Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 13, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 13, 1837 Page 3
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niont since hcf said marriage with the slid John. Ami nrnviriir I lint t ho bnnds nl mni riniuny between tin- said Petitioner and the said John may by decree or llie Supremo Court be disolvcd. and a Bill of divorce from l ho bond of Matrimony with said John, granted !" her To John Kim art of Washington in the Di Irirt of Columbia . GREE TING By the otiihoriiy of the Sni'o ol Ver tnont you aro hereby commanded lo make your appearance before ihe Supreme Ouri next to be Iiolden nt Burlington in tin County of Chittenden and Slate, of Ver nmnt, nn the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday of January, A D. 10311 then and there to show cause, if nnv you love, wily lilt" iirav'T " '": mini i ii.m.ii.-. hould not be granted, nnd further In stand lo and abide such order, direciion and decree I heroin, as to the said Court shall seem meet; nnd in case of default the kq id Court will proceed rxparty. And whereas, i' being mado lo appear to me, that the said Kuicarl lives without thin S'ate, and mil within the reach of legal process. Therefore it is hen hv ordered that not ice be divert to the said John Km carl to appear helore the Supreme C uirl next t bo holden at Burlington, in the 'County ol Chittenden and Stale of Ver inont. on the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday or January A. D. t!i3ll. llem nnd ihcre in show cau-o, if any he. have, why l hi? pi-ayei of the nnl Petilioner linuld be granted (ini! in can o de fault the naul Court will proceed exparly, hv publt-hing the sub-lance of said Peii Minn' ami Ibis citation nnd order thnreou three week successively m the Free Pros, n newspaper primed at Bnrl.nginii. in the Count v "f Chiilemlen aforesaid, the lasi of which publications shall be at least, six weeks before the time of holding said Court. Given undpr mv hand at Bnrlinglnn, this 10th day nfOc'oher. A D I 37. SAM'L. S. PI I ELI'S. Judge iif Sup Court Ephraim llaselton's Estate. BO the linn. Hiij Probate Court fur the. I Hist rii-t of Clii'.lciidiiu, Hid tliifier.-iirried Abigail fr Hasrlton ofWosifurd as Guardian ofM:m I). lla-.elNinnnd MiicnilO !,! -linn, female infant under Km in."; nf eighteen ycnr, two oftho heirs lo llioc-in'e ul" Ephr.tim 1 1 n k -ulton late of Weilford deei'iiei. icpeclfiilly repti'NPtii tliii' lliei-aiil Mary D. nnd Ab'g.iil O. hold one equal fniir'h p-iri cneh. ofsaid e. lair jiiiu'lv Willi the other heirs thereof, n d bring desmoid to hold the same in severally. she :i ciiardian as afort'-aid prays llui linn Court tn o'der n division of the said estate, and to appoint a committee, fur that purpose. Dnled at litiMingl'in in Llullf mien County this 5th dav ofOe.iobcr A. D. 11137. ARIG ML G. HASELTON, Guardian of Mary D and Abigail O. Ila- leilon. STA'lE OF VERMONT. ) AJl'TltlCT OF ClIITTIINUKN. PS. AT a Probate Court Iiolden at Rmliugtoti within and for said district nn the it 1 1 day of Oetolier A. D. Iil37. upon application ol A I 1 1! n I (i. Ila-cllon as I, utirtiun nt Mary D. and .Abigail O. Hascllon, female infants under ihi! airn of eighteen yon is, two of the liui ri In the estate of Ephraim II(im:Ioii lain of Westf'oid in Miid dislricl deceased, request y a division of the said estate ; It is ordrred ley llio I mill thai the said applicant causu the ncvcral persons interested in I ho said cstalc.or their alliirnies. if living within tins Slitn, to be duly notified lo appear belbro said Court at a session thereof lo he hohlen at iho riffieo of the Regislcrol said Court in Burlington nn the 2d Wednesday of November A. D. 1037, to make nlijeclion-lo such unisoui il they set' cause, hy publishing said application, together with this order thereon in tho r reu Press newspaper printed at Rurlinglon aforesaid three weeks successively ,tue last ol which puh licalinns shall be previous to thu lime set for hearing. Given under the seal of said Court and my hand at Burlington in said District, this 5ih day orOelobrr J? f). 