Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 20, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 20, 1837 Page 3
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Pennsylvania of thu uduiinislrution party, whom tic denominated tin; lathers and con Bistent support nrs of this system of pro Icciioii, to coniR lortli boldly and give their views whctlier ihey wnre willing to adopt the measure. IIo calk'd on Ilium once to my, whether this was or was not n party measure; whether then; was any concert of ocUnn; becnuso if there was, they had the power to pass the hill in both Houses, anil to malic it the law of the lain) ut any moment they plcisod. Ho said it wos the (Inly of Representatives of the People on Urn floor, when ihn must impor tant and vital interests of the country were at stake, to keep nothing back in re gard to their intentions. For himself, he had no ulterior political end in view; he was neither a holder ol office nor u seeker of office beyond that which he had now the honor (o hold in tiiis Mall, llu hud noth ing to ask, end nothing to seek. His only desire was to do that alone, which would best subserve the interests and happiness of the country. He called on the prominent members of tho Administration parly to nsu here in their places, and cay whether this Hill and this Report contained t lit ductrim-s which they intended to support. Let I lie pcoplo know whether I lie measure was in tended as n proclamation 1mm tho admin istralioii which was about 10 expire, or whether it was an earnest ofn .-yetem to bo adopted by the adminiclra'ion winch was about, to come. Tims much the people had a right to know, and it was only through the honorable gentlemen on whom he had called, thut the truth could be made known. FRIDAY MO II N I N G, JANUARY 20. The Taiuki. It would really s-cctii that there is lo be no peace or permanent prosperity for thw mi-governed nation. No sooner docs tho industry of the coun try adapt itself to tho measures and bulicy of the government il any such it cm be said to have than sonic kitchen minister discovers that the whole order of thing i at war with the last quirk of patent de mocracy. anil Mraighway the spirit of Cade is invoked to pull down burn and destroy all that tho experience and wisdom of an age has accomplished. There must be no e-tebli-hfd naiional policy every thing must be temporary, lluctuuting, uncertain and the doctrine of the destructives. now is, that each successive legislature i in duly bound to undo llu; nets of its prede cosors, if for no oilier reuiioii merely to demonstrate itu power. This spirit it is. that has assaulted, one after another thu pillars of the fair teroplo of freedoin, and this same spirit it is, that is now nbuut to sacrifice the industry of the North on the altar of party. 4,We must, carry tnu North," said Mr. Von Citrcn, "by party i machinery, and the South by falling j,, with Southern measure " And in accordance wilh(thi inuxiin, Mr CsniberleiiglCliutrnian of Mr. Van i!urcn' Coiiiinittee on Finance, has reported a bill jn the House of Repre sentatives to break up the coinpromiM) aci of 1833. Il proposes to repeal the duty on coal and salt, and reduce il on all other ar ticles, so as to bring the larifi' within eighteen months, to what was contemplated by the compromise bill in five years. This bill stems to have been reported and his tamed in t lie House its ti uariy meaMire, and as the party have lliu power, there i much reason to fear for the result. An attempt wus made to put it to rest by lay. ing it on the table, which was nogaived, 119 to 9-1, and it was finally refered to Commitlee ol the whole on the State ot the Union, . The fanners urc again to be sacrificed it seems. . Florida. The liijlovvuig extract from Cicn. Je.