Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 10, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 10, 1837 Page 3
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FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 10. Mn. Cr.Ar. Wo publish in another column tho conclusion of Mr. Clay's elo. tjucnt nnd impressive spcoch on the passage oftlie expunging resolution. Our limits tlo not permit us to publish it entire ; but Wo cannot tinny our readers tho gratifica tion of tin extract or two. Like all Mr. C's productions it is fresh and vigorous, and glowing with tho fervid eloquence of his best day?. Whatever may be the future destinyof tho country whether this glorious union of states, shall bo maintain cd until itsstrcngth and resources may defy n world in arms--or whether, yielding to the unceasing attacks that assail it, il shall ot length full asunder and contrast a youth of peaceful vigor, by nn old ago of disscn eion nnd imbecilitywhatever may befall it, the name of IIkniiv Ci.av will ever be among tho brightest of those who have reared and upheld it who have enntribut. cd to its power audits harmony and whose councils have over been given with the sincorcst devotion its honor, its permanence nnd its glory "The noblest Roman of them nil." Tho Van Huron presses arc publishing with great particularity the language used by Wisn and Peyton in a committee room nt Washington, where they, or nt least Peyton, was foolish enough to got into a swearing passion nt Whitney's insolence, These men had been so long in the Jackson party themselves that they had acquired pome bad habits: but not long enough it would seem, tolerate tho conuptinn in high places now rife at Washington. Whitney cannot be let off merely because Peyton got angry and swore. Suppose wo should publish literally the volleys of oaths which the President him when he is in a rage. Fur ought wo know, Peyton learnt to swear of tho President himself when they were inti mate friend.--. The House of Rcoresontntives, nfter spending three or four days in examining Reuben M. Whitney's witnesses, to prove that Wise and Peyton got into n passion, nnd swore in a committee room, put a slop to the inquiry a- soon as t hoy found Wise and Peyton were getting the upper hand by carrying the war into tho Administration camp. Peyton offi-rcd to prove that the President had interfered with the cornTiit tce nnd recommended that lie nnd WiPo should bo ''killed nfl':" that they ought in bo "IIoustotiizedJI &c. that is, assaulted with cudgels in I ho streets, as his friend Houston assailed Sinnbnrry several years Fiioji Florida. letter received at N. Y dated Black Creek, Feb. 15th, gives il as the opinion of Paddy Carr, Chief of the Friendly Crcekr, that tho war is about to terminate speedily that the Sominolos are cut up and exhausted, and that at the recent and last se vere action at Fort Monroe, a vast ntnnbor of thorn had been killed and wounded. Paddv himself and his Indians aver that they delect cd in the sand the trail where the Scminolcs had drawn 72 dead from the battle ground. We noticed at Ftiongs' llie oilier day a cry pretty specimen of the hydraulic cement lately dia. coicied in litis icinity. Thcic teems to bo no doubt nliutcior as lo its superior quality. Coin peteni judges pionouiicc it mulling inferior lo the celebrated Ro.'indale cement, which has heirtnfuie borne the palm in lliis country. The specimen ul. uJed lo, is n miniattue cistern, which, though nvin uf.iclured but n few weeks since, has obtained al most the consistence of nimble, and is nppuienily in impervious lo water n glass ibelf. li i wonli examining, not oulj by those iliieetly interested, but by nil who feel an inlei est in the devehipement of our resotuces. George V, Barker lias been appointed Post Master of Montpclicr, vicoG. W. fill rcsi"n. ed. Mr. Walker's Land Dili has received its quietus, by a vote of 107 to 01. The Senate have recognized the indepen dence of Texas. A Srr.iT in New IIampmiihi:, Levi Woodbury has been nominated nt Ports mouth, to run for Governor, against Isaac Hill! i ho Lou:t ol Inquiry havo n affirmed all ineir opinions