Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 28, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 28, 1837 Page 2
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mirily, llio ponce, thn piuspcrily nnd tlic happiness of iho country. To riled thin reform, Iho country should immediately emancipate- itself, ai far as pus hIiIis, from (ho IramtiHils of I no lulgnitig Dynasty. Iiv presenting a phalanx in holh 1 louses' of Congross-, nml in uvniv statu oovniiNHUNT, which Khali tokn lie stand bold, ly on ihu ground of genuine Whig Principles, nml n.y to tin) men in power hitherto shall thou eoino nml no farther, anil hern shall thy oxpoiineiitH mul agents of power he slayod. lint, after nil, there nrn those who give to thn enquiry -what shall bo done? ti verv diflVri iit answer frnin that which wo have suggested. Thi'y see 'he conilition to winch tin: experiment has brought tho ciiiiniry. but iiistend til rui n miliar to dm safe position froui which it has (li'pttr led, they would hnve il go forwnnl to mi exclu. sivu" ineinlio currency. Their cry It -nway with monopolies--Down with bank-. Give. u equal rights mul jirivilciri't. mul I lid irooil old linnl money, con.-t tutionul currency. Now nil this appears very fnir ntul domoernitc. lint h t us look nt ft n inotnciit. What is a monopoly ? It is mi exclusive right- Anil is tin? nrussarily iinti-rt'publi. fan and odious? Whnt, then, becomes of the rights of lorry mul other exclusive rights, which hovel time out of ininil, been granted by the legislature of thiti truly republican state. Whether such grants be, or be not proper, depends, nut upon the question whether ihey ore monopolies, but whether they mo beneficial to the eommuni. Ii tin; i'UIimc d' (id being always, right fully, the ren-o:i mul the rule of such grunts. To deo'aiui against all monopo lies is but n hliuil opposition to n haled mul odious name, without understanding the true grounds of objection to the thing which it signifies. Monopolies nt" justly odious when lin y nrc granted by Kings to extend i lie royal influence, mul stisiuin the roynl power jn.-l ns the exulti-ive pnvi lege of office grnnled It) the friends of nur National Executive, to extend his influ ence, nnd Misimn his power, is justly odious, Rut it, by no means, follows t lint the people, through their immediate repre. enintiveo, may not grant exclusive rights, for limited periods, under specilic responsi. hilllies, mid lor purposes, not otlierwise to be accomplished which are benelieinl lo tho public. Such grants may be Mrtcily iiinnnpolief as I inly so. ns grants ol per p ionl nnd exclusive privileges, made lo s.iMnin royal power; nnd vet who cannot o il.e wide praetn al difference which exists between ihein? In Hie indisuriminatcncss of thc-oppnsi-tion. ngainsl inonopln:s. it is often directed against grants of corporate privileges for manufacturing, nod ol her .purposes, grant not only clearly beneficial, in their eft'octs on our productive indust ry, but when prop, erly restricted and regulated truly republic can, inasmuch as, thereby, numerous nidi vidunls of small capital may combine their capital and energy to benefit themselves Him the community, and maintain a sue ces.-lol compeiitioii with individuals of gnat wealth, who need no tuch facilities. It is by i-uch combinations of capital and energy that most of the noble enterprises of the present day are carried forward enterprises in which the rich nnd the poor capiinli.-is and laborers fanner, mc elianics, merchants, all have a deep com. mou inleresi. What would hnvo been the progress of our country in manufactures, and how successful us competition Willi the capital mid industry of oilier countries, bill lor I he privileges grunted lo inanufac I tiring corporations? Jiut for these we should now have been hewers of wood and dmwers of water in die manufacturing "nns'ocrccy" of Europe. The objections lo banks on the part of. ihe m:w lights, is, that thoy are grants of exclusive privileges, and that they are iiii'horized lo i-siie paper as n circulating medium. Now if it b,! expedient that wo should have a paper currency nt all. the question is how shall we hnve it ? Shall every man for tiie sake of carrying nut the theory of equal nnvilogos have the right in is-ue hta notes nod put them in circulation ns currency i ? Who is prepared io subject I he contents of hi-, pocket book to such a hazard as this ? If