Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 1, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 1, 1837 Page 2
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V II 1 11 A Y M O It N I N 0, SKPTHMHEIt 1. Slate Election. September 6. rem onvKHNnn. SILAS II. .TEN1SON. Volt MEUT. r.ovnuNfu. rnn Tim auer, ron sknatoih ciiittpnukn county, .lOIIV VAN SJC1U.KN, JK. IIAWRY MIIjLKH. OHLUANS COUNTV. ATIO USTUS YOUNC. Gil AND ISL1. COUNTV. II ON. .TO 12 L ALL 12 N, THE TRUE WHIG DOCTRINE. "I proftjsji to be n hullionist, in the usual ami ncceplcil sense of thai word. I um for a specie basis for our circiilaliim, and for specie asa part of the circulation, so far ns it may bo pJitticabh' nml convenient. I'nin for giving no value to paper, merely as pn. per. I nblmr upper; that is to say. irrcdec inablo pnpur-if piper I hat may not lie con verted l?i?i ci Id nnd silver at I he will of the liolder."--VKiHTK!i. IOOn Tuestlay next, the lrac.meti of thh S'.me.will be called' upon o-'pass ,lll!ir jiuJgnient upon the measures of the present adminislrntinn. by lbcoxojciso of, that prerogative which constitutes them such the elective franchise. It. is a "prfvilcjro which imposes high obligations, and should not bo lightly regarded, or ever neglected : it is the distinguishing feature of our re publican institutions: ti right which makes man a freeman the deprivation of which would leave him a mere serf. As freemen, then, every legal voter should consider it nut only his privilege, but his huiinden duty, to repair to the bal lot box especially at this tunc, when there is so much to condemn, to correct, nnd re form, in our Government and interpose his negative to (ho corrupt nnd mad schemes of Martin Van Rurcn by voting the Whig Ticket. Tin; Whigs at the West, who, by un wearied efforts, have overcome their politi. cal opponents, and spoken in thunder tones to the corruptinnisls nl Washington, ex. pect Vermont to do her duly, and respond in n voice equally plain, to their eloquent appeals! Let every whig voter bo up and doing. The question which present itselT to every freenran at the present time in dis charge of his duty at the polls is n very simple one, and yet one of mighty impor tance. It is simply Ibis: "am I. satisfied with the present condition of the cnuntry--do I approve or disapprove those measures of the administration which have been mainly instrumental in producing ii?" This is the naked question, ns it will be presented to every freeman on Tuesday uexi; and as he answers it to his own con tciencc, so is he hound bv his solemn oath to express hiirtclf through the ballot box O" War, ir.sTii,EcE and famine, said Hc.Mir Clay in 11J2I1. arc preferable to the elect, on of Andrew Jackson to the Presi dency of tho United States. Let any sober, reflecting man sit down and enquire, which of these three calamities, or whether all united could have inflicted more uni vcrsal ruin, than have l he measures of Andrew Jackson's ndmini-tratinn. Martin Van Duron has promised under his own hand, to follow out 'thce measures. Now 'wit worth the while for any individual in Vermont (office holders excepted) to sus tain these measures. They will answer the ends of Lnro luicoism but they arc far separated from the interests of the country. A community of goods, n me tallic currency, a war upon the merchants, and upon the encouragement nf domestic! industry; n destruction of tho Credit j System, which olnno sustains labor, nnd insures to the farmer, a fair prifit for his productions; these articles in tho creed of the powers thnt be will not suit our meridian. The measures of the adminis trillion are eating into the very vitals tJ our prosperity. A Fair Statement. The Tory Party lms been in power in the United States for eight yenrs, during that period they have carried every one of their vxeaturcs. The people were promised gold and silver in abundance n bitter currency, than thoy over bad Reform and retrenchment in fine sill ho promises nnd professions that could be made were made when General Jackson cumc into power. Now let us see what has been the result of the tory policy. No gold or silver. Commcrco prostra. ted. Maiuiinc'iires almost dead. The poor thrown out of