Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 28, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 28, 1837 Page 3
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FRIDAY MORN I NO, APRIL 28. The government tins brought this once prosperous People to a condition (if I lie most appalling distress. "Gen. Jackson, when elected to tho Presidency, fntinll ns a nation, the ndinirnlion of tho World, tie called bad men to bis 'cituiicils. "Corrup. tion become the order of tho day." Vio tors wcro proclaimed to ba cnliilodto the spoils of the 'vanquished. Tllo People's Treasury was thrown open to the office holders. The Government became pro fuse and prodigal. lis officer?, availing themselves of tho power and money of the Administration, amazed large fortunes. The examples was contnjinns. Tho cu 'pidity of citizens was excited, and all rush cd wildly into speculation. In the mean time n profligate war was waged ngoinst 'the United States Bank, which ended in 'the destruction of that Institution. Then commenced n series of ruinous Expnri "mehls'opon the Currency. But the bal ance wheel wos 'broken. The U. S. Dank which had presided over the Currency, 'checking and regulating the- Ideal Hanks was crushed. Th-sc local Hanks, frci from tint wholesome restraint, expanded their issues. And then, to check the spirit of speculation which the Administration hail excited, camo tho Treasury Order, which withdrew the specie from (he com mercial cities, where it was required, into the wilderness, whore it is useless. Now ruin black ruin, looks us in the face. Such arc the fruits of Jackson and Van Burcnism ! This is the reward of the People for elevating nvn to power who sacrifice nil to the spirit of parly! E-r tu nnoTE That class of persons spoken of in holy writ, who -'glory in their own shame" seems lo be fast mill- ttplying upon II". Wo moot them at every torn niwl in nvnru wnll- nflir. 'Phn tml , 1 "i pit, lite bar, the ooneli, tho Senate, and .i ii ; i ovuo uie press, ni inro s o n. 100 cone u- 1 "ou iv 1 1 i 1 1 ; i in mm; i.iui. i ins win nc llin linnniosl ilnv nt' mi? Iif. " nid f?.,,,nro1 Jackson to Mr. Dunne, when about lo per 'pctrato nn outrage, which lias brought on mitigated ruin upon hi fellow oilizens I glory in the avowal, said Senator Marcy. that wo fight for "spoils" It is sufficient glory for me, said Mr Van Rorcr. to serve my Chief. These were indeed morufnl do m mst rat inns of tho depraved spirit of 'ihi' limes, nnd otl to excite fi-atful nnprrhi'ii-Mons in llie ininils of li(.in.'i men. When we recollected, however, that Kings 'before had been tyrants. "Senates hern eor. rupleil, and creatures nlwayMi"enn'foTTn"ir tn crawl where pelf might follows fawning, wo had strong faith in the eventual salva tion of tlio country, if the Pris remained '"faithful anil leniluss: but when we took up the Sentinel nf lat woi'k and rend the startlinn m1 tin placed at ils ht,ad--"i1AiT j.kss and FuAnKui." appropriate though it might be, Mill, wo mint confess our j heart sunk within us. ami wo involuntari ly exclaimed, the Lird have merry on his soul! What! tho necoinplh-hed, the erudite, tho conscientious, courageous editor of the Sentinel "who Tot twortv peven years has been fighi'tig the battles of, democracy," now voluntarily submitting to so foul an eclipse for the sake of a ll'lle' temporary distinction, or, perclimice. pro. 1 ' ' ' -motion!! " 1 ell It not in Oath; publish It 'not in t lie streets of A'-kalou " The United Stoles Circuit. Court, nt 1 Washington, is again e'ngaged upon the I "trial of Richard H. While, Cor selling fire 'to the Treasury buildings in '1033, It tnav 'be 'remembered that on his second trial the illru tlrnnrrhl in n ci.neinl 'I'oritiel ctntinrrl their opinion thai ihe prisoner committed t pl"""n. I1'"" l,rn.llll'i' mteresi. wn iep,ese,u n,c ,' . veneralile men who rounded our town in yieal snn- thc crime, but finding hltn not guilty, upon plieily 1 puiity of manners. They weie ind-ed the statute of limilntions. This verdict the !'''im faihers, ulinramo in ihe fear of God, and I in piety and pr.ner rnmiuended their infant settle court has set aside, and ordered a ventre tie meni to Ins goodness. Hero we may learn one i.ovo, fur the third trial of the accused. ' Prcvailin- cau-e of iho sin2nlar piosperiiy nnd . lilepsmss Ihil n.uc riowned II uhutry anil enter- O" The citizens of Norfolk, Va., have . 'I"'0 ,r 'h,f l,,',rc- "J'UP)W. I"""1". 