Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 9, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 9, 1837 Page 4
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CjlAMPLAIN HOTEL. J0NA- Mil ,1A,lT- "O KSI'r.CTI-'UliliV uutif)UticrH lo the IX citizens iif liiirlint'lmi n ml Us vicinity, mill the TuivelliiiL' public jittr.i I'y , that bo ha" taken, repaired, pam'eil. lined iii mill fur ttte-tii-tl the- above I J"' !. 'Punted near thu head ol Hit Sienui limit W'leirl next door north ill Messrs. Follcll mill llmiHey St. mo .Store, in n f ytf "f elegance iiml convenience not ciirpiusi'il by miy other Ilnirl ni the villiiyi) ol 13it rliiij! on A spacious Parlour, Dinning room find setting room", nil 001111011011.". c-oiii in mi i c.t t o Willi each oilier tmil Willi llio I runt. I'lir..'i Mow. Parlour." nml tiM'pinjj ronim above .im convenient, niry nnil pmsppclivo and cnmniuii'cnlo bv tl'f Hall It' llm Front Pinz.i above, an' n'l inviting to travellers. hoarders utid panics "I plcnsuio. I bo 15 miiin, burn", .-lied.-, and y : i r 1 1 1 nro nrrun! m ibi hot po,-ible manner lo iiccom. moduli; lb" travelling nml hu.siiuv" public. Mr IJ. from lm. i.viicritiij prolrssc.- lo know bow lo furnish ii good table mid bar nml lo servo up the choicest eauibles: nml rarest delicacies (tint ihu market nuil m'H sons nfl'ord in a mupiiei M -ml tin) la'to of the connoisseur, nml roniiden'ly assure." bin patrons n ml guests ilmt hi" utmost exertion will bu put in requisition to serve, Iboin. Steam Hniit Pansi'ML'Tf will bo waited on to ami from lb-' limits ami their liag jini'C lr:in.Jporit'il anil inkon earn of, and siivo their I luck hire to uml from lliu Court House Square. Slat."! passengers! can bu set down al this: lintel wiiiHMit iiiidiiional fare, und those inking tin' l"al." will be shown on board with their caogage free of expense and without incurring any risk of being left, by Ibo darkness or lateness of the night or any oilier emergency incident t" tho hurry and bu-tlo of strum power opera. tiou. or the lloutuatinns of wind and weulhur. Horsc-saml CarriiH'i.'.-s furnished those-who wish to call at the ISank" or public offices, or visit n ny part of lliu village, on rcu.-oti-able terms. Burlingion, May I, 1 GfJT. HOT ED a . JOHN A JHNNIiR. TyoULD respectfully in V I form ihu citiz"iis ot Rur. luirri on nnd viciuiiy. mid the liavellmir poblic, that hu has lalu'l). repaired, and fitted up in oood style, I hu hou-i: Iih inerly kept by Mr. lJarrinion anil sub-equi'iilly by Mr. Cady, on the Mast Milu of waii'r si reel, at Ihu head of lliu Steam I!oal Wharf, and nppoMlo Folletl and Urail'iys Stone Store. Havniir bail much experience in the DUflllPtfri .Mr. .1. liaiieis niioseii nun no win Uf IIUO! Ill yiVU Silll.-llli; u ii v i.i. , i i . .: r. ..ii .. i 'uvor him with a call. 1 1's liar and tabl; will be Mipphed with Hie best that the miirke: uli'irds, and hi" house, bam" uml sheds, foi convenience, mu not iufuiiur to 'tho'C of hi- nuighbnts. Sleam lioal pascug' r.s will be wailed on lo and from the and llieir hag- jj ti t f conveyed and taken caru of free of charge, und'stage pas.-cnge-s. fr every direciion, bu m.'I down at ilms house, with out any additional Inre o any who want ilieiu to do busim-B at any part of thu viilngs, or town, at reason abiu prices. Determined to spare no pains to merit, Mr. J. hunt's lo ncuive, n sharu ot the iniblic tialronagi!, HurliUL'Km. Mav 10. 1IIC7. ST A 772 OF V Ell MO NT ) Disriiicr ok tiiiAM) Isi.i; ss. J At i Probate Conn holib'ii ui riio Probate otlici! ip North I lero on thu 2Gth day of Apnl A. D K)37. Present ibe Hon. Jor.i. Ai m;n. Judge. AN instrument purporiiiiL' 'o bu the lust will nnd testament of Ilenrv L. Iley iioIiIb lii'u of Albugh in said I)i-t net du censed. being preseiiied to thu Court by John Reynold- onu of Ihu Ri colors thuie. iunumed.for I'rubaie. Il I.-oidered by said Court, thai all per.-ous concurnud I herein be potifiud to appear ut a sesiinu of said Court to bu holdeu at the dwelling of Jed. V. Ladd in North Hum. in saul District, on the third Monday of.luuu I !::!", at one o'clock P. M. and show cause if npy Ihuy have against the probate of said Will; fur which purpose it is furl her ordered that n copy nf thu record of I his order bu published three weeks eiiccessivily in thu IJurhng ton Free Press, a news paper printed at Jlurlinglmi in Chittenden Cor.n'v, a.s snou .as may bo. A true copy of Record, Attest A. KNIGHT. lirhlcv. New Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. 