employment. Tho government with unlliuus on millions of the public money in its custody, nnd vet Bankrupt. Merchants, in the inidnt of the iiiin brought upon tin in by the nduiinistra I 'on, duinunced ns knaves and cheats. Every bank in I lie country denying specie payments. Whole cniuinuiiitieH probtrated. The rrcnt Maplu of thu nation reduced fourold in value. Tho people every where ul a less what to do, Europo pointing to us with the finger of scorn, because wo have been the subjects of n monstrous hum bug. Confidence destroyed. Enterprise paraljzed tlioo and such ns these arc the results of the tory policy. That the party mean to adhere to it, thcro cannot be the shadow of a doubt. TO THE FREEMEN OF GRAND ISLE COUNTY. Fellow Citizens: Next Tuesday you arc to make choice of a Senator to repre sent you in I tic Senate of this State Judge Allen nnd Dr. Ramos are the only Candidates for the office. Judge Allen lias been appointed to many responsible stations and has proved himself to bo a faithful public servant. On the other hand Dr. Dames "has boon tried in the balance nnd found wanting." He is also diametrically and pol ticaily opposed to tbc,.g"rcat inter ests of most of you. "These hard times" arc fine times for him. He can now shave noc?and compel the people to pay him his thirty per cent Interest, or sacrifice their nil. In fact, fellow ciiiz , his course and character were fairly' adO palpably pictured out to you by a writer, in the Free Press of last week over tho signature of "Rucking ham." If you re-blJct him'to the Senate, ho will do all in his power to prolong these ovil times; you have ihcj strongest evidence thnt ho legislates with an eye more to A is. oiuu interest, than to the interests of tho People. Ho knows fellow citizens that bo represents n minority, hence 5011 find him nnd his pnrtizans urging his r'e.election on the ground (not that ho is tho most fit per son) but that hu was elected last year and ought to be this; nnd that Judge Allen now holds several other offices These follow citizens are too shallow reasons to urge in these important times; wo waul a man in that mutton that wo junto will be faithful to uur interests, and Judge Allen wo .'cnoio to be such a man". "A word to the wise is sufficient;" go to tho polls 0110 and all and veto for tho man that will legislate for tho people. Piulo. North Hero. Aug. 29, 1!!37. The Hon. William Sit.arue, ono of tho Jackson members of Congress from Rhode Island, and who was nominated by the same party for re election, has recently addressed a letter to tho Hon. J. D'Wolf, in answer to one from that gentleman 011 iho present disordered slate ofthe currency. This letter is valuable for tho plain truth it tell', and especially so as coming from such a source from n practical man o sound sense who lias heretofore been a dc-f cided administration man. From what I have said, it necessarily follows as mtj belief, thnt if Gen. Jackson had let "well enouoh alone" as he l'OU.M) IT IN l!!3f, THE EVILS WE now SUri'EK WOULD II AVE I IK, EN SPARED US. I do not believe that Iho banks would hnvi increased hevond the 'wants of (he legitimate business of the country. Con seqiiently speculation in lands, over impor tations and n surplus revenue could not have existed; and 1 here could not have been any nccc!!sity for tho suspension of specie payments. Hut the past is beyond our control. Wc may, if wn will, provide' for tho future. Wo must have n general currency: gold nnd silver for ils basis, and a circulating medium equivalent lo it. The government of the United States has the power, and it is its duty to furnish such a currency. It is idle to suppose that it can he furnished by the fluctuating legislation of twenty i. independent Slate governments. As well I, I . ciirinnia ll,r,l ll, ,,.,.,.,,,,, I ..fl 1111.1. m v .,,.,, ,..