Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 24, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 24, 1837 Page 3
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J I FRIDAY MORNING, IfEDRUARY 24. Fi.oniDA WAn. Charleston papers of' the I3ih insl. put us in possesion of the following impnrtnnt intelligence, and wc einccrely hope it will prove correct. But nated." on paper, wnnin me mo- two that wc must confess ur doubts as to tho verity or the fact in the present instance. Ool. Andrews, U. S. army, arrived at A ..,,oli,,rv nn I In, II ill insl. OXOrCSS. paccmcnt wini me inuinns, wmu. i.iu ... .. ...l.!-U I n.t two days i on the second day Jumper and Alligator came in under a flag of truce, and surrendered themselves, stating that the Indians are in a distressed situation and anxious for peace. During the engagement, Your U. S. sol dier8 and four Indians were killed one hundred Indians and negroes were taken Jumper ond Alligator a pointed i no turn irwi. ns ma nav 10 uniiciunu u tiumv Dade's Battle Ground, and had despatched expresses tnjilio Indians to inform them of 'the arrangement. They stated that Powell was on the isl and in the Witlilacocliee with about one hundred anil fifty follower!. : they .-opposed the he would come to terms; and should he refuse they would point out, where ho was. All hostilities were to cen-e by both parties TExts.--The Telegraph announces llio iptnrn of Pieaidrnt Hmi-lon fium the Ami) In the trill of Government, sunt his report the ironps weie in 'fine liealili imil spoil?, mid never in vfficiciiev. Nut 20 men union;; lliem ocr -10 jear nf age, anil nil improving every d.iy in dis cipline. Tim bone- nnd si-hr? nf those sl.iirt ni the HM.iult of the Alamo, weie in he collected nnd buried with the honors nf w nr. There wis tin nlTr.ij nn tlm ISilt nt Cohimhi.i, in which n Air. Knox thai n Air Anderson nol to death however and was fuilhwith .uie.-ied and hrlil in bail in 3000. A skirmish was fought in Rohinnn'- eolonv, be tween ;i party nf 14 rangers, and 100 Indians, in which two of the fuitner weie killed, soul ths nllm were driven nil. 'I he Telegraph denies I tint Gen. Jackson wrote to Gen. HiHHinn, soliciting the rcle.i-o of Gen. Santa Anni what a list of grnenil nnd pre-i-lini!J Ian ."ImiiK ihi-ic Imp lieen eoi lespondenre between Inn. Iloiuion and the American 1'iesi. deni. The minrt nf the npprnarh of the Mexican in. vailcr weie lint niiiili lielicvx'd in Texas. "Deal" ritniih" wan nn the scow, hut sent in no news ul' their iippearanre. Gen. Je-iiin. 11 will be recrlioeied about year Mtiee. wrote n letter to 151m 1 r. of the Globe, eontilaining ol Gen, Scott;' mnnng". Client in Florida, insinuating serious char ges against htm. nod stigcesting thnt II In i r might in-til tin p iiui into the enr nf the ffesidni. He 'ltd mi: nnd on iI.ih mi tlior'nv'f j'n.ScoM wns recalled and a court 'Umrlinl ori.t'red Vb olt h no ciitire it rid honorable iicq1-! al of .Scott, und a :n.iiro of Jessup fer hi- mean and das tardly ronduei 10 'In1 t'trur. Tint- foiled to hi attempt lo gratify nn old grudge nr'ntP'-t Scott, and sniartinr under the im plied et'ii-tire of his own conduct in li-ten iiitr to 1 1 m i-land'Tpt nf n Kitchen hctiliimijlic 'Touritt!! lion nagniii rou,-t il, and the Presi. dent refuses to i-rt unt ion lite drct-inn nf ilu Court, iiiiiinaiinn; that lie is not to bi fub. d nfl' in tins way. I le my 1 hey hml nn business to allude to Jessnp's letter or Blair's agency In the business. So we go. The course pursued hy 1 Ik? sidiuiui-trnlioii pmiy in relation to I lie Investigation into the condition uf the departments, is nidi we icret 10 say it sis lo leave lit lie ilouht as In the existence of the cor ruplionschurgcd. Else why all this sensitiveness, special pleadiiig.'btillwiig, and ehrinking front a full investigation of fitcls. Those sue weapons and subterfuges furci,-!! lo the demands of conscious innoeence. Mr Wise it will he recollected was denied si committee 10 investigate, until the tension