Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 15, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 15, 1837 Page 4
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Prom iIip Kulrkci hacker for April. THE MIRROR OP DEATH. Poor Mm y is no moic! she breaihed tier bud nn Tlitti.-d.iy, ju.'l iik ihe mm was sinking 10 his I erl. Vein ipjiiPinber her sinxtil ir heniilv lire io.c-lcnf blomn of her rhrck, mid hulic of Iiit d.ukeve, Al.i"! t tic v nic lint 1 he h.ii binders of iieiiialtiio decay. Yet no hltlo thought fo, one t-lioi t j car iij;o, uhen ive pnzed in admiration upon fn.ittur? f lowing v, hit onih mid heiiitiy, mid fiivv I he liidhiiit rolnr come mid ;o, wilb liding Hoin Iipi-heini, nc if it ueic a iiiiinins mrsst'iispr In jj pompe. Rut t-lirs is no innio mid llie fonil ees crcn her will fee her no inme! A hllli) uhile liefoie sho died, in nn inlemil of, miii, flip desirdl a hiit In In nig a minor, lhal lit' tniilhl behold ill'! in,igcs dispute wrought. Hit iciptpsl uih ciiiiiIimI mid npcr sli.ill I Ini gcl ihcsrenc uhich cii'iipd iIip polemii iiioniiioiis wiili which it as fiuusln.' Lkttku rnojt a Pi! I KM). TIip be.nilifiil wns dilnt; ( In life's spring. Iipii ihc hp.nt, Willi joy hiltixicnlc, Had newly nccl led under hue's win rowing, Ami plc.i-tiio's rcifpj hid iln: thorns of f.ito The had gone fonhl in pus- away So joiinj, mi ble.l, it win a Imipr doom; But ihof-oli r.idinnrc of innnorliil day lonili. Streamed sncvily lluoiigli ihe twilight of ilio TIip strife was wpII nigh finihpd, and the soul, liiiptij-.-d in light, llio tl.ntn of lighl lo be, RIpleil life's plciifiiir. al iis final coal, ISy the jtui stundmd of rlpiniiy. Surel was her 'pirn's f-iiiiiil, liiealhpd fiom lips Voiceil bke ihc hnd I u.ublin;; inuuiils lowaid licatpn, And lo lhe.e i'jf death waiivd lo colipe, A deep iiml holy earnestness was given. Slip liadp ihrm bring n minor, 'inns brought She looked nilo il long, w i I It stp.idf.ifl gaze. Hnl qiuiiled mil at ihn uipck dii-cieir had wrought Aiiiorgsl llie thai m? fo pini.-ed in oilier dajs: 'I'hpn, wild iIip. iniii of her linclinr's, Like a sad sprciin of ihc psi-t, in view, 'l'liu- tli her foul rplinke piidc's weakness Tint-, hid its wasted lencnipiit adieu: Flow snon life vanishes ! A Utile icipl, then a long lepofp; IlenhliV ..reining hue is ufiuiii-s hut the rose I'lanled hy DlmiIi! 'Look on ibis allrird Inow, Onrc gin-landed with snrh f.idiclinns rarp ! Uow would g:iv floweiF, or wie.ilhs of jewcli Beseem i: iio.s ! Vhic not one precious hour In it I n adorninrnt of the lading clay; But beautify ihc tout, o'er which decay Cm buiisl no power. Knlic il fur nliodn, Whcio mirow comes not bounty knows no blight, Pit lo ho in halls of peeilc-s light, Tho guest o( God! Pi inula whom I fondly loc! Oh! put the eiei lasting garment on! Soth.ill lie eland aciiptcd by ihnl ihrone A II tin ones aliovc. '.So (hall we pari, lo inert Whoic neter rt was lipaid ihe found 'Fnrewcll' And hold, in iliat f.iir laud wlii'ie angels ducll, Coinniiiiiioii fuccl. 'Parcwell! poor f.iheiing iIiifi, Whon; image De.illi is daikcning now! Uul a lew momrnlg more of pain, mid lliou Shall yield ihy lliisl. 'I feel parlh's lie Inlwining fiom my foiiI! Ve kind and Hup, Who long have waichpd and tended me, adieu! In peace I die!' Ilcr ejes closed (lie pulse of life was stilled; Death came lo her :h io iIip weaiy sleep, And fell n smile upon the lip he chilled, That made il half piof.iuiiy lo weep, Soirow for her it had been selfi-hiiPFs ! J'hy hhnnld we mourn, when lliose wo mourn njoice'! I'cichance lo sae her from unwieckcd diflrpps, (iod called her houienuid w nil a father's mice. All dial was niorial of that painted girl l.ies in the vale she Inicd a bpaiiifous srenc; Aboe the gnue t he night dew hangs its peail On many a graceful wrcaih of living gieen! There eai hcsl wakes the wiubleis of ihe Spring, Thrrp, loo, iIip flowpisof Ainunin l.iiesl die: Naluie delights her choicest gifts lo fling Around ihc lomb of maiden purity. J, U. THE HA IIP. It was Ihn first wci'k ol the hnncy-tnonn Neither Fordid calculation, nor vet a mere ins9in;r fancv, had led In the nmrric''e nf Edward Sellner mid liis ynuiiof bride. No their bond (if union wn, a pure and plow iifleciion, proved bv tunc nru cnntccratci! by many Irinls. They had rnrly known iiml nfiprrcialrd pnch nihnr. but the long delay of nn official appointment had com pelled ijollner to poiipoiio the realization nf Ins wii-hes- At liMttrth the much-desired minminsinn came. and. on Ihc followmor Habbath, ho led his