in mo onto of Uencral Scull, and adjourned sinedie. So much for Iho dictation of Iho Executive. ICrTho Court havo dono what every hon orable man in tho country oxpcclod from llioin, and not to havo acted thus, would hav brought upon them universal and well merited censure, NEW YORK MARKET! iw7.rrh 4. Fr.ouit. The niaikct continues in ihe same dull elate noliccil in our last, nod wo notice a dec, line i prices of western, of 12 1-2 cib per bbrl. The stock of Flour i considered In bo an unusually email one for the reason, ti ml fully Bix weeks must elapse before supplies can be looked fir from tho Canal. Grain A small parcel of Illinois Wheal (via New-Oi leans) itboiil COO bushels sold at 20G .2c. caili. O.ite contiuuo d dining sales of Not ihem nlBO a Olrt ofSouiliern52n 51. The leccipta of iorn iiavo ueeu moueraie, nnd prices remain Willi oui change. I lie decline in prices of Wheat since our last, lias ueeu ituoiii n: per Uusliel. Woor, in Nkjv ENoi.ANii.Tlm number of meep in Vermont is l.uuuuii, New llampriihe 465.179, Connecticui 300 000, osiitnated in New York 500,000 in nil G.775,090. Estimating ihn fleece of each sheep at three pounds, the annual nn.uuri in mo uicse lour wtaies would lie 20, .. B4S7,17U pounds, winch at sixty cents per pound -N WVUIU UIIIUUHl IU H-tVJt 1U. JV. Jl, tiOglt, Tho Directors of tho U, S. flank havo offer ed to pay tho Government $1 15,50 persharo for its stock, whioh is tho valuation put upon it officially by tho commissioners nppolntod by tho Treasury ! Tho old General declared tho Rank insolvent but his officials oro compaltod to admit that the stock is worth $15 5D-100 por cont abovo par ! ! 03 Any persons having a few bushels of tho sugar beet, raised from the seed dis tribulod in this section by Gov. Jennison. through tho ngency of Mr. Mills, wo be lieve. will find n purchase, nt gl . por bush el, by applying at this office. Hon. Ruol Williams of Augnstn, has been elected by tho Legislature of Maine, to fill tho vacancy in the Scnato of the United Slates, occasioned by the resigna tion of Mr. Slioply, Acco.MKODATtNo, A certain son of Crispin-recently called on a neighboring blacksmith to get the steel corks of his nnrso e snncs sharpened, and being in great haste, says he, "Can't you do it with, out taking his shoes off?" "I don't know," says Vulcan, "but if you will hold his feet in my h'rge, I'll try." Cur.AP Living At New York on Sat urday, t ho market prices wore as follows: Pecf If! cents per lb; pork, 10 doj other meats in proportion. Smallest sized tur kies, $1.75; ordinary do. J2; good sized turkios, $2 50; chickens $1,75 tho pair and every thing else in proportion. Hoitnm Suspicion. John Delliver, n rich settler at Tariff, Ohio, has been com mitted to prison there, for tho supposed murder of a family consisting of four per sons, named Gorgn, in tho year IB34 5, whose property he look possession of, re porting they had emigrated to Missouri. Two of the bodies had been discovered; and plunder is supposed to hove been tho only incentive to this outrageous and bloody deed. Tin: Pncfinr.NT's Ciikesb. Notwith standing our dogged helrodoxy in politics, we have been rewarded with some crumb3 of executive favor a noble piece, or as the Yankee boys say, a great, hunk, of the cheese sent from New York to General .Jackson. This is our luck we get n little of almost every thing that is going, "some limes kicks and sometimes copper?;" but we shall he economical with our Washing Ion present, nibbling delicately, and spar, inj to n Jackson friohd, if any are to be found to day. U. S. Gazette. HARRIED. In Neiv-Yoik City on the 17ili nil. Gen. C. C. Wiiller uf Detroit Michigan, to Mrs. Caroline H. Ncncll of Charlotte. DIED. In tins town, cstcrdav morning, Joepli M. Ly man, infant child uf W llys Lyman Efq. In Riihmond nn tbDl in(. cry sudden, Mr ateplicn Aiumieii, ngeo annul -is car. lie aj Killing in his rli.iir ulirr n hard days l.ilior, ulien lie fell anil expheH instantly. Trulv is it said "In the midst oflifo we nie in de.uli." In Bennington, fii Idenly, 2Gih tilt. Ilemnn Rob hiin, ageil M) years, foii of Gen. David l!obin-on. Town Meeting. rsHB