Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 12, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 12, 1837 Page 3
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VmotNiA. The Into Congressional elec tion in this slate seems rather to fovor til" prnlcslnnt Interest. In the twelve districts licnrtl from, six Whips nntl six lories ore Elected. The same district pent In the In el Congress four Whigs mid eight Tories Mr. Win: is rc -elected by nil increased tnnjnrily. Wlinl will Mrs Grundoy fov to that? Ai.danv Election. The Whig9 of Al bnny.nt their Charter Filcction achieved one of the most splendid political triumphs recorded in llio annuls of that city. The Copilol of ihe State is well known as the Ilcnd Quarters of Hint overshadowing des potism cnllcd the Albany Recency, which holds in its bonds the public revenue, public property, nnd the immense party patronngc of the Empire State. And even here, whom the whole official power of Now York is concentrated, hnvcthe Whigs met the drilled cohorts of Ihn office-hol tiers and nobly TRIUMPHED. ' The Re pency, dreading the cfT.'Cts of nn adverse lestilt upon the waning fortunes nl Viin Burcn in t lie city of his residence, exerted Ihcir wolo strength and power to secure tlicenccces oflns party. Hut the itiotrr. Rous cause of principle and patriotism lias prevailed. The Whigs have elected their K.vrir.K tickets in four of the five Wards into which the city is divided. Troy Whig Latf.h rnoM ri.onmA. We have been so frequently di.-nrpointcd by the Florida Intclligenece, notwithstanding Gen. Jestip'e oft reiterated "hopes, belief," "trtt-t," &c. lint wc have olmnst to the determination not in publish any innrr."latost'in'olligoncc from the sent of War." finch however, is the tenor of the f ubjoincd paragraph from the Chnrles'on Mercury, that wo fee! ns though we should be swerving from our duty, did we not promptly lay it be f re our readers. "The most important fact in the last nccount from Florida. is that a large negro (rqunl to two small mcf) had been seen prowling about. Fortunately the army did noi get in hi way, so Hint" he did com paratively lutlc damage, Wc arc not in formed of his exact size." Tnr. Burr.u.o B..m;s. The following Fcmi official announcement appeared in the Argus of Saturday morning: We understand thai the operati ins of nil the Banks at Buffalo, will by this lime hove been suspended by injunction. isMiod at the instance of the Bank Commissioners on the ground ofollegcd violations of char ter by each ofthctr. It is deeply to bo regretted that any thing should occur to render proceedings ngninst any of the banks neee-farv nt ilTis time, when (here are so many oilier cir cumstances calculated lo ncit nlo the pub lic mind. Mr. Stohbins. one. of t tic Cum iris-ioners. who has hiielv viited llic-e banks, is now in Hie city, iiud wc under stand from him. that neiiher nf the intitn tinnrf is proceeded n,. i.r. I of insolvency, and thai he ha no sprireheu. sion t lint the public or i lie safely fond, can in any event sustain nny loss by them. REunr.N M. WitiT.-snv has obtained t lie licnufil of I he Insolvent Act ; no one oppos. rd his petition. Wnsthe"ninnster" nsleep? Where were nil the Bank aristocrats ? Where his Whig persecutors? Mki.tino or Coin. It computed that the consumption nfsilvcr coin, in tnrcs in thiseiiv. is nnniinllv upwards of $100 000; thnt of gn gLOOOOOO In Boston the sum used in this wav of the orlile of silver olone, in one rt-inbli.-hmont is 100.000 ounces. In Providence, both silver and gold is used lo the amount of gtOO.OOO nniiually. in the vnrious branches of manufacture. In Philadelphia, C"500, 000. N. V. Ere. Pnsl. N12W YOHK jtlllAKET. Fl.omi. A I Met there Inn Imen n decided f.illiiij; off in piicrs. even in Wefiein, which li.w Flood to UU mid (inn. The van finintity of Foieign ninth lias niinn into miiikui, and u'liirli ha been fold m Hindi undnr, has liioiiolu dnivn ilia Imhi-iii mi oiiicr iicscripiinns. Wc'leni rnminon brands, is telling nt $S 0 ; Troy, New Yin k, nml nil oilier dcmipiiniis, m.iilu fioni fuieicn nt G I 2 lo 7 1-2 Chain. There U n ery rodiI demand fur For. ri-,'ii Wheal, inivillilnndin llio l.irgr sales hy nn:ti(jii of the damaged nml inferior qtialiiir?. The sale.' of Red (icriii.ui have been ni 1 05 n 1 .15, nml full 20,000 hu.