Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 22, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 22, 1837 Page 3
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IStN'MMMf' 'FT fPklHO !? I Wii'lncM imeinle.1 for litem liy the. ..or. I'oci, who, 4Si Uj iX.UAi Wk M A Nrf' liy tio incj.iiioa lliiyhiiv(i forced lipnii ihi) cominu. I Ulv.havo.nado Mil. cul.ui.ilou rli.Si.ffr." FRIDAY IHOUNIXH. SKI'THMUKU 22. I V,; nru glad In find sumo of the most all man r in tmi-: "MAixn.y The result of ihc slnlc election in Maine, is ti.trcl ty less nMonlsliin,' 10 the. Whig llwn lo their opponents. Wc knew indent light had dawn cil in ilic K.ut J tut to overcome 11 miij'iiity of nine thousands one jcurr win n.ore ny one could reasonably expect, ll is cicn to, however. Not only liuvo llie Whigs used tip the 0231 ninj'ii ily against them last tear, lint elected llicir governor, Edward Kent, by n majority of 1000 olcs. All I lie towns lull eight nie heard fioin, nnd those can. not change the tefiilt. It is not icndeicd ccitain jet which parly will prevail in the legislature, The chances me more than equal, however, that the Whigs will haven majority in liolh branches. The Senate consists nf iiventv.five nicmbris. The Whics hao certainly elected ten members, mid pioli.ilily eleven. The l.nro Focus have certainly chosen seven, and piobnhly eleven. The vacancies me filled liy it convention of both houses. The House consists of 3S3 member. Tlie rclmtis thus fir received show the following remit : Whigs S3, Loco I'oco '19 leaving 51 districts to be heard finm. This is indeed a cheering and must glorious ie rnlt. Ills ilia fit st rcspoii-'c to tho Message ; and in the. moil emphatic manner has Slnine set Iter seal of tcprob iliiin upon Van Iiiiru mid l.nro I'ocoism. Afier a long 1113I11 of cl.iiUnos anil delu- eion, DAY iiaw.ns in niK i.aji . muni 11 ly bienks in upon mir dmvvsy, slinnbei dig People, Tliey will, however, under tin; biljlit inlliienres of this "glorious sun of Auslci lit.," spring up, lake the field, oiganizc, and c.iny I lie tiiuniphs obtained in N. CAttoLisi, Tensksske, Kkntuckv, Indiana, Rhode Island, ami .Maine, through, out the Union. 100 CUNS FOIt MAINE. Wo understand that arrangements have been made in this town to firo a grand salute toMtiorrow, at li o'clock, in honor of the Whig tritunpli in Maine. Thus it should be. Let, tho welkin ring. ben men have siincessluliy resisted svstcinalicattcinplslo lead thLMii as- ,. , .. 1 . e- tray, and have adhered lo the doctrino ol jus- lien and fiotinil "ivcrilincilt ill tbu midst of every discouragement, it is encouraging lo them to find their efforts duly appreciated, and their success giving life and hope to the desponding. Let tho fulled calf bo killed. Wo are not a lillle surprised at the assur nnec with which the Van liuren prosses talk About their triumphs in the laic election. Will soiiio of'thom specify tho character and nmount of their gains. For olio wo do not perceive them. What docs the Caslleton Statesman mean, when il claims "a -jreater in crease of democratic strength than any for "tner contest sitico llie commencement of tho "administration of Gen. Jackson?" The statement is essentially untrue according to In own showing, for ho admits the Senate to t, 111. 1111 Ihu same asla't year, and only claims .'loin 9j to 100 nicnibu rs in tho House. Now if bo will turn to the journal of last year he will find the volcsnl'his party ranging between 00 and 100. Tlie vole for Sccrutary of Slato , was 90. Theic iscortniuly no wonderfulriii in all this. And ceto tho Governor, the prob. I 1 t'l . ll 1 I' q II .,. umII 1 nl rernii'n n imnv ' .,,,.,. J -v voles as lie did last year. Jettison's majority in 171 tovvito in "J.-COI!. and on running over the list of towns not heard from wo aro satisfied that tliey will swell his majority lo that of last vcar 4,347. In Burlington the Whig candidate for town rep rernlnlive is ell cind liy a majority nf !i votes. The randid.iies wen1 two Itnulleys, brotheis and pai tneis. Kccscvillc Jlerald, Considering the gencial anil expensive nrrange nients niai'u on llie other side of the water for cele brating a Van Buien triumph in thi.i town, it is mil surprising that iheie riiunlil be some litile icluci - anc in aeknowledieg the extent nf their defeat ;' nnd, tinder all the cirruniMances. die above is a pietiy ailmisrion. H it inasmuch :is tl.cie are some few whiga in-fhe ncixbboiliood of Kcese. villevvlio aie interested in knowing the facts, will the editor of llie Herald infirm his leaders that the inajoriiy in this town for