Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 7, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 7, 1837 Page 3
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Isaac It. Harrinbton ) Chittenden County vs. Court IUtiidun. )jIarcliTermwn TOWHERFiAS Isaac R. Harrington, of V Buffalo, in the State of New York, at the August term ol Clnltcndon County Court A. D. 1036, commenced his nclinn Rgainst Benjamin llolhburn, of Buffalo, nforesnid, in n plcn of the case, for money had and received, for money lent and ad vanced, for money paid, laid nut and ex pended, and liir goods, wares and mcrchon disc, Fold and delivered, to the damage of Ihnsnid Isaac R. five thousand dollars, which action wai entered on I lie docket of raid Court, at tniil August term of 1336, and the Plaintiff appeared by his All'y Charles Adams, and the Defendant being absent from the Stnto nl the tunc of the rcrvicu or saw writ, m emu to.. continued to the March term of said Court 1037, nt which term the Plaintiff again appeared by his said Attorney, and it not being mndc In appear to the Court, that the Defendant had had personal noiico of the said service nod pendency of this suit, the same is again continued by said Court to the August term thereof 1037, and the foid Court also order that further notice ol The pendenrv of said suit be given, by fuiblishiiiff the- stibstonco of the Plaintiff's declaration three weeks successively in the nutliniXon Free Press, printed at said Burlington, t tin last of which publications 1o be twenty days before the setting of c...i Pnnri. "uliinh shall bo deemed suffi- cienl notice to the snid Benjamin to op inoiir noil answer to said suit. Dated at Burlington aforesaid, this llh Jay of July, A. D 1037. y V.m. NOBLE. Clerk. bv nil I?K ANHlMilTII Wants no t allege no institution, no monopoly, no charter, he being quite tainjieu to rest on the patronage of the public fur the uteres of his grand, father' VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL PILLS Established in hngland, 1751 "Si-inrce should contribute to tho comfort health, and happiness of mankind." rilHF.SR celebrated vegetable Pills nf which JL KIGHTY THOUSUN'I) BOA'ES have been soUi'in N.York since July, 1035, are now rucmnmeirdcd by lhonandsof persons whom they have cured "f Ciiiiumplion, Infliiunza. Dyspepsia, Headache, 'ains and a sense of fii'llticss in the back parloftho Head, usually Hie symptoms of Apoplexy, Jaundice, Fever and Agne.Willinos. Searlul, Typhus, Yellow, nnd common Fevers of all kinds, Asthma, Gout, Rheumatism, Nervous diseases, Liver complaint. Pleurisy, Inward Weakness, Do prcss'mn of the Spirits, Uuptuies, Inflamation. Sore Eyes. Fits, 'alsy, Dropsy, Small Pox, Measles, Croup, 'Coughs Whooping Cough, Quinzy, Cholio, Choloramnrbtis, Gravel, Worm's, Hysentary. Deafness, Hinging Noises in the Head, K'iiil's Evil. Herufula, Erysipelas, ir St. Annlhy's Fire. Salt Ilheum. While . Sweilings. doers, sonm of30 years standing, Cancers, rumors, aweueo i-eci anu nrgs, 'iles Coslivunrss, all eruptions of tho skin, Frightful Dreams, Female complaints of every kind, especially obstructions, relaxations, &c : 7o00 testimonials have been received from individuals of the highest respectability. They in fact prove, by the cures, they make, iliat thure is no necessity for uny other medi cine. Although Dr. B. has enumerated by name the above diseases, licit nevertheless of opin. ion with his irraridfuther, the lute celebrated Dr Wm Brandreth, that there is only nnodis. rase, an impurity ol tho olood, which by im tiL'ditur the circulation, brings on intlamalion nnd consequent derangement 'n tho organ or part where such impurity of the blood -settles ; nnd that it is Ihc different appearances which this inflaination or dcrangemont.puton.tiitit have caused medical men to designate, such nppcarances by various names, but which are in fuel, only the same diseaso, with more or Joss virulence Dr Win Brandreth was so fully convinced of the truth of the above sim pie theory, that ho spent 30 years in experi ment and laborious research into the medicinal proportics of tlw.