Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 16 Haziran 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 16 Haziran 1837 Page 3
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L. r. Platl's .Estate. rJPE the suhscrlbprs, Iim vilify been tip- pointed uy tin llniiorab ! ilii! Pro nto Cmirt Cor t ho District, of Chittenden, loiiiinisM)i)(rH tn receive, e.vainitit- mid idjusl I lio chums mill demands nl' nil per (!oi,s. n jiniitfel l lin cfiutc ul'L 15. I'liilt, Into of Alillou, in said DMriei, deceased, rip. .escnted iiiMilvciit, mid iil-o nil cl.i iiih nnd leinnuds o.vlubited in (ill'.et thereto! mid )i.' 1 1 ) i 1 1 1 lis Irimi (In; day nl' I In: ditto hereof, bvu) allowed by mi id Court fur t tin I. pur kinse, we dn l liereforo hereby jjivij nniico, 'ilint wc will attend to llio business of our ipiininliiiunt, nt the dwelling nl Sally I'lnit, ii Aliltou, in mikI Dulriet. mi lin; 13:h day )f Nov 'inlier next, nt 10 n'cl el:, A, M. Dated, t hi- tCih ilnv ol Alav. A 1) IH37. DANIEL II.'CUIOM, ) Cnmmh. I K A WITT I4US, ( timers. .Joseph Brown's Estate. ST, ITU OF riCn.'KKYT, Di-tiuct nt" L'tii n i:Mr..N. s. S AT a l'robiili.' Court hulden nt IJuriiiiff . ton wit tun nnd I'm tin! District nlnrc. 3iiid mi the '.'id day "f June. A. 1). I";57, in Instrument purporting H be I lie Insl Will mid Tc-slninetit ol' .Joseph Drown, lute of Jericho, in Mud District decen-ed, was presented to the Court, here fur Pro bate, by I'olly lirown the Executrix, there. ,n utniied. Tiir.itr.ronr. it is ordered by Mini Court. ,1. . ... I.' - , , ..fine SIIKI C int. m n se-sinn thercul lo lin liolden nt IJurl iieioii on i hi; I'i li day ot July ih.xi A D ll!;17, nnd contest ihe prnbnlu nl t-niil Will, nnd n is Imthcr order, d that this order be publihe, throe weeks, sue- ee.-siwlv in the Free Pros. , ii., V,. , ' , ) Ihl- blale I he' ino.i..!i, .mall h- priiitul at I'litluiiiion 1 he last of u Inch publico previous to tlie day n.-si:;ncd, u-i aforci-aid for branny. Given under mv bntnl nt the Rc;ristcT's Office, this tlili da"v of .Inn" A. 1). 1 ;:37. Win. WESTON, llgislir. .litumd Utiles lor Counting 1 t'M'tn Dcr!;s and Mai ble stands and Unli. lor I lie same, for ale at I he Variety Shop. I'A.NnnoiiN iU Iir.i.Ns.ii.Mi). T ii no 15. Britiania Tea Pols, Pitchers, Tiunhicrs and Cup for miIp at ihe Variety Shop. I'A.NOnoltN & Ulll.NfrJIAII). .liine 15. SWalAY MA'AM. II A I.I) In. in the i 3 Mih.-cnlicr mi the 29i h ol May hist, a Rrouu Alare., wph a m PpIi tail, a .-l.'ir lo I he furchcul r.i.d """ r marked on one hind hx'. Whnt'vpr "ill nive any informaiion ofn'd mare shall receive tv -ineere t hanks ol'tiii-Mib-criber. IMIIMP PEAROU. Rlirl lirrton. .lllllp lj, IIIJ7 aFr; sTLir;rsi;Xv"i':E")"Li nes, Fish Hook-, Rods in canes, Slate Pincils set in Gi'dar; fine India Ink. the Iks' an icle we ever hud, just icceivid at tue Vnriciy Shop. Pxvnuuav & Rnt.v-n ii). eOi'KETfS. Fiuwi i I'., ... .M, ',.-, J'.ir . h" iiun ami other larin- Firew )(!;. will ho Itirlii-lu'd. by us, the dlh ul .Lilv or i i;,er cel' tiinliiins We du nni any at the hup, bm liiev can vp few minilles alter lliey are culled Uir. No fireworks will be scut from 'he .Mnnnzine. this spasou with the privilege nf reuiriHuj; iliuse not Used- PA.NRiinns- & RniN-MAin. U.1UISE PASTE in boxes, at the Va riety Shop. Pancisihin &, IniNsMn. Poclict Hook and j"(onoy Losi, BI'.TWEE.V the Limekiln of Mr lh(! I J HJi's-biir-rli ,n.i. il,,. f-.Mnrl Iloii-e (quaro. tskin Wallet, fonlaiiin fifi v fivo dolliir.s and a Hall (nor leu anil two live dinl-jr bills on (be Fiinnrrs and ! iiks ISauk, one five dollar lull on St. Albans bank, and one half dollar of American coin. W hoevnr may have found naid money, f.ia be ei tilled to Ten Onll.iis. by leaving the same at the Pobt Olllco in Ibis vill JOHN VAN .ICKLRX Jr. 