annual Town Meeting in Burling JL ton will bo holtlen in tho Town Room on Monday next nt 10 o'clock A.M. Burlington, March 7, 1037. LYMAN &, COLE, $TILL pay cnh for a few ihousnnd feet clear stuff White Pine Boards nnd Plank, full 2 in. 1 J. I, and 5-17 in. thick thoroughly seasoned, free from sap or pitch. Also, s"nsor.ctl Hard Mapio Plank 2 in. thirl:. To bo delivered at their Store. Burlington, March 10, 1037. Jonathan Willis's Estate. STATE OF V E R M O N T , ) District or Chittendun. X The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden. To all persons concerned in the estate ni Jonathan irillis late of IFeslfnrd in said District, recea?- ed. HIIUIOTING. UEREIIS, David T. Stono adtninistra. lor ofiho eslato of said deceased prono fees lo render an account of his administration, and present his account against said cstato for examination and allowanco at a scsmoii of tho Court of Probato to bo holdnn at Burlington on tlio second wounns-uay ol April next. Tnr.iir.Fon.Rt on are hereby notified lo ap pear bofnro said Court at the linio and place nfoicsaid. nun shew cause, il any you havo why tho account alorcsatu should not be al Igwcd. Given under my hand at IJuihncton Ihv. eighth day ofMarch A. I). 1037. Wm. WESTON, Register. Aaron Carpenter's Estate. TlTfi the subscriber, having been np t v pointed oy i no iinnornoio tlio Pro bale Court for the District of Chittenden commissioners to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of all persons nnniust the estate ol Aaron Carpenter, late ot iwilion in said Uist net, deceased, rcpre sonlcd insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofT-ot thereto: nnd six months from the dnv of the dntc hereof, being nllowed by said Court for that purp poso, wo do therefore hereby givo notice, that wo will attend to tho business -of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Alfred Carpenter in Milton in said District, on the 3d Tuesdays of June and September next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dated, this 0th day of February A. D 1037. STEPHEN HOXSIEJ Commit. ETHAN AUSTIN, I, S sioners. Rigging, Cordage, &c. a(J3)(0) COILS Russin, Manilla ond . WW Tarred Rigging, of nil ,cs. criptions. Cnmbcrllnes, Cod Lines, Mar lin nnd Sail Thread, by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. March 2. 1037. POR Snlo ot R. MOODY'S Hardwire Store a few superior EnglUh Fowling J,t;i.VQ, Mil IUBII. Burlington, Feb. 7, 1837. ensioners under the act of the 4th of July, 1R36. THE following Circular having been received from the enmpi ruler, it is published for tho information of those who ore pensioned under iho nbnvc net. E. T. BNGIjKSDi. I'rcst. Bnnk of Burlington, i and Pension Agent. March 10,1037. S ctncur.An.. TRASURY DEPARTMENT, ) Second Comp OlTicc, July 10, 183G. ) Sin ! In the payment of tho hall pay pensions to widows and orphans, whoie husbands nnd fathers have died of wounds received in I ho mililnry service of the Unit ed Stntes, provided for by iho net of Con gross, of 4th f Ju'y, 1030, you will be governed by the forms nnd instructions heretofore issued Irdm this ollico, except where thn accompanying fortm marked A, B ond C, vary from them, in which ense tho latter will bo substituted. Very respectfully, sir, Your obedient servant, Jno. N. Acting Comp. Form of nn affidavit to be made by a widow pensioned under either the Jirsl or third section of the act of July 1, 133(5.1 Statu of ) Bk it kjnown, t lint County ss s before mo, n justice of the pence in and for tho coun ty nfoicsaid, personally appeared nnd made onth in due form of law, that she is tho identical person named in nn original certificate in Iter possession, of which (I certify) the following is n true copy: lore insert a copy ot her certificate ol pension. that she has not intermarried, but enntin ucs the widow of the above mentioned ; and that she now resides in , and has resided there for the space of years past; nnd that pro vious thereto she resided in . ; to tho truth of which statements I am fully at'sticd. Sworn to nnd subscribed this day of 183 ;. before mo Notk. The above deposition must be signed by the