Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 31, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 31, 1837 Page 3
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of 4 brigs arid 3 schooners of war had soil ed from Vera Cruz for Metnmoras, destin ed to operate against Texas. Every thing was tranquil in Tampico. There were about 800 troops there in garrison. Santa Ana arrived ni Vera Cruz on the 21st of February, where ho was rather coolly received, and with no moro honors than were due to a common Mexican Gen eral. Ho left immediately for his estate, Mango dc Clavo. The election returns for President were Anustncio Bttslnmente, 07 voles. Manuel Gomel! Pedrata, 6 " Nicholas Untvo, 3 " Antonio Lopez i!c Santa Ana, 2 " Gen. Bustamente, wo aro informed, by privato letters, had arrived at the Rio del Norte, where the army is now stationed, and takes the command in conjunction with Bravo. Santa Ana, on his arrival at Vera Cruz, uddressed llio People, and assured them that his liberation was not owing to bribe ry, or to any thing derogatory to the Mex ican People, but purely to the goodness of Gen. Houston. NEW YORK MARKET. March 23. Flouii. The flour maikel is dull, iinil holders have ftibmilird lo n decline in the prico, Southern $10 50 to 11, Western 811 50 lo $11 75. Grain. Tlicie is an evident fall in and Hye. The best wheit is oft'ered m S2 Uyn ims sold freely ut $1 15. Southern corn 1 03 n'$l 04. More Unity. The following is copied from the Baltimore Chronicle of Tues day : Will the National Intciigencor have the goodness to inform the people of the Uni ted Slates, whether it he true or not, that Mr. Van Buren, the President, did a few days since, address to Levi Woodbury Sec. rctary of the Treasury, an requiring the lat ter to rescind the Treasury Order of July ast. commonly known as the Specie Cir cular, and whether the said Mr. Woodbu ry did as is rumored, peremptorily refuse to execute said order, nnd openly defied ihe President and whether futher, Mr. Van JBuren thereupon tool: time to consider whether he should submit, or eject from office the "refractory subordinate ?" Albany March 27, the ice in the Hudson opposiie this city made a very unexpected movement yesterday. U only wont a few rods, but an opening is made through winch email boats are pasbing to and from Green, bush. The ice, though still thick, is be. coming too weak to remain long. A mod erate freshet would clear the river. Democracy. In the civil appropriation bill of Congress, J20, 000 are provided for furniture for the president's House, for the current year. For a Iterations and repairs of the President's hotie, nnd for supein tendence of the grounds around the same, $7,300. MARRIED. On Sunday e cuinsj last, liy the Rev. Mr. Little Mr. Krankmn Diikw, to Miss Maria Com stock, nil of litis Dure. In litis lown on Tuesday tho 2!st inat. by the Rev Mr, Little, Mr. Anson .S. Johnson to Miss. Acne Makia Stuabt. daughter of of Eleazer Stuart, Esq. In Bolton on the 21st inst. by Samuel C, Cana day Esq. Mr. Thomas Calmer of Richmond lo Mis, IM illy Burnet of the foimer Pl.irc. In Jeiclto, on Thursday the 23d inst. bv the Ttev. E. W. Kellogg, Mr. Isaac L. Deuham, lo Miss Valencia Lane, liotli of Jericho. Al.-u by the same, Mr. Henry D. Wnoil;uorlli ol at. Lou is, Ms to Miss jl7elif?a Lane of Jericho. In Ennsbmgh. on the 14th. inst, by the Rev. Mr. Parmelee. Mr Hetirv Walbridge to Mss Malona 'Veils. CATTLE FOR SALS. Working Oxen, Fat do. Milch Cows, Young Cattle, For salo by tho subscriber at his premises on Pearl-Sired. JOHN K. GRAY. March 31. WANTED, a boy sixteen or eventcen years of ago as an apprentice to tho carriage and sleigh making business. Apply soon. J.K. G. tpThe adjourned town meet ing takes place on Monday next. FIliE. THE members of Engine Company No fi aro notified to meet at John Howard's Hotel on Monday tho 3d day of npril at 4 o'clock P. M. a punctual altnndanco is re. quested. A. SMITH, Clerk. March 31, 1G37. European Garden Seeds JUST received from Scotland arid Germa ny and for salo by . HICKOK Si CATLIN. Macrh 30, 1037, 20 Tons of Hay for salo by HICKOK & CATLIN. LYMAN &, COLE, WILL pay cash for a few thousand feet clear stuff White Pine