Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 6, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 6, 1837 Page 4
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TUB PAINTER'S AND COLOR MAN'S completo GUIDE : being n -practical and theoretical treatise on I lie preparation of Colors, and their application to tho different, kinds or Painting ; in which is particularly described tho whole nrt of House Painting : by C. F. Tingry, Professor of Cheiniatry, Natural History find mineralogy) in the Acad, of Geneva. For sal by V. HARRINGTON. Dec. 10. 1830. Japanese Lotion, fyO remove freckles, pimples, and all eruptions of tho skin, and for tho cure of chapped hands, faces, &c. for salo at the Variety Snop. Oct. 26. I'ANononN &. Biunsmaw. MUSIC Tho Boston Academy's col lection of CHORUSES; being o selection from tho works of the most emi nent composers, as Handel, Haydn, Mozart Beethoven, and others ; together with several new and beautiful pieces by Gcr man authors, adapted to English words expressly for this work. The whole ar ranged with an accompaniment for the Piano Porto or Organ. Tor solo bv Dec. IC. V. HARRINGTON. PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW-YEARS. WE arc, and shall continue to be, open ing and arranging for sale, n great variety of articles, such an oru usually called for at this season of the year. Those wishing small article for children, or more expensive ones for others, will perhaps find something suitable at the Variety shop. Our assortment is more completo than over "for December and January." Panoiioiin & Bnt.NSMAin. PLATED SPOONS, of an excellent quality, selected with care. They an be recommended, and will suit the purchaser. For sale at tho Variety Shop, Dec 16. Panciiorn & Brinsmaid. Notice. WHEEREAS. my wire Lnuisa, has dc. ported herself in such n manner as o render it impractible for mo to have any further connexion with her. This is there, fore to forbid all persons harboring or trust, ing her on my account as 1 shall pay no debt of her contracting nfter this date. STEPHEN II. AUSTIN. Calchetler. Dec 15. UI36. JUST received nnd for sale by tho mid scriber a lew first quality Buffalo 3tobcs, Otter and Seal Skin Caps. Afri can Lemb, Seal Skin and Nutcr Furs for Cocl -collars. LOVELY Sc ABBOTT. December 2. Brushes and Bellows. grffeKf? !riy received fiom tho manufacturer 4JL a full and completo assortment of Cloth, Hair, Hat, Tailors Cloth, Horse, Stove, Shoo, Floor, Fancy and plain counter Rriibhcs, and Fancy and Plain Bellows; for salo low bv ROBERT MOODY. Nov, 7, IBM. Spanish Otter Caps, Capes &c. 6Case8 superior Spanish and American Otter Caps. 3 do Soal and comn. Hair Seal do, Russia Squirrel, Jniiotle, Lynx and 6Me Capes and Muffs. Gent, and Ladies up. Far lined Gloves Sic Sic by ' f.ATiinni x. i LATIIROP & POTWIN. Nor. 1 1, 1G3G. Timothy Seed. 30 bushels fop salo by UICKOK & CA TUN. Nov. 3. 103G. Manilla Matts. C4 doz. Manilla Mat t8 of all sizes, jus received by Lemuel Curtis & Co. October 14. Newton's Panacea. THE celebrated Newton's Panacea, or t.urifier of t he blood, an invaluable r n T . T .1 T, f. Tf C ff remedy, by J. ot. j. ii. ruoiv v-. Oct. 13. , Hardware and Hollowware. nHE subscriber has Just icceivcd from I New York and is now opening a largo and general assortment of Hardwaro and Hollowware which he will dispose of on mod erlo terms for cash or short credit, at the Hardware Store on tho corner ol Church si end the square ROBERT MOODY, Burlington, Nov. 7. IR3C. Groceries. m F. &. W. L. STRONG have re JL ceived their Fall stock of groceries which is heavy and complete, and havii g been purchased at reduced rales, will "je void at lower prices than havo been offered recently in this market. Nov. 24. FRUIT. 100 boxes bunch Raisins, 5 do. '.Lemons, by Nov. 24. T F tt W L STRONG. 10 Cases Ginger Preserved, this day received nnd for salo by LA TIIROP S POTWIN. Nov. 25. 25 piecies Figured Merinos for tie cheap by LATIIROP c POTWIN. Nov. 25. AMUMUlIt ok tiik LIFE OF DAN IEL WEBSTER, by Samuel L Knapp. For sale by V. Harrington. College-. Dec 15. 