5ai!il!!i:il!1.11!imC!!i!S t'fXlIL subscriber, informs his old Customer.') Hi, and llm Public, that hu has resumed Ihu NVateh ami clock business. in thu Morso llouso 1 door north of ihu Jail .Kastsidu Church St. whnru lie is ready to put Clocks and Watches in ab "nod order us formerly and ou an good leruiH ad his Neighbors. Ilu will also keep for hulu on couunissmu, onu and eight day I Iras.-, and Wooden Clocks, as low a." can bo had in town and warranted. Call and sen. A. IJRLN'SMAID. liurliiigton. May 1, 1I1J57. MEW May 15, 1SIJ7. AT thu Variety Shop, We have reiurn ml from New York, with u good uh eortuiniU, nml groat variety of goods which will enable us to put upon our coun ter almost any arliclu thai u called for ni our tlinp. Wo havi' madu additions to our Stuck nf Wnlclni, Clocks, I'mtcd Waro, Silver Pencils, JJultpr Knives, Jew elry; Stationary, Cutlery, Musical IiMim mo itc, Snaps, Perfumery, Porllolios, Parts To s, &LC. No pn ins have been spared lo ko p up thu variety. More particulars in I'll uro ndvertiseini'iits. 0mt liiiiJIll J'ANGUORN &. BRINSMAID- I Stereotype Foundry. (, cm Arrangement..) A V I N 0 tiiado a now arraignment in lliu f icieolyping busi ness, III ) pnbbi! am hurt,', by informed lliat the present proprietor has filled on Ihu ronrrrn In a manner Ibal 'ran I hr hml" in t his latitude: and hold." himself rcadv to ilu all kind." of Hook wurk, in a si) in warranted lo taut tho tasto of publishers generally. H'j- Job wurk or every description dun" mi shod m-lim. Plates for IMaiiU Deeds, Writs, I'xretiticns-. Noics&c.furnishcd to order. Typo d'allev's, a very convenient article fur Printers uiailo lo order on israss cupper nur-m bottmus. Largo six Imrso sloc cuts lor rale lour Iiuimi do cuts, simill do, mimII do. do. Lar'ii horse Also a 'real variety ol small cuts, of cvrv dcM.'riptum. flrf Lcads'fiip-nislied. from lo l ho Pica lo ".. 'I'hu p.Uronai'i! of till) pulilio is icpeell'ully solicited. All letters mi luis'nrs" ilirceled to lliu stibMjriber will receive prompt attention. C. T.-n-T.OIl EATOX, Jgml. Toundary in l.athr"i k. PoUvm js Imililiii", Corner of Chinch and Collejro Streets, third nlory. fiurlhiglon, April 2(5, 1837. To Ihf. Hon. the Probate Court for the ly.slrirl i,rCtiitlrndciuromcl Ihcsiiburiticradmiinstra. tor of the estate of Gideon Primllc lute oj Charlotte in said district drcrasrd. and rji rebuts thitl tbr jirrsonal cstrilr of said declined will not be .injiciail In pay the dibls mid char ;ri thereof and henbi makes application In said Court, for liruicc to tell the ital tslalv of said diccasidfor that purpose (i unison Pr.iNin.n. STATU Of VLRMONT. ) District or Ciiittk.ndcn. s'. S AT a Probalc Court louden at llurliuton, in said District, on llm'Jlst day of March A. D. I'D", it mdered that an account be taken' of the Jebf and also, the proceeds of ihu pcsoiial estalo ofsa'ul dereaM'd. and that tho heiri and all peisons cnuccriied in said e.-tatc bu notified to appear before said Couil on the second Wednesday of April next at tho olueo of tho llegislcr of said Ci.urt in JiUrlmglon aforesaid."!" "ivu bond for the payment of debts. and show cause why l.ceiiso as nl'uru aid shall not bu "ranted, and that such no lico bo "ivuu by publishing the above applica lion th ice weeks cueeessively, as soon as may bo in the Treu Press a newspaper printed in Unrliiitlon, in said Disliict. Given under my hand, the day and year first abovu written. W'ji. Wtoru:,, Jttl XV V. S'I"S I' AT K T C 1 1 1.O II I K COSiM ETIC smcl PILLS, F' O 11 ltin"Worin--. Salt rheum. Scald- head, and all Cutaneous Ivupln na. This article is not iliiown mlo inarUet UUe mo-t patent inedicmes. backed by .""ine half dozen liciiluius ct rtilicaic-: but it come- respectably and hon -ally lecomineii- nlv believe, all that II . ;, ; . (V..r..,l I,, cm ns in oe -. uimi in- . . .. , Sept. I!I30 .Igctilsfor lite I'nunUc PLASTER (jTyW. ITy 'I ONS of .N'ovascolia Plaster, now $l'&bg) grinding al the new Mill. J'mous.. k City, and for sale, by F01.LF.TT & I5UADLKYS. April 20. 1U.37. Cm Samuel i5uell's Estate. Vflj thu sub-cribeis. having beep up j VV pninied bv Ibe lloiiorab.e thu Pro jbaiu Conn lor lliu District of Chiiteiiden commis-inners In receive, rxainuie and ad ju.