Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 14, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 14, 1837 Page 3
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Money Maiucet TIio accounts from York nrc appalli"ff ' ',0 southern and ' ivcetern debtor of merchants fail to pay them, ond consequently heavy suspensions ' takes place daily. Alarm, apprehensions nnd distrust prevail in Wall street. Hun dreds of working men were thrown out o cmpoy by the failure of one individual on Wednesday. Among the vast wrecks of ' that day we have heard the names of two houses whoso members have been warm eupportcrs or the President, for many years so that ft lend and foe arc both prostrated by' the storm. The latest advices from Washington yield no hope that the ndmin istration will repeal tho disasteroua Trcas uryOr'dfcr. 'The rod of iron'will continue to be held over the bends of the people. ' It is a fearful state of ofTdirs, and the end is not yet." Distress Is abroad amongst ' the working classes, and hunger often " drives-men mad. Wo have already wit nessed outbreaking of popular violence in ' the great metropolis, and if the poor are ' thrown out of employment, Ihcro is danger ' of more. The tempest is up, and we know not whose iB the hand that can direct it. From New Orleans the accounts arc very dis hcnrining . On the receipt or the news of the Messrs Josephs failure the ' banks totally suspended the fneilities to the cotton factors, n blow "which hills heavily of course on New York as well as their own ; ' city. Alb. Daily. NEW YORK MARKET, AprilS. Flour and Mkal t'lte Flour maiket contin ' lies extremely Inactive nmt llie Fiilc9 of innsl de. ncriplions lire so Hiding :ic not lo require deniil. We f.irilipr induce our cptotiilinns for nil kinds ; 500 bbls. Ohio, via New Oilenn, sold nl 89.i89 25, Rye Flour has declined hugely ; a mile of 100 lirl. Albany inpccied,'wn. made, jcslerd.iy nl 85 audi. TIio murkct is heavy for Coi n and w reduce our rates. , , Gkain The channel of communication wiln ihc interior being again iiiiib?lrncicd. llieie has been more deposition shown to purihase Foreign Wheat within a few iIiijh part, nnd accordingly in iher moie hao been done. The pules howcer have been at a f rdier ic.lur.iioti.'rthich hohleic generally nppear vrry willing to Mibinit to. 8000 bushels prime white German fold at $1 65, on limn; and nmt' olhrr pin rut of the het dofcripiion offi-ring at 1 yO.igl CO, libit iih lime ; 1200 bu-hela Nor them Itje mill il 1 ORaS'l OS ; Foreign may be (tiotrd til 95 ilOO runs, ill ihc lallcr niic 60ine of the primrtt in m.ukei Iuh been sold on lime. Coin leinains heavy ,auil has (h elmed ahoul 5 cents ; 2000 bushel.' Yclluw iM.u jl.iiul and Delaware fold at 90, nnd 1000 do ai 92 cent;, measuie; n small lot of Norlhein Yellow, ihe first received, sold al SJ1 06; There has liecn a farther decline ia Oals ; sales of Norlhein, hv cargo, at 06; Southern are dull at 45 rents. 4000 btitlicls Northern Bai ley, sold al $1, d, cash. Provisions The demand Deef and Peak conlinaed very liniiled, the hiiIc being confined to sainall pa i eels for ship stores and city u.-e. licel has not varied : but Poik, in consequence of huge sup plies which an ived, and ate shortly expected, 11 .is further declined in value. We reduce Mess In $20a21 50 ; and Prime, $17.il8. The icccipts of Western l.ard, via New Oi leans, have been exees sitejy heavy, and I tic prirn has declined still f.inhci' ; tve'qriote 9.ill cenlf, endnacini; all descriptions. V,n reduce mir rale fur Go-hen Duller. Hanw uro Thill nl 12; nnd smoked 'Deef 11 1 Ual2 cents, The l.itier arlir.'e is scnfcc. Ralhburris Trial. This trial resulted on Tuesday in the discharge of i!io jury ' wilhout having agreed upon a virdict. It is understood that seven were lor conv'r 'ting antique for acquitting. Wo have, in 'the Rochester Democrat, the remainder of 'its report of the trial, but now, when 'it is lknown there is no conviction, it has lost its nterest. Any poor d I who had forged 'V note for two and sixpence, with half the 'icstimony against him, would have gone to tho States Prison. But your 'Robinsons '-nhd'llathbuns. who murder and forge up. on'a 'magnificent scale, glide through the meshes of the lnw ! These mockeries of Jo'sticcarc most paniful and sickening. , Albany Journal Temperature of the earth. The borinjr ' r... ,. a n . .1. . ,.,.. . mi iiiu iiiiricsiuu ivuii, 111 llll iVIIUDlllir oi Gr'enellc, has cot down to 1,050 feefwith- j out finding water. The temperature at the "bottom, according to lint Thermometer? ' which have been let down is 02 Fahrcn- ' licit, While at the top it is 59. A SA'ri.on's Notion. A sailor seein" 'oncol our domestic slave traders driving ' to negro. men, women and children on bnnr fllnp for New Orleans market, shook his .head.npd said," Jim, if the devil don't catch tnemjelters, tot might at well not Jiave-any Awfui. Revknok. Two boys fought out a-quarrol Ihe other day. nnd the bigger ' proved the beslman. "Darn ve." sni.fNn ' 2"wh(Jn he found he was u.