we are lo hnve any paper currency, it must, obviously, be regulated by law. IS ii i how? Either by a general banking law, whereby all who urn disposed to asso ciate, with a given amount of cnpilnl, shall hnve the privilege of issuing bills, and opening offices ol di-count and depnsile, or hy special laws, pns-ed a-- it may from tune to tune, seem meet lo the Legislature I lint t-uch institutions should be put in opera tion for the public licniftt. If we are to have banks which shall operate safely In the community, it is nppn reul Hint ilieir number inu-t he limited by siw. regolnlion : nuil the moment tins i iloue, their right lo exercise hanking power- becomes, in some sense, an exclusive privilege a "monopoly." Now which would tlie new lights pre fer? To give every man the privilege ol issuing bills ns n currency? or give it by n general law, lo all who may associate for that purpose? or grant banks, in the ti-u nl way, as it may he made lo appear that tho business of llio community requires them? TUvftrst is out of llio question. Thu sceond would fill t In Halo Willi banks, to oveiflowtng! while iho third would place tho whole mailer under the direct control oi i no legislature, upon Us view, from time io nine, of the condition u ml wants of the coiutuunily. Thu Inst, it seems to ns, every opponent of excessive bonking must prefer. And yet Iho new lights clamour ngmiist it as an odious mo nopoly, because (be privilege of hanking is not allowed to cverv man in the eommuni y- . H is thus thnt. the bugbear of "mnnnpn ly" vanishes at tho touch of a ie" ui'. investigation. Wo admit, however, that there i.jay bt odium monopolies such for example, as a grant of the exclusive right of selling pro visions, or exorcising n particular truite, within certain limits tho riled, and the great mischief of which would be, to do stroy competition, nnd oppress die column nily with exorbitant prices. Hut no such ofleetri result from bank incorporations, because the rale of interest is limited by law, mid they nrc, or slinuhl he, grunted in sufficient numbers to produce u wholesome competition if the rnto of interest were not limited. The gicnt question, then, isIs it. on the whole, host to hnyo nny banks, mid a: currency composed partly of paper; or shall we go with Iho despotisms of Spain, Portugal. 1 1 n ly, mid Turkey, lor nil entire exclusion of tiie credit system, and the employment of a currency exclusively mc tnlie Our limits will not permit u to go into mi examination nf Ibis great question, Hut we will nek, whether those who nre for putting down nil banks, mid depending iipun n currency purely ini;lf,lic, hnve con sidcred the admitted "fact, that it would require ihe whole of the specie of the world to furnish ihe Untied Suites with n siifiieietit quantity for Us vast and iucreas ing exe'innges ? And if it did not require the half of il : if Ihe destruction of thu hanking rytcm would require but the doubling of ii ii r present nuiouul (1!0 millions) of specie ; where nre wo to get tins addi tional eighty millions? Will iho new lights toll ns? Why, only the sudden for eing of less than half that sum into this country from Unrope, under tho lute dis astrous experiment, bus produced filch a drain from lOiighind ns to derange her mo netnry system, mid thus mil. as wo havo shown, in producing the deiangoinont of our own. Hul suppose wo couid gel an ndditinnnl eighiy millions by forced means. Ilow long "could wc keep it ? A twenty feet bend of wnter might ns well be kept, from flowing out ol mi unobstructed passage, n to keep such an undue proportion of ihe specie of the world in nny country. It will find its level, in spile of legislmive. or exe cutive contrivances um! prohibitions. And besides, who is prep'ired to hnve I lie properly nnd labor of ihe country re dticed one half or three fourths, in value by Ihe diminished amount 'of cireula'iug medium necessarily consequent upon a resort to a currency exclusively meialic? Who dncs not sen I lint debtors who must d,s-charge their obligations' in the number nf dollars expressed upon ilieir face would be inevitably ruined by such an operation as this? And then there i- the sudden check which would be given lo-the grent enter- nriscs of our count rv a relrogntion of half a century in us career of improve ment n Hidden transition from the Vigor of manhood, with Hie rapid circulation of the blood of n healthy credit