Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 6, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 6, 1837 Page 2
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1 An net, In addition 10 nn net cnihlcd, "an nci di-1 liorcQl'lor, lo nuilit the accounts: of the bank ' .1... ..rl,.. l..... f !., .! u in nra f I ll.l utnlli nf Vpr rtllllll . mill mid .Vicu President of ilie United .Slnics IT u hereby enacted, ns lollnws : The Clerk oft'ho House of Itepresentalivos is hereby required anil directed to provide a box for receiving t ho ballots of the vo ters for tho elector of President nnd Vice President of the United Stales, hereinafter specified, at the court houso in Montpclior, on t ho second Tuesday ol'Novctnbcr in the year one thousand eight hundred nnd thirty six, and shall open the same to receive the said ballots at niic o'clock in tho pficrnnon of said day, and close tho samo at three o'clock afternoon. Sec. 2. Tho said clerk stiall at the time and place aforesaid, receive the bal lots of the governor, lieutenant governor, lecrotaty of civil and military affairs, slate treasurer, secretary or Male, auditor of ac counts against thu state, librarian, repor tore of the two houses, and of tho membors of the General Assembly, and of the sever al officers of the two houses, who aro legal votors for doctors of President and Vice President of tho United Slates, and shall take a list of the voters who sjiall give in their ballots; and at the expiration of the time of ballotting as aforesaid, shall sort end count the ballots so received, and make a certificate thereof, certifying tho number of votes given for each candidate, a record uf which he shall cause to bo made in the office of the secretnry of stale, which cer tificate, signed and sealed up by the said clerk, he shall deliver to the county clerk for the county of Washington, within two days alter tho said second Tuesday of No vcmber in the vear one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six; and tho several county clerks shall receive sort and count the votes so taken and certified as oforc aaid, in the same manner provided by the act to which this is an addition. Sec 3, The provisions of tho act to which this is an addition, shall, in all re epects, bp 60 far observed as aro r.ot incon elitrnl with tlio provisions of this act. Provided aio, That thi.s oct shall be in forco from the passing aft he same. Approved, Nov. 5. 103G. drnw ordois nn thu treasurer ol this slate for such sum or sums as ho shall find justly due; which sum or sums thu treasurer is hereby directed to pay out of tho Hank Safely Fund. Sec. 2. That this bill shall take effect immediately after it shall have received the signature of tho Governor. Approved, Nov. 3. 1 H3G. An Act, iiu llicJtini therein mentioned fur m.ikitig cci lain sntiejs. IT is hereby enaclcd, That tboro bo. and hereby Is, appropriated a sum, not exceeding three thousand dollars, for the purpose of making n preliminary survey or tho route from the south lo the north line of tho slate, through tho valleys of the Connecticut nnd Passiitnpsie rivers, with reference to the construction of a rail road thereon. Sec. 2. That thero bo, and hereby is, con stitutcd a board of commissioners, consis ting of two person;', to bo appointed by the Governor of the Mate, whoso duty it shall bo to employ n competent engineer or en gineers for" making the oforcsaid survey, and to superintend tho expenditure of the money herein before appropriated, Si:o. 3, That tho treasurer of this state be, and he is hereby, directed to pay to the aforesaid commissioners, out of any fund- in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, such sums as they shall from time to timo order, not pxcccdiing in the oggregratc the sum herein before named. Provided nevertheless, ant! it is hereby further enacted. That no part of the Mini designated shall bu expended fur such survey, until satisfactory pledges shall have been given to the commissioners of such route, that any further sum which may bo found necessary for completing said survey shall boolhorwi-c raised, and raced at I he disposal ofsaid commissioner?. Approved, November 17. I JlflO. An Act, in addition lo nn :ict dividing the State into Distiicts for the cloning nl I!qireeiii:itiws to ilie Congress of t lie Uiiin-d -Stale, nnd din-cling llienmde of llicii- election, i;ij;cd Novciu lier 8,1832. 