11,0 p(,1" , , .-. v. . uuipiit, ihal wliea wn hall foisalo or foiset thn compinncnieu tne nnn. nunry a. Wise i. rn with a dinner, os o mark oT their high re i ppect for his public character. When Mr. Wise's health had been drunk, he rose and delivered a speech, marked with all his fervor nnd eloquence, and fraught wilh sentiments of patriotism. Alluding to the latu election, the New. York Star mentions the following amusing incident : "During tlio dajs of llio election, anion;; other 'cxtrnoidinary events thai portended the dow nfill of the old Tammany Rookery, was 1 1 in appearance of ii noulc eagle, liom llic uiccti alouiitains ol Ver mont, IMr. Claik's native State. Il waa horne alonj tho sliccts, peichcd on the Amci ican Ensign, ibtougli eeiy Wnril and in every poll, followed hy a inarlial hand, playing National airs. This liv in" evinhol. us lie flaiined Ids w inas nnd dai lrd his fiery ryes, seemed to pcnelrale into I Iks misciies of 1 lie country, ami inspired new confidence lo I lie Whigs. They looked upon il as an omen, and that the emblem of our tianncr laid cunie in louse llicm to u determination lo wipe from it die etains of po lilical corruption.' NEW YOUK iIA RKUT. Flouk and Mkai.. The h'lour mnilcet conlia lies in a heavy nnd declining state, and such is the coiitjmicd irregularity in prices, as to piuclude all poesihlily of arranging quotations which may safely be relied upon, Wc quolo Weslei n Canal, $9,73 n$10; tales or New York City nt prices ranging from $7,60 lo 0, according In quality j 200 tilils superfine Richmond Coiintiy, $7, cash ; ami 400 good Ohio, via New Orleans, $8,60, also for cash, The price of Corn .Meal Inn declined: considerable ulei have been mado at $4,60 per bbl. Hje Flour) triiniiu dull nt picvioiij rates. (inAts I here is n rnnliinial innuirv ibr W licit ufprlnm quality, unci limner pi icon liuve brrn picl. ly Irmly iuuu ihHipIs prune urn ucr- man. sold hi l ou, t.u (iiwi-i moo il'i iniiniiiiiL' qual ity While, 1 40 cash s and 2100 do fair, 1 45, also rnrli Tlio pule of 2300 hwdtets Itcd fieriiitui. no. ticei! in mil lust, was niailo nt t 45, (iO las j jrnml It prime lots of Wheal, ve quolo 1 i5,i50. Nor llieiit Rye remain scarce I'oieisn riinlimie. with out Material change, ue tpinle. 87i95 els. small litis ol pi ime I'm' milling havo Fold at I lie latter ratc,enh, lint nidinmy qua lilies nio n,tiitc unsalea ble. 'I'hcie in slillbiil a limited dciimnd fur Corn, though ihc supplies arriving mo nut Lugo pale of Smilhera at 8.mSo ru, lm- measure, 874 for On lb. and Brunswick, 90 a 100, arpoiilins to quality. In Oats llteio ban lieen nn vnrialiiih of inH'iest. Provisions Tin demand for Herf mid Poik continues extremely Unlit, The slock of Beef io main, light, and pi Ices firm, but pink, of which supplier eoutinuc to iniivc iii iihiimlanee, still de cline!': we irdiico our rales for tiriino to l5,G0,i!7.- 00. No eliange in Mes. An immense flock of I.nid lias aecmniilated in the market, and wn farther reduce our rate to 7.il0 rent.: 200 fhkin pood Western sold nt 7.i7J cents. Ilium am dull and plenty, and we reduce our rate lo 11al2 pent. Small sales of Bacon Sides at lOVill. Smoked ItecflHal2j and Shotildcrs, 9,i9i cents. Butler :ilfo icmains finite heavy. Wool Oar quotations, iihiiniigh redtieed, may lie considered I lie uitieln it dull and we are not advised of sales of any description. IIoNNF.uit aux Dambi. I'll o Ntlos Mich 1 Gazette h sinning pnj'ins to the bcauly of the ladies of that "city." In his eulojTV, ho says "Tho eye of the eagle would fuller nt u p-lanco of their eyes tho unsunned snows assume n dusky hue com pared with the spotless whiteness of their skin, and the rose "rrm'i begin" to compare willi the hue of vermdlion that irradiates their cheeks " The St. Joseph's Herald more than in sinualrs, that the hue which irradiate the checks of 'I he Niles ladies is nothing more than veritable vcrmillion, and Fays "The ladies of St. Joseph no not resort to art to make them appear lovely and fascinating. No other color st ffiisc-s their cheeks than thai which nature, with nn inimitable hand, has bestowed upon them ' Piano Fortks. As our eieen-inounlaiii for- i puts rrppde, nod gic wuv In the well ruliivated, on whiph the stately mansion rears ils head inilicaiiou llic incrensiiiL' tveahli ami refinement n our citizens, wn may espcc.l that fnnio pains will be. taken lo gr.n ify ihe senses