1030. The Fairy Book 1837 Illus traicd with vvouj, cuts by Adams. For sale by V. Harrington. mHE collection of Ulea hero submitted X to tho American ublic. has been taken, with eoiuo slight aVrrations. from th 'MignEin des Fees,' or l'jry Tales of rerrault, Fenelon, nnu nnsuamt to rrince de Beoumont, nnd D A ulnoy, lateij publisl eA at Paris. Iii external oppcoranco, th original has been closely followed, all houah several new and beautiful designs by Ciiai- man havo been introduced. All the cuts are beautifully cxecut-cd, and nothing ecoms wanting which it was lliougui woum reii. deritmoro worthy of opprobation. Knick. wbotktr,or Utctmbtr- To all whom this may concern. THE subscriber would rcspcellully in form the inhabitants of Burlington and its vicinity that ho has opened n shop on College Street, in Ihu room under the Free Press Office, where ho intends man. ufacturing portable, full shatter, itileys. side, and plain SADDLES : phitnd, gilt, jappancd. and potted HARNESSES, of various descriptions; hard leather, imita tion, bellows lop, and common TRUNKS . CARPET BAGS-PORTMANTEAUS; Pill lings-Vulisses. and such other arti clcs as usual in his lino of business. Car rinse Trimming executed in the neatest manner, nnd Military Equipments of all descriptions manufactured to order. No pains or expense will be spared in the selection of good stock, or in tho manufac luring of the articles. Any persons wish ing ony of Mio above articles will please to avail himself oflhis favorable opportunity. as I shall sell on reasonable terms. Tho subscriber hopes, by industry and nnnctual attention to business to merit a shore of public patronage. All orders promptly attended to. Burlington, Dec. 10, 1030. utrWanted, a JOURNEYMAN at the above business. Ironmongery. POT ASH Kettle?, Bark Mill, ploughs, mill cranks, anvil.-, vices, spades, shovoN, cart and waggon boxes. Iron and steel ot all kinds, nails, steel plated ami cast iron sleigh shoes, hollow ware, stoves, brass kettles &c. by Nov. 25. T F & W L KTllUiN U. OIL. Fall and Winter T FSf W L STRONG. 3000 ffals. Sperm Ot, by iov. 24. Walton's Vermont Register & Farmers Almanack for sale by V. Harrington. College st. Dee. 15, 1030. DENTIST. DR SPOONER havingrcturnedto Bur lington will bo happy to serve his for. mcr friends & patrons in his profcsnonal capacity. Ho is well prepared to do tho utmost thai his profession can do to pre. serve tho natural teeth, when they can be preserved, & to replace them artificially, when lost. Those who doMre his ser vices should call early, as he will bo able lo stop o short time only, in Burlington, He will be found at his former quarters No. 2 Parlor, Thomas' Hotel. Dec. 15. KiSG. JNOT1CE. A Meeting of the stockholders of the J Pleasure Boat LADY VAN NESS, will be holden at the Champloin Hotel, on Tuesday evening next, at 7 o'clock. Dec. 14. U. f . AMitilN, see. PROVISION BARRELS, aOfb Provision Barrel), of a good " quality, for sac nt )e Burling, ton Brewery. Enquire of Dec. 12. 1836. 11. N. FLACK. Bran, Shorts & Flour. 500 Sacks BRAN, 500 do Shorts, 500 bbk Finn Flour, 1000 " Superfine Flour, 500 " U. Canada Fino Flnnr, For salo bv UICKOK & CATL1N. DR. O. H. SAXTON. SURGEON DENTIST, IS at home, nnd will attend at his office West side Court-Uouse Square, in all seasonable hours, from this time forth, ns well "on or about the Gth December,,' as thereafter : until further notice, where he is prepared to manufacturo and insert artificial Mineral or Porcelain Teeth from a single tooth to whole setts, enrrcspon ding in color and form lo the natural tcclh, with skill and workmanship not surpassed by any Dentist in the United Slates, and to perform all other operations in the line of Surgeon Dentistry, and will be hnppy lo wail upon nnd give professional advice to any Indies and gentlemen who may be pleased to favor him with ihnir patronage. Dr. S. has permission to refer to a number of cases where ho has lately inserted scv cral entire setts of these bautiful and du rable teeth which will show for themselves. HTDr. S. also manufactures und linn for salo at his