system, to the sluggish circulation, and enfeebled energies of a decrund old ngo. The truth is, we must coniinun the crcd. it system, and wo must have banks. They nre, indeed, liable to be abused, us is- every good thing. Hut shall we therefore de stroy them? We do not destroy our rail roads and stenni boats, and return to rut ted roads nnd sloop navigation, because. now and then, a car runs off I he track, and a steamboat bursts her boiler. Welrv rather to improve the rail roads, nnd strengthen boilers, and make the manager more careful. Thus should we do with the credit system ; and thus shall we do. if wise aud'prudeiit councils are to govern the country. There cannot be a greater humbug than the idea of no exclusively metallic ciirren cv for iheso United Stntes. in the middle of I he nineteenth center v. And vet t here nre ! men ntiiong us. who nre mad ooooo to run out the experiment to thnt extremity, ratli- or than admit that ihe ad.n.nit rai mi. ha, , ' ..Muni., , , f family erred, mid take Ihe true ground ( returning to the. old and safe, tetiy from which, in its inis"Ulded ambition. It ha? driven Hie eounlrv. To Hint "round, we , mn.l fiuallv come: Exer.ninNcr. has pro- I ved it io he safe.; and this is proof which the common sen-o of the community will value far more than the speculations of ambitious parly leaders, who, lo divert public attention from the true causes of the pre-eni calamity, and shield the ndiniut!. tratiuii from ju-t censure, are I' on thu present excitement to urge the couu try to new and dangerous experiments. Fellow citizi'iis. I ho penning election occurs til n crisis tit nlinn-i uuexampieu interest. Shall the Ruhng l)yna-iy. which, in its mad r..i'i:iuMV..vr ron has brought it- lo the verge ol ruin, he mw tained by tho people of Vermont ? Tins ii the question now submitted to your de cision. But yesterday, it was in the lul pride of Us power. It teemed to say our mountain stands strong, and wc shall never he moved. But tlie day of tlie country's adversity, predicted by ihe thoughtful mid thu wis'o has suddenly come. Shall it have conic in vain .' Shall no wisdom be one oy ins it ssoo .,. im... "" , foliall the country be made tho vieiim ot new experiments and iho diipeuf new do lesions, rather limn vieltl lo sob"r councils, 1 and he guided by the lights of sale expo rience.' Mian wo. Ill suori. no m s point of our departure, or shall wo snf- fer (iiirse'ves lo he drawn still lurlher on by Ihu ignis laluus which hns so fatally misled the countrv ? Here is Ihe wuc. 11 cannot be di-gtiiscd. Will you, then, fasten yourselves to the car of ihe adinin ist rut ion, or Hand your ground and main tain tour independence? There is now ml of fair pretences to delude ami mislead you. Deiwicraiyeipial rights nn monopolies .' These tiro the honied phrases used hy both branches of the supporters if power, among us especially hy llm-o who dare out come sipture out now for the admin's I ration and Us whole policy, but whose faces nre that wan, nnd who are ready to go as fnra-tho farlhoat, if they can per siinde vou lo go with thoiii. Fellow citizens. Wo hnvo thus traced ihe present Dynady, from tin commence incut of pretended reform, through Iho vii r mm I nun stilting ptiases oi n moiiii K VIM.' I! IMF. NT FOB POWER. We hnvo shown you, ns wo think, ihu true character of t hnt experiment, nud indicnied Iho appropriate method of rebel. We now submit the whole to the decision of your enlightened und dispastiuuato judgo-incut- Ami now wo soy Chooso yu not win in the sptriit of modern democracy, yc wilt icrve, but, who shall serve you, anil, in your name, honestly and feurlesnly main lain, the principles of ancient and genuine democracy ngmiist every open, and every diwg.nsdu EXPERIMENT FOR POW BUS. According to the London Chronicle, it nnnears Unit there are now in Iho U. States, 17 bishops, und IM9 clergymen of the Lpispucal oritur V It I D A Y M O II N I N ti J U , Y 2 8. WSm Slate Election. September 5. ron novr.nNon, SILAS II. JEN1S0N. ron Lir.ur. novnriNon, ron Tiir.Aoui'.n, ron sr.. AToits -ciii rrr.MJKN couvrv, JOHN VAN HICICI.KxV, Jit. 11AUKY mi.iA.n. OIll.KA.Ns COU.VI'V. A U V. US'l'US YOU N CI. nitAM) Isl.i: COUNTV. II O N. .1 O H Ii A L L 13 N, WHIG BIEETING. Tho Whigs of tho town of Burlington arc requested to meet at Howard'?, on Friday evening, the 4th ol August, at 7 o'clock, for tho purpose of nominating a person to repre sent this town in the Lcgishi tu re. By order of the Town Com. Wts devote our columns to. day to thn Addri'-s of the State Convention to the people of Vermont. It is drawn up wiMi much ability, and cannot fail, if generally circulated, lo fix Ihe ottent ion of ihu people on the I rue points nt isuc in i he approach ing content. Give il nn attentive peru.