something procured ulnrli will t-n ve to amue and please the fancy du nag a leisure, hour. Were unto rlmnse from inniini the numerous nasliines of which we lone anv -,. . , , . . , . , Knowledge, oho winch has no unmoral qualities, one which uas inc. moi pouenai icniicncy w, pronviic. v" rimo llio standard ofnioials and icliae incut, and at the same lime mvc in ilio greatest d fcice to dicer the heart, and one with "Ctliie.h nil uses, sexes and eonditinas in life cannot f.iil to he pleaeil, we should chooic the culiiatiim of innio I'Iir Pi.inn I'iiiip or Organ possesses fiipei inr at traction?, we ihink, to tiny of the musical laslin menls wilh which we are actiuaioled. I'n eiisaed in inaniif.ieimins Piano Kortps nt i .ji ii w'.ir in io iai, nir. v . r, niecn, lias has heen formed at Ruilii "ton, who aie pinspcuiini; ihe nianufii'iiiie nflhesn inliiiincais noiler ihefirm of linn ifl(, ChriMopher & Co., who, if we may Piedii iheirown slnrv, and dial of the eililor of ihe r.nilinjlon ! reo Prf, are well ipialificil fur pin iln"iii in-lninienls of a superinr nualilv. Iiulli n le yanN no eli'an: article nf forniliiie, nnd u licautv lind hi illi.incy of lone. We see no ieaoa why tiv pel lemrinsiioineats r.iunnt lie inaniificliunil in tin eouuli v as in ihe eilv, prnviduil skillful woiKuien arc Pinploveil. I he poiniaiainely less ros-t oT liv iaj, would enalile them lo fin ni-li n mpei ior inli u inenl at n elteaper i:iie, allowing too the ocalcr expense of lraupni lalioii from New Voik, Boston nr rhil.iiloiiiliia, e feel no hcMinnc.v iii lecninmead ins iliesn e.-tiilili-lnneals to the patrinase of oar li'llow rinzeiw, nn the siounil nfeoonoinv. ihas eouiai;in2 ihoe nirraanics who locale ihein-nhes nnoog-i iw, an. I liy sin h means pron 011115 ihe pios i '"" ''-v or"''..!""""""''y- Cas"elon PaPcr The seniioienis expressed in the follow ing I'Xirae.t from the address "ny ,Mr J.'m: i.tNfiiiuvsr.'N, the late ditinjrnMied Senator of Ihe Unit rl States, ruront ly elected Maj or of ihc city of Ni-.v.nK. in Now .lorsey, on taking the oath of office, i, whether we regard the wisdom or the piety of its sen- litnonts. truly characteri-tic of ils author ; "Ii is the privilege of firemen that lliey lie un. der law ; .hat, under hea, en, we know" no oihcr master. I his is a vain Inasi, unless ihe r.AWS , PRKVAir.. none he so exalled as lo he aho and none so de"iadcd as lo sink helow. ihpir ihnrily and sanction. The I iw is ihe poor man's fi iend, prnieelion. and shield. What could wn do njainsl power and weallh, ami oppiession, lint for ihe pain. ply wliirh this cals armmd him ; lie do. i-nnes ii'il llm hlessinjs of ficedoui, who would hake llm auihoriiy or impair the spirit of public I iw. I.ei ii lie our rate, gentlemen, lo sustain in visor and heal liful action ils wliolcsome ipulalioiij anil icslraints. " I here is one refleclioii thai invests our oflieial j priur.iples of ihosn primiiiio wonhies, whaicrr else may lenviin, the linn glory of Newaik will have ilpparipil. Our hills will still liloom in the venluic ol spring, anil Ilia ncliaess of aiitnnin lini cm ly as innlanclnlv memoiials o rciniiid us nf tho desolation that shall linyo passed upon our moral condition, niidcriishi'd thn best hopes of nil who wish well to the interests of religion ami human happiness? Tnnuni.Es m-.aii nv.-Wn roirrnt to lenm that the Ludlow Factory Company bus fail ed, and the property nlfossijjncd. A largo Manufacturing establishment in Taunton ii h also said has stopped payment. Il is fur I her rumored that some of tin; Lowell Fac tories have slopped. This is bad news for Wool Growers nnd tho holders mi of Wool for higher prices. Itullnnil Ilcrabh (TTThe practice of conforiug tho names distinguished men upon quadrupeds, some times leaiU to ainuoing combinations. One such is now before u. in tho Lexingtnn Reporter, in which General Jackson nnd General Gaines are described ns "I wo nf iho finest Jack Jlsscs ever imported," Sio. And the beauty of it is that their keeper's name is Kenton. Lynchburg Virginian. NOTICE. TIIR Uurltngioti Mill Company, will offer at the Winonski IIouso on the 24th day of Mav next at 10 o'clock A. M. from Ten lo Thirteen Lots, to tho highest bidder over Iho valuulion fixed lo them on a plan at Foitl House. By order SIDNEY BARLOW, Clerk. April 27, 1 037. Tho good tun 11 nf society lives on the op-' plntise am! cordiality oI'Iih neighbors. lie eoniparos htniself