conducive to ihe best interests nf his said wariN Wherefore he prays said court tn grant bun license, ami empower bun to sell llic said lands. And yuur petitioner will ever pray. Ilcsnv P. HicKuK. Burlington, Nov M3G. STATE OF VERMONT, Disrmcr nr CniTTKnni'.s, n fCTIIEREAS application has been made TT to Ihu I'mbale U oirl lor tun Hist, nforesaid, by Henry P. Iltckok, Guardian ot Muri'mier Buell, a main infant, under Ihe nge nf twenty ono years, nnd Maria A. Buell, n female infant, nuiler llio nge uf eighteen years, for authority tu tell cer. taio lands therein named. Tlierefore it is ordered by said cmirt that tho said Henry P., guardian in nforesaul, give notice In nil persons ennco'ned in his said application. In appear at a Probate Court to be holden nl Burlington on l lie third Wednesday uf January, A. D. 11137. then and thuro In show cause, if any you have why said apiilicatioti should nut be granted, by publishing ihe substance of the subject matter of tho same m ihu Free Fress, a new. paper printed al Burlington in the Comity of'Cliltteudeu, two weeks in succession, the last publication to bo not less than two weeks previous lo said third Wednesday or January. Given under my baud nt Bnrlingiun, in ihe Di-triel of Chiileuden niorn-aul, this 2Ll day uf Depemher. A. D III3G. ' CHARLES RUSSELL Judg- Looking Glasses, Portrait & Picture frames &c. THE Subscriber has now ready lur sale ami will bo sotiflnnlly inanufacluriug a splendid assortment of LOOKING GLASSES, frum 25 cts. In gift, made by the best city workmen, and will bu sold at New York prices, at wholesale or retail. Poitrait and picluro frames, and all gold work in Ihe line, tmic on short r.ouco and in llio beet manner nl hi factory over the Hardware and Drug Store. Burlington, Decern. 7. I83S. T7i ULiOli Y on THR t'AINTKR'S AND COLOR MAN fcS complete C5UI DP. : beliif n practical mid Ireatc un the ptcparaliuu of Colors, ouil their application to tint diirretit kinds, ol Pniiilitig; in which is p.irlienliirly ileenbeil the whole art of llnn-i! P.i i it 1 1 1 1 : bv C K Tingry, I'rnfensiir of Chemistry, Natural llislory iiid ititneralogv, in i he, nf (tnn"va. For sale by ' V. HARRINGTON. D-p 11. tn.ifi. U.ilC Tin: llosiim Acndeuiv's col- lecllon nf ClIORUSIJSi belli'' n selection Irnin tho works of the most enii neni cninpusers, ns Handel, Haydn, Muznrt ll ellioven, nud others : tnoeiher with severtil new aid beautiful pu ch bv Gcr mail nullmrs, ndnpted tu llojll'li words expieshly tor this work. Tlni whole ar ranged with an nccomp'iniuient fur the I'inuo Forlo or Of "in. For sale bv Dec. IG. V. HARRINGTON. I'JtUSHNTS FOR i II It I sm AS AND NUW-YEAUS. nre, and shall cuuiimie In be, open IT iiij and arrnnjjinjf for sale, a preal variety of articles, such as nre ti-unliy called for nl this season nf the year. Thnse wishiii!! small articles lor children, or toon expensive noes fur ulhers. will perhaps find siniiei hinrr tillable at lite Varielv t-liup Our nssoilineiil is more complete than ever for December and January." Panouohn & Bni.NSMAiD. TlLATF.D SI'OONS, of an excellent L cunhiy. selected with care They eau be recommended, and will suit the purchaser. For sale al. Ihti Variety Simp. Dec IG. I'ANCii'in & IIhinsmaiii. Notice. WHEEREAS. toy wife L-uisn, has de. pirted her-elfiu such n manner as tu render it impracnblo fur me In have nny further connexion wtlh her. This is ihere. lore to forbid allper-ons harborini; or trust, in" her on my nccmiut as I hlniH iny nu debts of lur cniitractui"; n't 'r this dale. STEPHEN II. AUSTIN. Colcheter. Der 