'N BiW GOODS. LOVLOLY & ABBOTT, "H AVE iust relumed from i'cw Yuri: will. a L'oud asoiteicni nf R-mm. .-iml .'.'it.,.!,. Dry floods. Dry Gioeencs, Croe'kciv, (Slass nnd China Warn, kc. ku. whldi will he hold very Low fur C'aidl. May 25. 1!!37. B(5 dnz. Super Satin ) b " Roiubaziuu f l OCR jubl received hy June , 137. L. CURTIS !z Co,! morn Kie'nint FLOI1ENCE TUSCAN llONNm,c: COLO.VLUM i " ricnch Wualhs.hv L. CURTI.V !c Co. Juno 1, RJ37. Juno 1st., 1SIJ7. ccods agei; soirr. "TV ilr" pl,;;'K'd to iiilbrni our youiiL' W customers, Ihal we did not furjiei ihci'r orders. wlnNl n'leeliu our VnrictA', lint havo brought i!()00 Alley and other Mniblos, some India Ruhlier Halls. Torpedoes, fcu. expiessly lor ouh Vouno customers, at the Variely Sllup, PaNOI! U'.N A' Mill NS.M Mil, liine 1st, New Goods again. "VE Imve nnin reliiined fruui New York wild mi adduioual block nl INew Goods, which makes our nssnriineiil lictter I (1:111 ever before; 111111.111; the Goods WW openiui: are 0 do.. Swords mid other Allhliiry Good'; or nil kmdri and prices; line Lupine Watches, elejraut portable wii'iiii; Desks-; black and while Grnvuiis'. Crayon holders; Smb., Wafers 111 lb. Uundles, plajinr,. Cards of the best quality, btnr and plain Racks; letter and cap Paper, ruled and plain; note Paper; ladies silver tablet Pencils; fine Steel Pens; and a Kreat variety of articles in these depart. ii.'Mb; just opening at the Variety Shop. Pangiiuiin & Juirs""iAii, K TTOCO l-M) GO AN I) LUCIFER JLd AlATCllES, e.K.d m ps, nl.-o Cijrai Alalchcs, In carry in the Pocket, for salt at the Variety Simp. Iv.uinv & Rru? Needle work Capos & Collars Zi dnz. Fren h and .Vectch worked Ciipes nnd Collnrs. some very beautiful mid rich Patient', from ,51 to fl'l-S. bv LEMUEL CURTIS& Co. .lime 1, 1.137. COGGLES. JUNE 1st. I. mv. rm...if.,.t ,,, i.nnl fj-f jrreeii and blno Glasses, and plated Motiiitin'i;, at the Variety .Shop. P.M.lIliilt.S f: fialN'MAItt. Juno 1st. Now Goods again. WK hnvi" coniiary to our expressed in. tendon purchased sotiiu lieautiful lirown Alnhair Caps, Coils anil plain llnir, Net i'nr Muses-, nod Children, lino Artilieial Flowers nnd Wrealln for the msido and outside of Indies bonnets, in order to answer llm calls fur lin; above articles; al the Vatiely Shop, P.wtiiinitN A- JJi: l.vt-:.t M n. Jtino 1st, Now Goods again. (tl doz chimney Classes for Astral Lamps, vi) do, Gloim ed.-cs for bra-s haii-rni-: Lamps, AO eros- I, amp Winks, for most all l,i,..i.. i . iiuirami i.r.f-t aiKlluhlal.a lilifl'urs and TriiX". Vnriely .':hp,;r.oi:.N- ,V: Small Bills, or Change, OIM,l.;5UcK0.-(K I'JLSdi pavahlo on 1 i-lii:i 1 1 il in Irniln nr liilft. I, ,,,,!,. '''""'d "anil hill l'.iper can lm had hy ,,,. ci.i;,i,1ity at llio Van-lv .She,,. fr fI()1 ? y , $, wr humh(ilL ri;r W1 j,,.,; In iiiakitifr change ami ha a ureal efMiveiiienct'. I'a.nciiukn ,rc I!i:i.NM.ii). i)ISSOLUTIOW. I WOTICH is hereby "ivcn that the Uo-l parinership hereiofore exidiipr under! ;ihe linn o Vclliiiiou. Whiiney i'i Co.; and IJnardiii'jii. Clarh & Co. wasb'v niiitual eon.-eiit di-Jiilveil (in il,,, oj-jtli him. nil! I Notes arconnis and debts dm" the alorc-.nid I linns, iiiii-i ho nrraned nnd telt'ei! with I ' lib Clnrli, Kaiiitn I D iardii an nnd Kli- plinlet Whi'nev, bv win. in all d iiiands anuiti Ihe a'oresnid Inms wiM he di.-char' ed. JOSEPH CLARK. SAMUEL ISO A RDM AN. ELI PI I ALE !' Will PNEV. 12. WELLINGTON jr. .loi), Mnj GO, lf:3. COPAIlTNLOKHiUP. rn" HE Mib-enher.-having fouiied u Co. iL paiiiier.-hii under Ihe Hun of A.VI) I!. U'MI'MtJVA. en .,t ,i... . i.i , . i .. i ... , ' , . 