Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 5, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 5, 1837 Page 3
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iti emphatic tones for united and strenuous resistance. Tlio oppressions of our pub lic scrvnnts arc loo grirvinus to In; borne. 'Some plnn mutt In) divisul Id throw oil' tlio yolc. Slaves wo nre mid slaves we bhall continue, to lie. unless I ho people themselves apply the remedy. When Ci.av nnd Wnivrnu in tlio Senate. Jiur.GKs and Joii.n Quincv Adams in the House, warned us nf the rvils which must flow from the measures of Andrew Jackson and his successor, tlio people wo to incredu lous, and madly rushed on to ruin. Now. they may leant political wisdom from ex perience, and recur to tlio lessons which those statesmen inculcated. It U rumoured that by the failure of the great Tennessee houso of Vealman, Wood &, Co, General Joc-uni is a severe suffer er, and that he hud loaned his name to a relation closely connected with land spec kulnlione, to the amount of $300,000. Trial or Wnm:. Tlio Metropolitan hins Mic following nut ice of While, who is 'now being tried at Wtr-hinglon. While, the pri-nnor, sits between li s 'counsel, and his wile: the anxious, nervous, nnd rather wild look of her husband, contrasts most forcibly with the pnticul and almost beautiful countenance' ' t.f the wife, clnd in tWp mourning. She evinces a love for I he prisoner, which i--tinged with romance for it has hovered by iiis side in prison anil si'uni" prepared to soothe him. so far as woman's worship can go, (and how much can it not nccoin plish ?)tn the severe punishment that may bo his lute. Metropolitan. UNrnt:cEi)i:NTi:i) Outrage. A Chicago paper gives us the following account of one tlio most outrageous transactions that wo hive lately bad ocrasion to record. It look place near the mouth of tbu Illinois river, on "the I8ih April. All the deck passengers but one, amounting to mote than twenty, weio drowned. The Mrs. Pcmcroy allodcd to be low, is the daughter of Mr. J. S. Polwin of this town "Tlio Captain of ilia Wisconsin, which was then usrrnilins die i Jvrr. hail loiiontcillv stand dial ii' won Id not gitr liim clear rliaimel, Iio would inn tier down. 'I his it n-eincil ptovnkeil dm Captain nftlicotliei boat, and lie Ijccatnr- a obstinately determined iiol in tin unlit of his mouse. Until gain. Piny "k I Iio good people, those of litem 1 wlin lliiok flanillnj! a more irfpcclbil iilliltidc, if iliey will not plra.o lo Hu n ilirir I'.tee.i louaid-i I Iio pulpit, ntid fix llieir eics rcwrriillt upon llieir hi inn lunik, it mine other t. In il I.H14 tin, and not Malic n nail nf (tod's wot.lilp n ilinaiiical show. And just nh iho yi.tinpj jienllciiien if t hoy do not know mai ii i-iiiniiiioiy, aim onuiiioiy, tu aiiani n lany with llieir sliat p-flioiitiii in Mich a dclenrolefs po. siliiin ns wo inn placed In. I'or jon rniiiiol tail fee, Messrs. IMilois, that whilo uc aio irailin? lite Ih iihi with one ee, nnd the inttic with die oili er, ih we are obliged lo do iiou-n-dais, wo aio nut in it londiiion lo icliini llieir fin if tin: lime niid placi! w ci e proper for sncli a uaifain. 1 lliinl: Milt will listen with inn ili.K tliejotni;j men inn at the bolloin of I Ii m discoiu Irom faliion, Their niitnlicr Ii is ri idently incieaed in clniicli since lltey liaicliecn peiinilled lofjazent tlio j-o Is, io lon ger n;n last Sunday I in lilt up a corner ii folic rjp, nttil not lefs thin a dozen saury fellows wcic l.iokitu diireilv down my ilnoat. I inn sine I ma le a discord die eiy next note, for the: Choi iMT slai led nnd looked lomiil at inc. Now, pond .Messrs. (Minus, wli.u wotildjon advise main do? fill ill 1 slop sininj? Must t uc.ira eil,5 May ue eel litlitnd a sciecn t Orwillioti iindeitiikn lo leaeli our pci plo morn icterrnrc, and moio polilencss 1 I nmjottr humble seryanl, Hai.i.y, or rs.u.i.v Salmon, ok ('salmon P. S. I hope jnti won't put this into din Chron icle : Inn if ion should take it into our heads, i may as well lie, ion know. I deshe llieiefoic j on would pnl it over llie bad; siile, union;; lliu ill nlliei i ics anil hitfjar Heels, lor I mind most peo ple bein lint Clnonicle. ns jon learned men do t lie llcbiew Bible on lite l.i.s t pitjjc, P. P. We decide dial lliis paper Is rirdilablc to our I lir cot respondent Psally, as one of this rare odbc llil-itrs, mid dial llie G.izo-al-iles ilcsciihed by her must iclbrin foi lliu iilt. Tin". Kditoiis, CHAMPLAIN HOTEL. n a mm jona. hum A'-iffl.