-numcrous plants composing 4hc Vegetable Kingdom'; his object being to compose a medicine which should at-ouuc pu fify, and ptnduco by specific action, a removal of all bad humors from the blood by the Ftom ach and bowels, ns by the continuation of the .use of such a medicine, sueli humors are sure 'to be car lied off, and the blood assume a stale -ofpuiity: and 7'ills, and .pcisevcrcs with them, will be satisfied that Dr Wm 'Brandreth fully attained his philanthrop 'ic object. 'It is now an absolute, and known fact. that every disease, whether it bo in the head or feet, in the brain or moancst member; whether it bo an outward ub-er, or an inward nliscess, are all, though arising from many causes, reducible, to this one grand effect, namely, impurity of blood. In all casus they will be found a snfn and implo remedy, yet all powerful for the rcino val of disease, whether chronic or recent, in. fcclious or otherwise.; and what makes them particularly adapted to Ibis country, is that there is not the slightest liability to cold when taking them, indeed the system is absolutely less susceptible of cold when under their influ. nee, than at any other time thcrcfoie in this cnmaie incy are invaiuuuic. i c 1 1 1 1 e r uo nicy roquiro change of diet or caro of any kind. In England these Pill have been the only medicine of many families for periods varying from forty to sixty years and have always ji.-ovod effectual ii: restoring health whenever Ail nbcriation fiom it has occurred. In many cases where the dreadful ravages rf ulceration had laid bare ligament and bono,' and whero to nil appearance uo human means could savo life, liavo patients by the use of these pills been restored to good health, the devouring disease having been perfectly eradicated. In consequence of the pleasantness of their to numbers wbohavo been cured in Ncw.York and Brooklyn, of this diseaso. VINDICATION. Dr Brandreth lias been assailed bv tho proprietors of other medicines as a mercenary quack, becauso ho is said to recommend his medicine In large quantities, nnd that no cood modicino Is so required. Tho fact Is, that any mcdicino having Mercu ry, Arsenic, Antimony, or Hemlock In It could not bo taken in largo doses, becauso if it were, such medicines would destroy lifo at once. Ho docs not say tho medicines to wittclt ho nl bides havo those Ingredients in them, but it is evident, Horn their directions, that great caro is required in tho taking or thorn. Now, Brandrolh's Vcgclablo Univorsal Pills can bo taken at all times, in largo or small doses, ac cording to urgency of symptoms. Such is Ihc reputation, and so great me no mand for tho Genuine 'Bradrcth's Vegetable Universal Pills,' that a counterfeit articlo is made, advertised and told as Genuine and so mo individuals who sell tho counterfeit pills, havo advertised themselves as my agents that I havo found it necessary, to preserve tho rep. illation of my pills, and savo tho public from imposition, to furnish every agent with a cer tificate which is as follows. Drandrcth't Vegetable Universal Pillt. SKCUMTY AGAINST CoUNTKRFEITS. The within nnined. Farro& Piirmeloeof Middletown, Conn, arc niv nnpotntcd Gcu cral Agents for ihoSinte of Vermont, Con nrcticnt (except Fairfield Co.,1 Hampden, Hampshire & Franklin Counties, (Mass. ; Cheshire & Sullivan Counties, N. II. In the United States of America. And this letter, which is signed by mo, B. Ukamhiktii, in rnv own hand writing, must niso bo signed bv I ho within named General Aifcnt. whose name will also ap pear in the principal papers in the United Stales. This caution has become nosoiuio Iv necessary. I" iiuard the public against the numerous counterfeits which are out of the above popular medicine. B. BRANDRETH, M. D. New York, Feb. 52. 