Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 11, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 11, 1837 Page 2
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The approch'ttig fiction of Congress, liich is to commence in less than a timntli roin this nine, is ioiikcu io wun greni mix. lMv, Willi the anticipation I lint sumo mens re Ol reuei hi too t;tiiiut;i in nit: leuui- ry. foreign nnd domestic, will be speedily OnUlOll, HUTU IS llllli;il It-'ilauo in limn i entiu in iiiu snnrcn. nnu n i ni ? I our viiit n nous mnv no nu rcauzeu. wu un UtiK, llini wim comparatively hum: iitvet- ndnplril. The first mid most iinpiiriant tbiecl fnrconsiiluratioii will bu the cur- iioy, winioi n win uu iiutteaui v i n-aiwu ; ns mnv tin. Io I he colli I Ion in WHICH was found before it was deranged by he coun. trv. OUR. FINANCIAL PROSPECTS. TllKASUKY DUPAUTMKNT, J Mgutt I, IS37. In riimplinnre iviih (he resnlti'tun nf tin- Senile lie ii'ceipls lor lite, month olJune, ns ascertained For rmiimrg, ubuul $213 000 " lands 0S0 000 $893,000 Till expenditures during the same iiimilli were dime S2.fil 1.603. Il n piiiicr In mill that lltn nlnc statement, of ni"iii'y ltn,illy paid nun 1 1 1 n U in ilic riedil fit 1 1 if! Ticinnei , iiml i lie mnniiul nf Tiea-iny drafis la ken in puinent fir dime nt.d l.iniN by collccliiis iiml rt'ieiu-ii', Inn nil ihe nutiicy ultiill iliry iciiiin- Pll IIS (III ll.lllll. ilfllT llflllll'lillL' nil. 1 1 IihiImIiIv .1... : i i. i. ..i .i. i. ...i neu snecn nauncnls. l.l.VI WIIUDIiUKY, Secretary of the Treasury Tim lerelpls anil t'Xp('iiililnie-i nf Tie.isiny die lllg lllf fill-l HX IllUllllla of litis JIMf It.lW! Ilf'l'll Hnripis, 812, C27.5S9 F.X litine. SIII,(i33,8j-l Dm i ni 1 In- iiiniii hi nf J.innni v. Filiii.n v anil o.iirii hip tt'Ct'imi rxi-rril('il itie I'X lent Mil e nv i.oijo.ui. i ur iiriii-i! ii. w iifi'ii mine inniniiii if A pi 1 1 May ami June Dm ins I Ii in peiiud I tie uc 83.SS7. 103 2. .27,1 17 2.711.703 &9,22G,I2J ?,995 300 1,803 9(54 893,000 4,732,261 I mcnt of Bank and State by the issue of Government Paper in Treasury Drafts, nnd Po9t OlTico "orders ahead." Mr Kendall and Mr Woodbury will bo pleased with Ibis arrangement, becnuso it will mnkc them very great" Money Kings" and "Monsters ;" and Mr Gouge probably will approve il, becnusc it is eucIi a total di- vorccmriit of the Gnvornincnt from Bank ing Agencies. Congress will probably sit month or two, do nothing but repeal the ist ribtit ion Act, start a vast number of and experiments, nnd adjourn in eri8iin for a comfortably long recess to Innk over their plans, pocket Hie mileage, nd prepare for a December srssiun. North Carolina In Norlh Carolina mill parlies have been preparing them- elves lor a trial of strength in the Lou iressionol election. The two parties arc .,,. .,n,l all,, ,li.,l,l Vl, Wl,i. mil n mniority nl one in the mil Congress mid they hope to retain it nnd oven to in crease II in I ho eleol inn now pending A letter Iroin Washington N C dnieil July 29, published by the New York S ar, sny- llii! Congressional rlecliou lias tins dny terminated, and the Whigs hnve sue. ceednil by the largest majority ever ob tained in this district." This is the Edge cnnib di.