-Ji II ART. Infiamalion nf the Throat Powdered alum, applied by the lltijcr to the part nf- looted, seldom (nils to cure tlio tnfiamalio.i of the throat in a few day-". "The oil'icacy of this remedy," says the author, "is as marvellous as it is rapid, employed on the first, second, nnd fourth day, while there is no ubcess on the tonsils, it nrrests all sytn lotiH. as it were by enchantment, tho fever abates, the swelling diminishes, the appe tite return-), nnd convalescence is finite complete." Mag. of Domestic Economy. An IrisliuiauVdesc'iplioii of a Porcup'nc and manner of killing him. "The first feathered fowl I ever saw in Amttraea was a Porcupine, anil I treat liitn tinder a hay slack and shot him with a pilch fork.-' .Tiiinc- Knowlcs, of Poin' Judith, in tho la-t war. lived in an exposed pit tint ion, near the ocean, and never went to bed wit limit bavin'' his gun well charged by his side. )no n which fhuok I ho house to its foundation. "Husband, husband, screamed the wife, get up, the British have landed or tho day TT& ESPECTFULLY announces to I ho JLvL citizens of Burlington and Us vicinity, and the Travelling public general y , lint he has taken, repnired. painted, filled up and furnished the nbove Hotel, situated near tlio bead ol the Strain Bint Wharl and ne.Ni door north of Messrs. Fol'cU nnd llradleys Slmie Store, in a t-l vie of elegance and convenience- not surpassed by nny other Hotel in the village ol liurliiiglon. A spacious Parlour, Dinning room and sc'tmg rooms, nil contiguous, communicate with each oilier and with Iho front Piazzi below, Parlours and sleeping rooms above nre convenient, airy nnd prospective and communicate by the Hall to the Front Pinv..t above, are all inviting to travellers, boarders and parlies of pleasure. The Bar room, barns, sheds, and yards arc arrangi d in the best possible manner to nceotn. modato the travelling and business public. Mr H. from long experience professes to know how to furnish a good table and bar and lo serye up the choicest eatables nnd rnrest delicacies that llie market nnd sea snnsafi'ird in a manner to sun the taste of ho cotiuo'sscur, nnd confident ly fissures his natrons nnd nuesls that hi utmost exertions wi'l be put in requisition to servo them. Steam IVrnt Passengers will bo waited on to and from the Huats and their Dag gage transported and taken care of, and save their Hack hire to and from the Court House Square. Stage passengers can be set down al this Hotel without additional fare, and iho-o Inking the Donis will be shown on hoard with llieir kaggago free of expense nnd without incurring nny risk of being left, by the darkness or lateness of the night or nny oilier emergency incident to the hurry and bustle of steam puwer opotn lion, or the fluctuations of iv'md nnd weather. Horses nnd Carriages furnished those who wish lo call at the Hanks or public offices, or visit any part of the village, on reason able terms. Jitirlmgton, Mav I, 1 037. Ira Sowlo's Estate. WI3 the subscribers having been np poinied by the Ion. the Probate Court for tbu District of Grand 1 .-If, Com missionors to receive, exnuiino and ndjttsl the claims aid demands of all persons agaiti't the estate of Ira Sowlos lute of A'burgh, in said Diitrie.t deceased, rep resented insolvent, and nlso all claims and demands exhibited in ofl'-ot therein; ami six months from the day of tho date hereof, being allowed for that purpose, we do therefore give notice that wo will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Widow Hull v Sowles in AUturgh in said District on Monday tho I'Ji h day of June. A. I). IU37, at Nine o'clock A. M. of said day. Dated, At Alburgh this 7th day of April IG37. AI J COPARTJNEIlSlllr. rjnllK subscribers have formed a Copart -H- nersiiui in imsiue.-j under the firm ol W. XI. Ci p. a. VILAS at the old stand of W. R. Vilas, where they will continue t lie business in all its various branches. WILDIAM II VILAS. F UK KM AN' C. VILAS. Iliirllnglnn, Apr;! 1-1. 