Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 26, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 26, 1837 Page 2
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4 V . .. . t f w a y in. There in now n general t-iispr i.-ioit of fih cii' payments throualintit the cmtit t V. Kvcn l tie Moiropolis Hunk lit Washington. I hon ti Mis'tiined Tor a while by the U. 'S. Mini, lias finally knocked under, nml t lie government naw acknowledges iis inability to meet Us engogeincnts in oiihor gold or silver. The Secretary of tlio Treasury and the Post Muster (Jeiiernl bnvo each IkuI tln'ir drafts protested in New-York iiml Philadelphia within t tic last ten days. Now fur the bclla' currency. Mr. Wood bury gives notice that lie shall from lime to lime draw drafts on different fpci idiu ot 1 lie country, which tie "hopes, will he mcl In the satisfaction of thu ho'dcrs" if mil they will hi! received again by I ho govern inonl in payment for duties or public lands. Ho that the government creditor has noth tug to do but fpII ln protested Trcosiiry draft, for what it wi'l fetch in market, and Unit rea' a "genotnl How nf the precious m lals!" This is the miserable substitute the government efiVrs us in exchange for the soundest ami be.-t currency tlial ever cxi-ted. 'Tin: i.(m. no or Tin: r.Mi." We have no heart, amid llns ruin which sur round u.-, to iiidu'gc in political crimina lions. Hut there, is no alternative. This ruin and desolation is the fruit of pol'niea1 mUru'c. The-government ha; brought this calamity upon the people. In tracing ef fects bail; to lli'ir camcs, wc are forced In necouii'nbio who "take the ro sponsibi'iiy." L"t us. forcxmplo, take the question before us. Tho public, treasure was deposited, neeoiding to law, in the Hank of the Uni'ul Stales. There the money was safe. Hut a political war wag ei! against that instittiti n. The deposito wore unlawfully witlidiawn and placed in I be keeping of local banks, over which the governiin nt had Decontrol. These banks have loaned the surplus revenue to political t-peeii'ators. Tin: very act of destroying the United S'ntes Hark, produced o der ungi menioflhe currency u. hich, connected with the withdrawal ol rpecie from oircnla lion by a treasury order, has overwhelmed the c uiit ry in ruin. The banks fail, and the puclic treasure is swallowed up in Hi em ! These precise ro.-ults were predicted in and out of Congress. A deranged curren cy, insolvent banks, and the coiiscquenl I iss of the public momy, were the evils which all relleclini' men foresaw as the ripening fruits of Jack-on, Ilenton, Wright and Van Huron's "t xperi Men's," upon the currencv. Jllbaiv ICv Juurnal. lio MHinv nfl ... I., .,.1,1,pB(.p,1 n letter to , CUsneifloll 01 CP"C1C puym y j rtir Diinii.i. tnnUj, the Treasury jje pnrimci.i, ,1l.n Q Adams on the Suite of the I unci, '" . ... . k ,vnrrr.ntf, for the raymeni bilver sixpences, it may be, are now flowing up the M ississ ippi. Certain it is, we are not flooded w'uh them at the north. Much inconvenience is experienced for want of small ccange, and shin-plaster have become common in the cities. Al most every barber, huckster, and omnibus driver in New York is issuing small bills. These generally run payable at sigh', for nneiAfU'c good for one dish of outers two miles, on demand, &e. Thus people count their ''better currency" by tho mile. make dividends ofso many dishes of oysters and estimate their money on hand by the luxuriance of their hoards. This, in the estimation of the government, may lie con sidered a sound currency, but it is by no means xevform. Pray what would JUrs. Grundy say to a government chock on a barber Uiop ! The livening Journal says The Now Voik Collector i- loinfoiecd with Specie Orders. Ho is prereinplorily foihiil tore, ccivc bank bills' in payment for duties, and ordered to deposiic no muiey in the Hanks! I-'iom iho, l.oiiiewllu Juui C . . lit oemnor v ai.i;i:u, we ainlioiiz d losay remarked u few duys ago, that Congress during the very first fortnight of its next heioii, would set the public mind at rest in regard to I ho preposterous specie projects thai have no long ngitaied it. Ho added, that ho honestly believed ihere were but threu men in tho nation who considered those pnj'eis practicable and ihoso were Mr Uuvro.N, Senator Mounts of Ohio, and (Jen. Jackson. We are further authorized !o that Senator Nicholas of Louisiana, on his in turn from Washington