-liols ml I ni ihom pi ires; 10,. 000 food OiIcm-ii sold nl gl ; Rye i in good de. miind, sales of Nnilliein ;ii I 00 n 1 03, nml l-'oi-fiiijn nl83nf)0; sli.rk of Corn nt innikei, ory moderate, Nnilliein jelluwnt $1 : Jcoey 92 1 -2 : Southern 82 n 90. I'iiovisionk. There has liern n ureal fill in pnik, owing In llm l,ir;c supplies llm lime reaelied ns fi niu New Oi leans. S.iIm of piinin nl $1-1, nnd moss nl 1G. Uecf, piime, nt 8 1-2, and niess, M a M 1-2. LATHROP &. POTWIN, have ro ccived nnd will sell cheap for cosh, n variety of Worked Muslins, Capes and Collars, Artificial Flowers, Bonnet Ribbons, Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, French Cambricks, Calicoes fcc, &c. Also, o few Illids Miiicovodo and New Orleans Sugar nt 7, 0, and 9 ets. pr. pound. Oilier Groceries proportionnbly low, May 12. I03T TViite Lead, HICKOK & CATMN have received 5 Kegs Whim Lead, which limy of. for for sale, Also the best Linseod Oil. Mny 12, 1037. Western Flour. H. ''s' nn Kcnsflcar Flour just received and for i-olo at the low est market price, hy IIICKOK & CATLIN. NOT I OH. I'lie Bnrllnsjlnii Temperance Sooioly will hold nil nillotiini'd ineeliii! nl I lie Conn Itenin ihia eye nin. II. V. IIICKOK.Sec. I lid iy, Mny 12, 1S37. Wo nre rr(iieslrd lo cip nnlirn llial Klder CtlKNKV i' expeelcd lo preaoh regid.irty liercnfiei' lit I lie Baptist Cliapel. noNrniiT or tiik iumu,vr.rox 11 NI). Mr. .1. A. Fr.r.TCHKn, who has been iniching n el in iii'liiiinciilnl imisii: in lliis pl.irn for n frw inonlhs pal, will fiivn n roneeri nt the While Chiurli nu I'i'Id.iy evening l lie 12ih of Mny, com. inenring nt eat ly eamllo lisliling, on uliieli urea sion nn Adilie.s"niny bo expected from Itev, J. K. Converse. As llm bund U r.nmpnsed nf members who were wlinllv un.ictpiainleil with llicir inslniinrliis nl the nominVnccnieiit nf I lie srliool, llieir short limn of oxpeiicncc will oo ronsiileieil, nml llm skilful per (iirninnen nf nn experienced liund nnl esiierled. M A IC It I i: 1) In l,yon, Mirliignn, mi llm lOih nil. Mr. Joseph I.eliimler, formerly nf llii.- Inwn, lo .Miss Mehclnlilc Herald, nf llm former In Mnnlpeller, on llm Isl int. by Kev. Mr. Smilh, lion. E. N, Itrigjs, nf .Siilisbury, to Mis, l.nui-n llnicliiii". Book and Job Printing. rjnllli subscribers have token the Print -fl- ing Ofiicc recently owned by V. Harrington, and are lilting it up with n variety of new typo &c. &c. T hey are connected with no newspaper, oud will be ready ot once to do ony work that majbq called (or, in n supericr manner. Bool;?, Pamphlets, Cards, Handbills and Printing of every description, w.ll be oxo. euled in a manner not surpassed by any city establishment. II. JOHNSON & CO. Old stand. College st. ) May. 10, 1037. s May ;"), 1S:,7. AT the Variety Simp. We have return ed from New York, with n good as sortment, and n great variety of goods which will enable us to put upon our coun ter nlmo.-t ony article that is called for at our shop. We have made additions to our Slock of Watclio", Clocks, Plnted Wnre. Silver Pencils, Butter Knives, Jew elry; Stntiounrv, Cutlery. Musical Instru menis, Soaps, Perfumery, Port folios, Pnri- Toys, &.c. No pains hnvo-bcen spared to keep up the variety. More particulars in future advertisements. PANOBORN & BRINSM AID- Dry Groceries. W'OW receiving and for t-nlo lowr than .i ever, o grea' variety of Dry Grocer s coni-ting of SUGAR. COF FF.Fi, TF.AS. TOBACCO, &r. -c. by IIICIvOK & CATMN. May IC, 1f537. Sheep Tobacco. jTU3T received 9 Bids. Commom Tobacco J Q' suitable fur wa-hiiiir sheen, nnd for silo ' In- IIICKOK & CATLLV. May 12. 