11137. MiliKUT C. I'UTLKR, ) Commis. I AM KS DAItliY, S sinnos. Clover Seed. rUS'P Itoc'd from New York, n Tew Sacks prime Clover Seed April 20, 1037. IIicKUK& Catmn. boats met at 5 o'cloik, al a time- when all llie ( f judgement has come, and I don't know' I iasspn?era were in bed, and fleered diiet.lly for racli olhcr till only w itiiin a lew toils, when lite captain of llie Tifkilwn cndeavoied, t'til loo tale, lo iiMiid the eniHiif-inn ; and imniu? a little out oT the rntiire, llnu a fair Inonl-ide In tlio aseen ding lioal. which look liei jnsl lieliiud llie i heel, mid she nink in Ipm llian liuet- ii.iiniirs afier the was stuiek. The fit s-t noiice which lite cabin pa. fcnueis of their cxtienm ilanji r, was ilfo earns (if llio-c lie low, w ho w el c drowning ; and 'williiiut lime ren lo put on llieir rlutlir, lliey ineielv escnpid liyjumpin thiotigli lite, winilowsof the cabin, wltirli, foi lunaielv for them, tiad lieen roinpteiely separaicd fiom llie tioat din ,-lioek Stereotype Foundry, (jVtto Jlrranzcment-) CT AVING made a .U.JL new nrrangcuicut in tho stereotyping busi ncss, th? public ure here. by informed that the present proprietor 1ms filled up tho concern in a manner ihaffrm' Charlotte Female Seminary, nnllK summer term of this school will JL comuiencc on tho 1 0th of May next nnd continue 23 weeks, including two quarters of eleven weeks each, and a recess ol one week nl the close ol the first quar. ter. M iss M A It Y (1 It O U T will contin ue lo have the supervision of the school In the selection and management, ol the studies, particular attention will be paid to tho character and previous attainments of the learner. It is designed so far ns the circumstances of the pupil will ndmii, to pursue n thorough nnd systematic course, in the various branches of an English Educa ion. It is tho wish of the Trustees that this institution should in all respects be such as to merit public patronage, ratne than favor local interest. In accordance with this intention they do not receive pit nils wuo arc under twelve years ol age. About 10 young Indies can be accoinmoda ted at the Hoarding lli.usc. Hoarders will bo received in private families, where thev will observe the same definite arrangements for study and relaxation, as at the lioardm Houe. Applications for board and admis sion into the school, may be mado by letter either to Miss Grout, or to one of the Irus tecs. It would be..mucb for the interest, of those who arc desirous of becoming mem bers nf this school to apply as early as prnc. ncablc. The attendance of each mchberon the first day of the term, is particularly re quested. No deduction of tuition for ab- PLASTER TONS of i'ova.-oolni Plaslnr, now grinding at tho new Mill. Jrnioos. 1 City, and for salti. bv FOU.M'T Si llltADLKYS. April 20. 1037. 0m Gidoon Prindle's Estate. S 'I' A T V. O r V K It M O N T , !)lTRICT Ol' ClIITTENIJIIN, S3. S The Honorable the Probnlc Court for the JJiMrict oj caittcmlcti. Jo alt persons tnnccrncd in Ihecsluln of Clidcon I'rindlc, late of Charlullc, in said District, decent' nl. r.ltKKTING. WIinttCAS, Gcorgo Prindlu, administra tor of the estate of said deceased propo ses to render an account of his administration and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance nt a session of tho Court of Probate to bo holdcn al tho offico of tho Register ofsaid court in liurliiiglon on the second M'euncsilny ol May next. J tiEi!i:i-oiiu, 1011 are hereby notified lo ap pear before said Court al the lime and place aforesaid, and show cause, if nny you have, why llie accounl alorcsaid should not be al lowed. Given under my hand at Ruilington this 20IU day ol April A. D, IIS37. Wit, Wi;S TON, llrhtcr. '"i uiiu uiiYci tr uiuiibs. r STT. have Just added lo our stock of Wateltes. Wo havo srilnn fine .tntil cased Pilcitl Lovers, plain and chazed, snmu S and sotno full jewelled, gold cased Repeal ing WiiIcIiuk, gold cased Hulls eye Watches Jewelled Verges which run as well as Lex ers, lino juwulled l.oL'pincs in gold nnd silver cases, Silver Lnvcrs.fc Ihitrlish U'nie.lic.i Ml tho above U'atchos will perform well and. nro warranted, All hinka of WntehoH. and locks cleaned and repaired at tho Variulv Shop PANtiaon.N fC IlniNSMAII). David At wood's Estate. STA'V OF VIUIMOS'V I)isriucT op Cm 11 ii.ndkn ss, C i Tlit Hon. the Probule Court for the 7)iu'c oj Chittenden, To nil vcrinm conrtrved in tin liitatc of David Atwood, late of Charlotte in mid DMiivl deceased, (rlilllZTIXli. CIILRKAS, Amos Clark, ndininistrator of thooslate of said deceased nronoses to render an accounl of his administration, nd present his uccount against saitl cstato 'or examination and nllo.vanoo at a session of 10 Court of Probate, lo be holdcn at ll o Reg. ters ollico in Hurlm-rloti on tbu second Wednesday of May next. 1 iiuamoai:, 1 011 archorcbv