Boards nnd Plank, full 2 in. I, I , atnl 5-0 in. thick thoroughly seasoned, fren from sap or pilch. Also, seasoned Hard Maplo Plank 2 in. thick. To bo delivered at their Store. Burlington, March 10, 1837. Doct. A. Hall OFFKRS his profefsional services to the inhabitants of Burlington and vi cinity, as practitioner in Medicino and Stir, gery. Office over It. Moody's Store, (for merly occupied by Dr. Cobb,) corner of Church street and the Square. Boards t H. Thomas'. Burlington, March 24, 1837. March 23, 1837. "UST Received a few bushels of Tim othy Seed, and for sale bv GEO. PETERSON. Garden Seeds. Boxes assorted Shaker Garden Seeds of last year's Growth J. & J.H. PECK & Co. 100 by RANDOLPH. GREEN COUNTY, Illinois. THE town of jRjJJV'.DOZ,J is advan taccouslv situated on tho Mississippi river, on fractional sections 25 and 2G, in Township No. (5 north, and range No 1 1, west of the third principal meridian, about equidistant between A Ron and Grafton, in Green County, Illinois, on a beautiful bench of land, from ten to twelve feet abovo tho highest known floods ol the river, and stretching back a half mile in extent. IN at u re has been abundantly lavish, in bestowing advantages on this spot, fur a great commercial city, in many respects superior to any other on the Illinois side of the Mississippi, between the mouth nt tho Ohio nnd tho Illinois river. The soil of Randolph is a black sandy loam, dry and free from excessive mud in rainy weather, an inconvenience from which but few towns in this section of the country arc exempt. Building stone, of a superior qnnlilVt is found in abundance nt the western exlremi. ty of the town site, and can bo readily qunr rieu. Rich limestone beds abound in I lie immediate neighborhood. Timber suitable for building and of the largest growth, is within half a mile of the town, rwosupc. rinr water power privileges, (superior fur this section of country) arc located within one and a half miles of the river, directly back of the town, and several ncvor.fnihng springs nf pure water, are within its limits. The shore of the river that stretches across the Southern boundary of Randolph is for the most pari bold, nnd nt I ho western ex tremity affords tin excellent natuarnl land ing for steamboats of Ihe largest size at any stage of water, nnd all the remaining por lion of the bank of the river, is susceptible of such improvement, that it can readily be made nt a small expense, both safe and eli gible for the landing of merchandize from steamboats of any size. The Piasa empties into the Mississippi at the southeastern point of Randolph, and is navigable for small steamboats a portion of the year, as far as the east end of the town. This creek is navigable several miles from its mouth one half of the year for flat boats, and it af fords a safe and convenient harbor for freight boats, nnd will be admirably calcu lated for boat building, as materials for their construction may be obtained in the immediate vicinity. Bcsidos the above named intrinsic advantages that Randolph enjoys for a commercial town, there are others of on external chnractnr, which should not bo ovetlooked. In the first place it is situated near the highest navigable point on the river, for steamboats ol the largest class at the lowest 6tago of water ; and this circumstance alone, has a direct and important bearing on its commercial importance. It is nearly opposite, to Por tage de Sioux, a town on I he Missouri side of the river, a long established crossing place, heretofore esteemed superior to any point on the Mississippi, between the head of the great American bottom and the Illi. nms river; enjoving ferry privileges at nil seasons of tho year, unless obstructed bv the ice. It is directly opposite to that point, where the two great rivers of ihe west ap proach each other within one and a half miles distance, and where it is had in con templation to cut a steamboat canal, to unite the two streams, thus avoiding some part of the most dangerous navigation of the Missouri river; an examination of this route, having already been made by a com petcnt Engineer, and an estimate had of the expense of constructing a canal with a guard lock, on the