11137. CHARLES RUSSELL. Judge. BROAD CCO riHE subscribers have received a larjr( JL qnniii it v of liroad Cloths of every ehuile and qualpy and will be sold at priceV curiesp .ndmg with the nmes. Lvnuiop et porwiN. October 6. lhM7 Wl LL sell Hi.. Piiiiio p.irii.H manu'ai; lured bv derrick. flliri.l,.nh..i X (' at a reduced price for cash or approved nines., as tne concern is closed. Hie In striiments willbenff. red for sale here threi weeks previous to sending ti,t,, , N,,v York' All Who Wish In nurelniia n li.i.i, nor articie, will find this a favorable oppor. '.unity. They have on hand twenty nine Pianos from g225 lo gl00, each Builtnirinn. OeioberG, 1037. LYMilN & COLE HAVE received a lare asiiorlment of Fur Caps, Bock Mittens. Gloves. Cloths. CaMiuinres, Merinos. Veslin.rB &c October G. 1 1137. " AT iiineeitng of ih,, Directors of Ih. Colchesler Maiiiifaciuriuir Companv. duly holden at the office of Lyman and Marsh, in Burlington, on the 5ih iny ,, Oclober. IU37, il was ordered that a call ol ten dollars per share on ihe now hlock ol faid company he hi id. payable on or before the Isl day of November next, and a fur ther call of ten dollars per share on said new stock payable nn ur before thu 15th day of uovernher next SI DNEV BARLOW, Clerk. Itnrlinoion Oe. ft, IH37 4 Q Bales Oil Cloth Carpeting. Gothic and other patterns. Also 2 ds Bordered patterns fur putting under siove from 1 lo4ydi. rqunre, just received by Latiihup it Pin wi.v. Oct. 3. 1037 NOTICE. BROKE inm tin. i 0i ,, M,hJcrjbf.r some nine since, a ml COW with a lopt horn, uboiii 6 years old, dry. The owner i- reque ed to prove pronerly, pay charges una take her away. JAMES!. CUTLER. Hubbell'a FalU, Essex, ) September 30, 1837. j LTVMAN &COIE WILL receive Wool on debts and for goods, In be d Itvered at their store. Biirlmgion. Oct. 0. 1037. 2HEK1NOS. FRENCH, English and Gro de Nap Merinos, a full assortment of the iihovc articles, Just received and fur sale at the luwest price by Lathhop St Potwin. Oct. 6. I 37. October 1837. WHALE HONG BUSKS and nnrrow Whalebones, patent German Violin Strings. Utii-H Viol Strings, Clarinet mould pieces & Heeds, 3 doz. Pink Saucers, Mu-ical Instruments &c just received at the Vonely Shop. PARtionN & Bmns-maih. SILVSil SPOONS. NOTWITHSTANDING the scarcity of Silver, we continue to make all kinds of Silver Spoons, and have a good nsHortuieiit now and at all limes on hand, warranted good Variety Shun. PAtsnnonv & BniN-MAtn. Lot Newel I's Estate. WE the ftibscribers. having been ap pointed by the Hon. the Probate Court tor Hie District of Chiltenden, cmn- iiiissioners In receive, examine aim aujitsi Hie claims end deinaods 'if all person-, ima nst the e-ttnie of Lett Newell, tare or Charlotte, in i-ind District, deceased, repre nted insolvent .and nl-o all claim-' and de inaiids exhibited in oir-et ihcretiij anil six months Iroiu the dav of I he dale hereof, be- ing allowed bv said Cmirt for thai purpose. wu do inerefore hereby give notice, thai we will attend to the busines-" of our ap pointment, at the dwelling ol' Birdseye New I in Chnrln'ie, in said Uiirict. on Mie c onl Tne-day of March next, at 10 u' Cho i;. A M Dmi. il.'hu I3 h dav of September. A D, lb'37. PITT E IIEWEIT. ) Commit GAD ROOT sinners. Cheap, CmiiHT, Chrapcsf, j. w. waAvaa HAS ngiiin returned Innn New York with u new supply of Goods in his ni f business, consisting ofu general as orio eni of Groceries, Pork, & Flour, Boots, & Shot?s, Sheet in!, Shirting, Batting, VVacltling, & Wickiitg. (The nimble Mx-pcticc is better than the slow sllllllll". Winouski. Oct. 3. 1037. W. W. ME8SER, No 20!! WtsiiiNQTON Stueut, Huston. Importer and Dealer in English, Canton, French, German and Amtriian Fanty Guuds. SUBJOINED is a Cnlalozuc ofsnme oftho various kuidso''Goods W. W, is constantly rrceivin;; the Foreign and Oomestiu iM.iuul'ietuici. In soliciting thu custom of Merchants and Dealers, hu assures llicni that ho will sell Ins floods for Cash or Credit, at as low prices and on as guild terms us can be found m any City in the Union. Having hut recently commenced business, ho will he pleased to sell for Cash at a much lower rati) ol'ptofil than the old and establish ed houses of the City are. in practteo of doing. RICH GOODS. Gold and s Ivnr I' Cases in great varie ty ; old. silver, shell, pearluud finely painted Sniill' it Tolnicno It. M's ; silver Spoons. 