notified loan- pear before said Court at lliu timo and placo niuresaiu, mm snow cause, 11 any you liavo, why the account aforesaid should not bo alloy. ed. Given under mv hand at liurlintrinn tbln 1 1 U day of April A. I), 1037. Win. WF.STOX. 1. DISrillCT if CIUTTICjYDUjYSS. ( ;iiarlotle, April 17, 1037. S nriO the honorable the Probate Court JL The undersigned. Sarah Prindlo and Chas- D. Prindlc being heirs of the estate of the late Gideon I'rindlc, deceased o Charlotte, respectfully represent that thev have claims 111 said estate to I he amount of two or three hundred dollars in common and joint by wit Ii oilier heirs. We do 1 here fore pray nnd request the Hon. Probate uouri to order a division ofsaid estate, thai we may hold such poitions separately, and to appoint a committee for that purpose SARAH PRINDLK. CHARLKS D. PRINDLE and Mis. Oi I, and Mr. and mis Potneioy of , que, l ion. Would von be willing lo I a lie ibis city, were unions iho ealiin pa-senjcip, mid I niy properly and take the whole can; of it ueiefa'ied. Tito eaplain of the 'i.con-in N -laird ' f,,'r v,1lr ,nrd and cbilhin"? "No! in deed." -Well, that i- all I gel." which." "Hv gosh," said Knowles. spring nig op and seising his mu-.ket, "1 tun ready i,e biar in this latitude; and holds himself Jor ei1 her, ' ready lo do all kinds of Hook work, in a style sconce, except in cases of sickness. Hidi .Men's 7Foo-c?.Two neighbors ,0 11,0 ttl8l ol publwl.ors , ... r. .... 3 , , 1 1 generally. ...i: , .mm,,,, WI....U was ..Nue.uiog.y ncu, , u,nl... flf rvnrv .l.Mnlinu dnnn on Fhorl notice. Plates for Iil.iuk Deeds, Writs. (Executions, Notes &e,furnishcd to order. Typo Galley's, a very convenient article for Printers made lo order on lirass copper or Russia Iron bottoms. Largo six horse stage cuts fur rnlo lour horso do. small do. do. Largo horse cols, small do. Also a great variety of small cuts, of every description. fl'-T Leads'furni.shed. from 3 lo I Iio Pica to 7. nno tin; oilier in moderate nireum-lanees. 1 'Phe hitter began lo congratulate llie first on his great poessions, and 011 the happi- ! iicst he must enjoy ; and ended by contrast- iugil with lii own condition. "My friend," .-aid lie rich mnn, 'Mel 1110 n-d; vou one, lo Inn i" acted ctcn lo lite tidies, in a inn-t liiulnl tuaniier. Inning put lln ni ii.-lmie li.u efooled, mme, ill. in a mile! and a li.ilf I'mm any Ii iliiialion, and with nothing lint llieir ni-lu clothes on. Ilcpnit C'OSrUKT OF TUH IlUIll.I.VG TON ' pas iltal the incn ueieiAen woi-e Healed, n lie I ItNI) rndcaoted lo pieient iheii yeiiin;; on li iaid 1I10 j Mr, ,1 . A. I'M'.tcii ru. who Ii h liren lo ic-li 1 11 1 a ' Wisconsin nl all. A I. use film of money lielonim cl i in iilMi nineiilnl iimsic in litis place for a few 10 one of llie ladies had been iecoeied nili-fqiienl-j mmillH pan, will uiic n eonceri nl i (in While , ly from die ladiea caliio ; an I one yemleinan w.h Chinch on I'nday esenin die I2th of May, com. j foi Innate enontilt to find his coat float in no llie t inenein; al e.u ly caudle lilnin, on which nrca river, witli Ids money, nmniiiiling lo about f.i.r , .-inn an dihe.-s m iy lie expccled fiom Ki , thousand dollars, in the pm ket. Coinei.-c. j As the hand i noinpoed of members who were DISSTRKSSING OCCURRKNCH. ' wholly nn.icqii.iinir-il willi llieir in-Oiuim tits nt t tit On the ni-'ht "or the 21tll ilhimn. Ihe eommence.., of lite school, their -hoi I lime of, dewlling liouso of Mr. Hptnin Pearl of Albany, Vi. was eonsutiipd bv fire, togeili 1 , ;r witli all its conten's and thrro Ftnalk 1 ,v u n 1 d , rhildren. The particular-- given us art: In Albany, by Rev. Mr. rotier, I.. I'. Tiffany, briefly t liee : o 1'im do, lo oat 1a I.. I'ateliin, of that city About ten o'clock in the evening, Mr Hoard, including washing, lights and fu el, two dollars per week. Tuition, four dollars per quarter. RookJ, and Stationary will be furnwhed at t tic lowoft prices. LUTIIKR STONE jr. Trui JOHN STRONG, ( lees. Charlotte, March 25, 1037. Frederick liuell's Estate. rz0 the Hon. the Probate Court for the H i, ..,.;, ..1- r ,.,,1,,,, n 11., li.u. 1 mi r.n ,r . 