was half gone, and he himself had been appointed on another committee whose whole time was iripiitcd in stn equally important investigation, And when the committee was finally appointed, how was it con stituted! In utter vialnllon all parliamentary u-sijje nd every principle of honor, six of iheninc mem bers composing it were taken liont the ndminis tration benches, nnd known to be opposed 10 all investigation, J hus culienched, the iiilniinislrsi- lion couta iisk 111c loniid nrnn invesug.ilion! And vliat has been the course of ibis majorilvl Why, in four cases out of five, they have refused to per mit the minority to make any investigation what. ver. and lo I lie few innuiriei Mr IVisn I... been permitted to make, the majority have tacked 00 the qualification, "contrary law," "ns you understand it," ofcniir.e. WI1.1t an insult to common sense ! What judge or jury ever made the finding of the facts in a case dependant upon the lliief'i opinion whether he had stolen "con. rary to law," or noli The people demand llio with or wiihout law. Mr Wite proposed to prove that Ames Kendall has received fifty thousand Hollars, from a land company for bis influence sit Washington in perfecting a ion This he win not pcrmiiued to do of course, and the people are asked 10 preeiune thai such is not thefdril Add 10 this die inrolem refusal of the President and all his subordinates to lespoud to theinqniries ofihe committee nt all, and 110 ina"n it seems 10 us can longer doubt as lo 1 tic ncitial condition ofihlngsut Washington, A full (level, ppement would utleily tisloniihlhc woild. Nkw Voiik Riot H will be seen that law id as you understand it, has bono enrried out in tho city, of New York by nn attack on several Flour warehouses, and dcmoli tion of properlty. If no charters, says the Albany Dni'y Advertiser, contract , ,r .mw uik Jtv 7tffe hank Gcu. Jackson and Mr. Dallas for the I doctrine. Physical strength, "King Nutn hers," nnd the law of thu strongest, arc tho only principles which are recognized by the majority, and the consequences of such n state of things is inevitable. Those who have set the example of trampling on tho laws and Constitution must expect to see sucn commentaries as these become very popular ! Tho mob only imitate their masters at Washington, and can quote choptcr and verse from General Jackson as uuthority for every outrage. Inn healthy state of the body politic, ouch offences as these ngniti!t the law would not bo permitted, but while the maxim is received that to 'the Victors belong the Spoils," wc can not expect to see any change for the bet ter. The system of violence and proscrip tion in already reacting upon those who have thus far maintained their supremacy by its means, orTd the innocent are tinfor tunatcly sufferers as well as the guilty. Do.MESTtc Affliction. We sec it sta ted from a foreign paper, that the Mistress of thu American Minister at Madrid has deserted her lord bud married a foreign Duke. If this be true there is certainly some reason lo heiieve that Mr. Kincarl's baggage may be spared the mortification of another canvass for congress. The Sentinel may now solely aver that the can clidnte himself will be here m time for the next election, for (toqtioto the languago of that paper on a former occasion,) "the ob j,jct of his mission is now accomplished. The si niggle for the succession, between Benton and Mr. Rives appears to be about commencing in good earnest. The Phila delphia Herald, the warm advocate of the claims oft he Great Kxpunger of Missouri trcata the Little Expunger of Virginia .villi marked contempt. It habitually styles him "the Bank Democrat," and has already warned Mr. Von Buren that a neglect of Col. Benton, will be followed by prompt hostility to himself Ou the other hand the Journal in the interest of Mr. Rives, the Washingtonian, does not scruple to declare that Benton tnus-t be put down that if he is not sum manly dispued of, this arch intriguer will reach the pinnacle of his operations and ot Ins fir.