-ed np,"J)arn ye --if I, can't lick yo, I'll make mouths at Jim ciaitr. Somtlhinsr eranh ic The following lot ' tor was written sometime since by a boy in iiiuiuuo, to ins latner in New Url Cans:" 'Dear daddy, Corn is dull, brother -j mm isuenu iiKewise. Excuse haslo. in in a bad pain. Yours omnipotent. , Join McCi.urk." MARRIED. In F.e.v nn ll.n Oil. I,,., .-. 1... I .n ... t! NMr. Silas Tiihbg to M ins l.aurn Tubbs. num. In litis lown on Saturday llie St Ii inst. Lemuel Drew, nged G3. Printers' in New Huinpshiro urc requested, &c, PORKMACKERELL. LOVELY & ABBOTT have on hnnd &. for solo n few Barrels Pork, olso Barrels, Hnlf&. Quarter Barrels of Mack-cro"- April 13. NOTICE, rpiHS may Certify that I havo given lo mv X uou ANDREW R. ALLEX, his ,iZ ms minority and I shall pny no debts of ... trading nor ciaim nny of his enrninc after Ilii. do. JOEL ALLEN. Morrutocnx Martha, 1037, New Goods-New Goods Up and doing, Quick nnd Cheap. C II MAP for CA"ii nnd no Imprisonment for Debt, have been my mottos for fifteen full years of brisk and lively trade. An early start in the spring helps well through the wintur. January, February, then March means go nhcad, and so he did, Howard, of the Cheap "Cash Store, Marched off to New York nnd has return ed with an additional assortment of New Goods, such as Silks, Muslins, Ribbons, Cnllcoes, Cnmbricks, Shawl, Hdkfs., Gloves, Hosiery, Combs Leghorn Straw and Tuscan Bonnets &c. &c. which to gethor with his former stock makes ns usual a very rich splendid and dosiroblo variety to select from, and as goods have como down to cheap prices in New York, they will bo sold at corresponding low pri. cos at Howards in Burlington. P. S. There is no inisinko about prices, I have bought Cheap and have no other btisitii.s on hand but to attend lo their be ing disposed of at prices that will suit buyers, S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington. April 7ih 1037. WM, A. GRISWOLD HAS reopened his old Store, and is now selling his remaining stock ofdry Goods nnd a finv dry Groceries, consisting chiefly of Calicoes, Ginghams Cireasinti", French nnd other Muslins, Scotch plnid. Bombazin, Ladies, and Gentlemen's silk nnd Cotton Iiorc Laces Braids, Ribbons, Shoes, Thibet nnd Fancy Shawls fee. Marseilles and Valentin Vcstings, Myson Tea, Tobacco Snuff, Ginger Pcppor Alspicc, Sic. &c. &c. Tho Storo will bo open for about 20 dnys only and ihc goods sold at such prices by wholcfalo or retail as cannot fail to suit all purchasers who have a reasonable conscience itj'They must and will be sold, Burlington, April 12, 11)37. NEW GOODS. LATHROP & POTWLV havo rccoivod tho last weok a few ps. heavy Blk. Italian Silks, Light Col'd French Ct.mbricks, Gloves, Hosiery, Thread Laces, Long While Lace Gloves French f orking Cotton and Gausc, Ribbans, &c. &c. April 14. Butter Hogs Lard and Pork Hams. Fot sale by Lovely fc Abbott. April 1 5. Charlotte Female Seminary. HE summer term of this school will c mmenco on the 10th of May next T and continue 23 weeks, including two quarters of eleven weeks each, nnd a recess of ono week at the close oftho fust qttar. icr, Miss MARY GROUT will conlin ue to have the supervision of the school. In the selection and management of the studies, particular all nut ion will bo paid to the character and previous attainments of the learner. It is designed so far ns tho circumstances of the pupil will odinii, to pursue n thorough and systematic courso. ju tho various branches of an English Educa tioo. It is Ihe wish of the t rustees that nbt 1 1 nil on should in all respects be such as to merit public patronage, 'rather titan lavnr local interest. In accordance with tliis intention they do not receive pu pits who arc under twelvo years of no-n. About ,10 young ladies can be accommoda ted nt the Boarding llt.nse. Boarders will be received in private families where they will observe t lie same deniute arrangements fur study nnd relaxation, as at the Boarding llntisc. Applications for hoard and ndmis- aion into the school, may be iiifado by letter citiier to Miss Uroul, or to one o the trus tee!'