Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 6, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 6, 1837 Page 3
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JSS STRAY. f"1AMI'5 inio the cuclo. r-tvyrff sure of (lie stibrcri ffit'tWil bor on r nboiil iliu UIili f If Horse Cult, about three MKXAyiZ years did, block niititi ninl natural lull. The owner is requeued lu coll, prove properly, pnv charge" nnd tnke bun nwny. ELLIS BARTLETT. Jeritho Centre Sipt. 9, l'JJ7. rfpHH members oi ilia Vermont Mutunl Jl. 1'ire Insurance Company nro hereby notifieil that the following assessments bavu been made by the Directory, on ail notes in force, on the billowing days, to wit : Nov. Dec. .Inn. March March 10, i!, 13, II, 20, 10, 1030, I 1-4 nf 1 per cent, I O It II I. II I ,j I. I. II II 1 '1 ' I It II II It II l"l " 1M7, Muy Milking; 3 per cent. assessment for the yenr; which is lo bo cast on the origin nl amount of tlic premium note, without relorenco to any endorsement, nnd the niiiio lo he paid to ihc Treasurer nt his of (ice in il out poller, on or before the l"lh day of October, lf!37. An opportunity will be presented to lorwnrd useesMiients by the members of the Legislature, and those who neglect to forward the nrnoiint when doe, nre referred to the tub See. of the Act attached lu each policy for the consequen ces. lly order of the Director. ItOMHR W i I BATON, Trent. Etna insurance Company. !?rp,UB -iili?criLicr rnntinues to insinc u. v?k kinds of real nnd personal property ns agent for said Company, to whom up. plication niav nt nil tunes be made at his Olliee in liurlitiglnn. The established repntaiion of this Cmipnny for stability, lairnoss and libernliiy in their dealings needs no lurther comnicndation. V:.i. A. Gmswor.D, Burlington, AtI f. UiJG. Cash paid for Wheat. Oi ICICOK &. t'ATIilN will pay Cash JijL. for wli-it, according lo q iah!y,deliv ered lliu onsl Mill nl the i nils, or at their dore. j,.,riii'Ton. Sept. 0, !037. I2il83J" & EVANS, EPA FEES o TAILORS. T KSPKCTFULLY ii.viie iheir friends il.CL nnri customers lo call and exit'inm; n w . -elected and choice ns-onnu'tit of Fa i. r, am) Wi.s n:tt Goods, in the lino of llirir busuio-s- ;nni?l injr of Ur.o.incr.oTiis, of almost every color and qunlry; a fine variety of Cassimkiis and Vi:-Tir.s-, of nn n'lre new pattern, and of a supcriir qoal n v; together v. ith a general assortment of Tiiinitiings, Slocks, Collus and Bosoms, Siispendci"', and every other article Usually railed lor in (heir line of bu-iiucss. The nbove articles were boiiL'ht cheap fur cn.h, nnd will be sold accordingly. All orders in our line I haul, fully received und punc tually nttended lo. Burlington, Sent. 22. ll!!37. J. TRYO. RESPECTFULLY notifies his custo. liters und the public thai he continues the TAILORING BUSINESS nt In- old stand next dour north of St. Pauls Church, Burlington. IIo has erect a new e-lioti and mnde arrangements lo extend his bus mess so as to accomodate his customers on short notice with the latest ciiy fashions, and 'work done in a stylo of elegance and durability not sti r passed in this Inlitnde, Patterns anil Triminiiiirs furnislied those who desire nt the hnve.-t possible cash prices. Cutting and liepuiring done a u-iial. JKRBMIAII TRYON. Hnrlingion. Sept. 20, IC37. N. 15. J. '1'. H very dot-irous to settle his old accounts, and e, much in want of Koine belauces dun him, ami earne-tly re. qoei-H I huso indebied lo call and settle without further notice. IP irA 'Vt Tr 124 Ciii ill L;( S WIIH.R he returns thanks for past favors nnd be." a continuance of i he fame, would inform the public that ho continues to manufacture nil kinds of clothing to order, and will do repairing at short notice. Cenl lemen's clothei cleaned from pilch, patnl, grease, &u leaving them neatly pressed, with n soft nnd benntifol fi'iish. 1 1" any of the spoif reappear ihey will b'j removed free of charge. Hi; has on hand n i;ooi assort meni of conts, painalooas, waistcoats, top coats, cloaks, wrappers nnd lloy'o Clothee. Also a Miinll nssoitment of second hand clothe. Hals, Capri, Dools, Shoes, Shirts, Stucks, and a great variety of oilier useful nrtir.le; cheap lor ca-h, unexchanged for any kind of nlolhint;. cloth, or produce. N. 15. Ashe can be so easily paid, he Imperil ho?o whoi-u nccounls nre duo will nvuil themselves of the first opportunity to discharge them. Hurlllilon. Sept. "0. 1(137. 