Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 2, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 2, 1837 Page 3
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i ...1MNirATi()N 1 Lism I...H. Hiu ti.llwl.cil. thaljars , niiigiiiiiinii, ill. II Mm in mi- miiiiii:i nif; mini, fopes i I rt leinnli) window it nklv clo-rcl. , 'lilt die Kul.iii, t uilli 11111111(111 foil'', wiikcs, mill sii colly lines inn fiiiin my coneli. hiifP l.y it iv window, gioHsn llirlfty lice, maple, wiiieli !i few cais since was hniitiilil 'y mini from where its purr tit hail it placed I'd ur.icc our u.iiilrn, nnil in eiiiiiiiii'i' iviiiiii rn caM ii roiiliii" jdi.uto into in v room. I Veil, on ibis beauteous ti re, lliciu! hi end ails U'lblO tllU ('lift tllfi Hill IllllllleS, llllllOSl Issnon 111: daikncis icIim In "i iz,!c dawn I I ruins 1 1 1 I, iv, mid that most inert ily. li'V late iiiuiiipil frniii fir, his wintiv home, I nil oik! would iliiuk thai now he. wNn iiilenild I'' iiiiinne llm inifi'iil hour, In tnakiii!! up Uis past Inst lime, his melody llnws out Bvccl mill n ; 1 1 i i ii I.i ii 1 1 v . I lc seems no thin tico fund well ho iiiav) because eor fail, "in rain or hine," tn pcich Jpnn it, ihoie lorliaiinl his nnlixn tawg. I would urn hate him choose mnitlicr lice, For nil the gold of India. Nothing dsn, Thai Inealis inv (deep, brings nlio pleasnic thcic. Itlnilo deal to olhei sounds, the slecpim; car 'Lots in hiii nnlcs llm thunder' v rrnsli 'J'ho tempest's howl, die bell's rcfiiuiuliug stiolu, Ale all nnlieaid, ifliQiud, inilirrilril, Fomotnn etc the diowsv conscience wakes. Hie strains teem like the fail v pongs ofilir.nns Proloimrd. si ml one is donhlfiil whether still III! dieninsnr is awake, his ttnkinz is LSn sph il-likr, fo sweet lio'd lurctl fiom sleep. l chnimctl to life nnil liiilit, mid not tttuaiicu is noimhi I. ut noise thai wakes not melody. Wilt, 1837. r.ouscilMACT. JAIOS RODDEH. f Wvl side Court House Square ) Next door Ni rib of P. Doolinlos. E-rt Ivhcrn he intends to keep CLOTHING nl very description, nnil n good ns-nri tiient ol TRIMMINGS, nlso DRY-GOODS. Bur linglnn, Jttnc'2t, 1037. rTtfOWARD Im-jiiM returned from Now York, being his second I rip I his Ifpring, nnd ha- brought j n 1 what has been limped ii lid wished lor jo iinxnui.-lv vz. t lit? Inews of latter linn's bavin;: ciriiiiiencod in consequence of llio rail nf the Congress ol M lie ii tt I Km nnil llio Oeoinning ol the City Banks to receive I ho Count rv Hank notes. I lint Ii of which mioses have inspired hopo- nnd hronolit hark confidence .and with il lhoNcw Goods into inarkct for di.-tribnlion. land being ju-t t the right iitnc. tin turn inir ol I he ltd", received Ins purl ion ol tin rnosl approved articles, came buck in tin fastest Hull und Sieain Boat J allies with I tliem so us lo distribute, tin1 litipny intollt- peiicu and pl ntns New (JoiiiU rlniono; Un people as oencrnllv nnd as lnl ns pn.-.-ibli;. nnd if ilicy will only cotiic buy nnd take llicni I inn s-uri: they will feci and appear better nnd inure cheerful, and ull iliing will jo on n rii in reonlarly and liiiininnionsly. 1'. y Only just call and look or buy ai Howard's. May 31, 1!):37. NEW COOPS. LOVI'.LY & ABBOTT, "II AVI! iut rulntned from New Yuri; with JtJL a .'iiud ai-Mirtmeiil of Fiiiikv and 6'lnplo Ury (niiiils. Dry liiocenes, Cmeliui v, dla.-s and China AY.ire, &u. fee. whiuli will he pgld very l"w for Call. iMnv Ci. V.Y31 do. Super Satin ? q m r, P v e ' ilijiiibazinu S jus-t U'ce'tvcd by , L. CURTIS Co, Junu 1, 1337. 