Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 27, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 27, 1837 Page 3
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COIUIKSPONDENCK. CiicrruNDKN Co. Sup. Coirnr. ) Januury Turin 1037. s' TO THE MCMHCnSOl' CHITTENDEN CJ. IlAR, Gentlemen: I deem tho present rt proper occanion In mako known my intention of resigning the office of Clerk of the Supreme and County Court for the County of Ciitten 'den. nnd t should tin injimtco to you ns wollns myself, were I not in acknowledge with gratitude tho hind induleiicj yon have cx'.tuidcd toward inc. during our long acquaintance, tho rnmcmbrnncu of which will ceao nnlv wilh mv xislonce. Tho office I shall ioon resign (In cntnr upon other avocation) I hop may pass into hands more competent than I have been to discharge its various lutio;--it is one of great responsibility, often attended with embarrassment to the occupant, especially diirin" tho session of our County Courts when" tho Clerk is called upon nlmm-t timultaneously to meet the calls of the Grand Jury,--rmpannelling a Pitil-Jury, administering oalht to parties and witnesses, calls for files and papers, entering Docket or other minutes answering question and endeavoring to satisfy suitors in court, with various other duties, which your well known acquaintance will leadily acknowl edge, ami all requiring, 10 r.iv mu iur. great patience. I nm cwaro that in these ns well as oilier duties, errors may liavo Iieon committed by rue. but I can truly ray, tlmy have never been intentional, nnd vour gciuirntis forbearance, has ever been extended, toenvor those errors nnd defects. An almost entire change of the Bar has taken place since my first connection with you asclrrk. while some of your members have removed'to other places to pursue the lupines of their profession many have hrinn rnllnd to '-nlead" "or answer" at n Hitrher Bar. These changes remind me of tin, nnninhleness of nil ca ri III v association and our depondance on a Power that knows no change, I heir rmntlcnien iii parting tosav.tliat if nny individual feelings are indulged of an L ; fc(n1(l)IT ,)jSM)ivcl lln(er circumstan tiiii'riiMidlv niiiure. I hope thv may be tin. ri".ll"och frtlliii Khali have .... verting ce of so much good feeling, and so much rl,irr in niv hrea-t. so I IrtHt lliev win; have, none in voors; ami 1 m-ru n-uuci ,"u my best wishes for your individual pros pe'rity.and pray that you maylong live to mis. liberal and enlarged views which havoevvr characterized Chittenden county 'Bar. NATHAN I). HAS WELL, Clerk. Court House, January 7. 1337. Siu: 1 hav the plea-uro to trans mil you herewith n copy ot the resolutions nilopti-d iu liar meeting I his day upon ilie t-oiiimuuiniUnn forwnrd'-d by you lo I lie Har ot (Jhiliondwi County, making known vur intention of resigning the office of 'Civrkol'tlif C'iiirt ofsud.Conuty, nnd nm Verv Respeci fully Your nbilifMit Servant. Wm. Veton, Clerk if said Bar. Cnn rnDr.N Co. IUn Meetino. Jan 7. 11)37 ( JOHN N. POMEROY, Chairman. The committee to whom was referred the communication of Nathan B. Hnswell. Es-q- making known his intention of resign, inglhe office of Clerk of the Courts of haul Counry, reported Ihc following resolu tion; Resolved, That the acknowledgements or (he Bar. are due to Nathan B. Haswell, Esq. Cletk of the Courts tiffin County, for iho dilligcucc. fidelity and urbanity wilh which he has discharged the duties of Ins ofliee mid thnt the Bar lender him their I hanks nnd hi'M wi-lies- Resolved, That the Clerk of t he Bar en ter Ihc foregoing resolution on the record: of the Bar. and communicate a copy i lien or lo Kr. 'Haswell. WM. WESTON. Clerk f Chittenden Co Bar. TO THE JOnUKS OV CHITTENnES C . COURT. Gentlemen: During Hie late r-iion of the Supreme Courts for this County, I ad tlrfSsL'd a communication to the in'iiib"r--of the Bar, signifying my int"i)tinn of soon rrfufrniit" lb" otiieeot'clo' th'' Supreme nudCouuiy Ci.urt, for this Count v; in uc cordeuce with that intimation, I now ten- .W vim mv resignation. 