Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 7, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 7, 1837 Page 1
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- '''' NOT T HE GLOItV O V C Ai S A It ! HUT THE WlJLFAItK OV HOME. 82 Y II. K. STACY. FRIDAY, .HJIiY 7, 1837. VOfli. XI No. 524 How sweet ;t ntl -nlenm hmv simple .mil afTcc ting is llio follow ins: iMIDMOIIV Mlf-MC "What wake iii" from my heavy elcep ilh tunc co low inul supM? O. timllnr, sep, u !x cm it So late, within llio fll cut ;" "I hpnr nnrnnnit I pp nn form, (), ilimilii'r soft inul mild ! TN'o muliiilii niinip. poiih'. for Mice; All poor mill sickly child." "I' was no tumor- it i lie cm ill I'll. ii sounded in my cm ; TIip niejels I'iill mi! wiili ilicir pong? : (Mini nilil, () molher ilcir !" From iIip Daily Adipi i tor. run i'oiiVAuni:n.s' u.ME,r. IS'nt it ritiloiiipr ciiiip, us up wiiilnl nil il.iy : In ill" hope lit. il nut' Ii ;H." '"nit v mi til si.u t IS" 1 1 1 ii c:i 1 1 in ttt cone ni in cmpiiiie. the way To dcpnip I lie enuils mi Iih cut. Vp -tsi ril in hup nllirn fiom twiiii till nislil, "V. lien llipclmk tolled I tie liunr fur n-lhhij;-" In 1 1n lioic, ill. u pcicli.iiict! nine uc'ii iii niiin mijj'il, Ilia iniMcli.iiiilir.e .ii.poil l! ptqiiiiiii?. Slml nod .s.iillv ip IocInciI ilip iloor, Ami up hi nor loiliimii' iniipil, (."mil I i.i i i hi; lite Imsim-n we'd il hip Iipi plofoio Willi I lie id i.-i-i .iltle Ii. nl'! now leipiiiuil. Wp up niiilri'pi'd inul crauted in licil Anil I. ml our In1. nil ilnwn on iip pillim , Or I In- Iionpj inul pp.itP.J ill it hp l.i-l j imp spi-il; iiil the cli.iiiip.iiipii! ill li.i.-l.fls ill uilltm-. r n r. m r. ii mi n r ' . n o t n . Ant "The Minstrel Hot;." TIip mr-it-li.ini s linn-rmin h.i goiu. In i ! ii i ii f-1 i.ick yiii'll liml ii ; Ili r.illii'i'i n imp. i" t'liilm t'il ilii'ipuii, A in I hi- tiiit-W clo-e licliiiiil ii, "()l ill. I nil III 1 1 1" III! Il.lll 1.1 ill FtllllilllP, 'I "I ii mi; 1 oil i In; nni M 1ipii.iv line, One ihiip r ill I p inkeii up in ihiip, One Cnilifiil I'liprk -li til p iv ilice !" I Iip iiiPicli.ini Inn tin-h litiflV pt-tw ( 'unlit tun In in ill it iiiniil Mini iimlcr, Pur lie Mi.itrlit'il I In- iioIp rutin lliu of law, A ml on c ihiip si -1 1 ii i let ! Aril lip sid, " nut Ii.hp thy fue, I'liiiii sunt nf dirt mill I;ii.ipi!" Anil oITIip t .hi to mm Tp.i' Jrit, Ami deft-nil lief rights in si.jiveuy! 110111 iIip .Vp- Voil Epi(ii, J.TM I'; TOWN AND COUNTRY. flow hipp-u it ;hnt lit imr n'trl nl on r ennn'rv ll ii mil so in th. s h, llin' ri ric'ill ii r is avoided, as iniirh ni it cm hp. thui the foii files nit from iln field to tin. counter, the daughter to the citv nr the factory nil print mjr l" fxchtiii"" the Iree InriniH nir uf hoiivoii Inrilie iliiily. niii.-y, f-i reel or the I'mvery ? WIiciipc (OIIH.M the ini-iim for cities, nud of horilin tojietlier? Whenrij that iiindne4 t tin I nnl;ps tin; wni kiny tun ti chert-li the eel In r nr I he garret, for huiiielf nud his elill drnn. when he can live liyitor nnd wenliln er ( v. tt (in the hnrdors nf lh wililornen. wiih sky einiiioli (iv. t Ins lienl, carili i iKiiich tindir hit feel. with the y rorn yrrips In iru.nplc over, inn) tli-; proud trees for n shado. There ii a liolief in (inr country, il ex li-'s nnwliete e.r.. that nricnli lire is n vnlnr occupation, deiniinilniir no in"io. no ,'C'iiti, nnd iiothiiH' but the tn-niim nf the i-rtd, nnd the levi'lnifj of the trees, i low fa I m; is th1.. Why. the Viitican, in this way. i- nut more lii-nnt iiiil, with iht 'li'iico works nl nneieni and modern art in it a Di'lvidero Appollo here, mid n Ua 1'hael froi-cn there. than an IItihsh pari, m its way, where n land. cane is wn'ketl out nsa picture ha- been, 11 I rc-e shaped to fit tins view, and a hedge designed to aid 'hat. now perhaps a fniiiitain, or a wati-r fall, niifHi n herd of deer, it may be a hill created by indiisiry. or a lilllc river, with the nods and goddesses presiding over, fil led to run in the Inn- thai lu-iiity is de manding. anil all burinninzine; with Na Viiro, us taste