'j .' imau , ..,ari; Co and Welling Wlnlney & Co. ,! Allium, nt uhlPll two placsall the bu-iness , .eri ol,recarr,e,lou ,y Uu- ni,v firms will he hy us ontiiiued in all us var ous branches. JOSEPH CLANK. SAMUEL IIOAIIDMAN. ELIrllALET WHITNEY. Jlillon .Mil; :;o, Ii;.i7. JW GOODS. rinE .-iib.-ciiher has taken ihe Siore. IL iKirelnl'iire n copied by Mr Sidncv Mareitv. und bus the pleasure of ofleriiiir i. heavy ware, terms lock of Dry G'loiU.Cnickery. Hard-I ami tiroccries on verv tnvnr.-ilili AIo-l kinds nf Produce reeeivi d in exchange, and ijood ban-ains "iveu lor Cash. IIAWLEV AI. G1DDINGS. llurliiirrtoii. AJay M, 1!!37. Ladies' Shoe Slorc. ffpiHE Mih-cribi'r would jjive notice Ihnt .JL in adddili.iii In Ins priwnt sluck of fii-i. limbic Sines, I,,, is weik'y reei ivinr f oiii Ihe Alanufaeliirers n .elected as". r' "1,"t "' e.iistiuii work, am..i.' which are Maii'-lii Ids best JCid Klips. Gaitnr ISool .mil Walkimr Shoes, which will he ap nrorcil by nil who may wi-b an nrlichi fur S''iv"'ce. L'kewise Genilemen'.-line limits and P'oiiip-made to order by the best of . ..i i,ii ' in ii i an in: luiMimeii nun warran ted. .'Ml of which are ofiered at the lowest price lor Curb. DANA A. CRAAIAN. Rtirlinton, Alnv "J, IIIU7. Blackinfj and lrnsl)cs. STK nnd VARNISH IJLACKING of "und (iialn v. and jooil tiou Rrcah. ir sale al iU Variely Shop, Pa.NCIIOUN it RlllNSMAIII. 1 Q (h ".. Tw'M Coiubs, l.mir tnutli, L .1 narrow Twii Ceiiih--. upr (colli, " " j Mill back Combs, huie teeth, (i " more ood shell -idu combs, n (rood lot of verv nice shell Pi.eket Combs nnd some jjooil shell drus-in Comb.-: Va ncty Shof;. PNRIIOIIN & I5m.VS.MAin. VrtTfOWARD Jills il,l returned fmn. inn:, neitrir ins sceonil trip this f prinir. and has bi"ouhi just what has been hoped mid wislird for so anxiou-ly vi? the news of In Her tiui,".s havine co'iiuieneed 111 consequence oftlip call of the Cinrcss of Hie inn inn and llio J)"irinuiii of the Cilv Hanks to icceive the Cuunlrv Rank notes'. .... . both of which causes have m-pired hopes and hroiiirln hiicl; confidence .nnd with H 1 (In-New Goods into inn rket forilistrihntinii, and betnr jiit ,,( the ri lit I une, the turn ! .1.- . in.. lin--, irmniu ins porilOU 0 Hie mosi approved ar'ieles, ciiine hack in the faslcsl Rail mid Steam Goat Lines with them so as to distribute, the happy Iuielli 'enee mid pleasing New Gomh iiinon ihe people as eenerally ami as list ns possible, and if Ihey will only ciiine buy and lake ihein I am sure they will feel ami appear heller ami more chcerlul, mid nil ihine,' will eo on iiiraiii regularly and hariiiouioiislv. P. S Only just call und look- or buy al Howard's. Alay ai, 11J37. NeaL Walking Canes, with or wilheut A'worda, jusi received al llio Vaiiety 6'hop, PA.NGnortN (c Rkinkmaid. Crockery and Glass Ware. Tin IIP, subycribi'iH are now nlTcring a largi .11. and pplendld Hteeh of CnieKery and Olafi Ware, and tt i.s their inleiition lo liaep such a stock that the pulilu; will I; now where lo come and si ln I llu ir full Mipply any tune, and at nilisfnctoiy prices. Wn have Now, Cut, Ground, and ) plain Astral, Globe, all and W.A.MPS. Stand ( ) Dining Fctt.t nnniplolo, while and prin ted, Gold liaud, while and hi oiize f.'hina sells, ('ill and plain Cliampai,'iiti J Lemonade, Whip, Winu.and CLASSICS. Celery ) and in fact almost every article, in the. line I.c.Mtir.i. Cuiitis i: Co. liiirlinjjton, Alay l!iU7. LYMAN & COLE H'AVK iro'd llieir Spun,; nnd Sinniiici- Onndii, tumpi i.-iii4 t ii-u;ilii nciii' iifjoi lincnt of DUY COOt), A rniii2 utihh aie a fplrnilid nr.ent (if! Cf.c., Ginli iin.i nnd l'i iiiiciI (!.iiiiln ic, I'la'd, ciii.' I'.mrd, i) in I I'l.iiii Miidin. SMi iniill, .l.iriniet, nnd IM.iid MuliiH. I'l.iin, llml's I'.ic, mill t'l.iid Cinilu ic, lliili I'l.iiii nnd Ltnlaoidcied Silk I u.