-t sweep will strike down the whole Von Buren party head-over heels. "Under the circumstances 1 lien, it is no wonder that the Washingtonian holds this language. "L"i him co c.verboard at once, wo sav, ' nnd his exclusive schemes with him, that "I lie inoneiury transactions of the country "may he restored to order & stability. He "has been the nggrcsior the whole of . "this matter, nnd thrill wc now be told that long and qiet possesston shall give nun u pi' BL.i iiiiiiiiiiiuy ogaicsi remi- laiintt. May God fotbid." From this specimen our readers may judge how long it will be before the par tisans of those two aspirants to tho Pre deney, will bo in full cry. Il is natural enough that the "Victors" after the bat tle is won, should quarrel about the divis ion of i he booty. The gang of despoilers has become inconveniontly large, and there are many more claimonts for a shore of i he plunder, than there are spoils to divide. Being ll?!d together by no com ir.on principle or settled line of policy, what can be mooted but that the Van Buren party should fall to loggerheads among themselves- in parcelling out the issues of the public Treasury, and Hid honors and emoluments of office? The individual who with singular gooi fnrtutio has wriijgled liimEelf rnto the presidency, will wo ima "inn. bo deceived in tho expectations of that "repose" whrch ho to fondly antici pate. His odmiitistrnlion will be one of squall and storms, anil many of his present friends transformed by disappointment into into his bitterest and most relentless ene mies, will I bunder vengenncu in his ears. THE 2o7i7oF FEBRUARY. Next Tuesday is Ihe day appointed by tho Am Kmc an Temperance Union, for snnultaiieoin meetinr's lo promote the growth of temperance principles. We are requested to give notice that arrangements have been made by the E.xocutive Commit, lee of the Burlington Association for a gen. oral meeting, lo be holden nkxt Tuesday Evening at the Court House, at I past C o'clock. Two gentleman from the Chit tenden County Bar havo been engaged to deliver addresses. Ladies and gentlemen of tho village and town are invited to at tend. Principles und facts will be Mated and illustrated, which it will bo interesting to the whole community to Heab. NEWVOKIC MARKET, Feb. 19. Ft.oun Prices h ive rsitlter advanced inr exeitetneai. Modeialo i.ileg of wexrrn $11 87 a 812: Georgetown and Howard alreui $611 7S. (iKAIN Tin? triuisactioiij ninre week do nut exeerii, u.uuu liiKlii'M, at noes varying Horn 2 10 to 2 20 "'s. The stuck ol'rje id light, aoine ciies hao been made til 1 55 lo dioillera. Con. sideiahle southern liiiii ms in rived, und s.iles of about (iOOO hindieli sit 104 a 10S cents, 200 h,iu of nt"v tihilo beans by anci ion sold sit 175 r.ia. per blithe I, PitovisioNS Mesa Pork U in hrik demand Prime rather dull. No change in Href or Lard, Tho Southern members in Congress hav e become excessively ex" 'cd in cunconuencr Somo I 1(1 flit n. oiviu nf iliiiilinvi hnil n mectino-l with a view to devise some measures for their common protection agninst the olioli UonistH. A general Convention of the Southern Slates has been talked 0! as pro- liminary to a divis'nn of the Union, Turn Auout. WnshinL'ton city is swarming with clamorous and hungry office, seekers, who on the pica of "Rotation in Ofllce" insist lhat Mr. Van Unren sliail turn out thoso W'ho for eight years past have bad a chance at tho Treasury' pap, and thus inako Way for a new set of faith fill "Victor who are entitled to llietr share of "the spoils." This state of things must he especially cmbarrns-ing to the Head of the Non-Uommiital hcbool. Madness of Pautv. The H011-0 of Representatives of the Pennsylvania Lerris. lattiro hos pissed n bill to prohibit the Uni ted States Bank fromsubscribing to or hol ding stock in any roil road cornpnny, or other internal improvement companies of 1 hot common wrnlih ! By tho reports of the public sbools in Mas sachusetts, it appears that all tho boys in tho city of Boston, between