beloved maiden to her new linine, a bride. The ledums- dnyp of ceremony and lesiivity over. I he happy pair were left lo pass the pleasant summer evenings in (he sweet communing of t heir jmro mid confiding heart. Little plans oftheir future life, Kdwnrd's fliiiu and Jo FefihaV harp, served lo fill up hours which flew but too rapidly away, ntnl the deep harmony of their instruments seemed to I), em a friendly presage ol that deeper ac-i enru which was lo bles-s their wedded yenrs. One evening, after having enjoyed their music until a later hour than usual, Jo Rpphn complained of n pain in her head. Who had, indeed, nn attack of it in tho morning, but refrained from mentioning it to her husband, lest it should cause him needless nnxicly. The excitement of the music, however, acting upon a cnnstitii. initially weak, nervous system, so consid erably increased u previously slipht fever, that she now no longer concealed her in disposition, but anxiously requested Hint ined'u-nl aid might ho called. Tho physi cian, deeming her illness slight, promised nu entiro recovery by tho morning. I'onr Jofepha, however, passed an extremely restless nic lit. IhroiiL'h tho whole nf which she raved incessantly, and on repealing his visit mo next morning, he found her with nn ine symptoms ol n serious nervous fever. Notwithstanding tho application of every remedy which tifTeclionate zeal and tiro"- fessional intelligence could suggest, her illneis increased. Sellnor was almost dis tractcd. Tho physicinn finally felt it his dnty to inform liunlhat bin wilb could not mrvive the attack : nnd. on the ninth dnv. Joeepha herself became nwaro that there was no longer any ground for hope. She Toll that her Inst hour wna nppronching. I and, with calm resignation, nwaitcd her I flltl.'. "Dour Pidward." said she to her hus band, fohlmg linn in a last embrace, "with deep regret do I leave this fair earth wheru I linvrj enjoyed so much happiness with you ; but although I may no longer hi! happv in your arms, yet shall Josepha's, faithful spirit hover tihout the object of iln earthly allectloiH, tint H wo meet again nbnvo." Then sinking back upon her pit. low, she fell asleep in death. It was tho ninth hour of the evening. What Sellner sutVered U beyond the power of words lo express. Tho blow prostrated his health, and long ho wieslled with tho destroying angel. When nt length he arose from his sick-hed. nil the strength and uhistici ly of his youth was gone, ho was contin ually lost in sad ruvenus, and was evident ly fust fading nway. A profound melan. chuly had succeeded Ihe violence of des pair, nnd (i silent sorrow coii'ccrnlcd the memory of the loved lost. 1 Jo had left Josepha's apartment just ns it was before her death. Her work still laid upon the table, and her harp remained untouched in its accustomed place. Taking his flute, Sellnor every evening made a pilgrimage lo this sanctuary of his loves, and leaning ngamsl Ilio window as in happier times, breathed in plaintive'lonus his aspirations for the spirit oftho departed. On ono occasion he was standing thus in Josepha's chambcra clear moon shone through the window, and a watchman upon the tower of the neighboring castle was proclaiming I ho ninth hour when suddenly Ihe harp, as if touched by some invisible spirit, pour ed forth tho most thrilling tones, in harmn t.y with those of the flute. In Ihn confu sion of his turpri-o he ceased to plav, and lo ! the harp also became silent. Rocnv oring Ins sclf'posscfsinii. he tremblingly commenced Josepha's. favorite air, nnd again tho melodious lofics of tho harp blended in sweet response. Sinking to the earth in a paroxysm of joy, and spreading out his arms to encircle the beloved shade, ho fell u breath as of warm vernal air up. on his lip-!, while a pale and glimmering light seemed to flu before him. (Slowing with ectlacy, he cried : "I recognise thee, blessed shade of my .loscpha ! Thou didtt promise that thy faithful spirit should hov er about mo ; thou hast kept thy word ; I feel I hy breath on my hps!" In a stale of indescribable exultation ho seized Ins flute again, and again the answering tones of tin; harp were heard, but constantly fainter and fainter, until their whispering's were lost in expiring harmonies. Sellner's vital powers were 1'u I My excited by I ho spirit-greeting of this evening ; he threw himseif rcs'.les.