1.137. Master Builders, take Notice. rjnilR sob-crihers will receive sealed -H- propo-als until tbe'-2d nwt.for erect, ing and finUh'ng n house of worship nt Winoo-ki Villn''i ihu umlorials will lie furhithed nu the ground. The proposal-) niiil note the expense of Ihu Stone and brick work, fini-hinir out-ide, nnd finishing the inside each part separate from the ot her. A plan of ih house may be seen nt Dan D ly's store, at I he Full--. DAN DAY. Wm I). KIDDRR. SAM Ii. S. TOU'NSRND. Biirliorjion, Mnv 11. 1037. JOHN A. J RNNRR. WOULD respectfully in form I he citiy.i'ii!) of Rur. rifsii' SjSjt lingion nnd vicinity, nnd ihe it&-tisr& travelling public. Hint ho has taken, repaired, and lilted up in good style, ihn house lot uierly kept by Mr. Harrington nnd ptib--oquoully by -Mr. Cndy, nn "tho Rast side of water street, at ihn head of ihe Steam Boat Wharf, nnd opposite Messrs. Foiled nnd lirudleys Stone Store. Living mi i much experience in (lie bu-iness Mr. J. flatters himself Hint he will In' able to givo saiisliiciinii to nil who may j favor him with n mil. His Bar and table will be supplied with the bcsl that the , ninrknt nfl'.irils. nnd lumun Inm.- n,.l I sheds, for convenience, arc not inferior lo lliosc ol ins neighbors. Steam Boat passengers will ho wailed on to and from the Boat.-, and their bog gage conveyed and Inkcu care of free of charge, nnd singe pns'st!iiM-s. from nven- I direction, he scl down at this house, with". I out nny additional lore ' Horses and carriages will be furnished lo any -who want ihein to do business at nny part of I ho village or town, nl reason able prices. Determined to spare no pains to merit, Mr. J hopes to receive, a hhoro of (he public patronage. Burlington, Mav 10. 1037. Henry L. Reynold's Estate. S TA TE OF VEIl MON T 1 DlSTIIICT OK (ill AM) ISLK SS. J At o Probate Court holden nt llio Probnlc ofllce in North Hero on ilic 2Glh day of April A. I) 1037. Present thu Hon. Jour. Ar.r.r.N. Judc. AN instrument pnrporliug to bo the last will and testament of Henry L. Rey nolds la'o of Albugh in t-aid District do censed, being presented in the Court by John Reynolds one of tho Rxecuiors there, in named, for Probate. Itisnnlnrmi i. es,i Court, Ihnt nil persons concerned therein! no notiiieil lo appear ot a session ofsaid Court to bo holden ot the dwelling of Jed. P. Ladd in North Hero, in said "District, on tho third Monday of Juno 1 037, ot one o'clock P. M. and show cause if any they have against the probnto nf said Will; for which purpose il is further ordored that a copy of ihe record nf ibis order bo published three weeks successively in Ihe Burling ton Free Press, a news paper primed ol Burlington in Chittenden County, os soon us may bo. A true copv of Record. Attcet A. KNIGHT, Register, Eplirnim Hnsolton's Eslalo. S 7VI 77J O F rl) RMOjYT, DISTUICT OP OtllTI IINDUN, S. The llmimthlc the. Prnhutc Court for Hit Dhlrhl of CfiitleiHkn, To nit persons rnnrt.mnl hi the Btlnle. of Kphraim li t- seltoi), hie of Wclfml 'in srtitl Dislrul, de.'-casal. GRKIVI'ING. W HURRAS. Abigail G Hasnltou, ad ininiirntrix of ilio ;cinti- ofsiiid do ceoseil propoM's to render nn account of her administrnlion, nnd present her account ngninst said cslatc for examination and nl lownncent n session nfthe Court of Probate, to lie holden nt the ofllce of Hie Renister of this Court in Burlington on tko" second Wednesday of June 1037. Therf-fnic, You are hereby notified lo appear before said Court ntihn lime and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if nny you liavo.why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlino-ion this tOtli day of May A. D 1037. CHARLES RUSSRI.L, Judge. David Atwood's Estate. r0 the honorable the Probate Court JL for the District of Chittenden, the undersigned, Moses Alwood, r.fCharloite, one of llio heirs to the estate of David At woodjlalc of Charlotlcdocoaied, respectful ly represents that he holds ono equal tenth part of said estate jointly with the oilier heirs t.hcroo', and being de'sirous lo hold the same in severally, ho praysiho Hon. Court to order a division of the said estate, nnd to