I ho ago of 4 and 16, aro in allcndanco at public or privato schools excepting 33. Tho wholo number is estima ted at 16,81)0. Mr. Stacv : Permit mo through the medium of your paper to inqure of the Secretary of the Burlington Temperance Society if he can tell the time of tho next Hated or quar tcrly meeting of said Society by eo doing you will much oblige A Memdcr of the B. T. S. iuakkii:i. Tn Underbill on the 7ih insl. by the Rev. Mr. Kingsbury, Mr, Cyrus I'ucksird of Jericho to Miss MclUsa Mead, of the former place. Al Wiitervliet, by the Key. T. E. Veumilyea. Captain G. Lath nop lo Eliz&dktu daughter of Hubert Uunlop, t,sq. DIED. In this town, yesterday ninining, Charles D. only son of Cupt. Dan LyoS, aged nine months and five days. I'uiiernl, at 3 o'clock litis nfiernoon. In Washington, Vt, nn l lie IG1I1 tilt., Mrs. Ma. nv IIaglky, sifier an extremely long ami clisttcs sing illness, aged 48 years. In I. union, on ihf 'l2th int. Mr Hubert Giren, aged 62. He had heen si professor nf the religion of Christ many vears was cxemplaiy ami devoicd in Ins life, nnd died in the full sisiiiraiire nf hope. In Peach. im, I'eli, 4'h, Mr. A brain Vacuum, nged C'5 Also, l eh. Gth. '1r, John -'keclc,a lev ulutiouary pensioner, aed S9. In Wini-licndon, (Mass.) Miss I'li.clie Jane, daughter oi Mr. rriend Courser, aged 19. In I'laltrbuiuh, of Cniisaimplinn, ihe 3ih i 11 s I lirevet Major IIk.nj .mi.n Abbott IIoynton, nf the 2d Iteuiment of U. S. Inhume, in the 4Cih vear of his age. Clover Hco.d. NEW Clover Seed jn-i rrc'cl nnd for solo by HICKOK & CATL1N. Feb. 23. NOTICE, lift "iibscnbers givn nniico that the Grist Mill at too Falls is now in their possession. They huye employed on expe. rieneed Miller in the place of Mr. Edg j i Feb. 23 U!37 Garden Seeds. V Boxes ai-soricd Shaker Garden Seedsof last vent's firowlh by J. &. J, II. PFCK & Po MR MOLT PRESENTS his sincere thanks to that numerous rind highly respectable por tion ol the community who have solicited his t-tqying here, and lias great pleasure in inlnrming them lhat be intends complying with their wishes. He therefore offers his renewed services in his profession to all such as wish lo enjoy systematic nnd thor ough in-Unction in his art, and takes ihe liberty nf apprising his patron that his plan of teaching In the two Ladies' Kemiuaries will be ihe one followed in the principal Conservatories ol hurope, with such modi fications however, as the plac requires. liurlington, Feb. 'J2. 1 837. 1 1 PIANO FORTS ESTABLISHMENT. Jfl'MjHE subscribers respectfully inform tho yJ, ublie that they have formed a coparl nchip under thu linn of IIi:UKICK, CIIRISTOFIIKU& CO. for the pnrpoto of nianufucluring and selling Piano Fortes, in all Iheir varieties -, warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, touch, and tone, to any manufactured in tho United Stales, Tho operalivo pail of tho firm have had a long and thorough practice in tho best establishments in Boston, Philadelphia, and Non -York, and fool warranted by a competent knowledge of llio business, in recommending their Instruments equal in all respucls lo any in market. Amateurs in music and others are requested to call al thu Ware Rooms, Cor nor of Champlain and MacDonoiigh Slrcols, and cxamino Ihe instruments constantly mi hand, consisting of a variety of plain and tieh Mahogany Case, and supeiinr liuvy toned, Roso Wood, with tlx highly approved grand action, which produces a splendid clearness and brilliancy of lotto unknown to others- All orders by letter or olhcrwito directed to Ly man Cole, for Piano Foites, Tuning, or any other business connected with such an estab lishment, will bo promptly ulteuded to. Old instruments luned and repaired un reasonable terms, HIRAM MERRICK, Wm. II. CHRISTOPHER, LYMAN & COLE. Burlinglon, Vt.. 2'.'d February, 18.17. AXYIOXL COUNTY GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HnliE Sru.g Term of this institution will J. commence on Monday tho 27ih Feb under the siiperiiiteiiduuco of Mn. H. M. TOOF. The