deponent. B. State ok ) Bf. it known, Hint County ss s on tho day of 103 , before mo the subscri ber boind the proper nccountinn; officer or nrront for paying stipends under the net of July 4, I03G, entitled "An net crrnnlino- hnlf pay to widows or orphans, where their husbands nnd fathers have died of wounds received in military service of the United States, in certain cases, nnd for other pur poses." and authorized by said net to ad minister oaths in certain cases, personally oppenred the attorney named in the Icregoino' power of attorney, and made oath that ho has no interest whatever, in the money he is authorized to receive bv virtue of lhi foregoing power nttorney, cither by any nlcdso, tnnrtjrase, sale, n- sinrnnipnt or trans or. and Hint ho doe know or believe t tint tliu Fame has been so disposed of to nny person whatever, (sworn and subsenbod tho day nnu year last above mentioned, bctorc mo Note. This affidavit must be signed by the attorney. State of Bn it known, thai County ss ( before fa), in nnd for the county aforesaid, personally op pearcd (6), guardian of (c.) orphan child of (d). ind made oath in duo form of law, that ho is tho gnardinn nnmed in the ncconipanying certificate of guar dianship; thnt his said wards arc tho chil dren of (c.) referred to in an original cerlificato of pension, of which the following is a copy : fllcrc insert n copy of the certificate of pension. by which it appears () entitled to a pension of dollars per month, and that the said child (g.) still living, nnd not over sixteen years of ago. ('0 Sworn and subscribed this day of 103 , before me, a) Justice of the peace, or other officer, as the case may he. b Name of tho guardian. c Name, or names of t ho child, or children. ii Name of the deceased father. Nnmc of the deceased father. lie, she, or they, is or are, as the case may bo g Is or nre, n tho caso may bo. h Signature of tho guardian. William Hlanchard's Estate. WE the subscribe bavin? been ap pointed by the Hon. Judjro or Pro. bate for the District of Grand Isle, Com mi.ioners to receive, examine nnd ndjust lie.- zinnia nnu ucmnnuH ot nil persons against the estato of Wm. Blnnchnrd lain uf Isle La Mott in said District deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also nil claim nnd demands exhibited in ofT-ct therein; nnd six months from iho 2d day of March, A. D.1037, being allowed fur that purpose, we do therefore oivc notice that wo will attend to tho business of our nppoiniment, at tho dwelling houso of Wm. Stephenson, in Llo La Mott, on the 2d Monday of July next, from ten o'clock A. M. till six o'cloclt 1. Al. Given under our hands al Mn T.n Mnti. this 2d dny of Mnrch A. D. 1027 Wm. STEPHENSON, ) Commis. NATH. HOLD ROOK, J n. sioners. Riot. A correspondent of tho Detroit Spectator thus describee a disturbance which lately occurred at Ponti nr.. in llie state of Michigan. "stopping in thin beautiful ond romantic villogo (Poniiac) on Saturday. I concluded lo romain during tho Sabbath. I havo just returned from witnessing one of the wildest scenes of riot and outrage that I ever heard or in this county, 1 hnvc barely timo to say flint thn windows or the church woro detnolifhcd pistols, diris, nnd sword enncs were used onths and im precations uttered the shcrin".,' posso cnl !ed out order finally restored, etc. A lecture on nbolilinn was the subject of dif ptitn. I will try ond give you o description of this affray iu my next." NOTICE. ATa mooting of tho Diioctors of iho Col. ehestor Manufacturing Company duly holden on Iho l lth day of February . 1837, i was ordered Ihnl an nss'essmnnl of five dollarst bo laid upon each sliarn of tho Capital Slock of said Company to ba paid on or beforo tho firnl day of April, 1037, and a further assess merit of (an dollars upon each sharo of said Capital Stock to bo paid on or beforo tho first day of may, 1837. SIDNEY HARLOW, Ckr!:. March 3, 1037. 