city, declared lhal, if Mr. Van Hurcn shnuld delay the rcpen iiflhe Treasury Circular until tho next -i'S3ion of Congress, In s administration would ho cerlainly and ulierly broken down. Senator Nicholas further slated, at the nunc time, thai ho regarded the pocketing of the Treasury Circular bill by President Jackson, after its. passago by tiichan nver- helming majority through both Houses Congress, us, Ilio grossest act of tt.iir uimn x'vor perpetrated by any President of the Undid Slalee. A western merchant udverti cs that In. ban done with Ihu barter sy tr in "I n v hull only for gold and cot n. skins.'1 S and tho neces-ity ol surpeuuing cptun- ) ding pn-iages of ibo Idler ; i In Ilio mrantim'', two great duties de volve on ihe Hanks nml 1 tie country. The lir-i repatds. foreign uaiioiiM, i lie sn ootid our own We owe n debt In foreigner', hy no mean-- lnr;o (or our resources, but. dispro pnrtinned to our present menus, of payment. Wo must in fen caro that this late measure. shall not feeni to ha an efl'irt to avoid the payment nf our honest debts to them. We have worn, and cairn and drunk the pro duie of i heir industry: loo much of all par Imps, In! that is our fault, not their.-". Wo mny take less hereafier, but the country is dishonored unless we discharge that debt, lo Ihe iitli'rui'isi farthing. Tim second duly is io oursi-lvoo. We should bear constant 'y in mind lhal tho step wh'ch has been lakrn h oxen-able only on the ground of an overruling necessity. We mu-t not make (he remedy iUelf a It mu-l not he the prctixt of extravagant loans nr iitues-. TIk so are already puflieieu! ly in lliled, nnd if wo have voluntarily, removed i he most familiar and -established check upon all issues, their immediate convertibil ily into coin it is our duly to tub-tiUite same (fteciual restraints which may enable ti lo restore the currency without delay or diflii'ii'ty lo a safe and wholesome condition. The ri'suli of the whole is, thai n great dis aster has bf falh'ii the cuintry. Its exist ence thus far is only a ini-forlunc its cull linnance will be a teproach, from which all true men must tolly to save her. We mnsl try to render it as short as possible, waiting pnlienlly and calmly lor the net ion of the Government, and in the mean lime diminishing its dangers by great prudence ami foibcaraoce. HAN KM F, KTI is G. At a moving of the several Hanking list it nt inn's of i ho 'Siato of Vermont, hold en at Mmnpelicr, on Ihe. 19th day of May l!U7, the lullew ng IJnnks were represen ted bv the gentlemen whoao uaoics arc an nex, d. Hroith boro' Hank, Mr Chnpin. Falls " Henry. Wmdror, Messrs KmcrKou oud Skinner.;, Messrs, Willard, Mower and Warren. Orange, Messrs. Parish, Konrick and Steele. Now bury, Mr. Newell. Caledonia, Messrs Clark and Mattocks. Orleans Mr West. Montpeher, Messrs Hubbard. Spauldiug Haylicp. Silver. Itanjrdon and Cleaves, Hurlinglon, Mr. I'ioio. Farmers Hank, Hnrlington. Mr Peel;. Hetining'on, Mr J. N. 1 111. ManebeMer, Mr J. N. Ili.iMlell. The mocliiig was oritaui'.cd by calling Hon. Thomas F.mi'.iion to the chair, and Gr.o. C. Wi:-t was oppninted Sccrolary. On uiotriii of Mr. Kendrick. Voted, Thai a committee of live bo ap poiu'ed to draft resolutions for the con sideralinii of iho Hireling. The lijllowinir gt'iitleinen wore appoint- ed:Mes'-rd Kendrick, Steele, Honrv. Spauhlmg, ami Chopin, who reported the following resolutions, which were unani niously adopted : 1. Resolved, That wc have I he highcsl confidence in the general soundness of our Hanks, and in their abundant pbility to porfoitn all their engagem mis. lo t tie pub he and that w pledge ourselves to the adop tion of .-neb measures as shall lend lo tho resumption of specie payments in the tinn iest poihle t ime. Iiepolvcd. That the experience of many jea's has convinced us that I ho measure of keeping the country bills at pur, by redeeming in Hosion and other Atlan tic cities, furnishes at onco a most useful check to iiver-is-.ues, and a safe test of the condition of the country hunks. p. Resolved, thai the hanksofthis State will lake cfilcluul ineaeuiea to keep their hills on a par with Iho bills of the Hanks, in Hosion and Hie other Atlantic cities. i. Kcsiijvoii, 1 Hat. wo will leeeivo in payment or on deposite at our respective janks the lulls of all such Vermont Honks is .-hall comply with the third resolution, hy keeping their notes at par With the UoMon lianKs. 