unci geniniatnl science have aiding in adorning it. Hvon I lie collage orihc liibnring Ktiglinhinan- with his from lour so neat the rnscs, nnd ivy and1 woodbine creeping over and adorning it, nnil the well, trimmed hedge in lis front, it. a jewel upon the face of the earth, and t.ifto lias made it so, fur Nature has done but littlu for enr fatherland. The idea then is jirepnspcronu, (hat the Ii i liost'c fTor't cannot as well be expended in adorning the surface of I ho earth, as in chiselling nut the rough bind; of marble, or in putting colors on the canvnm to ppenk. All art is subsidiary to agriculture. The Vatican, nnd the galleries nflho Roman capital, and of Naples nnd flnreneo. have, been made up Irom the Unman Villas, --from the ruin. of tbo 'i'evolt of Adrian llio Titfciilum of Cicero, or the gardens ol Hallust. Wo know tint why it is, thero is in the five States a most unconquerable aversion to agriculture, and the consequence is, with New Knglnnd in particular, that n funning penplu are fed from abroad, by the agriculture of olhcr States, or of for oign nations. Tho itmliitiido seem more I In love Hie throiiT i,o city. the linlilinn nr.nm.nv i.. i im r ..... 1....1 7.1 of money in the shop of the broker, or the ru-lle of sill; and calico in llie simp of lite dealer, than the notes of thcpwcrl songster the woods,! he rich beauty oft bo Ireesor the inviting verdure of spring nnd mninicr. One reason is, that we have no farmer.', tich as the farmers of l-'nglaiid, of IloK land, or of Lombardy, who embellish Na ture, nnd make I heir homes more delight fill than the loftiest palaces ofthn town. Our men of wealth in the country, who have mips to educate, prefer to manufac ture I hem into third rate lawyers, fourth rate parsons, anil sixth-ra'e doctors, rather than lo bring them up in llio way that should leach to raise n double crop from toe same acre of laud, or to introduce some new product, which should double the available means they now have. As a farming people, tho means of erea ting wealth IYomi hind-d estates are not yet ball" developed. There is no reason on earth why this should not be a vine grow ing country, and yet it is tint! There is no reason why the Old World should find us in silks, and yet it does. So varied is our soil, our climate, and no extended our lines of latitude, from the rocky nnd fro zen regions of t he river St. .Toliii, to I In sandy Sabine, that we have all the capaci ties lor doing every thing for ourselves: and ye' nt this moment, we are oppressed, and over bun honed with prodigious foreign d'bt. The cotton planters make money; Why may not (he hemp growers? The -ngar planters make imui'-y ; and why mav not stock growers of even the Green Mountain-? Sn'cnre is what is wanted first and then art nud in Mo will come a-hnndiiiiid-'. then your buys in College, if yon olioo-e--a good education hurts no lino but make F.irmers of them afterward-, if you wish them lo bo happy and heclihy. Wall street is n big sounding place in the In-loty of our lime now. We live there some twenty hours in n day and therefore know somctbins about it. When the Wall sireet. bank-, suspended specie payment, the whole Uninn follows in" t ximpie. when tin1 V n il street IJ uiks expand, the hearts of tbo people are made gin, I. Wall street is the money throne of tin; Uni'ed Slates of America. Itn bankers arts tin; money princes of the dav. Siies of tbe Union have lln-ir desti uies settled there--ami Wall street tells ihein whether they shall have rnilrnads or not. canals or not, nionev or not: for the Rotlic-hilils of Wall street make and un make empires here at will. Rut Wall street, I In.- Thread Neeule street, of the New World, is a vile place nt best, The street is so du-ty, and dirty, so fil led op wiih old briek--. and stones, that re spirillum even is difficult, in it; nud a lusty obi tree, which has long felt that it was not. at home in inch a street ns this, is sickening and dying away daily inihi? bu sy thoroughfare of man. When the clerks wit Inn il go homo, many of ihein lie down to boarding hoiise, in rooms no bigger than the cnllins of the ancients, nnd when the money makers of the day reach their fami lies, I hey are harras.