office. Teeth, Tooth-paste, WaSUCR, LlOIIOUS, OiC. BurlinL'ton, December 2, 1fi36. Just received at the Shoe Store in Church Et. 50 pair mens India Rubber over shoes, 50 do. Ladies fur lined water proof boots and shoes and n good assort ment ot gcntlcmens boots, shoes and pumps; Ladies, Misses and childrens shoes. Ladies Moccasins &c. on hand; thick boots for men and boys, and nil articles not on hand, made on short notice. D. S. RUSSELL. Nov. 20, 1036. Cw LOVELY & ABBOTT Aro now opening a few Cases of New York, Silk ami Fur Halt, Good and cheap Ladies nnd Misses Sattin Bun. vcr Bonnets, tux Boxes of Feathers, Silver and other 1 lowers. Dec. 2. Muscatel Grapes. A few baskets by LATIIROP Sf POTWIN. Dec. 2. Box Raisins. 55 Boxes Fresh Malaga and bunch UaistnH Fur cnln by LATIIROP t( PQTOW. CHEAP FIRE WOOD. THE undersigned offer for sale Fire Wood of superior quality, in small or large quantities, to be delivered either on their Inrni (3 miles north of Burling ton) or on the premises of the purchasers The road leading through tho farm to the wood land being now in excellent state, affords to persons desiring to buy their wood on tho land every facility of getting out to tho main road. B. J. Ilr.iNDKno. T. P. Molt. Burlington, Oct. C. 1030. SALT. 7000 bushels Solar Salt 5000 do Steam do 4000 do Turks Island do 700 Barrels Fino do 300 do Coarso do 100 Sacks Dairp do by J. & J. II. PECK Co- STOVES. PARKER'S pat't phrophc6y cook'g4sizes Stanloys rotary top do 3 do Improved Uvcn rotary do 2 do ConantH (back kitchen) do 2 do Oval Oven Stove 1 Boiler do 2 do ALSO Canada and American plato Box Stoves, of various sizes' This is tho most completo acsorlmcnt of Stoves to be found in tho Country Purchasers may find tho patterns they want, and on most favorable terms. T. F. k W L. STRONG. Burlington, Nov. 15 1830. Iron and Steel. nr r TONS assorted English waggon and ' ' cart tire: Swedes and Russia, old sable iron.cast, German, Spring, Americnn English blistered steel, sleigh and cuttir shoes, houp iron, band do. round & square do. all sizes; braziers rods, horse nail rods, etc. on us favorable terms as to bo found in tho state. T F & W L STRONG. Nov. 24. New Arrangement. 'lint- siiujcrilicrH having entered into J- copartnership in ihu manufneture of Sheet Iron, Copper and Tin Ware, the bu eincEs will hereafter be continued under tho firm of STARR & BOSTWZCK nt the old stand of J. J. Starr, in Church street, opposite the Jail, where all kinds of Job work will bo done on short notice and in the best manner. They linvo now on hand a large and general assortment of plain and Japancd which they will dispose of at wholesale or retail, as low as can be purchased in this section of the country. They have also on hand and will shorily receive Improved Rotary and other Cooking nnd Box STOVES, of various sizes and most approved pattern. ?im,v.e Bn,) P'P"f H detcrip tiotiB allot wincn win b6 soio on ifie molif reasonable terms. All orders in their line will be promptly attended to J. J. STARR, II. II. BOSTWICK. Burlington, Sept. I, 11136. Sugars. IIHDS. Porto Rico and St. Croix sugars of prime quality. Five a thousand ibs. lump, loaf end refined, do. at low prices. T. F. &. W L STRON'G. 100 quintals Cod Fish for sale by I'FSf W L STRONG. Nov. 24. CA Tons Pig Iron, oJ 220 Tons Novascoiia Plaster, 15 Bales BuiTiiln Robes, 25 ' Chew Hops. 100 Brls. Linseed Oil, 20 Casks Whitn Lead, 20 Brls. No 2 Mackerel?, for salo by UICKOK &l CATLIN. Oct. 2Qth 103G. INDIA HUB BE US, For salo at the Ladies Shoe Storo. together with an extensive assortment of SHOES for tho season, just received by I). A. B RAMAN. Burlington Nov. 10, 183G. REMOVAL. tTJAVING dissolved my ennnexinn j. in business with Mr. Abbott, and! .removed lo the west side of the Square, J ll would tender my sincere thanks to my .friends ond the public fur the patronBget jot tne past year, ami respectfully soli. Joit its continuance, and the good offices ;;ui mi who wish tnc well. 1 nm now ' making, and design to keep on hand, at gnn(l nfrsnrtmeiit of 2 jCabinet Furniture &. Chairs! I'.idaptcd to the market. k shall endeavor 5io mako the new Cotabli.