-ly upon his bed, and in all his feverish dreams the sweet whisperings of the harp were continually hea-d. He awoke late, wearied and exhausted by the phautasies of the night he felt that his whole being was strangely affected, and became strongly impressed t tin t his disso lution was approaching. With impatient longing he awaited thu return of evening, and with confident hope again repaired to Josepha's chamber, liy the aid of the flute, he had succeeded in lulling himself in to a state of dreamy repose, when the ninth hour had struck. Hardly had the last stroke of Ihe clock ceased to vibrate, when the harp began its soft nnd low res ponses to thefluio, its tones gradually in creasing in strength, until they swelled in In the tnn-i full mid perfect harmony When the flute became silent, the spirit tone reased ; the pale, tremulous light again flitted about him, and m his beat itude lie could only exclaim ; "Josepha, .Tosepha ! lake, oh lake me lo your faith, ful bosom !" This time, also, the spirit took its depar ture in low and murmuring tones, which were gradually losl in inaudible vibrations. Sullncr tottered back lo Ins room, still more affected than on the previous evening. His 'ailhfiil servant was shocked at his master's appearance, and in defiance of hi- prohibition hastened for the physician, who happened lo bo one of SellncrV most inti mate friends. The physician found him in a high fever, with symptoms similar to those of Josepha, but much mure decided. The fever increased through tin; night, du ring which ho continually raved ol Josepha and the harp. In Ihe morning he wa more composed; the struggle was paM, nnd he Inlt that iiis release was near, lie disclosed to his friend the occurrences of the two evenings, and no arguments could shake his belief in their reality. As the evening approached, ho gradually grew more feeble, and at last, with a trembling voice, entreated to be conveyed loJospha's apartment. His wish was gratified. lie glanced about the room with sweet snreni ty, greeted with silent tears every object which reminded him nf Josepha, nnd spoke with n calm, but firm conviction, of the ninth hour as that nf his death. As the decisive moment approached, ho look leave of his friends, and requested all save his physician, to retire. They worn left alone the ninth hour struck Scllner's pale feature' lighted up with a supernatu ral glow "Josepha !" he cried, "Josepha ! greet me once more, on my departure, that I may teei thy presence and overcome death with thy love!" liiiinediatnlv the harp- strings resounded with n loud nnd triumph nnt hormonv, and a taint, wavering light, encircled tho dying man. "I come, I eoine!" he exclaimed, fulling bad; in the last conflict with life. Softer and lainter breathed tho harp tones, until, with his ex piring breath, tho strings suddenly burst asunder and all was still. Overwhelmed with emotion, Ihe physician left the house; and i! was long before he could eraso the deep impression of that last snd hour from his heart, or trust his lips to speak of it. In after life, however, ho would soinet tines repeal the story in Ins own iiurnediato cir cle, nnd exhibit I ho sacred logacy of his deceased friend Josepha's hnrp. A musician gave nn a reason for leaving nn orchestra, that ho never was at rest, among such discordant performers ; tho violinists wore always gutting into scrapes, and (lie trumpeters uud drummers con etautly coming to blows. The following is said to bo tho inscrip tion on n tonibstono in l'nriss "To the memory of M. Joburt, n most excellent' husband. His inconsolable widow still car. rics on the grocery business in Rue Si DeniP, No. 242." DR. HORACE HATCH. OFFERS his services to tho 'nhabitnnts of Rnrlington and vicinity, in the prnntico of Medicine and Surgery. Office hi Church Street, opposite the Dank of Burlington. Burlington, Julyl, 1037. SALT. Rush. Conrso Western Snll. 1000 do Turk's Island du f.00 Bbls. Firm do 200 do Cuarsrj do l,y J. &. J II. Pkck Coy LIFJE! JLIFB! LIFE. DR. Jo,N A. MOOIIK'S ?2wtntc Of 35UfC. 40 CENTS PBH EOTTJaE. rrillK most highly esteemed medicine that JL has over been discovered for curimr Coughs, Colds and whooping cough, which, if taken al tho commencement of tho disease, may 1m cured ii a short lime. Tho following aru n fow ol'innrn thin a thousand HliCOJIMIINIJATIO.NS. Tho undcrs'iLrned ministers of the (Joipol in the county of Windham, Vt. knowing thosnl' utary efficacy, of Dr. Jonathan Monro's Ks senc'o of Life'," having used il oursolvesand hi our families, consider il a valuablu composi tion; particularly useful and efficatious in re moving complaints oftho lungs, and indeed a saTo and rctoralivc medicine in the various diseases named in the Doctor's