'I hnnhles. butter and fruit Kuivti; pearl, ii;;alc and ulass mIvit mounted Seals; silver mounted Dirks. Scissors. Stilettoes. Emeries and Wax cb; silver Tooth Picks. Whistles and Itallles a vatiety i.f eleiraul pearl Watch Stands; la dies' rich L'old platen Head Urnds, liracelels and llotiqiiet Holders; inlaid rosewood and silver furnished Suwmg Muxes ; stiver plated Teeth llrush. soap and shaving b"ocs j gold and silver VinaiL'retles. "CUTiEKY. Pearl, ivory, slag, horn and cocoa handled I v J ana 4 Millie I'en and rocket Knives, of "Koiiirs , "Hunts, "Crook's. ""Kotherain" and "llagshawV manufacture, do-k, bowii mid piuniug Knives; pearl ivory and sla iiaiiiiieu i silver capiru unit Moves; a great variety of English and French inanufacliired Kazors in eases on eardsaud Dozens, ininialure Knives and Scissors; pocket, billion hole, nail, nice ati'j common scisors ami Sslicars.ol Eng. Iish and German of every form and quality ; Tweezers. &c. HRUSIIES. French, Eiichsh & Amorican hair Brushes. of all possible varied size and finish ; elolhes, nail, hat, comb, shaving and shoe Flrushes, of t'reai vancty ; 1 5;a4 and 5 row fine French, EuL'lishand American Teelh Brushesj crumb and flesh Bruehes. COMBS. Fine ivory Combs of all sizes and prices; wrought and plain shell B iek and Side Comb-, shell and buffalo hoin Tvvit Combs , shell ivory and horn Dressing Cuuilis; pearl shell, and hmn I'oekol Combs; silver, Guilt and jappauued iiietallu: Twist Coulb ; jet and tiuiii rui;ii riiiu , iiinnes. NOAI'S, PEHFUM'VHY AND OILS. Almond paste Slmvuig Snap ; "Row's. " wniie ai orowii Toilet Shaving Soap ; French transparent and exqnisiiely'perlum' ed Toilet Soaps. Lriw-nn.'ri comp'.siiiun Soap for the extract inn of Oils from Cloth American Toilet nnd Shavni'.' Soaps. ,' great varteiv ; real Farina, French awl American Celog,.8 ; Eiigh-h and French double dt-tilled Lavender Wnler ; French perlumeil Tmh-i and BurcBii CusIiiihh ; general assortment of the French extract o flowers, loo iinmeroiH in finriiculnnzK ; Maccassar, Anlixue, Vegetable ami HearV Oils; Bear's Grease, pearl Powder, French and Ainericnn datr Powd -r, and Olio o POCKET BOOKS, CARD CASES, &V Plain and inlaid shell Card Cases, pearl and wrought ivory Ciril Casen, L. UM, morocco do Souvenirs-, Note Cases Mem orandiim Books, Tablet. Thread and Nee. die Cases of beanlifnl fitii-h mid exien-ive viriely; ladies' silver and steel uiounieiJ P. ck-i B ioks. simple and combined with Card Gso-i and Nerdle Bonks furnished and plain ; Gentlemen's Wallets and Pock el Books, in as great a variety as can he found in the city, PorcelBin Slates, Leaves! nnd Tablets; shell Card Baskets, of beau l iful and varied forms IIRONZI D GOODS. A greai variety of unique and elegant patterns of Brunz'd Ink Stands and Ther mometers; bronzed Card Rarkatid Watch Stands; bronzeud Pasltle Burners, tables Bcll. Cuhifine and Perfum" St mils. DESKS, CASES, IIOXES, StC Ladies' nud Gem I.Miniii's 1 1-1, 10. 10, 30 and 22 inch rosewood nod mahorrnuy peat I inlaid and brass bound Writing D"sk, wi'h Secret Drawers; ladies' and Gentle men's rirhlv form-lied and plain Dressing Cases; lealher travelling and jappnned Shaving Cases; ladies plain and inlaid, furnished and unfurnished, rosewood, satin wood, hird's-eye maple and mahoganv Work Boxes; u variety of sizes and pal terns of pictured white wnod Cotton Boxes; travelling roll up nnd luck up Portfolio.) ; perfumery, jewel, handkerchief and glove cases, eleoniil Chinese Ten Caddies. MSSCELANEOUS ARTICLES. Bead liags ami Purses, silk and blither do silver plated, gilt, and steel Purse Clasps; plated, gill, steel and glass Purge Rings anil Tassel; boxes ol Motloh. als. crnuril (lend Berlin Needlewoik. pearl, mauilla. letrhorn. shr II leather, morocco and German Cigar Cases fancy Toilet Glasses; Boxes ami Haskets; fancy Album liooks and If .x. en; India Ruh'ier Rings and flails; elatic Gartert: Indelible Ink. Steel and German dunes, Engli-h and American Razor Strap; Bnilania nnd Wood Shaving Box-, : Powder and Puff Bo..