0. RoMilved, That wo disapprove of the employment of exchange agents, or of ma king exchanges otherwise llian nt 1 ho coun ters or through tin1 officers of the Hanks. G. Resolved, That the ceminitto prepare an address lo tho puhhe, selling forth the causes which have led to tho suspension of specie payments hy the hanks of Ihis Stale and giving such explanations of tho coudiiion, und such assurances, of ihosound ness of our inoiiicd institutions, as they may deem necessary to satinfy depositors), hill holders, and tho eoinmuiiify at large, ihal I hey have no teasnii to apprehend loss from reeeiving or holding iho notes of I ho local hunks. THOMAS KMRUSON, chulrmui? Gr.o. C. WiiiT, Secretary, of ,,h,eh alls or HoicUs wUMie i-voiv uo'hb rhoo'l where Ihe creditor re-nl -. or i he debt w.u ii'currnl. The check will, nc'inling lo former prapli.-r, be. i-sued impariitely from t tie war. ant", and in i-urh amoiint.s may he convenient. The Treasurer will draw these checks only on such banks ami officers as hove heretofore received ample fiimls to meet them, and ii is therefore Imped that Hkv will bo prompt ly paid in a mnnner in-factory in the ho'ders ; but if Ihey shall lint be paid when presented, the collectors of customs, and the receivers of " he pnulic lands, wi'l be instructed lo redeem I lie tit in behalf of Ihe Treasury, by n ceivmg them lor duties nnd lands. If Ihey are not piid ill eiiln'r of these moths, n nil uoiien of the fact U com iminirnti'd to the Depiilmcnl, no rcasona bleen'irls will be spared to preserve the pnbhc fiiith inviolate, nnd to oau'O them to lie otherwise discharged as soon a possible in specie or i's rquivj'enl, as ll'i "xisting laws reriiire; anil if returned to Iho Do. pnrtniont nml leniaitnng unpaid till Ihe next 8esioii of Congress, it w ill feel boutol earnestly to request authority lor ear1' moans lo satisfy them ina manner acceptn to tho holders" Cin til-ir to the proper. ofiicers, conlaining particular iuatrucn no on this subject, will bo prepared and pub lished in a lew da vs. HFVl WOODHURY, Sec'y of tho Treasury. Treasury Department, ) May 15, 1 037. Mr. Woodbury, in an ofiicial letter to Mr. Price, U. S. District Attorney, New York much too long for our columns- says as follows, which is all it contains of any real interest. I havo communicated lo Iho Collector my sanction to a postpnnnnent of iho eolleo I ion of duty bonds hrftre as well as after suit, on the usual terms In case of ernbar rnstmetit.anil for the peiiod of thirty, sixty anil ninety days, ns ung'!' vrom prooor. considering t he statu of'lho Tieasury win n the opnlteiiiion was made. The. Solicitor of I In Treasury is now prepaiing special instructions so as to carry this indulgence into effect without the delay or inconve nience of a resort in each case to this. De partment. In consequence, also, nf an earlier meet. ing of Congress having been decided on, by the President, since thai c.tmmunica lion, the Solicitor has been empowered lo extend that indulgence in cases where it is appropriate and desired, to a period after t he commencement of the ensuing session, lics'ide the above postponement and the call of an extin session of Congress, in or der that among oilier things, ii may make any sui'ahle provision for further relief on this subject, the Department ha to-d.iy published a notieu of it.- willingness to permit any Treasury drafts, not paid by the Hank's to the satisfaction nT t lie hold ers, to he recived by the collectors for (Ju lie's ins Lead of tpecie, or as an equivalent. tho moro nrbilnry and opprpfVivo oct.1 of hunrofcnt government fired ihotr sotihs nu ili'i ocpa-inu. Tlei jesolniioiis, laid on the tab'e, nii ml Mr. Green of the support of tin! mer e'lanu, and of their determination to stund by him, if he would not enforce the exrcu linn of ilr: order from the genera! post nflico : and from the tone and substance nf his remarks nl the meeting last evening, he otdy wnit.s fir more spccillic anil decided action front the mercantile community at large, lo incur the 'respnn-ibilil' of so dmng. It is but jusiico to Mr. Greene, to remark, that he l'n, on all ncea-ions since ho has hitei) poFt malcr, done evory thing in his power lo accomodate Iho merchants, and mlnrs, having business at his office, ami lhal he is still desirous of so doing, coniequeiitly he has the good will of ihis community, although a greai mojoruy are of difi'jreut politics from him. Pi oiu die Sew Orleans Hue, May 11. Horrible Cat'tilmnhe.