. "It would be much for Ihe interest of those who arc desirous of becoming mem bers of this school to apply ns early as prac. ticnule. . 1 lie attendance ol cat h member on thitr.v( of the term. particularly re quested. No deduction of tuition for uh scence, except in cases of sickness. Board, including wnshins, lights and fu el, two dollars per week. Tuition, four dollars per quarter. Books, and Stationary will uo lurnihlied nt the lowest prices. LUTHER STONE jr. ) 7Vi? JOHN STRONG, ( tecs. Charlotte, March 25, 1037. Frederick buell's Estate. nnO the Hon. the Probate Court fiir tho JL Diatrict of Chittenden, comes. Henrv P. Hickok, of Burlington, in said District un.i shews that he his I u ir i 1 guardian of Mortimer C. Bucll, a male infant under the ape of twenty one yenrs.nnd of Marin A. Bu, cll.'n foriinle infant under tho age of eighteen years, both of tho lown of Burlington 'aforesaid ; that the said Mortimer C. and Marin A. are seized ns tenants in common in thou own right in fee of a certain par. eel of land being the undivided Half of seventy ncrcs in Burlington, lying on the Hinesburgh road and known ns'llie Barber place, llio same being subject to the wid ow's dower (--and that n sale of said par eel ol land is conducive to the best inter ests of his said wards. Therefore he prays snid Court to grant him license nnd em power huh to sell tho said lu nd nnd your petitionor will ever prny. IIkniiv P. Hickok, Burlington, April i i, iri37. STATE OF rERMOJYT, ) DisinicT of CnrnT.NiiKN, ss, s The Probate Court for the District of Chit tenden, to all persona lo whom these pres enlt shall come, GREETING. HENRY P. HICKOK of Burlington, in snid District, gunrdinn of Morti mer C. Bilell, n mnle iiilnnt tindor tho ago of twenty one years, and Maria A. Buell, a tcmalo infant under the ngc of eighteeen years, hotli of the Town of Burlington nforesnid, having represented to this Court that the said Mortimer C. and Marin A. arc seized as tenants in common in their own right in fee of n ccrlnin parcel of Innd, being the undivided half of seventy acres in Burlington, lying on llio Hpiesbur-'h road and known as the Barber Place, the same boing subject to tho widow's dower; and that a snlu of said parcel of land is conducive to the best interests of his said wards It is therefore hereby ordored that said application stand for n hearing bolbro snid Court, nt n session thereof to ho holdcn nl the office of the Register of this Court in Burlington on tho second Wednesday of May A. D. 11137; nnd Hint notice thereof bo given by publishing this order together with the substnnco of said petition in the Frco Pros?, a nnwspnper printed nt Bur linglon in Ihc County of Chittenden, two weeks sncessively, tho lust of snid publico, lions to bo not less than I wo weeks pre vious to said tlay Given under my hnnd nnd tho scnl of said Court al Burlington, in tho Dis trict of Chittenden, this llth day ol April. A. D. iri37. CHAR TiftS RUSSELL. Judge. Hcman Dcvercaux's Estate. STATE OF FERMOjYT, ) ntsTnicT nv ciiittknden, ps. The Honorable the Probate Court, for the District of Chittenden, To all persons concerned in Ihe Ettateof Hcman Dcvcr. caux, late of Richmond, in said District, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Amos B. Cooper, adminis. trator of tho estate of said deceased proposes to render an nccount of his nil mlnistrntinn.nnd present his account against said cstnlo for examination jnd allowance at a session of , the Court of Probate, to be holdcn nt the'Reciitcr's office in Burling ton on the second Wednesday of May next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to anpcnr before said Court at tho time and place aforesaid, nnd show catiso, if any you havc.wliy the account aforcFald should not bo allowed. GWcn under mv hand at Burlington this I2lh day or April" A. D. tl)37. Wm. W BSTO N. Reaisler. Samuel Buell's Estate. WE the subscribers, hnving been np pointed by tho Honorable the Pro bate Court for the District, of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd ad just the claims and demands of all persons, against Ihc estate of Samuel Bucll, late of Burlington in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in off-et thereto; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by snid Court for Ihat pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, Hint we will attend to Ihe bus'inces. of our appointment, at tho office of Wm. Noble in Burlington in said District, on the second Mondays of May and Sqitembor next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dated, this 13lh day or April A. D. IG37. Wm. NOBLE, ) Commit Wm. WESTON. ( sioners. David At wood's Estate. STMT OF VERMONT DlSTIUCT OF CiriTTENDKK SS. $ Tht Ifon. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, To nil penons concerned in the Estate of David Atwood, late of Charlotte in said District deceased, GREETING. WHEIlrJAS, Amos Clark, administrator or Ihc estate oTsaid deceased proposes to render an account or his administration, and present his account against said estalo for examination and allo.vanco at a cession of the Court of Probate, lo be holdcn at llio Reg. ihter's offico in Burlington on tho second Wednesday of May next. TiiniiCFoan. You are hereby notified tonp. pear before said Court nt the limn J .t aforesaid, and ohu,v cause, if any you have, why the account aforcsnid should not bo allow ed. Given under my hand al Burlington Ibis llth day or April A. D. 1037. W.m. WF.STOM. Re. Matthew Sax's Estate. To (ho Hon. tho Prnbain Court for the district or Grand Isle, lin Hill or Isle I,a Mott in said district adtn'mislrnlor of tho rptalo of Matthew Snx, latu of Chnzy. in tho Slate of Ncw-Yoik deceased, respectfully roprc&onln inai llio saui Maitliow Sax, did in his lire, time enter into a corlaio contract In and with onn Joseph Bowman orislo La Mott afore, said to deed and convey, to him thofinid Jo. scph IJowman tho wholo of lot No. 76, and the north linlfor lot No. 75, lying and boing in Isle La Molt afuresad, wliieh said con ttact was at the decease of the naid Matthew Sax,, nnd slill is, unexecuted. Therefore tho said Ira Hill prays tho said court to grant unto him liborty and authority to deed said land according lo ihe terms of said contract agreeably to the stalulo in such case mado and provided IRA HILL,. Um'r. North Hero, April 3, 1B37, STATE OF VERMONT,) . District or GnAND-Isr.n, ss. TT is ordered by. tho I'robato Court for the a. district aroresaul that all persotis concern ed bo notified to appear beforo said Court, at a session thereof lo bo holdcn at llio dwelling houso or Jed. P. Lndd in Norlli Hero on the third Monday of May next one (x'clcck P. M. lo show cause if any they have why llio liberty and authority requested in tho foregoing appli cation should not bo granted, and that For that purposo the said application lo gotlier with this order bo published in tho Burlinrrton Frnn PrcsB printed 'at Burlington in tho County of vjiiiuuiiuuii, uircc wocks successively as soon as may be. In witness whnrnnfT Imvr. Imrnunin,.l tho seal ol said Court and subscribed my namo mis 'iiii uay oi npru a. ij, iusi. JOEL ALLEN, Judge, tifFK! L.IFE! LiIPB! lilt. JOriA. MOURE'S SSggnue of 7i.ffe. .4n ftrwTC inn larkTuiT.Ti IlHE most highly esteemed medicine that .jl. nas over nnnn nt.i'nvi.rni ir Coughs, Colds and whooping cough, which, iT uiiton ni ino commencement or llio disease, may bo cured in n short time. Tho following uiu u liny oi moru intiii n ipuusand nKRnMIHKNnATmVG' Tho undersigned ministers, of tho Gospel in mo county o) wmoiiam, vjjinowing the sal utarv efficacv. of Dr. Jnn.itlinn ilnnm'. p senc'o or Lire"," having used it oursolvesand in our lamilics. consider it a valuable coniposi lion ; particularly useful and efficatinus in ro movini' nnninlninlH of I bn n.,,1 I , safo jiiil rostorativo mndieino in llio various disoMCs named in (ho Doctor's accompany label; and do most cheerfully recommend its general use, uoiiovinj u woll worthy tho pat ronago of llio public. Signed Ilosea Beckly, Dummorston; Syl vestor Sage, Wosjininslor j Jed. L. Stark Brattlcboro; Elisha D. Androws, Ptilnoy Chandler Bates, Philctus Clark. Octobor 9, 1020. 