-s: Lucifer' Mutch--; Spool Stands; wood, ivorv and imu Silk Reelw; p.oirl ami ivory Silk nnd Cotton Winders; lioxe-of Pen-. Inks and Sands; feather Doters; wrought ivory. China-e and leaih- r Fans and Fue Sceeus: work travelling, Canion, French and Amer icati Baskets: steel Pens of all the most au proved manufacturers' make ; wax bead: rural Necklaces ; safety chains: Pins and Needles; Pin Cu-hlotH; ei?1.' Glasses; s'eel, gilt and rniiipo-itiiiti Thitnble-; tmarl. bone and Cue on Pniier Fokb r and ll ddors; Tane Measur1r.-, gob! ind -ilvor Tnin-nareiil. hroi-zn and C"iini.. n Water- : wrinuir Ink and san (J a-- Ink-laud and S'linls; Bill. I Bin' L"i'er Paper, and all lb., variei'es of snniiog wax: Cloak Cla-p?; tv. "V h no mni eocuii Napkm Rinj.'; Puz zle,, Mirrnr Hod Toilet Jhises: toy Watch, (noil If.v oi (hniio e T"s AUTI TS' TOOLS AND MATERIALS AH s'Ze-o' best'd (ai va--e-: Dry and ground Colours; M "si ic ViirnHh: Nut' Oil L "n's Sable nnd Camel's llatr Bru-hes: pallpl Knives; A-'libaitnin: alf stz-sF'ench and Eoelish Ivories; water Co.'ors; Mona ttirn (yti-i'S. black and wliile Crayons: Pur ternvnn and D'tiwine B'"rils i SHOOTING AM) ANGLIG TACKLE I'ercussh.u Cap- : Shot Bag- ; Powder Fla-kj pocket Screw Driver-; t'lin Worms; Game Bags. Flagons and Spoilsmen's drinking Cop, a very convenient article for travellers; Fishing Rods and dunks. Rnskt. Flouts; Linen Manilla, Silk and datr Lines; Ei.h Go', &c &c GAMES AND AM US .'.31 E NTS. Splendid Ciinion wrouiilit ivory Ciiess.. men; French, English and G-'irimn IV ry. bone and wood ditto, Clies-. Btiekirinniiion and Chequer Boards, ol' Canton. English nnd German rinke, ivory. bou and wood Chi qnermen : Cnhbaire Boi'd-; Englirh. French and American PlHyini? Cn'il.-; wrn'l ivory, pen ' I. hone Wins' nnd L'io Coiintrrs, Die ami Cops, Doiniiines L"to. Solitaire, Geriino Tiic'ic-. Fox and Geese. Battle dores. Buds Coroiiellas, Game of the Gra. ces, Cup and Balls, Boxes of Games, Jump Ropes, Bows, Arrows and Targets. Jack Straws, together with the following amu sing and instructive Dt-secied Puzzle ; wriiught ivory and plain boxes of Chinese Puzzle-; Maps of the World. Europe, Amer. iea and the Untied States. Building- Land. aapes. Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary, Zoological Gardens, Slavery Abolished, Scenes in Parts. Telegraph. The Sorcerer, Scripture View.-. Monument. A B C. dar vest dome. Fair Dav, Ililiy Bolton, Johnny , ,, , , t mii h i i .tip..., I breading . he Nned blue bran . Robin-,,,. Cr.iM.e. N-ipoleo,, , Bivouac. A Year alter Marriage, Hunt the Supper N . plea-ing Lv.'. hotly . &.C kt'.. iS. B-l)rdt'rs from I he Count r v nromot Iv QiU'dili'd lo and put up with great cure. TO Mie Hon. the Probate Court lor ihe District of Chittenden, comes ihe stih-criber Timinas Cuiitenden. adintuis trutur ol the Estate nl Nouli CblHeliilen, late ol Jericho in saul Di-trtc, deceased, and represents that llie personal estate ol Hill deceased wj mil bll sufficient lo pay he debts and charges I hereof and hen by makes application to said Conn, for licence lo tell the real estate for that purpose. THOMAS CHITTENDEN. October 5. 1 1137 STATE OF VERMONT, ) At a Probate District of Chittkmiun. S Court hoi den nt Builiitgtno. in said District, mi the 5t h day of October A D. IU37 It is ordered thai un ncc iunl be taken nl ihe deb's and also, the proceeds of the per sonal estate of said deceased, and that the heirs and ull persons concerned in said es tate be notified in appear before said Court on the third Monday of October insl. al the Eagle Hall in Willtsion. aforesaid, lo give bond for ihe payment of debts, and show enu-e why license as aforesaid shall not be giiniieil, nnd I hal Mich notice be given by publishing thu above apphctinii three we. . successively, as soon as may be in the Free Press a uuwspaper printed in Burlmgiun, in aid District. Given under my hand, tho day and year first above written. Wm. WESTON. RtcUttr. Charles James Kathrens (l.iupnf Quebec mid Si. Jul). in, J MUSIC iXACiEH. BEGS leavu moi respectfully to nc ii n ml tho Ladies, und Gentlemen ol ISnrltiiginii and its vicinity, that, huvui" ricenily arrived in their village (where h UlU'liilh hi re-ule.) ho will gilt lo-sini- up Hie Piano Forte, Violin, Cariinil Fnile &u dtc to such Ladies, unit Gentlemen as may please to lienor htm with their com maiiih. C J. K. ulso desin s to statu that having the ac()iitri'meiil of Thorough Bass, he is enabled to iiniinge Music, nnd give