appoint a co-mniltee for that purpose. Dated ot Charlotte Mnv 9, 1037. MOSRS ATWOOD. STATE OF VERMONT. ,1 Di-thict or CtiiTrr.Mir.N ss The Hon. the Prolmtc Court within and for the Di strut of Chittenden To the heirs of the Estate nf D.ivid .ntwwd lute of Char lotlc in taid district deceased, nnd all other prrsnnt renrerned or interested in the di vision of said estate anions the heirs there f- GREETING. W HURRAS, Moses At wood of Char, lotlc, in said District, hath repre sented in soid court that lie is one of tin heirs to said estate and as such holds ono equal tenth p-ut ofsaid estate jointly with other heirs thereof, and being desirous lo hold the same in severally lie" Imih nml caid Court loonier n division ofsaid esfalc among ilio licirs thereof; nod to .appoint n Commiilce for that purpose. Andihescc ond Wednesday of Juno A. I). 1037, being set for a full hearing in the premises: II is ordered bv llio s-nhl rnnrr llml ll... cni.l M,-, tcs Alwood give notice to t lie heirs ofsaid I'biaio, uieir auornics, anil agents, am! all person? interested in said estate to be and appear before said Court at n session there of'to be holden at the ofiicc of llio Itegisler of snid court in Burlington nn llio second Wednesday of June A. D 1037, to make objections to such division if they see caipe, by publishing their said application togeth or with this order three week" succes-'ivoly in llio Free Press, n newspaper printed nl Butlingtou in aid District, tho last of which publica'ions to be previous to the day set for hearing. p;-ij-jL- Given under my hand and the seal II". S.ll f eaul Pffh-ito Court, nt Burling i! ' ion. in the District nf Chittenden 1 this lOih dav of Mnv. A. D. 1037. CHARIiRS RUSKRIili, Jud-'e."- rfJlO the Hon. thn Probnto for Ihn District JL of Chittenden comes Joseph Marh, of Ilinosburgh, in said District, and shows to said court that he is legal guardian of Mary L. Taylor and C'larlotlc I. Taylor, female in. funis undei thu nge of eighteen years ; that thn said Mary L and Charlolto I. are seized ns tenants in common in their own tight in foe of ono undivided fourth part of Iwo certain lots nfland situated and beiu in llincsburgli, in said District, numbered sixty nine and seventy in the. first division of lands'in said town ; anil that a sale ofsaid land is conducivo to tho best interests of his said wards Vlicrcforo he prays said court to grant him li :enso and em. power him lo sell tho said land. And your petitioner will over pray. Jostnui Mutir, Guardian nf Mary L, and Cliatlolto I.TnvIor. TUnesburgh, May 10, 1837. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DisriitcT or CiiiTTi-.Mif.v. ss. ( 7Vic Probate Court for the District of Chit tenden, to all pcrsoni lo whom these prcs cnts shall come. finr.ivriNfi. JOKRI'H MARSH, of Ilineshnrgh. in the Di-lricl, of Chittondon, guardian of Mary I. Taylor and Charlolto I. Taylor t'emnlo infants under the ngo of eiglit'een years, having represented In this Court Ihnt the said Maria L. nnd Charlotte I. arn seized us tenants in common in their own right in fee nf nne undivided fourth part of two certain Lots of In lit situated and being in Ilincsburgh aforesaid number, ed sixty-nine and seventy, in the first divis ion of lands in said town, and that a sale nf said parcel nf land is conducve to the best inleresls nf his said wards It is Ihereforo hereby ordered that snid application stand for a 'hearing before said Court, a a session thereof to be holden nt Ihe ofllce of Ihe Register of this Cnnrt in Burlington on the socond Wei'tiesdav nf Juno A. D. lf!37i and that nulico IhJreof bo given by publishing this nidor tngether with tho substance-nf said petition in the Free Pros, n newspaper printed at Bur lingtnn in Ihn County nf Chittenden. Iwo weeks soccssivoly, the Inst of said publico, t ions lo bo not les.s than two weeks pre vious lo said day Given under my hand and the seal of said Court nt Burlington, in llio Dis trict of Chittenden, this 10th day ol May. A. D. 1037. CUARLRS