1 Case more iLlcgant flouknck ; tuscan 1j0nnrts COl.OiCUM S 2 " Ficncb Wrcaihs.hy L CUUTIi'fc Co. Juno 1, 1037. June 1st., ISX7. yrr.xv goods agaiit boys. WE aru d cased lo inform uur yotiny cns'omi rS, thai we did not forget their orders, whilst nilcetiiij.' our Yarioly, hut have brought '2000 Ailey and othnr iMaibles, boine India Huhber lialls, Torpt'duc'. &o. expressly for oua vounq cm-tomors, at tlic Variety Shop, 1M1IKIKN A;' lilll.SS.MAII). June 1st, New Goods again. Wl'l have again relumed from New Yoik uilli an nddnioual i-iocl; ol New Goods., which makes our nsori belter Ibau ever belnro ; auiong lite (iiiod. now opening are 0 do'.. Swords and other Military Good-5; ol all I. mil nnd prices; fine Lupine Wmcbes , elegant iinrtiible v riling Desks; black and white Crayons. Crayon holders; Stubs Wafers in "l lb. Uunillis nlayiiia Cards of the boM ipialny, Blur nnd 1 1 1 in Mucks; teller and cap I'api , ruled ami plain ; nole Paper; ladies bilver tnblet 1'incilp; fine Steel Pens; and n greal vartely of arlieles in these duparl. meiils ; jiiPt opening at llio Variety Shop. l,.r.!i.HN & IlltlM-.M.Ul). Juno 1st. Now Goods again. WE have, eonliary to our exprcsu'd in. teutioii purchased some beautiful brown Mohair Caps, Curls and plain Hair, Nuts Tor Misses, and Cbildrcns, fine Artificial Flowers and Wreaths for the inside and outside of ladies bonnets, in order to answer the calls for the above article"; at the Variety Shop, I'ANUBOKN k lilllNSM.MII. Juno 1st, Now Goods again. ft dnz. chimney Classes for Antral Lamps, nJ) 3 do. Globe glasses for brass banging Lamps, .10 gross Lamp Wicks, for most all kinds of Lamps, small go to bed Lamps for I'li'die He uses, Plated and Rrass Candlesticks rinulTerH and Trays. Variety Shop, I'angiiokn Sz IIiii.nsmaiii June 1st. New Goods again. TTVOIt our Customers, we have a few huii- ' ,lr...l - . I I I tn tu riuii ji aiiuf.t'iueiueiuiiu pin up lor us in juw York, on Monday alteinoon at half past 4; at the Variety Shop I'aNOHOIIN & lilllNPMAID. Noodle work Capes fc Collars Ti dnz. Fronrli and A'ccteh worked Capos nod Collars, some very beautiful und rich ruticrns, Irom .51 to 12 1-2. by LEMUEL CURTIS & Co Juno 1, U37. G OGG LliS. J UNeTsIT TVTWE have received fcoino very neat ones, w green unu niuu k lasses, ana plated Mounting!-, at the Variety .Simp. rANUWOItN IJni.NPMAID. wiNoosia mousk, simk r.nlcof the Tnnwnl Hotel, Willislun, VI ) irTlMS the plcasitro of inforiiiinc bis friend" yLiiiL and llio I'ublic that be has leased lhu above establisliiiienl.wliieh has been tliortuili ly repaired, and furnished in the best possible iiuiinor, and is now open for the teccplion of "Company. llu will bo loiiuit at all times ready to sup ply the wauls of all iboso who may favor him with a call, with the he.-t the market affords, and hopes (by bis desire to please) to merit, and receive the patronage of a lihcrul Public. KlraiiL'ers and nil those wishing lo visit the extensive inniiiifiictiirin operations now in progress at the Wlnon'.ki Fall", are informed tint a eatriago will run for I'.isseiijrors from liilllinytoii Court lloiiso Squnre, to this House, three times a day, (and ofleuer if required) through the season. A l.ivery Stnblo Is in connrxion with this cstnblislnnoul where Horses and Carriages can lie had, at nil times, on reasonable terms. Winnoski, May !.jlli, 1IU7. Neat Walking ( ancs, with or without .Vwords, just received at llio Vaticty .Vhop. I'ANonoRN Sz HaiNS.MAlD. Small Bills, or Change, OF .$1 50 els. 25 ets. 12 1-2 els payable on demand in trado or bills, handsomely executed on Hank hill Paper can bo had by the quantity at llio Viuioly Shop, for from .$1 to $2 per hundred. These will assist in making change and be a great convenience. 