llie vvhl candidate over his oppoi.ent was 42, 07 over all ; and lb it the Van ISuicii candid ale lacked 4S voles ofan election. The lit pi age majority fir our i-inlo titkel was CO tlie largest ever given in lown. "Co to thunder with your ark, jYwth," said an individual up lo his chin in witter, teio in vain hud applied fur ndmitwm, for, says he, ' don't think there's going to he tnuch of a shower after all," Similar were the feeling? of our friend McNeil on his return to Plalliburgh after the election. Being interrogated ai to the retail, he iv said to have exprciied no little surprise that so much talk should be made abwt so small an affair, "who in h crtm for Jrermant," Wc will tell you, Calami Vermont cares for herself The New York Times contains the fourth number of a series of crFays upon the al ale of business, from which wu copy the following paragraphs : "If all the banks weio uholMicd the rich would engro'8 nil tlm money, and the poor butenleipi isini; man could not Ik.iimv as he can now, 1 lo would then fpend bis life befoic he could, in the l,imu ie of his loco foeo friends, pi octiio his 'esniblifhed litirhcl, and tho tools of his irade," Let him, llit ie. hue, whoever lie may be, who hopes to become tveiillliy by honest nnd enterprising iiidustiy, sustain llie ciedil sjBietu, as the only means which the in. f'eimity of model ii grneiulinas has invented, or .uhicli man ever knew, capable ol'placiiiL' the poor on ctpial ground wilh lhu rich hi the eujovinenl of lilieity linn nie purtioi in niippiiu. in.i iri in ri'tneinbeied llie periods al which the l.oci I'nei li.ivc so inui li and mj teliciueully slamleied wilh llie liuipnuilioa of nveiliailini; ami fpeeul ilion are ihn.e pei which above all otheis llie iudusii ions jiooi biitn full eniplo)incul and 5001I paj, togeilier Willi cuiuioi 'iriint iiH toiiin' .i.i.M.w.iiii ij,ii, Aie they llin friends of the poor tvho tlepiivo lliem of ihce coinloits by attackini; tho cifdit svslfin I ft lite poor judge fir themselves by 11 comparison of their present rondilion with what it was two jtBistigo, and lliey may form omo idea of the tnpiirlatit of Ilio Vnn Boron presses tiphol ding tin) sound doctrines of business, claim, ino; yet lo ho tho warm personal nntl ptillti cal fricnus of Mr. Van Boron, but nt t lie same lime exercising the right of differing from him on a question upon which so intich depends. Hear the niclitnond Enquirer : "The public, innnrts, from tlie time of their re ceipt to tin; (iiiii! ol llieii ilibiii'-eiiii'iil, iini'innling, us they olicn iln, In leu or twelve millions, iiiixt tein.iin in I tie hands nf individunis, appointed by the President, and rcmuvalite at his witl" " I'hey ought (hut) in he Kept in their pockets, ehfitf, or vaults, w line they can appniach 11 every day, nil I ttsn it vviilinni ilip clinks nf umlauts drawn, oi.iiiiter.i'urd, icjjisteteil, and rccoideil, and passing ihioujli in,. in- baud', vvilhoai vvhiih nut :i dollar c in now be loin lied by uuy public officer, not even the Piejiilrnt himself," U'c have no drsne to see such tin accumulation of power in die bauds of 1I11; rxcniliio no wih 10 put llie putilic mnnev diicdlv ioln llin palms of bis li icnin anil pai ii-ans. Vtcvti-li lo Fee Hits pow er and p.itinuage nf die IXccuiim ini'ieaed us lillli: ns pii-s.blo "llie puvvn- nf llie (Federal) (lutein- mi'iit (it'tl I rnlaii'eir' the tuner anil llie swonl nut ino in strongly iiniti'd, than liievaie in the hands of the I ic-nlciil and in few means of eoi niplion us pn-sililc Irii'letl 111 Ills piisesiun. Snine events have eliified the balance nf the (.'nn-tiiiitiou, nnd lliiown Im.i miicb power already iuln the Kxicntivo rM Ic '.hanks epeei.itlv In llie Whig Sen Hois who fiugli: so iecMi'"lv fur lb 15. ink of the Uniled Sl.iles, 111 llie illy nf p.iuii! ir.iiuplcil llieir lii-uiu-mi'ills tiuilei' font, anil Inniiglu I tic 1 1 t vu Imdy into ennli'inpl ! Wc h ave no ili-ire unle-'s ihu public iuipciioiHlv ilein 1111U il, lo ihmw sie, t 'r weight iuln tlie r.Miiitive M'ale, bv liiiii'iii; the I'lP'iilrnl i Ho elo'rr contact wiih llie public parse. lint tlm Alrs.