-irtci, in which Mr Stanley was the Whin ciiiiilnlnti!. Vissisippi. A few returns of the elec. t on in Mississippi have been received. which nrt: thus lor favorable to Ihe wings. Hilt they are too few to warrnnt nuy coo fiilent calculations ol Ihe geiierul result based tt pi 1 1 ihi'in. "In eight or nine mouths from this lime, evcrv substantial citizen will have a long sillten purse of line open net work, through Ihe interstices of which the yellow cold will ohiiie nod glitter, runs TRAVELLER- WIM. UK 1'HEE FnoM THE PESTILENCE OF KAOGEtl, K1LTHV AND COUNTERFEIT notes. Every substantial man. and every subliminal tnnn's wife and duughter, will TRAVEL ON GoLO." Thus said the Globe two or threc'years ago. iNow the Ulnbo wants every "suo- stniiiial man, and every eubstadiial inan'a" substantial "wife and daunhther" poor woman to travel on "ragged, fill by," Post Office drafis! This is the new mode of "travellintr on Gold." Receipt InllilUil C A put, M"y. C June, f April, 2 May, C June, The Globe ha-i r-nid within a week or I Sim drew the mangled body of hor hue- two, mm to "utspenso wun nanus' wouiu oaiiii io ino mute, wiierc ho bgnn In ex Eices? ol 'Expendiliiics over Ueceipls $4,473,83) During the last quarter of the yoar then we Have e.vpenileu lour nnu a nail miuiors uiniu i nnu vu uave rucuivuu ; inr uiu iiujii quarter of a year the disproportion will probably he si ill more striking. The re ceipis from public Land Sales must dimir. rom the Customs innt be inconsiderable itill the vasi expeudiiure authorized by he last Congress must go on and with in expendi'ure of more than gl. 500 000 mr iiwtlltli nil il'. i our rnnml it will lnL'i, w figure-to calculate the tune nececca- r) to dniiii tin; 'J'ren-ury. The era con templated by Mr. Secretary Woodbury in his fnuinus letter to Dr. Wnlcrhnuse will lie Mini ii It evi'iiui" ciiniuil no nn i . wi minus. This iiHalmcnt, by the first ol Outober. will constitute t he on Iv nvailablc means of the General Government. It was to pass this law, nunc than for any thing else, Hint Mr. Van Burcti eon seutcd to the convocation of Coiinros. This is one of the grave and moinentou considerations which induced Ihe reluctant adoption of that measure. Commiilees might have cone in vain from all the ci ties of the Union, nnd appealed for the as semblage of I he Representatives of the : en nit -nun iw r vun iiiireu would iiavn turned a deaf ear to their entreaties. "I must livn,"rnid n French writer to Cardinal Mnz.irin, by way ol nfology for certain severe t-atires which he had issued onanist his Highness. "I don't rco the nececsiiy. rejoined thu Cardinal with his accustomed coolness. So it wus with Mr Van Burcn While the People- only vrero in distress, he did not "see the necessity" of calling upon rv.. i i i... r. i . , . .i . uiiiiU'ss, uui wiivii nu lUUIIU inai me Government could not pay its djbts to the Stuies, that Ihey would bo knocking at the Treasury in vain for their October in- c,nl,nl ll.on ll, 'Innnn.Ml, apparent. Tho repeal of this instalment will prnb ibly bo the only important meusutu con. uinatcd during the Scplcmbor bession. Ir Van Burcn will propotc the Divorce VERACITY OF THE GLOBE, Mr. Vun Buren's official, when it backed out of the humbug, was fool-hardy enough to make the following assertion: "A currency exclusively metolic ha "never been proposed, nor advuea'ed. "ell her bv PreHilenl Jackson, Mr. Van "lliiren, Mr, Beiituu, or ony other friend ol "ihe ndiuiiii-tra'inii hiih in niiihoniy ; ur "in the confidence of the democracy." Tho New York American most effectu ally nails this falsehood to the counter, by publishing the following copy of a bill in 'reduced into the U. S. Senate, by Col Iienton, in June, 103G : A Bill to re-establish Hie Currency nf the Cun.-tiiulion tor the Federal Govern incut. I5! it enne'ed by the Sennlo and Ilnu-i of Representatives of the United Stale", of America, in Congress nembled, l lini bank noies anil paper currency of every ilei cripl ion f-holl ceuse to bo received or offered in payment, on account of I ho Uni ted Stales, or of the Post Office, or in fees in I lit: courts of (he United Slates, as fol lows.