1'ANnllOltN & ISnlNSMAII). DISSOLUTION. NOTICE isjioreby given that the Co partnership heretofore existing under the firm of Wellington, Whitney & Co. nnd IJiiardninn, Clark &. Co. washy mutual consent dissolved on (he 25th nil Notes, necotints and debts due the aforesaid linns, niut be arranged und sclt'cd with Joseph Clark, Samuel 15oardii an and Eli phalet WhiMiey, by whom all d( mnnds against ihc aforefntd liruis will bedicharg. ed. JOSEPH CLARK. SAMUEL ROAIIDM AN. ELI I'll A LET Will I'NEY. E. WELLINGTON jr. .Wilon, Mm 30, U!37. COPARTNEltSIlIl1. rjIlE subscribers having formed a Co. JL partnership under I be firm of HOAllMIAN, ftTiAKK & CO. AN I) IL WHITNKY & CO. at the old slmids of Roarilman, Clark &. Co. and Wellington, Whitney & Co. in Millnn, at which two places all the bu-iness carried on by the above linns will be by us continued in all its various branches. JOSEPH CLARK. SAMUEL P.OARDMAN. ELI I'll A LE'P WHITNEY. .Millnn. .Mm, 30. JIS37. Groceries and Provisions. A: E. LOWItY, "tTAS taken the brick store on church -Jl. ftreot a few roda norlh of llio iail. where i ill end s to keep a general assortment of family Groceries for sale. Such as 'Peas, Collce, llice-, Loul. Ijtimp and Hrowtt Sugar, Molasscss. Lamp Oil, Cod Fitb, Mackerel, Figs, Riihiiis. Nuts &c. Si. ALSO, SO.MH l'URK LIQUOR. ST. CROLY RUM, WINES. HOLLAND GIN, P.RANDY, Prices nnd quality of the above articles will' bear comparison with any in this enmity. Riir'ingion. May 25 1!I37. iEW GOODS. fjnilE cnbsciibrr has taken the Store, heretofore ocupird by Mr Sidnev Rarlow. and has the pleasure of offering "a heavy tlock of Dry G.iods.Crnrkery. Hani ware, and Groceries on very (iivorahle terms. Most kinds of Produce received in exchange, and good bargains given for Cash. II AW LEY M GIDDINGS. Ilorliiigtnu. Mnv M. I!!37 Ladies' Shoe Store. rip HE sub--cribei- would give notice that il. in nddditinn to his present stock of fiisiiinahlo Hiioes, he is weekly reenviug f 0111 1 he Miuiiifaiiiurers a selected asr sorliiient of custom woik, nmoiig which are Minefields besl Kid Slips, Gailor Roots and Walking Shoes, which will be np proved by all who may wish nu article for Service. Likewise Gentlemen's lino Hoots and Pumps made lo order by lhu best of workmen that can bo obtained and warran led. All of which are od'ered ai the lowest price fur Cush. DANA A. DRAM AN. niirlinrjton, May 23, 1037. May y 20, 18:57. L. Curtis ifc Co. HAVE been receiving for the past ten days their spring purchase, and can now show their customers ns good an as sortment and as y real a variety of Goods, as they have ever opened. Among which may bu found, I Case splendid French Cam. hrics new styles, Cae splendid French Muslins. Rlack and Rlun, Rlack Italian") Poult de Soie, Gro do Nap and ( Gro de Rhine Color, do. Plain ( Figured tuid Watered, J SILKS. tiunus, piiiio n nu rigureii, ni every rare and choice Colors 4 Cases Irish Linen, low by the pieco, Camcoks, as usual 0 Ii ret stock from 10 lo 30 cts. per yard, English and American Ginghams, 0 Sup, Silk and Silk clock ed mixed Cotlnu, Random Printed und While. Erminuetts, I'elgravo HOSIERY. and Napoleon Plaids for Summer Wear, Linen and Hum lit 011 drills, Rouen mixtures 11 ml Canton Cords, Ma'n-ailled Quills, Linen Sheetings, Osnubtirghs, Uurluppi, Crash, Russia dia pers, Rirds Eye do., (Reached Sheetings Shirtings, and drillings; oil of which will ho Gold on the best terms. Crockery and Glass Ware. ripiIE subscribers are now oHoiing u largo JL and splendid slock of Crockery and Glass Ware, and il is their intention to keep such a Mock that the public will know where to come and select llieir full supply any time, and at satisfactory prices, Wo have Now, Cut, Ground, and ) plain Astral, Globe, all and LAMPS. Sland ) Dining fells complete, while and prin ted, Gold Hand, white and hrou.c China tells, Cut and plain Champaigiio ) Lemonade, Whip, Wiiio,aud GLslSSLCS. Celery ) and in fact almost every article in the line Liimuki. Cuirris Si Co. Ilurlinglou, May 25, 1 1137. LYMAJV& COLE HAVE ree.'d their Spring mid .Summer Goods, coinpricin