1037. For sale bv S. E. HOWARD. Burling ton Fuller & Huntington. Richmond Fletcher & Woodman. Wtlliston J. T. Ainsworih, Milton Potter. Cull. & Co Fairfax-L. Tyler, Essex L. Jones, Geor ma James Russell, St. Albans r. V Goodrich. SwontonS. K. Plott, Higbgate Wm Green & Co.. Sheldon-Chaffer & Lewis Berkshire, Thomas Fuller & Son Enosburi'h Armincton &. Dean, Bakers field Tower &. (jokes, Underbill G. B Oakes. .lerico. DISSOLUTION. I THE partnership heretofore existing bctwuen the undersigned under the firm nf Allen & Owen, is hereby dissolved, to Inko effect on Ihc first day nf July 1037. All persons having unsettled accounts ore requested to make immediate settle mcnt with Jacob Owen. GEO. A. ALLEN. JACOB OWEN. Burlington, June 30, 1037. 4th OF JULY 1776 ABoauliful Engraving of the "Declaration of Independence" containing a correct likeness of all of the signers, tho plate is ac companied with a key, by which any person may tind out each individual signci, tho key is accompanied with each signer's namo. in tho fac siinilio of his own hand writing. Tho I'lato is now in tho Window of tho Variety Shop. Pangdorn k Brinsmaid. Juno, 23. Wanted Immediately. "1AS1I, fair wages and constant employ menl will be given to a good Spinner by H. W. HI TCUCUCK St. Johns, June 27ifc, 1037. 1 Case more Fine Florence Braid Bunnctts, Grecian nnd Cottage form by L. Curtis &. Co. June 30. SALT. Bush. Coarse Western Salt 1000 do Turk's Island do 500 Bbls. Fine do 200 do Coarse do. J.& J II. Peck & Co. AMSON'S Patent Scythe Snathes, by I J. & J. H. Pkck & Co SPOOL STANDS. CJ INGLE and DOUBLE ONES, for sale at KJ tho Variety Shop. Panqdorn k Brinsmaid. Hay Rakes and Forks. T Y the dozen or single June 21. J. &, J. II. Peck & Co. N. E. RUM. Hhds. Boston N, E. Rum, just landed, tor sale by J. & J. II. Peck Sl Co. June 21. 20 Josiah Blake's Estate. To tho Hon. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, comes Ihc sub scriber Dorcas Blake, administratrix of the Estate of Josiah Blake, late of Bolton in said Di-trict, deceased, nnd represents lhat the pcrsonnl estate of said deceased will not bo sufficient to pay the debts and charges thereof, nnd here by makes application to said Court for license to sell the real estate for that pur pose, and as a part of said estate cannot be sold without injury to those intercs. ted in tho remainder, she therefore makes application for a license to sell all the real estate and the rcvoreion of the widow's dower in said estate DonCAs Blakb. STATE OF VERMONT. District ok Chittenden, ss. AT a Probate Court holden at Willis ton, in said District, on tho 10th dov of Juno A. D. 103?. It is ordered that, no account bo taken of the debts and also, the proceeds of the pcrsonnl estate of said de ceased, and that Iho heirs and all persons concerned in said estate be notified to ap pear belorc said Court on the third Mon day of July next, at tho Eagle Hall in Wi'liston, aforesaid, to give bund for the payment of debts, and show cause why license as aforesaid thall not be granted, and that such notice be given by publish' ing the above application three weeks sue ccssively, as soon as may be, in the Free i'ress, a npwspaper printed in Burlington, in sum jjismci. Given under mv hond. the dav nnd year first above written. Wm. WESTON. Register. Case fine English Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, now opening and for Rale cneapoy kATUUO!' I'OTWIN June 23, 1837. READY PEN MAKERS, to make a pen at ono cut. Just received at tho Variety Shop, a few oftlin useful and ingenious instru moots. .4geu persons can make I'cns with them without Spectacles. For sale at the Va riely Shop. PAJvuBORJ & BRINSMAID. FRUIT. "DINE APPLES, and LEMONS, for sale JL at THBOP&POTWIN, June 23. NAILS. Kegs Nails, assorted sizos, superior article, iust received on consignment, and for sale at the lowest price by H. M. GIDDINGS. Burlington. Pearl sl. June 2 1 si, I0B7. 