school has niiniboreil bulwt-cntiO it 70 students during the winter, mid thu Trus tees pledgo themselves that uothin'' shall be wanting on their part or on tho part nT thu Pnncipil to inako the school worthy of question, nnd the right of petition I'lC COtlll leiiet) 01 l -o T'lUlie ' . " U ' I I n ' l. ri CALEDONIA SPRINGS. ANALYSIS of tho Medlconal Springs, In Caledonia. Upper Canada. GAS SPRING. I QT. WATKIt, Chlorido of Sodium 89.75 " Magnesia 1.G5 ' Polasium 1.55 Sulphur of Limo 1,47 Carbonate of Lime 2.40 " Magnesia 2 50 " Soda 1,01) lion 1 03 lodino 1 35 Vcgotablo extract 1.52 Grains 100.22 WHITE SULPHUR SPRING. 1 QT. WATER. Chlorido of Sodium 60.44 do MngooMa .62 Sulphurate of I. itno ,CR Carbonate of Lima ,82 do Magnesia 3.C0 Grains CG1C SALT SPRING, so called. 1 QT. WATEA. Chloride of Sodium 108.22 do Monnesia 2.01 Sulphurate of Limo .2ti Carbonate of Lime 2.00 do Magnesia 5.12 do Soda .82 lodino of Sodium .38 Vcgotablo oxtrnct .61 Grains 120.44 Ono Hundred cubic inches of Gas from the Gas Spring analyzed is as follows: Light'Carbonatnd Hydrogen 82.90 Nilrogon 6 00 Oxygen 1.56 Snlphurato Hydrogen 4.00 Carbonic Acid 5.54 Signed. J. K, CHILTON, Chemist. Now York, 25th Oct. 1836. These waters havo been proved good for Rheumatism, Dispepsia, Salt Rheum, Fovcr A'ores, sore Eyes, Livur complaints and all blood complaints- Corn brooms. Dozen Com Broome by JLdfiU J& JJI. PECK&Co W. W. MESSER, No. 208 Washington Stkect, Boston, Importer and Dealer in English, Canton, French, German and American Fancy tiours. SUBJOINED is a Catalogue ofsomc of tho various kinds nf Goods W. W. MI'SSKR is constantly receiving from the Foreign and 1 J.acK airaws, loueiiier w.iit , ino ninowing a no Domolic Manufacturer. ! twS "'d instrnelivc Dissected Puzzles: In soliciliiiL'the custom of Merchants and wrought ivory and plain hox.M of Chinese Dealers, he assures them lhat he will soil his ' "zles M"P of the World, r.tirnpe, Amen. coods tor Cash ot Credit, a', as low prices and on as good'lerinsas can be foend in any City in ilm Union. llavinir noiiit commenced business, ho will be pleased lo sell for Cafii at a much lower rale of prolil than tho old and establish, ed hout-cs of the City aic in practice of doing. men GOODS. Gold and silver Pencil Cases in great vari ety; L'old, silver, shell, pearl and finely painted Siinlf and Tobacco Iio.o(- silver Spoons, Thimbles, butler and fruit Knives: pearl, agate and class silver mounted Seals; silver moun ted Dirks, Scissors, Stilettoes, Emeries and J Waxes; silver Tooth Picks, Whistles and Rattles; a variety of clrgant pearl Watch I Stands; ladies' rich gold plated Head Bands, I Bracelets and Bouquet Mulders ; inlaid roso' wood and silver furnished Sewing Boxes; t silver plated Teeth Brush, soap aod shaving Boxes ; gold and silver Vinaigrettes. , cutleky". 1 Pearl, ivory, stajr, horn and cocoa handled 1.2,3 nnd 4 blado Pen and Pooket Knives, of "Rogcr.i',M "Hunt's," "Cjooli's," "Rolhcram and "Bagshaw's" manufacture; desk, bowio and pruning Knives; pearl ivory and slag handled silver capped Dirk Knives ; a great variety of English and French manufactured Razors in cases, on cards and Dozens; minia ture Knives and Scissors; pocket, button hole, nail, laeoand common Scissors and Shears, of English and German make, nfevcry form and quality; Tweezers, eve. IlKUNJU.s,. French, English & American hair Brushes, of all possible varied sizo and finish ; clothes, nail, hat, comb, shavin! and slton Brushes, ol ureal variety ; 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 row fine French, English and American Icelli Brushes ; crumb and flesh Blushes. comhs. Fine ivory Combs of all sizes and prices; wrought and plaino shell Back and Side Combs; shell and btifT.iln horn Twist Combs; shell, ivory and horn Dressing Combs; pcerl, shell nnd horn Pocket Combs; silver. Guilt and jappanncd metallic Twist Combs; jot and guilt shell Sido Combes. SOAiS,PEKFUM.UY AND OILS. Almond paste Shaving Soap ; "Kow's," whito f: brown Toilot Shaving