13. III3G. MOIIAIlt i- PILOT CLOTHS, a few pieeics various colouis for sale by tno ps. or pattern by LaTIIROF fi I'OTWIM. Nov. II. Brushes and Bellows. HIS day received fiom llic manufacturer a lull and complete assortineni oi i inui, tr , ., lf , r., .';"r' ' V'1 a,l? Vlo,h' 1 1 ? c' S' Flour. Fancy and plain counter Brushes, and Fancy and Plain Bellows; for sain Inw bv ROBERT MOODY. Nnv,7. I03G. Spanish Utter Caps, Capos &c 6 Cases superior Spanish and American Oltcr Caps. 3 Ho Seal and coniii. Hair Seal do. Russia Snutrrel, Juliette, Lynx and b'utd.: Capes ami .Mud's. Gent, and Ladies sup. Fur lined Gloves Sc. &c. by LATUROP i rOTWIN, Nov. II, 183G. Burden's patent Horse Shoes A Consignment of this article just re ceived. & nre particularly rccj'nmcn dpd to the public. J. Si .. II. PECKS,- Co. Agents Timothy Seed. 30 bushels for sale by UlCKOKSi CATLIX. .Vol) 3. 103G. Manilla Matts. Oi duz Manilla Mat ts ol nil sizes, jus f iw'KlVi'll llV T.U'M tlTRTlS ftl l-o. (Ipi.dler I I Newton's Panacea. r"pl!E celi hriiled iNewtnn s I'auacea. or X mi, in,,, nl' ilin hliiml. nil invnliiiible remedy, by J. Si. J. 11. PECK Sr CO. Oe. in Hardware anil Hollowwarc. rjllin snWribur has Jusl iccoivcd from JL Nevv York nod is now opening a large and i.eneral assortment uf llurd'varo ami Itnilowwnre which bu will di.po-e of on mod erate lerms fur cah or short credit, al tho IliinUiirc Stoic nu thecoruer of Church ht. and thu square. P.OIIF.RT MOODY, nurlinsjlnn. Nov. 7. f!:lG. BY 115 WATEK. Dr. .'Jiomt' Celtbnil'.d Eye Water. Warranted an effectual cure fur tore, weak, and uidamcd eyes. PIIICK ii.J CENTS TKH VIAL. rffIIlS celebrated anielu was invented by JL one nf the most di-liogiiislu d physicians nflhc age, and during an exli nsivo practice uf :i0 years, he iuvanably resulted to il in all eases of sore, wunk and inflamed eyes, Ihu! eamu under his notice, and so great a celeb r i lv did ho acquire theieby, lliul llie cainolo hii'u froni all parts, and in no Instance was il ever known lo full in prndocing the desired effect. A short lime only has elapsed since ihu arlielu wus first ii trndoccd lo public no. lice, and durinr lint period, upwards of; TIIUI'.i: TIIIMISA.'VU DOITI.KSa have been disposed uf, and llic demand for it ii. rapidly increiuiiiir. Sosuro nud speedy is Ihu ell'uct produced nv lliis arlieln. tital one suiglu vial has completely cured au iutlauicd cyu, though varinus remedies had for a long llioo previous been resorted In, but in vain. Ample directions nceonipau llin artieln, asy well as letters of recommendation finiu the imisl respceiublu physicians in the country Willi a view lo insure ils u-efulncss in a more exlcnstvc way, Ihu proprietor has appointed lliu following persons wholcsalu Ageuls for the sale of it, wlieru llio public may rest assur ed of procuring lliegisuuine arliu'c. JOSKl'll FISH I li. proprieior, Tilt Sc Builonivood, JOHN R. ROWAN!).? 10. Market k. D A. !IOSKINS,37G Market sireels, I'll Udvlpbia. DR. W. L. ALTEC, Luucuslcr. J. k J. 11.1'ECK k CO., Builmgton, Vt. As will of nil druggists and storekeepers throughout the Stale. Orders thankfully received and punctually attended tu loi cyu water or rirugs, Philadelphia. June 2II, IH36. II. THE subscriber has this day recicved nud is ifuw opening his lull stuck ol medicines, paints, and nyc wuods, which were selected with great earc, and will be sold on as good terms as any in the market ROBKRT MOODY. To all whom this may concern. e n i THFi subscriber wuind respeeilnlly m I'uriti the inhabitants of Kurlinolnti and