- of less donnminaiion than twenty dollars, none after the 3d day of March 1837; of less denomination than fifty d"l Inrs, none after the 3d day of March. IU3fi; of less denomination than ono hundred dollars, none after I he 2d day of March 1(139: of less denomination thnn five hun ili ml dull us, none lifter the 3d day of March 11110, ol le.-s ileuoniiiiiiion than om iiiii-niiil tlnllnrs, none nfier the 3d dav of March. I!i4l;mid none of nnv dennmina lino from and a'ler the 3d day of March, 11142 Section 2. And be it further enacted I'liai any person Inditing mi appuiiitnv'ni under the laws ol the (J. hintes, and auv bank emploved lo ki'ep public money which person or hank shull ueglfcl. evade violate, coin rnveue, or in nnv way elude or attempt to elude, the provisions of this act shall be guilty ol an offence ngnin-'l Hi laws; nnd the pert-on so nfl. Muling shall b liable lobe disuiis-ed trnm the sctvice nnd tho bank o offending i-liall, on satis lactory 1 1 1 1' r 1 1 1 -i 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ha discoulinued as depi dory of public moneys." Now henr ihe Globe "The cniMEntcAL scheme nf an exclu sive metallic currency has neveii been euteriniiied by the friends of Hit) past or present ndiouiutrut ion, imr linn there been ihe slii'ht ki iiiti'iupl to interfere with the credit system. A currency rxrlusively metallic Un never been propiiM il nor ndvo ruled, either by 1'iesident Juek-ou, Mr Van Burcti, Mr. Benton, or uny oilier f'iend of the nduiiiiistration high in auihor ity, or in the confidence of tho Demo, entry. " Globe, of 1037. Then Mr. Benton again, "I ntn nne of thoso who promised gold, not paper; I promised the currency of the oiiiii-ihoiinii, r.ot the currency of corpora tions; I did not join in pulling down the United Stales Bank, lo put on a wilderness of local bunks I did not join in puiiinij ilmvn' Hie puper currency of a national Bank, In put up a notional paper currenry of a thousand local banks; I did not strike Cnj-ou to make Antony master of Rome." - Kenton's Speech againtt the. repeal of the i reasury Circular, And now the Globe again, "HANKS CANNOT UE niPKNSEl) WITH, except at Ihe sacrifice of nlljnsiico in rn gurd lo the contracts made under a mixed currency, nor without n violation of the faith pledged in tho legislation (where lion cstly obtained) by which Ihey were cstab lished. The HUhject must bu left tnrrradu ol reform, to which the intelligence of (ho people of the respective States is fully ad equate "Globe, July 1837. unscitlonll tho relations of property. It has furl aer said Hint no "authenticated" member of the Van Burcn parly has ever entertained t ho idea nfnn Exctutive Jlc tallic Currency. We do nut believe thai any one ever did ; but it is equally true Hint the party have spared no pains (o in culcutc'lin belief that such was their poli cy, "Dank rags wilt bo obolished" pays the Globe. "Give the people Hard Mou ey" says Mr lugersoll, "Missouri owes her prosperity lo Hard Money. Wo can eel nlong better without Banks than Willi ilipm" sa5R Mr Benton. What is the meonins ofoll this ? Does it meon lo hold out n promise lo the ear nnd brenk it lolho Impe? Dues il mean that the Globe, and Mr Inerisnll.nnd Mr Benton are contriving to deceive and delude the People--or thai ihey ate really solicitous to aholi-h Rng-i. nnd speed Hie return of Hie nge of Gold ? The truth H. that the osseitmn ol Hie Globe is one of those ln.