-Oiw of those Icr nblc accidents, but too common on the wet em nvers, (ecuted on 1 uc'dny, tit one o'e'ock in tho morning, by which about one hundred and fifty lives wen: lost. The sttanier Hep S'lorrod, captain Catlotnan. lelt this place on Sunday morning. bound tor Ii'iuisvillo, and al tho lime ju.-t mentioned, when about DO miles below Natches, she was found to be enveloped in flame, and out of near 200 persona on board, only nhotii -10 or CO were savpd. The lire is believed lo Inve originated from Ilia wend used as fuel being piled up near Ihe b"ilcr. The Sj'ory of Ihe disaster was related lo us by a young man wh i was a cabin passen ger, and il is awfully interest ing, and his own escape almost, miraculous. When he awoke he put on his clothe?, and leaped into the yawl which was hanging at tho stern, and was followed by about .10 oilier men, one of whom cut the rope connecting I he stem of the steamer to the how of the yawl and the latter canted over and hung in a perpendicular position, iho bow tn ward.s the water. All on board were pre cipitated into tho water, and are believed to have been drown" d, with the exception of tho narrator, and ho saved him.-elf by clinging to 1 1 1 2 1 1. war!:1. In a few minutes about twenty of the crew made llieir present, let il suffice lo say thai I hero is an understanding between the Mexican (mv erntnenl and Iho greater part of tho In dians ol the boutli-wesl ; and that 1 have had in my own hand, within these two days, a blank Letter-of Marque issued by th" Mexxan Government, which has been already, since I saw il, sent, with a num ber of similar commissions, lo Kurope, to bo used os occasion may require." Commodore Dallas, commander of our naval quadron in tho Gulf of Mexico, has thought it Ii j 3 duly, on examining into the circumstances of the capture of iho Mox can national brig Gr.N.Unnr.A, by the U. S. ship Natiwz, to give orders for the immediate release of tho captured vessel. A young man in Ftanco lately had the eanneions fanry lo determine on the dc Ht rucli,n of liid dog by drowning, on ac count of sntno slight finlt. Hy tho nssis tmce of n boat, ho throw ihe animal into the middle of tho Seine, nnd with an oar he prevented him Irnm regaining Iho side Whilst Ihu? cruelly occupied, ho lost his equilibrium, fell into tho river, and would have assuredly perished, but for the assistance of iho faith Ail dog, which lie bad attempted In drown. I ho dog sei.ed him hy the collar and sustained him above water, until assistance was rendered him from the shore. Pious Ht.UMir.n. Yesterday afternoon, a well dressed nnd interesting young wo man, who had tho appearance of being a foreigner, came into the Police ofiiee, and approaching the desk where Jusl'ce Hop-on was silting hy hiin.-elf reading the Plain Dealer, dropped upon her knees, by the side of one of Ihu benches, nnd devoutly com menced telling over her beads. The worthy magistrate, not being familiar with such operations, cocked his eyes over his glas ses, peering at. her first with one, anil then, as if doubting the accuracy of Ins vision, squinting at her with the other optic, called out, 'Gil! see what's the matter with thai woman. Gilborl Hays accordingly stepped up to the fair p.'trtent, nnd disturbed her ori-ons lv doniaeditig of her what she was isy Tin: I'nnsiiir.vr or -1111'. umti:i status or AMKIUCA. . A I'UOCl.AMATION' Whereas great nnd weighty uiolier. el.iiuiing the eoiisidera'iion of thu Congress of the Uni'ed Siaten, form nu exi ruorilina. y oceaMiiii for convening them, I do, bv those pri'MMUs, upinmit tho find Monday til September next, for their meeting nl the city of Washington j hereby requiring the respective Senators: and Rcprnnentai ivts then und there to usscmlilo in Congress, in order lo recoivo biirh eoiiimiiuiraiions ns mov then be made to them, and lo coimiIi and determine on such iu nuiron us 111 thrir wisdom may he deemed meet for tho wel fare of ihu 'Juiled Stoles. In losiimouy whereof, I have caused l. . Iho eul of iho Uniiud Slates 10 be hereunto nllixed and bigned ihe t-a 1 1 1 e with my hand, Done at Iho oil y of Wiinhingtoii. the fifteeii'li day of M il', 111 ihe year of our Lord one I hou-ainl t ight hiiodii d nr I 1 1 1 1 i m r,i nml ol'il. o liel 't l.'h r o i. li, Ui.ilid S'ti'e- tit" six '-li - M. VAN hUKU". Hy (In Pre l n' : Jwi Fun 1 111 t e d ry of S a'e. NOTICH. From 1I10 N. V. Advcriiwi". T11K POST OFFICE. -Wo learn from H iston lhal a great pub lic meeting was held nt Fancuil Hall, yes terday morning on Iho siibj :ct of tho Po.