RUSSRLL, Judge, NEW BONNETS. ONR Casofino Rnglish Strnw, Leghorn Braid, Oriental, Laco and i'aiss Tuscans, jutt Received by llio subscriber, and selling nt Reduced prices, LATHROP k I'OTWIN. May 5lli 1037. Pot Ash Kettles, by J. k. 5. II. I'RCK Si Co. Nova Scotia Plaster. QffJA Tons ground Novasnolla Plaster. &JJ which will bo sold dulivurablo at Ihu Colchester Mills, oral Ihn sto-o of J. Si J, II, PcCK Si CO. May 3. CI1AMPLATN HOTEL. HART. announces to Ihe citizens of Burlington nnd itsvicinitv. nnd the Travelling public generally, that ho has taken, repaired, painted, fined up nnd fiiriished the nlmvo I J at ol.. si'no'ei! near the head of the Hienin Bont Wharf nnd no.vl d ior norlh ol Messrs. Foiled nnd Brndleys Stone Store, in n style nf elegance nnd convenience not surpassed hy nuv other I Jul nl in the village nl Burlington. A spacious Parlour, Dinning mom" nnd setting rooni-5, all contiguous, communicate with each oihor n ml with ihe Front Piazza below, Parlours oud sleeping rooms above are convenient, oiry and prospective and comtminicolo by llio Hall to Ihe Front Piazza above, ore all inviting to travellers, boarders and parlies nf pleasure. Tho Bar room, barns, sheds, ond yards arc arranged in the best possible manner lo accnm modato the travelling and business public. Mr II. from long experience professes to know how to furnish a good table ond bar and to soryc up the choicest ealobles and rarest delicacies that the market and sea sons afford in n manner to suit the tnstc of the connoisseur, nnd confidently assures his patrons ond guests that his utmost exertions will be put in requisition to servo them. Steam Boot Passengers will bo wailed on to nnd from the Boats and their Bag gage transported ond taken care of. and save their Hack hire to nnd frum Ihe Court House Squnro. Stage passengers can bo set down nt this Hotel without, odditiona! fare, and those Inking the Boats will be phovn on bonrd with their baggage free of expense and without incurring any risk of being loft, by the darkness or laleness nf the night or nny nl her emergency incident to the hurry and busile of steam power opera tion, or tile fluctuations of wind nnd weather. Horses and Carriages furnished those who wish to call al the Banks or public offices, or visit any part of tho village, on reason able terms Burlington, Mav I, 1 037, HSlP FOR OiiBH. BROAD.CLOTIIS, Cassimcrcs, and Salli. nets, al reduced prices. ALSO Carptings, and Paper Hangings, Good Muscavado and New Orleans Su gar at 9 & 10 els. pC, lb. Teas Si Codec voiy cheap, Good Lamp Oil, all for sale by S. R. HOWARD. DISSOLUTION. 31 IIP. Copartnership of tho subscribers .0. heretofore existing under the firm of Day, Catliu & Co. is hy mutual consent this day dissolved. All dibits duo llio firm nro to lie paid lo Dan Day, who is to discharge all liabilities against the sarno. HieicoK & Catm.v. I) N D.vv. Burlington, April 19, l!!37. NOTICE. THIS may Certifv that I have given mv son GRANT J ROCKWELL, his time during his minority and 1 shall pay no debts of his contracting nor claim any of his earnings after this dale. MIIRR1T ROCKWELL. Alburgh, April Id, l!)37. NEW RUM. Hilda. Boston N.R, Rum, by . Si J II I'ecrc co. May 1, 1037. Patent Pails. CTA doz PATRNT PAILS by fJJ J. & J. II. PncK S Si Co. Saddlery & Carriage Trim mings. JUST received and now being opened at tho Hardware Store; the most full and compluto assortment of Saddicry, and Car riago trimmings over offered to tho trade in ibis, comprising full assortments of Krass, I'latcu, Japaneu and linned Saddlery; Cotton and Worsted Webb, wide and narrow Straining and Ruin do, carriage laces; .Steps, o.vles, and plated dash Irons; plaled and brass plnted Carriage, Gig and Still; ny Lamps So. all of which will be sold at reduced juices fur cash or short credit, by ROIJCRT MOODY. NEW RUM. TUST received and for sale 2(J Ilhds of " Now Rum, by Foij.utt & May 3, 1037, FLOUR. THIS day received and for salo 139 bbls. Yan Renslacr Flour, a pritun article, by Foi.lutt 5 JlnADi.i:vs. Mny 3, 1037, NOTICE. Tnr. subscriber having assumed all tho debts dun Ilia lain firm of Day, Catlin Si Co. gives nnlico thai inimndiato payment must bn inado nf thu same, as well as all other de mands duo him. DAN DAY. Burlington, April 19, 1037. 