-up's letter to. the War Depart ment, datetl Dec. 17. furnishes the latest intelligence. "To-day 1 have had the Wahoo Swamp completely examined; not an Indian is to lie found, and tho friendly vvarriois ate of opinion that they have all gouu South. From Iho ap pearance oftheir trails they arc supposed to have retreated soon after their last buttle, with tho troops under the command ol Gov. Call. Tho prisoners whom 1 havn taken, inform mo that il is tho purpose, of Mieanopy, Jumper, and Abraham, lo fly before the army, and avoid a bade; they will hidu themselves in the dense -hammocks and swamps of lbs ever glades. Oseola has declared his intention to maintain himself as lung as possible on the Wilhlacoochcn, and then fly to the South; hut the prisoners say ho will never surrender," The Souihern pupcrs have been telling tin for some tunc that our troops hail stir, rounded Osoela in the Wohoo swamp, and, under the guidance of a caplivo Indian, were approaching I ho secrot into the ewamp. They hovo been preparing for u terrible fight when lo! the wily chiefhas clipped through their lingers again, and the next they hear from him will probably bo o valley from n cancbrake. O" Col, Wmin, of the Courier &. En quirer, has established a private express to bring on to N. York, tho report of Congrsional proccdings in advance of the 'I3xpre6B Mail." Ciurles F Warner, Ksq.liM bean appoin. ted Cashier oft he Fat mors and Mechanics' Dank in this town, in placo of tho lato Thomas Hod; Icy, deceased, Bo fur as wo are inform od.thoapponitmnnt gives very general satis- faction. and if Mr. W. thill but entor unou Us1 , , dutiesembued with tho cstimablo qualities of his predecessor which wo have no reason to .. .. i , in . . . , . doubt tho public will indcod havo reason to rejoice. What demonstration next? Tho corrcspon dontofthc liuliimorc Patriot gives the follow ing graphic account of a scene bcloro tho court martial at Frederick, Oilier iiiipnrlaiit icslimony was about being i cad, to elucidate which Gen. Scott was upon lliu ll'iur, when I he principal door of i tic chamber was llu own open mid in walked Gen. Gainus, in full unil'oi in, wearing I lie splendid suoid pic-cnlcil lo liiui hy lie leifisluluio ot ViigiuLi accompanied by two a id. Ucneiul G., whilom lukin;! u soil, piiiueeded lo lliu from or the Piojitlenl, and (.nixing lliu fits! iuiciviil of silence, nildrcttcd llio Court- "1 urn here, in.iy il please 1 1 to cuurl, by llu oi ilcis of llie iseeinliify of Win, uud I ink thai the Judge Advocate in.iy he diicclvd lo icail llie sevcru onlers lifiui llie War l)ciai lincul on lliu Kiilijer.l.' 'I'lio Com t nccoidiugly iiistiuciuil llio Jul;o Ailvuc.itu lu comply witli tin; Gencinl's ilehc, and llie eiders, culling lliu Court lo iuqiihc inio llie fiiluie of iho Indian c.unp.iigiw in Gcmgin' and 1'loiida, miller I lie conduct of Major General Scott, nnil llie cliciiinsinnces lUteiuling lliu uniui llioi i-cd inhlic.ilion of i.iicis by IMujur General Gainks weie iniuicilialcly lead. Dunns lliu leading Gen. G. icinuiiit'd stnniliii;;, unit at ils completion, nlneiveil, Aliiy il plcuc the Court, I li.n c tiecii unlcicil lo appear licfirc )ou, ami I have doiii! so ; ami I iiiii-i he allowed lo say llint llie Coin l is proceeding illegally. 1 am a parly in llie trial i uny peiidin;', mill demand llie lilit of ciusa (pietlionins winiemes, examining documentary evi dence, He." 1 lie Uoiirt otijecleil, ami n.'Miieu Gen. G., that it dilfeied vv illi him in opinion on lliu Milijeel, mill litmeil in vciy delieale leims llie expediency of hid inking a teal, nnd concliuled by nsriii in liim,, ns foun a. llio v.ntc of Gen ."Sroll w.h concluileil, eveiv f.icility in llie piosecu linn of hi? view? jlimild lie allowed liim. General G. continued to ile.enut on "the illegality of llio," nolwiiliiaiiling llie uu iinices of Gen. .Macomb, U l.ingu.ige at this lime wns Iii.ippropri.ile, and Ins dc.ire that llio venerable chief wmiM he seated. "I come lieio, sir," lie continued "not lo link favor?, hut lo demand justice." "Clear the Court' said llie 1'iefidcnt In it fhnit lime we le.cnteied the chamber, and General G.iines was informed try llie Com I, through llie Judge Advocate, I "ihe Conrt had ever du siied m extern! to him at ha proper time the ut most latitude in tin: fuiilieianee of his inquiries ; but that, at the pietent time, lie would nut lie per- liy die iniiodiiciinn of iiielevant observation and' that it was hoped farther suLMejiliniis on llie sub ject would tic louiid iinnere.