- ise fiiners away the e!enl nf this pationage. It t-tates the number nl nflireis as vnv few ; the amount of munie-i in their bauds us small; nnd llie aildilioual CNlieuses us not eNCrediug $fC0, 000 a Hut lltcsn weio not consiileied in slight i.bji-clions in '31 ; and we cannot permit our selves In ttnilei value lliem now. The aignnienl in deed h.u cninetl siiengih since that lime. We j-li.ill en vvbal tlin S'ecieiiuy ol ilieTienury sajs of ibe eheapnejj and working ot the midline but we are pur..'ed to fee how it will cost but ijfn'0,000 main. The Peninn Agencies nloiie, which :n r diitliaigcil at llie exp"n-e of the banks, I W (III III Ml1! II I IK Cn I 1 1 1 W Hole Ml III. I IIO-C III V giuhi iiloue cut our Slate lianks fiom 4 10 oOOO dollars 1. vear. v e do 1,01 liesituin to sav, that llie bull, I icasii. ,;e, , (J, saf(. f,. u;ct,;WA, nnd I.;, fonucii. icnt for ir.iii-miiiiiig the Public funds' than mimd nail niopeilv oig'iiii.i'il Male It. inks, the laige fund-' of a Dank are pledged for the afely of iis de posile .mil iliev nie belter than any security which llie Sub Tirufiucis can give. If we desired our party .-uccet-s more than the good of the nation, wc should hope that Mr. Van Duron would bo allowed nt once to carry into practice tin: plans proposed in Ins message: it would leave him with no friend to propose I: is ic-clection. Lrt the nation prosper, whntpver may bo the fate of parlies this is our motto; but wc begin lo despair of nny prosperity under tlnv present administration of the general government. It is time to look earnestly I lo some other means of public gootl. Votes run Senatwis Van Stcklen .Miller (liiueinlen H.w.-ell Ornci.u,. 1035 1504 1 no 1 131!!! Wo learn that young's (ttr.KANS County ' : . ion rin:. . 31 i ( .; p In Willislon, on the 0 1 in'., by C. Biow-nell ''r, "111.111 Hailiey jr. of JeiicllO, lo M is J Slell.l ,. Irll i) i r: d . In this town, on ibn 1 St It int., Marv, d lugliler of Smith and Oiicy 15. i llou, aeil 7 je.iM. Charles James Kathrens l.aleof Quebec and St. Johns, J ESSJ3EC TSAGSSBEI. TT1jC.S lenvo tno-t respectfully in nc- .113 quaint the Ladies, and Gentlemen of Hurliiigiiiii anil its victim y . thai, bavin recently arrived in their village (where h inlenim to re-ulo.) tin will give le-sons on ) the Piano Forle, Violin, ClarilU'U, Fitlt &c &c. to sucil Ladles and Gentlemen I ns may please to lienor him Willi their com ma ntN C. J. K. also desires tn ftate that having the acquirement of Thorough ISass, lie is enabled to arrange Music, ami give itistrtic tious, agreeably to all the purposes of bar iiinnv, and luitlier wi.-hes to add Hint, be times piano fortes, carefully and correctly American lli trl, Sept. 21. 1037. K IE BIN & EVANS, Dli.'lPRRS St TJlIl.ORS, TT MSPKCTKULLY invito their friends ti.vL and cii'ioiners to call nnd examine a well-selected and choicn nssiirtinent o F.M.r, ami Wi.ntkii Goods, hi tho linn o llieir htisine-s- coii-isting of IShoadcmitiis nf almost every color nnd quality; a lim variety of Cassimkus and VixriNfis, nf an entire new pattern, and of a superi r (jnal 11 y; together with a gpuernl ai-sorlment 0 Trimmings, Hindis, Collars ami Hoson Suspendorf, nnd every other article Usually called lor 111 their line ol liiHiness. nbovo articles were boultl cheap for ca-h. and will bo sold accordingly1. All ortlurs tn our line thankfully received nnd piuie tuallv atli-ndcd lo. ISiirliuolnn. Sept. 22, U137. J. Tift YON. T HSPEOTFULLY notifies his cusln Miers and (lie public that he continues tho TAILORING BUSINESS at his old stand next door north of St. Pauls Church, llurliiigton. He has erect a new shop and mado arrangements In extend his business en 09 to accomodate Ins customers on bhort notice with the latest city fashions, and work dtnio in a style of eleganco nnd durability not sur passed in tins laiitiidu, Pailorns nnd Trimmings furnisliud llioso who desiro nl ilio lowest pos-ihlo cash prices. Cutting and Repairing done as usual. JEREMIAH TRY ON. Ilurlinglnn.Sept. 20, III.S7. N. IS. J. T. is very desirous to settle his old accounts, tuid laMittch in want of some balances duo him, (Hid earnestly re. quests thuso indebted to call nnd settle without further notice. OQO Rbls RocllCStCl' CitV Mill ,,. .... r..i. i. loUr' fnMf ? p S'7 sSi a m PVJ y,,pl) , ,,,37 URADhl.Yb. WHILE lie reiiirns tlinnhs for past fnVorH nnd be"' n etiiiliiiuancn nf ilio t-ntiic, would inform I In.' public Ilint he continues to tnninifncturu nil !uidn of clothing to order, nntl will do repairing nl short notice. Gciil lemcn'i clolliec clcnned finm piled, paint, grease, &c. leaving lliem neatly preyed, wild n soft and beautiful fi'iisli. It any of tho epotf reappear tltcy will bj removed I'rco of charm:. I J 0 lias on hand u rrood nssnrt inent of coats, paiilnloims, watstcoalsi. top coatt, cloaks, wriipper.-). and ISuy'd Chillies. Also a tuna II nssnrliiirnt of seennd I111111I elollics Nats, (Jap.s, HooIp, Slioei. Sltitls, Stockis. nnd a great variety of other useful articles: cheap for cn.