'Plw situation which I leave, is one of ,r.nt labor, us well as ro.-pnn-ihiliiy. Be " iho duties lo uo periormt ioru im- medinlely under the rye of the Court, and Bar. there are oilie-n ootineotod wilhtlin office, minimis: the fidelity, xndw.lry and patience of a Clerk. In leaving Uns office. I cannot hotter thin through voo. rxpr ss my obligations to the cititens'qflhe County who have been called as jurors, parties or witnesses, and whose intercourse with me ns clerk, has ever been marked by kindness. To the Judaea who have been called to -a eat on yourBcneh. 1 tender my grateful acUuowlmliM'in.-uiH. particularly to Ihe Hon. Samuel S. Phelps, who has for seve ral years past officiated as Chief Judg.c ,nnd who ha with an unliting zeal, and fi. delily, reduced n cumbrous docket, within .a reasmnblc compass, enabling parlies hereafter, instead of delay from Term lo Term of their causes, to receive speedy trials and decisions. From a hasty glance nnd partial exam ination I find since I have been clerk for the last sixteen year I havo caned lo be recorded, Jour thousand one hundred and My, large folio pages, consisting of Judge menu, Decrees Stc. There has been made out by myself and under my direction (fiir the uo at Court. Bar and Clerk) eighty four County Court Dockets wilh alphnhois Containing bren thousand, four hundred nnd thirty seven pages; for tho iupreme Court (for Judges and Clerk) nxlq five Zoeel,'coiilBiinnc M thousand fifty five na"es, makin" a total or one hundred fifty nine Dockets and alphabets wilh the accom panying minutes in each case, nnd making in the wholo nineteen thousand four hun drcd and ninety two pag: I am gentlemen Respectfully yours 'NATHAN B. HASWELL. Burlington, Jan, 10, 1037. BnAwmrtr,. Wo had supposed that this barbarous mode of punishment no longer xirled in our country, but a case hns re canlly occurred. It. B. Herring, of Ten neiBCC, who had murdered his own son, nnd had boon found guilty nl'maiulaughtor, was sentenced to be branded on I lie hand with the teller M , imprisoned for eighteen month', nnd pay a fine of $5000, nnd the costs of the peosecutioti. StNOur.Att Dki.u.-uon. Tho barn of Co lonol Eiisha Hull, New Haven, was do-s-troyud by fire on Saturday, 24th nit. A young man by the name of I'lnit, deaf and dumb, nnd uiso deranged, acknowledges by signs and writing, that ho set I he barn on fire; that ho had conceived the notion ol going to heaven, a Elijah of old, in u chariot of fire; that he set fire to the hay nnd laid down by the side of it, expecting lo bo tvafted upward-); but. the fire scorch cd him so that, his faith failed, nnd ho was induced lo leave the chariot and escape on fool ! FRIDAY M6ltN ING, JANUARY 87. It will be soon by reference to the cor respondence in another column, that Mr IIaswuMj has resigned the office of Coun ty Clerk ; nnd wo learn that tho vacancy has been supplied bv tho appointment of William Noble, Esq. of Charlotte. Mr. H. it seems has served tho public in this office for nearly sixteen years embracing a period of unusual political excitement nnd now voluntarily retires under ciretim stances alike houorablu to himself and gratifying to his friends. Of the csiima lion in which Ins official services are held by thnse who could best appreciate them the resolution of tho Bar is an honorable testimonial; and we can wilh pleasure add that we have never heard even an impu tation against his official integrity. It is iriliv irratifvini' lo sec official relations of credit to all parlies. Aim in nutnuuu iu this, the simple fact of a man's voluntary resigning an office of profit, is a circum stance which ought not to overlooked in estimating the patriotism of the present day. The example is a good one, and if i he spirit which prompted it, was more prevalent, we should hear vastly less com plaint than wo now do about octogenary office-holders. There am times anil places for all things