-l I lie claim-ami uemanos oi aii p -rsoo aaui-i inu e.-uue m m i liiiall. Inn of lJurlinji'on in said District, deceased. rep re-ented insolvent, ami al-o all claim- and demand" exhlbili d in oll'-el thereto; and six months Irein the day of the date hereof, belli"; allowed by mi id Conn lor that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will a'leml lo the bu-ine-s of our appninlim nl. al the nflire of Wm. Noble in liorliiiglop in said District, ou iho second Mondays of Mav and September next, at 0 o'clock-. A M. on each of siitd day.-. Dated, tin- IfJth day of April A. I). 11537. Wm. NO II LI). I Cnmmii Wm WIWTON, ( simu-rs. Looking Glasses, Portrait c Picture frames cT-lc. rjTi II K Sob-criber has ii"W n m'y lor sale JL and wnl bu C'liisinnily maun nciii-iio' a spleml'd issorliueut of LOOKING GLASSKri. from 'J a els. to made by iho he-i city iMirkineu, and wiM bu sold al New Vork price-, al uholeeile or retail Portrait and picture frames, and all gold woik in the line, done ou short nonce and m lliole st manner al Ilia fucloiy over the Hanlwaie and Drui! Siorn It. Mo nv. NEVS GOOD. 1 ATIIROP & POTWLN'havurcccved tho -J last week a few ps. heavy Plk.. Italian Silks. Light (Jol'd French Cr.mliricks, Gloves, Hosiery. 'I'hread Laces Long White Liir Gloves Ficneh Forkiiij llibbaiis, Stu. April Id. Cotton and Cause, Gideon mile's -Lis! ate. STATU OF VP. RMONT,) DlSTIUCT 01' ClIITTCXIICN, SS. ) The Flowiruhlu the Probate Court for the District nf Chittenden. Tu all persons nmcrrnrd in the estate of (lulcnn I'rindle lute ef CliurLtte in said District, il'cctis nl GliLTPING. WHKRF.AS, George Primlle. administra tor of thu estate of said deceased propo ses lo tender an account of his administration and present his account against s.ud estate for examination ami allowance at a session ut' llm Court of Probata to bu holdun at ihu officii of thu Itcistcr ofiaid court ir: lltiiliugtop ou thu second ircduusday ol play next. Tur.iicFoiit:. You are hereby nnlilied lo ap pear before said Court al the lime and placu aforesaid, am! shew cause, if any you havu. why the account afurcsaid ihould not bu al lowed. Given under my hand nl lluiliuglou this 20lh day of April A. D. I(i:57. Wji. WLSTO.N', Uesiler. riTMlP. subscriber havmg assumed all Ihu XL debls duo lliu lulu linn oi way, i ii'i.ii ,v, Co given poticu lliat iinineili'iiopiiyineni mil l bo i mi (In of thu same, u.s well aa all other du mntidsduo him. DAN DAi. llurliui'lou, Apiil 10, 1037. Jv "-AN I ME? A3! EjTOE! MFE! Ult. J (I.N A. riOOUl'.'S go oi:j"t-; i'ku 30 .'.wiAn. r5nilM most hiiibly cleeitinl meilicmu that Ju. ha" ever been deeoveied fur fiirimr Couh", Cold" uud whimpiii cmisjh, which, if taken al the cniiimciirement of ihu dii-cnsc, may lie eurtd in a short lime. 'I hu following aio a. low of more llein a iliuiiaml nfM'onjr.JF.NiJ Ttos. rho unileiMyiieil minsters of ihu Gospel in the county of Windham, Vi. knowing thcsal' iiliu v enieaey. of Dr. .Innathan Mnorc'rf U sune'e of Life," hanm' used it oursnlvus and in our families, commler it n vnlualdu composi tion; parliculaily useful and efTicaiioiis in re moving eompl.iinls oftlui Iiiul'h. and indeed a s ilii and restorative m dicinu in tho various diseases named in tho Doctor uecompany label: and do most eheeifiiily lecomincnil lis use. believing it well worthy lliu pal- rtlllli r(1 of ihn public. Siuc'l ilosea lieeuiy, Diimmcrsion ; yi vesler, Westminster ; .led. L. Slark, llrntllelmro ; Llisba D. Andrews, Pulney ; Chandler Hates. Philctus Clark. October 9, l!)JC. To all whom 'A Mcr.y Wn, lliu iiinlcis'iLueil Physicians, who have proved lliu rlfieacy of Dr. Jonathan Mooiu's H-senei! of Life, concoive il our duly lo p,i' imiixit i In; medicine, and are of opinion that jfj,,,,,,.,.,. used, il will bu of public utility. ,Virt Abel Dilneau. bainilel blcarns, Diimuieiston; .lonulhan Ihdffer, Win. Town: JFestmuister ; C. '. Cliandlcr, Andovcr Prescotl Mall, Cbcsleifield. iVTf'Vlwi limm mnflifllin i Jllo UJ JIH. IHHMI-I..I..IIU , p.V. pared by II K.N' 11 Y SKYMOUIt, of II art Icy jMa's. frnni Ihu or.irinal ieripe,by (he diiecliou of said Moore, ami sohl by him a d the p.inci pal Dni'firisis in I'm United Slates. OZAs Iheic are many spurious articles in circulation, for the beneiit of the public, hu wil t'ivo lliu followiiiir This may certiiy toall vhom il may concern that I, thuMibscnbur, residing in I ladley.Mass. havu ni.irto an iuiproveimnl, in Ihu mcd cine lovenled In me. and denominated Dr. .lona than Moore'.