its vicinity that he lias npeued n shoi on Colleoe Kirect, in the room under tin Free Press OHiee. wlieru no intciius man ul'aclurinir portnhle. full shafter, luleys. side, nnd p'ntn SADDLES: plated. Cill. jappaned. and put led IIAKNF.SSKS. ol various descriptions : hard leather, nulla lion, bellows lop. nnd common TRUNKS . c.MtPirr iiagsportmanti:au.S; IMI II its-Valises, nud such other nrtt cles ns usual in his line of business. Cur Wrje Trimming execu'ed in the Hemes! manner, nud Jiiililnrij Equipments of nil descriptions inniufiictiireil In order. Nu pains or e.vpcnc will he spired in the selection niVooil slock, ur in lite niaiiul'ac lurinrrnf the nrlicles Any persons wish ins any uf ih above nrlicles will pleasn tn avail himself uf llin fnvninble npuortunlly as I shall sell mi reasonable tpruw. The siib-cnber hopes, by iiidnslry nnd puncltial atlention to business in innrit a sharo nf public pntrottage. Ail order prutnptly attended in. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. nurlinzton, Dec. 10, 11130. rrWanied, a JOURNEYMAN at the ahovp biisinpH. J) U XT I ST. R SPOONER laviti'.i'c'urncdto But' Inieloii will be happy tu serve his for. liter friends & patrons in his professional capacity. Ho is well prepared In do the ntuiotthat his profession can do In pre seivc III" natural teetii, wlteii Ihev can be preserved, & In replace them nrlificially, when lost. Those who do ire lus fit. vices shniihl call early, as he will be ab'c to stun a short lime uulv. in Burliiiotnu. He will be found ut hi former quarters No. 2 Parlor. Thomas' Hotel. Dec. 15, HI3G. NOTlCti. A Meeting nt' the stockholder n" the J Pleasure Boat LAUY VAN NESS, will bo hnlden al the Chamnlaiu llolel, un Tuesday evening next, al 7 o'clock. Dec. .4. U. 1'. ALiil'iiN. Sec. PKOV1SION BARRELS, fel HE Provision Barrolj, 0f n good v v quality, lor sale at the Hurling, ton Brewery. Enquire of Uec. 12, 1H3G. II. I. 1'L.ACK. Bran, Shorts & Flour. 500 Sacks BRAN, 500 do Shorts, 500 bbls. Fine Floor. 5000 " Sopor fine Flour. 500 ' U Canada Fine Flour, For sale by IIICKOK & CATLIN. Champlain Transportation Co THE stock holders nil he Champlain Transpona tinn Comp'y ore hereby thai tho annual meelieg ufsatd Company will be hnlden ul Howard's llolel, in Borhugluu, un I burs day thu 5lh day of January next, nt one o'clock P. M. for the po'pnsc.f ch'nng directors for the year rustling. Bv order. !' DOOM P I LE, Clerk. BurlinsHnn. I5A Dec. III3G. DR. O. U. SAXTOX. SURGEON DENTIST, f S nt home, and will utieml al his nflict 1. Vp-t sole Coiirl-IIou-e Sr)oare, in all si'tisouable hours, friiiu llits turn! forlli, as widl uo'i or ah'iitl Ihe Glh Dciemher.,' ns lliereafier ; until further mil ice. where ho is prepared !o initoofnclo'o ami insert aittlicial Jllinerttl ir Ptincltiin Tteth Irotu a single loiuh to whole sells, correspon ding in color and form In the natural teeth, Willi skill am) woikinan.liip nut surpassed by any Douli-t in the Untied States, and In perfnrin all other opeiniiuus in the hue of Surgeon Dentistry, and will be happy to u oil upon nnd give p'ol'es-miial advice lo any lathes ami gentlemen who may be pleased lo lavor Into with llieir palrnnage. Dr. S. has periut-sioti tn refer to a iiumbei of ca.