'TlT 16 hereby enacted, That the secroto Ja ry of the Senate is hereby required and directed to provide a box for receiving the ballots of tho voters for tho Represen tative to Congress in the third Congrcs nional district, hereinafter specified, at the court house in Montpelier, on the becond Tuesday of November in tho year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and tliir ty six, and shall open the same to receive the said ballots at one of the clock in the afternoon ofsaid day and close the samo at three of the clock in the afternoon. Sec. 2. That the said eccrctaiy shall at the time and place aforesaid receive the ballots of tho auditor of accounts, members of the Senate and Ilouso of Rrptcfenta tires who are local voters in the third Con. gretsional district, end such of the secre taries and othcers of both houses as arc ic sal voters as aforesaid, and shall take a list of the voters who shall nive in their bar lots, and el tho expiration of the time for ballotting as aforesaid, ehall sort and count 1 lie ballots so received, anu mane a oerun cate thereof, certifying the number of votes given for each candidate, a record of which he shall cause to bo made in the secretary of state's office, which certificate, signed end seoled up by the said secretary of the Senate, he shall deliver to the county cierK for the county of Oranne, within four days after the 6atd second Tuesday ot ISovcm ber, in tho year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, and tho said county clerk 6hall receive, sort and count the votes so taken nnd certified as afore said, in the samo manner provided by the act to which this is in addition. Sec. 3. That tho provisions of tho act to which this is in addition shall in all re spects be so far observed, as arc not incon sistcnt with the provisions of this act. Provided also, That this act shall be in force from and ofter tho passing of the samo. Approved, November 7, 183G. lished, in on) two papers published at Mont pclior, in lieu thereof. Sec. 2. Thu all former laws relating to the advortisnienl9 and notices of land taxes be, and tie samo are, hereby repeal, cd. Provided, Tho. this act shall tako effect from its passage. Approved, November 17. Ifl30. An Act, authorizing the. Trc.i.uicr to bonow the mm llioielii mentioned, ypl is hereby enacted, That tho trens v uror of this stain be, oud ho is hereby, authorized In borrow a sum not exceeding forty thutisand dollars initio whole, for Iho purpose of defraying tho expenses of gov ernment, and appropriations that are, and heareafter may bo, made. Approved, November ir, m:t(5. An Act, FROM WASHINGTON. Munijav, Due. 10. Congress, In tho Senate, the creden tials ol Juntos Buchanan, re-elected Sen ator from Pennsylvania, wore- presented. Mr. Clay introduced Ins laud bill, lo take effect from tho last day of 1830 nnd con tinue till tho last day of IG4I. On motion of Mr Ilugglps, n committee was raided lo consider what measure arc tnado neces sary by I ho burning of tho patent office, &c. nnd the Vice President appointed M'S-,rs. Itnggles, Prcnti-s. Strange, Purler and IJiyard the committee. Mr. Benton hold forth several hours against Mr. Hiving', resolution to rescind tho Treasury ordi'r. In the House, lint discussion ol Mr. Adams' motion to refer the coal memorial was re. ncwed -thu motion negatived 121 to 03. iand tho memorial referred to the commit- 1 "'J'.'1 111 101,3 fur the eupport of lco 0f Ways and Mean STis hereby onacted, That a sum not cxc3cding forty-five thousand dollars bf, and the some is, hereby appropriated for the purpose of paying f,Q debentures of the Lieutenant Governor, tho Senate, and the contingent expenses thereof, and for Iho debentures of tho House of Hep rcscnlntives nnd tho contingent expenses thereof, including the dtbenturo of the accounts, and such salaries ts aro provided by low, and such stuns as nie directed by sproal ads of tho Legislature to bo paid from the treasury. Sec. 2. That n sum not exceeding thirty t tiiiiit-und dollars ho, and Iho ratuc is, here by appropriated for the purpo-c a'" paying such demands against the state ai may hi' allowed by the auditor of accoints, and such orders as may bo dfown by tho tu premn ontl county courts. Approved, November 15. IfllO. An Act, pioyiding fur pi luting tlte juitiiulj uf i lie Semite, TjVP is hereby enacted, as follows: The A Secretary of the Senate shall cause the journal of tho present session lo be printed- :kc. 2, The copie9 thereof shall ho dis