instruc tions, agrci lib y to ull the purposes ol har mony, and linther wishes to add that, he tunee piano foites, rarelully and correctly. Green Mountain House, Pearl kt. ) Burlington, Eopt, 2i, J837. , notice i i THE Annual Meeting of the members of llio Vermont Mutual Flro Insurance Company, will be holden at tho Ccrurl House in Montpelior on the 18ih day of October next, at ono o'clock aficriioon, for tfio choice of Directors for the year ensuing, and Irr mako such amendments lo tho by laws as may be deemed necessary. By order of tho commit loo. JOSHUA Y. VAIL, Sec't. Insuarnco olfico Montpelior. Sept. 1C. 1837. i WALTON'S DAILY JOURNAL. The ubfcnbers will publish a dailv oiper during the ensuing sesKiun nf Iho legisla ture, of the size and in Iho form of llie daily of last year, containing reports of the proceedings of the legislature, of Congress and ihe news of the day. The paper will be is-ued in Iho afternoon of each day, (Sundays excepted.) in time for Ihe mail which cloe in Ihe evening. Terms $1. ETMcmbers oftho legislature and others, who will forward us ihe money shall receive one copy gratis for every five subscribers. Tne Watchman and Journal weekly will bo furnished through the session for 25 cent! three rnonlhs for 50 ceni. E. P. WALTON it SON. Montpeher, S.-pi. 15. 11137. FUR CAPS. FOR Sale, wholesale and retail, Fur Cps put up in good slylcto bo sold at fair prices. Caps mado to order. W. I. SEYMOUR. Sept 28, 1037. LOS T . ON ihe Wnuio-ki turnpike, between Mr Piirkh.iiHtV tavern and this vil lage, b black CANE, uiih buckhorii ban die. and L F. marked uu the .BJ. Tne finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving II at this office. Sept.SU 1(137. STOVE PIPR. 3$ Jonts Canada Pipe, also a gen- 4 eJ tra I assortment nl'EiiL'lish nod llus.-ia trim Pipe, just ree'd iiur.' fur sale by W. R. & F.C.VILAS. Sept. 29. I8fl7. 3w Concave Spectacles. JUST received an addition to our assort ment of Concave, ; silver bowed Specta cles ai ino variety ninp, cpl 29. Panoborm Si BaiNSMAID. The members of Hoxer LSngine Company No. 3, aro notified to meet at John Howard's Hotel on Monday next (Out. 2d) at 4 o'clock P. M. A punctual attendance is re quested. A. SMITH, Clerk. Sept. 29 1T.37. NEVT GOODS. P.DOOIITT1E HAS just received a largo and general as sortment of Fall and Winter Goods, which ho offers for sale on the lowest leruis for cash or credit 'Clin Goods have been bniiulil in .Vew.York al the present low rale--, and will be sold us low as al any store in the county. Burlington. Sepl. 27, 1837. 3w fiAMK into llio enclosure of iho subscriber, a few days silica, a two vearohl WEATHER. with short horns, and llio letter "R. i red paint on the left fchnuldcr. H. B. S TACY. Sepl 20,1837. AT HOWARD'S A new lull and complete ii-soriineut ofev. x3 cry desctipliou of Fashionable Fancy a-'" ftaple Ury ,s just rec d mm INew , '"'.I elsewhere which will, what I had 1 , , ,', ' ' ?, , r . ' "avo been able lo offer to customers or lo u o l)lldl.rl((k)1 H vmHWn0 Mliai&t wuid only be laking unuCceMarv lime, to ( write, priul and icud, for it Ins loiigbeen said , lha ty,m v,an nrlirlo of j-oods just uali ul Howard's anil villi will eiinerallv hi; sura to find il i he n- and al abuul u fair price, Sept. 28. 1U37. Mary Wilcox's Estate. WE the subscribe:-having been appointed by Iho Honorable llie probate Court for tho district of Chittenden Commissioners to rernivi, nir.liniiifi nnd rutins! llu, fdiiilns ni.rt I demand of nil nersnns n.rnii, si lhi Ksl.Hi. nf , Mary Wib-ox, lalo of Wesffurd. in said disiiicl , deeeased, Represented insolvent, and also ull claims ami demands exhibited in ofIel there to. and six mouths I'roui the day of dale hero, of being allowed for thai purpose hy said Court do iheiel'ore hereby give notice that we will attend lo the business nf our appoint rneul at the dwelling of Allen Stnne. in Westfurii in said District un the first Muedavs of October and February next, ul 10 o'clock A. M.ou each of said days. Dated this 6th day of Seplcmbor A. D. 1837. ISAAC CHASE, ) JOHN MORSE, J Comrs Stoves, Groceries Sec. AT the nuw Slnrn, between Messrs J. W. Weaver's and Lailnop& Polwins, Nns. 1. 