-li, or exedanged fur any kind of clothing, clot lis, or produce. N. H. As lie can Ire so easily paid, lie hopes) ldno whom; accounls are title will avail themselves of the (irsl opportunity to iliHcliargo them. lSurlinirtiui. Sept. 20, 1 J137. 3vv II 1331 LOCK 13 ARK. fin II II Mib.-cniber will pay 2.50 nor cord, Jl. 111 cali, lor .10 cords (Jood Hemlock IS irk, if delivered by the I0tb (.Jctnhor next. K. C. LOO.M1S, ISurlinpton, Sept. 1 n.JV- 10, fill HE subscribers will pay cash for Wool JL doltvcrctl at the Stot.o Store. Old Dock FOLLKTT & IJilADLCYS. Burlington, Sept. It!, lfj.17. Pencils, Loiter Paper, India Itiihher Quills, Crayons, Ited Wafers, Col'rd Wafers, 'J'ransf arent Wafers, Ink and Ink Powdors, Drawing Paper and Hoards, Gold and Silver Paper, India Ink, goltl Hordering, Paints, linNies, Pen Knives. Wiling Cards, iiti., for sale at tho Variety Shop by Sept. 22. Pa.noiioiin & l!ntNMm. lied Wafers for sale in Hound ISumlles at the Variety Shop. Sept. UJ. I'ANCIIOIIN & liRt.Nf.Mtin. SILVUIl COM US. ELLGA.VP, ClIASHI), LMIIOSSKD, I Star, Fbnvered nnd plain Si.ver Ton. IJaek and side Combs, ulso shell i-ido, Comlis with beautiful worked silver Top Combs, for sale at low prices at tho Variety Shop. Sept. 2. r.tNonoitN lia inm vtn. Just received, All silver Butter Knives, and silver pocket pen Knives, and line quality pencil leads, Variety Shop. Sept. 22. I'.vNonoitx a; rinilE Annual .Meeting ol the members of JL the Vermont Mutual Kiro Insurance Company, will be liolden at the Court House ivltinipelior on the leih day of October next, at 0110 o'clock afternoon, for tho choice of Directors for the year ensuing, and lo make Mtch amendments to Ihu by laws as may be deemed necessarv. I'y order of tho commit tee. JOSHUA Y. VAIL, Stc't. hisuarnco office Montpeliur. ? Sept. 10. 1837. S rtMO the Hon. tho Probate Court fur the JL Di-trict of Chittenden, comes Robert .Moody, ol ISurlington, in said Di-l riot, antl shows that he is lejnl giiardino of William C. Ilarrtnglon and George E Harrington, of linrlingtou nfWrsiiiil, both male infants under llie ago of twenty one years, that the snitl William C. and George K. tire seized as tenants in common, in their own rigiit in fee. of a certain parcel of land situ aie in said ISurlington on tho easterly side of Slielbnrn street, bounded on the nortli liv land of Henry W. Cutlin and of John t Pomeroy, on the east by land of said Pomeroy and of John II. Hopkins, ami on t he sunt h bv laud of said I Iopkins, contain ing about two anil a half acres, on winch i a small red ioiii; and that n sale of saitl parcel of land will conduce to the best in-tero-t of said wards. Therefore lit! prays said Court to grant him license and einpow. er him lo sell the said parcel of land and premises, and your petitioner will ever inay. ROD HUT MOODY, Guardian of Williuin C. and George E. Harrington. ISurlington, Sept. 20, 1037. ST.'ITE Ob' rCRMOXT, 1 DlSTIUCT OT ClIITI'KMIP.N. ss. The Probate Court f,r the District of Chit, trnden lo all persons lo wtmm these prrwrit shall come. CRIIETIXG. TJDOISERT MOODY of ISnrltugioii ip. Ji.1L tlie Dt-lrici of Clntlendcn. Guardiao of William C. Harrington and George U. Harrington, of IS'trliugton aloresiiid, both male infants under the ago nf twenty. one years, having by his petition, roprosouli'd to this Court, that the said William (1. nnd George E. are sowd as tenants 111 common. 111 their own right in fee, of a certain parcel of laud, situate in said ISurliiigton on the easterly side of Sheiburii street, hounded 011 the north bv land of Huury W. CI a 1 1 1 11 nnd of John N. Poineroy, on the east by liinil of said Poineroy nnd of John II Hop kins, and on the south by land of said Hop kins, enntainiiig nboiit two and a half acres, mi which parcel of land is a small red douse, and at a sale of said parcel of laud will coiiiiucu to uiu neat, micron 01 11 in satu wards. It is therefore ordered Hint said applica tion stand for a lieartug before said Court at a scssiun thereof lo bo liolden at ihoollice of Iho Register of this Court in lSurlinglou on the third Wednesday of October A. I), 1037; and that notice 'thereof be given lo all concerned by publishing tins order to geiher with the subsinuco of said petition 111 iho lSurlinglou Viva Press, n nows.paper printed at Burlington, in tltu County of j IJIillleiiden, two wetus successively, 1 lie last of salt) publications to be not loss ihau two week previous 10 iho day of hearing; llieii ami there lo appear before said Court ami show cause if any they have, why the prayer of said putiliuti should nut bo grant ed. Given under my hand and tlm seal nl said Court at Burlington tins 20th duy of September A. I). 