200 18 37 FOK PORT DOUGLAS, PORT KENT 1 OUT JACKSON, PLATTSHUBGH, N. k S. HERO. ST. ALBANS, ALBURGH SPRINGS, AND HIGHGATE. EST RAY. AME into the enclosure of the sub Kj senber, on the 17th inst., a white French Mare, about years old, the owner is requested to prove property and take hurnway. ESBON SANFORD- Willislon. June 2C. 1U37. iUodical Lectures. THE Medical Lectures at Dartmouth College will commence on Thursday, the third day of August, and continueour teen weeks. Anatomy, Surgery, nnd Obstetrics, bv R. 1). Mussev. M. D. Physiology. Materia Mcdica. and Medical Jurisprudence, by D. Or.ivEn, M. D. Theory and Practice of Physic, by J. Dei.amater. M.D. Chemistry and Pharmacy. lv O. P. Hubbard. M. D. The Lccturoa on Theory and Practice will be delivered the first six weeks of the term. Fees for tho Course. $50. Matriculating Fee. $.!. Hanover. JV. II., June 13. 1837. Small Bills, or Change, OF $1,50 cts. Wets. 12 1-2 els payable on demand in trado or bills, hanilsiunclv executed on Hank bill Paper r.iu lie bad by the quantity at tho Variety Shop, for from $1 to $'2 per hundred. Th'cso will assist in making change and bo a great convenience. I'ANODUKN CC JllllNSMAIll. DISSOLUTION. NOTICE is hereby given that the Co partnership heretofore existing under tho firm of Wellington, Whitney & Co. and Boardman, Clark & Co. was by mutual consent dissolved on the 25th inst. nil Notes, accounts and debts duo the nforcaid firms, must bo nrranged and settled with Joseph Clark, Samuel Boardu an and Eh- plialet Whitney, by whom all demands against the aforesaid firms will bedischarg. ed. JOSEPH CLARK. SAMUEL BOARDMAN. ELI PH A LET WHITNEY. E. WELLINGTON jr. JIillon, May 30, 1837. Crockery and Glass Ware. rjnill! subfcrihrrs nro now offering a liuc Jl. nnd vplrndid stock ol Crockery and Jla9 Ware, and it is their intent inn to keep licit a stock that Iho public will know uhi'iu lo coino nnd select llieir lull supply any time, and at satisfactory prices, Wn huvo Now, Cut, Ground, and ) lam Astral, Globe, fall mid LAMPrf. Stand Dining sells complete, while mid prin ted. Gold llunil, white anil bronze f.'hina sultn, Cut and plain Champaigiin f Lemonade, Win;., Wino.and CLASSICS. Celery ) and in fact ahnr. t every article in tho line Li.mupi. CtiiiTts Co. Burlington, May 23, 111.17. Plated Spoons. PLATED TEA AND TABLE SPOONS. Plated Cream Spoons end 6tigar Tongs Plated Salt nnd Mus tard Spoons of different kinds for sale at the Variety Shop. June 15. Pangboun & Uiunsmatd. COPARTNERSHIP. THE subscribers having formed a Co. partnership under the firm of llOAHDMAN, CLARK & CO. AND E. WHITNEY & CO. at the old stands of Bnardman, Clark & Co, and Wellington, Whitney &, Co. in Milton, at which two places all tho business heretofore carried on by the above firms will he by us continued in all its various branches. JOSEPH CLARK. SAMUEL BOARDMAN. ELI I'll A LET WHITNEY JIilton, May 30, 1037. L. 13. Piatt's Estate. 3)6PE the subscribers, having been np W pointed by the Honorable the Pro bale Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims nnd demands of all per sons, against the estate of L. B. Piatt, late of Millon, in said District, deceased, rep. resented insolvent, and nl-o ail claims and demands exhibited in off-ct thereto ; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend lo the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Sally Plait, in Milton, in said District, on the 13th day of November next, at 10 o'clock, A, M. Dated, this 16th day of May, A I) 1837. DANIEL H. CUIOM, ) Commit. IRA WITTERS, sinners. KBW GOODS. frillE subscitber has taken the Store - heretofore ocupied by Mr Sidney Barlow, and has the pleasure of ofi'cring n heavy stock of Dry Goods.Crockery, Hard ware, nnd Groceries on ery fnvorablc terms. Most kinds of Produce received in exchange, and good bargains given for HAW LEY M. GIDDINGS. Burlington, May 24, 1837. William Pease's Estate. WE the subscribers, having boon ap pointed by the Honorable tho Pro bate Court for the District