tributed in tho same manner ns is provided for distributing the oiimals of tho House of Ri'presenatives, with the addition of one copy to tha president and each member of tho Senate, who shall also he cnttilrd to a copy of the journal of tho Ilouso of Representatives. Sec. 3, After the present session the contract for printing the journals of the Senate and House of Representatives, shall be made by the clerk of ihe House of Rep resentatives, in the manner prescribed in tho net entitled "an act in addition lo nn act providing for the state printing " pnss ed November tho tenth, in the year one thonnsand eight hundred and twenty-seven, and the secretary of tho senate shall fur nish the journal of the senate for publica tion annually, orrroooLly lu "- cumruuv Approved. November 1 , 1C3C. An Act. relating In ilie duties i f fj.tnk Conmiittee or l!;uik ln?iiei'ior. T is hereby enacted, That Ihe duties jL and services of Bank Committee shall bo confined and limited to such buika only as arc not, by their charters, subject to the visitation and examination of Ihe board of Bank Commissioners, appointed under the provision of the safety fund act; any law or custom to the contrary not withstanding. Approved, Nov. 17, 183C. in Act, nssefiing a tux for ilie ntpioriof (jovci it-incnt. YjT is hereby enacted, That there be. v and hereby is, ossesed a tax of three cent on Iho do far on the list of Iho pull and rateable estate of tho inhabitants of this slate, for the year one thousand eight hundred nntl lhirly-s ix ; to In! paid iiiln the Irraitiry of I Ins state bv the first dav of June next, in money, cert ificitcs or note's is-ueU tiy the trrauror ol Hits stale, order drawn by the auditor of accounts, or or ders drawn by or tinder the direction ol die supreme or county courts. Approved, November t:, lf!3G. men who wore enlisted in his toniisii .Alexander roiiTcn nas rtvgnM n scheme. Several oilier persons had been tri . Senator of tho United Mmim fmi rctnni tide), An Act, autlioii7in? lln Gnveiror lo d'uliibute pieces of Oidiuni-e, YPT is hereby enacted, That tho Cover nor of this stale be, and he hereby t-. nulh rized to procure the mounting, and lo make such distribution of the pieces ol ordnance belonging to this elate, as ho may from timn lo time think expedient. Provided, Thai no regiment shall re ceive more than one fiyld picee, Approved, November 17, 1!I30. An Art, in addition lo nn net entitled "an act icln I ina to liiu nppoininiPiit, nnd dime of liuptctois ol Hup), in mill lur me at.itc m vcriuoni. IT is hereby enacted, Thai one inspect or of hops bo annually appointed, in and for each county in this state, within each town, when the county convention of such county may deem it necessary. Sf.c. 2. That this act shall tako effect from the passage thereof. Apnproved. Nov. 10, 1330. An Act iinilmiiziiin tin- Snuejoi in nn--iev nnd Si-iiIh ihe line lictnctii the Counties of nnd Dcnniiijloii. IT is hereby enacted, Thnt tho Survey or General ol this stale is Uofrbv an lkori7.ed and required to survey and psiru lish ihe coun'y line between tho counties of Bennington and Windham in this stote. anil malio return thereof to the clerk of the county court of tho county of Ben 1111121011, logemcr witn a Dill ot ins exnen- pcs and services in surveying iho county lino as omrosaiu, willnn one year from the passing of this act: which said expenses shall bo paid out of the treasury of the county of Bennington, and the other half out of the treasury of thu county of Wind bam. Approved. Nnvpmbpr 17. 183(5. An Ar.l. directing tho mode of tlcrting Senators lo rr present this Slate in tlio Congrcis of the Uni taJ Stater. IT is hereby enacted That the Senator? to represent this Mate in the Congress of tho United States, shall bo elected in the following manner : The Senate and House of Representatives, in their respective houses, at a time mutually agreed upon for that purpose, shall each ballot for the number of senators to bo elected! and the nimo or names of tho person or penons, so balloted for, who shall have a majority ol tha whole nnmber of votes in each house taapcctively, shall bo entered upon the jour. Dal of each home by the clerk or secretary thereof. Immediately after which both houses shall conveno in joint assembly, ond thu inumal of each house shall bo read by tho clerk or secretary thereof ; and if the eamo person or persons shall have received a majority of all the voles in each house, such