-es where he has lately im-Mcil sov era I entire setts nf thc-i! haiinliil and do r.ilile teeth which will shnw for Ihoiu-uivos. ITDr. S. also manufactures and has for -alo ut Ins nflieo. Teclh, Toulh.paste. Vsn's. Lot loos, S:c Burlinylon. Dec inber 2, III30. Just received at the Shoe Store in Church si. 50 pair mens India Rubber over sluies, 50 do. Ladies fur lined wuier pmnf bonis and shoes no. I a good assort nienl of gem lemons boots, shoes nud I'Uinp-; Ladles. Misses and chtldreits shues. I, allies Mncca-ins &c. up hand; I lurk bunts lor men and boys, and all articles not on hand, tnadcun ehurl ituiico. D. S. RUSSELL. Nov. 20. mac. g LOVELY & ABBOTT Arc now opcningn few Cases of New York. Silk ami Fur llal, Good and cheap Ladies and Misses Saltin Ron ver Bonnets, Six Boxes ul Feathers, Silver am! niher Flowers. ' Dec. 2. Muscatel Grapes. A few baskets hy LATIIROP 6; POTWIN. Dec. 2. Box Raisins, 55 Boxes Fresh Malaga and bunch Raisin Fur tale by LATUROP Sc POTOIN. Tyi?j&uJ&&-i. nolified Sale of Paintings. WILL be soldnlN. II. Ilaswtli sanction room, on Tiior.iv next, at 2 o'clock I' M-Ifnol priviiiusly dispnsed oralprivalo Id. a cholre enlluclion of historical and olhci Oil. PAINTINGS, by n native Amriican. recently ict'iined fitiin Italy, 'l'hey will be open lor exhibition nu Mnuilny. Tho public iru respcutrully invited to call ami examine ihcin. Die IG. til.'iO. Bank of JJurlington. NO I ICE is hereby rncu to the Ktnck hulik-rs of the of Burltnnton, i tint their annual mectin.r for tho uleclioti of Dircciurs for the en.-itin year, will be holden at llictr JJaiiking house, on the third I upsday or Januuty. Ili37, al J o clock I'. AL By order of Hip Dtretors. R. G. COLE, CWuer. Dee. 15, lf!3G. Walton's Vermont Register &- Fiirincrs Almanack for sale by V. II.WUIt.VGTO.N. Co'lene St. Dec. 1j. I03G. NEW GOODS. JVOI'. 3. l!J.iG. OWING to the increaso of bushioss, the subscribers have been induced In bring on a verv hirinand splendid -loek, nl' Kash- tnnabla FALL ASI) IVlS'lEll GOODS consisting nl' liroadidolhs of all colors nod shades plaid and plain Cii"imcrs and Sat- linells Vcstings I'llut Clot lis Petershams. t). 10 .til .4 Rose Blanket given and white llur-u Blankets. Carpeting. Lairp Mats, etc. ele. WORSTRD STUFFS. Thibet Cloths, German, French, r.nglMi. plain and fig d Merinos. Circasriaus. llomtia zelts, onnt-hair iiud cnininou Camlets, black lirowu and nlivo French llonibntincs ; brown ludepcudaiils, a new artiilo: black, red and while Merino Shawls ; Thibet Shawls and HandkcichicH i incnnn am! worsted Ifusc. SILK GOODS Black and blue gins do Svvts, grm do Nap iiros dn llhioe, poLll du am, l.iMrmg. Ilul in. and sinchaw ikr, black satin l.evaiilius hint k and grey nlk camlets . I'nn ;ce. every variety nl lilaelt anil eolrireil silk anil I auliv Velvet". Indies' ami ''enlleiiicn's cravats, silk Gloves and lleso, black C'hally fr Dresses black whiln and cnloied ehally .Shauls and Handkerchiefs, siintlcd l.acc, lilncli laco Veils, hliuk. white noil rrrcen blond Veil blond I'.dginirs and Footings, aln a great variety nf figured, plaid and plain SaUiu, luslrinL' arid jau7.n lliblinns, i:in. CltOCKI. ItV AND CLASS. An extensive usnirlineiit nl' China, Crockery and Glass Wort Looking Classes, etc. etc. DRV CltOCUItlKS. Loaf, lump and bruvvn Sugars, Molasses, Imperial, Old and Young Hyson, Hysonskin, lllaul; ami llolica Teas ; Uux anil Ire? raisins ; bariel-. half and quarter barrels Madiercl; Codfish : ground Pepper and Spice, Ginger. Nutmegs, cloves, cassia : plug and paper Tobacco, etc. ele. LOVELY S( ABBOTT. Vcrv Cheap at Howards Cheap Cash Store. CARrEI INUS, An invoice ot com iiion and very superior Carpetings, with the Goods just received on consign incut from lite Manufacturer, and fur stile at Ihe eninmissiun price by llio yard, .Car pet nr Bale, which makes the article cheap er than il could otherwise