-t Ofiiee Ord..r, requiting specie piynien's, and specie payment-, only, for postages. The government having, in the first in stance, by its own acts deprived tho com munity of the specie necessary for compli ance with its own order, thu liostoiiiaus have, resolved not lo submit to the arbitrn rv exaction. The lone and character of ihe mooting were such, that 1 lie post mas lor remembering that Ihers was once a tea paitv in that harbor--wns- compelled to come 10 their Icrnis. nnd disregard the in structions of Amos Kendall. The oppres sion nt our own post ofiiee is wicked and wantonly cruel. We trust the. merchants here ns they have done in H.iotoii, will peaceably compel the post master to cease iiis attempts to exact fpecio, o long as the government does not pay il.. UJ'Sinco the foregoing was in type, wo havo received tho following letter from our correspondent by it will bo Been that our verbal infor.nalion was not entire ly correct. Toi'Lirr's Nr.ivs R.oom, May 17, 12 M. Last evening n spontaneous meeting of the merchants assembled nl this establish ment, In lake mlo coiis-idcrat ion tho order of iha pnst master general to tho post mas icr in this city, requiring him to nuspend 'the system of credits, which has been in existence over smei! the government v.a formed, nnd lo demand specie in payment for all loiters before delivered; at which a committee was appointed to confer ivilh the post master, nnd requested an adjourned meeting Ibis morning, at 9 o'cluck, at Faiienil Hall. Accordingly, tho "old cradle of liberty" was filled lo overflowing, al tho appointul hour this morning, ami the commiitoe made a report, ending with several spirited and energetic resolui iomi, which show I lint not a little "of Ihe lire" wl ich animated the bosoms of the fathers of the revolution, still glows in those of their sons. An iinimiu ud (lebato look place. Some woro for i) mediate action, and open lesistanee to the orders einanntii.g from Washington ; others were for cool, calm, and dispassionate measures, and to postpnnn further action lor a few days, lo giu time to hear from W nshingloii. Eloquent speeches in favor of Iho hitler course were made by Goorgo liond. Abbot Hiwronc", and William Suir gp,s, esquires, although not ndvorso lo Ihe spirit and energetic Imiguugo of the reso lulionn. They wore finally laid on the lablu to bo tukeu up and acted upmi nt an adjoiirued meeting, llio"7th nl ! P, M. ; anil 1. reo. let in 11 wim proponed hy Mr. Lawrence, and adopted hy nu unaiiimoiig vote, request mo Mr. Green the pou master, to suspend the eVecillloll of III") onh'r from till) p st lef ei oerill, till lo" P'lll lie ir tlolll Wiisboi',' ton ; n, d a foinip it" "' of two. r f'lr w.i- I, . ,.ti Mill I," III ' . ' OI'O (01 ,1 ,!'. about twenty ol the crew made their wav 1 . r- . . r ,'. ' , ' ', .1 . .1 1 . l.J 1 phed the lady, 11 tne accents ol an angel, o the stem o the s earner, and p aced I1 Fl idG,l..u a tono peculiar . o thcnise yes in t .a boat, su-pe,,. led as she j I , m cl(rlc)li3 his knife and cut the rope which attached thchtpamcr to I he stern of the yawl, and she plunged as might have been expected, full twenty feet under water. All lhal had boon hanging to her were iirssmg, except lour and the individual who relates the&tory. He says when ho rose to tho surface be found himself under Ibo yawl, and the was lying b ittoni up. Hi. ing strong, active and export nt swimming, ho worked his way fr.un und 'rncatli anil tn iiin cd "ii her hot loin where ho was soen joined hy the I'uiir other men who hail saved 1 hemsclves. and in Ihis situation tlieyllia'ed twelve mi'cs down ihe river It. fore Ihey were picked up by I ho Coliimbti t. Captain Cn-tlemnn, by vigorous exer tions, envoi! Ins wife nnd two children one nf his children nnd his father were lost. A Mr. Smith also bail th" luck to save his wife and 0110 child nnd wo add with pain timt one of his children is missing. Thcru was some powder on board, in what quantity we know not but the knwl edge I lint ii was there Feeuicd I") have para Sized ihe eflVrts of the crew, and i's ex plosion added lo I ii e deep horrors of the scene. Wo are informed that ihero were nine lad es on hoard, only two of whom were rescued. Fout Mi:llon,(I:. F.) M.vv.l, 1037. Yesterday the celebrated chief Powell