parson or persons shall bo declared duly cloctod a senator or senators, to rep resent this slate in the Congress of the United States: but if the samo poison or oersons. shall not have received a majority nf all tho votes in each house, tho joint assembly" shall then proceed, by ballot, to elect a person or persons for the purpose rnrnsnid: and tho ncrsoti or persons hav ing a majority of all tho votes ofsaid joint assembly, shall be declared duly elected as aforesaid. Sec. 2. That it shall bo tho duty of Ihe Governor, or, in his absence, tho Liculon nt Governor, lo certify under tho seal of !h Btato,to tho President of tho Senate of tho United Slates tho person or persons so elected, to have been elected ogreeably to law, which certificate shall be counter kinned bv tho Secretary of State. Sec. J. That an ocl entitled "an act direclin" Iho mode of electing senators to leprcBont this State in tho Congress of the United States," passed November fourth, ono thousand seven hundred and ninety acvon, bo and thesamo is, hereby repealed. Provided, That this act tako cflect im mediately alter tho passing of tho samo. Approved, October HI. 1036. An Act to loc.ile the Comity Imildin.s in tlio Coun ty ofl-'iaiiklin. IT is hereby enacted, That Charles Lins. Icy. Daniel Kellogg and Lyman Pitch bo. and hereby are, appointed a committee, whoso duly it shall no to visu mo county oi Franklin, nnd make examination for the purpose of ascertaining tho proper place for tho permanent shire of said county, nnd make report to the next session ol tho Leg. islaturc, giving their opinion wneru inc hire, or place, for tho county utiiltlings in said county ought to bo fixed, taking into consideration the accommadalion of the several towns in said county anil the claims of tho present location of said county buil dings. Sec 2. That tno cxponso m saiu com mittee shall bo defrayed by a tax upon said countv of'Frouklin. pproved. Nov. 17, 1830. An Act, annexing part of lh town of llilignlo lo till- MA' II of ri V ill! 1011. TTT is hereby enacted, That so much of J. iho westerly part of the town of High nalc in ihe county of Franklin, as lies west erly of tho Mtssiqtio river, bulow Swautnn Fall, ho. and Iho samo is. hereby annexed lo the town of Swanton in said county, for all niirnoscs. tho some as though said tract of land had been enclosed in tho original chartered limits ofi-aul town ofbvviintou. Provided nevertheless, Thnt tin net shall not extend to deprive tho town of Highuate from collecting, ami appropriating to their own use otic-half of Iho renin nriing from j-chuol lauds in that part of said town, m the same mannur as though this act hail not been passed. Approved. Nov. 3. 1830. An Act relating to CoiuuiiMiuiiers. T ii hereby enacted, That It shall be L tha duly of the auditor of accounts, An Act, in addition to, and nliei.ilinil of nil iit-l p.n,ed Nov. -i, 1883, (-milled ".in net iepe.ilin' nn net lln'i rin ninl loned nnd piovidin;' I'm- nil-t-ili-Piiipnls ii-l.iiinj in l.ind l.ixes nnd nolicej," nnd iOii:.iliiij nil furiiHT li lel.ilin llii-iclo. IT i hereby unacted, That all advertise incnt1 and notices by law now required to bo publi-lu'd, inlalinir to land luxes, which by said act, passed November luitrlh, ono thousand eight hundred nnd Ihirty-fivp, aro directed lo hepublifhud in the Vermont Patriot and Stale Gaaolto, printed nl Mont-1 puller, or any olher paper ptihli-hed in I hi" i-iolc, shall hereafter bo published in said Patriot, and also in tho Vuriimut Watch man and Gozetto printed nt Monipnlier . or in cn-ii) cither of said papers should ceas-.-' lo be published, such notices or advert i-e-inentsbhall ho published in any othor pa per printed at stud Montpolior ami in case bo tli said papers should cca&c to bo pub- RESOLUTIONS. Resolved by the General Assembly of the Stale of Vermont, That neither Congress nor the State Governments have any con stitutional right to abridge the free expres sion of opinions, or Iho transmission of them through the public mail. Iiesolvcd, That Congress do possess the power to abolifh slavery and tlio slave trade in the Di-trict of Columbin. Resolved, That his Excellency ihe Governor bo requested to transmit copier of tho foregoing resolutions to the Exccit oivc3 of each of tho elates, and each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress. 1-n....r.l.r.. If! ,0"C Rctolvcd. tho Ilouso of Renrrscr.talivcs enncurrin? horein. That William Henry, of