Soap ; Freech transparent and cxquisilnly perfumed Toilot Snaps, Lawsnn's composition Soap for the extraction of Oils from Cloth j American Toil, el and Shaving Soaps, in greal variety; real Farina, French nnd Aiuoriran Colognes; English and French double distilled Lavender Water; French perfumed Toilet and Bureau Cushions ; a general assortment of the French extract of flowers, too numerous to partieti. larizo; Maccassar, Antixtio, Vegetable and Bear's Oils'; Hoar's Greaso, pearl Powder, French and American Hair Powdor, and Olio of Rofo. POCKET HOOKS, CARD CASES &C. Plain and inlaid xhell Card Cases, pearl and wrought ivory Card Cases, giR and morocco do,; Souvenirs, Nolo Casus, Memorandum Books. Tablet, Thread and Nocdlo Cases of beautiful finish and extensive, variety ; ladies' silver and steel muuntcd Pocket Books, sim ple and combined with Card Cases and Neos dlo Bonks furnished nnd plain; Gentlemen's Wallets and Pocket Books, in as great a vari ety as can bo found in tho citv i Porcelain Slates, heaves and Tablets; shell Card Bas- liels, ol boautilul and varied forms. IIIIONZI'.I) GOODS. A ureal variety of unlutio mid eloL'anl nat I terns ef Biunzod Ink Stands and Thermoino tcrs; bronzed Card Hacks and Watch Stands; bronzed Pastilo llui new, tables Bells, C'olognu and P.nfnino Stands. DESKS, OASES, DON EH, ,VC. Udios'und Gentlemen's 12, 11. Hi, II!, 'JO and 22 inch rosewood and mahogany pearl in laid and brass bound Writing Desks, with Secret Drawers; lacies' and Oenllomen's r hlv foriio ap-l nh'n IVo1! r Ck s; unfurnished, rosowood, satinwood, bird's eye maple and mahoeanv Work Uoxcs ; it variety of sizes nnd patterns of pictured white wood Cotton Boxes ; travelling roll up ami locu up( Portfiilins: norfuinufv. iownl. handkerchief and clovo cases : olesant C'hincsu Tea Call. dies. MISCULANEOUS AKTICIjKS. Bead Bags and Purses, silk and leather do., silver plated, gilt and steel Purso Clasps; pta. tctl, gtlt,sttcl and glass Purso Kings anu I as sels; boxes of Motto Seals, embroidered Ber lin Needlework, poarl, matulla, Iegliorn. shell, leather, morocco and Gc;tnan Cigar Cases J fancy Toilet Glasses; Boxes and Baskets; fancv Album Books and Boxes; India Rubber Riegs and Balls,; clastic Garters: Indcltblo Ink, Steel and Gennaii Hones, English and American Razor Straps; Hiillnnia and Wood Shaving Boxes; Powder and PufF Boxes Lu cifer Matches ; Spool Stands ; wood, ivory and iron Silk Reels: ncarl and irory Silk and Cotton Winders; boxes of Pens, Inks and Sands; feather Dustets; wrought ivory. Chinese and feather Fans and Firo Screens; work, travelling, Canton, Freuch and Ameri can flaskets ; steel Pens of all tho most ap. proved manufacturers' inako; wax heids; co ral Necklaces ; safely chains ; Pins and Noo dles; Pin Cushions ; egg Glasses': steel, gilt nnd composition Thimbles; pearl, bone and Canton Paper Fotdets and Holders; Tape Measurers, L'old and silver Spangles; Trans- parent, broiizo end-common Wafers ; writing Ink and sand : Glass Inkstands and bantis ; Billet and Letrcr Paper, and all tho varieties of settling wax; Cloak Clasps; ivory, bono and cocoa Napkin Rinv2s : Puzzle, Mirror and loilcl tt lasses; toy WtUcncs and ooxes of Chinese Tovs. ARTISTS' TOOLS & MATEKIAI.S. All sizes of best prepared Canvasses ; Dry and ground Colors; Mastic Varnish ; Nut Oil; Lion's, Sable and Camel s tlatr lirtisltes; pal let Knives; Asphalttim; all sizes French and Enclish Ivories; water Colors; Mininlure Cases . black and white Crayons ; Portcray ons and Drawing Boards. SHOOTING & ANGLING TACKLE. Percussion Caps; Shot Bags; Powder Flasks; pocket Screw Drivers ; gun Worms: Game Bags, Flagons and Sportsmen's drink in? Cum. a vcrv convenient article for t ravel. lers : Fishing " Rods and Hooks, B iskuts, Floats; Linen, Manilla, Silk and Hair Lines : Fisli Gut, ie. &c. GAMES AND AMUSEMENTS. Siilendid Canton wrought ivorv Chessmen French, English and German ivory, bone and j wood ditto, Chess, Kaukgaminnn ana uiicquoi Boards'of Canton, English and Gorman