- Ksseoee of Life,-' and have coin- inuiiicaicd the liecipo lo Henry Seymour of, aid ll.idlev, andlohini ordv. I lie United Slates is full ol' the sopln-tiealcd article, and this is lo give notice to the public that if they wish lor Ibo genuine Ksscnco of Life, they must apply to .-aid Scymuur or his agents and bu paiticularlo inquire: for that prepared by Men: y Seymour. Dr. .1. Moon u. Iladley. Sept. 9, l!D,5. Sold, wholesale and retail, by J. & J. M. PKCK Si Co. Ilurlingtun, wholesale agents Cor the state of Vi rmont. IT.'rOrdcrs will receive ptompl attention, and any quantity of Medicine immediately furnish, cd. This medicine is put in boxes of one or two dozen each, convenient and salu for trans. portal ion , and labelled with tho iiairni of lieu ry Se mom, Iladiey, Mass, April I I Hm Saddlery & (Carriage Trim mi 11 "iS. "P" IJS'I received and now being opened at , Ciy thu Ilarilvvare Store: tho mosi full and complete a-sorlment ol Saddlery, and Car rian Iriinniinir-i ever ofTered to the trade in lliis place, uompiisinir lull assnrlmeiils ol Ilrass, Plated. Jammed and tinned Saddlery, Cotton and Wois'ted Webb, wide and narrow Slraiuiti" and P.ciu do, carriage, lines; Slcps, oxles, and plated dash lioi.s; plutcd and bram pl.iled Carriage. Gig and Sulkey Lamps fro. all of which will be sold at reduced :u ices for cash or short credit, by ' UOP.F.11T MOODY. GLASS. 1000 ''"''','.s '"""P'''1"1' 1' ru and.Ter- 300 lledionl. Saranac and Clinton Croivn Do. by J. & .1. PKCK & CO. To the Public. npHK suh-cri'.mr Ins pu, duised of C. -iL (lOODIllCII. his li'iol; IliodlUg tleils. Slock iVc, ami has removed thu same to i ho building formerly occupied by Wm. Waimvi'.ioht, for a tin inre Inctory. where the I5iiok-Uinding business will be carneil on in all i'" viirmus brunches. HA M U K L 1 1 UNT1 N O'l'O N . The ."ub-enbers have formed a connexion in the I5'iuk-I!inding business and will do bindtn:: in all its branches. l'nnk-l!ookfi ruled lo pattern and b mpd In order. Order- sent by mail for Plank Rooks. Binding, or Ruling paper, thankfully received uud promptly rxecuted. 'PllU palroiiugc of the pulll'l! tp reflect ii. HUNTINGTON. M. R. LYON. Hindeiy n I'uw doors cast of V. Harring ton's I'link-toro. ISurlinylnn Jau, 27. 111.17. Etna Insurance Company. 'jlll'j subscriber (.oniiniies to nisiirj nil ul kinds nf real and pei.sonal properly as agent fur Mini Company, lo whom ap plication may at nil limes bu made al Ins OHice in 15urliugton. Tko established reputation nf llns (J mpaiiy lor Mability, fairness ami liberality in llieir dijulingi. needs no lurtlicr coiiuuemliiiioii. W.m. A. Guiswqi.i). Rtirlinglon, Aprl 0, 11130. RiiVginj, Cordage, &c. OH-S Rii'-iii. Manilhi nud VW 'Purred Riggings, of all des, eripiions. Caiuberlines, Cod Lines, Mar in and Sail Thread, by .l.&J.'n. PKCK &Cu. No. 208 Wasiiimiton Struct, Rirto.n, Importer and Dialer in Knglish. Canton. Frenih, (lcrmun and American l'anci Omuls, SUI5JOINKD is a Catalogue ofs-num of thu various kimUof (Jouds W. W. M 1-J.SSF.I! is coustaiilly iccetving from the Foreign and Domestic Manuliutiner. Ill soliciting ihc ciulcm of Merchants and Doalerf. hu iiBsurus tin-in Ihut hu will mil hi goods for Cash oi Ciodil, ut as low prices ami ou as good lurmsis can bu found in any City in tho Union. I laving but lecrntly commenced business, hu will be pleased to sell for Cash at a mm h lower rale ol I proh' lhan the Id and e.-laVi Ii. eu uuutes oi inu i aiu in praillcu ol Hum, men (ioois. Guld and silver Pencil Caio.s i u great vnnt y, gold stver, bhcll, pearl uud oufl paiutedu. KniilT anil Tohao lioxc; silver Spoons I Thimbles, butler anil fruit Knives: pearl, agate ami .'la" silver moiiiiti'il Seals; silver moun ted Dirks1, Scissors, Stilettoes, Kmcries and Waxes: silver Tooth Picks, Whistles anil It allies ; a variety of elcirant pearl Wnlch Stands; ladies' mil (.'old plated Head Hands. llraecletH and Ilouipiet Iloldcis; inlaid m.