2.3 and 4 Prophecy, Rotary ned iuipiuved Rolaiy, vurious sizes, Oval Roller, Tup Oven, Box, Canada llox, various sizes and beau tiful pattern, Dumb Sloven. ,tc. A seli'iit assortment of Slovo Pipe, Tin, Zinc, Stove and Hollow Ware, Axes, a superior article, Nail, Glas, Flour und a general assoit. inept of Groetiries. Slines. Roots and various other arlicIeK for sale at a small advance on wholesale prices. SEWALL KENNY. Winooski, Sept. 11(37. 3oi'sl5 DISSOLUTION. r 11 II E firm of derrick. Chrisi nplier fc Co. is .1. tin- dav dissolved hy mutual consent. All iiiiselilnd accounts will be adjusted by Ly man & Cole, HIRAM IIERRICK WM II CHRISTOPHER, ELI AS LYMAN. MORTON COLE. Burlington, Sept, 28 1H37. 200 Bbls Rochester City Mill Flour from New Whea , for sain bv FOLLBTT & BRAD.LEYP. STRAYED from that Biib'cribcr some J weeks shine, an old red COW. rather low in Mesh, with a star in her forehead, and some whitu on other parts of the body, not now rec ollected. Any iitforrnatioti concerning her, will bo thankfully received. She was formerly owned in Richmond. II. B. STACY. Burlington, Sept. 20, 1837. Aaron Carpenter's' Estate. STATE Ob' I'ERJIOAT, ) DlsTIUCT OP ClIITTKNDKN, SS. The Honorable the Probate Court jhr Vie District of Chittenden, To till per sunt tonrerncd in the Estate of Aaron Cnrpcn ler late of Milton, in said District-, de reaped. GREETING WHEREAS, tho Executor oftho ast will und testament of said deceased proposes to render an account of his adminis. tralion, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowanco al a session of tho Court of Probate, to bo bnldcu at Burlington on tho second Wednesday of November next. TiiuaF.FoiiB, You aro hetoby notified to appear before said Court al ihe lime and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if anv you have, whv the account alorcsaid should not be allowed. (liven unilot my hand al Burlington llli 2Glh day of September A 1). 1IU7. CHARLES RUSSELL. Judsr. f0 the Hon t Ism Pmbutu Court tne JL District of Cht'icuden. cmnes Robert Moody, ol Burlington, in said Ditrict, and -hows that he i.-lej al guardian nf William C. Harrington and George E Harrington of Burlington u fore.,-1 ul, t . 1 1 1 male itilaiit utider the tint; of twenty one years, that the said William C. and George E. are seized as tenants in common, in their own right in fee. of a certain parcel of land situ ate in said Burlington on the easterly side of Shelburii street, bounded un Ihe north hv land ol'IIenry W. Callin and of John N. Potneroy. on ihe ea-l by laud of said Potnuroy and of John II. Hopkins, and no 'he south by laud of said Hopkins, contain tug about two and a hall acres, on which is a small red hoii-e ; ami that a sale ol raid parcel ol loud will conduce tn the best in iere-i of said wards. Therefore lie nravs aid Court to grant htm license am! einpow. er htm lo sell the said parcel of land and premises, and your petitioner will ever pray ROIIERT MOODY. Guardian of Wilhuui C. and George E Harrington. Burlington, Sept. 20. 1837. STATE OF VERMONT. ) Di-Tmc r or Cum koi:n. ss The Probate Court for the Dislriit of Chit, lenden to all persons lo whom these pirsents shall come. GREETING. ROBERT MOODY of Burlington ir the Dt-trtct of Chittenden. Guardian ol William C. Harrington and George E. Harrington, of Burlington aloresatd, both male miauls under the ago of twenty. one venrs, having by his petition, reine-enied to Ibis Court, that the said William C. and George E arese'zeda- tenants' in common, in Iheir own right in tVe, of a cerium parcel of laud, situate in .-aid Hurliugion nn the easterly side of Shelborn street, bounded on ihe north hv land of Henry W. Cntliu and of John N. Pomeroy, on the ea.-t b 'and ol said I'omeroy and ol John II Hop kins, nnd on 'he south by laud nf sail! Hop kits, ('oiiiaiiinig about two nnd a half acres. .u which parcel of land is a small ted house, and that a sale of said parcel of laud will conduce to the best inlerol of his said wards-. Il is therefore ordered thai said applica tion Bland for a hearing before Mild Court al u session thereof lo be holden at theollice of the Regi-ter of this Court in Burlington ontheihird Wednesday ol October A. D. 1837; and that notice thereof be given lo all concerned by publishing llits order to gether with the tnbstaiice of (raid petition hi ihe Burlington Free Press, a news.paper printed at BurhiiJton, in the County of Cliillenilen, two weeks successively,' the ia-t iifsaul pnhlical inns to he mil less than two weeks prtvtous in Ihe day of hearing; then and there to appear before said Court and show cause if uuy ihey have, why the prayer of said peliliuii should nut be grant, ed. Given tinder my hand nnd Ihe peal ol said Court ul Burlington this 20ih dav ol September A I). 