accompany label; and do most cheerfully recommend its general use, well worthy tho pat ronage of the public. Signed Ilospa Heckly, Dummcrston ; S.yl. vcsler Sage, Westminster ; Jed. L. Stark, tiralllchoro; r.lisha 1). Andrews, Putney; Chandler Hates. Philclus Clark. October 9, 11)20. To all whom it mat concern. We, the undersigned Physicians, who have proved the clficacy of Dr. Jonathan Mouia's Kssnnne of Life, conceive il our duly to pal. ronizc tho medicine, and aro of opinion that if generally used, it will bo of public utility. isipud Abel Duncan, Samuel Stearns, Diiinmerslon; Jonathan Badger, Win. Town: Jrestininster ; C. IV. Chandler, Andovcr Prcscoll Hall, Chcsteifteld. OTf'Tho above medicine is pre pared by IIKiNMlY SEYMOUlt, of Madlcy Mas. from the original iecipo,by the direction of said Moore, and sold hy him and Ihc p.inci. pal Diugirists in tho United Stales. BjAs there aro many spurious articles in circulation, for tho benefit oftho public, he wil give the following This may cetlify loall whom it may concern that I, the subscriber, residing in IIadley,Ma!-s. havuinadoan improvement, in the mod. cine invented by me, and denominated "Dr. Jona than Moore's Essence ofLifu,'' and have com municated the Ilccipc to Henry Seymour of said Hadlcy, nnd to him only. Tho United States is full of tho sophisticated article, any this is to give notice lo tho public that il'thcy wish for the genuino Essence of Life, thud must apply to na'id Seymour or his agents and ho particular to inquire for that prepared by Henry Seymour. Dr. J. Moonc. Hadlcy, Sept. 0, ItrjJ. Sold, wholesale and retail, by J. k. J. H. PECK & Co. Burlington, wholesale agents for the stale of Vermont. QZTOrders will receive prompt attention, and any quantity of Medicine immediately furnish. I'd, I Ins medicine is put in boxes oi ono or two dozen each, eoi veiiient and safo for trans portation, and labelled with t lie name of 1 tun ry Seymour, Hadlcy, Mass. April 1-1. Gm AStna Insurance Company. KTAillE subscriber continues to insure nil kinds of real nnd personal properly ns ngent for said Company, to whom ap plication rnny at nil limes be made al his Office in Burlington. Tho established reiuHat ion ol this Cempniiy for stnbihty, fairness and liberality in their dealings, needs no further commendation. Wm. A. Giuswoi.n. Burlington. Anrl fi. I!!3fi. Stereotype Foundry. (flRUI'j Stercotjpu Foundry formerly car--v4o ried on under the agency of O. T. Futon has passed into Ihe linnds of II. Johnson Si. Co.. and it will in future be carried on in connection with their Bool: and Job Office. Leads of all sizes and Blanks nf all kinds fiirni-hed to order, a groat variety of cots, largo and small, on hand, nnd in fine, all Kinds of work usually called for in a similar establishment, done with neatness and despatch. All orders addressed to the. firm will be promptly at tended to. II JOHNSON &. Co. Burlington. Jul v la, l!!f57. nnilE Winooki Mills of Burlington will JL take WOOIi to work on shares, or exchange for Sattineltes on Delivery of the wool. NEWMEA T MARKET.' riMIlE subscribers having opened n Moat .IL Market, at Mrs. Durkcu's old stand, on Church-Street, ask the patronage of Ihn public, as they Intend at least, lo try logivc satisfac tion, to nil tluiKu who ni.-.y be? ilihpoi-eil (o fa vour them with their custom. Will thu citizens of Burlington and vicinity (who wish to buy Meat,) just give them an opportunity to ro deem their pledge. ALFRED PITKIN. DUDLEY PITKIN. N. T). Csn paid for Sheep and Lamb's Pelts Farmers having fat Caltlo, Calves, Hogs, Sheep and Lambs, uio invited to call on tho subscribers. A. & D. PITKIN. Burlington, June 23, 1C37. Mary Wilcox's Estate. WE tho subscribers having been appointed by Ihe Ilonnrablo the probate Courl for tho district of Chittenden Commissioners lo receive examine and adjust llm claims nnd demands of all persons against tho Estate nf Mary Wilcox, lalool Westlord, in said disliict deceased, Represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in otlct there to, and six months from the day ofdatohorn. of being allowed for that purpnso by Faid Court do thoiel'oro huroby give notice that wo will nllend to ihn business of our appoint ment at tho dwelling of Allen Stone, in Weslford in said District on llio first Mondays of October nnd February next, al 10 o'clock A. M.on each of said dnys. Dated this Cth day of September A. D. 1037. ISAAC CHASE, JOHN MORSE, i Coinrs, TAR, 2 Barrels, just received by J S( J. IT PECK & Co ttlcxir Vt'gntablv Balsamiqiu. N. IT. DOWN'S VEGETABLK