-al, ami then hand it lo your neighbor who may not have teen it. RIGHT AliOUT FACE The Washington Globe, a paper which nns noen waging not war tor tix years against "paper banks" and "rng money throws a complete summerset ! The most expert dnncjng-innster could not have changed pnrin'orn quicker than it has hern done Mr Van Ilureii. Only luar ihe Globe of Friday last : "'i lie cliimeiieal fclicinr of an exelii-he inel.illic. currency Inn hexer been entei mined hy t lie Ii ieinta of llie piiji ni' tlie present .iilmini.-liiiiion, nor li.n llieie lieeii die tlij;lile-t attempt lo iiileifeie with tlie eii'dit pt'lcin. 'I'lie M'litiinent of Mr Tiilfin.iilon on ilii point pmpeily leee'nes ilie nppiovnl of lii.s poliiicnl lircilicn. A cinieney pxelu-nely inetullir. "exer lieen propo'eil, nor .iihor.oe.l.Vi:'.!.! t., 1 ,c",'-l J.'"'1"' N T' .l!l."cl,;.Ml' 1!,;",!," nnv otlier fi lend ol tlie iiilininn-iiiilioii lnli in mi- ,(,,1, ttv, ,-;,, nnifi lcc, ,fi lemon. ,cy." '!t.niU- c ioi Im ili-pcL-ed with, reepi nt the s.ici ilicu of nil in-lice in ie;;iiid lo ilie eonir.icts innilc "inlrr miseil cinieney. nor williout a viol.nion of I"'""' !, 1 ";S'l.'Hun f"!'" "'!y ...,.iiiii; ) niiiiil Nirj wriu ,,.-,. j in; Fiilijpct innsl lie left reform, In wliieli tlie itili'lligi'iiroiif the people ol' the le.-peellje Slates is folly adequate." Here the "Experiment" which Jackson, Uenion, Kendall. Van Dnren, &c. backed by Ihe Globe nnd Argu-s, have been trying for years, and until il has ruined the coun try, is finally nhnndoued! Indeed the Globe goes further and denounces thai grand ''Experiment" us a ,,Ciii.mi:kicai, Sciik.mi:." Our friends, long ago. called it a "hum nur.." This excited tins indigna tion of those who now confess that the scheme is "chimerirat," The Adininisi ration, though backing out. has not the magnanimity to confess. A frank avowal of error goes far in atoning for it. Rut tho Aduiiui-tratton, ever false, denies that it was in lavor of Ihe hum hug." f , , (, f ,)(; ,;,, PVi,!Pct, j ',, against its present a-sertiou is on file. I Ins L. crmcr language of Ihe Executive organ : "In seven mouths from tlih time .'Ir7 it'll. r. IIP. A ntii.i.vir ' ) mul iho ,v,,ic country will lie overspread with Hold. I (very farmer and merchant of the west inll have a lonn Mi, im in oi omit ni (-icoi'j iiirtmo uiv iutertticM of which the ycltuw gold will ihine una sillier. Such was the slang of ihu Globe and Us echoes nnd such the cant of '.he Adminis tration, during the Presidential canvass. Such is still the cunt of Benton, Wright, Cainhreleng, &c. Mr. Van Buren is panic-struck. Ho promised Jackson and Ben ton to go the "hum hug." He did go it as long as his courage lasted, and after shaking in thn wind for weeks, he has- jibed over to the Rives and Tallniudge side of the qucs ion. Where the next gust of wind will blow 1 1 im remans tu bis seen. The Globe says that a metallic currency "iris ncrcr been proposed nor advocultd by Col, Benton." Wo siiiiiiikiii Col. Bentuu to the stand as a witness to prove thufjUe bond of this assertion, Tins witness, in his recent Letter to Mr. Siuallwond, snys ; "Wis owe a d( lit of "talillifle lo ficneral Jnekson for pi'iiciir.illv lencliiiiK llm coimtiv llieicni les-nn I'll T W I CAN DO IM'INII'IXY IIBI'I'BIt WlTHOUt" PA I'KIUIO.NUV BANKS I'lIAN wmmiB.n." The last accounts, from England repre sent the King as nt the point of death almost past hope. The news of the sus pension in this country had been received, hut produced less sensation Ihnn had been anticipated here. Things upon the whole had (is'tutncd a better aspect at Liverpool, and confidence was returning. This will of course have a salutary influence on thin ps in this cum nl ry. Wo notice that U. S. stock has within a few days gone up from 109 1-2 to 1 17. Another Star in the East --An Election has just been held in the northern district of Maine for a roptosoutativo in Congress which has resulted in the triumphant Election of J."