-ed nnd tigitnted by excitement, trembling lest n packet ship should bring them the news of llio ship wreck of their fort tines. or some convulsions blast nil their hopes. Now in what is this Wall street to be compared with some beau tiful river or li'keof the country. Not twenty of these men of wealth have a gar den as large us the pen.pach of tho Far mer. Not. one of them who, on a warm siiuiioer day, duet not envy the Farmer, who has Ins ireeh to look nt above all, his iu ri! nir to breathe niid his pure waler lo drink. ''hiiii llll! Nph- Villi HI Y I' I It S T ! ; Minor X UT Y "1 -.vns not fli tppil for Fpniliin lurks, Nor mailu to cuorl nn mnoiotij luukiiiLus," Thero is no period in o persons'; life, more awkward or embarrassing than at the tune when be divests homclf of the tram mels nnd confinement ol n schonl bny's life, and lakes Ins station in the world - his own lord nnd master. Tho vmuvahc Itonte ac quired from having lutl,. intercotir-o with Ihu world, tin awkwardness nriMiie from the lawless life ho has ever, led. roofer bun ntonco the object of pity and ridicule. Mv adventures in the foshiuiinhlo world, tliouii occurring ninny yearn, ago, are so vividlv impressed on my niemory, thnt tho limo of Iheir occurrence appears ns of yesierilny. My education, habits, nnd tnsio unfilled me for life, ycelped, in common parlance, n fushinnnbtc one. Hy fii-hiiinnble life, mean that stale of society when nonius, intelligence and refinement are secondary eoiip'idertitiiins in raising a young nspirant to mi enviable seat of untimely niuid its immpilioto circlo. A pond perori con stimulate tmpndcnrc n knowledge oNho last, novel a inastor in dancing ami waliz ing a wit n punster are the nrcc6Brv accomplishments to recommend n youim ""' lllc ,,,mc,! bimtmnmlc. I n-k n ptilictil while I relate the history of mv adventures: liir. ns Sir Walter Scott my, "if I tell not my Mory in my own way, how can F be wnrrnnteil thnt I tell it in yours." I have said, thnt. neither my education, habits imr taste, fitted me lor fashionable life. Nature had done still less for me: for, while tit school, 1 outlived the reputa tion of being called the initial innkir. liny in llio village. Mv mother has often told I me. that, when n babe, I was frightful to look upon, hoi she then comforted hersoll with the old noiige. that "an ugly child changed ton hnnilsoiuo man;" still, ns I grew in years. I lie cnnirnclid fori In res ol my ugliness expanded even into biileou liens, so that, whee I hlt my paternal roof 1 was coii'-idered I be eighth wonder of ti e world. Rut ih" face is not always the in. (lex of the mind I possessed tunny fi'-d qenl-ttes, nod held nn e-iiniahle reputation amoti'T mv mends nnil ns.ocintes. i was good-iiatured. when I had nothing to trou ble me accommodating, when I had my own way nud generous, when I was in the humor. Mv eduea'inn. too, was very re-peemblo, although I could not boast of much ititunicy with the dead (tngtctyc?. or converse with fluency in any other lliiin my native tongue. I have studied with com iliendahle r."al. the French grammar, nnil coinniiintteil lo memory various sentence in I he vocabulary. I wrote a bold, round lint.d. rnlner irregular, but still legible was well ver-ed in Arithmetic, as far ns "the rule of three" and was "-aid to rend .Miltun Willi becoming; emphasis nnd cor rectness. had also attended n dancing school fur one quitter; nod thoti'ih I lie muster could tint change Dame Nature, who hid formed my body lo designate n nirvrd line, still I was an adept in the per lorniiinee of the' pigeon wing" and "double -hiim-"." it will be admitted, that, with nil these nceornnli-hments, I had arrived nt a proper period lo c.Tt myself upon tin! troubled wa lor.