1, 1 iikim. - ,,i i1 ' ' HicKoK, of litirliiigton, in snttl District Pearl and bis wic were nroused from their slumbers bv the noi-u of the flames ; the first effort was to save their children, two of whom slept up chamber: for thi purpose Mrs. Pearl opened iho chamber tloor, when tho llames burst in after her, nnd she was fore"d to abandon ihrtn to the devouring clement, nnd to snvc her own life, jumped nut of the chainb-r win dow j but in the fall wnp so niiich injured, that it is considered doubt ful whether sho can recover. One child which slent be low, being unwell, nro-o in a bewildered slate, it is supposed, rusbod into tiic fi.iiue- nnd could not he ror-cned. 'I'ho nniiies of the children that perched were. Lewis, ngeil, 10 yenrs, nnd Henjamin Olio, aged II yenrs, sons of Mr. Pearl, and Amerilla M. Senior, nged 10 years, daughter of Capt. Denrborn H. Senior t,f this town. There was nothing saved from the bouse, which was new and unfinished, except the night clnthes on the survivors. Tlic fire wns communicated by leaving n box of ashes in the 6loop in front of the door. IS'orth btar. llie Iiiiiijo of mUj al i y In I my, Mr. I l;n 1 i.-ini Diiil.ce. ol Di'tiliuini Iluikce ft Co. of N. V. A. Daojiter i.rilnii. It 1'. Han. (a Montpelier, on the 2..d nit. by Rey. Mr. Ih. ley, .Mr. Mai Ida Rnnll, of Palmer, .Mass , to Miss Mai 1 1 Pin lies, of llie loinier place. In Claiemnnt, i. II. 20ih nil. Capl. Alden Par- indje, rie-iilenl "I iSorwicli Unneisiiy, lo aliss Ann IC'izabeih Swa?cy. the bubcribi'r will nicnive prompt altctitioii. G. T.lYLOIl i:ATOX,.1enl. Found a ry in Lalhrop & Potwin's building,, Corner of Church and College Streets, third slory. liurlinglon, April 26, 1S.J7. ohh&p for an&ii. BROAD.CLOTIIS, Cas.-imorcs, and Satti. nets, al reduced prices. ALSO Carptings, and Paper Hangings, Good Muscavado and New Orleans Su gar at 9 k. 10 el--, pet lb. Tea-' & CoH'co voiy cheap, Good Lamp Oil, all forsalo hv S. K. HOWARD. DICI), 0 this town, on Sunday lasl, Mis. C. Slcycnson aged 21 jeais. la this town on Thuisday (lie 27 nil iliss Jaao Mooie, aed 21 jears. NEW BONiNETS. )K Casn fine r,ogli-h Shaw, Loghorn liraid, Oriental, Lace and 6 jsi Tin-cans, just It reived by the subscriber, aed selling at Reduced nriccs. LATH HOP &POTWI.W Mav5thlf!37. DISSOLUTION . rjiHF. Conaitnorshii) of iho sub'eribors JL licrelul'oto existing under tho firm of Day, C'.itlin li Co. is by mutual consent this day dts.-olyed. Al I debts duo tho lirm are to be paid to Dan Day, who is to discharge) all liabilities against the tame. IIickok & Catmn. Dan Day. Hurlington, April 10. 1!!37. NOTICE. rtniHS mav Certify that 1 havo given mv .IL son GIl.LVT' J IIOCKU'KJ.L, his timo during his minority am) I shall pay no debts of Ins contracting nor claim any of his earnings tiller this dale. MIllllUT ROCKlVr.LL. Alburgh, April Id, l!i37. Pot Ash Kettles, by J. Sc J, II. PECK & Co. NEW RUM. (Ilidt,. Hoslou N.D, Rum, by J & J II Puck & co. May 1, 111.17. 20 Patent Pails, A dox PATLNT PAILS by J & .1. M.'Pkci; & Co. Nova Scotia Plaster. QCrrt 'Cons ground Novasuotia Plaster, which will bo sold deliverablo al Iho Colchester Mills, oral the slo-o of J. & J, II. ji:ck& co Mav 3. Fiom the Vermont Chronicle. Mkssiis Kditoiis, I fell in, not Inng since with an old book called llie. Sjpcciator, which seems to hawi lieu I a sort of newspaper in its day ; 'fiom which I Icon that foimeily ii was peiinilled to y hi n;; ladies, in "leal ininfoi nines, lo apply lo Yuen of jour pi oK-shuh for tub ice. I hope, ihcre Tore, jon will exens-e my boldiie?s, espcnially 114 yon will iicrreivu llie innller of grievanro lo bo one vliich falls naiurally under yiur Eiipci vision . Yon must know, llien,iliat an utiaccoiinlabh, (alilioMli I siiFpcel 1 1io j 011 113 follows meal llie bolloin of it, asyou will see bye and live: I have icatou,) I say in unaccountable cli ion has taken pl.icn wilhin a few months in our coniealioii in iclaiioii lo sin;,' in;. In.-lead of pilling rpiielly in llieir seals, as foimci lv. durini; that nart of diviuu woiship, and lifunj,' llieir thoughts nnd fcclini towaids lieaen, no sooner do wo "el no 10 nitiii . ihan mi iuriips e ci y man, woman, nnd child which you know includes llie whole rnnsictniiiou. exepiii 1 lib doai and fa cing to llie riiilil about, and Iniuising upon the I'aeks of llieir 110 i -lilioro news, wilboul liook or beads, they set ilirinschcs to suuo the poor sinsjcis out of cuuilliaimiiu. ,.u,v 11 II ,7IO iiui MM young men, I, for one could gel along well enough ; but you know, Messrs. Kdiiots, iT jon know any thing about it, mat when a lady sihks, ibat Is, if flic sings nl nil well, she inusl open her mouth as wiilo 119 sbo coiiycnicul ly can, find sometimes wider ; which Is not nlvag an improvcmcni oflha feature, especially ifonolns not leelh lo bo piotul Ol. 1 no no ...ppose mat an a . as e - A d b, d , f fl) c nrnaUiiig before the lookiiig-gkiss to sea if I can'i " "" 'i Bal"0' "& wuM BB " l,0Vf.rdo learn to sing widiout opening ii, but I find my voice mauds duo him . DAN D.U . loiei quite n much, and a little moic, than my fate Hurlinfjlon, April 19, 1037. 