us 11-11. il 11 gencial assortinL'iiI of DRY GOODS, Anion:; which are. 11 Fplemlid iijtorltncnl of Cali coes, (iinbatiH und Printed Caiulii ies. Fi'il, eros I'liiicd, and Plain ,Miilins. Sum? mull, Jneouel, nnd Plaid .Muslins. Plain, I! mi's Iaii, nnd Plaid Cambrics. Rich Plain iiiid'Embioidctcd Silk llosiciy. do. do. Cotton do. Gloves, Silk, Kid, Linen, Picnic, mid Cotton, ( Rlack, nine Plaek, Figiued mid Plain Gro de Swi.'s, und Gro do Rhine. Co I'd und Plaid Grn de Naples do. Silk Camhlcts. and Pongees, printed mid plain Shalhs. I. allies fancy fill; Ci avals. Tambour and Frcnrh woiked Capes mid Collars. Plain and Fig'd Slially I I'd I; 'Is and Shawls very rich. Sewing Silk do, do. FijjM silk Crape, and rich Ilcrnani, ll'dk'fs and Shawls. Tan'etii and Garniture Ribbon?, Sewing Silk and Twist, IJroadclolhs, Cassinicics and Vesting, Domestic (SooTis, P.rnwii Cotlon Sheeting, Shilling and Drilling. Pileach do, do. do. Tick, Wirking, fee. A good asioi tiiicnt of cummer Cloth. Hrochella, Printclla, F.iuiinelle, Crane, Cam blel &c. Voik Mixtures, blue Drills, fancy stripe mole Skin &c Supeiliiie Linen, Irish Linen Shirting, do. Sheeting l to 10-1 wide. Hiids eye Diaper, do, Napkins, and Linen l),ima.-k. Russia Diaper, and crash, linen table Cloths IS row 11 and Hlearlied. liurlinglon, May 23th, 1S27. Bonnets. Wreaths, &c, 1CASE Sup. Straw J nflV,u,, Tuscan and Flormcc ' Comnion Tiiecnn and Collos-iiin do French Flowers. Wrcnlbs &c by LEMUEL CUR'i'IS & Co. Mav 22. 11137. NOTCI2. AT a mccling ol'ihc Directors of the Colchester Manufacturing Company duly hidden, it was ordered l hat an assesi inent of'l'eu dollars be laid on each share of the capital slock of said Company, In be paid on or before I be 23d day of Juno A. 1) I .'137, and a further assessment ol five Dollars on ench share of said Capital Flock lo be paid 011 or before the 1st day ol July A. D I 337. SIDNEY CARLO W, Cleric. May I,'!, 11137. v 3w Artificial Flowers, very pretty; Mohair Caps, fancy colors. Slay and Root Laces; Wood, Sleel and Whalebone Rusks, narrow Whalebones, Elastics, Suspenders; Parlor Ralls, Ilaltlcdoro's. Looking-Glasses (for Toilet Tables and Red Rooms,) with Drawers for Combs, &c. under them, Curls, Ringlets. &c. Variety Shop. l'A.NniiOlt.N it RlilNS.M.Wn. Gold and Silver Pencils, and Spectacles; Tooth Picks, Thimbles, Ro 0111 Pins, Finger Rings, Ear Jewels and rings; Chains Keys and Seals &c. nt the Variety Shop. Panoiioun & Riuns.maid. BOOK AGENTS WA3JJTED. A S many soliciting book agents, as shall iiv equal the number o Counties in 1 lie Slate ol Vermont aro wanted, to solicit ftib-'crihers to n ?irto. largo and original work, entitled, '-rut: Atvn-Umvi-.hsamst, on a HtsToiiv or tiii: rAi.i.r.N Arvnnr.s or Tin; Sciui'Tum-.s, inhndal us a rifulatitm nf the three vuiin 'i';ivo' Unirersalisl line- trine, numtlij : that there is no hell for the latticed, ajicr itis lijeno lmj of Judgement id the end of the world und no Devil or Satan, ai a real licitig in cc'ntcnec, ai is held hi the orthodox nctt of religion." Such persons as may wish to become cii"a"cd in this business, must be of fair character, and able to give good security by wav of an ltntler-writcr for all books sold, and such as are not sold to be returned, if relumed within such lime as shall bo specified in the obligation given for the books, "nt Ihe litno ihey may be wanted. As to the remuner ation for Ihc agent's services, and the costs of transacting the business, if transacted according to enntrncl--vhich may bo en tered inln with the author it will be such. as thai the moderate success of five sub. serioers a nay, win gtvu llio agent, after deducting oxpcn&cs of board, something over rir rv iiom.aus a month, except the transporiolion of the books, which in all cases is but trilling. 