Missouri river, which will not exceed eighty thousand dollars. In the event of this grand operation being brought to a successful ifsuc, Randolph must at once fall an heir to a largo share of the trade of the upper Missouri, a steamboats navigating that river will take this in preference to tlie natural and more dangerous channel. It is so situated in re. feronce to the adjoining country, as to ad mit of the easy construction of a rail road, without n degree of inclination that will require a stationary power; in this reepeel it is tho most eligible point above the A merienn bottom. There is another ctrcum. stance which has a more direct ami import ant hearing on the commercial prospects of Randolph, than the one to which wo have 1 1 1 b t nlluded. The government surveyor, in locating the northern route of the great Cumberland or notional road through Illi nois lo Jefferson city, in Missouri, run Ins line to this point on the river, as being the most eligible for crossing into Missouri, and thus avoiding the extensive bottom land which siretches from the mouth of the Mis souri to Portngo de Sioux, and which is subject in n great ineasiuu, to inundation, and which could not bo otherwise avoided, should tho crossing place be lower down the river. When the national road shall be graded and opened, as it necessarily will be in a few years, it will enter front street, on the cast, and continue through its whole length, to the western extremity on the river landing, ns indicated in our Lilh raphic map, where it is intended to estab lish a ferry to I oringe. I Ins Btreet ha been so constructed in the survey of tho town, as to embrace the line of the govern ment survey for the national road, and is marked bv a corresponding width, viz: 80 feel, reference being hat to the plot of said town referred to above. Tho town of Rnndolph is situated in one ot the richest counties in tho state, n boun ding in good timber, and prairie lands ; a largo portion of which is settled by in telligent antl industrious farmers, many of wnom arc decidedly in favor ot tins loca Hon ; and in point of population it ranks the third largest in tho state, cnnlnitiing according to the last census 12,274 inhabi tants and rapidly increasing. Tho ques tion is already too i rlc. whether lown ma king in the west has not readied itsacmo? And whether thoso towns now being and hereafter to b?3 located, will not. prove ah- hortivo efforts altogether on the part of tho original proprietors f Wo answer in rela tion to thoso on the great westorn waters no. For we have only to cast our eye on ihe map cf the United States along the courso ot the Hudson or Ohio rivers, and bo hold tho enterprising business towns which skirt tho margins of tho streams, and then trace tho Mississippi nnd Missouri rivers, from their sourco to their termination, and observe their length when compared with tho two abovo named , and let the eye car ry the mind over the vast tract of country theso western waters aro destined to sup ply through tho commercial cities, that now and hereafter shall lino their shores, and compare the satno witli the extent of conn try that depends almost exclusively for her supplies and trade on tho Hudson, in the statoof New York, and on the Ohio river in the ptato of Ohio. Again, run the eye along the whole extent of these two ma jestic rivers of tho west, comprising a dis tance ol upwards of seven thousand miles, and we cannot but be struck with the sparscness of tho towns which dot thoir shores more paricularly the small hum bur between tho mouth of the Illinois river and the Ohio, on the Illinois side ; a tract of country on which the trade of the upper Missouri and Mississippi will even tually concentrate. It may not be deemed improper in this circular to state, that abundant advantages will bo offered to mechanics and other orlizan?, who content plate an immediate and permanent settle ment in the west, so as to make Randolph worthy of their attention. For further particulars, application may be made in person or by letter, lo cither of the following proprietors. WILLIAM SILLIMAN, of East Fcli. cinna, Lonisania. JOHN JAMES, of Alton Illinois. SAM'.' EL MARSH, New-York city. JOHN