3w Nathan Allen's Instate. .V 7'f 77? OP VP. R MONT ) Dtsriiicr or Ciiittknukk ss. $ To the Hon. llin I'lobate Court fur lh Oniric! of Chitldiilcn, the. unih'i signed Nalliau 1). Allen of 'Villi'lon one nt' llie heirs tu the K'talo of Na than Allen, laic of Willisinu, deceased, icspecl fiilly repictciils ihat he holds thicc I'nitilh paits of paiil Kiatc lying wilh the other heiis ihcrcof, mill being dc.iroti lo hold the samn in severally he prus the Hun, Com I to order n division of lliu said Estate union? the heirs thercnl. D.iiod nt It u i-1 i up ( n it in raid District this 1st day of March A, D. 1S37. Nathan I) Ai.i.r.N. Bv Wm. P. Unions his Ally. STATE OP VERMONT ) DtsTtticr or Cm Trr.sucs ss. J The lion, the Probate Court within and for the DiHi ict of Chittenden aforcaidto the heirs of the ICstaie of Nathan Allen late of If'il liiton in said District deceased, and all per. sons concerned or intci cited in the division of said Pstaic among lic hciis heteof. GR UP TING. Whereas Naihan D. Allen of WillNlon in said Districl In opi c.-fii toil lo said Court that lie is one of the heirs to said Cslulc, nut! ns such claims lo hold three fouilh parts of said Estate, lying wiih tho other heiis thcicof j nnd being desi rous In hold the same in severalty he hath prayed (his Hon. Court lo order a division of said F.jlulo among the heirs thereof; nnd lite third Monday of aliiicti Instant lieiug set lor u lull hearing in I lie premise ; il is ordered by 'he Court that the said Nathan D. A Men gie notice to the hciis of said Estate, llieir attorneys and ugenH and all persons inleicsted in s.iid Estate to appear before said Cotut at a fession ihci eof In bo holden at Willistnn on the lliird Monday ol Match Instant lo make nt jcclioiH lo such division if tlif-v see catip, by pub lishing his said application together with this outer tlnee weeks successively m llie v i ce 1'icss, u news paper printed nl Burlington in said District, the lift of which publications shall be previous to the day sol for hearing. Given under tny hand and the seal of Probato Court at I5ui liugioii in the District of Chittenden this first day of March A. D. 1837. CHARLES IlUddELL Judge. STATE OF VERMONT, ) IH-TntCT OF CIIITTKNIIEV. ss. C The Honorable the Probate Court for the Diitrhl of Chittenden. To all persons conrerniu in lae tsiaicoj jnai iJiillcndcn lute nj Jericho m said District, deceased G MEET I NR. WHEREAS, Tho. Chittenden adininis tralor of the cstatu of soul deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration, and present his account o"ninst said estate tor examination nnd allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, tn be holden nt Vilhsion on the thtrd Wednesday of March next. J licrelore, on are hereby notified to appear before said Court ot the time nnd place nfuresnid, and shew cause, if anv VUU ItaVC.w! V lbi noo.juni af'urc.-aid should not bo allowed. (iiven under my hand at BurliriTton this 2od day of lMiruary, A. I) 1037. Vm. WESTON, Register MOTION rB"1 HE subscribers give nonce that th -a. urisi jMiii at the Falls is now in their possession. 1 hey have employed an expo, noticed Miller in thn place of Mr. Etlg ciinibe, wiio will endeavour lo satisfy the public. 11ICKOK & CATL1N. Fib. 03 1 037,. M51.MOLT PRESENTS hissit'cero thanks to that numerous and highly resin ctable tmr- lion ol the community who have solicited hi staying here, nnd has great pleasure in inloitniii'' them that ho intends oomnlvimT with their wi-hcs. li . ihuieliirc offers his loiiowcd services in his prufesoiun tn all such ns to enjoy cystcmatic and thor ough instruction in liis'nrt, and takes the liberty of apprising his patrons that his nlr.n of teacllill'T 111 the two Ladies' Seminaries will be the one followed in iho nrincinal Conservatories of Europe, with such modi fications however, as the place requires. Jiurlinglon, Feb. 22d, 1037. if ?)R,nE subscribers respectfully inform the A public that they havo formed a copart nciship under the firm of 1IKUIMCIC, CiriJISTOIMIElttfc CO. for llin purpose of manufacturing nnd soiling Piano Fortes, in ail llioir varieties j warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, touch, and tone, lu any manufactured in tho United Stales. The operative pail oftho firm have had a long and thorough practice in tho best establishments in Boston, Philadelphia, and now-1 ru, mm ic.oi wirrnuieu oy a coinpotent