-, n a n army could bo judiciously directed bv tweniy-six independent generals; or as- well might we say, that the government of the United Slates was n supernumerary ma chine, and that all the legislation necessary for tho nation, could be funnelled by the twenty-six independent Slain Legislators. inrfion. Jackson went homo to Ten nessee swearing 'by tho eternal" that Judge Wiirn: and Mr. Deli, should bo put down. The result ofthe Election has put .Messrs. Wiirn: nnd Di:ll up. and IIr. Ghundv down! Con. Cannon, tho Whig Gov ernor, is reelected by an increased major ity of 17.00J APT ILLUSTRATIONS. Tho Lexington Intelligencer gives tho following comment on "my feeble cflorts'i lo improve tho currency: "Dul if you make 0 great effort to gather up the hard money in particular enormous heaps, in ono country, you destroy the equilibrium you produce bloating in one part u gorge in nuolher n scarcity in nn. oilier nnd n stagnation in all Iho channel in any way connected with that which is iho immediate subject of your cxpcrimtnl. And the unavoidable cousequi'iicoufull this is a re action a return of thu amount ab stracted from ociivu circulation upon Us source; nu overflowing of its wonted chnn. ncl a hreuking up n derangement and vast destruction ! "If you dam 0 stream you do not dimin ish the water for a lime yon may make moro above and less below your dam but it will at length seek its nalnrul course, even to tho destruction ol your dam If yon lie n cord round your wriit, the amoiiui of fluid in your hand tuny ho increased, but i it rendered any more inol'ul lor llie pur. poses of strength and efficiency Is not the reverse tin: ell'col ? Ynu di.-'end n blood vosiel iinnalurnly nay, you may maku 11 burst; hut it worn better lo tut li'lluw on 111 its natural course. "Su with muiicy. The nttempt lo farce it from abroad into this country, in inordi nate quantities, against the course of bust ness, and in defiance uf the wants of trade and commerce, produces a Uislurbancu of the quiet process of imturo; nnd blunting, J anu fever, and bankruptcy must result. One moro illustration from nnluro. '1 bo elective fluid is like specie ; let. it nlonn nnd nil goes on well, but gather it in largo amounts in pnrticulnr parts of the great system, by artificial means, and a disrup- l inn nn explosion must result irom 1110 ct. forts of nature, cvor true to hur own lavs, to restore tho balance." "Expu.ngino." The process of "Ex punging" is in lull tine 01 successiui -uv. pcrimcnl." "lllack Lines" have been drawn around "the greatest and best" in Tennessee. Vice-President Johnson has been "Expunged" from tho "Great Cross- inrrs" in Kentuckv : nnd tho freemen of Indiana hnvo "Expunged" seven Vun Du. rcn members out of Congress. Thcro is n word of truth in tho follow ing iiui-.shcll : "Ho who is passionate and hasty, is generally honest jit is tho cool, dissem bling, smiling hypocrite, whom you should Ace." r " Wn have heard it remarked by those who biivobc1;n cloo ob-ervcrs of political nfl'tirs fur tinny or forty vuars past, t lint never had thev known such remnrkablo revolutions: in public sentiment as are indi cated by the late returns frotnjtho South and West. Not three weeks ago when most of the stales had completed their elections we made n statement of the relative strength of parties in the House, in which wo allowed tho administration n' clear majority of 28 votes. The returns tiifLgan to come in this majority was gradu. ally reduced and ns it stands now, at tho very worst, it cannot exceed FOUR ! People's Press. A l AnAMA Election. Wn have returns rom 2fj counties, winch give Oliver, tho Wh'g candidate for Governor. 14,49G--Dagbv (Van Huron) 13,-107. Majority tor Oliver, I0n9. These counties have elected to the State Legislature -13 Whigs 2-2 Van Burenites. Among Iho member chosen is the Hon. William Smith, the Virginia candidate for the Vice Pre.-idency. who refused Hie seat upon the bench of the Supreme Court ten dered him by Gem Jncksnn. hi election, the redoubtable gentleman deliv ered a long speech to the people of Hunts villc, in which, ns wo learn from the Southern Advocate, he admitted thnt 'Dun lei Webster was tho most argumentative nnd clear headed man in the United States Finni t lie New Yoik Cuinmeie.ial Advertiser. JACKSON voifih JACKSON. The folluuin loitor limn Sir. Waller I'cnvne's pai friend, "the revered chief," came lo hand jejleiday mumlng. In lliR belief, however, vie could ubuml.uiily piovo ils falsity from (jffirinl documents under Gen. Jackson's own hind, we suspended ils publication until ue could hate lime 10 examine ihc