stations Tor all men but no office for any one man always. This is the republican creed, according to our text bonk. The northern Van Huron etatos are about to realize ihe benefits ofthfir slavish subserviency to party. It is perfectly ap parent, i lint. Mr Van Buren assumes the fact I hat he is Mire of Maine, N. Hnmpehirn and New York, under any circuui-tances--wit limit rogaid to measure. Iu tliffC state.) "parly machinery" is all powerful lo quiet any misgivings about measures, and it now only remains for our glorious 'northern President" to sccuro the South by at once "falling in with Southern mcas tires. Hence Iho present surrender of protection to northern industry. What a conoling reflection it is, thai we have got northern President ! There is some difference of opinion, as to the probable fate of the tariff bill. The more general belief is that it will not be definitely acted upon the present session. The la-i BoMon Atla-, however, expresses some upprolieut-ion on the Mibject, nnd gives its reason!. I Weslr.lcil nn finuiril.iy, on ihe niulinrily of ;t si I lerfniin Viilini;lnii, it wna lilt: prevailing ini picfion in i he mmI of Government, iliu Mr Cum I hie!en!'s Bill wniilil mil n.i the Hiiiim!. Laie ad- lices liavo ien n innrli re.ison lo fear lint I lie nninimi nl inn- ciiriPiiliiMident is itifturreRI : anil I It. I ; ji U llie inienlion nf .Mr Cunlnelen; and hi- fiieml i if! to force hi.i moiisirniu Itill upon ill I'i-ihiIr, UV leu n fi 0111 Ihe Newport 111. I.) Herald of the Times Mr Spr.mue, of die Ithole hl.ind di-le'' iliuii in Coiihm.., Imh wrilieu home id hi-i fiii'iiiNim ihe fiilijew ofiliiK lull. "x pressing 'the ulmwt alarm at the prospect in the House, and sailing that his sole reliance is on the resistance of the .SKNAru." Mr Sprasiie is ol'lhn Van I! p.ulv, and m poeiiu, pioh- alii,., of in fiiini'i'N and Inlenlions. I In is l.n ely inieip-ie.l in iiiaiiiil'.iciiire.-', nnd we pie.-uuin hul hi de (lUpused 10 aid in rri-.ilin nn cr.cili'ineiil or pan ir. wnul l lend lo h'n rei ioiis pen-onal injuiy. Ho may h pie oil lo ipe.ik, then, fiom his nilu. mini) and intcrcls, a 11 wcll-inroi un-il nnd well. in. tcniioned man, who Ids no oilier object in view ill. 111 ihe roiiimiiuicalion of llie I1111I1 10 his conslilu- em. lint not nnlv has Mr Hniacue lluu communicateil wilh his coonitiiciils l,,.v have nded upon hi-i ndvii'R ami inloiiu.llinn. 1 ne ueui-rai i"einoiy ofllhodH Maud, on Thursday last, adopted Itesolu- liniM oi but a single dissenting voice, pioie.-n- in llm slroiii'iM lainjiiae a misl llie luleiler- rare of t Jonjit' wilh llie Loiiiiioiiiim: Act, ns grc.illy injurious 10 all hraurlies of industry, 10 all inteieMs in the Stale and cnuntry, and it violation of die faith ofiuir Nniinnal Leisl.noie. I lei e we liave die example of 11 Van Ituien Legislature, fuITi. cicnllv inilcpfi'lenl ol ihe dircipline of Piniy, lo make' 11 ne, 11 Iv unanimous I'roiesl naiuit llm pmfli. (jam moement of Mr C.unlircleii". i'hry weie nut ready in sacruico llin iniereis 01 uieir consiuu. cnn to liic niuniph of I'aiiiiin and Fraud, They ivnin 1101 nrenaied lo lake the lucid from die mouth of L.ihor, 10 sustain llie isceiidaucy of ilhgollen and miirh.uhiised powor. I hey voled 111 men t-lioulil li no voled, under Ihosn rirciiuisinncrs, wilh a sin Kle eye 10 ihe honor and good f-iilh of die Republic, Hie necessities, the interests, tue rigius ami uuties of die I'cople. Thk Much has been f.said in tho Administration papers, nf the necessity of ruducing the TarifT, in ordor lo prevent the accumulation of surplus funds in the Treasury; and those unacquainted with the facts, might well suppose, from their remarks on this subjeC, that tho whole of the surplus now to be divided among the several States, had been raised by oppres sive, taxation upon the people, (in the form of custom-house duties) and that unless tho TarifT should bo reduced, tho same ac cumulation will 0!?ain take place. But what is the true slate of the