make, ivory, bono and wood Chcqucrmeo : Cribbage Boards: English, French and American Play, ing Cards: wrought ivory, peat I, bono Whil and Loo Counters, Dice and Cups, -Dominoes, Lolo, Solitaire, German Tactics, Fox and Geese' Battledores, Birds, Corooellas, Game of the Graces. Cop and Bills, Boxes of Games, Jump Ropes, Bows, Arrows and Targets, ca a,,IJ . "u nniico e aies. iniouin. i.nnu ! apes, Manufacturo of Tin, Zoological Gardens. S.av Grand Aviary, avcry Aonlislicti, j Scenes In Iurl, Tuk'yi.iph. Tho Sorcerer. Scrtpuiro Views, Monument, A "B C , Harvest Lome, r air Day, Ji illy ititloti, Johnny Gil pin. Threading the Needle, blutr beard, Robin son Crusoe, Napoleon's JJivouae, A I'earaflei Marriage. Ilunl llio Slipper, No pleasing Eve rybody, fic, &c. N. B. Orders from tho Conntry promptly ateodetl to and put up with greal care. Burlington High School. T HE Trustees of this Institution give no- notion under will commence on Monday 20th insl llio caro of JMSEPII Ii. EASTMAN, A. M. Instruction will bo as usual in thoso branches which aro rcquisito to qualify young men cither for admission at College or fur any of the departments of business. The prico nf tuition is five dollar per quar ter for each scholar. Incidental expenses not lo exceed fifty cents per quarter. HCMAN AlI.C.N, J. K. CoNVEItSE, Timothy Fniaurt, Ai.van Foots, N. B. Hasweu., G. G. Isokiisom., Gko. Moottt:. Trunin. B i; 11 LINGTt N FEMALE rriUE Summer lerui of this Institution A will commence tho 2d of March and continue 2 quarters without n vacation Ii is very (Wimble that pupils m town and abroad, should enter ot tho commencement of the term. Board, including washing, wood and lights, 30. per qr. TUITION. In English studies and Latin 5,00 per qr, French 3,00 " Drawitu: 5 00 Instrumental Music 12 00 " Vocal Mu-tc 1,00 " THUSTEES. Poo ri:, N. B. H.vswr.i.i., J. S. Potwis,. Hk.miv Mavo. (J. V Bk.-vkihci-, (iKiiniii: P. Mausii, IIaruv Bn.i)i.. , S. E. Ilow.titn. Feb. 10. :5w To Cabinet and Carriage Makers. M"R;IIE subscriber oilers for sale at wholesale 43h St retail, Furniluro. Flowing, Polishinsf, Coach and Black Varnish, made al one of tho best varnish factories In the U. Stales, and allojclhur a now article in Ibis market. ROB. MOODY. Hurliiijrlon. Feb. 1-t, lf:i7. Selling oil' Cheap. -W07f IS THE TIMB- DRY Goods, nf almost every descripiion may hn had nt reduced pricosai the Cheap lot (.'uh Store ot EARL HOWARD. Iturlington, Ftb 1 0 I IW7. Bullalo Kobe Lost. T OS'P on the night of the 2d nut. b iwcen the Court Hoiipo &. the suh-cri burn rf-Mdonco. n linlVnlo robe, luted willt nlnid eloih. nnd trimmeil with blue. Al. uiformution in relation to it, will be gem'r otiislv iL'wartled, on iippheni ton i.i E. (.' LOOM IS. Burlington. Feb. n U7. A Suporiur nssori iiieni of Tnbio t'n' l-ry J eoiisisiiu;j of Splendid lvorv Kutves i ud Porks in st ns of lifty one I'li cm hIm Ivorv, Buck, Silv. Tip and Hum Knives ii i p i u ip. i i iff. THOMAS lLLpav for M00O Bushel or Oat. ' 1U. 2, fw 171011 Halo 111 R. MOODY'S Ihrdwtnc I; Storo ti few superior Ilttgli-h Fowling pieces, for cash. Burlington. Fob. 7, 1837. R MOODY offers for falo Un-en's , wnrranled Cast wood Avu by Hid dozen or single. A so helves ol very superior quality. Fehrtinry 7. 1 8.57 CA S HP Al 0 FO 11 G R A 1 N . tn,UK subscribers wi-h to purcbs'i.' ill 2000 bushel Wln-nl, 2000 bushels Rye. 2000 biishuN Com. 10,000 biii-htls Oata. .'j000 bushel Fiu.v Heed. d.-! v.'re(.l at their Store, II1CKOK CA TUX nurlingtan.l'cb.'i, STA T E ' O F V EIOl 6 ST ,') DtsTRICr OF ClllTTCNIlE.f. The Honorable the Probate Court cilhitf and for the District ul' Chittenden. Ti the. creditor and others tonccriutt in the. estate of Truman Burritl. lute nf IInu lmr;:h. in said District, di.ccu.nd- WHF.RKAS Harmon Biitrilt administra tor ol'thee.