- ol'acpve life, and to enter the inercan. I lb' art-mi, for which I was destined. My good inol her fnrni-heil tiw wardrobe Willi parental e.iro nni! frugality, my father gave me n siiliieienl sum of money for mv iinine. diato w.nils, nnd receiving "from boili their purling lile-ing, I look tinge for the good city ol I! . A short lime nfier my arrival in town, 1 obtained n situation in a rdn'il dry ixnmU .Wore, nud, with alight heart nod willing blinds, I engaged well much nsuil iity to m v new a vocation. I bail been in R aboil- a monih. when one night, as i came to mv boarding house, n note was bunded me by I he The pink paper, the green senliiig-uitA, nod i he -n. .Ml .ippeur ance of iho note, (pi le sianled m". mid h ivas several moments ere I was r-ullieieni Iv cotnpo.eil to open it however. I regained mv self-posses-iiiu, broke Ihu seal, nud read "Mn. Williams requests llio pleasure ol Mr. Michael Simpson's company, on Weilne-d-i v evening the 'JO'ii iu-l." The W Illinois' I'd nnly was one of the most In-lm oable in llio ci'y. My lather bee. line acquainted with Mr W. Hie w'uner lie was sent a represeinai ive lo i lie General Conn, and is said lo have assi-teil him very m.iieria'lv hi pas-ing a Ibvurito measure through the house. This will account for my invitation. I read I he n-.ite over several tones then retired lo my chamber lo rell-cl what cnur-e I ought it pursue ; hut nt hi-t caul" to tip conclusion in await the judgment ol my lellow clerks. The next morning I held a consultation with mv friends. n lo the propriety nf ac cepting nr refusing the invitation. I gave the unto to the o!df-l clerk, ami requested Mnsadvice. He read I he billet vry can ullv ihen measuring mo with bis evi from head in fool, ho hurst out into an in tolerable fit of laughter. I low like t he deuce you will look in a party. Simpson: whv, you will Inglneii every lady out of the room. However, go. by all means you will make nu assortment: Inn inke care ofyour.-elf, nnd I will give von a few lessons before you make your lelnil." Such was tho kind advice of my friend; and I was soon persuaded to accept the invitation, ami retired to the do-k lo wriie an answer. Rut hero was t rouble. I had never writ ton a nolo in my life ; for in our villages when a parly was to be given, one of the persons in llio bouse walked round, and gave a ve tial invitation, in the gue.-ts and made ibeni say whether they would come or not; as mother said slio wauled to know bow much cake to make, and bow many wnlnuis to crack. Ilowuver. an answer must be written. In the lir.-i place. I took n shoe' of foolscap paper, and with my penknife cut an exact pattern of tho nolo I had received; 'hen I ruled four lines wnh my thumb nail, requested one of the clerks to ineiid a pen Inr me, J and went to work. I will not docribo the agony I snfiered during one weary hour in aitempting lo reply to tins note. A dozen sheets of pnper I defaced, ere I was able to write a decent answer. I either began (no near I ho top of llio paper or I led out a word or in referring to the dictionary, I tumid I had niis-spellcd, in fine I had nearly exhausted all my paper nnd patience, when a version stiuck me which I I bought proper. I began again and wrote tho following-. "l)r..w; Madam I got your nolo last evening, asking mu to your house next Wednesday: and as Father told me to get into good company if I could, I guess I'll come, Your friend, Micii.w:i, Simi-'ov. I saw no impropriety m thin dieiioo so I folded Ihu nolo sealed it witii u wafer, and having no cue to obey my miiiihioiis, 1 was obliged to Jnnvo il myself on my wav linme til tnojit Four days wero now to bo passed before the memorable evening arrived, when I was to tnnke my debut in the iwmdc I need not say that the anticipation of this appalling occurrence formed my thoughts by day and my dreams by night; and when the evening arrived, my mind was so tie rangrd, and my conduct so extraordinary, that my friends were doubtful whether 1 was really a sane being l'eing informed by one of the clerks. thai, ii was nece-sary to nave my hair curled bot'ore I went, I repaired ns soon as the duties u the store were over, lo i tic nearest bnrb"r, and ronuoslcd him to perforin the ollicc. Tbe lnrber -tared at