knowludgo oftho business, in recommending Jhoir Instruinenls equal in all rcspocts lo any in market. Amnluui's in music nnd others are requested lo call al ihu Ware Rooms, Cor ncr of Champlain and MaoDouough Slreols, and exaiuino thu iiistruuicnts constantly on hand, consisting ofa variety of plain and lich Maliog.iny Cnso, and supoiior haw toned. Uoso Wood, with the highly approved grand notion, which produces a (.plendid clearness nnd brilliancy of louo unknown to others- All orders by letter or otherwise directed to Ly. man & Colo, for Piano Foitca, Tuning, or any other business connected with such an estab lishment, will bo promptly allondotl lo. Old instrument tuned and repaired on reasonable terms. IJIRAM IIEItltlC'K, Wm. II. CHRISTOPHER, LYMAN k. COLE. Burlington, Vt 2-Jd February, 1037. G-HAMMAK SCHOOL. THE Snug Term of this institution will commence on Monday tho 27ih Feb uuuer ine stipenntenuauco of Ma, K. M, TOOF. Tho school has niiiubored between GO & 70 students during tho winter, nnd tho Trus tecs pledgu themselves that nothing shnll bo wnniing on Hieir part or on iho pail of mo rnucipai to niauo iim pcIiooI worthy ol uiu cuuiiupiico oi mo I'nlilio. JOSEPH WATIHLMAX, Sec Johnton, Feb. 21, IG37. CALEDONIA SPRINGS. ANALYSIS of the Mudieonal Springs, in Caludoiiia, Upper Canada. OAS SI'ftlNO. I (IT. WATKn, Chloride of Sodium 00,75 " Magnesia 1 G5 " Polasiuin 1.5") Sulphur of Limn 1..J7 Carbonalo of Limo M0 Magnesia '2 50 " Soda 1,00 lion 1 03 Iodine 1 3, Vcgolablo extract 1.52 drains 100.22 WHITE SULPHUR SPRING. 1 O.T. WaTEK. Chloride of Sodium- CO.'M do Mngncsia .()' Sulphurate of Lime ,CU Carbonate of Limq, ,02 do Magnesia 3. GO Grains CG-IG SALI'SPRINO, so CALLED. 1 (IT. WATER, Chlorido of Sodium 103.22 do Magnesia 2.01 Sulphurate of Limo 1.2!! Curbunato of Limo 2.00 do Magnosin 5.12 do Soda .02 Todinc of Sodium .311 Vegetable oxtract .01 C rains 120.41 Ono Hundred cubic inches of Gas from the Gas Spring analyzed is as follows; Light Carbonated Hydrogen fJ2.00 Niltogon GOO Oxygen 1.56 Sulphurate Hydrogen -1.00 Carbonic Acid 5.54 Siffiicd, J. K, CHILTON, Chemist. Now York, 25th Oct, 103G. Theso waters havo been proved good for Rheumatism, Dipepsia, Salt Rheum, Fovor Sores, soro Eyes, Liver complaints and all lilood complaints Corn Urooms. Dozen Coin Brooms by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. W. W. MBSSBB,, No. SOS Washington SrnccT, Boston, Tmnnrler and Denier in English. Cnnlm, French. German and American Fuiicij iioous. QUI5JOINED is a Catalogue ofsomo of the VZ) various kinds of Goods W. W.MESSER is constantly iccciving from Iho Foreign and Domestic .uanuiactutor. In soliciting the custom of Merchants and Dealers, he assures them thai he will sell his goods for Cash or Credit, at as low prices and on as good terms as can be for.nd in any City in the Union. Having but tccently commenced businc, he will be pleased to hell for Cash at a much lower rate of prolil than the old and establish, ed liuusus of tlio City arc in practice of doing- RICH GOODS. Gold and silver Pencil Cacs in great vnri efy; cold, silver, shell, pearl and finely painted Snuff and Tobacco Boxes; silver' Spoons, Thimbles, butler and fruit Knives: pearl, ngato and f.'lass silver mounted Seals; silver moun ted Dirks, Scissors, Stilettoes, Emories and Waxes; tih-er Tooth Picks, Whistles and Rallies; a variety of elegant pearl Watch Stands; ladies' ricil gold plated Head Bands, Bracelets and Bouquet Holdeis; inlaid rose wood and silver furnished Sewing Boxes; silver plated Tccih Brush, soap and shaving Boxes ; gold and silver Vinaigrettes. CUTLERY Pearl, ivory, sta, horn and cocoa handled 1.2,3 and 4 blade Pen and Ponkut Knives, of "RogersY' "Hunt's," -CjookV "Rolhoram and 'Bag.-iiawV manufacture; desk, bowic n.,,1 ,,r. i.'