-e wend and silver furnished Suwing lloxes; silver plated Teeth llrush, soap ami shaving Ilexes ; "old and silver Vinaigretlcii. rUTLKP.Y Pearl, ivorv, slar, horn and cocna handled l.'J.S and 1 blado Pun and Pooket Knives, of 'ltoger.V'"llunl'H," "Cionk".",'' "Kotheram and "I5a'sImwV manufacture, desk, howiu ind tiruiiin-r Knives; pearl ivory and (ilag handled silvet capped Dirk Knives; a, rcat variety of KiiL'lish and i'reneh manufactured lli.7.orM in cuos.rin cards and Dozens; minia ture Knives and Scissors; pocket, lint ton hole. nail, lacoand common Scissors anil Shears, of l'ujrlish and German mako, of uvcry form and nua ily ; I wecxrrs. Kc. nirjsnr.s. French, I'nijlish lc American hair Iiriihc. oT nil possible varied sizo and fiuih ; clothes nail, hat, comb. sbaxin" anil shoo llrushes. oi irreat variely ; 1,12, !!, 4 and 5 row fine I'lench, KiiL'lish and Ainniicaii Teeth lirushes ; crumb and llcsli Jjiushes. CO Tine ivory Combs ol' all si7P? and prices; wrought and plainn slull Hack anil Side Combs, shell and buffalo hnrn 'I'v.isl CouiIim; shell, ivorv and horn Drcsmi'' (Jombs; peni shell and horn Pocket Combs; silvor. Guiil and jappan'.ed moiall.ic Twist Combs; jet and guilt shell Sido Combes. "sOAPS, PKUriLIIAIlY A?JI nJLS. Almond paste Shaving Soap; "Kow's," while & brown Toilet Shaving Soap ; French Iransparmt and exipiisilely perfumed Toilet Soaps, Lawsoii's eomposilion Soap foi ihu xetraclion of Oil" fiom Cloth; American Toil et and Shaving Soaps, in jrrcat variety; real Carina, Ficneh ami Ameriian Colognes; Engli-h and Freiu b double distilled Lavender Water; French pel fumed Toilut and liurcau Cushions ; a ger.eral assrn linciit of the French extract of tlowors, loo numerous to partieii larize; Maccassar, Aniixuc, Vegetable and IJear's Oils; ir-ar'." Gre-ise, Powder. Fri'iich and American Uair Powder, nnd Olio of'Ilo-e poriCF.T H(U)KS, CAKI) CAS Plain and inlaid shell Card Cases, pearl and w rnu lit ivorv Cud Ca-cs, .rill nnd nmioccn do.; Sonveuirs. Note Ca'es. Memniiiiidum liouk". Tnblet, Thread and Needlu Ca-cs of lieauliful finish and exleiisivc variety ; ladies' silver and steel mounted Pocket linok", sim ple and combined wilh Card Cases and Nee dle Hooks furnished and plain; Genllciucn'M Wallets and Poi kct Hooks, in as great a vaii ely as can be found in thu city ; Porcelain Slates. Leaves and Tablets; shell Card I!as kets, ol' beautiful ami varied forms. lino.N'KKI) GOODS. A great variely of unique and elegant pat- terns cf I.ronznrt Ink Mauris and I hcrmomi )rl . bronzed find liaeks and Watch Slam bronzed Paslile Uiiniers, table.- IJcll.-. Cob gnu ud Peifunie StamN. ijsks, t:Asr:s, r.oxr.s. &c. La-lie.-' and GenlleuiciiS 1. M l. 1(5. 1!!. 20 and 22 inch rosewood and mahogany pearl in laid and brass bound Wilting Desks, wilh .Senrel Diawors; Inuip' aril G eutleineii'.s richly furnished and plain Dressing Cases; leather travelling and jappanued Shaving C'a- laUies laiu and inlaid, furnished and unlnrni.-hcd, rosewouii. saliuvvood. bird s eye ! maple am! mahogany Work lioxes ; a variely ot size- and patterns ot pictured uliilowoou , Cultou Poxes ; travelling roll up am! lock up 1 "'Uoiio-; pei uiiii-ry. jewci, imii.usereoi. i ' SIovu ca ; elegant Chiiie-u lea Cad. "1U rTl. ,,,,. z ..n ! 311 KI.AM'.OTJS All! I.Iif';S. tjeaU liar's ami l urses, sin; ami leaiucr no. liver plated, gill and steel Pursn Clasps; ted, g.ll.sti cl and iil.i-s Purse Ruisum! 'I'as-se!-; bo.M'.s of Motto Seal-, einbroidced I!i r. Iiu Needlework, pearl, mainlla, leghorn, shell lealher. moroico and German Cigar Cases fancy Toilet Classes; lioxes and lia-kels; fancy Album liooks.ipd lioxes; India (lubber Itii g" a-id Palls; elastic Garters : Indelible Ink. Steel and Ooim.iti Hones, Lughsh and Auiericnn Rasor Straps ; III illania and Wood Sli.ivinir l5oxc.s; Powder and Pufi'll ixes ; Lu cifer Matches ; Spool Stand" ; wood, ivory and iron Silk Reels; pearl ami irory Silk and Cotton Winder ; boxo" of Pen", Inks and Sands; feather Dostum; wrought ivory, Chinesii feather Fans and Fuu Screens; wnil;, truvolli.iir, Canton, Fieuch and Ameri- can jaskels; bteel I ens of all Ihu mn-l a ! proved nianuf jcturcrH nnko ; wax bead ral iN'ecklacRs ; s ifety chains ; Pins and iNco dies: I'm Cushions : c'rir Glasses : steel, gill nnd composition Thim'.ilcs ; pearl, bonu mid Caiitnu Paper Poliieis and Holders; Tape iMeai-uiers, gohl and si'vcr Spangles; Truns parent, b:ou?.o nnd'coinmnu Wafers; writing Ink nud Miotic Glass lnkst'inds and Sum!