the bushy npppnr nnee of mv head nnil seemed lull) lo at tempt the job. However, offer I had con sented to bo shorn of some portion of my locks, he pinned a towel under my chin and Ci'iiuiicuct'd shearing. I always had a great passion for n good head of bur. From a boy I hud cultivated and il do' r red. with pomatum and tallow. the hair, pari icularlj the back part ol my head, so that my omnium, nt tins lime appeared a-- though covered with camel's hair brushes thy color of my hair np pruaeliing nearer lo this nrticie than to nnv thing else nnd now it was to bo mu lilaled and sacrificed for this occasion. Ijock nfier h.ek fell upon my shoulder nnd I could lu-nr tho bather licave many a siob, ere the operation was completed. Tins being done, the curling tongs were heated and applied. Thehuherio obstui aio straigblness of my Irnr under this operation was i ran-formcd into nn ineon gnioiis mnf-s of curls and snails. The t-llice I know, was n difficult one; for Hie fellow twi-tcd my hair round Ins tongs with such strength and power, I lint several i lines I was nei.r being raised Irion my eat. Yet 1 bore it all with heroic furl i tude; not n word escaped my lips no. not even when I heard my fin ir singe under tho uilloetice of the heated iron no, nor when the tongs cnino in contact with my eat and I he exposed part of my bend but Ilk" Absalom. I submitted to my fate. This unportnut afi'.iir being accomplished, t returned to my bnarding-hoiise lo make my toilet for the evening. This was no easy la-k. 'fn he -ore I had what would he called in the country a hnndtnme suit of r till lies. Inn il was very dill- ent front tin l.ifhion the city. Our snip of the vilknri posse-sed a remarkable liicnliv of uiakiinr a coat from a le-s (inainilv of cloth than any tailor ever heard of; as he considered that coat the best, lit winch set the lightest lo i he person, and inio which ihu wenrer had the greatest dihicully to crowd himself. Alter taking n strong cup of tea, as n stimulant, 1 retired to mv chamber lo nr- rnnge my dre-s for the evening. My best -nil i.a- oi'eoursi.- put in'o reijoi-ition, anil, being thoroughly brushed. I distributed U upon the various chairs in the room, there lo remain till ihe tunc should arrue when the duties of the toilet shield commence. M- agitation now was cxces-ive: the liio" wa-, -o l.i-i Hpproncliiiig when I -hinild mtllij a pnear in thai circle 1 had so con--tairlv thought and dreimed of when I -houlil truly li..- knocking at ih door, and making mv first bow that my knee- coin tuetii-ed sparring, mv hnuds trembling, and my whole body suffering under such ex ei'euient, t one won id have i opposed that 1 was under ihe operation of a gal vanic b.i'tery. In tbe net of shaving, I lacerated mv face in several places: in biu-hing my teeth, I u-ed the shavm". brush instead of Hie proper iinplein"ni. 1 washed my hands with tin; tooth powder hrn-hed mv h.vr with ihe shoo. brush; m line. mv vMls were so ill-ordered, I In 1 wa-unoiiH-eioiis of the oliiee I wa- perform tig. After v.v ions rever-es, I succeeded in arranging my dress to m satisfaction; all( as I viewed uiy.-elf in Ihe gl.i-s. became more coiiipo-'ed feeing convinced I never before appeared lo so much advnuinge. Mv tailor had indeed exercised to per'eo- l Ins latent in making, what he called a good fit. Mv coal wa-of blue broadchn h, ornamented with lira-- bullous of enorinoit eiretimfereiice. The wai-t of the coat evinced a strong nchnaii in lo take i's seat between my shoulders, while ihe lop of Ihe collar form. -it nearly a dctd Icvd wil'i the crown of my head. The sleeves fined tight to Ihe arm, Inn, wheiher from mis. take or fashion, ihey barely concealed the wust. and left Ihe whole hand exposed Mv vest was of wool. en; dark ground, but slnpesof red and yellow relieved lis other wise dull appearance. My Iron-ms were of a rod mixed color, cut after the Turk ish fashion ; a inc.' pair of white woolen slocking- covered the luiiiien-e length of my feet, made still longer by the prevailing fashion of having ihe pump' an inch longer I