3w NEW RUM. JUST received and for sale 20 Hhds of NVlV it,,.,, 1.,. "1 Foi.i.r.rr k HnAni.CYs. May 3, 1037, Fl.OUli. niHIS day received and forsalo 130 bbls JL Van Itonslttcr Flour, a prime arlielo, by May 3, 1037. Foi,li;tt 5- HiuuLiivH. Mutt how Sax's Estate. To Iho (Ion, tho Probata CJourt for Iho district of Clraud lslo. 1 1 a HilloNslo La Molt in said district administrator of Iho cs.tato of Matthew Sax, lato of Chazy, in tho State of iew-Yoik deceased, respectfully represents thai the said .Matthew Sax, did in ids life, limu enter into a certain contract In and with one Jo.-cph Bowman of I hi La Moll afore. said to deed and convey lo linn lliu said Jo seph Jiuwmnii tho whole of lot .'o, 70, and Iho north half of lot .No, 75, lying and being in bio La Moll aforosad, which said con liact was nt tlio decease of iho said M.illhow Sax, and still is, unexecuted. Therefore Iho said Ira Kill prays the said court logrant unto him liberty and authority to deed said land according In llio tonus ofsaid onulinel agreeably to the slatulo in such caso mado and lire video IRA 11 ILL,. Mm'-. North Hero, April 3, 111.17, STATU OF V Kit MO NT,) DisTittcr of G i'.and.Isi.i:, ss, TTT is ordered by Iho Piobalo Court for the JL rflllR subscriber having assumed all tho district aforesaid that all persons concern ed bo notified to appear beforu said Court, at a session thereof lo bo holdcn at tho dwelling Ik uso of Jed. P. Ladd in North Hero on tho third Monday of May next 0110 o'clock P. M. to show causo if any thoy havo why tho liberty and authority requested in tlio lorogoingnppli cation should not bo granted, and that for that inirposo Iho said application to gather with this order bo published in tho ISur linglou Free Press printed at liurliiiglon to Iho County nl Chntoiiden, three weeks successively as soon uh may bo mill shews that lie Ins legal guardian o! Mortimer C. Hunll, a male infant under iho age of I wenly one year, and of Maria A. Hti, ell, a female inlant under t lie age ol eighteen yenrs hoi Ii of the town of Hurlington aforesaid; thai Iho said Mortimer C. and Maria A. are ser.ed as tenants in common in llieir own right in foe of a certain par. eel of laud being tho undivided Half of seventy acres in Hurlington, Iving on the Ilinesburgb road and known as the Harbor place, the same being subject to the wid ow's duwer ; and that n sale nf taid par eel ol laud is conducive to iho best inter etts of his said wards. Therefore he pr.ivs r-nid Court to grant him license nnd em power bun to sell the said laud unti your petitinnnr will ever pray. IIuniiy P. IIickok. Hurlington, April II, 11337. STATE OF FERMOXT, DisriiicT or Ciiitti:.m)i:n, ss. ( The Probate Court for the District of Chit tenilcn, lo alt pcrsoni to whom these pres ent shall c -mc. CRIJETIJS G. MKNRY P. IIICKOK of Hurliugion, in said District, guardian of Morti mer C. Huell. a male inlnni mid r the age of I wenly one years, and Maria A. Huell, a leiiialu infant under the age ot eighteen venr. both of the Town of Hurlington aloresaid, having represented lo this Court that ihe Mud Mortimer C. and Maria A. are seized as tenants in common in their own right in fee of a certain parcel of land, being Ihe undivided half of seventy acres in Hurliugion, lying on the Ilinesburgb road anil known as the Harbor Place, the same being subject lo tho widow's dower; and that a sale of said parcel of laud is conducive to Ihe best interests of his said wards It h therefore hereby ordered that said application stand lor u hearing bclore said Court, at a session thereof to be holden nl llie ollico of the UogiMer of this Court in Hurlington on the second Wci'ncfdav of May A. D. 1 ',37 ; and that nolico thereof be given by publii-hing Ibis order together with the substance ol said petition m ihe Free Press, a newspaper printed at Ilur liugton in the County of Chiilciideii. two weeks sucessively, the Inst of said publico, linns to bo not loss ihan two weeks pre Vinus to said day Given under my hand nnd tho seal of saitl Court nt Hurlington, in the Dis trict of Chittenden, thin lltb day ol