-iei y. dn. do, Ci.limi tin. GIjvcs, Silk, Kid, Linen, l'ii'iuc, anil Cullon, Pd.irk, lilnn HI irk, 1'inied nnd Plain Gro do Su I.", nnd tiiii ili liliine. ( ni.iuuui I'.l.uil Uu..ii.A!1-mii!('ii anil plain ShalKs. I.ndlr f.incv silk Ci uvula. 'I'aiiilmnr and I'lcncli Ciiic and Culling. Plain nnd V Sh,,lly HMk'fj nnd Shawls i ci y i i( Ii. Sl'Hilin.Sllli di). j0 l'i'd filk (.'rape, ami licli Hcino.i, ll'd!fie nnd Sli.uily. 'I'.dl'ri.i nail (inriiilmn UililioiH, Scuiii' fiilk and Twifi. l!iu.n!( InlliJ, C.i.inicic nnd Vi'lin?, Domr-itfc C?oo'a;j, Proan Cnllnn Slircliiy, filiii u nnd Drillln". I'.li'.nh d... do. do, 'I'ii k, Wit kin;-, fee, A "nnd (is-ni inii-nl ijf jtniiiinrr Clolli. Uiijclicll.i, Piinccllii, KiininetlG. Cinpc, Cain ldct.N;c. Vink Mixtuies, blue Diills, finry Fli ipc male SUin &e. Siippifiiio I.inen, fibli Linen Sliiiiliis, do. Slirrlinj -l -I lo 10 ! ido. I'.nn.i-I. hi i-u Ki.ipcr, lid. iMipuin?, anil l. men ., '!'! Dlaprr. and ci h, linen M cioiii - nimi ii iiiiii i ii'.:c iini, llm hatpin, ,11, iy 23ili, 1S27. Bonncls. Yfrcalhs, &c. 1 G.SE Sup. S'raw pn..VM Tii-piin and Flor. ne0 ( ll(J'Nl,l',lb Coinmoii Tn-can and Co!osuni do French Flowers. WronHi Scr. bv LEMUEL CURTIS & Co. Alnv 12. li::57. -VJVJ A 1 n niPC,"r "I Hie Directors of the u Unlchester Manufaciurin-r Company y hold.',,, was ordered .bin an J,, ,i., f'( d,.,rs be laid on ...-l. J f I he stuck of sanl Companv. to : he mud ., , ; . o . i '.- ... A. D II!:) .. .... .... w.i v in .nine and a lurlher a.-se-suieni ol m each share of said Capital pawl mi or before the 11 dnv live D.ilh.r slock lo I :ot Jnlv A. D l!!37 Si DN EV BARLOW May l!S, KI37. Clerk. :tw Artificial Klowcrs, very pretty; .Mohair Caps, fmiey colors. Slav and ISool Laces; Wood. Slcelaod Wlmlciinno Iln.l. narrow WhaL bnne.'. E'nslics. Sn-peuilers j I'arlor Ua .... ial I ledori.. I !...... f. (for Toilet Tables and lied Rooms,) with Diawers for Combs. &c. under lliciii, Curls, Rinjjlcts. &p. Vaneiy Simp. Pamjihu'.n it IIiii.vvmaii). Gold and Silver Pencil, and Kpectae'es: Pirks, Tluml. n. , mi Pins. Riaus. Rir Jewels and riny; Chain.-Keys nnd Se.iU &tl, m a. Varieiv S.n.p. pAMinonv & Cimn-ii n. IS G O HV A G IP 1 T S A o many nilicitine hunk .T'entw hall e qua! I he- uiimber ol Counlies in tin. Slain ot Verniiinr nr., .,,,1 i:.... M,lieribers lo a nv, Ian,,. n, ,;.,' wuru, eniiiled, 'nii: Ati U.Mvr.nsAi.HT, on a IlisTonv or tiii: pai.i.iin Aor.i. or nir: Scuii' ruut.s, inlvmlnl n rel'iilnlion of Hie three vi'tin pnintiof L'liiKcr.utlisl dm trine, ntmclij: thnt there ii m lull fin- the wir:nl, after this tifv ,1,,, of Jiiil.iiunl l the mil of the v:irl,lui,d'n Devil or Sitlnn, ns a rent bviw; in rrnlenrc, nt held Itijthc tirlhmhx sirlr of religion." Such per.-ons as may wish lo becntne eneased in this busine.-:. iiiti-t he of fair character, and able to .jive .'ood security hy wav of an under-writer lor all books sold, and such as are not sold lo be reiur I, , relumed wiihin such lime as shall he -pc-cili-il , 1L. nbliiialmn ivpii for the hooks, at Ihe lime ihey iniiy be wanted. As to the reinuiier iilion for the aeeniV services, nnd llm tints of iransaeiin ihe hn.-ines--. if iraii.acied according lo coniiaci--whieh may he eu I cred uilo wiih the author it will'he Mieb, as ihatthe moderate success f vt, senders n inv. umII ....... .1. . ,1 1 ... -' . " ' ' v.m.l; ,-rt wi-h.-o in linrirci. Ki.ii.i, .in.. over ITI' I V DiJI.I.AItS A Mn.NTII, except tile iruusporinnou 01 tho dimlt. which in all eases is It tit trifling. 'I'liis work is now incctinj,' wild eMranrdinary suece.-s, bv way ot'siihoripiiin, i pearly nil the C i ties of the Slate ol New-York, and doubi less wiU elsewhere. Kli.,i , 1.1... uiers - , Al- chanic.