1037. C1IARLHS RUSSELL, Judge. IMPROVED ROTARY STOTBS. rBIIK subscriber has just fitiisliod tho long .L calletl for improvement in his llolary Stove (Viz.) tho lengthening and enlarging of the lire arch. It now receives wood 2i feet in length instead of 21 inchtis, ns formorlv. I am niiiiinr.icltirin.' a largo nuantily of tho nbovo stove", aNo ISox and Parlour Stoves of various sizes, which I shall keep constantly lor sale. A very liberal discount will bo mado to tlion that buy lo sell again. Jim received, a largo lolol Window hasli. Burlington, Sept., 1037. Wit. ISLAK1L To the Hon, Probate Court for the District of Until mkn. ripiir. undersigned Asol Harris of Colehcs. -u-. ver 10 Pino uistrict. ono 01 inn ueiri" 111 110: l'Malo of Asul Harris tale of said Colchester, dcceaed, reppeclfnlly represents that ho holds one liflii of said l'slate jointly with llie oilier heirs thereof, and being desirous to hold the same in severalty, he prays tlm Hon Court to order a division of the said nlatnaud to ap point a eotntnilteu for that purpose Dated al liuiliuginn in the County nfChil tendon this. Olh day of August A. I). 18.17. ASHL HAItltlS. ST.-1TK OF mil.MOjVT, ) At a Probate District or Cuittcnden ss. J Court hidden at Iiurlinglonlti said District on tho 9th day of August A. D. KI.17, upon application of Asel Harris, one oflbo heirs of the Ilslnloof Ascl Harris late of Colchester in said District deceased requesting a division nfsaid Ksluto. Il is orderetl dial said appli -aut cause the several porsoni interested in tho saitl Ksiato, orj llieir attornies, if living within this stale, tn he notified by publishing his said applica tion, together with this order three weeks successively in tho Tree I'res, a newspaper punted at ISurliiigton in said District, to ap pear before satd court at a session thereof to bo holtlcii at tho olficc of the Register of said Court in said Ililrlinglon 011 tho :10lli day of September A. I). 1030, lo make objection to sucil division if they see cause. Given under my hand at ISurliiigton this 9lh day of August A. D. 18.37. W.vt. WESTON, Register. PUI-UTI.WI Illll.IlliOUK I'.OOK ) flOK. ) vs. Clir.nK lIoMlItOOK rSyilHRHAS Peleliah Holbronk. of v ISurlington, in tlie county of Cdit louden, and State of Vermont, hatli prefer oil his Petition to the Supreme Court of said Slate, next to lie liolden at Burling ton, in tlie County anil State aforesaid, on tlie Tliursday next preceding tlie first Tuesday of Jminry, A. I). 1030, setting I'oith ihat at ISnrdngttin, in the County of Cbillenden. aforesaid, on the fourth day of Mnv A. 1). 1031, lie was lawfully mar ried to Chine Holbronk, of Madison, in tho County of Gentiga, in tho Slate of Odin, by John ISarsiow. then a ju-ticn of the Peace within tlie county ol Chitten den aforesaid, antl from that time to about tlie first dny of September, A. D. 103-1. lived wild said Cbloe Ilolbrook, at said ISurlington, in the strict observance of nil the duties required by marriage covenant, when tlit; said Cdloe llolhrook, without any just rau-uon the part of the Pol 11 inner lelt bini al said ISurlington, ami forthwith went to the town of Madison in the County of Geauga in tlie Stain of Ohio, ami lias resided 111 said Town of Madison ever since; and that said Chine Ilolbrook, since her said departure, has never returned to said ISurlington, nor been w'thin t his Stale, and 1 hat she now lives nt said Madison in the Statu ofOlim. And that said Petition cr is n bouso doldciio said ISurlington, and lias a family of fc vera I Clnldren; nntl lias at all limes since the departure of said Cbloe been in great need of the society and as sistance of said Cloe in Ins domestic affairs and has at all tunes b 11 ready le receive and maintain said (shloc, it she would re turn to Ins douse and lamily; nnd that lie has been nt great expeti-e nnd trouble in tlie maintenance of Ins said family anil the said Ghlou on account of her absence n aforesatd, and that said Petitioner lias con staully resided 111 said town of ISurlington upwards of twenty years lasl past. And praying that the bonds of Matri iiiotiy but ween the saitl Cnloe may by decree of tin; said supreme Court bo dis. solved and a bill of divorce from tho bunds nf matrimony wtthsnul Chine granted to htm, and that said Coin will tlecreu to said Clib 0 all the property of every tinnio ami nature winch she possessed at the tiiiu- ol her titiirriagu with the said Peti tioner, and no more. Tn Chloe Halhroak, of .Madison, in the County of Geauga, in lha State