made his appearance, with a few oilier chiefs, in our camp. He looks like a man worn down hy hard usage, and has less the look of a chief than any one I have seen. Ho has with him most of his tribe, and Ihey are the most destitute looking beings wo j have yet seen. .Moot of them arc nlmost naked. They arc 11 line, hearty looking set of follows, and look :101m the worse fur wear, except in dress. It would be a difii cult task to starve then out; they camo in with loads of the coon ly root, all prepared for making bread. There are now in our camp two or three hundred Indians, and upwards of one thou sand within live or ten mile? of us, inclu ding men, women, nnd children. They say that they aro ready lo emigrate as soon as all their people are collected together, und wish more lime granted them for that purpose,. They aro a blow sot of beings lo move, and will have their own time. () I F ' mi.' , 11, t ' I "5 Ihe Co. 'r 1 is nviVel I'tuin t tic National Inielliiroiiccr, Tho late cap' 11 re of a Mexicun vessel of war by on arm- d ship ol the United Slates, which appears to excite so litlhi sensation along tho Atlantic border, is an act deeply to be regretted hy nil those who do.iru lo see their country always in tho right. It may not lead to the consequences which wo 1110-t earnestly deprecito; but. if our correspondent at N. Orleans nugucs right'y. it wi'l not be lite state ol the currency alone that will make it advisable for tho Presi dent of tho United States lo convene Cnwrroiiri as early as practicable. We g:vo to nnr readera Iha following extracts from Iho letter of thai correspondent, which we wish them to lake at their otvn valuation, so far as regards iho opinions expressed, but with entire conlidcnco in the fmli which ho fit ale'. ' .Mid Orleans, Jlay 0. "Tho probable consequence of tlm enp liiro of I ho Mexican brig of war will be 0 gpnernl embargo upon all American ship and property in M' XiCo, an immediate do . erne ol lion intercourse Willi iho United States, by Iho Mexican G "Veriluh nt , with 1 prohibition o'' I lie 1 xpoi tut 10:1 of specie "ii 1 he United S 'l'es 111, !, r l e ll 1 1 tuiv oaioi. Th-f .i,ito'f wi'l h'tif in to t-ef v ' t M' so '' 0 mi (His,, , ury ,,1,,), , , 1 I , I ir t 1 I ( r it.i 11 it, iivln i; , ,,, , . ,1' ! I r h.i throng. 1 ot t',0 t, . o I, the Police Ofiiee.' 'The Police!' Tailored tho affrighted devotee, drawing at thcsanio time her mantle around her expressive! lea. tnre, nnd with, 'I beg v. mr pirdon, gentle men, for tho mistnko I have committed,' retired from the ofiiee. It was evident that the lady, being a stranger in Ihis city, had intend. "d to tell her roary nl Iho Catholic Chapel in Chambers street, opposite the Police, and had thus aeeul. ntallv worship ped in iho Temple of Mammon, instead cf tho true Church. .A. ). Lxpras. Tin: Sum Total or Mop.talitv. An ingenious, nnd valuable statistical work published a few ears since, states Ihat the number of inhabitants u ho have lived on llic earth, amount to about 3G.C7,7.',07,", Kid. The sum. lb" writer says, wh 'ii d'rvi ded by 3 093,000, the number of vpiare leagues of land on t he surface of the globe, leaves 1 1 ,30,033.7.3.! persons to each square leagu". There are 07 HG I 000 square miles of land, w h ,-h he'itg divided as above, givcsabotit 1.314.522 070 pers in to each square mile Lei the miUs be re. duced losq iaiv rods, anil the number, he says, w.ll bo 1,833 I 7J.GO0 000, winch be ing divided os above, gives l '.'!!3 inhabitants to each sqoare rod, which rotl being rednc d to feet and divided n ab ye, ii will give about five persons to each sq'i.ire foot nf terra" linn 1 on Ihe g'ube. Let the earth be supposed to be one vas' burying ground, and according to the above stnietneni, there will be 1203 persona to be buried on eacn square rod, capable of being divided into 12 graves, it nppears tin' each grave con tained 1 10 persons, nnd Hit" whole ennh has been one hundred times dug over In bur u Hi inhabitants! sup;i i ng they had beun equally dittributed, .tiu Lru. "TRUTH STRAN'GL'Il THAN PIC TION." Wo witnessed the most trogical rrenj nt Yoncy Superior Conn, thai has ( vi t been acted 111 any Court in North Caruli tin. The facts were as follows : About two years tiinco, 11 man by the name ol John Wilson married Eli'.nbeih Rev, nf thai county. They lived toge'ber about seven week's, when some disturbance look place which caused their separation. Six iii'in'hs ago, tho hu-b'ind fl ed a petition for divorce, setting forth various causes; declaring that he was jotuig and inexpe rienced when ho ma r ed her, mid wi.s 1 0' acquainted with her character, that hoi conduct during Iho limo they lived togetli wai insupportable, nnd by him could not he endured. She nn.