--, Alereliants Sind..!i's'.,i Liw or Divinlv, are resnei!ilolU. ... ..,..! i not oIIhtwim! profiinbly ,,na cept ol th s einployineni, as ihe' nyaaod to nc- Olmorl inn ly to limbic ihe amount ubuve- named is lairiy proiialile. For ;U further iiiformat inn, relative to the manner of doni' ihe hnsinov, please address the Author. Jnsinh I'rieit ..i t t.. niuauy i-(Hi-uiliec, i. v., ,vneli will meet with immediate nllention fml imid, and 1101 otherwise. ' N. 15.---The work is to ho einbplliied with new and oriemal micravniL's suited 10 ihu subjects of the work, '22 in uiim ber. White Beans. ?H Hush, fur sulc bv IIickok & Catun, AJay li). IS- Wffl, HJiTASjiHt received from New-Vorl;, ai his Jioiilher. Morocco ri lid Kindiii" rinire, Side Leather Iroui 17 tu '11 eta. Mo roccoV nf nil kind?, JUL). UNING, TRI.M AUNG SKINS. &c. ALSO, Shoe Mnl.'nrs's tools of everv (Irjpr.riptiim, mil Khoi! Thread. Leather 'of all kinds cnnstaiilly on hand, of his own manufacture. Any ariiele in his iiun will be mid very low for cam. Pearl direct, May 25ili, 1(137. JV. WllAVMR is now reccivinn; from . New Vorl; a new stock nf Goods. roiii-Minf (,r every iirliele of Wet and Dry Groceries, nlsnroiiio ofthnlead m articles in I he Drv Gnorls line. also, n hirrre supply nl'Ali'ss Pork, New Vorl; city 'pr-cl Nnrihcrii and we-teru Lard'. Fl.nir bv '. I!rrL.t, bnlf barrel, and lb. God IVh aiid Mackerel. Rai.-nm by the ,;"v ,r K'"!.'. Almonds. Filberts, mid 'llrazil Nuts, &.C. &c. All ol tin ahnvrj nnnird articles were bnuf-ht. wrh ,:., , tf,;w York at. the verv tune I, hit tin., nml t10 IL.nd. and will he sold for cash iik as any man d ire sell m'icle-i m i Ins came qnatil v. Said Weaven -'.ow nil , ,.i.,,i... .i , . iiv-.fin Inl.en tue bibs of all hie Nerinont ll'ird without a discount for !."ods, al-oibe lulls of almost all the Ranks Hint are la nre.l,,,.,,,, j 1 1 , i purl of the coii-itry at ih-ir v, Vi, ,,. Winon.lii, ;MtV )!!, 'mcirj t as j. osie- AVU iii-- icceivril IVm.m '.m.VI. y.W I'ijil-I ICC'ivr - a splendid asor or'un nt i,f (!o.nU in their line, eonsislin-r n Rrnndp ntli. Gni. niere., G.dlirs. l!,woins o'lppemlprs ; loirpihor with tunny oilier ar iicies not iiecc-s-uy lo enuii'nraie, all of whnh will be s-old cheap Tor Cash. T.iey will, as uual. aileui1 In makiiiT. and Ciillin-rfnr olliersln make. Reiltleincii "arnieiits of everv il.'.-criplioii. Cliurrh.St. Mnrliu-ton, ) May 17. i ( 1 Professor Ilcnrvs Discourse .ii'iorc iiie i'i,i Mjrma in Kui-ietv of the U. V. M. Fersale at the Rook-tiire. Alnv CO. UAyl' have received s-oino very fine V " silver Levers-, l.'S hole iowclled and fine C ho'e jewelled Lepmes, nnd mmd eomumii Watehe.-: fine Gold. Lever and Eepmes and Eneli-b Waiehs, fr sn,,t Piiriipiibu nittnin,,, pnid U'aich repair mr and bra-.i clock repairing at. the Va rieiv Slmn. PANG IJO UN &. I5RINSMAID. Alnv 17. WOOL. HpIIE Wiikw,.;i Mills of ISnrlin-rlnn will take WOOL m work on share, or e.vphniijri. for Satiiueite.s on Delivery of the Wlliil. MILSTAIIY GOOD. T7 15 have Swords, Plumes. Plates, 1!oIi.. VV Sashes, Lockfls. Sword Chaiiei. Cap I lairs, stars, Eagles, Feiilhers, IJolt Plates. I.uttour, Laea, Hor.-o 'Muls, Spurs &c. all new and in .nod order. Vanelv Shop. y'A.NCiioit.v lini.vsji.wn. No'-v nhisical lnstruinoiits. WE have. Il'ered some D ().-iave Flnles. IS and C Fifes, D Flule.s 4 key-, line Ve dins, fine violin Rnws, (5lnnnet Cnpw. do MiniHipieees. And we have fur ale ino-l ail kinds of Mu-icnl Iiisi ruuienu. In.-triiclion Km.!;--, nnd Mu-ical Merchnu. disc, Mich a-, S' ring's, IJnd.'.s,, '';, pieces, ueeds ice. As we keep lhe,o arti sin diawers, persoi.s ui-liuiy fr !u)v ins line will pieiuo enquire lor Ihein at the Van. 