3'v Charles James Kathrcus Laic of Quebec ami Si. Julius, J XWTCJSEC TrACJaHR. TlECS leave mot resiicclfully to nc- .1) (iinint I lie Ladies, mid Cientlcmen of Hurliio'ton and its viemiiy, lunl, having rrcenlly arrived in their villugc (where he uileiid'i to reide, he will ivu lei-sons on the Pinna Forte, Violin, Clorinett, Flute &c &lc. to such Ladies and Gentlemen as may please to honor him with their cum inn mU. C. J. K. l?n desires to ttato that liaving the acquirement of Thorough Bt;s, lie i oniihled to arrange iMiistc, and give instruc tions, ngreenhly lo all the purposes of har mony, und further wishes to add Hint, he tunes piiino fortes, rarolully nnd correct. y. American Hotel, epl. 'Jl, li;:J7. lust received, All silver Butter Knives, and silver pocket pen Knives, and finu quality pencil leads, Variety liop. Kept. 22, I'anoboiin & JUinsiiaih DR. HORACE HATCH. OITHRS hi. cervices to the Miliubu ontt of lliirliugion and vicinity, in the ptortice of Medicine nnd Surgery. Office in Church Street, uppusitu t lie Honk of liiirlington. S7i' have several mull utentinlg, against l 7 different!, which wo wih Iheiii to call and settle immediately , nt the Variety shop. I,A.nnORN& MUNSMAID. .September 8, l!i:)7. T A Jl , ( Barrels, just received by . iV J U PEC Kit Co. TO WOOL GKOWEKS & DEALERS. TUB Si. bseribcr bus opened a roii tiik uncEi'Tio.v ami hp pot Pt.'III.IC SAI.F. OP AMKI1ICA.N AM) Pi'KKION Wiiol,, iii tlic City of New-York. The First Sale will be nnnotineed as early as practicable, nnd afterwards continued nt regular periods as may be deemed expedient. Tim extent to winch the growth nnd man ufaciure of 'Ins article has nrnved in this country, funning os it doe, one of the -topics of production, ns well a of exten sive inipor'ntion, renders Ihe esiabli-limeni of a regular innrket, where the Farmer can avail hittifclf of the full prices paid by iiinuiiliictiirers, nnd where Mnniiliictuier. mny. nt tinted periods find n lull simply. iiuduii their purchases exactly nceonimg to their wants, is not only desirable, but nb -olutely nceehPnry for the profit and con .'cnietice of both elates. To the Farmers e-peeinlly it is all impurtnnt, thai the liould enjoy n regular market and the nd nntngo of full competition, in-tead of beiii compelled to submit to the prices offered by speculators, whoso intimate knowledge of the wants of Manufacturers nnd whose nicer judgment m tne articles, has given them great advantage, and often compelled a great tacrilioo on the part of the Farmer. The city of New-York being by far lb" grentet maikel where- ManuUiclureiH lind a t-ale for their fabrics, it is placed beyond a d. nb', that, if ihe "rowers and dealer'5 in Wool, avail lliemsrlves extensively of this opportunity of ofl'ering their Wool for sale, it will bniij; together, ns purchasers, all the principal Manufacturers ot the North ern Suites: and g,ve. not only to the buyer and seller every advantage thai can be oli'ered. but rcgu'arity and Mnbiliiy to the market which has not before extfteil in this country, and which in oilier wool growing countries has been productive of the great ett benefit to all elassi s. Satisfactory reference siven on appli cation, and to llio-iu who desire it, an advance in catb for a Imii'ed Period will bo made. Persons wi.-lun? to limit their wool in price, will have tiio ndvanlnue of private, sale in the bc-t unrker, it the prices at public sale should not reach their expectation. Per.-ons wishing lo enter their Wool for Sale, are desired lo correspond early with the bubicnber. JOHN A. PARKER. New York, Jolv tii, ii)37. 137. h Sr. ( Corner of Wall & Soul 3 m Elect r Vegetable Balsa tuiquc. N. IJ. DOWN S VEGETABLE EALSA.MJC ELI X Ell For Cool'Ii", ('olds. Consumption, Cataili Croui), Asthma, Whoopiior Coiieh. and all other discuM's of the head, ebest nod lunn;s. Pamphlets eontaiuing a history of the med icine a sketch ol ihn diseases lor which is is recommended certificates from unques tionable bourcos ample directions, and much other important information aecomnanviiiL' each bottle may be had of any of (he Agen cies, cralis. .J.'CUIITJS, Drnirmst, Si. Al bans, Vl. wholesale Agent and joint proprie tor. The following are especially appointed retail Agents. Hurlinzlon Lalhrop c Pot win. Janes. Smith & Co, and II.. Mood v. UinesburuhA. S. &. I). O. Wellor. Milton Welliiii-ton, U hitnevfc Co.. Clark Iloardninn fc Co. CliarlniU .Siimuel If. Ilarnes. and nioft other retiuctablu Druggets, &c. in the coun try bt. Albans, July 12,1330. if Price SO Ccnti. A fresh supjily just received by Lathrop Si, Potwin, Hurliugion Ueek wilk C. Dyer, Solesbury A. P. Rofcoe, New Haven--M. W. llinsley, Monklon M. Hull, Hinesburgh Fletcher & Wood man, Wiilislon