7b all whom it mau concern. Wo, tho undersigned Physicians, who havo proved tho efficacy of )t. Jonathan Mooio'h Ehscuco of Life, uoncoivo it our duty lo pat. ronizo tho medicine, and aro of opinion that ifgonornlly used, it will bo of public utility. Signed Abel Duncan, Samuol Stearns, Dummor.ton , Jonathan Badger, Win. Town, Fcstmhislor j C. IV, Chandler, Andovcr! I'rcscotl Hall, Chesterfield. fl i ho above medicine is pre pared by II EM R Y SEYMOUR, of Iladloy, Mass. from tho original iccipo,by tho diioction of said Moore, and 6old by hitn and the p.lncl. pal Druggists In tho United Slates. (13" As there aro many spurious articles in circulation, fiir tho benefit brth o public, ho wil givo the following CAUTION This may certify to all whom it may concern that I, tho subscriber, residing in Iladloy.Mnss. havo niado an Improvement, in tho mcd cino invented by mo, and denominated "Dr. Jona than Moore's Esscrico of Life," and havo com municated tho Itccipo to Henry Seymour or said Hadley, and to him only, Tito United States is Full or Ibo sophisticated article, and Ibis is to givo notice to tho public that irthcy wish or tho gonuino Essenco or Llfij, they must apply to Naid Seymour or his agonls, and bo pailicularto inquire for that prepared by Henry Seymour. Dr. J. Moohc. Hadley, Sept. 9, 1033. Sold, wholcaalo and retail, by J. J. II. PECK Si Co. Burlington, wltolcsalo agents for tho state orVermont. IfirOrdcrs will receiyo piompt nllontion, and any qunntity orMedicino immediately furnish, cd. This tncdicino is put in boxes of ono or two dozen each, convenient and (jaTo for trans, portation, and labelled with the name of Hen ry Seymour, Hadley, Mass. April 14. Cm CATTLE FOR SALS Working Oxen, Fat do. Milch Cows, Young Cattle, For salo hv tho subscriber at his promises on Pcarl-Strcot. JOHN K. GRAY. March 31. WANTED, a boy sixteen or seventeen years or ago ns an apprentice lo the carriage arid sleigh making husincs. Apply J.K. G. ST A TE OF VER MONT District of Grand Islk ss. j Ala Probate Court holdon nt tho Prnbnio office in North Hero on the llth day of iliarcil A. V. IU13V. Pretenl the Hon. Jokl Allen, Judge AN instrument pnrporting.lo bo the Inst will nnd testament of Issi Fletcher la'c of South Hero in said District de ceased, bring presented to the Court hero, by Hector Adntns tho Executor therein named, for Probnle. It is ordered by said Court, t lint all, persons concerned therein be notified to appear nt n session of snid Court to be holdon nt Hector Ail Jims' nfllnn in said South Hero on Ihe fourth dny of May A. D. 1037, at one o'clock P. M. nnd show cause if nny they have against the probntc of snid Will'; for whic.h purpose it is iiiriiicr nroorcu mat a copy ot t lie record of this order bo published three weeks uc cessivclv in tho Borlinrrtnn IVriw. Pmea printed at Burlington in Chittenden Coun y as soon as may oo. . A true copv of Rocord. Alio. i A. KNIGHT. Ilcziitor. AGRICULTURAL PAPER THIS publisher of the GENESEE PARMER, grateful (or the patronage iimiunu t.Mcnocu io ins Agricullural pa ncrs. would mvn nntirn Mini n nn .. tlic 7lli) ot the Geneske Pakmeu. will coiniiiuucc on too nrsi nt January, 1037 It will be enlarged and otherwise improved and no exertions spared-to sustain llio hil rank it has attained. It is nuhlishml n..,.rL. oaitiruny. in q'.inriu lorm, innlting un annii nl volume of 41 C pages, nt g-2 n year, pay able in advance. The 2d volume of the Monthly Gunr. si:e I'Anjir.n n so comnipiici.s nn tin. lire of January. It is published on the first n cncli montli, 10 pages largo octavo, nt 50 cents n yenr Seven copies for g3 Twelve for 5. always in advance. All letters to come Tree of postage. ITZTPostlliastors nnd others in nil softiniij of the country, are respectfully invited lo uci n-i ngenis to procure subscibors for these pnperi. To the Hon. the Probate Court for the District ofChitlentten,rnmes Ihc subscriber adininulra. lor of llie estate of Gideon. Prhidle late of Charlotte in said district deceased, and rep resents that the personal estate of said deceased wilt not be sufficient to pay the debts and char ges thereof and hereby makes application lo said Court, for licence tossll the real estate of said deceased for that purpose Gnonot: PatsnLn. STATE. OF VERMONT, ) A DlSTIUCT OF ClUTTENOCN, S?. S T a Probate Court holdon al Burlington, in sab! District, no thoSlsl day of March A. D. 1037. Il is ordered that an account bo taken ortho debts and also, llio proceeds of tho poisonal cstalo orsaid deceased, nnd that tho lioirf and all persons concerned in said estate be notified lo appear before said Court on the second Wednesday or April next at tho olfico ortho Register oTsaid Court in Burlington, arorcsaid, to. givo bond for tho payment of debts,, and show canto why.diccpso