KocKingiiam. Alien vvaruncr, ol Wiu&or. and Chester Baxter, rifSlianioii, be and thev hereby arc, appointed acominitleo lo malio a full investigation of ull tho concerns of Iho Vcimonl slalo prison, insludhiff tlio debts duo to and owing by said prison, .tha ac counts, properly and police of said prison, with all oilier manors ana things connected with said prison, with power in said cntntnil loo lo kend for porsnns and papers, and tnako a patliculai- report on all the subjects by them investigated, to tho Govonror of this stale, And said committee aro also directed to order tlio sale of such portion of iho prop erly ofsaid prison as they shall deem most fur tho interest of the siato, at such timo and in such manner as thoy may direct. Reiolccd, tho Ilouso of Rnprccntativps concurring heroin, That hi- 1,'veolloncy the Governor be requested to solicit ol'tho L'jccp.ii tivo authorises of tho Riatns, an ex change ol reports of the judical docUions of thuir respective slatCH for ilnno of this stnto, and that tha Governor of this -lalo is hereby authorized to make such exubango. Rtsolttd, tho Ilouso of Representative concurring herein, That tho t-easuror of the dale Iin, and ho hereby is, aulhorizud to ar. rango nnd file, or cansu lo ho arrunginl, filed and pul in order, tho old papers received from the formor treasurer; and that tho audit, orboditeclcd lo audit and allow tho account for the samo. Tuesday, Dec, 20. In tho Senate, politic ns were presented by Messrs'. Tomlinsoti. Prentiss, Robbnis and others. Mr Webster introduced re solution calling for n statement of the latc ofilpposilo baitlis, &c. Mr Critlen. denofKy. replied lo Mr Benton, on the treasury order. Nothing ol importance done in the House. Wednesday. Doc. 21. In tho Senate a messago was received from the President', recommending a fire proof building rind other provision- fur ihe Po-st Officii Department referred. Mr. Calhoun introduced a hill extending Hie provisions of the deposilo (or diMnbution) bill of tho last session to thn surplus re inamuig on tho 1st 1338, rosprvtn five tuilhniH, disrus-itd by Messrs. Calhoun. Clay, Walker, Rives and Buchanan, and referred to tho committeeo of finance. -ayes 22. noes Z2lheViee Proidenl giving the casting v de in the affirmative, the whole of Iho oppo.itioti in the negative, and the whoh) of the administration senators in the iiffirinaiivp, save lU'liton, Morris nnd Tip- on. It is known that the coinmitleo of Finance is hostilo to th" bill. Mr. Web- -lor addressed thu Senate on Mr Living's resolution. In Iho House, Mr. W. B. Sliepnard of N. C. presented a petition praying the continuance ol'tho principle of the'deposile bill that is, of ili-tributing ilicrurpliH revenue among Ihe stn'e; ru lencil lo committee of Ways and Means. Ml Lnno ol In. spoke an hour against Mr Wise's resolution. TinjnntY, Dec. 22. In the Senate, a long mes.-agu was re ceived from the President concerning Tex a ; ho recommended iiori-inlcrlcrencc.--Mr. Swift introduced a bill lo provide for ll-c moral and relistous instruction of the army--also n bill to incorporate Washing ton manual labor nnd orphan school. Mr. Web-ter concluded in favor of Mr Bwin'p resolution, and Mr. Nib s replied. Nothing of interest in the House. Adjourned lo Monday. WAfiiiNr.TON, Friday Dec. 21, 183G, On Monday. Mr Calhoun introduced a bill into the. Senate to deposit e among the several slates iho money thai shall uc in i.. Trp-iMirv on the fust day Jan. 1838, reserving 2 millions, in tno in an in r aril no the teritH and conditions provided in lio net, passed last June, lo regulate the de. posttes ol the public money. On intro ducing tho bill, Mr. Ca'h'Miii made some remarks in regard to iho conduct of the Secretary of the Treasury in his estimate ef the receipts and expenili'ures uf 1 1 o GovprnmPiit. (-bowing- errors in the Seen tary's calculations of many millions of do-, fj0neral Scott lars. no sniu, uuw meeu t-ir'ira nroae. whether from negligence or inattention, or whether they wore made purioey to subserve certain put tical views, it was not for him lo say. We might search tho fiscal records of all civilized nations, and would not find in the compas history er rors so monstroiH. He staled this with no feelings of ill will towards the Secreiaiy. but with emotions of shame and mortifica tion for tho honor of the country. In the course of his rctuaiks ho alluded to iho famous compromise bill of 103-.'