ot Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine ana ad i nit the claims and demands nf nil persons against Ihc estate of William t'easc, late nf Charlotte, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for thai purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Mrs. Statirn Pease, in said District, on the first Tuesday of August, and on the first Tuesday of November next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, tins 2-lthdnv of June, A. D 1837. NO RLE LOVELY. i Commit. SHELDON WHEELER. ( sinners. NEW MEAT MARKET. TI1HE subscribers having opened a Meal JL Market, at Mrs. Durkco's old stand, on Church. Street, ask the palronago nf the public. as they intend at least, to try to givo satisiac THE STEAM.DOAT MACDONOUGH CAPT. WM. P. PHILLIPS, ILL Leave Burlington every Monday morning, at half past 7 o'clock, and will land and receive passengers and freight at all the above mentioned ports, and arrivo at Highgato about half past 6 o'clock, P. M. Leave flifjhgatn every Tuesday morning, at half past 7 o'clock, rcturninir by the same rou lo, and arrivo at Burlington about half past 6 I . M. rjj"Leavo Burlington every Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at half past "o'clock in I he morning, touching at all inlcr mcaiate ports, except Porl-Douglae, and or. nvo at St. Albans al 1 o'clock, P.M. Leave St. Albans al half past ) o'clock, on thosamo days, and arrive al Burlington at half past seven o'clock, P. M. This arrangement is mado for tho accomo dation of those who wish to visit Alburgh Springs and the north pari of the Lake. The scenery oi'this route is far the most interest ing on tho Lake. Those who have not visited this portion nf the lako cannot but be interest, cd by making the excursion through the Islands lo Alburgh Springs and Higbgate. Burlington, Juno 14,1837. Matthew Sax's Estate. THE subscribers having been appointed by the Honorable Probate Court for tho dis. trict of Grand. Isle commissioners to receive examine and adjust all claims and demands of all porsnns against llie citato of Mallhew Sax, lato nfChazy deceased and all claims and de mands exhibited in onset thereto, do hereby givo notice that said estalo is represented in. solvent, and six mouths from the 27th day of April A. LI. 1837 is allowed to the creditors ol said cstato to provo their respective claims be. fore us, and that we will attend to t ho Unties of our appointment at tho dwelling house ol Ira Hill, in IsloLa Molt, on the third Monday of Augut next, from 10 o'clock forenoon till 1 o clock altcrnoon. Dated at Islo La Molt, this 1st day of Juno A, L). 1837. JOSKril SKWEL, EZRA PIKE.jr, HARRY HILL, Joseph Brown's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, ss. AT a Probate Court holden at Burling ton within and for the District afore, said on the 2th day of June, A. D. 1837, in Instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Joseph Brown, late of Jericho, in said District deceased, was presented lo the Court, here for Pro bate, by Polly Brown the Executrix, there, in named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court. that public notice be given to all persons interested therein to appear before said Court, at a session thereof to be holden tit Burlington on the 12th day of July next A. D. 1837, and contest the probate of said Will, and it is further ordered that this order be published three weeks sue ceslvely in the r ree I'ress a news paper printed at Burlington, in this State, the the last of which publications shall be previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Ofhcc, this 8th dav of June A. D. 1837. Win. WESTON, Register. Round Rules for Counting Room Desks and Marble stands and Rules for the same, for sale at ihc Variety Shop. PaNGUORN & DlU.NfMAII). June 15. STRAY MARE. STKAYKU irom the subscriber on the39th of May last, a Brown Mare, with a switch tail, a star in the forehead and marked on one hind leg. Whoever