'iv Mnip. Alay 1!!. Pavrijohv ,t Rarv.MAm Lsap r II 's. Saltin &. Cumiiioii, for IJickoic Catm.v. FLOUR. B3Sfrs,aV;n'l,tl,a,','MiIISU,Crfin'-'' Alay 10, IJickoic & Cati.iv. Dairy salt. Q.j Sacks Liverpool Fine Salt, just ree'd "" by IIickok Si Catm.v. Alay 19. Common Cherry .Stones, which contain H I silver spoons, for sale at the Vauety Shop. Pa vr.iuuiv it Riu.vsMAin. CJIU'LTINGS. Haled superior Innrraui Carpetirns W V, do Flue. ( Siair Carpetinijs, also, Flour Clothe?, liais es, &e. iic. by Ltntuur. Cuutis &, Co. Alnv 20, 1C37. Nova Scotia Plaster. ""Tfrj Tuiim f;roiind Novaseolia Plaster. jUKJ whiidi will tie sold deliverable at the Colchester Mills, or at the sln-e of J.fJ.lI.;j:cK&co. Mav 3. rr")IE piibscriher having assumed all (be Ji. debts duu llio late firm of Day, Callin fc Co. gives uotieu dial ioiuicdi-ile payiuenl must I idn of the same, as well as all other demand-duo him. DAN DAY. Ilurlmlnn, April 19, 1037. ' ;!w NEW GOOD. TT ATIIP.OP ,c POTWIVbnvoreeo ved iho J1.J last week a .w heavy. Illli. . Imlian Silks, Liht ColM French Ci.mbrioks,' (Jloves, Hosiery, Thread Laces, Loiijr V,i0 Gloves Flench U'utluw' Cotton mid Gnuse, RihbaiiF, il'e, kc. April Id. DGULI TTLH. ha- jo.-! uceived Ir.'iu New Vork, a eciieral ns-orl- inent o Dry Goedj. Groceries fie, wh'cli have linen bought nt. the Into low prices, and will be sold vety low for Ga.h. May 17, l!l'd7. Sv STRAY COW. AfraQTR AVE!) from sub.-cribi '. . ;'lhe Ulih in-f. a R'acl; f iW' Lino Rack Gow. Ion;' JlV'.sr" ' ..v ... bnriu, a while star m Awt.- or (0r.t.fll, C,,!! dlinj; for se.e. Any informaiion irtven s'o I be cow can be obtained, shall be hadsome'v Rewarded. GIDEON AI. FISK. ' Paints, Pencils, Crayons, &c. WE have opened water Gohir several kinds, mid prices, by the Gake or lio.v, also, (Iravvui' and Gaiuels hair Pen ci's, GhnU; Grayon, Porcelain stands lo mix eo'ars in, drawing paper. Ilri-iol I'nards Gold & Silver Paper, India Ri.hber. dm w niU R.uird, Quills, sniin "round j i 1 1 ed'ed L'dler Paper, Math billet Paper, & must articles in 1 1 1 i ct line, n ceived at Hie Variety Simp. pAiNnnon.N it l!r,i:.'-M.ii). POllK. IIlCUOK &. m.t. Alav 19. i.'Lv Lntcnf Hie. Tmnnnt. Aor. WillhUm. Ft. MAS Ihe pleasure of informiiir his friend) ami tho Public thai he has tensed lli above e-lnblisliment, which has been thoriiuilie ly repaired, and furnished in the best pii.-si'jli: in inner, am! is now open for the icccjiliou of Company. He will be found at all limps ready to sup ply the wants nfall those who may "favor linn with a call, wiih the best Ihe market all'onN, and hopes (by his do-ore to plea-e) lo merit . and reenive Ihn pairouae of a liberal Public. Stranger.-and all those w i-Jiin-r lo visit llio cxlensiui mauiifiK during operations now in progress at tue Winonski Fall", are informed that a cairinirc will run for Passer irers from IJurlinylon Court Iluiise Square, to litis House, three tunes a day, (and oftcner if ruimred) IhroiiL'h the season. A Livery Slablu i in ennnexinn with Ibis establishment where Horses and C,uriacis can be had, al all tunes, on re-satiable tcrius. AV'mooski, May 'J.jlh, l!!.',7. Groceries and rotu.sioiis A. B. LOWRY, AS taken ll.c bnck store on church .-l.-eei a few rods north ol tin- inl. where intends in kcr p a general as'oi tinent of family Groceries (or .-ale. Such as Ten.-. CollVe, Rice, L"af. Lump and Jimwn Snar. AIol.isos, Lamp Oil, Cml Fi-h, .Mackerel, Fu's. Rai-ins. Nuts !ve. iV. also, purij liquoii. ST. CROIX RUM, WINES. IIOLMND GIN, BRANDY, Prices mid quality nf the above articles will bear companion with any in this county. I'm rl inert nn. Alay C." 1 ,137. Hannibal Ilor.'irp, " & Harry lludyes, ( Chittendpn Co. Court vs. Any Hit Term 1!!3C. Orin Risbnp. J HER EAS. Hannibal Hodjea and Harry Ilmlees, ha vmy returned t h-'tr a pi t on boei; account, in t lie dockets of the Court aforesaid aeninsl Orin Ri-lmp, and jiideeinenl lo accnuui havtite linen reii dered I hereon, nnd the sob-oilor havine been npiointcd A editor Therefore' notice is liprehy "ivpii, to all per.