-t resorts In whiclt it has been driven by Hie exigencies of Hs position. It is only of laii since tho Al baiiy and New York movements I hut the Globe has seen lit to di'ny it. When il was charged by Mr Webster in Hie IiiIIowiiii; strong InngunifO upon Mr ! ur yi h ns) Ihe iiniiiuil nun nece.-snry consequence ofhis doctrines Mr For.-yth, ty his silent acqiiie.-ceiiee, niliinlieil thai his Inniruan-p had ben correcilv interpre ted ; that this was Hie plan of the adminis tration: Mr Prcidenl: The honornbln mem ber from Genrgia. (Mr Forsyth) slated yesternny. more tlisiiticily Hmn i Imve he. fore leirnoil il. wlint ihe EXl'Elll M li.NT whiili I he (jovetniui'iit is now irviutf nn the revenues and I he ciirrencv, anil I may aid. on the commerce, tunnuliictures. nnd ninculliirn, of this couuiry. If I riirhll apprehend him, this experiment is an nlfanpltn return to AN EXCLUSIVE SPECIE CURRENCY; first, by ug able, 'hroUL'h Ihe ngoncy of the Stale hankf, in dispense, with nny bank of the Uinlel h'nle-i ; mid then f,i supersede Ihe me oj Ihe istnlr. hanks Ihnmclvcs I his. sir. it Ihe EXP KllUl BjVT. 1 llumk the mllcm'in for Hint staling its vhnravler lie his dune until nnd iletilt fmrli with the PEOPLE In this EXPOSITION f wind the VIEIVS of Ihe EXECUTIFE GOVERNMENT arc nl this interesting vitnwd." Ccurt Intki.mgkce. His Excellen cy Governor Hill of N'v Hampshire h at pri'snit on n visit to Wn-lnni'ion domes.. I idled with i ho "In He colony" nbunt ihn White House. The Great Exploded Mr. Woodbury has enjoyed the honor of being clmeied with His Excellency; nn honor wiicu has been extended al.o lo the ureal Irresponsible Mr. Kendall. It is rumored luriher that I ho "author nf the letter li Slierroil Williams'' lias had I'reqiient inter view with the embodied sovereignly nl New Hamp-hire. The coii-equences ol litis vi-il have not yi.'l I rmispireil -. hul Mr Mill, wo iiudersiand. goes in for the "ill Torceuieiil ol Uank nnu fcjl n I or the conver.-ion of I he Government niton Bank iviih leu thousand nib ajjeucies. Tin- i- Ihe fouudiit uni of ihe new Evrheqner Ban! vvhich will commence biisuiivs on Mr Wooilburv's Better Currency of Protested Drafis. Bnl. Atlas. The Crnpi Ii i grniilynig. nmiri Hi pecuniary tli-lres-i anil derangement i hiisiuos of rill kinds iiudi r winch Hn country is siilTerini:, that the harvest which h now near nl hand nroun.-es io he iihi-i abundant. In Hie counties of Erie, Nia; nrn, Genesee, Orleans, Living-ion, (Join no nnd Monroe nay, in nil we-ieru New York the crops nf wheat never looked more promising than Ihey do at present f.nil while there, is every prospect Hint Hit' producer will receive a In tr qoivaleni lor I he products of li:s farm, the coiii-iimcr has before him the equally gratifying pro-peel Hint 1 1 v 1 1 1 jt ' will soon be 'within his means - Buffalo Paper. hibit sigiiB of returning life. Either from relenting fechngt or n detiro to protrtel his niffering in hopes that he would ulti mately die of Ins wounds, ond thereby cover her crime, sho administered restora tives winch brought him to. Having ascertained that Rann was still alive, the murderer returned and endea vored to dissuade tho woman from any rihcr nltempts to lako Ins life, nn he ght perhaps dto of the wounds hn hud Irendy received, nnd if not, thev hnd bet ter let him live. But sho was still inflexi ble. Il was her purpose that ho should die. nnd die ho must. They however con cluded lo wait a few dav." nnd sen if ho would not die of his u ootids In Hn they were disappointed, mid on tho morning of Ihe Mill lie hail hi far recovered n In tin hie to dress lum-clf, and wns about to ne Hie ioim, when Ins wife rem nrn I with htm for hi mg Mt imttrud. nl, mid urged Mm back I ill- bed. She Hieu ln- mi d her ncC' inpltei! Hint the work of i li must