BALSAMIC EUXER For Cough, Colds, Consumption, Calaih Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, nnd all other diseases of tho head, chest nod lungs. Panijihlets containing a history oftho mcd icini! a sketch of the diseases for which is is recommended certificates from uiiques tionnblu sources ample directions, and much other important information accompanying uach bottle mav bo had of any of the Agon eins, gratis. J.'CUllTIS, Dmirgist, Si.' Al bans, Vt. wholesale Agent and joint proprie tor. Tho following aro especially appointed retail Agents, Burlington Lalhrop & Polwin, Janes, Smith & Co. and It.Moodv. Uinesburgli A. S. &. D. G. Wcllor. Milton Wellington, Whitney & Co., Clark Board man & Co. CharlolU Samuel II. Barnes, and most other respectable Druggists, ice. in tho coun try. St. Albans, July 12,1330. tf CONSUMPTION! Asthma ! and Catarrh ! In thut long train of diseased which srorh to grow with the growth of civilized society, CONSUMPTION lakes the lead in i!s. relenllesi inroads upon human life; yet this drendful disorder is easily overcome in its earlier singes. It is only when neg leeled that it nrrives nt tho terrific mnturi. ly which so often bailies the sagacity of professional science. An obstinate c.ougli is the customary forerunner nf ihe rui.iuo ix A u y consU.mim ion. Improper neglect in Ihe timely administration of simple and salutary remedies, is sure to be reproved I by a dreadful succession of loniwnplivc symtoms: oppression of Ihe brenst; green isii nnd bloody spittle ; ulcerated lungs nnd hectic fever; shrivelled extremities, nnd general emaciation oftho whole body; prostration of strength ; flushed cheeks: swollen feel and legs; and nt last, in full pissession of the mental faculties, and while hope still whispers her flattering tale cold extremities, nnd n premature death. For the various stages of this complaint, one of tho most approved remedies ever yet discovered i9 Dr. Rdfe's Asthmatic Pills. This exceedingly powerful, nnd yet equally safe and iiinocenl preparation, has effected thorough nnd rapid cures upon patients supposed to have been fur ad vanced in a confirmed Consumption, and who have exhibited the nppenranecs which usually indicate a fatal termination of the disorder. DR. RELFE'S PILLS have also ob tained the highest character as n Pcclorial Jlcdicinc, affording the mnst. unexpected relief to those labouring under Ihe com mon Cough, occasioned by ncrid humors irritnting the throat, or by defluclions on the lungs syniloms which deprive the suf. ferer of sleep, and gradually introduce the long trnin of Pulmnnnry uffections. The Pills) appease the cough, promote easy ex pectoration, very essentially relieve, nnd often entirely cure the most obstinate and distressing cases. Commrm Cohli nrc usu nlly removed by the Pills in n few hours. jn the harrnssing and suffocating corn plaint, of the, the Pills give im mediate relief. They mitigate the com plaint, and generally effect a radical cure, in those Asthmatic attacks characterized by difficulty of breathing, lightness nnd stricture across tho breast nnd in the lungs, oppressive flatulences, wheezing, coughing, hoarseness, cosiiveness, and many oilier nsthmnlic sympioms. As tho Pills require in ordinary cases no confinement, they may bo administered with confidence and safely to all ages and classes of people. Unexamp'ed success has hitherto attended their administration in a great variety of cases; and the Pro prietor can refer to a multitude, which testify to their pfliency in reviving the emaciated victim from Ihe bed of disease, and restoring him lo Ihe blessings of ac customed health and activity. THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS licwllivf from the administration of Dr. Rclfe's Asthmatic and Conmmplive Pills, exhibited in ihc following case. ID A Physician, M. D. and Druggist, recently writes: "The Asthmatic Pills (Relfe's) are invariably well spoken of by I hose who use them.'' ID. Mr. . iflhit city, was three years seriously afflicted with consumptive symp toms, us i ) u i it in the side, alinoit perpetual cough, spitting of blond, general debility, Slc, in this distressing stale, tumble to sit up, and not expecting to live many days she wni advised to lake Dr. Relle's Astii malic Pills, and al.