case I his fund is principally iho avails of our great land capital, converted into money and not revenue, in the ordinary nccoptalion if the term, an arising from imposts nnd taxes. Not less than thiiitv-five mil lions of tliu balance now in the Treasury, has nrion from the sales of public lands SINCE THE PAYMENT UP THE NATIONAL iiEiiT (within the two Inst years) lor ihc payment of which, 'these lands were pledg ed. This sum, at least, then, instead of having "been drawn from Iho pockets of the people, merely lo be returned to them, again," may be considered un inheritance gained by tho toil and blood of our revolu tionary fathers, and bequeathed to us, their children now unincumbered and free. And there tines not appear lo bo nny no ccssily for roducing the Tariff, in order to prevent tho accumulation feared as it was slated in the report of tho Secretary of the Treasury, ot the commencement of the present session, that the estimated cxpen. scs of the present year are 27,000.000, while iho receipts are estimated at 24.000, 000, about G.'OOO.OOO of this sum Wing the proceeds of the public lands. Had Mr. ('lay'.-' 'Laud Bill, which passed both Houses by n largo majority, and wan vetoed by the 'President, become n law, the dis tribution of the proceeds of tlio'public lands among the States would havo prevented the accomulatinii of tho surplus; and ihc passage of a similar bill now, would doubt less be more acceptable lo the people, tlmn the project brought forward by the Van Buren leaders, of prostrating the manufac Hiring interest of tho country, in violation too of the Compromise Act of 1034. Mr Van Ness, it seems, is not coming home, after allunless he should again be a candidate for congress, in which case the Sentinel will have him "halfway across Iho Allnntic," instantcr. Our .Minisler to Spain, General Eatos, was el ill, at the dale of the last tidiicei. (27ih Novcm- l)pr,1 ilemincil til Cadiz, Willi In l.uiuly, in roll Feciuenceol Ihc ihstiulii'd cniiililinn nl ihn country heiufeti dial port and Madiitl, it lipin; llie t heal i e oflliH inililary operations of llie fiitnv nf the Car- lit tieneral domez nnd iluifc ol iiih inrHiiem, The destinciion of I lie foinier, however,, whirh would he doubtless followed ly llie retain of Nar- vt'iiz with hij army to Madrid, I hence lo proceed lo parlicipnie in llie war in llie northern piovmres, having removed dial ohsmclK, he would, in nil prohaliilily, dliecllv to the capital, pei liapa miner the nnniedi.iic csrort ol llie iii my ol INar vuez. Mr Van Ness mill continue I lo reside at Madrid in capacity, and is mentioned, nn thn iicr.isiun ol llie opcnniL' ol the Cone?, as li.ivin heen present, wilh llie oilier lc'' 111011?, si? "ihe American niiuicler" rather a mate of I Iii ni.'., 1I1.1I of two ininicieis plenipnieiiliarv lioni ihuVniinirv loilic mine Cum i. lei'ldm Wllllin llie hmim of die s-iinc Uni'doiii, lio'li, it 11 In he pre mined, diawlng 1 heir salaries, lliouijli llicie ii nojilnuhle niioronriaiion 111 hirre lor lite purpose (ion. Baton had heen ahuut six weeks, in Cadiz wheie he kept house and gave eiHtrlaiiiiuer.iB. J7fi-oo(an. The btorm of Saturday nijjhl and Sunday appears to have been .1 very impartial one for we hear similar accounts of it in all di rectinns. It is generally admitted In he tho severest we have had for many years. In this vicinity, the snow is literally pilci mnuii'.aitis high, and llie interruption tobu sinem has been very serious. Some ot our hou-es ot worship were not opened nl all on Sunday, &. not afewofour business men who had,,drawn"close on Sat urday, found iheinselves with large deposits in bank on Monday morning. Things have very much improved however, and Ihe spires of most of the churches are now visible. We learn that n young man named Thompson, son of Col. Luke Thompson of this town, came near perishing in attempt, ing to cross the Lake on foot in the storm of Sunday last. His companion was com. polled to leave him about two miles