3w Gold and Silver Watches. WD have Just added to our stock to Watches. Wo havu soiuo fiuo gold cased Patent Lovers, plain and chuzed, snino 5 and somn full jawnllud, gidd cased Repeal ing Wntelies, gold eased Bulls oyo Watches Jewelled Verges which run ns well ns Lev ers, fino jewelled LoHpinr-s in gold and silvercases.Silvur Lovers.fc Liiglish Watches All thn above- Watcha? will perform well and. am warranted, All kinks of Watches and Clocks cleaned and repaired al llm Variety Shop I'A.sonoiiN Si BiiiNs.MAin. 2YOTJC13. TfIIFi Burlington Mill Company, will JL offer nt llio Wtnonski House nn llio 5'lth day nf Mnv next nt 10 o'clock A. M. Irom Ten lo Thirteen Lots, to the highest bidder over llio vnluiiiinn fixed to them on a plan nt snid House. Bv order SIDNIJY BARLOW, Cleric. April 27, 1037. JONA. Ji TO KSPIiCTFuLLY mtt9 NOTICE T DlHIS may Certify Unit I Imve given lo mv fl. von ANDREW E. ALLEN, his time during hi iniiinritj and I slmll pav no dolus ol' his contracting nor claim nnv of Iii-i eiiiiiiugs after I his da to, jq t,j j,;- Morristown, March'), 1037. Clover Seed. UST Rec'd from New York, n few Sacks prime Clover Seed J April '.0, 1037. IIickokiSi Catmn. Ira Sowle's listalc. V, the subscribers having been ap pointed by the Hon. the Probate Court for the District of (Jrnnd l.-lo, Cum missioncrs to receive, examine nnd adjust the claims a id demand of oil persons ngoinst ilic cslatc nf Ira Snwlcs late of Alburgh, in snid Diilnct deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also all claims ond demands exhibited in offiel thereto; and six months from the dny of the date hereof, being nllowcd for Ihat. purpose, wc do therefore give notice that wc will attend to the business nf our nppnintmrnt, at the dwelling of Widow Sally Snwlcs in Alburgh in said District on Monday the 12ih day nf Juno A. D. 1037, at Nine o'clock A. M. of said day. Dated, At Alburgh this 7th day of April 1037. ALBERT C. BUTLER, ) Commi. JAMES DARBY, sionos. Gideon Prindle's Estate. S T A T V. O F V K R M O N T , ) DtsrnicT or Cihttemu.n. ss. The Honorable thn Probate Court for the District nf Chittenden. To all persons concerned in the estate of Gideon Prindle. late of Char Lite in said Di.striit. deceas ed. GREETING. WIIERF.AS, George Prindle, administra lor of Ihe estate of said deceased propo ses to render an nccount of his administration and present his nccount ngainst said estate for examination and .lllnwnnrit n! n CM.inn nf llin Court of Probate to ho holden at llio office of tho Register ofsaid court in Ilurlini'ton on the JiurliiiL't second ndncsday of May next. Tnnnuronn, You arc hereby notified lo ap. pear before said Court at llio lime and place aforesaid, am! show cause, if any you liavo, why tho account aforesaid should not be al lowed. Given under my hand at Builington this 20lli day or April A. D. 1037. Wm. WESTON, Register. Matthew Sax's Estate. To the Hon. the Probaio Court for tho district of Grand Isle, lia llilloflslo La Moll in ii uronu jmo. lia Hiiiot Jsto ,a iMoll in aid district administrator of the estate of1 Matthew Sav, laic ofd.azy, in the State or;,-. n."" wnneniis r.rnpt.otts. New-York deceased, respectfully represents 1 1,13 ar,,cl ,s '".t thrown into market like that tho said Matthew Sax, did in his liTe. 'nn,' Poinit medicines, backed by some time cntor into a certain contract to and with 1 llalf dozen fictitious certificates; but il one Josepii Bowman of I-lo La Molt afore. I comes respectably nnd honestly rccnminen said to deed and convey to him the said Jo- ded, and is, wo verily believe, oil that it sepb Bowman the whole of lot No. 70. and llio norlh boll of lot No. 7.j, lying and being in Isle La Moll aforcsad, which said con tiact was at the doccaso of tho raid Matthew Sax, and still is, unexecuted. Therefore the said Ira Hill oravs thn s-aiil rnnrl ' unto him liberty and authority lodcecfsaid hud according to tho terms ofsaid contract agreeably to the .statute in such case inado and providen IRA UlLL,Adm'r. North Hero, April 3, 1037, STATE OF VERMONT,) -DisTiticT or GitAxo.lsi.i:, ss. 