-s.iry." The Geneial cuiinuiied liiii po.-nion. l,t. .Moms was suoru " Wheie and iiiwhat capacity were von in Aptil last? Answer At T.inin.i Uav I was commissary of Depot. General Gaines "I be,' leave, with due defer ence, to stale, Mr. I're-iilent Geneial ALiromb "Geneial, I repeat that you iMiiuut lie permitted lo addiess thu Court, until jour ease is hemic it." Gen. (!.' I piote-i formally against the course pui piled by this couil" Gen. M. "I have once more lo say. Geo. Games, that von c.unioi be allowed lu inteifen; in any way with the pngiees of this, and u lepetitiun of puch conduct will lia viewed us deliber ate contempt. Cray be m-.i led. Gen. G."l beg jniir pardon Sir ; standing is ii ru-ioui of mine ; uud I ask lu be giatitied in this pailicular." Qne.-lon lo I.l, Morris "What amount of hard and bacon weie at Tampa Bay when Gener al Scott. Gen. Gaines"! feel myself, Mr. Pnsidrnt, roii-iiuined once moie lo protest against this law less uiuile of pioceediire." Gen. .VI "I agrtin inge upon you, Major Gen. Chirm, the impm lanci; nf complying vviili the de rate of llu; Com t in this mallei'. Your ca.-, sir, is nut Leluie us. You have nothing lo do Willi the matter pending, as it at picseul stands. You uiii.-t nut inleiiiipl us." Geueiiil G. fin a loud vnicel "Slav it nlcase the C'diii i. I wi.-li to be heaid for a moment. 1 do not .Jim,1v ;.,, ,'. ' wj , u . , . . ha been conducted. '1 lie ninelv liist article. Mr. I'le.-ideni. Gen. Macomb "Gen. Gaines, submit jour views in paper, and they will be cnnsideied uud icg.uiled. On so now, or nuy lime after the ad jiiuniuienlof the Court this morning will do." Gen. G. "So, sir, I. will do so now." I'roeee lings weie nccoidingly suspended to ena ble the gallain old toldier lo embody Ins ieus, at the cutupli'tiiiu ol ulucli, he commenced another ad-chei-a in the Couil, but was again inieiiupleil by Gen. Mucumb. Gen. G. "I tvbh, Mr. I'le-ideni, to convince tins Couil and lliu country tint the ulioli! lenur of us proceedings is at war will) law, usage and leas' on anil Gen. M. "General jou shall hot be longer lole lined in ihese gratuitous explosion. The Court will confer clear the Couit !" One of Reuben M. Whitney's circulars to the depu?itc bunks has found its way into the newspapers, and it affords enme preci ous disclosures of the nature oft he services rendered by this individual. An extract is sufficient for nn illustration. Il is nuccs sary to premise however, that this individ ual is in fact Secretary of iho Treasury Jie controls iho public money, and (unless he is mistakcnl the banks also in which it. is deposited. He keeps his office in tho Treasury building, and the fir.-t thing thnt itiecis the eye of thu individual who enters that department is "R. M. Whitney's of fice." And still this 6utno individual isac ting "in his private capacity!" as paid agent of the deposite hanks It is my iiilenlion to exeit injtelf lo hao u sub ethnic nulie pitenl ses-ion fur the law of the latt session, fieu of objections ; ami also to obiiaiu a ie peal of ill, it pan of tin; Inter ii'ijuiiing llie pay. iiient of inteiest by llie deposite banks, bolh ie. trofpecively and pio-peclively. It wi'l uiil me much if the diicclors of tin; vari ous banks to wIidiii I tciH this will address letters lo such such members of each House us they may be acquainted with, impiesfing upon llieni llio one rous duties which have been pcrlurtned by llie de- poite liauKs, the rijuslice ilonu many ol them by llie exaction of inteiest us die lavv is now ('(in clined, nnd the magnanimity which Congiesa would dirplay liy a lutal ieliuiuisliment of iulcicol uliugeiher, butli passed nnd for llie future, Another nigninenl might he cmplnjed, but it would be impolitic lo make uso ol il with members, which is this; that n toon usiliusum in ihoTica mry comes to bn icduceil by the nperatiun of ihu depo..ito law, the banks which will hu continued will