. which he did not wish to dipturbu bill 'o prc-ervo inviolate in nil its provision, and for this reason nnd to give tho benefit of the money to tho people rather than tu the deposite banks, and to keep it out of tho hands of Government speculators, he in (reduced the present bill. Mr Clay followed Mr Cslhntin in n brief, but happy and eloquent speech, no n'.in- led to the land bill anil the cotnpronrso net, and tnid its fate (iho fale of I lie com. nromiso actl was in the Imtitl-'of n minority of tho Senate, os now con-lituted. and n majority of tho House. If they ohoo.-o to repeal it. or lo tnaxe any uiinonni uiu-iii- lion in tho ni'-asurn or proiecnou secureu by thnt act, hn could only deeply regret tin; ro opening of wounds which had been so happily healed. For him-clf, he could co- operato in no socn measure, uui siinnui steadily oppose any iraterial chango of the provisions ot tins ncf Ho was followed by Mr WnMier, Rives and Buchanan. In whom, severally, M' Calhoun replied Thn discut-sion nroso upon n mnlinn in mr vnn,ur n ri-ier me bill to the. comniittoi; on Finance, (n major itv of which is known In he hostile to iho provisions of the bill) which motion was earned by the ca-ting voto of the Vice I're-ident, yeas 'ii, nays2J. Bv this vole ilr Van Huron has given another proof of his hostility to a distribu tion ol'tho surnlus revenue among the pen nle. I lu wants it himself to ennblo him to strengthen hi parly and his own power. ami tlieretiy matio moru suru mu unjucis ui Ins inordinate omhilton. Yesterday Mr Web-dcr closed Iir speed on the resofntion otVered by Mr Hiving of Ohio to rescind the Treasury order ol July nst. arrested at Paris and other places, suspocl ed of participation in tho plot. It was known to the government, several months before tho explosion. Poverty. Wo littlcdrcatn in this coun try of tho reverses which attend some of tho titled personages of Europe. An in quest wns lately field in England on thn body of a baronet who died for waul of proper food in n miserable lodging. He had been ruined by a law.suit. Amongst some debtors proclaimed outlaws at a she 'iff's court were Lord Win. Pngnt, Sir John do Boauvior, and Long Wclloslcy, the brother of Wellington. Tho unfurlu natc Col. Gustafscn, the ox King ol Swc d''ti, the lineal descendant of the Great Gustavus, is wandering obnut Europe often an outside passenger on a stage conch, be cntiso ho is too poor to pay for a more com fortnblo seat. Compared with such in stances of fallen rank, bow enviable is the condition of our republican farmers and mechanic, whine itidn-itry secures litem from Iho possibility of waul. As the pop ulation ot the world increa-spp, nil nristuc racy savo that of money will deciease. Albany Daily Advertiser. the stale of Louisiana for thu of his present term, which would havu ex pired on tho 3d day uf March next. A wiior.E Hoc. Wo aro Informed thi Lyman Field, Esq. of Jerico, killed a lit a few days sinco whic'h weighed, whl dressed, six hundred and fifty-six lbs. nl for which Messrs. Tower, Oaks & Dixot of Underbill, paid him jJlO,5G per hundrl amounting to tho snug little sum of J! 27. Jerico has a ''Meld of fame, bcyot all doubt. '" ' Intehestino Ca-e -A young man Irotn iMi-eiiB'iiirii. 21 vcars of age. blind from his birth, came to this city o few weeks -itic lo submit to n surgical operation. Two week after it was performed, ho pre settled liitn--(:lf lo tho medical cla-s in the ninphilhpalre, where he was enabled In distinguish the features of thoc who had recently attended him Nothing eatt-lnc lory could bo extracted from him on the subject of tho difference between those ideas received, formerly thrniigh Iho sense nffri,and those recently received through mat ol vision, lie did not complain ot ob jecH being too near tho scat of vision, and knew, or could indicate no difference bo I ween his ideas of form now, and before "hiscys received iheir sight." Wo are not astonished at this, since each sens' ca 1 ! forth its appropriate language; and until the sense of vimoii is educated, there tnosi boa want of correspondent words bv which lo make known In others, iho nice shades nnd peculiarities of mental imprcs rion resulting from its incipient tec. He wa particularly plea-ed with iho ex ercie ol vi-ion in Iho streets, looking at ii"ucs, ntni trees, anil II nvcrs. suit men and women, but expro-sed himself n d lighted in gazing at the b. a.i.lul sir Is for the first tune in his life, ' iv ng. as he