of Ohio. Gut: , Hy tho authority of Iho Statu of Ver mont you arc hereby commanded to make your appearance before the supremo Court next lo be linhlen at lSurlinglou, in the County of Chittenden and Statu of Ver. inotit, on Ilio Thursday next preceding thofir-t Tuesday of January A. I) 1030. then and there to show cause, if any you have, why the pro ver of llie said petiotier should not he granted; and further, to stand to and abide such order direction and tie j ureo therein ns to the said C. uirt shall setnn mec, mid 111 ease ol default, iho Court will proceed exparty. And Whereas, it b dug made lo apoca r to me, that Ido said Chloe Ilolbrook lives without this State, and not within the rencd of legal process; Therefore it is hereby ordered tint nolicu be given to stud Chloe I lolbrook to appear before the Supreme Court, next lo be liolden at ISiirlinglnn in Iho County of Chittenden and Statn nf Vermont, un the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday of Jan nary, A. I). 1031), then nnd there to show cause, if an she may have, why the prayer of the stud Petitioner sliotil I not be grant ...1. .....I ;.. e j..r...i. ii... ,....1 c.m.i will proceed oxparly, by publishing the stibsiutico of said petition, and this cita lion and order 1 hereon, three weeks suc cessively in the Free Press, n news paper printed nt Burlington in the County ul Chittenden aforesaid, tho last of which publications shall be, at least, six weeks qeforo the timrj of holding naid Court. I Oiven under my hand at ISurltnclon, tliin I2ih day of Seplt'inber. A. I). 1H37. SAM'Ij. ri. I'UBM'K, Judge tif.Sup Court Emza IS. KtifoN 1 vs. Austin It)f.ns. j WUHItKAS Kliza IJ. Rdsnn. of Col. Chester in tho County of Chittenden and Slate of Vermont, bnlli prefered her Petition to tho Supreme Court of said Slate, next to he boldon nt ISurlington, in the County and Slate aforesaid, on the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday of J'iniiary A. 1). UI3II. felting forth tbn't at iMnrristown, then in the County of Or cans, now in tlie County nf Latnoil, and state nforesaid, nn tlie first day of July, A. I). 1027, she was lawfully married to Autin I'Msoii, then nf said Mornstown, by David P. Noyes, then a Justice of the Peace within and for tho County of Or leans nforesaid. nntl from that lime to about tho 1st day of June, A. D. 1030, lived with said Austin KiNon, at iatd Mnr ristovvn, in llie strict observance of all the duties required by llie marriage covenant, when Ihu said Austin Edson, without any just cause on the part of the Petitioner, nntl without her knowledge of his inten tion, left her nt said IMorttstown. and went to tho Town of Sirafi'ird in the County of Orange in the Stnte nforesaid wli're ho re- inaincd about two intuit he-; that t-aid Austin then left said Strafford and went tn llie town of Uingor. in the State of Maine, whom he now resides that at tlto time 1 . ,,i a,,.,,,, ir, !,i M,.,rioii,. I... in rri.wl with him nil the property he possessed, and left (ho said Petitioner nnd family, con sisting ol'nne child then about two years old, wholly without support, and from that time hitherto bath wholly neglected to to render tho said Petitioner and family biiv assistance or support, and that the id Petitioner hath constantly residor wit run the state ol Vermont since nctl saitl majriarro with tnid Austin. And praving that the bunds of matrimony between the said Petitioner and ilio said Austin may by decree of llie Supremo Court be disolvetl. nntl a ISill of divorce from tlie bunds of Matrimony with said Austin granted to her, and that the said Court will decree to the said Petitioner sued alimony as said Court sdall think just and tyoper. To .lustin Edson, of Bangor in the Stale of Maine. G ISy the authority of the Stain of Ver mont you aro hereby commanded lo make your appearance before the Supreme Court next to be liolden at ISurlington in the County of Chittenden and Slate nf Ver mont, on the Thursday next preceding tlie first Tuesday of January, A D. 1033, then and there to show cause, if auv von have, why tlie prayer of the sain Petitioner should not be grained, nnd further to stand to antl abide sued order, direction and decree therein, ns to tin; said Court shall seem meet; and in case of default llie said Court will proceed exparty. And wdoreas, it being mado to appear to me, tdat tlie said Edson lives without this Stale, and not within the reach of legal process. Therefore it is hereby orderetl that notice bo given to the said Austin Edson to appear before the Supreme C iurt next to he liolden al ISurlington, in the County of Chittenden and Slnlc of Ver mont, on the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday of January A. 1). 