C. It, Marlin, Charlotte B. Lyman, Ferripburgh L. llixby, Ver irenucs Flelcher &. Miner, Jtridport Hen Wright, Shoreharn. DUMFRIES' ETCH OINTMENT! TIllB extensivo sale and estubln-hed repn JL tation of DUMFRIES ITCH OINT MENT, encourages the Proprietor to recoiu. uiund it with renewed confidence to the pub lic, as a most innocent as well an powerful application lor tins annoying disease. J hu most inveterate cases have been cur.ui in onk iiouu ! by this esteemed Ointment. It contains no Mereuiii, or other noxious inirro. dient.atid may hn confidently applied oven to inu youngest children, or lo pregnant lemales Price 37i cents. SOIIE AND INFLAMED ETTER rillflF. studious, I ho weakly, ud others, -m. won urn iniiioieo Willi soreness or III flnnunntlon of that dnlin.ili, urn., luill I... able lo obtain a must pleasuut and invaluable uppncaiion, in nUJIFMEf This well rslabbshod Wash for the E&e, is poriuciiy innocent, nnu givts iin.iiedialo relicr, even in vory aggravated cases of tiorcnom and n tlaninution. I'xico 25 cents. CONSUMPTION Asthma ! and Catarrh ! "ffu that long train of dt'easca whirl) srem a. lo grow wi'h the growth of civilized ncieiv, (JUiNhUiMi i iuin lanes uie icnn in lis relent les tnroods upon human lifui yet this dreudfiil disorder is eaHily ovcrccine in ils earlier hinges. It i only when m g beted that It arrives nl ihe terrific inntnri y which so oliun bullies the sngneily el prnfcijmiiol science. An obsliutile rtwjh is the eii-ioinary furcrtumer of the a n v coiY-UMiu-ioN. Improper neglect in he timely adnunislraiion of tiinplu nnd -alutniy remedie-1, iJ sure to be reproved hv n ilrpad'iil Fiicce-sioii of cnmumplivc jymlotiis: oppre'snui of the breast; creen tsh and bloody spittle i ulceruied lungs niul lirctic fever i thnvelled e.Mtem'uies, anil L'eneral einaciaMoii of the whole body; proslrntion of pirengih ; lliuhed checiti! swollen feet null legs i nnd nt lant. in fub pnsses.-iun of the mentnl faruliies, otid while hope still whispers her fluttering tale eold extremities, nnd n premature ilenlh. For the vnrmus tinges of Uih complaint, one of ihe mo.'t approved remedies ever Vet dl:C vered is Dr. IlrlfVs Asthmatic Pills. This exneduiglv powerful, vet equally sale and innocent prop-jinUon, liar i H'en'ed thoroiigh and rnp'd cures Upnii patieuis supposed to have been far ad vanced in a confirmed Connimiliim. nnd , who have exhibiU'd Ihe appearances which ! ii-iially indicate a fatal termination of the disorder. ' DR. KBLFB'S PILLS have ntsn ob tained the highest character as a I'cctnrinl Jletlrrinc, wiV'irding the most unexpected relief to Ihin-e labouring under the com mon Ciitgli. ocnij-ioiii d by nernl hiiinnrs irrilaung the tlirmit. or by di flncti' ns on the lung m mtonis which deprive tin; Mif. lerer of slei p. and gradually introduce the long tram of Pulmonary nffijclions. The Pi'ls appease the cough, promote easy ex lieriijrntioii, very efseniinl'y relieve, ami oil en entirely cure the mo-' ebuinnte and dl.-t le.-smg o.'i-es. Cumin .a Lnldi are u-u nlly removed bv ihe I ill- in n t'rw Ihmm". In the harrasing and (.ufT 'fating com j pliiini of tlie, the Pills give mi j Mfdialfj relief. They mitigate the com plaint, and generally effect n rndirl enri I in th se A-'t'ointtc altnei's ef''- riz"d liy iliflicuuy of breathing, lightness inn! stricture across the brra-t and in the lung-', oppressive flatulence, wheeling, ciiuglniig, l.onri-enes-', eostivencss, and inn try oilier sisilnnnlic symiiiems. As the Pills require m ordinmy cases no confiorinent , I hey may be administered with confidence and safely i nil nges and elapses of people. Unexamp'ed success has hitherto attended their administration in a great variety of ; nnd the Pro prietor can refer to multitude, winch testify to their ellicncy in reviving Ihe emaciated victim from I ho bed of disease and restoring him to the blessings of ac customed f io-i it It and activity- TUB I5BNKFICIAL F.FFBCTfl llculliva from the tiiiininivtriihmi of Dr lie I ft' it Ailhmnlic nnd Cimsiimpttrc Pills, exhibited in the following rust-i OTTA PiiyMcinu, M. 1). nod Droggi-I. recently writes: The Asthmatic Pdls (Relie's) ore invariably well spoken of by i those who uPe ih" in,'' tIJ J -. . if this city, was three yenrs seriously nllliclt.i! with con.-iimpiivu sjmp torn-', us pain iii the side, almost perpeiiinl cougli, -pilling of blood, general debility, iSic. in Ibis distressing stale, unable to sit up, and not expeciing to live mniiy day.