from the New York shore and when he returned with assistance, found him in a helpless condition his arms and legs evorely froz en. He is enid to be in a very critical con. dition. Ti:xas. It beciiis that Gen. JJoustou ta king oxamplo of Iho Hero of Ihrco Wars, pronounced his veto on a hill passed by Iho Texas Legislature, in relation lo Santa Anna. Tho Legislature (hen re-enacted tho bill by a vote of two. thirds, which nullified Iho vclo But Iloubton having tho army witii him, re fused to acknowledge tlioir authority. Tho pour members hoving aothing but the Constitution and Laws on thoir sido werejeom polled lo submit. It was t-aid in a South ern paper that Santa Anna is to pay Houston $ 100,000 for his liberation.! ! ! ! Tho Portsmouth Journal, alluding to tho great quantity of grain manufactured into whukey in this country, which has n direct tendency to continue, and perhaps incroaso tho picsont high prices of broad, says : "A fow days since not a singlo bushel of Hyc could bo obUined in ibis toWn. It is a fact which ilcservos logislalivo inlerforanco that man v portions of our country aro suffer Ing from tho waul of bread slutTs, while tho larjo dinlilhuiu aro soizini; upon vast quan tities of tho best of grain, und usinr it for n much worso purposo than coiniriillin g it to tho llaincs. If tho gifts of I'rovidenco aro to ho Ihus Iriflod with and misapplied without complaint, lut us not ropiuo when famino slares us in tho face." Wo boliovo a hill is now boforo tho legisla -turo of Massachusetts, to prohibit tlio distilla tion of grain Somo measure of llils kind is loudly called for. Wu notice that tho last arrivals or mrign ryo at N. York , wore imino. diatcly taknn by Iho distillers at $1,45, per biihhel. In his annual movsage the President do j clnred as follows : The unexpended balances of nnnrnpria- tion. on the lt day of January next, arc estimated at $$I4,C3G,GG2. exceeding by 9,. uju,uu-: i no amount winch win ou lett in the depnsito banks, subject to the draft of the treasurer or the United Slates, nfier the contemplated transfers lo the several States nro made. If, therefore, the future receipts should not be sufficient lo meet those out ttnndins and future appropriations, there maybe soon a necessity to use a por Hon of the funds deposited icith the States. Iloro is a caution lo Iho States not to make loo sure of their depoito money, since there is a possibility of tho Treasury being emptied of all its cash. Is it to be supposed for a moment thnt the Tory sec tion of I he committee or Ways nnd Meant) had overlooked all these things, when they recommended a sudden reductioti of seven million por annuni, particularly 09 the President has also characterised an nbrupt modification of the Tariff ns "a sudden and destructive 'revuhion in the business of the country"! For our part, the more wo ro lled upon the matter, lbs stronger is our conviction that, Mr. Carhbreleng's bill, is a juggle and a hiimbug, which the party dare not, and do not mean to pass, but which is'brought forward to cover some dirty and sinister design which the mann. gers are ashamed openly to avow. Albany Dai. Advertiser. Fire Company, At the annual meeting of the Btirlinglon Fire Company on the 25lli inst., the following pertons were elected a Board of TruMcen. Mcisri. N. B. Havtvell, John Howard, Ch.irles Adams, Wm. I. Seymour, J. B. Ilnllenhcck, John Bradley, Hytnun Lane, Carlos Baxter, S. S. Townsend, Daniel Dav, Wardens. Lyman Ciimmings Clerk, nnd Robert N. Fl,tck Treat urer. Schools. By a law of the last session, it is made tho duty of district clerks to re port to the town clerk, in the month of January, annually, tho number of scholars within their several precincts. The fol lowing is the act. It is hereby enaclci by the General As sembly of the Slate of Vermont, That the several School district clerks in this Stale shall return the numbers ofscholius in their respective districts to the town clerks, as provided in the net to which this is an ad dition, in tho mouth of January, annually, ns they are on the firt-t day of January, nny law, usage, or custom to the contrary not withstanding. Tho Massachusetts Legislature ha3 passed a bill to divide the surplus money nmong the several towns and cities in pro portion to population. Santa Anna has arrived at Washington. MARRIED. In E?ex Mr. II. II Bostwick of llie firm of Stair and IloMick of ihis villajc. 