-ons concertieil. that he wt'l ntiend lo 1 lie duties of fnid np poiniiiieiii.aiid will audit and ndjiist theae eeunls beiweeu ihe said parties, on ihe 3,1 Monday of Auu-l next, at 10 o'clock A. AI. ul his olliee in Wii-tnn. DAVID FRENCH, Auditor. Eurlinsrinn, Match 30 lf!37. WHEAT. Onf Ruli. while ami red Dantir.ic. (or -WVJ seed, for saV bv Mav in. IIICKOK & GATLIN 'ff ATHROP ,V PO I'WIN." u-T ceived nnd will .-ell cheap for cash, a variety of Worked AIiisliiis, Cupcs und uonnr-. Artificial Flowerg, Bonnet iiihhons, Straw and Tuscan Bonnet?, French Camhriclcs, Calicoes tec, &c. .'I ho, a lew Hinls Alu.-covnilo and New Orleans Sa-ar at 7. ii, and 9 ets. pr. pound. Oilier Groceries iiroporl lotia III V lull', Alav 12. i;:.i7. White Lead. IjlCKOK fc GATLIN have recpived 5 Keg- While Lend, which thv of. for sale. Also the beat Linseed Oil. ler Alnv ", 1337. , Western Flour. S1 S' V"" ,i,,,l?1,1' r rionr jusi received and (or sale at tho low- e.-t maiket price, bv IIICKOK &CATLIN. new jjoNivryr. ONE Case Him r.ny Itsli Siraw, I.eplmrn llraid, Oriental. Laco aiid6-rti-s Tiisenus jml R. ceived by the imliscnbcr, aiul sollin-'at Reduced nrii'cs. 0 LATIIROP&l'OTWlN. Alay SlIi 11137. Sheep Tobacco. TSHI.ST rcceivi.i 0 Rbs, Conmioin Tubarro unlable fur wahmif sie,i. nnd 1,0 u, IIICKOK f; CATLIN. May IS, 1937. RrACKKIiTSLL. Of) "I'lf. No. y Alacker, II, fr rjlc by IIickok & Cm i.n F. May I CORN. ZnC) ('"r" (r'"" Hnd.enn for s-altJ tnjyj bv I1IGKOK & GATLIN. May 19. David Atwood's Estate. riTIO the honorable tho Probnto Court. Ji. lor the District of Ghillenden, the iiiidersijrueil. Aloses Atwood. i.f Gnarlotle, one of ihe heirs lo the estate of David At woiid,hitoof Ghiirlolte,deee.)sed, respect lul ly represents that In- holds one cipial tenth part of said r-lale j iinlly wiih the other Heirs Uiereo', and hem;; de.-iroiiri toholdthu fume in -everaliy, he pray.-, the Hon. Court to order n diVMon of ihe' t-nr caiale, mid to atipoint a co-nmitiee for that purpose. Dated at Gharloiie Mnv 0. 11)37. MOSES ATWOOD. ST.1Ti:OF FEUMOM ) Di-tiiict i-r (5iit i,v ss. The I Inn. the Prolate Court within nnd fur the Dislrut of Chittenden To the. heirs 1 J' the. lUtnte of Dnvid Alw md lute of Chit lottc in sit,d district dri eit ,1 d.aiul till other jiersnns icner.rnrd or in the. di vision of sttid alula among Ihn heirs thereof- , CREllThYG. WHEREAS, Aloses Atwood of Char, lotto, m said District, lint 1 1 repre. s-Piiterl In said court ihal he is one of the. "" -s 1 .funis idh; p(nal lentli pnrt of. -aid csiatc jointly with oilier heirs thereof, and li.-ing desirous to hold ihe satin! in severalty be' hath prayed raid Court to order a diMsion of said esiatn amon-r 1 be heir-- 1 hereof; and to appoint a Oi ittleo for Ihal purp. And ihe sec. 0111! WedneMlny of June A. D. HI37, hpinjT .-e: for a full hcnrine in the premises: It is ordered by I lie said Couri that the said Mo. ses Atv.-ood jrivu notice in ihe heirs of said (stale, their niiomies, and aoenls, and all persons interested in said e-tate to ho mid appear before said Court at a session there, of to be bullion at the olliee of the Register of -aid court 111 l!nrliiiion on the second Wedne-day of June A. I). U',fJ7( lo uinko objections lo such division if l hoy seecau-e, hy pnbli.-hinir iieir said application togeth er wiih this order three weeks succcs-u'ely m the Free Press, a new.