-wered lint lhe were raised in tho same neighborhood, and had known each other from their infan cy; that ho knew her elmrnelor and eircnm stances in 1 1 fe perfectly well when he mar ried her, and had taken her with his eye. open lo her frail'ies.- di posiliv ly d,' nied ever having been guiliy of any mis conduct during the tune they lived to gether, hut that she neteil towards him tho part of an afii'ctionaio wife. She far. ther asserted that when ho was nbnut to leavo her ho made 110 charges against hoi but gave as his tcasnn a separation,! hat he did net, nor had ho ever loved her ; that his friends hud induced him lo marry her merely for her properly, and that he had ascertained thai ho could not enj y life with a womnn he did not love. At tlm last court on isuiio was made up and submitted ton jury. The pal ilioii and answer having beou tcad, evidence was then introduced which proved decidedly iu favor of iho petitioner. On Iho pan ol the platniilV, ihe cause was submitted with out any argument ; but" thu counsel for the defendant resisted Iho divorce hy a long and feeling speech, iu which ho allu ded to 1 ho solemnity of tho marriage vow. Ihe mutual tlntie 11 imposed on the our- I'-n.'i 'i ii' can-" 11 ti i1 and very e.'.'pressivo face, iho manifested great interest the in trial. The iury, after retiring a few moments, return" d a verdict for tho plaintiff. Tho parlies went ftill in tin ir seats behind tho bar, snmo (six or eight feel distant from each other ; l !io wile a-ked n gentleman by wh'un ihu was sitting for his knife, as if lo trim her finger nails ; she fell ol the edge, rose to her feet, paused a moment turned pale, her eyes flu-lied fire, and Ihcn suddenly sprang forward with ihu drawn knife nu'd aimed nt her hu.-tnnd a deadly blow. Hut I'ortuna'cly a lady who was standing by saw her get the knife nnd, perceiving frmn hercotrilcniincc that she was meditating soir.c'Ung of desperate char ac'or watched her tint 11,'sln: saw tho blow aimed nt tho throat of the unsuspecting husband, and instantly spi.' d Iho arm u the infuriated wife, and diverted tho wean on from the object at which it was aimed ; hut determined upon her hellish pnrpnsc, she threw t lie knife with great violence at tier husband, nnd, turning, undo a furious attack on her who-c hniid had arrested tho blew, nnd thwarted the wicked design. The Court ordered her into custody: sho was arrested and borne out of Ihe court making the most wild and fi antic exclama tionscalling to the husband in tho most lender and passionate language, nnd seem ed to bo entirely doratircd. Her conduct was Urango and unaccoun table; but all who witnessed the scene agreed that she must have loved her bus. band. She had li-lened attentively to the investigation of Iho uhulo mat'er, heard the pathetic speech nf her cuinci', and then the verdict of the jury pronoitncig tho final separation, she loll I hit she loved him above all others, and the idea that ho was then nt l.hcrty lo marry again (for lhal wa said to ho his object) was more than sho could endure. Her heart was devoted to him and sooner than sec him pledged lo another she uoii'd see him die, that too by her own hand, in the prcsetico of the court and the multitude thai sur rounded her. Of the consequences to herself she never thought, nor for them eared ; they could not have been greater than deal h, and no doubt sho felt at that moment I bat she would g'adly take refng-' in 1 he aims of death. She remained in jail until 1 hp next morning, when she was brought before the Court, and after being severely reprimanded, was sentenced to live days imprisonment for contempt nf tho Court, nnd required to give bond and se curity for her good behaviour for the next twenty mouths. lialhfurd (la-ztltc. PcurrrirAL Moti is, Another edition of the R.'dhetrer experiment, which excited so much curiosity some yei's since ha -s been attetnp'cd. and w ilh sinr'ar rtsii ts in Huston. In noticing it, the Tiniitcript 'iivs. "The Perpetual Motion exhilubilcd in Seho l s'ice!, nilm.ttance 50 cts. ii n rascil'v humbug. The motive p iwer is a l'V3 Yankee, who plays the poodle dog in t he cellar, and turns a crank which has a concealed connection with the machine Flie imposition wnd detected, as wc learn from the Post, by Mr-James M. Pond, midmost, who examined the 11 Hair on Friday, and suspecting the Iriik. s!o!o quietly into the cellar, and seeing a p'acj boxed up. will n door, ho gave a geir'.i lap, and the inmate, supposing him in bo one of I he. iovitiafp !, opened' Seiiime," nn I lo nnd bi'hild ! there was tho cnink, and a man, who nt l.n'th confess". d that ho ns thu gentleman who turned il !" I Ihe d - iv nut i f D in 11 mo . t , pa- lo 1 'I w "U!d c 11. 