'Phis work is now mooting with extraordinary success, bv way of subscription, in nearly all the Couti ties of the Slate of New-York, and doubt- less will elsewhere. School maulers, Far mers, iMecliriiiies, Merchants, Students til Law or Dtvinty, uro respectfully invited ij not oilier wise profitably engaged to ac cept oflh.'fl employment, as the opportuni ly lo double the amount above named is I'uirlv probable. For nil further informal ion, relative to the manner of doing the business, please 11 uur ess ine .'iwi uur, .iiisiaa 1 ricsl, at lilt! Albany Po.-t-Olliee, N. Y., which will meet with immediate attention ifynW paid, und mil otherwise. N. II. Thu worl: is lo ho embellished with now and original engravings suited lo the subjects ol lhu wojk, 22 in num ber. MACKEKELL. QQ Rblf. No. 2 Mackerell, for solu by IIlCKUK &. CATI.n, May 10, IT AS just received from New-York, nt .Jl his Leather, Morocco and Finding Store. Sole Leather from 17 lo 22 els. Mo rocco's of all kinds, KID. LINING, TRIMMING SKINS, Sic. ALSO. Slino Mnkcrs's tools of cvurv description, and Shoo Thread. Leather 'of all kinds conslaully on hand, of his own manufacture. Any nriiclo in his lino will be sold very low for cash. Pearl Street, May 25th, 1 037. W. WEAVER is now receiving from . New Ylirk n lime clnnlr if f.nmj consisting of almost every article of Wet and Dry Groceries, also, some of the lead ing articles in the Dry Goods line, also, a largo mpply of Mess Pork, New York cily inspection, ixoriiieru nnn western Jjanl, Flour by tbo Rarrcl, half barrel, nnd lb. Cod e'lsii nnd Mackerel, Raisins by the Rn. or Keg. Almonds. Filberts, nnd Rrnzil Nuts, &.o. &c. All of the above nnninil nrliploa worn bought with cash in New York at the very tunc to bit tbo nnil on the head, and Will bp sold for Cash ns Inur na nnt, mm, daro sell articles, of the came qualily, Said v caver is now. anu uns at all times (luring the money alarm laken the bills of all llie Vermont Ranks without n discount for goods, also the bills of almost all the Ranks that nru in circulation in this pari of the count ry nt their full value. Winooski, Mnv 10, 1 037, KE UN & EVANS, SKEUnOKANT TAaLORS. HAVE just received from New-York, n splendid assortment nf Goods in llieir line, consisting of Ilrnndcloths. Cassi. meres, Veslings, Stocks, Collars, Rosoms, Suspenders ; together with many other ar ticles tim necessary lo enumerate, all of which will be sold cheap for Cash. They will, as usual, attend to making, nnd cutting for others to make, gcntlcinci''s garments of every description. Church. Si. liurlinglon, ) Alay 17, 1037. ( Professor Henry's Discourse before the Phi Sigma Nu Society of the U. V. M. For sale at Ihc Rooktorc. Alay 20. . WATCHES. V7E have received ssomo very fine ' ' silver Levers, 1 3-hole jewelled and fine 0 hole jewelled Lepincs, and good common Watches; line Gold, Lever, nnd Lepines arid English Watches, for f-ale, Particular attention paid lo Watch repair ing and brass cluck repairing at thu Va rietv Khnp. PAN GRO UN & IIRINSMAID. May 17. npilE Wiuooski ALUs of Rnrlington will -B- lake WOOL to work onshares, or exchange for Saliineltes on DelTvery of the Wool. " TllLLTAItY GOODS. " WE have Swords, Plumes, Plato, Rolls, Sashes, Lockets, Sword Chains, Cap fluid, Slurs, Cables, Feathers, Holt Plates. Ruiloii.:, Lace, Horse 'istols, Spurs &c. all new and in good order, Variotv Shop. V'anoiiou.v 5- ItaiNsjiAii). jNTew Musical Instruments. W7E have eU'erpil some I) Octave Flutes, ' ' R and C Fifes. D Flutes 4 keys, fine Violins, line violin JSows, Clarinet Caps, do Mouthpieces. And we have for -ale nio.