as afore, said sjiall not bo granted, a'nd that such no tice io given by publishing tho above applica. lion llirco weeks successively, as soon as mav bo in tho Frco Press n newspaper printed iii Burlington, in said District. , Given under my hand, tho day and year first above written. Wm. Weston, Re". LOOK AT THIS. INFORMATION wonted of EZRA B TAYLOR, formerly of Burlington Vi. who left this city on tho2tJlh of December last, with a Inrgo nmouut of goods belong ing lo tlio Riibseribi'r, for whom ho wits hired to trnvel ns Ilnwker nnd Poller. Hu was to bo absent about four weeks, bill has not been heard nt since Ho drove n gray horse, with n yellow Peillors waggon on elipiic springs had n Inrgo stock ol Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Cutlery, &c &c. Any person who will givo information thai will lend to the detection of I ho Fillian or recovery of tho property, shnll bo hnnd somoly rewarded, and all expenses pnid by A. R. ROGERS. 314 Broad st. Newnrk N. J. March 111, 1037 ,tw HERDS GRASS SEED, I HAVE 103 Bushels on hand raised i J. tho County of St. Lawrence N. Y. in 1030. ii is altogether superior to llio Canada Seed Now is the time to buy in 10 or 15 days llioro will not be n bushol or this kind to bo had in tho County. ,S EARL HOWARD. Burlington, March 23, 1037. RANDOLPH. GK.EEN COUNTY, Illinois. rrillE town uf RANDOLPH is mlvnii A tngoouslv situated on I bo MiiSfippi river, on frnclionnl sections nnd 20, in Township No. 0 norlli, nnd rnngi' No II, west ol the third principal meridian, nbniit eqiiidistnnt between Alton nnd Grafton, in Green County, Illinois, on n bcnutiliil bench oflnnd, from ten lo twelve feci nbovo the highest known floods ot I he river, nut! stretching back n halt' mile in extent. Nalnro hns been abundantly lavish. In bestowing ndvattlngos on Ibis spot, for n great commercial city, in many roepects superior lo nny oilier on the Illinois sido of tho Mississippi, between the mouth of the Ohio nntl tho Illinois river. 1 ho ,ml of Randolph is n black snndy Ion in, dry nnd free from excessive mud in rniny weather, an inconvenience from which but few towns in this section of the country are exempt. Uuilding stone, ol a superior quality, is found in abundance at tho western extremi ty of tlie lown silo, andean bo readily quar nod. Rich limestone beds abound in llio immediate neighborhood. Timber suitable for building and oftho largest growth, is willnn hair a mile ol the town. Two stipe ripr water power privileges, (superior for this section .of country) aro located within ono and a half miles ol tho river, directly back ot the town, and several ncvor.lmliiig springs of pure wntor, are within its limits. l lio shore ol tho river that stretches across tho Southern boundary of Randolph is for the most part bold, nnd at the western ex tromily affords an excellent natuaral land ing for steamboats of t lie largest size at any stage or water, and nil tho remaining por tion ortho bank oftho river, ia susceptible of such improvement, that it can readily be mado nt n small expense, both safe, and eli gible fiir the Innding of merchandize from steamboats.of any sire. The Pi'nsn empties into the Mississippi r,t the soutlien.-lern point of Randolph, and is navignblo for small steamboats a portion oftho year, a fur ns tho enst end ol the town. This creek is navigable several miles rrom its moiiil one half of the yenr for flat boats, and il nl' fords n safe and convenient haibor for freight boats, and will bo admirably calcu lated for boat building, ns materials fur their construction may be obtained in the inniediato vicinity. Besides the above named intrinsic advantages that Randolph enjoys for n commercial town, there are others of on external chnractor, which should not bo overlooked. In the first p'nee it is situated near the highest navigable point on the river, for steamboats of the largest class at the lowest stage of water ; and this circumstance alone, has n direct nnd important bearing on its commercial importance. It is nearly opposite, to Pur tngo do Sioux, a town on llie Missouri side ol, the river, a long established cm.