BOSTW1CK, of Alton Illinois. HAIL MASON, of Moniiccllo, Illltnois. HENRY JAMES Wnierford, N. Y. Alton, March 1st, 1837. PIANO FCXLTE ESTABLISHMENT. gTRjHE subscribers respectfully inform tho Jk rublic that they have formed a copart nership under tho firm nf IIKRRICK, CIIRITOPHH It & CO. for tho purpose or manufacturing and selling Piano Fortes, in all their varieties ; warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, touch, and lone, to any manufactured in tho United Stales. Tho operative pait of the firm have had a long and thorough practico in tho best establishments in Boston, Philadelphia, and Now- York, and fool warranted by a competent knowledge of tho business, in recommending their Instruments equal in all respects to any in markot. Amateurs in music and others arc requested to call at the Ware Rooms. Cor nor of Chaniplain and MacDonoogh Streets, and examine the instruments constantly on hand, consisting of a variety of plain and lich Mahogany Case, and superior havy toned, Rose Wood, with the highly approved grand action, which produces a splendid clcanies-" and brilliancy of tone unknown to others- All orders by letter or othcrwiso directed to Ly man i Cole, for Piano Fotlcs, Tuning, or any oilier business conoected with such an estab lishment, will be promptly attended to. Old instruments tuned and repaired on reasonable terms. HIRAM HERRICK, Wm. H. CHRISTOPHER, LYMAN & COLE. Burlington, Vt.. 22d February, 1837. Spring goods. LATHROP &. POTWIN have receiv ed a few Spring Goods and will con tinue to receive by Slogc until the opening of navinnlinn many articles in tho fancy line. J hey have now a few ps. Figured Peruvian Silks, Pink, White, Blue and Straw colrtl. a new urtilce for Spring and Summer Dre3?rs, Dress lldfs. and Sewing Stlit, n few ps. Prints &c. &c. Burlington, March 23, 2837. HSKDS GRASS SEED, I HAVE 103 Bushels on hand raised in the County of St. Lawrence N. Y. in 1836. It is altogether superior to the Canada Seed Now is the lime lo buy in 10 or 15 days there will not bo a bushel of this kind to be had in the County. S. EARL HOWARD. JSurlinglon, .VardiZJ, 1837. DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership of llio subscribers in tho name and firm of Davis Si Mavo is bv mutual agreement thisdav dissolved. Thcbu. sincss will bo closed by Henry Mayo 2d who is authorized to use tho namo or the firm Tor that purpose. DANIEL DAVIS, HENRY MAYO, 2d, Burlington, March 20, 1837. Genuine Garden Seeds RAISED for and put up by Joseph Brook & Co. rSiicp.!?sirs lo Gen. C. Barren at the seed establishment, connect rd with ihe New England Farmer Office, North Market si. Boston. "Tho above seeds are of the cropof 183G and of the very best quality, betog raised by the most experienced growers expressly for Ihe above establishment, except sucii sorts ns will not ripen lo advantage in this count ry which arc imported from the first houses in Europe. Awnre of tint great complaint that a hitherto existed with regard to seeds, nnd of the importance to the Farmer nnd Gard ner of having such as can be relied upon, every effort has been made at this festal) lishment to rnisc and vend such only as will give perfect, satisfaction. " Tho subscrih rs have on hand and will certainly keep for sale at wholesale or ro tail, seeds from Ihe above establishment, as agent for the proprietor. Also 400 papers Ornamental Flower Seeds, 10 lbs Mangel Wurlzcl, 10 " Ruia Bagn. 10 " Fla' Turnip, T F. Sc W. L. STRONG. LOOK AT THIS. INFORMATION wanted of EZRA B TAYLOR, formerly of Burlington Vt. who left this city on the28lh of December last, witli a largo amount of goods belong ing lo tho Btibscribir, for whom ho was hired to travel ns Hawker and Puller. Ho was to be absent about four weeks, but has not been heard ol since He drove n gray horse, with a yellow Pedlers waggon nn eliptic springs had a largo slock of r ancy uoods, Jewelry, Uullory, &c &c. Any person who will givo information that will lead lo tho detection of tho Pillinn or recovery of the property, shall be hand somcly rewarded, and all expenses paid by Jl. R. ROGERS. 314 Broad 6t. Newark N. J. March 10, 1837. 