-t nil kinds of AIuieal Instruments, Instruction Hook, and Musical Merchan dise, such as, Strings, Rridgos, Pegs, Tail pieces, Reeds &c. As we keep these arti cles in drawers, persons wishing for tiny in this lino will please enquire for them at the Variety Shop. May 10." I'ANrsnnnN &. Hni.NFM.iii. Paper Hangings. l's. fjiititn .v. Common, lor fuIu by Hickok & FLOUR. I KELffa llbls. Grantham Alills superfine, LQi'for sale by -May 10. Hickok & Dairy Salt. C) z Sacks Liverpool Fine Soli, just ree'd bv Hickok 1X1 Catm.n. Mav'lO. Common Cherry Stones, which contain 144 silver spoons, for talu at the Vuriely Shop. I'ANnnonN RniNSM A 1 n . AVhito Ucans. ?r Hush, for eule by Hickok &., Alay 19. NEW GOODS, May 15, 1837. A'P the Vuriely Shop, Wi; have rclurn ed from New York, with a good as sortment, and 11 great variety of goods which will enable us to put upon our coun ter almost any article that is called for ai our shop. We hove made additions to our Slock of Walclirn, Clocks, Plated Wuro, Silver Pencils, Ruller Knives, Jew elry; Stationary, Cutlery, Musical Inslru nienls, Soap. Pdtfnmory, Portfolios, Paris Toys, &c. No pains have been spared to keep up ihe variety. Alorc particulars in future adverlisemeiils. PANG HORN & HRINSMAID- ABPETINGS. s Rales Mipurior Ingrain Carpetings 3 do Fine, do Stair Carpel ings, also, Floor Clolbes, Rais es &e. &c. by Lk.muei, Cuutis &, Co, Mny 20, 1037. Nova Scotia Plaster. '''""N Ifrouml Novaeeolin Plaster. iwuW which will bu sold ib-livorablo at the Cok'hctilcr Mills, oral the More of J.&J, II. 7'uck & CO. May 3. NEW GOODS- P JJOOLITTLE, mis just received frniii New York, n general assort ment of Dry Gonds, Groceries Stc , which have been bought nt the Into low prices, and will bu cold vety low for Cash. May 1 7, 1037. 3w STRAY COW, from criber on Rlack Line IJack Cow, long &J&lE-i-'--.& ,r r..rolirn.l. full mid. noriis. n while star m dling for m'. Any inlbrmaiinn given so Ihe cow can be obtained, shall be badsomulv Rewnrdcd. GIDEON AI. FISK. ' Paints, Pencils, Crayons, &,c. WE have opened wntcr Colors several kinds, and prices, by the Cake or Rox, nlo, drawing nnd Camels hair Pen cits, Chalk Crayons, Porcelain stands lo mix colors in, tlrn wing paper, Rrislol Hoards Gold & Sliver Paper, India Rubber, draw ing R.iard, Quills, satin ground gilt edged Letter Paper, Rath billet Paper, & most articles in this line, received nt ihc Variety Shop. I'AiNononNit. Rkinfjiaii). PORK. j rv Dbls. City Inspected for sale by -"- Hickok &. May 19. GLOVE NUTS, Oil MADEIRA NUTS, in which will ho found when cracked, a pair of fine kid gloves (or some pretty hand, Variety Shop Panoiioun &. Hiiinsmaid. Summer stocks, Linnon Bo som nnd Cuiinn. of dilTercnt kinds, just received at the Variety Shop. PANG HORN &. HRINSMAID AIny 1037 Chinese Carmine on cards at 3 cts each, and Carmine Saucers nl l?i cts and 25 els eacli received nt the variety Shop. PANGHORN & HRINSMAID. May 10. Hannibal Hodges & Harry Hodges, Chittenden Co. Cmirl vs. j August Term 1030. Orin Rishop. I iJlMtbAS, Hannibal Hodges nnd Harry Hodges, haying returned their action on book account, in the dockets of the Court aforesaid against Orin Hisliop, and judgement lo account having been rcn dered thereon, nnd the sub-cribcr having been appointed Auditor Therefore notice is hereby given, to all persons concerned, thai he will aticnd to ihc duties of said ap pointmonl.ond will audit and adjust the nc counts between the said parlies, on the 3d Monday of August nexl, at 10 o'clock A. AI. at his office in Willtton. DAVID FRENCH, .