bu speedily ace unohshed, but recoiled (ruin the net (,f uriit'tii e iinmit ting violence upon him. AKIioiigu foiled her peri-ua-ioiw. sin- re-nried to the menus of n quarrel between Rmp mid tier ncce-siiry, lo im-plrll lino to perpelrate HlO muidcr. In this she wan niere-r,il warm words ensued, nnd lo cxieduethf tnn'ier she pushed him upon her hn-Lnnd .villi wns lying prostrate upon Ihn bod. Phe murderers then both set nnnn him ilh i ho ferocity of tarnished Hirers tho one grei-puirr Jiisj throat and nsnsting the worK oi ueaiit winin ihe demon of a wife put tier knees upon his brensi nnd wilh thn eigln of hei whole body jumped unoD iint until life had become c.viticl. The nutglibors having suspicions that all i- not righl, called I lie Coroner, and an inquest wns held upon the budy, which re. turned a verdict of 'death by personal vio lenci'.' Suspicmn rested upon the younrr man nnd the wife of Hie deceased, and ihey were iinuiedintely arrested. They hnve been committed to jail to await a further trial. This murder, mken in connection with Hie attend ml cireum-iances, is one of ihe; moi-t inhuman mid baHiirniH tteeili evr rnnirnu'd in a civilized hind. Tho de ceased is reputed to have been nu indus trious mid qnim cinz'ii, mid o tar a-i known, hn- always ived in in- utmost bar. tnony will- In- f, Iv. H'- wife had pre- loti.-ly borne i good reputiiiion bn m 1 this iii-iQiicu il is clearly evinced that Su. tan hns once timru exerciaed sole power over a woman. The Sea Serpent. The Sea Serpent ns niritin seen off Nalinui on Tuesday ' forenoon. We CollVered Willi fnnr fr,..,. iinen w ho cn that inoriilug ere fi.lniiu in n boat nbo.ii two miles Miu'lieu.-i nf Na. limit, mid who nier that they di-u incily ' -ii w toe itioisit.T nnoiit leo roils dit-lnnt. Ill- bend iij elevated nboiil Hiree feet from the sirliico ot Hie uater. ninl wa bout iht-f.r.e nl a hnic barrel. A pari nly of lite "loily about fil'iy feet in length war. vislhV. The c.lor wa- v-rv dark mid there ere Inor hoiielien ni: the bark He was sen for iiti'iitl fifteen iinnniej 'he water was iierlic Iv -10 .0II1 noil thai tin-re con il b,; no dt'Cenimn 111 tho cast;. I'lie 'eiiileiiien tnmlo n h..i.l. I his appearance, lo which they ntfixei! heir 11a nes mid left it lor ex ibitt'ui in 1 he bar of the hoiel Atlas. From 1 he Aurora (Etie Coiniij) Slaml.inl A MAN MUHDEnEl) OV HIS WIFE A.N D HEn I'AUAMOUn. On the lth oh., 111 the town of Hnm burgh, in tins cminty. n murder wns coin untied which exhibits n degree of deprnvi ly, Hull could srB'cely be looked fur 111 be ings who wenr Ihe I'm in nf humanity, and live under Ihe influence of civihzition. The deed wns (e-rpetrnted upon n 111111 nnmeil Rnpp, a native of Switzerland bv his own wife, nnd her paramour, n young Swiss, name not known. The particulars of this tragical affair nre of Hie most revolt inn; nnd hnrbnrnus char ader, ns taken from the confession of the yiinng man, by which ii nppenrsthat it wa n mailer ol cool delinerniiou lor uenrly year previous to "lis finnl c.insnniuaion. The young man wns paying his nddrossc lo llnpps daughter wu It Ihe intention mapying her. when her mother loioruii hun that sue liked him mote than In daughter did, nnd if lit would asHrt her disposing of her hiirband, she would mnr ry hun, nnd ho could sbnre in I he nropTty To this he nccetled, nnd thrreiiiti tht conjoinily proceeded lo tho execution their dinhohcal purpose. Their fir.