with his fellow men ; and their testimony to the graces of his mum bin, nnd upright and honorable ehntno'or. lulls like the music ol paradise upon his corf. And il were also the earnest ot par ndisc, if these his (lallernrs and admirers in time, were to ho his judges in tha day of reckoning. Hut, nlhs! they will only lie Ins lollow prisoners at tho bar. I he elern'nl Hon of (iod will preside over the solemnities of dial day. It is indeed a mall mutter to ho judged of man's judg ment, lie who judges us is Gml. r rum judgment there it, no escape, and no hiding place. J ho leslimony ol our fellows will as little avail us in the day of judgment, as their help will avail us in the hour of death. Chalmers. SURZiXNG-TON Stereotype Foundry. (Veto Arrangement.) T A VINO madoa JLJL new arrangement in the stereotyping busi ness, tho publio aro here by informed that thu present proprietor has fitted up th concern in a manner thai "can,' DC Utal in 11118 lumuuu; unu inuun iiiiiimjii rcadv to ilr nl,' kinds of Hook work, in a stylo warranted to s'lit 'bo lasto of publisher! generally. AO" Job work o.r every description ttnno on short notion. l'lni..a i?ir Blank Deeds, Writs, Dxccuticns, Notes &c,,ru."uisiiect to oruer, lypu C! alloy's, n very conveiiK'ti ' article Ibr Printers uiauo lo order on lirass co'ip.1' or """-i-1 bllltOIIls. f.nrnnciv Imron f.-lirn ClltS for f'ttlU lour horse do. small do.' do. rga horso nnts. Mimll iln. AUn .,ri r,.t:' ol small ' " .-.. V CUls, ofoverv ilnserinlinn. in-" Trnm fl In llm Mini 10 7 Tho patronage of tho public is iospecJfu'"-v euiiuuco. .ll tellers on liusmcss djreeled U tho subscriber will receive prompt attention. G. TAYLOR EATON, Agent. Foundary in Lalhrop I'otwin's building, Corner of Church and College Streets, third storv, Burlington, April 2(5, 1837. Ira Sowlc's Estate. WE the subscribers having been ap pointed by thu Hon. llm Probate Court Cor Ihe District of Grand Lie, Coin tnissioncrs lo receive, examine and adjust Ihe claims aid demand of all persons agnins-t the eslato of Irn Sowles lute or A'biirgh, in said District deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also nil claims and demands exhibited in ofi'jct thereto; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed for that purpose, wo do therefore ive notice that wo will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Widow Sally Sowles in Alliurgh in said Di.-lrio.l. on Monday the 1 2i h day of Juno A. D. I!!37, at "Nine o'clock A. M. of said day. Dated, At Alburgh this 7lh day of April 11)37. ALBERT C. BUTLER, ) CommU. JAMES DARBV, sinner i. Clover Seed. JUST It'xd Crnm Now York, a few Socks prune Clover Seed A',nl "0- l!i'i7- Hidcok & chesAp for c&sh. BIIOAD.CLOTIIS. Cassimcres, and Satli nets, at reduced prices. 1LSO Carptings, and I'apor llangioirs, Good Muscavudo and New Orleans Su gar at 9 10 els. pei lb. Teas fc Coffee veiy cheap, Good Lamp Oil, all Ibr sale hv S. E. HOWARD. DISSOLUTION . npilE Copartnership of iho subscribers JL lierelolorc existing under the firm or Day, C'atlin & Co, is by mutual consent this day dissolved. Al I dcbls duo tho firm aio to be paid lo Dan Day. who is to discharge all liabilities against Iho same. Hickok k Dn Da v. Burlington, April 19, l.'!37. NOTICE. TfflHE subscriber having assumed all tho JL debts due the late firm of Day, Callin Si Co. gives notice that immediato payment must bo made of the same, as well as all other de mands duo him. DAN DAY. Burlington, April 19, 1!J37. ' 3w IV OTIC Ii. THIS mav Cetlirv that I havo given my son GRANT J ROCKWELL, his liino during his minority and 1 shall pay no debts of his contracting- nor claim any of his earnings aftei this dnlo. MERR1T ROCKWELL. Alburgh, April 1-1, 1U37 Matthew Sax's Estate. To tho Hon. tho Probaie Court far tho district of Grand Isle. Ita Hill of Isle La Molt in said district administrator or the eslato oT Matthew Sax, lato ofClmzy, in tho Stato of Ncw-Yoik deceased, rcspcctrully represents that tho xaid Matthew- Sax, did in his life, lime cuter into a certain contract to and wilh one Joseph Bowman of Islu La Molt aToro. said lo deed and convoy io him the said Jo seph Bowman tho wholo or lot No. 7G, and llio north hair or lot No. 75, lying and being in Islo La Mott aforcsad, which said eon ttact was ill llm decease of tlio raid Matthew Sax, and slill is, unexecuted. Therolbro tho said Ira Hill prays tho said court togrant unto him liberty and