-o Dr. Jebb's Liniment be applied lo her side, which she did, nnd to the astonishment of every one, inn short lime she was perfectly restored to health. O" A I.ndyfrom J'ramingham, was se verely nfllictcd with cough, spilling of blood, nnd general debility, on taking two bottles of those Pills, and one box of Dr. Relfe's Antibilious Pills, was restored to perfect hcallh. HCTAn elderly person in this vicinity, who had sufl'orcd much for yenrs by a most distressing asthma, had tried almost every thing recumiiieuded, which only nt times gave tempornry relief, nnd usually a innro violent return of her cnmplnint, hns recent ly made use of the above Pills with morn beneficial efl'ecls than any thing she has ever used before. ID A Ynung Lndy nt M , hnd been troubled with n very bnd cough, so violent ns nl times to rnck and Imrrnss her ex ceedingly ; a consumption was feared, (as her mother hnd died of that complaint) -she was immediately relieved, and sub sequently entirely cured by Dr. Relle's Asthmatic Pills. Nono genuine unless signed on the outside printed wrapper by the tide Propri. ctor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor lo ilio late Dr. W, T. Conway. For sale with nil tho other "Conway Medicines," at his Counting Room, No. 09, next door to J. Kidder's Drug Sioro, corner of Court nnd Hanover streets, near Concert Unit, lloslon: and bv his special nnnointinent, by J J. & J, H. PECK & Co., Burlington Vt. NOTICE TO RHEUMATIC INVALIDS PERSONS suffering under Fheumalie Af. fiction are respectfully assured, that they can obtnin oftho proprietor nnd his agents a snfo nnd ndmirablo remedy for RHEUM A" TISM,howovcrobftinato th'o disorder may be, nnd hi all its different stages. JD-DR. JEBB'S Rheumatic Liniment! will afford immediate relief lo tho patient, and has sometimes been attended with such extra ordinary success ns locuro thu most disttcs sing liheumatism in twinlyjour hours, oven when ofyeats standing. This highly valuablo Liniment is rocom mended with a confidence founded on tho ex perience of many years, not only as a euro for that excruciating diseato, but as an excellent application fur Stiitness of tiic joins, Nusin- MUSH, OrilAINS, ClIIMll.AlNS, &o. Among a mass of testimony in fnvotir oftho success of the. Liniment, as a thorough rcme. dy for Riicumatism, tho proprietor selects llio following as presenting genuino instances of its efficacy JVcir and surprising catcs. tD" A gentleman, Mr. R. of Charlnstown who can bo referred to had been cunfincd to his bed most oftho time for a week, suffering most excruciating pain from Rheumatism; nf. tor having had recourse to the round of anti dotes usually resorted to in this complaint, but without bcueht; and while in this stale of suffering, and no prospect of relief, Mr. Caleb Symmes, who was Ins neighbour, and who, owing lo tho extraordinary benefit ho had Inmsolfexperienccd from its nso, recommend, ed tho article with such confideneo as induced Mr. R. to make uso ofil, which he did, wilb tho usual success attending its administration, viz : immediate mitigation nf pain relief and cure I UT"Mr. T. of ibis city, was attacked with a very violent Rheumatism in his back, which an application of this Liniment on going to bed instantly relieved, and cured by morning observes he nerer used any thing which gave him 'o much and so great relief. DAn old Revolutionary Officer near Bos ton, was sorely aillietcd for years with rheu matic complaints, especially in his joints and limbs, which were frequently much swollen, could obtain only trmpnraiy relief from med ical advice, or llio use of various remedies, and had dtspiired nl help ; when n friend who had witnessed tho wonderful effects of ibis Lini ment, advised him to make use of it, which ho did. wilb the most happy effect ; it reduced the swelling in one night. This article is considered so superior to every thing else, and lo possess such uncommon virlws, that it is ordered from distant pails if the eoun try. inpAn agent rcecnly writes : "P'carc send me a further supply ol jebb's Liniment liio first opportunity I shall probably sell a consider- ablo quantity, as il is recommended by some of our physicians eery highly. iflTAnolhcr agent writes: "I wish you lo forward mo some more of Jebb's Liniment, whieo has recommended itself very highly." Price 50 cents a bottle. Tho Painful and Debilitating Complaint of THE PILES receives immediate relief, and in numerous in stances has been thoroughly eurcc. by the administration of DU.MFniCs' ItEMCDY FOR TUB TILCS. rTl HIS approved compound also militates JL and removes thn symptoms which fre quently accompany that disorder, and increase tho danger of Ihe patient, viz. ; pains in Loins Headache loss of appetite Indigestion, and othni marks of debility. A relieved Patient writes from a