-, ,-he ivn-' advised to lake Dr Relie's Astii malic Pills, and aUo Dr. J ebb's Luiiineui be nppl ed to her side, wired she did, and to the astonishment of every one, in a short lime she was perfectly testortd to health- HIT A Lady from Framingliam, wns se verely nfllicied with cough, spitting of blond, and general dcbih'y, on taking two bullies of Ihese Pills, and one box of Dr Relie's AnHbilious Pills, was restored to perfect health. OlfAii elderly person in this vicinity. who had suffered much for years by a nin-l dtsi re.-ing asthma, had tried almost every thing recommended, which only nt time's gave temporary relief, nnd usuullyn more violent return of her complaint, has recent ly made use of ihe nbovc Pills with more beneficial effects than utiv thing she- has ever used before. O'A Young Lady ot M , had been troubled with a very had cough, so violent as at limes to ruck and harrass her ex ceedingly ; a coiihiini pi ion was feared, (us hor mother hud died of (hat complaint) -kho was immediately relieved, und sub sequently eniircly cured by Dr. Relfe's Asthmatic Pills. None genuine unless signed on the outside printed wrapper by the sale Propri. elor,'V. KIDDBR. immediate suciessor to the Into Dr. W. T. Coisway. For sale with all the oilier "Conway Jlcdicinet," at his Counting Room, No. 99. next door to J. Kidder's Drug Store, corner of Couri and Hanover streets, near Concert II ml Host on; and hv his specialappoitument, by J. &. J. II PBCK &. Co.. Itiirlington Vl. NOTICE to imnur.iATio invat.ids Il.ltONS suffering under I hmmiilic Af . ftclton are respectfully assiiied, that Ihey can obtain of Ihc proprietor and hi" ngeuls a safe and udiniruhle remedy for KIIEUMA TISM, however obrtitiiite the disorder may be, and in all its dillereut singes, 3-TDll JIBE'S Rheumatic Liniment! will nfford immediate relief to tbu patient, and lias sometimes been attended with such rslrn ordinary success as to euro tbu most distress sing Rheumatism in twinlyjour hours, oven when of years standing. This highly valuable Liniment is rocom mouded Willi a confidence founded on ihe ex perience of many years, nut only as a cure for Ihal excruciating tliseusu, but as an excellent application for vivpnpss op tiik joins, Numb. Nt'.SH, Ul'ltAINS, Cllll.UI.AI.NS, Among a mass of testimony in favour of Iho success nf the Liniment, as a thorough renin, dy for ItiiKi'JMTisM, iho proprieior selects Ihe following as picseining gcntiiiio itiilanceH of its elhcacy A'eio and surprising catcs. (TJ A genlloman, Mr. It. of Cliorleslowny who can bo referred lo had been confined lo (ns bed most ofthu lime (or a week, suffering mostoxcrucialing pain from Rheumatism j af. tor having had recount) lo tho round of nti- dotes usually resorted to in Ibis complaint, but without lictichl ; and while in this Male ol cufffriiig, and no pto-pecl ofrehef, Mr. Caleb Synunes, who was Ins neighbour, nnd who, owing to tho extra oifliimry benefit hu had himself experienced from its ut-e. recommend, ed the article with such confidence ns induced Mr. It. to make uo of it, which be did, with the umiuI sueces" attending ils ndiiiinis'ruliGU, viz: i'i)ii;itrfic mitigation of pain rclitf and cute ' D.j'Mr T, of Ibis city, was ottneked with a very violent lllieuiiinli-m in Ins back, which nn upnlit nliori of Ibis Liniment (on going to bed instantly relieved, and cured by morning observes ho nenr used ant thing which gavo bini so mii'li and so great relief, tCTAii old Itevoliiiinnary Olliccr near fios Inn, was wifely nfllioted for years with rheu matic eotnplaiiils, especially in his jnitils and limb", which were firipiently much swollen. could obtain only te.mporaiy relief from med ical advice, or the u-c of various temedics, and had disp iired ol help ; when a friend who had wiiiic-srd thii wonderful effects of Ibis Lini ment, ndvied him lo m.ike use of it, which ho did. with Ihc moil happy effect ; it reduced tlic tuellmg in one night. Tim artielc is considered so superior to creri thing ihe, nnd In pnuest such uncommnnrirtucs, thai it it orihted torn distant part) if the r.ouii' try. U..T u agent recently writes : "Plcaro send me n furlliursiipph ol' jebb's Liniment the first opportunity I shall probibly sell u consider able qonnliiy. as u is eeeomnundal by som'. of oitrphysiniiui very highly. I.