4w Rigging, Cordage, &c. am(F COIbS Russin, Manilla and Tarred Riggings, of all des criptions. Camberlines, Cod Lines, Mar in and Sail Thread, by J. & J. II , PECK & Co. March 2. 1837. STOCK FOR SAL.K. The subscriber otters for salo at his promises about a mile south of Root's lavorn, two or thrco good 0 OWIi 3S and a pair oftlitco year old S T I! 33 21 Si n very liberal terms for cash, If appllod forsoon. Burlington, March 24th, 1837. GA1U8 S. DEAN. Charles S. Kimball's Estate. WE the subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Pro bate Court for .the District of Chittenden, r.ominissinnor8 to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of nil persons, agninst I ho estate ofUharles 8. Kimball late of Burlington in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months front the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Daniel Lathrop in Willieion in said District, on the 1st Monday of Juno nnd Septcmbor next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of said dnvs. Dated, this 1 Ith day of March A. D. 1837. HARRY MILLER, Commis- JOHN BROWN, jr sinners. Issi Fletcher's Estate STATE OF VERMONT District of Grand Islk ss. 5 At a Probate Court holdcn at tho Probate office in North Hero on Ihe 1 1th day of March A 1). 1837. Present the Hon. Joel At.t.en. Judge. AN instrument purporting 10 be the last will and testament of Issi Fletcher la'c of South Hero in said District de ceased, being presented to tho Court here, by Hector Adams the Executor therein named, for Probate. It is ordered by said Court, that all persons concerned therein be notified to appear nt. a session of said Court to be holdcn at Hector Adams' office in said South Hero on the fourth day of May A. D. 1837, at one o'clock P. M. and show cause if any they have against the probate ot said Will; lor which purpose it is further ordered that a copy of the record of this order be published three weeks suc cessively in ihe Burlington Free Press P'intcd at Burlington in Chittenden Coun ty ns soon as may be. A true copy of Record. Anest A. KNIGHT. Register. Tom as Reed's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT District of Chittenden ss. 5 The Uon. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, To all periom concerted in the Estate of Thomas Reed late of Jericho in said District deceased, GREETING. WHEREAS, Reuben Rockwell adminis trator of tho cslato of said deceased proposes to render an account of his adminis tration, and present his account against said estate fur examination and allowance at a scs. sion of the Court of Probate, lo be holdcn at Willcy's Hotel in Williin on i!,o thiiU Muu Juy 01 April next. Tiikrkfore. You arc hereby notified loap. pear bcfnro said Court at tho lime and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allow ed. Given under my hand at Willistonthis 20th day of Match A. D. 1837, Wm. WESTON. Reg. Gideon Prindle's Estate. To the Uon. Ihe Probate Court for Ihe District of Chittenden, comes the subscriber administra. tor of the estate of Gideon Prindle late of Kjliurloltc in said district deceased, and rep results that the personal eslate. of said deceased Kill not be sufficient lo pay the debts and char ires thereof and hereby makes application lo said Court, for licence lo sell the real estate of said deceastd for that purpose Gi'.ortoc Prindle. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District ok Ciiittenuen, as, i AT a Probate Court holdcn at Burlington, in said District, on tho2lst day of March A. D. 1837. It is ordered lliat an accitinl be taken of the debt and also, tho proceeds of the potsonal estate of said deceased, and that the lioirs ami all persons concerned in said estate bo notified to appear boforo said Court on the second Wednesday of April next at tho olfiee of tho RpgLtcr ol'said Court io Burlington, aforesaid, lo givo bond for tho payment of debts, and show cause whv linoni.e as aloro. said shall not bo granted, and that such no- lico bo given by publishing llio abovo applica tion thrco weeks soccessively, as soon as may bo in tho Free Press a nuwspaper printed 111 Burlington, in said Utslrict. Given under my hand, the day and year first abovo written. Wm. Weston, Tirg. Jonathan Willis's Estate. STATE OF V E R M O N