April. A. D. Iil37. ClIAHLHS UUSSULL, Judge. STATE OF VERMONT, DlTItlCT OK CniTTKNIiKN S.S. The lion, the Probate Court for the Dislrid of Chittenden To the heirs of Gideoi Prindlc talc of Charlotte in said district deceased, and all other persons concerned or intercsltd in the division of said estate nmon' the heirs thereof. Greclin Whereas Sarah Prindlc nnd Charles D Prindlc both of Charlotte in said District have represented to said court that th are heirs to said estate and r.s such claim to hold nf said estate in value to the amount of two or three hundred dolla each, in common with the other heir thereof, and being desirous of holding th same in severalty they have praved tin lion Court to order o division ofsaid estate among the heirs thereof; And the second Wednesday of May next being set fur full hearing in the premises: It is ordere bv Ihe court that the said Sarah and I Charles D. give notice to the heirs ofsaid estate, llieir attorney nnd ngenlo, and all persons interested in said c.-tate to appear before said Court al n session thereof lo be holden at the ollico of the Ri-gt-tor of said court in Hurlington on the .second Wed netday of May next, to make objections to such division if they see cause, by publish iug their said application together with ibis order three week succes.-ively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed nt Hur lington in said District, the last of which publications to be previous to the day sei for hea'riug. Given under my hand nnd the seal of said Court, nt Hurlington, Ibis 1 Ol h day of April, A. D lfi'17. WM. WRSTO.W Register, STATU OF VERMONT DisTincr or (Skami Islk ss. C At p Probate Court holdun at iho Probate ollico in Worth Hero on iho Ilth day of Ma ch A. I). 1037. Present the Hon. .Tor.i. Ai x.v.s. Judi. AN in-lrumenl purp.iriiug lo be the lasl will nnd testament of l--i Fleirhrr la'e of South Hero in saitl Di-trict do. ccasud, being presented lo the Court here, bl' Hnelnr Adnmu il.n P,, .1 :.. " ,11V ,. UlUll'lll named, tor Probate. U is ordered by said Court, that all persons concerned therein lie notified to appear nt n session of Faid Court to bo holdcn nt Ileclor Adams' offico in said South Hero on Ihe fourth day of May A. D. 1037, at one o'clock P. M. nnd show cause if any thev have against tho probate of said Will; for which purpose it is iuriiior ordered Hint a copy ol tbu reeorjJ of ibis order bo published three weeks suc cessively in ihe Burlington Free Press printed al Burlington in Chittenden Coun ty as snon as may be. A true copy of Record. Attest A. KNIGHT. Register. NOTICE. rinlirc Burlington Mill Company, will JL offer nl the Winooski House on the 24lh day of May next at 10 o'clock A. M. Irom 'Pen to Thirteen Lots, to ihe highest bidder over Ihe valuation fixed to ihem on a plan at said House. Hv order SIDNHY HARLOW, Clerk. April 27. 11137. WHST'S PATKNT OlIhOUINi: COSMETIC and PILLS, TO O R Ringworms, S ill rheum, Scold J. head, and till Cutaneous Kruptnns, 1 Ills article is mil thrown into market likt most patent medicines, backed by sunn: ball do::en hctUious cerlilicatcs ; but ll comes respeclnbly and hnnosilv rccommen tied, nud is, we verilv believe, all that it claims to be; nnd as such, it is offered to the public, bv J. & J. II. PKCK & Co Sept. 1030 Agents for the Patentee To Ihe Hon. the Probate Cowl for the District of Chittenden, coma the subscriber administra tor nf the estate of Gideon Prindle late of Charlotte in said district deceased, and rep resents that the personal estate, of said dectated xcill not be sufficient to pay the di bis and char" get thereof and hcubij makes application lo said Court, for licence to sell the real estate of said dtreasid for that purpose VtMWGV. PnisnLE. STATE OF VT.RMONT, j DlSTniCT Of ClIITTEMIKN, s- AT a Probate Court holden al Hurlington, in said District, on theSlst day of March ArD. 1037. It is ordered thai an account be taken of the dobt and also, the proceeds of Iho poisonal cstato ofsaid deceased, and that tho hoirs and all pct3ons concerned in said cslato be untitled to appear before said Court on iho strond Wednesday of April next at the olfic oflbo Register ofsaid Court in Burlington, aforesaid, to give bond for tho payment of debts, and show cause whv license as aforo said bhall not bo granted, and that such no tice be given by piibliHiitig tlio nbovo appliea. lion three weeks successively, ns soon as may no in inn I- rce rress a newspaper printed in Hurlington, in said District. Given under my hand, llio day and year first abovo written. Wjt, Weston. Res. LOOK AT THIS. FORMATION wanted of EZRA B .'