linrill) (Inil it nn object lo subject themsebes to the expense of noting as fiscal agents, fur lliu uo of the small sum which each can have, even withe out paying any interest vvlmiever. define the elos of next year, we must g6 back to as small n uuni her of deposile banks us were eniplovcd prior to the passage of the deposite uet j eouscipienlly, with but few exceptions, llie newly selected l.a'uks will have lu become us ilicy vvcio. All this pai t nf the subject had belter he piouiul.jaicd lieio ; it is my intention speedily in r.mnmenre upon ih.n subject, first, by enlightening Congress in icl.uion tu the fiiis, of which I am suie most of I lie members are isno fiint, uud I hen to proceed lo earru throuzh my object j and I hope I may lereive nil I lie sup. port possible fiotn ihin immediately intercsieil in llie way I have pointed mil. I shall send this communication lo verv few of 1 u''""3 n,).1 01 !"? ' e ? the banks not of llio original selection, and 1 trust ntal ull to vvliom I duienil it will view it iHiiiiu nut to he made public, though not maiked cotitiriifia. I'wnn me to ay dint no time tlioulil lie lust in adopt tag inch measures us may bo considered ex. perlientr I would add one further eusgciiion-lliai, in all Ciinra where letters may he written upon (his nub. jeel, n willingness be expressed to aid in future lo the full extent of the ability of the bank, as far us circmii'tiiiires will permit, the ciiirying out of the measure of aubsliluling n metallic lor a paper me dium, within the limit fixed hy the President (20 dull, us.) 1 tun, very respectfully, your most obedient ser vant, tt. SI. WHITNEY. Was ever any thing more impudent! Was there over n more startling disclosure! Here is an individual unknown & irrespon sible to the government yet wielding the treasury of the nation conniving and' plan ning for the Hanks, whoso bribed agent he is. how they shall bring the whole monied influence of the nation to bear upon the peple's representatives in order to secure the greatest possible amount of spoils. lie says to the directors of the banks, "you di rect letters to "such members of each House as you may bo acquainted with," touching such and such points, whilst "I will enlighten tho ignoramuses in Congress" &"then proceed to CARRY THROUGH my object." Will Congress submit to this stnte of things ? Will the people sub mit to it? If they do, then are wo no lon ger n free nation, for Reuben M. Whitney this day wields a power sufficient lo sub vert any free government that ever existed. A Western paper, in giving an occounl of n lato execution says j "Jerry strug gled much after the drop fell, but Wil liams, who was always Jtnnwii for nn ob slinato fellow, refused to kick a stroke. Indeed, this hardened villain has so out raged the public feeling by hid crimes, thol when iie was led forth lo execution, the crowd made a rush towards him, w ith the intention of doing him serious personal injury. Much praise is duo lo the cool de. termination of thu sheriff and constables who sueceded in wresting the culprit from their hands and conveying him safely to the platfoini of the scaffold, out of harm's way." A lurious hiuiui raged in tlie House of Representatives on Monday last, occasion ed by the perseverance of Ex President Adams in remarking upon tlii'iijects of Slavery Abolition and the right of petition The following graphic account ofthescene is from the New-York Express. Mr. Adams was nnlled lo order first, bvJ one treinber. Adams like, he heeded not the call, though it camp in a loud voice and clothed with authority, no more than lie would lliu crookings of n froy;. He was proceeding with his remarks. evidently designed lo be tancy and lo laku elli'd'. when a second call was made and Willi the same result. From one or two calls to order, the cry became general. The Hotisewasin scene of uninierriiniod turmoil. ,, Order, order, ounuit, ORDER." was demanded by one part of the House, nnd cries o!'"sih'nce, .tiencc, "echoed back by the other side. Tho confusion wa gen eral and rt minded me of iho same subject