celebrated Hank veto message of July, 1S32. Having pci formed l.ilior, wn now proceed lo give. 1I10 Idler, nnd lo follow il up wilh llie proof of 1I10 amazing fiirgeifnlne-s of dm old General, in rcg.ird lo I ho conlenls of his on suite papers or iiillicr, the stale papers bearing his pigii.ume for lie is ns "innocent" of dieir r.ompn-iilion "aa Sirs. I)on;Non's lilllu baby," 10 quote onn of hi-! own fiigures of speech. Tlie lot- !"M' wa iltc, I,y Gen. Jackson, or rather for, mil signed by him, in order in aid the eleelinn of u Van Itnien member of Congics, in the disiiict lately represented by Sir. I'ejton j IlnnMiTAfiK, June 5. lfJ37. Gr.N. W. Tnoo-DALi:, Sir: Your let ter of llie 'l'h instant from Carlhage has just reached me, and Ull hough laboring under n bad headache, and othor afilctiotis, I hasten to answer it. I rcgrut to bear I hat Mr. Campbell has charged me wilh being favorable to, a U111 ted States Dank. and t lint I have advocated tho constitulinnality of such nn institution I have always boon opposed to tho United Stntcs Dank on constitutional ground. There is no such grant of power to ('(ing ress, in the Consli'ulinu and before Congress can constltut lonally exorcise such power, the people must mnko tho grant In the Convention t lint formed i.. various propositions 'were made to introduce the grant uf power lo Congress to cren'o cor porniions: and all were reje'ed by large majorities, nnd if the power was nskod n the people, I n one of thorn, would now withhold il. The idea of a sovereign puw er granting n charier for n bank of stock holders, nnd then, (as was the case ol the United State".) lhu same sovurt'ign power that granted it. becoming n member of l ha', incorporated bmly. or n stockholder, is such nn absurdity that I never could reconcile it to iiivpcU it's a dangerous combination of power, nnd never oughi to exist. Mr. Webster's speech, ai weM as thai of Mr. Clay, in Hill the gtcatost either ever made clearly show thai 1 hern is no such constitutional power granted to Con gross. Congress can, ns it did before I lie lurinniwii of this constitution, provide by law that tho revenue should be deposited with Iho collector ornny oiherngent it may choose 10 appoint, for lis safe keeping, and application lo the uses fo' which the reve nue was raised, but has no power to ostnb lish or incorporate a bank of issues or stockholders. I write in much pain, and regret thai young Mr. Campbell bns dune inn so much tnjuslico ns to nscribe tome such princi ples, nnd ho enn produce my plnii of n bank, if I ever made ono to Congress il must have been accninpnniod by my mes sage lo that body but I Ftispect ho has never seen such ho tnkes iho ipso dixti of Mr Doll for the fact I supposo call for the information of my plnn, You will please oxen-e this hasty Fcrnll. as I wnto by candle light, and in much ptiin, and nui very respectfully, Your most ob 'dient servant. ANDREW JACKSON. Tho moniont wo saw iho letter, we know Mint an examination of documents was only necessary to overthrow it, nnd hlinw General Jackson's infirmity of memory. To this tank wc proceed 1 Tho President's tnussago to Congress, of December, 1030, contains the following passago: 'In the spirit of improvement nnd cntn- promise wiucli distinguishes our country and ils institutions, it becomes us to enquire wiiotiicr it tie not possible to secure the advantages nfl'irdod by tho present bank through tho agency of tho Hank ofthe United States, so modified in its principles nnd structure nsto obvintc coustiliHiotinl and othor objections.' It is thought practicable,' ho continues, 'to organize such a bank,' and he goes on to show how it may ho done, oilding that Mho slates would bo strengthened by hnv ing in their hands the moans of furnishing thu local PAPER CURRENCY through iheir own banks, while THE HANK OF THE UNITED STATES, though issu ing no paper, would check the issues of the state hanks.' In tho opening of tho veto message bo Ibro referred to, tho idea suggested in tho procedinr; quotation, was carried out in the following terms: " 'A Hank of tho United Slates,' snvs he, 'is in many respects convenient fur the government, nnd useful lo the people. En tertaining ibis opinion, and deeply