. i : ....u .... in- IVMI..., .U il I I ihm mm SIU' handled silver capped Dirk Knives; a great variety of English and French manufactured Razors in on cards and Dozens; minia ture Knives and Scissors ; pocket, button hole, nail, laeonnd common Scissors and Shears, of English and German make, ofevery form and quality; Tweezers, &c. ISR USillSS. French, English & American hair Brushes, ofall possible varied sizo and finish ; clnlhos nail, bill, comb, shaving and shon Brushes, of !.'rcat variety ; ,'.', H,4 nnd 5 row fine French. English and American Tcclh Brushes: crumb and flesh Btushcs. COMRS. Fine ivory Combs of all size? and prices; wrought and plaino shell Back and Side Combs, thell and buffalo horn Twist Combs; shell, ivory and horn Dresung Cnmb; peerl, shell and horn Pocket Combs: silver. Guilt and jappaimed mniallicTwist Combs; jot and guilt shell Side Combes. r-OAPS,l'KRFU.1IARY AND OILS. Almond pasto Shaving Soap; "ICowV,", while ,t brown Toilel Shaving Soap ; Frenrh transparent and exquisitoly perfumed Toilet Soaps Lawson's eomposi'lion Soap for tho extraetiou of Oils from Cloth ; American Toil et nnd Sh'iving Soaps iu grout variety ; real Farina, French and Anicrirnn Colognes; English and French double distilled Lavender Waler; French perfuined Toilut and Bureau Cushions ; a general assortment oftho French oxtract of flowers, loo numerous lo partieu larize; Maecassar, Antixuo, Vegetable and Bear's Oils; Bear's Grease, peat I Powder, French and American Hair Powder, and Olio of Rose, POCKET ROOKS, CARD CASES AC. Plain and inlaid shell Card Cases, pearl nnd wrought ivory Card Cases, gilt and moiocco do,; Souvenirs, Note Cases, .Memorandum Books. Tablet, Thread and Neodlu Cases of beauliful finish anil extensive variety ; ladies' silver and steel mounted Pocket Books siin plu and combined with Card Cases and Ncn die Books furnished and plain; Gentlemen's Wallets and Pocket Books, in as ureal a vari ely as can bo found in tho city ; Porcelain Slates, Leaves and Tablets; shell Card Bas kets, of beautiful and varied form, RRONZF.D GOODS. A great variety of unique and elegant pat. terns el Bronzed Ink Stands and Thermome ters; bronzed Card Racks ami Watch Stands; broiizod Paslilo Burners, tables Brlls. Cologne and Perfume Stands, DESKS, (USF.S, ROXES, SiC, Ladies' and Gonllnnicn's 1J, 14, 1G, 111, 20 and 22 inch rosewood and mahogany peatl in laid and brass bound Writing Desks, wilh Seerel Drawers; Indie' and Gentlemen's richly RimMied and plain Dressing Cases; loather travelling nnd jappanuod Shaving CV ks; ladies' plain nnd inlmd, furnished and unfurnished, rosewood, eatinwood, birdVoye maplonnd innhogniiy Work Boxes; a variety of sizes and patterns of pictured whito wood Cotton Boxes ; travailing roll up and lock up Portfolios; perfumery, jewel, handkerchief and irlovo oases : oleiant C'hinoso Tea Cad. dies. MISCELANEOUS ARTICLES. Head Baas and Purses, silk and leather do silver plated. gilt and Heel Purso Clasps; pla. tcii, jiilt.slccl and ulass Purse Bines and l oa ; boxes of Motto Seals, embroidered Ber lin Needlework, poai I, niatiilla, leghorn, shell leather, morocco r, ml German Ciirar Cases fancy Toilet Glasses; Boxes nnd Baskots fancy Album Booksaud Boxes; India Rubber Rugi nid Palls; elastic Garters: Indehblo Ink, Steel and German Hones, Euirlish and American Razor Straps; Biillnninand Wood Shaving Boxes; Powder nnd PufT Boxes ; Lu cifer Matches ; Spool Stands ; wood, ivory and lion Silk Reels; pearl nnd ivory Silk and Colloii Winders ; boxes of Pens, Inks and Sand3j feather Dustcis; wrought ivory. Chinese and feather Fans and Firo Screens; work, travelling, Canlon, French and AmerU can 7?nskot3 ; steel Pons of all tho most ap. proved manufacturers' make ; wax boads j co ral Necklaces ; safety chains ; Pins and Noo dles; Pin Cushions; egg Glasses! steel, gilt and composition Thimbles; pearl, bono and C.inloti Paper Fotdeis and Holders; Tapo .Measurers, gold and silver bpangics ; 1 rans parcnt, bronzo and'common Wafers j writing Ink and sand: Glass Inkstands and bands; Billet and Lcirer Paper, and all the varieties of sealing wax; Cloak Clasp-; ivory, bona and cocoa Napkin Rinijs : Puzzles, Mirror and Toilet Glasses ; toy Watches and boxes of Chinese Toys. ART IS l'S' TOOLS & MATERIALS; All sizes of bcsLnrcnarcd Canvasses; Dry and ground Colors; Mastic Varnish ; Nut Oil; Lion's, Sable and C.unel s Hair JJruslios ; pal let Knives; Asphallum; all sizes trench and Ennlish Ivories: water Colors; Miniaturo Cases . black and white