will give any information of said mare shall receive the sincere thanks of the subscriber. PHILIP PEAROU. Burlington, June 15, 1837 Ladies' Shoe Store. nnllE subscriber would give notice that JL in adddition to his present stock o fasionable Shoes, he is weekly receivin from the Manufacturers n selected a sortmcnt of custom work, among which are IManstields best Kid Slips, Uaitor Boot anu waiKing &noes, winch will bo np proved by nil who may wish nn nrticle for Service. Likewise Gentlemen's line Boot and Pumps made to order by the best of workmen that can bo obtained and warran ted. All of which are offered at the lowest price for Cash. DANA A. BRA MAN. Burlinclon, May 23, 1837. LYMAN & COLE HAVE ree'd llieir Spring nud Slimmer firmd, coiripriiiii,' iij ti;u,ilu (jenciiil astoitinciit of DRY GOODS, Anions whirl) arc a nilenilid ii'-oilmcnt of Cli cocs, (tingli.uiH unit Piinted ('.until ics. rig d, rin-s liarri-d, nnil l'l.iin Jliilut.. Swiss mull, .larniiet, and I'l.iiil Mutiny, l'l.iin, l'iid'. l)), nml I'l.iiil Cniilii-ic. ltii li Plain nml Kinhroidcieil Silk lliuicry. do. do. Col Km do. Gloves, Silk, Kid, l.lncn, Picnic, and Cotluii, ni.irk, Illuc PI irk, l-'izuicd and Plain Oro do Sw iff, mid (.to ile Uliinc. Cnl'd and PI. lid (Iro do Naples do. Silk C.unblcls and Poii"ecj. mimed and plain Sb.ilbs. I.'.nlirs f.nicv fills Cinviits. Tambour rind French uuikcd Cipea nnd Collin.. l'l.iin nml I-m'd Sli.illv HMkTj mill Shawls ery i!di. reiving hilk tin. do I'is'd silk Crane, ami rich IIern.ini. ll'dk'fj and Shawl. I'uflc'M nnd Garniture Ribbon', Scwiii' Silk and Twist. liioadclnlbs, Ciipsiiiicics and Ve.-liugi. Domestic CTooTtti, Brow it Cotton Slirrlinj, Shii ling and Drilling. Iileacli do, do. du. Tirk, Wicklng, &c. A toud iis.-iirliii' iil of Mtmnipr Cloth. 1'rochell.i, 1'riiicella, I.iminelle, Cinpc, Cam blct kc. Yoik Mixtures, blue Drills, fancy Ehiiic mole Skin &c. .Supci fine l.lncn, Ir!.-li I.incn Shirting, tlo. Sheering 4 -1 to 10 4 will.-. Hilda eje Diaper, do, Napkin?, nud I. men Damask. liu-'ia Diaper, anil ci'.ifli, linen table Cloths Urnw n anil ISIi-.u licil. Iluiliiintmi, Slav 2ulh, 1S27. Bonnets. Wreaths, &c. 1 CASE Sup. Straw BO NETS Tuscan and Florence S Common Tnc.m nnd Cnllos'iim do French Flowers, Wreath &c bv LEMUEL CURTIS & Co. May 22. 1H37. Blacking and Brushes. PASTE and VARNISH BLACKING of good quality, and good shoe llrcsli. es, for bale at the Variety Shop, Pangdorn & BniNssiAin. FIIiK WORKS. "DOCKETS, Flower Pott, Mines, Fur- JL1. belows ami other large Firework will bo furnished, by us, for the 4th of July NOTCIC. AT a mooting of Iho Director.-? of thi Colchester Manufacturing Company duly hidden, it wn- ordered that nn n.-er niont of Ten dollars be laid on each s-hare of the capital stock of said Company, to be paid on or before tho "3d day of June A. D 1837. and a, further ns-p--iiipni of five Dollar-; on oacrt share of snul Cnp'Unl flock to In' paid mi or boforc the 1st day ot J nl v A. D 1837. SIDNEY BARLOW, Clrr!. May 18, 1837. Jivv or other celebrations We du any al the shop, but they can be had in a few minutes after they arc called for. No firewerks will be sent from tho Magazine, this season with the privilege of returning Artificial Flowers, verv nrettv: not keep j j(,iair Cnp-, fancy colors, Stny und I!noi lj'ices: Wood, hieelnml Whalebone Bosk-, narrow Wlial'-bono.--, Elastics, Suspenders ; Pnrlnr I Jail.--. Had ledore s. Look:ng-GlasrH those not used. Panriiorn &. Brinsmaid. June 1st, New Goods again. 7J7"E have again returned from New " T York with an additional slock ol New Goods, which makes our assortment better than ever before; among the Goods now opening are 0 doz. Swords and other Military Goods; of all kinds and prices; fine L-ipmo Watches, decant portable I writing Desks ; black and while Crayon.