10 Mis Clarissa I In 111 li on , Daughter ofOeacon Hamilton of llie former place. , In ilonlpelier, on llie 7ih Inst, Mr Geo. W. Durgin 10 Mi.s Julia L Mead. In this lown on llie 1 81 It inst. Mr. Sewel B. Kenney 10 Mrs. Mary Corbin. DIED. In iliii lown, on the I5ih inst. Mr Joseph Barnes aged 45 )ear. Iu this town on llie 20th inst Mr John Lalhrop aged nhout 42 vears, In Knrkinshiim, on llie 17ih tilt., Jatnet Walker I'fi). a '(evolutionary soldier, n;;ed S4. BURLINGTON ASSEMBLIES. Tho third Burlington Asembly will be held on Thursday llie 2d day of February 1 037. D. M. Vi.RXEY V II I T E S M 1 T H . HAS returned to Burlington, and he found constantly at his post, door south of the Jail. Church Street. Burlington Jan. 20. 1037. will one Notice IS hereby ffivon that Iho Firm ofMunsnn. Horrick &JCo. was dissolved on iho 1 G tit dnyof January insiant. bv moiunl consent. ELI AS LYMAN. MORTON COLE. JEHIEL MUNSON, HIRAM HERR1CK. Burlington. Jan. 2.0, 1037. THE copartnership between the sub scribers for Iho manufacturing ol Cabinet Furniture nnd Chairs was distil veil by mutual consent, on iho. Sd of Oct. last. JOHN ABBOTT. D. K. PANGBORN. The Books and demands of the laie Firmt of Abbott & Wood, and Abbott & Pang born ore in tho hands of Ihe subscriber for settlement. All demands due them must be paid immediately or they will be left for collectinn. JOHN ABBOTT. Cahinet Furniture &, Chairs. THE subscriber ha-t on hand and for sale at tho old stand nf Abbott nnd Wood, south bust corner Court House Square, a ood assortment of Cabinet Work nd Chairs, consisjiitg in part of .Mahogany Side Boards, .Sofas, Bureaus Center, Grecian. Dining, Breakfast Work, and Toilet Table:-: lligh post Field nnd French Bedsteads Wash and Light Stands; Dressing Cases, Mahogany FramedjLook. ing Glasses, itc. &c. Grecian Mahogany Chairs, Stuffed seals Mahogany Rocking do Curled Maple Cauu Sent do Fancy, Cane and Rush Sent do. Windsor, Rock ing. Kitchen, and Children's Chairs &c. The nhuvo Furniluro will bo sold for cash or short npproved Credit extremely low, JOHN ABBOTT. Lyman & Cole ITT AVE received n nunntity of Canadn XX Stockings, Sheeps Grey Cloth, Tow Cloth, nnd Footings. 30 do. Prs, Buck Mittens and Gloves. 3 doz Buck Moccasins, 3 doz Indian Beaded dn. Burlington Jnn. 27, 1837. To the Public. THF3 subscriber has purchased of C. Uoonmcir, Ins Book-Biudiug tools. Stock &c. mid lias removed llie Mtim to i ho building formerly occupied by Wm. Wainwhioiit, for a tin ware factory, where the Book-Binding business will bo carried on in all its various branches. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. The subscribers have formed a connexion in tho Book-Binding business and will do binding in all its branches. Blank-Books ruled to pattern and bound to order. Or ders sent by mail for Blank Books, Binding, or Ruling .paper, thankfully received and promptly executed. Tho patronage of the public is respect fully solicited. S. HUNTINGTON, M. II. LYON. Bindery a few doors east of V. Harring ton's Bookstore. Burlington Jan, 27, 1037. Beech Timber. 17 ANTED a few Cords of first rato second TT urowlh Beech Timber, suitable for Tools, for which a fair prico will bo paid, on delivery, lnquiro at this olficc. Hurliuglon Jan. 25,1837. Plaster. Tons Ground Nova Scotia Plaster, by J&.T. H PECK CO. GLASS. i Aff Boxes Champlain, Peru and Jer. 300 Rcdlord. Sarauac and CI nton Crown Do. by J. &. J. PECK & CO. IRON & STEEL. m TONS American Manufactured nliO Iron, includinnHorsQ Shoe, Scroll, Band from i to 4 inches -Round from 4 to 3 inches , Square from 5 to 3 inches 35 Tons EnalHi, Swedes, V. S. J. itussia w New Sable Iron. S Tons Russia Nail Rods. Cant, German, Spring & Swede Steel, by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Nails and Brads. a nnn KpK3 NnW from 3d to G0d. 1UVJU 200 do Brads dn fid lo 70d. By J & J II PECK & CO. Lorrillard'sSnuflf & Tob acco. OOn Jars lorrillard's Mnceoboy Snuff. 