authority to deed said land according lo tho (crms oTsaid contract agreeably to the .statute in such case mado and provided IRA UlLL,Adm. North Hern, April 3, 11137, ST A T E OF V E RMO NT,) Distiiict or GitANii-Isi.i:, ss. IT is ordered by Iho Probato Court for the district aforesaid that all persons concern ed bo notified lo appear beforo said Court, at a session thereof to bu holdon al tho dwelling hcuso or Jed. P. Ladd in North Nero on the third Monday or May next ono o'clock P. M. to show causo il'any they havo why tlio liberty and authority requested in llio foregoing appli. cation should uot bo granted, and that fur that purpose tho said application lo gather with this order ho published in tho Burlington Fre Prosn printed at Burlington in llio Cour.Vy ur Chittenden, three weeks successively as soon as may bo. In witness whoronfl have horeunto affixed tho seal ol said Court and subscribed my naino this -lib day of April A. I), 1037. JOEL ALLEN, Judge, , j:t)lll' subscriber wtil ovposo to sale at W Public Auction the whole of his re. inniniiig Stock of Dry Goods and Dry Gro. ceries, in Irotit of his biorn, INorin siuu ot l ho Court House Square, on Motlday the 30lh day ofA-irtl itist. Sales to commence preciso'y tn 4 o'clock. P. M. For nil f-nles over I0 a credit will ho given for 00 days, and ml over g20 90 days a ml gootl security required. v .m a. uiiiaivuiiu. Jlpril '27. PLASTER TONS of Novaseotta l'laster, now L'rindimr at thu now Mill. Finoos ki City, and for sale, by FOLLETT tc Jill A Li I jl-j i o. April 20, 1037. 0m COPARTNEKSHIH. ri1IIH eiib?crlbers have formed n Copart JL nori-liin in hnsincss under the firm of w. n. el p. a. vitAS at the old stand of W. R. Vilas, where ilicv will continue tho business in all its various branches. WILLIAM R VILAS. FREEMAN C. VILAS. Burlington, April 14, 1037. Gideon Prindlc's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) Dis-raicT ov Ciiitteniiun, ss. The. Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, To all persons concerned m the estate of Gideon Prindlc 'late of Charlotte, m sttta District deccas ed. GREETING. Vf rHEREAS, Gcor-ro Prindle, adiniiiistra T T tor of tho estate of said deceased prnpo -cs lo render an account of his administration a,'ii. Prcsc,lt bis account against said estate !.- 'nation and allowance at a sesMon of for the -'... .. ' Trobato to be ho.'dcn at ihc office o the Itcru't."1' ff:iil1 court in Hui'Ji'igton en Ihc second FeJo'y 01 1Jiiynoxt. Tiicimroiti,; 1011 cru ,lcro'y nolilicii to ap. pear bofiiro said at the time and piaco aroiesaid. and shew ,al,s.0,' 'f any you bavo, why the account aforOsJ,"l 6lluld not bo al lowed. Given under my hand at Builington this 201 h day of April A. I). lt!3V. , . Wji, WESTOiV. ttcgitlcr. DISTRICT of CHITTENDEN' $S. I Charlotte, April 17, 1037. have claims in said estate to I bo amount of two or tlireo hundred dollars in common and joint by with other heirs. We do there Hire pray nnd request the Hon. Probate Court lo order a division o'said eslntc.that wo may hold such portions separately, and to appoint a committee fiir that purpose. SARA II PRINDLE. CHARLES I). PRINDLE. STATE OF VERMONT, Di-tuict or Ctin-rr.MiEN s.s. s Y7ic Hon. the Probate Courtfir the District of Chittenden To the heirs of Gideon Prindle late of Charlotte in said district deccuxd, and all other persons ccncernal or interested in Ihc division of said estate among the heirs thereof. Greeting. Whereas Sarah Priu'dla and Charles D. Prindlc both of Charlotte in said District have represented to said court that they are heirs lo said e.-tatc and as such claim to hold of said estate in value to Ihe amount of two or throe hundred dollars each, in eoininon wilh ihe other heirs thereof, and being desirous of holding the same in severalty t Ley have proved this Hon Court tn order n division ofsaid estate among Iho heirs thereof; And the second Wednesday of May next being set fiir a full hearing in tho premises: It is ordered bv the eourt that Iho said Sarah and Charles I), give notice to the heirs ofsaid eMoto, their attorney and agents, and ull persons interested in said estate to appear beforo said Court at n cession I hereof to be liolden at the office of the Register of said court in llurlington on t ho hccoud Wed nesday of May next, In make objections lo such division if they see cau.