said had ihe pleasure of "feeling Hum only be fore,' Lexington Intel. FRIDAY Al O II N I N (J, JANUARY C. Messrs. Charles Russel, Isaac Warner, and R. N. Flack, wore on Saturday elec ted Trustees to receive and manago that portion oftho "Surplus" which falls to this town. A very good selection, indeed. Finn. Tho cooper shop, owned and oc cupied by Mr. C. Severance, was burned lo the ground, together with most of ill contents, on Friday mornit)glas'. There wa-t an insurance upon it ol g 1 00 in Iho Mutual ; but Mr. S. must still bo a suffer er to the amount of several hundred dollars, which falls heavily upon him at this in clement season. The Sentinel has ascertained that a penny paper in Boston considers Mr. Wine no groat scratch, after all. Had wc bccnaivare ofjlhis lad al iho lime, wo iniiriu nave been mora cautious in endorsing his speech. Bui in asmuch as. wo accompanied our endorsement with a portion of lliis "miserable production" itself, it strikes us that wo cannot havo dona our readers much injuslicr. Quore would it not belter have compor ted with truth and fairness had Mr. Stone accompanied Ins wholesale denunciations of Mr. W. by at least a quotation or two from ' tho obnoxious document ? So il teems to us. Lot a man givo a reason for the faith that is in him. ' Stkamdoat Di'A'TEa. On Saturday, 19th ult., the steaui'packnt Dolphi i. Cipt. Ru dulph, off St. Jcdm. bar, (Florida,) slopped to take a pilot on board, and in the act of slatting the engine iho boiler burst, and kill. cd fifteen persons. We arc now luxutiating in all the glories of winter with nearly -two fet of Know, and cold weather to match. Tho travelling is at presant rather heavy, but a few days will gi e us fino roads. Resolved, tho Scn.ito concurring herein, Thai lion. Samunl C. Crafts, Joint Clark. and Thomas Reed, Jr. bo aithotized and appointed to examine tho aeciunls of lion, Lidiheus r.L'urlon as supciiiilcnJoiit foi build ii" tho statu house, and repot", lo this hotiso ihe ilotns of his account, itid iho sum claimed by him, and their opinion of what onion of thu bumu ouglil to uo aitoivcii, Tho decpe-il initio in Great Britain that nt Monkivmirmotitli, I5IU feet below tho surface. Prolessor Phillips, of orli who descended into it, nscoiuiued that the touipcrninru increased in proportion to the dunib. confimiiiL' iho prevailing theory that tho centro uf thu earth is a mass of liquid fire. General Scjtt. Tho incidents which come out, before tho Court of Inquiry, at Frederickton, aro highly honorable to Genprnl Kentt His arrangements for the Florida campaign appear to have been in all respects highly judicious. His failure may bo entirely uttrbuted to the neglect of the Government, in omitting to forward the necessary supplies and equipment!. There has been a combination among the friends of the administration to break down He is not a man who soils thu temper of the limes. Ho n not a time-server or sycophant, and has too much self respect to seek fur favor or advance ment by back-stairs influcnco and Kitchen Cabinet intrigue. It was nlcessary to make him an example; to teach the officer? of the army that they toujwero Ihe Pres idents' ( flicers and hound to obey his bid ding a well in their civil as their militarj .capacity. General Jcsup understands this and has exposed himself to the contmpt and derision of every officer and man of honor in the army. Fno.M Florida. Tho army under com mand of Gen Jesup lef'l Volusia on Mon day, the iCih ult, with 10 day's provis ions. The march is upon Wahoo Swamp where it is supposed tho hostile Indians or n part, at least, of them, aro determined to make a last and desncrato stand. If the information obtained from nn Indian prisoner, taken by Gen Jcsup.can bo relied on, the Wahoo Swamp "ib Oscola's fortress his last strong hold which he, with his men 100 in number, arc determined to Case or White. The Jury were una- b!e to agree upon a verdict anil wert dn- charf ed, after being locked up three data and threo nights. Anew trial will be had. Conspiracy in France Thoro was an nttumpt nt insurrection, nl tstrasliurg. mi tho '.101 Ii of October, which at first looked serious, but was soon put down. The ofiiccrs of tomu regimuitls slntinnod ilium the actors in the plot, but tho soldiers refused to join them, nnd even a-sisted in their nrrcsi. Princo Louis Bonaparte son, wo believe, of Lucian was tho prin cipnl mover in tho otlcmpt. 