11137 CHARLES RUSSELL. Judge. Tn the Hon. Probate Court for the District of Litiltciiaen. rilllE undersigned Asel Harris of Celebes. JL teriiisiud Di-triel. one nl'lhe heirs nl'the I'-lato ol'A-el Hams laic of said Colchester. deceased, respeellully represeuU that beholds one liflh of .-aid l'-late jointly Willi the uihcr heirs thereof, ami being desirous to hold lite sumo in severally, he prays the lion Court lo order a division ofthusaid Estate and lo ap point a committee for that purpose. Dated al lluiliuginn in thu County of Chit tenden ibis Ol ti day ol Augu-t A. D.'l8.J7. asel Harris, STATE OF VERMONT, ) At a Probate DisTtiicT or Chittenden ss ) Court holden at lliirhugloii in said Disiricl on thu Dili day of August A. D. I)l7, upon application nf Asel Harris, one ofihe heirs nf the Eslato of Asel Harris late of Colchester in siid District deceased ri questing a division of s.nd Estate. Il is ordered thai said appli ant cau-c the several peisotis iiileieslcd in llio said Estate, or their iilloruies, if living within this slate. to ho notified by pnbli-hing his said apphca lion, together wMi this order three weeks successively in the Free Pre, a uowpapnr piloted nl Uuiltuglon in satil District, to ap pear before said cmnt at a session thereof in be holneii al llie office of the Register of said Court in said llitrlmgloii nn the 30th day o September A. I). II!3C, lo inn ku objection tn such division if they see cause. Given under my hand al Burlington this 9ih day of August A. I). 1837. Wm. WESTON, Register. l'tLEIIAII Hill.UUUUK 11 VS. ClII.OE llni.UlinoK w II ERE AS Peletiah Holhrnok. nf Burlmgiun, in the count v of Chit tenden, inn' S'ulu of Vermont, hut.'i prefer ed Ins peiiiinn lo thu Supremo Court of said blale, next lo be Iiolden nt Burling, ton, in I liu County and Stale aforesaid, on the Thursday next preceding the firtl Tmsdiy of January, A. D. 1838, silling loiih HiHl al Biirlipglop, in ihe Com ly nf Ch'ltcnden, alnresaid. on tho ton ri li day of J Miy A. D. 1034, he was lawfully mar.! Uifd to Chlee Holbroek, of Mudistn, in the Couuly of Geauga, in llie Slat Ohto, by John Biirstow. then a justice of the Peace wiihin (he courtly ol CfiJiteu deu aforesutd, and from thai time to n.bnuc Ihu first day of September, A. D. Ifc34. lived with said Chine Holbronk. at 8 a Id Ilurlinglou, in i he at net observance of mU Hie duties required by marrtago covenant, when ihe said Chine dolbrook, without any just cnu-eon ihe part of lite Pelilioiitr lull linn at said Burlington, and fortliwilftt went to the town of Madison m the County of Geauga in the Stale of Ohm, and Utv resided in said Town of Madison ever since; and that said Chine dolbrook. sine, her said departure, has never returned tu said Burlington, nor been within this Stale, and that she now lives at said Madison in the State of Ohio. And that said Petition or is a house holdei m said Burlington, and has o family of several Children; and has al all limes since the departure of said Chluu been in great need of ihe society und as sistance of said Cloe in his domesliu a Hum and has at all times been ready te rcceiVtt and maintain said Chloe. if she would re turn in Ins house and lamily; and that he lias been at great expense and I rouble in the maintenance of his said lumtly and lha said Chloe on account of her absence a aforesaid, and that said Petitioner has con Plainly resided in said town of Burlington upwards of twenty years last past. And pr.nytng that the bonds of Matri muiiy between the said Chloe may by decree ot tho said supreme Court be dis solved and a bill of divorce from tho bond of matrimony wtlh said Chloe granted to htm, and that said Coti't will decree to said Chloe all I h properly of every name and nature which she possessed at thu tune ot her marriage with the said Peti tioner, and no