-. ing place, heretofore esteemed superior to any point on the Mississippi, between the head of llie great American bottom and the Illi. noiti river; enjoying ferry privileges at nil .seasons of the year, unless obstructed hv the ice. It is directly opposite to that p int, where ihc two great rivers of the west ap proach each other within one and n half miles distance, and where it is had in con templation to cut n steamboat canal, tu unite the two streams, thus avoiding .some part of the most dangerous navigation ol the Missouri river; on examination of ilii. route, hnving nlrcady been made by n c iin petcul Engineer, and nn estimate had n Ihc expense of constructing n canal with n guard lock, on the Missouri river, which will not exceed eighty thousand dollar. In tho event or this grand operation bing brought lo a Micccs-lul if.-ue, Randolph must ot once fall an heir to a largo share of the trade of tho upimr Missouri, n stoamboats navigating tl at river will take this in preference to the natural and mure dangerous channel. It is so situated in re ference lo the adj. lining country, n-- to nil mit of the easy construction of o mi! rontl without a degree of inclination lluit will require n statioinry power; in this rcpeoi it is the inn..l eligible point above the A uicrieaii bottom. There is another eircuin stnnco which has a more direct and import ant bearing on the commercial prospects nf Randolph, than the one to which wo have just alluded, The government surveyor, in locating the northern rouio of Ihe gren' Cumberland or ua'ional ro.nd through Tilt nois lo Jefferson city, in Missouri, run In. lino to this point on the river, ns being the most eligible for crowing into Missouri, and thus nvoiding the extensive bottom Innd which stretches from the mouth of I he. Mis souri to Portngo de Sioux, nnd which is subject in a great tnetisure, to inundation, and which could not ho otherwise avoided should the crossing place bo lower down the river. When the national road shall be graded nnd opened, ns it necessarily will be in a few years, il will enter front street. I on the cast, and continue through its v hole length, to tho western extremity on ihei river landing, ns indicated in our Litlmg rnphic map, where it is intended to estab lish n Terry lo Poringe. This street has been so constructed in tho survey ofiho town, ns to embrace the line of the govern ment survey for the national road, nod is marked by n corresponding width, viz: t!0 feet, reference being had lothe plot ofsaid town referred to. above. Tho lown of Randolph is silunled in one of the richest counties in i lie stme, aboun ding in good timber, nnd prairie Intnls ; n large portion of which is settled by in. tclligent nnd indu-trintis farmers, many of whom nrc decidedly in fnvor of this locn Hon ; nnd in point uf population it mnks the third largest in tho stale, rouiniiiitig according to ihc lust census 12,271 itihnbP tants and rapidly increasing. The ques tion is already too tr'Ue, whether town inn king in the wesi has not reached its acme? Ami whether llioso towns now being and hereafter lo bo located, will nnt prove nb horlivo elTorts nltogolher on the pari oftho originnl proprietors.' Wo answer in rein lion lo thoso on llie great wedem waters no. For wo hnvo only to ciisit our eye on tho map cf the United Smten along tlm coureo oftho Hudson or Ohio rivers, nnd be hold ihe enterprising business towns which skirt tho margins uf tho streams, nnd t lien trace the Mississippi nod Missouri rivers, from their source in their termination, inn! observe t heir length w hen compared with the two nbovo named.,, and let the eye ear ry tho mind over the vast trucl ol country these. western wninrs are destined lo mp' ply through tho commercial cities, ihai now and hercnl'ter sl nll lino Ihcir shores. nn,! compare the same with tho extent of coun. try Hint depend', iilincst exclusively for he'' siinpin s nnd imdi on the Hudson, in the stn'uiif New York, nnd on the Ohio river in Ihe state of Ohio. Again, run. llie ryo along tin whole extent nf these I wo mn- jeetie rivers ol iho west, coinpriing n dis- inneo ol upward or seven tliniHnnd miles, nnd we but be s'rtiek wnh tho sparsoness uf the (owns wt.ieh d l tho'r slinrns inori! pnriculnrly the niinll niini ber between tho mouth of the Miuoi.J river nnd the Ohio, on the IPiiv.h side; n trnet of country on which llio irade of ihn upper Mist'iuri nnd Mississippi will tvon tunlly concentrite. !' may not be denned improper in thii circular to slnle, ihat abundant advantages will bo ode red to mechanics nnd other nrtiznni', who conteni plate an imuiedinlc and porinnnuii. setlh, mcnl in the west, bo ns to make Randolph worthy of their nl trillion. For