-liilo nl'saitl deceased, h tlb made application to litis Coti-t, lo extend tho limoliiniled fol making payment of the debt of said deceased, ono juar from the fourtli day of April next, and "tho third Monday of March next, being ii'siancd for a he.irliiLr in the premises, at tho hotel of John A. Willey, in Williston. and it having been ordered that notice thereof be given, by publishing thi order three week successively in the Fren Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, boforu tho lime fixed for heating- Therefore. you are hereby notified, to ap pear before said Court, at the tune and pjaeo aforesaid, then and there, to make objection ifany you have, to the said t i i nc of payment beior furl her extended ns aforesaid. Given (under my hand al Burlington, this 8th dav of February, A I). 1837. Wm WESTON, Rigixltr. Salmon Phelps' Estate WE thu sob.-crihers bavttiL' b-en rip poiiitnl by the U n. Judge of Pro hate fur the IJt-trtct ol Grand I-'", Com. miaion,-rs to r. ceive vanillic nnu aojiisi the clumi si id ceiiiands ol nil por.-ou- agimisi the esl-.ite of Salmon I'lirlp1. iri'e oF South Hero in said Di-trtcl deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims anil demands I'X'iibued in ofl'-el 'herein ; and m. months from th" 3.1 day of J.niuary A. 1 11)37, being allowtd for that pnrp".;o, wo d. i therefore jjivc notice tint we will siltenil to toe bo-jness of our appointment, at Hector Adams' office in said Sooth He ro on the second Monday of Juno next, from ten o'clock A. M. till m." o'clock P. M. (riven under our hand at S n'li Hero this -t'h d-iv of Primary A. I). If!"? WALTilri MUTT ) CommU. PR A N'KLIN ItOBI NoON '""' West ford High School. THE Spring Term Tif this loitiioiion will couiinenc1.' on toe Oh ilav !' March, under tin; instruction of Mr P. . Ilioilino, whoai'pasi service.-are fully cp proved. Tuition, in Gr'ek an I Li'm lj!iiifo:t''s S t 00. ol her nt ailetnieil .S'ud 2?i 00, li oi'd. inclu'ltnir lirrn-in and Wn-h ititf. per wet k. Iroio fl I '' LriO. It is ilo-irnhle tlfi' all pnrp i-.o,' I" at teml hon'd coinmcncti with ih'j term. Per Request T. II YNES, Se:. West ford, Pel). Il, 11137. To the Public rinHE sob-criber has puri-htiNi-d ol (.. (loonuicil, hts I! mk Binding tool. Stock &c. and litis removed the. sumo to he building formerly nccnpi"d bv Wm. Wai.n wnir.irr. for n tin ware hiciori. wliert; the Moolf-Biniliiig business will be- enrned on to all t's various brnnel .. S A M I J EL 11 U N TI.N'GTO.V. The subscribers- have formed a cono--.vor, in the B.iok-Bindiui; business thiI will di bindinu in nl! its branches. Blatik-Bjuki- ruled to pattern and bound to order. Dr iers sent by mail for Blank Boobs, i r :1 1 1 r r Ruling paper, Ihankfullv receivid ami promptly i xectiied. "he paironagu ol the public n re-,ieet fully Milicii. d. S. IIUNTINGTOsX. M. II. LVtLN. BuuliMV a low doors eat of V. H.inii'" 'on's Bookstore. Biirllliotou Jan, 27. If! 17. IS' ails and Brads. 1000 Kt's Nails IVotii 3'l to f.0.1. 200"do BntiU if. fid to 70-'. Bv J J II PECK & ("O. Lorrillard's Snull" & Tobacco. 200 Jars lorrillard's Msieeoliny SnoiY.. blls. do Scoteh do 10 do do ('nt Tobacco. -10 Kegs Ping do. 10 Boxes Cavondih do By J & J II PECP. & CO. Teas &e. Chests Yotiug Hyson V:i "0 do llvson Skin ,1 50 100 Boxes Rutins. ;i0 Kegs do 10 Teirces Sal .'E fnm Cursia. Cloves, N aimeg!., Pmicnti), Pep per, Giirjnr, Ac. J ft J II PECK vt CO. svSx'h: of r;v'.io.r', i IHSTuiCT Ol' ClllTTK.M)i:, hS. The. Honorable the Probate Court far i'i District f Chittenden. To alt mwn router nd in Ihe Estate nf."nh" i talc f Jcriciw in said District, ile-cattd Gi;ki:to. yilEUBAS.Tho. Chittenden ad u- 'V ftruior of the cMuiu ol'said deceastio pi npnso lo rentier nn iiccoiiiii of his a ' 'niinsiralion.and pre.-, nt hn, iiecouut niiiiifi baiil estate f r ex iiiuiiii1 ton and itllownnc-- ill II '!loli of lb- t'ottrl ol I'robii'e. n b holden at Vi!;istun tm the third Wediieftitu of March next Thoreloip, You nro hereby no'ifii'd t" anpoar ht-ltno said Court nttlo tinm ane plucu itforeMiid, and rh'-w muse, if an' you havo.why iiioiiceou- : nforr.-a:d thou', n i be allowed. fpvn r-g 1'" 4 a s. , t v,r 1 J

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