mure. To Chloe Holbmok. of Madison, in tKt County of Gtuuga, in the State nf Ohio. Grektipg. By the authority of the Slate of Ver moot you are hereby commanded to makw your appearance before the supreme Court next in be holden at Burlington, in lb County of Chittenden and Slate of Ver. (limit, on the I hiirsday next p'cceiling lltefir-t Tuesday of January A. D 1338, then and there to show cause, if any you have, why the prayer of the said petioner should not be granted; and furlher, to stand lo and abide such order direction and de. crce therein as to ihe said Court shall seem mee1, nnd in case of default, the Court will proceed exparty. And being made to appear to me. that the said Chloe dolbnmk live without ibis State, and mil within lha reach of legal preccs-; Therefore it is herein' ordered that notice be given lo aid Chloe dolbrook io appear before lha Supreme Court, next to be holden al ISiirlington in the County ol Chutouden and State of Ve-mont, on the Thursday nexi preceding llie first Tuesday of Jan uary. A. D. I!!3!l. then and there lo show cause, if atw she may have, why the prayer of the said Petitioner -houl l not be grant ed; nnd in case of default the haul Court will proceed exparty, by publishing thu sub-lance of said petition, nnd this cita tion and order t hereon, three weeks suc cessively in the Free Press, a news paper punted al Burlington in the County of Chittenden aloresatd. llie last of which publications shall be, al least, six week qef.irelhe lime of holding said Court. Given under my baud at Burlington, this I2ih dav nf September. A. D 1H37. SA.M'L S. 'PHELPS, Judge ofSup Court. 33d An Invaluable Remedy Tested by experience and sustained by tetlimtmials ! OST people have a remedy for CORNS as well as other complaints; bui ihe proptietorof the long known aud ustly celebrated Albion Corn Plaster! (as prepared by lite lale Dr. Conway,) ha been made acquainted with no instance uf its proper application, in which it has not been preferred tn all other remedies for (Johns, lhne painfuldi-flgurers of the feet, mid enemies lo locomotion. The Albion Corn Plaster softens tho corn, however old and lough, and extract it lo ihe very roots. The relief afforded is uenlte, immediate, ami thorough. The Proprietor begs leave lo submit I lit following ca-e, from Mr. Stowell, who u well known to the inhabitants of this city, especially ul the south end, and al Soutq Boston. a a very worthy and rcspectabU citizen. A CASE. Sin I do mil hesitate to give my mnit niiqiia'tlied approbation in favour of your valuable Albion Com Plaster. By Ihe use of le.-s than a Imx. Mr.-. Stowell has been cured of a corn on each foot, which had been exceed'tigly troublesome and painful lor years, and I Hunk it but justice lit your invaluable preparation to add (for lha en couragement of those, who owing to re peated di.-appnintuifiils in the various rem edics resorted to. have finally despaired of a cure.) that your Plaster cured her corns alter iryiug oilier highly recommended remedies to un purpose; and what increas. e- in v confidence n; tho Miperpirny of your I'hi.ter, i- the fact. I hat it has been mod by several of my neighbuitrs with equally good success. A man advanced in years, had become so crippled with corns, as to be obliged lo cut holes in shots, lo eae bis reel ; he had lung suffered great lorluru and inconvenience litis lately been entire ly cured by the Use of your Corn Plaster. o hat he can now walk with comfort, and in whole shoes. Another Case, A young wi.mnii living near me, had becomu so lame in cmisl quence of corns, as not li bit able logo up and down stairs without grpat trouble, is now using ihe Planer with the most happy success, and piospeci of opcedy cure, I could refer to several other cases, were it necessary, but 1 Iiavu6ceii enough tilths Piaster loealisly me It is Ihe bel preara iiiui in ihi country, or perhap- in any oth er, fur the cure of Corns; and were Us vir lues generally known, I doubt uhciuerjou could prepare Iho article fast etieujjli to meet llie public demand. Sinned) SETd STOWELL. Keeper of the Toll house, South fwfuf. Bridge Mi. T. KlDDKft, Pri piiitiiii oi the Conway Jtdiclnt Dotton, Jwi$ 17., Hi'?9.

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