(J. Noyes the Whig cainli dale. ThU district has! heretofore been represented by Leonard .larvis, and has been considercdonc of ihu firmest Tory dislricts in the slate. It gave Van Htireu 1100 majority nt llio lnit presidential Election. Now the Wings have carried it by a majority of near fiOO votes. This, is a sign worth noting. Rip h waking up. No-vns. One year ago the people ol Maine said to the "experiment ers," yes, go ahead. They now respond NO-ycs, (Noyps.)"no muro of that, Hal, 'u thou Icavest inu " The cfTecU of Government misrule- are not limited to our own country. ' Wo have drawn tho Canadians ittlo the vertex which j ciignlphcd our own Ranks. We not only suiter in our interests at homo, but in re I putntion abroad. Thu Attorney-General of Upper Canada in an able speech on tlie Relief Bill then boforo the Provincial Parliament, nfler attributing the necessity, for its pa.-ssage to our commercial andlmnking embarrass ments, procecdetl to con contrast .the En glish mid American Governments n; fol lows : " 1 hose who ore, a sposei lo invcstigati! ... , , ,, ,, e subieels conn cted with Ihe sciencis of J . ii r i i r Those who ore, disposed to invcstigati goveriitneut, will mul ample room lor spi ciiltj.tion, in considering the singular C'iiittii-t the pre-i;nt condlliou of Great Briltmi tiinl ihu United S tile of Amiicu presfiit lo each oilier. Il cannot full to , "f!'"nm ot your j oirnal to oiler a few sug occtir to the mind of any observer a- some- , gosHou- to ihe friends of iho University of thing retnatkabhs, that ihu United Kutg-, yr .,.,,., ,, ,,, , ., . r , ' , , i ii ii.c (nn nnn ermoiit, on t he subject of it regular and turn noroiii nereii he o lent ol I . flfl (If) ). . J 000 annually to discharge the interest of the uebl. and to support the Heists and ar- I mies. and other necessnry appendages of a j tuonarchv. besides additional millions, for I ibRjnainiaiuance of it- poor ami provision for ifs clergy, slill simnN unimpaired in its reionrjses, sustaining lis own credit, nml as it iti ay be truly said that of the whole world bo-ides while the U. States not only unincumbered by any pnbhe debt hut wil h a surplus renveniie of faOOOD.000 of dollars colli aing a population of lo,000, 000 of industrious and enterprising poopie, inhabit ing a country extending over the must feilile portion of ihu globe, prc-eute the appalling special Ii; of national bank ruptcy m it Ii cr govornineiil nor people being any longer able to meet their en gagements in tlie legal current coin ol the country !" There is great force in this illustration. Il UnylanJ, with hor (.onrillOUS Nutlnliol Debt, the expeiucs of her Artnv, Navy and Church Establishment, not only keeps afloat but preserves her faith and credit at home und abroad, how wretchedly mint tis Government have been administered, wilh a stirpltu of fifty millions over all ex penditures, to be involved in general bank, ruptcy mid ruin; Wo talk about the corruptions of Monarchies, but the expo sures of tlie last eight years, mid the con dilion of our cotinin, show more corrup tion hero thtn i to he found in nny other known governtnent. SIGNS. 0Mr. Van Buren is pu-i'aniuious. He refused lo call Congress in pursuance of the memorial of Ihe New Vor,- merchants; hut in list) days after that refu-ul, got, the "panic" and i-sued his Proclamation ! lie proim-md Jackson and B -utoii to "carry out" the hum bug. but is again frigetened, and lulls ihe Glotie to denounce Ihu "Ex periment" as a "chimerical scheme." Ho U I. n.-. il nt. in., ii 'Phe host 1 1 1 1 ii it In, run iln isloback out as a candidate for"re-election and "slope oil' into letiracv" ai soon us his term expires.- Alb. Journal. OOVKBN.Mr.N r At.H.vrs. Itcnhen Al. Whitney his iccenlly published n p.imphlet al W11.-I1 intmi on I In snhjeel of the air lency, uliich coiil.iiiif, union;' oilier iliings, die fullou'ins icm.ok.ihlts stulemeiils. ".Snpp(.-e," s.iys he, "as hat f equcntly been the case, ,i icceicr should think pinper to employ , dm pnhhc inoney in his h.iniU in spccul.iiioii I in,iio iiccomit, when tlie iie.i-mcr s ilinit "s pie.eulcil to him for p.iv ineiit dinw ii mi th il money, lie is iin.ililn io pay il, and ihcs.une is coiiacunenlly piott-flcd " A...1 i.