impres sed with the belief that some of the powers nnd privileges possessed by tho existing bank are unauthorized by tho constitution, subversive of thu rights of the states, and dangerous to the liberties of tho people, I felt it. my duty, nt an early period uf my ndniinisirniiou, to call tlin attention of Congress to the practicability of organi zing nu instiiuMon combining nil its ndvan. tngf.i nnd obviating these objections, i SLXCERELY REGRET thai, in the act before me. I enn perceive nono of thop modifications of THE bank charter which are necessary, in my opinion, to make it compatible with justice, with sound policy, or wilh tho ooiisititulion of our country." And toward the close of the same docu merit, the following remarkable passage .. : ..a.i.i. rj... i-.i,..,,, ntit ntilv ' . ' .... .! avows that ho was 111 fuvor ol a JianU ot the united Stales, but was displeased that ho had not been requested to prepare tho plan of such n bank : " - "That a B'tnk oft.thc United Slates com p'lenl la nil the duties lo'iich mny be rcqui' red by llie gnvfrnmriit:,miu'hl be so organi sed as hot to infringe rm our delegated jiom. crs, or the reserved tights of the states, 1 do not entertain a doubt.'. Hud the cxeiutivc been called upon lo furnish the pyajfit of such nn institution. 'Villi DUTY WOULD II. FE liBEX CIlEEllFULL Y PER FORMED!" In addition to which, we state, that we have seen and read a letter in General Jackson's own hand writing, addressed to the President of tho Dank of the United States, asking thnt institution to locate a branch of the Dank at Pcnsacola. Wo tiro enabled to state, and can prove in a court of justice, that General Jackson once agreed to recommend tho rc-chartcr-ing of the old Dank that ho requested a gentleman to prepare a paragraph for that purpose, to be inserted in his message, and to have it submitted to the directors, that it might harmonise with their views and Ihal such paragraph was prepared, nnd forwarded lo Washington. We could farther prove, to the sati-faclion of any twelve honest men, that a ui'ivinnnt from Albany prevented such a recommendation. STRENGTH OF PARTIES IN CON GRESS. The Philadelphia U. S. Gazette stajes that il has heard from very good authority oflwo members of Congress who have been allowed to the reigning party, who will break from them immediately upon the assembling of Congress. "We give it as our decided opinion," it ntlds, "that Mr Polk cannot be elected Speaker, nor Dlair come within 'ZQ votes of being printer." Oncol tho members rofered to in the above paragraph was 111 this city on M ou tlay, and declared publicly thnt ho should iw longer give his voice and vote for the Yuu Duron parly. 'JS measure was ever more "jint and salutary'1 than th" measures of suspension, says iho New York. Tunes. "The his tory of tho world has never recorded such uA-r. Tnr.Aciif.rtv and pminiiY, as has been committed by the deposito banks iignuM tho Government" says Andrew Jnck-on. Gnasuinc. ok Tki:tii. Tiio Cincinnati V. D. Republican thus vouts its spite on Iho Whig Triumphs: "Such throwing'up of hats such yelp ing such yahooing such catlerwauling such rolling m t Ji r mud such boa-nog such toasting and suoli teetotal nbsii nenco from cold water, was nevnr known m the slate "wicrc the land arc level and the soil arc rich." Congress convenes on Monday next. The National Intelligencer of iho 2ii says: Tho members nro coming in early this year. Resides Mr. Poll;, already mention ed, wo have beard of tho arrival of Mr. Cusliing, Mr. Flelchor, ami Mr. Parnieu. tier, nf Massachusetts ; Mr. Morgan, of Virgiiva; Mr. Underwood, of Kentucky : Mr. Jackson, ol Georgia: Mr. Dell, of Tonne-see : Mr. Bond, of Ohm: and Mr. Muv and Mr. Snyder, nf Illinois. Few members of the House of Representatives, probribly, will bo absoul on the first day ol lhu session. A Wiui'iT.n Si-anicl. Donne, tho Tory ox member of Congress from Indiana whom tho people at tho recent elections have ousted from the seal ho disgraced, is thu fellow who boasted in tho House, that hu gloried 10 culling hininulfn "collar dog" of Andrew Jackson. His constituents re collect the old proverb, "he Ihat lies down with dogs in 11. -.t ne up with )las"- and kicked Inui out of iho way. Doolie harked up iho wimig tree, when he Hindu n vaiim 0 j'ius servility. Aftor his defeat, bo should Imvo been present nt the inlorviuw bulwen Amos Lane and Colonel Johnson. Wheat is aollipij uf Canntidaigua nt $1,25 a bushel. NEW YOKK MA.IlKET.