-hmcnt worthy $if public cenlidcnco and support. WestS Asiuu uourniouso fiquaro. t t D. K. PANGBORN. t r n:'nin rtri moo 3. IN OT1CE THE utidorsigned arc now roceiving their winter supply of goods coneis ting nf a largo assortment of Dry Goods, Wet and Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass, and Hardware, Sugar, Molasses, Spirits, &c. by tho Hhd. and most kinds of Dry Goods by the origin nl package or parcel, to suit purchasers, Tho large portion of our Mock was bought at the preEanl vory low prices, which will cnablo us to sell bh cheap as tho cheapest. Wo do not deem it nociwarv to oiiiimerato articles, but can nssura the public that our stock w well selected embracing nearly every article called for in this section and will bu sold, fur cosh or approved credit, at a small advuncc. Grateful for past favors, wo respectfully invito thu public to exam i no our Muck and coinpato prices. ICTStcru opposilo tho Vermont Hoto and Pearl at. House, nt tho lower end of Pearl street. fl. WALKER & Co. L CURTIS & CO. nro now opening . their fall purchases of Crockery nnd Glass Wnre, consisting of all tho deii bio articles in their line. Among them may bo found. Globe. Hall ana Astral LiAftit'S Cut, prcss'd & plain Stand do Champaign, 1 Syt'and GLASSES Lemonade J Dining Setts, from 1 10 to 210 pieces Plain, While- and EnamePd Ware White, gilt edged and bronzed China Tea Setts. China Fruit Dishes Cut. ground, and Flint Tumblers, &c All of which will be cold on the best terms. Oct. 14, 1036 BLANKETS, Heavy Roso & Point Blan. kcts, cold. Dorse do forsuln low by Latiirop Si Pltwi.v. Ncv. 11. For Sale, THE House and thrcc.fmirth? of on acre of Land, formerly owned and nccupird by Zacheus Peasleo, Esq., situated in the village of Burlington ; the house and out buildings in good repair with a good well of water, garden, and valuable fruit trees on tho premises. For terms, apply to DAVID RUSSELL, Esq. Burlington. Nov. 10, 1fl36. Saddlery &, Carriage Trim mings. TUST received and now bclnff opened at fj tho Hardwaro Store; tho most full and completo assortment of Saddicry, and Oar riaao trimmings over offered to the trade in Ibis place, comprisinir full assortments of Hrass, Plated. Japancd and tinned, Saddicry; t.ollon and WoiMcd Webb, wide and narrow Straininj and Iteiit do, carriage laces; Steps, cxlcs, and plated dash Irons plated and bras.'" phlcd Carriage. Gig and Snlkoy Lamps all of which will bnsolil at reduced pnecs for casli or ttiorl credit, by KOP.EKT MOODY The Sick Man's Friend. Mori son's Pills, Or the real genuine IlygtianUnivorsal Me dicine of the British College of Health, in packages of I, 2, or 3 dollars, can be ob tainetl in this town, only of the regularly appointed Agent. Aa you value " health. which is life," see that you got the genuine Pills; they are signed S. Gaueat present. (but will soon be signed II. Fitch) State Agent, and A. Brinsmaid, sub agent for Burlington. Vt. all others arc base coun tcrfeits.. For the convenience of the pub lie. thiv will he, with the Powders and i Hygcian Book, kept at the Variety Shop A. BRINSMAID. Asent for Burlington. Vt nMlE subscribers acquaint their friend and the public that thev have entered '.nto copartnership, and have operida shop ii Ul IIIC ......... If. .,,, . . If almoin where they will drees and dye nil lnnJs of Furs, at reasonable prices. Thcynl.-oin tend to keep for sbId most kinds of DRES SED nnd DYED FURS, and will buy all kinds of raw furs. Persons wishing to have furs drcsed or dyed are invited to call and examine specimens of our work al the fao tory, which it is confidently believed will prove kat infant": v. ill Kit DKMANN Ai VOLK. Burlington, Oct. 12. 