distance, "It is bul justice lo you to inform you, that 1 have used your Dumfries remedy for the Piles for sometime past, and have found il em inently successful." An Officer in tho Army observes "I have been troubled for years with tho Tiles, and havo never found any remedy that would compare with yours. Il gavu mo nl moil immcdialo relief." A Physician and Druggist writes. "1 have sold all llio medicine ynu sent mo, which is so highly recommended for the. Piles. I wish you to send mc ono dozen more by the bearer." The remedy is qnito innocent, and may be administered to all ages and both sexes. Plain and ample Directions, with a description oftho complaint, accompany each package, which consists of two boxes, ono contain'mir an Ointment, and tho other an Electuary. Price $ for both arlclcs, or 50 cents whero but ono is wanted. Price .$1 a bottlo, or C bottles for $5. a None genuino unless signed on llio outoido printed wrapnerby thcioe Proprietor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor to tho lalo Dr. W. T. Conway For sale, with all tho nlhor "Coniray .Midicincs," at his Counting Room, No. 09, next door to J. Kidder's Druir Store, corner of Court and Hanover slreois. near Concert Hall, Boston ; and by his spe cial appointment, by J. & J. II. PECK Sc Co., Burlington Vt. DR. HRANDRET ff I JFants no collcgc,no institution, no monopoly, no charter, he being quite sati'fied lo rest on the patronage of the public fur Ihe success of his grand, father's VEGETABLE UXWERSAL PILLS. Established in England, 1751. " should contribute to tho comfort, health, and happiness of mankind." rinilESE celebrated vegetable Pills of which X EKiIITY THOUSUtN'D BOA'ES havo been sold in N. York since July, 1113.1, aro now recommended by thousands of persons whom they havo cured of Consumption, Influenza Dyspepsia, Hcadacho, 'ains and a sense of fullness in tho back part oftho Head, usually tho symptoms of Apoplexy, Jaundice, Fever nitl Ague, Bilhous, Scarlet, Typhus, Yellow, and common Fevers of all kinds, Asthma, Gout, Rheumatism, Nervous diseases, Liver complaint. Pleurisy, Inward Weakness, De pression oftho Spirits, Rnptuics, Inflaiualion, Soro Eyes. Fils, i'nlsy, Dropsy, Small 'ov, Measles, Croup, Coughs, Whooping Cough, Quinzy, Cholie, Cholerainorbus, Gravel, Worms, Dysentary. Deafness, Ringing Noises in thu Head, Kings Evil, Scrofula, Erysipelas, or Si. Anothy's Fire. Salt Rheum, White, Swellings. Ulcers, sniuo of 30 years standing Cancers, Tumors, Swelled Feot and Legs, lies Cosiiveness, all eruptions of tho skin, Frightful Dreams, Female complaints of every kind, especially obstructions, relaxation iu: 7500 lostiiuouials have been received from individuals of tho highest respectability, They in fact prove by tho cures thoy mako, that thoro is no necessity for any other nicdi cino. Although Dr. B. has enumerated by namo tho abovo diseases, be i- nevertheless ofopin. on with his grandfather, tho Into celebrated Dr Win Brandrolh, lhal (hero is only ono dis ease, nn impurity of tho blood, which by im peding tho circulation, brings on inflamation and consequent derangement in the organ or pari whero such impurity of tho blood settles J and thai il is the different appearances which this inflaiualion or derangement put on, that have caused medical men "lo designate such nppcaranccs by various names, but which aro in fuel, only tho same disease, with moro or less virulence. Dr Win Braiidrcth was so fully convinced oftho truth of the above sinv plo theory, thnt ho spent 110 years in experi ment nnd laborious research into 1 lie mbllieinal properties of thn numerous plants composing llio Vegetable Kingdom ; his object being lo compose a medicine which should al once pu rify, and produce by specific action, a removal, of all bad humors from tho blood hy tho stom. ach nnd bowels, as by tho continuation of tho uso of such a medicine, such humors aro sure lo bo canicd off, and the blood assume a stale ofpuiily: and whoever lakes these 'ills, and perseveres willi them, will be satisfied lhal Dr Wm Brandrolh fully attained his philanthrop ic object. Il is now an nbsoluio and known fact, that every disease, whether it bo in the head or feet, in tho brain or meanest member; whether il bo nn outward ulcer, or an inward abscess, aro all, though arising from many causes, reducible to this one grand effect, namely, impurity of blood. In nil cases they will bo found n snfo and' simplo remedy, yet all powerful for tho rcmo vnl ofdiscase, whether chronic or recent, in. fectiotis or otherwise ; and what