at the last session. Mr. Adams was no less loud in making the same demand. The members of ihc lIoue, almost en masse, vwre engaged in the very pretty farce of calling each other to order, uud each purty laboring to excel the other in tho use and strength of its lungs. The cries of order came from one, only to be imediululv echoed back bv another. The more vociferous the demand for order, the grater was Ihu disorder which followed. In the mean time, Mr. Adams was as angry us a chained bear. Speak tin would and speak he did, first by proclaiming in a voice louder than the Stentorian lungs a- round him. that the petition was worthy in ue read, tnut it contained tho sonti meuts of Liberty nnd came from Freemen and that to oppose it and him was tin ut lack upon thi hbttrty if tneccli. "I will read it myself." i-aid he. and, containing us the petition did, but two or three line which oxpre.-fed u continued determiuo lion on the part of the petitioners (o send pel it ions to Congress ho read it -loud, and it was heard distinctly in thu galleries above the screams and yells of llio muiiiiuiiu below. The Speaker in the mean tinle was irouiiK!, iiuiiooing begging, screaming, scolding, coaxing, cy threatening, nnd rap ping his henvy hammer upon his desk. All for a time wns to no nurnose. The Previous Qiieslon, however in the course of nn hour was put to the House, and sus tained. "Shall tho petition be received," was the question now before the House, and perhaps one of the most important ques tions timv before Congress. The nyes and mies wcro determined, und llio peti tion was received. The Legislature of the State of Dela ware have elected the Hon. TI103. Clay, tun, late Chief Justice of Iho Suprem Court of that State, to the United Slates Senate, in tho place of John M. Clayton resigned. Coffee DuiMu:ns. Tho annual luble of exports from the ports of Havana and Melanzas exhibit tho curious fuel that in tho last t lit eo years thu quantity of Coffee shipped lo llio United Slates exceeds iho wholo quantity shipped to Europe, by 4,660,000 pounds. The export to tho U. S. during theso three years, was 10,400,000 lbs To all Eurtpe, 05,021,000 lbs A week or two ago, tho correspondent of tho Portland Advertiser wrolo f(om Washington, llint Mr. Van Bnron was soon to bo married lo a widow lady of Virginiu. Subsequent rumors dosignato Mrs. Fitz hugh as thu intended bridoof tho President elect. Wo aro roqnested to remind tho ciliiens ofthistewn that tho ruftual meeting of (he Burlington Fire Company takes place on Wodnesdny evening next, People- are but too apt to neglect theso occasions, and leave that which concerns every body to be atten ded to by no body. DIED. In this town on the Mill hist. Mrs. Bktskv W, Hockley, relict of the talo I'lioinas Hockley Esq aged 25 veais. The Last Call. rriIIE subscriber having wasted one - year since ho closed his business to settle ond receive payments from those in debted to him, finds it impossible (or him to spend further time to attend to it per sonally. He would therefore notify the few who have not paid that his demands will in a few days be left with an attorney who is a man that is to be found at all limes in his office and who will settle with them in his oxen way. L. LOOM IS. Burlington, Jan. 18 1837. 3w. NOTICE. lrpHE agency of tho lunds of tho Society for ilk the propocation of tho gospel in Foreign parlg, for tho County of Chittenden, has been tratislerrcd to llio subscriber, wno wiilrcccivo the rents due upon said lands, at his office, ever the Store of Messrs. Lyman Si Colo, Court House Square. GEO. IS. SH.itV. Burlington Jan, 19, 1!I37. aw Nathan Allen's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Ciuttkndek. j The honorable llie Probate Court within und for the District ol Clitilenuen. lo the crcdttois and others concerned in the estate of Nathan Allen, late of Willistun in said District, deceased. lCrHEUGAS David French administrator de T T tom'j )ion of said deceased, hath made nn plication to this Court, to exleuil the time limited for making payment nf the debts