-Aoa. 20. Nnihing later or fpecinlly important, hni been rcreUcil Irnni Murope, since our last. Wo my now looking for nolliiug th.11 can ni.iici inlly effect our condition from nbriiad except u be llio im iroiemenl of our great staple, (.'otlon. Our debt h in 11 iihhi rapid slate of iiawncul : so much so that llie KuglMi public appear to lie nsloumled, 'I'ho nxport of pi;cii! still continues, with nulling coming tlin way. V; online that I lit) last Itoslou trader, 11 Hun rhip, had but luo liile' of goods on hoard; nnd several of our I'.irkels have 1 pitched licit! wilh less than two hundred pounds of height. Alleys are now turned towards Congiess, Slorn ill. in thii ly members urn now in (his :iiy , on their way llicre. Tho lecenl election has given die minority gieat hopes, Tho Slessign of die Presi dent will lit read wilh prodigious interest. Their has been 11 gicat increase of slrangeis in onr oily uilhhi llie past week, nnd among iho grocers there has hecu 11 good deal doing. Among all other clasps, trade is at 11 stand. The crops throughout dm counliv me nbnn lanl. but tin countiv was eo exceedingly b 110 of piovisious that it will taken large quantity lo tuppty Us exhausted condition. Flu uit In the early partof tho week was vorv (lull nt Sl),7i lor common brands West. cm, but the slock being nearly exhausted, and the remnant being in fbw hands they have put up tho prico n dollar a barrel, bales 0.50 a 9,7a for common brands. The advance has been confined principally to Western. Itich mond city is selling at 0i ; Nuw Yoik U a Ui; Wool. A state of perfect inactivity still pervades. iho market. Manufacturers cannot compete with tho present low prices which goods are selling at, nnlwillitanding thev ,1 can buy Wool lower by .'30 lo .10 per cent, and a great reduction in thu price ol latter ; tho manufactured article, when brought into mars kot, will not realize the first cost by 10 to 15 per cent. It is therefore very evident that unless a decided improvement takes place in the monetary affairs ofthe country, and that very soon, the manufacturing interest will bo totally annihilated. Grain The stock of Foreign wheat is disappearing fast. The sales of tho week have been over 25.000 husheis, ranging from 130 to 1I5 ets. The price of nc.v Wheat is I higher m Jialtimoro and Philadelphia than it ' is here, the consequence is that vo ry little or rives. A small cargo of new Virginia brought , j Q ,lvu s vury firm in prico and but lil tie- here; sales ol I-oretgn at UU a fi-.'ie.; some lias fallen .0 to 10c, sales at yj .1 HJU. the ties' however, will not now command the latter price. New Oats have fallen to lCcts. PllKDICTION AM) FuLflLMUNT. ''III eight or iiiiio mouitis from tin-- tune." siiii the Globe in 1 "30. ''travellers will be free from the pestilcme of raggtil, Jttlliy ana counterfeit notes. "Our money is reduced Vorags, every dnv becoming more worth ices," saiu amos lvenuaii in oi. MuTtn-tlK wtr.r, out. The Morristown Jorsoymau (V. D.) says: "Tho accounts of tho recent Western elections are so contradictory that, no roll mice can ho plncod upon them. Wc must acknowledge, however, that affairs look rather too squally in thai quarter for com fort." CnNsor.iNC.-Thfi. organ of tho Tnllmadgc party in New York snvs; 'Kentucky said to have rowed us up Salt river, but we have strong liopos of g-Uting at least one there." One hundred and eighty five foreigners were naturalized in IJiltimore, by the .1)1 trict and City Courts, preparatory to the election. Fiiom England The Queen, it ap pears, prorogued Parliament in person 01 the I7th July, with iho usual solemnities to which ceremony her youth and sex ad ded peculiar interest. H-t speech is ol the usual unmeaning character, as it prop erly should be. while uncurtuin of the suit ofthe pending elections, which will decide the parly from which she shall chous her future Minu-ters. In the IIoiisi! of common1), previous lo ils prorogation, notice was given ofa motion to bring in a Dill, 111 iho next session of Parliament, vesting the success-ion to the throno in Prince George of Cambridge, thereby passing over tho next heir, the Doko of Cumberland, the present King of Hanover. There is no probability, we Hunk, that this Dill will pass, as the demise ofthe Crown has nlready been provided for by n Dill brought in by the present Mtui.sturs since iho Into King's death, in which tho regular sticcc-.