bo sold. Abo, Paper Hangings, in tho same way. Farwells make, Gaitor BOOTS aiid SHOES, willi an a'sorttucut ot India Rubber do. Biifialu Robes, Fur Caps, Capes and Pelerines. He has also for sale a new and splendid assortment of rich figured and plain, black ami colored silks for dresses. Saiiii Beaver, by the yard, for Bonnets; Capes and Mulls. One case assorted Lnce and Muslin Col lars, Capes, Veils and Aprons. A rich nssoiliui'iit uf military Goods. A lull as snrlment nl'eveiy description of articles for dresses and Clunks; An enlarged asorl incut of Bruud Clolhs, Cassitners, Satti. netls Sic. A beautiful assnrtuiPiit of Rich Glass Chin.l and Cimlccry wares, Willi Lnukiug Glu-se,.. Sic. Sir. A full stuck mipcrn r Family GROCERIES. As u-iiul. Cotniinui. Good, and snme boautiful splendid anil Brilliant, all for sale ut tho Quick anil Clioan Cash Store nf .S EARL HOWARD. December 1. I!)3G. JUST received nnd fur sale by the inn senbers u lew first quality BofTilo Robe, O'ter and Seal Skin bap-'. Astri- eau l.amu. heal bum and Nutcr Furs fur Coal collars. LOVELY St ABBOTT. December 2 10 pieces new and elegant pat- lerns ol Figured Plain nud Sailin Sinpid Shallvs. just received by LATIIROP Sf POT WIN. NOTICE undersigned are now receiving r Hi Ill's iiiulersigneil are JL their winter supply uf guuds colitis ling nfn large assortment of Dry Goods, Wet and Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass, and Hardware, Sugor, Molasses. Snirits, &c. by the Illtd. ami inn. kind-of Dry Goods by l he origin il tuickage ur parcel, lo suit purchasers, I In: targe portion nl nor stock wa hough; at l lie prosaut very Inw puces, which will enable us lu scl1 as cheap a- the cheapest. Wo lo mil deem li ueces-ary tn enumerate articles, but ran a-snro the public that our -luck is well selected "iiibiuctui; nearly every article called for in this section nnd will b sold, for cash or approved credo, tit a small advance. Grateful for past favors, wo respectfully invite the pub'iu in exuin inn our stock and compare prices. (CPSleru opieisiie Ihu Vermont lintel iiid Pearl si. House, at Ihu lower end of Pcail olrccl. S. WALKER Si d. Japanese Lotion, rpO retnuvo freckles, pimples, nnd all eruptions uf thu skin, and for Ihe cure f chapped hands, faces, Sic. fur snlu at the Variety Snop. Oct. 26. Pangdukk Si Brinimaip. The subscribers are again re ceiving n larjje addition tu their stock of Crockery and (lu-s Ware. Cut plain screw inp and preen Lamp, Astral (ilnbo nnd Hall " Cut and plain Champaign, Whip, L-.W. inn: uiiu jijny iiasses, Dmiiiic -etts cninnlele. from 1 1 ft in 9nn n. Sup While. Gobi Band nnd Printed CIi'iiir I o.i a "p. Mini almost every article in the line, whic.nvill be sold ns usual, on tin: best lei mu LEXUliL CURTIS k Co. IWjjnglnn Nny. Qfi. WHIG. - WOO gnlS. Fall and Winter Sperm 0,1, by T F TV L STRONG. 1N0V, 24. Teas, itice, &c. 75 chests Hyson, Young Hy son, hyson ikin. I'ouchong, iSouchon, and bobea Tpa. Ten Tierces rice. 30 bags cottec. 20 kegs and boxes plug noil eaveodish tobacco. Ten boxes pipes. 