11130, Very Cheap at Howards -Cheap Cash Store. CARPETINGS, An invoice of com mon and very superior Carpeting.", with the Goods just received on con?in nient from the Manufacturer, and for nile at (ho commission price by tho yard, Car pet or Bale, which makes tfic article cheap er than ii could otherwise bo sold. Alio, Paper Hangings, in tho same way. Fnrwulls make, Guitor BOO'l'S ond SHOES, with an assortment of India Rubber do. BufTulo Robes, Fur Caps, Capes and Pelerines. Ho hat also for salo a new and splendid assortment of rich figured and plain, black and colored t-ilks for dresses. Satin Beaver, by the yard, for Bonnets: Capes and Muffs. One case assorted Lace and Muslin Col lars, Capes, Veils and Aprons. A rich assotliuenl of military Goods. A full nt sortment of every description of articles for dresses nnu Cloaks; An enlarged n'sori incut of Broad Cloths, Cassimers, Salti. uetts&c. A beautiful assortment of Rich Glau China and Crockery wares, with Looking classes, (Sic. wc. A lull stock supcrur Family GROCERIES. As usuul, Common, Good, nnd somo beautiful splendid and Brilliant, all for salu ul the (iuick and Chcan Cosh Slore of 5. EARL HOWARD. December 1, 1030. Ltna Insurance Company. SnIlE subscriber continues lo insure all A kinds nf real and personal property as agent for said Company, to whom op plication may at all times bo made at his Offico in Burlington. Tho established reputation of this Company fur stability, fairness and liberality in their dealings, needs no further commendation. Wat, A. Gntswor.n. Burlington, Apr! G, HI3G. THE SPIUAUFIEU) FIRE IN SURANCE COMPANY, insure on the most fuvorahle terms, Dwelling Houses Stores, and other buildings, Fnrniture,& Merchandize of every descrintioti. nvaiiibl loss or damage by 'fire. Application for insurance will rccoivo immcdlato attention. I WYLLYS LYMAN, LYMAN & COIiB HAVE ree'd a few bales of very supe rior BUFFALO ROBES, Ro.-in Blankets. Duffilc nnd 5 Point Blankets, Horse Blankets f Real French Kid Slips Heavy kid do Morocco do Thick Solo do Gaiter Boots Bolivcr do I Wnlking Shoes. &c. A few baskets best Champ'n WINE Gold Sherry, Sicily, Lisbon, Port and Malaga. 14th Oct. New Watchand Clock repair ins nop. BTftlUE subscriber, informs his old Customers 43L and tho Public, that ho has resumed tho Waleli and clock business, 2 doors north of J. Mitcholls Tailors Shop, opposite R.Moodys Hardware Store, East side Church St. whero he is ready to nut Clocks and Watches in as good order as formerly and on as good terms a ins Neighbors, lie will also keep tor salo on nmmlsjinn, ono and eijrht dav Brass and Wooden Clocks, as low as can bo had in town and warranted. Call and see. A. BRINSMAID Burlington, Nov. 11, 1836. WEST'S PATENT CHLORINE COSMETIC and PILLS, LiOR Ringworms, Saltrheum, Scald JL head, and all Cutaneous Eruptions. 1 his article is not thrown into market like most patent medicines, backed by some nan uozen nclitious certificates ; but i comes respectably nnd honcstlv rccommcn ded, nml is. wo verily believe, nil that it claims to be: nnd ns such, it is uttered to i he public, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Sept. 1036 Agents for the Patentee EYE WATER. Dr. Adams' Celebrated Eie Water, Warranted an effectual euro for sore, weak and inflamed eyes, rnici: 25 cents te vial. THIS celebrated nrflt'o was invented by one of the most din ruiliud physicians of the age, and during nu extensive practice nr3U years, ho invariably resorted to it in all cases of sore, weak and inflamed eyes, that came under his notice, and so great a celeb rity did ho acquire thereby, that thej came to him from all parts, nnd in no instanco was it ever known to fail in producing tho desired t-flfect. A short time only has elapsed since tho article was first it.troduccd to public no', ticc. and during that period, upwards of TltllEK THOUSAND BOTTLES have been disposed of, arid tho demand for it is rapidly increasing. So sure and speedy is tho effect produced oy this article, that one singlo vial has completely cured an inflamed eye, though various remedies had for a long timo previous been resorted to, but in vain. Amplo directions aceompanthu article, asy wcli as letters of recommendation from the most respectable physicians in ibe country With u viow to insure its u.cfulness in a more extensive way, tho proprietor has appointed I lie following persons wholesale Agents lor ilioeaU ofit, wlicto ilm