T , ) District or Ciiittenuen. S The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden. To all persons concerned in the estate n Jonathan tvillis. late of IVeslford in said District, deceas- etl, lilllSKTlmi. WHEREHS, David T. Stone administra. lor oftho cslato ofsaid deceased prnpo pes to render an account of his administration and present his account against said cslato for cxaoiination and allowance at a session oftho Court of Probate to bo holdcn at Burlinglon on tho second Wednesday ol April next. Therefore, You aro hereby notified lo ap pear beforo said Court ut the limo and place afoiesaid, ant! show causo, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not bo al lowed, Given under my hand at Builington this eighth day ol March A. I). 1837. Wm. WESTON, Register STATE OF VERMONT, A IHSTHICT OF CHITTENDEN, SS The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden. To all persons concerned in the Estate a jvaah Lhtllcnden late of Jericho in said District, deceased GnEETINfi. WHEREAS, Tho. Chittenden adminis trator of the estate ol'said deceased proposes to render nn account of his ad ministration, and present his account against said oslato for examination nnd allowance at a session of tho Court of Probate, to be holdcn nt Williston on tho third Monday ot April next. Therefore, You aro hereby notified to appear beforo said Court nt tho time nnd place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington this I0tn day of March A. D. 1837. Wm. WESTON, Register, CALEDONIA SPRINGS. ANALYSIS of (he Medlconal Springs, in Caledonia, Upper Canada. GAS SPRING. 1 qt. wati:r. Chloride of Sodium 89.75 " Magnesia 1 C5 " Polasium 1,55 Sulphur of Llmo 1.47 Carbonato of Lime 2.40 Magnesia 2.50 " Soda 1,00 lion 1.03 Iodine 1,35 Vegetable extract 1.52 Grains 100.22 WHITE SULPHUR SPRING. 1 O.T. WATER. Chloride of Sodium C0.44 do Magnesia .02 Sulphurate of l.itno .88 Carbonate of Limo .82 do Magnesia 3, CO Grains 6G-1G SALT SPRING, so callkd. 1 QT. WATER. Chloride oTSodiuin 108.22 do Magnesia 2.0l Sulphuralo of Limo 1.28 Carbonato of Limo 2.00 do Magnesia 5.12 do Soda .82 Iodine of Sodium .38 Vegetable extract .61 Grains 120.44 Ono Hundred cubic inches of Gas from the Gas Spring analyzed is as follows: Light Carbonated Hydrogen 82.90 Nitrogen G 00 Oxygen 1.5(5 Snlphurato Hydrogen 4.00 Carbonic Acid 5.54 Signed, J.K, CHILTON, Chtmht. Now York, 25th Oct. 1830. Theso waters havo been proved good for Rheumatism, Dispepsia, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, sore hyes, Liver complaints and all olood complaints Corn Brooms. Dozen Corn Brooms by JL fiU J. &. J. II. PECK &. Co. W. W. MESSER, No. 208 Washington Street, Boston, Importer and Dealer in English, Canton, French, German and American francy Goods, SUBJOINED is a Catalogue ofsomo of tho various kinds of Goods W. W. M ESSE R s constantly receiving from the Foreign and Domestic Manufacturer. In soliciting llio custom of Merchants and Dealers, he assures thorn that ho will soil his goods for Cash or Credit, at as low prices and on as good terms as can bo fonnd in any City in the Union. Mav'mir hut tppontly commonccd business. ho will be pleased lo sell for Cash nt a much nwor rate of profit than the old and establish. cd houses of the City are in practice ofdoing. RICH GOODS. Gold and silver Pencil Cases in great vari ety; gold, silver, shell, pearl and finely painted Siinlr and Tobacco lioxcs' nlver spoons, Thimbles, butler and fruit Knives: pearl, agate and glass silver mounted Seals; silver moun ted Dirks, Scissors, Stilettoes, Emeries nnd Waxes; silver Tooth Picks, Whistles and Rattles: a variety of elegant pearl Watch Stands; ladies' rich gold plated Head Bands, Bracelets and Bouquet Holdeis; inlaid rose wood and silver furnished Sewing Boxes; silver plated Teeih Brush, soap and shaving tioxes ; gold and silver Vinaigrettes. CUTI.EHY- Pearl, ivorv. stair, horn and cocoa handled 1.2,3 and 4 blade Pen and Pooket Knives, (d "Rogers'," "Hunt's," "Cjook's," "Rothoram and-flagshawV manufacture; desk, bowio and pruning Knives; pearl ivory and stag handled silver capped Dirk Knives; a great variety of English and French manufactured Razors in cases, on cards and