11 in' h - i-t 1 ' p to v u iiiiny j I'n w ne pc 'Til' d mmoHiHij ,1 I 111 la ' 11 I I, . 11 o n ,1 a an. . older iuoI ni- I'of the 1'iro l'te.-s, Mr. Kihtoi; : In lutiuin.; 1 lie poetical contri I1u1ir.11 lo uhh' eokitniij nl I i:t week, il is my object to i.'i.-cl.nin 1 11 eunis i on s to pnplry, not lo luKiincc any to (ii'itiiVfiii, Willi ihe lines upon " l'wil lil"! lute not so Hindi concern, as wi ll their itijn.m rz .mil iiildip?. Hcry man li;u an und. mined lilit lo mount Ilia nun liubbv-ltoi'su, I113 IVg.ints, if lie ple.ise. lint he should keep liN steed from cmhui ",rr ing honefl petleeu i.iin. Had your curies lionilenl been cimlent lo pnwne tiU incngnho by ii..-umiiiS "U." timely, any disclaimer would be nfliciuii', fur I lie riniotiii ranged tlicir nmnciiclatuiu from l)e Mowbray lo Dob1 s, nndbce.i none die wiser, lint since, besides I1i.11 htj a 'nam,' lie1 proceeded, in llic true poetic rj hit, to 'gnu a I km I hnbitiii ion' to bij ofT-priii.;, mil itami'j ilia IJniu'isily of Vermont at n i.illier con spicuous length, ho secim 10 ho 11 si 11 1; a f.iniili.u hy ni h uiu an I un 1 II "W !'" iiu-liniiion, nbh It ronies ton rloH In be iiiPimIiIc. I or il lll iy 1)0 raid, in il.u wotth of . Inch-ill I'i-lol, "Tlieie 1110 Did, tlne.-t nl'iirf,!! ndolpli, IVioim.l 1, mid Hue," nnd 1 niuit) in die' piii,ne, uho liefer unite .1 line ofmc'ii dint ucr.ui itiiieinl er. In thu rie iheinrclu"!,, I cinnnt find mi) lea-on uhj llie audi ir need he suliciniiis lo shift U'p re-Ktiou.-ihilii) on In The subject he llis iliu-eii if u iim jnilu fiom precedent, is appiupi for put. ti v , und Ili'i desciipliun of llm fceuo is milVuncnity collect, fie that kind of eoiupo-iiion. His situ, iiinn "by .1 streamlet.-' ride" seems to have been jndii ioiish selected, nnd iho eomp.11 ison nl tho appearance" nf the" netlinj sun lo ilio faces of pntini Imciv, i rpnie f.iifiliill. e'nnceUed, ieiil, appnienth, tni4iu.1l. Tho iutiodueiiipu ofinemoty also, jii-t nl'li r thai nf lnc, stiikos m as skill'ull .mil poetical it st'l'.i's In give lit" In such n pleasing 11, nn of ii lliiiiiin ns In ings lite poem to a niiuial cl.e-t! nml le ii i iijinii llm mind of die leader a sort of undi finab'e iiiipie.-ion, uhich is 0110 of Ilio eli,iimof)i'eii. iN'eitlier is the laiuagu any morn nhiioimi8 lo ci iiicisui th in the ti'iilhiiem. I'l'imi ihe ii((uainianei, which ihu iiullior ounces, with llie lies 1 pocis, nnihniilv mi. In, iluubtless, bu foinid, if lC(il'ne I, for liKi'l oflns esil essinns, mid ns to tho incisure, it is only suiiably vuicd lu re licit' (lie lilunntniiy of IdanU eisC. Now, uinler nnv, wo h ue gciiiplcn ii-aiiist nppioptia'lin.' nnolliee man's dues, mid if llm undine should bo less successful iu 11 siihspqnem atiuinpt, 1 lit weight nfom nhjeciiun would ccituiu , ly not he-iliiiiini.lied. Wu do llieiefoiti ciiiticMly a csliotl your coniiiliultir, lienccl'ii lb In sign his own j initial, "fur 11s tnili;in;iug our n.iuics. iu tmlcr tu moid ihodilliciill), wohaii!iuiion niahlenly siun lu il. Or, ns lie sceim lo ham luken a fMy 10 our initial, pctlt.qn it would nut be hnpioi,. surest that bo miglit in-leail of mm, itt Hvo D'.s, int I in 4 11 dub lielween I'lein, thus "1 ,t wldcli is nui ullogcdieT u new tfrininat.ioii 10 litcru. ivcfl'nls. ' I fear, Mr. IMitor, lhal I may lv noipassin; u,,. un limiis, which unglu bo bi'licr occupied, but ii j, subuiitieil lu yniir ciiitl'"!', ubi'iiei you (In not owe suiiie hula jiiiiite, 01 ihis m.itei iu a buna lido I), lJnieiiiy ol Vermont, t.iy 2?, .In Igo Clayton nt Delaware, lately sen. . i.ce'd an inils dunl e. nvicted of Kidnap ,01,:', losta.vl four li. urs in the pdiury, to i.e. tv ii is y laso -s 1. n lie bare back, bu 1 . y nr m h. 'i arv conltncmciit, ".'o 1 to I to S. IVic f or sewn- el up11" it ' fed

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