of F.tid deceased, twelve moiiihs froin the first day of February next and the -till dav ol I'eburarv next, liein assigned for a ing in the pretnies, nt the ufllreofthe Register ol this (Joint, and it having been ordered thai notice there of be eiveu bv nubli'hing this or. dec lluee weeks successively in I lie Fiee Press, a news pap-r primed ut liui lingtou, belnic lliu time fixed for hearing. riieiefuie. vou uic hereby notified, lo appear licfoic said Couil, at lite time and place aforesaid, then and llicic, to make objection if any you have, to the said time of payment being fuitltcr extended as nfoiesniil. Given under my baud this IGlh day of January A. D. 1837. VS1. WESTON, Register. E the subscribers having been op. pointed by the Honorable the Pro bate Court for the district of Grand Isle Commisioncrs to receive, examine und ad-ju.-t the claims and demands of all persons against the estate of Bird Landon lata of South Hero in said district deceased repre sented insolvent and nl--n all claims and demands exhibit.! m ulTiui. therein ; and cix months from the tenth day of December. A. D. 1836, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the bu. ,-iness of our appointment at the dwelling of the widow Susan Landoh in South Hero in said district on the first Monday of April uud May next, ut ten o'clock A. M. on each ofsaid days. Dated at South Hero this Oth day of January 1837 WALLIS MOTT, CALVIN FLETCHER, Commissioners. 10 pieces new and elegant pat terns of Figured Plain and Sattin Striped Shallvs. just received by LATIIROP Sf POTIVIjY, Cold Weather Articles, At the Cheap Cash Store. BUFFALO ROBES. Fur 'Caps ond Capes, Mitten1, gloves. Muccasins, Over shoes, Satin Beaver, for Bonnets. bawls, &c. 2000 lbs. Cotton battinp. AI?o u now ftock of carpeting and woollen yam. Broad Clothp, Cnssimeres and Sal tilietts. all for sale very cheap by S. E. HOWARD. P. S. WanlPil--A first rate English Ingrain Carpet Weaver. Dec. 2i. COMMON Uritania Tea Pots for 75 els. 01 cts. gl 00 gl 50 1 00 each ut the Variety Shop Dec. 22, Pangiiokn & Brinsmaid. NOTICE. TUB Lessees and debtors of tho town of Burlington will take notice that their rent and interest fulls due on the first day of January ifxt. Punctual pay ment is expected without further notice. NATHAN B. HASWELG, Town Treasurer. Burlinglon Dec. 20th, 1036. ANNUALS for 1037 rec'd by VERNON HARRINGTON. The Magnolia, Friendship's Offering London, The Fairy Book, Tho Pearl, The Gift, Tho Token, Religious Souvenir, Tho Violet &c. &c, Dec, 22, 1030. BOOKS received by V. HARRINGTON. oiarit's rromises, Mchnaths's Religious Life, Christian Radicalism, Legend of St. Goirgo, Draper's Parables, ' Christmas ollering, Now Years Token London, English Navigalots, Tho Jewell, Gorman Tourist, iu. &c. Dec. 24, 1936. Brushes and Bellows. "TR)H1S day received from tho monufacturor Jb a full and comnloto assortment of Clnih. Hair, Hat, Tailors Cloth, Horso, Stove, Shoo, r loor, fancy and plain counter Brushes, and rancy aim 1'Ialti Hollows; for sale Inw by ROBERT MOODY. Nov, 7, 1030. NOTICE. A Meeting of tho stockholders of the Pleasure Boat LADY VAN NESS. will bo holden at tho Champlain Hotel, on i uesu iy evening next, at 7 o'clock. UCC 14, U. IV ALLEN. ULOGY on the Life nnd Che a'n mn. Bv John Adams. For sale bv V. llAiuurvaToN Dec. 15. II OLMES' POEMS, iust published and for sale bv V. Harhinoton. Dec 1, I83G. Colchester Manufacturing Company. NOTICE is hereby given to' tho stock holders of tho Colchester Manufac turing Company, that their annual meeting for the election of Directors for the ensuing year wii! be holden at Lyman & Marsh's office on iho 14th day of February A D 1B'J7, at 0 o'clock l . ni. CARLOS BAXTER, Clerk. January 13, 1037. Notice. AT a meeting of the Directors of the CoU Chester Jlnnvfacturimr Company duly holden on the 26ii day of December 1830 it was ordtred that an assessment of five dollars be laid upon each share of the Capital iloclc of said Company to be paid on or before the first day of February 1 037, and a further assessment of five dollars upon each share of said Capital slock to be paid on or before the first day of March 1037. GEO. f. MARSH, I'rcsl. Dec. 26, 1836. CARDS. Cards for Ball Tickets, Merchants Cards, yisiling and Printing Cards eye. nr doz. packs fino pulished surfaco en uu amellcd Cards. 