'ITT is ordered by llio Probate Court for the fl district aforesaid that all persons concern- j ed be notified to appear boforu said Court, at ' a session thereof lo he holden at the dwelling ' hi use of Jed. P. Ladd in North Hero on tho 1 third Monday of .May next nnc o'clock P. M. to show cause if any they have why tho liberty and authority requested in the foregoing appli. ! cation should not bo granted, and that for that purpose the said applinalion tn gather with , this order lio published in the Burlington Frco Press printed at Burlington in the County ofi Chittenden, llirco weeks successively as soon ! as may bo in witness whereof I have hereunto nffi.vnd ilio seal ol said Court nnd subscribed my name this dill day of April A. I). 1037. JOEL ALLEN, Judge, New Goods-New Goods Up and doing. Quick and Cheap nin.' a r cr n .,.i i : . J '..... UIIU U liipi IMIIIIIirill for Debt, hnve been my moltos for fifteen full years of bris-k nnd lively trade. An enrlv start in the spring help? well through the winter. January, February, then March means gn ahead, and so he lid, Howard, of the Cheap Cash Slore. Marched ofl'foNew York and has return rd with on additional ns-ortmcnt nf New Goods, such ns Si'ks, Muslins, Ribbons, Calicoes, Cnmbricks. Shawls. Ildkfs., Gloves, Hosiery. Combs, L"ghorn Straw nnd Tuscan Bonnets &c. itc. which to gether with his former stock makes nr usual a very rich splendid nnd desirable variety lo select from, nnd ns goods have enrno down to cheap prices in New York, they will be sold nl corresponding low iri. ces nt Howards in Burlington, P, S. There is no mistake about prices, I have bought Cheap ond hnve no other busiiKH on hand but to nttend lo their lie ing disposed of nt prices that will suit buyers. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington, April 7th 1037. David Atwood's Estate. STAT OF VERMONT I)STIUT OF Clll I'TKMIKN SS, The Ron. the Probate Court for the Dhtriet oj Chittenden, To all perions concerned in the Estate of David Atwood, late of Charlotte in mid Dhtiict deceased, GREETING. EWMIEKEAS. Amos Clark, ndininisinitor ol thu cslalo ol said deceased proposes to render on account of his administration, and present his. account against said cslalo for examination and allo.vaucn al a session of tho Court of Probnto, lo bo holden at thu Reg. ister's olllco in Burlington on llio second Wednesday of Mny next. Tiii:iii:ioni:, You nre hereby notified loop, penr buforo said Court al the lima and place aforesaid, and show cause, if tiny you have, why tho account aforesaid should not bo allow, cd. Given under my baud at Burlington this lllh day of April A. I), 1037. Wm. WESTON. Reg. European Garden Seeds rUST ireoived from Scotland and Germa ny and for sale hy IIICKOK Si CATLIN. 33URI.IKGTON Stereotype Foundry. iio tirrangemcm..) BIT A VINO made a J5..B. nniv nrrthirn.,mhi in iiinsieicntypnig busi ness, the public, nru here, by informed that ihu oresntit omni-tni...- I.... filled up llio concern in n manner that "can't he hear 'n Ibis latitude; nnd holds himself ready to do all kinds of Book work, in a style warranted to suit tho taste of jniblishers generally, JJ" Job work of every description done on idiorl notice. Plates for Blank Deeds, Writs, Kxcculicns, Notes Sin, furnished to order, Typo (alley's, a very convenient article for Printers made to order on Brass copper or Russia Iron bottom-1. Largo six borso btage cuts for sale four horse do. small do. do. Largo borso cuts, small do. Also a great variety of small cuts, nl every description. II j' LeadsVurnished, from 3 to tho Pica In 7. Tho patronage of thn public is icspeclfullv solicited. All letters on business directed t'o the