5blls. do .Scotch do. 40 do do Cut Tobacco. 40 Kegs Plug do. 10 Bnxo Cavendish do. By J & J H PECK &. CO. Teas &c. jr'A Chests Youujr Hyson Ten. J 70 do Hyson Skin do 100 Boxes Raisins. 30 Kegs do 10 Teirces Sal.Erntus Cassia. Cloves, Nutmegs, Pimento, Pep per, Ginger, 5tc. J & J II PECK &. CO. Notice. npHE undersigned Commissioners of ihe - Deaf nnd Dumb, will meet at the American, in Burlinglan, on Ihe 15th day of February A. D. 1037, for 1 ho purpose ofnpprobatmg nnd designating t ho objects of tho Stale's bounty, agreeable to the provision of "nn Act lor the benefit of the Deaf and Dumb." passed Nov. 9. 1025. and of an "Act for the benefit of the Blind," passed Nov. 7, 1033. Applications in be half of nny who arc desirous of becoming beneficinrics, can be made lo either of the Commissioners previous to the time of holding the meeting JOHN SMITH. ) E.N. BRIGGS. CommiiJitmen. ALLEN WARDER. ) Dec. 20. 103G. Notice. AT a meeting of the Directors of the Col Chester jlnnufnclurini Company duly holden on the 20i7t day of December 1030 it was ordtred that an assessment office dollars be laid upon each share of the Capitol stock of said Campanii to be paid on or befo'e Ihe first day of February 1037, and a further assessment of five dollars upon eacli .share oj said Capital slock lo be paid on or Ueure tne first day of Jljurch 1037. GEO. L MA HSU, I'rcsl. Dec. iiO, 103(5. PAY. THE subscriber is under I ho necos'i'y of calling 011 nil person indebted lo him. either by note or hook, to make im mediate payment. His ni'cessitiei being loo urgent lo admit of delay, ho confiden lly hopes thiscall will be promptly onswer. ed by all concerned. Burlington, Jan. 10. 1037. CLOTH LOST. LOST on Friday tho 30lh Dee. Inst, be. iwcou Jeiico Comers and C'npl. Joseph SinolairV in E?sox, ono pleco of wiuo colored pressed CLOTH, containing about eleven vards. labelled Z. Bruce, WillisKm ; ali-o a "pieco of snuff colored fulled Cloth, coiitainino; from cloven lr iinrtcon yus maritci, j. r. is with linen thread, on ono end, and directed to "J. V. Jleckwith, Williston lo bo left nl Jerr co Corners." Whoovor will deliver said cloth to Z. Ilruco, Chittenden's Forry, Williston, or givo information wheio it may bo found, bhall bo liberally rewarded. .1. p.BECKwrrn, 'A. BRUCE. Williston, Jan. 5, 1837. liOST ,N Friday lut, n largo grey FUR KJ CAPE, lined with blue-black silk. The finder shall bo suitably rewarded by leaving il ill the Book Store. Decern. 29, 1030. Spanish Otter Caps, Capes &c. 6Casos suporior Spaninli and American OllorCaps. 3 do Seal and coiiin. Hair Soul do. Russia Snuirrel. Jeuotlo, Lynx and Sable Capes and MuflV. Gent, and' Ladios sup. Fur lined Gloves &e. kc, by LATHROI' i POT WIN. Nov. It, 103 6. HOLMES' POEMS, just publiilied and for sale bv V. II AnniNOTON. Deolh lf!30. ' Colchester Muiiufactur'lng Company. NOTICE is hereby tbo'itock holders of the Colchcstor Manufac turing Company, I hnl(t heir annual meeting inr toe election 01 uireciors lor Die ensuing year will bo hnlden ut Lyman &, Ma rah.' offico on tho 14th day of February A D lu-7, at 0 o'clock I'. H. CARLOS BAXTER, Clerk. January 13, 1037. The Last Call. riHE subscriber having wasted one .L yenr since ho closed his businesa to settle und receive payments from those in debted to him, finds it impossible for him to spend further lime lo attend to jt per sonally. He would therefore notify the few who havo not paid thnt his demands will in a lew days bo left with an attorney who is a man that Is to be found at all times in his office and who will, settle with them in his own wuy. L. LOOMIS. Burlington, Jan. 10 1037. 