- Another agent writes: "I wish you to forward ma snmi) more of Jebb's Liniment, wloee has recommended itself very liichly." Price 50 cents a bottle. Tho Painful and Debilitating Complaint of tizf. ?iz.y;s rccrivrp immediate relief, and in numerous in slauces has been thoroughly eurcc. by tho admmi-trutiMi of np.Mrnir.s' nr.MPitr fok hip. piles. rflllllS approved coinpoiiiid ulso miligatcs JL and remove.' the symptoms which fre quently accompany 'hut di-ordcr.nnd increase the danger nl'ihe patient, viz. ; pains' in Loins HrntJjehe hiss of appetite--Inuigestion, ai.d hut ninrli of di hihiy. A relieved Patient writes from a distance, 'It is Inn j ii-tire to you to inform you, that 1 have used your Dumfries remedy for Iliu Piles for "omciime past, and have found it cm. inunily mutcssIiiI." An Officer in tho Army observes "I Imvo been troubled fur years with the Pib'-i, and have never found any remedy that would compart! with yours. It gave mc al most immediate relief." A l' ami Druggi-t writes, "1 have sold all tho medicine you sent tne. which is s i highly recommended for the Piles. I r.'i-li you to send me one dozen more by the bearer." The remedy i quite innocent, and may be administered to all ages and both sexes f'l.fii mid ample Directions, with a description of the couiplaiut, accompany each package, wlnfji consist" of two tuxes, one containing un Ointment, and tbu other an Electuary. Price $1 fur both artclcs, or 50 cents whero but orio is wanted. Price $1 a bottle, or C bottles for $;. DR. BIUNnRFlTH ft ants mi institution, no monopoly, no vhnrlcr. he being rjuile suli-Jbd to rest on Ihe patronage nf the public for the success of his grand. falier't VE GETADLE' CM' FE RSA L PIL LS. Established in England, 1751. " should contribute lo the comfort, health, and happiness oi mankind. ' riM 1 1ESE celebrated vegetable Pills of which X EKJI1TY TIlOUbUND HOA'ES have been sold in N. York since July. 1035, are now recommended bv thoii-andsol person' whom they have cured of Consumption, Inllucuzu Dyspep-t.i, Headache, 'aiiis and a sense ol fullness m the Unci; pari ol the I lead, usually the symptoms of Apoplexy, Jaundice. Fever and Ague, liillinus. Scarlet, Typhus, Yellow, and common t overs of all kinds, Asthma, (iotit, Ithtumuli-m, Nervous diseases, Liver cnuipl lint. 7,lcnriy, Inward Weakness. De pression of the Spirits, Ituptutcs, Inflainatinti, Sure Lye". I' its, y'al-y, Urnpsy, buiall Jox, Measles, Croup, Coughs, Whooping Cough. Qilinzy, Chohc, C'holeramorbiis, O ravel, Worms, Dysentary. Deafness, Kinging Noises in the Dead, Kings Evil, Scrofula, Erysipelas, or St. Atiolhy's Fire. Salt lihnum, White, Swullings, Ulcers, some of 30 years standing Cancers, I umors, Swelled Feet and Legs, 'lies Costivcness, all eruptions of tho skin. FriL'htful Dreams, r emalu complaints otcvery kind, especially oblructions, relaxations, ie : 7500 testimonial" have been received from individuals of tho highest respectability. They in fact prove, by the cures they mako, that there is no necessity lor any oilier mcui cum. Although Dr. D. has enumerated by name the above diseases, he is nevertheless of opin ion with his ifraudluther, tho Into celebrated Dr Win Rrundrulh, that there is only onedis. case, an impurity of the blood, which by im peding the circulation, brings on iuflamatiun and consequent derangement "n Iho organ or part where such impurity of the blood settles ; ami that it is the inherent appearances which this inilamaliun or derangement put on, tnat have caused medical men to designnto such appearances by various names, but which are in tucl, only tho sauio disease, with moio or less virulence. Dr. Win, Hraiidrclhwus so fully convinced of Ihn truth of iliu abovo situ pie llii'orv, that ho spent 30 years in cxperi meiit and laborious research into the medicinal properties of the numerous plants composing Ihe egelablo Kingdom J his object being lo compose a medicine which should at once ui rify, and ptodueo by specific action, a rcmnvu of all bad humors from the blood by tho slom ach nnd bowels, as by the continuation of the use of such a medicine, such humors aro sure to bo earned off, and the blood assume a stale ofpnnly : und whoever lakes these 'ills, and perseveres with Ibeni.will bo satisfied that Di W m Itrandretb fully ailuiui d bis philanlhrop ir object. It is now an absolulo and known fart, that every disease, whether it bo in the head or feet, in the brain or meanest member; whether H ha un outward ulcer, or an inward abscess, aro all, lliough arising from many causes, reducible to this one grand effect, namely, impurity of blood. In all cases Ihey will bo found a snfn and simple remedy, yet all powerful for Iho rcmo vul ofdisease', whether chronic or recent, in. fectious or otherwise : and what makes thi'iit particularly adapted to this country, is that llierti is mil the slightest liability to culd when taking them, indeed tbu syHtom is absolutely less susceptible ol cold