-; Rillel and Leircr Paper, nud all the varieties of beating wa ; Coal; Clasps; ivory, hour and cocoa Napkin Rin.'s: Ptrxles, Mirrui mid Toilul Chases; toy Watches and boxes of Cliineso ToV", AI1TIS1S' TOOLS Ar 31 AT R CI A I S. All skies of best on pared Canvasses ; Dry and ground Colors ; Mu-.lie Varni-h ; .N'llt Oil, Lion's, S.iblo ar.d C imelV I lair lluishes ; nal IctKuive-; Asphallum; all sizes I'rench and I'nt'lish Ivories; water Cobus ; Mmialurc discs . lit it k anil 'vl.ito Crayons; Portcray ons and Drawing Hoards. StIOOTING V ANGLING TACK LI J. Percussion Caps; Shot IJ.igs; Powdur Flasks; pocket Screw Driver; j;uu Worm: Gamg ilagi, Flagons and Spuitsinen'." dunk, ill" Cups, u very convenient art ii lo foi' I lavel. lord: Fishing Rod" and Hooks, Raskels, I'loats; Linen. Manilla, Silk ami Hair Lines: Fish ClIt.AC. e-'C. GAMUS AND AMUSIL-.IRNTS. Splendid Cinlon wrought ivory Chessmen : French. Lugh-h and German ivory, Imne and wood (Into, Chi us, U.icli gammon and Cheiiici (Joards, of Canton, Lii'bsh and Gerinaii maku ivory, huiiu and wood Chccmerineu : Ciibbagu Roaids: CugliBli, French and American Play, ing Cauls: wrought ivury, peai I, bniionWhist and Loo Counters, Dice ami Cups, Dmn iuoe-s Loto, 'eiliiaiin, Geruian 'I'iicIic, Fox and Geese- liatllcib'ies, IJird-, C"ronclas, GauiC of thu (5 1 aces, (' ip and 15 ill-, I! ).es of Games, Jump llopi's, I5ows, Arrows and 'J'argots, Jack- Si laws, I (mother w ilh Ihu following amu sing and iiislructive Dis-cetcd Puzalos: wroushl ivory ami plain buxm of Clnneso Puzzles; Maps of thu World, Lumpo, Anieri. e.i and thu United Slates, Buildings, Land, scape", M.iuufac.iuru of Tin, Grand Aviary, JZo'ilogical Gardens. Slavery Abolished, Scenes ip Paris, Telegraph, Thu Sarcetcr, S -upturn Viei. Monument, A I! C , Harvc-l Houiu, Fair Day. (iilly iutlou, Johnny Gil. pin. 'i'lnoailini' the iN'cedlu, blue beard, llobm son Crusoe, Napoleon's J'ivonn", A l'caraflci M.uriagu. Hunt lliu Slipper, No pleasing live, ryliudy, (ui. fcu. N. 15 Orders from llm Cnnulry proiuplly altoudud lo and put up with great care. wmHiiwttwMHwm t REMOVAL. t) M" AVINU dissolved my nniini'.inii i in business with Mr. Abbott, nml I ?:,emoved in tlm west side ofihu h'qua ru.i l w.mlil imirter inv sincere thanks lonni 1 :jir-eud" and llm public for the patreiing. ' ' tl.u na-i venr. and rcsnectlullv -oil "r S'cii i'H ciinlinuancc. nnd the good efiicesi ,1' nil m 1 1 ii wi-li inn- well. I rim nnv. .mak'iig. uud di.-ign id keep on luiud, nj X mod assorl incut of iCnb'mot Furniture &i Chairs't ladapti d to the market. & shall unileav.r Z ?io' the now I'stabli-hm-nt w,.ril. t : tf public cenli.tep.ce and support. Wum , . ,-. , ii X 1 .."MjiMourl llouse Squ ire ! , J, ',K; ' ;('I,01lN' ? Ihirhnzltm, 0,1. ... I IDC. MRjIIF. subscribers l espect fully inlorui the 4l!s. f nblic that lliey havo formed a copart nership nie'erthe firm nf iiKKiticK, cxinisToi'iri'i: a,-, co. for the purpose of manulaeluring and selling Piano Fortes, n ail their variolies ; wai ranted equal in rlegmee. workmanship, touch, and lone, lo any manufactured in the UuMcd Slates. The operativo pail of Ihu firm hnvo had a long anil thorotiu'h pruclirc in thu best establiahmeuls ill lint-ton, Philadelphia, ami No a York, and feel wirranlid by a competent knowledge of the business, in tecoinuiendiug their tnstruniculs equal in all respects to any in maikel. Amateurs in music and o'hers aie requested to call al Ihu Ware. P.ooms. Cor tier of Chainplain and MacDououjih Slrcels, and examine the instruments constantly ou hand, consisting of a variety of plain and lich Mahogany Case, and superior havy toped. Iloc V.'dod. wiili the highly approved grand action, which produces a splendid clearness and brilliancy of tone unknown to others' All order by letter or otherwise directed lo Ly man !i Colo, for Piano Foilc, Tuning, or any other business connected with such an uslab lishincnl, will bu promptly attended lo. Old instruments tuned and repaired on reasonable terms. IIIUAM II i'.llIUCK. wm. ii. cmi'.TOpnnu, LYMAN ii COLL. t'.utliiiglnu, Vl. 12 J 1 1 Fe'ouai y. I!D7. Tlio Side mans Friend. Morisois Pills, Or the real genuine 1 1 ianUoiV'Tsa! Me dicine of the II r ii i 1 1 ('nib ne "f Ilialib. in packages i f i. 2. or 3 dollars, can be ob tained in thi" town, only ol I he r-goltirly appointed Agent. As yon value " Imallh. which is life," ee I ha' you gi t the (reniiinp Pills; lh"V arc sigm d S. Gage at pre-eni. (hut v. ill moo be sicned II. Filch) S'o'e Agent, nnd A. Ijrinstnaid. sub agen' lor Unrlingion, Vt. all others, u'o ba-- coun- terleits. I;or thu convenience ol tbp pub lic, t liey will He, wini tin rovuers opii a Hveian lJouk, kept lit lb" Ynrnuv Simp A. liRLXSMAlD. AffPUt for 15 11 r l t. jrl i ii, Vt To all whun; lid s may concern rcIH sub-enbe li.d resu ciinlly in JL form the inhubi'noir ol ISiirlii.jieii and it.s vicinity that he ha.