-c, by publish ing their said application together with this order throe week successively in Ihe Free Press, a newspaper print cd tit Bur lington in said District, iho lost ol which publications to bo previous to the day eel for hearing. Given under my hand and Ihc seal of said Court, ot Burlington, this loth day ol April, A. D 1!!37. WM. WESTON. Rrghler, Uuttcr Hogs Lard and Por Hams. For Pale by Lovuly fc Abjiott. April 1 5. NOTICE, rilHIS may Certify that I have given to my JL son ANDREW E. ALLEN, bis limo during his minority and I shall pay no debts of his contracting nor claim any of his earnings after this date, JOEL ALLEN. .Morristown, .March !, 1C37. New Goods-New Goods Up and doing, Quick and Cheap.' CHEAP for C.iiii nnd no Imprisonment for Debt, havo been my mottos for fifteen full years of brisk and lively trado. An early start in the spring helps well through the winter. Jaiiunrv. Knlminri'. then March means go niicad, nnd so he! did. 11 oward, ol the Cheap Cash Slc.'fo, Marched off to Now York and has retimi ml with ail adilitiounl nssnrliiinnl ..r in- Si!:.-"0 ra ."I' .'I' "'''f' ''ttbbonsi Gloves Hosiery, Co,,.'0 1 an.1 ..scan J ,,,.., wcl ,() gether with r,Umr Mock b uMial 0 ery r-0, P)t-ndid and desirable vnMCl 10 '-elect from, und as goods have como i,nv t0 c1(,(1) ()rC(,s jn N(JW Y'or( U'Oy will be sold nt corresponding low pri. Cos at Howards in Burlington. P. S. There is nn misiako about prices, I have bought Cheap and have nn other biicinrH on hand but to attend to t Loir ho ing disposed of at prices that will mil buyers. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington, April 7th 1037. X Tho undersigned. Sarah Prindlc and vcn,v, both of the ,cuVn ot' Turlington Chas- D. Prtndle being heirs of the estate 'nfo.-ra ;d ;-that Ihc sain' f;rllm('r C' an(1 or the late Gideon Prindle. deceased of Maria ,. ;-re seised as ten.'1l,,,'i 1,1 c.n,nmo" Charlotte, rosoeelliille rnorpsnnl thntllinv !n,i : c i-. ' cOftain par. 'itu i no nnorao e in -ruin n m ,'i. i .n nmn nm nun 'ue NEW GOODS. I ATM HOP & I'OTWIV have recoive.d tlio A last work a lew t. heavy lllk. Italian Silks, l,ihl CN'I'd French Ci.mljrioks, Gloves, Hosiery, I bread Laces. Lorn; wniio ljaco Cloves I'lentih J'orking Cotton nnd Gauso, Ilililiaii", .ve. iVo. April Id. Cliai'lotte Female Sem incu vy . TW II E summer term of this s.choul will JL comuiL'tico tin l Ini I Ol Ii of Mav next ml continue) 23 weeks, including two quarters of eleven weeks each, and a reces ol'onu week at Iho close of I ho first nitar ter. Miss MARY GROUT will contin no to have Iho supervision of Iho school, ii the selection nun management ot the studies, particular alleinion will bo paid to the character and previous attainments f thu learner. Il is designed so lur as toe circumstances of tlio pupil will admit, to pursue n thorough and systematic course, in the varintis branches of an English Ediica I ion. It is thu wish nf the Trustees that this institution should in all respects b such as to merit public patronage, rather than favor local interest. In ncconlanci with this intention they do not receive pu pils who nro under twelve yours ol ttge. About IG yoUng ladies can he nccriintnoila- teuottlie I!oardlti2 House, boarders w bo received in private families, whotc I hey will observe the same definite arrangement for study and relaxation, as at the Boarding llotie. Applications tor board and atliui sion into tho school, may ho made hy lelle either In Miss Groill, or to one of Iho ttus tees. It would be much for thu interest o those who arc desirous of becoming mom hers of this school to as early a prac ticahle. The attendant c of cadi member on the first day of life term, is particularly re riucstctl. No deduction of tuition for ah sconce, except in cases of sickness. Board, includim: washing, lights and Cu el. two dollars per week. Tuition four dollars per quarter. Books, and Stationary will be furnished at the InwcM prices LUTHER STONE jr. Trm JOHN STRONG, , ttes Chariot' Mnrch 25, 11137. Frederick Uueli's Estate m .1 t lio I loo. the Probate Court for tl X I intrict ol Chittcnucn, comes, nunry P. Ilickok. of Jiurlinglon, in said Districl and shews t.'iat he his legal guardian of Mortimer C. itioll. a male infant under the ace oft wi in v otih' vna rs, nnd of Maria A. Bik it.. ir ,.c cei oi lanu ucio' mu uouiviu n seventy acres if! L'urhngton, lyii" 15.,, 11 iiie.