when under Iheir mtlu once, than at any other lime llinrcfoio in this climulo llicy aro invaluable. Neither no they require change, ol diet or caro ol any Kind, ro England theso Pills have been tho only Inodicino of many fnmilion fur periods varying morn forty to sixty years and have always proved effectual Ir. restoring health wltenovcr an nbnrintioti from it has occurred. in many cases whero the dreadful ravages of ulceration had laid bare ligament and bono' und whero lo all appearance un human mean could save life, have patients by Iho uso of ihese pills been restored lu good health, the devouring discaso having been perfectly erad icated, In consequence of Iho pleasantness of thoir operation, and tbu dosn not generally being required lo be more than four or fivo pills (merely keeping In view the tlrnin upon Iliu humors,) ihey nre fast supr.rndirig every olho piepatation of pinfesscd 'nnllar import, Cases may occur whom it will Im proper to take twenty or oven thirty or mom nils , ibis must bo considered with reference to highly inllim. itiatory disease, or when great pain in experi enced, As Crandrcth's Tills prevent Scurvy, Cos- livcness and ils consequences, seafaring inon, and all travellers to foreign regions, should not ho without them, In order to resort lo on every occasion ol iimuss. N. II. Time or climate affects t'lem not. Southern Gentlemen will find ti ts medicine onn winch will eusuto health lu tho people on tlioir estates. CANCERS. Several cases of euro can bo referred lo, tho euro is sure if pursavcrancu is used. CONSUMPTION. Rcfcrencocan bo made In nun' -ors who havc boon cttretl inNew.iork and lironklyn, of this disease. VINDICATION. DrlJtandrctlt has been assailed by the proprietors of other medicines as n mercenary quack, becauo ho is said to recommend his medicine in large quantities, and that no good modicum is so rupiircd. I ho fact is, any medicine having Mercu ry, A rtcinc, Aritimonv. or Hemlock in it could not bo taken in largo doses, becuuse if it were, such medium would destroy lifo ot once Me docs, not say tiie medicines to which he al ludes have those ingredients in them, but it is evident, fiom their directions, thalgrcat care is required in Iho taking of thsiii. Now, Iiraudrcth's Vcgetablo Universal Pills can bo (alien at all times, in largo or small duces, ac cording lo urgency of symptoms. Such is the reputation, and so great the de mand for Iho fJcnuinu I!radrutli's Vogetoblo Universal Pill",' that a counterfeit article is made, aicerlisid and sold as genuine and some individuals who sell tho counterfeit pd'i have advertised themselves as mv agents that I have found it necessary, to preserve tin: rep. ulaiion of my pills, and save Iho public, from imposition, to furnish every agent with a cer tificate, which is as follows; lirandrelh's- Vegetable Universal Pills.', Skcuuitv a;aist CourEiirKrrs. The wr Inn named. Furre&. Puriiielec of Middletoiru, Conn, rue my appointed Gti-u eral Agents for t lie Sinte of Vermont, Con neotieut (except Fairfield Co. J Hampden, 1 lamp-hire &, Frunklin Counties Mass.; Cheshire & Sullivan Counties. N. U. In the United Slates of America. And thia lei lor, which is signed by mc, B IlitAMiriK.Tit, in my own hand writing, must also be signed by the within named General Agent, whnsc name will al-o ap pear in the principal papers in the United Stole. This caution has become abaolinc. ly nece-sary, to guard the public ngainst the numerous counterfeits which are out of the above pupu'ar medicine. It. ItRANDR CTH, M D. New York, Feb. 2-J. lh'37. For sale by S. E. HOWARD, Rurling tnn Fuller &. Huntington, Richmond Fletcher it Woodman, Williston J. T. Ainsworth, Milton Potter. Coll, &. Co., Fuirfax-L. Tvler, Essex L. Janet,, Geor gin J.imes Russell, St. Albans F. V. Goodrich, Swiinion S. Iv. Plutt, Highgute Win Green &. Co., Sheldon ChufFer &. Lewis JJerkshirc, Thomas Fuller &. Son. Bimsburgh Arnnngton & Dean, Rakers field 'Power &, Oakes, Underbill G. It. Oakcs, Jcricu. OF uio ol)lhi.ilo climneter, nliur having bidllt'd 1 1 1 o fkill of the iii'hi eminent nhsi. Chun. seel nidi-tood llienio.-l highly imniiint'iided prrpariilioic, lias been checked, relieved, und Clticd, in a number of injlaeces ui und iibiiiil tin-cii, h ii in'' Inr a short lime Dlt, Uki.Kk's VEtiE TAULE SPECIFIC, AND ANl'llilL. 10 US 1'II.I.S. in connexion, iirceiduu lo die diicctiuns nrcoiii paining tin) Sperific. Il ij ulso one of the best iiieilit'itii-r kiiovvu (iir Sick Headache, Sickness at the Stomach, A'uuwr, und l-'laitilt-nrcs. INo complaint is peibaps mine picviilenl in this or any cuuniiy, ili.m llcul iclie. li id seldniu n piuiliry iilTeciiim, bill iiiiVh (Venn aviuifly of causes, inch as siippieiisiiin nl ciuloniary ev.ini.i-linnri.oli.