- opened n -Imp on College St". eel, in the ro ui nml. r Hie Free Press OihV-'. where he intends man nfacluriug poriable. full shafler, luhy--. side, nmfp'ii"1 SADDLKS : plnit-d. "lit. jatiianed. and poiti d HA RXKSSKS. ot vurioii--descriptions; bard leo'ber iiiii'd lion, bellows iop. uml ciununoi TRUNKS , C A 11 P i V P 15 A G S -- P O R T M A N T K A U S; iMI Ii igs Vu'i-m'p. and such other mil cles as usual in hi" line of bosines-. Cur riiigc Trimming execuvd in iho pcirt-i 'iionnor, nml Military Eqr pment of all descriptions manufactured lo order. N'ipaiiis or expense will be s-par (! in the "election olguod flock, or in Ibe inanufiie tilling of thy articles. Any persons wish iug any of ill" above articles wiil p!.-tiso lo mail liiio-elfof ihi" favoiable opp-nltipity. as 1 shall sell OP iea-opiible term. The subscriber hopes, bv iiidu.-t ry and punctual ultenlinii to liiisinessi to merii slinro ol puuiic imuotinge. aii orders promptly attended HAMUKIj S. SKIN.N'HR. nitrlin"li. Dec !G 1K36 Dr Adums' Celtbrnt'd Eye Water. Wairaulcd an elVcctual cure for sore, weak, ami inflamed cyet. i-r.ici: 2,"j ccxth pint vi.m., rHlHIS (.ch'bralcd arnelo win. invented by .ii. oho ofti.e most di-tiiiguishi d hvsician of the age, and durinf an exlcnsivu practice of JO years, hu invariably rcsottod to it in all casej; of soie, weak and inflamed eyes, thai came under his uoticu, nnd no great a celeb rity did lie acquire thcicby , that they came lo liiiu fiom all parts, and ip no iiistanco was it ever knuwn lo fail ui prodm intf tho desired (fleet. A short time only has elapsed since the article was first ii troduued lo public no. lice, and duriiiL' thai period, upwards of tmche: tiiocsam) iiotti.hs have been disposed of, and iho demand fur it is rapidly increaiting. So sure and speedy is I Iiu effect produced ny Ibis artiile, that one single vial hus completely cured an inflamed eyu, Ihuugh various remedies had for a long limu previous been risurted lo, but in vain. Ample directions accoinpan the arliclu, n-y weil as; tellers of recommendation from the mo6t respcctublu physicians in thu cnunlry Wilh a view toinsutc its iiKcfulnoss in a more extensive w ay, thu proprietor has appoiulcd Ihu fullnwiiig persons wholesalu Ageuls fur the sale of it. where ihn public may rest asiur. ml ut' procuring ihepeiiuinu arlicto. JOSLl'H FISH I I!, proprietor, Till Si Huilunwnod, JOHN R. I!0VA.N'I).2-IU. .Market Si R A. IIOSKINS, 370 J! irkel -treels, Ph hifclphla. DIV. V. L. ALTI'.i:, Lnucuster. j. ii j. ii. pi: ok Si co., Iturlipgtoii, Vt. As will of all druggisln and storekeepers throughout the Slate. Order.! thankfully roccived and punctually attended to I'm eyu water or drugs, Philadelphia. June 211, ('.'.JU U. I'OUK 4' . .1 ( 'KB KEL h OVKLY & A 11 HO TT l.uo i n linn' & for tulo n few liarrols Poik, ulsd Uurrcls, Half & Quurlcr Rarrcld of Macko Elc.xir Vrscltihla Bttlsamitmt'. - XT J j DOWN'S " ' I'KGKTAnUi nAHSA.VlC KUMR ''r l'""rh"j (.old", (,or,un.plioii, Cat rh f-r""l'. Asthma. U hoeping (.oiii; ,. and all olhei diseases ol tho brail, elie-t ill d lllli"". P.imlilel" conlainmg a hisUiry of' the med icine a sketch of Hie diseases for which is is rceoni'iiended certificate fiom mopics tionablu sourcosampl(! ilireciions, and much other important information in coinpanying each boltle mav be had of anv of tho Ai.en ''l,,s' !;r!ll,,; ;' , . DriiL'tiisl, Im""' wli"lrKnlo Agcnl andji.mli .. ' h" (fow'" i,ru -PtrialIy a retail Agciit". l.alhrop & Polwin, Su,i.,:,,in.Mo'lv. jl1Uiburzh.. S. .'c. D. G. Wilier isl, St. Al- proprie- ppomtcd Janes, Jlmoburzh-S. Ii. D. G. Wilier. Milton Wellington, Whitney A: Co., Clark ioardinan Jc (Jo. Charlotte Samuel II. liunies. and must other respeclablu Dru-rgiuls, &c. in the coun try St. Albans, Jul.y 12, 13CC. If y Jility be used in U'inc ur W'ultv, nTlIIIjSK ci llubrotid bi'lers n' cornpns-Jn- cd purely of vegelablcH i.f I he most innoceiil yet s" ciliu vir'ni". They are reeoipuiPiHicil pari K tilri ry (or res'oring wenl; C'ip-t it n' ien, clenn-ing the s'mnacll and increasiio' the apin iile al-o a n vr n tativu against the cholera inorbn . (' vpi. and ague, reniovinir pnusen, vu I'mgt. heart burning, ueakiuss in tl bin i pain in the s''omticli and other sui i-uis of Il'itulenc'' uml indigc' ion. On" V x Will tincturu npu all'Mi. Price 25 cr ti's a b x. ilusseii's itch Ointmoi.t. 