-nin "Il U a matter if public notoriety ill. it the pie-cnl speiu ol nlil siipci vision cei- ei-cil iner ine iiiione tcceiicis, iKpiiine; incin i lepiHiin in li oik tnoiillilv ilie inoi.ey lliey m.iy h ue iccciwd, c.innot ne eiil'irceii : ui.inv win ana ao disregard the regulations, and great defatcii' lions follow " Whitney nl l.isl has nn oppoilnnily of lining the eounliy enmesciMcn. I. i t loin lurii flale s esnlence nmlihii tu liItl lieso siviuillcis nnd def.iulleis, high in llm mul nml coiiliilcnco of tlie fiovi i niiicnt, who nio guilty of such oiilrnjj'soiis frauds upon ilie peoplu whose money lliey colleci. KliKDAIdSJI. 'I'lie fillowin teller win liniipinilted Iiv Amos Kcmlall, in icplv to an iiuil.ilion 1'ioui his collciues Iodine wilh llicui, in I'lul.iilelphi.i, on lliu I'otiilli of July : Washington, July I, 1S37. (tentlemen : I huc leceocil your 11 iiiciiu; invi Intinu to dinner on llie-tdi inst.wilh the ilemoei.iey of llio I 'iist und .Second Disliicis of l'i'iins K .mil. I'tililiu ami pi ivnle duties unite, in fothidiliiij,' nn aeeH.inuce of )our iuviinlum, Il is a gloi Ions d.iy, l"il ihe jinn of its aiheiit ate tl.islicil a little by dm icl.iliun i, which wn inn now placed hy ihencis of nur own eiti.ens. lo I hi) kin;', ilnni li din which we wem llicn Feveicil. A p.illiy las on lea hiokn thu lioml ; hul now- every in. in, wiun.iu anil cliilil in this Ki pnlilie is insed in his I. outs, hit, nml his l.ihor, lo pay oll'lhc ilchl4(ifli.inks,lir'jkei's, ami iiieiclinuis to proud ide. Our money is ledured In rags, etery day lie ruiuiu; mm e wot dilcss, a few- m.iy tmiiiilaiu ilieir credit iibrond hv shipping our silver nud uolil, li.u ing fuiced il uui of its Icgiliiiinic use as a citirea- cy, by depreciating lis paper asfori.ito from ion io fnriy pur cent iilino'tnt ii blow. Who jlull calcu - l.tto the v,l,ii!,x,1,s, ot.r own people, nml wlictii fh.ill ihey lonk for dcllteriuica fmm tins iltiiiilin;' tliriililmii ' If H fCMiicii do nut dunk of n li'tni'ily on tho .lib nl .hilt', il will ncwr be dcvUrd I sli.ill look with Jnli"is liilc-i Cit nl the pniered' iiign mi ili.u d.iy jn l'liil.iilclplil,! mid cNeulicie, fur lllll'l! IllllSl.J )f p.ltl illtiflll, lIlll'R BII!J"JI'.lilllH of Vi.. dnm, nml llmn (vidt.'nccs of linn re.nlw uhii'li will roiuloul im In it mil Ik-i cm ol iiiilcpieiulcnce, mil of a foreign khigiliini indy, lint nf lli'i.'C prineip.ililit'fl nml pnueis nt linine, uliii li, Iniikin wilh eontumpl iipnn the in:i4 of llm people, me ever lenily lo dc Hinile nml oppte-s ilieir on n coiintiy, lo pte.cic tlicir fiith In fiiiciipi idliroii'iH willi poucm. In h.lile, jour fiicttil mid fellow eil!-ii, ,, To .lolm Thompson, nnd oiln'is. Wo pl.iro onthely out of sight tlio prominent ngpiiey uliicli Keml.ill h id in In infill,' nliiitil (lit tery Binte of tiling conecrnin; which lie complain 'n the nbou letter j we only look nt its Ii.isb, ii vollhig, anil icrnliiiioiMry nlijiTI. innsl the people of nngl.unl, nay, (if nil I'ltiope, think of die Ainei ir.nn an, I their (iowiniiinil, ulim n C.iliinrt Mini?ter, linliliiig u most impmtmit nml inlliienlinl oflice, llio fiienil nml cniuiicllorof the 1'iesideiil (if tho United Sliile., eiuleaors lo stir lip llio eounliy lo want) with a power not only hi nmily wilh ii, not only v i iitj n eoiutnnt evidenrn of nalioniil frieml.-hip, lint n pnwci' :i:iiii,t whldt not :i solitary coinpl.iinl i.4 prefi'iied ? U' must foreign powets I generally think of in, when a Cihinel Miniver in plain terms ndvi?ej the people to swindle their foreign ctcdilorr out of their just and fair dc- m""'U 11 ! 'I'hn eomiity nexer li,.s been h. d..n. ileil, nml tlm I'lr.-ii! m ,-Ihiii hi be held ie.-ponible, both by Hnl.niil nml tin; fiee nnd honest pint ion o our community, for tci.iinin in the pnlilie senlro such ii niNcrcnil, who wonlil imohe his country in war w ill I c.iii.-e, nnil onenlv n;ts nt deli line every I u Io ofn.ilion il I'.iitli, nnd eteiy of roinmuii honesty. - A. V, mtar. "WiiKi Cuiuikncv. Xnetie nnd hills e.r- chimgidilc for specie nt Hie opium ol li.u Hold er. ack-on LuniiKNCv. Gold and S lver : , , . , in manages and newy'ipers. and irrcdecm- -,. ., ' , . , . lu'c paper in the pontile s pocke s. paper in the poople CATION, Mr. Suacv : - Permit me through ilie nccuruto course of Meteorological nbicrva nous in connection wild that Institution. The few observation which have hitherto , ,,,, , , t ; , , , iiiin.i.- ,n , im iiuio, iiuvij noen ine re sult of individual eflori have been made with instruments, in many respects imper fect, nnd no efl'Clual measures hnve been taken to preserve them for future ne. Tiie University is now in a U iiiri-hiug condition and pnssueies most ot th- instruments ne cessary itr a course of Meteorological ob servations, and I would restiecifollv trn'o Hie iiuponancc of procuring those which may he wauling ami of employing some .