-iruclcd peispiraiiun, &c. Il s likuvvisc not uiilieiineiillv svinpinmatic of indL'Pslii'ii, fur soEiealis I lie SNinpaihy belueen llie brain and sluinai b, tlmi il id oil en ditlirull lo deit-iiniiie ulnch IJ Ifallv ill fault, illld tvlien il nrispi frnin il fmll stniB of ilir stomach, it ij (jpi'ei'hy lei iiicit sick iicauai iir, nuicii win ue spteuuy reueeu uy mis Specific. A leinarkablccase is menlioned in Dr. Conway's pamphlet, nf 0"'A Lady of Daniers, who had ixen nfllicied iiintl of the lime fur 20 years with a sick headache, was cm ed by part of a box of ibis Specific." Price uf the Specific nnd Pills SO cents each. CO-TIIE TOOTH ACHE! Ibis ngnnizing diroider U cured in ils most painful singes, by one of llieuiom simple ns well us pnitrrfiil leiiieilnn kiionii in modern niariire. The CAMBRIAN TOOTH ACHE PILLS 1 1 flu id iimiuiu i chef, wilhuiil inlliclinj; llie slij-luest injury on llie leelh. They me applied externally to llie pari nlTeelcd, with lie: greatest e.iie and expedition, und generally opt'iuic us n snolhiu; lenilne to llie riilTeriiij; patient. Price 50 cents a box. White Teeth! and healthy Gums ! THOSE who would i rutin, or rottcre, ihese desliiiblu peisunul uibanlur, sue n.fiireil thai no ion can be iihlaiiied supeiior lo llie 15Iilll.SH ANTISEPTIC PKNTIFIUCK. 'This la un ele;'anl niul plea-ant preparation in etrr irspeni.niid has fur many yrar pat, frit en iitntersal saiirfartuin Hliereter it has been u.'fil. 'The Antiseptic Dentifrice i exrmpt from urij und other dt'lt-tt'i nuts iiit'icdieui, which loo (it. queully enter tin- t oinpiMiiinn uf tomli pondeis in common u-e, und il uliilrns ihe enamel of lite tceih without tilling ii t lie leant injury. 'The regular n-e of ibis nibniicd pntviler, by purifying llie inouih and pictriiiiiij; the iuit ol tartar, operate us uie iie-t pictrniive nl the Tooth Achk. I ho JUcntiJi ice lemnves ditrnlouriinniis, tout re Mm en ihe beautiful nalitp. wbiienf.s of die enamel A" ils application braces and strengthens die Gum's, ii ktiiics lo lliein their healthy unit tbirid nut-, .inn uy reuniting an oucnsue lumigii iiiiuiiiii I t: ion fiiiin die iceih, pierene. ihe natural ieel nt'rHiif i be hit-alb. Price DO cents. Nono genuine unless signed on tho otilsido printed wrupoor by tho sole Proprietor, T. KIDDBR, immediate tuccessor lo tho lato Di. W. T.Oonwav For salo, wild all Iho olhcr "Conicajr Medicines," at his Counling Room, No. 00, next door to J. Kidder's Drug btoro, corner of Court and Hanover sircois, near Concert Hall, Iloston j and by hi spo cial appointment, by J. & J. H. PECK & Co., Uurlluglon Vl. fTFTUBLIC ATTENTION! IS innst respectfully solicited, by Iho snb. scrlbcr, to an Invaluable Preparation, lbs merits of which haw bocn tested by time, mid are sustainm nr iiNDOunTKo tkstimont. J)r. UclJVs Botanical Drop's! nro every year increasing tlioir long estab lished reputation, Thoy havo outlived many rival preparations, and aro continually gain Ing upon public confidence. Tho Hntanical Drops havo been purees, fully administered fur many yeais, as a thorough iie-ndy for that well known and prevalent class of imctcrutc disoises, .vbicli originalo from a vitiated habit of b'idy, or an hereditary pmdispotilion iu tho patient, arid generally appear under tho various and (lis tressing shapes of Scrofula, Sail llhcvm. Lrp rny, St. Antlwm's 'Fire, Fever Sores, White Swellings, Scurry, Foul and Obstinate Ulcert, Sore Leys and Lyes, Scald Head, and Venire" al Taint. In tho last mentioned condition of tho system, tho Botanical Drops .vill be found to eradicate the lurking poison, where Mercu ry has totally failed, and thus prevent the pa. rent from entailing Iho seeds of nn heiedila rv di"t:ase on his offspring. Dlt. KELIT.'S IIOTANICAL DROPS aro successfully used in caes of violent eruptions after tho Mtasles red btolihcs pimples on the face festering eruptions on tbu skin and other disovcs of the external surface, and aic one of the best Spring and Autumnal physics known, tofioa the system f'om humors. j' Striking Instances of Success. Extractof n letter from a Physician of tho first respectability, and extensive practice, in this vicinity, member of tho Massachu setts Mcdicul Society. Juvn IGtii. 