'Pin- chiiid: ami -nf--'lintini ni i" -a I Ii Iip mperior lo nnv now in u-e. lor u i i uu'iei abb-and h.iit'i- me (j-ea-.-.t h 1 I II Till- I'lMtnellt is so l'-Tt;i III in its i i i 1 II i no person troubled wnh 1 1 1 ii disordi r nnghi pot to b'- wiiIm.ui i'. I i a reineily lor iMilam on-irupt i, i . sc i' 10 iilVeciioii.i ol Ibe head, or in v i ' , r breaking out which ari'e- frcpi si,, p i,.i inoiir.- in thu bluod. Price C.j c i.'s u hi x. Russell's VeifeJable !;iliior rf era rn .5 L) i on FAMILY PHYTIC. I'O R general ii-f.lli casi -e- i moi bid -en-lb Iny ol i h .-tonne! el-, los" of appoiiie. Ic'id brirr ni-S", Piles, und all dl.-ea-es i biliary ilernnjeuienis. a's'i b r ibe riine ol he bl.n.d ii':i e'e--Vsteip ofiU'llI 1111(1 IsC'il liuii'ii J- ii T pills are a mi'd earim rt ie prodor i i ' pains poi griini(;. and ine then I oe n i able a nil h obly appnued m trie n nri: pi on. on ceil a-such by i;- o i llugui.-hiil hj -k ir,n. Kurh l x i , liniiiug t!f! I'i I- Puce 27 I 2 c ''-!, l?usseI' s Celleb rated Sail P. heuni inti...Mit. THIS i iioiju- -i nuiab y t:- o a1 sii'esl n-ui. d i'Vi i y t "tl -red to f I C f..r I h ut ob-llliiile i.,,r. . I p'l LP ',1 1 , RHKU '. Where o'Ik r on an- 1 . i.(l. II Iiu" succeed tl, .-Hid : 1 1 1 In I a- beep ( X 1 u-IVe!y il-ed I ( j 1'iac'lllonerp speak- c luoo s ':. i' ; I' is equally ( llimi'.'ious in a I i' - i 'ine skin, rmj woims. and ilioi.i ' j lute Itch. &e. ice. Nuuieron- ci I might be .'blamed but I lie i UH chooses ihn! a luir Irlnl sleni'il b th 11' ideneu ul'i's' superior i lliri.c . piiee 50 eeiitrf a hi x A fresh son,ilv is ju-' p e. ,v ' ai ' -ir sale by .1 & .1. II P, ck & C .)' M dv Laih'op Si Poi win 15nrliiigioii-.S II. Hum e Cliurheu M Idi l Hine.-bi.r. , -Oi mi I'iHiropg. CJ & W. L. I'm ki r Ii 'i i ug'rn & U'liule Vergennes Skifl' & Ki.-rv I 'heck. 'bury green Jiimin I! in - t i, P I letcln r D. (i. Wiisui. S, P I letcber L-s.'x 1). Ii V.. ( ancn'er Waterbii'y and with tin: Drn-f," n . tiiroiij'Iioni iho Untied S'-.ti s, a at a 1 u liul by Win. C. Si inij : Co, 15 For ihu cure of Colds, Asthmas, H'moping Cogh. spiling llloodand Consumption , iCPLAND MOS.S'ero.vs plei t fu''y in tlul Island of Jeeland. from wheiieit t.iM'l its name, and in all llm high poiihirp lu imln.sof IJurojiu and Asia, where its Mil -c .nal qualil.ex ha ve been long knov. p, aid I ghlj aiipreeinlcd' 'Ibis plant cnnl i i s a hargi proportion of Vigr'tible Mucilaze loan ami other Known siibsiance. uud ui coui'iiialunl Willi it is a bitter prmciplu wlnih aits inosl beneficially in .ivingslrenglli ir iasi s nficaj woaKness and ccbilitv ol th lui tx. J n knowk'ilgu ol many of our most valuable inci.l icincs, for the cure of dl-eascs, have hem obi liriued from obsetvui!; their cll'eit on Irull nuimug;-sn in the case of this mo-t iu a.uabl j Moss. Its virtues wuru first tlncvereii b llieir edicts on thu hardy, luhj 1 1 d sagacious Kain Dier, which derives its nnl cuial iiuiishmciit from thu Jrctand .Moss, nil whose milk becomes so highly imbued vrilll itsRalsomiu virtues, that Hi." used will, til greatest confidence as a soveieign remedy hi iho iiiliuhit.iuls ol'all those countries fur lH cutculall discascsof the broasi ant' lun France, this compound has Uiii; hci n li owl aiiilcxiepsivply used ; nnd lo its salutary rlieil as much unto thu Milnbriiy ol iheciiuute, piobaldy owiii'r llm very una i nimbi ufntai rf.v?.vufeonsuinptiou in li nt ci unlij compared with Great lirilan iinoth I nitJ Slates. This Syrup contain" all lliu mcuii'inl vniues oi ine Moss in ine inofi ci i.ientraii loi iu,aud is prepared fiom the ungual in Irum I .iris, only bv, 11, HU IVHINGS f,. CO, 11 ill, m r4 And none is jicnuino unless it lia their l biinilu upon eaeh bill ol direction a so npin cnvi lope, Dy.iml sealed with tli. ir seal. J. V, J. II. Pl.t K i Co. "whulesalu Hutler Ilous Lard and Pei Hams. Fur tale by Lovulv & Abdoi April 1J.

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