.'PA YLOR, formerly of Burlington Vi. who left tbu oily on iheCOih of December hist, with a largo amount of goods belong- to -Ihe subscriber, fur whom he was hired to travel a Hawker and Poller. He wn to bo absent nbnut four weeks, but has not been heard ol since. He drove a gray horse, with a yellow Pedlcrs waggon on oliptte springs bed n large slock of bailey Goods. Jewelry, Cuilery, &c &c. Any person who will give information l hilt will lead lo the detection of ihe p'tllian nr recovery of iho property, shall be hand somely rewarded, and nil expenses paid by .'. r. j;ugi:rs. 31-1 Broad st. Newark N. J. March 18, 1037. -hv Saddlery & Carriage Trim mings. JUST received and now being opened at tho Hardware Store; tho most full nud complete assortment of Saddicry, nnd Car liaso trimmings over offered to tho trade in Ibis place, comprising lull assortments of Brass, Plated, Japancd and tinned Saddlery; Cotton arid Woisted Webb, wido and narrow Straining nud Rein do, carriago laces; Steps oxles, and phlled dash lions; plated and brass In witness whereon have hornunto affixed plaled Carriage, Gig anil bitlltcy Lamps iVe tho seal ol said Cutirt and subscribed my name ' all of which will bo sold at reduced pi ices for tins llli day ol April A. I), 1UJ7. easli or snort credit, uy JOIJL ALLEN, Judge, ROBERT MOODY. rinillS may Ceitify Hint I have given to my X von AXDIi lill' P.. ALLllX, his time duriiiL' bin minority and I kluill pay no debts- of his contracting nor claim any of his earnings after this date. JUKI4 .'I UUUA Morrislowit, March ii, 1337. New Goods-New Goods Up and doing, Quick and Cheap. rf1HKAP for Cam and no Imprisonment for Debt, have been my inotlos lor fifteen full venrs of brisk and lively trade An early strut in the spring helps well through tho winter. Jnuunry, I'obruary. 1 hen March means go ahead, nml so be did, Howard, of the Cheap Cash Store Marched off to Now York and has return rd with an ndtlilinnal ns.-orimcnl of New Goods, such as Silks, Muslins, Ribbons Calicoes, Cnmbricks, Shnwls, lldltfs Gloves, Hosiery, Combs, L"ghorn Straw nnd Tuscan Bonnets &c. &.c. which lo gcther with his former slock makes ns usual a very neb splendid and desirable variety to select Irom, and ns goods linvc coino down to cheap prices 111 Now iotu lliev will bo sold at corresponding low pii ces nl Howards in Bilrlinglon. P. S. There is no inisinko about prices, I havo bought Cheap and hnvu no other biisdiit on hand but to intend to their bo iug disposed of nt prices that will Mill buyers. S, EARL HOWARD Burlington, April 7ih 1837. Hcman Dovorraux's Estate. STA TE O F in: RMOXt, ) IMsTIUCT Of ciiittkmsek. ss. s The Honorable the Probate Court for th's District of Chittenden, To all persons cnnctrnid in the Ettatcof Ifcmnn Dcver. ciuix, tale of Richmond, in said District, de-cased. GREETING. I1EREAS. Amos B. Cooper atlminis, tralor of the estate ofsaid deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration, nnd present bis nccnuut ngaiust said cslate for examination nnd allowance al a sos-iou of the Court of Probate, to be holden nt the Register's office in Burling ton on tho second Wednesday of May next, Therr foie, You are hereby notified to nppoar before said Court al tho time nnd place aforesaid, and shew cause, ir any yon have. why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given' under mv hand at Burlington this 12lh day or April' A. D. H!37. Wm. WESTON. Register. Samuel IjucII's Estate. WE the subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Pro bale Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine anil ad just the claims nnd demands of all persons, against I lie estate or Samuel Iinell, late of Burlington in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and nl-o all claims nud demands exhibited in oil-el thereto; nnd six inuiiths from the dav of the dnlu hereof, being allowed by said Court for llinl pur nose, we do therefore hereby give notice. that wo will nileiid to the business of our appointment, nt the ollire of Win. Noble b Burlington in said District, on tbu second Mnuila"y of Mav and September next, at 10 o'clock, A M. on each of sou! days. Dated. llu I3ih day of April A D. 1037. Wm NOBLE. ) Commit Wm WESTON, siontri.

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