-oorgu roau arm n uuu us 100 . u.d- piace, 1110 same tieing giuueci to inc ow's dower; and that a sale of pa. cul ol land is conducive lo the best inter ctts of his said wards. Therefore he prays said Gourt tu grant htm license and em power linn to pell thu said land and your petilionor will ever pray. I1i:.miy P. IIlCKOK. Burlington, April 1 1, 1337. STATE OF VER.MONT, ) DlSTIllCT Ol- ClMTTENDKN, SS. The Probate Court for die Dislritt of Chit lenden, to all persons to whom these prcs cms shall come. GREETING. HENRY P. IIICKOK of Burlington, in said District, guardian of Morti mer C Buell, a male inlnnt itnd.'r the age of twenty one years, and Maria A. Buell, a tetnalc infant under Ihe age of eighteeni years, both of the Town of Burlington aforesaid, having represented to this Court that the said Mortimer C. and Maria A. arc seized as tenants in common in their own right in fee of a certain parcel of land. being ihc undivided half of seventy acres in Burlington, lying 00 the Hiocsburgh road and known ns the Barber Place, the same being subject to the widow's dower; and that u salu of said parcel of land is conducive lo the bot interests of his said wards It is therefore hereby ordered that said application stand for it hearing beforo said Court, nt a session thereof to bo holdon at Ihc oflice of the Register of this Court in Burlington on the s-ocoud Wednesday ol May A. u K!37 ; and that notice thereof he given by publishing ilnB- cuder together with the substance of said petition ni the Free Press, it newspaper printed at Bur linglou in the County of Chittenden. tw' weeks sncessively, Hie lust ol said pnb'ica lions to bo not less than 1 wo weeks pre-, viotts io said day Given under my hand nnd the seal ol eaid Court at Burlington, in the Dis trict of Chittenden, this 11th day ol April, A. D. It!37. C1IAKLES RUSSELL, Jmhc.. New Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. GfRlIIE subscriber, informs his old Cuslo . and Ilia Public, lhat ho has rcsumod ',1 ' W nn, I nlr.nlr I ! O.I . 'UO ...... ...... uuKlllum, i IllllirS 10' ,1 r. I Milnl.nllu rpn!. (,... .til Ol ivnuiia unvin uujl, UI)IUSIIU j, lnn I llardwaro Store, East side Chure" . a. . Sa he is ready to put Clocks and yl,T,,' ,norc L'ood order as lorninrlv nnd ,llul ' "I as ashis NoiL'hbors. Ilowi'". , '.as fa'0d terms commission, 0110 a-,,1 '': . -cop lor salo on Woodun Clocks i,' V1 1 ay H aud and warranli-:. v.i, L'an uc llai1 town -u. a., SUCi Bu-WinSlon . A' 1!III'XSMA1D. Jili.10'., Nov. 1 1, 1I13G. Cosmetic and pills, FO R Ringworms, Sillrlieiim, Scald head, 0111I all Cutaneous Eruptions. Thisurttcle io not thrown into market like most patent medicines, backed by some hnlf doKen fictitious certificates ; but it comes respectably and honestly recommen ded, nnd is, wo verily believe, all Hint it claims lobe; and as such, it i offered to the publio. by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Sept. 11)30 Agents for the Patentee European Garden Seeds JUST leceived from Scotland anil Germa ny and Ibr salu by IIICKOK Si CATLIN. 20 Tons i of Hay for sale by IIICKOK Si CATLIN. Gold and Silver W.'H -'. WE hava Just added lo oo it 1 Watches. Wo havo som ! '' cased Patent Lovers, plain arid elite I. '' and somo full jowelled, gold case u'l-j 1 log vaicocs, goiu enscu nuns oyi- in. Jowolled.Vnrgos which run 'as Well ! ors, fino jnwcllcd LcEpincs i'n I en ' silver cases, Silver Lover?,& English Ml tho abovo Watchos will perform W' aro vvatrnoled, All k'mks of Watch Clocks cleaned and repaired at tha t Shop I'ANonoRN ii BntNs.M i David Atwood's Estate. STA'V OF VFAIMONV ) DlSTttlT OF CiriTTENtJEN SS, $ The Hon. the Probate Court for the Diiiricl Clnlltmlcn, To all pcrtons concerned m t c Kstate of David Attoood, late of Charlotte i i mtl District deceased, GREETING. ITVPllEllEAS, Amos Clark, adinimstrato- of tho estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of bis administration, and prt'snnl his account against caiu estate or examination and allowanca at a cession ol the Court of Probate, to bo lioldon at tho Reg. istcr s office in tiurlington on tlio soconu Weuncsdny ol ilay next. I iir.aui'oai:, You aro hereby noliticu loap. pear buforo said Court at tho time and placo aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have", why llm account alorcsald elioulu not bo allow ed. Given under my band at Burlington this I lib day of April A. D. 1C37. WJI. WESTON. Heg. & TA TE OF VEll MONT Distiiict or fiitAM) Isr.v. ss. 5 t p Probate Court holdon nt llio Probato oflice 111 North Hero