further particulars, application may bo made in person or by loiter, to either of Iho following proprietors. WILLIAM SILLIMAN, ol East Fcli cinnn, Lnt.iania. JOHN JAMES, of Alton Illinois. SAM'IEL MARSH. New-York city. JOHN BOSTWICK. of Alton lllinoii- HAIL MASON, of Monticullo. I Illinois. HENRY JAMES Wniorford, N. Y. Altn March 1st, IC37. DISSOLUTION. Tff FIE Copartnership of llio subscribers in JL the name and firm oTDavis & Mayo is by mutual agreement ibis day dissolved. Tho bu siness will ho closed by Henry Mayo 2d whois authorized to uso tho name ortho firm Tor that purpose. DANIEL DAVIS, HENRY MAYO, 2d, Burlington, March 20, 11137. Spring goods. LATHROP & POT WIN have receiv ed a few Spring Ooods nnd will con tinue to receive by Stage until tho opening of navigation many articles intho fancy line- Thoy have now a few p. Figuroil Peruvian 'Silk. Pink. White. Blue and Straw colrd. n newnrtilce Tor Spring nnd Summer Dress-ep. Dress IMfj. and Sewing SiIk, n few ps. Prims &.e. &e. Burlington. Mnrr-h 2.1. 2JI.17. Genuine Garden Seeds J RAISED fiir nnd put up by Joseph Brock sS- C". Siteees-ors to Geo. C. Barrett at the seed establishment, connect ed with i he Nc.v England Farmer Office, North Market si. B istou. 'Th" above seed-' are of the crop of 1 G3G and of llie very best qunli'y, being raised by Iho in i-t experienced growers expressly for Ihe nb ivo establishment, except eucli nrts ns will not ripen to advantage in this country which nrc imported from the first hoti-'i'O in Europe Aware nf the gre:il complaint that has exited wiih regard lo seed--, nnt1 of the importance to the Farmer and Gard ner of having such ns can be relied upon, every i.-fTirt hns been mado at ill's eslnb liliment lo raise and vend such only a? will give perfect ratisfaci ion." The Mibscnb rs have on hood nnd wil1 certainly keep for sale nt wholesale, or n tail, rfeedi from the nbovo e-tu'alial.-nient as agent fur the proprietor. Also 100 papers Ornninrntiil Flower Seeds, 10 lbs Mnng.'l Wur'z-.'l, 10 Ruin !)ngn. 10 " Fin' Turnip, T F. & V L. STRONG. William Cluirclfs Estate. S T A T E O 1' V E It M O N T , I DiTnicr or CutTTFxnns. ss. The rionorabp the Prubntc Court for l',r District, of Chittenden. To all person rqncr.rnnl in the estate of William Churth, late of Underbill in said Uitrirt. tl"ccui cd. GREETING. WHEItEAS, the administrator of said deceased propones lo render an ac count of his administration, and present his account ag.iiii.-l ti.nd estate for examination and allowance at n soision of tho Court ol I'robato to he holden atJU'iIlislon on tliu Sd Monday of Apiil Tiii'.iiin'oiii:, You urc hereby notified lo ap. pear bolero said Court at the time and placo afoicsiiid. uiu! shew eauc, if any you have, why llio account arorcsaid should not bo al lowed. Given niidor mv hand at Builiuglon this sixth day or April" A. I). 1"37. W.M. WESTON. Register. Levi Chapin's Estate. WE ihe subscribers having been ap pointed by the lion. Ihe Probate Court for the. District of Chittenden, Com mtssioners lo receive, examine nnd njiiM the claiuw n id deinauiU of nil persons against the estate of Levi Clin pin ln" of Burlington, in snid Di.-trict deeen-ed represented insolvent, and also nil f.laim and demands exhibited in offjot thereto; and six months from the day of the dali hereof, being allowed for that purpose, we do therefore give notice that wo wi'l attend lo the businc?? of our appointment nt the dwelling of Ilosen Spnuhling in Jer ico in said district on ihe 1st Monday n May nnd tho 1st Monday in September next at 10 o'clock A. M. on each if said days. Dated this Qd'h day of March I 507. 1IOSEA SPAIJLD1NG, ,. LYMAN FIELD, ,omtiv NATH. T. STILUS. ) sioners Boot. A. Hall OFFERS his profe?siniml services Ii the inlnbitnnts of Burlington nu.l vi cinily, ns practitioner in Medinne anil .Sur gery. Office over R. Moody's Store, (for merly occupied by Dr. Cobb,) corner Church btreet and the Square. P. ard at II. Thomas'. Burlington. Mnrrh 21, I C anion Seeds. Bo.nos nsborK il Sl,er Gnnb Seed". -of last venr's Growl .1. .T.H. PUCKA. Co. hv LYMAN ifc COLE, !T ILL pay cash for n few thousand fr , uh'iir htull White Pine Bonid.i nn Phiiik, full 2 in. lj, l, and f,-li m. t,irk Ihorotiglily sensoned, free from snp or pitrl Also, K.-iisnepd Until Muplo Plnnk 2 . thtrk. To bo delivered nt iheir Slorc. liurliiig'.Mi, Mn-eh 10, i;M7.

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