3w. NOTICE. 7 fflTkTIE agency of tho lands of tho Society for OL ihe propogation of tho gospel in Foroign parts, for tho County of Chittenden, lias been transferred lo Iho subscriber, who willreceive the rants due upon said lands, at his offico. ever the Storo of Messrs, Lyman & Cole, Court HousoSquaio. . GEO.' B.SHAW. Builhiglon Jan, 19, 1037. 3w Nathan Allan's Estate. STATE OF .VERMONT? District of Chittenden. The honorable the I'rnhain Court widiin and fur the District of Chillenden. To the creditor! and others concerned in llie estate of Nalhio A llenjaie of U'illislon in said District, deceased. III.RCAS David I' tench rtdnunislralor at bonis non of faid deceased, hath made ap plication lo this Court, tp extend die lime limitMl lor making payment ol tne Utiils ol Mid ucceaieo, twelve months from the first day of February next nnd die 4lh day of l-'ebtirary next, lieins asiigqc' for it hearing in the premises, nl ihe otllceolth- Register of litis Com t, and it having been ordered ihat uoiirc (here of be given bv publishing lliii 01 der llirce weeks successively in llie Free,Pre, ,r news papir primed at liurhnglon, before Ihe liru fixed for hearing. Theiefore. you tne hereby notified, lo app hcfoie said Court, at die time and place aforeaaie then nnd ihcre, to make objection if any you ha lo tin; said lime of payment being further extendi ' as nfuics.iid. ( ( (ien tinder my hand llii.- IS1I1 day of Jauuu.j A. D. 1837. , ... WM. WESTON, Register. Ethe subscribers having been ,t pointed by the Honorable tho Pr hate Court for the district of Grand I--Commisioners to receive, examine and n' jii-t ih" claims and demands of all pcrsm ngain-t ihe estate of Bird Landon late t- South Hero in said district deceased repre, t-?nted insolvent and ulso all claims and demand- exhibited in offset thereto; and six,monihs from the tenth day of December. A. D- 1036, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby givo nonce, tliat we will attend to the b.n. siiiescofour oppointmcit ot the dwelling of the widow Susan Landon in South Hero in said district on the first Monday of April anil May next, nl ten o'clock A. M. ou each of said days, ., Dated at South Hero this 9th day of Jauuerv 1037 WALLIS MOTT. CALVIN FLETCHER. Commissioners. 10 pieces new and elegant pat terns of Figured Ploin and Sattin Striped Shallvs. just received by ' LATI1ROP Sc POTWItf, Cold Weather Articles, At the Cheap Cash Store. BUFFALO ROBES. Fur Caps and Capes, Mittens, gloves. Moccasins. Over r-hoe. Satin .Beaver, for Bonneta, -hnwls. iSic. 2000 lbs. Cotton battinf. Also a new stock of carpet ing and woollen yarn. Broad Cloths, Cassimeres and Sal ilnetts. all for sale very cheap by S. E. HOWARD P. S. Wonied--A first rate English Ingrain Carpet Weaver. n.'c. cj. NOTICE. THE Lessees and debtors of tho town of Burlington will take notice that heir rent and interest, falls due on Ilia first day of January nxt. Punctual pay ment is' expected without flintier notice. NATHAN 15.. HASWELL, Town Treasurer. Burlington Dec 20th, 1036 ANNUALS f"r 1037 ree'd bv VERNON HARRINGTON. Tho Mngnolia. Fricndi-hip's Offering London, The Fairy Book, The Pearl, The Gift, Tlio Token. Religious Souvenir, The Violet &c. &c, Dec, 22, 1030. 300JIS received by V. HARRINGTON. Clark's Promises, Mclmnlhs's Religious Life, Christian Radicalism, Legend of St. George, Draper's Parables, Christmas offering. Now Years Token London. EiikIHi Nnvigalois, Tho Jowcll, German Tourist, &c. kc. Dec. 2-4, 1030. Brushes and Bellows. WTjlUS day received fiom. tho monufaeturar X a full nnd complete assortment of Cloth, (lair, Hal, Tailorn Cloth, Tlorso, Stovo, Shot, Floor, Fancy and plain counter Bruthes, and Fancy and Plain Bollows; forsalolow bv ROBERT MOODY. Nov,". 1030. NOTICE. A Meeting of the stockholders of tho Pleasure Boat LADY VAN NESS, will bo holden a the Champlain Hotel, on Tuesdav evening ncxi, at 7 o'clock. Dee 14 P. P. ALLEN, See.

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