'I co kegs ginger, saleratus, peiiner. since, nnlincirs. ,Aipi. cas.ia bud,uh. by TF&W L STRONG. Mnv. '24. Ironmoncrv. POT ASH K.Mile- Bark ftills. pjnughi. mill cranks, anvils, vices, spade, shuvels. cart and wacgou boxes. Iron and steel nf all kinds, nmis, mv,, platoi) and cast iron sleigh shoes, hollow ware, stuves, orass, nettles &c. liy Nov. 25. T F Si W L STRONG. Iron and Steel. , ff TONS a-soried I'.ngli-li waggon and 1 cart lire; Swedes and Russia, old -able tron.cast, CJerinao, Spring, American Engli-h blislerr d sleel. sleigh and cutler shues, lump iron, baud du. round Si square du. nil sizes; brazii'is rod--, horse tiall rods, Sic. on as luvuriibb' terms as tn be found in the state. T F Si V L STRONG. Ni v. '.'4. Wanted. A FIRST rate SrtnEuTVPE FouNbcn JL mu! who is ncrpiainied with I lie busi ness will find constant eniploymeht, and meet with good encooragenieiit by apply tug s-oon In vkiimo II.Anr.iNGTO.i. Burhnglou. Nov. 24. IU3G NOTICE is hereby given lu the stock" holders nf the Fanners and Mechan ics Bunk, that a meeting will be holden un bu sec. od Tuesday of January 1037, at their Banking House at 2 o'clock P. M. to make choice of seven Directors of said Bank fur the ensuing year, by older of the Board. JOHN PECK, Prei'J. Burlington. Dec. 5 IT.36. Pit OB ATE COURTS NOTICE is hereby given lliat the Pro. bate Courts within and for the Dis trict uf Chittenden, will, until further no ttco is given, bo hulden on the second Wednesday nf every innnih at Win. Wea inn's office- (in the Court House) in Burling ton, and on tho third Monday of pter? mouth at Juhn A. W illey's hotel in Willis ion, al ten o'clock in i tie fureiiuun! cotti. menciog at Burlington, on the second Wednesday of December, ins'.. The Probate office will bo kept at said Wtstnns office, in said Burlington. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Wm. WEkTO.N. Regiiler. December I, l36. Philo Doolittle. fiers for sale 500 bushels Lisbon Salt, "j .Sac lis Liverpool ground do. 100 bairels Western fine do', 100 " fresh ground Nova Scotia plulir 100 " " " Western dn. "j Boxes fresh Malaga It aisitis, tngcther wilh a general asscrtinlnt ol Dry (iiiods, Groceries, Crockery etc etc which will bo sold at the very lowest priciM for caih November 21. 111.10, Lemuel Curtis & Co." A RE now r.ceiving llieir Fall and Wiri l. ter purclm-e ol Goods, which with their former stock, comprises by far the largest nnd must desirable assortment they have ever had the pleasure uT (ifi'erinjj to Ihe pubbc ; comprising Jmi! C) th.-i blue, black, Violet mixed drp'i, b own, and every fashionable and da so 'io e shade. Dotiblo mid sitigln mi J Catbimcrcf. pluid. striped and buck. skins. .Mohair. Pilot anil Linn skin over coal chillis. 5 circs French, German and En glish Merinos, Alapmcs, Reslite checks lig'd Merinnes. S cases Engli-h Chillis and Ruby prims. Gilo, domestic plate and f'iriiiliiru do. Four hundred ps, colored Cambric-', from 9 1-2 to IS 12 cts. S ball's d ami G -I lickings, (o!o"udPonlt de Smc. Grn do IS'apIca and Gro de Rhine Silk-; Super Italian Gro de Siviss and Malteuu Silks Ten piece super fig'd Saints. l)nnak Tlubul, raw silk, ("bally and Thibet wool bilk's, i, 6, iS. and I'' -li lis white scarlet iiud black tns. nun shawls. Folly dozen frum 4 in 10-4 Prussian and wuisted do. Blankets of evjry description. Mackinaw, mso and common dn. 4 to G 4 Flannels; white and colorM Roia sin el togs, towelling, diapers, damask lable covers, 4 lu I- 4lhs, Sic. Burliiiglun Nov. 35. l!l:!0. Groceries. rp F. Si W. L STRONG have re JL ceiveil their Full sloi k (if groc tr which is heavy ami cninpb le. and hnv, g ln'i'li i t n diiced rates, will sold al lnwer price.-than have been otfertd recently in this market. Nov.' '.' FllUIT. 100 hoxes hunch Haisins, 5 do. ..onions, by Noo. ii. T F S; W I. STRONG. 10 Cases Ginger I'reserved, Ibis day lecened and lor ialo by LATIIROP St POTWIN. Nov. 25. 25 pie'eies Figured 3IerinoS for sale cheap by LATIIROP Se POTfflM, Nov. CA.

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