-ion is preserved. Tho Duke of Cumberland has probably increased his previous unpopularity in England, by a declaration abolishing the constitution of Hanover, which wo believe was adopted ns n consequence t.f the Treaty of Vienn nnd sanctioned by his two predecessors. If any difficulties should ensue from this Act of thu Kmg. they will no doubt be adjusted by the Grand Diet of the Germanic Confederation. The commercial nccounts by this con. veyance arc luo meagre to imparl much information. The nccounts from Spain are so detach ed, that we can gather little more from them than that lhu Carlisls are making rapid strides towards the final overthrow of iho Queen's power. Indians in Fi.ohida. Wo understand from the St. Louts Republican, thai orders have been issued by the Secretary of War, lo Major Dougherty. Superintendent of Indian iifi'iirs on Iho Upper Mt-snuri, to inko 1000 Indian warriors to Florida, if they can ho induced to go. Thu order, as report i-nys, directs Mnpir Dingheriy lo procure the service of 400 Shnwneos, 200 Sues nnd Foxes, C00 Delawiircs nnd 200 Ktcknpoos. Tho Major is to accompany the Indians, not in tho character of com maiider, but us ngeni, nnd for his services is to have u colonel's pay. A rniGHTruL Stagi. Accihent A mos.t distressing stngo nccident occurred n few days sinco, nt the ton mile house, to iho oast of Lexington, on lhu Maysvillo Turnpike. Tho stage contained ninu pas sengers besides iho driver. Every person in and upon Hie stage was moro or less injured Judge Jnhnson, of Louisiana, bad his head severely cut, and was other wise uiiujIi bruised. Judge Underwood ol Kentucky, mid his daughter, were bulb seriutisly wounded in the bend, though not dangerously. Mr Love of Tenne.-see. going to west Point, had his collar bono badly broken, and n genleman bythonaino of Martin, Irom Now York or Philadelphia, was very seriotifly injured in thu right side. The driver had Ins miulo dislocated &. tho oxiru driver was very badly hurl internally, blood btrcatning, profusely from Ins tnouih. Tho rest considerably injured. Suicii)K.--Wo regrot to loam that llr.Mtv SKVMoun, Esq. ol'Ulicn.n gontlc inau well known fur liis wealth and high standing, shut himself through tho bend on Saturday morning. We have heard no cause assigned for thft fatal deed, but pre sume it. was physical derangement. -lib. D. Adv. The steamboat Dubuque burst n boiler near Alton, on thu Mi-sissippi river, cm Tuesday, tho 1 Si It day of August, instant. At tho tfme tho passengers loft, which hail arrived nt Louisville twenty-four persona had been buried, and three were not expec ted to survive. There's a musical itinerant company at Lexington, Kentucky, under Messieurs Darn-cm and Hay-lnl'i. These must have belonged to ono oflhoso travelling provin cials that enact in bams and out-houscs, "Iho part of Othello loft out, by pariiculor desire," Miss Denr-man is tho chief ne cromancer. Among tho Whig members of the Leg islature of Kentucky just elected arc IJlniiy Clav, Jr., nnd Lx. Governor Mont:tir.Ai). Tub Sr. John Dinner., Tho Dostori Morning Post publishes the following let. tcr, giving some additional particulars ot the disaster nl St. John. St. Joiiis. N. D. Aug. ?. 