-7i(Wr Rnrlington, March 30, 1037. Perfumery, Soaps, Hair Oil, JUST opened, Oil of Lavender of Hie purest qualily, Olio of Rose, the besl gcrman Colnone. real Naples Soon, also, most all kinds of N. Smith Prentiss's Soap--, Perfumery &c, Florida Water, Atkinson's Depilatory, Tooth Powders, Milk ol Roses. French toilet and Nursery Powder and Puffs,, Japanese Lotion, Halm of Co lumbia, Preston Salts, Volntilo concrete salts of Roses, Vegetable and Chinese Rouge. Carbonic Dontrifico, Cosmetic cold Creams, Alusk, genuine Clorinc Tooth Wash, Cephalic Snufr. Eye Water, Pearl Powder, Rears O I, Wards Oil, Rowlands Oil, Antique Oil, Honey Water, Mink scented Lavender, an urlinlo 10 cure the sick hcadnch, Dye to color the Hair brown or black.AIogiicticotidontica for the Teeth, Soda nnd Setdleiz Powders, Most all kinds nf Perfumery &c. Lai her Roxes and Rrushcs, Nail and Tooth Rriisbe, Castile Soap and other kinds in cakes, wash Ralls, Saponaceous Compound, Windsor Soap, Almond Paste, Rlack and Flesh colored Court Plaster, Lip Salvo, Diamond Ce. mcnl, at the Variety Shop PANriiinn.N &. Hiu.nm rn. WHEAT. OOO I'11'1, witc und rtd Dantizic, for Mnv 10. HICKOK & CATLIN D"ATllROP tfi POTWl'N, havu re Ji ceived mid will sell cheap for cash, n variety of Worked Aluslms, .Capes and Collars, Artificial Flowers, Bonnet Ribbons, ' Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, French Camhricks, Calicoes &,c, &,c. .'I ho, a few Ilhds Alitfcovado and New Orleans Sugar at 7, 0, and 9 els, pr. pound. Oilier Groceries proportionably low, AIny 12. 1037. While Lead. elCKOK & CATLIN havo received 5 Kegs White Lead, which they of. for for sale. Also the best Luueed Oil. Alay 12, 1 1137. Western Flour. ft it'c' '5l,,s- V"11 Rci'-'soleiir Flour just jr-A rcc,,jV(,(j ami -ur tu0 (ll t,c "ow. eat market price, bv HICKOK & CATLIN. NEW BONNETS. ONE Case lino English Slraw, Leghorn Jlraid, Oriental, Lace and 6'w iss Tuscans jurt Ri ceived by the subscriber, ued selling at Reduced prices, LATHROP fcl'O'l WIN. Alay 5th 1037. FLOUR. ri'WnS day received und for sale 139 bids JL Vim Reiiblaer Flour, a primn nrlieln, by Foi.i.utt ,5- Ru.wii.r.vs. May 3,1037, Sheep Tobacco. Vl'UST received 9 llhln. Communi Tobarro suitable for washing shenn. and for Nalo by IIICKOK & CATLIN. Alay 12, 1037. COUN. XnCj B'isb. Corn from Hudson for sale ''yV by IIICKOK & CATLIN. AIny ID. David Atwood's Estato. HMO the honorable tbo Probnto Court J. for the District of Chiiietulcn, the undersigned, AIoscs Alwoud, r.rCliarlolle, one of llio heirs lo I ho eslalo of David At wood, late of Cliarlotte,dcce,iscd, rcfpccKul ly represents that he holds one equal tenth part of said cslale jointly with the other heirs Micron', and beiiirf do'sirous in hold tim fame in severalty, he prays the Hon. Court. 10 oruer a division 01 llie said estate, and to appoint a cmnnittco for that purpose. Dated at Charlolle May 9, 1037. MOSES ATWOOD. STATE OF VKRJlOtfT, DisTittcT or Ciiittknukn ss. The linn, the Probate Court within and fof iic tsiurui. 0 i,niiicnucn l o inc heirs 0 the Estate of David Altcnod talc of Char, lottc in said district deceased, and all other persons ccnccrncd or interested in the di vision of said estate among the heirs there-'if- CUEIuTIjYG. I1EREAS, Aloses Atwood or Char, lottc, nf said District, hath more. scntcd to said court that he is one of tha heirs to said estate and as such holds nnr. equal tenth part of said estate jointly with olhcr heirs thereof, and being desirous to hold the sumo in severally he hath prayed eaid Court to order a division of said eslalo among the heirs thereof; and to appoint a wdinniuioG lor 111:11 purpose. And the sec. ond Wednesday of Juno A. D. 1037, being set for n full bearing in the premises: It ia ordered by llio said court that the said Mo. scs Atwood give notico to the heirs of said cstotc, their ottnrnics, nnd agents, ond all persons interested in F.iid estate to be and appear uoiorcsani L.otirt at a session there. 