hail th" foot ; so t lint my body appeared as though set upon runners A snow whuo cr.ival surrounded my neck, while the iiifi", starched shut collar stood fi'inly up under my ears, as though my head depended ho- on that alo lie for support. Thus equipped, I paced mv chamber till seven o'clocK, and supposing this the proper Hour lor mauiiig mv oheisanee in .Mrs. Williams, 1 started for her house. The night was rainy nnd boisterous m the ex treme; nnd not wi-hing to incur the ox- pen-e ol coach hire, I pulled a pair of wool, leu stockings over my pumps, look nn um brella, and commenced my walk. The barber hud dressed my hair so cb in my niuid, thai, fearing In disarrange it, I car ried my hat in my h i ml, and made the mu brella iiorfotni a double oliiee. During mv walk, I meditated on the proper form (if address on being presented lo the Indv of the house, nnd, alter various trials. I hit upon one I Ihoiight nppropriate. "I have the honour of wishing Mrs. Williams goo I cvonuig" This will do. thought I ; so I continued repeating it until I arrived nt at the tl'ior of the house. Have you ever called on n denli-t to have your tooth extracted? if so, did not your heart heat and flullor almost to burst tug. ns you touched tho mini bell that an nounced your coming? Hut you know not Itn I r the agony I snfiered, ns I gave n lioif smothered knock on the door of tho boose where I was to pns the evening. Hill knock I did. I he door flew open as il by magic; I wn within the house; and my fate wns sealed. Rut all was confused; my fortitude forsook me, and I stood in the vestibule a statue. "Walk into I ho kitchen." said the scr vaut. This aroused me. "Tho kitchen, sir ! I was invited to come nnd see Mrs. Will units: is not this her house ?" "Oh, yes, sir; I beg pardon, sir: I really mistook. Please walk into ibis room, sir," showing me into a basement parlor. "No," I replied, "I want to toko my stockings ofi before I see the ladles. "Oh. tins is onlv the dressing room; please wa'k in. sir " In 1 wnlkeil, freed myself Irntn the cov ering of my feet, and prepared to nscend into the rnrler. Rut tins ren-iir"d resolution, and was not lo be ink-.n ;;i nuituie; so I sat down, and reflected v.-ha' course I should pursue. "I'reily lellow, that servant, to ask me into the kitchen ! I wish 1 could catch him in our town, I would teach him who was the servant. How still ihe folks are upstairs! I don't hear a word spoken; but I suppose all parlies nro slifi' at first; however, it must be near the time for go ing in.'' These wero my reflections; and after repeating the form of my addre-s two or three tunes, I left the dressing room. The bricks and groan of a dying sinner would tint have sounded as bar-lily in my ears as did the noise of the hlairca-e, as. I n-cen-ded lo tho drawing room. Rut there was Heretical. I arrived at the top of the -tairs I opened the door walked in "I have the honor of wishing" no' rt oemg wns in the nam! Had I mistaken the Iteiise? had the servant tricked mo ? wa I too early? each thought Hashed through my mind, when n female made her appear, auce from llio closet. "I have the honor ol wishing Mrs Williams good evening," I said, stalling up to her with prodigious strides. "La ! sir, I am not Mrs Williams; 1 am her servant ; but what do you want of In r. and how dare you (Mine into the parlor?" "Ma am, I was invited here : h not Mrs Williams going lo give a parly this evening ?" "Oli, i lien, ynu are invited; but, sir, the company will not he here these two hours. Rul, sit down, and I will speak to my lady." "Oh. no I thank ynu ; I will call again (loot allow mo lo disturb Mrs Williams." II I ever get out of this scrape, thought I, I will never be c.-.uglii again. At this moment a lady, most splendidly dressed, entered the room. She looked very inquiringly at me, when I informed her, "i hat 1 was Michael Simpson. Inn that I was very ory I had come so early, und I would call again ' "Oh by no uieaii-," said Mrs Williams "Sit down, Mr. Simpson, 1 want to talk v itb you." I tool; a seat. Tho perspiration rolled down mv face as though 1 was under the oporat ioi of i vapor bat Ir "Well Mr. Simpson, what is the news in I'elhiiiii ? When did you hear from your parents !" 