Dozens; minia ture Knives and Scissors ; pocket, button hole, nail, lacoand common Scissors and Shears, of English and German make, of every form and quality; Tweezers, Sec, French, English Si American hair Brushes, ofall possibln varied size and finish ; clothes, nail, hat, comb, shaving and shoo Brushes, of great variety ; 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 row fine French, English and American Teeth Brushes ; crumb and flesh Blushes. COMBS, Fino ivorv Combs of all sizes and prices; wrought and plaine shell Back and Side Combs, shell and buffalo horn Twist Combs; shell, ivory and horn Dressing Combs; peerl, hell ami horn Pocket Combs; silver. G 11 ill and jappanncd melalUcTwist Combs ; jet and guilt shell Sido Combes. SOAPS, PERFUMARY AND OILS. Almond paslo Shaving Soap; "Kow's," whito ,t brown Toilet Shaving Soap ; French transparent and exquisitely perfumed Toilet Snaps, Lawson's composition Soap for tho extraction of Oils front Cloth ; American Toil et und Shaving Soaps, in groat variety; real Farina, l-rcncb and American Colognes; English and French doublu distilled Lavender Waior; French perfumed Toilet and Bureau Cushions ; a general assortment oftho Frencn extract of'llowcrs, too nutneruus to particu larize; Muccassar, Anlixue, Vegetable and Bear's Oils; Hoar's Grnaso, pearl Powder, French and American Hair Powder, and Otto of Rote. POCKET HOOKS, CARD CASES &C. Plain and inlaid shell Card Cases, pear) and wrought ivory Card Cases, gilt and morocco do.i Souvenirs, Nolo Casis, Memorandum Books. Tablet, I bread and No ml in Cases ol beautiful finish and cy.tcnt.ivo variety ; ladies' silver and steel mounted Pocket Books, sim ple, and combined with Card Cases and Ncc dlo BookH furnished and plain; Gentlemen's Wallets ami I'ocKct Hooks, in as great a vari ety as 'can bo found in tho city ; Porcelain Stales, Leaves and Tablets; shell Card Bas kets, of beautiful and varied forms, IIRONZED GOODS. A great variety of uniquo and elegant pat terns ef Bronzed Ink Stands and Thermome ters ; bronzed Card Racks and Watch Stands; bronzed Pastilo Hunters, tables Dells. Cologno and Pcrfumo Stands. DESKS. CASES. ROXES. AC. Ladios'nnd Gentlemen' 12,11,1(5,18,20 and 22 inch rosewood and mahogany pearl in laid and brass bound Writing Desks, with Secrul Drawers; lndic' and Genilomon's richly furnished and plain Drosing Cases; loalhor travelling and jappanncd Shaving Ca ses i ladies1 plain and inlaid, furnished and unf'urnisihcd, rosowood, satinwood, birdVef maplo and mahogany Work Boxes ; a varielr and patterns of pictured whilo wood oottnn Uoxcs ; travelling roll up and lock up' Portfolios! perfumery, jewel, handkorcbUf and gloVo cases ', elegant C'hinoiO Tea Cad. dies. MlSCEIiANEOTJS ARTICLES. Boad Bags and Purses, silk and leather do. silver plated, gill nnd stent Purso Clasps; pin- led, gtll.Kltcl and lass Purse Hingsanc: Tai-' t-els; boxes of'Motto Seals, embroidered Bor. hit Needlework, pearl, manilla, leghorn, (.hell leather, morocco and German Cigar Cases fancy Toilet Glasses; Boxch and Basket; fancy Album Books and Boxes; India Rubber Rings and Bails; clastic Garters! Indchblo Ink, Steel and German Hones, English arid American Razor Straps; linttania and Wood SliAving Boxes) Powder and Pufl'Boxosj Lu cifer Matches ; Spool Stands ; wood, ivory and iron Silk It-jcls; pearl and ivory Silk and Cotton Winders ; boxes of Pens, Inks ana Sands; feather DuMeisj wrought ivory, Chinese and feather Fans and Firo Screens) work, travelling, Canton, Frcuch and Ameri can Jaskcts ) steel Pens of all the most ap proved manufacturers' make; wax beads; co' ral Necklaces ; sufcty chains ; Pins and Nco dlcs; Pin Cushions 1 egg Glasses: steel, gill and composition Thimbles; pearl, bono and Canton Paper Foldcia and Holders ; Tapo Measurers, gold and silver Spangles Trans parent, bronzo ami-common Wafers; writing Ink and sand 1 Glass Inkstands and Sands 1 Billet and Lcircr Paper, and all the varieties of scaling wax; Cloak Clasps; ivory, bonn and cocoa Nupkin Rings: Puzzles, Mirror nnd Toilet Glasses ; toy Watches and boxes of Chinese Toys. ARTISTS' TOOLS & MATERIALS.. All sizes of best prepared Canvasses; Dry nnd ground Colors; Mastic Varnish ; Nut Oil, Lion's, Sablo and Camel's Hair Brushes; pal let Knives; Asphaltum; all sizes French and English Ivories; water Colors; Miniatur Cases . black and whito Crayons ; Portcray ons and Drawing Boards. SHOOTING & ANGLING TACKLE. Percussion Caps; Shot Bags Powder Flasks pocket Screw Drivers ; grin Worms; Game Bags, Flagons and Sportsmen's drink, ing Cups, a very convenient article for travel. Icrs : Fishing Rod and Hooks, Baskets, Floats; Linen, Manilla, Silk and Hair Lines : Fish Gul.ic.