subscriber will receive prompt attention. G. TAYLOR EATON, Agent. Foundary in Lathrop Si Potwiti's building, Corner of Church and College Streets, third story. Burlington, April 2(5, 18.37. To Ihr. linn, the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, comes the subscriber admimstra. lor of Ihe estate of Gideon 1'rindle late oj Charlotte in said district deceased, and rep resents that the personal estate nfsaiddcctastd Kill not be siipicienl to pay the dibls and rr ges thereof and hereby makes application to said Court, for licence lostll the real estate of said dictasidfor that purpose dnonon Prindle. H I A I K OF VKIl.MONT, ) DlSTItlCT OK ClIITTEMin.V, s- AT a Probate Court holden nt liurliicton, In said District, on tlio2lst day of .March A. D. 1037. It is ordered thai an account bo taken of the debts and also, the proceeds of tho poisonal cslalo ofsaid deceased, nnd that thn heirs and all jicisons concerned in said estate 1,0 notified to appear before said Court on the cond Wednesday of April next at tho offir of tho Register ofsaid Court in Burlim'ton, aforesaid, to give bond for the payment of debts, and show cause why licenso as aforo said shall not bn granted, and that such no lice bo given by publishing tho nbovo npplica. lion thri'o weeks successively, as soon as may be in the Frco Press n newspaper printed in Burlington, in said District. Given under my baud, tho day and vear first above written. Wjt. Wcstox", Rc. WF.ST'S PATKVr CHLOKINK COSMETIC and PILLS, -n-j n t i)i,.... i..!. o n 1? ? l l-'"!?'-"run-, S.iltrheu ... Scald- clniuis to be; nnd ns such, it is offered lo llio public, by & J. H. PECK & Co. Sept. 1030 Agents fir the Patentee PLASTER ' ST 'I TONS of Novascotia Plaster, now . grinding at the new Mill, Inoos '5I City, and for salo. bv FOLLETT Si BRADLEYS. April 20, If Cm COPARTiN'EltSIlIP. rip HE siib-enbers have formed a Copart JL nor-bin in biwinos under the firm of w. n. & r. a. viilas nt the old s'and ot V. R. Vilas, where they will the business in all its various branches. WILLIAM R VILAS. FREEMAN C. VILAS. Burlington, April 14, 1037. Samuel 13 ue IPs Estate. fK the subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the P ru 1,ril, Court for the District of Chittenden. ci-mmis-ioners to receive, examine nnd nd- just Ihe claims ond demands of all person?, agninet I he estate nfSiinuel Buoll, lahj of Burlington it) satii District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and aNo all claim-and demands exhibit. -d in oll'-et thereto; and sis months from ihe day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for Ihat pur. poM wo do ihereforo hereby give notice, that wo will nUend to the business of nor appointment, nt the office of Win. Noble in j l'irlitiginn m said Di-trict. nn tin; second i Mondays of May and September next, ot 10 o'clock. A M. on each ofsaid daw. Dated, thi.i 13th dayof April A. I). 1037. Wm. NOBLE. I Commit Wm WESTON, sinners. Looking Glasses, Portrait & Picture frames Sec. THE Subscriber has now ready lor sale nnd will lm constantly uinniilnetiuing n splendid assortment nf LOOKING (J LASSES, fmin 25 cts. tn 10. made by tho best eily workmen, and wdl be sold nt New York prices, tit wholesale or retail. Portrait and picture frames, nnd all gold work in the line, done on short notice and in the best manner nt lm factory over the Hnrdware and Drug Store, R. Moonr. NEW GOODS. IATIIROP & POTWIN have rcecivcd-iho J last week a few ps. heavy Blk. Italian Silks, Light CoPd French Ciiinbricks, Gloves, Hosiery, Thread Laces, Long Whito Laco Gloves French Forking Cotton and Cause, Ribbons, Sia, Sic. April Id. CLASS. 1000 !?nX(,s Cl,nl,ll'min, Pent ond Jcr 300 Bedford, Sorauac and Clinto Crown Do. by J. &. J. PECK & CO. PORK MACKEUELL. I" OVELY ABBOTT huvo on baud for Kilo o few Barrels Pork, also Barrels, Half &. Quarter Barrels of Mack-"-re I. April 13. Hut tor Hogs Lard and Pork Hams. For salt; by Lovm.v Si Abdott. April I J.

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