'Oh, lliereis noihing new. ma'am; I I had a letter t'roin father n few (lajsMnce he says that J) neon Cook's tinrn is horni with three yoke of entile in it ; nnd that wul.iw Reals is deail." ' Indeed !' mid Mrs William. nit I will not mention Hie variety of subj-tjts hutched upon by Mrs W-.lliams in order to amuse me. lint I will pass t the tune when the guests began to as soluble. I took my stand behind the sofa in ihe corner of Hie room, and with eager eves watched the entrance of each individual Fir.-t ciiii'' throe or four old ladies, with i heir rilmideil caps ; black si li gowns, nm1 gold chains ami watches. Rowing lo thi nly of the house, I lie v took their seats on Hie sofa and after eveiug me very chucK they comii-.enccd I a II; about their ailing, their purchases, nnd iheir relative's mis loriuiics. i lien eniereil some d"Z Mi Voninr die-, giving a una! briih with their iiu. mouse sleeves, and, as thev made their eotiriesie-. I nearly jumped from Hie ll mr, hiukiug they had lost their equilibrium but Ihey aro?e in the same inechanipii manner with which they humbled them .-elves. Ladies nfier ladies continued to flock in mini the rooms were nearly crowded : hu with the exception of some elderly "eiille men, then! was not a beau m the drawui" room. Presently observed several young geniiemen Manning iiv llio coor, ind, after running their lingers lliroiioli their hair, ailju.-ling their cravais, am screwing their faces into a good cvenui-i on ol a look, they entered, bowed to Ho adies. and then distributed themselves among the company. All was now uoi-o and concision, and feeling ii little confidence, I ventured l ask young Williams to iutnulucR mu t some of the ladies. Williams was evi dently slarlled nl my requcsi, but was lo in nc li ol a geniieiniin to retiree Whelh er intended i0 quia me or not I cannot env: hut Iiu stud ho would introduce me lo Mis- Rivers, directing my eyes lo the lady in question. "Will ynu introduce me toher!" I cried; why slio la tho handsomeM lady in the "Certainly phe is," replied Williams, "and yen must be very polite to her." "Oh, let mo nloini for Hint," ausoered 1 endeavuriiig to osMiiny mi air of iudifier. once, when in truth my heart was in my month. 1 look his nrm and wo made our way through the crowd; hot ino-i iinforluiinto iy oho oi my emu nuiioiis enmu m cm elderly ladies, nnd from some enns w" were bound together. I endeavored to pass on, nnd the ladv attempted I" 'reo herself from such un unp -a?ant uni n. but in vti in. 1 saw my ilifnculiy. and be ing wholly engrossed by the thought nuny introduction in Mis- Rivers. I had rccmir-e lo my penknife nud the nfl'.iir was noon settled The ladv screanird, cniien me an impudent lellow, but 1 re-aril nothing till I found inysulf besid" Mis Itivers. "Miss Rivers, permit me to introduce ynu to Mr. Simpson, una of .iy country Irtends." Three limes d-d I incl ue mysc'f totbtt ground it three limes did I attempt lo spunk hot mv lonoiii' clave to the roof of my mouth nnd refused iillertince. I changed my position from the front of the Indy to her side, ami leaned my lifld agiitist. the well. The lady, during this movement retained tbo same composure nnd expres sion ns when I fir-l bowed. "Must I epen'i firt." "inogiii I. I nude a despea. n'e -i '). -o; , ur hohl of her -l-eve ' e-; ' - '.i.iv, I a'l.vd her "what she gave for that calico she had on ."' Miss Rivers started. 'La! sir, I dori know; you must n.