1C-20. Dear Sir: "This child, before he was a year dol, became afllirted with a leprous di?ca"u ol tho skin, and which gradually incruacotl, ho that when about three years old, the wliolo surface of Ihc body was ono continued sorer attended with an ichorous discharge, produ cing great soreness and intolerable itching, which became almost insupportable. A greut variety of the most approved ex'ernal and internal remedies were used without any per manent rulinf. Much interest we excited in behalf of Iho child, nnd consequently differ ent medical arlvico wa" solicited, but with little or no advantage, the disease progrescd with unabating violence, anil seemed to defy the healing art. At length Iho parent "mi induced by the advice of a neighbor, who bnd been benefitted bv Ihn article, to try Dr. Union's IIOTANICAL DROPS. Several hollies were given according to the diieclions, before the Icu-t abatement of the disease was observed ; hut by a persevering oe of thum, the ichorous di'charces began to abato, tho scabs to give way in places, and fall otl. Tho Drops were continued until the boy hecaino perfectly well, ihe skin resuming iN natural and healthy aspect, seeming indeed like a ren ovated skin ince which time the boy has enjoyed perfect health, und his cure is ascri bed wholly to the Drop--, as no olhcr medi cine was used in conjuction with ihetn." I he original letter. With additional par ticulars, may be seen by calling on tho Pro prietor. A Gentleman nf this City, who had at tended it long timo by our most celebrated and experienced practitioners, and who had been reduced lo alinnsl the lal stages of ex istence by his comp'aiut had lost one eye! and dreadful ulcers began lo destroy his g, and spread over bis whole side, and lo threaten a most painful and lingering death t in com municating ins case at largo to the Prop tor, million lio IblJuwirig cl-jslnir rciiiorkn 'My case was pronounced by my physi cians to be one of inveterate Scrofula. It is not noeesstry to inquire whether other means would have effected ibu cure. I cjii only say that Dr. Relie's l.otanical Drop were the only means 1 mado use of, nfier Ihe physicians had exhausted their skill, nnd have no reason to doubt that under Providence tho Drop" weru the means of relieving me from ono of tho most afilicling diseases that hu inanity is called to endure." A Physician of eminence who had witnrs. sed the efficacy of Ibis article, had the candour recently lo acknowledge to tho Proprietor, that ho consideied it tho best medicine known, for the complaints fcr which it is intended, and that it ought deservedly to stand at the head of tho whole class of such remedies. Price l for whole boxes ol 30 pills, and 50 cents lor half do of 1" pills, with direc tions. DEBILITATED 1'E.tlALES. rJlHE complaints peculiar to the fcmala JL part uf Ihc community, have been lung successfully treated by the ndministra Hun of the Aromatic Pills, originally pre scribed nnd compounded by Dr. Relive. They cleanse Hip blood frum those disor ders of the female cousi notion, for which the Pills, are an effectual specific; ihey restore a free circulation, reform the irreg. ulnr operations of llie sanguiferous system, and rectify the disordered hubiln. The proprietor's confidence in the superior ex cellence of this equally innocent and pow erful preparation, is founded on the most decisive testimony from many restored pa tients He can assure this portion of tho public, thut when Dr. Rclfe's AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES, are regularly luken according to tho direc tions accompanying them, they revive anil establish the desired healthy habits, and restore to the pallid countenance the natu ral glow of health and good spirits. 'Phe Pills are an approved general remc. dy in cuses of Obstructions; Debility; Hy pochondria ; Green Sickness ; Giddiness ; Palpitation nl tho Heart ; bad Digestions ; Loathing of Food; Pain of Iho Sloitach , Shortness of Dreath upon every lilllo motion-, Sinking of the Spirits, and its conse quences, a dejected countenance, nnd dis like for exercue and conversation. Married ladies will find the Pills equally useful, except in cases of pregnancy, tehen they must not be taken ; nether must they be taken by persons of hectic or consump tive habits. They may bj used successful, ly by eiiher men or wumen in nil Hypochon driac, Hysteric or Vapourish disorders. In nllcuses of this description, the Pills purify, invigorate, and revive the disordered sys tem. Price 1,50 a box. CLOVER SEISD. JUST received nnd for snlo by HICKOK & CATLIN. WOOL. THE Winooski Mills of Burlington will take WOOL to work on shares, or exchange for Sattincttes on Delivery oftha wool.

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