-nil able person to keep n full and correct) journal. The thro'ry of Ihe atmosphere changes, ..,,,i ,,,,, , no,, leogi! or i oe general sltnject ot Meit!..ioh'gy. is ex'remuly imperfect; and il is only by comparing series ofob-er. vat ions, tiindu in difleront parts of the world, that wo can arrive al the general principles nnd laws which regulate these phenomena, and then reduce ihrm lo mi much order ns to entitle Meteorology to tho nntne nf a science. And since the subject is one, in which evr.ry individual of tins human nice is. mid ever will he d.'eply interested, ii ap pears to me to be a matter of hiilrieietii. im parlance lo engage a -hare ol the attention of our public insiiiuti'iu-i. Although little immediate benefit may be expected lo re sult from llie-o hiboii's, we ought lo Ins willing to do something for the benefit of lhos(. who inav come after ns. 1 1' Ihe funds of tins Institution were Mich , . ... i ii . ., . as to justify it. I would suggest the pmpri Ol V of the establishment of a nrofessor-hin of Astronomy, embracing Meteorology; I and that it s.'uuld bis Hindu the (In I v of the professor in that department, in iiddiimu to lectures anil instruction to the classes in College, to keep, constantly, u full and reg ular Meteorological Journal, and as soon as the requisite instruments could be pro. cured lo enter upo u course of Astrononii. cal observations; of nil which a fair copy should he ninth: und deposited in ihe ar- cllVl,s of I he College of Naniril History, . . ihk; io lime as should he thought expetll- . 6M. A.N Ai.UJ1.mis. t Wc mi(ers,alll tmt Mr, lllHj Mrs. Mei.T pro lose io "ivu u oiosieni riuieriuioiiiuio ihe ensuing week. The bills will mi- iiouncu the time nnd place. FOOT HOT IN St 111'. Mr. EniToii Thoprcsnnt is thu timo to cure this desiruclivo disorder, anJ if any of your readers are disposed lo prevent its rav ages among ilieir own or their ncghbors sheep, lliey shall ho instructed as to the mo dus operandi, without money or price, 1 hnvo cured hundreds, nud can as-fiiro tho public that thuy maj rely upon ittt ulficaey. Pirst paro all tho hoof away that covors the disorder, nnd probo out every crevice into which it has extended itself, removing with knife, ns fur as practicable, the diseased part being careful, however, not to make tho fool blend. Then apply tho composition, picpared as follows, to wit j half pound of powder, half lb, of burnt alum finely powdered, 1 gill oil vitriol, and 3 gills soft water; mix llm whole together and uso it Immediately, on tho Miro mid well fool. This compound forms a hick paslo that adheres closoly.and it is sure to do tho business for that nkolutonizing disordor. Many remedies, patent and common, havo 1 been boforo the public; but during thirteen 1 .,. .! ,. i . r ... i j yH oxporionco, I never found a suro and puneei remedy uui llio niiavo. If any gciilh'tiiou has doubts, ho cm have thorn ro. inuvc(.,hy intiu ritig ortho Miiidsbtirgh wool growers. And if any feekcr of palonl med icines and dear bought remedies, is disposed to slight this gratis ofl'oring, let him rotnovo hisfcoruplus by tending mo a fivo dollar nolo rag currency and try the remedy, for I mil anxious that all should "boliovo" and have their sheep "saved." SAMUEL H. TAGEiVr. Hinesburgh, July 2lM, 18,17 DEATH OT WILLIAM IV. The King of England died nt Windsor Cnstle on the tiiorniiig of the 20th June. By ibis event the Princes Victoria becomes Queen She is just past eighteen. Goi.n ! The mines are still sending in their weekly products. We saw threes beautiful bars from the Walton mine yes terday, containing seven or eight hundred dollars, nnd n day or two previous n lump continuing somewhat over thnt ntnnnnt. Other mines are making their deposited With great regulnrity. Richmond Comp. Mr. Wi'.iisTP.n. On the occasion of the recent burning of tie- uteamlioiii Wave, nt. Peru. Illinois, Mr. Webster happening lo he prc-rnl, generously came forw.ird mid idl' red lo divide i.ll the money in his po ses-ioii among the tud'erers. Wzht ab'iiil ! its W .' "Neither Presi dent Jn"kon, Pres. dent Van Buren, Col. 1 Benton, nor nnv oilier holding n po-Minui to give weight to hi views, ns represent ing I hose ot the J)i-M"C-t ov. ever pro-. poed n rurrenry rrrlusively melahc. G'obe of Saturday July 1 The duco they did not ! well, whit sort of paper currency are they in favor of? Dr. vtii iiF.D CoM'r.s-iov. .Meat or our readers will perhaps recollect the name of lAoiii R. Buzze.l, who wa- indicted nnd tried .