-k int." "I hone von won't think mo impudent, ma'am." 1 replied. Oh. by no means ; but ifny, Air. Sunp- sin, how long have you been in t"ivn." said Miss Rivers;, thinking she would quiz me n lit lie. "I have on'y been in town nbnut a month ma'am, mi I am mil quite so genteel as some of the chaps here." "Ah. you want me to flatter you." an swered the lady but I won't ; but tell me havo you seen Rob Roy," referring to Scott's last novel "No ma'nm. is be here ?" "Oh. I do no the person himself, but you know the wsrk has just come to town. "Yes ma'am, I recollect now, we ld a case come from New York. Capital article for clonks. Wc sell them nt two dollars n yard ; perhaps you would like a pattern ?" "You do not understand mo " said Miss Rivers, commanding her risibles ; "I hd reference lo Scott's la-t novel. "A novel ! oh, I never read such things for they tell me there is not a word of I mill in them, and I don't want to read a pack of lies." Our edifying conversation was inter rupted by the nrrivnl of some refreshments which the servant proffered to Mi-j Rivers Here was a chance for my gallantry. The waiter was covered with ice creams, ,r. man punch, black-mango, eel ect.; arti cles never b"foie seen bv me : however, I -topped forward, and asked her what 1 should have ihe pleasure of giving her. "1 will Hiank you 'or a little Roman punch. Mr. S.oipson." Rinnan punch nt this time was held in high estimation in R . It was nme- tim -s of water, spiced nnd frozen j but of tins was itrnorniit. "Punch !'' thought I. "ralhfir queer for a. lady to dtink punch 1'' tho same limo lo find the article on tin.-waller. I looked in vain ; noihing rcsimiuling what I called punch, was visible; so I w-htMiercd in the -urvant's ca- "firing mo a gl,i-s of oniip.h waiter; quick!" thou turning to Miss Rivers, 'Will yon have some of tin- stnfi'iirsl:" re ferring In somu duheate black nungo. 'As you please, Mr. Simpson." said the I.nly .smiling. 1 oiivut'il tho plate with tins delicious ntnr cav : asked the waiter if he had got a knife and lot k ; he s-nd a spoon was guncra'ly u.i oil. so I handed it lotliu lady, ami tc.ltiruud lo my plaei) by her sidn. i'rcMitiily I saw tliu servant approaching, bearing on Ihu waiter a glass of punch, '-"ovv," 1 ihuuglil, "Misi llivpr -h ill have a drink." Taking tbegla-s fiom ihe waiter, I handed it to Ihu huly. informing her, thnt it looked as though it might ho good "fiut what h this, Mr. Simpson?" akcd Miss Rivers. "Why ina'm, this js the punch you or dered ; prav take it : no one shall see you drink it. for I v li stand before you " M t-s Rivers wa sum -what emb irrassed. but seeing my hone.-', gr ive and anxioes face, she hurst into ao in'o,ai'o til of laughter, and b -gg-d me t" drink it for her. Now I hnd never drank a glass of punch in my life; hut fearing the lady would laugh at mo. v.t bout hesitation I swallowed lb cements of I he glass, Shortly after ihu, I observed an unusual degree of ciiHiiuo'ion throughout the draw ing room; iiui-ic siruck up und a dance was called. I thought of my proficiency n Hie 'pig-'on wmg' and 'double simile,' and was unxmus for an opportunity of display ing mv agility but resolved lo await ti.e second dance. "Why ihey are playing psalm tunes," thought I, observing nniie move faster than a slow walk. "I -houlil thui; Ihey were all frightened lo death; but I wili show Ihein how Hie thing is done."' .1 watched every movement, nnd when the first dance wa- completed. I requested the honor of dancing Willi M.ts Rivets, she being the only lady wnh whom I was nt qua. mod. Tho Indy very politely consented, ! led her into the centre ol the room, mndo two slides nud bows, placed myself in the third po-iiion, und nwniicd tint cell of Ihu most, cian. I began to f el the efi'-cts of the runoh. and it wa-"ilh some didieiiliy that I ,vas able to maintain my awkward attitude. "l!nt i hi dance will make mo nil right," I thought. When i lit musician called out 'right nnd left.' 1 slatted nt onre, i nger for tliu dniit-e. hot wn detniiied by my paitner. who informed nip thai my turn bad nni yet come. At the en'l of 'Fide couples lo tho 'right ami left.' 1 jumped three feet uilo tl o rear. Mrnmed every nerve, nnil went to work, and ninc'i to my satisfaction, tonne. uiVM-lfio my place again. Elated with my -iiecess, nod evened by the poncli, Iturnod t" Miss Rivers, an.) asked it i here is nut a tact with the loco cap worn by one (' the! di wn in the middle' to tl is dance".

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