60 doz super Printing Cards 20 doz fancy colored onarnmellcd Cards 10 doz gold borded face Cards. 6 doz gilt edged cards, 2 doz perforated round cards. 6 doz large cards 4 by C inches for ad vertisements, 12 doz new Conversation cords, 1 doz old " At tho Variety Shop, PANU1IORN & BniMSMAtD. January 12. Notice. ANY person having any demands against us will please present them for pay ment. A number ofemall accounts are due us from several individuals; who wi'l please call and pay them. We do not do a crodiling businoss, no, do not wish to. PAJVGBOIW Sf BRLYSJil.lID. Jan. 13. 1837. PAY. THE subscriber is under the necessity of calling on nil persons indebted tu him, either by note or book, to make im mediate payment. Ills necessities being too urgent to admit of delay, ho confitlen tly hopes' this call will bo promptly, answer, ed by all concerned, C. BENNS. Burlinglon, Jan. 10, 1837. Silk and Worsted Belts, for sale at the Variety Shop, PA.NGD0nr & Brinsmaid. Clocks and Watches OF many kinds ond Prices, for sale at the Variety Shop, all kinds ol Watch es and Clocks cleaned, repaired and regu lated at the same place, by I anguor.n & Brinsmaid. January 13. NOTICE. THE subscriber intending to make a new arrangmcnl in business requasts all those having unsettled accounts villi etllc the saini! without W. R. VILAS. 4w. him to call and dolay. Jan.O, 1837. NOTICE. ALL thoso who are indebted to the undersigned and whose accounts or notes have become due ore hereby noli- fied that payment must bo made imme diately or such demands will bo handed lo attorney for collection. TPjsWL STRONG. Burlington, Dec. 20. 1036. PROTESTANT JESUITISM. For sale by V. HARRINGTON. PLKUANS & PATRICIANS, By tho author of"Old Maids,""01d IJacholors." Sec, Sic, 2 vols. Received and for sale by VERNON HARRINGTON. Jan. 6. inn. ' ' FLOUR 100 Bbls Surperfino Flour by T ! if W 1j STIiO.YG. SALMON. 5 Tierces for sale by . J I' & W L STRONG. Nails mid Iron 1 nnn KP8 Cl,t Nails, assorted Cd 10 tons round Peru Iron 1-4 to 2l in. 5 " Sqr. do 1 lo 2 in. 5 " Baud do to C " 4 " Horse Shoo do also Nail Rods, Hoop Iron, Steel Sleigh and Cutler Shoes &c. &r. by TFSt W L STRONG, January 5, 1037. CLOTH LOST. LOST on Friday tho 30lh Dec. Iqst, be tween Jntico Corners and Capt. Joseph Sinclair's in Essox, ono pioco of wino colored pressed CLOTH, containing about nl.,vnn yards, labelled Z. Bruco, Williston ; also u piece oi fciiuii coiorcu luucu uioiii, containine; from elcveji lo thirteen yijs marked J. P. It, with linen thread, on ono end, and direclcd to 'J. P. JJeckwilh, Williston lo bo left at Jen co Comors." Whoever will deliver sni.l rlnih loZ. Ilrtico, Chittenden's Forry, Williston, ur t'lvu iiiiurinauoii vvuoio ii may bo round, shall bo liberally rewarded. J. P. UECKWITII, Z.BRUCE. Williston, Jan. 5, 1837. l.ftST ON Friday lust, n largo grey FUR CAPE, lined with bluu-black nilk.--Tho fiudor shall bo suitably rewarded by E A FEW BOXI2S STEARIC MOULD CANDLES, Theso candles tr offered to the public as a new and superior article, they oro extremely hard and white and are warranted lo burn longer than a Spartti Candle with a clear bright flame and without running. They wnre consign ed to us for sole being acqtiuuilnnpes of tho Manufacturers and having used the article, for some time, wc think they urc the. best Candles in use. Pangiiohn &. BntNSMAiD. United States Sale. DISTRICT OP VERMONT. SS, BY virtue of u Decretal Order from (ha District Court of tho United State for the district of Vermont, bearing date Dec. 26, 1036, ( will sell at public auction, nt the auction store of N. B. Haswell,,in the town of Burlington in said district, on Saturday iho 14th of January next,, at 10 o'clock A. M. two boxes, containing IS p inces Broad Cloth, 2 pieces Cassimero and lndozen suspenders, seized at Burlington on Iho 10th day of November last, for al leged violations of the revenue laws of the United blatcs. Terms of sale, cadi, A. W. HYDB. Col. of the Customs for the Din. of Vt. N. B. II AswEi.1., Aucl'r. Btirhnrrion Dec. 30, 18.36. Engine Company No- 3. TUB annual meeting ofsaid company will beholden at John Howard's hotel on Wednesday evening next, at 7 o'cloak P. M. WM. WESTON, Scc'y. Dec. t9, 1036. Otter and Seal Caps, &c. WE have two good caps for sale ; ai they are the last we will sell them at llie dozen price, at the Variety Shop. P ANGuortN' & .Brinsmaid. 