-ntni! two years nnd u half ago, for I living been eng'iged in the celeb'n'ed Convent Riot. H-; was acquitted upon his trial. We learn from the best nuth irily. lint Bnzzol is since dead; and that upon Ins , lju'en death bed, he confessed him-elf to have I oeeo one in iiio..' won ,-ei uru io me voii vent Bnsl. .1ts. KOTIIT. I'll" eommi'iirrnidii of die University of Vermont will I, ike pi. ire on Wt ilnesil.iy of iu'M wed;. Tin-pioie-sion will f ii in. nl ihe College ,il h.ill p. mi nine o'clock, A. M. I'lie .Innior Bsliihilinn will Inke pl.icp tlie nf er noon nml eeiiiii4 picceilinj, coinineiiciii nt four o'clock, I'. M. mid ,it 7 o'clock I'. M. sjoilciils wi-hin to enter tlie t 'niwrsity :ik; ir(ii("leitlo pic-ent theni-elves. nl lilt: I'olleije, on Tiic-iI.iv idoi mil" nl nine o'c lodi. Th x-iiiitii:il ii.n of the Bin Ii ni; in ii Ilili Srlioo I i .) oVIm k, A. l. lM',ii.iiio"co cm,- m h.ilfp.i-i 7, l Al. .1 It. Bastman, 1'iincijml 1... I...I.I I.'... i... i.. i.. oc .von ;:. Tun .SocirTV for ItrMoioes IsQUinvif die UMV"i:rrv of t'etvMo.NT will ImlJ it- . inn- III C(.cllll,lM,l 1,1 llm t 'c,Ii,.-.I.IV Aliens! pi'doid ,i 0 ,,'cloclv I'. Al. to :n,l,.-j n i'pceie l lit he liev. (i. VV. l'cikios ol .Hon-, iiv onlcr of ilie Sneii iv. IIBIl'ilCK, Secretary. I'lie VlM SlOM No nml UMVKflSMY l.ssri- TUrt: s-ocieties ol the Uiiuci-ii of cinionl w ill h dil iln-ir joint clehi.n the Into lunch, on Wcilne-il.iv, tin; 12.1 of tnj ,nt A o'clock V. Al. An oi.iiion iiiiu he expecleil limn tlie ('. C. I.n kiisoi.i., ii r llii' pi. ice. IiiiiiiimIi.iicIj nfer the exeici-i's, will I e lietil lueeliii of din two .Sucielies, for thu r-lee.l ion of mi Orioor nml I'o' t lor ilie cn-niii II.. I. BW'IOM), IStcreta- II. I'lMiOOV, $ Hcs. r.urlingtou, July IS, 1SI57. CO.ILMKNl t: u j:t iioat hide & fii:i: wtuKs. The S'l ka Ji noA r Mcl)oiMojli,on lonenenre. in oi I ce will I. ike n I'liini ilii- out up on the l..ik, ncconip.iiiicil hy llm i'eiihnslnn li.iml, nnd .1 l.o je collci lion of I'm- U'niUs, con-i.-tiin ol lioi'I.eis, Itnin.oi Cinillc, Snnkc, lilne lights, Viseons, Tin hclows, nnil Flower I'ots, 1G7 in I mimticr Din m; the I'iie nil, the Bind will i pei I'm in ft "in ilO lo -10 diflcieiil piece-" -if Alti-ick. ',v ,., iM ,,MW, thp u.ofn. half p-i MX. Tickcs (.SI Ibi-ufiilleiii.ui nml l.elv. nnd oO cents s.ii c.icii p.mi.i i ill v 1 ou ii, io oi i hp rtci;i I I lo. lets upon the -ipt.iic. 31 A U It I i: I . In Alb.iny. i. V llm l.Oili in-t. Mr. John O., of t:, 1111105:1 t-ptins to Win J.nm ,M liter of die firmer In .lolin-on, Iiv Levi B,, Btq, .Mr. Thorn is I'.ilch to Mi-s Alniil M.iini. 1 1 i n 0 .s 1) 11 r g h Ac a d e in y . rip 11 B lull term of this lu-ipt)ton will JL comnience on Moidiy the '.'1st of Augti-i. The Board of iru-iees hnvo engaged A. J. Samson, A. B to take the charge of the Institution us Pieceplor- Tuition Eor c 011111011 Engh-h hrnneh es Cj'J. 50, fur Hie higher brunches, including 'he languages $1.00. Erench will bo imighl on same conditions us otlier Inn gnages. Board and incidentals will be furnished on reasonable terms. Such bonks ns ure used in the Academy can be jiurena-ed in this village, ifile.-iied. Mr. Sam-on comes recommended with losiiinoninls which give the Trustees full eohlidence in his ability mid skill in teach ing, and from hi- experience in kindred in-tilti'ious, we lliiter on--.elves 'hat those who favour htm wi'h their patronage will not he disappointed. P. WlhhSON, Sec. IIiit" shiiriTb, July 'Jfi. 1117 Dissolution o( Partncrshi). NOTICE h hereby given that the Co. partnership heretofore existing be tween Silas IS, Sibley and Warren Sibley ,11 Milton Falls, jn dm Tanning and Shoe. .Making business, under the style of S. B. it W. Sibley, has been ibis day hy mutual enn-out dissolved. AH debts, accounts, nnd notes duo said firm iiiiM he settled nnil arranged with Worri n Sibley, by whom all debts against stud firm will be discharged. B. B S1BI.EV. WA II REN SIBLEY. Milton, July 20. 111:17.' N. B. 'Phe business herrtnfor carried on by tho firm of S. B. & W. Sibley wil, hereafter bo continued in all its branches by Waricn Sibley.

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