public may rest Bssur cd of procuring IIicromuiiio article. JOSEPH PISH hit, proprietor, Till Sc Iluttonwood, JOHN R. R0WAM,249, Market Si E. A. HOSKINS, 37G Market sirecls, I'll lidelpliia. DR. W. L. A lTEE, Lancaster. J. Si J. H. PECK & CO., Burlington, Vt. As will of all druggists and storekeepers 'brnuL'hout the Stale. Orders thimkfully received and punctually attended to tut ryn-water or drugs, Philadelphia, June 28, I153C if. The subscribers arc again ro- ccmnT a lan'o addition to their stock o Crockery and Glas Ware. Cut plain screw top and press Lamps, Aslral Globe ond Hall " Cut and plain Champaign, Whip, Lemon ade and Jolly Glasses, Dining setts complete, from 1 16 to COO ps Sup. White, Gold Bamland Printed China lea Setts, nnd almon every article in the line, winch will be sold as usual, on thu best terms LEMUEL CURTIS fr Co Burlingion Nov. 25. IH'Jt). Philo Doolittle. Offers for salo 500 bushols Lisbon Salt, 75 Sacks Liverpool ground do. 100 barrels Western fino do. 100 " fresh ground Nova Scotia plaster iuu " " western do. '25 Boxes fresh Malag't R aisins, together with a general uisorimint ol Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery etc etc which will bo sold at ihu very lowest prices for cash IScvcmber 21, 1IJ3G. Lemuel Curtis & Co. A RE now receiving their Fall and Win zjL ler purchase of Goods, which with their former slock, comprises by far the largest and moft desirable assortment they have ever had the plcasuru of offering to the public ; comprising Broad Cloth?; blue, black, violet mixed drab, brown, and every fashionable and do siriihlo shade. Double and singlo mill'd Cussimercs, plaid, striped and buck skins. Mohair, Pilot nnd Lion skin over coat clolhs. 5 cases French, Gorman and En glish Merinos, Alapincs, Rpshie check') fig'd Moriuocs. 2 cases English Chintz and Ruby prints. Gdo. domestic plato and furniture do. Four hundred ps. colored Cambrics, from 9 1-2 to 12 1.2 cts. bales 4 and G-t lickings. Colored Poult de Soie. Grn tic Naples and Gru de Rhine Silk.-; Super Italian Gro do Swim and Matleon Silks. Ten pieces super fig d banns. JJamnsk Thibet, raw Mlk, Chally and Thibet wool bilk's. 4, G, 11, nnd 12 'libs while scarlet ami black mo rum shawls. Forty dozen from 4 in 10 4 I'russiun nnd woistnl tin, Blankets ol cvJry description. Mackinaw, rosu and common do. 4 lo G 4 Flannels; white and color'd Rtwiia sheetings, ravelling, diapers, damjhk table rovers, 4 io I-' ltlis, rv.c. Burlington Nov. 25, I J6. burden's patent Horse Shoes A Consignment of this article just re ceived, & are particularly recommcn ded to the public. J. 6t J. H. PECK if Co. Agenh Elexir Vegetal Balsamique N. H. DOWN'S ' VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR For Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Catarrh Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, and al other diseases of the head, chest and lungs. ram,iiicis containing a history ol tho inert ieino a sketch of tho diseases for which it is recommended certificates from, unqucs tlonablo sources ample directions, and much other important information accompanying each bolllo may bo had of any of tho Agen cies, gratis. J. CURTIS, Druggist, St. Al bans, Vt. whnlcsalo Agent and joint proprio lor. Tho following aro especially appointed retail Agents. Bitrlinston Lathron & Potwin. Janes. Smith & (Jo. nnd It.. Moody. HinesburhA, S. &. 1). G. Wcllor. Milton Wellington. Vhilncv& Co.. Clark Boardiuan & Co. Charltittc Samuel H. ' Barnes, and most other rcspcctablu Druggists, ic. in the coun "y . .. St. Albans, July 12, 1330. tf PfitffTMiirf wf9r:m May be used in Wine or Water. IT1HESE cellcbrated bitters are cornpoj- cd purely of vegetables of the most innocent yet specific virtues. They sre recommended particularly for restoring weak constitutions, cleansing'the stomach and increasing the appetite also a preven tative against the cholera morbus, fever and ogue. removing nausea, vomitingt heart burning, weakness in the brcas" pain in the siomnch uud other syniptomi of flatulence and indigesiion. Ono box will, tincturo one gallon. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. This choice and safe ointment i said to be mperior to nny now in ue. for that dis agreeable and loathsome di,case.the ITCH This ointment is so certain in its operation that no person troubled with the above disorder ought not to be without it. It is a remedy lor cuinneons eruptions, scorbut ic affections of the head, or onv other breaking out which arises from sh'orp hn. mours in tho blood. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Vegetable Rillious OR FAMILY PHYSIC. FOR general caseses nf Jaundicr, morbid sensibility of the stomach and bow els, loss of appetite, fojiid breath, eostive nts. Piles, and all diseases arising from biliary derangement", also for correcting the state of the blood, nnd cleansing tho ystrm ofifoul nnd viscid humors. These Pills are a mild eai hart ic. producing neither pains nor griping, nnd are therefore a val liable and highly approved inccicine, and are pronounced as such bv the most di tingiiished physiriaris. Each box con taining 30 Pills. P. ice 27 I -2 cents a box. JRusseWs Cellebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. THIS is unquestionably the beit nnd safest remedy ever yet offerer) to the pub. he for thst ob.tmato disorder SALT IIHEU.". Where other means have fail, ed. it has succeeded, and tho fact that it has been cxten-tvely ucd by emincn; Practition-re speaks ci lumps in its prnUe. It is equally efficacious in all diseases of thchkiu, ring worms, and ihemost invete rate Itch. &o. &c. Numerous certificates might be obtained, but thn proprietor chooses tlmt a fair trial t-hould be the only evidence of its superior efficacy. Price 50 cents a box. A fresh supply i just received and for sale by J. &. J. , & Co., Dr Moody Lathrop& Potwm Burlington S. H. Baruc Charlotte M. Hull Hinesbumh -Onion & Strong. G. & W. L. Porker IJoniiuglon k. Whale Vergennes Skiff &. Loosey niicckebiiry green Jorum Hamilton, P I letcher Jenee D. . Wilson. ,S. B. 1 Jelcher E-se.x 1). Si W. Carpenter Waterbury af'd with the Drugists generally throughout llif United States, and n't whole by Win. C. Stimpsun &. Co. Boston For tho euro of Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, sptlting oj Blond and Consumptions. ICELAND MOSS gro.vs plentifully in lbs Ihland of Iceland, from whence it takes its name, and in nil tho high northern laii tudes of Europe and Asia, where its Medicinal qualities hnve been long known, and highly appreciated- This phmt contains a learer proportion of Vegetable Mucilage than any other known suln-iance. and in combination with it is a bitter principle which acts most beneficially in giviogstreiigih in cases ofgrcat weakness and debility of Um lungs. The knowtedgo of many of our most valuable mod. icines, for tho euro of di.cascs, have boon ob tained from observing their ctfuct on brute animals;-so in tho case of this most invaluable Moss. Jts virtues wcro first discovered by their effects on tho hardy, long-lived and sagacious Rain Deer, which dorives its prin cipal nurifhment from tho Iceland Moss, and whovo milk becotnos so highly imbued with, its Balsumic virtues, that it i used wilh tho greatest confidence as a sovereign remedy by tho inhabitants ofall t hum countries for lh euro ol all diseases of the breast and lungs. In Franco, this compound has oug been known, andoxieii"ivcly used; and toils salutary effects as much as to tho snlubiity of tho climate, is probably owing tho very small number of fatal rase ofeonsumption in that country, compared with Great Urttan and the United States. This Syrup contains all tho medicinal virtues of tho Moss in the nnul concentrated form, and is prepared from iho ongnal iccoipt from I'aris, only by. K. HLTUIINGS 5- CO. Baltimore And none is genuine iinlcs ji ,as i,0;r fa0, smiilo upon each bill of.hreclion also upon tho envelope 0.ind scaled with their seal. J. & J. II. PECK & CV wholesale agents- MOHAIR I'JLOT CLOTHS, a few piceics various colours for sale by th ps. or pattern by LiTimor & Potwim, Nov. 11.

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