makes tlierrt particularly adapted lo this country, is that there is nut the slightest liability to cold when taking them, indeed llio system is absolutely less susceptible ofcold when under their influ. once, than at any other lime lliorofbio in this cli ma to thoy aro invaluable. Neither do Uhn. requiro cliango of diet or care of any I(in3i" In England ihoso Pills have been "tho only medicine of many familie? for periods varying from forty lo sixty years and havo always proved effectual it: restoring health whenover an abcriation from it has occurred. In many cases where the dreadful ravages of ulceration had laid bare ligament nnd bono and where to all appearance no human moans' could savo life, havo palicnls by llio uso of those pills been restored to good health, llio devouring disease having been perfectly erad icated. In consequence of the pleasantness of their operation, nnd llio dose not gimernl'y being required to bo moro than four or five pill. (merely keeping in view llio dra.n upon llm humors,) they arc fast su pcr-eding every otbo prcpaiatton ol'professed similar import. Cjscs may occur where it will hp proper to take, twenty or even lltiily or more, pills ; ibis must be considered with reference to highly matnry disease, or when great pain is cxpcn enced. A Brain'relli's Pills prevent Seurvy, Cos liveness and its consequence-., seafaring man. and all travellers lo foreign regions, should not be without Ihcin, in order lo resort to on every occasion of illness. N. Jl. Time or climate affects them no!. Southern Gentlemen will find this medicine ono which will ensure hcallh to tho people oi their estates. CANCERS. Several casps of cure can he referred lo, the cure is futo if perseverance is used. CONSUMPTION. Reference can be made lo numbers who have been cured in New. York and Brooklyn, of this disease. VINDICATION. Dr Brandreth has been assailed by llio proprietors of other mcdicin"- as a mercenary quack, because he is said to recommend his medicine in large quantities, and lint no good itiedicinu i-t so required. The fact is, lint any medicine having Mercu ry. Arsenic, Anliuiony. or Hemlock in il con ! not ho taken in large doses, bpeau.-o if il were, such medicines would destroy life at once. lie does nut say llio medicines lo which he al ludes have those ingredients in lliem, but it is evident, fiom their directions, lltatgreat earr is required in the taking of them. Now, Brandreth's Vegetable Uuiversiil Pills ean bf takpn at all times, in large or small doies, ac cording lo urgency of symptoms. Such is t Ii o reputation, and so great the de mand for the Genuino Bradrclh's Vegetable Universal Pills,' that ,i counterfeit article is made, advertised and sold as genuino and some individuals who sell tiin counterfeit pub havo advertised themselves as my agents that I havo found it necessary, lo preserve the rep. illation ofmy pills, and save llio public from imposition, to furnish every agent with a cer tificate, which is as follows; " Brandreth' s l''rg table Univrrial Pills Sr.cuniTV against CuuvrmniiTs. The wiihiii mimed. F.irro& Pnrmelee cf Middlelnwn, Conn, nre my nnpninted Ce u crnl Agents for the Siate of Vermont, Con. necticut (except Fairfield Co.,' Hampden. Ilamp'hirf &. Franklin Cnunlins, Mass.; Cheshire & Sullivan Counties. i. . In Ihc United Stales if America. And this lei or. which is signed by me. B Iir.ANDitr.Tii, m my own hand ' wiling, musl also be signed by the within named' General Agent, who.-o name will nl-o ap pear in tin' principal papers in the United States. Thn caution has become absolute, ly necessary, to guard Hie public against tho numerous counterfeits which are out of the nbove popn'nr medic inn. B. BRANDKETII.M D. New York. Feb. 0-2, 1!!37. For sale by S. E. IIOWABD. Burling ton Fuller &. Huntington, Richmond Fletcher &. Woodman, Willi'lon J. T. Ainsworlh. Milton Putter. Cull, & Co., Fairfax-L. Tyler, Essex L. Jnnes, Geor gia James Russell, St. Albans F. . Goodrich. SwnutoiiS. Iv. Piatt, Higbgato Win Green &, Co.. Sheldon Chaffer Xi Lwis Berkshire. Thomas Fuller &. Son Ennsbnrgh Anntiiglon it Dean, Bakers field Tower & Oakes, Underbill G. B. Oakes, Jerico. Price 5o Ccuti. A fresh supply just received by Lalhrop it Polwin, Burlington- Beek wilk C. Dyer, Solcsburv A. P. Rescue, New Haven M. W. Hinslov, Monkton Al. Hull, Hinesbnrgh Flelc'her it Wood ninn, WiilisionC. R, Martin. Charlotte--. E. Lyman. Ferrisburgh L. Bixby, Ver gennes Fletcher & Miner, Jlndport lien Wright, Slioreham.

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