1 lo was do coivnl by representations niado to htm, to iho efll'Ci that Franco was weary of her king, anil that tho name of Bonaparto would ensure for its owner a ti'tumphont march upon tho capital, and imm.'diato nroclamation ai emperor. He was artcsl defend or die in the attempt. The Indian say the fortress is impenetrable, except in two places one of which will rrquire rafts the other con bo forded and both of litem aro very difficult nnd dangerous passes. These Oscola intends lo defend and ho has erected fortifications for their defence. Gen. Jesup proceeds to these two points, where theru will probably bo hard fighting before Iho passes are forced. Oscola and his warriors aro alono in tho Swamp. Philip, Jumper and Micanopy, nnd their men, were there at thu battlo of the -l-l but have retired south. Governor But ler, of South Carolinu, has ordered a draf of COO men from the 7lh and 8th brigades of mil lit id . to march immediately for Flor ida, under Maj llurlleo. An order has also been issued In Alabama for a levy of militia fur the samo object. A detachment of volunteers g"cs from Mobile, nnd u company from each of the neighboring counties. Maj Fuunlclroy's command of 'J. S. Dragoons, and Capt Mellen's coin, pany U S. Artillery, under command of Major Fanning, will Icavo Fortress Monroe for Florida, in the course of a few days, and probably embark in tho steam packet Georgia, from Norfolk. Texas. Tho President list recently sent a iiiessagc io me iwo nouses or con gress on the subject oftho acknowledg. mcnt of the independence ofTcxas, togeth er with extract from ihe rcpori of tlio agent who was sent to that country to as certain its "nn itirol. mi htnrv and civi con .l.,'.,.n II ATI.. licileir,n if I elusion: establish the-claim of our neighbors to a territory, with a view to its subsequent ac quisition by ourselves. Prudence, there, lore, seem to dictate that we should still stand aloof, and inntntaiu our present nllt Hide, if not until Mexico itself, or one of the creat foreiun powers, shall recognize tho independence of the new Government, at least until the lapse of time or thcuurse of events shall have proved, beyond cavil or dispute, the ability oftho people of that country t.i maintain their separate sover eignty, and to uphold tho Government in. sututod by tliem." A Bill has been introduced in,to tho Legislature of Pennsylvania to incorporate a litem ry Institution to bo called the "Col lege or Mines." The bill provides for tcacjiing geology, mineralogy, and chem istry: to apply those sciences to Iho con struction of canals and roads, boring for water, and agriculture, minorology and chemistry as applicable to analyzing va rious substances, tho theory and practice of mining with reforenco to tho position of Iinilj nml .trne niwl n Crt nrnrilPfl nnd theoretical metallurgy, and lo tho col lection of cabinets of foreign and Amor. iean minerals. This may certainly bo con sidered a very important, os well as a novel proposition in tho literary world, No legislative action has yet been had upon the Bill. Mr, Clay w .is. ru olictoil Senator by tho Leuislnluru of Kentucky, ou tho I5tli mst. cd, with almost all tho hot headed young by a voto of 70 to 54. Tho Washington correspondent of tho Boston Alias, speculating on matters ond . . . . .i i.- -.., L.u .nir ns certainties. I II it rrrlain. 1 1 ;t t Michi'ian w ill hp ndmum to the Union be dim the second W ediifsd.iy ol t, it it v S lb-it tbo SpimIih nml Uepreseiiuiliiej e ,i,;.li ilm.en while Tenilory wns but a T ,iiiv,uill lit! inhumed lo the Scn.ile and llou. f Rrpicseul.iini'S, lieime lii.u u uc ; nun in.ii hi; imiiI is "ihe ihiilei'iiib iiuiiip"iii llieg.une of Va tliiicniiiid lleiilon. ... . Ii U ifii.ihi, din me- name ol I-ranris lirangrr nml Rirli. ml VI. J ( , will tc pipscnifd, on tin ..i...... n.inieil to iIih f eii.iin lur iIipt ilmuon m in "hu h rb.ill pxeM-Uellie duties of I'ipsiiIhiii nf .1, ,i tiithi-iiii liiinoiahle lindv, for the cii'ninL' lour . . nn. I thn l.mer ill he pleeird lo lint of. ii,.- Thin iii ni.iitu certain by fcm-iiiI roiiaidera- linn, mid Ilie hist lullol will piotejis limn, i, .....i .in ih, ii Keiiiuii uill imi.-Ii liij "Dxf i ... i i...:.,,w in ii iliii'idimi hi'f.iie tho I. mi; iirmniii - i , M.nrli, iiiidiliil he iimv coiinl. mid dm-s coiinf iil'ip.ii ilea ol cmamiu, upon ennuis mum .iiiu. w ..,.,......, . iifrialioin. j " It ii certain that a vtgoroui attempt wily jo

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