--. Crayon holders; Stub, Wafers in I lb. Bundles, playing Cards ol the best niinliiy. star and plain Backs; letter and enp Paper, ruled and plain ; note Paper; ladies silver tablet Pencils; fine Steel Pens; and a great variety of articles in these depart, mcnts; just opening at the Variety Shop. Panriiorn & Brinsmaid. (for Toilet Tables and Bud Rooms,) with Urawers lor Combs. lVc under them, Curls, RitiglnK &o. Variety Shop. Panrrorn it Brinsmaid. j-jGolil and Silver Ponciis, and Spectacles; Tooth Picks, Thimbles, I Jo--mil Pius, Finger Ring--, Ear Jewel- nml rings; Chains Keys nnd Seals &c. nt the Variety Shop. Panriiorn & Brin-mu. operation, and llio close noi generally bauig I tlon,to all those who may bol ilisnoscd to fa- required to no moro man our or nvo pm. Uour them with thcircuslom' Will tho citizens (merely koeninc in view tho drain upon the humor,) they arc fast impending ovcry other preparation of professed similar import. Cases may occur where it will bo proper to take twenty or even lliirty or moic pills ; lljs must be considered with reference, to highly inllaui. matory disease, or when great pain is expeu nood. As Brandroth's Pills prevent Scurvy, Cos. tiveness and its consequences, scafuring 111211, and all travellers to foroign regions, should not be without them, in ordor to resort to on every occasion of illness. N. fl. Time or climate affect them not. Southern Gentlemen will find this medicine one which will cnsuio health to tho people on their eslatcs. CANCERS. Several cases of euro can bo referred to, Iho cure is suro if pcrscvoranco is 11 snd. CONSUMPTION. Reference can bouiado of Burlington and vicinity (who wish to buy mum,; jusi (jivu mum an uppnrtuniiv in re deem their pledge. ALFRED PITKIN. DUDLEY PITKIN. N. B. Csn paid for Sheep and Lamb's Pelts Farmers having fat Catllo, Calves, Hogs, Sheep and Lambs, aio invited to call on the suuFcnbcrs. A. K U. I'lTKIN. liurlington, June 23, 1G37. gi ILL'S COMPLETE PRECEPTOR for VJT tho wccordcon.on an entire new nrinci pic, by which a person may learn themselves, whether they have a knowlcdgo of notes or not. .'J I so good tuned rosowood Wcnonleons much lower than before sold. 11 is now good opportunity to get thisbeauliful Insliu moot. 1-or sale at Iho Variety ntwp, PANGDORN k BRINSMAID. Juno S3. iy ui juii l Com' HAIR, SILK &. SEAWEED LINES, FieIi Hooks, Rods in canes, Slate Pencils set in Cedar; tine India Ink, the best article we ever had, just received al me Variety Shop. PANGimnN & Brinsmaid. Juno 1st., 1S37. NF.W GOODS AGAIN BOYS. WL are pleased lo inform our young customers, that wo did not forgot their orders, whilst soli-cling our Variety, but have brought 2000 Alley and other Marbles, some India Kub'jcr Halls, I orpedocs, kc. cxprcssly Ibr our vnuNQ customers, at tho Variety Shop, Pa.NOBORN &: IllllNSMAII), AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN, OWARD hasjust returned fromNcw York, being his second trip this spring, and has brought just what has been hoped and wisneu tor 10 anxmusiy viz. uie news of better times having commenced in consequence of the call of the Congress of the nation anu me uegiuniug 01 uie iuy Banks to receive (ho Country Bank notes, both of which causes have inspired hopes nnd brought back confidence , and with it thcNew Goods into market fur distribution, and being just at Iho right time, tho turn ing of the lidi, received his portion of tho most approved nrlicles, cntno back in the fastest Rail and Steam Boat Lines with 1 hem so us to distribute, the happy intelli gence and pleasing New Goods among the people as generally and as fast as possible and if they will only como buy and take them I am sure Ihey wil! feel and appear better and more cheerful, and all things will L'o on auain recularly and harmoniously. P. 8. Only just call and look or buy at I, Howard's. nay ai, luav Pocket Book and Money Lost, BETWEEN tho Limekiln of Mr Dean, on iho HincsburL'li road, and the Court House square a calfskin Wallet, containing fifty fivo dollars and a half four ten and two five dollar bills on tho Farmers and Median- icks Bank, ono fivo dollar bill on St. Albans bank, and ono half dollar of American coin. Whoever may have found said money, shall bo entitled to Ten Dollars, by leaving tho same al tho Post OITico in this village. JUMN VAIN SIL'KLiKiN Jr. NEW GOODS. LOVELY & ABBOTT, " AVE just relumed from Now York with JL J. a good assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods. Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass and China Ware, &c. cu. wlucli will bo suiu very Low for Cash. May 25, li!37. STOCKS. just recoived by L. CURTIS k Co, Juno 1, 1037. 1 Case more Elegant FLORENCE 1 TUSCAN BONNETS COLOSEUM S a " French Wreaths, by L. CURTIS k Co. June 1, 1837. WOOL TWINE. JUST received by J. &, J. II. Peck & Co. Juno 21. w John Wing's Estate. E the subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Pro bate Court for the District of Grand Isle commissioners lo receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of nil persons, " .. ...... ,.r ii... i... UL'a nsi 1 ou usiuiu m jimiii my, mic of Alburch, in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also all claims nud demands exhibited in olftnt thereto; nnd six months from tho day of the dale hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur poo, wo do therefore hereby give notice that wo will attend to the business oi our appointment, nt I ho dwelling house of Han nah Wing, in Alburgh, in said District, on the lust Saturday of October next, from 10 o'clock, A. M. t ill 0 P. M. Dated Alburgh. 22d May, 1037. Wm. SOWLES, I Commit IC1IABOI) NILES. s sinners. SCYTHES. DOZ. warranted ScWhes by J. & J. 'II. PECK. Temperance School Medals. C1CIIOOL MEDALS, with tho Tern peranco Pledge nnd other temperance devices upon Ihem Tor sale al tho Vorioiv Shop, I'ANftUORN & Brinsmaid. June 15. BOOK AGS KNTS A S many soliciliutr book ngnl, a? shall xA. equal the number ol Coiintii's in iho Statu of Vermont nro wanted, to solicit. Mib-cribers to n new, largo and original work, entitled, 'Tin: Anti-Univk.k'.u.i-t, 011 a IhvroRV oi tiii: iui.i.un Anrui.sov Tin: Sciih'tuiu:s, inlauhd as a refutation of the three main point of dor- Irinc, namely: that there it no lull for the widcr.d, after thit lifcuo day of Judgement ul the end of the world and nn Devil or Satan, as a real being in rrislenre, at i held by the orlhmlar rrr.- of religion." Such persons as may wis 1 ' uec nu; engaged in this business, must bu 1 f i'air character, nnd able to give good security by way of an undcr-writur for all books sold, and such ns ore not sold to be returned, if returned within such time as shall be specified in the obligation given for the books, at the lime they may be wanted. As to the remuner ation for the agent's services, and the costs ot transacting tho busnies. if transacted according to contract which may he en tered into with the author it will be such, ns lhat the moderate sueccs-i of five sub. scribcrs n day, will givo tho agent, nfter deducting expenses of board, something- OVCr FII'TV R-0M.AR3 A MONTH, PXCOpt tho transportation of the book?, which in nil cases is but trilling. This work i-- imw meeting with extraordinary succc-.-', by way of subscription, in nearly nil the Coun ties of the State of New-York, and doubt less will elsewhere. Sciiool masters, Far mers, Mechanics-, Merchant?, Students nt Law or Diviuty, are respectfully invited if not otherwise profitably engaged to ac cept of Hi. s employment, as the opportuui ty to double 1 he amount above named is fairly probable, For nil further information, relative to tho manner of doing the biMnrss, plea-o address the Author, Josiah Priest, nt the Albany Po-t-Ollicc, N. Y which will meet with immediaiu intention if jmtl paid, and not otherwise. N. B. The work is lo be embellished with now nud original eiigraviiiL'S--suited to the subjects ol thu work, 22 in number. White Beans r llush, lor sale bv May 19. IIickok & Catlin,

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