20 dozen Whalebone Busks, and narrow Whalebones, jut received by pANGiions & Brimsmaid. Vol. VII of Vermont Reports for sale by Vermow HAiuu.NGroff. Dec. 23. 1826. . , Cash paid for Barley at tho Burlington Brewery by R. N. FLACK. Dec. S9, 1836.- ' Common Prayer Various si- es and splendid bindings, for Christinas tad and New Year's presents, for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Proper Lessons to be read at morning and evening prayer, on Sunday and other holy-days throughout tlioyear, for sl by V. HARRINGTON. Parley Almanac, for 1837. Tho American Nun, for sale by Dec. 20. V. HARRINGTON. December 29, 1836. JUS.T received and for bale low If Lnvoly'&. Abbott, 10 doz. Buck mittens, C do do Gloves, 0 tin do nnd Moose skin Moccoaio. 6 do patent wood pails. An ns(irtment of Farwells gaiter boots. working shoes and slips Sic. &c. ' NEW GOODS. jror. 20, iC36. OWING to the increase of busiuess, tho subscribers have been induced to brioir on s. verv larjre and splendid stock, of Pash ionabla FALL A AD WINTER GOODS. consisting of Liroadclotlis of all colors and shades plaid and plain Cassimcrs and Sit linottH Vesting Pilot Cloths Petershams, C, 10 & 11-4 Kose lilankcts green and whilo Horso Blankets- Carnctintj. Lamp Mats, etc. etc. WOIISTED STUFFS. , Thibet Cloths, German, French. English. plain and hVd Merinos, Circassians, Bomba- zelts, goatshairand common Camlets, black. urown and olivo r rcuch Uoinuaztncs ; brown Indopendants, a new article - black, red and white Merino Shawls ; Thibet Shawls and Handkerchiefs ; merino and worsted Iloso. SILK GOODS Dlack and bluo gros do. Swiss, rrro do Nau. grus do Rhine, poult, do Soi, Lustring, Jin 1- lau, anu .siticuavv siiks, tiiacit satin Lcvanlins, black and grey silk camlets, Ponjces, cvory variety of black und colored silk and Tabby Velvets, ladies' and gentlemen's cravats, silk ulovesaud Hiju, olaclt Clially for Dresses, black white and coloicd clially Shawls and llandkcrcliicls, spotted, black l&eu Veils, black, white and L'rcen blond Veils. blond Edgings and Footings, also a great variety of figured, plaid and plain,.Sattin, lustring and irair.o Ribbons, etc. CltOCKKKV AND GLASS. An exli'tisivo assortment of China, Croektro and Glass Ware Looking Glasses, etc. etc.. DRV GROCERIES.. Loaf, lump und brown Sugars, Molasses. Imperial, Old and Young Hyson, Hysonskin, lllacl; and liuliea leas ; box and ker raisins t hanolc, half and quarter barrels Mackerel i Codfish; ground reppor and Spice, Gintrer. Nutmegs, cloves, cassia : plug and paper Tobacco, etc. etc. LOVELY St ABBOTT. 100 Barrels Superfine Flour For sale by H. HYDE & CO. Dec. 23. Fire Notice. rilHE members of tho Burlington Fira JL Company ore hereby nolirieil that, tho annual meeting of said company, will bo holden at J. Howard's Hotel, on the fourth Wednesday (the 25th day) of January, in stant, at 7 o'clock in thu afternoon, for iho choice ol len Wardens, a Clerk and Treas. urer, and for Iho transaction of all other business required by the Charter. A punctual attendance of all the member is doMrcd as business of importance will bo laid before tho meet. ng, By order of thu Wardens. LYMAN CUMMINGS, Clerk. Burlinglon, Jan. 3 1037. ' Settle, pay, and save Cost. THE subrcriber insists on a settlement, and payment of nil debts duo him by tho first of February. WM. I. SEYMOUR. Burlinzton, Dec. 20, 1036. Cash for Pork. T1HE Subscriber will pay cash for pork J- delivered n (heir etoro on Church-.

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