&c. GAM US AND AMUSEMENTS. Splendid Canton wrought ivory Chessmon : French, English and German ivory, bone and wood ditto, Chess, Backgammon and Chequer Boards, ol Canton, Lnglish and Gorman make, ivory, bono and wood Chcqucrtnen : Cribbago Boards: English, Fionch and American Play, ing Cards: wrought ivory, peail, bono Whist and Loo Counters, Dice and Cups, Dominoes, Loto. Solitaire, German Tactics, Fox and Geese' Battledores, Birds, Cnroni-llas, Gauio of tho Graces. Cop and Balls, Boxes of Gamer, Jump Ropes, Bows, Arrows and Targets, Jack Straws, together with the following amu sing and instructive Dissected Pozzies i wrought ivory and plain boxes of Chincso Puzzles; Maps of the World, Europe, Amert. ca and the United Slates, Buildings, Land scapes, Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary, tfoulogical Gardens. Slavery Abolished Scenes in Paris. Telegraph, Tho Sorcerer, Scripture Views, Monument, ABC , Harvost Home, Fair Day, Billy Button, Johnny Gil. pin. Threading the Needle, blue beard, Robin son Crusoe, Napoleon's Bivouac, A I'ear after Marriage, Hunt the Slipper, No pleasing Eve rybody, Sec. kc. N. B. Orders from tho Country promptly a tended lo nnd put up with great care. P' ROTESTANT JESUITISM. For salt by V. HARRINGTON- NEW GOODS First in tne Jlarcet. JUST received "BY LAND" at the Vaiety Simp; Twist Combs; Chalk Crayons; drawing Pencils, India Rubber,. finu Bmnbozine Stocks with Bows, &c. . &c. We are receiving nnd shall conttnuo to receive all articles nrcussary to keep our assortment good. We have received some good and large cotton and scotch I ginghuni Umbrellas. PAjYGBORA" & BRIJfSMAID March i:l. 1837. 3w (QA word to the wise is suffi cient.XO THE subscriber wishes all persons Indebt ed lo him lo call and settle their Bills im. mediately. Thoso who neglect to do it may bo notified personally and al their own ex penso. JAMES MITCHELL. Burlington. March 10. 1837. tfT The Selectmen of Burling ton, will meet at tho American Hotel, on Saturday, the 15th day of March instant, nt 10 o'clock, A. M. to receive proposals from nil proper and suiloble persons to take Ihe charge as snperiniendanl of the Farm, Poor hoiifc, and house ot Correction, for the year ensuing. 'SA.MUEL'NICHOLS. ) Wm A. GIUSWOLD, Selectmen. II. LOW II Y. ) Burlitw'tnn. March. 16. 1837. Gold and Silver Watches. WE havu Just added to our stock of Watches. Wo havo some fine gold caved Patonl Lovers, plain and'ehated, so mo 5 and somo full jewelled, gold cased Repeal 'ing Watches, gold cased Bulls eye Watches Juwcllcd, Verges which run as wen as sev ers, fino' juwellcd LcEpino in gold and silver cases, Silvur Levcrs,& English Watches. All tho abovo Waichas will perform well and uro warranted, All kinks of Watches and Clocks cleaned and repaired at tho Variety Shoo Pangborn Si Brinbmaid. March 17, 1837. 3' 'Levi Chapin's Estate. WE the subscribers having boon ap pointed by the Hon. the Probata Court for the District of Chittenden, Com. mtssioners to receive, examine and adjust Ihe clnitns nnd demands of nil persons afrainst the eslalo of Levi Chapin late of Burlington, in said District deeeased. represented insolvent, and ano all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six montliH from Ihe day nf he data hereof, being allowed for that purpose, wo do therefore givo notice that wo will attend to tho biuiuess of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Hosea Spaulding in Jor too in i-aid district on tho 1st Monday in May and tlie 1st Monday in Septamber next nt 10 o'clock A. M. on each cf said daw. Dated this 24th day of Morch 1837. HOSEA SPAULDING, r . LYMAN FIELD, ,"''' N ATI!. T. STILES, S nont"'

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