1030. then and t he re to show cau-e, if any lie have why the prayer of the said Petitioner should not he granted, and in case o' de fault the saitl Court will proceed exparty, by publishing the substance of said Peti tion nntl this citation and order thereon, three weeks successively in the Free Press a newspaper printed al Burlington, in tin County of Chittenden aforesaid, the last of which publications shall bo nt least, six weeks before the time of holding said Court. Given under mv band al Burlington, this 2d day of September, A. D. 1037. SA.M'L. S. PHELPS, Judge of Sup. Court CLOVER SEKL). JUST received and for snle bv IIICKOR & t'ATLIX. ft-F'PITni.Tn ATTI.'A'TinX'l 5S most respectfully solicited, by the sob . rentier, to ao Invaluible Preparation, tin merits of which liavo been letted by ti.vh:, and are susT.vtM:n uv umiociitud ti:sti.vio.n v. Dr. Haifa's Botanical Drojfs! are every year increasing tiiuir long csiab. fished reputation. They have outlived many rival preparation, and arc continually gain ing upon public eoiiiiiienec. The lltilunirul Drop havo been success fully administered for many yeats, as a thorough remedy fur that well known and prevalent class of inteturalu diseases, which originate from a vitiated habit of body, or an hereditary pietlispm ilion in tho patient, and generally appear under the various ami dis. Iressiug siiapes of Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Lep raty, Si. sliilhoin's Fire, Faer Sores, White fiicillingi, Sftri, Fold and Obstinate Ulcus, Utirr liC"sand Hues, Sco. I had, and VtncrC' al Taint. In tho last mentioned condition of Ilio system, tho Botanical Drops will bu found 10 eradicate the lurking poison, where .Vcrcu. rylias totally failed, and thus prevent ihu pa. rent from entailing the seeds of an heredita ry disease 00 his offspring. DIl. ItHLFE'S ISOTAMAL DROPS aie successfully used ill ca-es- of violent eruptions after ihu Jhuflts red blotihes -pimples on lite fare fettering eruplmiu 011 the skm anil other disoacs of the exluinal surface, and aio one of the best Spring and . hititmnul piyshs known, to lieu ihu system f'nui humors. O Striking Jnslances if Success. Extract of a letter from a Physician of the first respectability, and extensive practice, in this vicinity, member ol tho Massachu setts Medical Socictv, Just. IGth. 1029. Dear Sir: "This child, before liu was uyear dol, lieeaiuu afiltcted with a lepruus disease of tbu skin, antl vvlucli gradually increased, st. that when about thrco years old, tho whole surface of (he body was 0110 continued sore, attended with an ichorous discharge, produ cing great soreness ami intolerable itching which hueaiuu almost insupportable, A great , rci..cUu!li ' ' , wl,hout anv ner. iii.iiienl relief. Much into rest was exciletl in behalf of Iho child, and consequently dill'et. cut medical advicti was solicited, but with httlo or no advantage, tho diseaso progrosod with uiiabalilig violenco, and seemed to defy the healing art. Al length tho parent was Induced by tho advico of a neighbor, wfio had boon boncfilted by tho, to try Dr. .Hemes liOrAMLAL DIVOPH. Several hollies were given accoiding to the directions, ueliire tlie least abatement nt Ilio disease was obsetTcd; hut by a petsevrring Use of tlinin, the ichorous discharges began to ahato, tho scabs lo give way in places, nntl fall oil'. Tlm Drops were continued until tho boy became perfectly woll, the skin resuming its natural and healthy aspect, seeming indcutl Ilka a ren ovated skin since which time tho boy has enjoyed perfect hcallh, and his euro is ascri bed wholly lo the Drops, as 110 other medi. cine was used in cotijuclion with them." The original letter, with additional par ticulars, maybe seen by calling on the Pro prietor. Gentleman of this City, who had been at. tended a long time by our most celebrated and experienced practitioners, and who had been reduced to nlmosl tho last stages of ex istence by his complaint had lost one eye! ami dreadful ulcers began lo destroy his leg, antl spread over his whole side, tindtoVtrtriteu a mort painaland lingering death ! in com municating his case at larg'u to tho Proprie tor, makes tho following closing remarks "My case was pronounced by my physi cians to be one of invctoralo Scrofula. It is not necessary to inquire whether other means would have cllectctl the curu. I cun only say that Dr. Itell'u's Ilotanieal Drops were tltu onlv means I tnailo use of, after the