1037. "About two years since, n wenlthy com pany commenced the construction ola sus pension bridge over tho river St. John, two miles above 1 ho city. The river at the silo ofthe bridge is deep nnd rapid, so that it was impossible to lound piers between the shore nbuimenls. The spun was 500 feet, exceeding I hat of any bridge in Amer ica, oud equal to Hint ol'Uie celebrated Me- nai bridge in Wales, Thu engineer em ployed was a Mr. Warren, of New York. A series of untoward accidents have been happening to llie work, ever sine" Hi coin tnencoinent. Li si wui'er lie nearly got main trnsp iiver when the whole gavo way. Two niotr lis ago he got his chains across, nnu erecieii tlie seaiioiiiing on ihein. The improper angle nt which ihey were carried over the lowers, rnnm-d 0 pressure 011 lli'-in, tind threw them out of their original V'Tlicnl position. A fort night since, the work vns found 10 bo in so critical aite, nnd conducted so imo'oper ly. that the directum wrote to Mr. E Ihoii, loget his opinion on the -tote of the bridge, ami as to what was iho most ndvisnblo cojirso to pursue. Upon receiving bis re port, thoy requested him to c-snirie charge of the work, which he did, though nl Iho same time expressing it as Ins opinion t lint, there was very lllile hope nf iiecess. H'i immediately cans d new lowers to be ercc. led, and got over sovernl new chains lo re licvctheold ones, Tliero were now. up. werd of five miles of chain cables, larr-u enough for sloops of war, nero.-s tim tnwurc. suspended in the centre i'O feet nhove Ingi, water. Yesi'-rdav morning nut oi tin- oin side chains parted, nnd wn soon Ii."ha.i by thu others, and40 men were nrecipiiait d among the for eat tif Keatrddinn into therm ids below. Noit; dead bodi-5, nnd ono trunkless In'nd have been picked up; beside several wounded ni"U. who are not e.xiiec'fd to survive. It is Mr. Edison's opinion, and most of iho directors coincide with nni. that there has i.-(mi some foul p'av ; Inr when ho first examined the work hediscov ered several pieces of rone yarn tied around tho Ijnks of the chains, which had been sat urated with nc-il. The lorryuien were bit terly oppn-ed lo the predion ul tho bridgu, as were also the wood boatmen, who fre quently losf the he n!- ol'il.eir masis in pas sing under r.ho scall'ilduig. Thowoik will probably be suspended for the proi-eut." A Vermont Colony Tho Rev. Mr. Huntington, in a letter published in tho Plymouth .Memorial. re!nt-s the following, af nn emigrant l.iunly. whom he met in the steamboat from Dutl'ilo lo Detroit. "In tho afternoon, I happened to plant my chair right oppo-ite in the effect ol n family thai were going nbout ISO miles in to the interior of Mielugan. The fjinilv const-led of the etnignint nnd his wife", both under the age of 30, nnd n son nnd daughter. Tnev are purl nt n cil uiv thai caino out from Venn. 1111, n year ngo, con sisting ol some '30 or 40 families, known ir. each other in "fader land," and selee'eii from the most orderly and religious. This man, like many of iho rest, went out la-t year, alone, and mule preparations for ro lurning with his family. They purchased together ono qunrlor of a lown-lnp each man having a village house lot of ten acres, and a farm uf ICO acres, contiguous to it. Like the Puritans. they made arrangements, from the beginning, lo take their household gods and I heir minister olong with them; though, I suspect, Mr. Robinson would never have done so much at farming, as their minister is likely to do; for, like tho rest nf the emigrants, ho has purchased, with his own money, the same quantity of land (170 acres) Ihat tho rest did. Desidcs this, they give htm the use of !!0 acres of land, which is attached to their intended parsonage. Il seems this is all tho certain provision thoy have yet pledged themselves to inako for his support. Noticing a shorl nfla among his things, nskod him what giimo hu found at Vermont ville. lie informed mo, in reply, that there were hear and deer, (besides wolves,) wild turkeys and squirrels. Ho says, iho climate there is healthy, the soil excellent, though, now hcnyily limbered thnt tho wulcr is pure and good ; the streams swift ; and there are two or threu niill.sites 111 the place." Tiiiiki: Scuiumi'.iis. The fhrco rival Van Duron candidates for Congress in Ar kansas, are Judge Yell, Mr. Hawl, and Col. William Horner. 'What's in a iiaino :' Wo learn through a parag-npti extracted by nu exchange paper from "Zmn's Her ald," thnt Kplintini K. ,'lvery received n oration at I ho lnt session of tho New England Conference. His "location" aforesaid, the editor docs not know. Noi. ihor do wc, hoi wo know whore it ought to bo. A". (la:. And wo know whore it will be, if lliero is any such place.

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