Crayons ; Portcray on and Drawing Boards. SHOOTING & ANGLING TACKLE. Percussion Caps; Shot Bags; Powdor Flasks; pocket Screw Drivers; gun Worms: Game Bags, Flagons and Sportsmen's drink ing Cups, a very convenient nrticlo for travol. Icrs ; Fishing "Rods and Hooks, Baskets, Finals; Linen. Manilla, Silk and Hair Lines : Fish Gut, ic. Co. GAIUES AND AMUSEMENTS. Splendid Canlon wrought ivory Chessmen ; French, English and German ivory, bone and wood ditto, Chess, BacUffammon and Chequer Boards,'ofCanton, English and German mako, ivory, bono and wood Chcqucrmcn : Cribbago Boards; English, French and American Play ing Cards: wrought ivory, poail.bono Whist and Loo Counters, Dice and Cups, Dominoes, Loto, Snlitdii e, German Taclies, Fox and Geese' Bittlodorts, Birds, Coroncllas, G&uio oftho Graces, Cup and Balls, Boxes of Games, Jump Ropes, Bows, Arrows and Targets, .lack Straws, together wilh the following amu sing and instructive Dissected Puzzles: wrought ivory and plain boxes of Chincso Puzzles; Maps of the World. Europe, Amcri ca and tlio United Slates, Buildings, Land scapes, Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary, Zoological Gardens S'avory Abolished, Scenes in Paris Tc'"" h, The Sorcerer, Scripture Views, Monu.. nt, ABC, Harvest Home, Fair Day. Billy button, Johnny Gil. pin. Threading the Needle, blue beard, Robin, son Crusoe, Napoleon's JJivouac, A i'earaflor Marriage, Hunt llie Slipper, No pleasing Eve rybody, &c. kc. N. B. Orders from the Conntry promptly atendod lo and put up with great care. To Cabinet and Carriage Makers. 5l"R;IIE subscriber otTers for salo at wholesale s & retail. Furniture, Flowing, Polishing, Coach anil Black Varnish, mado at one of tha host varnish factories In tho U. States, and altogether a now article in this market. ROB. MOODY. Burlington, Feb. 14, 1U37. To tho Public. TglllE subscriber hns purchased of C. n (I,-,..-, ,r liU I!, ink Bindinrr tools. Slock (Sic. nnd has removed the same to i ho building formerly occupied by Wm. WAi.swnifiiiT, fur a tin ware factory, where the Bunk-Binding business will bo carried on in nil i's various branches. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. The subscribers have formed n connexion in tlio B iok-i. tiding business and will do binding in nil iis branches. Blank-Books ruled in pattern and bound M order. Or der tieul by tunit fur Blank Books, Binding, or Ru'ing paper, thankfully received nnd promptly extciiunl. Tho patronage of tho public is respect fully solicited. S. HUNTINGTON, M. It. LYON. fimdciy a few doors cast of V. Harring ton's llonk.-tore. Burlington .Inn, 27, 1037. 'The,!"!!':,1'!', uiidoflhiiil.iii';; quite, (.'hps l.iwer. doctor, p.nsoii, nil alike, As if ihe fork thai deck ihe pijing quiz, With eqtnl giarc would fit iho doctor's phii Or the meek pamni, lintinu rmplv fhoiv, Would like tin fashion of the d.ishin beau; But science leurhos uheic lo cut or spare, Shaving cneh lock ill beiuily lo ti hair. Manhood Im igor, iigo lencus iu priino. And Imulitly lieiitns the human faro divine ; His chin is Miionih, his h lir cut a la mode, Ami lio'l ton notice is on him bcslmved. Ye who soft smiles fium beauty would obtain, Ye who to nge would Ining back joulli again, Yt lo li ned, who sagacious looks would wear, 'l'u Louis' go, nnd all bo suited there." The sub-criber. gnitoful for the liberal pitroungo heretofore bestowed upon him, respectfully tenders his acknowledgements to ihe public, and begs lo apprise his pat rons of his renewed zeal their service. Ills simp is nlwnvsopen al an early hour in thu mnrning, nnd nil 0 o'clock on Satur day evenings" Customers are requested to nil c'trlyun Sunday mornings. jarc 3, Louts DnnviLi.E. (Tf All persons indebted, must make immediate payment, or be sjod. No mistake. NOTICE. . .TIO.ME into the n- rWw c'(,til"0 of th hist, n red ihreo vcars old STEER, with'somo vi?aasJSS!S- while on his shoulders and hips. The owner is requested lo papr charges and lake him away. Said steer i supposed lo havo b on driven from thenoit in a drovo of cattle. ITIANHS WILLSON. H ncsburgb, k'eb. 0, 1837. S

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