hysictans had exhausted their skill, and davo no reason to doubt that under Piovidenco tho Drops were the means of relieving mo from ono of the most alllicting diseases that hu. inanity is called to onduro." A Physician of eminence who had witnes. lo efficacy ot this article, ban 1 10 eantliuir recenllv to acknuwlcugu to the Proprietor, that ho considetcil it the best medicine known, for the complaints fi r which it is intended, and that it ought deservedly to stand at the bead of the whole class ol such remedies. Price $1 fr whole boxes ol 30 pills, nnd 50 cents for half do of 12 pills, with direc tions. QAn Invaluable liomcdy Tested by aperient e, and sustained by testimonials .' MOST people have a remedy for CORNS as well as ol her complaints". but the proprietor of tiio long known and jjusl,.v celebrate Albion Corn Plaster! (as prepared by the lale Dr. Conway,) lias been made acquainted with no instance ot its proper application, in which it das not. been preferred to all older ncMnniKs for Coiins, those paiiifu'ili.-figurers of the feel, antl enemies to locomotion. The Albion Corn Plaster softens tho corn, however old antl lough, and extracts) it to the very roots. Tlie relief alllirded is gfnfc. immediate, and thorough. Tlie Proprietor begs leave to submit the following case, from Mr. Stowell, who is well known to the inhabitants of tins city, especially nl the south end, and at South Huston, as a very wortdy and respectable citizen. A CASE. Sin I do tint desilato to give my most unqualified approbation in favour of your valuable Albion Corn Plaster. By the two of less than a box, Mrs. Stowell has been cured of n com on each foot, which dad been exceedingly Iroublesome and painful for years, and I think it bul justice to vour invaluable preparation to add. (for llie-en-cotiragenient of lliosc. who owing to re pentad disappointments in the various rrur etlies resorted to, havo finally despaired of a cure, that your Plaster cured her corns after trying older diglilt recommended remedies to no purpose; antl what increas. os my confidence in tho superiority ofyour Plaster, is the fuct, that il has been used by several of my neighbours' with eq inlly good success. A man advanced in years, had become so crippled with corns, cs to bo obliged to cut hole? in shorn lo "a-o his feel; ho had long sufYered great torture and inconvenience has lately been entire ly cored by the use of your Corn Plaster, so thai he can now walk with comfort, siml in whole shoes. Another (rc A young woman living near me, had become so lame 111 consequence of corns, tis I '. " bo able lo go up and down stairs wi'hnut great (rouble, is now 11-iiig the Plaster with the most happy success, and prospect of speedy cure, I could refer to several older cases, wero it necessary, but I have seen enough of the Piaster to satisfy tnu il is llie best prepara tion in this country, or perhaps 111 any oth er, for the cure of Corns ; and were its vir lues generally known, I doubt whether ) 011 could prepaie ihu article fa-t enough ti meet the public demand. (Signed) SETII STOWELL, Keeper of the Toll house, South Ration Bridge. Mr. T. Kinncn, Proprietor oft he Conway Medicines. Jtniltm. June lh, lO'.'O. Pmcu 50 cents. None geriiine unless signed on tho outside printed wrapper by tliose Proprietor, T. KIDDEIt, immediate successor to tlie lato Dt. W. T. Oonw.vy Tor sale, willi all the nihor "Conway .Vulicints," at his (Minuting Room, No, 00, next door lo .1, Kidder' Drug Storo, corner of Court antl ll iimvcr streets. ! near Concert Hall, Huston ; antl by his tpc- eial appointment, by J. Sc J. II. P1XK k. Co., lSurlinglou Vt. nr.V FRIES' Tinil E extensive sale and established rcpu JL talion or Dl'Ml'RinS I TCH OINT MENT, encourages tho Proprietor lo recom mend it with renewed confidence to the pub he, as a most innocent as well as powerful application for Ibis annoying disease. 'Ilio most inveteralo cases havo been ruiicu in oN't: iiour, ! by this esteemed Ointment. It contains no .Mercury, or oilier noxious ingre. tlicnt.and may bu confidently applied even lo the youngest children, or to pregnant females. Piic'o37i cents. SOItH AND SNFLA1YIED EYES! ripiJK studious, ihu weakly, anil others, .L who aro troubled with "soreness or in. flammutiou nf that delieato organ, will bo able lo ohUiii a must pleasant and invaluable application, in (. :.? This well established Wash far the Fyc is perfectly innocent, and givis unmuJ'ato re .of, even in very aygravul. d cares of soieucsi ami iiilhiumation Price "5 cents,

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