-t plan wns lo Inko his lifi Hirongh the ngoncy of poison, Soim monilis since, ihey procured Ni.x Vam ica, which Ihey ndiiiiniiered lo him. hoi for some cause, without Micccn-. Si ill Ihey were not lo be diverted frnu their de momac design, mid they immedinlely con eluded to accomplish the wink by violence Tins they deferred until n convenient op portuuiiy should oiler iisell, which wn not long wnuiing A dnv or two ureviou in the 7i Ii nil. Rnpp's wife informed h accomplice Hint on the motning of Hie 7ih Rnpp would lenvt! homo for Buffalo. ery ariv, nnu wnuid tie at thestable to Iced hi horses oboul I wo o'clock, mid ns il would be a plausible report in send abroad Hint liud been killed by the nurses, the fatal Dlow must no struck at that time. At tho appointed hour tho murderer was ut his post, and as his victim entered the stable he gave him a blow upon Iho head villi n club, which knocked hun down when Iho blows wcrn repeated seve limes, until ho supposed the work of death was complete. Ho immediately left the flublc, in dotnir which he met Ins occnm plice ol iho door, her fears that tho deed might not be fully accomplished having inuucod her to witncs'6 the bloody scene Con ami M !.ckeiii:i.i. Fi-rinnv The Haru-lablu Pat mil cavs: "Sioee 'ImrH line-' have become I hi; t.mie .,r inveri-al itm llirooohont th (J . .., lie world 11 ntford- 11- no lilt 1 0 pleasure In find Hint Hie li-heinten of (Jnpe Cod have eon blessed with large dtmmnts from heir favorite Banks. We lea ru t lint five mackerel-men who have packed their forex ui the wharf of Cupt. William Lewis in lilts town, have already cmi'lii sixteen hundred barrels fir the niianer iiidiiirrm July. During the .-am,, tunc last -eniini there were less than seven hundred barrels al ihe -a liarl." Tomatoel .Mrs. Child gives the fol. lowing directions lur cooking this valuable gel able. "Tomatoes should be skinned bv nour ing boiling water over them. After Ihey nre skinned, ihey fliould bo stewed hall ait hour, in tin. wun n Ittlle sail, a small hit of butter, nnd a spoonful of water." This meiliod is jr sauce to cnl with roast meal lor dinner. When plucked green, toma toes make nn excellent pickle! An excel- lent cutriip may be made of tbein, when ripe, in the billowing manner. "The vcu eiable should bu que, z.. np'jn u,,, ,a,,d -no pin 111 iio'in, nnu fe iiy lor twenty (our hours, n Her being pas.-ed ihroui'h a reive. nll.-pice. pepper, uiHce. gr.r ,c, nnd whole IlillSlard e,., Mioultl bo ll liletl. Iltllould bu bulled dll AMI one Ihird. noil holllei! niter I- Cool No liquid In llet'i'Sreiri, , the loiiiaioes are very jucy. A good deai of air anil -pic.. 1- neci-sury In keen the cat nip well," I tit 1 emus wild roasi meat ; mid a cupful nods much lo the richness or soup and chowder. The girl. c shoiud be taken out before the catsup is bottled. One Gant, n Scotchman, wns in the seiviceot the gnat Frederick ol PniM-ta. mid was ib-rrved one dny fondling the Kings laMirtie dog. "Are you fund of dtigh f'Vs'd Frederick. "No, please your .Miijesty." rt plied Grant, "but wo Scots have n sjying, that it is right to secure a friend at court'" "You are a sly fellow," said the monarch ; recollect for the future thai you hnve no occasion nl tins court for any IV end but my-eif." Grant rose af terward with greut rapidity, nnd wns in. misled with Hie command of iho most im pnrtnni lirircsics in Ihn kingdom. FANCY CI I A I US. LOVHU' & ABBOTT have jusi re ceived from Now York 150 fancy Cane Sent Chairs, which they offer cheap er Hion Ikey were r ver sold in Burlington. Utiiliofton. August 10, 1037. NOTICE WHEREAS I have given my son Henry 'oilman his time and rinht to do bsines for himself,,! shall pny no debts of his contracting, nor demand any if iiib earnings ancr 1111s ooic. UAURIEL ZOTTMAN. Burlington, August 9, 1837.

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