01 10 uc iioiocn at inc oincc ol the Register of said court in Rurlinclnn on the second Wednesday of June A. D. 1037, to make objections to such division if they see cause, by publishing their said application togetli er willi this order three weeks successively in llie Free Pros, n newspaper printed at Burlington in said District, the lost of which publications to be previous to the day set for heoring. t uivcn under my hand and the seal L.S. saltJ 'rounlc Court, at Burling I ton. in the District nfCbiife n lip 11 a this 1 0th day of May. A. D. 1037. UAUbUS KUSSELL, Judge. Dry Groceries. NOW receiving and for sale lower than ever, a greal variety of Dry G rocer ies, consi-iitio- of SUGAR. COFFEE, TEAS. TOBACCO. &c. Sc. by IIICKOK &, CATLIN. Alay 12, 1037. rpO tho Hon. tbo Probate for the District JL of Chittenden comes Joseph Mar-di, of Hincsbiirgb, in said District, and shows to said court that ho is legal guardian of Mary L. Taylor and Charlotte I. Taylor, female in. f'anls llrulei l)ll Ilirn llf i.n.lilnm, . ,1... ' ow '"--.i jvum , Wlill. the said Mary L. and Charlolle 1. arc seized ns icuauis in common in ineir own right m fcc 0f one undivided fourth part of two certain lots of land situated and being in Ilinosburgh, in said District, numbered sixty nine and sevcnlv in tho first division of lands'in siid town ; nui that a sale ofsaid land is conducive to the best interests of his said wards Wherefore ho prays said conrl to grant him license and cm. power him lo sell the said land. And your petitioner will ever pray. Josci'ii Maiiii, Guardian of Mary L. and Charlotte LTavlor. Ilinesburgh,Minj 10, 1S37. S7'.'37V: OF rERJIOJ"T, ) District or, ss. ( 77ic Probate Court for the District of Chit, lenden, lo all persons to whom these m--cnti sh till co m e, o n r r.T 1 ,n o , jfOSEPH MARSH, of Hinorburgh, in tho District, of Cbiliendcn, guardian of Alary L. Taylor and Charlotte L Taylor female infants under Ihe age of eighteen years, having represented "to ihtsConrt that ihe said Maria L. and Charlotte I. aro seized as tenants in common in "their own right in feu of one undivided fourth part of two certain Lots of land situated and being in Ilinosburgh aforesaid number, ed sixty-nine und seventy, in the fir.-t divis ion of lands in said town! and that a sale of said laud is conducive to the .best interests of his stud words Il i therefore hereby ordered that said application stoud for a hearing before said Court, at a session thereof to be holden at the office of the Register of this Court in Burlington on the second Wednesday of Juno A. D. 1037; and that not ice 1 hereof bo given by publishing ibis order together with the substance of said petition m the Free Press, a uowspupcr printed at Rur. lingtnn in the County of Chittenden, two weeks sucessively, the last of said publico, lions o be not less than two weeks pre vious to soid day Given under "my hand and the seol of said Court 01 Rnrlington, in Ihc Dis trict of Chittenden, this lOih day ol Alav. A. D. 1037. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Ephraim Ilasolton's Estate. STATE OF VERJIOXT, i DisTittcT or CIIITTEMIKN, SS. f The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden. To all pernios lonierniii in me i-.siaie or Kpnrann liu- sclt'in, late of Watford 'in said MsIi-hI deceased. GREET INC. tyUHRHAS. Abigail G lloseltou, nd. t r miiiislrutrix nl mo c-ialu ol said de ceased pioposeb lo render an account of her administration, and present her account against said estate for examination and nl. lowoncetil 0 session ol llu Court of Probate In bo holden at the nUiee of Ihc Register of ' Ins Court 111 Hiirltugton on the second Wednesday of J 11 no 1037. Therifoie, You ore hereby notified to appear before said Court nt the lime and place iiforcMiul, and chew conse, if nny you hove, why the ilecounl nfurcfoul should not bu allowed. (iiveri under my hand at Hiiilingtou (his lOlh day of .May A. D 11137. CHARLES RUSSELL, Jude.

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