on the 11th day of Ma ch A. D. 1037. Present the Hon. Jor.r. Ar.t. k.v. Jufgc. A N instrument purporting to be tho last x will and testament of l-i Fletcher In'o of South Hero in said l)itrict de ceased, being presented to the Court here. bv Hoclnr Adnms Iho Executor therein named, for Probate. Il is ordered by said Court, that nil persons concerned therein bo not .find to appear nt a ses-ion of said Court to bo holdon al Hector Adams' office in said Soul h Hero on Ihe fourth day of May A. D. III37, at one o'clock P. M. and show cnuo if nnv they hnve oaniil the probate of said Will ; for which purpose it is further ordered that a copy ot tho record of Ibis order be published three week uc cesswely 111 tho Burlington Free Presb primed at Burlington in Chittenden Coun ty as soon ns may be'. A true copv ol Record. An est A. KNIGHT. Register. To the linn, the Probaie Court for the District if Chittenden, mines the subscriber tidminislra. tor if the estate nf Gidenn Prindle late oj Charlotte in said district deceased, and rep' resents that the personal estate nf said deceased u-ill not be sufficient (o pay the debts and chac ges thereof and hereby makes application In said Court, for licence to sell the real estate nj said thecas-.dfor that purpose G nortec PmNDt.n. STATE OF VERMONT, Distiiict or Chittemjcn. s. 5 4 T a Probate Court holdon al Burlington, a. in said District, on tho 21st day ol March '". 1!!37. It is ordered lhat an account be A. I. ri,0 debts and also, iho proceeds ol'ilie lakeno state ofsaid deceased, and that the. pcisonal l '' uctsons concerned in said estate heirs and ai. n icar beforo said Court on the be notified to a, !1V of April next al the olficr second wconcsa. 'anhi Court in iiuriio:riti oT thu Rcist'sr ol inrl i",r 'ho payment ol n'orosaid. lo give b,. ,.,1,,. ''eense rt nli'ito whv debts, and show causo .,' -l sif'ib on said shall not bo granted, tiro bo jiivcii bv publishing llinnl....... l'lIi-a' - mat as soon ho in tho Free Press a iiew'"kiat. 'er nnnll!d Burlington, in said Di9tiict; . Given under my hand, the day ane, ' ye al "t? abovo writlon. Wm. Whsto.n 'r&3' LOOK AT THIS., lj" N F O R M A T 1 0 N wanted of E'? I: .H.TAYLOR, formerly of Biirluii;iii'li '( who left this city on ihe'JOih of Dec r ,i,(.r" hist, with a large ntnount ol'iroinl-' be' n. log to the subscriber, for whom hr U J, hired In travel a Hiwker and (jt.r 1 lie was lo he absent about four jvor !s b,ii has not heen heard ol since. ll rriive n gray horse, with a yellow Pedlers wnfX(7, " on ehptii! springs had a large ',y Fancy Goods, Jewelry, GutU Anv per-on who Will give ''.1 ,,L lKa ' Will lead to the detectie- ,,'r 1 1 is'l'it "" recovery oriho pro- inr.' " ' l'' somelvrewardc' nn P , ' -'"al1 1,u and all nxpotises paid by T..t nrr . n-notimts. 1 1137. -an st. ewarl; N. J.- Mnrri, i d iv Ifcnian Devcreanx's Estate. FATE OF VERJIQXT, rillCT OK CI1ITTK,' '',,. r...,..M. .1 i:.n, e?. i J Courl forlhr I l"ta Tf Jlm'nd"i" nW ST HE If !' GREETING. 1 -"AS, Amos B. Coopo- adniiui. propyr ul(r"t the estale ofsaid decea-i d mie u .'" rt'"der an nccount of Ins nil istrnliovi.nud present his nccount ngainst said estrfio for examination nnd allowanci n session or ihe Court nf Probate, in be '.olden nt the Reejsier's oflice in Burling Inn on tho second Wednesday of May m xi Therefote, You are hereby notified to" appear before said Court ot the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you hnve.why the account aforesaid should not bu allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington this 12th day of April" A. D. 11137. Wm. WESTON, Rcghler. Samuel 13 noil's Estate. WE the subscribers, having been np pointed hy thu Honorable tho Pro bale Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands nf ull persons, agonist Ihe estate of Samuel Buell. laL of Burlington in said District, ih ceased.rep resented insolvent, and aNo all claims nnd demands exhibited in off-el therein: and six months from Iho dav of the date hereol, being allowed by said Court lor that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice Hint we will attend lo the biisinc.-s of out appointment, at Iho office of Wm. Noble in liurliiigton in said District, nn the -econd Monday nf May and September noxt, at 10 o'clock. A M. ou each ofsaid days. Dated, this 13th dav of April A p. 11137 Wm. NOIILE. i Commu. Wm WESTON, tioneri,

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