-paper printed n't Jutlitinion lit said Di-trtci. the last ol which publications to be previous to the day set for hearii'ff. r?T Given under tnv hand and the seal L.S lj (,( sa"' I'rnbato Court, nt Rurline; E, ! '"ii, in ihe District of Chittenden -J il.ts lO'b dav of Alnv. A. D. 1337; CHARLES RUSSELL. Judge. Dry Groceries. "RJ"0V iceeiviiifj nnil for tale lower thatt -N ever, a frrptu vnnetv of Drv Grocer te.s. coii-i-HtiL' of SUGAR. COFFEE, THAS. TOBACCO. &e. cS-c. by IIICKOK & CAT LIN. Alay 10, 1337. rSTO the Hon. the Probate for llm Dnirict JL of Cliiltciiden comes .loepb Mnr--h, of Hinesluirli, in aj, District, and shows lo said court Hint ho i.s It-pal eiianlian of Marv L. Taylor and C'inrlotle I. Taylor, female in. funis under ihe njje of eishlccn years ; i,at the .-aid Mary L. and Charloiie I. are seized as tenants in cnnninm in t lioi r own 1 iphl in fee of one undivided Ibiirlh part nl" two certain lots, oflaud situated and being in H ir.psburL'b, in said Disiriet, numbered sixty nine and seventy 111 the llrsl divisiu'i of lands in sud town ; and Ihal a sale nf.-aid land is conducvo to llm best, interests of his said ward Whcrclore he prays raid court to grant him license and pin. power hint In sell the said land. And your petitioner will c er pray. Ji.scpii Mw; u. Guardian of Mary L and (.'hatlollc l.Tavlor. Uincsburgh,Mtiij 10, lfi.17. STATE OF FEW.llOXT. ) Distiuct or Ciiitti:mkn, ss. The Probate Court for the District of Chit, temttn. Id nil pcrsuns lo whom these pris ints s'lull i-me. (j nr.r.Ti.vo. jfOSEPII AlARSII, of IImesburh. in ihe Dt-lriet. of Cliiltcnden, guardian of Alary L. Taylor and Charloiie 1. Taylor leitiale inlauls itniler the nyo of etj:hti'eii year-, having rpprespntcd 10 this Cni: that the said AInria L. and Charlotte I are seized as tenant-, in common in their own rmht in feu (,f f,no undivided fourth part of t wo certain Lots of land situated and l)..ine in IIinesburb aforesaid number. ed stx-ly-iune and seventy, in the lirst divi--. ion ol lands in snid townl and that a sale f said land is conducive lo ihe best interests of his said wards It 1- therefore hereby ordered that said application sinnd for a liearipe; before said Court, at a se.-ioo thereof to be boldeii al the olliee of the Rpeter of ibis Court in 15urhneion on the second Wednesday of .lone A. I). 11137; and that notice thereof be jiven by publishing ibis order together with the substance of -aid petition tn the Free- Pre-s. a newspaper printed at Hur linp'oo 111 the County ot Chittenden, two weeks suce.-ively, tlie last of said publica. lions to ho not lees 1 littn two weeks pre vious to said day Given under my hand and the Fcnl of said Court al' Riirltuioii, in the Di triel of Chittendeii, this lOlh dav ot Alav, A. I). 1(137. GHARLES RUSSELL. Judge. Ephraiin llasclton's Estate. statj: of FEnjlO.YT, 1 Dl-l llicr OK riHTTi:.MKN, s. ' The Ilonoridili! the Probate Court fur thr. Distriil of Clv.ltnidin, To all persons tout f mid m the Estate if Efdtrnim lliu sciton, late of Watford m s-iid District th-eastd. GREETING. WHEREAS. AbiKai) G. Ilaselion. ad. iiiiiiistratrix ol ihe estate nl'snid ile. censed proposes to render an tircount of her adin-nisirniioti, and preg. in her account njriniist said e.slate for ('.Nainiuni mp ami all li'wnneeal a setiion ot Hie Court nl Probate, to be bohlen at I be oBico nl lb,. R.-eister nf ill's Court in Rnrlinoinn n thtTn'Coiid ednesdav o .lnn 1337, Theri Imp, You are herpbv noufled tn appear lielore said Conn at the lime nnd plnco nloresanl. ami shew n , if any yo.i hnvo.why the hccoiiiiI nforpsitid should not be allowed. Given under mv lin ml at Rurliii'Uon tliie 1 0t It day of .May A. D 1K37. CHARLES RUSSELL Judt

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